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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Cold open.

A large throne sits in the middle of the ring, surrounded by red carpet.

Black heart’s comin’, he’s a cold machine

Cuts like a knife, gentle and clean

Face like an angel, mind of a killer

Nobody else gonna love her better


Suddenly, “Black Heart” by Stone Temple Pilots blares into the arena and out walks Simon Black, Pyre, Tag and Ether. They make their way to the ring, getting inside. The King takes a seat upon his throne, smiling as Tag hands him a microphone.

“Today is supposed to be my coronation,” he grumbles to boos from the crowd. “But Sigil has stolen my crown. Alas, a crown does not maketh a King; no, a ruler is more than the gold upon his head or resting upon his shoulder.”

He smiles.

“When Pyre and I started this endeavour, we dreamed that one day, we’d challenge one another for the OSW World Championship. At Dead End, our dreams come true.”

Pyre smiles wryly.

“It’ll be my pleasure, dear,” she says with a nod.

“Let’s cut the shit, shall we?” A voice suddenly interrupts. Both Simon and Pyre look stunned – especially when they realize that voice belongs to Ether. “You two wanna sit here and play happy families, but last week, Wiz was murdered.”

She begins pacing back and forth before the King and his     Queen.

“For months we’ve been your servants, your junk yard dogs, your weapon against anyone and everything,” she reminds them both. “But now one of us is dead…”

Simon Black stands up abruptly.

Enough!” He roars. “Do you really think we care nothing for the fate of Wiz?”

The King shakes his head profusely.

“Do you think that lowly of us?” He asks with disappointment. “I brought Jet Set Radio to Old School Wrestling. I cared for Wiz too, but you three have been slacking for quite some time now.”

Tag and Ether look at each other in confusion.

Pyre steps in.

“And someone took their opportunity to strike,” The World Champion concurs. “That’s a lesson for you to learn, kids. Wiz’ death, as terrible as it is, came about because Jet Set Radio have been half-assing it. Just look at how strongly you came into OSW; the church fire, the hanging of Albie Shaw – it was a beautiful symphony of destruction.”

Simon nods, and then takes over.

“But then Wiz became a snake for Roberts and Tag decided to start a relationship with the enemy,” The King reminds them both, much to their shame. “It’s not good enough. I understand that you’re in mourning; we all are – but there’s still work to be done. Tonight, myself and my wife have an opportunity to become Tag Team Champions and exact revenge on Sigil for taking my precious crown.”

“Are you serious?” Tag interrupts. “He’s a side note on your never-ending quest for success?”

Black angrily grabs Tag and pushes him backwards into the corner.

“You need to remember who you’re talking to!!” Simon yells angrily in his face. “Tonight, Jet Set Radio are going to ensure The Blackharts become OSW Tag Team Champions. Then and ONLY then will we address Wiz’ murder and look for those responsible. You two need to prove you’re still worth something.”

Pyre carefully peels Simon back from Tag, who looks at Ether and shakes his head. Jet Set Radio don’t look convinced – in fact, they don’t look satisfied at all.

As the tension builds, the World Champion continues.

The Kingdom of Blackhart will not accept failure. Jet Set Radio need to prove themselves Knights of the Blacktable. By decree of your King and Queen, it will be done.”

She tosses the microphone down and warns Tag and Ether that they need to listen, or else.


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The Toybox King has returned more dangerous then ever as he sets his sights on the Dark Detective for a return scalp. Can Seesaw emerge victorious in his first match back or will Knightlord spoil his good time?

The bell sounds as Seesaw rushes forward, drilling Kaine with a leaping knee to the stomach before grabbing him by the arm and irish whipping him into the turnbuckles. Kaine hits the buckles chest first, staggering back into the Slapstick Claptrap! Seesaw slamming both hands over Kaine’s ears, damaging his equilibrium before flipping him upside down but Kaine manages to backdrop his way out of the Piledriver.

Seesaw leaps up to his feet right into a skull rattling headbutt as Kaine grabs him by the arm before delivering a ripcord clothesline. Seesaw crashes down, Kaine slowly stalking him as the Toybox King rises to his feet, Northern Lariat, BLOODY RAIN! That well could be it as Kaine covers, ONE…TW…Seesaw gets the shoulder up!

Kaine pulls Seesaw up to his feet, delivering a hard few knees to the midsection before delivering Just A Bite to the forehead of Seesaw, drawing a little blood as he expects Seesaw to recoil or get angry but it’s Knightlord who recoils as with a smile, the clown bites him back! Kaine’s then stunned with a big kick to the jaw before Seesaw rushes forward.

SUPERFINE TURBINE BLAST! Kaine gets planted right into the mat but he doesn’t stay there as Seesaw lifts him up once more, hoisting him up high before planting himself a bloodsucking tree with POP GOES THE WEASEL! That may well be it as Seesaw covers for the one…two…three!!!

Seesaw does it, overcoming the vampire here tonight with a picture perfect piledriver in his OSW return. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: SEESAW [/edgtf_highlight]

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In Vayikra’s locker room, Sir Renault prepares for his tag title defence later tonight with his new tag partner, Sigil. As he meditates, Sir Gable approaches him, warily.

“What is it, brother?” Sir Renault asks him, sensing his discomfort.

Gable sits next to Renault.

“Sir Renault, I’m afraid I need to ask for your help,” Gable starts. “It seems we were both right. This letter was both a threat and a note from an admirer – or rather an old flame. Israel Grimwolf believes I need saving, but we both know the truth.”

“Yahweh himself will be our saviour,” nods Renault, in agreement.

“Indeed,” replies Sir Gable. “But Grimwolf is from a part of my past where I did need help, so he won’t stop unless we make him. We need to find him, tonight, and nip this in the bud before it has chance to flower.”

Sir Renault stands from his meditation.

“Well, you’re in luck, Gable, I just so happen to know he’ll be the last back from the ring tonight. That’s where we find him.”

Gable stands now, too. His own worry eased, just as Renault’s was by the meditation. He claps his brother in arms on the back.

“I knew I could count on you for this Renault. I’ll let you get back to your preparations for tonight. I’m only sorry it is not one of your Vayikra brothers with you.”

Sir Gable leaves the locker room, and Sir Renault looks on, before taking a seat once more.


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Jensen Cussen has returned to OSW with a vengeance as he takes on the debuting Tureos…but can he stop the Demon of Souls from collecting his first?

Jensen immediately charges at Tureos, looking to catch the Demon of Souls with a flying kick…but Tureos narrowly dodges it, answering with a hard kick of his own! This sends Cussen reeling toward the ropes, an opportunity Tureos seizes with a clothesline, sending him tumbling outside over the top rope!

Jensen lands on his feet, prompting Tureos to head to the ropes, building momentum as he goes for a dive between the ropes…AND RIGHT INTO A FOREARM SMASH BY JENSEN! Tureos is down, but not for very long as Jensen stands him up and brings him back in the ring.

Tureos manages to slip away from Vengeance, making him give chase as he looks for a leaping superkick! BLUNT FORCE–NO! Tureos catches Cussen with a running powerslam instead! HELL BOUND! Tureos immediately goes for the cover! ONE! TW–NO! Jensen kicks out with authority, shoving the Demon of Souls off him!

Cussen slowly gets to his feet…just as Tureos goes for a spinning heel kick! KAOS KICK–MISSES BY A NOSE! Jensen lays into Tureos with a flurry of kicks into a flying knee to daze him…before leaping off the ropes with a superkick! INFINITE CHAOS, AND THE COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Tureos was impressive in his debut against Jensen Cussen, but the Demon of Souls falls to Vengeance here tonight!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: JENSEN CUSSEN [/edgtf_highlight]

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“Fuck! His trailer’s over there!”

“Thanks, bitch.”


The sickening sound of a poor grip’s face meeting the side of a equipment case  ring out through a movie lot. Standing before us is the one, the only, Zero. A snarl on his face, we see a war path behind him of destroyed lights, cameras, and the scattered unconscious bodies of the film crew, all of whom seem to have met one bad mother fucker.

The Hacker’s eyes shoot to across the back area of the studio, locking onto a trailer with Luke Storm’s face plastered egotistically on the side. Zero charges towards it, slamming his fist into the door!





The door blow off of its hinges as Zero barrels inside! He goes about tearing apart the innards, flinging bottles of whiskey across the interior, tearing through the many luxuries of it when he hears an engine roar to life outside! Zero turns to face the window, looking outside to see a truck pointed right at the trailer! Behind the wheel with a smile worn smugly across his face? Luke Storm.

“Oh mother fuck-” Zero is cut off as the truck flies forwards! It collides brutally with the side of the trailer, knocking it over and sending Zero slamming about the cabin! We lose sight of him as Luke Storm steps out of the truck, crawling on top of the trailer triumphantly.

“Zero, buddy,” he says, adjusting his sunglasses. “I see you answered the casting call. One ignorant mother fucker trying out for-”


Storm peels off out of the lot, leaving Zero who tears his way out of the side of the trailer, still seething.

“Pussy.” Zero spits the words from his lips as he leaps down, already planning his next move.


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Earlier Tonight.

We find ourselves in an alleyway somewhere down the road from the Slaughterhouse, the light of the day slowly fading to black in the moments after sunset as one mountain of a man arrives at the scene.


He looks down at a folded sheet of paper in his hand, with some hastily-scribbled note written in a blood-red ink. Within the note are instructions to meet at this very alley, and a word at the bottom encircled:


Banzan looks up from the note, noticing that he’s still very much alone…until a voice calls to him from somewhere in the distance.

A voice that Banzan recognizes immediately.

Kaine Knightlord.

“Thank you for coming, Banzan.”

“Right, what’s this about?”

Banzan raises his hand, showing off the note as Kaine speaks up again, still hiding himself somewhere in the growing shadows of the alley.

“There’s something coming, Banzan, something dangerous…and I need to be prepared for it.”

This simply gets a glare at first from Banzan, not quite sure what to make of this statement.

“And what do you want from me, Kaine?”

“I’m looking to build an army, to protect myself and my Kindred against the coming of the Antediluvians…Gehenna.”

Banzan just shakes his head at this, a grunt coming from the Mountain before he speaks up again.

“No, Kaine, I don’t think I’ll be joining any army of yours. Your issues are yours alone.”

This refusal draws a chuckle from Knightlord, however, as he speaks with a slightly more jovial tone of voice in response.

“Oh, I’m not asking you to join…I’m warning you, not to fight the Embrace. A man of your strength and talents will serve me well against what’s to come.”

Finally, out of the shadows approaches the Shadow Bat himself, a wicked grin on his face…before a noise from up above stops him, forcing Knightlord to look up.

Staring at precisely nothing…nothing but a shadow of someone watching.

As he looks back to the alley, Kaine realizes that Banzan has fled…at least for now. Knowing that Banzan is a man of peace, Kaine just chuckles to himself…knowing that no amount of peace will stop the coming war.


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Tonight, we have a triple threat for the tag team championship! Will the makeshift team of Sigil and Sir Renault be able to defend the belts against two true teams in the Blackhearts and Jet Set Radio! We find out now!

DING! DING! Simon, Tag, and Sigil start the match. Tag and Simon give each other a knowing look, nod at one another, and Tag rolls out of the ring! Sigil sees what’s going in and charges at Simon! Forearm strike and another for good measure by Sigil! He goes to throw another one but a quick front kick to the knee of Sigil and Simon lands a snap DDT!

Simon walks over to Pyre and makes out with his wife to the chagrin of everyone in the arena! Pyre is now in after what technically counts as a tag! She walks in expecting Sigil but she walks into a powerful spear by Sir Renault! He covers! One! Two! Thr-no! Pyre kicks out!

Sir Renault pulls Pyre up and he has her up in a stalling suplex but she counters it with a stunner! Slumdog millionaire style! Sir Renault is stunned and Pyre locks in AWAKENING! She has the dragon sleeper locked in tight! Sir Renault uses his power advantage to get to a standing position but Pyre still has it locked in tight!

Renault is almost out of it but Pyre turns it into a modified Backstabber! Simon looks proud as Pyre tags him back in! She goes to the top rope as Simon waits for Renault to get up! Sigil shoves Pyre off and she crashes into the barricade! Simon is distracted and Renault lands a big boot! Simon is down Renault tags in Sigil! Sigil is waiting for Simon to get up! Simon gets to his feet! PLANESWALKER! Sigil lands the dropkick but Tag slides in and rolls Sigil up with a schoolboy! He’s trying to save it for The Blackhearts! One! Two! Three!

It’s too effective! Tag has won the tag team titles for him and Ether but the crowd is happier than they are! They look sad, despondent even as The Blackhearts glare them down!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNERS AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: JET SET RADIO [/edgtf_highlight]

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The Bellator Family Home.

In what looks like a beautiful family home, Lux Bellator sits on a hard wooden stool, looking through photographs.

“Where am I now?” A voice says from behind.

Lux turns to see his son, Sanctus, stood in the doorway.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the elder Bellator warns. “You can’t risk running into yourself in this timeline.”

The Light Warrior stands up to face his son.

“I hear Simon has made it official; you and I will fight at Dead End, as per Solomon’s request,” Lux says with a sombre tone.

As per…

“You need to listen to me, son,” Lux interrupts. “I’ve been down this path you’re on and I’ve seen where it leads. I rotted in a cage with Lucifer for my sins, in uncontrollable agony, until Solomon rescued me.”

Sanctus scoffs.

“We’re not kick-starting the apocalypse by breaking the seven seals, dad,” he retorts. “We’re working with Death – the only one who can bring Yahweh back.”

That frustrates Lux, who can’t believe it.

“It doesn’t matter what master you serve, only that you serve one without your best interests in mind,” he reminds him. “I thought I was serving the right master. Look at what I did.”

“Yeah, it’s your fault they’re all gone,” The Vayikra member points out. “We’re clearing up after your mistake, dad. We’re making things right. Renault doesn’t think I have the courage or desire to fight you. He’s wrong.”

Lux walks across the room and stands opposite his son, getting right into his face.

Don’t become me,” the father warns his son. “I made those mistakes so that you didn’t have to.”

Sanctus shrugs.

“And I won’t.”

He slowly backs away, exiting through the door he came as Lux looks on in contemplation.


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Vigour came out of Gold Rush still a champion but the former holder of the gold he adorns wants it back. Can Impaler regain his Double Feature Championship or will the Prince of Party retain his gold over the former champ?

The bell sounds as the Impaler rushes forward, nearly decapitating Vigour with a brutal Adam Smasher. That well could be it but the Impaler’s out for blood tonight as he peels the Prince off the mat, lifting him up into the air with brutal knees to the midsection before throwing him clean across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex.

Vigour lands hard in the corner, pulling himself up with the ropes just in time to avoid a stampeding Legion who rushes forward with a leaping Avalanche. The impact on steel stuns Impaler, just like the leaping enziguri to the back of the head before Vigour grabs him by the head, leaping up onto the ropes as he tries for a Tornado DDT BUT HE’S LAWNDARTED OFF!

Vigour stumbles up to his feet right into a brutal Bicycle Kick before he’s lifted up high, NIGHT CITY…HURRICANRANA! Vigour counters at the last second, snapping Impaler down to the mat before grabbing him once more, spinning around and planting him into the mat with a Tornado DDT!

The Prince of Party doesn’t waste time, leaping up to the top rope as he tries for a Splash of Colour but it gets only knees as Legion was ready for him. Vigour stumbles up to his feet as Impaler grabs him from behind, locking in the rear naked choke before he drags Vigour down to the mat, fully locking in Legionnaires. Vigour tries to fight out but he’s fully trapped as he’s forced to tap out!

We have a new Double Feature Champion here as the Impaler regains his former title, choking the Prince of Party out to do so. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND NEW DOUBLE FEATURE CHAMPION: THE IMPALER [/edgtf_highlight]

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The Double Feature Championship has been decided, but that’s not the only thing in the mind of Vigour tonight.

“Why’d you do it?” Vigour yells, rising back to his feet.

The Impaler remains on his knees, a torn expression on his face. He doesn’t even try to respond. That makes it worse for Vigour.

“You son of a bitch!” The Prince of Party roars, pushing Impaler back.

That’ll do it.

Legion rushes forward, grabbing Vigour by the neck and lifting him up in the air. Pulling him face to face, Impaler scowls.

“I didn’t kill Starboy.”


Out of nowhere, The Generation Kid enters the ring. Full of emotion, he charges straight to Impaler, who drops Vigour.


“You’re lying.” TGK says, his voice at a growl as he reaches down and grabs Impaler by the neck.

With the tables turned, the Kid is in a state we haven’t seen him in before. He lifts Impaler into the corner, his eyes full of fury.

“We saw you. He was dead, and you were there, waiting for us.” TGK accuses. “You’d been hunting us, hadn’t you? Our friend is now dead so you could do what?”


“You tried to escape us and failed, saved only by Sigil.” The Kid spits. “You tried to escape your mask, but you couldn’t even do that.”

TGK throws Impaler into the middle of the ring.

“Now this one’s for Starboy.”

TGK runs at Impaler, but suddenly stops.

He grabs at his head, falling to his knees as Vigour runs to his side. Roaring to the heavens, TGK’s eyes are now glowing blue as he seemingly loses all control of himself.

Impaler gets the fuck out of the ring as the blue eyes of TGK fade into his normal pupils.

“Are you okay?” Vigour asks, very very concerned.

TGK just nods as the lights start to pulse purple and “Wolf Totem” kicks in to the speakers.

Banzan is coming, and TGK needs to be able to defend that Rewind Championship against him.

But what the hell happened to cause TGK to glitch like that?

And why the hell are there a pair of eyes in the back of the Slaughterhouse fixed on Vigour?


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TGK has become almost synonymous with the Rewind Championship since his debut at Wrestle Heroes but tonight he faces a true test in the Mountain. Can TGK remain the standard bearer of Rewind or will Banzan gain his second hold of the gold?

The bell sounds as both men walk forward, exchanging a firm handshake and a warm nod before Banzan pulls TGK in, trying for a clothesline that the Kid ducks underneath, bouncing off the ropes as he delivers a hard shoulderblock that barely moves the Mountain. TGK rushes to the ropes, trying for another that does about the same before running back to the ropes, bouncing off this time with DOC BROWNS’ DELOREAN! This moved Banzan this time, the Mountain staggering back into the corner as the kid tries for a second spear.

BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO A MAMMOTH BIG BOOT! The Kid nearly gets knocked out cold as he staggers up into the clutches of Banzan who hoists him overhead, trying for the Saito Suplex but the Kid lands on his feet, KARATE KID! WAX ON BANZAN! The Mountain is dazed as TGK grabs him around the shoulder, trying for a Most Excellent Adventure but the Mountain stops that with a brutal elbow to the side of the head

DUKKHA! SUFFERING IS ETERNAL! TGK gets dropped right on his head as Banzan backs up, looking for the killing blow as TGK slowly rises to his feet right into the MAGGA! Brutal knee to the side of the head as that well could be it, the Mountain covering for the one…two…three!!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!

We have a new Rewind Champion here tonight as Banzan picks up his second reign with the belt, proving too much for the fractured TGK here tonight.

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND NEW REWIND CHAMPION: BANZAN [/edgtf_highlight]

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And now the Rewind Championship has been decided!

After a hell of a match between Banzan and TGK, the pair offer respectful nods before Banzan leaves the ringside area. TGK’s glitching during the match had Vigour very worried, and he is at the Kid’s side as we speak.

“What the hell is going on?” Vigour asks, trying to help TGK get control of himself.

Leaning on the ropes, the Kid seems to be getting under control.

“I got too emotional, I think.” He pants. “Seeing Impaler deny what he did… I couldn’t handle it. I was going to kill him, Vigour.”

Worried, Vigour just takes it in.

“Perhaps your mind knew you weren’t fated to kill Impaler this day.”

Turning around, the Rainbow Party scowls as they see Chronoa in the ring.

“What the hell are you doing here?” TGK says, readying himself for a fight.

Chronoa simply smiles.

“The Impaler is mine to deal with, as friend or foe.” She says, giving them a death stare. “I won’t have you interfering in fate’s plans for him.”

The Prince of Party gets up in her face.

“And what are you going to do about it?” He says, dead serious. “He killed our friend, and we’re not just going to let that go.”

“You’re not the first to have lost someone to Legion.” She retorts. “Nor will you be the last. I’d hate to see either of you having to mourn the other.”

Stepping past Vigour, much to his chagrin, Chronoa approaches TGK.

“And you,” she begins. “The fates swirl around you. Not even a real person, you still glow with the ebb and flow of one who has been time displaced. But why? What is your purpose? Do you even know?”

She laughs before TGK can say anything. Vigour goes back to his side.

“You don’t know, though. That much is clear from your actions of late. You chase specters of the past, without realizing that when the moment is right, fate will reveal itself.”

TGK steps up to her.

“Maybe it’s you I’m here to stop.” He says, resolute.

“Maybe.” She says, mockingly. “Maybe not.”

She goes to walk away.

“Either way, if you interfere with Impaler’s business again, you will have to deal with me.”

Walking back up the ramp, she rolls her eyes as Vigour offers a parting shot.

“We’ll book you a spot, then.”

This situation is only just starting to heat up.


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A darkened room, devoid of furnishings. Sigil enters the room, sneaking in silently. Once inside, he scans his surroundings and breathes in deeply, relaxing when he sees that he is alone.

Only, he’s not alone for long.

Crashing into the room comes Deathnote, stalking across the floor with one intention. He has murder in his eyes and a single sentence on his lips that he spits at Sigil while he charges across the room.

“Where is the crown?!”

Sigil remains silent, even as Deathnote grabs him by the throat.

“Give it to me.”

Sigil shakes his head defiantly.

Fuck off.”

Sigil has no plans of sticking around, beginning to draw a portal in the air for his escape, but Deathnote has other ideas. He punches him square in the face, and Sigil crumples. The partial portal dissipates into the air.

“I’ll just have to take it then.”

Deathnote pummels Sigil with a series of brutal fists, leaving the Collector unconscious on the concrete floor.

Deathnote then does the unthinkable. He unhooks Sigil’s satchel from his shoulder and pulls it away from him. He opens it and plunges his hand inside, rummaging around. Deathnote is digging through Sigil’s collection, searching for the crown.

When he pulls his arm back from the depths of the satchel, it is not a crown that he is holding, but a pen. A very fine pen. He turns it in his hands, looking at the inscription on the side.

‘E.N. Poetry in Motion’

As he scans the pen, Deathnote begins shaking violently. Then, without a warning… He vanishes.

Moments later, Deathnote returns, still holding the pen. His eyes are wide in a mixture of surprise and shock, but on his face is a smirk.

Deathnote found no crown within the satchel, but he takes it anyway. Walking away with the Collector’s artifacts and leaving Sigil slowly stirring on the ground.


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Sir Bellator came within inches of walking away with everything at Gold Rush with the VHS title as a consolation prize but his own friend in Yahweh may well take it from him here tonight if he’s not careful.

The two templars square up for a moment, Bellator reaching out a hand in friendship that Gable takes before pulling him in and drilling him with a stiff forearm to the jaw. Bellator staggers back into a flurry of lefts and rights before Gable Biel Tosses him into the corner. Bellator stumbles up right into GOLD RUSH! Gable holds Bellator on his chest, driving his shoulder over and over into Sanctus’s midsection before throwing him halfway across the ring with a Belly to Belly.

Bellator slowly rises up as Gable rushes forward, looking for another Spear but he runs into the HOLY WISH! Superkick right to the jaw stuns Gable as he’s lifted up high, Sanctus looking for Yahweh’s Sign but Gable manages to slip out, sliding down Bellator’s back before rolling him up for the one…two…Bellator manages to kick out.

Bellator rushes to his feet right into a kick to the face before Gable spins him around, trying for the ten Commandments but he can only manage two before Bellator begins to fight out with hard elbows to the jaw and a leaping Pele Kick stuns him. Bellator backs up, rushing forward at the seemingly groggy Gable, DOUBLE SUPERKICK! 

Both men are dazed and confused as they slowly shake the cobwebs off but Bellator is the first to recover, nailing Gable with another Holy Wish before slamming him down to the mat with a lightning fast IMPERTIO! That has to be it as Bellator floats over for the cover and the one…two..three!!!

Sir Bellator does it, retaining his VHS championhip in a very hard fought battle against his fellow Vayikran. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER AND STILL VHS CHAMPION: SIR BELLATOR [/edgtf_highlight]

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SeeHULK is once again stomping around the streets of New York with little care for whoever gets in his way! Luckily for the residents of this particular neighborhood, they’re smart enough to know to lock their doors at night and stay inside! SEEHulk notices this… kind of. The hulking brute grabs a gar, lifting it up and peering under it before slamming it down.


Before SeeHULK can go further, however, a voice calls out from behind! “Brother! I told you not to get too far from me, didn’t I?” The voice of SeeSaw is in a weird way almost a godsend to hear as SeeHULK immediately lowers his head, turning back to his brother who clasps a hand on his shoulder with a wicked grin.

“We can look for Mr. Montana as much as you want, SeeHULK! You just have to stay nearby, wouldn’t want you going out and getting into trouble without me, would we?” SeeSaw watches as his abomination of a brother nods his head. Mr. Make-believe looks at his seemingly downtrodden sibling and smirks.

“Wanna go break some doors down and look for him?”

SeeHULK smiles, raising his fists in the air. “CRUSH DOORS!”

The monster takes off down the street with SeeSaw hot on his trail! However, the camera zooms away to reveal a rooftop where Chip Montana himself is standing, a tranquilizer rifle hanging off of his shoulder, binoculars in hand.

“Fuck me, that’s one ugly cunt. And the green one ain’t too pretty either. Right, Dave-” Chip instinctively looks over his shoulder, immediately frowning realizing he’s alone for the first time in a long time.

“Right. Time to do some good old fashioned huntin’ and trackin’. Bet if I follow the smell of piss and the broken doors I’ll find ya, Dave.”

Chip puts the binoculars away as he begins his way down the fire escape.

“I’ll find ya”


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One man just conquered his foe in ruthless fashion but incurred a new headache during the process in Hollywood Storm, and the other man just stepped foot back on land after sailing the seven seas and finally confronted the man who murdered him. With all this buzz surrounding them both, who will capitalize and seize the moment in this main event when they square off tonight?


The bell rings and the crowd is hot for these two swashbuckling dudes!

It’s Grimwolf’s first match in months, and Zero has his swagger back after literally caving Goro Nakamura’s face in at Ring King.

Both men look around to the crowd as they take in the dual chants:



The Hacker cracks a smile at the audience and takes a step forward, but before he can take another step Grimwolf waves his hand and hollers at Zero, stopping him in his tracks.

The King of the Seven Seas takes a flask out of his pocket and steps forward, offering it to his opponent.

After carefully considering, Zero snatches the flask, pops the cap off and takes a whiff…

“Yo ho ho, motherfucker,” Zero quips, and takes a chug of what we can safely assume is rum.

“Yarrrr matey!” rasps Grimwolf when Zero tosses flask back to him, beaming with joy.

Zero holds the flask up to Grimwolf’s chest, demanding he take a swig now as well.

Grimmy cheers Zero and knocks it back—



Zero went for the stunner right away, but Grimwolf saw right through him! Grimmy shakes his finger at Zero…


Zero is temporarily blinded and immediately goes to wipe off his protective lens, but when he can see clearly through it again he’s met with a roaring elbow—


This knocks Zero back a few steps and Grimwolf stays on him with a forearm that backs Zero into the corner…




Grimwolf whips Zero into the opposite corner, following closely behind and when Zero’s back crashes into the turnbuckle Grimwolf drills him immediately with a—


Grimwolf follows up with a snapmare that plants Zero on his bottom in a seated position. Grimwolf digs a knee into Zero’s back and locks his arms into a full Nelson—



But Grimmy neglects to think about the bionic arm.

Zero breaks his arm through the submission and arm drags Grimwolf over the top of him. Now Zero follows up with a headlock on Grimwolf, his bionic arm squeezing the pirate’s head tighter and tighter as Grimwolf manages to get to his feet. He backs Zero into the ropes whips him across the ring. Zero rebounds back to Grimwolf and ducks under a lariat attempt. Back off the opposite ropes, Grimwolf throws another roaring elbow at Zero— who again ducks it, and hits the opposite ropes again and bounds right into a—


Grimwolf is back in control, mounting Zero and leveling him with forearms again and again until Grimwolf decides it’s time to switch it. He pulls Zero to his feet and stuffs him under his legs. He adjusts his belt, then lifts Zero into a powerbomb position, and runs towards a corner—


Zero bounces off and hazily stumbles back towards Grimwolf who bends over and then flips Zero head over heels up and over him—



Zero lands belly-up with a splash!

Grimwolf looks to the crowd—

“YARRRRR!” he calls out to them!

“YARRR!!!” the crowd chants in response as Grimwolf covers Zero and hooks a leg—








Grimwolf shakes his head and pulls Zero up, again lifting him up on his shoulders for a buckle bomb, but he only runs a step or two before a bionic hand grips him around the throat—


This stops Grimwolf in his tracks, and Zero slips out of Grimmy’s grasp. Standing now and goozling Grimwolf who is grasping at Zero’s arm, he lifts the rum runner up high in the air before slamming him to the mat—


Zero flips the bionic bird at the prone pirate, then drops down and hooks a leg—






Zero bounces off the ropes before Grimwolf can even get to his feet and sprints at the sitting pirate—



Grimwolf is laid out flat now, and Zero grabs his leg, rolls Grimwolf over onto his stomach, and twists the leg back—



Grimwolf pulls himself to the the ropes and clutches onto the bottom rope for dead life, initiating the ref’s five count before Zero is forced to break.
As Grimwolf pulls himself up on the ropes he’s met with a big right hand punch to the face—


Grimwolf has been knocked for a loop!

Zero lifts Grimwolf onto his shoulders… and dumps him onto his neck—












Zero can’t believe it. He picks Grimwolf up and whips him into the ropes. On the rebound he throws a vicious bionic lariat at the oncoming Grimwolf—



Grimwolf hits the ropes and sprints back at Zero—



Grimwolf spins around in a flurry—




Grimwolf pops up into the air and lands with a splash on his back as Zero emphatically flips the double bird at Grimwolf!

Zero covers, hooking both legs—







Zero took Grimwolf to Punk City and dispatched him into the bay from whence he came!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: ZERO  [/edgtf_highlight]

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The middle of the ring.

With the Main Event having concluded and the arena now empty of fans, we focus on the middle of the ring.



As smoke fills the ring and the lights return, we’re left with the vision of Death standing before us.

Week one.

He grimaces.

Rain raises his hands, sparks beginning to flow from them as he does. Yellow orbs appear at his finger tips and glowing around his wrists.

The Slaughterhouse begins violently shaking.

The ceiling begins to crumble.

The ring begins to rattle.

யதார்த்தத்தின் பிணைப்புகளை உடைக்கவும்.

We zoom in on Rain’s grinning face as the arena stops shaking and the dust stops falling.