Signed In Blood.

In Promo by Simon

What does a man do when he’s all out of options?

When he’s at the end of his rope?

He strikes a deal with the devil.

A bargain that puts down a soul as collateral.

A contract that is signed in blood.

For centuries, mortal men have conjured up arrangements with demons of all sorts, literal and otherwise.

Leaders and celebrities alike turn to evil forces in the hopes of amassing power, talent, and wisdom beyond their normal range.

Every time, it comes from a place of desperation.

And eventually, the bargain goes awry.

A man of the faith hears a twisted word, and proclaims that a vengeful God is returning.

An actor strikes a deal with his biggest enemy, and doors swing wide open.

And both are too shortsighted to see the consequences of their bargain.

That man of faith? His message becomes more and more corrupted by the work of the devil.

Lies seep their way into the truth, making the two indistinguishable.

Without realizing it, his mission has been invaded by the enemy he was sworn to fight.

Used to spread hate and intolerance, the man becomes blinded to the darkness until it consumes his soul.

And the actor? He agrees to scratch the back of a man he hates, and the favor is returned in kind.

In return for his assistance, the actor is given opportunities that were distant previously.

And he makes the most of them, garnering more fame than he could ever imagine.

But fame always comes at a cost.

He loses himself in it, becomes corrupted by it.

It invades his heart and establishes a stronghold.

And he pays for it with his soul.

Two men, two contracts, one disastrous ending.

Both corrupted by the terms of their bargains.

Both now paying the ultimate price.

But where they and other have failed, ol’ Simon has succeeded.

Because that’s what I do.

The bargain I signed in blood became null and void a long time ago.

I gained a soul that day.

And with it, I have become incorruptible.

No twisted words can lead me astray, Sir Bellator.

Your allegiance to the cause of Sir Renault has blinded you to the mission you once served.

And now, your soul belongs to the devil.

A serpent in the vein of one Viper Roberts, whose bargain with Luke Storm has brought him round and round on the road to success.

But with every big win and opportunity, Luke Storm has lost sight of himself.

Without realizing it, your soul has been consumed by your ego.

Both of your contracts are coming to an end, and I’ll be there to see the terms met to the letter.

And I will take what’s rightfully mine.

That championship, and all the power and fame that comes with it.

I will bring Sir Bellator’s mission to a screeching halt.

I will slam the door of opportunity right in Luke Storm’s face.

And I will reap the rewards of their downfall.