Just Out of Reach

In Promo by Mordecai

“A man had a dream to become a highly ranked executive at a prestigious company.”

“To accomplish this, the determined soul had to work hard at pleasing the higher ups and proving his worth as an employee. With gritted teeth and tons of bravado, he got to work.”

“He pushed through reports and assignments, submitting them early and done to perfection.”

“He made friends with his bosses in the hope that they’d put in the good word for him to the fellow executives.”

“He even skipped lunch in order to further focus on his work, missing out on social gatherings altogether in the hopes of reaching his fantasized career.”

“Just when it seemed like he was finally going to achieve his highly coveted position, something terrible occurred to the gentleman.”

“He woke up at his desk, having slept on the job and dashing whatever hopes of becoming an executive within the company.”

“Sometimes, getting what you want is just out of reach, regardless of how much effort you put in to achieve it.”

“Does that tale strike a chord for you, Sigil? I’m sure it did, considering all the effort you’ve gone through just for a shot at the VHS championship.”

“You made quite the attempt at getting what you wanted, too. First you tried to make me go against my duties as a dream guardian to alter the personalities of the other two opponents in the match.”

“Then, per my advice, you made them go to sleep for me to do as I pleased.”

“Everything was going exactly as you planned it to, or so it seemed. What you failed to take into account was whether or not I’d be willing to go along with your demands.”

“And I wasn’t keen on it.”

“So I went back on our little agreement and woke you up from your little fantasy.”

“I had to remind you that no matter who you try to manipulate and work for your causes, you’ll never get what you seek.”

“Last week’s message only proved to me that you’re still stuck in your delusions, thinking that just because you have four of five stones means that you can do anything you want.”

“While that might be true in most cases, the rules are different within the ring. Your stones won’t be able to help you when you have an incensed gatekeeper on you.”

“It’s time for you to face the truth, Sigil. You’re simply not good enough to achieve greatness. Even with the power of the stones to help you, you’ll never be a match for the likes of myself.”

“Come Monday, I’ll forcibly awaken you from this dream of yours and show you just how far away that aspiration for the belt truly is. I might not be interested in it like you are, but I’m going to make sure that you don’t obtain what you seek.”

“Until I do, continue to dream a little dream of your fantasy and how you’ll always be just out of reach.”