Grainy open.

A brick wall, dirty, dark and with an Old School Wrestling poster to promote Monday Night Showcase. Tonight, Brent Kersh faces off against The Scarecrow in the Main Event, Mike Lane, Red River Jack and Isaiah Black team up in Trio’s action to take on Ethan Bird, Lux Bellator and Freight Train Ferguson, whilst Legion and Neville Sheldon throwback to years past.

All that and the very first SHOWCASE Match!

The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours.

The light suddenly zaps off and we switch to the backstage area where Jackson Slade is shown walking with confidence towards the boiler room. He stops outside the door and takes a breath, only to enter it’s darkened depths.

The camera follows him inside, past the boilers and to the very end, where Scarecrow appears perched.

“I hope you’re ready,” Slade says to no response. “This is going to be one hell of a night for us.”

The Scarecrow doesn’t move, he’s entirely still with his head lowered.

“The entire world is going to watch you do what you do best tonight. The entire world is going to watch RAGE take one step closer to complete control of Old School Wrestling and you’re the catalyst, Scarecrow. It all comes down to you.”

Suddenly the ground starts to shake and the camera along with it. Scarecrow’s head rises eerily to meet Slade, who looks like he’s seen a ghost. Jackson quickly backs away into the darkness, making his exit as The Scarecrow awakens. What did he mean? Is Scarecrow the catalyst for change around here? Is he the turncoat?

The opening bell rings and it’s Ash Williams going head to head with The Dead. Both men lock up in the center… Dead, slipping his foot behind Ash’s… STO! And The Dead stomping away at Williams like a mad man! Williams manages to fight to his feet, and he catches Dead with an uppercut… but Dead doesn’t seem phased… so Williams drops him with a clothesline and tags in the other half of Those 90’s Guys, Mathew Cories. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling charges with a Cross Body! But The Dead catches Cories… and plants him with Scoop Slam!

Abdul shouts for The Dead to tag him in but Dead doesn’t see a reason for it. He turns back to Cories… GTS from Mathew! Dead may not have felt that but it still sent to la-la land, and Cories locks in the Texas Cloverleaf! But Ash quickly reminds Mathew that Dead will never tap out, he can’t feel anything, and Cories smirks before going for a cover… but Dead kicks out hard. Dead finds his feet and Mathew hits him with a standing dropkick, which sends Dead into his corner… and Abdul tags himself in. Dead doesn’t look very happy.

The Missionary charges Cories… Swinging Neckbreaker! He runs Mathew to his feet and whips him into the corner, chest first. ISHA! Those Double Knee’s catching Cories square in the back. Mathew crumbles to the canvas and Abdul rolls him up! But Ash makes the save! And now Dead is in, fighting Williams back into his corner! Williams finds his feet… “It’s Morphin’ Time”, Superkick! Ahad didn’t see it coming, nobody did, and Williams rolls Ahad up. With The Dead busy with Ash no one can save Ahad from the One… Two… Three! The Tag Team Champions showing why they have that gold.

The scene opens up to AJ Wilson walking backstage. Wilson is all alone, which, at the School Yard, can’t be good. He rounds a corner, and there stands HAtE.

“Well, if it isn’t the self-proclaimed Avenger. Taking the night off?” HAtE asks.

“What do you want?” AJ asks, not buying into HAtE’s question.

“We need to talk to you about Ring King.” Just then Willie and David Manson appear from seemingly nowhere. They surround Wilson.

“Get out of my way,” Wilson says, trying to brush past HAtE.

“Wait, wait, wait!” HAtE says, stopping Wilson his a hand on his chest. “You asked what I want. I want what the Awakening wants, and we want you to wake up!”

“I’m awake, just not to your breed of delusions.”

David Manson closes in and whispers, “Wake up, man.”

Wilson isn’t afraid, but he’s smart enough to know that he can’t take on three alone. “Just get out of the way. I’m not dealing with you tonight.”

“Oh?” Willie Manson says from behind. “I think you are! WAKE UP!!!”

The Awakening immediately begins decimating the Avenger. The beat him to the ground and pummel him with stomps all over his body. The three walk off looking smug.

As the Awakening disappears, Michael Attila and Chase Stratus walk around the corner laughing together. They spot Wilson on the ground and run to him.

“What happened!?” Attila asks.

“Awa….Awakening.” Wilson manages.

Stratus looks around, and sees nothing, “They’re gonna pay for this!”

Jondo, Axel, and Cayci all stand in their corners until the bell rings. When it does, Spires rushes at Jondo, while Axel looks content to watch for now. Darkwish drives Jondo into his corner with three kicks to the midsection. She mounts the middle turnbuckle and repeatedly ELBOWS JONDO TO THE HEAD!! Axel takes advantage of Cayci’s back to him and jumps to the middle ropes behind her. GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE!!! Axel covers as Jondo tries to clear the fugue! One! Two! Thre……No!! Jondo breaks the pin!

Axel gets to his feet quickly but turns to face Jondo. Jondo aggressively points at Axel. “Whatcha gonna do, brother!?” Axel shakes his head no! Jondo kicks Axel in the gut, grabs him by the head and points to the turnbuckle! He drags the Shark to the corner and SLAMS HIS HEAD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! He drags Axel back to the center of the ring and DROPS A HUGE ELBOW on top of the Shark’s head. Axel drops and rolls from the ring! Jondo wags his hand in the air and cups his ear to listen to the crowd go wild!

Out of nowhere, Cayci flies with a MISSILE DROPKICK! Jondo is down. Darwish puts Jondo in THE KIMURA LOCK!!! Jondo is struggling! Axel is there to break the hold with BASEBALL SLIDE KICK!!! He begins to pummel Spires! He turns from her and SUSHI KICK to a kneeling Jondo!! But it doesn’t phase him! He starts shaking his arms with balled up fists as Axel punches him in the face!

Jondo stands and rushes at Axel who BACK BODY DROPS JONDO OUT OF THE RING!! Spires out of nowhere with CHAOS THEORY, but Axel grabs the ropes! Cayci hard to her back! Axel to the top, FIN-NISH HER!!! One! Two! THREE!!! Axel with a huge victory!

Neville Sheldon has the fight of his life ahead of him. He sits in the locker room, contemplating the coming battle with Legion, while also adjusting his new glasses. He looks up with a raised eyebrow as the door slams behind Cayci Spires.

“Neville,” Cayci begins, removing her mask, “we’ve got to talk strategy.”

Sheldon comes to his feet, raising a single hand to quiet her.

“There’s no we to this, Cayci. Last week, he showed you what he is. Legion is a Beast. The Beast, as a matter of fact, and he destroyed you, and would have done worse to you if I hadn’t given him what he wanted. I couldn’t bear to…”

Cayci puts her hands on her hips and interrupts.

“Wait just a damn minute, Nev.”

The partners stare at each other for a moment, heat in both their cheeks. Cayci breaks the silence.

“Last week you told me that partners had to work together. I didn’t listen, and I got my ass handed to me by that Beast. Well, I was wrong.”

Neville stares down at his boots, unsure of how to respond.

“Sorry Cayc’, but this one is personal between the Beast and the Geek. He’s always been after the things that mean the most to me.”

Spires stops to raise an eyebrow at that comment, and then she just shakes her head.

“If that’s the way you want it, Nev.”

Sheldon walks out of the locker room, Spires slamming her fist into the door.

When the bell rings, Wes Warhammer and Willie Manson waste no time. Both of these men are brutal in their efficiency in the ring, and they go at each other with rights and lefts to start. Neither man seems to be settling in for a long match. This will be a sprint, and whoever makes it to the end will win. Warhammer goes for a right, but Willie ducks and goes to the ribs, wailing away with rights. Warhammer shrugs it off quickly and knocks Manson outside of the ring. Manson quickly gets back in, and goes back to strikes.

Manson sneers at Warhammer as he begins to lay in the shots, coming despite Warhammer’s repeated counters. Finally, Wes grabs the arm after a punch attempt, and quickly lays in a DDT! Manson tries to shrug it off, but the RAGE wrestler quickly pounces into a side headlock that Manson quickly fights out of. The two men abandon their quick wrestling attempts with more brawling. The intensity ratchets up as Manson grabs Wes and nails him with a T-Bone Suplex. Wes quickly slides away upon landing, and dodges a huge clothesline, before rebounding with a desperation spear!

Both men rise up, punching, kicking, and headbutting as they do. No inch is given, every inch is earned, and these men are out here to earn it tonight. They stare defiantly at one another and continue their battle, jockeying for any kind of position. Wes tries to grab momentum off the ropes, as does Willie. They both try for spears, the other leapfrogging over in mirror images of one another. Warhammer comes in hot on the rebound though. WARHAMMER! NO! MANSON DODGES!! Willie is ready, but Wes is more ready. THE WES WINDS!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

The bell rings, and Manson rises to his feet. This war tonight will leave both men feeling worse for wear, that’s for certain.

Neville Sheldon walks down a hallway in the backstage area. He is getting himself hyped for his match with Legion when the lights suddenly go out in the hallway.

“Derideo te.”

The baritone voice of Legion fills the hallway as a red mist also fills in. His words: I laugh at you. And indeed Legion does laugh, with the higher pitched Synn in the background. Neville doesn’t back down.

“I’ve given you what you want, leave us alone.”

Sheldon tries to duck into another hallway, but falls to the ground in surprise as Legion stands before him. Blood begins to pour out of the concrete walls around Neville.

“Why me?”

Legion advances on Sheldon, who crawls backwards, his hands now dripping with blood.

“Do you truly not know? I come for you to right the wrongs of the past. You were the sacrificial lamb that escaped the slaughter.”

Almost like a child, Legion lifts Neville up by his neck, placing him back into the bloody walls.

“Te odeo.”

I hate you.

“I’m plenty afraid of you, Legion, but I will stop you. I have to stop you.”

Legion releases Neville and begins to laugh. Neville straightens himself out, and balls up his fists again.

“I’m not your sacrificial lamb!”

Another deep laugh.

“Flocci non faccio”

I don’t give a damn.

With that, the lights all come back on and Legion and Synn are gone. As is the blood on the walls. Neville Sheldon looks around, realizing that he has no idea what just happened.

The bell rings as the two competitors circle around the ring. Attila tries to get the upper hand early on with a running strike, but Royal knocks him back with a dropkick! Attila hits the turnbuckle, but Royal is quickly on the hunt. He lays into Michael with chop after chop, lighting up the chest of The Last King as he tries to cover up. The crowd naturally ‘Wooooos’ along with each individual chop. “DON’T YOU DARE WOO!”

Nigel is distracted momentarily by the audience who drowns him in boos to replace the ‘Wooos.’ Nigel turns back to Attila, but the young man connects with a right hook that dazes The Bloodline to Greatness. He punches the opposition in the gut before floating right on over for a DDT! Attila goes for the pinfall. ONE…T- Nigel kicks out quickly. Michael lifts him up to his feet, but Nigel catches him with a forearm smash before wrapping his hips. Belly to back suplex! Followed by a second. A third! A fourth and Nigel releases the hold. ROYAL FLUSH to the Last King! He goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…TH-NO!

Michael Attila is able to power out. Both men are exhausted as they slowly climb their way to their feet. Nigel rushes him but Michael leaps into the air and connects with a beautiful QUICK SHOT! He cover Nigel! ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Nigel is still in this. Nigel grabs the arm of Michael and tries to pull him into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON! However, Michael escapes it. Nigel rolls to his feet as Michael swings hard. Nigel is able to duck under THE KING’S STRIKE!

Nigel rears his hand back for another swing, but Attila ducks under his! Nigel turns back to The Last King of Wrestling to find his jaw JACKED by THE KING’S STRIKE! This time it finds the mark! Attila covers the lifeless body of Nigel Royal. ONE…TWO…THREE! Attila rolls off of his body as he smirks at his success. He climbs the turnbuckle and raises his fists into the air before pounding his chest.

We’re outside of the School Yard. There is nothing on screen except the backdrop of Vegas. Suddenly, we hear the sounds of a struggle, and the cameraman runs around the corner. It is a confusing scene in an alley between the arena and another building. We see piles of cardboard boxes strewn about. One rather large box is flopping and rolling around on the ground. Grunts are coming from the box.

“What the hell is going on out here?!” a voice says from behind the camera.

The camera whips around and it’s Jondo! He walks over to the moving box and and lifts it up. Inside is Axel the Shark! He looks disoriented. Jondo can’t believe his eyes.

“Hi, John! How are you?” Axel says happily.

“What’re you doing with all of these boxes? And what the hell are you doing inside of one!?”

“Oh! I was just trying to understand your world, buddy! I was thinking about last week and how I accidentally insulted you. I wanted to see if I could get a taste of your life so I didn’t do it again!”

“You thought the best way to understand me is to play around with cardboard boxes!?”

“Of course not! I was going to sleep in one tonight!”

Jondo just stares at him. “Oh, I get it,” he says calmly. Jondo puts the box back over Axel’s head and begins beating it with his baseball bat! The box falls over with Axel inside, and Jondo stomps away.

The opening bell rings and Royston charges Yuki… Running Knee to the face! Shiroi goes down hard and Hawkes stays on top of her, reigning down clubbing blows on Shiroi before hooking her leg and neck… Fisherman’s Suplex! What strength! Yuki crawls for the ropes but Royston jumps on her… STF! And Shiroi screams out in pain! The referee checks on her but Shiroi refuses to quit, inching closer and closer to the ropes until she gets a break! Hawkes, unhappy with the officials call, gets in his face… which gives Shiroi time to find her feet. Hawkes turns around… Dropkick!

With Hawkes down, Shiroi wastes no time continuing her assault. Leg Drop! Elbow Drop! And now Shiroi going up top! Hawkes stumbles to his feet just in time for a top rope Cross Body! Shiroi goes for the cover but Hawkes kicks out at one. The two find their feet… Shiroi with a German Suplex! And Hawkes is back on the canvas! Boston Crab! Yuki locking in a submission of her own and now it’s Hawkes writhing in pain. The official checks on him but Hawkes refuses to tap, breaking free instead and putting some distance between Yuki and himself.

Yuki and Royston lock up, and it’s Hawkes with the upper-hand! Hammerlock Suplex! Hawkes goes for the cover but Yuki kicks out hard. She finds her feet… Your Beer Sir! Springboard Flying Superman Punch! And Hawkes is down. Shiroi celebrates before taking it to the top rope… but somehow Hawkes has gotten to his feet. He catches Yuki with a few closed fists before hooking her head… the Gold Rush! That swinging neckbreaker right off the top rope! And Hawkes makes the cover. One… Two… Three! He’s done it, Royston Hawkes has defeated Yuki Shoroi!

Inside the ring we have Nigel Royal, microphone in hand, a little groggy after his earlier match.

“Well lets go on with it then! As some of you lads may know, I’m looking for a partner to battle Pig and The Question.”

The crowd cheers.

“Well let me introduce to you…..”

Suddenly Luther, Pig and James Hunter emerge from the backstage area making their way down to the ring. Luther carrying a large bag. Nigel quickly scurries outside the ring grabbing a steel chair and returning back to the center of the ring. He holds the weapon in his hands and invites the three men to join him!

They get halfway down the entrance way when suddenly…


This must be Nigel’s partner, who the hell is it?!

Commotion can be heard inside the ring, loud thuds and some screams as the lights still remain out. The crowd is growing anxious, wanting to know whats going on inside the ring.


Nigel Royal is laying face down in the middle of the ring, the steel chair lays next to him, crumpled and bent. While Luther, Pig and James Hunter stand in the ring laughing to themselves, each of them wearing a set of NIGHT VISION GOGGLES!

The men unload a few more stomps and kicks on the fallen Nigel Royal. “This is for costing us our titles!” Luther screams as he too joins in stomping on Nigel.

Finally, mercifully OSW security gets to the ring and forces the RAGE team out of the ring.

Both men stalk each other for a while before Piotor challenges Hangman to a strength contest. They lock hands and Piotor forces Hangman to his knees, laughing. A 2nd contest, and Piotor shoves The Manslayer on his back. An enraged Hangman goes for a 3rd, and the crowd POP as he out-muscles The Koloss! He forces him in the corner and unloads with rights, lefts and boots. He hammers Piotor down to a seated position before catching his breath. To his shock, however, Piotor sits there laughing, begging him for more punishment. Hangman shrugs, happy to oblige!

BIG BOOT IN THE CORNER! Piotor staggers out, right into a SIDEWALK SLAM! Hangman off the ropes, and a BIG leg drop to the newest adopted Crowley! ONE… TWO… Piotor kicks out. Hangman pulls him up and spins him round. He picks Piotor up in an electric chair. Before he can sentence him, though, Piotor leaps forwards – VICTORY ROLL! ONE… TWO… Hangman powers out! What a sight that was, 2 near-300 pound men showing unlikely agility. Both men up, Piotor ducks a clothesline and tears into the ropes – CROWLEY CLOTHESLINE TO HANGMAN! He almost decapitated The Head Hunter! ONE… TWO… HANGMAN WITH A SHOULDER UP!

Piotor hammers the mat with his metal fists. He heaves Hangman to his knees – Hangman with the goozle! Piotor clubs away at him, but the Manslayer rises up and draws his thumb across his throat – CAPITAL PUNISHMENT CHOKESLAM! Hangman slumps over Crowley – ONE… TWO… ANOTHER KICK OUT! The fans POP and stamp their feet in the stands at this incredible match. Hangman says enough is enough. He wraps his legs around Piotor’s head and arm, like a constrictor. Using Crowley’s own metal arm against him, he begins to choke him out. Piotor struggles at first, but fades away and the referee calls for the bell.

Hangman celebrates stoically as Piotor comes to on the ring apron.

When we come back from a commercial break, a table sits within the middle of the ring. Stood opposite it on both sides, is Red River Jack and Mike Lane respectively. They’re here tonight for a contract signing that usually is completed in private – that is unless you’re Jackson Slade, who knows how to get under the skin of his enemies. Paloma Ruiz stands between them.

“Red River Jack, Mike Lane, Jackson Slade has decided to make this contract signing a public affair. I’m sure that both of you wish to get this over with quickly, so if you sign the paper on the desk, your match for Frostbite will be official.”

Jack looks her up and down, picking up a microphone.

“How about all this fanfare, huh man? Don’t you see what the system is trying to do to us? It’s trying to divide us, it’s trying to blind you with visions of glory and grandeur, but you’re not ready to lead,” he proclaims, taking the title from his shoulder and lifting it into the air. “And that’s what this is, man. This is the tool of leadership. I put this to work to beat away the lies and defamation, to starve the world of its falsehoods.”

Mike reluctantly picks up the other microphone and shakes his head.

“I am ready, Jack. I’ve listened to your teachings and I see all of this for what it is. I know the truth now, I know what makes the world tick and how they try to manipulate us. I don’t want to fight you, my brother. I don’t want to do that. But I know that I must lead now, that I must take my rightful place beside you and make these people wake up.”

The crowd boo’s and Red smiles, only instead of signing the papers, he steps backwards. Mike on the other hand reaches down, grabs the pen and puts it to the paper, writing his name.

“You’re not ready, man. You’re not ready.”

Red drops the microphone and walks away, shaking his head as Mike looks on – his face that one of frustration, his leader and mentor – or manipulator and brainwasher, having made an exit.

The bell sounds. The two competitors circle around as Vinnie has a swagger to him. A smile comes across his lips as he strums an air guitar note directly at Chase. Chase looks down and imitates the air guitar note but starts really getting into it! Lane throws his invisible guitar down and charges across the ring before nailing a Superkick! Chase is stunned for a moment, but quickly gains his bearings and connects with an eye rake!

‘Loverboy’ is still dazed and confused as the referee is admonishing Chase for his dastardly actions. Lane comes to just in time to clothesline Chase to the mat. Lane shakes the cobwebs out and pulls Chase to his feet. Lane lifts him up for a vertebr- NO! Chase slips behind him and pushes Lane into the turnbuckle. Chase quickly follows it up with a corner splash crushing his sternum against the turnbuckle. Lane hits the ground and Chase quickly rolls him up onto his shoulders! ONE…TWO…NO! Lane kicks out. Chase gets to his feet with three fingers extended as he argues with the referee. The referee is shaking his head. Lane quickly gets to his feet and they begin trading blows. Lane kicks Chase in the gut, places a knee behind the head of Chase and drives his face into the mat for the Bad Medicine Knee Driver! He goes for the pinfall! ONE…NO! Chase kicks out at one! Lane gets up furious but Chase quickly flips him around.

He lifts up Lane and hits Cloud Nine! Lane crumples to the ground as Stratus hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…T-NO! Lane is barely able to get his shoulder up. Chase pulls him to his feet. Chase throws him into the ropes. Lane comes back and Chase tries for a MONEY SH- but Lane baseball slides under him! Chase turns around to get caught with a punch to the gut followed by… THE BLACK LABEL DRIVER! The vertebreaker is hit with perfection as Lane slumps an arm across his chest. ONE…TWO…THREE! Lane rolls out of the ring and smirks at the ladies on the front row. He poses for a few pictures before grabbing up his [CENSORED] Championship and heads to the back.

Freight Train Ferguson is meandering through the backstage area prior to his massive Trio’s Match here tonight. He’s sneering and scoffing at the insignificant OSW staff as he does, looking rather pleased with himself.

“Choose death.”

Suddenly a voice booms from behind him. He spins and walks straight into a massive STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL! It’s ISAIAH BLACK AND BOY, HE’S PISSED. The Grim slams the chair down across his knees for good measure, making sure that he doesn’t get back up.

A cry out in agony only spurs Isaiah on more, who grabs him by the throat whilst down and pulls a pair of scissors from his back pocket.

“I’ve been dealing with men like you my entire life, Ferguson. You’re big, you’re tall, you run all the mouth in the world but you cry on your knees just like everybody else.”

Ferguson though struggles back, Isaiah placing the scissors against his temple to calm him.

“You don’t understand it yet, do you?” he says smiling sadistically. “This is my house, bitch.”

Isaiah suddenly cuts a clump of Fergusons perfectly rounded fro out and then punches him in the head one last time with the scissor handles. He stands up, looking at the bleached blond hair.

“Next time, I’m coming for your throat.”

He throws the hair down and walks away, leaving Ferguson bleeding from a small wound on his head and his pride, absolutely battered.

Mark closes into striking range but it’s Gordon who shows some speed first, putting Marx flat on his back with a single heel pick. A leg sweep from the Illuminary Sage allows him to roll and gain a vertical base. Marx smiles across the ring, shaking his head no. The pair decide to lock up, at least until Reichous Marx whips around cracking Gordon’s skull with a spinning backfist. Left hand. Right hand. Marx goes high and low in combinations backing Gordon to the corner and forcing a count from the referee. One. Two. Three. Marx raises his arms in the air backing off. No! He rocks the Ironman with a superkick that leaves him slumped back against the lower turnbuckles.

The All Star champion keeps the heat on, lifting Gordon to his feet then double-legging up to the top turnbuckle. Marx climbs to the second buckle and hammers fists down on Gordon’s head, the fans counting all five out in succession. A buzz builds when he lifts his opponent’s legs up and over the ropes before climbing to the top. Superplex… no! Gordon holds onto the top rope with a death grip. Instead the Illuminary Sage wraps his arms around Gordon’s waist for a belly-to-belly but it’s not going to be that easy. The Ironman rallies with a headbutt, then another. A third fells Reichous Marx to the canvas hard as Robert Gordon almost loses his balance nearly toppling to the outside. A bit of blood trickling from his hairline, he steadies himself and takes a Leap of Faith! The impact of the splash causes some separation and some pain for the man landing it but little time is wasted before Gordon hooks the leg.

One…Two… Th- no! No scowl at the ref or slapping the mat; Robert Gordon stays on top of Marx with an arm over his head. Gordon lifts him high in a vertical suplex, slingshot across the ropes into- what!? Marx falls straddled harmlessly across the top rope as Gordon reaches blindly for the corner ropes, his other hand held over his eyes. He never sees Marx’s Helter Skelter but his face meets canvas forcefully without any prejudice. Marx rolls the Ironman up for the cover. One… Two… Three. The referee checks on Robert Gordon, still clutching at his eyes. Reichous Marx leaves the ring only to return staff in hand to stand triumphantly, perhaps defiantly in the middle of the OSW ring.

Bruce Van Chan is sitting in his locker room tying the laces of his boots. As he finishes, he jolts in his seat to see Marvolo standing before him with Raquel standing off to the side. Marvolo is paying him no attention though. His eyes are set squarely on the Hardcore Title sitting beside Bruce.

“How did you walk up so quietly?”

“Do not question me. I am the number one luchador in the business. You think I don’t know how to be stealthy? HA!”

Bruce shakes his head in sheer annoyance before standing up between Marvolo and the title.

“You slap me last week and here you stand as if nothing is the matter?”

“Nothing the matter?! Of course something is the matter! That gorgeous title reeks of the melting pot that is your ethnicity! Indinadiacan stink!”

Bruce looks thoroughly done with this conversation as he reaches back where he left his title but the title is gone! Raquel is standing with the belt in her arms.

“Marvolo es numbahhh wahnn!”

“What are you doing? Give me my title belt.”

Bruce reaches for the title, but Raquel just gives him a blank stare. Bruce gets a hand on the title and the game of tug-of-war begins.

Low Blow!

Marvolo hits him below where his belt would normally sit.

“See you, Indoaussian garbage!”

The two scamper out as Bruce hits the ground. He grits his teeth as he glares at the exit.

We cut backstage, finding ourselves following one-half of the newly crowned tag team champions, Matthew Cories with his belt slung over his shoulder when he suddenly finds himself in front of the man who accosted him pin-up of Pamela Anderson just one week ago: Abdul Ahad.

Cories squints, gripping his title belt close. “So we meet again,” he says in the most heroic fashion he can muster.

“And I see that you have accepted the word of Allah and renounced your unsavory taste in women,” Ahad responds swiftly. “It is unacceptable and against the word of God for such a heinous act to be committed, I am pleased you’ve found your way.”

“And I’m glad you’ve fallen into my trap, Aziz.”


“My name is no-“ Ahad begins before being cut off.

“Oh I know exactly who you are Aziz; I’m just shocked that Harry Tasker was unable to get the job done the first time and stop you!” Cories barks out, somehow believing Abdul Ahad is the villain from True Lies. Cories jumps close, grabbing the canvas that wraps Ahad’s head and pulling him close for interrogation. “WHERE ARE THE NUKES?!”

Ahad shoves him away. “Just because I’m Muslim doesn’t make me a terrorist! And my name isn’t Azi-“


Matthew Cories levels him with the tag title belt and Ahad drops to his back in a groggy haze. “Don’t lie to me! You harmed my woman, just like you tried to harm Harry’s wife – the pattern of a mad man!”

This… isn’t weird or anything.

Cories points at Ahad. “So make no mistake, Aziz; you may have escaped Harry’s clutches last time, but you’ll never escape mine and I WILL FIND THE NUKES.”

And with that, Cories shovels off, leaving his villain on the ground and wondering what the hell just happened and who the hell is Aziz.

After that earlier exchange, Bruce makes his way to the ring looking a little worse for wear, though still in possession of his Hardcore Championship. The bell rings as Garcia rushes out of the corner, taking Bruce by surprise with a big Flying Forearm. Van Chan goes down before stumbling up into a series of rights and lefts that stagger him into the corner. A big right stuns him as Garcia backs off before rushing up with a big Lariat that squashes BVC as he slumps down. Garcia backs off once more, readying himself on the other side of the ring before rushing forward STAY DOWN! A huge Yakuza Kick in the corner as Bruce’s head is slammed into the bottom turnbuckle. Garcia smiles cockily as he pulls Bruce out of the corner, hooking the leg for the cover

ONE…TWO…Bruce gets the shoulder up and as Garcia goes to pull him up, Bruce sweeps Garcia’s leg, grabbing him by the arm as he tries to pull him into the Van Chaninator. Garcia quickly gets to the ropes before Bruce can lock in the hold fully but Bruce begins to come back, ducking under a spinning backfist before leaping up with a beautiful Dropkick. Garcia gets up into a flurry of rights and lefts before being thrown into the turnbuckle himself. The crowd begin to cheer for the Hardcore champ as he rushes forward, crushing Garcia in the corner with a Stinger Splash before spinning the staggering Santelmo around and dropping him to the mat with the Nap Time

Bruce doesn’t go for the cover, instead climbing up to the top rope. Bruce stands up, as the crowd chants ‘Bruce Van Chan’ before leaping off SHOT THROUGH THE HE…NO! Garcia moves but Bruce manages to roll through, rushing forward right into the waiting arms of Santelmo GAMBLERS FALLACY! Bruce is down but Garcia doesn’t cover, signalling for the end as he almost begs Van Chan to get to his feet as the Hardcore champ slowly gets up, Garcia rushing forward and nearly taking his head off with the Hail Mary. Bruce falls down unconcious as Santelmo hooks the leg for the victory. ONE…TWO…THREE! Brandon Garcia got a huge victory here and sets a time of 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

Vinnie Lane is casually walking backstage, his [BEEP] Championship draped over his shoulder. He’s been making strides here in Old School Wrestling, getting under the skin of Ethan Bird but apparently, it’s Ethan tonight with his own agenda.

He storms in from behind with a double forearm, crashing against the back of Lane and sending him into a nearby wall. Bird quickly spins him and nails him with a right hand, pulling him close and THE WORLD’S END!! FISHERMAN SUPLEX DDT ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!” groan the fans as Vinnie’s head crunches into the concrete. Ethan gets back to his feet and snatches up the [BEEP] Championship, looking it up and down.

“Well, aren’t you the king of shit mountain,” Ethan says, holding the belt up and inspecting it. “Someone should let you know that you’re not in [BEEP] now, boy. You’re in Old School Wrestling and this? This is a piece of shit.”

Bird spits on the belt and launches it into a nearby trashcan, dusting off his hands. He walks past Lane with a grin, shaking his head.

“See you at Frostbite.”

The fans boo as the camera closes in on Vinnie, watching him stir as his nemesis storms off down the corridor, not looking back in his direction. These two meet in the multi-man match at Frostbite, but as announced this week on Twitter, it’s at Red Snow that they finally get their hands on each other; one on one.

The bell rings as Marvolo rushes forward, landing a series of punches that seem to do nothing to Hate, the #1 looking a little shaken as he rushes to the ropes, rebounding with a big dropkick that only sends Hate back a few steps. Undettered, Marvolo rushes forward with a very telegraphed burning sword as Hate stops it, batting Marvolo’s hand away and retaliating with a right of his own that takes Marvolo off his feet. Marvolo gets up as Hate throws him across the ring, the #1 ducking under a clothesline attempt as he points out his intelligence, slamming a few forearms to the back of Hate before trying a German Suplex. Marvolo tries with all his strength but he can’t seem to lift Hate as the Nihilist grabs Marvolo and throws him across his shoulder to the mat. Marvolo slowly gets to his feet right into a crushing Big Boot by Hate as the Nihilist hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…Marvolo gets a shoulder up

Hate pulls Marvolo up to his feet but gets a poke to the eye for his troubles as Marvolo grabs him by the head and bulldogs him into the mat. Hate gets up to his feet as Marvolo rushes him with a series of chops that don’t seem to do much as Marvolo grabs Hate, somehow Suplexing him down to the mat. The #1 walks out onto the apron, yelling out ‘SUPLEX TO THE FACE!’ before springboarding onto Hate with the Hilo. Raquel cheers Marvolo on the outside as he covers Hate. ONE…TWO…Hate gets the shoulder up.

Marvolo can’t believe it as he pulls Hate to his feet, going behind as he tries for another German but Hate manages to land on his feet, kicking Marvolo in the gut as he throws him up into the air, FREED FROM THE HERD! That huge European Uppercut may have knocked Marvolo out cold as Hate signals for the end. There’s only five seconds left. We’re at 4:17 on the clock. He goes to pick Marvolo up but the #1 trips Hate up, causing him to go throat first over the middle rope as Marvolo rolls Hate up. ONE…TWO..Marvolo’s feet are on the ropes..THREE!! The #1 manages to get the victory over Hate tonight but he had to cheat to do so! The timer flashes up 4:27! Brandon Garcia wins the Beat The Clock Challenge! Marvolo slams his hands down on the canvas, infuriated!

“Marcus!” We find Charlie Thompson trying to catch up with Marcus X backstage. “Excuse me…” Charlie reaches for X’s shoulder but one of his Brotherhood slaps her hand away.

Marcus signifies it’s alright and Thompson proceeds.

“This is from Kensington.”

Thompson hands X a tablet and Marcus looks confused.

“What’s this?”

“I don’t know.” Charlie responds. “Something they filmed earlier this week.” With one last comment she disappears around the corner. “Just press play.”

The Brotherhood look confused but X presses play and… we find Royston Hawkes stood on the corner of 8th Ave and 127th street.

“Recognize this place, Mark?” Royston smirks.

Marcus doesn’t look happy… this is his old neighborhood.

“I just touched down and I’m already eager to shove off! But not before I do what I came here for.” The camera zooms back to reveal four Black British men standing behind Hawkes. “You see, X, you disrespected something I’m proud of last week….”

X realizes where this is going, his face overcome with anger.

“So this week, I disrespect something you’re proud of.”

Hawkes claps his hands and the four men take off in different directions. One instigates a couple kids to help him spray paint the british flag on a wall. Another goes to work keying cars while the others start beating on some street kids.

“Now you know not to bugger with me, X…” Royston looks around. “…though, I’m afraid I’m not done with you yet.”

The video ends and Marcus goes berserk, smashing the tablet against the wall and storming off.

Fresh off losing the tag team titles, Pig takes his anger out on Marcus X with a relentless attack before the bell, at the instructions of Luther. Marcus X is no mug though and battles back as the two men he relentlessly go back and forth with punches. An uppercut sways the momentum in the United States Champions favour though and a running neck breaker brings our first pin of the night. Quick power out by Pig means this one carries on. Luther is furious on the outside and sensing his anger Pig starts taking control to appease his master.

A Bodyslam, is followed by a lariat and finally a DDT. Pigs turn to try and put his one away now, two count and nothing more. The momentum again shifts in this back and forth encounter and this time its Marcus who lands a three move combo, finishing with a back body drop. To Marcus surprise though Pig just jumps straight back up. Bouncing off the ropes and returning with a body block. PIG DOES NOT MOVE. Again Marcus flings himself off the ropes another cross body block. AGAIN PIG Stands still, he does not move.

Marcus goes for a third, this time Pig CATCHES HIM. With thunderous power he slams X down to the floor and stays down for the pin. LAST MOMENT MARCUS GETS A SHOULDER UP, 2.9 count. Finish him Luther screams, but you can’t just put away the US champion like that, Marcus mounting a comeback. He’s setting up BLACKOUT here. Pig is resisting though, a struggle ensues. Pig gets the upper hand pushes Marcrus away, the force bounces him off the ropes and back. MARCH OF THE PIGS!!! Cover, One, Two, Three.

We cut to the announce table where Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond address the camera.

“As you’re aware, folks, Yuki Shiroi and Brandon Garcia have recently been at odds…”

Diamond cuts Gomez off.

“Well this week, things heated up… when Garcia had a camera crew follow him to the Lions Den, a bar slash brothel just outside the strip.”

“One owned…” Gomez adds. “…buy Yuki Shiroi.”

“Roll the footage!” Diamond shouts.

The footage begins with Garcia’s back, clad in expensive looking fur… a baseball bat in hand.

“Let’s teach this bitch a lesson!” Garcia shouts over his shoulder as he swings on the bars door man and knocks him out cold.

Without a moments hesitation Garcia kicks open the door and runs in swinging. The first thing he hits is a patron – the next, a hanging lamp that shatters and pops. As he rears back to take another swing he’s speared by Yuki into the wall… and the drywall cracks under their impact!

“ここからこのろくでなしを入手!“ (Translation: Get this bastard out of here!)

Several members of Yuki’s staff answer the call but Garica is back to his feet! He swings the bat… right off the dome of a bartender! The guy drops like a ton of bricks, but several others are already approaching! Brandon throws the bat at them but misses and shatters a mirror behind the bar… before taking off into the night.

Back with the announce team.

“Fresh!” Diamond proclaims.

Gomez just shakes his head.

Jake Jeckel and James Hunter circle one another. Though they are both a part of RAGE, there seems to be no love lost between the two. Jeckel rushes at the Question and catches a HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE! Jeckel is staggered and Hunter takes advantage. Punch after punch backs the Juggalo to the ropes. Hunter whips Jake to the ropes and he returns to RELAX! The huge clothesline levels Jeckel. The Question sneers and walks towards Jake. He reaches down to pull him up, but…JUGGABLOW! Hunter drops as Jeckel climbs to his feet. Jeckel pulls the Question up and PONY DOWN!! One! Two! Th…Kick out!

Jeckel pulls Hunter up and GORILLA PRESS SL….NO! Hunter slithers out, kicks Jeckel in the gut and SNAP SUPLEX! The Question stomps Jake into oblivion! INVERTED ANKLE LOCK! Jeckel is struggling! He is pulling himself to the ropes! He almost has them………..and Hunter pulls him back to the center!! Jeckel looks like he is about to give! Instead, he flips to his back and kicks Hunter away. He gets to his feet just as the Question returns. The two start trading big right hands. The crowd cheers with each punch!

Jeckel gets the upper hand and drives Hunter to the corner. He DRIVES A SHOULDER INTO HUNTER’S MIDSECTION! The Question is stunned in the corner! The Juggalo climbs to the second turnbuckle and FRANKENSTEINER!! Jeckel rushes to the top rope and DIVING ELBOW DROP!!! NO! Hunter stuck his foot up and catches Jeckel with A BOOT TO THE FACE!! Jeckel is down! Hunter stands and pulls Jeckel up. He whips the Juggalo into the ropes, Jeckel ducks another RELAX on the rebound and counters! THE HATCHET!!! One! Two! THREE!!! The Juggalo defeats his RAGE companion, and The Question seethes in anger!

The DEAD sits in the backstage area, obviously enjoying his own company as he rests his head against a wall, recuperating from his match earlier that night. However, he doesn’t enjoy the silence for long before the sound of footsteps get his attention.

“So, Deadite, where’s the book? It wasn’t in your locker. I would know, I checked again.”

The DEAD almost leaps forward from the wall, eyes narrowed at the advancing Ashley Williams.

“What is it with you? I’m no Deadite and I don’t have your book. The only thing I have right now is a lack of patience.”

“I may not be a smart man, but I know a Deadite when I see one. You’re stinkin’ up my fed, and I won’t leave until that book is in my hands.”

The DEAD glares at Ash, backing away from him already.

“I think you mean hand, don’t you? I don’t blame you for your delusions, Ash. But if you keep attacking me then I’ll have no choice but to retaliate. We both know you don’t want that.”

Ash scowls at The DEAD, raising his metal hand and advancing towards him.

“Step right up! Two cans of Whoopass for the price of one!”

Williams looks to be ready to unleash one of his boomstick punches.

“Say Aaahhhhhh!-”

FINAL BREATH The DEAD catches Ash by surprise and hits him square in the throat with a hellish bullhammer elbow! Williams drops to the ground, clutching his throat as The DEAD makes his exit.

“I gave you fair warning, Ashley.”

Welcome to The Showcase! There’s great fanfare surrounding this one as the bell sounds and they lock up. Williams takes Napier into a Side Headlock and gets ran into the ropes for his troubles, bouncing off and forced into releasing. Cody though immediately leaps into the middle rope and SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE! NO! Napier ducks under as Cody lands on his feet. He turns around and runs towards him again, only this time Jack can’t stop the oncoming Busaiku Knee! Cody drops into the cover… One….. Two… Kick Out! He pops back up and grabs Napier by the head, receiving a punch to the gut for his troubles. The Gentlemen is fighting back to his feet and doubles Williams over, smashing him in the face with a solid knee.

The Reflection Of Perfection is back to his feet and stumbles towards Napier, who grabs him into a waltz. The fans are quick to their feet, chanting along as if they’re music, watching as Jack drops Williams with the High Knee! The Gentlemen’s Waltz downs him! He drops into the cover… One…. Two… Kick Out! Napier is going to need a little more than that and reaches inside his pants – but not for what you’re thinking! Oh no, it’s a pair of brass knuckles. Cody has no idea what’s about to hit him and get backs to his feet, dazed, stumbling.. NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE!! NO!! CODY DUCKED THE KNUX SHOT! HE DUCKED IT! He spins Napier, kicks him in the gut and PURE PERFECTION!! SPINNING SIT-OUT UNDERHOOK FACEBUSTER!! OHHHHHH YEAAAHHH!

He turns him over, lateral press… One…. Two…. Three! NO! HE KICKS OUT! JACK NAPIER KICKS OUT! The fans are on their feet, chanting, cheering, letting these guys know just how much they appreciate the effort. “THIS IS AWESOME!”… “THIS IS AWESOME!”.. Cody gets back to his feet and signals for the end, willing Napier back to his and lifting him straight up into the air.. CARPE OMNIA!! NO!! JACK JUST FUCKING BLOCKED IT! HE BLOCKED IT! IT’S SHOWTIME! FRONT FLIP STUNNER! NOOOOO!! CODY FLIPS HIM OUT AND ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE HEAD!! MODIFIED CARPE OMNIA! Williams dives into the cover… One….. Two…. Three! The bell sounds and this one is over! Cody Williams wins the first ever OSW Showcase!

Cody gets back to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle, saluting the fans that saluted him here tonight. It’s one and done for Cody Williams but he proved he can still handle his business on US soil. Old School Wrestling thanks both competitors and wishes them the best in their wrestling careers.

The scene cuts backstage where we find the RAGE Champion Lux Bellator moving swiftly down the hallway. He turns right and just ahead is the entrance to his locker room. The masked man opens the doorway and stops in his tracks. Laying on the ground, unconscious is Father Pedro; Lux hops to and comes to bended knee, his hands working on Pedro, trying to wake him.

“Father!”, he clamors, shaking Pedro but the older man remains unconscious and it is only then that Lux sees the countless pennies scattered across the floor. Lux clenches his fists and hops to his feet, composing himself and runs to the door to call for helpl

“HELP!” Lux cries out, after opening the door and a couple of backstage workers come to his aid. “He’s unconscious, he’s been hit in the head,” Lux instructs.

“By who?” a familiar voice inquires and Lux spins around and gets immediately in Ethan Bird’s face.

“You know exactly who; I’ve seen you strike down men before with that bag of yours, full of your charitable donations” Lux says, spitting mad. “How could you do such a thing? You say you want my title, fine, but to attack him is uncalled for and you’ll regret it.”

Bird shakes his head and his stoic dark eyes pierce back at Lux. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bird says, poking Lux in the chest. “But you ever talk to me like that again, I’ll make sure you’re the one unconscious and not that fouled mouthed father of yours.”

And with that, Bird shoves past Lux who is doing everything he can to fight back the temptation to strike. Was Bird telling the truth? Or was this all a ploy to get under his skin? Time would only tell.

The match begins with Legion stomping towards the center of the ring and Neville Sheldon cautiously circling the mammoth. Both men move in for a lock up, but Sheldon is much too smart for a test of strength and he drives a quick knee into the midsection of his opponent, catching him off guard but not making much an impact. Sheldon is quick to capitalize and heads to the ropes, bouncing off in a full sprint and DRIVES a leaping drop kick into the chest of Legion, knocking him back a few steps. Sheldon jumps right back to his feet…

AND LEGION CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT! Nowhere to go for the fan favorite as Legion DELIVERS a monstrous choke slam that nearly put Sheldon through the canvas. The big man drops down for a cover and gets a ONE… TWO… BUT SHELDON is able to slip away. That won’t deter Legion much as he’s right back on the attack. Lifting Neville to his feet and HOISTING him into the air and SLAMMING him back to the canvas. And now Legion steps on the chest of Sheldon for a nonchalant cover. ONE… TWO… SHELDON kicks out again!

Legion does not look impressed. He reaches down with a scowl to grab the hair of Neville Sheldon. Lifting him to his feet and with an irish whip SENDING SHELDON HARD INTO THE CORNER! Neville stumbles out and LEGION DELIVERING A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE THAT SNAPS SHELDON’S HEAD OFF THE CANVAS! And the monster won’t stop there. Immediately moving over to Neville and picking him up! OH NO HE’S SETTING HIM UP FOR “MARK OF THE BEAST”!! NO!! It’s over! Sheldon is down and Legion makes the cover. ONE… TWO… THREE!! Legion picks up the victory here tonight in IMPRESSIVE fashion.

Piotor Crowley is in the backstage area, looking for his cronies. It’s been a while since he’s seen the family tonight and after Tobias’ Hangman related injury last week, he can only be looking for Damien.

That’s when he spots him, hanging from the rafters inside their locker room, just like Tobias.

He storms into the door but it won’t open; realizing the danger, he starts pummelling at it with his massive metal arms, breaking it into pieces. He rushes inside and grabs the hanging Damien, holding him up.

The lights then go off.

When they return, The Hangman stands between the flashes of light, whispering.

“One by one..”

Jake Jeckel and Wes Warhammer stand backstage in conversation. They may of fought last week but it would appear that their bond is stronger than ever because of it. Wes has recently gotten himself involved with Reichous Marx ahead of what could be a tense showdown come Frostbite.

“They hardly have a team,” Jeckel admits. “Kersh, Scarecrow, Isaiah Black and Vinnie Lane, right?”

Wes concurs with a nod. “There’s been no word on-…”

Suddenly, they’re interrupted. Numerous men surround them, blocking them in from all sides. They’re wearing suits, but underneath you can see tattoo’s reaching up their arms like serpent skin.

That’s when Marx arrives.

“When you draw blood from Reichous Marx, it is not just I, who bleeds.”

The men suddenly lunge in, pummelling the hell out of both men. They try to fight back but the overwhelming numbers stops them dead, Marx awaiting the right moment to step in. When they’re down, unconscious, he steps through the crowd of attackers and stands between them.

“Blood for blood, Wesley. For I am on team Old School Wrestling.”

He points to Wes and watches as two men start pummelling away at him until he bleeds, busting him wide open. He calls for them to halt and they do, holding Wes there as Marx closes in, dipping his finger in the blood upon his forehead and drawing a snake like line on his cheek.

“Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut.”

The match begins with Mike Lane and Ethan Bird squaring off and locking up. The two battle for position for a moment, before Ethan Bird throws him off and begins nailing him with a combination of punches! Right jab, right jab, left hook, right uppercu–NO, Mike Lane sidesteps the uppercut, and chop blocks him awkwardly to the ground! The Shadow King reaches his feet quickly and drops an elbow on Bird, before standing up and dropping a leg across his neck! Bird finally rolls away and reaches his feet, charging Mike Lane, who misses a lariat, and pays for it by taking a judo hip throw from Bird, who tags in Ferguson. Red River Jack tags himself in, much to the chagrin of Lane, who scorns before stepping out onto the apron.

Red River Jack immediately nails Ferguson with a running elbow strike into the chest. Ferguson stumbles backwards as Red River Jack chop blocks Ferguson, taking him to a knee. That’s all it takes for Jack to try and lock in an octopus hold, but halfway through locking it in, Ferguson literally throws him off and climbs to his feet. Jack charges again and is grabbed by the throat. He lifts Jack in the air for a chokeslam, BUT JACK SENDS HIS KNEE RIGHT INTO FREIGHT TRAIN’S NOSE!!! Freight Train Ferguson releases him, nose busted open and bleeding, stumbling away. Jack tries to take advantage, but Freight Train sends his boot into Jack’s gut! Jack hurls over, AND IS POWERBOMBED OUTSIDE OF THE RING INTO THE GUARDRAIL!!!! GOOD GOD!!! Freight Train, bloodied up, makes the tag to Lux, cussing like a sailor, as the referee begins counting out RRJ.

1… 2… RRJ recovers and stands… 3… 4… 5… RRJ rolls himself back into the ring, and when he stands, is tagged in the back by Isaiah Black! Isaiah Black steps into the ring and is met immediately with a Lou Thesz press from Lux! Punch after punch after punch after punch is delivered, until the Reaper finally rakes Lux’s eyes, freeing himself from the position, and reaching his feet. Bellator attempts a Yakuza Kick, but sidesteps it and drops him soon after with an inverted russian legsweep! Isaiah Black bounces off the rope as Lux leans up, and comes from behind to NAIL LUX WITH A GOD DAMN GRAND LEVELER!!!!

NO!!! LUX WAS YANKED OUT OF HARMS WAY FROM THE OUTSIDE BY ETHAN BIRD!!! MIKE LANE IMMEDIATELY RUNS AROUND THE APRON AND DROPKICKS ETHAN RIGHT IN HIS FACE!!! Lux slides back in the ring, ducking beneath an elbow strike from Black, and HOLY SHIT THE DISCIPLE MAKER!!! LUX HITS THE DISCIPLE MAKER!!! HE MAKES HIS PATENTED PIN!!! 1… 2… 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lux performs the catholic cross as he is joined in the ring by FTF and Ethan Bird, celebrating a hard earned team win.

Robert Gordon holds his head in his hands as he enters the RAGE office backstage. His arrival hardly receives fanfare as members of the RAGE roster look at him with disdain. He walks over to Slade and pleads his case.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened,” he admits honestly. “I thought I had him.”

“You thought?” Slade asks in utter disgust. “That’s losses against Scarecrow, Bruce Van Chan and Reichous Marx, Robert. You cost RAGE a Championship and all you’ve gotta say for yourself is that you thought you had it?”

Robert begins to plead. “Look Slade, give me another chance. Give me a title shot to redeem myself and I promise you that I’ll bring it home. It doesn’t matter what belt, or against who, I’ll make sure that I get the job done; just like the Iron-Man of old.”

Slade considers it.

“I think the iron man of old is long dead, Gordon. I think you’re a statue in a time of great movement, but do you know what? I’ll give you the opportunity of a life time to make it right. Next week on Monday Night Showcase, it’ll be Robert Gordon versus Red River Jack for the World Championship.”

That shocks everyone, even those inside the locker room.

“Bring home the gold, all is well. Lose….” he says followed by a pause. “Lose and you won’t want to see what happens.”

Robert nods in agreement, taking his exit as the rest of the RAGE roster look on in shock.

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. Kersh is wearing a loose fitting black tee shirt embroidered with the letters ‘OSW’ and soaked in sweat. In addition, “The Enforcer” is wearing his traditional wrestling attire of black tights, boots, kneepads, kneebraces, and white tape wrapped tightly around his wrists.

As the colorful collage of sparks begin to die down, Kersh begins his approach to the ring. Maintaining a calm and collected mannerism, Brent moves back and forth from one side of the walkway to the other, slapping hands with the fans lining the security railing.

Once the professional wrestler gets to within several feet of the ring apron, he sprints the remaining distance — sliding under the bottom rope and coming to his feet in the middle of the ring. The OSW superstar lifts both hands into the air as he manoeuvres his way around the ring and retrieves a microphone.

“Scarecrow, I know you can hear me!” he yells to the backstage area. Their Main Event match is only moments away. “Get the hell out here now!”

There’s a massive loud clunk as the lighting system shuts down inside the arena. With the arena suddenly thrust into darkness, the sounds of squawking crows can be heard. Smoke begins to fill the stage as his eerie and terrifying music of Scarecrow filters throughout the arena.

When the lights return, The Hayman is stood in the ring, opposite Brent Kersh.

“Cut the crap, cut the crap right now. After everything we’ve been through, after your triumphant return, after everything, this is what you do? I knew I couldn’t trust you. I knew that given half the chance, you’d turn on Old School Wrestling.”

The fans boo.

“I knew that you’d turn on me!”


There’s not even time for an explanation, this match has started right now!

The referee barely has time to call for the bell before both men tear into each other! The Enforcer and The Hayman LEATHER each other with STIFF shots. Kersh gets the upper hand, pummelling ‘Crow into the corner with those big ole ham hocks of his. He snaps his boot into Scarecrow’s ribs, then tosses him with a BIG BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Kersh keeps on him and rails him with mounted forearms while ‘Crow covers up. “TRAITOR!” screams Kersh as he decks his long-time foe. FISTFUL OF HAY TO THE FACE! It distracts Kersh, and ‘Crow hits him with the HAYMAKER!

Kersh slumps off of ‘Crow, who gets up. He peels the Texan up and LAUNCHES him over the ropes! Kersh hits the floor with a SPLAT. Scarecrow exits the ring. He picks Kersh up and sends him INTO THE STAIRS! The stairs separate as Kersh BULLDOZES into them. The referee abandons his count-out, knowing these 2 couldn’t care less for rules right now. ‘Crow picks Brent up again. HE WHIPS HIM INTO THE RINGSIDE AREA! Kersh BARRELS through steel chairs and up-ends the announce table, nearly taking out Paloma Ruiz with him! Thankfully Johnny Gomez pulls her out of harm’s way.

Nick Diamond protests his seat being taken out, but one look from Scarecrow silences him. He pulls a crimson-masked Kersh out of the mess of chairs and shoves him back into the ring, the referee following. The Harvester hoists the linebacker up onto his shoulder – KERSH TURNS THE TABLES! The bloodied Kersh now on his feet, with Scarecrow over his broad shoulder! The fans reach a boiling point as Kersh slings ‘Crow forwards… the one-two shoulder-breaker Tombstone combo! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Brent collapses into a cover. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Brent has bested his nemesis once more. The Enforcer staggers to his feet and looks down at the being who stabbed OSW in the back…

The titantron suddenly flickers.

And what follows, sends a sickening shiver through the spine of Brent Kersh.

It’s laughter. Jackson Slade and RAGE stand around in an office backstage, watching a monitor in absolute celebration at what they’ve just witnessed. Their joy and laughter sends the crowd into roaring boo’s as Jackson Slade shakes hands with his team.

“That was incredible!” he says laughing. “Who figured that would work?”

The camera shoots back to Brent Kersh who stands watching, hands on hips, blood dripping from a wound on his forehead. He couldn’t look anymore frustrated as he shakes his head and backs away towards the ropes, exiting onto the ring apron and dropping off.

The audience have fallen into an eerie silence as Brent backs up the entrance ramp, looking back towards Scarecrow who suddenly and abruptly sits up, snapping his head towards the entrance ramp.

Kersh mouths “I’m sorry.” as Monday Night Showcase goes off the air.