[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Edward Newton barges into Needful Things as VHS 151 opens with his angry frame storming through the double wooden doors of Nicholas Mammon’s store. He storms straight to the counter where Nicholas stands, slamming his hands down on the counter.]

“What have you done to me?” [He demands to know.] “I don’t feel any different. Nothing has changed.”

[Mammon smiles sinisterly.]

“Oh, you wouldn’t have experienced it yet, Mr. Newton. Psychologically, you may feel weaker but there’s no guarantee.”

[He steps backwards, removing his glasses.]

“On the 27th of March 2017, you happened by my store with a mind to trade. You wanted one thing more than anything in the world; to be a winner. Life had you downtrodden and defeated and you’d had enough of the daily grind. You were about to debut in Old School Wrestling against Jack Jeckel and you wanted to win.”

[Newton frowns, perplexed by this notion.]

“However, you didn’t just want to win this match; you wanted to win all of your matches. You wanted to be undefeated and I had just the thing for you.”

[Nicholas steps around the counter and approaches Edward, folding his arms.]

“Only, everything comes at a price, does it not?”

[Edward shakes his head defiantly; he can’t believe it.]

“Lies; you’re telling me lies, Nicholas. I don’t remember any of this.”

“You didn’t want to remember, Mr. Newton. You wanted to believe that you were responsible for such an incredible feat. You wanted to look yourself in the mirror and see a Champion staring back; not a fraud. I took from you the one thing you had of any value and last week, when I opened that box, I gave it back.”

[The Riddler gulps.] “What do you mean?”

“I’m sorry but I cannot discuss the intricacies of our once trade agreement. However, rest assured, you’re no longer burdened with the weight of being victorious. At Ring of Dreams you will come to learn of defeat once again.”

[Edward looks at him, his eyes wide and his heart racing. He backs away, not knowing whether to speak to run. Nicholas grins, waving him goodbye.]

“Don’t worry sir, once our match is over and our transaction inside the ring is complete, I’m certain there’s another deal to be made. Come again, won’t you?”

[Smile.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is the master of puppets versus a master of men. Oscar Vogel takes on Nate Washington in a battle for control! Who will come out on top? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Vogel marches towards Washington going for a tie up! Washington ducks the arms and throws some gut punches at Vogel! Vogel tries to grab him again! Another duck! Kidney punches this time! Another grab attempt by Vogel! Another duck and leg kicks from Washington! Vogel is getting annoyed and just shoulder tackles Washington! That tackle levels Washington and Vogel follows with a leg drop! Vogel lifts Washington up and Irish whips him into the corner! Vogel climbs the turnbuckles and starts throwing mounted punches! ABC’S! He starts to chant the letters! A…B…C…D…E…F…”is for fuck off!” Washington yells as he slams Vogel down with a powerbomb!] [Vogel is trying to pull himself up! RESPECT TAKEN! Brutal curb stomp by Washington and he covers Vogel! One…Two…Kick out by Vogel! Washington pulls Vogel up and he is going for the bookend! No! Vogel trips him instead with a STO! Vogel follows with an elbow drop! Another one! Another one! Vogel climbs to the top rope! He waits for Washington to get up! DIVING CROSSBODY! Vogel stays on top for the cover! One…Two…kick out by Washington! Vogel rolls out of the ring and is looking under it! He finds one of his puppets and slides back in the ring! He’s going for the mandible claw! No! Nate big boots the puppet off Vogel’s hand!] [Vogel is pissed and he floors Washington with a vicious clothesline! He gets on top of Nate and hits brutal rights and lefts one after another! He grabs his puppet again! He’s checking to see if it’s okay! Nate sees the opportunity! TAKEOVER! Nate hits a big bookend on Vogel! Nate covers! One…Two…Kick out by Vogel! Nate pulls Vogel up and Irish whips him into the corner! He runs at him! Drop Toe hold by Vogel! Nate’s face smashes into the turnbuckle! Vogel scurries to his puppet and locks in the mandible claw! Nate tries to fight it but he is fading quick! He taps out right before he loses consciousness!] [What a win for Vogel over a very game Washington! He shows who has full control!]


[At Ring of Dreams, Berengar plans to put an end to the reign of terror perpetrated by Darkstar, once and for all. Before that happens, he needs to know how. Last week, Vigilkeeper wasn’t enough to put the Devourer down and if Berengar is to succeed, he needs something else.] [Eluvium.] [Back on the planet of Darkstar’s origin, Berengar walks through the mess of debris and wreckage. The Kathar’i Empire destroyed this planet and took the young Axel as their fighting slave, but here is where they understand the monster they intend to destroy.]

“Humanoid,” [Berengar says, inspecting fallen bodies at his feet. They’re nothing but bone now, the flesh having long rotted from their corpses.] “They’re humanoid, Vigilkeeper.”

“How can that be?”

[The Knight shrugs.]

“We’ve visited all manner of planets on our journey and we’ve met humanoid species before.”

[The Sword agrees.] “Yeah but you drove a sword through his abdomen and he walked away. I don’t know of any humanoid capable of that.”

“He’s destroyed and devoured worlds, making him stronger. He said it himself; it’ll take more than one sword to the belly to destroy him. But if he’s truly human then he’s fallible, he’s weakened by sharing similar DNA.”

“You mean, a poison sword to the heart?”

[Berengar smiles.] “How did you guess? It won’t be pleasant for you, old friend, but Darkstar won’t survive the encounter.”

[The Broadsword pauses for a moment.]

“Lather me up, Berengar.”



[Tonight a battle between luck and magic takes place as the clover takes on the magician!] [Reebok flies out of his corner and meets Dante Xavier in the center of the ring with a wild series of kicks! Left kick to the shin, right kick to the chest, left to the gut! Finally Xavier catches Trebol’s right foot! ENZIGUIRI! NO! Xavier ducks it! Trebol climbs to his feet! Pele kick from the Magician! Trebol tumbles backwards into the ropes, bouncing off of them and nailing Xavier with a hurricanrana style DDT!! Xavier rolls around on the mat grasping his head while Trebol lays catching his breath!] [Both men reach their feet at the same time. A left from the Magician is spurned by Trebol as he ducks it and grabs the arm, taking the Magician down and locking in a fujiwara seminar!!! Xavier scrambles to the ropes and gets his foot draped on one! Trebol lets go of the hold and Xavier reaches his knees! Trebol charges! Xavier BACK BODY DROPS EL TREBOL JR. TO THE OUTSIDE!! Xavier sees an opportunity and climbs to the top turnbuckle. 450 SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE, LANDING PERFECTLY ON THE FALLEN TREBOL JR.!!!] [Xavier reaches his feet, just in time to see Shadow standing right in front of him, in the front row of the audience. Xavier, confused and irritated, points and yells at Shadow, who smiles back as El Trebol has himself climbed to the apron. He runs and leaps off of it!!! AL VER VERDE OUTSIDE THE RING!!! Trebol quickly lifts Xavier and tosses him into the ring! He follows closely behind and goes for the cover!!! One… Two…!!! No!! Reversal into a small cradle from Xavier!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [DING! DING! DING!!! Xavier reaches his feet and looks out into the audience, Shadow is not there. No matter for now, though, as the Magician has his hand raised in victory!]


[Outside the Tap Room.] [The Informer stands in the middle of a dark alleyway, shielded from the pouring rain by a metal fire escape above his head. He waits patiently until footsteps echo ahead, belonging to a man we’ve become somewhat familiar with; Lincoln Hex.]

“Thank you for meeting with me,” [Hex says nodding.] “I wish it were under better circumstances but I’m afraid we’re out of time.”

[The Informer tilts his head.] “Out of time?”

“Yes. There are forces at play you cannot truly comprehend. The time frame has been accelerated by your involvement and I’m afraid that I must act now or risk complete annihilation.”


“You have to stop it.”

[The Informer goes to speak but Hex cuts him off.]

“The time draws near and should you fail, should you dare to even conceive of a notion in which you do not succeed; it may very well be too late.”

“I’m trying, Hex,” [The Informer argues.] “But information is extremely difficult to come by. I’ve hunting down a lead with Novan and the Historium but I’m battling forces even I don’t understand. I need to know more. I need to understand who EF Holdings are and why they’ve purchased the Tap Room. I know it’s the story of a life time but I can’t crack the case.”

[Hex shakes his head.] “It’s not a story, kid. It’s more than that.”

[Another gulp.]

“When the time comes, you need to answer the call. Do you understand me? Answer the call.”

[Walking away, Hex leaves The Informer confused. He takes out his notepad and scribbles some information down before popping it inside his pocket and heading inside The Tap Room.]


[We hear muffled banging noises from one of the halls in the Tap Room. We soon find the sound is coming from Oscar Vogel, hammering away at something with a rubber mallet before he steps back from his work, giving us our first peek at it: a large spaceship, built for two people. The snarl on Vogel’s face softens, eventually becoming a smirk.]

“And there we have it, my finest work yet…a getaway ship for two chums to get lost in space together, friends till the end.”

“And which two would that be, Oscar?”

[That voice is the gravelly tone of Skeletor, startling the puppeteert. Vogel turns to face his compadre, glaring at him with that lifeless look in his eyeholes.]

“Major Tom was supposed to be my friend, Oscar, but he can’t stand you…why is that?”

[Oscar begins stuttering and stammering, lost in his confusion as he tries to respond.]

“I…I just don’t know, Skeletor. I’ve tried everything I c-c-can, but…”

[Skeletor shakes his head slowly as he steps toward Vogel, giving his creator quite the fright as his voice becomes even more menacing.]

“I think you’ve abandoned me, Oscar. You’ve been on this hunt for Tom’s approval so long that you’ve lost sight of your mission.”

[Skeletor takes a couple more steps toward Vogel, who steps back in a mix of fear and disbelief.]

“Oh, Skeletor…surely you can’t be serious.”

“But I am serious, Oscar…and don’t call me Shirley.”

[That last sentence clues Oscar in to what’s going on, just as Skeletor starts to fall to the floor. Vogel leaps just in time to catch his creation, saving him. He looks up to see The Lost Cosmonaut standing over him, shaking his head. Oscar holds Skeletor close to his chest as he snaps at the Cosmonaut.]

“You fiend! You tried to use someone that trusted you, you’re no friend of ours. If you won’t be my friend, I’ll see to it you get launched back into space all on your lonesome!”

[Major Tom just stares cold at the puppeteer before walking off, leaving us with a weeping Oscar holding his precious friend close.] [Cut.]


[Two men from very different vectors in space collide right here in the Tap Room! Spero and The Lost Cosmonaut face off tonight! What space oddity will stake their claim on planet Earth? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Both men tie up! The Lost Cosmonaut is shoving Spero towards the corner! Spero gets his feet on the middle turnbuckle and uses it to front flip over the Lost Cosmonaut! He runs towards the ropes! Running Hurricanrana! What a move by Spero as the cosmonaut rolls out of the ring! Spero dives through the ropes! Tope Suicida! No! The Lost Cosmonaut catches him with a jumping knee strike! Spero is rocked and the Lost Cosmonaut starts hitting a flurry of elbow drops! Spero’s chest is getting caved in! The Lost Cosmonaut hops up to the apron! ASAI MOONSAULT!] [The Lost Cosmonaut tosses Spero back into the ring! The Lost Cosmonaut hops up to the top rope! ROCKET MAN! 630 senton! No! Spero got his knees up! Hard landing for the cosmonaut as he is now writhing on the floor! Spero grabs the cosmonaut’s legs quick! He flips him over! GUARDIAN LOCK! That Texas cloverleaf is locked in tight! The Lost Cosmonaut looks like he might tap! What’s going on! They’re floating! It’s like there is no gravity in the ring! The ref is holding on to the ropes for dear life! Spero lets go! He wasn’t ready for this! The Lost Cosmonaut grabs his head and turns the gravity back on! CRASH LANDING! Flatliner from high up in the air!] [Both men are sprawled out on the mat! Neither were fully ready for the landing! The ref starts counting! One…Two…Three…Four…The Lost Cosmonaut drapes his arm over for a pin! One…Two…No! Kick out by Spero! The Lost Cosmonaut is pulling Spero up! He’s going for the Spanish Fly! Spero starts back elbowing his way out of it! The Lost Cosmonaut is loopy! Jumping DDT! Spero hits all of that and he is crawling towards the corner! He gets to it and slowly pulls himself up to the top rope! He jumps! LAST BEACON! He hits all of that corkscrew shooting star press! He covers! One…Two…Three!] [Spero gets the win over a very game Lost Cosmonaut! The two men from space flew as much as possible before the cosmonaut eventually got grounded.]


[The night before Ring of Dreams.] [The familiar face of Chip Montana welcomes us back to the woods we last left him in. He looks around, but sweat is beading up on his forehead. His panic seems to be rising as he staggers through the forested area with heightened pace. The shaky camera follows along as Chip’s eyes continually dart around the treeline.]

“Oi… I’m Chip Montana…” [Chip stops and catches his breath for a moment.] “And this is…”

[A figure darts out of the shadows and tackles Chip! He begins pummeling this figure, but he’s quickly swarmed by four more hooded figures. The sounds of his screams are heard as the camera shakes for a few moments before dropping to the forest floor showing Kevin running the other way.] [The sounds quiet down for a second before the sound of dragging is heard. The camera is lifted up as the face of Michael Graves is shown with Chip Montana being dragged off in the background. The pale skin and piercing fangs of Graves glisten.]

“Let’s keep this camera, my brethren. I have a good use for it tomorrow.”

[Graves grins as he begins to walk away with his followers with a bellowing shout.]

“At Ring of Dreams, we will raise Barbados! The Bat God shall rise upon the birth of yet another brethren! Tonight… we shall FEAST!”

[Graves smiles as his followers stop and turn to him.]



[The camera shuts off to black.]

The Solution returns at Double Tap!


[A priest and a poet duke it out inside the squared circle here tonight as Chambers faces off against Nevermore] [The bell sounds as the technician Nevermore circles around Chambers, trying to find an opening but as he rushes forward, runs right into a huge elbow to the face that staggers him back as Chambers drills him with a series of stiff strikes that rock the poet before he’s lifted up high and slammed down with a massive Suplex. A big knee to the jaw rocks a standing Nevermore before he’s hoisted up onto Chambers shoulders as the bishop rushes forward, PSALM 32! A massive ring shaking Powerslam as Chambers drops down for the cover] [ONE..TWO…Nevermore just gets the shoulder up as this match has been all Chambers so far. Nevermore slowly rises to his feet as Chambers rushes forward, Nevermore dodging his charge as he slips down, drop toeholding Chambers head first onto the bottom turnbuckle. D’Von staggers back up into a stiff European Uppercut before lifting him up high and slamming him down with a double underhook backbreaker! Chambers cries out in pain as Nevermore quickly drops down, trying to lock in The English Cloverleaf but D’Von manages to kick him away into the turnbuckles] [Nevermore staggers out of the corner right into the arms of Chambers who tries to slam him to the canvas but Nevermore slips out, nailing a rolling cutter to drive the bishop down once more. Nevermore lifts Chambers up trying for Poetry in Motion but Chambers slips out, kick to the gut, PASTOR’S….NEVERMORE SLIDES DOWN, twisting Chambers arm behind him, THE OXFORD COMMA! Chambers head gets spiked into the mat as Nevermore covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [There was a truly epic gentlemanly fight here tonight but the superior technical skills of Nevermore proved superior in the end]


[Earlier tonight.] [The outermost doors to the Tap Room have been left open for some time now, a large trailer parked nearby. Out of the trailer comes a large machine of some sort, set on a handtruck and carefully moved to the Tap Room as Nate Washington watches over the proceedings with Jamal.]

“It’s a done deal, Jamal…all that’s left is to set this equipment up, and get ready to enjoy the profit.”

“And what about the lady?”

[Nate just chuckles at this, waving off any concerns his associate has.]

“She doesn’t need to know. This is still just a backup, but you can never be too sure. Better safe than sorry, right?”

[Suddenly, one of the movers fumbles and a piece of equipment comes flying off the machine. Another worker catches it in the nick of time, helping put it back on as Nate scolds them.]

“Careful now, that shit is expensive. If it breaks down before we put it to use, it’s coming out your ass.”

[The workers nod in acknowledgement as they carefully move the machine into the Tap Room. Nate’s phone rings, bringing a smile to his face when he sees who the call is from. He brings the phone up to his ear with a chuckle.]

“Everything good? Excellent. How soon can we get that last piece in? Great. See ya soon, man.”

[He hangs the phone up as one of his men steps out of the trailer with a clipboard, looking things over one more time.]

“That’s the last of it, boss.”

[He slams the doors of the trailer shut as Nate nods in approval, heading into the Tap Room. Jamal steps into a truck, towing the trailer away as our attention is brought to someone watching from the distance…Gaia, a look of anger burning in her eyes as she clenches her fist, vines growing from the ground around her.] [Cut.]


[Outside the Tap Room] [A grassy field, surrounded by pavement on all four sides stretches away from the road towards a block of buildings. The evening air is cool, but the moon behind a cloud gives off a dark and eerie atmosphere. It is here that we find Shadow, moving away from the Tap Room. He is alone, with not a soul around. Nobody walks the field with him, nobody on the pavements and not a single car on the road. In the hustle of the city, Shadow does not realise how quiet his surroundings are.] [That is, until a voice calls to him. A voice that cannot be seen, only heard.]

“I hope you got yourself a close look earlier, Shadow. I hope you studied my every move. But did you really think that you could get under my skin?”

[Dante Xavier, at least his voice. Shadow looks around him, but there is not a soul near by. He stands directly in the centre of the field, alone. As he peers into the night, Dante’s voice continues.]

“I’ve been telling you all along. Look closely, try and figure me out. I want you to feel like you have the upper hand. Because the closer you think you are to working things out, the further away I will lead you.”

[Suddenly, a flood light blares onto the field, illuminating one shadowy corner. A figure stands in the shadows. The Angel instinctively walks towards it.]

“Oh, you who are so easily led.”

[A second light shines from another angle, revealing the figure to be nothing more than a small tree standing in the corner. Shadow turns on his heels as Xavier’s voice now sounds from behind.]

“From where I stand, it is you that seems to be looking over your shoulder. I hope you’re looking closely.”

[Standing no more than ten feet behind Shadow is Xavier himself. He winks at his foe before backing away into the night. Shadow doesn’t move straight away, knowing that Xavier is only goading him into his games. Instead, he calls out after him.]

“You know where your downfall is, Dante?”

[No answer, just the fading footsteps of Xavier walking away across the darkened field. We can no longer see him in the darkness. Shadow calls out after him once more.]

“Control. You need it. Without your mark being a willing participant in your games, they fall apart. You must have control of every scenario, every situation. But what happens if that control is taken away from you? If I refuse to play any more of your games?”

[Silence. Shadow shakes his head, frustration growing inside him. Finally, he leaves his spot, taking only a single step before falling flat on his face. His boot laces had been tied together. Only, when he collects himself and pushes himself back to his feet, he no longer stands in an empty darkened field. He no longer is alone either. He is back in the tap room in amongst the patrons. Dante Xavier is standing in the ring, looking down at him as he struggles to undo the knot in his laces.]

“You never stopped playing the game Shadow. You just never realised what the game was. Keep looking closely, keep studying my every move looking for a way to defeat me. Because the closer you look, the more you see. But you will only ever see what I want you to. You will only ever be a willing participant.”

[Shadow finally struggles the knot free and stands up.]

“Next week, the game comes to an end. There will be nothing left up your sleeve inside these ropes. Then we will pull back the curtain and see what we are dealing with.”

[Smoke covers Dante’s body, and in an instant he is standing over Shadow, eyeballing him.]

“I’m looking forward to it.”



[A seemingly reformed evil faces off against insanity incarnate tonight as The Superior Wolfgang dukes it out against the Brilliant Doctor Mindfuck] [The bell sounds as Wolfgang rushes forward, punishing Mindfuck with a flurry of lefts and rights before sending him flying across the ring with a massive shoulder block. Wolfgang rolls to his feet, trying for a crossbody but Wolfgang easily dodges as Mindfuck crashes and burns on the canvas, slowly rising to his feet right into 1488! A huge Spartan Kick sends Mindfuck crashing into the corner as he staggers out into the clutches of the Superior who tosses him over his head like a sack of garbage with a Belly to Belly Suplex!] [Mindfuck slowly rises to his feet as Wolfgang stalks him from the other side of the ring, rushing forward, LUFTWAFFE…MISSES! Wolfgang nearly punches the turnbuckles as he turns around into a thumb to the eye, A PATENTED MINDFUCK! A massive rolling elbow hits flush but it doesn’t knock Wolfgang down. Mindfuck quickly grabs the Superior by the back of the head, snapping his throat over the top rope before springboarding off the ropes, TORNADO FACEPLANT! Wolfgang is down as Mindfuck goes for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Wolfgang just gets the shoulder up! Calming himself down for a moment, he pulls Wolfgang up, drilling him with a few stiff liver punches before slamming his head into the nearby turnbuckle before running up the ropes, THE SCIENTIFIC…WOLFGANG GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND…GERMAN INTO THE CORNER! Mindfuck staggers out, eyes glazed over right into LUFTWAFFE! Wolfgang calls for the end as he peels Mindfuck off the mat, lifting him up high, BLITZKREIG! Wolfgang nearly drives Mindfuck through the mat before rolling down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Superior picks up another victory here tonight, destroying the good Doctor as he makes up for last week’s disappointing loss]


[Laughter.] [Manic laughter.] [This echoes down the halls of The Taproom as everyone within eyeshot of the source quickly turn and begin to run away quickly.] [Doctor Mindfuck menacingly grins as he holds his hypnotizing gun in front of him. A women turns around a corner and falls as Doctor Mindfuck activates his weapon. The black and white swirls capture her attention as he’s paralyzed. It’s then that Mysterion pops into picture with his curved blade pressed against the flesh of her neck.]

“Come out Gameboy, let’s play a little game, shall we?”

[Mysterion sneers as he says this before further pressing the steel into her flesh. It’s then that a bright light illuminates a nearby room. Gameboy steps out into the hall with his hands raised up.]

“C’mon buddy, that girl doesn’t need to be drug into our battle.”

[Gameboy smiles over at Mysterion who grins back.]

“I hoped you’d show up, Gameboy.”

[Mysterion raises a hand as a Red Turtle Shell knocks the blade out of his hand! Mysterion gasps as Gameboy lunges at him. He pulls the hypnotized woman out of harm’s way before turning back to Mysterion who catches him with a roundhouse. Gameboy staggers and finds himself looking into the gaze of Mindfuck’s beam.]

“YES! Look into my MINDFUCKERY!” [says Dr. Mindfuck with glee.] [Gameboy’s jaw slacks as he stares forward. Mindfuck reaches out and gives a syringe to Mysterion who takes it. He sticks the needle into Gameboy’s neck and pushes down on the plunger. Gameboy’s eyes flutter before falling limp to the floor. The two villains begin laughing as they carry the limp body of Gameboy away.] [The woman, suddenly coming to her realization, begins running and screaming until she runs into a familiar masked individual.]

“What happened? What is it?” [asks Redwing as he holds her in place by her arms.]

“These two… two maniacs just tried to kill me! But Gameboy saved me… but they took him!”

[Redwing rushes down the halls before making his way to the parking lot where the squealing of tires once again informs him that he is too late.] [His fists squeeze in frustration before he spots something at his feet. He leans down and picks it up.] [The curved blade of Mysterion.]


[The tag titles sit upon a table in the center of the lavish Gentleman’s Club. Paid guards stand in a circle around the table, all of them on their toes as their employers sit at one end of the table. Nigel Royal and Edgar Nevermore. Both men are stoic as Edgar speaks.]

“Let them in.”

[The sound of the rooms doors open, the guards parting to reveal Spero and Trebol, both Guardians taking a seat, looking ever weary as they eye the men on every side. Edgar speaks first, holding out a finger to silence Trebol before he can speak.]

“It has come to my attention that these games you wish to play are a tad childish. Sneak attacks, blow darts, playing hero. It’s a bit beneath us, isn’t it?”

“What the fuck do you mean playing hero!?”

[Trebol explodes in anger, nearly leaping the table had guards not leaped onto him, forcing him into his seat as Spero speaks up.]

“What he means is that he and I serve a purpose in society. You two only live to impede on it. It appears your claim to be gentlemen is only to cover up for your need to be superior. Those keys don’t belong to you, they deserve to be in the hands of heroes.”

[Nevermore clicks his tongue, watching as Royal pulls the titles towards them, the blonde gentleman speaking up.]

“Impede? You misunderstand boys, we are not villains in your cartoonish charade, we merely played the game to bring back what is ours. If you want to take them, then we shall do so like gentlemen. Us four, Ring of Dreams. Mr. Mammon has kindly allowed for me to take his place in defense of these glorious belts. Should we win, you will leave us be. Should you win, the keys are yours. Do we have a deal?”

[Though speaking elegantly, there is a heavy hint of malice in Royal’s tone. Royal reaches over the table, offering his hand. Trebol responds by reaching out- And flipping off Royal. The Gentlemen are speechless as Trebol leaps up from the table, Spero unable to protest as he follows his partner past the guards and heads towards the door.]

“We don’t deal with villains like you two. See you at Ring of Dreams.”

[The crass nature of Trebol leaves a feeling of awkwardness in the room as the scene pulls to a close, Edgar Nevermore clenching the titles with a look of pure disdain on his face.]


[Happy and Wild Karrde, two men who couldn’t be less alike meet in the squared circle for what should be a hell of a match!] [The two men square off and as they go for a lock-up Karrde holds up his hands and stops Happy! He puts his hands up for… Rock Paper Scissors? Happy doesn’t question it and plays along! Rock! Paper! Scissors- POKE IN THE EYES FROM KARRDE! Happy recoils in pain as Wild Karrde lands a massive boot to the gut! FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX TO HAPPY! The Happiest Man on Earth is not feeling as such as he tries to stumble to his feet, getting to all fours before Karrde keeps him down with a massive knee to the temple! Happy is down!] [Karrde eats up the booing from the crowd as he grabs Happy by the hair and peels him up- UPPER CUT FROM HAPPY! Karrde is rocked by the blow! Happy’s vision is fuzzy but he refuses to lose as he leaps forward BOOMSTICK! SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM HAPPY! Karrde hits the mat and Happy leaps high into the air for a huge elbow drop! Happy is still shaking the cobwebs as he hits the ropes- CLOTHESLINE FROM KARRDE! Happy was slow on the draw and he pays the price! Both men are down for a moment, slowly rising to their feet as they both fight to get control!] [Though Karrde was faster Happy’s fighting spirit is alive and well! He fires off of the ground and leaps onto Karrde’s back! BULLDOG! Karrde’s head bounces off of the mat and Happy gets into position, waiting for Karrde to rise up! SPINE BUSTER- ELBOW TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Happy is forced to drop Karrde and the gambler plants a boot to his chest! He runs forward for a clothesline- POWERSLAM! HAPPY REVERSES! Karrde is sent rolling as Happy tries once again to get up, EYE RAKE FROM KARRDE! BOOT TO GUT! STUNNER! JACKPOT BY KARRDE! He pins! One! Two! Three!] [Karrde, through his underhanded ways, has come out on top here tonight over the ever-resilient Happy!]


[The crowd is still roaring as Wild Karrde makes his way back through the curtain. A grin forms on his face as he sees who is waiting for him.] [Eli Forever.]

“I thought we had an arrangement, Karrde. I was told that my Congregation were not allowed to work today.”

[Karrde leans up against a wall, his Invasion briefcase in front of him, as the steel gaze of Forever follows him. After a sufficient moment of waiting, Karrde drops the grin finally.]

“Your people were supposed to take the losers and send ’em up your river. Keeps the trash out of my House, and fills your rolls with names. Mutually beneficial. Instead, old Karrde watches millions of dollars walk out the fucking door. That’s bad for business. High rollers don’t play where the money ain’t.”

[Forever clasps his hands together.]

“Consider it a donation, my friend. We both know that money makes this sad world go round. I’ll have a form prepared for you, and your den of iniquity can deduct that money from its tax bill.”

[Forever grins as the Invasion winner raises an eyebrow.]

“That’s the thing, ain’t it? My dumb ass let your people in, and I bet they found out that Karrde’s House ain’t exactly legal. So we both know I ain’t accepting your polite offer. But truth is, Mr. Heir Eternal, I know important people too, and I know how much you want to keep your little Hill out of the government eyes.”

[Eli is no longer grinning as Karrde stands to his feet, and pulls his sunglasses down.]

“Difference between me and you is that old Karrde knows he’s a piece of shit.”

[The Double Feature Champion takes a step forward, but Karrde cuts him off.]

“So we’re gonna make this right at Ring of Dreams. Fight it out, like they used to do in the old days.”

[Karrde reaches out and pats the Double Feature belt.]

“There’s a real plucky motherfucker waiting to take that from you tonight. I want you to rest your thiefing ass up so Quinn don’t take what belongs to Karrde.”

[Forever grins.]

“You’re a very greedy man, Karrde. You hold that briefcase, already. Yet you still would take the gold that I so rightfully earned. I’m much more valuable as an ally than as an enemy. Don’t make me destroy your and your House, Karrde.”

[Both men square up to one another. Karrde holds up his briefcase.]

“This briefcase is gonna give old Karrde the chance to double up. You make it out of tonight, I’m gonna rip that title from your hands. You took money out my pocket. Karrde don’t forget.”

[Karrde goes to leave, but Forever pushes his shoulder into the gambler.]

“Nor do I.”

[Wild Karrde walks away as Eli Forever goes him go with a grin.] [Forever takes on Redmond Quinn in tonight’s main event. Will he make it to Ring of Dreams with the Double Feature Championship?]

The Awakening returns at Double Tap!


[When a knight comes to conquer, a land needs protection. Redwing is the watchful protector against Berengar on this fair day. Will he successfully stop Berengar and take his championship or will the knight break on through to hold on to it? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Berengar is hot out of the corner and levels Redwing with a clothesline! The void knight pounces on top of Redwing and starts doing some mounted punches! Redwing shoves him off and gets back up quickly! Both men start throwing fists at each other! Back and forth as the crowd cheers for Redwing’s punches and boos at Berengar’s! Redwing is getting the better of the exchange and hits a YAKUZA KICK! Berengar spills out to the floor! Redwing climbs to the top rope! Diving crossbody! No! MID-AIR SPEAR BY BERENGAR! What a move but he is not letting up as he starts stomping on Redwing!] [Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Sto-No! Redwing catches the foot and gets up still holding the foot! He pulls Berengar in! Elbow smash! Berengar falls and Redwing starts throwing elbow after elbow on top of Berengar! The ref starts the count! One…Two…Three…Berengar is busted open! Redwing smiles and starts hitting harder! The ref keeps counting! Four…Five…Six…Berengar is wearing a crimson mask! Seven…Redwing runs back into the ring! Eight…Nine… Te…No! Berengar rolls back in! Redwing bounces off the ropes charging at Berengar! Berengar gets up lightning quick! VANQUISHER! He hits the pop-up powerbomb, but it took too much out of him! Both men are out on the mat!] [The ref starts to count! One…Two…Three…They’re stirring but not getting up! Four…Five…Six… Berengar drapes his arm over Redwing! One…Two…Redwing gets the shoulder up! Berengar pulls him up and throws him into the corner! Berengar charges at him! Redwing pulls the knee up! Berengar collides with it hard and stumbles off him! Redwing grabs Berengar’s arm from behind! GODWATCH! Redwing hits the rainmaker clothesline! He pulls up Berengar with a tight headlock and runs towards the corner! Berengar shoves him off into the ropes! ANOTHER VANQUISHER! That second powerbomb should do it and Berengar covers! One…Two…Three!] [Another win for our VHS Champion as he retains over a very game Redwing! What a match between these two!]


[Static.] [Happy.] [His eyes light up as he sits on a steel folding chair, presumably inside the comfortable confines of his assigned locker room. The crunch of popcorn between his teeth as he repeatedly fills his jaws from a microwaveable bag held softly in his hand.] [We pan out to find that Happy is watching Old School Wrestling. It’s a recorded airing of VHS 17. The television screen lights up with images of a match between Ethan Bird and The Red Emperor. Just as Bird makes the cover for the three count…] [KNOCK! KNOCK!] [The attention of the Happiest man on Earth is diverted towards the door of the room where he pauses for a second of wonder of who it might be.] [He then sits the bag of popcorn down at his feet, standing and moves to the door. And when he opens it…] [Lord Griffin Walters.] [Happy is shocked!]

“Listen son” [Walters calmly explains.] “We got off on the wrong foot!”

[The shocked face of expression of Happy is slowly replaced with huge smile.]

“You’ve re-considered my offer” [Happy says excitedly.] “You want to be my friend!”

“Well…” [Walters hesitates.] “Yes, I’ve been considering… do you mind stepping outside?”

[Happy nods with excitement, following Walters who back peddles deeper into the hall.] [Once both men are outside the room, the door slowly sways shut behind Happy. And there he is…] [Kasabian.] [Happy doesn’t see him. The trick worked.]

“Now” [Walters gestures with his hand.] “as I was saying…”

[Kasabian drives a double axe handle into the upper back of Happy, knocking him forward and to the ground. As he lays there dazed, The Slave begins to boot away at his lower back. Hammering Happy with kick after kick. DRIVING his right foot down into the torso of the Happiest man on Earth. Before…] [SLAVE COLLAR!] [Kasabian swoops down quickly, locking Happy in position and applying the camel clutch.] [Happy lets out a grunt of agony. His face contorted in pain.] [Lord Griffin Walters kneels in front of him; only inches from his face.]

“I told you, didn’t I?” [Walters taunts.] “I told you there would be hell to pay, but this is only the beginning Happy. I want you to remember this feeling. Remember this pain, because next week… at Ring of Dreams, my boy is going to make you wish you had never thought about wrestling!”

[The squinted eyes of Happy make contact with those of the smiling Walters and the Master is not quick to tell Kasabian to release the hold.] [Second pass. Moments before Walters stands up, looking down at the fading Happy.]

“That’s enough my boy” [Walters commands.] “We’ll finish this next week… with the world watching!”

[With that, The Slave releases the hold; Happy falling lifelessly to the floor below as Kasabian and Walters both stand above him.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[The Informer stands in a dark hallway, deep in the labyrinth of tunnels that make up the Tap Room. Even with his mask, he still seems to be deep in thought as he studies his note pad. Perhaps he is still thinking on the words of Lincoln Hex.]

“Do you have it?”

[The voice of Jacen Novan cuts through the darkness to startle the Informer to a fully alert position. Novan steps out of the shadows, looking as though he has aged twenty years since the last time we saw him. The Historium is tucked in a sack beneath his arm. Informer seems taken aback by Novan’s appearance.]

“Are you okay, Novan?”

[Jacen ignores the question, holding up his hand.]

“The location. Do you have it?”

[The masked man starts to protest, but Novan’s hand opens and Informer goes up against the wall.]

“Can’t you feel it, Informer? The power beckons me to give in. I don’t have time to bandy words with you. I need the location. It must be destroyed.”

[Informer takes a deep breath and nods his head to his left.]

“There’s a large cavern type place beyond that giant door. Vanguard didn’t even know what’s in it. The door is made of some kind of unknown material, and I sure as hell couldn’t get it open. I have to get you to reconside…”

[Novan cuts him off.]

“You have proven to be a most valuable ally. Thank you.”

[Jacen walks in the direction Informer indicates, the investigator seemingly forgotten. Yet Informer follows as Novan comes to the large door. Ornate carvings decorate its face, composed of a black material that seems to reflect light that is not shining upon it. Jacen closes his eyes and opens his arms, his brow furrowing in concentration.] [Snap.] [The door slowly comes open, having somehow been opened by the channeling of Jacen’s power.] [Jacen Novan slowly draws the Historium from his bag. It begins to glow as his skin makes contact. The side with the E.F. carved in it seems to call to the Informer, who follows Jacen inside the room. The cavern seems to stretch to the innards of the earth itself, no bottom visible to the abyss. Small streams of water line a walkway that juts out over the Abyss. Similar carvings line the walls from the Temple and door.] [As the glow of the Historium grows, the pools are now more clearly seen to not be water all. Heat and smoke rises off of what appears to be liquid metal of some kind. Novan steps to the outcropping. He looks down at the Historium, his mission so close to being fulfilled.]

“Stop. I can’t let you do this!”

[A determined Informer walks towards an incensed Jacen Novan.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between different types of veterans tonight as it’s The Enforcer squaring off with The Prairie Dog Whisperer!] [The bell sounds as these two lock-up in the center of the ring. Brent Kersh gets the upperhand before just whipping Montana into the ropes. He rebounds, but he leaps over the bending Brent Kersh. Kersh whirls around as Montana hits the other ropes before Montana leaps into the air for a lunging clothesline that takes out both men! Montana quickly pulls himself up with the ropes before whipping Kersh into the corner. He quickly follows him before leaping towards him and hitting a monkey flip sending Kersh careening across the ring. Montana is quick and rushes over to apply a camel clutch!] [Brent Kersh begins fighting against the power used on him by lifting straight up with Montana wrapped around his waist. He rushes towards the corner and lowers his head sending Montana straight into the top turnbuckle face-first! Montana’s hold slackens before he falls to the mat. Brent Kersh gets to his feet and beckons for Montana to join him. Chip slowly gets to his feet as Kersh kicks him in the gut and whips him into the ropes. Chip rebounds before getting caught with a spinebuster that drives him into the mat! The Enforcer gets to his feet before grabbing the legs of Montana in preparation for his figure-4-leglock!] [LONE STAR! Chip Montana is in pain! He’s clutching his temples in pain! He begins crawling back, but Brent Kersh is trying his best to keep himself latched on. Chip manages to find himself at the ropes as he reaches out. He hooks the ropes as the referee begins his count. Kersh releases at four as the referee begins warning him. Kersh pulls Chip to his feet, but Chip hits a kick to Kersh’s shin followed by an eye rake! Chip Montana leaps up and drives his knees into the back of Kersh! SEE YA..NO! Kersh hooks the ropes as Chip slams down to the mat. Chip staggers to his feet before Kersh kicks him in the gut. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [Brent Kersh gets to his feet with a grin as the referee hoists up his hand as he picks up another victory.]


[Static.] [Somewhere else.] [Troy Solveig’s eyes open wide. His body seemingly reacting to an subconscious anticipation. A reaction that came far too late.] [He glances around quickly, trying to determine his location but as he stands beneath the nights sky he notices two things. One, he is on a boat which is presumably floating somewhere along the Atlantic. It appears that the lights of Miami are in the near distance. And two, he has been restrained.] [And then…]

“That’s the second time I got the drop on you Volsungr” [comes a voice from the darkness.] “A small dose of etorphine in a tiny little syringe did the trick. It’s amazing what you can acquire on the streets when you’re not afraid to pass that offering plate one more ‘gain… if you know what I mean!”

[With a chuckle out from the darkness steps none other than D’Von Chambers. But that’s only the beginning. In his hand, is a box cutter.] [Solveig nearly snickers.]

“It will take more than that pathetic blade to kill the Chosen One!”

[The Bishop smiles at the statement as he draws closer.]

“Oh I do know that my brotha!”

[Without warning, Chambers lashes out. Slashing away at Troy Solveig who does not even care to flinch.] [But there is no blood. Instead, Chambers has cut away the rope restraining Solveig’s arms and upper body.] [He’s free. And he takes advantage. Quickly reaching back to drive a jumping fist in the direction of Chambers, but when he does he nearly loses his balance. It’s as if… he’s stuck.] [Solveig slowly glances down at his fee to see it.] [Concrete. Formed up in squares surrounding the feet of Volsungr. He seems confused.]

“Don’t you recognize them Troy?” [Chambers questions.] “They’re your own personal helshoes my brotha!”

[Solveig peers up at The Bishop with squinted eyes. He recognizes the reference, but is uncertain of Chambers’ intentions.]

“Odin has reserved me a spot in Valhalla and one day I will indeed wear helshoes to my final destination” [Troy sneers.] “But it is not this day!”

[Yet Chambers only grins.]

“Then we shall see if your gods have the resurrection power of mine!”

[Suddenly, Chambers roars; charging the immobile Solveig who can only brace for impact. A devastating clothesline sends Volsungr up and over the side railing of the boat and into the ocean waters with a splash.] [The Bishop returns to his feet; an almost blood thirsty expression covering his face as he hoists something from the deck of the boat.] [It’s Solveig’s hammer.]

“Death comes for us all Volsungr” [Chambers mocks, tossing the hammer into the ocean] “But much sooner for you.”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[The smell of smoke stains the air, the blackened locker room remains still holding the smell of the previous week’s arson, its interior looking completely burned and decayed from the fire.] [And the man responsible sits upon the burned remains of a bench. Holding his head in his hands, he lets out a long, shaky sigh. Brent Kersh.]

“How could I do this? What is wrong with me?”

[He shakes again, as though a chill sweeps through the room. The sound of footsteps catches his attention, The Enforcer looking upward, his eyes going wide as he stares at the perpetrator.]

“You ask yourself what is wrong, but it should be obvious when you never do anything right.”


“Is there a problem? Look around you, it’s Judgement Day all over again. You caused this. We caused this.”

[Kersh scrambles back, falling from the bench onto the charred floors, attempting to flee only to back into a locker, his head slamming into its blackened metal.]

“You can’t be real! Leave me alone!”

[The false Kersh leans over the terrified Brent, wrapping both hands around his throat and SLAMMING him up against the lockers, Brent’s feet dangling as he hangs in the air.]

“I am real, Brent. You and I? We’re one in the same. You’ve finally broke, Brent. We both know that you can’t go on living in this world, you must end this at Ring of Dreams. We must end this.”

[Kersh balls his fists, wanting to fight back but seemingly frozen by the terror flowing through him.]

“We have become what we feared most Brent, we have destroyed everything, and now, we must stop ourselves.”

[The False Kersh drops Brent onto the floor, The Enforcer unmoving as the impostor walks away.]

“The only thing we have to fear Brent is ourselves.”

[The scene slowly fades out, focused on Kersh’s face the emotionless, shocked expression lingering before we cut to black.]


[We have a huge Double Feature title defence here tonight as Eli Forever makes his first defence against Redmond Quinn, but will Wolfgang by the challengers side prove to be an advantage or the Tutors undoing?] [The bell begins as both men circle around the other, trying to find an opening as Quinn snaps off a back kick that Eli just dodges, rushing forward with a series of stiff kicks to the midsection as he backs Quinn into the corner before laying into him with a bunch of viscious chops. Eli tosses him across the ring as Quinn reverses, Eli hitting the corner hard before staggering out into a huge high dropkick to the chin that sends Eli into the ropes. Forever rebounds into a sickening European Uppercut that nearly takes his head off but as Forever rebounds once more, ducking under another Uppercut before drilling Quinn with a massive haymaker] [Quinn is out on his feet as he’s lifted up high by Eli who seems to be going for a Powerbomb but flips him around in mid-air, slamming Quinn down on his stomach driving all the wind out of him. Quinn slowly rises up onto his elbows as Forever bounces off the ropes with THE ATONEMENT! A massive knee nearly knocks Quinn out cold as Forever drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Quinn just gets the shoulder up! Quinn is pulled up to his feet as he fires off lefts and rights trying to fight back but a massive knee to the gut takes all the fight out of him before he’s lifted up into the air and spun around..] [BEFORE BEING DRIVEN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THY LORD’S PRAYER! Forever doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope as he dives off with a twisting moonsault that hits only mat! Forever stumbles up to his feet right into a flurry of kicks before he’s tossed across the ring with a stiff Belly to Belly Suplex! Eli staggers up as Quinn grabs him from behind, trying to lock in the Cobra Clutch! Forever quickly staggers back, squashing Quinn into the corner to break the hold. Quinn comes staggering out of the corner with a wild right that Forever ducks under, gripping Quinn around the shoulders before driving him down to the canvas with a massive Full Nelson Slam!] [Quinn crashes down to the canvas as he’s flipped over on the canvas as Eli locks in a Boston Crab. Quinn struggles, screaming in pain as he tries to crawl to the ropes but Eli bends backward, transitioning into CONFESSION AT THE ALTAR! The pressure is tremendous on the challenger’s back as he’s trapped in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go. Forever keeping on the pressure as Quinn slowly drags himself to the ropes, mere inches away as he’s fingertips away before Forever pulls him back into the centre of the ring!] [Quinn screams out in pain, trying to not tap out but the pain is incredible. His right hand quivers before a last bout of strength fills him and he sits up, powering Eli away as he breaks the hold! But the damage has been done as Quinn slowly stands, his back in agony as he tries a wild right that Forever easily ducks under before driving Quinn down to the mat with an inverted DDT. Forever doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope once more as he presses his hands together in prayer, and falls forward with his eyes closed, THE SOUND OF…CANVAS! Quinn just rolls out of the way as both men are spent] [The two competitors slowly rise to their feet as they begin to exchange lefts and rights, a big spinning back kick staggering Forever as he’s lifted up off his feet with a Scoop Slam that causes Quinn to wince in pain. The Tutor fights through the pain as he sizes up a rising Forever, rushing forward with DETENTION! Quinn stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Forever just gets his shoulder up!] [Quinn looks for the end as Wolfgang leaps up onto the apron, Quinn going to whip Forever into the ropes but Forever reverses at the last moment as Quinn collides with Wolfgang. The Superior topples to the floor below as Quinn staggers back into the a kick to the gut before he’s placed between Forever’s legs, Eli quickly screaming AMEN before he flips Quinn up, ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! That hits flush as Forever covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Forever retains his title just after a massive match with the Tutor but if it hadn’t been for the inadvertent assist, things could have easily gone another way here tonight]


[Wolfgang slides into the ring, slapping the palms of his hands on his head in despair as Eli Forever rolls to the outside with his Championship.] [He immediately helps Redmond back to his feet, explaining the circumstances of his unfortunate interaction.] [Quinn nods in understanding, holding his head in pain as Kane Doebern angrily makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He gets inside and pushes Wolfgang backwards.]

“What’re you doing?” [Quinn says, stepping between them.] “Are you crazy? That’s no way to behave, Kane!”

[Doebern grimaces.] “Can’t you see what’s going on? How can you possibly be so foolish? He’s manipulating you, man. He’s lying to you. He just cost you the Double Feature Championship and you’re willing to shake his hand like some kind of fool.”

“That’s not the way of it,” [Quinn protests.] “You have to have faith, son.”

[Suddenly, Wolfgang attacks from behind with a thunderous Double Axe Handle to the back of Redmond’s head, knocking him to the canvas. The Nazi looks immediately at Kane with a smirk only to see the pupil back away and begrudgingly exit the ring.] [With a smile on his face, Wolfgang turns to Quinn uninterrupted, stomping away at the back of his head viciously.]

“You need this,” [Kane says as he walks away with a shameful look on his face.] “You need to see things for what they are, man.”

[Wolfgang pulls Quinn back to his feet, kicks him low and hits the ropes.] [CURBSTOMP!] [BLOOD AND SOIL.] [The Superior backs away with a sinister look, raising his arms in the air in celebration. The camera flickers between an unconscious Redmond Quinn, his pupil Kane Doebern and Wolfgang, with the latter two sharing completely different emotions.] [Cut.]