[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [As the static fades, we are greeted by a barren landscape, empty ground between a valley of giants. Red Sky carpets the landscape like a dense fog.] [We’ve seen this before.] [But unlike what we saw before, the moon is no longer just peaking over the horizon. No, the blood red moon instead has taken its perch atop the night sky. The eye at its center seems almost as if a black hole at the epicenter. It’s blood-like lunar rays shower the ground with pulsars of crimson.] [In the center of those rays stands Tommy Hawk. The Spirit Walker’s eyes shine with the yellow energy of the fallen spirits that empower him on this night. He has rescued them from the clutches of the Scarecrow. Their violent ends have been avenged and put to use.] [But that is not why Hawk is here.]


[Just as before, a young woman runs into this image. Her golden garments shine brightly in the moonlight. As she rushes forward, she finds herself falling into the arms of Hawk, who gently brushes her hair back with his hands.]

“You’re safe now, child.”

[At those words, a horrible laugh echoes through this valley. Hawk moves to put the girl behind him as he stands to face what approaches.]

“Have you still not learned?”

[The voice of the Scarecrow cuts through the air like the foul stench of death. His neverending walk through this valley, in the shadow of death itself, has brought him to this point. Piles of bodies lurk behind him, evidence of the destruction he has brought.]

“You freed those spirits, but they are still dead.” [Crow taunts.] [Hawk looks back at the girl for a moment, before looking at the Hayman with his empowered eyes.]

“You wish to keep them trapped in a world of violent torment for eternity, Scarecrow.” [Hawk returns.]

“Do I?” [Is the only response.] [The World Champion looks up to the moon.]

“These spirits deserve peace.” [Hawk states.] [Scarecrow finally comes to a stop, directly before Tommy Hawk. His eyes turn to the girl as Tommy continues.]

“The fallen have shown me the path.”

[Scarecrow seems amused as Hawk’s eyes seem to cloud over with the yellow.]

“Now, I release them to the next life.”

[His body almost staggering with the power he is releasing; the Spirit Walker frees those spirits. The yellow apparitions float up towards the hungry moon, which seems to swallow them whole. Hawk raises his eyebrow as he regains his wits. That may not have been what was supposed to happen.] [Scarecrow laughs again.]

“The bad moon rises, Spirit Walker.” [He looks up to the moon.] “You saved them. But will you save her? I am going to take her and she will never leave my thrall.”

“Please!” [The girl cries out as the Hayman looks deep within her.]

“You will try.”

[Tommy Hawk and Scarecrow square off as the landscape around them seems to melt at first and then be washed away like sand in an hour glass. All that remains is Scarecrow and Tommy Hawk. The girl is gone, and all that remains in her place is the OSW World Championship.] [Tonight they meet for that prize. Will Tommy Hawk save the gold from the grasp of the Hayman.] [Or will Scarecrow do as he said and take it forever.]


[We have a huge battle here between a god and an interstellar traveler as we find out who the greater warrior is. Can the Starchild fly high or will the Master of the Thirteen ground her for good?] [The bell sounds as Lyra rushes forward, taking Tonatiuh by surprise with a Spinning Heel Kick. He slowly gets to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and right from Lyra who nails him with a flying knee to the jaw, stunning Tonatiuh before trying for a Moonsault Slam. Tonatiuh fights his way out with a series of elbows to the side of the head, spinning her around before dumping her on her head with a massive Snap German!] [Lyra gets to her feet right into a series of European Uppercuts from the sun god before finding herself thrown over the top rope to the floor below with a Belly to Belly Suplex! The Thirteenth slowly stalks the Starchild from inside the ring as she slowly gets to her feet on the outside, OLLIN TONA! The huge dropkick nearly takes Lyra’s head off as the boos rain down hard from the crowd. Lyra is pulled to her feet, barely able to stand before she’s thrown hard into the nearby ringpost, opening up a cut on her forehead before she’s tossed back into the ring] [Tonaituh lifts Lyra up to her feet, drilling her with another European Uppercut before spinning her around and nailing another German Suplex, this time bridging back for the cover. ONE…TWO…Lyra gets the shoulder up. Tonaituh drops down trying to lock in a submission, this one a Camel Clutch variation but Starchild manages to slip her way out, rolling Tonaituh up from behind. ONE..TWO..The Thirteenth kicks out. They both get to their feet, Tonaituh trying for a clothesline but Lyra ducks under, leaping up, spinning around Tonatiuh before spiking him into the mat with a Corkscrew DDT!] [Lyra quickly rolls to her feet, rushing to the corner as Tonatiuh slowly gets up, springboarding off the top rope, FALLING…HEEL HOOK! Tonaituh blocks the dropkick, rolling her into the submission out of nowhere as Lyra cries out in pain, the Thirteenth pulling back with all his might as he tries to cripple the Starchild. She slowly pulls her way to the ropes, finally grabbing them as Tonatiuh is forced to break the hold but the damage is done as Lyra struggles to her feet] [Tonaituh lifts Lyra up, trying for a Powerbomb but Lyra manages to roll through with a hurricanrana. Starchild stumbles on her feet as she rushes to the ropes, LIONSAULT…HITS KNEES! Lyra stumbles up as she drops to her knees, trying to suck back in air, TOLLAN CALLS! The massive knee wipes Lyra out as Tonaituh covers, ONE…TWO…Lyra just gets the shoulder up! Tonaituh is furious as he covers again, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Tonaituh pulls Lyra up, fury in his eyes as he drills her with a hard knee to the gut before spinning her around and driving her over his knee with a Half Nelson Backbreaker] [Tonaituh calls for the end, slowly stalking Lyra as he waits for her to get to her feet. TALON’S CLA…DDT! Lyra blocks the finisher, drilling Tonaituh with a spike DDT into the mat. Both competitors slowly get to their feet, Lyra backing into the ropes from a European Uppercut before springing off as she nearly takes Tonaituh’s head off with a massive rolling elbow. Lyra fires up, rushing to the corner once more, leaping up to the top rope as Tonaituh gets to his feet, FALLING STAR! Starchild quickly scrambles up to the top rope, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! The Shooting Star hits flush as Starchild hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Starchild picks up a huge victory in her first pay per view match, weathering a huge storm from the Thirteenth as she proves the Starchild won’t bow to no god, ancient or otherwise]

[We open on the squared circle in the middle of the Tap Room auditorium.] [The sound of “Black Magic” plays through the loudspeakers as we’re entrenched in complete darkness.] [Suddenly, the lights begin to brighten but only to a dim and around the ring we see a circle of flames. Candles.] [Inside, Voodoo and Makena Jakanda kneel on both knees. Their hands held up above their shoulders as if to reach for the sky, or the gods within it.]

“May the great warrior Ogun be pleased with the sacrifice we bring so that he’ll join us in this realm in aid of my mission!”

[Voodoo’s voice sounds out throughout the arena. Amplified in a surprising manner.]

“Makena, my confidant…” [Voodoo barks.] “Begin the ritual call.”

“Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o,” [The voice of Jakanda’s sounds in a steady tone.] “Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o”.

[Suddenly, the ritual is interrupted by the sound of “Skull Splitter” by Battlecry and the Tap Room arena erupts into commotion as Viktor North makes his way towards the ring.]

“Do not concern yourself with the sacrificial lamb, Makena” [Voodoo reassures.] “Continue on!”

“I am an iron” [Jakandea says with a hesitance to her voice.] “I am covered with iron.”

[And with that, lights begin to flicker. There is an unsettling wind that rolls through the arena, but then…]

“You seem… Uncertain!”



[The Tap Room falls dark for a split second and when it returns, there is Doubt, standing at the side of the kneeling Jakande who is startled by his presence and jumps to her feet, stopping her chant.]

“The ritual is over, Black Magic” [North says as he slides into the ring.] “If Ogun doesn’t help you now, he never will!”

[North takes a running leap, planting a boot into the chest of Voodoo, knocking him into a roll, ending up in the corner. Jakande backs herself away from the emotion and retreats to her partner who appears shocked but at the same time disgruntled that Makena allowed Doubt to distract her.] [Viktor North and Doubt give each other an ominous glare before stepping backwards in preparation for battle.]


[Tonight, it is a match where old enemies join forces to face a greater threat. It is Doubt and Viktor North facing on Black Magic. Will their uneasy alliance be enough to overcome Black Magic or will the true team come out on top?] [DING! DING! Voodoo and Doubt start the match, both are staring at each other waiting for the other to make a move, they lock up with each other! Both are trying to get the upper hand, it looks like Doubt is about to but Voodoo shoves him down hard. The reaper uses his strength advantage early but Doubt runs at Voodoo this time! Voodoo catches Doubt and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Voodoo stomps away on Doubt! Doubt rolls out of the ring to get a breather! Voodoo tags in Makena, she charges at Doubt and RUNNING KNEE STRIKE off the apron!] [She gets some stomps in of her own before she tosses Doubt in the ring! He tries to crawl towards North but she grabs the foot! He hops back up with the free leg and ENZUIGIRI! She breaks the hold and he tags in North! North comes in and he comes in with a purpose! LARIAT to a rising Makena! He gets on top of her and massive rights from the skull splitter! Makena catches the arm and locks in an ARM BAR! Viktor stays resilient, powers out of it, lifts her up, she tries to hold on the arm but POWERBOMB!] [North holds onto his arm as he tags in Doubt! He stays on the apron and waits for Makena to get up! She’s getting to her feet… SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK from Doubt sends her flying across the ring! She lands in her corner and Voodoo blind tags himself in. he comes in with a 6TH SENSE CLOTHESLINE that turns Doubt inside out! Voodoo sees an opportunity and climbs to the top rope! Not a common thing for Voodoo to try, he leaps off the top going for a splash but Doubt rolls out of the way! Voodoo eats the canvas!] [Both men crawl to their respective corners and tag their partners in! Viktor steps into the ring but he is immediately hit with the THESZ PRESS! Makena is too fast and she is getting a flurry of punches in! Viktor pushes her off of him! She is fired up and hits him with a BIG BOOT before he can stand up! She goes for another one but he catches the leg this time! He spins her around to force her back to face him! FALL OF UTGARD! A massive piledriver and he goes for the pin! One…Two…Thr…Kick out by Makena! She barely gets the shoulder up!] [He picks her and puts her on the middle rope to set up Valfather’s sacrifice! He goes to pull her head down but she grabs the ropes and kicks him to make him back off! She hops to the top rope to go for a crossbody! She jumps but GUNGNIR midair! That massive spear drives her into the turnbuckle! He drags her to the middle and pins her again! One…Two… No! She rolls the shoulder up! North gets frustrated and as about to go into his berserker rage but Doubt tags himself in and stops his partner from destroying Makena!] [He wants to do the damage himself! Doubt climbs to the top rope, leaps and hits a devastating ELBOW DROP! He picks her up to go for Eating Yourself Alive! Doubt hits a knee to the gut, the perfect setup and locks in the double underhook! Makena with her last bit of strength charges Doubt into her corner! Doubt lets go of the hold and Makena tags in Voodoo! Voodoo grabs Doubt by the throat and CHOKESLAM BACKBREAKER! Voodoo holds doubt there and Black Magic is not done as Makena slowly gets to the middle rope and leaps but Doubt gets out of the hold and Makena falls into Voodoo! Doubt capitalizes and rolls Voodoo up quickly! One…Two…Three!] [The uneasy alliance wins off a rare mistake by Black Magic. Black Magic wasn’t on the same page this week and this match did not have a happy ending for them.]


[The lights go out for but a split second. And when they come up, Mother is standing in the middle of it, her precious children surrounding her. However, one of her children is missing. The little girl.] [“Rise” by OSW Studios hits the speakers and the crowd greets it with up roaring applause! Jacob Phoenix steps out into the Tap Room. He’s focused, walking to the ring with purpose, a microphone in hand.]

“Where is she, Mother. Where’s the girl?”

[Mother blinks, almost mockingly.]

“Your little Stephanie, Jacob? She isn’t here. She was disobedient, a bad child looking to rebel against her dear Mother.”

[She chuckles, watching as Phoenix grows ever angrier. Jacob runs into the ring, a fire lit under him as he rushes for Mother, the demon putting up a hand, stopping him. She wags her finger disapprovingly.]

“Don’t come any closer, Jacob. If you want to see her, then you’ll have to wait. She’s my child, my precious daughter. She disobeyed, so now she’s being punished.”

[Phoenix balls his fists as Mother talks down to him. Powerless, he backs away, Mother smirking as he does.]

“She’s a selfish little girl. She was only worried about herself. But what about her Mother?”

[This strikes a chord as Jacob’s eyes go wide. Mother moves to her corner, smirking as she waits for the bell to ring.]


[Ever since ridding VHS of the Family, the Phoenix has protected the VHS brand like the hero he is but now he faces perhaps his greatest challenge in the immortal goddess Mother. Can the Phoenix keep burning bright or will Mother turn Death Wish into his living nightmare?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix circles the ring, never taking his eyes from Mother who hasn’t yet moved an inch. He rushes forward, trying for a running knee which she easily dodges, drilling him with a hard elbow to the back of the head, staggering him back. The Phoenix rushes forward again, trying for a clothesline that Mother slips under, leaping up as she drills the Phoenix into the mat with a snap Bulldog. Jacob slowly gets to his feet right into a flurry of forearms from Mother before he’s thrown to the mat with a hard Snap Suplex] [The Phoenix slowly gets up, just rolling away from a running knee attempt as the champion stares down Mother, who kneels down unblinking urging the Phoenix to come at her. The Phoenix obliges as he rushes forward, meeting Mother in a battle of strikes. The Phoenix drills her with a hard right which Mother returns, left after right, after elbow, after knee is thrown out before a hard roundhouse kick leaves the Phoenix out on his feet as she lifts him up, drilling him into the mat with a massive Sit-Down Powerbomb, staying down for the cover. ONE…TWO…The Phoenix kicks out!] [Mother lifts the Phoenix up, nailing him with a series of hard kicks but the Phoenix ducks another Roundhouse, leaping up, ZIG ZAG! Mother is drilled into the mat as the Phoenix rolls her up, ONE…TWO…Mother gets the shoulder up! The Phoenix signals for the end, pulling Mother up from behind as he tries to pull her head through his arm but she slips out, rolling to the outside of the ring. The Phoenix doesn’t let up, backing up before rushing forward, SUICIDE…ROUNDHOUSE! Mother kicks the Phoenix out of mid-air as he collapses to the floor outside] [Mother lifts the limp Phoenix up to his feet, throwing him inside the ring as she rolls in herself, hooking the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR…The Phoenix just gets the shoulder up! Mother pulls him up to his feet, a pair of spinning elbows to the jaw nearly knocking the Phoenix out cold as he stumbles back into the ropes, LARIAT! Springboard Lariat almost out of desperation nearly takes Mother’s head off as the Phoenix collapses too, the referee slowly counting them down] [ONE…TWO…both competitors slowly stir on the mat…THREE…FOUR…Mother is on her knees as the Phoenix is slowly pulling himself up by the ropes…FIVE…SIX…The Phoenix is up as the count is stopped, the VHS Champion blocks another roundhouse kick, spinning Mother around before spiking her on her head with a Backdrop Driver! A running basement dropkick puts a rising Mother down as the Phoenix heads onto the apron, waiting for Mother to slowly get to her feet, PHOENIX FOREARM!] [The Champion calls for the end as he tries for For Her again but his attention is averted by one of Mother’s children jumping up onto the apron. Ever the good guy, the Phoenix tries to get the child to get down to avoid getting hurt but as he turns around, BLACK MIST! The Phoenix drops to one knee in pain completely blinded by the mist, HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Mother wipes the Phoenix out with that massive knee as she hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION] [We have a new VHS Champion as the immortal Mother accomplishes what her fellow Genesis ally has in the past and won the VHS Championship, bringing another era of darkness to the hallways of VHS]


[The match is over and the dust has settled, but Phoenix is unsatisfied. He lunges for Mother, holding the demon against the turnbuckles and getting mere inches from her face.]

“Where is she!? Tell me where the girl is!”

[Mother doesn’t even try to resist, she shakes her head. Phoenix HEADBUTTS MOTHER! He busts open her nose, black blood flowing down her face! Mother doesn’t react to it, instead, she merely chuckles.]


[Phoenix goes to headbutt Mother once more- The lights go out! The crowd is quiet, the lights slowly flickering back on and cameras revealing Phoenix to be in a completely dark room, the only light coming from an overhead bulb. And under it? The Little girl.] [She’s strapped to a chair, arms and legs bound, her head held back by a leather strap. Phoenix rushes to her aid, pulling on the straps to no avail.]

“I promise, I’ll get you out of here.”

[He checks his surroundings for Mother, the demon nowhere in sight. Just as he turns around to try and help the girl again, she begins to speak. Her voice is shaky, on the verge of tears. Jacob leans in to hear her.]

“I-I’m sorry.”

[BLACK MIST! THE GIRL SPITS BLACK MIST IN JACOB’S FACE! He recoils backward! He tries to wipe his eyes BUT MOTHER COMES OUT OF THE DARKNESS! HAPPILY EVER AFTER!] [Phoenix collapses to the floor, betrayed and in pain as he stares up at the girl, the child freely getting up from the chair and walking towards Mother, the Mother of all taking her child’s hand.]

“I had to do it. I had to for Mother.”

[The duo walk into the darkness, Phoenix left alone under the light as the segment slowly fades out.]


[After weeks of build up, Cross and Bellator finally meet in the ring! Which of these men will walk out with their hand held high?] [The match is on and both men are on their toes! Desmond explodes out of his corner, jabbing with a hard combination of blows that send Lux reeling! Bellator stands his ground and is able to duck a wild swing, coming back with a martial arts combination of his own! A leaping savate catches Cross right on the jaw and sends him to the ropes! Lux leaps for a forearm- CROSS CATCHES HIM MIDAIR! He headbutts Lux! The Light Warrior is stunned… AND CROSS HITS A BELLY TO BELLY TO LUX! HE THROWS HIM RIGHT OVER THE ROPES TO THE FLOOR!] [Lux looks like he’s been broken in half as he hits the concrete! Cross capitalizes, exiting the ring and grabbing Lux by his mask! The referee starts the count as Cross throws Bellator back first into the apron! Lux looks woozy as Cross grabs his head. He lifts him onto the apron by his head! Cross looks to show more of his massive strength as he powers Lux overhead. KICK TO THE TEMPLE BY LUX! Cross stumbles! HURRICANRANA! LUX JUST THREW CROSS HEADFIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS! The crack of Cross’s head hitting the steps rings throughout the arena!] [The referee’s count is closing in on ten and both men are down at ringside! LUX GETS UP! He grabs Cross by the hair and pulls him from the steps to reveal that he’s been busted wide open! Blood drips down Cross’ face as Lux forces him into the ring, The Light Warrior following him in before moving to the turnbuckle, slowly ascending to the top rope as Cross lays motionless! ELBOW DROP BY LUX- CROSS KICKS LUX OUT OF MIDAIR AND SENDS HIM ACROSS THE RING! Lux tumbles across the mat, landing back first to the ropes as Cross gets to his feet!] [Cross grabs for the injured Lux, lifting him off of the ground and whipping him across the ring, catching him on the return with a big boot! Lux is out of it but Cross doesn’t look finished as he lifts Lux up again! He goes for a short-arm lariat- LUX DUCKS! Cross turns around into a massive roundhouse kick! He staggers! DEUM LUCEM! GOD’S LIGHT! Bellator hits the ranhei on Cross and plants him into the ground! The referee goes for the count! One! Two! Three- KICK OUT! KICK OUT BY DESMOND! Bellator is thrown off of Cross!] [Lux is in shock as Cross gets to his feet, blood covering his face, The Fallen refusing to stay down! CROSSBODY BY CROSS! Lux is flattened by the move, Desmond refusing to give an inch as he lays into Lux with a plethora of forearms and elbows! He grabs Lux by the neck and deadlifts him, whipping him across the ring- WHEEL KICK BY BELLATOR! Cross hits the ground but gets up just as fast ad Lux! Bellator rushes Cross, delivering a flurry of kicks- CROSS CATCHES ONE! He lifts Lux onto his shoulders! FALL FROM GRACE- DISCIPLE MAKER! LUX REVERSED IT! Cross slams headfirst into the ground and Lux covers! One! Two! Three!]


[What a battle!] [Wiping sweat out of his eyes, Lux Bellator stands to his feet with a grin on his face. Desmond Cross, blood running down his face, has begun to lift himself up using the ropes.]

“You have seen now, Desmond.” [Lux begins.] “That I am the one that has been chosen. I am the one who now carries the torch you let burn out. So for the final time, I will ask you.”

[Lux holds out his hand to the bleeding Cross.]

“Will you stand by my side?”

[Desmond Cross stares at the hand for a moment before spitting on the ground.]

“I ain’t the joinin’ type anymore, man.” [Cross states.] “So, I guess you’ll be servin’ justice.”

[Bellator slowly withdraws his hand, his smile unbroken.]

“Very well.”

[As Cross works to get to his feet, perhaps to continue the fight. Lux turns his back and walks away.]

“Three times have I offered.” [Lux accuses.] “Three times have you rejected the Lord.”

[Lux whirls around to face Cross, a yellow glow in his eye for a moment.]

“Yet the Lord has decreed that you will stand by my side as I bring about this apocalypse.”

[Cross stops trying to get up for a moment as he stares incredulously at the light warrior. Bellator slowly raises his hands to the heaven as lightning cascades from all directions to form an object in Lux’s hands.] [A bowl.]

“Justice will be done upon you, Desmond Cross. Just a Moses, you will not be allowed to step foot in the Promised Land, only to lay your eyes on what is to come.”

[Cross finally charges at Bellator, but Lux raises the bowl.]

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” [Bellator shouts to the heavens.] “I hereby unleash the third bowl of God’s Wrath onto the wretched and broken world!”

[Desmond Cross is caught in his bloody face by the contents of the bowl, all of which sizzle away upon touching his skin. The two men stand face to face for a moment, as Cross realizes that he has no sores. He reaches up to touch his face.] [Or tries to.]

“Please don’t speak, Desmond.” [Lux begins, as he approaches Cross with a grin.] “Not that you can speak. That feeling coursing through your body is all of the blood within you, the water of life, slowly thickening and hardening. Your inability to move is because all of it is becoming as rigid as stone.”

[Lux reaches his hand up to Desmond’s bloody face, brushing the now dried blood away like dust. He seems to take particular interest in Cross’ eyelids, which flutter in revolt for a moment before freezing.]

“This is your life, Desmond Cross. You will stand by my side as I break the seals and unleash the bowls of wrath. And you will not be able to speak, not be able to move. And when the end comes, you will be washed away like the sands of time.”

[Lightning begins to cascade once again, illuminating both of the men in the ring.]

“That is the Lord’s Justice.” [The yellow eyed Lux Bellator says.] “His will be done.”

[With a large burst of light, both Bellator and Cross vanish. Only the empty bowl remains.] [Yet a rush of tinged flame comes out of the air around it, swallowing the bowl whole.] [What the hell is going on?]


[It’s the battle between two former Asylum-mates as it’s Hysteria going one-on-one against Smiley in a Buried Alive match for the Rewind Championship!] [The bell sounds as these two men stand in the center of the ring. Hysteria glances towards the entranceway where the patch of dirt is currently. Smiley notes this with a grin before approaching him. Hysteria is quick to take notice and charge him! Both tumble to the ground as Hysteria finds himself on top with a serious of fierce rights and lefts. The normal calm and collected nature of The Mad Mastermind seems to be lost here tonight! Smiley manages to catch his arm before catching him with a headbutt! Hysteria rolls off of him as Smiley rolls to his feet. He rushes forward and hits a soccer kick right to the ribs of Hysteria!] [The Deranged One lifts up Hysteria and chunks him through the ropes to the floor. There, Smiley climbs out onto the apron and seems to be waiting for Hysteria to get to his feet. TRAUMA! The leaping leg drop slams both men into the ground as Smiley slowly saunters up to his feet. He reaches underneath the ring and removes a friend of his own: Smiley Jr. Hysteria realizes this and rolls underneath the ring. Smiley rushes to look underneath, and notices something. He moves over to another side of the ring and begins looking underneath. As he does, Hysteria pops up on the same side with an item in his hand. Smiley realizes this too late! STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD!] [The Mad Mastermind played coy a little to get a big hit in on his foe. He sets the steel chair around the ankle of Smiley and then LEAPS up! CRACK! The steel makes a sickening sound as Smiley is now clutching at his ankle in pain. Hysteria smirks before grabbing him by his arm and dragging him towards the huge dirt mound. They get about half-way up the ramp before Smiley kicks him away. Hysteria goes to grab him again but… SMILEY JR TO THE FACE! Hysteria staggers backwards and falls onto the dirt mound. Smiley slowly pulls himself to his feet, albeit with a limp.] [Hysteria gets to his feet and… SHOCK THERAPY! Only Hysteria dodges out of the way! Smiley slams into the side of the dirt with a thud before sliding down. Hysteria lifts him by his hair and rolls him onto the dirt surface. Smiley is slowly getting up just as Hysteria climbs up. Smiley and Hysteria begin trading blows. Vicious blows going back and forth between these two before Hysteria gets the better of it. He kicks Smiley right in the groin and moves him over towards the hole. THE MOCK-NO! Smiley reverses out of it and grabs the shovel. CLANG! Hysteria is rocked and FALLS into the hole!] [Smiley falls onto his butt and realizes this is it! He scatters to his feet and begins to start putting dirt into the hole. However, Hysteria reaches through the dirt and yanks Smiley into the hole by his ankle! Both men are covered in dirt in the hole as Hysteria reaches into his pocket. RAZOR BLADE RIGHT TO THE FOREHEAD! Smiley is crying out in anguish as Hysteria throws the razor blade away. Blood is pouring into the eyes and mouth of Smiley. Hysteria goes to grab his hair only Smiley BITES HIS HAND! Hysteria flinches before realizing the weapon in Smiley’s hand. SHOVEL TO THE FACE AGAIN! Hysteria is lights out as Smiley climbs out of the hole. He begins shuffling dirt onto the hole until it’s full! Smiley has buried Hysteria alive!] [Smiley has done it! He has defeated his foe and captured the Rewind Championship. The referees present the title as Smiley’s blood flows down onto the belt.]


[As Smiley stands over the grave of Hysteria, having done exactly what he said he’d do, the feeling is euphoric. He holds the title close to his chest, embracing a new era for the Championship.] [WHACK!] [Suddenly, in a scene reminiscent of a few weeks ago, a shovel claps around the head of the Rewind Champion, knocking him to the dirt. A man soon appears, looming over him with a face covered in a soiled and bloodied rag.] [No Face.] [Wearing a black suit and tie combination, he drops to his knees and starts pounding away at Smiley, beating him with brutal right and left hands until he stops moving beneath his weight.] [He stands up, grabs the shove and starts digging. With every thrust, the crowd boo, knowing that he’s digging into the grave of Hysteria. Finally, he reaches the body of our former Rewind Champion, dragging him up and out of the grave.] [Hysteria coughs and splutters, being helped to his feet by this ‘helper’.]

“You can’t…” [Hysteria coughs.] “…Kill me that easily, Smiley.”

[No Face turns around and picks up a gas can, shaking it violently over the Rewind Champion.] [They’re not going to do this, are they?] [They’re going to burn him alive!] [As No Face drops the can and pulls out a packet of matches, he’s ambushed from behind! It’s Doubt! The Masked Emotion has come to the aide of his long-suffering tag team partner!] [He spins No Face around and runs him straight into the steel Tap Room door. He bounces off and falls backwards into the grave.] [Hysteria turns around and carefully backs away, his head tilted as he does.] [Thank God for Doubt. He just saved Smiley’s life.] [The Masked Emotion stands proudly over his fallen friend, protecting him as the scene comes to a close.]


[This is it. Two of the most dominant fighters in OSW History are scheduled to tie it up for the OSW World Championship in Scarecrow’s 100th match!] [The bell sounds as The Spirit Walker and The Hayman stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. The two look each other up and down as this titanic collision is about to begin. Scarecrow throws the first right. It connects, but Hawk doesn’t even seem to recognize it. He throws a right of his own as Scarecrow just brushes it off as well. More rights and lefts between these two powerhouses! They continue to trade blows, but it’s Hawk who gets the upper hand! He catches Crow with a discus right before whipping him against the ropes. Clothesline takes him right over the top rope!] [The Hayman just lands on his feet with an enraged expression upon his face. Tommy Hawk begins hitting the ropes and building up steam. He finally leaps through…. GOING – THE LAST STRAW! The straw catches him right in his eyes as he tumbles through the second and third rope to the hard floor below! The Scarecrow quickly yanks him up and rams him into the barricade. Hawk cries out in pain before Scarecrow yanks him towards the ring by his hair. He rolls him into the ring and climbs up onto the apron. He climbs into the ring with his eyes focused on The Spirit Walker, Tommy Hawk.] [He allows Hawk to slowly get to his feet before throwing four quick thrust punches that seem to stagger the Champion. He kicks Hawk in the abdomen before lifting him up onto his shoulder and rushing forward for a big powerslam! Hawk seems to still not have recovered from the spill outside as The Hayman hooks a leg. One…Two…NO! Hawk still has some fight in him. Scarecrow grabs him by his hair and yanks him once again to his feet. THE HAY-NO! The haymaker was aimed for the face, but Hawk simply just parries his blow by putting up a forearm to block!] [The Hayman growls in anger before trying with the other arm to which is also blocked! Caught in a stalemate, Hawk headbutts The Hayman! The Scarecrow is staggered as he backs away from The Spirit Walker. He yanks Crow’s head back and nails the reverse DDT! He isn’t finished as he lifts up The Scarecrow, wraps his beefy arms around his waist, and hoists him up for a deadlift German suplex as all of Crow’s weight lands back on his neck and head! Hawk bridges it into a pinning combination. One…Two…TH-NO! Scarecrow powers out! Hawk releases the bridge and slowly gets to his feet as does Scarecrow using the ropes. Hawk charges and nails him with another clothesline! This time he wastes no time as he begins building momentum. GOING NATIVE!] [Scarecrow is blasted by this move as he’s sent careening backwards into the barricade! Tommy Hawk gets to his feet and begins nailing Scarecrow with vicious rights and lefts as he’s held against the wall. The Spirit Walker grabs The Scarecrow his head and rolls him back into the ring before running up the steel steps and climbing into the ring himself. The Scarecrow is slowly getting to his feet as Hawk moves towards him. THE HAYMAKER! Out of nowhere, the speed of Crow was too much! Hawk is rocked as The Scarecrow pulls him close… THE LIGHTS GO OUT! A moment passes… THE PERCH! The lights return and Hawk is out. The Scarecrow isn’t finished though. He waits for him to rise up and hooks his gloved hand around his throat. BYE…BYE…BIRDIE! Crow hooks his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [NO! Hawk got his foot on the rope! The referee is calling the match to continue as Scarecrow looks enraged! He moves over to Hawk and slowly lifts him up by his hair and begins berating him with words inaudible due to the crowd chanting. Scarecrow goes to whip him into the ropes, but Hawk holds on. Forearm to the abdomen! He lifts up Crow… THE RED ARROW! Tommy Hawk isn’t finished though. He’s waiting on Crow to get up… Scarecrow is rocked and just barely makes it to his feet. THE SCALP! The theatrics went to the wayside as Tommy Hawk just blindsided Scarecrow! He goes for the pinfall! One…Two…THRE-NO!] [Scarecrow got a shoulder up just in time! Tommy Hawk looks shocked. Both men are spent as they slowly get to their feet. A slow, but powerful, right hand from Hawk rocks Crow. Scarecrow staggers for a moment before nailing Hawk with one! Scarecrow lunges forward and wraps his mit around his throat! Only Hawk slaps it away! Hawk rushes forward with a palm strike, but Scarecrow ducks underneath! A huge Haymaker from Scarecrow… BYE BYE… BIRDIEEEEE! Scarecrow covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [The Hayman has done it! He has successfully won the OSW World Championship! It was a long road, but he’s finally done it!]


[What a fucking war!] [The Scarecrow and Tommy Hawk just went to hell and back in the middle of that ring, and now there stands only one of them as the World Champion. Limits were reached tonight, and in one case, their limit was exceeded bringing about their defeat.] [Yet the night is not over.] [The Spirit Walker and the Hayman both stagger to their feet on either side of the ring, staring into one another’s eyes. The two of them, one man and one something else entirely, seem to have an impasse. The calm after the storm seems deafening as the Scarecrow breaks the tension by slightly spreading his arms.] [Interrupting that moment, a voice seems to echo throughout the entirety of the Tap Room, such power on display that we have never seen before.]


[Then the world turns upside down.] [Neither combatant is bothered as they both find themselves back in the barren valley. The same blood red moon still looks down upon them, its eye fixed on the center of the valley where they now stand. Something has changed from before, though.] [The golden clad girl now stands between the two of them. Her eyes are cast towards Scarecrow, fear in them. Tommy Hawk merely looks past her to his enemy. For his part, the Hayman actually seems confused.]

“Why did you bring us here, Spirit Walker?” [Crow menacingly asks.] “There will be no peaceful death at my hand.”

[Before Hawk can answer, a great rumble seems to echo out of the valley. The girl falls to her knees in pain as both Hawk and Crow look on in surprise. Hawk tries to rush forward, but the light before him seems to be a wall now. Impenetrable.] [The powerful voice from before returns, this time coming from the moon itself. Its light trapping both Scarecrow and Hawk.”

“Then I looked and saw a pale horse.”

[Standing in the epicenter of this force of nature is now the pale horse. Its body is so pale that one can see through it. It’s as if it is made out of light itself. Both the Spirit Walker and the Hayman are thrown backwards as the moon seems to cast all of its light upon this horse, the light slowly coalescing into a humanoid form.]

“It’s rider’s name was Death.”

[Slowly, the rumble slows to nothing and the light ceases falling. Both Scarecrow and Hawk rise to their feet, trying to regain their bearings. What they see is a shock to both of them.] [The golden clad girl now stands in chains, captive to Death itself. The pale rider sneers down at both of the other beings before him, yet his yellow eyes betray that he now holds the spirits ‘freed’ by Tommy Hawk.] [Both the Spirit Walker and the Hayman watch as the light coalesces into a human form. Familiarity appears on their faces. For they know who is before them.] [Lux Bellator.] [The fourth seal has been broken.] [Cut.]