Action Figures

In Promo by Sigil

“You know, I actually quite like action figures.”

“They may be a simple children’s toy in essence, but if you take them and let your mind run wild, you can make them do anything you could possibly want.”

“Take one in either hand and make them fight each other until they collapse to the ground as you drop them to the ground.”

“Create a scenario in your mind and let your dreams run wild as you toy with the little figurines in your hands.”

“They exist purely to entertain and help you reach an end goal.”

“But say your figures grow boring? They don’t quite captivate as they used to.”

“What do you do?”

“Do you simply drop them in the toybox to be forgotten?”

“Not if you’re me.”

“When they begin to bore, their usefulness gone to the wayside, I don’t simply drop them.”

“I break them.”

“Tear their arms and legs off in my hands, watch their painted faces as I pop heads off of plastic bodies.”

“And when I’m done?”

“I move onto my next set of action figures, ready to play another game.”

“For the past month I have had three little action figures in my hands at all times. Mordecai, SeeSaw, Impaler.”

“You three have use to me, don’t you? But unlike those action figures, it isn’t simply entertainment I find himself looking for. No, the end result of out little game is something much bigger than a sense of satisfaction. It is a well earned title shot.”

“So I’ve been playing with you three as roughly as I can. With every chair shot to the skull and chop to the throat am I twisting on the limbs of your figurines and yanking at the joints.”

“Each week another play session where I throw you against one another, playing a game none of you could even hope to understand.”

“Using my toys as I see fit until I can no longer think of ways to amuse myself.”

“But as we close in on the end, I’ve found myself growing quite bored.”

“And my new game, my title shot, is on the horizon.”

“So what am I going to do to you three?”

“I can’t simply drop you into the toybox with SeeSaw to be forgotten, can I?”


“I’m going to break you.”

“Your painted on faces and mask will be scratched and burned, your heads popped off of the body under my thumb.”

“Your reality is mine to control, the entirety of your existence as toys in my hands.”

“At Invasion I’m going to end our little play date and toss your broken, useless bodies aside as I look towards my next game, the newest figurines on the store shelf for me to use in my quest for entertainment.”

“The time has come.”

“And your usefulness has reached its end.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”