[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [In the dark depths of The Asylum, the sound of hysterical laughter can be heard echoing throughout the dirt encrusted walls. Accompanied by a faint creaking sound, we edge closer to the location of the noise until we finally arrive.] [Sat on a rocking chair, rocking back and forth with both Championships on his lap, is the OSW World and Showcase Champion; Hysteria.]

“Oh my little baby Eva, you’re so pretty now that you’ve grown up,” [he psychotically mumbles, patting the Showcase Championship.] “And you, baby Gracie, my how you’ve grown.”

[The chair keeps rocking back and forth.]

“I’m so happy to be reunited with my children. I never thought I’d see you Gracie,” [Hysteria says holding onto the World Championship.] “I thought that nasty Mike Lane would take you away from me but here we are, together at last.”

[In the background, the sound of someone weeping can faintly be heard. It isn’t entirely clear, but as the camera spins around, we soon wished it remained that way.] [Smoke seeps off of what appears to be human remains – Hysteria sat only twenty yards away, stroking his title belts and watching.] [But behind that, behind the smoke and bones, is a kneeling Agent Dufrene, crying into his hands.]

“What have you done?” [he weeps.] “What have you done!?”

[Hysteria simply remains rocking in his chair, lording over his ‘daughters’.]

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word, Daddy’s going to buy you a mocking bird. If that mocking bird don’t sing, Daddy’s going to set fire to everything.”

[His laughter fills the air once more.] [Cut.]


[What has the potential to be a great match here as The Street Rat takes on the relative newcomer in Casanova English.] [The Street Rat employs underhanded tactics from the get go. Placing a boot into the mid-section of Casanova English allows him to easily over power. English is forced down to his knees, it’s here where David Manson wraps his arms around the neck of Casanova and plants his head into the canvass with a huge DDT. Making a surprise early pin attempt, Manson is almost rewarded with an early victory put English manages to power out at the two mark. Looking to keep up his early pressure. Manson goes to lay the boots into ‘Nova but it almost backfires when English managed to dodge and roll him up.] [One…Two… NO! Both men coming close to victory early on in this contest. With both back to their feet Manson once again gains the upper hand, using his brawling style to pummel Casanova. An Irish whip into the corner is followed by a big running boot. The noise of the impact rings around the Tap Room and Casanova just slumps to a seating position, the ring corner basically propping him up. Backing off again Manson returns this time with a running knee to the jawline of Casanova English.] [With Casanova seemingly out cold, The Street Rat is seemingly nowhere near done in this assault on English. Grabbing English’s ankle he raises his leg high in the air before crashing it back down to the mat. The knee taking the brunt of the impact. This beating is getting slightly uncomfortable to watch. The fans pleading with Manson to end it. After smashing his leg against the canvass again, he finally pulls English to his feet. The mans body is as good as limp. Manson just smiles in a creepy fashion before planting him with the Reign Of Terror. Making the cover in a cocky fashion. One…Two… Three! It’s over.] [Manson incites the fans further by playing up to them as medics come out to check on Casanova English A brutal victory for The Street Rat here.]


[On the concrete steps outside a large office building, Hannibal Corvin stands patiently, hands in pockets. It’s a brisk morning wherever they are, and Corvin looks travelled. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of cigarettes, flipping open the lid and removing one from inside.] [Just then, the revolving door atop the stairs spins and out steps Mike Lane, looking very much like he’s been through an extremely rough night.]

“Cigarette?” [Corvin offers as Lane approaches, looking confused. The Shadow shakes his head ‘no’ and frowns.] “Rough night?”

“They took my badge,” [Lane groans.] “But they won’t take my vengeance.”

[Corvin and Lane turn towards the bottom of the steps and start walking.]

“I’m suspended without pay pending an official investigation. They need to look into Dufrene and confirm he was dirty before they can clear me of my assault on those officers. When he comes back dirty, those officers will drop their complaint once they realize they were following incorrect orders.”

[Hannibal sighs.] “That alone will take months. What about Hysteria?”

[Mike turns to him, his eyes like laser beams.]

“Officially? I can’t touch him. Unofficially? I’m going to bury him up to his neck in it. All of it.”

[They reach the bottom of the steps before The Reaper gets down to business.]

“I came here today for a purpose, Mike,” [Hannibal admits.] “A purpose that will see you upon a different path ahead of Face/Off.”

[Lane interrupts.] “You want me to join your team?”

[Corvin nods.] [Suddenly, a large white van pulls up alongside both men. Eight people jump out, six from the back, two from the front and attack. They throw bags over both of their heads and bundle them into the back of the van, slamming the doors behind them.] [The tyres screech as the van squeals off into the distance at high speed, leaving Corvin’s cigarette to burn out on the pavement.]


[The Tap Room has many small bar areas set up for its patrons to order their drinks of choice. Sat at one of these bars is Cody Greer. His match is up next, but he’s having himself a quick shot of liquor before he heads down. He swallows the shot whole with a smirk on his face, the harshness of the drink burning his throat as it goes down.]

“Another, barkeep.” [Greer requests, pushing the glass across the bar top.] [Greer turns around to look out over the Tap Room. His music hasn’t hit, so he doesn’t bother heading away, but he’s ready for when it does. The glass slides back into frame, and Greer goes to put back the shot before spitting it out and turning around.]

“What the hell was that?” [He asks, enraged.]

“That was the bitter taste American defeat, infidel.”

[Greer’s lip curls up in a sneer as The Elder stands across the bar from him. Maaz Azim Salah’s imposing form shadows his manager.]

“Last I recall,” [Greer begins, wiping the remaining liquid from the corner of his mouth.] “I was the winner.”

[He’s referring to Casino Royal, where Greer emerged victorious in a triple threat match.]

“You will also recall then, that it was not the Messenger of Allah who was defeated.” [The Elder coolly responds.] [Greer looks up to Salah, nodding his head in challenge.]

“You want to go, then?”

[Salah seems to grow in power as Greer stands up. Almost as if in response, the music of Greer hits the loudspeakers.]

“I believe you have a different fight to worry about.” [Elder replies.] “But we’ll be watching. This isn’t over.”

[Greer takes a moment to scoff at Salah, ignoring the Elder, before he turns to head for the ring. Elder looks up at Maaz Azim Salah, whose eyes do not leave Greer.]


[With that hanging over his head, Cody Greer heads down to the ring to take on Henri De Gaucourt tonight.]


[It’s a veritable culture shock as Cody Greer takes on Henri Da Gaucourt! Will the Aristocrat give Cody a lesson in fisticuffs? Or will Greer just stomp his ass into the ground?] [The match starts with Cody going in for a lock-up but Henri repels away…. Apparently, Greer’s “odoriferous pits” caught him off guard. De Gaucourt mockingly hacks in the corner before Cody “Mother Fucking” Greer Hiptosses him ALL THE WAY across the ring! He pummels Henri into another corner with a Running Back Elbow…. THE PIT STOP! The fans laugh at Henri’s misfortune. Greer then muscles him back up– FALL-AWAY SLAM! Cody is rolling! The Aristocrat bails to floor, begging the fans for mouthwash! Greer drops down behind him, Irish Whipping him into the front row! He grabs a nearby beer….] [BEER MIST! De Gaucourt staggers away frantically. Greer advances and Henri Eye Rakes him out of desperation! He unloads with a flurry of punches– SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Henri then dumps Cody back over the guard rail. The Aristocrat hops onto the apron….. Diving Double Stomp to the back! He shoves Greer into the ring and quickly covers! One… Two… NO! Henri now with an European Uppercut, Arm Dragging Cody over and slapping on a Sleeper Hold. The crowd tries to rally behind Greer… Both steadily work back to their feet. Cody with a Backdro– NO! Henri flips onto his feet!] [Victory Roll! One… Two…. NO! Greer kicks out; Henri with a La Magistral Cradle! One… Two… NO! Both rise with De Gaucourt ducking a Clothesline– Handspring Back Elbow! He hooks both legs! One… Two…. NO! Cody won’t stay down! The Aristocrat is beside himself! He vehemently argues with the referee, eventually pulling Greer back up. He looks for L’Aristrocrate, but Cody unfurls from his grasp. DITCH DIGGER!? NO! Henri trips him into a Jacknife! One… Two…. NO! SHINNING WIZARD! Henri goes to the apron, measuring him…… LA GULLIO– NO!! Greer with the PARALYZER out of mid-air! He covers! One…. Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Greer stands as the referee raises his arm! Henri is just roadkill on the canvas…..]


[In the backstage area, Doctor Spencer Panax paces back and forth inside a locker room, looking nervous about his endeavours here tonight. He finally manages to calm himself, only a knock at the door startles him.]

“C-Come in,” [he beckons.] [Equally as panicked, into the room walks three orderlies. They’ve been assaulted, each of them carrying some kind of wound.]

“Doctor Panax, you must come quickly. We’ve searched for The Horror, but he has ripped our team apart. We barely managed to escape his wrath.”

“Where did this happen?” [Panax asks.]

“We located him in the boiler room, but he was too strong. The things he did to our colleagues, Doctor. I’ve never seen a patient this destructive. I don’t think we can bring him in alone.”

[Panax rubs his face.] “I see. I thought I may have sent a large enough force to detain him. My deepest apologies, gentlemen. It would appear that getting The Horror back to the Asylum is going to be a formidable task.”

[One of the orderlies, holding a cloth to a wound on his head, steps forward.]

“Can I offer you a personal suggestion, Doctor?” [He says. Panax nods, giving him the go ahead.] “Run.”

[That takes the Doc by surprise.]

“You brought us here to detain a man who needs psychiatric help. You brought ten trained men to this building, and only three of us remain. You made us aware of the threat, but you have no control over subduing it. If he wants you, he’s going to have you. So, if you want my advice, you need to run.”

[The Doctor places a hand on his shoulder, removing his glasses and looking the orderly in the eye.]

“I wish I could, son,” [he says with great sorrow.] “But this patient of mine, he’s hurt people I care about. He won’t stop until I’m in the ground with them. I wish I could run away, I do. But if that happens, who’s going to stop The Horror?”

[All three men look at him with a great deal of respect, watching as he places his glasses down on the table and sighs, knowing that he’s climbing a formidable mountain.]


[Both men suffered at Casino Royale, Doubt losing the war of Knock Knock and Panax failing to prevent the Horror of what men do. One match can turn fortunes around, will the Good Doctor turn it around or will Emotion devour him whole?] [The bell sounds as Doubt rushes forward, taking Panax by surprise with a series of lefts and rights before drilling him with a massive discus elbow. Panax doesn’t go down but he’s dazed as Doubt rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a leaping corkscrew forearm that floors Panax. Doubt sizes him up, rushing to the ropes once more, SPRINGBOARD ELBO….LEAPING SIDE KICK! Panax nearly took Doubt’s head off with that move as he lifts Doubt up, nailing it with hard knee after hard knee before whipping it hard back first into the corner] [Panax sets it up, rushing forward but a running elbow is dodged as Doubt rolls away, grabbing Panax from behind as it nails him with a snap neckbreaker. Panax gets up to one knee as Doubt rushes forward, END OF WISDOM! A massive axe kick to the back of the head but Doubt isn’t done as it urges Panax to get to his feet, springboarding off the ropes, PESSIMIST’S E…PANAX HOLDS HIM, INVERTED SCOOP SLAM!] [Doubt’s stunned , face down on the mat as Panax drops down, drilling it with knee after knee to the skull. Doubt dodges the last one, getting to its feet but a knee to the gut is thrown away before Panax spikes Doubt into the mat with a DDT. Panax rolls away, urging Doubt to its feet as he rushes forward but Doubt dodges the knee, sweeping Panax to the mat as it quickly locks on the Second Guess! Panax struggles but Doubt has the hold locked in tight, as the Good Doctor is forced to tap out] [Doubt picks up a big victory tonight over the Good Doctor, sending a message to its former friend Smiley that the Emotion is ready and coming for him]


[Stephanie Rose couldn’t be any happier. She’s walking down the corridor like a woman on top of the world. Later on tonight, she faces off against Hysteria in the Main Event with the Showcase Championship on the line.] [Suddenly, a hand reaches out of the darkness, muffling her screams as it drags her into the abyss of black.] [It’s Doubt.]

“Don’t scream, it’s just me,” [The Emotion pleads.] “We need to talk.”

[He carefully releases his hand, allowing her to speak. Rose turns and hits him on the chest, pushing him backwards slightly.]

“What are you doing? Don’t scare me like that,” [She complains.] “I thought we settled this at Casino Royal?”

[Doubt shakes his head.] “It isn’t about us. You cannot go through with this match tonight. Hysteria isn’t the same man he was a week ago. When he won that World Championship, a switch flicked inside his head and he changed.”

[Stephanie folds her arms.]

“What are you saying? Did he send you to make me forfeit?” [She accuses with folded arms.] “Because I’m not scared, okay?”

“You should be,” [Doubt suggests.] “You really should be. Hysteria thinks of those Championships as his daughters. If you succeed in taking one way, he’ll burn this entire building to the ground.”

[Rose gulps, not quite sure how to react.]

“Look Doubt, I appreciate you warning me but I can’t be afraid. I can’t back down. This opportunity is like a dream come true for me. Do you know what this means? If I can become the Showcase Champion, I establish myself as the leader of this brand. I have to go out there and give it my all tonight. I have to try and win.”

[Doubt shakes his head, disappointed.] “I can’t protect you tonight. I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

[The Emotion walks off into the darkness, leaving Rose behind to contemplate what kind of match she’s in for tonight. Is Hysteria really as dangerous as Doubt thinks he is, or did Hysteria send Doubt to scare Stephanie away?]


[We open in the hallway of a medical facility. Quiet is the norm as the pitter patter of nurses feet wrap against the sterilized tiled floor.] [Doors to recovery rooms line the left side of the corridor while the right is composed of a command center where the medical professionals communicate, plan, and evaluate their efforts.] [People in scrubs are everywhere. Coming to and from. Bustling on about their business. Nothing seems out of the ordinary until a familiar voice claims the audio.]

“The claim that snakes are more dangerous than sharks is simply a mirage. A ploy of smoke and mirrors used to deter the tourist friendlies from traveling long distances to visit the shorelines. Especially here. In Miami, Florida.”

[His voice goes silent and by now we know who the voice belongs to. Old School Wrestling’s own, The Shark.]

“I think you’re all set to go now, big man.”

[A middle aged female nurse exclaims from the middle of the hall in a playful tone. Her shoulder wedged against the frame of one of the concealed rooms.] [Only seconds later out steps Thunk. His face is still swollen from the venomous attack he sustained last week. Still reddened by the effects of the poison that circulated through his blood.]

“Thunk happy for all you did for him!”

[The monster of a man says as he places his hand on the nurses shoulder. She returns a smile.]

“It was our pleasure. You stay away from those snakes!”

[And with that, Thunk turns to make his way down the hall in the opposite direction of our position.]

“Snakes kill fifty thousand people every year. Sharks, only ten. What those numbers don’t tell you is that a snake bites you out of self defense. Out of fear. A shark bites you because they’re hungry. Because they want to. A snake hides. A shark hunts.”

[As Thunk disappears behind the corner we begin to move closer to his exit. Rapidly zooming towards the other end of the hall and when we get there to our immediate left is a man we all recognize. The Shark.]

“And now there’s blood in the water.”

[The scene cuts away on the devious grin of The Shark.]


[Tonight The Horror faces Tommy Hawk! Will the newcomer continue to put the fear of God into his opponent? Or will the Spirit Walker stand against The Beast…. and let The Savage out?] [The match starts with The Horror immediately Beiling Tommy across the ring! He muscles him up, hurling him with another wild Biel! The Beast hits a Running Clothesline into the corner– EXPLODER SUPLEX! Hawk goes flying! The Horror has dominated from the bell! The monstrous mental patient stalks his opponent, standing over The Spirit Walker…. He yanks Tommy up, tossing him into the corner. Hawk though catches a Big Boot, twisting The Horror around– GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! The Horror’s rocked, staggering up before getting Dropkicked over the top. Hawk calls for it ……….. GOING NATIVE!! Listen to this crowd!] [But, WAIT! The Horror stands!?! Tommy’s stunned, hitting a kick to the gut on instinct! AND HAWK WITH A PILEDRIVER! The Horror’s finally stopped dead in his tracks. Hawk quickly works to lug his opponent’s limp mass into the ring. He eventually shoves him passed the bottom rope, covering! One… Two… NO! The Horror kicks out! Hawk’s quick to put the boots him as The Horror rises. Tommy throws everything he has at him and– NO! Double Axehandle to spine! THE LAST FRIGHT! The Horror covers him! One… Two… NO! Tommy won’t die! The Horror is NOT happy!] [With the fans rallying behind Hawk, The Horror methodically pulls him up onto his shoulders. He first tortures Tommy with the TERROR TRAP, bending him in half before flipping him around and– FEAR MACHINE?!? NO! Tommy slings onto his feet in mid-move! He’s looking for The Red Arrow but The Horror’s holding his ground….. DDT by Hawk! The Horror’s quickly back up, caught right into Brianbuster? NO! The Horror launches him away, running right into a Drop Toehold into the bottom turnbuckle! THE RED ARROW! He got him! Tommy then pulls out his tomahawk, stepping back and……… THE SCALP! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Tommy rises victorious! The referee lifts his arm as The Horror glares from the mat. The Spirit Walker did it!]


[Darkness.] [It’s damp, and the air smells of it. The pitch black is so immense, you can see not even the slightest ray of light. There’s a muffled sound coming from within it, but we can’t make out the voice.] [Then a hand reaches out, and snaps off the gag.]

“Hysteria, you son of a bitch, I may not have my badge but I will end your miserable freedom,” [Lane spews with disgust into the black.]

“I bring you hither for an audience with The King.”

[Candles suddenly brighten the room from all corners, revealing Hannibal Corvin and Mike Lane tied to chairs in the middle of what looks to be a boiler room. There’s men all around them, Knights in armour, standing guard. In front, looking smug in his crown and cape, is Nigel Royal.]

“Why does one wish to besmirch the King with such rotten verbiage?” [Royal says, stood before him disgusted.]

“What do you want, Nigel?” [Hannibal demands to know.] [A chainmail hand punches violently across Hannibal’s jaw. Corvin spits blood at the ground, contorting his face in pain.]

“You will address the King appropriately.” [A voice bellows.] [King Royal closes in, grabbing a handkerchief and wiping the dribbled blood from Hannibal Corvin’s mouth.]

“Like I said, I have brought you hither because in two weeks, we must go to war with a rival Kingdom for supremacy. I wanted to assure you that this Kingdom, it is mine and as it’s King I will valiantly defend it; as will my men.”

[Suddenly, there’s a rather loud bang at the door. It immediately flies open and in walks Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan. The Tag Team Champions are quickly met with drawn swords by Royal’s army, who keep them located in the door way.] [That’s when Corvin and Mike Lane, almost in stereo, use the distraction to break themselves free of their restraints too.]

“Now gentlemen,” [Royal begs.] “Please remember what side of the war we’re on.”

[A fight suddenly breaks out, with Bruce Van Chan, Neville Sheldon, Hannibal Corvin and Mike Lane fighting off the Knights. As they battle, King Royal cowardly escapes through the melee, exiting the room and vanishing.] [When the guards are taken care of, Lane turns to Hannibal.]

“You’re going to need all the help you can get,” [Lane admits.] “I’m in… but on one condition.”

[Before we can hear what the condition is, Bruce and Neville have exited into the hall in search for King Nigel, and our cameras follow them before fading out.]


[King Royal eyes MAS up and down, turning up his nose at him as the match starts, MAS obviously angered by Royal’s gesture.] [MAS starts off on the offensive, forcing Royal into a test of strength before FLINGING him across the ring! Royal rolls under the ropes, forcing MAS to chase him. As the behemoth is on the apron Nigel hooks a leg and makes MAS fall, his leg catching the ropes KEEPING HIM SUSPENDED! Royal throws an elbow at the leg keeping MAS in the air! He yanks on the caught limb, forcing Salah to yell in pain! MAS uses his strength to free himself, landing on the ground. As Royal rears up to deliver a kick, the enraged Salah catches it! He lifts Nigel overhead and THROWS HIM INTO THE RING!] [Salah pulls himself into the ring, his knee already showing the effects of the assault as he rears up to attack. He rushes forward, going for a big boot- Royal dropkicks his knee! Salah tumbles as King Royal gets up and plays to the crowd! Royal pushes his luck, Salah all but foaming at the mouth as he rises up AND GERMAN SUPLEXES ROYAL! Nigel rolls into the corner, standing up JUST IN TIME TO GET NAILED WITH THE FIDDAH! Royal is dazed, falling from the corner as Salah falls to one knee after his assault on the arrogant king.] [Salah nurses his injured knee before pulling himself to his feet. He turns around and readies for Nigel to rise to his feet, he lunges with a massive big boot! Maaz’s knee makes him stumble, but he continues his assault, picking up Royal WITH A DEADLIFT POWERBOMB! Salah fights to get to his feet, buckling slightly as he does so. He peels Royal from the mat by his hair and delivers a harsh headbutt! With Royal dazed he hits the ropes! HATF- DUNGEONS OF LONDON! ROYAL CATCHES THE ARM AND BUCKLES THE KNEE WITH A KICK! Salah has no where to go as Royal wrenches back on his head! HE TAPS! HE TAPS!] [Royal rises to his feet, looking smugly down at Salah as he mockingly wipes his feet before leaving the ring.]


[Backstage, we come upon running water as Henri De Gaucourt vigorously continues to scrub his face raw. After his match with Cody Greer, he seems upset. With labored breaths, he mutters in broken French.]

“Mon ami, back away…..” [He turns off the water, addressing the camera] “L’Aristocrate has been besmirched every stinking night in this repulsive wrestling organization, ever since he first graced you with such unmatched sophistication.”

[He steps forward, reaching for his sequenced robe.]

“Last week, two men with impotent cigarettes hanging limp from their smug lips, had the umidigated gall to put their dirty hands on moi? Preposterous! That grizzly bear with bad skin may have bested the twerp in tweed, but Henri is not finished!”

[He quickly sips from a glass of sparkling Perrie, swishing the water in his cheeks.]

“Imbecile.” [Lifts his nose to the air] “Casanova, for a man dressed so decently, you have no class. Au revoir!”

[He steps forward.]

“So what happens tonight? I go from a bounty hunter in a cowboy hat to a redneck in a camouflage? Ce qui la baise? Is this some kind of joke? Fashion fopaux aside, these men are simply not fit to share the same air with L’Aristocrate! My hands, this face….. All pristine. They have sullied for the last time. Je ne vais plus supporter ça!”

[He stops, pointing into the camera.]

“Next week, Henri is– how do you say, ‘issuing an open challenge.’ I am through, trifling with ratty riff-raff, so if there is any man alive in this repugnant lockeroom that has the taste, style and above all, basic bodily hygiene, worthy of Monsieur De Gaucourt’s presence….. You will find me more than willing to — as you Americans put it so bluntly — beat your ass at your own game!”

[With that Henri dismisses the camera away like a pesky fly. He walks past, continuing to mutter in French.] [Sacré bleu! What’s going to happen next week?]

[The winner of this match will go on to challenge Hysteria for the World Championship. Two giants in terms of size and stature. A true David versus Goliath in experience of mixing it up at the top level though. Will Mike Lane get a shot at his fourth world title reign? Will Thunk become the new number one contender? We will know for sure after this one.] [The importance of this match is shown in the fast and furious start we have. The two trade punches back and forth. A real spectacle to watch as the blows seemingly get harder and with each passing blow. Thunk blocks a blow and throws Rough Justice off the ropes. THUNK GOES FOR THUNK SMASH ON MIKE’S RETURN. LANE MANAGES TO DUCK AND CARRY ON RUNNING THROUGH. LANE RETURNS WITH A SHADOW KICK!! ALSO MISSES, THUNK GETTING OUT THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND! The two in the middle of the ring share a stare-down as the fans sound of their appreciation.] [Locking up, Thunk manages to over-power his opponent. Thunk throws in some repeated headbutts to really start getting the upper hand. Thunk begins to sink his teeth into Lane’s forehead. The referee is forced to get involved and Thunk releases the hold. Lane props himself up in the corner, checking his head to see if any blood has been drawn. With no blood in sight Lane turns around to face his opponent only all he see’s is the six foot eleven Thunk charging toward him, SPEAR!!! SHOULDER FULL OF STEEL RING POST FOR THUNK! LANE ROLLS HIM UP!!

[One…Two…THR!!! NO. THUNK POWERS OUT! SENDING LANE INTO THE AIR. They really get in each others faces now but a european uppercut sends Lane wobbling backwards. All the way to the ropes in fact and he bounces back with a clothesline off his own. Thunk does not move though. Again Lane throws himself off the ropes, and returns with a huge boot this time. Again Thunk barely budges. A third time he throws himself off the ropes. SHADOW KICK!! THIS TIME THUNK GOES FLYING INTO THE AIR AND TO THE FLOOR. THUNK HAS KICKED OUT OF EVERYTHING LANE HAS THREW AT HIM SO FAR, WHAT ABOUT THE SHADOW KICK? LANE DROPS TO HIS KNEES…. ONE….TWO… NOBODY SEEMS TO BE HOME FOR THUNK…. THREE!!!! MIKE LANE WILL CHALLENGE FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP AGAIN!!!!] [Thunk showed he was a real challenger here tonight. It took a lot to put him away tonight but Mike Lane managed to pull through and he is the number one contender for the biggest prize of them all.]


“All rise for the honourable Judge Michael Harrison.”

[Those words echo throughout the court room as the Judge exits his chamber and takes a seat at his bench. He’s an elderly man, in his late seventies, and the years of experience have taken a toll and etched upon the contours of his face.]

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Calling the case of the people of the state of Miami versus Thomas Hawk. Are both sides ready?”

[Both sides explain that they are.] [Sat at the desks in front of the Judge, Tommy Hawk sits with a public defender, looking extremely sombre. Across the table from him, Frank Harrison somehow sits with the prosecution. Tommy can’t take his eyes off of him.]

“Your honor, if myself and the defence may approach the bench?” [The prosecution queries.]

“You may.”

[They both walk towards the bench.]

“We would like to take this to chambers, Judge. We’ve come to an agreement that we’ll hope you’ll sign off on.”

[The Judge bangs his gavel, says his words and takes all parties to his chambers. Once there, he takes a seat behind a large oak desk, Frank Harrison seated across, and Tommy Hawk further back – trying to stay out of the way.]

“Judge Harrison,” [Frank starts.] “As you may be aware, being my father, I have landed a rather large project in Wyoming, which will begin as early as next month. Myself and the prosecution have come to an agreement that Tommy could be of some use during these negotiations to move his people.”

[Tommy steps forward.] “Why are you here, Harrison? This has nothing to do with you.”

[Frank laughs, a sinister chuckle.]

“You assaulted officers in my jurisdiction, Mr. Hawk. I’ve decided to bring my political clout here today, to ensure that you don’t spend years behind bars.”

[The Judge rings his hands together.] “That’s my boy, always looking out for the minorities. I’m proud of you, son.”

“Are you kidding me?” [Tommy reacts.] “This is a set up. How did you manage to have your father preside over my case? Why are we inside this room? Have you bought him as well,” [he says pointing to the public defender, who meekly presses back his glasses.] “Is everyone here on your payroll?”

[Frank looks at them all, shrugs his shoulder and nods.]

“Of course they are,” [he beams excitedly.] “And guess what, Tommy? As now are you.”

[The Judge agrees.]

“Instead of serving a prison sentence, I’m willing to accept the agreement turned in by your public defender and the prosecution. You’ll serve six months?” [The Judge says, looking at his son who nods higher.] “One year under the employ of Mr. Frank Harrison. If at any point you do not do as you’re told, or you fail to appear, you’ll be taken back into custody and will serve the rest of your sentence in the county jail. Do we understand each other?”

[Tommy can’t believe it. He just stands there, shocked.]

“I think I speak for the injun’ when I say everyone is agreement, pop.”

[Frank and his father shake hands, as does the prosecution and defence, a deal having been struck that renders poor Tommy Hawk employed by the man who schemed to take his tribes land.]


[A dark alleyway sets the scene, the camera panning across the grimy bricks and stone, landing directly on two men, David Manson. And HAtE.] [Manson puffs a cigarette as he stares at a News Paper article, his face contorting in a grimace as the front page reads off an article on the imprisonment of Red River Jack. He balls it up in anger and tosses it to the side.]

“The sheep truly have their eyes closed, putting Jack in prison, silencing him. They have no right, man.”

[HAtE nods in agreement, gritting his rotted teeth as he stares out of the alleyway.]

“The public will be lead to believe him a terrorist. And now, we have to move on and try to preach the truth on our own.”

[Manson takes a puff of his cigarette before dropping it and stomping it out.]

“Of course. And if that means I must lead the awakening and show the flock the way, then so be it.”

[Manson walks towards the exit of the alleyway only for HAtE to stop him and pull him back.] “What do you mean you’re going to be leading the awakening?”

[Manson raises an eyebrow.] “I’ve always been the one to lead, haven’t I? I preach, you just give muscle. The flock cannot be lead by a nihilist.”

[HAtE stares Manson in the eye and shakes his head.] “You’re the reason Jack is locked up you know. Your eyes are more closed then you think, but I guess with the wool pulled over your eyes you’ll never see that.

[HAtE pushes Manson to the side and exits into the streets, Manson staring at him as he leaves, shaking his head, obviously thinking the same about his fellow Awakening member. With a shrug he too exits the alley, going the opposite way of HAtE.]


[We have a huge title match here tonight as newly crowned Double Feature Champion Smiley faces off against his former Asylum team-mate The Shark. Will the Shark continue his rampage towards another title or can the Deranged One out-hunt The Predator?] [The bell sounds as both men circle the ring, not taking an eye of the other as Smiley rushes forward first, trying for a Lariat but the Shark ducks, drilling Smiley with a hard knee to the gut before slamming him to the mat with a Snap Suplex. Smiley staggers to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights by the Shark who forces Smiley back into the corner, pummeling him down before backing up, rushing forward but Smiley rolls away as The Shark runs knee first into the turnbuckles] [The Shark is visibly hurt as Smiley lands a hard kick to the bad knee as The Shark topples to the mat. Smiley drops down, hooking in a legbar as The Shark cries out in pain, Smiley laughing, telling him to tap but The Shark refuses, lashing out with hard lefts and rights that stun Smiley, allowing The Shark to kick out of the hold but the damage has allready been done. The Shark tries for a clothesline but Smiley ducks, backing up, SHOCK THERAPY CHOP BLOCK!] [The Shark goes down, yelling out in pain as Smiley pulls him up from behind, grabbing him by the mouth but before he can leap up, the Shark bites down on the fingers of Smiley, drawing blood as the Deranged One lets go of The Shark. Smiley rolls away, furious as he rushes forward, nearly taking Shark’s head off with a massive Lariat. The Shark barely hits the canvas before Smiley lifts him up, hoisting him up high, ANTIDEPRESSANT! The Shark is almost lifeless on the mat as Smiley turns him around, locking in a surfboard stretch, folding The Shark back into a Dragon Sleeper as he hooks the Shark’s mouth again, MODIFIED GLASGOW SMILE! The Shark is in tremendous pain, all folded up as he’s forced to tap out] [Smiley picks up a huge victory in his first title defence here tonight, the Shark was game but the Deranged One was just a tad better and more vicious here tonight]


[The match is over yet Smiley is still standing in the ring. He grabs a microphone as the sweat is beading down his body and face.]

“Doubt, brother, I need you out here now!”

[A moment passes as Smiley watches the entrance ramp, expectantly. Growing impatient, he leans against the ropes and grits his teeth.]

“JONATHAN! Get your ass out here, NOW!”

[“This Pain Feels Real” by The Voicians begins to play over the speakers. His gritted teeth grow into a wide smile as he watches the entrance ramp.] [Smiley begins beckoning on him to come on when the crowd begins to buzz!] [MOONSAULT! Doubt managed to sneak through the crowd and nail Smiley with a moonsault!] [Smiley staggers to his feet as Doubt kicks him square in the gut. It hits the ropes and… THE END OF WISDOM! The axe kick flattens him as Doubt stands over its former brother. It grabs the microphone as it leans down.]

“Referring to my vessel’s name will only result in more pain, Lee. You brought this upon yourself the moment you broke your promise to me, brother.”

[The Masked Emotion stands high above him.]

“This is it, brother. I’m not wasting a moment more on you. If you were uncertain before, allow me to ease your doubt.”

[Doubt drops the microphone on its partner and exits the ring. It begins moving up the ramp and as it does, a cackle of laughter fills the arena.]

“Hehe, you think you can QUIT ME?! You can’t leave MY family. No one leaves my family… alive.”

[Doubt stops momentarily but continues on as the Smiley sits in the ring.] [Watching, waiting, and planning.]


[The Showcase Championship is on the line as Hysteria defends his title against the fiery contender, Stephanie Rose!] [Stephanie Rose is eagerly waiting in the ring, but Hysteria enters the ring clutching his two titles (OSW World Championship, and Showcase Championship) close to his chest. The referee tries to remove the Showcase Championship from him, but his fingers are latched onto it like a vice grip! He tries again, but Hysteria raises a fist as if to threaten the referee. He walks to the ropes and raises the titles into the air. “No one takes MY little girls from me!” screams The Mad Mastermind into the roaring masses as they boo him relentlessly. Hysteria sets the titles down on the apron and keeps an eye on them as he turns back for the start of the match.] [The bell rings as Hysteria and Stephanie Rose tie it up. Hysteria, being the more powerful, gets the headlock on Stephanie and begins driving his knuckles into her head in the form of a noogie! Rose pushes Hysteria off as he begins laughing wildly. He bends over in laughter but Rose looks frustrated. JAWBREAKER! Hysteria recoils in pain as Rose seems to have caught him off guard. She rushes towards the ropes and bounces off the second rope for a springboard dropkick! Hysteria flies across the ring and hits the corner turnbuckle. He’s groggy as he’s shaking his head to shake the cobwebs. She gets back to her feet as she spots her opposition and comes charging for a battering ram!] [Hysteria raises a knee to stop her in place before pulling himself to the top rope very quickly. THE FALL OF MAN! The Blockbuster is hit as Rose’s head snaps back! The Mad Mastermind shakes his head rather than going for the pinfall. He instead leans over her and SLAP! He just slapped the taste out of her mouth! SLAP! A second slap as the crowd is pouring on the hatred as Hysteria is just laughing his ass off. KICK TO THE FACE! Hysteria recoils as Rose has had enough! She hits the ropes and runs towards him before hitting the armdrag and rolling it right into a rolling crucifix pin! THORN TO BE WILD! Hysteria is all tied-up! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [NO! Hysteria breaks out just at the last moment! He staggers to his feet as Stephanie Rose comes at him. He manages to lift her up and DROP her on the top rope for the Stun-Gun! Hysteria quickly yanks her to her feet and… Osaka Street Cutter! Rose is down momentarily as Hysteria climbs the top turnbuckle and motions down at her with a small bow. THE CATACLYSM! The diving moonstomp collides with her chest as curls into a ball. Hysteria cockily leans back with his shoulders leaned against her. One…Two…TH-ROLLUP! Rose hooks his shoulders as his legs are kicking wildly! One…Two…KICKOUT!] [Hysteria quickly gets to his feet and RAKES her eyes! She’s momentarily blinded before Hysteria SLAPS her again, kicks her in the knee to make her fall to one and… SNAP DDT! Hysteria looks around the arena before turning around and giving an open-arm pre-mature celebration. He goes to grab her again but she’s back to her feet! Running forearm smash that floors Hysteria only for a moment before he pops right back up for another! Rose hits the second rope and springs off for a crossbody before hooking the arm of Hysteria and rolling him into… PETAL TO THE METAL! Hysteria is crying out in pain as his arms are forced behind himself.] [He slowly moves to the corner and manages to get his foot on the rope as the referee begins his count. He gets to four before Stephanie releases. She gets to her feet and pumps her fist as the crowd cheers her on! She turns around and Hysteria charges her from the mat and rams her into the referee into the corner! The referee, as being made of glass is a prerequisite for the job, slumps to the mat as Stephanie Rose turns around to try to wake him up. Unsuccessful, she turns back around to see Hysteria laughing as he extends his arms in mockery.] [She charges Hysteria only he stops her with a wicked slap before throwing her right over the top rope to the floor below! He follows suit and reaches underneath the apron to pull out… A STEEL CHAIR! The referee is out and cannot stop this carnage. The crowd, albeit bloodthirsty, is booing in defense of Stephanie Rose! She slowly pulls herself to her feet and… CRACK! The steel chair crashes right around her face. He pulls it back quickly and… ANOTHER SHOT! Stephanie Rose is STILL standing after two chair shots! Hysteria looks a little impressed as he shrugs and… A THIRD SHOT! “You won’t take my little girl away from me, bitch!” screams The Mad Mastermind as she falls to the floor. This one floors her as blood begins to pour from the top of her head into her face.] [Hysteria grabs her up and rolls her into the ring before turning around and SLAPPING A FAN!?! The fans begin booing as he just threatens another before rolling in himself. Hysteria walks over to the referee and begins waking him up. Once the referee gets to his feet, Hysteria is rolled up! ONE…TWO…NO!!! Hysteria powers out at the last second. Kick RIGHT to the face by Hysteria before hoisting her up onto his back for… THE SECOND FALL STRETCH! The Gorey Special is wrenching the arms of Rose as she cries out in pain on his back. The Mad Mastermind is trying to rip her apart here! She’s refusing to tap out as Hysteria releases the hold.] [She staggers to her feet as Hysteria kicks her right in the gut before pulling her close for… THE MOCKERY! The package piledriver is hit to perfection as she’s laid out, staring at the ceiling. He rolls up both legs ensuring she’s down this time! One…Two…KICKOUT! Rose just powered out! Hysteria is incensed! He gets up and begins pacing back and forth; his patience has worn thin! The Mad Mastermind places a hand on the rope and begins just waiting. Rose gets to her feet and… THE LOST HOPE! Except she catches him for a powerbomb and slams him to the mat!] [The crowd is on their feet as Stephanie Rose is bleeding and finally the only one standing! She hits the corner and double-jump moonsault! She comes crashing down atop of Hysteria with all of her weight as she hits the ropes and pulls him up to his feet. She hooks his head and leaps up before snapping back down for…THE ROSE GARDEN! He’s drilled backwards into the mat as she goes for the cover! One…Two…TH-FOOT ON THE ROPE! The crowd audibly groans as Stephanie Rose thought she had him there! She gets to her feet and begins looking around. She pulls Hysteria up to his feet, but he headbutts her with the mask!] [The Mad Mastermind looks rocked but he quickly moves to the corner and rushes her with a Yakuza kick which drops her to the mat. Hysteria pulls her to her feet and… ROSE GARDEN!?! But no! He tried for the inverted DDT, but Stephanie Rose seemed to know how to escape it by grabbing the ropes! Hysteria slams himself down to the mat as a result! She smiles at the crowd who are on their feet. Their clapping, their cheering as she springs off the second rope and comes down right behind Hysteria while hooking his head for… THE ROSE GARDEN!!! She quickly grabs both of his legs as the referee slides into position. One…Two…THREE!]


[Holy shit, Stephanie Rose has done it – she’s just beaten the OSW World Champion and taken away his Showcase title. She kneels in the middle of the ring as the belt is delivered to her, soaking in the atmosphere.] [Suddenly, there’s a bellow. A guttural scream that pierces the ears of everyone inside the Tap Room. It’s Hysteria and he’s blown a gasket.] [He storms across the ring with a giant knee to the face of Rose, immediately splattering her nose across her face and into a bloodied mess. He reaches down, snatching up the Showcase Championship, muttering as he does. Rose holds her nose, choking back the blood.]

“Eva, I’ll never let you go, not again,” [he cries.] “Never again!”

[In a furious rage, Hysteria slides to the outside and flips up the ring apron. He goes underneath and grabs something, dragging it out; oh no, it’s a gas can. Hysteria slides back into the ring and starts pouring gasoline around it, trapping Stephanie in the centre of the squared circle. He drops back to the outside, grabbing a pack of matches and SETTING THE RING ALIGHT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!] [WHOOSH!] [The flames reach high, burning the ropes slowly as they begin to spread around the ring. Stephanie gets back to her feet, absolutely petrified.] [She needs help. She’s trapped inside that burning inferno! Jesus Christ, Stephanie Rose is going to be burned alive!] [The fans gasp.]


[No-one can quite believe it as Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon make a b-line for the ring. Bruce chases after Hysteria, running him through the Tap Room crowd with his Championships to the backstage, in hot pursuit.] [Neville Sheldon meanwhile searches for a way into the ring. He panics, checking every inch of the canvas but there’s simply no way through. Hysteria has set the whole damn thing alight. The ropes fall down, burned to a crisp and joining the flames. He knows he has to act fast and runs straight up the ring steps and like a bat out of hell, flies through the flames and leaps straight through it to Stephane Rose.] [The fans gasp in shock. Sheldon quickly rolls, arriving at Rose’s feet. He turns to her, his voice barely audible.]

“Are you ready?”

[She shakes her head, but Sheldon doesn’t listen. He grabs her and they both run, DIVING THROUGH THE FUCKING FLAMES TO THE HARD-WOODEN FLOOR ON THE OUTSIDE! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY FUCK!] [There’s a rapturous applause as they both land, Sheldon immediately checking to see if Rose is alright. She wraps her arms around him giving him the biggest hug imaginable.] [With the ring burning inside the middle of the Tap Room, members of staff finally come in to put out the blaze.] [We focus on Stephanie Rose and Neville Sheldon, both of whom sit on the wooden floor of the Tap Room, watching the flames slowly get taken down before their eyes.] [Through the smoke, we fade out.]