Cinderella Kid

In Promo by Deathnote

“‘Mom, I want to be the Champion of the World when I grow older.'”

“A young boy once tugged at the bottom of his mother’s shirt with bright eyes. His mom looked down upon him and with a smile, she replied ‘Son, you can be anything you want to be. The world is in your hands and the sky is the limit.'”

“The boy stuck to his goal as he got older. Once he reached his teenage years, he hit the gym. He trained hard. He signed to Old School Wrestling..”

“He won Lambs to the Slaughter and at Ring of Dreams, he had the opportunity to make his dream a reality.”

“But the thing is, Kid.. as you came to realize, your mother was lying all along.”

“Despite your goals and aspirations, you can NOT do anything you want in life. Your life has been pre-determined long before your conception. You serve one purpose and one purpose only in this life..”

“And that is to live a life of ups and downs until death comes to claim your soul.”

“You are meant to soar to the top. You are meant to get a little taste of everything you’ve ever wanted.. but in the end, you are also meant to hit rock bottom.”

“You hit the ground running harder than most at the beginning of this year. Your climb to the top has definitely been a fun little roller coaster ride, has it not?”

“Everyone loves a good cinderella story, and you came in as the underdog everyone had been hoping for. You walked out of Wrestle Heroes a Champion, you went on to win the Rewind Championship a few times. And you did the unthinkable at Pandemonium when you entered Lambs and walked out victorious.”

“But there’s one thing you don’t realize. The Pandemonium curse has been put into place long before your time here, and it was always lying in wait to shatter your dreams.”

“The curse was always there to send your plummeting to your unevitable demise. And now you find yourself staring into the eyes of death.”

“You find yourself looking into MY eyes, Kid.”

“The notebook has been opened, and it seems that your page has been earmarked since Ring of Dreams.”

“Your fall from grace begins here with me, Kid.”

“Last week, you lost all hope at becoming World Champion..”

“This week, the Son of Death comes home to take his throne as Rewind Champion.”

“Leaving you right where you began, just another kid with dreams he can never fulfill.”

“Because there’s no cinderella stories in Old School Wrestling. The underdog is fun to root for, but in the end you’ll be left with what you came in with.”

“A bunch of dreams you’ll never be able to fulfill.”

“It’s time you come back to reality and accept your fate.”

“Because there is no happy ending in sight for this Cinderella Story.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”