[Blink.] [Blurry eyes see very little. ] [Carefully they open, squinting against the faint sight of light ahead. She’s awake, but to her dismay, she’s still here.] [Upon realisation of that fact, her heart beat increases.]

“It’s nice to have you back with us,” [says the voice of James Hunter.] “I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it. That might have put a wrinkle in my plans.”

[Her mouth is so dry and her lips so encrusted that she can barely murmur. She closes her eyes, hoping that when she opens them, he’s no longer there.] [But he is.]

“I can assure you that your sacrifice has not been in vein, Destiny. To every man, there is a cause which he would gladly die for. Every man will fight with his bare hands in desperation and shed blood to stem the flood, to barricade invasion.”

[She doesn’t understand. She can’t think straight.]

“Tonight, Mike Lane would gladly die for you, his love. I’m not asking for that. I want what is rightfully mine – what I have achieved and earned through sacrifice. I want the Old School Wrestling World Championship.”

[James stands up and grabs her by the jaw, his eyes now interlocked with hers, of which we see through.]

“And when I ask the question of Mike Lane tonight, he had better answer; because if I return here without it, the next question will be answered in blood.”

[He laughs sadistically, pulling back his right hand and punching her into unconsciousness. It’s there that we no longer see through Destiny’s eyes, but instead into the abyss of pitch black.] [We cut to Smiley sitting in a dimly lit room backstage applying his face-paint in a mirror; readying himself for tonight’s RAGE Championship match.]


[Smiley’s head spins to peer over his shoulder, sure he’d heard someone say something… but he finds nothing and no one, and so he returns to the mirror and his face-paint.]


“It’s Smiley!”

[He cranes his neck once more, searching the room for a source of the voice he’s sure he’s heard this time… but again, nothing and no one… and so he returns to the mirror… to find the reflection of the Scarecrow standing behind him!]


[Smiley spins on his heels and faces the Hayman, his fists at a’ ready.]

“We starting this party early!?!” [Lee Shouts.] [The Scarecrow just stares at him, his head cocked to one side.]

“Well, what the hell do you want, Crowman!?!”

[After a few more moments of silence, the Scarecrow speaks.]

“I was looking forward to destroying you tonight, Lee… but it looks like someone beat me to it.” [Scarecrow steps in on Smiley.] “But blood is blood…” [The Hayman takes a deep breath in through his nose.] “…and tonight, I’ll have my fill.”

[Smiley swings on Scarecrow! But the lights cut out! We hear some commotion before they pop back on, to reveal Smiley faced off with two Scare-Crowley’s and the Scarecrow himself gone. Smiley doesn’t know what to make of the Scare-Crowley’s when they suddenly remove their hoods…] [It’s Tobias and Damien! Smiley’s former family, and they strike! The two men pummel Smiley two on one before grabbing him and throwing him into the mirror on the wall, shattering it into a million pieces. Tobias and Damian look satisfied as they exit the room, leaving Lee surrounded by broken glass.]

“The party did start early!” [Smiley jests, as he grabs a shard of mirror and runs it across his tongue, allowing a steady flow of blood to pour out over his twisted smile.] [As the bell rings, there is no waiting from Trixxster or Maelstrom, who both head to the outside. Jason Dorn seems confused but quickly follows suit. Quickly reaching under the ring, Trixxster tosses a barbed wire wrapped chair and a paint roller covered in thumbtacks into the ring. He also slides out a razor blade covered table. Maelstrom has slid one table into the ring and set another up on the outside. He reaches under one last time, grabs a bullwhip and a steel chain, and slides into the ring. Meanwhile, Dorn finds a kendo stick and slides back into the ring.] [Dorn gets a laugh from Trixxster, who is holding his barbed wire chair, for his mere kendo stick. Maelstrom shows no emotion either way, advancing with his steel chain and bull rope. Dorn makes the first move, swinging for the fences at El Muerte Blanca, but a backhand strike with the chain shatters the flimsy kendo stick in mid-air. Dorn swings the tattered remains at Maelstrom, but gets clocked with the barbed wire chair to put a small hole in his forehead. Jason seems a little surprised at the blood, and is even more surprised when Maelstrom kneels down to wrap the bull rope around his neck.] [This doesn’t last long though, as Maelstrom gets painted with the thumbtacks embedded in the paint roller. His mask is pierced, and a small bit of blood seems to be welling up behind the white mask, creating an eerie scene. Trixxster goes for another shot, but Maelstrom moves, throwing a gasping Jason Dorn to the ground. El Muerte Blanca goes on the offensive, whipping Trixxster across the back with both the whip and chain. Trixxster immediately drops to his knees. Maelstrom picks him up over his shoulders and looks to be going for a DVD, but DORN NAILS THEM BOTH WITH THE CHAIR!! HE MAKES A COVER ON TRIXXSTER. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT!] [Dorn rolls over, realizing that he’s in a fight for his life here with the two crazy men before him. He gets back to his feet and cracks Maelstrom across the skull with the chair. But Trixxster grabs both of Dorn’s legs and drops him with a double leg takedown. He reaches for the chain and knocks Jason across the skull with a huge shot. While Trixxster begins his barbarism, El Muerte Blanca has returned with a pair of light tubes. He swings both towards Trixxster, crashing them in unison across both sides of his head. These men are laying it all out for a chance at the Hardcore Championship!] [Trixxster crumbles to the mat, allowing El Muerte Blanca to make a cover. One… Two… Dorn breaks up the fall. Dorn drops an elbow on Trixxster and covers, but El Muerte Blanca smacks him across the bare back with the whip. He breaks Dorn’s skin with it. He goes back to choking Jason Dorn with the whip, animal like in his determination. However, Trixxster rushes in, nailing Maelstrom with a right hand, one of the first non-weapon moves of the match. El Muerte Blanca turns to face the Jester, who knocks him between the ropes onto the apron. Dorn goes to nail Trixxster, but knocks Maelstrom off the apron ONTO THE RAZOR COVERED BOARD ON THE FLOOR! MAELSTROM IS IN A WORLD OF HURT!] [Trixxster grabs Dorn quickly and nails him with the steel chain, sending him into the ropes on the other side of the ring. The Jester runs in for a shot, but BACK BODY DROP OVER THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Jason Dorn stands alone in the middle of the ring, but he quickly rolls out to make a cover on Trixxster. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT AT .99999. Trixxster stirs and Dorn doesn’t seem to know how to put him away. He grabs another kendo stick from under the ring, and stands ready to take Trixxster’s head off. SMASH!!! TRIXXSTER STILL HAS THE CHAIN AROUND HIS FIST!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Maelstrom tried to crawl around the ring, but he didn’t make it in time. Trixxster survives to win a shot at the Hardcore belt!] [When a van pulls up to the arena outside, it’s easy to pay no attention. After all, it’s just a van. But when this van pulled up outside the School Yard tonight, the sounds of sadistic laughter that filled the air made anyone in the vicinity watch carefully.] [The door suddenly opens as the engine shuts off and out steps the devil himself, Doctor Louis D’Ville. With his Tag Team Championship draped across his shoulder, he tips his hat slightly forwards and walks around the van towards its back doors.] [As the van rocks back and forth, the sound of menacing laughter can be heard squealing from inside. The Doctor opens the doors fearlessly.]

“Hello my friends,” [he says with a warm sense of endearment.] “Welcome to The School Yard. On our day trip from Blackwater today, I want you to experience the freedom of being my patient.”

“I smell blood, I can almost taste it,” [The Shark says sniffing the air.] “I hope the waters cool; I can’t wait to dive in.”

[The Doctor waves him out.] “Please my friend, indulge.”

[The Shark suddenly like a man possessed, his head whipping back and forth in excitement, dives out of the van. He runs straight over to security and attacks, pummelling him with right hands. Blood splatters from his mouth as The Predator licks his face and punches harder.] [The rest of the inmates look at each other and then at Doc, realizing they’re been released. They pour out of the van and start attacking anyone nearby. Members of the public run away, fans too and the staff, well they’re just bait sitting in the water.] [Doctor D’Ville stands back and watches the carnage unfold as Doubt, Corey Black and Smiley join The Shark in decimating those around the School Yard.]

“Hahahahahaha!” [The Doctor laughs.] “The Doctor’s doors are always open!”

[The scene comes to a close with The Asylum causing havoc here tonight, picking up exactly where they left off at Triosmania.] [DING DING DING! Kersh growls forward looking for a collar and elbow tie up. Anonymous catches him completely off guard with a front dropkick, knocking him back into the corner. Anon jumps at The Enforcer and swings wildly with a few strikes before jumping up to the second rope. He lands a few more punches before Kersh shoves him off. Anonymous rolls out and jumps to his feet just in time to dodge a vicious clothesline from Kersh! Kersh turns around and gets a kick to face! Kersh can’t catch a break here! He drops to the canvass and Anonymous continues the onslaught. He locks Kersh into a side headlock and begins hammering away brawling fists. Kersh tries to cover up, rolling onto his side. Anonymous locks in a full nelson! That was a mistake…Kersh easily get to his feet and powers out of the hold, a look of pure rage on his face. This time, he hits Anonymous with a clothesline that almost takes off his mask!] [Kersh yells at Anonymous to GET UP! He gets up but is quickly sent back down with an arm drag take down. He goes to lock in a bow and arrow but the masked makes it to the ropes and flips himself to the outer apron. He begins climbing to his feet and Kersh marches forward. Kersh throws his elbow through the middle rope and into Anonymous’s gut! He doubles over, his head protruding between the middle and top rope. Kersh backs himself up to the ring post and runs along the apron, hitting Anonymous with a running knee lift! Anonymous drops down across the middle rope completely stunned. Kersh grabs Anonymous’s head and holds it against the middle rope! Choking the life out of him! Kersh is clearly done with any and all bullshit! The ref gets to a 4 count before he lets go. Anonymous springs back, landing outside the ring.] [Kersh slides out of the ring and rounds on the downed Anonymous. Anonymous fires out of the corner! Followed by a European Uppercut! Kersh stops the momentum quickly with a kick to the midsection and bashes his head against the apron! Over and over again! Kersh is relentless as he throws Anonymous back into the ring. Anonymous pulls himself up with the aide of the ring ropes. Kersh grabs Anonymous with both hands around his throat and tosses him across the ring. Kersh is stalking Anonymous as he crawls around, trying to figure out where he is. Every time he manages to make it to his hands and knees, Kersh delivers a vicious kick to the ribs. Kersh stands over Anonymous as he once again makes it to all fours and lays into him like a true brawler. Anonymous is almost out cold as Kersh stands over his fallen opponent. He goes for the cover…1..2…] [Video flashes up on screen as a siren rings through the stadium. Images of Kersh’s daughter flash up on the screen, distracting Kersh enough that he stands up. The images keep flashing, pictures of her as a child interspersed with blurred suggestive photos. Kirsch’s entire face goes red with anger. While him and the ref are distracted, Anonymous nails him with a LOW BLOW! Kersh goes down! Anonymous moves in for the finish! BUT NO! KERSH COUNTERS! LONE STAR! HE LOCKS IN THE LONE STAR! Anonymous taps! He’s tapping out but Kersh won’t release the hold! The ref has to throw Kersh off Anonymous who has blacked out from the pain! Kersh stands over his opponent, unapologetic, he raises his hand in victory.] [Brent Kersh gets back to his feet, a victory secured here tonight. Danielle heads out from behind the curtain, clapping her father’s integrity here tonight. She gets into the ring as Brent picks up a microphone from Paloma Ruiz.]

“Danielle, wait,” [he says raising a hand, interrupting her celebration.] “We need to talk. I know that over the past few weeks, I haven’t been your favourite person. I know that my desire to know who’re dating has been used against us both but tonight, I put an end to that.”

[She reaches out to hug him but he stops her.]

“That doesn’t mean it’s over. The reason I’ve kept you away from this business for so many years is because I know what it’s like. I know that men use women like you to get to that next level of competition and I’d hate to see that happen to my beautiful young daughter.”

“It won’t dad!” [she says off microphone.] “I promise that it won’t.”

[Brent begins to pace the ring, finally coming back to meet his daughter in the centre. He places a hand on her shoulder and leans in.]

“You can’t baby, you can’t. Anonymous tried to use you against me and he’s not even the man you’re seeing,” Brent says with a shake of the head, being extremely heartfelt here tonight. “So imagine what the man you’re seeing could do?”



[The crowd goes absolutely ballistic as a steel chair wraps across the back of Brent Kersh, sending him to the canvas with his back arched in agony.] [Jesus Christ!] [It’s Phoebe Outlaw from behind! What the hell is the meaning of this? She slams the chair down on the canvas and starts pointing at Kersh, screaming at him.]

“You want to know, huh!?” [she yells furiously as Danielle looks on in absolute shock.] “You want to stick your nose in my fucking business?”

[She suddenly pulls Danielle close and kisses her! She kisses her! Oh my God, Phoebe Outlaw is the woman Brent Kersh’ daughter has been dating. She doesn’t know what to do, pushing Outlaw away and checking on her father, asking her “why?” as she does. Phoebe looks around the booing crowd, having had a gutful of the speculation.] [Reluctantly, Danielle gets back to her feet and exits the ring with Phoebe Outlaw in tow. Brent rolls over on the canvas, watching them go, the look of absolute shock plastered all over his face.] [The bell rings as both men stare each other down, a sadistic smile on Smiley as he rushes forward, ducking under a wild right by Scarecrow as he bounces off the ropes, trying for a crossbody. Scarecrow grabs him in mid-air, spinning him around before driving Smiley into the mat with a powerslam. Scarecrow pulls Smiley up to his feet, punishing him with knees to the midsection before tossing him across the ring into the corner. Smiley slowly pulls himself up dazed, right as Scarecrow rushes at him, punishing him with a massive running knee before hoisting him up onto his shoulders once more, running forward and slamming him down with a backbreaker variation] [Smiley crawls away, holding his back in pain as Scarecrow begins to pull him up by the hair but Smiley driving his thumb into Scarecrow’s eye causing the Harvester to stagger away. Smiley takes advantage, driving Scarecrow into the canvas with a reverse ddt, keeping a hold on Scarecrow’s head as Smiley transitions into a dragon sleeper. Smiley can’t get the hold locked in fully before Scarecrow powers out, slamming the back of his head into the jaw of Smiley. Smiley stumbles back, spitting blood out onto the canvas before rushing right into a massive Haymaker.] [Smiley is dazed and out on his feet as Scarecrow calls for the end but as he goes to lift Smiley up into the air, he wiggles out of Scarecrow’s grip, rolling out of the ring as he tries to regain his bearings. Scarecrow follows but he’s met with a hard forearm to the side of the head as Smiley grabs Scarecrow, running forward and slamming him shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Scarecrow goes down, holding his right shoulder before Smiley grabs it, slamming it over and over again on the steel steps before finally rolling the hurting Scarecrow into the ring.] [Smiley rolls into the ring as Scarecrow slowly gets to his feet, throwing a wild left that Smiley ducks under, grabbing the right arm and delivering a single arm ddt into the canvas. Smiley barely lets Scarecrow hit the canvas before he drops down, locking in a fujiwara armbar, wrenching back with all his might on the right arm. Scarecrow cries out in pain, trying to drag himself to the ropes as Smiley pulls back, trying to seriously injure Scarecrow. Scarecrow just scrapes the bottom rope as Smiley breaks the hold, leaping up and slamming down with a legdrop on the right arm, enjoying the cry of pain from the Harvester before pulling him up to his feet] [Smiley dodges a wild right hand but gets tagged by a left as Scarecrow stuns Smiley with a sudden headbutt before running to the ropes, bouncing off right into a huge Chelsea Grin. Scarecrow’s out on his feet as Smiley chuckles a bonechilling laugh before leaping up, wrapping himself around Scarecrow in a bodyscissors, trapping the right arm before fishhooking his mouth and jaw, locking in the Glasgow Smile. Scarecrow tries to fight as Smiley wrenches back with all his might but soon falls to one knee as the hold combined with the pain in his right arm seems to be getting the better of him. Scarecrow looks to be out cold as the referee looks to be ready to call for the bell when Scarecrow’s left arm shoots up into the arm] [Scarecrow slowly powers up to his feet, Smiley desperately holding on, pulling back with all his strength as Scarecrow gets a big surge of strength, powering Smiley up before slamming him down with a modified powerbomb, breaking the Glasgow Smile. Both men slowly get to their feet, Smiley with a right that’s blocked by Scarecrow who peppers Smiley with savage lefts, throwing Smiley to the ropes before nearly taking his head off with a massive Big Boot. Scarecrow tries for another but Smiley ducks under, slamming Scarecrow down to the canvas with a lightning fast neckbreaker before he begins to climb up to the top rope. Smiley sizes Scarecrow up as he dives off just as Scarecrow sits up, grabbing Smiley in mid-air, before spiking him into the mat with a massive chokeslam. Smiley looks to be out cold as Scarecrow drops down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!! The Scarecrow manages to retain his RAGE World Championship!] [Tonight the unthinkable will happen.] [High Society will be forced to step into the ring – not as a unit, but as opponents. All three men sit silently in their locker room, preparing for the match ahead.] [Finally, Nigel Royal has had enough.]

“This silence is insanity,” [he moans aloud.] “Max, you said you know the maggot behind this awful situation, didn’t you? Why don’t we put a stop to this right now?”

[Million shakes his head]. “It is with a heavy heart that I regretfully inform you that these things take time. I have my people investigating as we speak and I’m told that we’re unlikely to be able to contact him until Monday at the earliest.”

“Monday?” [Royal screams at the top of his lungs in frustration. He punches the locker room door next to him enraged at the news.] “Are you kidding me? High Society may not survive until Monday.”

[All three men make eye contact, it having become clear the dire need of their situation.] [Nigel takes a seat and clicks his knuckles.] “Just tell me that we’re going to survive this, Max.”

“High Society will continue in perpetuity, that much I can assure you. I assembled this unit of likeminded men and I’m not putting a stop to it. I don’t care how much he bends or twists us to his will. On Monday Night, I will bring him to the ring and this will be over, I can assure you of that.” Max says with an undeterred certainty.

[Again, all three men stare at each other, knowing that tonight, they’re forced to fight in the middle of the ring.] [They’re on the brink and they know it.] [The bell sounds as the four men are in separate corners. They look around at each other before Black, Doubt, and Doc all seemingly in unison eerily turn their attention towards Marvolo. They all walk towards the center with Doc in the center with Corey Black and Doubt flanking him. Marvolo shows no sign of fear as he’s beckoning them to come at him. Doc smiles as Corey Black and Doubt charge forward. Marvolo flees out of the ring through the ropes and to the ground below before tapping his mask as if to indicate he’s outsmarted them.] [Doc smiles out before Black and Doubt exit the ring, essentially trapping him. Marvolo tries to find a place to run and finds it over the barricade, but Doubt grabs him by the trunks and whips him back to the ringside area. Black charges him and connects with a big boot! Marvolo is leaned up against the apron as Doubt connects with a roundhouse kick that flattens Marvolo outside of the ring. The two lifts him up and roll him inside of the ring with Doc as D’Ville beams downwards at him. He lifts Marvolo up by his mask.] [Palm strike by Marvolo! Marvolo’s thumb and pinky begin wiggling in anticipation before locking in the TOUCH OF DEATH! Doc’s arms are flailing as he’s caught off guard! Black and Doubt quickly leap into the ring, but Marvolo release Doc quickly and hits a knee trembler on Black as he’s getting up. Doubt gets up and nails Marvolo with a rolling elbow that knocks Marvolo off-balance. Doubt hooks him with his arms and EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! But no! Marvolo evades out of the move and connects with an enzuigiri! He turns around to Doc but Doc hits a headbutt before choking Marvolo in the corner!] [Doubt and Corey Black get to their feet and Doc nods at them with a smirk. They leave the ring and look under the ring before brandishing two steel chairs! They climb back into the ring and get set up. Doc whips Marvolo towards them and… CONCHAIRTO! The two smash the head of Marvolo between the two steel chairs before he crumbles to the floor! The crowd is pelting the ring with loud boos as Marvolo is being dismantled. Corey Black lifts up the limp Marvolo and holds him in place. Doubt hits the second rope and leaps off… THE PESSIMIST’S END! Marvolo is spiked into the mat as Doubt pins him. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Denied! Marvolo gets a foot on the rope to break the count. Corey Black quickly leaps to the top rope and leaps off! PHOENIX SPLASH! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Raquel pulls Marvolo’s foot to the rope this time! Doc glares at her on the outside before sending Doubt out to her! Marvolo begins slowly getting to his feet as Doc is preparing for something big. Marvolo looks outside just in time to see Raquel pushed to the ground by Doubt with a hand around her throat! Marvolo turns around into… THE LOBOTOMY!] [NO! Marvolo slides out of it! Corey swings with a steel chair, but Marvolo catches it! He kicks Corey in the gut to force him to release it. Marvolo has the chair in hand and… NEARLY DECAPITATES COREY BLACK! Corey hits the mat as Marvolo turns around to see Doc. He swings wildly and catches Doc across the side of his head as he falls to the mat. Doubt slides back into the ring and Marvolo slams it down on him. Time and time and time again! Marvolo screams out!]


[The crowd are on their feet as Marvolo snaps back to. He looks at the chair before throwing it out of the ring in disgust with himself. He turns back around and Corey is there with a running elbow strike that stuns Marvolo. He wraps his arms around him and turns as Doubt comes off of the ropes for a running high knee! Marvolo falls to the mat and Corey takes the blow and falls out of the ring! Marvolo rolls up Doubt! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Marvolo raises his arms in victory but it’s quickly interrupted by Doc who is smiling at him in the center of the ring. Corey re-enters the ring and Doubt gets to his feet. The stand-off ensues.] [The final bell is ringing furiously as Doctor D’Ville’s mission isn’t over. He stands in the corner with his two new Asylum members on his flank. He walks over to Marvolo and comes nose to nose before smiling widely. Marvolo steps back as Raquel is now on the apron pleading with The Asylum to leave him be! Doc raises a hand as if to smack Raquel to which she responds by shutting up instantly in absolute fear. Marvolo pushes Doc a few steps back as he’s absolutely livid!]

“You don’t raise a hand to her!”

[The crowd cheers this as the Doctor takes a few more steps back. His two inmates step forward in his place.]

“It’s time, Marvolo. FOR YOUR SESSION!”

[The hounds unleash upon Marvolo with a flurry of blows straight out of hell! Corey connects with a rolling elbow to which Doubt hits one as well. Corey lifts Marvolo up before connecting with a ROYAL BEHEADING! Doubt has already climbed up the turnbuckle and leaps for… THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Marvolo is coughing up blood already The Asylum isn’t finished! Doubt wraps up Marvolo’s legs in a figure-4-leglock as Corey Black mounts him to hit elbow strike after elbow strike! Marvolo is laid out and isn’t moving as only then does Doc call off the hounds.]

“This is The ASYLUM! This is wh-”

[“STOP SEARCHING THE SKIES FOR ANSWERS, AND LOOK WITHIN!”] [LH Harrison and Alex Reese are running down to the ring. Despite their match later in the show, they’re here to fight against injustice! Harrison and Reese are helping Marvolo?! They slide into the ring and the fight is on! Harrison and Doubt are throwing blows left and right as Corey and Reese and exchanging forearms and elbow strikes! Doc, meanwhile, is sitting in the corner smiling at it all. Harrison gets the better of the tired Doubt with a stiff European uppercut followed by A PLACE OF HOPE! Reese nails Corey with a Pele kick before Harrison enters the equation with a shot to the back of his head! Corey is held up in a wheelbarrow position by LH as Reese climbs to the outside. BREAK THE SILENCE! The somersault leg drop drives Corey’s face into the mat!] [D’Ville has seen enough! He connects with a lunging lariat that nearly decapitates LH! Reese connects with a right hand but Doubt comes out of nowhere with THE PESSIMIST’S END! Reese is down but he and LH are still trying to fight back as they stir once more!] [Corey Black is downed in the corner as he feels his head. He gets to his feet slowly with a pained expression. He sees LH and Reese get flattened once again by Doubt and Doc. Something is different about Corey though.] [ROLLING ELBOW TO DOUBT! Corey Black has snapped out of the tonic’s effects! He picks up the chair that is inside of the ring and begins laying into Doubt with shot after shot to the back! Doubt is motionless! He turns to Doc who now is watching with a slight smile upon his face. Corey rushes towards him with the chair but Doc gives him an icy glare and he’s frozen! Corey can’t move…again!]

“Tsk, tsk. We’ve been through this song and dance a thousand times, Mister Black. There is only one way to remove this barrier between us. RELEASE IT! RELEASE THE CREEPING DEATH!” [A sinister and deranged look has entered the eyes of Doctor D’Ville as his mouth is nearly savoring this opportunity.] [Corey tries to fight it for a few seconds before hanging his head.]

“As you wish, bastard.”

[Black falls to his knees as a primal scream rushes through his throat and exits his mouth in terrifying fashion. His fists clench tight as he falls back to his back with his chest rising up slightly off the mat. The pain appears immense as the convulsions stop. Corey Black slowly slumps over before pulling himself to his feet. A mysterious aura cloaks him in a dark light. The lights dim on the arena as Corey Black smiles cryptically at Doctor D’Ville.]

“Creeping Death. At your service.”

[‘Creeping Death’ falls to his knees before Doctor D’Ville as Doubt also gets to a kneeling position beside him. The Doctor smile widely, possibly wider than ever before as his voice grumbles darkly…]

“At last! Our session is complete, Mister Black.”

[The bell rings and the three men begin to look back and forth between themselves. Nigel Royal and Max Million begin closing in on Culture Boy, backing Baxter into the corner. The lines drawn for now, they go for a double clothesline, but Baxter ducks out of the way. Royal and Max follow their partner into the opposite corner, but this time the Culture Boy throws Nigel into the turnbuckles. Million is able to get a grasp on Baxter’s waist, and he locks on a rear waste lock, putting Baxter to the ground. Royal comes out of the corner with a head of steam and kicks Baxter in the back of the head.] [Million pulls Baxter to his feet, and executes a picturesque German Suplex to bring Baxter down. He hooks the leg to go for a cover. One… Two… Broken up by Nigel! Royal and Million argue for a moment before Baxter re-enters the position, knocking Nigel into the middle rope. He kicks Million in the gut, and sends Max into Royal, ejecting him from the ring. Baxter quickly grabs Million and brings him down with a DDT. He goes to grab a cover, but Nigel pulls him from the ring. Royal lays in with a few shots to Baxter on the outside before sliding back in.] [As soon as Royal is back, Million charges in and nails a running clothesline. Max goes for the Crossface, but Royal quickly rolls out and slaps Million across the mouth. The two men begin tie up angrily, and find themselves in the corner with the official trying to wedge himself between them. Finally they get broken up, Max Million backing into the ring. Nigel merely grins and nods to Max, who is quickly caught by a roll up from the Culture Boy. One… Two… Kick out! Million rolls up to his feet and all three men appear to be eyeballing one another. ] [Baxter fakes a strike towards Million, but instead comes from the other side with a huge jab that rocks Nigel Royal. Million goes to join the Culture Boy in this assault, and they execute a double vertical suplex to take down the Bloodline to Greatness. There is no option for two winners in this match though, so Max and Bobby get up to their knees, trading rights and lefts over the dazed body of Nigel Royal. When Royal tries to sit up, Baxter nails him in the forehead to keep him down. The other two go back to brawling before they find their way to their feet.] [The two men brawl towards the ropes, Million trying to get some position over Baxter, but NIGEL OUT OF NOWHERE! BELLY TO BACK ON MILLION! BELLY TO BACK ON BAXTER! HE SWITCHES AGAIN! ROYAL FLUSH ON BOTH MEN!!! Royal is energized as he makes a cover on Max Million. One… Two… MILLION KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! Nigel quickly leaps over to the Culture Boy. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT FROM CULTURE BOY! HE WAITED TOO LONG! With a sneer on his face, Nigel flips Baxter over. With a hook of the arm, Royal locks in the DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! LOCKED IN TIGHT!!] [Culture Boy has nowhere to go in the middle of the ring, yet he reaches with all of his might to find a rope that might as well be in Egypt. Nigel cranks back on it when Max Million enters the picture. Instead of breaking up the hold, Max grabs the other arm of Culture Boy. BAD INTENT ON CULTURE BOY! NIGEL AND MILLION ARE WRENCHING BACK ON BAXTER AT THE SAME TIME!! HE CAN’T HOLD ON MUCH LONGER! He may be out, but the ref can’t check! Million and Nigel look at one another and seem to come to an understanding. HEADBUTT FROM NIGEL! HEADBUTT FROM MILLION! THEY KEEP FIRING AWAY! MILLION FALLS BACK OFF OF BAXTER. NIGEL WINS VIA SUBMISSION OVER CULTURE BOY!!!] [Could Errol Flint be having a worse night?] [Tonight he has the decision of a life time to make; a decision that if you consider last week, he may have already made. A limousine arrives in the parking lot of The Sanctuary but instead of awaiting him, we’re inside it with the Chairman.] [He’s wearing his referee attire under a suit jacket, linked together by a single button. He looks dishevelled and tired, and when his phone rings, the subsequent surprise of such a call is enough to make him jump.]

“Are you in position?” [he answers the call by saying abruptly.] “There cannot be any mistakes here. Are you sure he’s up to the task?”

[The squabble of another person on the line can only be distinguished by a raw laughter as Errol asks the question.]

“I don’t need your hubris. Do you know what I’m going to have to do out there tonight? I’m going to have to screw my future son-in-law out of his World Championship! So again, I need to know, is he up to task?”

[The indication quickly becomes clear that whomever Flint is discussing is indeed ready. He abruptly ends the call almost as quickly as he answers it, before stepping outside the limousine.] [Thud!] [As if he had been struck with lightning, Errol Flint’s body crashes back into the limousine, absolutely unconscious. Before we can even ask who done it, Mike Lane appears at the door, pushing Flint further inside.]

“Take him as far away from here as possible, alright?” [Mike says to the driver, who we see peering over the glass partition with eagle eyes.] “I don’t want to see him back here tonight or it’s your ass.”

[Mike steps backwards and slams the door, patting it on the roof as it speeds off out of the parking lot and back into Las Vegas.] [The camera remains with Flint, his unconscious body slumped against the seat.] [He may as well have an imprint of Mike Lane’s foot on his jaw. That’s one Shadowkick that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.] [Ash immediately goes nose-to-nose with Vinnie, finally getting a chance to get his hands on his tormentor. Vinnie backs off though, wagging a finger and pointing at the empty ringside. The arena is suddenly bathed in blood-red lighting, as a demonic voice taunts “DEAD BY DAWN, DEAD BY DAWN, DEAD BY DAWN…”, and shambling Deadites crawl out from under the ring! Ash remains steely-jawed, but in his wariness of the undead, he turns his back on Vinnie – HIGH KNEE FROM BEHIND! Vinnie lays into Ash with steel-capped boots, before fishhooking him and forcing his head up. “LOOK FAMILIAR!?” he screams, directing Ash’s gaze at a Deadite who stands mere inches away, separated only by the ring ropes.] [What the… MATTHEW CORIES!? Ash screams as he looks on in horror at his bald, decomposing friend and tag partner. Wait… they’re ALL Matthew Cories! Vinnie releases Ash, but the Chosen One is too overcome to retaliate. Vinnie slides under the ropes to fish for weapons – Those 90s Deadites completely ignoring him. Ash shakes it off and goes treasure-hunting at the opposite side of the ring, but a Matt-ite swings for him. “MATTY!” pleads Ash, who turns around – VINNIE BRAINS HIM WITH A TRASH CAN! More weapons spill out of the can like a Kinder surprise as Vinnie covers him. ONE… TW—kickout!] [The Rock N Roll Megastar hoists Ash up and dumps him over the ropes. The Deadites immediately swarm Ash and pick him apart like vultures. The referee pleads with them to no avail. Vinnie barges past and directs traffic, leading to a macabre crowd surf as Ash’s body floats back to the ring. Another cover – ONE… TWO… THR—NO! Ash still has some fight in him! Saying as much, Vinnie grabs a STOP sign and LAMPS him with it. The crowd grill Vinnie, who soaks it up.] [Loverboy grabs a kendo stick and holds the base off it by his crotch. He struts around the ring, polishing the shaft. “THIS IS HOW LINDA LIKES IT, ASH!” screams the Hardcore Champion, to NUCLEAR heat. He raises the stick above his head – LOW BLOW BY WILLIAMS! BIG POP as Vinnie doubles over singing a high note and Ash staggers to his feet! He wrestles the stick away, raises it high and… CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Vinnie slumps to the mat. Ash holds the stick up again, then SNAPS it over his knee and tosses the remnants on Lane.] [Ash peels Vinnie up and sends him packing over the top rope. The Deadites once again give him a free pass! Ash curses inside the ring as the undead pick Vinnie up on their shoulders. They go to pass him back as they did with Ash, but—SUICIDE FUCKING DIVE BY WILLIAMS! HOLY SHIT! Deadites scatter like bowling pins as Ash crashes into Vinnie. The fans slap the barricades and rally Ash on, but the Deadites are already recovering and surround Ash. He pleads with them. “MATTY, COME ON! IT’S ME!” but the Deadite in front is having none of it… BOOMSTICK! Ash cocks his metal fist again—BOOMSTICK to the next Deadite, and the next!] [Ash fights through the crowd, pulling the blonde Vinnie behind him like some bizarre romance in a horror movie. He rolls him into the ring and follows – CHAIR TO THE BACK! Ash falls to his chest as Loverboy wraps a chair around his spine! Vinnie cackles and picks Ash up. “IN REAL LIFE, THE BAD GUY WINS!” he screams in his face. Vinnie wrings the arm and shoves a knee in the back of Ash’s neck, looking to administer some BAD MEDICINE—ASH SPINS OUT AND GRABS AT VINNIE—HE PULLS HIS EXTENSIONS OUT!] [HUGE POP as Vinnie is left hopping up and down, his face like a blow-up doll’s, trying to cover-up the huge chunk missing from his platinum locks! He turns right into a BOOMSTICK! Ash covers – ONE… TWO… THREE! The crowd are on their feet for Ash, who cradles the Hardcore Championship passed to him by the referee. Vinnie is out cold, twitching like the Deadites that surround them.] [With the match over and Deadites pouring into the ring, Ash Williams tries his best to defend himself. He’s nailing them with Boomsticks to the left, Boomsticks to the right and they just keep coming.] [Vinnie Lane meanwhile has escaped to the entrance ramp, making sure he’s no-where near this mugging in the middle of the ring.] [Just then, one of those deadites, he doesn’t look right. Instead of wearing a costume similar to that of Matthew Cories in order to torment poor Ash, he’s wearing a doctors outfit and by God, THAT IS MATTHEW CORIES! What the hell?] [The deadites finally back off to show Matthew standing there in front of his friend, looking almost like a different man. He’s not wearing his throwback nineties outfit and he doesn’t have that goofy smile on his face, no, he looks like Dr. Evil!!] [Ash steps out of the corner, smiling, happy to see his friend who despite turning his back on him a month ago, he still cares about.] [WHACK!! STEEL PIPE TO THE SKULL!!] [WHAT THE FUCK CORIES!?] [MATT CORIES JUST LEVELLED HIS FORMER TAG TEAM PARTNER WITH A STEEL PIPE! THE DEADITES CONTINUE, THEY’RE NOT HERE FOR VINNIE LANE, THEY’RE HERE FOR MATTHEW CORIES AND THEY’RE STOMPING AWAY AT POOR ASH WILLIAMS!] [The fans booing falls on deaf ears as the former nineties guy stoops down to face a bloodied Ash Williams, slapping him across the face for good measure and then throwing a piece of paper at him. “Restraining order!” he yells, having served poor Ash in more ways than one. Jesus Christ!] [Matthew Cories looks like Dr. Evil! What the hell is going on?] [In the darkest room in the darkest corridor of the darkest building, Jake Jeckel has no designs set on arriving at The School Yard tonight. Instead, he’s sitting in a rickety old chair in the dark, awaiting a man who demanded his presence.]

“I’m glad you could finally meet with me,” [a voice says from within the darkness. Jeckel looks around but can’t make anything out.] “I’m sorry that I had to persuade you but as I’m sure you can understand, you’re not an easily approachable man.”

[Jake laughs to himself, his ever presence smile lingering upon his face.]

“I didn’t want to hurt your brother and I can assure you, he’s safe. Our arrangement works better if we have an understanding- one that wouldn’t be reached if I had taken out my frustrations on Jack.”

[Jeckel furls his brow.] “Why don’t you get on with the fuckin’ pitch? I got a match to go and win, alright?”


“Very well. As I’m sure my associates made you aware, I’m looking for someone to replace me in my business endeavours. I believe you to be that man.”

“Is that right?” [he says.] “Well how about you come out of the shadows and we talk about it?”

[The man laughs ever so succinctly and disagrees.] “I think it’s better if I remain here for now. You see Jake, what I want you to do is stand up and be counted. You’re a man that gets things done at any cost. You’re a man that people should be afraid of and I think we can use that. I want to be your financial backer; I want to change the landscape of your world for the better.”

“What the fuck do I need a financial backer for?” [Jake puts to him in his typically blunt fashion.]

“To become Mayor of Las Vegas, of course.”

[Again, silence.] [That takes even Jake off guard. The man lets it sink in for a few moments before continuing.]

“We’d have to clean you up and make you a little more presentable, perhaps watch your P’s and Q’s but in November, I believe we’ll have what it takes to make you the Mayor of Las Vegas and after that, well, you can accomplish anything. Imagine the great lengths you can go to; to get what you want. If you want a shot at the World Championship, one call to the zoning commissioner and Mr. Flint wouldn’t know what’s hit him.”

[Jake folds his arms, his body language suggesting a faint hint of interest.] “And what’s in it for you?” [he demands to know.] [The man doesn’t respond. Instead, all we hear is footsteps as he walks away. When his voice finally breaks, it’s at a distance.]

“We already have the streets, Jeckel. Just think about my offer.”

[Jake looks towards the camera with a stare of confusion. It’s a decision that could shape the rest of his life but what truly is he getting into?] [Who the hell is this man and what will the Juggalo do?] [POP makes their way through the backstage, angry after their run in with the likes of the three Asylum members. As they make their way to the locker room to presumably rest up before their match, they are stopped by the sounds of maniacal giggling. The duo look back and forth before their eyes come to rest on that of The Shark, the former children’s champion having rushed out in front of them. Harrison and Reese back up, though The Shark doesn’t attack.]

“I want to, I really really REALLY want to maul ya, but The Doctor said not to maul the new patient he wants. YET anyway.”

[Reese frowns and moves forward threateningly.]

“He wants us as patients? He’s stupid as he is crazy then.”

“No no, ONE of you.”

[Harrison actively lunges forward and grabs for The Shark, the Asylum member proving too fast as The Shark backs away and giggles at the duo, Harrison angrily questioning him.]

“Which one of us then, huh!? Tell me!”

“The Doctor told me not to tell, sorry! But rest assured, you will soon find out. Be happy the Doctor won’t let me hurt the other, I was really wanting an appetizer before the main course match.”

[POP looks at one another, almost out of curiosity, partly out of uneasiness at the way the Shark worded that as the once loved shark seems to scurry off, scream heard down the hall signaling he found his ‘appetizer. Reese turns to Harrison.]

“Listen, we aren’t gonna let them get into our heads. We’re POP! Together in this against them, right?”

“Right. Let’s get going, we have a match to attend to.”

[The duo nod at each other before going down the hall, going to get ready for the Invasion match.] [Before the bell tolls comes the flame. All four sides of the ring are engulfed in raging Holy fire as the referee signals for the start. Lux Bellator and Anna Goodchild stare deep into each other’s souls, sure to leave a mark on each other, no matter the outcome. Bellator extends his arms and motions for Goodchild to begin. Anna charges Lux with forearm shots and swift kicks to the midsection. Bellator is doubling over as he’s forced into the corner. Kick after kick to the chest and neck by Goodchild and these two are mere inches from the flames.] [Anna Goodchild clutches Lux’s head and slams it into the turnbuckle. Anna steps into the back of Lux’s knee forcing him to his knees and GOODCHILD IS SHOVING LUX’S HEAD INTO THE FIRE… BUT BELLATOR PUSHES AWAY!!! Lux is holding on with all his might to the middle rope. Finally Bellator pulls an elbow to Anna’s bread basket and she staggers away. Lux out of the corner with a clothesline but Anna ducks… ROUNDHOUSE KICK sends Bellator crashing to the mat! Anna quick off the ropes, barely out of reach of the Holy fire, and a dropkick straight to the face of Lux!] [Goodchild pulls Lux up by the chin and drives her knee into his back, DRAGON SLEEPER. Bellator may not be closer to the flames but he’s fading quickly. Anna finally pulls Lux to his feet before SLAMMING him with a LIFTING REVERSE DDT. Anna off the ropes quick again for a somersault leg drop but Bellator rolls out of the way at the last second. Anna is reeling, leaving time for Lux to make it to his feet. Bellator with a forearm… and another… and another… irish whip sends Anna CRASHING into the turnbuckle and she’s getting HOT! Lux charges… but Anna steps out of the corner and sends Lux up with a pop up of sorts. LUX LANDS ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! He’s on his feet but he’s SO CLOSE to the HOLY FIRE!!! OH MY GOD!!] [Bellator leaps… PICTURE PERFECT MOONSAULT!!! Lux just came crashing onto Anna Goodchild in the center of the ring!! Lux is feeling the Light now as he’s up to his feet fast. He pulls Anna up and starts striking hard. Kick to the leg… kick to the chest… kick to the midsection… DOUBLE UNDERHOOK POWERBOMB!!! Lux has Anna up again and he pushes her into the corner. Irish whip… is reversed and Bellator charges hard into the corner. Goodchild rushes with a SPINNING HEEL KICK… but BELLATOR MOVES!!! Anna crumbles into the corner DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to the flames. Bellator pulls Anna out of the corner… he sizes her up… he climbs to the top turnbuckle… but Anna is up and SHE SHOVES LUX OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!! LUX FLIES OVER THE WALL OF FLAMES TO THE OUTSIDE!!!] [HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! The crowd in the School Yard has erupted. Bellator is battered on the outside and Goodchild is calling on her Savior above for strength. Lux wobbles to his feet. Anna off the ropes… SHE FLYS… SPRINGBOARD OFF THE TOP ROPE… SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!! ANNA GOODCHILD JUST FLEW OVER THE FLAMES!!!! Anna CRASHES down on Lux on the outside and both combatants are OUT OF IT!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Goodchild begins to stir first. She crawls to the steel steps and uses them to help herself up. When she turns around Lux has somehow pulled himself to his feet as well. Anna with a flurry of kicks to the legs and chest of Lux. Bellator charges with a forearm but Goodchild with a HIP TOSS INTO THE STEEL STAIRS!!! Anna with another HARD kick to the chest before she pulls the pieces of the steps apart. She pulls Lux to his feet. Anna with a second roundhouse… but Lux evades it again. Kick to the gut by Lux… DISCIPLE MAKER ON THE STEEL FUCKING STEPS!!!!! MY GOD SHE’S DEAD!!!!!!] [Every man, woman and child is on their feet. The carnage before them uncanny. The bodies limp and lifeless. Bellator crawls to the barricade and uses it to hoist himself up. He feels the end is near. Lux pulls Anna up and hoists her into a fireman’s carry. Bellator paces towards the flame but before he can make it, Anna rings his bell with a knee to the temple. Another knee to the side of the head forces Lux to drop her. Goodchild lifts Lux from behind and sends him into the flame… but Lux is able to get his feet on the middle rope… he launches himself backwards and off Anna’s shoulder… ROUNDHOUSE KICK finally connects to Bellator’s skull and he collapses to the outside.] [Anna is fast to pull Lux up. She whips him toward the Holy fire… but Lux reverses!! Goodchild stops JUST SHORT of the flames. She turns around to a kick to the midsection… Bellator lifts her up… he pushes her into the air… he RUNS… she FIGHTS HER WAY OUT!!! Lux stopping JUST SHORT of the flames this time!!! He turns into a SUPERKICK!! SUPERKICK!!! Bellator goes crashing backwards… shoulders draped on the FLAME!!! LUX BELLATOR IS ON FIRE!!! LUX IS ON FIRE!!! Anna Goodchild has done it!!!] [Lux Bellator barely has a chance to get back to his feet before Nox Bellator and El Salvador are on him like a pack of vicious dogs. El Salvador leads the assault, pointing at exactly where he wants Nox to strike.] [Picking his shots like a vicious animal, he stomps on his fingers, his hands and his head, showing him no mercy. The flames have long been distinguished at ringside but Pedro has other ideas. Demanding a microphone from ringside, he snatches it from the announcer as the fans boo.]

“Turn the fire back on!” [he yells sadistically at the technicians at ringside]. “Turn it back on so that we can baptize our fallen son!”

[Oh no. Please no. The fires alight once again and Nox is there, pulling Lux back to his feet and positioning him into the Crucifix.] [Don’t do it Nox.] [Please, don’t do it.] [He runs straight towards the ropes and launches Lux into the air like Icarus himself – The Disciple Breaker! Nox watches as Lux falls back first into the ropes and shooting flames, landing in the fire running across the apron. Bellator screams in agony as the fans roar at ringside, watching their hero roll away only to be put out by technicians with quick trigger fire extinguishers.]

“This is the end of your sin, my child. This is your salvation. We said that we’d lead you to the promise land and we have. They said that Icarus flew too close to the sun because of complacency and hubris. The Greeks may have been onto something.”

[He bends down, looking at his once ‘son’, his attire crisped and burnt due to the flames.]

“Oh holy hosts above, I call upon thee as a servant of Jesus Christ to sanctify our actions this day in preparation for the fulfilment of the will of God.”

[The noise inside the arena is almost deafening as Father Pedro El Salvador continues.]

“I call upon the great archangel Raphael, master of the air, to open the way for this to be done. Let the fire of the holy spirit now descend that this being might be awakened to the world beyond and the life of earth, and infused with the power of the holy spirit.”

[The ring suddenly begins to shake, knocking Pedro onto his ass right next to Lux. The lights flash on and off, electricity striking the turnbuckles as thunder appears to rumble above our heads.] [El Salvador scrambles towards the centre of the ring as the lights return, Lux Bellator no longer laying upon the canvas.] [Nox helps him back to his feet, both men looking around the shocked arena, questioning themselves as to where Lux Bellator has gone.] [Could this be the will of their Lord?] [The unlikely duo of Bruce Van Chan and Jake Jeckel make their way to the Invasion building early, Jake looking more unruly than usual.]

“Listen, Brucey, I am not dealing with any bullshit today. Help me up this crane so I can mess around with the main crane in the building. And before you bring up anything with that reaper or whatever, I don’t care. Now follow me in.”

[Bruce grabs Jeckel’s shoulder, pulling him back.]

“You know, Jeckel. I’ve been following along with your little game for quite some time, and has it ever came to your mind just why I would be doing that?”

“Because I have that key phrase on lock, obviously. Stop talking and follow-”

“And I want the phrase now. Do it and I’ll ensure it’s just us for that briefcase.”

“Fine… the phrase is: ‘Leave the king, clean the pain, abandon your new life.’ It sounds queer like the fucker I had help brainwash her, but that’s it. Now let’s go, mother fucker!”

[Bruce seems to give a signal to a nearby unused crane when he grabs Jeckel and delivers a hard haymaker before whipping him into a nearby shipping container. Jeckel attempts to rush at Bruce but THE CRANE DROPS STEEL BEAMS IN FRONT OF THE CONTAINER! Jeckel narrowly seems to avoid being crushed as the beams close off the exit of the box, leaving little room for him to see through. Bruce smirks as the crane operator exits the crane and comes to stand next to Bruce, revealing Phoebe Outlaw!]

“Had you, didn’t I, Jeckel? Feebs here was in on it since the start. Even took a chair shot from me to sell it. I hate you Jeckel, more than I’ve ever hated any man before. As far as I’m concerned, this is no where near the punishment you deserve.”

“You got what was coming to you, asshole. But Bruce is right, you deserve worse. Too bad I didn’t drop the beams on your head. Now while you sit back in your little time out area, we have a match soon.”

[The duo leave Jake behind the steel beams in the shipping container, the Juggalo yelling obscenities at the two the entire way.] [The referee is in possession of the All Star Championship. This trial by combat between King Konstantine and Bobby Neptune, at the request of Bobby Neptune, is about ready to go. Ding Ding] [The champion wastes no time in getting on top of his opponent, having waited for this for awhile. A few stiff rights are followed up with a big leaping knee to the head. Konstantine centre of gravity off, he gets floored with a clothesline! Neptune heading up top here. The King rolls out the opposite side of the ring. No chance of Bobby catching him from here. Smart move by Konstantine, much to the dismay of the crowd though. After a few seconds he rolls back in.] [Neptune, determination in his eyes, gets back on top of Konstantine. Laying down a couple of boots. The King hits him with a low blow though. Again boo’s ring down. Konstantine slowly rises to his feet. Big knee to the jaw of Bobby, who looks in agony. Showing off the peasants all around, in an almost “are you not entertained manner”. Before scooping Bobby up and thumping him down to the mat with a huge sidewalk slam. Tossing an arm over in a half hearted attempt at a cover. One.. Two. No. Kick-out. Konstantine argues the toss with the referee.] [Turning his attention back to Bobby Neptune, he pulls him to a standing position and throws him off the ropes with quite some force. On his return OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! DUCKED… Neptune carries on BIG DROPKICK to the King. Neptune again is heading up top. He’s determined. Again King roles to the outside! He’s taking no chances. A quick word with a few of his guards, discussing strategy maybe? SUICIDE DIVE. THE KING TURNED HIS BACK ON BOBBY NEPTUNE AT HIS PERIL. HE’S TOOK OUT THE KING AND TWO OF HIS GUARDS! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN. CARNAGE EVERYWHERE.] [The referee has started to count. Neptune is up to his feet, he picks up the King. Irish whip into the barricade. King reverses it. NEPTUNE CRASHES INTO THE RAILINGS! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! OVER THE RAILINGS. NEPTUNE NOW LIES IN THE CROWD. The referee’s count is at four and Konstantine hops back in the ring! Konstantine starts celebrating. He’s going to win this one. Five…. Six…. IT DAWNS ON KONSTANTINE THAT HE WONT WIN THE BELT IF IT.GETS TO TEN! He slides out the ring. Frantic and in a rush. He tries to pull Neptune back over the crowd railings. SEVEN. He’s got him over, get him in the ring. EIGHT. Dragging him toward the ring. Will he make it in time? NINE! A breathe away from Ten and both men are back in the ring. Konstantine makes another cover attempt.] [Kick-out! Again Konstantine moans to the referee! Neptune manages to stumble to his feet, King oblivious. Konstantine turns around, his man is nowhere to be seen! He’s behind you King. Eventually clocking his eyes on Bobby, who is standing tall on a top turnbuckle. CORKSCREW CROSSBODY! A THING OF BEAUTY! THE CROWD ON THEIR FEET! NEPTUNES FIRST COVER ATTEMPT! ONE…TWO…THR! NO. Last second kick-out!! Queen Kassandra is up on the ring apron. She’s not happy. The referee walks over to deal with her. Lord Tremblay slides in the All Star Championship. Konstantine has it in his hands. Nobody knows. MUCH LIKE LAST WEEK. Neptune goes over to deal with Kassandra.] [KONSTANTINE CHARGES, NEPTUNE DUCKS. KONSTANTINE HIT’S THE REFEREE WITH THE BELT! REF DOWN! TURNS AROUND. DROP KICK TO THE BELT WHICH IN TURN SMASHES INTO KONSTANTINES HEAD. HE’S DOWN!!] [A member of the King’s guard slides in, he goes to attack Neptune. Eats a Supernova. Another one slides in, he gets smashed with a super kick. A third one slides in, a few boots ensure he stays grounded. PILLARS OF CREATION, ON A GUARD! HE SQUEALS IN AGONY! THE CROWD LOVING IT! Releasing the hold, he heads up top. TITANS CRASHDOWN ONTO THE KING. ONE….TWO….THREE!! BUT NO REFEREE AROUND TO COUNT IT. THE REFEREE IS STILL DOWN FROM THE CHAMPIONSHIP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!] [Another Referee comes pounding out. He makes the cover. One…Two… Three! NO! THE KING KICKS OUT! LAST SECOND. Neptune pulls Konstantine to his feet. He’s wobbling all over the place. RED GIANT! Another cover attempt One….Two….Thre! LEG ON THE ROPES! LEG ON THE ROPES! THE CROWD ARE DESPERATE TO SEE A NEPTUNE WIN HERE. HE HEADS UP TOP AGAIN. ANOTHER TITANS CRASHDOWN!! THAT HAS TO BE IT. ONE…..TWO…. THREE!!!!! THE KINGS GUARD WERE SCRAMBLING ON THE OUTSIDE. NOTHING THEY COULD DO THOUGH! NEPTUNE RETAINS!!! WHAT A MATCH!] [The King’s Guard immediately slide into the ring, perhaps feeling their failure to save their liege from Neptune. They immediately begin to beat down Neptune while Orwell gets to his feet. Lord Tremblay helps the Queen into the ring surround their King, facing Neptune, who is held against his will by the King’s Guard.]

“Thine gods may judge thou innocent, but King Konstantine Orwell does not!” [Orwell decrees, slapping Neptune across the face.] “Bow to your King!”

[The Guard forces Neptune to his knees, but he does not bow his head until a clubbing blow forces him to. He raises it immediately, angered by this. Orwell nods to Lord Tremblay.]

“Bring forth thine Championship.” [Tremblay commands the referee, who goes to ringside to get the belt.] [Except it’s not there?]

“Looking for this?” [A voice calls, beckoning the King and his Court.] [It is the Trixxster. He has the belt over his shoulder and is entering the ring. The Guard leave Orwell to surround the painted man, but to their shock the Trixxster falls to his knees, laying the belt at the feet of a surprised King Konstantine.]

“I pledge myself to House Orwell, to the crown of the Ruler of the Ring. Never will I cause House Orwell harm and will pay homage to the King completely. This Championship shall be yours once again.”

[Even after a grueling match, Konstantine still remembers his courtesies.]

“I accept thou pledge and name thou mine Court Jester. Arise Trixxster, and await thy first task!”

[Trixxster rises and places the belt over the shoulder of his King. Orwell turns attention to Bobby Neptune, who has begun to stir on the other side of the ring.]

“Jester, thine first task in servitude of thy liege is to name the penalty for treason.”

[With a grin, Trixxster rushes over to take a knee next to Neptune. His voice takes on a song, and Neptune cringes as he sings to him.]

“To me, one punishment is not to do,
Nor should the space man get two,
Three still needs just one more,
For the only real number is four.”

[As Trixxster speaks, he slowly grabs Neptune by the blue hair to lift him up and away from the King’s Guard. With a push, he sends Neptune out of the ring, much to the shock of Orwell and his Court.]

“Four sounds perfect to me, milord. The gold shall remain in your coffers until Neptune will present it to you himself. If it please you?”

[Trixxster prostrates himself before the King, who ignores the raises eyebrow of Lord Tremblay.]

“Then shall it be proclaimed. Four punishments hast Neptune earned.”

[Konstantine raises his belt in the air towards the now retreating Bobby Neptune, who eyeballs the Championship that belongs to him with anger. Lord Tremblay steps up beside him to shout to the heavens.]


[It takes a brave interviewer to step into the shadows when no-one else wants to.] [So when newcomer Dudley Porter, complete with shirt, tie and spectacles knocks on the locker room door of Mike Lane, fireworks were to be expected.] [When the World Champion answered, Dudley immediately fell over his words.]

“M-May I ask you a few questions?” [He stammered in embarrassment.] “The whole world wants to know why you attacked Errol Flint and sent him away from the arena tonight.”

[Mike stepped forward, a glare in his eyes unlike any other.] “Errol has a one track mind. He wants to cost me my Championship because James Hunter commands it. The same man that run him down is the same man he’s getting down on bended knee for.”

“But isn’t he doing that to protect your future wife?” [Dudley stupidly says. Whether true or not, Lane didn’t wish to hear it. He quickly realized that he was walking a tight rope without a net and carefully backtracked.] “What I mean to say is, doesn’t Errol have good reason for his actions?”

“Flint thinks that he can negotiate with Hunter. He thinks he’s talking to a man of sound mind. I know better,” [Lane scoffs at him with a hint of intensity.] “I know that if you put The Shadowking in the ring with The Question, he’ll find out where he has Destiny or die trying. Errol wants to give up and quit. He wants to lay himself at the mercy of James Hunter and hope that all is well that ends well.”

[Porter nods in agreement.] “But don’t you wish to do that?”

“I wish to endure because the shadow always endures. James doesn’t know who he’s asking questions of but tonight, he isn’t the one asking the questions; he’s the one getting asked them.”

“B-But?” [Porter says, being immediately cut off.]

“No more questions.”

[Mike walks back into his room and slams the door shut on poor Dudley Porter, leaving him slightly embarrassed as the scene comes to a close.] [Mike Lane is on a warpath tonight and James Hunter may not realize it but he’s going to get a whole lot more than he bargained for.] [It may not have been the brightest idea to set Invasion inside a derelict building. As the cameras roll up, LH Harrison stands outside, the first person to enter. He walks towards the front door, absolutely unaware of who his opponent might be – THAT’S UNTIL THE FRONT DOOR COMES BLASTING OFF ITS HINGES!! Jesus fucking Christ! Axel The Shark just ran head first through the wooden front door, taking it straight off its hinges and into Harrison!] [Axel The Shark is number two and by God, he looks like a fucking man possessed. Whatever D’Ville has done to him, has turned him into a loose cannon. He drops to his knees and starts pummelling away at Harrison, beating the holy hell out of him. Finally, he steps away and walks back into the building, only LH is back to his feet and attacks him from behind.] [There’s inside now and slugging it out in the main reception of this two story building. Harrison whips Shark straight into the staircase, SENDING HIM THROUGH THE BROKEN BANISTERS IN A CLOUD OF DUST! There’s only moments now until a third party gets entered into this brawl and Harrison has decided to spend more of his time beating on the skull of The Shark.] [An air raid siren finally goes off to signify the next entrant and here comes Phoebe Outlaw, running straight into the building. She hops straight past her two fighting opponents on the stairs, making a b-line for the next floor, only Harrison reaches out and grabs her by the leg, tripping her up and sending her face first into the wooden steps. She peels herself off and kicks out at LH, knocking him backwards to the dirty floor. Axel meanwhile gets back to his feet and these two head to the second floor.] [They brawl across the doors, slamming each other into walls and frames as quickly as they can, Phoebe finally grabbing Axel and RUNNING HIM HEAD FIRST THROUGH THE FUCKING WINDOW!! JESUS CHRIST! Glass flies out everywhere as Axel now dangles out of the building. Phoebe is intent on finishing the job but Harrison clocks her from behind with a forearm. He drags her away and throws HER OVER THE FUCKING BALONCY! FUCKING HELL! PHOEBE OUTLAW JUST WENT FLYING OVER THE BALCONY AND DOWN THE STAIRWELL TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!] [The next siren goes and its Alex Reese. Reese casually steps over the body of Phoebe and heads upstairs to where his tag team partner is. They drag Axel from the broken window and slam him through an apartment door. Once inside, Reese immediately grabs the nearest broom, breaking it over his own partner’s skull! There’s no team work in the Invasion Match! He grabs Harrison and runs him straight through another door and into what appears to be a bathroom. He stomps away at him until Axel comes from behind with a low blow.] [He reaches out and grabs the head of Reese, SMASHING IT AGAINST THE FUCKING SINK! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THERE’S PORCELAIN EVERYWHERE AND RESSE IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN!! Axel doesn’t even get a reprieve because from the ground, up comes LH Harrison. Harrison right hands him backwards and straight into Phoebe Outlaw. She has somehow pulled herself from the concrete floor and nails Shark with a DDT. LH checks on Reese before nailing him with a right hand, making sure he stays down. Outlaw meanwhile quickly goes after the man who threw her over the balcony, making sure to get her licks in before the air raid siren goes off once again.] [And here comes Bruce Van Chan! Van Chan storms straight into the building and up the stairs, clocking Outlaw with a Clothesline as she meets him in the hall. He’s making a b-line for the next flight of stairs and runs straight up them, finding the door to the roof. Bruce swings it open and stood before him is none other than DEATH. WHAT? DEATH IS STOOD BEFORE HIM! Bruce quickly slams the door shut and goes back inside, only DEATH IS NOW BEHIND HIM! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? LH Harrison comes storming up the stairs and with that distraction, Death has vanished. Who the hell is this? Harrison slams Bruce head first into the door behind him, dragging him across the hall with his head rubbing against the brick wall.] [This match has been brutal and violent here tonight. Axel The Shark, Alex Reese and Phoebe Outlaw all now make their way upstairs as well, Axel throwing Reese into a nearby apartment door and breaking it down. Phoebe right hands The Shark and looks for a DDT, only he spins out and drops her with a Clothesline. The Shark is like a man possessed, picking up a slab of concrete from the floor and.. OH MY GOD.. HE THROWS IT AT A DOWNED PHOEBE OUTLAW WHO BARELY MOVES! THAT COULD HAVE FUCKING KILLED HER!! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Meanwhile inside the apartment, Alex Reese has gotten back to his feet to see LH Harrison stood there. These two guys are like brothers.] [The siren goes off and Jake Jeckel limps into the building HAVING SOMEHOW ESCAPED THE CONTRAINER, only the fight is long under way. Harrison and Reese brawl inside the torn down apartment, ALEX REESE RUNNING HARRISON THROUGH A FUCKING PLASTERBOARDED WALL! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! The fans back inside the arena roar as both men hit the floor with a thud! Jeckel meanwhile has taken his opportunity to go right outside and start climbing the crane. He wants that briefcase and he’s not willing to wait for it. What he doesn’t realize is The Shark coming up from behind. He slams forearms down across Jeckel’s back until Jake finally drops down. He follows and we’re on the roof now, with Bruce Van Chan and Phoebe Outlaw pouring out to meet them.] [This match is reaching its climax right now. The Shark and Jake drop down from the cranes ladder, brawling on the floor as LH Harrison stumbles out onto the roof. He’s covered in dust and debris as he heads towards the ladder. Jake immediately decks Shark with a Clothesline, grabbing Harrison from behind and pulling him down, only to get a huge Low Blow by Phoebe Outlaw for his troubles. Alex Reese is the final man to make it to the roof but he hasn’t come alone. In his hands is a steel chair. He wraps that bad boy across the head of Shark, then Outlaw, swinging for the fences with Bruce Van Chan. Finally, he swings for Jeckel but he ducks and ALEX TAKES OUT HARRISON WITH THE STEEL!! Jeckel grabs him by the back of his pants and throws him head first into the crane. The briefcase wobbles whilst having above it, The Shark somehow getting back up only for PHOEBE OUTLAW TO RUN AT HIM WITH A SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR OVER THE FUCKING EDGE! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THEY COULD BE DEAD.. THAT’S A FUCKING THREE STORY DROP! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!] [The camera rushes to the edge to see Outlaw and Shark led inside a steel dumpster below, having fortunately escaped absolute imminent death with their landing. ”HOLY SHIT!” chants rightfully echo throughout the arena as the camera turns around to see Bruce Van Chan half way up the crane. He only has to drag his carcass across it and he’s won this thing. Jeckel is in hot pursuit from behind but suddenly, standing in the door way is DEATH HIMSELF! Bruce stops whilst at the top of the crane, looking back to see his tormentor stood there. Jake has soon reached him and they’re both stood ten feet above the concrete roof, balanced on a fucking crane arm! Right hand! Left hand! Right hand! Left hand! Holy fucking shit, these two guys are slugging it out ten feet above a condemned building! Death suddenly points up and the CRANE MOVES!! BOTH OF THEM FALL!! JECKEL SOMEHOW LANDS ON AND CATCHES THE CRANE, STOPPING HIS FALL TO THE FLOOR BUT BRUCE VAN CHAN FALLS TEN FEET TO THE CONCRETE AND STRAIGHT FUCKING THROUGH IT! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THAT MAN HAS TO BE BROKEN IN FUCKING HALF! BRUCE VAN CHAN JUST FELL TEN FEET THROUGH A CONCRETE ROOF!!] [The crane moves back with Jeckel attached to it as Death walks over to the hole in the concrete and removes his mask. OH NO… YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME.. DEATH IS… THE FACE OF DEATH IS… IT’S RED RIVER JACK! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? RED RIVER JACK HAS BEEN STALKING BRUCE VAN CHAN!! JAKE JECKEL THOUGH IS RIGHT BELOW THE BRIEFCASE. HE REACHES UP TO UNLOCK IT! THAT LUCKY SON OF A BITCH HAS JUST WON THE INVASION MATCH!! HE LOOKS DOWN TO SEE HARRISON AND REESE CLIMBING UP FROM BEHIND, ONLY INCHES AWAY FROM REACHING HIM!] [Jeckel sits down on the crane arm, dangling his legs over the edge, hugging the invasion briefcase as the Power of Positivity collapse onto the floor below, absolutely exhausted. The camera surveys the carnage one more time, seeing Bruce Van Chan lying flat out unconscious on the second floor of the building having flown through the concrete roof. Phoebe Outlaw and The Shark lay prone and unconscious in the dumpster below and The Juggalo – he sits there with his case in arms, a victor here tonight. What a match, what an inVasion Match for the ages.] [Suddenly, from a dark corner of the backstage area, a single light shines upon Donald J. Trump. He sits in a throne, looking like a fine dressed bureaucrat. His face remains still. He himself sits perfectly still. The camera pans around him. Is this really Donald Trump? As the camera gets closer, you can see it is a wax statue. From seemingly nowhere, a voice speaks. It’s a southern drawl, one very familiar to the fans of the IWF in the past.]

“Look at this great man.”

[And it ain’t Cooter Hayes. No, the fans who can recognize this voice begin both cheering and booing passionately.]

“Look at this fine, majestic, pristine, great leader of men. Don’t none of you motherfuckers know he’s literally the best? Don’t none of you stupid motherfuckers know that this man is the soon-to-be greatest President since George Washington himself? George Washington was a great president. The first, and that means somethin’, lawd yes it does. But Donald J. Trump is gonna put a wall between us and them Mexicans. And that means somethin’ more, don’t it?”

[From behind the Donald J. Trump figure appears a tiny little fat man. Standing merely at five feet tall, and surprisingly at atleast 300 pounds, a dirty goatee rests around the goofy smile on his face. He is clearly drunk, holding a Steel Reserve in his hand. He wears a Trump 2016 t-shirt. His pants bare the American Flag.]

“Well hell, don’t y’all faggots remember me? It’s me. Jim Jenkins. Ol’ Jimmy Jenks. Now I know the last time I was rasslin’, I done said some mean stuff about niggers, and chinks, and gooks, and jews, and trans vestuals, and homos, but I done realized the era of my ways. You see there’s two types of white men in this world. The kinds what don’t like niggers, and the kind what don’t mind ‘em one way or the other. Me? Well, back when I was the Cowboy, y’all know I was the first kind and, then, once I was the Hangman, you know, I was tryin’ to kill them and what have you, but that was before. You see I dunt found me my lord and savior now.”

[In a surprising move of stupidity even for Jim Jenkins, he chugs his beer, throws his can, belches like the disgusting bastard he is, and falls down on both knees before the Donald J. Trump figure.]

“Dear lord gawd in Heaven what done bestowed us all your prophet Donald Trump, who we know is your prophet because you saw it fit gawd to give him all the monies and the properties and—that’s how we know. Lord as your prophet done spaketh, ’I will build a great wall – and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me – and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.’ Lord gawd we thank you for this day in which you brung us a man who spaketh what clearly needed to be spaked. Gawd we just wanna thank you for your love, your support, and for the Donald. In Trump’s name we pray lord gawd. Lawd yes.”

[Jim Jenkins turns to the camera. A smile on his face. “America, Fuck Yeah!” begins to play. The lights come up. It’s a women’s bathroom. An American Flag drops behind Jim Jenkins, which spraypainted across it reads: ‘The Patriot Jim Jenkins says: Getcher gay ass out trains vestuals!’] [Jimmy Jenks points to the flag, and with a smile on his face—that same drunken, dopey smile, he speaks.]

“That’s Patriotism folks. And The Patriot Jim Jenkins has done arrived in OSW not to just whoop ass, take names, and burn foreign flags and kill terrorists or what not. The Patriot’s done arrived in OSW to promote and single handedly get the prophet of our lord Donald Trump elected as the President of the United States. And when that happens, the whole damn world’s gonna have good ol’ Jimmy Jenks credit. Well, you’re welcome Planet Earth. You dumb faggots. You’re welcome.”

[This bizarre scene fades away as fast as the show producers can make it.] [There’s an air of tension around the crowd as Mike Lane paces the ring, waiting for his opponent. There’s no Errol Flint, there’s no special guest referee, there’s just the World Champion waiting in the middle of the ring.] [“Warriors” by Imagine Dragons hits and out steps James Hunter with a sadistic smile on his face, only he barely gets time to breathe because here comes Mike Lane! Mike makes a b-line for the entrance and both men come to blows right there and then. The bell sounds as Lane drives his knee into the mid-section of Hunter. Another knee follows, then another and a right hand for good measure. James barely knows what’s hit him as Mike drags him to the ring and throws him into the steel steps. The referee begs him to get this back inside the ring but the World Champion refuses, bouncing Hunter’s head off the steel. “Where is she you son of a bitch?” we hear him scream as he bounces his head one more time – only no, it doesn’t connect! The Question with a back elbow, another, another, he stumbles Mike Lane backwards and RUNNING AXE HANDLE SMASH!] [That shot right across the throat decks The Shadow Kick immediately. James checks his head for blood and stomps down on the Champion, picking him up and driving him back first into the barricade. The fans are roaring now as he brings his head down to every single right hand, the referee letting them fight! Hunter steps backwards and… RUNNING SPEAR THROUGH THE METAL BARRICADE! HOLY FUCK!! Both men spill into the crowd, the metal barricade having both their bodies led on top of it. The Question is the first back to his feet as security do their best to keep the crowd away. He pulls Mike up and throws him back into the ring, rolling under the bottom rope. The World Championship is on the line tonight and James Hunter isn’t about to forget that. He crawls into the cover… One…. Two…. Three! KICK OUT! Mike Lane kicks out!] [The fans cheer a loud “YEAAAH!” as he does, but that doesn’t deter our contender. Hunter gets him up and whips him into the corner, following up with a massive Shoulder Block that LANE DODGES! The Shadow King kicks him hard in the head and grabs him by the back of the pants, taking him out of the corner and RUNNING HIM STRAIGHT BACK INTO IT AND THE RING POST! James stumbles back out holding his arm, only Lane is waiting with a T-BONE SUPLEX! DEGENERATION! HE GOT IT! HE COVERS…. ONE…… TWO…. KICK OUT! What a match this is so far! Mike is up and preparing his leg, he’s ready to end this. He beckons for The Question to rise and slowly but surely he does, turning around in a stumble to THE SHADOW KICK! NO!! HUNTER CATCHES THE LEG AND SLAPS HIS HAND AROUND MIKE LANE’S THROAT!! CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM ALL THE WAY TO FUCKING HELL!!] [No-one can believe it! Surely we have a new World Champion! James drops into the cover… One…. Two…. Three!! NO!! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT AGAIN DAMNIT! The World Champion isn’t going down that easily, no sir! The Question rolls away with a smile, getting back to his feet and readying his leg. Mike slowly crawls to the ropes and uses them to get back up, turning around to THE HYPOCRIT!! SHADOW KICK TO MIKE LANE! SHADOW FUCKING KICK TO THE WORLD CHAMPION! JAMES HUNTER JUST RIPPED HIM OFF AND HE’S GOING TO WIN HIS TITLE WITH THE MOVE! HE COVERS…. ONE…… TWO…… THREE! NOOOOOO!!!! NOOOOOOO!! MIKE LANE KICKS OUT!! The fans are on their feet as the World Champion somehow kicks out again. James Hunter has to be wondering what he’s gotta do here tonight to put him away. The Question pulls him by his hair back to his feet, into the GUT-WRENCH… NO!! POETIC JUSTICE AVOIDED! MIKE SPINS OUT AND DESPERATION SHADOW KICK! DESPERATION SHADOW KICK!! JAMES HUNTER MOVES! WHAT!? THE QUESTION MOVES AND THE WORLD CHAMPION TAKES OUT THE REFEREE!!] [“Holy shit!” chants rock the arena as James spins a shocked Lane around and DDT! THE SHADOW KICK WITH THE DDT OUT OF NO-WHERE!! He rolls straight across his back, grabs the leg and STF!! THE SHADOW BEHIND YOU!! THE STF!! JAMES HUNTER IS TRAPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! HE SCREAMS IN AGONY, REACHING FOR THE ROPES BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE AND NO CHANCE OF HIM MAKING IT!! WAIT A MINUTE, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? ERROL FLINT IS STORMING TO THE RING IN A REFEREE SHIRT!! HE ROLLS STRAIGHT UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE JUST AS JAMES HUNTER TAPS OUT! HUNTER TAPS OUT! MIKE LANE RETAINS HIS CHAMPIONSHIP!! BUT WAIT… ERROL ISN’T CALLING IT… HE ISN’T REMOTELY CALLING IT! Mike releases the hold and kicks Hunter away, turning back to Flint who shakes his head defiantly in the middle of the ring. What the hell is he doing?] [Mike gets straight in his face, both men screaming at each other about what’s going on when JAMES HUNTER ROLLS THE CHAMPION UP… ONE TWO THREE NO!! THAT WAS A FUCKING FAST COUNT BUT MIKE LANE KICKS OUT!! The fans can’t believe it as Flint backs away in shock. That was a fast count, damnit. The Question sluggishly gets back to his feet at the same time as Mike Lane. They turn around, slugging it out as Errol watches on cautiously. Right hands, left hands, who’s going to walk out of here with the World Championship!? Hunter wins the battle of fists and pulls Lane deep into the gut wrench once again… POETIC JUSTICE!! GUT WRENCH DDT!! THAT HAS TO BE!! James covers, hooking the leg…. ONE TWO.. NOTHING. FLINT STOPS THE COUNT. WHAT THE HELL? Flint stands up and refuses, he point blank refuses. What the hell is he doing? What side is he on? Hunter gets up and gets in his face, Errol demanding answers. “Where’s my daughter you sick fuck!? You tell me where she is and I’ll count your god damn three!” he screams!] [James just smiles, turns around and covers. If Errol wants to know, he’s going to have to count it…. And he does! HE DOES! ONE TWO THREE! NO!! NO FUCKING CHANCE IN HELL! HOLY FUCKING SHIT, MIKE LANE KICKED OUT! HE KICKED OUT AGAIN! The Question is furious, he pops back to his feet and grabs Flint by the collar, only to turn around and SHADOW KICK!! SHADOW KICK TO ERROL FLINT! JAMES HUNTER DUCKED AND ERROL FLINT TOOK THE FUCKING KICK!! Mike Lane turns around and there’s James Hunter waiting… POETIC JUSTICE! A SECOND POETIC JUSTICE!! James covers but there’s no referee at all. There’s no referee! Suddenly the tron flickers and… holy shit, that’s inside the room with Destiny. James gets back to his feet and watches as someone bursts into the room – IT’S PIG! OH MY GOD! IT’S PIG! PIG HAS FOUND DESTINY!! HE UNTIES HER FROM THE CHAIR AS LUTHER APPEARS WITH HIM, JAMES HUNTER SHOCKED BEYOND ALL BELIEF!! IS THAT WHO ERROL FLINT WAS ON THE PHONE TO EARLIER!? IS THAT WHAT HE WANTED TO ACHIEVE HERE TONIGHT!? James turns around.. SHADOWKICK!! ANOTHER SHADOWKICK BY MIKE LANE!! HE COVERS AS ERROL FLINT WATCHES THE TRON FROM THE CANVAS… HE CAN COUNT IT…….. ONE……..… TWO………….. THREE!! IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER! OH MY GOD, MIKE LANE RETAINS IN A HELLACIOUS MATCH!] [The fans are on their feet as Mike Lane somehow gets back to his, snatching the World Championship from Paloma Ruiz and falling back onto the canvas.] [The tron shows Pig escorting Destiny out of the building in which she was kept, an unlikely hero here tonight. We’ve not seen Pig since he was injured severely at Red Snow but by God, he made a return to haunt his former Tag Team Partner here tonight.] [Errol Flint rolls to the outside, tending to a busted nose with his right hand, looking up at the tron as he heads to the backstage area, focused on one thing and one thing only; retrieving his daughter from the animal.] [Lane gets back to his feet again and raises the belt in the air to a tremendous ovation. James Hunter beginning to stir on the canvas and come to, realizing that his former partner screwed over his plan here tonight. The Shadowking though isn’t finished. He wraps the straps around the belt and as James gets back to his feet, RUNS IT ACROSS HIS SKULL FOR GOOD MEASURE!] [The Question slams into the canvas with authority, his head busted wide open after that tremendous shot by the World Champion. Mike stands over him, belt dangling from his grasp, Errol Flint already backstage in pursuit of his daughter.] [Monday Night Showcase is going to have a lot of questions that need answering. Has Pig returned? What will Mike Lane say or do to the man who almost screwed him out of his Championship here tonight?] [Is The Question finished with our Champion?] [Invasion goes off the air, setting the stage for one hell of a Monday Night Showcase.]