[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [Inside the ‘Tap Room’, the lights are dimmed and the bar is empty. A team of six are searching high and low, ripping the place apart. The Chief sits at the bar alone, a bottle of whisky and a glass.] [He isn’t alone for long.] [Betamax takes a seat next to him.]

“Can we talk?” [He asks, leaning over the bar to grab a glass.] “Because we need to talk.”

[The Chief grabs his bottle and pours some out for Betamax.]

“They’ve swept this area and found nothin’,” [he says.] “Shit ain’t right.”

“How the fuck did they find his body? Your clean-up guy said he was going to take care of it, Chief.”

[He grimaces.] “He’s gone missing. No-one has seen him since he left us that night. Something’s going on, man. Someone is fucking with me.”

[The way he looks at Betamax tells a tale in itself.]

“Who?” [He enquires bravely.] “Who’d want to do that? Someone murdered him right outside The Tap Room, man. Then the cleaner goes missing and the body gets found by the cops. Who has that kind of grudge?”

“I don’t know but the cops are onto to us. If we don’t find out who murdered that old fuck, we’re on the hook for it,” [The Chief complains, before reaching inside his pocket and pulling out a letter.] “Then there’s this.”

[Betamax takes the letter and opens it up, reading inside. His eyes widen as he finally gets to the bottom.]

“I’ve heard about this,” [He announces to the shock of The Chief.] “But I always assumed it to be a myth. You can’t take this lightly, Chief. Something is coming and when it arrives, nothing will ever be the same again.”

[The Chief gulps.]

“We need to handle this, but first, I think we need to go to jail.”

[The Chief looks at him, almost incensed.] [Cut.]


[The friendship between Bird and Rhodes has always been…strained to say the least but it’s evolved now into pure hatred as Bird looks to be the one to finally defeat the Dragon. Can Rhodes persevere or will a God drown the Tap Room in Dragon’s blood?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard rights and lefts, the bigger Bird getting the advantage with a stiff uppercut before tossing Rhodes into the ropes, bouncing him off before slamming him down to the mat with a stiff Side Slam. Rhodes gets to his feet slowly, ducking under a Bird Lariat before leaping up with a stiff enziguri to the back of the head. Bird staggers back as Rhodes leaps up FRANKENSTEINER! Bird rolls to his feet, staggering to his feet as a huge Single Leg Dropkick sends him flying over the ropes to the floor below] [Rhodes climbs up to the top rope, sizing up Bird who’s slowly getting to his feet, CROSSBODY BLOCK…CAUGHT! Bird turns himself around before tossing Rhodes into the apron with a hard Fallaway Slam! Rhodes crumples to the floor in pain as he’s picked up by the back of the head and tossed back into the ring. Rhodes stumbles to his feet slowly, holding his back in pain, as he walks right into Bird’s arms who lifts him up high before nearly planting him through the mat with a massive Powerbomb. Bird drops down, rolling onto the cover. ONE…TWO…Rhodes kicks out!] [Bird lifts Rhodes up to his feet, hoisting him up onto his shoulders as he runs forward, RUNNING POWER…RHODES SLIPS OUT! He delivers a hard kick to the back of Bird’s knee, dropping him down before rolling back, DARKWISH! Rhodes collapses onto Bird, ONE…TWO…Bird gets the shoulder up! Both men get to their feet, a stiff elbow dropping Bird to a knee again as Rhodes tries for a second Darkwish but Bird catches the kick, flipping Rhodes to the mat as he locks in a Boston Crab! Rhodes cries out in pain as Bird torques his back, pulling back with all his strength as he bends Rhodes in half. The Dragon grits his teeth, slowly pulling himself to the ropes as he grabs them, forcing the break] [Rhodes slowly gets to his feet, his injured back slowing him down as Bird dodges a high dropkick, drilling Rhodes with a hard knee to the gut, before lifting him up and planting him into the mat with a Piledriver! Bird doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope, sizing Rhodes up for a moment before diving off with a massive Elbow Drop. Rhodes just rolls away as Bird hits nothing but canvas, getting to his feet in pain, RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! Bird is out on his feet as Rhodes powers him up, trying for Fire but his back gives out half-way, dropping Bird who powers Rhodes up to his feet, RUNNING POWERSLAM!] [Bird drops down for the cover, hooking both legs. ONE…TWO…THR…RHODES KICKS OUT! Bird is furious as he lifts Rhodes up, trying for the World’s End but Rhodes pushes him away, nailing him with a stiff elbow to the jaw. In a fury, Bird rushes forward, trying for a Big Boot but Rhodes ducks under, leaping up as Bird’s back turned, POISON FRANKENSTEINER! Bird sits up out of it, DARKWISH! Rhodes doesn’t cover, lifting Bird up to his feet, DAWN! He plants the God with a massive Fisherman’s Buster, hooking both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The God looked like he had Rhode’s number but after all is said and done, Solomon Rhodes is still the VHS Champion, his fire burning too bright for Ethan Bird here tonight]


[The outskirts of our galaxy…] [The scene opens to one of chaos on an intergalactic scale. Giant cruising starships of two varying designs float opposite each other, each spewing forth a fleet of smaller fighter ships that converse together in the battlefield between the ships. Electric blue beams of energy light up the battlefield from one of the motherships aimed at the other, but are met with a translucent pale yellow shield and deflects off into the vastness of space. As the smaller ships take heavy losses on both sides, one sight becomes abundantly clear.] [The war has begun.] [We cut to the shot of the bridge of one of the ships, where the commanding figure we saw last week is shown to be cooly and collectedly observing the scene before him. His likeness to Lyra Starchild is instantly evident, yet his features seem more defined and cruel looking.]

“Fire again.” [He commands in a stern yet calm voice before turning to one of his advisers that stand at his side.]

“Where are we on locating Lyra Starchild? We are taking losses too heavily, for this to all have been in vain would not be pleasing.”

[One of the advisers shakes her head and speaks in a nervous, yet calm voice.]

“We know she entered this galaxy, the only planet that is capable of sustaining such life is the same that the Zeta are interested in. She must be there..” [She hesitates for a moment.] “… But we have been unable to locate her. The connection between Earth and Zeta still exists. It seems that Starchild does not have our best interests at heart.”

[The commander turns to look back out over the intergalactic battlefield, as a beam of red fire strikes the shields of his ships and sends his ship shaking and alarm bells ringing. When the shaking had subsided a little, he stands.]

“You had better hope that you are wrong. We know not why she is here, but you had better hope that it is for our benefit…” [Another of his fighters explodes right outside the bridge window.] “We cannot destroy the Zeta without their connection being broken. Every second it remains is now a danger to us all.”


[Tonight is the first PPV match between two Newcomers to OSW. Two wrestlers fighting out of the roles they were born into battling against each other. Who will come out on top, Adam Eve or Damian Levi?] [DING! DING! Two powerhouses lock up in a test of strength; Adam gets the advantage and puts Damian in the corner. He starts delivering clubbing blows! Damian is stunned in the corner! Adam runs to the other corner, runs back with a lot of momentum, devastating CLOTHESLINE! Damien slumps in the corner, right after right by Adam! Damian grabs a fist, uses his leverage and tosses Adam into the ring post! Eve’s shoulder hits the ring post hard, Damien slides out of the ring and starts whipping Eve’s right arm against the post, finishing the assault on the arm with an ELBOW SMASH!] [Adam’s arm has to be done; he’s clutching it looking deep in pain! Damien slides in the ring! Adam sees his chance! CURB STOMB! Adam doesn’t need an arm for that! He goes for the cover! One…Two…No! Damien kicks out! Eve rains down some pointed elbows to Damien! HE’S BUSTED OPEN! Cut the hard way! Eve does not stop! Damien’s a crimson mask! Damien flashes a smile through the blood! Eve is freaked out! Damien uses the distraction to grab the leg and lock in a KNEE BAR! Eve is screaming in pain, he looks like he’s about to tap but he starts kicking Levi in the face to get out!] [Both men struggle to get up and are on jelly legs! They start swinging lefts and rights towards each other! The crowd is cheering and booing with each swing! Damien is getting the upper hand and goes for a suplex! OESTROGEN BLOCKER! Eve reverses the suplex attempt into a front suplex slam! Adam goes for the cover! One…Two…Thr…No! Damien barely rolls the shoulder up! Adam is lifting Damien up by the head! He’s got him in a front headlock! Adam is clenching him hard but NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Beautiful reversal to get out of that and Damien holds onto it with a bridge! One…Two…Th…No! Kick out by Eve!] [These two are giving it all! Damien is yelling at Adam to get up! Adam is slowly getting to his feet! FALLING ANGEL! Spinning elbow by Damien rocks Adam Eve! Damien hoists Adam up on his shoulders going for the Devouring Abyss but Adam slips behind and ROLLING GERMAN SUPLEX! Beautiful throw with a bridging cover! One…Two…Th…No! Kick out! Adam pulls up Damien and hoists him up on his shoulders for his own finishing move! GENDER BENDER! An awful Torture rack looks like it is about to make Levi tap but Adam’s arm gives out on him!] [Damien sees his opportunity and locks in a vicious ARMBAR! Adam looks like he has to tap out here but he stacks Levi in a modified schoolboy! One…Two…Kick out by Levi! The kick out forces both men to their feet! More brawling by both men! Damien gets the better of it and he has Adam on the ropes! He runs going for a big boot but Adam ducks under it and Damien falls to the floor! Adam in rare form climbs to the top rope and dives at Levi! Damien hits him midair with a SPINNING HEEL KICK! Adam hits the mat hard!] [Damien lifts up Adam and puts him on the apron and climbs on top of it himself! He starts stomping away on Adam! He lifts Adam up and vicious UPPERCUT! Set up for the MORTAL COIL! Regal-plex on the apron! Adam falls in a heap but Damien is not done! He goes to the top rope! He goes for a swanton bomb but Adam rolls out of the way back in to ring! Crash landing for Levi! His body starts shaking sue to the pain! This is Adam’s best chance and he pulls Levi back into the ring! GENDER BENDER! GENDER BENDER! That torture rack is fully locked in and Damien is forced to tap out!] [What a win by Adam Eve! The Daughter turned Son beat the Son of Satan himself!]


[Darkness.] [Only for a moment before the warm embrace of light spreads through the room illuminating two figures standing only a few feet apart.] [Doubt and No Face.] [Doubt’s hand lowers from the light’s chain as the lightbulb sways casting weird shadows that rotate around the room.]

“Where is she?”

[No Face’s head tilts to the side as his ear is turned a little towards The Masked Emotion. With his arms, they slowly shrug before he bends down and picks up two plugs.]

“Hysteria said SHE would be here, now where is…”

[The Emotion’s words trail off as two flood lights flash on casting a horrific visage upon a wall. A young woman much like the one three weeks prior only this one is taller with long, red hair, a fair complexion, freckles, and basically wearing rags for clothing. Her arms are shackled with chains to the walls just like the former resident of the wall.] [The striking detail is her neck, shoulders, and arms which are covered in black vein-like lines.] [Doubt is paralyzed. No Face’s head tilts to the side as he slowly raises to his feet. He slowly steps backwards into the light and reaches up with a hand to slap her awake.] [The sound whips Doubt back to consciousness just as it does her. Her eyes roll open, but no further action as the eyes don’t even seem to respond to the blinding lights. A near-comatose state as the mouth opens slowly.]

“Wh-where am I?” [she murmurs in a groggy state.] [Doubt steps towards the edge of the light and stops looking directly at No Face. His head is tilted towards it. No Face grabs her hand and quickly whips out a blade with it pressed against the index finger…]


[The sheer volume of the scream brings a halt to No Face whose head turns sideways to hear better.]

“Let Syndi go.”

[The head slowly shakes before pointing at Doubt’s face. Or mask.]

“You want him, is that it? If that’s so, release my sister.”

[No Face drops her immediately as he steps out of the light with his blade in his hand.] [Doubt reaches beneath its mask and slowly removes it as you can almost read the curiosity on the face of No Face. Heavy, anxious breathing behind the stitches.] [TENDRILS!] [The darkness beneath the mask begins reaching out towards No Face who quickly retreats and bumps into the flood light turning it onto its side. He keeps retreating as the midnight, abyssal whips reach out for any available skin.] [No Face is cornered fending off every strike with only the blade of his knife to keep himself safe. The girl’s eyes grow wide as she begins to scream!]


[Doubt stops.] [The Unmasked Emotion slowly begins to recede back into its normal attire, replacing the mask upon its ‘face’ before slowly approaching the girl chained on the wall and removing the shackles easily.] [She trembles as she comes down to a kneeling state. The Emotion helps her up but she refused to look at it.]

“You… killed him. You killed Heartsford…”

[The Masked Emotion shakes its head.]

“No I AM him.”

“No… you can’t. My bro-“

[She stops mid-sentence as Doubt looks confused. It looks down as only the hilt of a dagger is shown protruding from her stomach! She falls as Doubt falls with her in its arms. It’s gaze whips around, but No Face is nowhere to be seen.]


[Doubt screams into the open doorway while clutching Syndi close to its chest.] [Peering through the eyeholes of the mask, it almost seems… as if there is are irises visible in the floodlights. But they aren’t the normal, menacing red…] [They’re blue.] [Doubt cradles its sister as The Heartsfords are finally reunited after years and years apart.] [But for how long?]


[FLASH!] [Three behemoths exchange blows beneath the night sky. The moon illuminates their forms as they wage a war that has been a long time coming.] [The Scarecrow. Tommy Hawk. Lux Bellator.] [The World Championship is on the line as these three continue the battle they had already started. The Scarecrow stands menacingly, his power beyond that of his mortal foes. Lux Bellator’s eyes glow with the golden spirits he captured from the red void. Tommy Hawk, having walked out of the fire, seems to battle with his own internal conflict.]

“You didn’t tell him?”

[We are quickly taken to the edge of this valley, where Pedro El Salvador looks down from the cliffside. The voice that just spoke was not him, though. A cloaked figure enters the frame beside the former priest. There is no shock on the face of El Salvador, only resignation.]

“No.” [Pedro replies after a moment watching the battle.] “The Hayman knows. I expect him to reveal the truth.”

[From behind his hooded cloak, the other figure only nods.]

“Why are you here?” [Pedro queries.] “Tired of running?”

[Silence hangs in the air as the battle rages on below. The Scarecrow and Lux Bellator have joined forces, brutally attacking Tommy Hawk with everything they have. The Spirit Walker slowly finds himself losing ground, being battered down to his knees.]

“I had to see if it was true.” [The voice finally replies.] “Rumors persisted of your lurking about. I’ve been keeping my eye on Lucas, you know. I have watched each Bowl be poured out. I have watched us inch closer to the end.”

[Tommy Hawk finally seems to slump to the ground. Scarecrow and Lux Bellator look at one another, seemingly pleased with their decision to work together. Yet they immediately turn on one another, swinging for the fences with each shot.]

“Yet you have done nothing.” [Pedro quietly says.] “I have searched for a champion to rise, to put an end to the seals being broken. To restore things to the way they should be. What have you done?”

[As Bellator and the Hayman fight their way away from Hawk, something seems to happen around the Spirit Walker.]

“I have done the same, after a fashion.” [The hooded man says, pride in his voice.] “You were wrong to abandon this one. There is more to him than you can possibly imagine.”

[Smoke begins to rise out of the ground around the fallen Spirit Walker, his body slowly consumed.]

“Tommy Hawk is not the one who will end this.”

[The smoke fades with a burst of wind. While the figure left may look like Tommy Hawk, he is something more.]

“The Savage will.”



[Tonight we discover who rules the ring – the Norwegian warrior or the President of the United States? As Viktor North stands in the ring, using the ring ropes to loosen up, Jackson Grant Fitzgerald walks out, flanked by his entourage of secret service officers.] [The bell sounds and both men tie up in the centre of the ring. With North’s superior strength, he transitions Jackson into a headlock and squeezes, tight! A stiff left hand from Viktor sends Jackson flying backwards out of the hold. Viktor bounces Jackson off the ropes and straight into a forceful knee! SCOOP SLAM from North. The quick pin…ONE…KICK OUT! Viktor pulls Jackson to his feet. Knife edge chop! Jackson covers his stinging chest. Viktor secures Jackson’s head for a suplex attempt. BLOCKED! Jackson shifts his body and HIP TOSSES Viktor to the mat.] [North’s quick to his feet, but so is Mr. President and Jackson attacks with a decisive NECK BREAKER! Jackson rains down punches, only pausing to showboat for the crowd. A slightly wobbly Viktor gets back to his feet. ELBOW STRIKES from Jackson. Mr. President follows up with a DROP KICK that sends Viktor reeling into the corner turnbuckle. As North staggers out of the corner, JACKSON CATCHES NORTH WITH A BRUISING SPINEBUSTER! Jackson pins Viktor’s shoulders to the mat…ONE…TWO–KICK OUT!] [A frustration Jackson FOOT STOMPS Viktor’s chest and rib area. Jackson climbs to the top turnbuckle. Viktor hasn’t moved. Jackson prepares his feet and leaps into the air… it’s THE EXECUTIVE ORDER — NO!! At the last second, North rolls out of the way! Jackson clutches at his elbow. Viktor hoists Mr President up into the air… BRAIN BUSTER! Viktor whips Jackson into the ropes and connects with A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Viktor grabs Jackson from behind and lifts Mr. President skyward and executes THE FALL OF UTGARD! Viktor just piledrived Jackson’s head into the mat. North hooks the leg…ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! SO CLOSE!] [Viktor sets up for a power bomb, wrapping his arms wrapped around Jackson–BUT NO–BACK BODY DROP! Jackson somehow mustered up the energy to reverse the move. Jackson rolls outside the ring, sucking in some deep breaths, alongside his secret service. Inside the ring, Viktor climbs to the top turnbuckle. Everybody outside the ring seems obviously. Viktor launches from the top turnbuckle with a FLYING CROSS BODY — BUT HE’S CAUGHT! Jackson and his secret service plucked Viktor right out of the sky. Viktor tries to squirm free, but the secret service forcibly secure Viktor against Jackson’s chest and Mr. President EXECUTES A PERFECT FALLAWAY SLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!] [Secret service remove a strip of padding from the outside. JACKSON PLANTS NORTH WITH A DDT ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Jackson climbs onto the ring apron and ascending to the top turnbuckle — IT CAN’T BE!? NO! THE EXECUTIVE ORDER DOWN ONTO VIKTOR NORTH ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! Secret service roll Viktor back into the ring. Jackson makes a nonchalant pin attempt…ONE…TWO…NOOO! VIKTOR KICKED OUT! Screaming, Jackson bangs his fists against the mat! Jackson hoists Viktor up for THE OATH OF OFFICE — NO! Viktor breaks the hold. North with a back elbow to the President’s head. Jackson stumbles. Viktor with a kick to the midsection – caught by Jackson. He goes for THE OATH OF OFFICE once more! No! Blocked again!! Frustrated, Jackson flings Viktor into the ropes. Viktor DUCKS a clotheslines and bounces off the opposing ropes. GUNGNIR! VIKTOR’S FOREARM-LEADING SPEAR TO THE CHEST!] [Viktor with the pin…ONE…TWO…NO! KICK OUT! JACKSON SURVIVES! Both men are spent. They get to their feet. RIGHT HAND from Viktor. LEFT HOOK for Jackson. Deep breaths. Viktor ducks a right hand from Jackson. BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX by Viktor! North with the pin…ONE…TWO…NO! What will it take!? North whips Jackson into the ropes. Jackson ducks a clotheslines, bounces off the opposing ropes and hits Viktor with a RUNNING BULLDOG! This is his chance! Jackson scampers to his feet. Viktor motions towards Jackson, but walks straight into THE OATH OF OFFICE! MR. PRESIDENT FINALLY HITS IT! JACKSON MAKES THE PIN…ONE…TWO….THREE!!!] [Jackson Grant Fitzgerald just earned Viktor North’s vote with a hard fought win that makes an election victory look like child’s play in comparison.]


[The match is over, but Viktor North doesn’t get a chance to breathe before police and ICE agents storm the ring! Viktor fights them off at first, but is quickly overtaken as an officer puts him in handcuffs…much to the delight of Jackson Grant Fitzgerald.]

“What’d I tell ya, Viktor? You thought you could beat the system, but it looks like the system just beat you.”

[The crowd boos heavily…but the boos turn to cheers as Viktor breaks free of the officers, charging at JGF and hitting the President hard with a massive headbutt! That appears to be Viktor’s last stand as the Secret Security rush the ring, aiding their leader as they begin beating down on the Viking warrior. JGF gets to his feet, a scowl on his face.]

“Our great nation is suffering because of people like you…people who would abuse the sanctuary we provide!”

[The crowd boos even louder as Secret Security gets Viktor to his feet, handing him over to the officers. Beaten and bloodied, North still manages to muster up the strength to spit at the feet of JGF before the officers take him out of the ring.]

“Consider this your exile from this great country. I hope you enjoy your homeland, Viktor…because you’re not welcome here anymore.”

[The crowd is livid, a feeling shared by Viktor as the officers escort him out of the Tap Room once and for all. The door slams shut, putting our attention fully on JGF back in the ring as he steps out, his Secret Security close behind as he waves to an angry crowd at the Tap Room. The last thing we see is outside, as North is shoved into an ICE vehicle before it drives off to an unclear future.] [Cut.]


[Not many things can shake the face of Doubt itself but No-Face may well be the monster that can do so. Will Doubt find the strength to vanquish such a thing or will even Doubt itself become like No-Face?] [The bell sounds as Doubt rushes forward, laying into No-Face with hard lefts and rights, snapping forward with a sadistic headbutt that staggers even the monstrous No-Face. Doubt lashes out again and again, slamming it’s thick mask into No-Face’s forehead as blood begins to run down the Faceless One. Doubt grips No-Face by his mouth, trying to tear it open but a knee to the gut breaks Doubt’s grip for a moment, allowing No-Face to get away from the furious assault. It’s only for a moment however as Doubt grabs No-Face from behind, lifting him up, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX TO THE OUTSIDE!] [No-Face lands right on the back of his head, getting to his feet dazed but not out as Doubt leaps over the ropes, SUICIDE DIVE! Doubt spears right into No-Face, drilling him with savage lefts and rights before lifting him back up, tossing him head first into the nearby ringpost. Blood is now pouring down No-Face as Doubt lifts him up once more but as it attempts to slam him into the post again, No-Face powers out, slamming Doubt into it instead. It only dazes Doubt as No-Face rolls back into the ring. Doubt rolls back in with him, rolling into a hard punt to the ribs] [Doubt staggers to it’s feet into a massive right hand that puts it on it’s ass as No-Face drops down, SILENCE! The Faceless One slams Doubt face-first into the mat over and over again, the white mask slightly cracking under the raw power before Doubt lands a stiff elbow to the sternum before spitting out a black sludge. No-Face barely dodges it as it impacts on the mat, the caustic material eating away at the met itself, No-Face’s cheek burning with a slight speck of it that landing on him as the Faceless One staggers to his feet in pain, RUNNING TORNADO DDT! Doubt, shaking in fury kicks No-Face square in the jaw before rolling outside the ring and grabbing a chair at ringside] [Doubt rolls back in with the chair, shoving the referee aside as it raises the chair high, RIGHT HOOK! The Chair goes flying back into Doubt’s face as the Emotion staggers back, DARKNESS! That headbutt cracks the mask even more as Doubt looks out on his feet, No-Face lifting him up high, BROKE…NO! Doubt slips out before clipping No-Face with a hard kick to the knee, backing up, END OF WISDOM! Doubt rolls to its feet as No-Face gets to his, the axe kick having no effect on him at all. Doubt throws out a right hand that No-Face catches, twisting the Emotion’s arm back as we hear the cracking of bones, Doubt crying out in pain before No-Face lets go briefly before gripping it by the throat] [No-Face lifts Doubt up high, choking the life out of it as Doubt reaches up, PULLING THE MASK OFF! Pure darkness is seen underneath the mask as a thick tentacle reaches out, wrapping around No-Face’s throat. No-Face pauses for a moment, pondering the tentacle as it squeezes, before gripping it with one hand and with a single burst of strength, TEARING THE TENTACLE IN TWO! Doubt recoils in pain as No-Face powers it down with SUFFER! No-Face stays down, wrapping the tentacle around Doubt’s throat before pulling back in a modified strangle-hold! Doubt tries to fight out but the pain it’s endured has been too much as it slowly passes out, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [The Faceless One survives this war, taking everything Doubt could give him before tearing apart the Emotion with cold, calculating terror. Even the true face of Doubt couldn’t stop No-Face, and the question remains, can anyone?]


[Recorded Earlier.] [That old familiar pitch black.] [Only this time, something feels a little different. We’re in a confined space, with barely any room to move.] [We then switch to the outside, looking at some kind of tomb. It’s built out of some kind of steel, with glowing green insignias all over it. There’s a small port hole, like you’d see on a ship, looking inside.] [Suddenly, something bursts towards it, screeching. The guttural yell echoes throughout the confinement.] [The camera carefully zooms closer, peering inside to see the contorted face of Mother. She’s roaring with rage, scratching and clawing at the inside of the tomb. With every swipe, she yelps with pain, as if something is stopping her from breaking free.] [Then a voice.] [Unrecognisable – almost monotone.]

“It’s useless fighting,” [the voice says sternly.] “You cannot escape. I’ve seen what’s ahead and you cannot be unleashed upon this world.”

[Mother screams.]

“Your tomb has been warded against evil. These ancient symbols correlate to your beginning, Mother. Whilst they exist upon your tomb, you will never see the light of day again.”

[Footsteps.] [They get further away, as if they’re leaving. She yells, tilting her head sideways, no longer fighting against her confinement.]

“I’ll kill you,” [she says sadistically.] “I will escape this tomb, and when I do, I will obliterate you.”

[The footsteps stop.]

“I know you will,” [the voice comments.] “I’ve seen it. I just don’t know when it’ll be. All I do know is that the longer you’re locked away, the better chance we stand of surviving.”

[She screeches one more time, loud, obnoxious and vile.] [Cut.]


[There is no love lost between the Double Feature Champion, The Sharkman, and his challenger, Cael Gable. Over the past few weeks, Sharkman has tried to show Gable what a real hero is like, even if his ways are unorthodox. Tonight, they finally clash for the belt and pride.] [Gable and Sharkman circle one another, neither one wanting the first to make a mistake. Finally, Gable shoots in and grabs Sharkman’s leg for a Single Leg, but Shark keeps his balance and leaps up… ENZIGURI! Cael Gable drops to the canvas as the Sharkman looks down at his current nemesis. He grabs Gable and pulls him to a knee. Sharkman steps back and runs forward for a SUSHI KIC… no! Gable grabbed his leg and lifted him on his shoulders… SIT-OUT POWERBOMB!! Sharkman is plastered to the mat, and Gable rolls forward, hooking the leg in one motion… One… Two… Thr.. Kickout!] [Gable pulls Sharkman up, and whips him into the ropes. When he returns, Gable tosses him overhead with a BELLY-TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Sharkman flies into the turnbuckles, tangling his legs in the Tree of Woe!! Gable stalks the Shark into the corner and delivers a series of straight kicks to his midsection! Sharkman tumbles to the mat after ten kicks! Gable scoops him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle… He tries to lift Sharkman for a SUPERPLEX, but Shark holds on. He reverses and DROPS GABLE FACE FIRST ONTO THE MAT!! He gains his wit and balance… SHARK DIVE!!! He hooks the leg… One… Two… THREE!] [NO!! Gable barely kicks out!! Sharkman takes a moment to regain his bearings and then climbs to his feet. He stomps on Gable’s head and shoulders. He yanks Gable up by the headgear, and whips him into the ropes. When he returns, Sharkman leaps with a LEG LARIAT! Gable is undressed! Sharkman smells blood and once again pulls a woozy Gable to his feet. SNAP SUPLEX!! But he doesn’t cover! He sits Gable up and locks in a SLEEPER HOLD!! Gable’s feet flail and his hands slap at Sharkman’s fins! Gable is in real trouble here!] [Gable is fading… and now he’s out! The ref grabs his hand, raises it high, and it falls to mat. He lifts it a second time, and it hits the canvas just the same. The referee raises his hand a third time, drops it… and it stops less than an inch from the mat!! Gable is waking up! He has a second wind! He grabs Sharkman’s hands and pushes them away from his neck. He shoots and elbow into Shark’s guts, gaining some space. Again and he’s free! Both men are on their feet. Gable launches Sharkman into the corner where, he slams into the turnbuckle! He stumbles out back towards Gable… The Olympian kicks Sharkman to the midsection… He lifts him… PUGHPLEX!! Sharkman is down, but it took all of his regained strength! Gable is down as well! The ref starts counting!] [ONE…. TWO…. THREE…. FOUR…. FIVE…. Gable starts moving… SIX…. Sharkman is stirring…. SEVEN…. Gable pulls himself up by the ropes… EIGHT… Sharkman tumbles back to mat!! This could be it!! NINE… Gable realizes he can’t win the belt by count out!! He races to Sharkman and pulls him to his feet just before the ten count!!] [Gable throws a few European uppercuts rocking Sharkman back on his already weakened feet. He throws Sharkman to the ropes, but follows with a GOLD RUSH!! He rolls it into a pin! One… Two… Thre… Kickout!!! Gable can’t believe it and stalks after the ref to appeal. The ref wants nothing of it, and Gable turns right into a SMALL PACKAGE… One… Two… Thr… Kickout!! Sharkman’s turn for a second wind! He hammers Gable with a heavy right hand, and Gable throws back with a right of his own! Back and Forth!!! Sharkman starts to get the upper hand, driving Gable back. He whips Gable into the ropes and lifts a foot into his guts… he grabs Gable’s arm and slips behind into a hammerlock… RECKONING!!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [Sharkman retains!! He is still the Double Feature Champion!!! He grabs the belt and climbs to the top turnbuckle. The crowd is going insane as he raises the belt high into the air! He steps down and walks towards the center of the ring, where Cael Gable has regained his feet…]


[Sharkman and Gable stand facing one another in the ring after that tough championship match. Both men are panting, catching their breath. Then suddenly…] [Sheriff Law’s goons are back, only this time, they’ve double in numbers. A dozen of them come sprinting from backstage and into the Tap Room. They quickly surround the ring, and climb up onto the apron, three on each side. Gable and Sharkman stand back to back in the ring, ready to defend themselves.] [The first of the thugs steps into the ring and rushes at Gable. Across the ring, another slips in and runs towards Sharkman. Gable grabs the first and tosses him overhead with a huge BELLY TO BELLY! He crashes to the mat and rolls back outside. The other is hammered in the face with a massive DROPKICK from Sharkman. Two more enter and try their luck, but both are immediately dropped with a kick to the gut followed by a quick DDT!!] [Four men pile in this time and Gable levels the first with a BIG BOOT sending him outside! Sharkman ducks under one clothesline from the first attacker, but leaps up and knocks down another with an ENZIGURI! Gable and Sharkman have their backs against the ropes as the other two come flooding back at them, and both are sent out and over with matching BACK BODY DROPS TO THE OUTSIDE!! Four attackers remain. Three rush in, with one in the front. Gable drops down, grabbing the top rope and one spills out of the ropes! Sharkman grabs another and… RECKONING!! Gable is quickly back to his feet, and PUGHPLEX!!!] [Only the leader of the pack remains. He stands on the apron by himself with a scowl. Gable and Sharkman motion at him to come on, and he starts to step through the ropes, but thinks better of it. He drops down off the apron, his fallen friends limp and stumble to his side. They stare back into the ring, furious, but make their retreat. As they exit through the doors, Gable and Sharkman finally let down their guard. They look at each other, and nod. Then, they shake hands, much to the crowd’s pleasure. They exit the ring and walk side by side towards the back, the belt slung over the champions shoulder.]


[It’s a big, personal fight here as it’s The Family fighting for their lost OSW Tag Team Championships tonight against Wrestling Royalty!] [The bell sounds as Jensen Cussen is forced to start for his team against King Royal. The two lock horns before it’s King Royal who gets the better of the exchange with a wrist lock, pinning it nearly completely backwards against the forearm of Cussen. Vengeance quickly reverses that hold by pulling Royal inwards for a side headlock making sure to slam King Royal into the mat with a takedown. Cussen quickly rolls back to his feet as Royal is quick to follow. It’s there that Jensen catches him with a vicious uppercut that staggers the former Ring King. Cussen whips him into his corner and follows up to tag in DTR with a look of confusion.] [DTR comes into the ring and just begins laying into King Royal with vicious kicks to the midsection and head. He rushes towards the ropes, bounces off, and comes back towards the center with a huge, leaping splash allowing gravity to do its work! DTR quickly yanks King Royal back to his royal feet before hooking his hands around his waist and hoisting him up for a quick German suplex with his feet bridged on the landing! The referee slides into position. One…Two…KICKOUT! DTR quickly scampers over and hooks an arm around his head before pulling him to his feet. Don’t Trust Reason lifts up the former King Ring, but Royal reverses the suplex attempt and turns him into a brainbuster! The slow crawl begins as BOTH men make it to their partners!] [In comes Brent Kersh and here comes Jensen Cussen! They meet in the center of the ring and begin trading blows like crazy! Cussen, being the stronger striker, gets the upper hand and hits the ropes before leaping forward for… BLUNT FORCE TR- KERSH CATCHES HIS FOOT! Cussen is shocked and even Kersh looks a little surprised. He throws the leg away and catches the spinning Cussen with a neckbreaker before rolling him onto his belly with his legs pulled behind in a Boston Crab! Cussen is reaching out for the ropes, but Kersh pulls him back to the center of the ring. DTR NAILS HIM FROM BEHIND! Kersh hits the mat and in comes King Royal!] [DTR and Royal are trading blows before Royal strikes him with a big roundhouse! Royal grabs him by his hair and sends him flying over the top rope. King Royal climbs the turnbuckle… DIVING ELBOW DROP OUT OF THE RING! It connects as both he and DTR are in some serious pain on the outside of the ring. Jensen Cussen, meanwhile, is standing in the center of the ring with Kersh slow to his feet. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA connects this time as Kersh is shot across the ring. He bounces off the rope and comes back into… HAIR-TRIGGER! The jawbreaker stuns the veteran before… INFINITE CHAOS! Kersh is floored as Jensen goes for the cover. One…Two…FOOT ON THE ROPE!] [It wasn’t even Kersh that did it! King Royal managed to have the wherewithal to put his foot on the bottom rope. He rests on the apron with a smirk before climbing back up onto the apron. Kersh manages to reach out and tag him in. King Royal moves over to the center of the ring where he and Cussen are trading blows. Cussen manages to get the upper hand with his sheer strength before connecting with a stiff uppercut and lifting up Royal over his head. FALL OF MAN! A powerbomb onto the knees of Jensen as Royal is crying out in pain at this point.] [Jensen goes for the cover. One..Two…TH-NO! King Royal kicks out. Meanwhile DTR has slid into the ring and seems adamant about helping as he rushes towards Kersh and yanks him over the top rope and into the fray. The referee seems to be allowing this. King Royal is brought to his feet as they set up… INFINITE DO- MISSES! They miss on their big team-up move, but everyone is now on their feet. King Royal dashes at DTR and locks in… THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Jensen Cussen sees this, kicks Kersh in the knee and…DESPERATE JUSTICE! Both men are trapped in the hold as Kersh and DTR look at each other with anger. Finally, Kersh taps out to signify the end of the match!] [The Family have done it! They have successfully defeated the Wrestling Royalty and have claimed themselves a HUGE win!]


[Clink.] [The sound of jail cell doors closing send shivers through The Chief’s spine. This is the last place he would rather be. He and Betamax take a seat in the guest area and await their prisoner.]

“I can’t believe you convinced me to come here,” [The Chief bemoans his misfortune.] “This is the last fuckin’ place I wanna be.”

[Before Betamax can respond, a prisoner is brought out in heavy restraints. His arms are linked by strong chains, ankle to wrist and up to his neck. The waiting room is empty and there’s a bag over his head. They seat him across from The Chief and stand aside, keeping a careful eye on him.] [They remove the bag, revealing Jake Jeckel.] [Cue shit eating grin.]

“Well, how about that? You’re the last two pricks I expected to see.”

[The Chief grimaces.] “We need answers, Jake.”

“Oh? It’s funny you should mention it; I need something too,” [Jake says holding up his chained hands.] “I need out of these chains, brother. I’m sure you feel me, right?”

[That hits a nerve. The Chief is about to lunge forward when Betamax puts an arm out, stopping him. Jake laughs, smiling at the reaction.]

“You help me, I’ll help you.”

“Help you?” [Chief retorts.] “For all we know, you murdered Errol Flint.”

[Jake’s eyes suddenly widen.] “Flint is dead?”

[Everyone’s eyes lock for a moment. It quickly becomes apparent that Jake Jeckel has no idea what’s happened.]

“Shit, where’s Jackie? Is Jackie okay?” [Jake asks, panicked.] “If my brother is dead, I’m gonna kill the both of you.”

“Your brother is fine. Flint was going to kill him and someone saved him. Jack is on lamb, and I’m sure that’s where he’ll stay. However, we need to know who killed Flint, Jake. You had the biggest grudge and if you want your brother to stay out of this, we need answers, now.”

[Jeckel thinks about it for a moment.]

“I don’t think so.”

[Chief and Betamax look at each other in surprise.]

“You received word, didn’t you?” [Jake asks, referencing the letter received by the Chief only a few weeks ago.] “You know it’s coming.”

“What’s coming, Jake?” [Betamax asks.] “What’s happening? How do you know about it?”

[The guards suddenly slap the bag back over Jeckel’s head, forcibly pulling him from his chair. He says nothing, but the shock is enough to increase the demand of answers from Betamax and The Chief.]

“What’s coming!?” [They shout in unison.] “Jake! How does Flint come into this? Jake?”

[He doesn’t respond, allowing himself to be escorted from the room peacefully as Betamax and The Chief look on in shock.] [Cut.]


[The match an entire galaxy has been waiting for, where the winner gains an advantage in their intergalactic battle. If Lyra Starchild win, the connection with the Zetas will be broken for good. And if Captain Zappa wins, Starchild’s fleet will never receive the message that her mission is complete.] [Before the bell can even ring, Zappa’s all over Starchild with axe-handle fists to the back. Zappa quickly flings Starchild over his shoulders and hits a SAMOAN DROP. The bell still hasn’t rung as the ref tries to keep Zappa away from Starchild. The ref checks if Lyra is ready to go, and she nods. The bell rings and Zappa swarms, going in the for the kill! SNAP DDT from Zappa. He makes the pin…ONE… KICK OUT! Zappa lifts a dazed Starchild to her feet. THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! Captain Zappa’s trademark jumping piledriver. He wants this Galaxy Match over with early. Zappa hook the leg…ONE!…TWO!…NO-KICKED OUT!] [Zappa weakens Starchild with a series of strikes to the body and head. Zappa latches onto Starchild and hits the BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. Zappa keeps up the pressure, locking Starchild up for a suplex. It’s a FISHERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! Starchild’s shoulders are down…ONE….TWO…KICK OUT! Zappa’s looking for another suplex, but Starchild reverses it into an INSIDE CRADLE…ONE…KICK OUT. Zappa springs to his feet and runs at Starchild with a clotheslines – Lyra leans back, ducking Zappa’s swinging arm! PELE KICK from Starchild! Zappa turned right into it! Starchild lights Zappa up with a combination of kicks to his legs and mid section. HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN from Starchild. Zappa’s back up, but Starchild connects with THE RESERVE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP, driving Zappa’s face into the mat!] [Starchild makes the pin…ONE…TWO-KICK OUT! Lyra helps Zappa up from the mat — NECK BREAKER! Zappa is down. Starchild runs and springs off the middle rope, she lands the LIONSAULT! Starchild scampers on top of Zappa to make the pin…ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! That was a close one. Both climb back to their feet. Zappa lands a quick right hand, staggering Starchild. He throws another – blocked. Starchild leaps onto Zappa’s shoulders — HURRICANRANA INTO A PIN. Starchild holds into Zappa’s legs for dear life…ONE…TWO…KICK OUT!] [Starchild attempts to swing Zappa into the ropes — Zappa holds his ground and executes an ARM DRAG TAKEDOWN on Starchild. Zappa, sensing a momentum shift, gives Starchild no quarter and hurls Lyra across the ring with a GERMAN SUPLEX! Starchild landed hard on the back of her neck. Zappa scoops Starchild and slumps her over his shoulders into a fireman’s carry. INTERGALACTIC INERTIA!! Zappa just charged the turnbuckle and thrust Starchild back-first into the turnbuckles. Zappa climbs to the top turnbuckle and steadies his feet. ZETAVARIUM! Zappa’s twisting moonsault off the top! STARCHILD GETS HER KNEES UP!] [That hurt Zappa. Starchild is first to her feet. RUNNING KNEE to the FACE of the downed Zappa. Lyra makes the cover…ONE…TWO…NO! ZAPPA KICKS OUT! Quick fists to the face by Starchild. Lyra sits Zappa on the top turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Starchild ascends to the top turnbuckle and prepares for a FRANKENSTEINER!-NO! Zappa catches Starchild mid-manoeuvre! Zappa hits a POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP ROPE on Starchild. Zappa rolls Starchild up into a pin…ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! These two have traded move for move! What a match! Zappa with a body slam on Starchild. The pin…ONE…TW–KICK OUT!] [Captain lifts Starchild to her feet. A lightening quick SNAP SUPLEX by Zappa! Starchild’s laid out in the corner of the ring. Zappa climbs to the top turnbuckle. He’s locked in. ZETAVARIUM! NO — Starchild staggered to her feet, but Zappa caught a glimpse of it and adjusts his body mid-air to land on his feet. Zappa lunges and grabs Starchild’s arm and appears about to IRISH WHIP Lyra into the ropes, only to slam her head under his arm and execute a snap, inverted DDT. Captain Zappa calls that the HICCUP IN THE MATRIX. Once more, Zappa ascends to the top turnbuckle. ZETAVARIUM! THIRD TIME’S A CHARM! This time it connects, flush! Captain Zappa makes the pin…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Captain Zappa wins. Starchild can never message her fleet that her mission is complete. Has Zappa determined the outcome of our galaxy’s fate with that win?]


[Captain Zappa stands tall, his arm raised by the referee. Yet, this match has been about so much more than pride. The fate of the universe and advantage to the Zetas in the Intergalactic War. Zappa retrieves a microphone from ringside, but when he enters the ring again, he finds Lyra Starchild standing in the middle, pointing a futuristic weapon at him. Zappa enters regardless and speaks first.]

“You knew the stipulations when we began. My victory means your people never receive confirmation of your mission. The Zetas gain the upper hand while your fleet stumbles about blindly.”

[Lyra keeps the weapon trained on Zappa.]

“You assume too much, that I would even fly the banner of my people. Freedom is the greatest gift that humanity has ever taken for granted…” [Lyra begins, her words carefully chosen and each one seeming to be thought through as she says them. She points the weapon towards the head of Zappa.] “That is all I ever wanted, to unlock a brand new potential for Earth that is till now unrealised. You and your Zetas, you seek liberation. You seek conquest. I cannot allow that to happen.”

[Captain Zappa stares down the ‘barrel’ of the strange weapon. His eyes are afraid, yet he does not falter. Instead, he rebuts Starchild and her quest.]

“Are your people not after exactly the same thing? You can dress it as you like, but the inhabitants of Earth are merely collateral damage to both races. I’m the lucky one who chose the winning side before this ever began.”

[Lyra shakes her head, keeping the weapon trained on Zappa.]

“It doesn’t matter what my people want. I stand here on my own two feet. They may have followed me. They may even believe that I am here to service their needs, that I stand as an agent of their conquest. But I stand for one reason… To stop any who come to conquer. To uphold this planet and the inhabitants that live on it. My people don’t understand that, and the Zetas sure don’t either.

You may be chosen, but you still have a choice.”

[She brings the weapon right to Zappa’s temple. As she does so, the silhouetted figures of several Zetas begin to materialise behind Zappa. Lyra shakes her head…]

“It doesn’t have to end like this.”

[With that, she pulls the trigger. A blinding white light encompasses Lyra and Zappa and then, before the Zetas can fully materialise, they are gone. All that is left is the half smoked joint of Captain Zappa lying in the centre of the ring, slowly burning into the canvas.] [Where did they go?]


[Russia.] [Snow falls from the sky as Sergei Sokolov walks throughout a snowy landscape, alone. He finally stops in the middle of what appears to be an iced over lake, standing still.] [Piotor Svetolav emerges from the opposite end.]

“She was innocent,” [Sokolov shouts.] “And you killed her!”

[Piotor shakes his head ‘no’.]

“I didn’t kill her, Sergei; Dzagoev did. He fired that bullet. He was so desperate to hide the truth from you that he tried to kill me and failed. Besides, she was anything but innocent.”

[Sergei screams, stepping closer.] “What truth!?”

“The General and his deceit, it has shaped you into the man you are today. Do you think all those visits as a child were out of the kindness of his heart? Do you think your teacher worked alone in regaling you with tales of heroism and war?”

[They both come together, closer, standing within touching distance.]

“Everything you know has been a lie. Petrov – a lie. The army – a lie. The General – a fucking lie! Dzagoev is your father, Sergei. He killed your mother because he wanted to stop me from revealing it. And now? Now I’m going to end this, once and for all.”

[Both men lunge at each other. This battle, this war, it’s next.]


[The sound of ice crackling under foot is all we hear at first, until the camera pans out to show Piotor and Sergei struggling amongst themselves. Sergei pushes him backwards and swings with a right hand, clobbering Piotor straight on the jaw. He stumbles, putting his metal arms up at his face to protect himself. The Bear swings wildly, with as much aggression as you can imagine, only punching metal with every fierce blow. Every punch only succeeds in taking more skin and blood from the knuckles of Sokolov, yet he keeps throwing them until Piotor scoops him up and violently slams him down on the ice with a Spinebuster!] [They both hit the deck with a phenomenal thud, and The Mercenary is quick to use his arms to his advantage, driving his metal forearms into the face of poor Sokolov. It takes barely three shots before he is busted wide open, bleeding across the ice. He reaches up, pulling Piotor’s head towards his and nailing him with a Headbutt. Svetolav falls backwards, holding his nose. Blood immediately begins spewing from it, but that doesn’t stop the Russian Tsar who gets back up, looming over his fallen enemy.] [He stomps down on his leg, causing a vile and ear piercing scream from Svetolav. This isn’t a wrestling match – it’s a fucking war! He drops to his knees, mounting him, and starts swinging wildly once more. Right hand after left hand connects, thumping against the face of the man who killed his mother. Blood splatters with every fierce blow, until Sokolov can barely swing anymore. Piotor’s face is a bloodied mess, looking barely recognisable. Sergei falls off, landing on his back. They both lay there, exhausted, bloodied and in the case of Svetolav, unable to see.] [Sergei sits up, rage in his eyes and destruction on his mind. He turns Piotor over; grabbing him by the back of his head and slamming him face first into the ice, repeatedly, finally cracking it with his skull. The Russian Bear stands up and pulls a limp Piotor to his feet, scooping him up and slamming him down with a THUNDEROUS SPINEBUSTER! The ice cracks some more, and Piotor is barely moving. Sergei has finally put this feud to bed. He stumbles backwards, checking his face for blood before turning to walk away. Just as he does, something catches the corner of his eye.] [Instead of walking away, he stops dead in his tracks. It is Piotor Svetolav. The Russian still has life left in him. With a groan, Piotor turns over, coughing up and spluttering blood. He pulls himself to all fours and Sokolov is incensed. The Russian Tsar runs at him, kicking him as hard as he can in the mid-section, only Piotor grabs it! HE GRABS HIS LEG! Using his Special Forces skills, he chops at the knee, spins and flips the Bear over. Svetolav can barely see, but somehow manages to stand, wobbly on his injured leg. He reaches down for Sergei and helps him back to his feet.] [He tries to lift him up, but Sergei slams down his fists across his back, refusing to be held. With every fist, Piotor gives up his grip until he’s at the mercy of Sokolov. The Bear pulls him close… DOMINATOR! THE IRON CURTAIN! STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING ICE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! PIOTOR SVETOLAV WAS JUST SLAMMED THROUGH THE GOD DAMN ICE! SERGIE STANDS OVER THE HOLE AND LOOKS DOWN, WATCHING AS PIOTOR HELPLESSLY SINKS INTO OBLIVION! HE CAN’T SAVE HIMSELF… HE’S WEIGHED DOWN BY HIS METAL ARMS! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!] [The Russian Tsar watches with a grimace, blood pouring down his face. It’s finally over. It’s finally… fucking… over! He suddenly turns, limping away as the camera looks down into the watery grave of Piotor Svetolav.] [And can see nothing.]


[His match looming on the horizon, Smiley walks out into the Tap Room with his usual gait. He has Smiley Jr. slung over his shoulder, and he appears to be very pleased with himself as he stands in the center of the ring.]

“Ladies and gentlemen.” [He begins.] “Hysteria would have you believe that he was once a noble man. A picturesque vision of humanity, living a joyful life with his wife Jessica, and his little girls Eva and Grace. He would have you believe that their death in a fire created the Mad Mastermind.”

[The tension mounts as Hysteria appears in the entrance way, his barbed wire baseball bat in his hand. Smiley only grins wider.]

“Isn’t that right, Hysteria? LH Harrison was a good man, just broken by the interference of a deranged killer.”

[The Mad Mastermind gets in the ring and goes to take a swing…] […but seemingly cannot complete it.]

“If LH Harrison was such a good man, why does his family weigh him down?” [Smiley taunts, standing above Hysteria.] “Mortimer dug up their bones, robbed them of their rest. They could haunt any person on this planet, but they choose you? They leave you a broken man, even more than you were to begin with.”

[Hysteria reaches for his bat, but Smiley kicks it away.]

“See, I think they found out what I did. If you read in the Good Doctor’s journals, you’ll see the same thing I saw. The same thing Jessica saw.”

[Smiley kneels down next to Hysteria, practically in his ear. Not that Hysteria notices at the moment.]


[Smiley carefully lays Smiley Jr. down, out of the way. He takes a relaxed seated position next to the struggling Hysteria.]

“It’s a good thing they died when they did, isn’t it? In some regards, Ozric did you a favor. After all, you had all those expensive life insurance policies out on them. Hell, that’s why they investigated you for the murder. It made sense that it was you, but we both know that things making sense is only true in fairy tales.”

[Hysteria tries to shake the cobwebs as Smiley, ever unable to sit still, gets up and heads to the corner, looking out at the jury.]

“Or what about that little nest egg you had built up? All of that extra money that you spent on lavish gifts. I wonder what those were for.” [Smiley winks at the crowd.] “Or who?”

[A roar comes from behind Hysteria’s mask.]

“What about that apartment you had just rented and furnished? Did you really need that? And what about how quick that fire spread? Ozric Mortimer wasn’t a planner, we all know that. It’s almost like those exposed wires in the baseboards were meant to cause an electrical fire. It’s almost like that house was a ticking time bomb.”

[Hysteria gets up to his knees, hatred peering out from behind that mask.]

“See now, here’s the thing. People call me deranged, but how can wanting a family be deranged? Just because I love them differently doesn’t make me a monster. At least I was honest with my family. They know who I was and what to expect. You know that, you were my family at one point.”

[Smiley laughs as Hysteria staggers to his feet.]

“But then you burned it all down.”

[He drops the smile and turns silent.]

“That’s why I stole the journal months ago. Because I had to know about you. Since you were my brother. But now I know the truth.”

[Hysteria seems to have almost regained his faculties as Smiley taunts him.]

“Hysteria never was the mask, was it? The mask was LH Harrison, family man. He was the façade that you put up to hide what was in your heart. Ozric Mortimer didn’t create you, he just spared your family from having to know that their husband and father was out for their blood.”

[Hysteria leaps at Smiley, but the Deranged One dodges.]

“And now that we truly know one another,” [Smiley says as he pops his neck.] “It’s time for us to fight.”

[Control regained over his body, Hysteria stands to fight his former brother in the Asylum.] [This is going to get intense.]


[There’s little love lost between these two former allies as two of the greatest manipulators have tried their best to tear eachother apart. Will the Master rip apart that Smile or will he be destroyed by the Deranged One?] [The bell sounds as Hysteria rushes forward, surprising Smiley with a hard running uppercut, putting the Deranged One on his ass in the early moments of the contest. Smiley staggers to his feet into a flurry of hard slaps before a Stun-Gun drops Smiley throat-first over the top rope. Smiley coughing, stumbles to his feet right into a huge Belly to Belly Suplex that sends Smiley flying across the ring. The Deranged One pulls himself up, RUNNING YAKUZA KICK! Hysteria nearly takes Smiley’s head off, tossing him to the canvas before climbing up to the top rope, sizing Smiley up but before he can leap off, the Deranged One rolls to the outside] [Smiley gets to his feet, seemingly slipping as Hysteria goes to leap off, the Deranged One falling into the ropes causing Hysteria to lose his balance and fall neck first onto the apron! Smiley bounds to his feet, a sadistic smile on his face as he lifts Hysteria up by the scruff of his neck, tossing him back inside the ring. Hysteria slowly gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain as Smiley runs up behind him, delivering a modified swinging neckbreaker, Hysteria crashing to the mat as he cries out in pain. Smiley leaps up, dropping a knee to the back of the neck before folding Hysteria up in a cover] [ONE…TWO…Hysteria gets the shoulder up but Smiley catches it, wrapping it around Hysteria’s throat as he locks in a Straight Jacket Clutch! Hysteria struggles as Smiley pulls back with all his strength, trying to choke Hysteria out with his own arms but the Mastermind refuses to tap out, slowly rising to his feet as Smiley leaps up, dropping down right onto Hysteria’s knees! Smiley staggers away, holding his chest in pain as he walks right into Hysteria’s waiting arms, APATHY! Hysteria doesn’t cover, instead heading to the top rope, CATACLYSM…MISSES! Hysteria rolls to his feet, CHELSEA GRIN!] [Smiley caught all of that as with a cocky smile on his face, he drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Hysteria gets the shoulder up! Smiley calms himself for a moment, lifting Hysteria up as he punishes him with a trio of stiff knees to the chest before lifting Hysteria up once more, ANTIDEPRESSANT! Hysteria gets planted to the mat as Smiley drops down, hooking the leg for the cover once more, ONE…TWO…THR…HYSTERIA KICKS OUT! Fury is on Smiley’s face as he lifts Hysteria up to his feet, but his right hand is blocked by Hysteria before a flurry of lefts and rights daze the Deranged One before he’s spiked into the mat with a Snap DDT! Hysteria climbs up to the top rope again as Smiley stumbles to his feet, FALL OF MAN!] [Hysteria backs up as Smiley slowly gets to his feet, SUNSET FLI…MAD SCIENTIST BOMB! Hysteria looks done as Smiley hooks both legs, ONE…TWO…THRE…HYSTERIA KICKS OUT AGAIN! Smiley can’t believe it, pure rage in his eyes as he kicks Hysteria hard in the face, lifting him up to his feet before planting him with a sickening DDT. Smiley doesn’t cover, instead climbing onto the top rope as he waits for Hysteria to get to his feet, but the Mastermind dives onto the ropes, crotching Smiley. Hysteria heads up top, delivering a sickening headbutt that stuns the Deranged One before lifting him up, SUPER MOCKERY! Smiley looks dead as Hysteria flops on top of him, ONE…TWO….THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [Hysteria wins back the Rewind Championship here tonight, he went through hell against Smiley but somehow, someway he survived and proved himself the greater man of the former Asylum]



“Did you mean it?” [A voice echoes throughout a hollow room.] “Did you?”

[Silence.] [A light suddenly burst on, brightening our scene exponentially. Sat tied to a chair if Jacob Phoenix, his head lowered as Jensen Cussen stands before him, his hands behind his back.]

“Did you mean it when you said that everything you do, you do it for her?”

[Phoenix looks up, meeting his eyes.] “I meant it.”

“She needs you now, Jacob. She needs you more than ever. Both her and child, they’ll not survive without you.”

“Release me,” [Phoenix growls.] “And I’ll go to her, Jensen. That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want me to save her. You want me to save them both.”

[Cussen lowers his head.] “I do.”

[He walks over to Jacob and steps behind the chair. The Phoenix looks up at him, meeting his eyes.] [Cut.] [Gurgle. Splutter. Gurgle.] [The camera drops down, watching as crimson flows from the neck of Jacob Phoenix – falling effortlessly into a container Jensen Cussen holds in the palm of his hand below.] [Our hero gargles and splutters, unable to breathe, a gash cut across his throat in vile and brutal fashion.] [Finally, the blood stops trickling and Jensen steps back into frame, holding out the container.]

“For her,” [he says, handing it over.] [That’s when we see it. DTR enters, a grin upon his appalling face, accepting the gift.]

“Our child grows stronger with each passing month. This gift of purity will strengthen her vessel, my boy. Jacob has sacrificed his life for the greater good. I’m glad you’ve come to see my point of view.”

[Together, they exit the room.] [We turn around, taking one last look at our titular hero. Jacob Phoenix sits, blood down his chest, his eyes wide open in fear and terror.] [But empty, none the less.] [The Phoenix is Dead.]


[It’s finally here. Dr. Sleep versus Edward Newton has been building for months to this conclusion.] [The bell sounds as Edward Newton seems to almost be startled by the bell as if he had dozed off. The two meet in the center of the ring before Dr. Sleep slams two vicious right hands into the side of Newton’s head forcing him to stagger back towards the ropes. His hand wraps around the top rope as he tries to shake the cobwebs loose. Lack of sleep will affect you harshly to which Dr. Sleep knows as he springs from the second rope backwards into a stunner! Newton’s chin slams into the shoulder of Sleep before he’s catapulted backwards onto his back!] [Newton scampers back to his feet before Dr. Sleep rushes towards him and clotheslines him hard over the top rope and to the floor! As he hits the floor, it’s Injustice who moves into the way of Dr. Sleep who smiles down at them. Dr. Sleep rushes towards the opposite rope, bounces off, and rushes forward leaping over the top rope onto both Hysteria and No Face! Edward Newton, however, has slipped away and rolled back into the ring. He grabs the referee and tells him to start counting. The referee does so, but, before he can even make it to three, Dr. Sleep is on his feet with a grin spreading from ear to ear.] [Dr. Sleep slides into the ring as Edward Newton charges forward and begins drilling boots into Sleep trying to keep him horizontal. Sleep manages to fight through the barrage and make it to his feet. The Riddler rakes his eyes before whipping him into the corner. He grabs Sleep’s head and begins smashing it into the top turnbuckle. After the third, he pauses with a grin on his face.]

“I watch you sleep, I haunt you by day. You stare at me and saw nothing but darkness, but darkness. What am I?”

[Before Sleep even has a chance to respond, Newton slams his head into the turnbuckle… or so he tries. Sleep begins to resist as he turns around and wraps his fingers around the throat of The Riddler and hoisting him up.]

“I am FEAR!”

[CHOKESLAM TO Edward Newton who is laid out. Sleep puts a boot upon his chest as the referee counts. One…Two… Kickout! Dr. Sleep smirks seemingly happy his foe wasn’t finished. Suddenly the eyes of Dr. Sleep change… Bruce Van Chan has taken back control?! Bruce looks around blankly before Hysteria leaps up onto the apron. The eyes change back. SUPERKICK TO HYSTERIA! No Face jumps up onto the apron as the referee is urging him to leave. Dr. Sleep goes over to him, but Edward leaps forward with a LOW BLOW! Dr. Sleep falls to his knees as his eyes once more change! Bruce looks to be enduring the pain here as Edward Newton quickly rakes his eyes and kicks him in the midsection. Edward Newton leaps up and… NEVERMIND!] [The Riddler’s finisher is hit as he hooks the leg of Bruce Van Chan! One…Two…POWER OUT! Edward Newton is pushed up and off of Bruce Van Chan as he rolls to his feet to reveal Dr. Sleep has taken back over. Newton looks up at him and begins clasping his hands together as if pleading for Bruce to come back. Dr. Sleep looks confused as his hands grasp his head as if trying to fight him back! Dr. Sleep turns to see No Face still standing on the apron and rushes forward with a huge lariat that floors him. Hysteria slides something to Newton during the confusion before leaping up onto the apron to distract this gullible referee.] [The referee is distracted as Edward Newton is pulled up by Dr. Sleep. BOOM! Brass knuckled shot to the face! Dr. Sleep is staggered as Newton gets rid of the evidence. A steel chair slides into the ring, but it’s Sleep who catches it with his foot. Sleep SPEARS Newton to the mat! Sleep begins shaking its head as the eyes return to normal and Bruce Van Chan looks disoriented. Newton begins getting to his feet with his hands out in front of him as if to console him. LOW BLOW! Newton grabs the steel chair and raises it high! CRACK! Bruce Van Chan slumps to the mat as Edward Newton covers! One…TWO….THREEE!] [A huge win here tonight for Edward Newton has managed to defeat the monster plaguing his dreams for the last month!]


[What an epic encounter.] [And somehow, Bruce Van Chan is back.] [He gets back to his feet only here’s Hysteria and No Face! The Mad Mastermind storms into the ring, nailing him with a Clothesline that drops him to the canvas. They both start stomping away at him, forcefully kicking the life out of him as Edward Newton gets back to his feet and joins in.] [This beatdown isn’t over.] [They’ve rid the world of Doctor Sleep and now they intend to finish off Bruce Van Chan as well.] [Click.] [Darkness suddenly fills the entire arena. The main lights have completely shut off.] [Flash.] [Hysteria falls backwards.] [Flash.] [No Face tumbles out of the ring.] [Flash.] [Lights.] [MIKE LANE!] [THE FUCKING SHADOW IS HERE! WHAT THE FUCK?] [The crowd go absolutely ballistic as Edward Newton stumbles backwards in absolute shock and awe.] [SHADOW KICK TO EDWARD NEWTON!] [THE RETURN OF THE GOD DAMN SHADOW! FUCKING MIKE LANE IS BACK! OH MY FUCKING GOD!] [“This is awesome” chants echo throughout The Tap Room as ‘Justice’ returns to Old School Wrestling. He reaches down and helps Bruce back to his feet, sending shockwaves through OSW.] [Both men stand in the middle of the ring, their arms raised, and Bruce looking towards Mike with an eyebrow raised in suspicion. What is Mike Lane doing back? Why has the Shadow returned?] [All these questions and more.] [Flash.] [And he’s gone.] [Bruce rubs his face, looking at the carnage strewn around ringside. He may be standing tall tonight – his body and mind his own, but something isn’t right and he knows it. The Shadow has some explaining to do.] [Cut.]


[Instead of a canvas mat, worn boots tread on loose dirt. Instead of covered ropes, there is nothing to stop the momentum of a thrown man. Under the high moon, there is no screaming fanbase. High above the three combatants, there is an audience of two, though none of the competitors care. Between them, there is but one goal.] [This is the World Championship.] [Lux Bellator and the Scarecrow trade hands deep in the valley between two strikingly deceptive mountains. Dust flies in the air as Bellator is forced to give ground to the unnaturally strong Hayman. Facing the chosen hero of his father, Lux Bellator is emboldened enough to rush at the Hayman with all he has, but he gets caught. Crow sneers down into his face as he holds his neck, just as a war cry sounds out. It echoes throughout the valley as the World Champion drops one of his challengers down to face the third. Left for dead, Tommy Hawk has given way to The Savage.] [With rage in his eyes, and a shout in his throat, the Savage quickly darts into combat. He strikes Scarecrow back with a knife edge chop. Ditto for Lux Bellator! The masked man and the Hayman put aside their differences to focus on the enraged being before them. Yet it is not enough. The Savage grabs Scarecrow by the coat, and throws him ten feet out of the way before turning his ire on Lux Bellator. The warrior of light shows no fear of his own, rushing and being taken down for his troubles.] [Red eyes stare down at Bellator with the scalp raised in the air. Yet the sound of crows fluttering enters his ears. The Savage is suddenly no longer in his place of solitude. Instead, he now stands in The Void. Lux Bellator is nowhere to be seen. Only Scarecrow stands across the way from him, a sneer on his face. Their war never finished, and neither of them are going to back down as they charge across the rock at one another. Scarecrow rips at Hawk, DRAWING BLOOD FROM HIS CHEST! The Hayman refuses to back away, giving all of his strength and menace into defeating what stands before him.] [But the Savage is not going to be defeated that easily. Summoning unnatural strength, the Spirit Walker fights Crow to the very edge of the rock. The two combatants roar in each other’s faces as they scrape and claw for any notion of advantage. The Hayman grabs the neck of Hawk, screaming that he has made a big mistake. Yet the Savage breaks free with a strike. They each go for one another, but Scarecrow misses a punch, and the former champion slides to an advantageous position. THE SCALP TO SCARECROW! HE FALLS OFF THE EDGE OF THE ROCK INTO THE VOID!] [The Savage stands for a moment, looking at this place around him. He cautiously walks to the edge of the Void, looking down to ensure the end of this threat. TOO SOON! SCARECROW’S HAND JUTS UP FROM THE ROCK, GRABBING HAWK AND PULLING HIM HALFWAY DOWN! Dangling carefully, the Savage has his fingers practically embedded into the rock itself to keep from being pulled down. And of course, as luck would have it, a bolt of lightning seemingly emanates from nowhere and lands directly in the middle of the rock, splintering it in multiple directions. LUX BELLATOR HAS ARRIVED.] [The Light Warrior rushes towards the sight of his two foes about to end themselves. But as he does so, he is thrown backwards by a huge rumble. The rock begins to break up, the lightning having broken it at its center. Different pieces seem to go in different directions as Scarecrow is able to leap to a different rock of his own. The Savage stands to his feet, screaming a challenge at whomever wants it. Lux Bellator stands upon his watching as Scarecrow comes to his own feet. The three of them all stare at one another for a moment as the rocks circle.] [Instead of answering the challenge, Lux Bellator merely smiles as he raises his hands back up to the heavens. The Savage begins leaping from rock to rock to get to Bellator as Scarecrow does the same. They both leap at Bellator as lightning comes out of the void to strike all three. AND THEY ARE IN THE TAP ROOM! Falling into the center of the ring, the confused crowd and official both seem confused as to what has happened. All three are covered in dirt, bruised and bleeding. A split-second passes as the three look at one another. It’s time to end this.] [Bellator uses his speed to dart around Scarecrow, AND GETS NAILED WITH THE SCALP FROM THE SAVAGE! Hawk drops down to make a cover, but an offended Scarecrow lifts him up off Lux back to his feet. BYE BYE BIRDIE ON THE SAVAGE! BUT HE GETS RIGHT BACK UP! Scarecrow headbutts Hawk, and throws him to the ropes. But Bellator is right there, intercepting the Savage. DEUM LUCEM ON HAWK! ONE… TWO… SCARECROW BREAKS IT UP! The Hayman lifts up Bellator, but Lux hits the ropes and gets momentum. TILT-A-WHIRL INTO A SINGLE ARM DDT!! ARM OF GOD! SCARECROW ROARS IN PAIN FROM THE SUBMISSION!] [Lux cranks it in, but quickly finds the Savage staring down at him. Grabbing him by the mask, Hawk brings Lux up to a standing position. RED ARROW ON THE LIGHT WARRIOR! ONE… TWO… SCARECROW SAVES HIS TITLE WITH A DIVING ELBOW! The Hayman shakes out his arm as the Savage rises. Scarecrow sneers as he takes a swing. HAYMAK… NO! THE SAVAGE DUCKS THE FIST! Hawk hits the ropes, grabbing his tomahawk. THE SCALP! NO! SCARECROW WITH STRAW IN HIS EYES. HAYMAKER TO THE SAVAGE! Hawk falls backwards AND THE SCARECROW COVERS! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! THE WORLD CHAMPION RETAINS!] [With Bellartor in shock and the Savage rubbing straw from his eyes, The Scarecrow rises to grab the World Championship, a giant grin on his face.]


[The World Championship has been decided.] [But Lux Bellator still has a gleam in his eye as he stands in the center of the ring.]

“Fools!” [Bellator shouts at Scarecrow and Tommy Hawk, who both are still at ringside.] “The Lord giveth. And the Lord taketh away. Where once was life, now there will be only death.”

[His eyes glimmer with the gold of untold captured souls as he raises his arms to the heavens. Unnatural light bursts out of the sky, all of their rays coalescing into the single form of a bowl.]

“The pale horse has ridden out. He has brought death to the world. And the Lord saw it. And it was good.”

[Lux stares down into the bowl, but is interrupted by a harsh voice, weathered by what he has just endured.] [Tommy Hawk.]

“Don’t.” [The Spirit Walker pleads.] [Bellator watches, as does an amused Scarecrow, as Hawk stands to his feet opposite him. Lux nods to both of his opponents from this evening.]

“Do not worry, Tommy. Both you and the Scarecrow will see what the Lord has brought.”

[Both of them look confused as lightning falls from the sky.] [FLASH!] [Lux Bellator now stands on a rock jutting out of a mountain, overlooking the field. The place where Tommy Hawk looked into the fires. The place where all of this started. We are on a different vantage point than we have ever seen before. The other side, if you will.]

“No matter what victories or defeats come, the end result is written in stone. It is contained in the ancient book.” [Bellator begins.] “And only the seals being broken, only the bowls of wrath being unleashed, will ever lead to God’s Will being done. And I am his humble servant.”

[With one great stride, Lux Bellator walks to the edge and pours the bowl into the valley.]

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” [Bellator shouts to the heavens.] “I hereby unleash the fourth bowl of God’s Wrath onto the wretched and broken world!”

[For a moment, it seems as if the thick black liquid does nothing. But then…] [A small flame.] [FLASH!] [Inside the Red Void, the broken rock has scattered in all directions. But each piece of it begins to slowly catch fire. Lux Bellator’s voice rings out over this image.]

“The Red Void has become a pit of fire. The final judgment will take place here, and God will cast the wicked Earth into this void forever.”

[The flames spread out, practically linking the rocks like a giant net of death.]

“Yet the final battle will be fought elsewhere.”

[FLASH!] [Lux Bellator stands looking out into the field. But instead of its earthen landscape, it has become a literal hell. Fire dances along the ground, leaving no safe place for man to stand.]

“Humanity will resist the Lord, as they always have. They will defy His Holy decree. But his warrior will stand upon this rock and challenge whomever would stand against the Lord.”

[Bellator drops the bowl with a grin. His triumph stretches across the field of fire. His victory in this bowl taunts the world itself.] [Yet across the valley, the hooded man from before stands, his face obscured in shadow.] [Cut.]

[It’s here!] [It’s time for InVasion 2017.] [Six wrestlers will battle it out tonight for the Invasion briefcase. Winning such an honour guarantees them the opportunity to invade on the World Champion after any match in which they compete.] [This year, the six participants were not revealed.] [In three-minute intervals, an invader will storm the ring to fight for the briefcase held above it. The invaders will keep coming until the Invasion Briefcase has been won, or all six participants are in the fight.] [Without further ado…]

[‘Smells like teen spirit’ suddenly erupts onto the loud speakers, sending this audience into a frenzy. As red, white and blue lights flash from the entrance; Cael Gable steps out – the very first participant of Invasion 2017! He slides into the ring, pops up and spins around with his arms spread, receiving a tremendous ovation.] [But who will his first opponent be?]

[‘Chariots of Fire’ then follows and if the audience weren’t whipped into a frenzy before, they are now. Brent Kersh steps out through the double doors, a black OSW T-Shirt on and his trademark focused glare. He walks hurriedly to the ring and enters, standing opposite Cael Gable.] [Both men look up at the prize, then back at each other.] [This is it boys. This is Invasion!] [The bell sounds and they lock up, Kersh taking Gable over into a Side Headlock, only for Cael to lift him straight up and down with a Back Drop! The Olympian floats over him on the canvas, looking for an Anaconda Vice, but Kersh punches him clean in the jaw to block. They both roll to their feet, Gable lunging with a knee that the wily veteran dodges, thundering forward with a Clothesline that turns him inside out! The Enforcer bends over to pull him back to his feet, nailing a forearm, then another and another until Cael hits the corner. He backs up and storms forward, only The Olympian gets his FEET UP!] [The Enforcer reals backwards and here comes Cael Gable, running from the corner and into a go behind. Kersh struggles, trying to push his way out of the lock, arching back but he’s no match as Gable lifts him up and drops him straight down onto his chest. He spins across his back and into a front face Headlock, neither of these men having attempted to go for the case yet. Kersh gets to his knees, forcing Cael to reposition himself and he does so, driving his knees into the old timers head, finally dropping him to prone on the canvas once more.] [As if it suddenly dorns on the Olympian, he looks up to see the briefcase. What’s he doing on the canvas? You can see it in his eyes; he knows it’s time to move. He pops up, releasing Kersh and then rolling to the outside. There’s ladders placed around ringside and he grabs one, turning around to push it into the ring when BRENT KERSH COMES BARRELLING TOWARDS HIM WITH A BASEMENT DROPKICK! STRAIGHT INTO THE LADDER! STRAIGHT INTO CAEL GABLE! Kersh is a veteran, folks. He steps through the middle rope and as Cael turns around, he dives off with a Double Axe Handle Smash, crashing across his skull.] [The buzzer suddenly sounds, forcing Kersh to turn his attention to the entrance.]

[The Russian National anthem blares through the speakers as everyone turns their attention to the giant frame of Sergei Sokolov. The last we saw of him tonight, he had dispatched Piotor Svetolav! It looks like he wasn’t going to miss this match for the world. Showing the sown up battle scars of that absolute war, he trundles to the ring.] [Kersh meets him there, trading off with big right and left hands. The Russian Bear though is none too pleased and leans in with a Headbutt that drops Brent to the floor. Before you know it, Cael Gable has climbed up onto the ring apron and runs the length of it, swinging around the ring post and INTO A CROSSBODY STRAIGHT AT SERGEI SOKOLOV! NO! THE FUCKING BEAST CATCHES HIM! HE CAUGHT HIM! POOWWERRRSLAMM!! POWERSLAM ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! FUCKING HELL! Sokolov roars, getting back to his feet and walking around the ring. He’s going to try to end this now. He picks up a ladder and throws it violently over the top rope, pulling himself up and over.] [Gable and Kersh are going to wish they went for the briefcase. Sergei sets the ladder up and starts to climb, reaching about the mid-way point before Kersh meets him on the other side. They immediately start trading off with right and left punches. Sokolov rocks Kersh, but the Enforcer is having none of it. He reaches over and bounces his head off the ladder – not once, not twice, not three times but four fucking times. Sokolov wobbles and here’s Cael Gable from behind! He leaps onto the ladder and starts clobbering Sergei on the back of his head and neck. What the hell is he trying to do? He grabs him… no way kid, don’t do that… there’s no way… BACK DROP OFF THE FUCKING LADDER! CAEL GABLE ROCKS THE RUSSIAN TSAR!!] [And Kersh is free and clear! Kersh is going to win Invasion. He reaches up, puts both hands on the briefcase and…] [Buzz!] [The arena goes pitch black. Has Kersh won it? Has he done it?] [The lights come back on.] [And nothing. There’s nothing! Kersh looks around in confusion, his hands on the case. Who’s invaded?]

[Just then, in the crowd … IT’S SOLOMON RHODES! RHODES HAS INVADED! He’s on the upper station with the fans and steps over the barrier. What the fuck is he doing!? What the fuck…. HE LEAPS! RHODES LEAPS FROM THE FUCKING UPPER WALKWAY STRAIGHT ONTO THE LADDER! OH MY GOD! WHAT FUCKING AGILITY! SOLOMON RHODES LANDS ON THE LADDER, BUT THE IMPACT IS TOO MUCH! BOTH HE, THE LADDER AND BRENT KERSH TUMBLE OVER! HOLY FUCK! HOLY FUCK! KERSH FELL, BUT THE LADDER TIPPED OVER HIS HEAD AND DUMPED SOLOMON RHODES OUTSIDE THE RING!] [There’s no way that Rhodes meant that! He lands on the outside, bounces off the barricade and hits the deck in a heap. Kersh turns around in absolute shock, realizing that Solomon could be seriously hurt here. He has to take his chances though and he does. Brent picks up the ladder and is about to place it when Sergei Sokolov attacks him from behind with a forearm to the back of the head. The Tsar turns him around and scoops him up, running him back first into the ladder and then turning, FALLAWAY SLAM STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE FUCKING ROPES! HOLY SHIT! BRENT KERSH WAS JUST TOSSED TO THE OUTSIDE LIKE A GOD DAMN RAGDOLL!!] [Sokolov gets back to his feet and grabs the ladder, slamming it on the canvas until its prone. He’s had enough! But here comes Gable! Gable leaps at him, which has to be a mistake because SOKOLOV TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT IN MID-AIR WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM FUCKING HELL ITSELF! Cael flips inside out at least twice before hitting the canvas. Sokolov pulls him back to his feet, puts him in position and DOMINATOR! DOMINATOR ON THE FUCKING LADDER! JESUS CHRIST, CAEL GABLE HAS TO BE BROKEN THE FUCK IN HALF! His body crashes off the ladder and bounces off. He rolls around in agony, holding his back but that doesn’t faze the Russian Bear.] [Buzz.] [Who’s next to face the wrath of Sergei Sokolov?]

[“Optimistic” by Radiohead suddenly blares out of the speakers, Captain Zappa stepping out into the arena. THE LAST WE SAW OF HIM, HE WAS ASH! WHAT THE FUCK? He casually walks to the ring, where Sergei Sokolov begs for him to get inside.] [He slides under the bottom rope and ducks a Clothesline, getting in behind the beast. He picks him straight up and DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! DELAYED SPINNING BACKDROP ON THE FUCKING LADDER! HOLY SHIT! The impact snaps rungs from the ladder violently, cutting deep wounds into the back of Sokolov. Zappa gets up, turns around and LEAPING KNEE TO THE FACE! SOLOMON RHODES PULLS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE AND LANDS A GIANT KNEE! Zappa hits the canvas and quickly rolls away, getting back up AND DAWN! PACKAGE FUCKING PILEDRIVER! Rhodes has taken down Zappa! He turns around just in time to see Brent Kersh sliding a ladder back into the ring. The Enforcer barely has time to follow before Rhodes has hung him up neck first on the top rope.] [The Dragon grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring, kicking the debris of the old one away. Sokolov, Gable and Zappa litter the canvas in agony, giving him a free opportunity. Rhodes starts climbing, getting towards the top before Cael Gable collapses at the bottom of the other side. The Olympian drags himself up as Rhodes TRIES TO UNCLIP THE CASE! WAIT… NO! SHOT TO THE GUT! PHEW, THAT WAS CLOSE FOR GABLE. He barely managed to stop the Dragon! Another shot, followed by another and now Gable has made it atop the ladder with Solomon. Those shots have stopped his unclipping in progress and now they’re trading off, right and left hands.] [Meanwhile, Kersh has grabbed a second ladder and pushed it into the ring. The Enforcer quickly sets it up next to the other and starts climbing. Before you know it, all three are atop these two ladders, and there’s a brawl going on!] [Buzz.] [Darkness.] [BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT] [HOLY SHIT!]

[THE LIGHTS COME BACK ON AND LUX BELLATOR IS STOOD ATOP THE SAME LADDER AS BRENT FUCKING KERSH! OH MY GOD! THE LIGHT WARRIOR IS THE FINAL INVADER! HE SLAPS A HAND AROUND THE THROAT OF KERSH! CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP OF THE GOD DAMN LADDER TO THE CANVAS BELOW! HOLY SHIT! LUX BELLATOR, STRONGER THAN WE’VE EVER SEEN HIM, JUST NAILED A CHOKESLAM ON KERSH! HE TURNS TO THE SIDE, SLAPPING A HAND AROUND SOLOMONS THROAT TOO! NO WAY!? CHOKESLAM! WHAT THE FUCK!? WHAT KIND OF STRENGTH IS RUNNING THROUGH THE VEINS OF LUX BELLATOR!? A SECOND CHOKESLAM!] [“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” CHANT THE FANS AND BY GOD, THEY’RE RIGHT! THE LIGHT WARRIOR STEPS FROM HIS LADDER TO THE NEXT WITH GABLE! The Olympian looks like he’s seen a ghost, but here comes Zappa! Zappa climbs up the second ladder on the same side as Lux. He reaches over, bouncing his head off the steel! Cael thinks better of it and steps across to the secondary ladder as well, looking at Zappa. They NOD in agreement and THEY KICK THE FUCKING LADDER! THEY KICK THE LADDER OVER AND LUX BELLATOR GOES TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE! OH MY GOD! HE JUST FLEW FROM THE RING TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR WITH A GIANT THUD! THAT’S ONE WAY TO DO IT!] [They turn their attention to each other, BUT WAIT… SERGEI SOKOLOV IS UP! THE RUSSIAN BEAR STANDS UNDERNEATH THE LADDER, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! WHAT’S HE DOING!? HE REACHES UP, GRABBING A RUNG ON EITHER SIDE. WAIT A SECOND!? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? THE RUSSIAN BEAR LIFTS THE GOD DAMN LADDER UP WITH BOTH MEN ON IT! THE WHOLE FUCKING THING IS OFF THE GOD DAMN GROUND BY AT LEAST FIVE INCHES! WHAT THE FUCK!? SERGIE TRUNDLES FORWARD, ALMOST MARCHING AND… HE THROWS THE LADDER FORWARD! GABLE AND ZAPPA FLY TO THE OUTSIDE, JOINING LUX BELLATOR ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! OH MY GOD!] [The fans can’t believe it! Lux Bellator, Captain Zappa and Cael Gable are seemingly out of it on the concrete floor outside the ring. Sergei walks the ladder back to the centre and sets it up. Is the Russian Bear going to do it? Will he win the Invasion briefcase!? He starts climbing, his back mangled from his earlier interaction with a ladder. Every step is agony, but he makes it none the less. But here comes Solomon Rhodes! Rhodes joins him on the other side, refusing to let this go. The VHS Champion meets Sergei at the top, exchanging right hands. Sergei reaches over the ladder and grabs Solomon by the throat with both hands. HE PULLS HIM OVER THE TOP! OH MY GOD! He pulls him so that Rhodes is prone atop the ladder! Sokolov clobbers him across the back of the neck and head, delivering vicious forearm shot after shot.] [Sergei steps up as high as he can, scooping Rhodes up under the belly and INTO THE DOMINATOR POSITION! OH NO! DOMINATOR!! DOM-IN-FUCKING-NATOR FROM THE FUCKING TOP OF THE GOD DAMN LADDER! THE IRON CURTAIN TO THE CANVAS FROM ABOUT FIFTEEN FEET IN THE FUCKING AIR! JESUS CHRIST! OH MY FUCKING GOD! SOLOMON RHODES IS BROKEN IN GOD DAMN HALF! SERGEI SOKOLOV IS GOING TO WIN THE INVASION MATCH! HE REACHES UP FOR THE BRIEFCASE BUT NO!! NOOOOOO! LUX GRABS HIM BY THE WAISTBAND OF HIS TROUSERS AND YANKS HIM OFF THE LADDER!!] [Both of these two now stand at the bottom of the ladder, looking at each other. Oh man, this is going to explode! BOOM! RIGHT HAND! LEFT HAND! RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT! LEFT, LEFT, LEFT! THEY TRADE OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, SHAKING IT WITH THE THUNDER OF EVERY BLOW! HOLY CRAP! Bellator backs Sokolov to the ropes and CLOTHESLINE TO THE OUTSIDE! He stumbles away from it, turns around and BROKEN LADDER TO THE SHOULDER! CAPTAIN ZAPPA DRIVES A PIECE OF THAT BROKEN LADDER STRAIGHT INTO THE FUCKING SHOULDER OF THE LIGHT WARRIOR!! HOLY FUCK! THE CHOSEN ONE… HOLY FUCK! Lux looks right at the piece of metal and grimaces. He puts a hand on it and RIPS IT FROM THE GOD DAMN WOUND! BLOOD SEEPS OUT, LEAKING DOWN HIS CHEST! BUT LUX JUST FUCKING SMILES! WHAT THE FUCK HAS COME OVER HIM?] [He DRIVES IT AT ZAPPA’S THROAT but the Chosen One grabs it with both hands, fighting with all his might to try and stop him. Captain goes to one knee, trying to hold off might of Lux Bellator – who with yet another bowl in his posession has become stronger. He’s just about to pierce him when CAEL GABLE.. BACK DROP! NO!! BELLATOR DROPS OUT, LEAPS OVER AND DISCIPLE MAKER! CANADIAN DESTROYER TO THE OLYMPIC HERO! OH MY GOD! CAPTAIN ZAPPA comes from behind! The Chosen One TURNS Bellator around, KICK TO THE GUT… PILEDRIVER! THE LAUGHING HYPERDRIVE! CAPTAIN ZAPPA JUST DRILLED THE LIGHT WARRIOR! Brent slides back into the ring, ONLY ZAPPA KICKS HIM LOW… THE LAUGHING HYPEDRIVE TO BRENT KERSH AS WELL! HE NAILED HIM! The Chosen One is handing out Piledrivers like fucking candy!] [Zappa has to climb the ladder! He does, rung by rung, until he’s finally at the top. He reaches out, placing both hands on the case! The Chosen One is going to…] [Flash!] [What the fuck?] [A white light consumes the arena. As it slowly dies down, with everyone blinded, we see LYRA STARCHILD STOOD OPPOSITE ZAPPA ON THE LADDER! WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING OUT HERE? RIGHT HANDS! LYRA UNLOADS ON ZAPPA! He releases the case, wobbling backwards, barely able to hold on. Starchild steps to the top of the ladder and starts KICKING DOWN AT HIM! SHOT AFTER SHOT! THE CHOSEN ONE FALLS! HE FALLS BACK FIRST TO THE CANVAS BELOW! Lyra is now STOOD FLUSH ATOP the ladder and with one hand on the wire holding the case, she positions herself. What’s she going to do here? AS ABOVE… SO BELOW! FROOOGGSPPLASSSHHHH!! OHHHH MYYY GODDDDD!! FROGSPLASH TO CAPTAIN ZAPPA!!] [“Holy shit” chants echo throughout the Tap Room as Lyra rolls away, exiting the ring to the outside. Has she just cost Zappa the right to Invade for the World Championship!? What we haven’t realized is that whilst this is going on, Sergei Sokolov has been busy on the outside! Right outside, in fact. He’s set up four tables, two on top of two, and slides back into the ring. What the hell is this monster planning? He grabs Zappa, and pulls him into position. OH GOD… HE’S GOING FOR THE DOMINATOR, but WAIT, he thinks better of it. The Russian Bear starts pulls the ladder closer to the ropes and starts backing up it, pulling Zappa by his hair. Oh man, no way. He’s not going to do this, is he?] [With both of them on the ladder, here comes CAEL GABLE! Gable runs up the ladder opposite Sokolov and now, all three are on it. The Russian Star reaches down and BEARHUGS ZAPPA UP TO HIS LEVEL, HOLDING HIM THERE LIKE HE’S WEIGHTLESS! CAEL REACHES OVER, CHOKING HIM AT THE SAME TIME! THIS IS A FUCKING CLUSTERFUCK!! JUST THEN, SOLOMON RHODES AND LUX BELLATOR ENTER THE RING. THEY SHARE A GLANCE, THEIR RIVALY SURELY ABOUT TO BE RENEWED… NO!! OH MY GOD! THEY BOTH LOOK AT EACH OTHER, THEN THE LADDER, THEN EACH OTHER AND RUN TOWARDS THE LADDER!!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! BELLATORUM REUNITE TO PUSH THAT FUCKING LADDER RIGHT OVER! SOKOLOV, ZAPPA AND GABLE FLLLYYYY THROUGH THE GROUP OF TABLES ON THE OUTSIDE! OH MAN, SURELY THEY’RE DEAD! THEY’RE FUCKING DEAD!! THERE’S CARNAGE EVERYWHERE AND THE CROWD ARE GOING ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC!! “HOLY FUCK! HOLY FUCK! HOLY FUCK! CHANT THE FANS AS LUX BELLATOR AND SOLOMON RHODES TURN TO LOOK AT EACH OTHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!] [They close quarters, getting in each other’s face. Nose to nose, this former Tag Team and bitter enemies are ready to fight once more! They’re just about to trade blows when BRENT KERSH ATTACKS THEM BOTH WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”… THE CROWD… THEY ACTUALLY BOO BRENT KERSH! They wanted to see that fight and The Enforcer just stopped it. Kersh doesn’t care though and slides to the outside, bringing in yet another ladder. He grabs the original and places it in the center of the ring, picking up the second and balancing it across the top rope and the ladder. There’s a bridge now set up right in the middle of the ring! He reaches down and pulls Bellator to his feet, nailing him with a bunch of right hands as he leads him to the ladder, lifting him atop it!] [What’s he going to do now? The Enforcer reaches Solomon Rhodes and stands before the ladder. Oh boy… THIS IS GOING TO GET NASTY! HE PULLS HIM UNDER… LIFTS HIM UP AND POWERBOMB! POWERBOMB ON SOLOMON RHODES, ON LUX BELLATOR, ON THE FUCKING LADDER BRIDGE!! HOLY SHIT, IT DOESN’T EVEN BREAK! RHODES BOUNCES OFF LIKE A FUCKING RAG DOLL AND LANDS STREWN ACROSS BELLATOR! FALLING OFF WITH A THUD! JESUS CHRIST! Kersh looks stunned. He decides it’s time to climb the ladder and uses the bridge as a step up to make it half way. He’s exhausted, making the climb! Brent is slowly near the top when Lux rolls off the ladder. Bellator has been busted wide open on his shoulder, but he isn’t giving up!] [The Light Warrior walks around the ring and starts climbing on the opposing side. What more do these guys have left? Lux swings at Kersh, hitting him as hard as he can, doubling him over. Kersh rests now, his head on the top of the ladder, and Bellator stood opposite. The Light Warrior climbs up to join him. What’s he thinking here!? Lux positons Kersh’s head between his legs, even dragging him up one more rung… DISCIPLE MAKER! HOLLLLLYYYYY SHIITTT! FUCKING DISCIPLE MAKER THROUGH THE LADDER FUCKING BRIDGE! NO! NO! NO! NO! BRENT KERSH HAS TO BE BROKEN IN FUCKING HALF! LUX BELLATOR JUST FLIPPED OVER KERSH AND PILEDROVE HIM THROUGH THE LADDER BRIDGE BELOW! THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE! THE ENFORCER HAS BEEN BUSTED WIDE OPEN AND NEITHER MAN ARE MOVING AMONGST THE RUBBLE OF THAT LADDER!!] [What will these men put each other and themselves through to win the Invasion Briefcase? The crowd are in such a frenzy that their banging and clapping and chanting echoes throughout our eardrums. They have never seen anything like this in their entire life! Solomon Rhodes now rests at the bottom of the ladder. He starts pulling himself up it, exhaustedly trying to win this thing. It’s slow progress as he limpidly makes his way up top. Can he do it? Rhodes reaches for the case… surely this over, surely this is it! SOLOMON RHODES IS THE INVASION WINNER 2017!] [BOOM!] [A thunderous bolt of lightning suddenly shoots from the rafters, NAILING THE BRIEFCASE AND SOLOMON RHODES IN ONE QUICK FLASH! RHODES FLIES BACKWARDS, HITTING THE CANVAS WITH A THUD! OH JESUS! LUX BELLATOR STANDS UP, RAISING HIS ARMS BY HIS SIDE… DID HE JUST!? DID GOD JUST!? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!? LUX GRABS THE LADDER AND PULLS HIMSELF UP…. RUNG BY RUNG… AND TO THE CASE! HE REACHES OUT AND UNHOOKS IT! LUX BELLATOR HAS DONE IT! LUX BELLATOR HAS WON THE INVASION MATCH!] [The bell sounds as Lux laughs sadistically atop the ladder, clutching the case into his chest. He may not have won the Championship tonight, but The Scarecrow had better watch his back! There’s carnage around ringside. What a match!]


[Static.] [In an abandoned warehouse, we arrive similarly to a few weeks ago when Bruce Van Chan was being held captive. It’s the same place. Candles light the room, but only enough that we can see the shadow of a person approaching.] [It stops at a small table, reaching out and placing down an ancient rune. Upon it, writing of a language we cannot understand.] [As his hands touch it, black runs through his veins and up his arms.] [Then a voice booms.]

“I’ve made some mistakes,” [he says, clutching the rune.] “But when I found this, everything changed. I needed to find a way to cope with what I’ve done.”

[He pauses, taking a moment.]

“I unlocked that cage for Hysteria. I unleashed him upon Smiley and OSW. I wanted revenge so desperately that I was willing to use my greatest enemy to destroy my most recent one.”

[The camera pans out, revealing Mike Lane.]

“The monster that killed my partner Alex Reese could become the monster that killed the animal who ended Destiny’s life.”

[He looks down at his black veins and the rune responsible.]

“I couldn’t cope with what I did at first. I took my daughter and I escaped. I travelled the world and found this; an ancient rune. It unlocks the darkness from within. I turned Bruce Van Chan into Dr. Sleep so that he could survive his enemies but it wasn’t enough. There was to be no justice.”

[The camera looks up at his face. A shadow slowly begins to cover it, eating away the light.]

“But with this, I’ve become the Shadow. With this, I am justice.”

[He fades into the black, only his voice remains.]

“And I will endure.”

[What has Mike Lane become?] [Cut.]


[One Year Ago.] [August 15th 2016.] [Thump!] [Static.]

“AHHHHHHH! NO! NO!” [He screams.] “NOOOOOOOO!!”

[The sound of screaming echoes. There’s a mixture of voices, some belonging to innocent bystanders, some belonging to a victim. There’s crunches and cracks, likely of bone breaking beneath brutal fist.] [Then silence.] [A bright light illuminates the screen, blinding us from being able to see anything else. It soon fades, revealing an unusual sight.] [Strapped into a chair, his eyes as wild as his hair, an almost feral man sits.] [Bobby Neptune.] [The Star Boy.]

“What have you let Earth do to you, Bobby?” [A voice asks from safely behind a glass pane.] “I’ve been watching you and you’ve changed. This isn’t who you are.”

[He hisses.] “I was going to kill him. Why’d you stop me?”

“Because you’re not a killer. That’s not who you are. I’m going to fix you, Bobby Neptune. I’m going to piece you back together again. You’re more important than you’ll ever know.”

[Bobby rolls his eyes.]

“When you release me from these restraints, I’m going to finish what I started with Bruce Van Chan. I’m going to end him.”


“Where do you think you are, Mr. Neptune?” [The voice responds.] “By all means, go ahead.”

[Suddenly, the metal restraints locking him to the chair unlock. He stands up immediately, rushing over to the nearest window and pulling back the blinds.] [Nothingness.] [The black abyss.] [The final frontier.] [Space.] [His eyes widen and his jaw drops. He never thought he’d be back in the black.]

“We’ve a lot of work to do, Bobby. Within a year, you’ll understand your place in the universe. Once we’re done, you’ll go back to Old School Wrestling and fight for good. Earth depends on it. You depend on it. Old School Wrestling depends on it.”