[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner] [The flashing lights of sirens wailing in the distance bounce and reflect off every surface as they get closer.] [Eventually, they pull up outside the Tap Room and come to a stop. Officers pour out and into the building, whilst we remain outside, watching intently. These scenes could just as easily be from Red Snow, that is until officers burst through the doors, dragging Red River Jack out into the Miami street.] [He’s handcuffed, a cigarette still in his mouth.]

“Red River Jack, you’re being arrested on suspicion of terrorism,” [one of the officers says, placing him in handcuffs.] “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, but if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you.”

[Red doesn’t speak, he simply laughs.]

“You think this is funny, huh?”

“Don’t you, man?” [Jack responds spitting his cigarette out.] “Do I look like a terrorist? Look at me, man. Look at me. I’m not one of these sheep, following orders like some kind of puppet. I’m not a terrorist, I am the terror.”

[They grab him by the back of the neck and toss him violently into the back of one of their trucks. Before they can shut the door, Jack hisses at them.]

“You can’t keep me locked down forever, man. The world will know the truth about your lies and deceit. They will wake up.”

[The door is abruptly slammed shut, cutting him off.] [The camera pans out as the officers get back into their trucks and drive off into the night. A plume of smoke fills our screen until we zoom out and spin around, showing Hannibal Corvin standing nearby, having watched it all.] [And yet one truck remains behind.]


[Tonight The Reaper looks to collect a pair of fresh souls. Will high society cheat death? Will love be a many splendor? Or will Hannibal Corvin add two new heads to his trophy case?] [The match starts with Henri insisting that his opponents use hand sanitizer before locking up. Corvin flicks his cigarette away, leveling De Gaucourt with a straight right! Hannibal puts the boots to him before English wants a piece. He hits The Reaper with some Forearm Smash; Corvin counters an Irish Whip. Casanova telegraphs a Back Body Toss, kicking Hannibal in the mouth and ducking a Lariat. A ‘Rana takes him over! English then runs right an European Uppercut by Henri; De Gaucourt hits a Swinging Neckbreaker! Corvin returns with a Running Knee-Lift on Henri…. Backdrop! Henri bails to the floor!] [Casanova rises, throwing punches from underneath on Hannibal. The Reaper retaliates with a Double-Axehandle to the back– BIG BOOT! English drops to the mat and Corvin hits an Elbow Drop, covering! One…. Two…. NO! Hannibal puts his opponent in the corner, hitting a Back Elbow Smash before Henri interferes. De Gaucourt with a Chop! WOOO! Corvin is not pleased….. Another! And another! AND ANOTHER! I think Henri’s hand is hurting….. Corvin grabs the Frenchman by throat and– ENGLISH LESSON! Casanova surprised Hannibal from behind! He goes to cover, taking a Thumb to the Eye from Henri….. L’ARISTROCRATE?!? NO!!] [English unfurls, looking for Silence of the Lamb only to get POWERBOMBED! Henri covers! One… Two….. NO! Corvin breaks it up! He dumps Casanova and corners De Gaucourt. The Reaper pummels the Aristocrat with rights before flattening him with a Running Clothesline! The newcomer stumbles forward– OVERTHROW! He hooks the legs! One… Two….. NO! Casanova dived in to break the count! He hammers away on Corvin, getting a DDT! LIONSAU— NO! Hannibal moves; English lands on his feet! GERMAN SUPLEX to De Gaucourt! Casanova rises, turning right into a Throat Thrust from Corvin…… THE REVOLUTION! The Reaper covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, The Reaper rises and quickly lights another cigarette. Both of his opponents are still down…. What an impressive victory!]


[The Tap Room is dark, the lights dimmed down as David Manson makes his way to the ring, arms outstretched to the ever booing crowd. He climbs between the ropes, the assault last week not even shaking him as he stands proud in the center of the ring. He calls for a microphone, chuckling as he turns to address the crowd.]

“So the sheep has teeth does he?”

[He pauses, showing the bandages the cover his collarbone before tearing them off, letting the crowd see the bite marks.]

“He may have drawn blood, but he hasn’t wounded me. He’s the sheep in the flock and I am the wolf looking to pounce on my meal. I’m the top of the food chain here.”

[As Manson chuckles again, that familiar red mist rolls into ringside. Manson leans to the ropes, scoping out the mist, looking back and forth for what’s causing it.] [Then he shows himself.] [Shark leaps from the mist right into the ring!] [Manson is knocked back by Shark, the beast swinging and biting at Manson, forcing him backwards with a flurry of blows. Manson backs to a corner as Shark picks up the dropped microphone, bringing it to his lips as he stares down David.]

“Top of the food chain? Top. Of. My. Food. Chain? You’re severely mistaken Manson. I was molded by this primal instinct, you simply tried to usurp my throne.”

[Shark crawls towards David, his teeth bared, biting at the air.]

“This world is eat or be eaten, David. And I’m starving.”

[A referee enters the ring, forcing Shark to a corner as the match gets underway!]


[It’s a battle of the bulge here, as these two brutal men have had an issue over their respective diets. They seem to both enjoy very fresh meat from their own species, and now they are going to try to rip each other apart.] [Both men quickly tie up, each of them roaring at one another in defiance. A stalemate ensues, but Manson manages a reversal to twist Shark around. He pushes his foot into the back of Shark’ knee, forcing him down. HEADBUTT to back of Shark’s head. Manson lets go and dives his elbow into Shark’ head, smashing his face into the mat! Shark is stunned, but still tries to struggle as Manson put him in a rear naked choke. He cranks it once before giving Shark another elbow to the head. With force, Manson takes a hold of Shark’ arm and sends him into the ropes.] [The Street Rat roars as tries to take Shark’s head off with a Clothesline, but the Predator ducks it and rebounds. SUSHI KICK! Shark scrambles into a pinfall attempt. ONE… TWO… David rebounds up, holding onto his nose in pain and trying to shake it off. Shark takes advantage and spears the Street Rat into the turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckle and gives David a few hard forearm smashes before burying Manson’s head with a bulldog. Manson crawls to a corner and pulls himself up, trying to catch his breath while Shark turns with a devilish grin on his face.] [The Shark charges, looking for something, but Manson manages to move out of the way and Shark crashes headfirst into the turnbuckle! Manson is frothing at the mouth as Shark slowly walks back to him, dazed and confused. The Street Rat grabs the Predator into a front face lock, but when he drops down to complete the DDT, Shark doesn’t come with him. Instead, the Predator grabs the arm of Manson and DIGS HIS TEETH INTO HIS NOSE, blood spurting everywhere. In his dazed reaction, Manson is pulled into the Asylum Special. He fights for the ropes, but the blood loss is too much. Manson taps out!] [Shark licks the blood off of his lips as he rolls outside the ring in victory.]


“Where is SHE?!”

[The near shriek-like sound of Smiley’s voice screeches through the corridors of The Tap Room as any backstage hands are trying their best to avoid The Deranged One. Smiley drags the edge of his crowbar along the walls as his fierce gaze is darting left and right. He finally rounds a corner and spots a familiar head of red-hair.]


[Stephanie Rose turns around just in time to see The Deranged One making a beeline towards her. He swings for the fences!] [THUHM!] [His crowbar smashes into the water-cooler that Stephanie was getting a drink from. His crowbar manages to get lodged in the thick plastic as water begins to trickle out, yet the crowbar is lodged. Smiley tries to yank it back out, but Stephanie takes advantage. She drills him with a dropkick that smashes him into the wall!] [She grabs him by the hair and holds up his face as his scarred face just turns into a horrific grin.]

“I did this?! You pursued me! I didn’t ask for your ‘protection!’ I didn’t ask for the end of your tag team! I didn’t ask for ANY of this!”

[A laugh begins to bubble to the surface as Smiley’s eyes open wide.]

“You were supposed to be perfect, my little Rose. Now…”

[PSSSSSHHHHT!] [In the hand of Smiley is mace! He just sprayed Stephanie right in the eyes! She staggers backwards into the opposite wall of the hallway as Smiley pulls himself to his feet as well. Tears are now running down his face as the entire hallway has been doused in this putrid toxin. Stephanie tries to feel her way down the hallway as Smiley is reaching out for her.]

“Wasn’t your fault?!”

[His voice is near breaking from pain from the mace and the sheer anger.]

“It was YOU who needed saving from Nevermore!”

[He reaches the opposite wall as he’s only a few feet away from her.]

“It was YOU who caused this rift in the 2016 Tag Team of the Year!”

[He reaches out as his fingers interweave into her hair. She cries out in surprise.]

“It IS YOU who will pay for your transgressions in blood, my little Rose.”

[CRACK!] [The crowbar is brought back into focus as it smashes into the side of Smiley’s head. The wielder comes into picture showing the first glimpse of the third participant in this contest.] [Smiley slumps to the floor as Doubt slowly grabs Stephanie by the hand. She recoils momentarily, but Doubt slowly pulls her to her feet.]

“I told you that I’m here to protect you – not harm.”

[They begin to walk away from the mace, although Doubt seems to be undeterred by the effects of it. As they leave the picture only Smiley is shown clutching his head with a grin on his face and his blood-red eyes piercing through the haze.]

“No one takes MY brother.”


[The bell rings and the match up begins. Chase Hero looks tentative to start things off as Thunk appears to be walking him down. Just as Thunk gets within range, Hero quickly unleashes a barrage of kicks to the leg of the mammoth man. Thunk falls quickly to one knee as Chase Hero bounces off the ropes and delivers a dropkick to the Thunk, while on one knee. Brilliant strategy being implemented by the Savior of Wrestling.] [Thunk is quick to get back to his feet and once again Hero looks to use his speed advantage as he hits the ropes gaining momentum but he is greeted by a massive Discus Clothesline that nearly turns Chase Hero inside out. Thunk staying on the offensive, lifts his opponent into the air…. POWERBOMB! He quickly hooks the leg in a pinfall attempt. 1……2……KICKOUT! Hero manages to escape just moments before the hand of the referee hits the mat.] [Thunk, not deterred sends Chase Hero back into the ropes with an irish whip and strikes him violently with a Double Palm Strike! Chase Hero wisely rolls outside the ring, looking to regain his composure, though Thunk immediately follows him. Hero breaks into a jog, makes a turn around the ring post and quickly slides into the ring, Thunk follows him and Chase Hero catches him with a massive DDT on his way back into the ring! This time Hero covers. 1…..2….KICKOUT!] [Thunk easily powers out of the pinfall attempt and pulls himself back to his feet. Chase Hero charges forward looking for a BIG BOOT…. but Thunk side stepped it. Thunk swings wildly with a massive haymaker but Chase Hero ducks under…. TALK TO THE BOOT! NO, THUNK CATCHES THE SUPERKICK! He pushes him back….. THUNK SMASH!! A quick cover 1……2……3!!] [Thunk stands victorious in the ring, his massive arms raised above his head signifying his victory!]


[In pitch black silence, a lamp is flicked on, shinned directly into the eyes of The Elder. He squints, straining to see past the blinding glow to whomever brought him into this tiny room. He sits; hands tied behind the chair’s back.] [Behind the buzzing bulb, Agents Benson and Charles stare at their captive…]

“Now, you two do what have to get that fuckin’ rotting sandworm to talk! Get it on tape. Make him say everything, verbatim.”

[From behind double-sided glass, Frank Harrison orders his men. His voice, pulsating under their earpieces.]

“You dipshits have got the script, right?” [They nod] “Good. I paid a lot for that…. After he reads it, and we release it, him and that Ali Baba-lookin’ bastard are dead-fuckin’meat!”

“As for Greer…..”

[He finishes his muffled diatribe; The Agents crack their knuckles. The Elder hasn’t moved. He hasn’t fought back. In fact, he’s smiling.]

“Are you gentleman are going to interrogate me?”

“Oh, you’ll talk.” [Charles says]

“Ah, I see. Well, what information would like? Is this about that mall?”

[He chuckles. Both Agents noticeably halt; everyone can hear Harrison yelling at them.]

“Don’t try anything funny.” [Benson slips on some gloves] “It won’t work.”

“Very well. You’re obviously too smart for me…. After all, you did drug me. Tie me up. You got me here, and you did it all under Salah’s nose, right?“

[Suddenly Benson lands the first blow! Charles follows, both men brutalizing The Elder! They wail away without remorse! One rams him into the table; the other chokes him! They demand he reads!]

“That’s it…. That’s its……. Break his fuckin’ spirit! But don’t kill him….. Make sure he says Greer’s a sleeper agent. That he’s recruiting for ISIL or Asshole or whatever! Just make him fuckin’ read it!“

[Blood and bruises are plastered all over The Elder. He’s pinned down……]

“FINE. I’ll do it.” [He screams in Arabic, writhing in agony! Charles broke a finger!] “RAHMA!!“

[A moment passes….. Exhausted, frail and wounded, The Elder swallows his pride.]

“Please. You win.” [He glances up] “Are you rolling?” [The Agents nod, Frank audibly yelling]


“Greetings, America.” [His voice is cracking] “….. You don’t know me, but I am your country’s greatest threat. My men have infected your culture, permeated your businesses, and impregnated the hearts of your children with the message of Almighty Prophet Muhammed….”

[Everyone listens.]

“Regretfully, I am here to tell you tonight, you beat me.” [He smiles] “But you’ve won………. nothing.”

“The fuck kind of script is that?!?”

[Suddenly Maaz Azim Salah breaks down the door! The Agents freeze; Harrison’s even speechless.]

“الموت للكفار“
[Salah quickly punches out the light! The scene ends almost just as it began…..]


[Static.] [Recorded Earlier.]

“Can you hear me, Doctor?”

[The very disturbed voice of The Horror echoes throughout the Tap Room as the tron flashes to static. That static soon goes away, revealing a darkened and dirty warehouse. He’s sat on three barrels of what looks like toxic liquid. You can hear it bubbling, squelching and squeaking.]

“Do you know what it feels like to be helpless? To be locked in a cage like some kind of animal. Do you know what it feels like to be told when to eat and medicated to sleep? Do you know what it feels like to be docile, by force?”

[Suddenly, The Horror drops off the barrels, pulling the lids off. He exits the frame and comes back, dragging a man that kicks and screams at him.]

“Let me go, please, I’ve done nothing to you. What about my kids? They need their father!”

[The Horror slams him against the vat, watching as liquid spews up and catches the man on his face. It immediately starts to burn, and his screams send shivers down people’s spines. He’s in agony, writhing, clawing at his face but that just makes it worse. Flesh starts peeling away in his very own hands.]

“Do you remember David?” [The Horror asks, looking at the man he’s held captive.] “David was the orderly you paid to medicate me, Spencer.”

[Back inside the Tap Room, Doctor Panax stands looking at the tron in horror. He doesn’t know what to do or what to say, he simply stands, his mouth agape.]

“And I know, I just know you expected me to be there tonight. You expected to have your chance at medicating me, at putting this beast back inside his cage. I know that’s what you wanted. I know that’s why you’re there.”

[He bends down slightly, grabbing David and hoisting him up into the air. Panax immediately jolts inside the ring, placing a hand out in front of him, begging the footage to stop.]

“You did this.”

“Please, argh,” [David begs through breathless weeping.] “Doctor, please save me.”

“Even a Doctor can’t help you now.”

[The Horror tosses him overhead into the vat, a massive splash of liquid shooting into the air as he does. He walks away, leaving us with the vile and disturbing sounds of David screaming until silence. Until the acid was swallowed and ate away his ability to scream and cry.] [Until nothing but bubbling.]


[The sound of stomping footsteps can be heard as our camera comes in low, at the feet of a shiny pair of waxed shoes. These feet belong to an important man, and as the camera rises, we come to realize that the man in question is Mike Lane’s boss – a traitor. A traitor with a shiner.]

“We picked up Jack, but our job is not done, people,” [he yells to the men and women in police uniform that follow from behind.] “I want you to rip this place apart, room by room, office by office, until you find Mike Lane.”

[The officers disperse in all directions, duty bound to hunt down The Shadow.] [The Agent cockily walks down the hall, carefully looking left and right before entering the boiler room. He carefully walks into the darkness, seeing it gently illuminated before him by a single light. It’s Hysteria.]

“What’s the matter? You look a little nervous,” [Hysteria notices.] [He checks his surroundings.] “You said if I gave you Lane, you’d let my family go. I gave you Lane. I handed him to you at The Asylum and this black eye is all I have to show for it. Now tell me, where the fuck are my wife and daughters?”

“Daughters,” [Hysteria muses.] “I used to have those. It’s a shame, you know? It doesn’t matter how many times you close your eyes, bang your head against the wall or slip into unconsciousness, you can never stop hearing them scream.”

[Gulp. The agent’s attitude quickly changes.]

“Please, I’ve done what you asked,” [he pleads.] “Just give them back to me. I’ll make sure that Mike Lane is apprehended and never makes it to your match.”

“That’s your job, Agent Dufrene. If I’m not holding two of these,” [he says holding up the Showcase Championship.] “By the end of the night, I’m going to burn your family alive and make you watch.”

[Tears begin to well up in his eyes.]

“What’s the matter? You scared?”

[Hysteria laughs maniacally, flicking off his lighter and walking back into the darkness. Dufrene sucks it up, heads back towards the door and tries to put his game face on. He has to find Mike Lane tonight, or else his family dies.]


[Tonight three opposing forces on the political spectrum are set to settle the score. Will old fashioned American values prevail? Is a new regime on the horizon? Or will the South finally rise again?] [Greer’s last to enter the ring, with Harrison cutting him off at the ropes and hammering him ruthlessly! Frank’s Agents are nowhere in sight; The Elder looks half-dead, but confident. Meanwhile, Salah’s already pounding the politician into the corner! He gets a Headbutt, stepping back….. FIDD– NO! Frank bails and Greer rushes in with a Shoulder Tackle! He knocks the wind out of the silent assassin! FALL-AWAY SLAM! Maaz though is quickly up. He takes a shot from Frank; Harrison ducks a Big Boot….. Greer with a PILEDRIVER! He goes to cover; Harrison rolls him up! One… Two… NO!] [Cody pops out of the Cradle, wagging his finger. Frank sneers, looking for a right but eating a left! Greer gets a Knee Lift before Suplexing his former employer! He covers! One… Two… NO! Harrison kicks out; Cody drops an elbow! He then muscles Frank up for a Powerbomb and– NO! Cody gets EYE RAKED! Our Wrestling Representative looks for the Filibuster; Greer slips free. Maaz PLANTS Harrison with a Powerslam! He then blocks a Clothesline from Greer, nailing a Backdrop and slapping on the CAMEL CLUCH! Cody’s struggling to fight through it… Slowly he rises……… Jawkbreaker by Greer!] [AND THE DITCH DIGGER ON SALAH! Greer goes to cover; Frank shoves him out of the ring! Harrison covers Maaz! One… Two… NO! Frank is NOT happy! He snarls, cursing and pulling Salah back up only to get LAUNCHED up into Gorilla Press! Frank flees to the ropes, when Salah pulls him back and almost decapitates him with HATF! LOW BLOW BY HARRISON! The referee’s view was obstructed and– No, WAIT! PARALYZER!! But Harrison sends Greer into Maaz! AND A LOW BLOW TO CODY! Both men struggle to stand…. Frank charges……….. STAMP OF APPROVAL! NO!! PARALYZER! Greer covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Cody rises and celebrates! He drops to the floor, grabbing a beer from a fan in the front row and quickly downing the entire can! The Elder and Salah look on, disgusted. Harrison’s just out cold!]


[We catch up with Thunk in the back halls of the Tap Room. A tiny white towel is wrapped tightly around his lower posterior and beads of water cling to his muscular frame.] [With wet hair and all, Thunk’s bare feet slap at the concrete floor as he approaches a door and allows himself in; however, the moment he makes his way into the room he suddenly pauses.] [The angle shifts and we see the object of Thunk’s suspicion.] [It’s a present. A large box wrapped in red paper and lined with a big yellow bow.]

“Hero man wants to make friends” [Thunk laughs.] “The hunt is over.”

[As we follow the excited Thunk further into the room we notice what appears to be a folded piece of paper sitting on the box. The monster of man glances down at the paper in wonder before picking it up and unfolding it.]

My dear Thunk,

Please accept this gift as a form of congratulations on your success in Old School Wrestling thus far. You truly are the master of the hunt.



[Thunk’s face lights up even more and he allows the letter to fall to the floor without much thought; reaching down to grab the box and ripping off the lid.] [Suddenly, his expression sours. Thunk looks into the box as if nothing is there and in angst he lifts the box to his chest reaching in with his hand to dig through what appears to be a bundle of confetti.] [SSSSSSSS!] [In a split second, Thunk is driven back by a surprise strike from a black snake. He groans in both surprise and pain, dropping the box to the floor as he falls to the concrete himself.] [Confetti goes everywhere and when the box tips out slithers a cottonmouth. ] [Thunk thrashes in anger as he shakes off the bite, his face already beginning to swell with redness from the bite. And from our angle we see the bottom of the empty gift box.]

But as you hunt the field, don’t miss the snake in the grass!


[This threesome of terror has heated up into a boiling fever as the deranged Smiley has become obsessed with Stephanie Rose, an obsession that has seemingly cost him his best friend Doubt. Will Smiley get his vengeance, can Rose win the day or will Doubt be the missing emotion that will rule over all?] [The bell rings as Stephanie rushes forward, laying into Smiley as Doubt backs off, watching Rose pound Smiley with hard lefts and rights. Rose ducks under a clothesline, running to the ropes as she bounces off, spiking Smiley into the mat with a bulldog. The Deranged One staggers back into the ropes as Stephanie rushes forward, nailing Smiley with a massive Dropkick that sends him hurtling over the ropes down to the floor below. Smiley slowly gets up to his feet as Stephanie rushes to the ropes, double jumping up onto the tope rope, DOUBLE JUMP MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE…MISSES! Stephanie lands hard on the floor as a large smile grows on the Deranged One as he pulls her up before throwing her full force into the nearby ring steps] [Smiley rolls back into the ring and as he gets to his feet, nearly gets his head taken off with a huge Lariat by Doubt who pounds down on his former partner. Doubt lifts him up, drilling him with a hard leaping knee before double underhooking him underneath both arms and Butterfly Suplexing Smiley to the mat. Doubt waits for Smiley to slowly start getting up onto his feet, rushing to the ropes, PESSIMIST’S END! Smiley is laid out as Doubt hooks the leg for the victory] [ONE…TWO…Smiley kicks out. Doubt goes to pull him up but gets a hard shot to the gut for its troubles before Smiley backs up, CHELSEA GRIN! Doubt gets nailed with the Spinning Heel as Smiley pulls it up from behind, hooking underneath the mask as he leaps up but Doubt jolts backwards, causing Smiley to crash back first on the mat. Rose rolls into the ring as Doubt goes to walk to the corner, spinning it around as she kicks it right in the balls. Doubt just turns it’s head in confusion, puffing its throat up, BLACK MIST! Stephanie takes a face-full of mist as Doubt turns around into a massive Shock Therapy Spear from a furious Smiley. He looks down at the suffering Stephanie for a moment before lifting Doubt up, placing it over his back with his legs on his shoulders, swinging it back down, STEPFORD SMILE! Doubt is out cold as Smiley drops down, hooking in a vicious Dragon Sleeper as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [Smiley picked up a massive victory, as he officially leaves his former partner behind, snatching up the Double Feature Championship and celebrating with it as he exits.]


[As officer’s rush throughout the backstage area, searching every single room for the ‘Justice’ that is Mike Lane, they all seem to come up short. They meet back in the hall with Agent Dufrene, who looks rather panicked by their lack of success.]

“Alright, so no-one knows where he is?” [The Agent asks, looking around his men.] “No-one has seen him all night long? How can that be? He’s competing in the Main Event tonight.”

[Dufrene’s face is pale. His nerves are wrecked.]

“I want each and every single one of you ringside for the Main Event. If he comes out, I want him arrested and taken to jail. Okay? He does not fight Hysteria tonight. He does not win that World Championship. We have to make sure that he’s in custody.”

[The officers begin walking towards the ring, Dufrene following in close proximity, though watching his back for the ‘just in case’.] [Meanwhile, watching from the Shadows, a figure peers out.]

“Sometimes, you ought to be careful what you wish for,” [the voice of Mike Lane rattles in the shadows.] “Because sometimes, you might just get it.”

[The Shadow King leans back into the darkness and before we can follow, he’s gone; vanished. The camera steps back, watching as the officers head in the opposite direction, leaving us to wonder if Mike Lane is really going to head out there to the ring tonight, knowing he’s a wanted man. Does this mean that Hysteria will win the Championship by default?]


[It’s the final battle in the saga between Cowboys & Indians. The Native American Warrior steps into the ring with The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog.] [The bell sounds and Davenport dashes across the ring for a huge body splash, but Tommy Hawk just sidesteps him. He slams into the corner and Tommy Hawk leaps on him with a flurry of strikes! The Spirit Warrior grabs him by the face and just HEADBUTTS him! Jon Davenport’s nose bursts open at the contact! Tommy Hawk grabs him by the head and whips him over the top rope and to the floor below. Tommy Hawk hits the ropes and begins setting up for GOIN’ NATIVE! He leaps through the ropes and nails Davenport with a double-arm strike! Davenport is smashed into the barricade!] [Tommy Hawk gets to his feet with his head lowered. He’s focused as he charges him and SPEARS him into the barricade! A fan has a mug of beer, but Tommy Hawk takes it from him. He looks down at Davenport before CRACKING it across his head! Beer and glass shatter down atop his head on the ground before Hawk moves him over to the steel steps. He removes the top piece of the steel stairs and lays Jon Davenport’s head across the bottom. He takes a few steps back and lifts the top piece up! OhMYGOD! He’s going to try to execute Davenport! He raises the steel steps up and BRINGS THEM DOWN ATOP THE BOTTOM PIECE!] [Luckily Jon Davenport was able to roll out of the way, just in time. Davenport puts a hand on the apron and rolls back into the ring. Tommy Hawk keeps his eagle-like intensity placed upon Davenport as he slides into the ring. The Spirit Warrior is just gazing down at Davenport as The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog is slowly backing away with his hands reaching up in pleading. Hawk looks at the crowd as if asking their opinion. They’re calling for blood! HAWK LEAPS ON HIM! BLOW AFTER BLOW AFTER BLOW! VICIOUS SHOTS from Tommy Hawk as the referee pulls him off of Davenport who seems to not be responding! Still, Hawk pushes the referee out of the way before HEADBUTT AFTER HEADBUTT! Hawk rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair! He gets back in and CRACKS IT ACROSS HIS HEAD! Hawk pulls the deadweight of Davenport to his feet before… THE RED ARROW! The Falcon Arrow drills Davenport atop of the ladder as his blood is soaking the mat below. He covers him with a foot across his broken nose. One…Two…THREE!] [The Spirit Warrior has won this war fairly easily as he looks down at the man who burned his community with disdain and hatred.]


[Tommy Hawk finally steps away from the bloodied mess that is Jon Davenport. His face is scrambled on the canvas, his body beaten and bloodied. This was a savage beating a long time in the making.] [Tommy doesn’t seem proud of himself.] [He stands there with his hands on his hips, looking down at Jon, then at the sky.]

“You absolute savage,” [A voice suddenly calls out.] [Hawk looks around the arena, but he can’t see where it’s coming from.] [WHACK!] [STAMP OF APPROVAL!] [From behind, Frank Harrison clobbers him with a giant kick to the face as he turns around, knocking him to the canvas in one fell swoop. With a microphone in his hand, the vicious sound echoes throughout the arena.] [But the fans, they simply don’t understand.]

“Finally, you have proven to the world that your people cannot be trusted. Do you know how long I’ve been pulling the strings on this particular puppet,” [Harrison says, abruptly kicking Davenport aside.] “For months, Thomas. And do you know why?” [He says with that Politician Smile™.] “Because your land is precious, my dear boy. Precious, but protected.”

[He kneels down next to Hawk.]

“I needed to prove that your tribe were violent and vicious animals. I needed to prove that you cannot govern yourselves, or police your land. I needed to prove that Chief Thomas Hawk, was a menace to society. Jon Davenport here, had my full support to rip apart your entire life. I gave him the mercenaries. I gave him the money and the weaponry.”

[Tommy tries to reach out, but Harrison gets up and stomps at his head, viciously stamping him into the canvas.] [Then he straightens out his tie.] “Because you see Thomas, if I could prove all of that then I could force you people from your land; land that I wished to purchase. If I could prove all of that, your land would no longer be protected. I have friends in high places that made sure of it. So, thank you, dear boy,” [That Politician Smile™ returns.] “Thank you.”

[Harrison throws the microphone down and grins, being booed as he does. He simply chuckles, exiting the ring, leaving Hawk there to suffer the consequences of everything he’s been through.] [Jesus Christ, who saw this coming?]


[As Hysteria stands in the ring, pacing back and forth, stalking like the horrifying menace he is, officers stand guard around the ring. They haven’t found Mike Lane, but they know that he’s scheduled to be here and fight tonight.] [Smiley and The Shark stand right next to the entrance, ensuring that if he arrives, they get first dibs on the bloody mayhem that’ll ensue.] [No-one expects him to turn up. He’s a wanted man. He’s a hunted man.] [Suddenly, that epic riff of ‘Kashmir’ blares into the arena, sending the fans into an absolute frenzy. Hysteria walks straight to the ropes, watching intently as Shark and Smiley gear up for a fight.]

“Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face and stars fill my dream. I’m a traveller of both time and space, to be where I have been.”

[Just then, Smiley eats a face full of Shadowkick that sends him tumbling backwards over the barricade. The Shark quickly tries to attack but Mike Lane appears with a steel chair, laying waste to him with a violent shot to the skull. Hysteria points and yells, shouting at the entrance ramp.]

“Get him! Get him!”

[Officers storm around the bar towards him, each one getting a more vicious and vile chair shot than the next. He hits them so hard, they fall like bricks. It isn’t long before the chair is dented and Lane has to toss it aside, delivering right hands to just about anything that moves and attacks him.] [It’s like he’s taking on the Miami PD.] [As officer’s fall, one makes the mistake of using his baton, catching Mike right in the stomach. He quickly disarms him, clocking him across the head with it. The final officer takes one to the throat, falling to the floor in a heap.] [The crowd are going absolutely wild, pulling officers away and dragging their bodies from every corner, making sure that they aren’t to get back involved in the action. Mike Lane carefully eyes Hysteria, walking towards the ring and dropping the baton.] [It’s time, folks.] [Oh holy shit, it’s time.]


[Mike slides into the ring, Hysteria immediately stomping away at him as he does. He refuses to let him get back up, wisely knowing what’ll happen if he did. The Mad Mastermind quickly drops to his knees, pummelling Lane in the face with brutally fierce right hands, until he forces him to escape the ring. Mike checks his mouth and nose for blood as Hysteria comes barrelling towards him, sliding under the bottom rope with a Baseball Slide. Mike though saw it coming, lifting up the ring apron and trapping him within it as he lands. The Shadow quickly pounces with right hands, forcibly keeping Hysteria between the apron and the ring as he does.] [Finally, he pulls him out, tossing him to the floor with a Hip Toss. Hysteria arches his back in pain but that’s just the start of it, Mike running with a big boot to his back that echoes throughout the tap room. The World Championship is on the line here but there’s much more to it than that. The Shadow is looking at the man who killed his friend; Alex Reese. He pulls him back to his feet and throws him through the crowd of people, watching as they disperse upon his arrival. Lane grabs Hysteria by the mask and tosses him back first into the wooden bar. The Mad Mastermind quickly reaches out, grabbing a nearby beer bottle and SMASHING IT OVER THE HEAD OF MIKE LANE! Mike stumbles backwards, blood trickling from a large gash on his forehead.] [This sets the Showcase Champion off, and he runs at Lane grabbing him by the hair and bouncing his head off the bar itself. There’s spilt drinks and peanuts everywhere, but when Mike bounces back up and grabs Hysteria, slamming his head off it instead. Both men stumble away, each grabbing a bar stool and swinging wildly at the other. They both miss, but it’s The Shadow who turns it on its end and runs it at Hysteria, running him backwards into a pillar and pinning him there. The Showcase Champion grabs the stool by the legs and flips it out of Lane’s hand, reaching out to his wound and jabbing some fingers in it for good measure.] [Hysteria drags him back towards the ring and rolls him inside, accompanying him quickly. This match has been a brawl, nothing more, nothing less. Hysteria goes to grab him but Lane nails him with an uppercut, hitting the ropes and ducking under a Clothesline attempt. Hysteria turns… SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK OUT OF NO-WHERE! Mike is about to become a four time OSW World Champion! He covers…. One…. Two….. THREE! NO!! THE REFEREE GETS PULLED FROM THE RING! IT’S AGENT DUFRENE! Dufrene wags his finger, telling him off. “He’s under arrest,” the cop says, rolling into the ring and revealing a pair of handcuffs. He quickly grabs Lane by the arm, HANDCUFFING HIM TO THE BOTTOM ROPE! HOLY SHIT!] [The Agent backs up, exiting the ring as Hysteria slowly gets to his feet and realizes what’s happened. You can only assume he’s grinning under that mask because you can hear the laughter from here. He walks over and kicks Mike straight in the face… again… AGAIN… AGAIN until blood splatters out across the wooden floor on the outside. Hysteria is like a man possessed. He reaches down, pulling Mike up to every vicious punch he levies at him, until The Shadow goes limp on the canvas. The Mad Mastermind demands the key, snatching it away from Agent Dufrene who hops onto the ring apron and offers it. He arrogantly walks over, unlocking Lane but LOW BLOW! MIKE LANE WITH A LOW FUCKING BLOW! The fans roar at the impact as Hysteria falls to his knees in agony. The Shadow King uses the ropes and pulls himself back to his feet. He readies himself and as Hysteria gets up… SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK! NOOOO!! THE MAD MASTERMIND DUCKS IN UNDERNEATH.. THE LOST HOPE! CODEBREAKER! HOLY FUCK WHAT A CODEBREAKER!! Hysteria crawls into a cover… One…… Two….. Three!! It’s over! The fans can’t fucking believe it. They’re booing like mad, but it’s over. Hysteria has done it! He’s just won the OSW World Championship! Oh my God!]


[Mike Lane overcame so much but it wasn’t to be. Hysteria battled hard and did the unthinkable. We have a new OSW World Champion, but not just that, a Double Champion to boot. Hysteria gets back to his feet, being handed both of his belts. He hugs them close to his chest, almost as if they were his daughters.] [He takes one look over to a stirring and bloodied Mike Lane, knowing this isn’t over. Agent Dufrene rises to his feet slowly on the outside, using the ring apron to somehow make it there. He crawls into the ring and takes his handcuffs from the bottom rope, making a slow walk over to Mike Lane.] [The World Champion watches on as Dufrene rolls the Shadow over, placing handcuffs on him and pushing him out of the ring. The fans boo, refusing to believe that it’s going to end like this tonight. The Agent slowly starts walking him towards the Tap Room exit, only something remarkable happens.] [Fans begin to block it.] [With beers in their hands and love in their heart, they refuse to let Mike Lane be taken away in handcuffs. Dufrene is forced to stop, unable to move as he’s quickly surrounded.] [Then a voice bellows down.]

“I think you ought to let that man go,” [says The Chief from his balcony.] “You people never had my permission to be here tonight. You didn’t have a warrant. You didn’t have probable cause. You invaded my bar and now you think you’re going to arrest my employee?”

[Hysteria, now with a microphone, turns to look at The Chief.] “Hysteria has taken over, hasn’t it Chief?” [he mocks with a chuckle.] “It’s okay Dufrene, let him go.”

[Reluctantly, Dufrene undoes the handcuffs and releases Mike Lane – who is immediately sucked into a crowd of people, protected by his fans.] [The Chief isn’t impressed.]

“For as long as I know where the bodies are buried, Mike Lane is going to hunt me down. For as long as I hold this, [he raises the OSW World Championship.] “Mike Lane is going to hunt me down. I can have him arrested today, I can have him dropped into the same pit as Doctor D’Ville but if there’s one thing about cockroaches, those bastards are resilient and they nearly always come back.”

[The fans begin to throw bottles of beer into the ring, which makes The Chief smile.]

“So, there’s only one thing for it. I’ll have to put an end to Mike Lane, just like I did Alex Reese, just like I did Ozric Mortimer and just like I will your family, Dufrene.”

[His eyes widen.]

“Welcome to the Asylum.”

[He laughs hysterically.] [Then abruptly stops.] [Cut.]