[Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner] [During the Christmas break.] [Kerchink.] [The sound of a jail house door sliding shut is the first thing we hear in the pitch black as our camera adjusts to the inside of a cell. Stood there, his hands still cable tied behind is back, is none other than a painted Tommy Hawk. His eyes are bright red, his makeup smeared and his attire covered in blood that simply isn’t his own.] [He’s The Savage.]

“Boy, ain’t you gon’ and done it now?”

[The voice belongs to Jon Davenport. He’s stood on the opposite side of the bars, with two officers, being escorted down the hall to make a statement.]

“I’ve been tellin’ people all along that you and your kind are savage, injun! Just look at what you did to those poor white officers, huh?”

[He stops right in front of Hawk, placing his hands around the bars.]

“And just think of what you’d have done if I didn’t stop ya.”

[Hawk suddenly reaches through the bars, grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him closer. The officers quickly rush to his aid, but Tommy is too strong.]

“By the creator himself, I will bring a storm to your world the likes of which you have never seen. You attack my people, you break our homes and invade our land, but you will never break our spirit Wendigo.”

[The officers quickly enter the cell with their batons raised, attacking Hawk with vicious and vile shots until he falls to his knees, releasing Davenport. The Hunting Hound backs away, straightens out his shirt and smiles.]

“Oh I’m countin’ on it, injun.”

[He walks off, turning back just as the angry officers deliver another vicious beating to Tommy, laying into him with their nightsticks.]

“Long live the chief.”

“Nigga’s fighting over ring’s, nigga’s wanna be the King but..”

“Long live the chief.”

[Blue and Pink lights flash around the ‘Tap Room’ as we get our first ever shot inside the new home of Old School Wrestling. We’re inside a large bar down in Miami, and patrons stand behind barricades drinking their beverage of choice as ‘Long Live The Chief’ hits and The Chief himself steps out from within the entrance tunnel, onto the wooden bar room floor.] [With his cane in hand, he makes a strut like walk towards the ring, getting himself inside. His song slowly begins to fade away, just in time for him to retrieve a microphone and address the raucous ‘Chief Nation’.]

“Welcome to the Tap Room!”

[Everybody cheers, raising their drinks.]

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is The Chief and I’m standin’ here tonight as the proud new owner of Old School Wrestling. When Errol Flint got locked down in the slammer, he had two choices; sink or swim. He didn’t wanna dine with the sharks in hell, so he swam.”

[Again, everybody cheers.]

“And to swim, he had to sell Old School Wrestling. So, I bought this bad boy, and moved the whole operation from Las Vegas to Miami,” [he says to a thunderous foot stomp.] “Now you’re probably wondering why I’m out here instead of Betamax or another familiar face? Well, that’s because whatever the show, right up there above this ring, behind you people on the balcony, is my office. ‘The Tap Room’ is my place of business and if I’m ever needed, I’m only a few yards away.”

[He grins.] [Suddenly though, he’s interrupted. ‘Hysteria’ by The Asylum hits and despite being on Monday Night Showcase, Hysteria steps out onto the wooden floor. The lights bounce off his uniquely new appearance as he makes his way to the ring. Once inside, he produces a microphone.]

“Just couldn’t wait, could ya?” [The Chief asks.]

“What’s the matter?” [Hysteria hisses.] “Don’t you like a little company?”

[The Chief’s brow furrows.]

“I came out here tonight because I’m afraid your predecessors did us a disservice. Our Championships were stolen at Gold Rush and they’ve not yet been able to retrieve them. What do you intend to do about that?”

[The Chief thinks about it for a minute before pointing to the entrance. It takes a moment or two, but a large black man wheels out a large tray with a white sheet placed over it.] [Hysteria watches inquisitively, until the sheet is pulled off.] [Revealing the Old School Wrestling Championship belts!] [The very same ones that were stolen!] [The Mad Mastermind tilts his head.]

“Yeah, about that,” [The Chief interrupts.] “My dealings with Errol Flint were getting closer to their conclusion and I needed an insurance policy. You see, moving the entire company from Las Vegas to Miami,” [cheers] “Is one thing, but ensuring that everything I bought arrived in the condition I bought it; that was another.”

[Holy shit, The Chief was responsible for the Championship belts being stolen!!] [Hysteria turns to him, confused and angry.]

“You son of a bitch!” [Hysteria yells.] “YOU stole them?”

[Oh boy, that changed the expression of The Chief.] “Excuse me?” [He says, stepping forward.] “What did you just call me?”

[Hysteria doesn’t respond.]

“Do you know what? I may have misjudged you. It’s clear to me that you want to fight, so how about I give you a fight, huh?” [He says with a shrug.] “Tonight, on Monday Night Showcase, you’ll defend your Showcase Championship against your fellow friend and stable mate; The Shark. How about that?”

[The Mad Mastermind is furious! He stomps over the ring, grabbing the ropes enraged.]

“Don’t forget to take your Championship on the way out. Now, get the fuck out of my bar.”

“Long live the chief.”

“Nigga’s fighting over ring’s, nigga’s wanna be the King but..”

“Long live the chief.”

[His theme music hits again, allowing him a moment to exit the ring as Hysteria watches on intently. Security slowly begin to creep down the ramp way, making sure that once the Mad Mastermind has his belt, he’s out of here.] [Can you believe it?] [The Chief had the title belts all along.]

[It’s The Savior of Wrestling vs. The Masked Emotion. Will Doubt get the better of Hero? Or will Chase do his duty and put it down for the 1, 2, 3?] [The match starts with Doubt eying Hero curiously. The Emotion cocks its head before finding it’s way in a Collar-Elbow Tieup. Chase picks an Arm Wrench, transitioning to a Hammerlock, then Headlock. Doubt pushes him away, taking a Running Shoulder Block. Dropkick by Hero followed by a Side Headlock Takeover. The Emotion counters with a Headscissors; Hero Kips Up. Chase dishes out some Forearm Smashes before Doubt gets a kick to the gut. It Snapmares him over, driving its knee into Hero’s spine! Falling Neckbreaker from the Emotion! It covers! One… Two… NO! Chase bails to the floor…] [The Emotion watches as Hero regroups. They meet on the outside with The Savior of Wrestling ramming Doubt’s head into the apron! It returns the favor, looking for an Irish Whip– NO! Snap Suplex onto concrete! Chase capitalizes– BRAINBUSTER! GOOD GRIEF! It’s hurting; Hero tosses Doubt back into the ring, covering! One… Two… NO! It barely gets a a shoulder up… Chase now with a Double Axehandle– Reverse Bulldog! He hooks the leg! One… Two… NO! Doubt grabs the ropes! Hero then muscles The Emotion into the corner. He puts the boots to it, setting Doubt up top and….. SUPER BACKDROP!] [Chase covers! One… Two… NO! It won’t stay down; Chase stomps away on Doubt. PILEDRIVER! He stacks it up! One… Two…. NO! Doubt kicks out! Hero sneers, stepping back and signaling for the end… It pulls up to standing…… TALKE TO THE— NO! Doubt ducks! Desperation Hurricanerana! THE END OF WISDOM! It slumps into a cover! One… Two… NO! Chase powers out! Doubt then looks for the Pessimist’s End; Hero avoids the Quebrada and The Emotion lands on its feet. REVERSE DDT! Hero yanks him up… HERO’S DUTY? NO! Doubt slings around…. EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! It covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, The Emotion steadily pulls to its feet. Doubt favors its head; Chase Hero sneers with contempt from the corner as the referee raises the winner’s arm…] [Doubt walks to the backstage as we head to commercial.]

“Knock, Knock.”

[The blood-curdling tone of Smiley pierces through the night as he looks up at the new backstage area of Old School Wrestling. The unusually chilly Miami air seems foreign to him as he waits semi-patiently by the backdoor. A lone light hangs above his head as he waits.] [A creaking sound is heard as the door opens. A familiar hooded figure standing in the doorway.]

“Who’s there?” [responds the voice of The Masked Emotion as the light shines down upon his mask.]

“Hey Doubt. It’s been too long, brother.”

[The two share a moment before Smiley steps into room and begins to take a look around.]

“So this is the new place, huh? Feels very…”

[He trails off as a familiar head of red hair walks by clutching her jacket close to her skin. Doubt sees his brother staring with a cryptic look in his eyes. He steps in front of his gaze, snapping him from it.]

“We made a promise, brother.”

“I know Doubt. I will uphold my part of the bargain.”

[Doubt’s gaze, although nearly impossible to see, seems to waver only for a moment.]

“Doubt, I promise. Nothing is more important to me than Knock Knock. I wouldn’t jeopardize our relationship for her.”

“I believe you, brother. Now, let me show you where the locker rooms are. Hysteria and Shark probably shouldn’t be left alone for long tonight.”

[He grabs Smiley by the arm and begins to lead him towards the locker room, in the opposite direction of Stephanie Rose.] [Smiley’s head turns slowly as his eyes look towards her direction.] [Longingly.]

[In their Tap Room debut, two very different man face off with a similar intention to rise up the cards. Can the Monster Rookie continue his destructive streak or will he be just another plaything for the Deranged One?] [The bell sounds as Trayvon rushes forward, nearly turning Smiley inside out with a massive Big Boot. Trayvon drops down, pounding on Smiley with hard rights and lefts, nearly pounding Smiley’s face into the mat. Travyon pulls Smiley up to his feet, lifting him high up into the air for a few moments before sending him down hard to the canvas with a Suplex. Steele doesn’t cover, pulling Smiley up again but the Deranged One slips out of Trayvon’s grasp, slithering into the corner for some breathing room. Trayvon goes after him, but gets tripped up as Smiley grabs him by the pants, slamming him throat first onto the bottom rope] [Trayvon stumbles to his feet, holding his throat in pain as Smiley rushes forward with a hard roundhouse to the throat to stuns the larger man before spinning him around and slamming him over his shoulder with a neckbreaker variation. Smiley backs up, delivering a hard kneedrop across the throat before somewhat uncharateristically going up to the top rope. TRAUM…MISSES! Smiley hits the canvas ass first as he walks right into the open hand of Trayvon, THE BLOCK! Massive chokeslam plants Smiley!] [Steele calls for the end, pulling Smiley up to his feet as he tries for Homicide but Smiley slips out, rushing to the ropes, CHELSEA GRIN! Trayvon is out on his feet as Smiley grabs him from behind, fishhooking his mouth as he tries to drag him down into a submission. Trayvon struggles for a moment as Smiley delivers a hard knee to his back, dropping Trayvon to his knees before locking in a modified Dragon sleeper GLASGOW SMILE STYLE! Trayvon struggles for a moment before the pain forces him to tap out!] [Smiley picks up a big victory tonight in his debut in the Tap Room, continuing his strong form of late. Can 2017 be the year of the Deranged One? If tonight’s an example, it could very well be.]

[We open on a slab of meat. A short cooked prime rib that lies in a puddle of juice which surrounds the perimeter of a white glass plate. The view expanding in cinematic fashion; distancing us from the steak and ultimately shifting beyond the broad shoulders of a monster of a man.] [It’s Thunk.] [His nostrils flare as if to smell the aroma across the length of the corridor in which he stands. His eyes twitch against the stillness of his posture as if to examine the environment in a primal method of risk assessment. And then…] [Thunk sprints along the tiled floor of the hallway. His bare feet rapping against the synthetic material covering the concrete ground. Within feet of his prize the remnant of mankind’s present leaps into a role; coming to a kneel and hovering over the plate of food when suddenly…] [There’s a loud snap. A white netting springs up around Thunk; surrounding his body snuggly and actually lifting his weight a few feet from the ground. The plate of steak plopped into his lap as the net nearly holds him into a human ball, hanging from the hidden support of the dropped ceiling above.] [And then Chase Hero steps into view. A confident smirk on his face. Pride gleaming from his eyes.]

“If you are going to behave like an animal” [Hero scoffs.] ‘Then I will treat you like one!”

[At the sound of the voice we see Thunk’s shoulders tighten. A low growl escapes from his bowels and he slowly, gently turns his head as much as allowed by the restrictive netting to bring his eyes set on his recently found nemesis.]

“Thunk no animal.” [The mammoth begins to struggle.] “Thunk… MAN!”

[With a shout, Thunk thrashes about in a vicious manner and surprisingly, the net holds.] [But only for a second. Suddenly, the Styrofoam ceiling tiles along with metal supporting, light encasements, and electrical wiring comes crashing down in the middle of the hallway. The trap has been broken by the weight of the beast and as Thunk pulls himself from the rubble the eyes of Hero widen.]

“Oh Shit!”

[Chase utters before disappearing around the corner in a hurry. Another roar from Thunk echoes through the corridor as he stands amongst the components of his trap. Anger and frustration trembling through his torso until suddenly he glances down to a calming state.] [Leaning down, Thunk retrieves the steak from the rubble and with his bare hand takes a bite; his eyes still staring down the hall in the direction that Hero went.]

[The Spirit Warrior is in action tonight as he receives his diagnosis from Doctor Panax!] [The bell sounds as these two hard-hitting wrestlers tie it up! Hawk manages to get the upper hand by locking on a side headlock. Panax pushes Hawk into the rope before using the momentum to push Tommy off. Hawk stops his run and turns right into THE ANTI-ALIGNMENT! However, Hawk has connected his hands to block the pressure from the submission move! Hawk lifts up Panax and slams him back down onto the mat to break the submission. Doctor Panax gets to his feet only to have The Spirit Warrior punch him right in the stomach. He lifts Panax up for… THE RED ARROW!] [Panax hits the mat hard as Hawk rolls him into a pinfall. One…Two…THR-KICKOUT! Panax drags himself to the ropes and pulls out of the ring. Tommy Hawk begins getting fired up as he hits the opposite set of ropes. He charges across the ring before leaping out for… GOING NAT- KNEE STRIKE! The standing-room-only Tap Room is on their feet as the sound of beer sloshing onto the floor is heard in celebration. Hawk tumbles to the floor as Doctor Panax smirks down at him. He clamors up to the apron and waits for him to get up. He does as Panax leaps off delivering an elbow strike to the temple! He quickly yanks him up and rolls him into the ring.] [Doctor Panax waits for him to get to his feet and charges for a shining wizard that takes Tommy to the ground. He pulls him back to his feet, but Hawk fights out of his grasp before nailing him with a headbutt that staggers Panax. Hawk hits the ropes for a shoulderblock… followed by a second… and a third! The Doc is groggy as Hawk kicks him right in the gut and lifts him up for… THE RED- No! Doctor Panax slips down his back and drives an elbow into the ribs before lifting him up for… THE END OF EGO! The Landslide drives him into the mat as Doctor Panax hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Doctor Panax rises to his feet as the referee holds up his hand. Panax smiles as he leaves the ring allowing Hawk to grit through his teeth in anger.]

[In the ring, The Horror awaits opponents….] [You’re a Grand Old Flag suddenly begins trumpeting throughout the arena, with Agents Charles and Benson emerging from the back.] [With the perimeter secured, Cody Greer leads Frank Harrison out to the ring under resounding enmity! The ropes are then held down for the posturing politician. He enters, welcoming the newcomer with a Vote Frank Harrison button.] [He has a mic.]

“Folks, [Booing!] let me just be the first to say… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” [He shoots a toothy smile] “Folks, I gotta tell ya, this is gonna be a great year. A really great year. Huge. Because ya see, not only do we now finally have visionary, free-forward thinking back in the White House, where real working-class American values will be reinstituted for real working-class people, but finally….. Monday Night Showcase has a representative all you people can be proud of!”

[Cody barks at the crowd to pipe down; Frank just smiles.]

“…. As your representative, I promise to make Monday Night Showcase and all of OSW great again! [Thumbs up] With my Cabinet, this will become the Land of Opportunity, where those who deserve to be here and are real Americans [Looks to Cody], with real American values, can and will succeed! Yes, I promise you that!”

[He waits for the boos to quiet; his tone sharply shifting with to a cold, calculating snap.]

“And simply put, I promise to take those who don’t belong here………. Out.”

“Why, you insufferable infidel swine!”

[Everyone in the ring turns to find The Elder seething at the entrance, with Maaz Azim Salah standing guard. They march closer; the Elder spewing irate Arabic at his enemies!]

“You. [Points to Harrison] Your hateful words are like your god’s scripture; nothing but lies. You call this self-righteous cesspool The Land of Opportunity, but its our land and our great people whose opportunity you’ve try to rip away! [They enter the ring] With a smile, you’ve tried to eviscerate our history.”

[The two sides stand opposed.]

“When your judgement is finally passed, like every other egotistical, fat and stupid real American, you will bow at the feet of the Almighty Allah…… one way or another.”

[The tension in the ring is thick enough a Scimatar couldn’t cut it. The Elder glares at Harrison; Frank just scoffs with a shady smirk.]

“Gentlemen, please I–”


[The match starts with Greer wailing away on Maaz before the silent assassin turns the tables. The two brawl for control when The Horror manhandles Cody into the corner! He crushes him with a Running Lariat– FIDDAH INTO THE CORNER! Cody Mother Fuckin’ Greer crumbles to the floor; Salah and The Horror turn to Harrison….] [NO! The Horror clobbers Maaz down, beating him into the ropes before BEILING him across the ring! Salah charges back; a Big Boot is blocked. Maaz gets a Chop to the throat, squishing The Horror’s skull like a grape! The newcomer fights through the Head Vice…. EXPLODER SUPLEX! He goes to cover, noticing Frank’s double thumbs up….. Ut Oh. The Horror rises, approaching Our Wrestling Representative. Harrison glares; thumbs down– Wait! Charles’ got the referee distracted; LOW BLOW by Frank! And Greer returns with a PILEDRIVER! Frank covers him! One… Two… NO! The Cabinet then put the boots to The Horror!] [Harrison and Greer maul the newcomer, battering him into the corner before Maaz joins the fray. He Belly-to-Bellys Cody away; Frank and Salah meet eyes! In his native tongue, The Elder shouts orders at Maaz… Frank isn’t backing down, throwing the first punch! Maaz though quickly overpowers him– Atomic Drop! GUT-WRENCH POWERBOMB! He covers! One… Two…. NO! Harrison grabs the ropes; CAMEL CLUTCH? NO! He tries to lock it in; Greer wraps Salah up for the Ditch Digger… THE HORROR GERMAN SUPLEXES CODY! MAAZ GET BUTTERFLY SUPLEXED! The Horror covers Greer! One… Two… NO! Frank breaks it up!] [The Horror now hulks Harrison up into the TERROR TRAP! Frank’s flailing; both Agents try to storm the ring… The referee’s distracted; GREER WITH THE PARALYZER! The Horror gets gored; Frank tries to cover but the referee’s tied up with The Elder and Agents! Frank’s pissed; he rises and– NO! MAAZ MISSES FIDDAH IN THE CORNER! Harrison aims for the Stamp of Approval; Salah sends him tumbling over the ropes onto his security! Greer attacks with heavy hands, Scoring with a Headbutt! DITCH DIGGER? NO! Maaz unfurls right into HATF! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and The Elder enters the ring. He stands proudly with his silent assassin, looking down at the defeated Greer. Harrison and his Agents watch bitterly from the floor, trying to regroup…]

[In the darkest pit, in the deepest cellar, in the most unhospitable cage in the world, a familiar face sits lurking behind steel bars. He hasn’t been tended to well, and sports a long shaggy beard and a shadow across his once bald head, from where the hair has attempted to grow.] [But you can still see the spiders web.] [Stood outside the cell, looking in with his arms folded, is none other than Mike Lane.]

“Hello, my friend,” [the man says stepping out from the darkness and into the light, revealing himself to be none other than Doctor D’Ville.] “Have you come for your appointment?”

[Mike Lane doesn’t even budge.]

“You know why I’m here, D’Ville. I want Hysteria,” [Lane gets straight to the point.] “And I think you can help me get him.”

[The Doctor laughs.] “And why exactly would I do that? What’s in it for me, Mr. Lane?”

“Reese put you behind these bars because he believed you were responsible for the murder of Harrison’s family. He dropped you in the darkest deepest pit he could find with government approval. You didn’t have rights and you still don’t,” [Lane steps forward.] “But I can change all that. If you tell me where the body of Alex Reese is buried, I’ll set you free.”

[The Doctor thinks about it for a moment.] “You can keep your offer of freedom, my friend. I am exactly where I need to be, for now,” [he surprisingly admits.] “But I will offer you a piece of free advice; if my usurper intended to bury the body of one Alex Reese, you’ll find him beneath the Asylum; where people dare not go.”

[Mike Lane thinks about it for a moment and nods.]

“Keep that bed warm, won’t you? Hysteria will be joining you here shortly.”

[The Doctor smiles.] “Oh good, some company.”

[Paloma Ruiz stands in the ring and begins to speak.]

“The following match is a Submission Match. It is for the Double Feature Championship which was vacated after the events of Red Snow.”

[Nigel Royal and Stephanie Rose walk towards one another and shake hands, remembering Brent Kersh. They release hands, and the bell rings. Rose wastes no time and immediately shoots at Nigel’s feet, taking him down with a single leg. She leaps to her feet and nails Nigel with a swift kick to the side of his head. He is woosy and she pounces, mounting hs back with a SLEEPER HOLD! Nigel begins flailing and Stephanie holds tight! His arms begin to slow, he sinks to the ground, sitting unconscious on his knees. The ref grabs his arm and lifts it… it falls… ONE! He lifts it again… it falls… TWO! He drops it again and….] [Nigel catches his arm mere inches from the mat!!! He begins to climb to his feet, Rose still perched on his back… and then… JAWBREAKER!! Rose is rocked back as Nigel gets to his feet and… BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Rose is tossed all the way across the ring. Nigel rushes to her and pulls her up… SNAP SUPLEX! She is down hard and Nigel wastes no time… BOSTON CRAB! Stephanie screams! She looks like she is about to tap, but instead reaches out and just barely grabs the ropes!] [Nigel is forced to release the hold! He does and yanks her to up by her head and lifts her for a POWERBOM….HEADSCISSOR TAKEDOWN! Rose counters! She transitions quickly into a BODY SCISSORS! Nigel is getting crushed! He is squirming, but he is strong enough to force himself free and gets to his feet quickly, so does Rose. She shoots for his legs again, but is met with a HIGH KNEE TO THE TEMPLE! Rose stumbles and Royal nails her with a BULLDOG! She goes does and Nigel mounts her back and locks in a TRIANGLE CHOKE!! She starts to tap… but thinks better and holds on for a little more.. She reaches with her leg and just gets her foot on the ropes!] [Stephanie pulls herself up with the ropes and Nigel comes at her with an ARMDRAG but Steph is to her feet immediately and kicks Nigel in the gut! He doubles over and she grabs his head and sprints towards the corner…. ACID DROP!! She immediately grabs his head and flips over…. PETAL TO THE METAL!!! Nigel reaches for the ropes…. But they are in the center of the ring! He taps!!] [Stephanie Rose jumps to her feet, seemingly overjoyed! She celebrates her first championship win in OSW!]

[Blood.] [There’s blood everywhere somewhere in the backstage of the Tap Room. The sound of teeth tearing meat from bone is heard, but the poor lighting doesn’t give way to show who is doing the tearing.] [A chuckle is heard and the lights flicker on. The blood covered room is illuminated and Shark is revealed dead center, chewing on the remains of something… or someone. His head darts up to meet the eyes of the man who turned on the light. David Manson.]

“A little late to be eating, don’t you think?” [Manson chuckles again, walking into the blood slick room, Shark standing up, gore dripping from his mouth as he stares down the intruder.]

“What are you doing in my domain?” [Shark eyes Manson, his teeth bared. The Street Rat puts his hands up as though meaning no harm, though his eyes say otherwise.]

“Calm down there, friend. I was just passing through, but the smell of blood had me curious… No need to be rude, I’m a guest aren’t I?”

[Shark cocks his head as Manson walks forward, leaning over and ripping a chunk off of the meat. He stands up, dangles it in front of The Shark.] [And he eats it! Shark leaps onto Manson! He forces the Street Rat against a wall and gets inches from his face as he leans in!]

“You ate from my meal. No one eats from my meal…”

[Manson grins, unfazed by The Shark.] “Looks like I just did. And you know what? It tasted good. You may have just a bit of competition for your meals now, won’t you?”

[Shark is silent, almost confused by Manson- UNSPOKEN WORDS! Shark gets planted by Manson who stands up and grabs the remainder of the meat from the ground, leaving the dazed Shark behind in the room.]

“Thanks for the meal, sheep. I’ll be sure to come by again.” [His laugh is heard as the the camera focuses on the angered Shark.]

[Following the chaotic events of Red Snow, Mike Lane returns to fight one of his former brothers in David Manson. Can the unmasked Lane go back to his winning ways or will the New Horror punish him on behalf of the Awakening?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard rights and lefts before Manson gets the advantage with a hard knee to the chest of Lane, before spinning him around and just tossing him to the canvas with a Half-Nelson Suplex. Lane stumbles to his feet right into a boot to the face, Lane’s out on his feet as Manson lifts him up, driving him down hard with a Backbreaker, Lane crying out in pain] [Manson lifts Lane up, trying for the Unspoken Words but Lane spins out, kicking Manson in the gut before spiking him with a lightning fast Degeneration! Lane calls for the end, screaming for Manson to get to his feet as he rushes forward, SHADOW KI…SPINNING LARIAT! Lane gets spun inside out as Manson drops down, rolling him up for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Lane just gets the shoulder up. Manson calls for the end as he pulls Lane in between his legs, trying to lift him up high for the Reign of Terror but Lane backdrops his way out, rushing to the ropes as he bounces off right into a massive right hand. Lane stumbles, bouncing off the ropes once more…SHADOW KICK OUTTA NOWHERE! Manson tumbles to the canvas as Lane flops down on top of him, hooking the leg. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Lane gets to his feet, celebrating a hard fought victory to the roar of the crowd. A smile crosses Mike Lane’s face as for the first time in month, he takes in the adulation of the fans]

[Sat at the bar on Monday Night Showcase, a glass of clear liquid sat on a mat in front of him, is none other than our Doctor, Spencer Panax. He hasn’t touched his drink and he looks somewhat out of place, wearing a cardigan in a bar full of bikers and unsavoury characters.] [Whilst the ring reflects off the glass mirror behind the bar, the bartender walks over, placing his hands on the shiny wooden surface in front of him.]

“You haven’t touched your water there, pal,” [The Bartender remarks, nodding at his glass.] “And you sure don’t seem to fit in at the Tap Room.”

[The Doctor adjusts his glasses.] “I wrestle here, young man. My name is Doctor Spencer Panax.”

[That seems to surprise the Bartender, who pulls an envelope out from underneath the counter.]

“That must mean that this is for you, eh?”

[He places the envelope down into the possession of Panax, who looks rather perturbed by it. He reaches out, grabs it and opens it, pulling out a document inside that nearly makes him fall off his chair. The stumble backwards is quickly accompanied by a tossing of the document down onto the bar.]

“What’s the matter?” [The Bartender asks.]

“Did you see the thing that delivered this?” [The Doc questions with legitimate fear.] “Is he here tonight?”

“He was,” [is the response.] “He fought earlier and dropped that off before the match. He said to tell you that the horrors of the psyche cannot be mended by words, whatever that means.”

[Panax looks at him, takes off his glasses and rubs his face.] “This man used to be a patient of mine. He escaped his holding facility a few months ago, and hasn’t been seen since. If he’s here and he comes back, you must call me immediately. Do you understand?”

[He slides his card across the bar.]

“Sure man, whatever you say.”

[Panax backs away slowly, looking extremely nervous as he slinks through the crowd towards the backstage. Who the hell is The Horror and how did he escape custody?]

“What about the documents?” [The Bartender shouts out, taking a look at them. What he finds makes his eyes buldge with shock. It’s a young woman, tied to a chair, bloodied and beaten.] “Holy fucking shit. I don’t get paid enough for this.”

[Hysteria and the Shark bump fists prior to their match, a display the crowd isn’t thrilled to witness. After backing into their respective corners, this Showcase Championship match is about to get under way.] [The bell rings and the comradery quickly dissipates. The Shark strikes first, nailing Hysteria with a chop that catches him on the chin. The Mad Mastermind responds with a slap that catches Shark right in the face. But The Predator comes right back with another Chop! SLAP! CHOP! SLAP! CHOP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Hysteria backs the Shark into the corner… HEADBUTT! The Predator rolls around, face buried in the turnbuckle to avoid another attack… so the Mad Mastermind grabs the Predator by the back of his head and uses the ropes to choke him out! The referee demands Hysteria break, making it to a count of four before Hysteria finally does.] [With the Shark out of the corner, the two lock up and struggle for control. The Predator takes the upper hand; HEADLOCK TAKEDOWN! Hysteria struggles to get free but the Shark has the hold locked in tight. The Mad Mastermind attempts to roll out which proves to be a bad move… SURFBOARD STRETCH! The official checks on Hysteria who groans in pain, but he breaks free and rolls away… the Shark stays on top of him though, raining down blows… the Mad Mastermind absorbs the wild punches to get in position… SPINE BUSTER! With the Predator down… SURFBOARD SUBMISSION! Hysteria turning the tables, and now the official checks on the Shark!]


[The Shark refuses to tap though and eventually slides his foot under the bottom rope for the break. The pair find their feet… DDT! The Shark drops Hysteria like a rock! And he runs him to his feet… another DDT! The Predator rushes the turnbuckle, scaling to the top and quickly taking flight! SHARK DIVE! And Shark with the cover… we may have a new Showcase Champion here! One! Two! Three-NO! Kick out! And the Predator can’t believe it. He runs Hysteria to his feet… APATHY! Hysteria catching Shark with that huge Fireman Gutbuster! And now it’s Hysteria with the cover! One! Two! Three-NO! Shark kicks out! The two struggle to their feet…LOST HOPE! Hysteria strikes again! And again, with the cover! One! Two! Three!] [That’s it! It’s over, and Hysteria has retained! He helps Shark to his feet as the bell rings, the Asylum appealingly stronger from the conflict!]

[As Mike Lane walks through the busy Tap Room bar only moments after a match between a man he’s hunting and his friend, he heads for the main exit in street clothes, ready to head out and do what he needs to do. He’s going to The Asylum, where by all accounts, he intends to dig up the past and put Hysteria away for good.] [Just as he exits the building and pushes open the bar door, he’s clobbered by a ginormous shovel across the back of the head. He quite literally doesn’t know what’s hit him and is damn near unconscious before he hits the ground.] [With weary and heavy eyes, he looks up at his attacker, seeing The Asylum stood before him. Hysteria and the Shark are accompanied by their friends, having made it from the ring to the exit.]

“Why don’t you come with us?” [The Shark hisses, bending down to his knees.] “It looks like someone has taken a chunk out of you.”

[Mike Lane’s head has been busted wide open and blood now seeps into his blonde hair, matting it. He doesn’t know what to do as The Shark sniffs it, putting down his hand and taking a swipe.] [Hysteria meanwhile steps forward, standing over him with his head tilted, his new grey mask on display – replacing the one Mike Lane broke last week.]

“I told you to leave matters well alone, didn’t I?” [Hysteria barks, shaking his head.] “But I suppose you will be an inquisitive little puppy, won’t you?” [he sighs.]

“What do you want to do with him?” [Doubt asks.] [Hysteria steps forward and stomps down on his head violently, sending him to sleep.]

“If he wants to come back to the Asylum, I say we take him. Grab his things, we’ll let the little puppy dig, won’t we?”

[Smiley and Doubt pick up his bag and shovel as Hysteria and Shark pull Lane back his feet, tossing him inside their nearby van and driving off.] [Mike Lane is in serious trouble.]

[It’s the main event and standing in the ring are two of the biggest presences in Old School Wrestling.] [The bell sounds as Jon Davenport and Thunk stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. The dim lighting is perfect for the occasion as the reflections from the cameras shines off the two giants. Jon Davenport gives Thunk a disdainful look before raising his hand as if for a test of strength. Thunk looks confused for a moment before interlocking fingers with him as Davenport instructs. However, before the true test can begin, Davenport sucker punches him right on the chin! The Missing Link seems to have barely felt it! Davenport looks mortified as Thunk’s mild amusement is changing into rage!] [Thunk yanks him close before nailing him with a forearm! He nails him with another as Davenport is trying to pull free his fingers! However, Thunk has a vice-grip on his hand and is refusing to let him go. Davenport is yanked forward again as a brutal headbutt floors the former VHS Rewind Champion! Still, his fingers remain intertwined. Thunk pulls him back up and drops him with a big Body Slam! Thunk gets back to his feet. He musters all of his strength to lift Davenport up onto his shoulder pulls him out of the ring. The crowd is going wild as the barley smell of beer wafts through the air. Thunk, still attached by the hand, hoists Davenport up and rams him into the barricade!] [The crowd on the other side is going ballistic! Thunk is enraged as he makes his Monday Night Showcase in grand fashion here tonight. Davenport is leaned up against the barricade with exhaustion already beginning to set in. Thunk, STILL, has not released his test of strength hold on him. CRACK! Davenport shatters a glass pitcher over the head of Thunk as The Tap Room goes insane! The referee seems to be allowing this happen as new rules of The Tap Room. Thunk staggers backwards as he’s trying to pull the shards from his stringy hair. Davenport charges with a lariat that knocks him back into the apron of the ring.] [The Ol’ Huntin’ Hound Dog grabs him by the back of his head and begins pulling him up the rampway. The referee is desperately trying to call them both back in; however, neither of the men seem to be listening. Davenport drags Thunk over to the bar and reaches behind the counter for a bottle for himself. He pops the top off before taking a swig. The crowd seems to approve of his drinking before flipping the fizzing bottle over and SMASHING it across the dome of Thunk! More glass scatters to the floor as Thunk staggers backwards. Davenport the chase, but Thunk nails him with an overhead Mongolian shot!] [The Missing Link begins a mild retreat as he picks the glass from his scalp. He finds a stairwell that leads upwards as the referee has started a count. “FOUR!” he screams in unison with the drunken ensemble. Jon Davenport looks a little disoriented, whether it’s by the abuse in the match or the beer is still up for question. He chooses to follow Thunk up the stairwell to a higher deck area as the crowd begins murmuring excitedly below them. Davenport comes out of the stairwell with his arm already winding. He throws the first punch, but Thunk catches it with a fierce expression upon his face!] [Elbow strike to the face, followed by a second, and a third! Thunk yanks Davenport close before wrapping an arm and nailing a snap suplex on top of the deck! Dust or some small fragments of debris falls to the bottom floor as their combined weight slams down. “DEAD PREY!” screams the gargantuan man as he begins rubbing his enormous frying pan-sized hands together in anticipation. “EIGHT!” screams the desperate referee who seems to be slowing his count to keep the match going! Jon Davenport slowly gets to his feet as Thunk snatches him up onto his shoulders. Rake to the eyes by Jon Davenport as he slides off the shoulders of the giant! Thunk looks blind as he swings wildly. He swings towards the edge as the crowd seems uneasy by his closeness!] [SPEAR! Both men go flying from the top of the rafters down into the ring! “HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!” The crowd begins to chant as both men are down inside of the ring. Davenport slowly crawls over to the body of Thunk. He throws an arm across his chest! One…Two…THRE-NO! THUNK JUST KICKED OUT! “WHAT THE THUNK?! WHAT THE THUNK?!” The crowd is losing their shit. Jon Davenport is incensed as he uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He grabs the referee’s shirt as he’s berating him with insults. He turns around and… TOOTH OF TIGER! The Iron Skull STO flattens Jon Davenport as Thunk seems to out of breath to even yell the name of the move. He collapses on top of Davenport! One…Two…THREE!] [The brutal match is over as Thunk has managed to simply outlast Jon Davenport here tonight. The referee helps him to his feet before raising his hand into the air. Thunk just breathes heavily before rolling out of the ring to leave Jon Davenport to piece himself together.]


[Creak.] [Creak.] [Creak.] [The door handle of The Chief’s office upstairs opens slightly wide enough that from his perspective, we see the shadowed outline of the man behind it; Red River Jack. He pushes the door and walks in.]

“My nigga,” [The Chief says with a toothy grin.] “If you aren’t a sight for sore fucking eyes, man.”

[Red’s eyebrows raise.]

“It’s the World Champion, baby. I trust that you received your World Championship title belt back?”

[Jack nods.] “I did. What did you want to see me for, man?”

[The Chief puts down his pen and pushes aside his paperwork. He grimaces a little, not too keen on what he’s about to say.]

“Look, I’m a big fan, but business is business. You’re carrying this company on your shoulders at the moment, and whether you see that or not, it’s a big responsibility. We share that.”

[Red just stares at him.]

“Exactly,” [Chief amusingly acts as if he was responded to.] “Exactly. So here’s what I’ve gotta do. At the next Monday Night Showcase special, you’re going to be defending your OSW World Championship against a yet to be announced competitor. Because, you see, earlier in the night, Mike Lane will face Hysteria and the winner of that, will face you.”

[There’s an eerie silence for a few moments.]

“Which means that there’s a high possibility you’ll get your chance for revenge on Mike Lane.”

“Don’t manipulate me, man,” [Red scoffs.] “You can book your matches,” [he says standing up.] “And you can make me defend my Championship. But whatever happens, when those people out there are ducking and running for cover, when the world is watching me bleed one of those two men dry, there will be only man left standing at the end of Casino Royal and that’s me, Red… River… Jack.”

[The Champion walks towards the door and is about to exit, when The Chief tuts. Red turns his head back, frowning.]

“You just remember something Jack, [The Chief announces.] “The Chief don’t run.”

[Jack nods, flashing a slight smile before heading out of the office.] [Cut.]