[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The camera pans backwards from an old dirty mirror that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a month. There’s a thick film of dust spread from corner to corner, making it impossible to see a reflection. An arm finally reaches out, wiping away some of the dust to reveal the reflection of Brent Kersh.] [He has a pair of scissors in his hand and carefully starts chopping away at his very shaggy black and grey beard, removing some of the unrulier hairs.]

“For three weeks, I was in a medically induced coma,” [he says, dropping his hair into the sink.] “I was brought back from the brink of death inside that ambulance. I don’t know why I survived, or how, but there had to be a reason.”

[His beard is quickly taking shape.]

“When I awoke, something had changed within me. I was no longer a defeated man. There’s something about being resuscitated from the embrace of death itself that makes you stronger than before.”

[Suddenly, in the corner behind him, a face appears.] [The Scarecrow.] [But Brent doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t waiver. He doesn’t turn around or stutter. He simply looks The Scarecrow in the eye and focuses.]

“So you escape death and now you have all the answers, is that it Kersh?” [The Scarecrow hisses.] “Then why don’t you bring an end upon me tonight inside the Elimination Chamber?”

[Brent puts down the scissors, checking out his beard.]

“Your end is nigh, Scarecrow. I don’t have to kill you, I only have to break our lineage once and for all. Those ties that bind us together will soon be cut and from that fall, you’ll never recover. All good things come to those who wait.”

[Kersh suddenly punches the mirror where The Scarecrow’s face once resides, shattering the glass into pieces that fall helplessly into the sink. He spins around, looking for The Hayman, only he’s alone.]

“The hunter has become the hunted, Scarecrow. Where your eyes don’t go… fear Brent Kersh.”

[He walks towards the door, exiting as we come to a close in darkness.]


[In the backstage locker room area, Lazarus has called a meeting with his team ahead of Face/Off. He’s managed to pull together a sturdy unit of competitors and sits awaiting the final arrivals; only Viktor North comes alone, with there being no sign of The Red Emperor. Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon are shortly in behind.]

“Where’s the Emperor?” [Lazarus investigates.] [North shrugs nonchalantly, clearly not giving a damn.]

“I called you gentlemen here because in three weeks’ time at Face/Off, we must come together as one to defeat Monday Night Showcase. We must learn to trust in one another, and have faith in each other.”

[Whilst Bruce and Neville nod in agreement, Viktor scoffs.]

“I don’t have faith in any of you or your God’s,” [he sneers back at Lazarus.] “Or your leadership. What does a Christian man such as yourself know about leading warriors into battle, Lazarus? I am the Skull Splitter and death in battle to me, is a gift from the God’s. It will grant me passage into Valhalla. I will not let you destroy my gift.”

[Neville butts in.] “This is what he’s talking about. If we can’t come together, then we’ll fall apart.”

[Viktor North walks over to Neville and stands right in his face.]

“What did this puny maggot just say to me?” [he scoffs.] [Lazarus quickly gets between them.]

“What do you take issue with, North? Is it my leadership, my faith, or this?” [Lazarus says holding up the VHS Championship.] “Because I’m the only leader VHS has.”

[North scoffs again.] “If that Championship entitles you to lead, then after tonight, whoever holds it between you and I should be the man to lead this team of half-warriors into battle.”

[Lazarus actually nods in agreement; surprisingly.] [Bruce Van Chan meanwhile steps forward, separating Lazarus and North just ever so slightly from one another without intruding entirely.]

“After what happened last week at REC, myself and Sheldon are heading to Monday Night Showcase. King Royal – and I use that name lightly, wants his Knights to be by his side.”

[Sheldon agrees.] “So who are we to disagree with Royalty?”

[The VHS Champion nods in agreement, entirely understanding of their desire to upset King Royal’s applecart. He turns to North, looking him square in the eyes.]

“In the meantime, I’m still the leader of this team,” [He makes clear to North.] “The Red Emperor hasn’t shown up, and I need you to find him.”

[Viktor almost growls before responding.] “Very well.”

[As North storms out of the room in search of the Emperor, Lazarus turns to The Knights, taking a deep breath.]

“Can you make sure that The Red Emperor makes it here in one piece? We need him.”

[The Knight’s nod, walking out into the hall after Viktor North, who has quickly ventured into the depths of the Tap Room.]


[Both Bruce Van Chan and Kaito close in on one another, shaking hands as a sign of respect before the match starts.] [Bruce raises his hand to Kaito, inviting him to a test of strength! Bruce has the upper hand but Kaito throws a stiff kick to the ribs of BVC! Van Chan is doubled over and Kaito nails a sunset flip. But Van Chan rolls through! He hits the ropes and nails a front dropkick to the seated Kaito! Not giving an inch, he hits the ropes for a plancha! KAITO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Bruce smacks the mat hard and Kaito capitalizes with a standing double foot stomp! He tries to keep his assault going but Bruce sweeps the leg and drops Kaito!] [Both men are to their feet, Van Chan dodges a flying kick and retaliates with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Kaito is sent into the ropes and Bruce capitalizes! He leapfrogs behind Kaito and nails a reverse hotshot! Van Chan lands at ringside and takes a moment to rest before climbing onto the apron. He leaps! KAITO CATCHES HIM! CRUSHING KNEES! Van Chan lands hard, allowing Kaito to follow up with a barrage of kicks to the chest! He won’t let up! Kaito turns around, readying up for a massive kick REVERSE DDT! Van Chan leaped up can caught Kaito off guard!] [Both men are laid out and hurting after that, but Van Chan tries his best to get to his feet. He leans against the ropes and looks back towards Kaito. He stumbles as he moves closer to the turnbuckle, his knees wrecked after the earlier attack. He climbs the turnbuckle slowly, almost to the top- KAITO GRABS HIS LEG! Both men fight atop the turnbuckle, but Kaito lands a hard kick to the knees of Bruce! He lands another and another! Bruce is stumbling as Kaito looks to shove him off. GOOD NIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE! BOTH MEN HIT THE GROUND AND VAN CHAN COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [BVC uses the ropes to help himself off of the ground before offering a hand to the downed Kaito.]


[In the darkness of a room, likely backstage, Jensen Cussen sits naked and tied to a large wooden chair. His skin has been torn to shreds, with bloodied wounds left across it like some kind of message. Jensen’s eyes are bloodshot, because he’s had no rest since REC and his mouth is dry and crusting from dehydration.] [Then, into frame steps the man from last week, wielding a knife.]

“Sometimes, all it takes is the right weapon to make a person pliable. We’ve spent years using the right weapons, haven’t we, son?”

[The man steps closer, drawing the blade across his skin as he screams in agony.]

“And yet, I still don’t have what I want from this little endeavour of ours, do I?”

[Jensen mumbles, barely able to speak.] “I’m sorry.”

“What was that?” [He puts a hand to his ear, mocking him.] “You’re sorry?” [he mocks again.] “That’s delightful. Do you understand how much time and effort I put into making you a weapon? Do you? I made you, Jensen.”

[A squeal suddenly breaks the tension. Over in the corner, on the floor, rocking back and forth is Stephanie.]

“If she didn’t come for you, she wouldn’t be here right now, would she? Whilst Phoenix was off saving the city, your darling daughter just had to come and save daddy dearest,” [he says walking over to her.] “And when I freed her from that Asylum, what did she do? She came running back to you once again. Perhaps it’s time I turned her into a weapon too.”

[He raises a knife, but Jensen interrupts.]

“Wait,” [he splutters.] “Please, don’t. I’m your weapon,” [he begs, trying to save her.] “I’m your weapon.”

[The man walks back over to Cussen, smiling at him with a sinister face.]

“Why yes, yes you are,” [he chuckles.] “And what’s my name?”

[Cussen is reluctant to respond, that is until the man cuts on his chest some more, dripping blood from his blade as he goes.] [Jensen screams.]


[The screams echo throughout the room as the man cuts on Jensen, viciously, brutally and without remorse. The camera pans out, showing Jacob Phoenix, hiding in the shadows outside the window ledge, watching.] [His eyes well up. This isn’t what he expected.]


[Tonight The Red Emperor goes to war with Ethan Bird! Will the monarch clip Ethan’s wings? Or will Bird leave The Emperor seeing red?] [The match starts with The Red Emperor slowly removing his helmet. Light glints off it’s golden steel as Bird smirks, unamused. The two then start with a lock-up before Ethan gets a kick to the gut! He blasts The Emperor’s jaw; the monarch fires back. He gets an Irish Whip and Back Elbow Smash, finishing with a Dropkick! He covers! One… NO! Bird kicks out and The Emperor grabs an Arm Wrench. The Kingpin eventually counters into a Hammerlock, followed by a Headlock before nailing a Suplex! He drops a couple of elbows, yanking his opponent back up into the ropes…] [WOOO! A wicked Knife-Edged Chop stings against The Emperor’s chainmail! Bird hits another and then a third– Headbutt! He then quickly props him up…. RUNNING SPIKE SLAM! He covers! One… Two… NO! The Emperor kicks out; Bird grabs a Reverse Chin Lock! Ethan wrenches back on the neck, driving his knee into his opponent’s spinal cord. The Emperor works to rise, eventually getting back to his feet and powering out– NO! Backdrop! Bird hooks the legs! One… Two… NO! Ethan looks for a Texas Cloverleaf only to get Cradled! One… Two… NO! Bird kicks out right into a Jujigatame Armbar!] [The former Austin Fernando cries out with frustration. The Kingpin has seemingly been one step ahead all night…. The Red Emperor again works back to his feet, eventually sitting into a Cradle only to get immediately countered! One… Two…. NO! Both rise, with Bird getting a kick to the ribs– WORLD’S END?!? NO! The Emperor breaks free….. The Revelation! DESPERATION KNOW YOUR PLACE! He hooks the legs! One… Two…. NO! With Ethan reeling, The Emperor reaches deep, rising and measuring him….. WELCOME TO– NO! THE WORLD’S END! He got him! Ethan boxes him up high and tight! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell rings and Ethan releases his grasp. He sits, admiring his handiwork as The Red Emperor lays doubled-over…. What a victory for Bird!]


[Flashback.] [The screen hue changes slightly, becoming darker and grittier, as we open inside an apartment in New York. Jake Jeckel is dragging a large body covered in a white sheet through his door with the help of a hooded accomplice. They drop the body down, Jake making an effort to remove the sheet and check out the tattooed handiwork.]

“Well shit, that kid did a fuckin’ good job, huh?” [Jake says, looking at his tattoo’s and comparing them to the cadaver.] “And you’re sure your buddy at the morgue won’t miss this one?”

“He was being cremated, it’s fine,” [the familiar voice stoically responds.] “Do you have the gun?”

[Jake grabs the shotgun stood against the nearest cabinet and checks it out.]

“Here’s the plan,” [Jake said aiming the shotgun at the body.] “I’m going to blow his head off, and make it look good. I’ve had some back teeth pulled for dental records and I’ll place them about a bit.”

[The guy chuckles.] “You’ve really thought this through, haven’t you?”

“I want everyone convinced I’m dead. When I’m done, I need you to frame Flint and Jackie-boy, alright? Just pretend you witnessed Jackie leaving here and tell that to the cops. Give the gun to Norman when I go underground and he’ll plant it at The School Yard.”

[The accomplice nods.] “I can do that. Are you sure this is going to work? I want Flint to suffer.”

[Jake smiles, pulling the trigger and splatting the guy’s head in front of us. Brain matter, blood and gore fly in all different kinds of directions as the accomplice stands back a bit, ringing his ears.]

“It’ll work. Trust me.”

[The accomplice takes down his hood and shakes his head.]

“I’ve learned you should never trust a Juggalo.”

[It’s Ethan Bird!] [Holy shit.] [Ethan takes a pair of gloves out of his pocket and puts them on, taking the gun from Jeckel.]

“You had better get out of here and remember Jake, what’s dead, stays dead..”



[With a debut win under his belt, Ethan Earthart looks to carry that momentum against the best lightweight VHS has to offer in Marvolo JR.] [The Mad Scientist all most doubling Marvolo Jr’s weight, doesn’t take long to put it to his advantage. After a swift knuckles lock up his size advantage is clear to see as he lift’s his opponent up for suplex. Leaving it hanging for longer than normal the feat of strength is impressive to witness. The thud still echoing around the arena, Earthart makes an early attempt at a cover but manages no more than shy of a 2 count. Powering out with more strength than seems possible Marvolo quickly hops back to his feet and we’re right back where we started.] [Throwing himself off the ropes, Marvolo returns with a dropkick to the knee of Ethan. Not downing him but certainly unsteadying his balance. Marvolo takes a second rope run this time returning with a diving battering ram, using his whole body as a weapon. His goal is accomplished as Ethan tumbles to the floor, the wind knocked out of his sails. Heading up top Marvolo launches himself off, getting air N.A.S.A would be proud of… formation of a legdrop…. Misses. The Mad Scientist was playing possum, he leaps up to his feet. Laying elbow after elbow drop down on Marvolo who is clutching his tail bone.] [The damage done, he continues to viciously assault Marvolo Jr. The weight difference really showing. Pulling his “victim” to his feet. Its experimentation time. throwing himself off the ropes he launches back with a huge clothesline…. that MARVOLO DUCKS. Groggy, Marvolo uses his momentum, and he bounces himself off the ropes, ducking a second clothesline attempt from the Mad Scientist! He follows through and leaps for a cross body!! EARTHART DOESN’T BUDGE, HE CATCHES HIM!! MARVOLO STRUGGLES BUT HAS NOWHERE TO GO!! LIFTING HIM HIGH UP INTO THE VERTICAL SUPLEX POSITION!! BACK SURGERY!!! Marvolo is out cold. Earthart makes the cover…. One…Two… THREE!!!] [Another dominating display for the Mad Scientist, he’s on a roll! How will Marvolo Jr pick himself up from this one?]


[In the locker room of Jack Jeckel, there’s a sombre mood. He sits alone on a bench, taping his hands ahead of his match tonight with Jake. He thought Jake was dead, and despite this whole ordeal, you’d think he’d be happy to find out he wasn’t.] [Just then, the door suddenly swings open, and in walks Jake, smiling with that shit eating grin we’ve all come to know and love.]

“Little brother, I really couldn’t be any prouder,” [he says smiling still.] “To think of all those years I beat you down, tossed you aside and used you to get what I want and the minute I die, you take over exactly where I left off.”

[Jack looks up at him, with sinister eyes.]

“Now I know we have some unfinished business, eh? You probably want to kick my ass for tricking you and that’s fine, there’s a time and a place for us to throw punches, but it ain’t tonight. Tonight, we’re The Amazing Jeckel Brothers and they are unstoppable. Can’t no-one around here handle you and me on the same page, bro.”

[Having heard enough, Jack stands up and approaches Jake.]

“What I mean to say is,” [Jake continues.] “Let’s take care of business at Face/Off. You and me, one on one, and we’re going to put it all on the table. But after that, we should be a family again, brother. Who could stop us?”

[Jack grimaces.] “Don’t call me that. I don’t trust you and I don’t like you. In fact Jake, I wish you were dead. I’ll see you at Face/Off and maybe we’ll make your fantasy death a reality.”

[Jake chuckles.]

“Atta boy, Jackie.”

[Both men stare each other down for a moment before Jake steps away, leaving his brother there to seethe.]


[With his match freshly over, Ethan Earthart has managed to make his way backstage, and is now heading back toward the locker room. He seems a little pre-occupied, muttering to himself absently as he walks. He rounds the corner and almost walks straight into Kaito, who is busy on his phone with his back to the Mad Scientist.]

“Kare wa sore ni fusawashī mono o te ni iremashita. Watashi wa burei ni sa reru koto wa arimasen.”

[It is as he talks that Kaito turns around and sees the frustrated look on Earthart’s face. Without a word, he takes the phone away from his ear and paws at the screen to end the call. Earthart clears his throat.]

“Those things will give you cancer, all those radiowaves so close to your brain. It’s enough to drive one… mad.” [Kaito glares at the intruder, saying nothing.] “Not to mention how rude one tends to be when engrossed in conversation whilst another is trying to get past. One would be best to remember your manners… What did you say your name was?”

[Kaito doesn’t move, his lips purse a little tighter together but he makes no effort to introduce himself. Earthart speaks in his absence.]

“You… The one they call the Black Dragon, right?”

[Kaito offers a very small nod, barely a movement from his head. He does not break eye contact with the newcomer.]

“Well, what is a dragon without…” [He reaches inside his labcoat and pulls out a small testtube. Placing his thumb over the end, he shakes the tube before bringing it to his lips and tipping the contents into his mouth. When he exhales, a fireball erupts out of his mouth and nearly singes the hair on the top of Kaito’s head. The Black Dragon ducks slightly to avoid the flames, Earthart’s eyes light up in delight.] “Breathing fire.”

[He draws closer to Kaito, speaking almost in a whisper.]

“I can teach you the secret. You just have to prove that you are worthy. Bad manners are not a good start.”

[He tosses the test-tube to Kaito, who catches it instinctively in one hand. By the time he turns his attention back to the Mad Scientist, Dr Earthart is already wandering off up the hallway, still muttering to himself quite happily. Kaito simply taps at his phone screen once more, shaking his head.]



[The underdog fights against massive odds once again tonight as he finds himself one on one against the furious Hangman, his rope robbed of it’s needed blood by trickery. Can the knight take down the Hunter or will the Hangman’s rope have its fill tonight?] [The bell sounds as Sheldon runs forward with a clothesline that just bounces off the Hangman. Neville tries another that barely fazes the bigger man again before running to the ropes, bouncing off with a Dropkick but the Hangman swats him out of mid-air, and as Neville rolls to his feet, he rushes right into a massive Big Boot that nearly knocks him out cold. Neville stumbles to his feet as he’s grabbed by the back of the head and tossed into the corner. The Hangman rushes forward, nearly decapitating Neville with a massive clothesline and as he stumbles out, Neville is effortlessly powered onto his side before being nearly snapped in half with a backbreaker. Sheldon cries out in pain as the Hangman covers] [ONE…TWO…Neville gets the shoulder up as The Hangman powers him up, placing him between his legs as he tries for a Powerbomb but Neville begins to fight out, laying into Hangman with hard punches as he manages to wiggle out, swinging down into a DDT! Both men slowly get up to their feet as Sheldon explodes with a series of lefts and rights as he ducks under a right, rushing to the ropes as he delivers a clothesline. The Hangman staggers as Sheldon delivers another that sends The Hangman back into the ropes and as he comes off, Sheldon lifts him up high, planting him with a Bodyslam! Sheldon rushes to the ropes, Running Leg Drop, WRESTLEMANIA! Sheldon covers as the crowd begin to count along] [ONE…TWO…TH…The Hangman powers out. Neville pulls him up from behind, trying to lock in the Book Smart but The Hangman powers out, causing Neville to stumble back into the ropes and as the Underdog bounces forward, he runs into a massive Spear! Sheldon nearly got torn in half with the force as the Hangman lifts him up, CAPITAL PUN…NKO! NKO outta nowhere as Neville flops down on the Hangman, the referee covering. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The underdog picks up a huge victory here tonight, proving that his heart and soul is something that can beat out anyone on any given night.]


[Backstage at the Tap Room, there’s a plethora of different things that one could find themselves doing. There are also a plethora of things that one would never want to do. Currently, Ethan Bird is doing one of the latter. His form is twisted around the corner of a doorway, peering in excitedly as he has found his quarry.]

“Hey, kiddos!” [Bird says, uncharacteristically chipper as he walks into the locker room.] [Staring up at him incredulously are four children of Mother. They seem amazed that he has come back after what transpired just a few short weeks ago. They were duped by him once, but they shall not be again.]

“Where’s Mother at?” [The Kingpin says, a horribly forced smile behind his beard.] “I need to talk to her about my Rewind Championship.”

[Ignoring that Mother won the strap fair and square, Bird still doesn’t seem trustworthy to these children. One of them steps forward, apparently the spokeschild.]

“There she is.” [The child says, pointing behind Bird. This prompts a laugh.]

“I just walked through there.” [He says with a snort.] “How about you just tell the truth?”

[The child points behind him again, and this time the lights begin to flicker.]

“Leave my children alone!”

[The haunting voice of Mother echoes in the small room as the lights flicker and Bird ducks for cover. He practically falls into the children before heading for the hills in the cover of darkness. As the darkness fades, we can see that Mother was truly behind Bird the whole time. She steps forward to let the three children come into her embrace.] [Wait.] [Three?]

“No.” [Mother whispers, rage barely contained.]

“My child!”

[The entire room shakes as Mother’s anger becomes more and more palpable.] [Ethan Bird stole one of her children.] [But why?]


[We are taken to the backstage area, where he find Alistair Huxley walking briskly through the hallways with a large canvas sack in his hands. Suddenly he stops, hiding just behind a corner. Quickly he jumps around the corner, throwing the canvas sack over a tiny figure dressed in blue. “HAHA!” Huxley exclaims, throwing the bag over his shoulder before gleefully disappearing] [Seconds later ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ Hits the PA system filling up the Tap Room. Alistair Huxley appears in the entrance area, a huge smile upon his face. He’s dragged the canvas sack into the middle of the entrance area when suddenly Circus Music begins to play and a large cannon is brought out being pushed by a group of men]

“I bet you all thought I was simply a contortionist, but I have more gifts, I can see the future. Gaze into my crystal ball and BEHOLD THE FUTURE OF MARVOLO” Ali exclaims.

[He opens the canvas sack, revealing Marvolo Jr, his hands bound behind his back with rope and his mouth gagged. Marvolo kicks and flails before stopping suddenly upon noticing the cannon. Huxley smiles, looking down at Marvolo.]

“Your future.” He exclaims again with a grin upon his painted face.

[Huxley removes a large match from his pocket, lighting it and allowing the flame to burn momentarily. He makes his way to the cannon, lighting a fuse attached to the back of the cannon. A look of terror can be seen on the face of Marvolo as he watches the cannon erupt.] [Aloud bang shakes the arena as the cannon ignites, sending a dummy dressed to look like Marvolo flying through the air… The dummy crashes into the wall of The Taproom and crashes violently to the ground. The head of the dummy detaches from the body and rolls slowly across the floor, a twitch from Huxley, followed by a maniacal laugh as Marvolo Jr looks on in fear after witnessing what his future may hold.]


[We have a huge tag team match tonight as the Jeckel Brothers face off against Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix. Hatred and anger runs deep within all four of these men, the winner may only come from the team that can restrain their anger longer then their opponents] [The bell sounds as Jack Jeckel starts off with Jensen Cussen, visibly bruised and battered from his torture over the last week as his weak attempts at punches are easily blocked by Jack who punishes Jensen with a hard knee to the gut before nearly taking his head off with a massive Lariat. Jack tosses him into his corner as The Phoenix tags out, Jack urging him on for a proper battle. Jack tries for another Lariat but the Phoenix ducks, bouncing off the ropes delivering an impressive Dropkick that sends Jack staggering into the corner. The Phoenix rushes forward, impaling Jack with a massive spear before grabbing him around the waist and Belly to Belly Suplexing him across the ring towards his corner] [Jack gets up but gets blind tagged by Jake as the crowd surprisingly goes wild for the elder Jeckel’s first match in months. as The Phoenix rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but Jake dodges that, landing a hard elbow to the side of the head that staggers the Phoenix as Jake lifts him up by the throat, slamming him down over his knee with the Pony Down! Jake doesn’t cover, instead rushing to the ropes as he leaps up FAYGO SPLASH! Jacob groans in pain as Jake hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…The Phoenix just gets the shoulder up] [Jake pulls the Phoenix up by his hair, tossing him into his corner as he tags out to Jack. The two brothers kick the Phoenix in the gut before lifting him up and slamming him onto the canvas with a double Suplex. Jack lifts up the hurting Phoenix, nailing him with a few knees to the midsection before turning him around, lifting him up into a Gory Stretch but the Phoenix manages to wiggle out, leaping up ZIG ZAG! The Phoenix stumbles to his feet, lifting Jack up as he kicks him in the gut, FOR HER! Jacob goes for the victory but Jensen reaches over, slapping the Phoenix on the back with a blind tag as he kicks Jake off with the apron with a Blunt Force Trauma before covering Jack. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Jensen and Phoenix pick up a huge victory here tonight, Jensen taking all the glory after the Phoenix does the work, continuing the intense mindgames between two hated rivals here tonight]


[An ethereal mist creeps across a dark hill, stretching over like frail fingers. The moon hangs high. It illuminates a row of sickly trees; nooses dangling from stretched-out limbs while heavy footsteps approach….. It’s The Hangman, and he’s dragging something.]


[He trudges up the hill.]

“All my existence, pain has been irrelevant. Every last word. Every last breath. I feel nothing.”

[He steps closer.]

“Strange. Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like. What they feel before my rope releases them from this constructing mortal coil.” [He chuckles menacingly] “Of course, the pain normally eats that epiphany up too quickly. Almost no-one grasps the magnitude of that sharp, fleeting moment. Almost…..”

[The Manslayer’s pulling a hefty, undulating sack. It’s tied off with his signature rope.]

“I grow weary of this isolation. After all, no mortal man can harm me. Pain is irrelevant. There is nothing that can stop me….. Every life I take, every struggle, is ultimately meaningless.] [Low, frantic murmurs try escaping the sack.]

“My little girl….. She’s so hungry. But that meager morsel I had prepared her last week ran away. Such a shame.” [The Hangman pauses, his busy hands wringing the rope with anticipation.] “Truth be told, my little girl deserves a feast. She deserves to taste a will that will truly satisfy her.”

[He slowly begins to untie the sack. Immediately, desperate hands flail out for mercy.]

“None of you are good enough for her, but you will serve her sisters nicely.”

[The Head-Hunter chuckles with sadistic glee, quickly pulling several bedraggled men from the sack and placing their battered heads between the nooses. Without another word, he raises them all to infamy.] [Some fight to breath, one just snaps like twig. In the end, they all die.]

“Dead…. Dead……. Dead……….. Dead.”

[The Hangman sighs.]

“All dead, all so numb. These men; their names, their lives, their history, all irrelevant. No-one cared. I don’t care. I haven’t for ages but my poor little girl, she needs more. She needs a challenge.”

[He turns, eying something.]


[His buckshot eyes flare with curiosity. Raising the heavy hemp, he addresses her.]

“Perhaps, last week’s menu was simply too small. How would you like to dine….. at The Great Show Unearthed?”

[The Hangman laughs confidently, stepping down the hill toward a familiar circus tent.]






[Painkiller stands in the ring waiting for his opponent. Suddenly the sound of children singing a lullaby plays as Mother makes her way towards the ring. She drags the championship belt behind her as her children follow. She makes her way into the ring and the bell sounds to begin this Rewind Title match.] [Painkiller immediately grabs Mother and throws a myriad of punches into the side of her head forcing her back into the corner. He mounts the second rope, grabs her head and falls backwards, pumping his legs into her midsection, launching her across the ring. He sprint to her, lifts her, and hammers her head into the canvas with a DDT! One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Painkiller is angry but pulls her to her feet. He whips her to the far ropes and awaits her return, but when she does… LEAPING KNEE STRIKE! Painkiller is dazed and stumbled… She follows with a ROUND HOUSE KICK! Painkiller goes down! One… Two… Thre…NO!] [Painkiller kicks out! Mother wastes no time and rips Painkiller up, just to slam him back down with SNAP SUPLEX! She starts nailing him with DOWNED KNEE STRIKES, but he doesn’t seem to feel them. So she backs up, waiting for him to get up… HAPPILY EVER AF….NO! Painkiller grabs her instead and locks her in a LEG BAR!! She screams in pain! She seems like she is about to tap out… but somehow kicks Painkiller in the head with her other leg! He lets her go and she is quick to her feet. She grabs him and tosses him with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! One… Two… Th… NO! Painkiller kicks out with force!] [Mother leaps to her feet, but then immediately throws herself backwards, into the crab position. Painkiller stumbles to his feet… CRAB KICK!! She jumps on him.. One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Mother is furious and yanks Painkiller up and whips hi….REVERSED! He throws her to the corner and DE LA MUERTE!! Uppercuts and chops send Mother stumbling from the corner! Painkiller approaches for the headbutt… BLACK MIST! He’s blinded and drops to his knees! HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Mother retains her Rewind Championship as Painkiller tries to shake the cobwebs after that vicious knee to the head.]


[Click.] [The sounds of a man screaming in agony is often unforgettable. As the cameras abruptly open, we see Viktor North with the leg of The Red Emperor in his hands.] [Snap.] [The noise that pours from The Red Emperor is something vile, between a bellow and a scream. North steps away, dusting off his hands as Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon walk around the corner.]

“What have you done?” [Sheldon asks, checking on The Emperor as Bruce quickly tries to retrieve some help.]

“I have set his broken bone. You wanted your Red Emperor, did you not? He was broken and I fixed him.”

[Help quickly arrives on the scene in the form of EMT’s who rush to his aid, checking out his injuries.] [Sheldon walks over with Bruce, clearly displeased.]

“Is this what being a team means to you? You were asked to bring The Emperor to our next meeting and instead, you break his leg?” [Bruce says impassioned.] “How are we going to win at Face/Off now?”

[Viktor pushes Bruce with a pointed finger.] “I didn’t harm this man. I may not like him, but if I wanted to break him before war, I wouldn’t simply break a bone in his leg; I’d crack his skull open. I found him like this and since your leader requested his presence, I chose to fix him, instead of send him the way of the God’s.”

[Bruce swats his hand away, which immediately gets a glance of disapproval from North. Both men close in on each other, until Neville backs his partner away. The tension in the air is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.] [How are VHS going to come together as one after this? Who’s going to replace The Red Emperor?] [Why did Viktor North do this?] [It’s not long before Lazarus happens upon the situation, realizing very quickly that North had been responsible. He grabs he Skull Splitter, slamming him against the nearest wall.]

“What did I tell you?” [Lazarus fumes.] “We needed him.”

[North pushes him off angrily, getting straight back in his face.]

“We didn’t need him and we don’t need you,” [The Viking bellows.] “In the eyes of the God’s themselves, Viktor North will walk through the valley of death at Face/Off and deliver VHS to victory. If you get in my way, I will deliver you to your God’s – as broken as that man may be, or worse.”

[Bruce and Neville quickly rush in, pulling Lazarus away before he can do any damage. The VHS Champion is absolutely furious.]

“If you want me, you’ll know where to find me in the Chamber, North,” [he yells being dragged away.] “You’ll know where to find your salvation.”

[The Knights help Lazarus away as North remains, laughing to himself. These two meet in the Chamber in only a few moments time and already, VHS has damn near imploded.]


[Earlier today.] [It’s a cold winters night, but that isn’t effecting those inside the Miami State Penitentiary. The prisoners are enjoying a little recreation time in their orange jumpsuits, but we’re not focused on them.] [We’re focused on a man whose jaw seems to be wired shut. It’s Connor, and he’s looking very worse for wear. He heads back into his cell and is about to rest, when the door closes behind him.] [A large black man stands there, blocking what used to be the exit. Connor knows that it’s time to fight. He runs at him, only the man didn’t come unprepared. Before he can even react, a shiv has been pulled out and rammed into his stomach over and over again.] [Connor falls to his knees, blood pouring out over his hands and the floor. The man bends down, looking at him in square in the eye.]

“Long live the chief.”

[He stands back up and exits the room, leaving poor Connor Murphy there to die on the cold, hard, dirty prison floor.] [Later today.] [Meanwhile, back at the Tap Room, we’re inside the office with The Chief himself when the phone rings.] [He answers quickly.]

“Has it been done, nigga?” [He asks ominously.] “Good, good. I’ll take care of your family, but you know what you gotta do.”

[The Chief puts the phone down and thinks about it for a moment, reaching into his desk and pulling out a little black book. He crosses the name Connor Murphy from it, following that up with a line through Clyde Summers – who it would seem, was the man who just took care of business.] [Presently.] [Inside the office of The Chief, a television in the far right corner of the room has the local news playing.]

“Today at Miami State Penitentiary, two inmates were found dead. The first victim, known as Connor Murphy, was apparently stabbed multiple times by fellow inmate Clyde Summers, who then committed suicide a short time later. This is an isolated incident, and police have no other suspects.”



[The ominous chamber houses six wrestlers determined for glory. They line up inside their pods, watching as the house lights flicker and flash every purple and pink before their eyes.] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [The roar in the crowd is deafening, because first into the mesh of steel and mayhem is none other than Brent Kersh.] [His eyes never for one second leave The Scarecrow as the lights determine whose chamber will open next. He’s willing for it to land on his nemesis, begging for it with every thought inside his mind.] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [Brent doesn’t move until he’s clobbered from behind by Alistair Huxley, who cracks him in the back with a Double Forearm that sends him straight, face first into the chamber screen of The Scarecrow. Huxley mushes his face against it, asking him ‘if this is what he wants’. The Scarecrow leans in, face to face with Kersh and smiles. Alistair drags him away and into a Hip Toss, planting him on the canvas with all his might.] [Kersh feels it, bouncing away and rolling back to his feet, only to be caught in a Snap Mare take over. Huxley bounces into the ropes and comes back with a running knee, only Kersh goes prone to duck it, getting back to his feet and catching Ali with a tremendous Snap Suplex. The Enforcer covers… One…. Two… Kick Out. Not a chance. He gets Ali back to his feet and backs him into the ropes, sending him across the ring before taking him out with a Clothesline. Ali pops straight back up and gets decked with a second, before roaring back to his feet and into a massive Scoop Slam.] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [The two minutes is up and another chamber unlocks, but who is it? Brent’s eyes are on a swivel as Lazarus enters the fight. The VHS Champion has so much on the line here tonight. He enters the match and offers Kersh a handshake of respect that he accepts – something North scoffs at loudly from his cage, drawing the ire of the VHS Champion. That distraction is enough for Huxley to roll him up from behind! Inside leg cradle… One… Two… Kick Out! Both men spring away, North laughing audible at Lazarus as he gets back to his feet. The Champion grabs Huxley and spins him, tossing him into a Big Boot by Brent Kersh.] [The Enforcer quickly runs at Lazarus, only he nails him with a Drop Toe Hold, bouncing him face first off the canvas. Both men get back to their feet, Kersh holding his face as he’s leapt upon… Frankensteiner! Lazarus hooks the legs as they land and goes straight into the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! That was close. Huxley quickly comes in though with a running knee, knocking Lazarus straight off of Kersh and to the canvas. Ali looks like he belongs in this kind of match. He grabs Kersh and throws him over the top rope onto the steel mesh, turning around to stomp away at the VHS Champion.] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [The ominous clunk sound sends shivers down your spine as our fourth participant is about to make their way into this match. Lux Bellator is that participant. The Light Warrior grabs the top rope immediately, pulling himself up onto it and SPRINGBOARDING ACROSS THE RING! HURRICANRANNA TO ALISTAIR HUXLEY! The fans go ballistic as Bellator gets back to his feet, helping Lazarus back to his. The Tag Team partners and former enemies grab Huxley, sending him into the ropes and nailing him with a Double Dropkick for their troubles.] [Brent Kersh though has by now rolled back into the ring and attempts a Double Clothesline, only they both duck underneath it in stereo and as Kersh returns, Double Overhead Drops him straight over the top rope, onto the STEEL! Bellatorum are cleaning house right about now! Mr. Freakshow is back to his feet and as they turn around, leaps with a flying Double Clothesline that takes them to their backs. All three get back up, Huxley ducking under a right hand by Bellator, before blocking a kick by Lazarus. This sequence is intense, and only ends when Lux spins underneath him, nailing him with a German Suplex.] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [And the arena darkens.] [When the lights return, The Scarecrow is stood in the middle of the ring, surrounded by his enemies. Bellator runs at him, getting taken out by a monstrous uppercut that almost takes his head off. The VHS Champion is next, but Scarecrow this time tosses him straight over the top rope, CLEARING IT BY SOME DISTANCE AND INTO THE FUCKING METAL MESH! LAZARUS HITS THE STEEL GROUND WITH A THUD! Huxley shows up with a smile, ‘you’d be great for my show’, he beams, only The Scarecrow grabs him and runs him STRAIGHT THROUGH ONE OF THE CHAMBERS METAL FUCKING DOORS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! OH MY GOD!]

“Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!”

[The fans have lost their minds as The Scarecrow turns around to see Brent Kersh stood before him. They both go toe to toe, face to face and it’s about to explode when Lux Bellator nails Scarecrow with a dropkick to the back that plunges him into The Enforcer. As they stumble over each other, Kersh hits the deck and Lux swoops him with the Tilt-O-Whirl… INTO THE ARM OF.. NO! THE SCARECROW BLOCKS IT, HOLDING BELLATOR IN MID-AIR! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST – PUN INTENDED. He holds The Light Warrior mid-move and TOSSES HIM OFF INTO THE ROPES LIKE HE’S NOTHING! LUX THOUGH LANDS ON HIS FEET! He runs back towards Scarecrow, but this time Brent Kersh CLOBBERS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! THAT TURNED HIM INSIDE FUCKING OUT!] [Then a chamber unlocks.] [Viktor North steps foot into battle, just as Brent Kersh turns to see his nemesis. The two attempt to square off again, but Viktor North comes in from behind, GUNGNIR TO THE BACK OF BRENT KERSH, DRIVING STRAIGHT THROUGH TO THE FUCKING SCARECROW! VIKTOR NORT JUST DRILLED BOTH OF THEM DOWN TO THE CANVAS WITH THAT EPIC SPEAR!! He gets back to his feet and shakes the cobwebs off, only Lazarus has risen – ha, on the metal stage. Viktor runs across the ring, DIVING THROGUH THE MIDDLE AND TOP ROPE… GUNGNIR!! NO!! LAZARUS MOVES AND NORTH DRIVES HEAD AND SHOULDERS FIRST INTO THE FUCKING MESH AND STEEL!! Holy shit, what impact! Lazarus pulls him back to his feet and runs him HEAD FIRST INTO THE NEAREST CHAMBER POD, DENTING THE FUCKING STEEL WITH IT!] [No-one has been eliminated yet and now all six participants are in the ring. The Scarecrow is slowly back to his feet, only he doesn’t seem what looms above him. LUX BELLATOR HAS CLIMBED A POD! The Scarecrow turns around and CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP OF THE FUCKING POD! HOLY FUCKING COW! HE NAILS HIM! HE NAILS HIM WITH THE CROSSBODY, BUT THE SCARECROW ROLLS THROUGH! WHAT!? THE SCARECROW ROLLS THROUGH AND GETS BACK TO HIS FEET, LUX BELLATOR ATTACHED TO HIM! He bumps him up onto his shoulders and DROPKICK BY BRENT KERSH! SAMOAN DROP! FORCED SAMOAN DROP! Kersh dives onto Scarecrow violently, pounding away at him with right and left hands as Bellator rolls away in agony!] [Alistair Huxley stumbles away from the chamber pod with blood dripping down his face. He barely knows where he is. As Kersh slams fists into the face of The Hayman, Huxley pulls him off, leaping into the air… TRIANGLE CHOKE! CIRQUE DE TORMENT!! IT’S LOCKED IN! THEY SLAM INTO THE CANVAS AND HUXLEY IS ABOUT TO ELIMINATE KERSH! CAN HE SURVIVE? WILL HE TAP? He SCREAMS in agony, but there’s nowhere to go. The Scarecrow though isn’t finished. He gets back to his feet and STOMPS on Ali’s face, breaking the hold. The Monster pulls him up by his throat to his feet, looking at him for a moment as he squirms within his grasp. CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM STRAIGHT TO FUCKING HELL!] [The Scarecrow covers… One…. Two…. Three! It’s over for Huxley! He put up one hell of a valiant fight here tonight, but it wasn’t to be. Across the ring, Viktor North has recovered from his violent attack and seeks out Lazarus, who is checking on Bellator. He helps his partner to his feet, only to see North running at him with a vicious right hand. The Viking nearly takes his face off with that one. He grabs Bellator and tosses him into the ropes, clobbering him with a vile Big Boot and dispatching of him just in time. Lazarus isn’t amused, grabbing North and tossing him back onto the metal apron.] [He follows, only North nails him with a Low Blow that just so happens to be legal in this match. The Viking grabs him, this time running Lazarus face first into a POD and cracking it for good measure himself. Laz bounces back, ducking a swinging Clothesline and leaping ONTO THE MESH OF THE CHAMBER! The VHS Champion starts climbing, escaping North but also luring him in. As expected, North follows, climbing the mesh himself. Both men are now somewhat above the ring, swinging with right hands, beating each other from pillar to post as the fans ‘OOF’ in the background. Viktor though suddenly leans backwards and DIVES.. HE FUCKING DIVES AT LAZARUS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! GUNGNIR! GUNGIR FROM HIGH IN THE AIR, STRAIGHT THROUGH A FUCKING CHAMBER! THERE’S METAL EVERYWHERE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! LAZARUS HAS TO BE BROKEN IN FUCKING HALF!] [Both men lay within the chamber, unconscious, bloodied and with METAL all around them. The fans can’t believe it.]

“You just killed him!” …. “You just killed him!” [They chant unanimously as their broken bodies show no signs of life.] [Back inside the middle of the chamber, Lux Bellator stands in absolute awe at what he’s just witnessed. He’s goes over to help, only Brent Kersh spins him around, scooping him up and SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! SHOULDER BREAKER TO TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER TO LUX BELLATOR! THAT HAS TO BE IT! THE DISTRACTION WAS ENOUGH! HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. KICK OUT! KICK OUT! LUX BELLATOR KICKS OUT! The Enforcer can hardly believe it, getting back to his feet, he looks up at the sky for some kind of idea. What he doesn’t realize is that behind him, The Scarecrow lurks. He turns Kersh around, slaps his hand around his throat and CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLLLAAAMMMMM!!!! The Scarecrow covers…. One….. Two…. Three! Brent Kersh has been eliminated! Holy fuck!] [Referee’s pour into the chamber to try and help Kersh out, but The Hayman NAILS THEM WITH RIGHT AND LEFT HANDS! IN COMES ANOTHER, DOWN HE GOES, THEN ANOTHER, DOWN HE GOES TOO! WHAT THE FUCK? The Monster grabs The Enforcer and pulls him back to his feet, scooping him up like a missile and then running… STRAIGHT INTO THE CHAMBER POD! STRAIGHT THROUGH THE METAL DOOR! STRAIGHT TO FUCKING HELL! THE SCARECROW HAS JUST DECIMATED HIS LONG-TIME RIVAL! Elsewhere, Viktor North and Lazarus are pulling themselves from their pit of absolute destruction. North enters the ring first, bloodied and disorientated, walking into a CHOKESLAM! NO! HE DROPS OUT! He kicks Scarecrow repeatedly to the knees, finally dropping him down to one. DARKWISH! SUPERKICK OUT OF NO-WHERE BY LAZARUS! HOLY SHIT!] [North runs at him, but The VHS Champion scoops him up and DAWN! PACKAGE FISHERMAN BUSTER! HE GOT IT! Lazarus covers… One…. Two…. Three! Viktor North has been eliminated by his closest rival! What does this mean for TEAM VHS? Lazarus gets back to his feet, dazed and confused. He’s tired. He’s bloodied. He’s hurting. Suddenly, Bellator spins him around.. RAHEI! GOD’S LIGHT! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!? IS BELLATOR GOING TO ELIMINATE THE VHS CHAMPION!? ONE….. TWO….. THREE! HE HAS! LAZARUS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! Lux releases the cover, looking extremely disappointed with himself after that, but it’s every man for themselves here tonight.] [Lux Bellator is just as tired as everyone else as he gets himself back to his feet. Lazarus is up, offering a handshake to his comrade, knowing that this was every man for himself. Lux though turns around to see the immortal figure of The Scarecrow. He gulps, stepping backwards. One of these two me will be the next VHS Champion. They pace around each other, Bellator trying to be more cautious now they’re the last two inside the Chamber. They both suddenly lunge forward, Lux with right hands that only slowly start to phase the monster. He’s pushed backwards, but returns fire with a series of Uppercuts that eventually cause The Light Warrior to stumble away. He turns around and WALKS STRAIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT!] [The Hayman stalks him as he gets back up, kicking him to the mid-section and pulling him into a Powerbomb position. Hold on? Is he going for The Perch? He pulls Lux up into a Crucifix like Perch position and the LIGHTS GO OFF! AND…. THE PERCH! THE LIGHTS ARE ON AND LUX BELLATOR IS FLAT OUT ON THE CANVAS! HOLY CRAP! The Scarecrow walks over, ready to pin but INSIDE CRADLE! INSIDE CRADLE.. ONE…. TWO…. THREE! NO!! THE SCARECROW KICKS OUT! THAT WAS CLOSE! Both of them spring away from the near fall and Bellator is up first… TILT-O-WHIRL! ARM OF GOD! ARM OF GOD!! THE SUBMISSION IS LOCKED IN! Both of them hit the canvas, The Scarecrow trying to withstand the hold as Lux Bellator squeezes as hard as he can.] [He turns him over though, onto his back… ONE…. TWO… THREE! NO! BELLATOR RELEASES THE LEVERAGED HOLD JUST IN TIME! Both of them roll away once again, Bellator storming The Monster and CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! THAT HAS TO BE IT… THE SCARECROW COVERS… ONE…… TWO….. THREE! IT’S OVER! THE BELL SOUNDS! THE HAYMAN HAS BECOME THE NEW VHS CHAMPION, SO HELP US ALL!] [The fans can’t believe it as Lux Bellator rolls away in agony, leaving The Scarecrow to the centre of the chamber. We have a new VHS Champion here tonight and oh my God, how the hell will he ever be stopped?]


[The lights dim as referee’s escort some of the competitors from the Chamber to the outside. Everyone except The Scarecrow has left the cage, when suddenly, the door slams shut.] [Holding it? Brent Kersh.] [The Enforcer grabs the lock and padlocks himself inside with the new VHS Champion, entering the ring to great fanfare and applause. He stands opposite The Scarecrow, his eyes locked with The Monster.]

“There’s two in the Chamber. Do you want to take your shot?” [Kersh asks, standing before his nemesis.] “Because I do.”

[He suddenly strikes, knocking The Scarecrow backwards into the ropes. The Monster uses that momentum and thrusts himself forward, swinging the VHS Championship wildly at The Enforcer. He manages to duck underneath, scooping The Scarecrow up.] [Southern Discomfort!!] [Brent gets back to his feet, bending down to pick up the VHS Championship as The Scarecrow lays there on the canvas. What a turnabout this is. Can you believe it?] [Then he sits up.] [The Enforcer looks stunned, even stepping back to double take what he’s just witnessed. The Scarecrow swivels around and gets back to his feet, pointing ominously as Kersh who has no-where to go. He’s trapped.] [They stare at each other. There’s no pause, no breath, no ability to cut the tension.] [Darkness.] [And he’s gone, VHS Championship too.] [Cut.]