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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.


The glowing hue of a portal opens and Corvus spills out, collapsing onto the ground of his compound. He is breathing heavily, worried. His body still has the twitchy effect of a man on high alert, still half expecting the Reapers to continue after him through the portal. Eventually, his mind catches up with his body and his breathing slows. They cannot follow him here.

Corvus sits up, just as a second figure enters the fray. Sigil, stepping slowly yet assuredly towards him.

“I now have the location of your secret base. Quite the compound you have here.”

Corvus pushes himself to his feet with a grimace.

“You cut it mighty close. That portal you sent only just got me out in time.”

Sigil stands his ground, not letting Corvus’s frustration get the better of him.

“Need I remind you of Lux’s plan to take out Deathnote? It is key that we team up without him knowing. If that means leaving you high and dry for a moment, then I’m more than happy to oblige. You still have all your limbs intact. You’re safe here in your hidey-hole, so quit bitching.”

Corvus stops for a moment, letting the words hang in the air before speaking.

“We have bigger problems anyway.”

“What kind of bigger problems?”

Sigil stills himself in the tone of Corvus’s voice and waits for Corvus to reveal his thoughts.

“Where is Lux?”

Sigil says nothing, for he has no answer to the question. Corvus continues in the silence.

“Lux made a grave mistake when he warned us not to assist him. He went alone, confronting Rhodes… And now he’s missing.”

Corvus and Sigil look at each other for a moment, not speaking. Finally, Sigil breaks the silence.

“Situation normal then, all fucked up. This whole thing doesn’t happen without him.”

The silence between them begs the question we all now wonder.

Where is Lux Bellator?


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Last week.

We find a man tied to a chair in a dimly lit room with a bag secured tightly over his head, a unique jacked on his body giving away his identity as the one and only Vigour. The Jack of All Senses lulls his head around groggily, seemingly coming to after the brutal clothesline that knocked him out earlier that night. As he finally gets his bearings he tries, and fails, to pull himself free of his restraints!

“He’s finally awake. You know, Rezin, I sometimes think the implants we gave you might be too effective.” A voice comes from the shadows, one that demands respect as soon as words dare to leave it. Goro Nakamura. The Dragon walks into the room with Rezin Deckard at his side. Nakamura carries a glass of whiskey in one hand, a fine cigar in the other. He motions to Rezin, the Iron Henchman removing the bag from Vigour’s head, the Enigma’s face bruising over from the assault.

“Goro,” Vigour says, spitting out the name like it was poison in his mouth.

“Vigour,” The chairman returns, sipping his drink. “You know, when you came to my tower I thought you were just being a little thorn in my side. But, I can see now that you’re going to be quite useful, aren’t you?” Nakamura chuckles, taking a puff of his cigar as Vigour finally gets his bearings. It’s clear that The Prince was beaten down even after he was snatched by the Iron Order.

“Useful, huh? I think you have this whole thing backwards.”

“I disagree. Let me show you why I bothered to waste Deckard’s time on you.” Goro motions to someone in another room, a plethora of monitors flickering to life. And on each one of them? A different angle of Vigour’s meeting with Zeldor, all of which was taken from in front of Nakamura Tower. Vigour looks at the video, shaking his head.

“That? You think I’m useful because of that?”

Goro nods, leaning in towards Vigour. “Innovation requires hard work, resources. Now, we would be fools to think you could get the one you called a god to come back to you. However, to discover that you are alien to our world? Well, I find that quite interesting. It’s obvious you would have knowledge of technology and ideals beyond what we’ve discovered here on earth. So, simply, we just want you to tell us about your planet, about your biology. All research is good research, Vigour.”

“Knowledge? Listen, the only knowledge you need to know is that unless you help me then earth is gonna get invaded! I know you have tech that no one else does and I need you to let me use it to help defend us from a threat you can’t even begin to understand! Please. If you do, I’ll tell you anything you need to know.” Vigour looks up at Goro, his eyes pleading as Mr. Nakamura ponders the thought.

“I see. Allow me to offer you something, then. At Heatwave, I’ll meet you in the ring for a match. If you win, I’ll entertain your request. If I win? You let my technicians poke around inside of that anatomy of yours to see what we find. Do we have a deal?” Goro smirks, clearly content with the deal he’s put forward.

Vigour snarls a bit, sighing as he nods his head. “Deal. I’ll do anything to stop what happened on Eden from happening here.”

“Good. Rezin, get him out of my sight.”

Deckard does as told, the bag going back over Vigour’s head, The Iron Henchman dragging Vigour away as Goro exits the room.


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Vayikra has channeled the power of Yahweh itself to rise to the top of the tag team food chain but they face a formidable team here tonight. Can this team of unlikely allies become champions or will the templars take advantage of the Collectors and the son of Death’s hatred to retain?

The bell sounds as Deathnote rushes forward, taking Sir Renault by surprise with a brutal running elbow to the jaw, stunning Darth Jesus before lifting him up onto his shoulders as he tries to Gather His Soul but Renault slips out the back, delivering a German Suplex that he rolls into a Half Nelson but Renault can’t finish off with the Dragon as he gets kicked right in the dick. Deathnote smirks, gripping the hurting Renault by the throat before nearly throwing him through the turnbuckles as he tags out to Sigil.

The Collector and the Author of Death whip Renault across the ring, trying for a double clothesline but Renault manages to duck under before delivering a leaping double neckbreaker, knocking both men down as he rushes forward, tagging in Sir Bellator. The Templar rushes in like a house on fire, delivering superkicks for days to both Sigil and Deathnote, Deathnote getting a second that sends him flying over the ropes before Sigil is grabbed from behind in a Half Nelson before he’s suplexed into the QUILL’S EDGE! 

Vayikra pummel down Sigil with punches and kicks before he’s lifted up into the Splash Mountain, Bellator rushing to the ropes, leaping up to the top rope as he dives off with a blockbuster… SOUL CLEANSER! Sigil crashes to the mat as both Templars deliver a double Superkick to an onrushing Deathnote, Renault throwing him back out of the ring before Bellator covers the fallen Sigil for the one…two…three!!!

Vayikra retain the tag team championships here tonight, using their superior tag team experience to put down these two mighty singles competitors. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNERS AND STILL TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: VAYIKRA  [/edgtf_highlight]

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In the backstage corridors of the Slaughterhouse, Wiz, Ether and Tag – Jet Set Radio – pace along, deep in conversation.

“I’m not saying you can’t make friends, Tag” bemoans Ether.

“Dog, it’s just basic math, ya dig?” chimes in Wiz.

“It’s just concerning, given their history with flamboyant members of OSW. We don’t want to see you hurt.” Ether finishes.

Tag stops, and turns to face his stablemates.

“I appreciate it. I do. I know you think you’re doing this to protect me, but you don’t understand how this is making me feel. You don’t understa-” Tag starts.

“What’s this, some kind of tiff?” Sir Renault intrudes. Fresh from their match, Renault and Bellator come from the direction of the ring, and Gable has joined them.

“You know, Tag, your friends here – they have a point.” Bellator continues.

“The problem is, you’re all definitely going to hurt,” says Gable. “It’s just a matter of how. The lord wants his justice for your sins, and his vengeance is sweet justice.”

“And really, listening to your friends might be the difference between pain and true suffering.” smirks Renault. “You should take note. End this little friendship with Starboy, now and maybe you’ll have some reprieve.”

Throughout this, Jet Set have stayed silent. Only once they’ve had their say does Tag step forward and stare them straight in the eye.

“Jet Set Radio will always mean the world to me.” he starts. “But I’m defying them this time. They’ve got this wrong. Starboy is not the threat here. You are.

With those last two words he pokes Renault, who stands central, in the chest. The other two raise their fists in a battle pose but tag laughs.

“A little 3 on 1 dom play?” he giggles. “Well the religious ones do sometimes have the raunchiest kinks…”

And with that, Tag leads the rest of Jet Set Radio away from the zealots, leaving them as angry as ever.


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Ether has a chance to satisfy a hunger for gold one week before Heatwave…but she has to overcome The Impaler to get her fill!

Ether starts the match quick on her feet–well, skates–to avoid a running shoulder tackle by The Impaler, before catching him by surprise with a kick to the leg! This gives the Hungry Girl an opening that she quickly exploits, skating to the ropes for momentum and hitting a gorgeous dropkick!

The Impaler is sent reeling to the corner as a result, and Ether looks to follow up with a corner tackle as she skates toward Legion…but he catches her at the last moment, sending her into the turnbuckle instead! Legion hits the ropes, connecting with the running lariat! ADAM SMASHER!

Ether drops to the canvas hard, and the complexion of this match has changed in favor of the champion, feeling the power rising within as he brings Ether up to his feet before lifting her up for the single shoulder powerbomb! NIGHT CITY–NO! Ether narrowly slips out just in time!

Ether briefly gets to compose herself as Legion turns his attention to her, frustrated as he charges…into a spinning heel kick! ETHER STRIKE! Ether sees her opportunity, heading to the ropes for a double knee strike…but Legion dodges it, locking in the katahajime! LEGIONNAIRES! Ether struggles, but eventually passes out!

Ether gave it everything she had but is left wanting, as The Impaler picks up the win and retains the Double Feature Championship!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL DOUBLE FEATURE CHAMPION: THE IMPALER [/edgtf_highlight]

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The match is over, but The Impaler’s night is far from over.

He’s struggling a bit after the battle he just went through with Ether, who has taken leave of the ring…but is being glared at by a very hungry Kaine Knightlord from near the entranceway, something of a mix of a snarl and a smirk on his face.

Except Kaine doesn’t have a chance to pursue the Bad Random, as Legion grabs the HellBat from behind, taking him down to the ground!

Ether escapes as Kaine snarls at Legion, quickly overcoming his strength as he shoves him off before getting back to his feet. The Impaler charges, but is met with swift right hand that rocks him hard, nearly cracking the mask in the process!

Legion is taken aback by the power on display here, shaking his head as he reassesses the situation…but doesn’t get much of a chance to, before Knightlord charges at him!


In a last-ditch effort, Legion spews the bile in the face of the Shadow Bat, finally having the opening he needs to make his escape through the entryway! Kaine screams as he wipes the mist out of his eyes…though it’s unclear whether the screaming is from pain or simply the anger of his prey slipping out of his hands.

Eventually, Kaine takes in a deep breath through his nose…and a nasty, knowing smirk returns to his face.

He’s picked up the scent of The Impaler.

And, come Heatwave, the hunt is on.


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The Hall of Skulls.

Death, Deathnote and Vayikra stand around the famous skull table, deep in discussion.

“I have to admit,” Death says with a smile. “What I saw you do to Lux Bellator was the darkest thing I’d seen from humanity in quite some time.”

Solomon nods stoically.

“I don’t think it’ll work,” he continues. “But I admire your gumption.”

Rhodes just folds his arms.

“So, I’ve formulated a plan to take him back to his darkest days,” Death says with a wicked smile.

Sanctus suddenly steps forward.

“No!” He blurts out unceremoniously. Everyone’s attention turns to him in surprise.

Deathnote angrily grabs him by the throat, squeezing him to his knees.

“You need to remember what side you’re on, boy,” Deathnote angrily grumbles.

Renault and Gable go to step forward, but one look from Rhodes deters them.

“I’m not confused,” Sanctus squeaks. “I’m not against hurting my father. I just know that plan to be reckless. It’s not in God’s name.”

Death waves his son away, forcing him to release Sanctus.

“If you want Yahweh back, only I can make that happen. To do it, I need the crystals from Sigil and that should be your focus,” he reminds them all. “Get it done, or you’ll end up on my list like Corvus.”


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Familiar rivals collide one week before Heatwave, with The Generation Kid defending his Rewind Championship against Sir Gable!

Gable immediately charges at TGK from the outset, looking to make good use of his size advantage as he wears the champ down with some hard lefts and rights before sending the Kid to the ropes…but the champ ducks a clothesline attempt, before hitting a cross body on the rebound!

NO! Gable catches the Kid with a powerslam, driving him hard into the canvas! He takes advantage of the opening, targeting the arm of TGK with some hard stomps before locking in an armbar! The Kid is wincing in pain as he crawls toward the ropes to break the hold.

Kid’s got the bottom rope! Gable breaks the hold, sizing up his opponent as TGK gets back to his feet. Gable sends him to the ropes, this time connecting with the lifting spear! GOLD RUSH! Kid is back down from the impact, as Gable makes the cover! ONE! TWO! NO!

Gable quickly brings the champ back to his feet, raising him up for the stalling suplex…but TGK reverses, catching him with a leaping kick to the face instead! KARATE KID! Gable’s not down yet…until Kid follows up with a uranage! AN EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! TGK with the cover! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Despite one hell of a battle from Sir Gable, The Generation Kid manages to pick up the win and retain the Rewind Championship!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL REWIND CHAMPION: TGK [/edgtf_highlight]

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We open up in a monastery, monks and others meander around doing their respective business there. In the midst of it all is Banzan, who is busy helping everyone he can with a humble smile as some come up to thank him.

“I see, much like you, your monastery has survived it’s death.”

Chronoa comes up from behind the Mountain, who gives no visible reaction to the presence of the Disciple of Fate.

“I’m not resurrecting the Tiger’s Nest. These men and women will have no place in the battles that rage in Hell’s Kitchen.”

Banzan says as he helps usher in a new follower. Smiling and lowering his head.

“But still, the heart of it is the same?” Chronoa asks.

“All monasteries share the same purpose. The monks here knew of my story, and gave me a new home. A new place to reflect. A place you are ruining by bringing unwanted attention to it. What do you want?” Banzan retorts before closing his eyes and breathing.

“I want what I said last week. To understand you, to learn how you defy the Fates. That is why I am here, to see you at peace. To see if this is what makes you special.”

Banzan rubs his brow, still trying to find his centre.

“Chronoa, I am not special. I am no different than those you see around you. I seek peace, and understanding, of the world around me. I wish to see these conflicts we are finding ourselves in come to an end.”

Chronoa looks at her tablet, Banzan still making no sense to her.

“I see.”

Banzan turns to her, confused by the short reply.

“If you won’t willingly show me why or how you defy the fates, perhaps I will force it to happen. Force you to show me your ways.”

Banzan stands in her path, his aura turning very protective.

“If you harm even one of these people, you won’t have to question how I have defied your fates. You’ll be asking to defy yours. Now get out!

Chronoa leaves the monastery, Banzan’s eyes hawking her every step to ensure the safety of the monastery.


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The Prince of Party has defended the VHS title valiantly since he won it but now he faces possibly his toughest challenge in Simon Black. Can Vigour retain or will Simon be able to double down gold for the Blacks?

The bell sounds as Vigour rushes forward, delivering a high dropkick to the jaw of Simon which staggers him back into the ropes before Vigour leaps over his head, springboarding off the top before driving him down to the mat with a modified headscissors. Black stumbles up to his feet into a leaping enziguri before a spike DDT drives him down into the mat. The Prince of Party barely lets Simon hit the mat before he leaps up high with the QUICK THRILL! Vigour stays down, hooking the leg for the one…two…Simon gets the shoulder up!

Vigour pulls Simon up to his feet but a poke to the eye staggers him back. Simon delivers a knee to the gut, trying for a SimonPlex that Vigour floats out of, rolling over to the corner before rushing forward with another dropkick. Simon manages to duck underneath this one before nailing Vigour with a brutal chopblock. Vigour crashes to the mat in pain as Simon leaps on him like a shark smelling blood, driving his full body weight down onto Vigour’s bad knee over and over before locking in Checkmate!

Vigour screams out in pain but he refuses to tap, trying to crawl to the ropes but Black manages to drag him back into the middle of the ring. Vigour looks so close to tapping, his arm raised high but the champion manages to find a burst of strength, slowly but surely turning Simon over as he reverses the hold! Black lets go as quick as he can but the damage has been done as Vigour struggles to even stand.

Simon smiles sadistically, delivering a brutal low kick before flipping Vigour over his head with a picture perfect SimonPlex. Simon doesn’t bridge back, not even bothering to go for the cover as he signals for the end, lifting the limp Vigour up to his feet as he double underhooks both arms but Vigour was playing possum as he slips out, tripping Simon up before flipping him over into a pinfall as the referee counts the one…two…three!!!

Vigour retains the VHS Championship here tonight, showing his true heart and determination in the face of sheer defeat. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL VHS CHAMPION: VIGOUR [/edgtf_highlight]

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“Oi, mate. Did they spike your carrot juice?”

The voice of Chip Montana greets us, as he sits on a crate backstage with Dave the Rabbit across from him. The remains of their destroyed cabinet from last week have been removed, and the room looks quite bare.

“Montana!” A voice yells.

Chip steps up from his crate, Dave scattering to a corner, as a form quickly glides into the room.

The Generation Kid.

“Not another one of y…” Chip begins.

“Shut it.” TGK cuts him off. “As if dealing with crazy lab rats wasn’t enough, I find out you hit Starboy over the head with a bowling ball?”

Chip nods, but TGK continues before he can say anything.

“He didn’t want to let us down, so he went out there and wrestled. Turns out he had a bad concussion after you got done with him. Luke Storm finished him off, and now he can barely see straight, much less stand. He’s on the shelf, and it’s your fault.”

“I guess the boyo was seeing stars, huh?” Montana quips.

TGK steps forward, grabbing him by the collar, practically lifting him off the ground. Chip seems surprised.

“What are you, boy?” He says. “You’re stronger than you look.”

“Don’t you dare, Chip.” The Kid says, uncharacteristically angry. “You took my friend out. He can’t wrestle. Can’t even party. You may as well have killed him. So now, you get to deal with me.”

Montana looks over at the scared rabbit before looking back at TGK.

“Davey’s right. We didn’t want to take Starboy out. I wanted to settle the score. So I guess now you’re here to collect, mate.”

TGK nods.

“Yeah, me and you at Heatwave.” The Kid begins. “And I’ll be grabbing you by the stars. Just how Starboy would want it.”

Releasing Montana, TGK takes a moment to look over himself, as if coming out of a trance. He shakes his head at both man and rabbit before turning away.

As TGK walks off, Montana raises an eyebrow to DTR.

“What got in his nickers, Davey Boy?”

Chip pauses, while the rabbit just looks up at him.

“Aye.” Montana says, nodding in agreement.


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For the first time in OSW history two women, Chronoa and Pyre, will challenge for the World Championship! Who will prevail as the alpha female tonight?

The ref holds the OSW World Championship up for the crowd to see and signals for the bell.


The champion and challenger step towards one another and tie up, collar and elbow. Chronoa towers over the rest of the OSW roster, and tonight she puts her full height and reach advantage on display against the smaller, more agile champion, overpowering Pyre down onto her knees and pushing Pyre onto her back, flat on the mat—




Pyre slivers out a shoulder off the mat, but Chronoa pins that shoulder back down to the mat again—



Pyre gets her other shoulder up from underneath Chronoa’s grasp and presses her knees into Chronoa’s solar plexus, pushing Chronoa up and over into a monkey flip…

Chronoa has too much leverage though! She plants her feet back onto the mat and powers Pyre’s shoulders back down to the mat—




Chronoa is on her knees now, trying to keep her head up to locate the nearest rope for a break, reaching out, but there’s nothing within her grasp!

Chronoa changes gears and squats to her feet, then with all her might lifts a flabbergasted Pyre up on her shoulders…




Eversor scrambles to her feet and turns around right into—



Pyre didn’t quite get enough height on that attempt and even though it caught Chronoa off-guard she was able to capture it in her bosom the same way a wide receiver may turn and catch a football right in the numbers.

Chronoa tosses Pyre’s foot straight up and Pyre takes to the air, back flipping in place and landing just as Chronoa spins and kicks her leg up right into the champ’s face—



The Fire Bitch tumbles face first into the ropes and Chronoa follows, picking her up against the ropes…

Irish whip. Pyre ducks a clothesline from Chronoa on the rebound. Chronoa bends over and Pyre leapfrogs her, and upon her return from the ropes is met with a massive big boot that drops her to the mat!

As Pyre claws herself up on the ropes she’s then suddenly met with a stiff knee from the on-rushing Chronoa—


Pyre ricochets off the ropes and down to the mat, and Chronoa wastes no time putting the boots to the champ, stomping a mudhole into the void of where just about anyone else’s heart would be.


The ref starts the five count as Chronoa quickly transitions into a choke, stepping onto Pyre’s neck and putting all her weight on it…


Chronoa pulls up on the top rope, further digging her foot into the undulating Pyre, who’s flapping around and slowly turning from red to purple…


Chronoa lets out a shriek!





The champ guards her neck and gasps for breath as the ref confronts the challenger for almost disqualifying herself.

Now the Harbinger of Fate pushes aside the ref, and pulls Pyre up to her feet and twists her arm into a wrist lock!

Chronoa, maintaining her grip on Pyre’s wrist, moves to the corner, and backs her way up to the top turnbuckle…


Walking the tightrope, Chronoa makes it to the middle of the rope and pauses—




With that, Pyre frantically spins around and mounts Chronoa from behind. The champ knows she needs to maintain her momentum, and does so by wrapping her arm around Chronoa’s neck and wrenches back as hard as she can—



Pyre begs the ref to ask her, and the ref comes down to Chronoa’s level for a moment before taking a step back—


Her eyes, red and glowing, now fixate on Pyre, who is perplexed to say the least!

Pyre looks to the ref…

Then looks to the crowd…



Pyre, who released the submission, now scrambles to the ropes as Chronoa cracks her neck back into place and advances towards the champ—

Pyre ducks a lariat and books it into the opposite ropes. On the rebound Chronoa sprints forward to meet her half way with a spinning Enzu lariat—



Pyres flies back into the ropes again and sprints right at Chronoa, who at the last second bends over forward just as Pyre reaches her…



Pyre arches her back in pain, still clearly sore after her title defense against Tag last week, and rolls out of the ring to the outside.

The champ throws her arms up in the air…



The ref bemoans Pyre to return to the ring to no avail, and must start the ten count—


Pyre knows a count-out loss won’t cost her the title, and she turns the corner and just reaches the ramp as the ref continues—


The crowd boos and Pyre gives them a piece of her mind as well, flipping the bird at them as she goes make her exit—


…But not so fast.




The crowd is popping huge for Chronoa, and she lets out a primal scream in response!


Chronoa drags her opponent up and latches Pyre’s arms into a double underhook—






The crowd is losing their minds, but Chronoa is running out of time to extend this match, and both competitors are writhing in pain on the floor!


Chronoa reaches her arm up onto the apron, attempting to pull herself off her ass while her counterpart lies in pure pain on the floor—


The crowd let’s out a collective gasp and the ref puts his arms up in anticipation as Pyre makes no effort to pry herself off the ground. Meanwhile, Chronoa pulls herself halfway up onto the apron…





The bell rings and the ref announces the double disqualification, explaining to the hot, jeering crowd that Pyre has indeed retained her OSW championship.

Pyre retains the OSW World Championship tonight by any means necessary, showing the depths she will do to to remain champion!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL WORLD CHAMPION: PYRE [/edgtf_highlight]

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Sometime Later

Luke Storm sits at the booth of a coffee shop. An untouched cup of coffee sits before him, slowly going cold as he looks out of the window. Yet the figure he is waiting for soon joins him, entering with a presence that few can muster.

Pyre. All eyes in the vicinity are drawn to the Fire Bitch as she sashays over to the table.

“Nice of you to join me. I was beginning to think you wouldn’t.”

Pyre reaches out, touching the coffee cup. Within a second, it had started to steam again, piping hot. She lifts it, takes a swig and promptly spits it back out.

“Holy shit, I can see why you aren’t drinking it.”

Storm doesn’t smile, keeping his eyes trained on Pyre.

“I must applaud you, really.” Luke begins, thoughts he’s obviously been mulling over for some time. “You were always the Red Queen, as we saw when you murdered Alice. I must take my hat off to your ingenuity. But your taste in men is fucking disgraceful.”

Pyre smirks at the sentiment, a cocky twinkle in her eyes.

“You know, Luke. You always thought of yourself as the smartest man in any room. But you never truly were, were you?”

Pyre stands from the booth. At that, all the patrons in the coffee house stand up as one. Each brandishing a variety of weaponry, and appearing behind her in an instant. Luke knows in a heartbeat that he’s been set up.


He looks from patron to patron, weapon to weapon.

“They’re all on the payroll of the Blackharts then?”

Yet, instead of fear in his eyes, a smile forms on Luke’s face. He chuckles in the face of Pyre. Next instant, Simon Blackhart himself appears out of the fray, sledgehammer in hand. He slams it into that table Luke Storm is still sitting at, breaking it clean in two.

“What’s so funny?”

But Luke has no time to reply. Instead, there’s screams from the doorway.

It’s Zero, and he looks beyond pissed. Zero comes charging in like a bull and is taking down nameless patrons left, right and centre. Weapons or not, none of them stand a chance in his warpath.

Before long, there’s a pile of bodies and a trail of destruction. But he cannot get his hands on the two people he came here to destroy. For Pyre and Simon both make a run for it in the chaos and destruction. The remnants of BMF lay waste to all else, kicking ass and taking names.

But two key people have escaped unscathed. Those teflon Blackharts.

We end on the trail of destruction left behind by BMF as OSW goes off the air.


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