[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [It’s the middle of the night and we’re in the pitch black. Up ahead, a small fire burns surrounded by teepee’s. It’s clear where we are, but not who we’re with – not yet. The quiet sounds of shuffling can be heard, devoid of any metal or clinking armour. The approach is stealth like in its quiet, until the light of the fire has been breached and King Royal’s armed guards stand amongst it.] [The King himself exits the darkness, a finger pressed firmly against his lips. He nods with a focus, and the blissful quiet turns quickly into the calm before the storm.] [Screams echo throughout the night as the King’s men enter the teepee’s and viciously drag those from within, outside. Any who resist are beaten brutally, blood splashing off their bodies as right and left hands crush their faces with impact.] [Tommy Hawk emerges alone, having fended off his attackers. His eyes dart from left to right, the realisation of what’s happening slow to register within his weary and tired mind.] [Then he catches a glimpse of The King, stood by the roaring fire as ash and embers flick up into the sky. It’s then that he understands. Without hesitation, he runs forward into the sea of Guards that await him, only he doesn’t quite make it. His feet move, but his body is suddenly dragged backwards.] [He turns, thinking he’s been captured, only he hasn’t.] [Three of his own men restrain him, dragging him kicking and screaming backwards towards a nearby vehicle.]

“Let me go,” [he yells.] “I must fight for our men!”

[They shake their head, ignoring his pleas.] “You can’t Tommy, you can’t. It’s suicide!”

[He refuses to go.] [But the choice is not his. They drag him towards the truck and force him inside, bundling him against his will. They speed off into the night, leaving King Royal alone with those left behind.] [He smiles sinisterly.]

“You have all been found guilty of treachery and treason,” [The King bellows to those stirring on the floor at his feet.] “And the judgement for your crimes? Execution!”

[The King laughs heartily.]

“Round them up, men. The Queen and I have plans for these savages.”

[His guards immediately do as requested, forcefully rounding up the men they’ve disturbed here tonight. As The King walks off, he stops, turning to look back.]

“And burn it all to the ground.”



[Two teams that see anything but eye to eye need to focus their attention away from their rivals tonight. The Philosopher and the Movement will see if they can set aside Philosophical differences to best the Ringmaster and his new ‘Star Attraction’… Maui the Maori] [The beginning of the match is somewhat shambolic as Abraxas and Mr X. each try and start in the ring for their team. There is no such problem across the ring, as Huxley orders HHK into the ring to ‘show him what Maui the Maori can do’. Hayden abruptly charges across the ring and levels both X and Abraxas with a PAIR OF ONE-ARMED BULLDOGS! It is then HardKore himself who chooses his starting opponent by dragging Abraxas to his feet and rolling X out of the ring. An Irish Whip flings the Philosopher into the ropes and HAYDEN HITS A POWERSLAM THAT DROPS ABRAXAS IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING!] [HardKore continues on the offensive, mounting Abraxas and unleashing a FLURRY OF WILD ELBOW STRIKES TO THE HEAD… until Abraxas pushes him away. Continuing to relentlessly charge at the reeling Abraxas, Hayden lines up a SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY, ONLY TO BE DROPPED INTO A MID-AIR GUTBUSTER! THAT REALLY TOOK THE WIND OUT OF HARDKORE’S SAILS! Eager to recover from the frantic start, Abraxas slaps the unwilling hand of X and the ref orders the change. Mr X steps in, lifts Hayden up and WRAPS HIM UP IN HIS PATENTED CROSS-ARMED SLEEPER… SILVER BULLET! HE COVERS FOR THE PIN… One! Two! No! Huxley breaks up the pin attempt!] [Seeing Huxley get involved out of turn from across the ring, Abraxas decides to take matters into his own hands. He charges and looks for a massive CLOTHESLINE… but Huxley contorts himself out of the way and ABRAXAS COLLECTS X WITH THE MOVE INSTEAD! This allows enough time for Huxley to make it to the ring apron, where he promptly tags himself into the match officially. He enters with confidence, picking up the downed X as Abraxas is escorted to ringside by the referee. TESTICULAR CLAW! THE REFERE ISN’T LOOKING! When he does turn around, he orders the hold be broken, giving the advantage back to X. The Movement locks Ali in… EVENFLOW DDT DROPS HIM! X then takes to the top rope… X MARKS THE SPOT! He covers, HHK coming to and spotting the imminent danger. The referee counts and Hayden attempts to break up the pin. One! Two! Three! He doesn’t make it in time and this one is over!] [Abraxas and Mr X have defeated the Ringmaster and Hayden HardKore. Neither team look like they are ready to celebrate anything though, as the victors soon busy themselves deep in argument about the misplaced Clothesline that tainted their match.]


[The match is over, but Huxley has his attention solely focused on HardKore. He barks orders at Fluffy, who charges at the Maori Warrior—STO! HardKore just took the big man down with an STO, as Huxley retreats outside the ring…with a smile on his face!?]

“That’s okay, my little Warrior…I’ll deal with you later. When I’m through, there will be no way out, no escape, no exit for you. You’ll have no choice but to join my Circus, and you will be Maui the Maori even if I have to whip you into shape. I don’t mind playing the puppet master, but you have to learn to accept your strings.”

[HardKore just shakes his head, clutching his Mere tight.]

“Good on ya, mate! You’ve got your little master plan all laid out…so why don’t you make good on it? Quit your chatter and get on with it!”

[Huxley merely laughs as Fluffy attacks HardKore from behind, laying him out cold with a clothesline! Fluffy leaves the ring to regroup with his Ringmaster, as Huxley shakes his head at the fallen Maori Warrior.]

“Oh, Maui…you crack me up, you really do. It must hurt to feel so trapped by your wit and humor. I promise all of that will go away, soon enough. For now, I want you to think about what you said. Let it all sink in, Maui…it will be the last words you speak as a free man.”

[Huxley and Fluffy get the hell out of Dodge, leaving HHK alone in the ring as the Maori Warrior comes to. Is HardKore going to stop the persistence of the Ringmaster, or will Huxley finally get a new feature for his Circus?] [Cut.]


[A battle of epic proportions here between two teams who no doubt will go hell for leather with little regard for their own bodies. Not to be missed.] [Scarecrow and Jack Jeckel get us started off with very fast paced. Power blow after power blow is traded back and forth, don’t think anyone will find it surprising that neither seem worried about their own well being here. A carefully placed blow to the mid-section of Scarecrow allows Jack to plant his opponent to the mat with a DDT. Keeping his arms wrapped around the neck of Scarecrow. He holds it in tightly and begins to scoot to his corner. Once within range both Jake & Jack hold out their hands and fingertips exchange. Jake is the legal man!] [Using the few seconds they have together, they use it wisely. Both laying boots into every section possible of the Crow until the referee interjects. Jake looks to keep the pace up and pulls Scarecrow vertical. Hoisting him up he brings him back down with a huge POWERBOMB. Lauding himself to the fans in the tap room, his face would be drained white if it wasn’t for the facepaint when he turns back around. MOTHER is standing and pointing, THEY MADE THE TAG. In his shocked like state he has no time to respond when Mother lunges….] [With the damage done by almost supernatural like speed of the blows. Mother does not hesitate and gets on top of Jake immediately. Jake having the awareness though grabs onto her foot and pulls her to the floor. A struggle ensues but before Jake knows it he’s been backed up into a corner turnbuckle in a sitting position. Jack the other side of the ring…CRAB KICK!! MOTHER SENDS JAKE’S JAW WEST. She pulls him away from the ropes, and pins. One…. Jack Jeckel tries to intervene but is met by an on rushing Scarecrow…. Two….. Jake reaches for the ropes to no avail….. THREE!!] [A match that could of went either way ends up with Genesis etching out the win against a team who weren’t afraid to get down and dirty with two of the dirtiest going.]


“We shall not, we shall not be moved.”

[Voices echo throughout the walls of the taproom.]

“We shall not, we shall not be moved.”

[There is a protest backstage.] [Some fans have somehow gained access to the arena and stand blocking the exit. They each wear headphones and refuse to listen to security who’re trying to keep them at bay. Epitaph soon enters frame, smiling from under his half a mask.]

“Leave these people be,” [he says to the officers.] “They’re protesting peacefully against the wars waged within these walls.”

“They can’t be here sir.” [One of the guards replies.] [Just then, into the frame with a disgusted look upon his face trundles William Abraxas.]

“Will you get these imbecilic idiots out of here? They’re ruining the ambiance!”

[That immediately gets Epitaph’s ear.] “Do you ever think before you speak? These people are doing no harm.”

“Look at you,” [Abraxas says looking him up and down.] “Aren’t you a bundle of mixed messages? Your tights scream peace through violence, but here you are, calmly asserting yourself as the superior circumstance.”

“Peace comes in many forms, William.”

[The Philosopher scoffs.] “So does violence.”

[Suddenly, Abraxas strikes with a firm right hand that stumbles Epitaph backwards. He follows up with another, another, another, beating him right into the protestors.] [Just then, the men and woman protesting scream violently, ripping their headphones from their ears. They’re in absolute agony. The lights flicker, the electronics going berserk as Mr. X’s voice sounds over the sound system.] [Even Abraxas and Epitaph stop brawling.]

“War and peace. What an epic everlasting tale, no?” [He muses over the loud speaker.] “But you see, you forgot about freedom. At No Exit, I’m going to teach you both a lesson in why neither war or peace works. I’ll see you both there.”

[The lights flicker one more time, just as Epitaph pushes Abraxas away and checks on the protestors, who’s headphones are still ringing loud with static. X must have hacked them.] [It looks like a Triple Threat at No Exit.]


[We open once again on the vacant lot that Calypso and her followers call home. The scene is much the same: people eat scraps scavenged from the dumpsters of local restaurants. They huddle together for warmth near a fire in a barrel. Calypso is once again giving them a sermon.]

“The lies are already being spread about us, friends. They see that we are a threat to their system, so they are trying to tear us apart from the inside. Just last week, a messenger of their deceit tried to worm her way into one of our very own. It’s the price we pay for the pulpit that I have been given. I need a platform to speak from, but that is the very place that they are trying to strike us down. No-one cares about you the way that I do! No-one will tell you the truth in this world of lies except for me. So when they come to tear us apart, and they will, probably from the inside… when they come, we must stand strong together! For it is when we are separated that we are the most vulnerable…”

[Once again, Calypso’s voice begins to fade as we travel away from the group. This time we are once again following Cortney. She walks away from the fire, and goes behind a stump. In the shadows we can’t see her squat and relieve herself, but when she stands again, we hear laughter. The laughter of children. She goes towards the source, and turns around a corner. Several of Mother’s children are playing in the faint glow cast by a single, dying street light. Cortney smiles and goes to them. She begins to chase them as they play some form of tag. She and the rest of the children laugh as they play, until suddenly the children stop and look in one direction. Into the light, steps Mother.]

“Hello, my dear one. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Ye… yes…” [Cortney chokes out, knowing what Calypso would say.] “But I really need to get back. Someone will miss me soon.”

“Will they?” [Mother asks.] “Has anyone missed you yet? Where is your family? Where are your friends? Where is your Calypso?”

“She’s… she’s right over there. They are my friends. They are my family”

“Oh?” [Mother asks, a saddened expression on her face.] “Are they your family? Tell me, dear, when was the last time one of them hugged you? When was the last time one of them even held your hand?”

“I… they… they can’t! I’m sick! I have leprosy, and they’ll catch it.”

[Mother just smiles and puts out her hand. Cortney stops talking and looks at Mother’s hand. She looks at Mother’s smile, and then back at the hand. She reaches out and takes her hand, and Mother pulls her into an embrace. Then…] [BZZT!] [The light goes out!] [BZZT!] [The light comes back on but Mother, the children, and Cortney are all gone. In the background, Calypso still speaks. Has anyone noticed Cortney is gone yet? Does anyone care?]


[Epitaph shakes the hand of the referee then approaches Cross and also holds his hand out. Cross sniggers….] [Desmond Cross goes out to show that he is no Oliver Angst, and he on rushes Epitaph from the ring bell. Throwing in punch after punch, Epitaph continues to smile at his opponent. Seizing the moment, Epitaph wraps his arms around Cross. Restricting Cross’ movement and holds him in an almost hugging like motion. Life is good!! Cross utilizing the only thing that is free starts throwing headbutt, after headbutt connecting with the bridge of Epitaphs nose. Slowly the hold begins to loosen until eventually BLOOD IS DRAWN!! A totally different contrast to what Epitaph got last week.] [With the blood pouring from his nose he realises to get anything out of this one he will have to use his fantastic wrestling skill. Finally tieing up properly it’s Epitaph who executes the first proper hold of the match with a huge hanging vertical suplex. Desmond’s body comes back to the canvas with a thud but instead of capitalizing on his fallen opponents situation. Epitaph actually backs off and motions to Cross to get back up with no worry. This confuses Cross but once he’s back to his feet he shows his gratitude to Epitaph with a running crossbody! WHICH FALLS INTO A PIN!!] [One…Two…. NO!! Cross with the crossbody almost steals it. Not showing the same respect back as Epitaph offered, Cross heels it up and lays boot after boot into the body. Finally placing his boot across the throat of Epitaph. He pulls onto the ropes for extra leverage as he begins to choke Epitaph out. Releasing the hold at the request of the referee Cross leaps high into the air LEG DROP!! MISSES!! CROSS LANDS RIGHT ON THE BOTTOM OF HIS SPINE AS EPITAPH ROLLED OUT THE WAY. Desmond Cross asks Epitaph across, HE’S SIGNALLING FOR HELP GETTING UP! When Epitaph gets close enough though… LOW BLOW!! SMALL PACKAGE PIN BY CROSS!! ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [Cross steals the win here. He quickly rolls out the ring and makes his way to the back. Epitaph’s face tells a very different story but he still takes the time to assure the referee that it’s not his fault and that this was indeed how life intended it.]


[The spectacle between Cross and Epitaph is over and both men looks set to vacate the premises. Epitaph disappears without so much as a heated word, whereas Desmond Cross soon returns to the ring, a pitcher of water in his hand poured from the Tap Room itself.]

“They call it the elixir of life. Those that have it don’t realise what they’ve got. Those that don’t have it… well, they die. Abandoned and forgotten by a world and a God that doesn’t care.”

[He takes a swig of the water, but promptly spits it out. He tosses the pitcher to the ground, smashing it into a thousand pieces.]

“Disgusting… Tainted.”

[He turns, surveying the crowd as a captive audience.]

“A village once drew water from a single well. Every family in the village drew water from that well…” [His lips curl into a bemused smile.] “Fools…”

[A flurry of manic laughter breaks the story up, then stops abruptly as he continues the story.]

“One by one, the villagers became sick. One by one, they died and nobody could explain why. It was only after the entire village was taken ill and many had died that they realised their water had been tainted, poisoned by the dead carcass of some foolish animal that had fallen in.

Where was God for those villagers? He abandoned them as he abandoned me. The only difference is, I have the foresight to see it.”

[He stops, turning about as if listening to somebody speaking in his ear. He whispers frantically to the air momentarily before addressing the crowd once more.]

“You will all see how much of a lie God is, how small he really is compared to the powers that enlighten me. Follow me to the truth and I will set you…”

[BOOM!] [Flames erupt from around the ring, encircling the ring like an inferno, threatening the bar itself in its aggressiveness. Cross falls backwards, taken by surprise by the mysterious flames. It is not a manic chuckle that breaks the confusion and chaos, but a far more serious, reflective toned voice.]

“Hmmmm… For a man who claims a power higher than God, you sure seem afraid of the flames of hell.”

[Stepping through the flames and into the ring, Solomon Rhodes appears. As he enters the ring, the inferno dies down and dwindles to merely embers.]

“I’m not God, Desmond Cross. Far from it. Yet you seem to be unable to shake that thought from your mind. I was reborn in the flames, flames which burn on the rich and the poor alike – they do not manipulate, they do not discriminate. For one so enlightened, you seem unable to see how unGodlike I am… I’m far worse than God and it’s high time you found out.”

[He tosses an object at Cross’s feet, which instantly bursts into flames that threaten to engulf the Fallen One. Cross screams out, the ensuing chaos allowing Rhodes to slip away unnoticed, his message delivered. Ironically, it is the ‘tainted water’ from the bar that douses the flames, leaving Rhodes smouldering in more ways than one inside the ring.]


[Up next we have a Street Fight. It’s falls count anywhere as Vengeance himself meets the Red Tsar!] [This match doesn’t even get to make it to the ring as Jensen Cussen blows through the entrance way to nail a saluting Sergei in the back. The Red Tsar turns around and nails Vengeance right back and these two powerful men are off to the races in this Street Fight. In fact, as Jensen ducks a clothesline, he powers back SPEARING SOKOLOV THROUGH THE METAL BARRIER! The two men find their way back to their feet, each firing off punch after punch as they work their way up the staircase to the second level of the Tap Room.] [As they find their footing among this next level, high above the ringside area, the match becomes more about avoiding the edge. Sokolov takes control by showing no fear and grabbing Cussen in a bear hug, DANGLING HIM OVER THE FANS BELOW! Jensen carefully claps his hands around Sokolov’s head, making sure to make the bigger man fall backwards and away from the edge. The Red Tsar roars as he climbs back to his feet and bashes Vengeance in the face, but Cussen smiles in the face of his opponent and punches back. But Sokolov grabs him. IRON CUR… NO! CUSSEN HAS THE LADDER TO THE ROOF! HE IS CLIMBING UP TO THE ROOF!] [On the roof of the Tap Room, it is currently dark and dreary, with rain falling down around the wet hair of Jensen Cussen as Sergei Sokolov rises up out of the same exit that Cussen took. Lightning strikes in the distance as the two forces meet in combat, each striking at the other with all of the force they can muster. The fight is quick between them, both going for blood with every shot, trying to jockey for position. Sokolov uses his superior size to gain it quickly, grabbing Cussen and lifting him up. IRON CURTAIN! NO! Cussen slips out! CURTAIN”S CLOSER TO SOKOLOV! Cussen leaps forward… BLUNT FO… NO! NUCLEAR FALLOUT! The ref has made it up top! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Sergei Sokolov rolls away victorious, being helped to the ladder by the ref as Jensen Cussen is left all alone in the rain on the roof.]


[The rain lashes down.] [After that gruelling fight, Jensen Cussen gets back to his feet – a little weary, and very pained. The grimace on his face speaks volumes about the absolute war he’s just been in.] [Suddenly, there’s a clap of thunder.] [And a bolt of lightning!] [The lightning hits the ground with a spark, causing a fire that immediately surrounds Jensen Cussen. He looks left and right in a panic, realizing that before he’s even able to contemplate the situation, he’s surrounded.] [With the rain lashing against his face, he turns around to a thunderous right hand.] [Jacob Phoenix.] [He delivers another, water flying from the jaw of Cussen as it’s struck, his head whipping around with impact. There’s another bolt of lightning in the sky, followed by rapturous thunder.] [Phoenix grabs him, spinning him around and FOR HER! Right there! Right there on the concrete roof top!] [The Vigilante stands up, looking down at Jensen as the rain continues to fall around him. His fury is evident.]

“I won’t give up on her, Jensen,” [he proclaims proudly.] “I’ll never give up on her!”

[Cussen rolls to his knees, looking up at his once friend with rain soaked hair and a sinister grin.]

“She’ll clip your wings, Jacob. She isn’t the woman you love.”

[Angry, Phoenix storms forward with a big boot, kicking Jensen right under the chin. Water splashes up into the air, the impact so fierce that it puts Cussen flat out on his back.]

“It doesn’t matter,” [he admits with a lowered head.] “Because The Phoenix will always rise again.”

[Another furious lightning bolt zips through the sky, nabbing our attention. When the camera returns, Jacob has gone. We slowly rise, eventually turning to view the rooftop aerially.] [The fire that surrounds Cussen has finally been defeated by the rain. What remains is as ominous as it is poignant.] [It’s the burned shape of a Phoenix.] [Cut.]


[After a short break, we return.] [The battle between the Family and the Phoenix continues tonight as the Patriarch DTR steps up to destroy the hero. Can the Virus extinguish the flame or will the Phoenix make it 2-0 against the Family?] [The bell sounds as the Virus ducks under a wild clothesline from the Phoenix, smacking him in the jaw with a hard elbow the jaw that staggers Jacob. DTR follows up, gripping the Phoenix under the arms as he drills him with a series of hard knees to the jaw before lifting him up, bouncing him off the nearby ropes and spiking him into the mat with a Brainbuster!] [DTR rolls out of the ring, grabbing a table from ringside as he slides it in but as the Virus tries to roll inside himself, he gets caught by a baseball slide to the face that staggers him back before the Phoenix dives over the ropes with a SUICIDE DIVE! Jacob stays down, pounding on the face of the Virus with furious lefts and rights before lifting him up and tossing him headfirst into the ringpost. DTR stumbles away as the Phoenix tosses him back into the ring before climbing up to the top rope] [DTR slowly gets to his feet as the Phoenix dives off, CROSSBODY BLOCK! DTR goes down as the crowd cheer, the Phoenix setting up the table before slowly waiting for the Virus to get to his feet, ZIG-ZAG…DTR BLOCKS IT! The Virus grabs the ropes as the Phoenix lands back first on the mat. Jacob slowly gets to his feet, REASONABLE DOUB…THE PHOENIX SPINS OUT…SUPERKICK! DTR slumps down on the table as the Phoenix lifts him up onto it before climbing onto the apron, SPRINGBOARD SPLASH! The Virus is driven through the table as the referee calls for the bell] [The Phoenix picks up another win against the Family, defeating the Virus here tonight but can he make it 3-0 against Jensen next week or will Vengeance be the one to get revenge for his Family?]


[Jake Jeckel.] [Bruised, beaten, bloodied. That is how his brother has left him over the past few weeks. We see him backstage of the Tap Room. He walks gingerly; he’s still covered in the souvenirs Jack has given him. Even with the repeated abuse, Jake refuses to give up on his brother. He walks towards his locker room, and then…]


[Jeckel turns around, ready for a fight, but relaxes when he sees the own of the voice. Stephanie Rose.]

“Jake, can I have a quick word with you about everything that’s going on between you and your brother?”

[Jake nods.]

“I’ll talk, but I don’t know anything more than you.”

[Stephanie looks sympathetic.]

“Jake, do you have any ideas why Jack is behaving this way?”

“Yeah, those f***in’ Family and their virus have infected his mind. I ain’t ganna lie, my brother and me have had our issues in the past, but this ain’t like that. He ain’t himself, and somethin’ ain’t f***in’ right.”

“Golly, Jake! Do you think you’re ever going to get the answers you’re looking for?”

“Damn right! I ain’t ganna stop until I find out what goi….”

[Just then, Jack Jeckel walks up to face Jake. Jake puts up his fists, ready for a fight, but Jack puts his hands up, palms first. A sign of peace.]

“What the hell, Jackie? What the f*** are you doing?”

[Jack doesn’t say a word. He just stands there stoic.]

“F*** Jack! Open your damn mouth! Tell me why you attacked me!”

[Jack looks at Jake, and finally speaks.]


[And with that, Jack turns and walks away. Jake just stands there until Jack is out of sight, then he shakes his head and walks into his locker room closing the door behind him. Rose, stands there a moment longer.]


[And she walks away as well. But, it isn’t over. Across the hall, a locker room stands open and dark. Then a silhouette steps into the dim light. It isn’t enough to see who it is, but we can almost sense the smile.]


[Ethan Bird is set to take on King Royal! Can a self-proclaimed God bring down a self-made King?] [Royal is ever cocky as he denies Bird the ability to tie up. He slips behind Bird and kicks out the back of his knee! Bird falls to one knee and Royal whips his neck to the side! Ethan holds his throat for a moment, gasping as Royal looks to punish Bird’s throat by attempting to lock in a sleeperhold! Ethan fights hard against the hold, moving to his feet before reaching back and locking his arms around Royal’s head. HE FLINGS ROYAL HEADFIRST INTO THE MAT! Bird showed immense power there and capitalizes by hitting a stiff elbow drop!] [Bird is far from done as he grabs Royal by the hair and lifts him up. He swings with a hard haymaker that staggers Royal, following up with an uppercut that sends the King into the corner! Bird mounts Royal and gets ready to unleash a flurry of blows! One! Two! Three! Four- FLAPJACK ONTO THE ROPES! Bird bounces neck first into the ropes and Royal follows up with a leaping neckbreaker! Bird is gasping for air as Royal continues his assault on the throat, landing a stiff boot to Bird before peeling him off of the mat and whipping him to the turnbuckle!] [Royal leaps forward and lands a harsh clothesline to Bird! He whips him to the opposite turnbuckle and rushes Bird- BELLY-TO-BELLY INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Bird caught Royal and the King lands on his neck in the corner! Ethan moves to his feet and rains stomps onto Royal’s chest and head! His assault is relentless, not letting up until Royal looks blacked out! He lifts Royal up to his feet and hooks the leg! WORLD’S- ELBOW TO THE RIBS! Royal is fighting against Bird’s grip! Another elbow! Bird refuses to let go of Royal! WORLD’S END! Bird hits his finisher and collapses onto Royal! One! Two! Three!] [Ethan Bird comes out ahead in this brutal contest, bringing down the Ring King in impressive fashion!]


[After the thrilling conclusion of the previous match, Ethan Bird rolls out of the ring to the head to the backstage area. But he doesn’t make it more than a couple steps up the aisle before the lights shut down.] [And the fluttering of crows sound throughout the Tap Room.] [Yet Scarecrow doesn’t come to Ethan Bird.] [As Bird opens his eyes, he finds himself back within the Garden he created. The Scarecrow stands before him, and Ethan actually smiles behind his beard…] […right as Scarecrow grabs Bird around the neck!]

“Where is it?” [Scarecrow demands, lifting Bird up against the hard bark of the nearest tree.] [Of course, Bird doesn’t answer, gasping for breath and pointing to his throat. Crow throws Bird away from him in anger, turning his rage upon him once more by placing a foot upon Bird’s chest.]

“Where is…” [Crow begins.]

“Do you take a god for a fool?” [Bird asks as tries to slide away to no avail from Crow.] “Did you really think it would still be here?”

[What are they talking about?]

“Mother must really have that leash controlling your ability to think for yourself if you thought that.” [Bird continues.] “Especially since you know it won’t work.”

[Scarecrow moves his boot, reaching down to pick up Bird and throw him up to his feet. Ethan only smiles as he realizes that the Hayman needs to hear what he has to say.]

“You may not have eaten the apple, but you got the knowledge, didn’t you?” [Bird taunts.] “And now your god has taken that fount from you. But Ethan Bird knows the truth now, your actions betrayed you. What you saw last week wasn’t the real deal anyway, just a test to see why Genesis exists. And now it’s time for the Exodus. All your god needs from you, Scarecrow, is a chance to get what once stopped you.”

[Scarecrow seems ready to destroy Bird, but Ethan holds up his hand, contemplative.]

“What was his name? Harold?” [Bird says, seeming to think in the face of Crow’s unabashed anger.] “Hank? Henry?”

[Crow seems to increase the intensity of his anger as he steps towards Bird.]

“Henry, then. Those Kersh’s always seem to be in your hair, no matter how far away they are, don’ they?” [Bird snorts.] “He built that damn thing, and it’s the only thing that can stop you. But Mother doesn’t want to stop you, does she?”

[Is he talking about the Perch? The damned perch that Brent used to stop Crow?]

“She is using you as another one of her children, but Ethan Bird won’t hold you back. No, once your god has his hands on your undoing, he won’t command you to be his underling. He will lead you out of Genesis and into your true calling, in the service of a god.”

[After hearing the sales pitch, Scarecrow seems to be more amused than angry.]

“No, little Birdie, I will not serve you. You are dealing in powers that you will never understand.”

[Bird begins to retort, but Crow has had enough.]

“And it will be in that lack of understanding that I will destroy a god. A little fear would look good on you, little birdie.”

[Bird is shrouded in darkness as crows flutter and he is left all alone.] [Is what Bird said about the perch true?] [What is the relationship between Genesis?] [Will Ethan Bird survive his upcoming battle with The Scarecrow?] [Just one week to find out.]


[Drip. Drip. Drip.] [The sound of falling water splashing into a puddle is one of many sounds inside an ominous alley beside The Tap Room. Stood there in a perfectly tailored suit, is a gentleman of rather stoic features. The contours of his face show age, but also battle. There’s scars and remnants of war featured across it.] [He waits patiently as slow and methodical thumps head towards him. These footsteps? They belong to Sergei Sokolov.]

“Do you have location?” [The man speaks, his voice familiar from Pandemonium.] “We have no more time to waste, Sergei.”

[Sokolov folds his arms.] “Sergei does not. He would not hand it over. I cut him and I beat him, but he refuses.”

[The man rubs his face in frustration.]

“The origin of that Virus is vital, Sergei. It could mean war,” [he complains with grave concern.] “Powerful American man bargain for location. He pay for answers, answers we fail to provide.”

[Sergei nods.] “Sergei understand. At No Exit, I will beat Virus until he give me what we need.”

“Good,” [his compatriot says with a nod.] “Make sure you get the location, Sergei. If not, you may need to disappear.”

[The Red Tsar nods and walks away, leaving the man stood there. After a moment has passed and Sergei has gone, DTR steps out from behind a nearby wall, smiling.]

“He’s a confident man, son.”

[The Russian turns, folding his arms.] “Do not give him what he needs,” [he says sternly.] “We’ve paid you handsomely to ensure he fails.”

[The Virus grins, walking past the Russian with a slight bump of the shoulder. The camera closes in on our antagonist, before fading to black.]


[We have a huge main event tonight as the Dragon takes on the Messiah in an I Quit Match. Will Rhodes continue his amazing run or will the lack of rules be all Calypso needs?] [The bell sounds as Calypso rushes forward, peppering Solomon with hard rights and lefts before she leaps up with an enziguri that Rhodes manages to dodge before taking Calypso’s head off with a massive Lariat. Calypso staggers to her feet, clutching onto the ropes before a high Dropkick sends her tumbling to the floor below. Solomon sizes Calypso up who’s slowly getting to her feet on the outside, running to the other side of the ring as he bounces off before diving over the ropes, SOMERSAULT PLANCHA…MISSES!] [Calypso chuckles to herself as she lifts the hurting Solomon up, tossing him backfirst into the nearby ring apron as Solomon yells out in pain. Calypso lifts Solomon up by the hair, driving a pair of knees into his midsection as she drags him through the crowd, walking to the bar as she slams his head down onto it. She grabs a beer from the bartender, taking a swig before spitting it into Solomon’s face and smashing the bottle over his head as glass explodes everywhere] [Solomon slumps down as Calypso backs up before Super Kicking his head into the wooden bar. Rhodes drops to the floor as Calypso calls over the referee, who asks if Solomon wants to quit. ‘NO!’ screams out Solomon as Calypso tries to pull him to his feet. The Dragon pushes Calypso away before leaping up with an Enziguri that stuns the Prophet. A kick to the gut follows up before Solomon lifts Calypso up high, running forward before delivering Fire into the nearby wall! Solomon staggers back, looking around for something high enough to possibly deliver Blood when a haggard looking audience member smashes a beer bottle across the back of Solomon’s head

[The Dragon staggers back, blood slowly dripping down the back of his head as he tries to see who attacked him when Calypso crawls between his legs before locking in the Testicular Claw! She grips Solomon’s balls with her left hand, pounding away on his face with right hand after right hand before slowly getting to her feet, still with the claw locked on before drilling Solomon into the concrete with a massive DDT. Solomon is asked if he quits again, shaking his head before it gets almost kicked off by a massive running kick to the face] [Calypso gets a chair tossed to her by someone in the crowd as she slams it into the face of a rising Solomon before dropping it onto the concrete and drilling him into it with another DDT. Solomon’s a bloody mess at this point as Calypso asks him if he Quits again. The Dragon screams out ‘NO!’ as Calypso kicks him hard in the face. The Prophet looks around as she notices the nearby balcony before beginning to climb up. The Prophet balances herself as she sizes up the Dragon before leaping off just as Solomon kips up onto his feet ] [CHAOS THEORY!! Solomon just Chaos Theory’d Calypso out of thin air but it takes a lot out of Solomon as both collapse to the floor. A few of Calypso’s followers try to lift her to her feet, as she looks like she’s barely able to stand but tries to shake off the massive blow she just took as she runs up with a kick to Solomon’s head who dodges it before drilling her in the face with Darkwish! Calypso collapses to the floor as Solomon grabs the mic, asking if she’s going to give up. Calypso spits in his face, ‘yelling out a Hell No’ before the Dragon calls for the end] [Solomon lifts Calypso up, trying to lock in the Lazarus Chamber but Calypso bites down hard on his hand, Solomon flinching back in pain as Calypso kicks him low. She grabs the fallen chair from the ground, swinging it hard at Solomon’s head who ducks under the swing and as Calypso turns around, Dark Wish’s the chair into her face. Solomon barely lets her hit the ground before locking in the Lazarus Chamber. Calypso tries to fight it but quickly signals for the end, nodding that she gives up!] [Solomon picks up a big win here in the main event, out surviving Calypso here. Both competitors put up a massive fight but Solomon continues his winning streak as the Dragon is on a massive roll right now]


[The sounds of blood curdling screams can be heard bouncing off thick walls, through tunnels and walkways.] [We’re underground, in a pit that belongs to King Royal. It’s some kind of cavern, allowing for a large space beneath the surface of society. With his great wealth, he sits upon a throne beside his Queen, looking into a large metal cage – all of his creation and design.] [This is a warzone.] [This is where men fight to live or die.] [As Royalty adjust themselves in their seats, the captured Native American’s from earlier this evening are dragged into the metal cage, shackled like prisoners.]

“Tonight, you cretins have been offered an opportunity at salvation by your gracious Queen,” [Royal says, clasping hands with Raquel.] “For if she hadn’t my ear, I would have executed you on the gallows with the rest of the ruffians.”

[The men’s stand, their heads raised proudly.]

“Alas, you have an opportunity. Tonight in this cage, you will fight to the death!”

[The Royal Guards roar in approval.]

“Those of you whom survive your matches will be granted a choice. You can join the Royal Guard, be trained by Sir Davos and respectfully bow before your King and Queen, or you can join those you defeated here tonight in the warm embrace of death!”


[A brave, stoic, roaring voice screams from the darkness.] [Tommy Hawk steps out, the guards immediately surrounding him.]

“You do not want them, Royal. You want me.”

[The World Champion walks over to the metal cage, looking towards the Guard who looks towards Royal for permission to open it. The King nods, granting it. Hawk steps into the cage and checks on his men, putting his head on theirs before pushing them aside.]

“Why wait until No Exit?” [Tommy yells.] “There is no time like the present.”

[The King looks towards his beautiful wife who nods, in agreement. He takes off his shoulder armour and places it down beside her, trundling down the steps towards the cage. He grabs an axe on the way down, barging through the gate to meet his nemesis.] [Hawk readies himself, pulling out his tomahawk.] [Both men stand opposite each other, their eyes locked and their weapons draw.] [And they swing!] [Clink.] [Cut.]