[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [A white light fades into the School Yard, New York City. The Chief stands alongside young Noah, inside the office of Errol Flint. They stand in the corner, watching as Flint silently paces back and forth on a cell phone.]

“What you’re about to see, cannot be stopped.”

[The Chief walks forward, stepping through Errol Flint as if he didn’t even exist.]

“He can’t see me? He can’t hear me?” [The Chief responds, waving his hand in the face of an unsuspecting Flint.]

“You’re only here in spirit. They can’t hear you, see you or feel you. Nothing you say or do has any effect on the outcome of this tale.”

[Noah smiles.]

“In this universe, you didn’t buy Old School Wrestling Chief. In this universe, Errol Flint didn’t go to prison, and didn’t sell the business. You’ll see some familiar faces, who aren’t the same as you remember. You’ll see people way before your time, who are the present here. This world, this reality, this universe, it isn’t your own.”

[The Chief turns to face him.]

“Why have you brought me here, Noah? What do you expect to show me?”

[Noah giggles.] “You’re so silly. I told you, Chief. I’m going to show you the end of the world. You may not believe in God’s plan but by the time you’ve seen what happens here, you’ll have no choice.”

[The Chief looks towards a grinning Noah, and then steps sideways to look out of the window. He looks at the sky above, dark and gloomy, and gulps.] [Cut.]


[Control-Alt-Delete continues with an interesting match involving the host of Doubt, Johnathan Heartsford going one-on-one with Cody “Mother-Fucking” Greer!] [The bell sounds as these two size each other up. Johnathan Heartsford’s appears to be much younger than he is and his youthful spirituality comes into play as he charges towards Greer with a running shoot kick right to the chest! The Man with a Beer hits the ground hard as he’s already clutching at his chest as if the air has been rid of his body! Heartsford is on this in a moment as he charges in with quickfire knee strikes to the ribs! Greer is trying to catch his breath and finally does before reaching up to connect with a stiff kick to the head of Heartsford!] [He takes a few steps back clutching at his neck as Greer rolls to his feet. He charges at The Aerial Knight, Johnathan Heartsford before catching him with a Lou Thesz press and begins wailing on him with vicious right hands! Cody gets back to his feet and beckons Heartsford to do the same. The Aerial Knight gets to his feet, but not for long as he’s kicked in the gut and brought into a double-arm DDT! DITCH DIGGER! Cody rolls into a pinning predicament. One…Two…TH-NO! Knight kicks out! Greer yanks him to his feet only Knight connects with an elbow uppercut that stuns him. Johnathan leaps to the second rope before springing off into a tornado DDT! A NEW PERSPECTIVE!] [Greer’s head is dug into the mat! He rolls him over into a pin. One…Two…POWEROUT! Greer and Knight both get to their feet but Greer connects with a hellacious right hook that stuns Johnathan before he turns and hits the ropes before lowering his head. THE PARA-NO! Heartsford charged him and caught him before flipping back for… THE HEART TO HEART! The Spanish fly hits to perfection as The Aerial Knight is eyeing his preferred terrain. He ascends to the top rope, but Greer runs up the ropes and hooks him before leaping off for a T-Bone suplex from the top! Both men are groggy, but Greer is up first. THE PARALYZER! The spear brings Heartsford up off the ground before depositing him forcefully back down with a hellacious spear! Greer hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Cody Greer comes ahead in a huge showing here as he pumps his fists up and down. He’s thrown a beer can as he enjoys it in celebration.]


[Rough fingers rub rosary beads as we find none other than Pig knelt before a small altar. The crucifix shines in the dim candle light as the animalistic man bows his head, praying silently.] [The door to this small room opens with a creak, causing Pig to rise to his feet in flash. His eyes narrow in anger as Robert Gordon enters the room. The Iron Man looks into the eyes of the other with something approaching resignation.]

“Still with this false prayer, demon?” [Gordon spits out, righteous indignation in his voice.] [Pig steps forward, but Gordon raises a hand. No fear from Pig.]

“They told you that you have a guardian angel. Hell, that you have been possessed by an angel. You have to know better, don’t you?”

[No response.]

“But I know they didn’t tell you the truth about your family, because seeing your father on the other side of this war may change your mind. It may break the hold of that demon that has corrupted you.”

[Gordon steps forward to grab the edges of Pig’s altar, and he THROWS IT ACROSS THE ROOM!] [The Iron Man gets right in his son’s face, practically yelling at his still-silent progeny.]

“It’s me! I’m your father! I can’t stand to see you like this, son. They lied to you. They’ve corrupted your mind, and made you think demons are angels. The whole world is turning upside down right now…”

[Robert looks down at the broken wood and spilled holy water before looking back at his son with passion in his eyes.]

“I’m going to beat this demon out of you. I promise. And when I do…”

[He turns to walk away.]

“You’re coming home with me.”

[Gordon leaves Pig alone. The animal remains silent before kneeling to begin picking up what Gordon tipped over.]


[There’s so much riding on this match. Professor Bordeaux holds the key to ending this siege of the world.] [The bell is rung and Axel starts off by running with a massive Dropkick, crashing Bordeaux back into the corner. He gets up and hits the opposite corner, running as quickly as he can for another, then another, and another, and finally he pulls Bordeaux from the corner, into a stumble and CLASS DISMISSED! OUT OF NO-WHERE! COVER! ONE! TWO! THR-KICKOUT AT THE LAST MILLISECOND! The Frenchman looks up at the ref, seemingly pissed about the count and demands that he count faster.] [With a groan, Bordeaux approaches Axel and picks him up by the fin on his mask. Before the Professor can do anything, however, the Kid’s Champ pushes him off and nails him with a surprise enzuigiri! Bordeaux looks out on his feet, but Sharkie continues the assault with a vertical suplex! The Frenchman sits up and arches his back in pain, but Axel bounces off the ropes and goes for a modified SUSHI KI–BORDEAUX CAUGHT THE KNEE! The Professor stands and stares at Axel dead in the eyes before taking him down with a spinebuster! Without much hassle, Bordeaux immediately locks in a Texas cloverleaf!] [Shark is hollering in pain while everyone begins to egg him towards the ropes. Bordeaux manages to overhear them and breaks the hold, ordering them to stay quiet, since class is still in session. This doesn’t make Axel happy, causing him to immediately push himself to his feet. Bordeaux turns around and gets driven to the mat with a hurricanrana! The Frenchman stands, HUGE dropkick! The Professor gets to his knee-SUSHI KICK! DODGED! The Shark turns around and gets caught in an inverted atomic drop! Axel clutches his buoys as Bordeaux sees his chance! CLASS DISMISSED! WILL THIS ONE PUT HIM AWAY? COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! IT DOES! THE MATCH IS OVER!] [With a sly smirk, Professor Bordeaux gets back to his feet, dusting off his hands.]


[The match over, Axel the Shark quickly gets his hands on a microphone, confronting Professor Bordeaux before he can leave.]

“Where is he?”

[Bordeaux sneers at the masked face of the Kids Champion.]

“Safe. He’s currently working on his studies. Noah will not be a pawn of uneducated bus drivers or misguided heroes. No, that boy is going to change the world. Under my tutelage, he will reach his full potential. That is why his parents chose me to educate him.”

[Axel pushes the Professor back, showing some uncharacteristic anger.]

“He’s not a weapon, you know?” [Axel retorts.] “He can still be saved. A child can turn out different than what their parents want them to be.”

[Bordeaux laughs in the Shark’s face.]

“Can they?” [He snorts.] “Just like you? A failed bus driver, of all things. Haunted by your dark deeds, you wear a mask and cavort with children. Noah has no time for your foolishness. He will be his own champion.”

[The Kids Champion shakes his head in response, but Bordeaux continues.]

“It is a trait of the hopeless man that he looks to others for hope and cause. My pupil has been taught since birth that true power comes from within. The end is nigh, Axel, and it is Noah that brings it forth. Because he does not ferry others needlessly around like sheep. Noah is no shepherd. He is the wolf that culls the flock.”

[Axel stands resolute.]

“There is good in him. The corruption hasn’t run that deep yet. It can’t have.”

[Bordeaux merely nods as one would to a child.]

“What the weak call corruption, the strong call strength. It would bid you well to foster some for the coming end.”

[Dismissing Shark with a curt nod, Professor Bordeaux walks away, leaving Axel the Shark to contemplate his words.]


[We have a classic battle of power and speed here tonight as Sergei Sokolov faces off against Crash. Will the Russian Bear overpower his opponent or will the Daredevil treat him to a crash course in ass kicking?] [The bell sounds as Sergei rushes forward, trying for a Lariat that Crash easily ducks under before beginning to pepper Sergei with a series of hard kicks to the midsection and legs. A stiff leaping knee stuns Sokolov before Crash springs off the top rope, drilling Sergei into the canvas with a huge DDT! Crash rolls back as Sergei stirs off the mat, RUNNING BASEMENT DROPKICK! It hits flush as Crash quickly hooks the leg] [ONE…TW..SERGEI POWERS OUT! Crash tries to lift him up to his feet but a massive right sends Crash for a loop as Sokolov powers him up into the air with ease, tossing him halfway across the ring with a Sambo Suplex courtesy of RUSSIA WITH LOVE! Crash slowly pulls himself up as Sergei rushes forward, Crash leaping over Sergei at the last moment as he grabs Sergei by the back of the head in mid-air before landing a huge Lung Blower! Crash doesn’t cover, backing up as he throws his fists into the air, ‘CANNONBALL’ before running forward, HUMAN ROLLING CANNONBALL!] [Crash doesn’t cover, instead waiting for Sergei to get to his feet before leaping up, HURRICA….NUCLEAR FALLOUT! A huge Pop-Up Powerbomb nearly drives Crash through the mat as the Tsar calls for the end. Sergei lifts Crash up who’s still fighting, delivering a big knee to the jaw that staggers Sergei back before rushing to the ropes, springboarding off right into a huge SOVIET STRIKE! Crash looks dead as Sergei powers him up onto his shoulder, IRON CURTAIN! The Dominator knocks Crash out cold as Sergei casually covers him. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Russian Bear picks up a huge victory over the Daredevil here tonight. Crash tried his best but Sergei’s power is so great, he only needs one move to destroy a man and he did so tonight]


[Office interior.] [A lovely mahogany desk sits proudly in the middle of the room, covered in documents, books and office supplies. Just before that, a large brown comfortable couch sits opposite a sterner wooden chair.] [Sat on the couch? None other than Ozric Mortimer.] [And he’s having a chat with Doctor Panax.]

“How long have you believed in their ideals?” [The Doctor asks an uninterested looking Mortimer.] “You said last week that they chose you, that he chose you for a higher purpose. You killed Lux Bellator because of their goals, isn’t that right?”

[Mortimer sneers.] “God commanded it, and as his disciple, I obliged.”

“Have you not questioned why you were asked to do this? Their message from God isn’t real. Everything that has transpired – the signs, the locusts, the rivers of blood, it isn’t a sign from the Lord above, Nicholas. They haven’t been breaking seals to save humanity, but destroy it.”

“Then how do you describe what’s happening out there?” [Ozric says as a thunderous clap of lightning hits the sky.] “The world is changing around you Panax, but you’re too blind to realize it. Until recently, I was too blind to understand myself.”

[Panax stops writing, raising an eyebrow over his glasses.]

“How’d you mean?”

[Ozric Mortimer sits forward, smiling.]

“I couldn’t understand why I came here, week after week. It didn’t make sense. Why would someone with my convictions come to a man like you?”

[Panax stammers.] “It’s because you’re fighting a war inside your mind, Nicholas. There’s two sides to every coin. You’re Ozric Mortimer and Nicholas Brocken. They need Ozric Mortimer, but we need Nicholas Brocken.”

“You’re not speaking to Nicholas, Doctor.”

[Ozric suddenly attacks, grabbing Panax and pulling him from his chair, only to scoop him up and slam him violently through his mahogany desk. Panax crumbles in agony, writhing on the floor as Mortimer steps away, grinning.]

“Control Alt Delete will be the end of the world as you know it. There’s nothing you, or Nicholas, can do to stop it.”

[He storms out, leaving The Doctor to spit blood.]

“I’ve helped him all I can,” [he mumbles through gritted teeth and pain.] “But now I’m going to have to show you, Monster and Monster.”



[What do you get when a Hunter and an Outlaw do battle? We find out tonight as the Question faces off against Pheebs in a battle of true warriors.] [The bell sounds as Outlaw rushes forward, taking Hunter by surprise with a series of stiff forearms before a hard roaring elbow knocks Hunter to one knee, nearly knocking him out cold. The Question just dodges a Shining Wizard but an attempt at the high knee is ducked under as Phoebe springs off the ropes, drilling him into the mat with a Tornado DDT! Hunter staggers up to his feet, Pheebs ducking under a wild right as she tries for a Release German. The Question lands on his feet, motioning up and down as Phoebe turns around, RELAX!] [Hunter nearly turns Phoebe inside out with that huge clothesline as he drops down, double underhooking her before raining down a series of hard knees that rock Pheebs. Hunter lifts her up to her feet, rushing to the ropes as he leaps up with that high knee to the jaw before spinning Phoebe around and landing a German Suplex! The Question holds on, delivering a second, before gripping her for the third, THE IR…PHOEBE LANDS ON HER FEET, spinning Hunter around, NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [Outlaw hooks Hunter back for the pinfall, ONE…TWO…Hunter just kicks out! Phoebe tries to pull Hunter up to his feet but he stuns her with a stiff headbutt, REL….Phoebe ducks under, NORTHERN EXPOSURE! Hunter’s neck snaps back hard as Phoebe scrambles up to the top rope, sizing Hunter up for a moment, NORTH…CONTRADICTION OUTTA NOWHERE! Phoebe collapses to the mat as The Question hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Question takes it here, Pheebs tried to fly high but the Contradiction can hit anywhere, at anytime and it knocked the Outlaw here tonight]


[Previously Recorded.] [Another time. Another place.] [A little girl lays her head down. She nestles into the pillow below it and hugs a small teddy bear. A man enters the frame, kneeling down to kiss her on the forehead.]

“I’ll be back before you know it, Eva.” [The man tells her.]

“Promise?” [A voice calls from off screen.] [The man turns to see another bed, another little girl laying in it. He walks over and kisses her on the forehead as well.]

“I promise. Cross my heart.”

[She smiles at him before closing her eyes.]

“I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, Grace.”

[The girls slowly settle into slumber as the man turns to leave the room. He winds through a narrow hallway before being stopped by a woman in his path. She has a red eyes from crying, and luggage stands next to her. Without words, the two embrace, the world seeming to fall away around them.] [They have one another. They have their love.] [After a moment, they break from the embrace, and the emotional woman looks up at her husband.]

“Don’t be too long, babe.”

[She smiles before turning sarcastic.]

“I know the world needs LH Harrison, but I know two little girls who really need their daddy.”

[Harrison cups her face in his hands, looking deep into her eyes.]

“And a wife who needs her husband?”

[His wife gets a moment to chuckle before he takes her in a deep kiss. After a moment, he releases her and takes a step back, grabbing the handle of his luggage.]

“You’re sure you won’t be long?”

[The question from his wife makes Harrison smile as he opens the door.]


[As the door shuts, Jessica Harrison slowly locks the door, and turns to head for their bedroom. But she pauses suddenly. Her nose twitches as she inhales rapidly.]


[She darts for the kitchen. As she enters, she stops in confusion.] [The oven is open.] [And on.]

“Perfect wife.”

[Jessica whirls around to see a man standing in the shadows.]

“Perfect kids.”

[Out of the shadows, the man throws a teddy bear at Jessica.] [Eva’s teddy bear.]

“Perfect life.”

[Jessica ignores the man, rushing for the hall and her daughters, but the man moves quickly, grabbing her by the hair.]

“Oh you smell good, Mrs. Harrison.”

[She tries to kick him, but he ignores it. Smoke has begun to come down the hallway from the children’s room. She begins to fight out of fear. The man only chuckles.]

“Don’t get hysterical on me here, Mrs. Harrison. We only have so much time. There won’t be anything left of you before long. I need to enjoy it while I can.”

[Slamming her head down on the kitchen table, the man bends her over the hard wood, keeping one hand on her wrists. In doing so, he’s come out of the shadows. As the smoke from his fire floods the room, the man’s face is revealed.] [Alex Reese.] [Cut.]


[Two monsters collide here as the terrifying Hyde faces off against the Sparrow Ozric Mortimer. Will Hyde smile wide or will the mirror tell of his true fate?] [The bell sounds as both men rush at one another, drill eachother with heavy rights, an exchange the wild Hyde gets the advantage of as he easily lifts Ozric up into the air, tossing him across the ring with a massive Snap like Suplex. Ozric staggers up in pain right into a massive crosscheck which sends Ozric crashing hard back first into the turnbuckle. A hard corner Lariat snaps Mortimer’s head back as he’s pulled out of the corner by Hyde, who lifts Ozric up high, LAST….OZRIC SLIPS OUT, SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX!] [Hyde lands on his head, staggering to his feet as Ozric runs up the turnbuckles, leaping off I AM THE SHOTGUN! The huge flying shoulder staggers Hyde into the turnbuckles as the Sparrow sprints forward, as AIRBAGS AREN’T INCLUDED with the massive spear that nearly cuts Hyde in half. A Snap DDT spikes Hyde into the canvas as the Sparrow climbs up to the top rope, diving off as soon as his feet touch the turnbuckles, SIDE EFFECTS OF A…CANVAS! Ozric misses the Moonsault as he stumbles up to his feet right into a decapitating Big Boot!] [Hyde pulls Ozric up to his feet, lifting him up into a modified sleeper hold but Ozric quickly breaks it with a snap headbutt, staggering Hyde back. Ozric delivers another four, vicious snap headbutts BETWEEN THE EARS of Hyde before leaping off the ropes right into a huge Lariat that spins the 300 pounder inside out! Hyde powers Ozric up onto his shoulders, locking in the Terror Trap! Ozric fights in the hold, clipping Hyde in the ear with a hard knee that loosens the grip enough for Ozric to drop down, LIGHTNING FAST MIRROR MIRROR! Hyde is out as Ozric covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The maniacal might of Hyde was on force tonight but the sparrow flew too high, as whatever Hyde saw in the mirror was his ultimate defeat]


[Backstage.] [In the locker room backstage, Stephanie Rose is sitting alongside Cayci Spires, holding her hand as she recounts the turbulent months she’s had in the build-up to tonight’s epic World Championship Main Event.]

“They’ve killed so many people I love, and I haven’t been able to prove any of it. Lux Bellator tried to protect me, he tried to end this and they tore him to pieces before my very eyes.”

[She begins weeping.]

“If it wasn’t for you,” [Cayci says, looking deep into the eyes of Stephanie, with tears in her own.] “I would never be able to continue.”

[Rose pulls her close into a hug.]

“I love you Cayci, and I always have,” [she admits.] “When we married, I told you that I’d be there to support you through better or worse and I meant it.”

“Neither of us expected this,” [Cayci says with anger.] “They want to destroy the world, baby. I don’t think you should be here tonight. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you, and you being here is just so dangerous.”

[Stephanie looks surprised.]

“I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you.”

[Rose shakes her head.]

“I’m not going anywhere, hon. I know its dangerous. I know the stakes, but I can’t leave you here alone to go through it. We’re a team, and if they want to end the world, they’re going to have to go through the both of us.”

[They embrace, sharing a passionate kiss.]

“Thankyou. I mean it, thank you.”



[Robert Gordon, a second generation superstar, is faced from across the ring by Pig. A feral animal. His handler Luther stands outside the ring in the monsters corner.] [Pig charges a moment before the bell sounds and chop blocks the front of Gordon’s knee! Gordon flips over Pig and rolls to the ground, grabbing at his knee immediately. Pig springs right back to his feet and stomps on Gordon’s leg over, and over! Gordon crawls towards the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope and pulling his head underneath the bottom rope, forcing the referee to break the two men up. As Pig has a word with the referee Gordon looks to be recovering. He is up to his knees now–NO! Luther from the outside smashes Gordon in the temple with a strong straight jab!] [Gordon stumbles backwards, up to his feet, where Pig is waiting, his back to Gordon’s back. Quickly, Pig hoists Gordon up into a crucifix for THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWA–NO! Gordon slips the hold of Pig and the two men turn to face one another. Gordon kicks Pig in the gut and hits him with a stiff European Uppercut. Gordon’s looking for the FAITHLESS combination! Pig is down to his knees, Gordon grabs the head and DDT’s Pig into the mat! FAITHLESS CONNECTS! Gordon covers, ONE, TWO TH–KICKOUT!] [Both men are back to their feet at the same time. They lock up, but Gordon is quick to slip around the back of Pig, covering his watch and locking in a waist lock. RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! NO! Pig somersaults to his feet, leaving Gordon to roll onto his stomach and back to his feet where Pig is waiting. Pig whips Gordon across the ring, pops him up, looking for the popup superkick! THE GREAT DESTROYE–GORDON CATCHES PIG’S LEG! Gordon catches the leg of Pig as he is coming down from mid air, lands on his feet, and leg drags Pig to the ground. He scrambles across Pig’s back and locks in FINAL JUSTICE! He traps the arm and locks in a Crossface! PIG TAPS OUT! IT’S OVER!] [Robert Gordon is victorious! He leaps over his opponent and scaled the turnbuckle, raising his arms in victory.]

[The action is coming hot and heavy this week! As Robert Gordon and Pig clear out of the ringside area, our attention is drawn to the crowd.]

“Blind fools!”

[Hopping the guardrail is David Manson, leader of The Awakening. His followers, Hate and Red River Jack, follow him into the ring.]

“You march like lambs to the slaughter under the oppression of those that would destroy you! But you see, the truth is that your slumber can end tonight. Open your eyes to the truth of David Manson. Open your eyes to the Awakening.”

[The crowd’s attention captured, Manson continues.]

“The end is here, people. The blind will perish while those that can see will live. Like the flood of Genesis, each and every one of you will die for your inability to realize what is happening. But I know the truth. I know what is really happening.”

[He looks out to the bewildered crowd.]

“Just like those olden times…”

[Manson stops in his tracks…]

“…a blood sacrifice is required.”

[…and turns to face Jack and Hate.]

“My brothers. It’s time for your true awakening to come. Only with your sacrifice, will I, and my precious message, be able to survive what is coming. Kneel before me, so that I can make this quick.”

[Without a second thought, Hate goes to kneel before Manson and his ill intentions.] [But Jack?]

“I don’t think so, man.”

[Manson’s eyes go wide as Red River Jack looks at him incredulously.]

“I’m listening to you, David, and all I hear is that same platitudes that we were supposed to reject. Sacrificing. Kneeling. Dying. Where’s the truth, man? Where’s the Awakening? Why are your eyes closed?”

[Manson tries to protest, but Jack steps up in his face.]

“See, my eyes are open, man. You’re standing there and words are coming from your mouth. But all I see is them. All I hear is them. I’m awake now, man, and I’m not going back to sleep.”

[Hate has now stood up, and he looks at Manson with shock in his face. For his part, David Manson merely smiles.]

“I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way then, won’t we? Jack, your rebellion will cost you your life.”

[Without another word, the three men each square up. They’re going to fight.] [Right now.]


[It’s a blast from the past as this is a triple threat between the three members of The Awakening. Red River Jack smiles broadly as HAtE and David Manson circle around him.] [The bell rings as they charge, but Jack rolls back out of the way as these two giants slam into each other! Strong fists back and forth between them before Manson gets the better of the exchange with an eye rake! David Manson wraps his arms around HAtE before lifting him up and driving him into the mat with a belly-to-belly slam! Manson gets back to his feet, but Red River Jack is there! SPARTAN KICK! The kick blasts Manson back into the corner before following him with a knee right to the chin before holding his face on his knee and leaps off with another vicious jawbreaker-knee strike! A THOUSAND WORDS!] [Red River Jack takes this moment to out-stretch his arms. “Maaaaaaaan!” escapes his lips just before HAtE blasts him from behind with MEANINGLESS! The rolling elbow stuns the former World Champion before HAtE whips him around and hoists him up above his head in a gorilla press position before DROPPING him right across his knee, back-first! AWAKE THE SHEEP! HAtE hooks his leg and is trying for an early pinfall! One…Two…FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! HAtE gets back to his feet before pulling Jack up as well. He grabs him by his beard and just rushes towards the rope and SENDS HIM FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [HAtE turns right into David Manson who looks poised to do some damage! CLOTHESLINE floors HAtE! Manson yanks him up quickly before wrapping up the head of HAtE and DRILLING HIM INTO THE MAT! UNSPOKEN WORDS! The Anarchy gets back to his feet and is beckoning HAtE to get back to his feet. He staggers towards Manson, but he’s BLASTED FROM BEHIND! SPARTAN KICK blasts HAtE right into David Manson! Manson tumbles backwards through the ropes to the floor! HAtE gets back up but is hooked by Red River Jack. LOW BLOW FROM HAtE! He lifts up Jack onto his shoulders! HATRED REALIZED! The F-5 sends Jack crashing into the mat before HAtE hooks his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [HAtE picks up a big win here tonight as he climbs up onto the second turnbuckle with his arms raised in triumph.]


[The crowd is still at a fever pitch after the clash of the Awkening, but before they can even adjust, a thunderous boom echoes throughout the entire arena. The very foundations of the building seem to rock as dust falls from the rafters. The crowd seem confused, trying to get out of the way.] [But nothing happens inside the arena proper.] [Backstage is another story.] [Various stagehands, staff, and wrestlers unseen tonight run around. It’s literal chaos before us as pipes break, spewing fire. Beams fall from the ceiling, knocking innocent bystanders out.] [In the midst of this confusion stands Crash. The daredevil helps a young female interviewer get clear of some debris, but our attention is grabbed by a massive plume of dust exploding from a nearby door.] [The door practically crumbles as Sergei Sokolov staggers out of it, bloody hands grasping a large metal pipe STICKING OUT OF HIS CHEST!] [Sokolov falls to the ground, the jarring of the pipe rearranging his internal organs, spilling them out onto the cold floor beneath them.] [Inside the door, we can now see what lies beyond.] [James Hunter has been pinned to the wall by a plethora of concrete, his skin is pale and his eyes have rolled to the back of his head. Blood pours out of his side.] [Another explosion rocks the backstage area, and our view swings wildly to the side, where Crash now resides.] [Or part of him.] [The explosion vaulted down a large metal panel, which appears to have cut him square in two. A pool of blood begins to slowly run down the hallway, mixing with that of James Hunter and Sergei Sokolov.] [A river of death pours down the halls of the backstage area as things settle down.] [The horrified audience in the arena have rushed for the doors, but they are locked in. With no choice, they slowly begin to filter back to their seats.] [We still have three matches remaining.][

[Like it or not, they’re in this to the end.] [Whatever that may be.]


[Tonight, it is a match that isn’t business but purely personal as LH Harrison wants revenge against the man who killed his family, Alex Reese. Will Harrison get exactly what he wants or will the demented detective prove no one is above the law?] [DING! DING! Harrison charges right at Reese with a THESZ PRESS! Punch after punch for what Reese did to his family! Reese shoves Harrison off of him! Reese pulls himself up using the ropes! Harrison charges after him again! Reese hits a BACKDROP INTO THE CAGE! Harrison falls in a heap! Reese looks at Harrison and has a sly grin across his face! Reese grabs the back of Harrison’s hair and grinds his face against the cage! Reese pushes his knee into the back of Harrison’s head! Harrison is screaming in pain! Reese pulls Harrison up by the hair!] [Harrison grabs Reese by the back of the neck to stop Reese from pulling him! HOT SHOT! Reese’s neck bounces off the ropes because of that desperate maneuver! Harrison holds onto the head to keep Reese up! TORNADO DDT OFF THE CAGE! He used the cage to leap off! Reese got spiked and Harrison stomps into him! Harrison goes to the top rope! He faces his back towards Reese! He wants to go for the diving moonstomp! Reese pops up and charges into Harrison! Harrison is launched into the corner of the cage but Harrison catches the wall!] [CROSSBODY OFF THE CAGE! NO! DROPKICK MIDAIR! Reese hits the perfect counter! Reese laughs then goes to the corner and tears the bottom turnbuckle off! Reese drags Harrison towards it and starts stomping his head into the exposed turnbuckle! HARRISON IS BUSTED OPEN! A pool of blood is forming under his head! Reese goes into the opposite corner ready to charge at Harrison full force! Reese is going for the running knee! STRAY BULLET! No Harrison dodges it and Reese blows out his knee on the exposed turnbuckle! Harrison pulls himself up! LOST HOPE! HARRISON HITS THE CODEBREAKER OUT OF NOWHERE AND HE COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [What a win by Harrison as he stands on top of Reese’s blown knee and is seething above the man who took everything from him! Blood is dripping off Harrison’s face onto Reese as the brutality of this match is visible to everyone! He has never been more ready to destroy a man!]


[Back in the same locker room as earlier, Cayci Spires is now alone, preparing for her Main Event match. Just then, into the room walks Neville Sheldon, OSW World Championship draped over his shoulder.] [She turns to greet him, smiling.]

“Old friend,” [Cayci says, offering a handshake.] “I’m glad you stopped by.”

“I had to,” [Sheldon responds.] “When you earned this shot, I was worried that it might effect our friendship. After everything we’ve been through together, fighting them, beating back the tide of evil, I didn’t want this,” [he shows the title.] “To come between us.”

“It’s been a long road, hasn’t it?”

[The NERD agrees.]

“It has, and this partnership has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It doesn’t matter who wins tonight, whether I retain this Championship or you defeat me to win it, just know, we’ll be friends no matter what.”

[Cayci walks straight over, giving him a big hug.]

“You’re a great friend, Neville. The best. These past few months have been torture, but we’re here, and we’re still standing. We’ve both lost people, we’ve both lost battles and we’ve both suffered losses we can’t even fathom; but this isn’t about them, it isn’t about their plan, it’s about us.”

[Sheldon nods.] “Let the best person win.”

[Spires heads towards the door and stops, turning back to Neville.]

“I’m going out there to watch Stephanie, but I’ll see you out there, okay?”

[He nods again.] [Cut.]


[These two women meet in the center of the ring at Control-Alt-Delete. Will Anna Goodchild pull off the victory? Or will Stephanie Rose steal a win? The bell rings to start the match!] [Goodchild sneers at the the pretty Stephanie, as Anna has never been known for her looks. But Steph quickly shows that she is more than that as she rushes at Goodchild! She leaps through the air and delivers a heavy forearm smash! Goodchild is driven back, and Rose stays on her. She delivers a number of body shots and drive Anna to the corner. She kicks Anna to the gut, and Steph leaps with a FRONT DROPKICK! Anna doesn’t fall but stumbles from the corner… RUNNING BULLDOG! Goodchild’s face pounds the canvas and Rose drops into a pin! One… Two… Thre… Kickout!] [Steph looks at the ref and pounds the mat three times and holds up three fingers. She gets to her feet and pulls Goodchild to her feet, but… EYE GOUGE! Steph stumbles away and Anna stalks her. She grabs her by the hair and… REVERSE DDT!! One… Two… Thr…. KICKOUT! Anna kips up and immediately stomps on Rose over and over. She rolls Steph to her stomach and begins locking in and rocking back… MEXICAN SURFBOARD!! Steph screams as she nearly floats in the air. She is in real trouble, but somehow she shifts her body weight and the two tumble to the side! The impact breaks Rose loose!] [Rose grabs her lower back as Goodchild makes her way to her feet. She rips Stephanie up by the hair and throws her into the ropes! Steph returns and ducks under a clothesline. She bounces off the far ropes and leaps with FLYING CROSSBODY!! She hooks a leg… One… Tw… Kickout! Both women kip up! Rose kicks, but Anna catches her foot! She spins and beheads Rose with a huge LARIAT!! Goodchild grins and yanks up a limp Stephanie… She hooks the arms…. THE DESECRATOR!!! Goodchild slithers into a pin! One… Two… THREE!!] [Anna Goodchild pulls off the hard fought victory as Stephanie Rose is left to pick up the peices!]


[The match over, Stephanie Rose and Anna Goodchild have had a hell of a war. But for Goodchild, it’s not over yet.] [WHACK!] [Rose is staggered by a brutal shot to the side of her head. Anna mounts her, and begins to pelt her with shots directly to the face. So vicious and quick that Rose can’t protect herself. Goodchild keeps looking up towards the aisle as she throws Stephanie to the ringside area nearest the entrance. She bashes Rose’s head into the concrete.] [The crowd explodes as “Break Out” by Nubian Rose hits the speakers. Without even waiting for the curtain to open, Cayci Spires rushes through, running down to the ring with all her might.] [Goodchild drops Rose and gets to her feet with a sinister grin as Cayci comes to save her love. Spires comes right at Goodchild…] […AND RIGHT INTO THE MIRROR MIRROR DDT!] [Ozric Mortimer is here!] [The Sparrow picks Cayci up by the hair, while Anna gets in her face and smacks Spires.]

“I want you awake for this, little girl.” [Goodchild taunts.] [As Spires’ eyes open, she sees Anna Goodchild smiling at her. Ozric’s famed barbed wire bat now resides in Anna’s hands. She nods thanks to Ozric as she stands before Cayci. Spires closes her eyes, preparing for the hit, but as it doesn’t come, realization hits her.] [Goodchild is walking towards Stephanie.]

“Don’t you dare hurt her, Anna!” [She pleas.] “She didn’t do anything. Let her go. We’ll settle this among ourselves! Please!“

[Goodchild grins as Stephanie Rose begins to stir.]

“I’m sorry, Cayci. Do you think my dear Sparrow murdered Lux Bellator for sport? No, those that have died, and those that will die are giving their lives for the fulfillment of what has been promised since the beginning. Did you really think that she would remain unharmed in this war?”

[As if in slow motion, Cayci Spires roars in defiance.] [Anna Goodchild raises the bat above her head.] [Rose’s eyes meet Cayci’s tear filled eyes.] [CRUNCH!] [Stephanie tries to rise, reaching for the distraught Cayci. Blood runs down the side of her head.] [CRUNCH!] [Rose’s hand slides across the mat, using the last of her life to reach for her love.] [CRUNCH!] [Nothing.] [Stephanie Rose is dead.]


[Mortimer releases Cayci, who dives to the side of the bloody mess that just moments ago was the love of her life. She just kneels there and holds the cold, dead hand sobbing uncontrollably.]

“Get it together, Cayci.” [Goodchild mocks.] “You knew this would happen, didn’t you? Everyone you love has been taken away from you. Your parents. Your innocence. Him. And now her. This had to happen, child. You have a destiny, and you will fulfill it.”

[She nods to Ozric, who approaches Cayci.]

“One way or the other.”

[Spires is unable to even protest as she is now in the shadows of Goodchild and Mortimer, all alone against their evil intentions.] [“Through the Fire and Flames” hits the speakers as both Goodchild and Mortimer turn furiously around.] [Neville Sheldon, the OSW World Champion, is here!] [He leaps right at Mortimer, knocking him away from his former partner. He lays in with a right hand to Goodchild, staggering her backward. He hoists his Championship, aiming for Mortimer.] [BAM! Mortimer is dropped by the title shot! Neville turns around waiting for a counter attack.] [But Anna and Ozric are gone.] [Choking back sickness, Sheldon takes in the remains of Stephanie Rose. For a moment, you can even see him beating himself up for not saving her too. But he stops himself, looking around. He sees that Cayci has relocated to the ring. She’s still in shock, and he goes to comfort her. But before he can reach her, a new person has interjected himself.] [A referee.] [Sheldon and Spires’ eyes meet as the official takes away the Championship from Neville. As he holds it aloft, maybe the ring announcer is even announcing the two competitors for this Championship match.] [But for these two, there’s so much more.] [The OSW World Heavyweight Championship will be decided.] [Now.]


[Once Beauty and the Geek, Cayci Spires and Neville Sheldon are about to square off for the OSW World Heavyweight Championship. But Cayci Spires stands a broken woman before her old friend. Nevertheless, the show must go on.] [The bell sounds as they lock up in the center of the ring. Neville manages to get the better of the exchange as the face of Cayci Spires is shrouded in distraction. He pulls her to the mat in a side headlock as he wrenches on the move forcefully. Cayci isn’t even reaching out for the ropes at this point as a few tears seem to fall onto his arm. Neville releases the hold and stands up over his tag team partner. He extends his arms in a questioning motion as he pulls her up to her feet. Her face full of grief suddenly changes as Neville gets in her face.] [FOREARM STRIKE catches her old partner right on the chin as he staggers backwards, seemingly caught off-guard by the bluntness of the strike! She rushes towards him and leaps up for a running knee strike that catches him right on the chin. He’s blasted back into the corner turnbuckle where she charges with a flurry of European uppercuts! Sheldon is trying his best to cover up, but the fury and downright anger of Cayci Spires has been unleashed upon The Nerd! Neville manages to capture one arm and the other as he tries to calm her down with reassuring words.] [HEADBUTT!] [Neville Sheldon staggers backwards as he clutches at his nose! Blood has begun squirting out of it like a facet! Meanwhile, Cayci Spires is in the center of the ring pulling at her hair in absolute misery! She looks at her old friend with rage building in her eyes. She lets out a piercing scream before charging him with a swinging neckbreaker. She pulls herself right on top of him and begins hammering him with ruthless rights and lefts! The referee pulls her away as she seemingly snaps out of it for a moment.] [She stands in the center of the ring as the tears are forming at the corners of her eyes. Neville Sheldon slowly gets to his feet as the referee is trying to restrain him for a moment to stop some of the bleeding. He pushes the referee away and walks towards Cayci. He whips her around to face him as the blood is just coating the lower half of his face.] [She analyzes him for a moment with blood dripping off of his face before charging with a hellacious running heel kick! He manages to duck underneath by merely an inch or so. She rushes towards him with a big crossbody, but he just catches her! He slams her to the mat with a body slam before hitting the ropes for a big leg drop!] [WRESTLEMANIA!] [Neville hooks her leg! O-NO! She powered out before the referee could even count to the first number! Sheldon looks at her a little warily as she scrambles away from him. She begins pulling herself up the ropes with shaky legs. Neville gets to his feet as he approaches her gingerly.] [KICK TO THE KNEE!] [Neville falls to one knee as Cayci hits the ropes and collides into him with a leaping SPIKE DDT! Blood is now beginning to pile up in certain areas of the ring where Neville has landed. Cayci’s head, hands, and arms are beginning to turn a crimson shade from it.] [Cayci Spires pulls Neville to his feet before HEADBUTTING him again! Blood has now gushed all over her face as she looks like a woman possessed! She whips him into the turnbuckle before crashing into him with a huge rising knee strike that places her on the turnbuckle behind him. She kicks him away before leaping!] [MISSILE DROPKICK!] [The Nerd is shot across the ring by the impact! Cayci isn’t finished there as she walks up to him and yanks him up to his feet. She pulls him in close with a fisherman package buster!] [DEATH WISH!] [She covers him with the OSW World Championship on the line!] [ONE…] [TWO…] [NO! Neville gets a foot on the bottom rope!] [Cayci lets out another guttural screech as she rushes towards the corner and ascends the top turnbuckle once more! She beckons her old friend to get to his feet to which he does slowly. He staggers towards her as she leaps off!] [SUPER CHAOS THEORY!] [A MASSIVE Codebreaker from the top rope that snaps the head of Neville down before sending him careening back with a line of blood tracing his nose. Glass has now been scattered across the mat from the remnants of Neville’s glasses.] [She steps across the ring and just begins delivering vicious kicks to the ribs of Neville before yanking him up by his hair.] [HEADBUTT!] [HEADBUTT!] [HEADBUTTTTTT!] [Three more solid shots as her face is now a crimson mask as the blood drips down her chin and onto the rest of her body. Her eyes are piercing as she scans The Nerd as if probing him for signs of life. His body begins to budge and she yanks him onto his back before unleashing a frenzy of punches, chops, scratches to the brutalized face of Neville Sheldon!] [The Nerd is trying to cover up, but his strength seems to have been sapped from him as this now has just become an ugly destruction at the hands of Cayci. The referee tries to intervene for a moment, but Spires just yanks him out of the way, abruptly.] [She reaches down and yanks up a piece of glass! The referee doesn’t see it as she wedges it between her fingers!] [PUNCH!] [STRIKE!] [MORE BLOOD!] [She throws the glass away as her own hands appears to be bleeding. She is standing over her old partner as her breathes become shallower and shallower. She latches herself onto the arm of Neville and begins yanking away at it with a cross armbreaker! He’s not even responding as the referee calls this match to a close after dropping his hand once!] [Cayci Spires raises to her feet as she stands over her beaten and dismantled partner with blood dripping off of both of their faces.]


[There’s blood everywhere.] [The ring is covered in it. Cayci is covered in it.] [Neville Sheldon has been decimated by his friend and beaten to within an inch of his life. His damn near lifeless carcass remains on the canvas, breathing shallow breaths, as Spires is handed the OSW World Championship.] [She throws the title down on the floor and screams. Her yell is guttural. She’s lost everything and nothing else matters. She rolls to the outside and grabs a steel chair, sliding back into the ring and approaching the Nerd.] [Her eyes aren’t hers anymore.] [She’s almost possessed.] [Spires turns the chair upside down and stands over Sheldon, looking down at him with a grimace before driving the chair hard into his neck.] [Crunch.] [The sound is deplorable. It’s vile, vicious and horrifying. Sheldon croaks a final breath, spewing blood, as Cayci drops the chair in panic, falling backwards onto her ass in shock.] [What has she done?] [Suddenly, the lights begin to shatter and shake.] [The entire arena starts to crumble, with dust falling from the rafters.] [And before our eyes, Solomon Rhodes appears.] [Solomon Rhodes!] [Anna Goodchild.] [Noah.] [Them. They.] [Rhodes looks down at Cayci, lifting his hood over his bald head, his grey beard sparking amongst the light.]

“You did it!” [he proudly proclaims.] “There’s a reason we’ve been tormenting you, dearest Cayci. There’s a reason my wife and I have killed those you love,” [he says, holding Anna’s hand. She’s his wife!] “It’s because in this moment, in this hell, you were what was required to break the final seal. A pure human, driven to murder in hell – the first ever to do so.”

[She breaks down in tears.]

“This is it, children,” [Rhodes yells, grabbing Anna and Noah by the hand and forming a circle.] “This is the end.”

[Screams.] [Blood curdling screams.] [Darkness.] [Pitch Black.]


[Gasp.] [The Chief breathes a heavy gasp of air, returning to the void of darkness he’s called home. He stumbles forwards, falling to his knees. His eyes are bloodshot, and tears stream down his face.] [His gentle sobbing becomes more and more pronounced, as he fails to hold back the tears. What he just witnessed, what he just laid eyes upon, has terrified him to his very core.]

“I couldn’t do anything,” [he whimpers.] “I couldn’t save any of them. I watched her insides boil before my very eyes. I watched her as hell fire scorched the skin from her brittle bones.”

[Again, he sobs.]

“They all perished. They all died. Every single one of them, good people, suffering until their final moments.”

[Noah casually walks into frame, hands in pockets, clicking his heels together as he walks. He stops before The Chief, shrugging his shoulders.]

“I told you, didn’t I?” [He mocks.] “Whilst the characters in every story are different, and the plot changes often, the outcome always remains the same.”

[He kneels.]

“In every world, every universe, every timeline, the world comes to an end. You just saw it first hand, Chief. Everything that happened there was real. Every person was real. Every moment was real. The blood was real and their pain was real.”

[The Chief can’t hold it back any longer. He’s balling as Noah continues, speaking over his tearful cries and sobs.]

“There’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

[He giggles a boyish giggle.]

“The end is nigh.”