[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The nightlife in Miami has come to a halt outside The Tap Room. Passers-by, patrons and the general public have all stopped to watch as an extremely irate Norseman screams at security.]

“What do you mean, we’re not on the list?” [He yells at the top of his lungs.] “No mere security guard can halt our invasion of these promised lands!”

[Meanwhile, Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon look on, somewhat embarrassed.] [The Guard folds his arms.] “Look North, I know who you are and why you’re here. The Chief told us to make sure none of you get inside tonight. The last thing he wants is a debacle before Face/Off.”

“You’re protecting those swine, aren’t you? He’s afraid that VHS will storm your gates, plunder your village and destroy your warriors.”

[Bruce, realizing that this is only succeeding in causing a scene, steps in.]

“Look man, we’re not going anywhere,” [he admits.] “There’s three of us and only one of you. Let us in and we’ll tell the Chief that you did all you could to stop us.”

[Instead of conceding, the guard pulls up his walky talky.]

“I need some back up at the main entrance. North and his goons have shown up looking for Monday Night Showcase.”

“Goons?” [Neville questions.]

“I’ll give you goons, when I rip open your chest and beat you to death with your soggy innards, you fifl!”

[The Viking attempts to storm forward, but Bruce barely stops him, pushing him back. Just as he does, four more guards arrive, outnumbering VHS five to three.]

“Now there’s five of us and three of you,” [The guard cockily remarks.] “And you’re not getting in.”

[Team VHS step backwards, talking to one another privately as the security force holds their ground, refusing entry.] [It’s going to be an interesting night here on Monday Night Showcase.]


[Omega Nakazo stares down Greer from across the ring, neither man wanting to lose here tonight.] [Greer explodes out of the corner with a flurry of lefts and rights, Nakazo unable to protect himself as Greer lays into him. A harsh headbutt ends the assault and drops Nakazo to the ground, allowing Greer to deliver a harsh elbow drop to his opponent before lifting him up and whipping him across the ring- CALF KICK BY NAKAZO! Omega finds footing and fires back with his own assault of chops, punches, and kicks, punctuating it with a roundhouse kick to the jaw of Greer! Cody slowly drops to the ground and Nakazo hits the ropes, coming back with a legdrop!] [Nakazo looks to have the momentum on his side as he moves to the ropes, climbing the turnbuckle and taunting to the crowd. He watches as Greer gets to his feet, leaping INTO A HAYMAKER FROM GREER! Cody knocks Nakazo right out of the air and drops him on the ground in a heap! Greer delivers a quick boot to Omega before lifting him off of the mat and HITTING A GOURD BUSTER TO THE ROPES! Nakazo gets the wind knocked out of him, but Greer doesn’t look finished as he grabs Nakazo and hits a gutwrench suplex to the mat!] [Nakazo is reeling from the attack, but he fights to get to his feet, forcing Greer’s hands off of him before hitting the ropes and coming back with a flying forearm that knocks Greer into a turnbuckle! He gives a swift kick before going for another forearm- GREER MOVES! Nakazo makes full contact with the turnbuckle and gets the wind knocked out of him! Cody grabs Nakazo and executes a devastating back suplex to Omega! He sprawls on the mat and Greer calls for the end as he waits for Nakazo to get to his feet. DITCH DIGGER BY GREER! Nakazo looks to be out cold and Greer covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Cody Greer stands tall here tonight, scoring a decisive victory over Omega Nakazo!]


[In the backstage locker room, Mike Lane and Stephanie Rose are making focused strides towards one room in particular; that of Frank Harrison. They bang on the door and enter, coming face to face with Tommy Hawk.]

“Mr. Harrison isn’t receiving visitors,” [Hawk says, looking rather perturbed by his lackey status.] “Can I take a message?”

[Lane frowns.] “We’re here to see you.”

[That surprises Tommy, who folds his arms.]

“In one week’s time, we have to arrange a team to face and defeat VHS. We only have three members and we need two more; one of which will probably join if you do.”

[Tommy doesn’t understand.] “Why is my joining so important?”

“Because you’re a tremendous talent, Tommy. You’re a fighter,” [Rose interrupts.] “You’re the kind of decent trustworthy man we need on this team.”

“And,” [Mike follows on.] “Hysteria will have no choice to be our fifth if he knows he can keep an eye on you and your briefcase.”

[Lane points towards Tommy’s invasion briefcase which sits on the floor behind him. Tommy doesn’t turn around, he just weighs up his options.]

“I will join your team,” [he declares.] “But not because of Hysteria. I will join your team because I need to prove to myself that I am still the man you believe me to be.”

[That tugged at the heart strings of Rose, whose facial expression changed almost immediately. She’s about to offer him a thank you, when Frank Harrison appears alongside Hawk.]

“And who exactly gave you permission to make decisions?” [Harrison demanded to know with a sneer.] “This here is my ‘injun. If you want one, there’s a reservation full of where he comes from with a bunch of unemployed homeless men, women and children for you to choose from.”

[Hawk shoots him a look, before looking down at the ground. Rose doesn’t like that.]

“You don’t own him!” [She says angrily.] [Frank laughs.]

“According to the law, I do, little lady. Speaking of which, I’m not sure you know your place, do you little injun?” [The Politician says grimly.] “And I’m sure we can change that in a match at Face/Off. What do you say? You and me, one v one, in a match you’ll lose? What am I thinking? You can’t make that decision either, can you?” [He says with a laugh.] “So just consider it booked.”

[Stephanie turns to Lane, looking flustered. She wants to do something about this but even The Shadow King knows it isn’t currently his place to screw with the law.] [Even if that law is fucked up.]

“I’ll tell you what Rose, since you want my boy here so badly, I’ll let you have him. You can parade him down to the ring tonight in the Main Event as your partner and when the bell rings at Face/Off, he’ll be stood on your side of the ring apron.”

[Her eyes widen in surprise.]

“If you meet my demands,” [he continues with a smile.] “One week after Face/Off, if you want Tommy Hawk on your team then you will defend your Showcase Championship in a match with ME,” [he announces proudly, Rose looking on in surprise.] “And our special guest referee; Tommy Hawk.”

[Mike looks at her, almost telling her with his eyes that she doesn’t have to do this.]

“You’re on,” [Rose barks back defiantly.] “Because I have faith Tommy will do the right thing.”

[Harrison chuckles, waving over his guards who escort Mike and Stephanie backwards towards the exit of the locker room.]

“I bet you do.”

[Frank says laughing, as the door is slammed shut on their faces.]


[Oliver Angst studies Thunk from across the ring, The Jungle King doing the same as he leans from the corner, ready to pounce on his opponent.] [Thunk flies out of the corner with a powerful clothesline that Oliver barely ducks! He hits the far ropes and comes back, nailing a leaping forearm that doesn’t even stagger the big man! He tries again only for Thunk to catch him with a powerslam! Thunk waits for Oliver to roll to his stomach before deadlifting him and tossing him with A MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX! Angst nearly folds in half as he gets tossed across the ring! Thunk closes in again, lifting Angst by the head and getting ready to toss him. He lifts- SUCKER PUNCH! Angst gets Thunk right in the jaw!] [Thunk holds his Jaw and Angst throws another hard right before unleashing a swift combo of hooks and forearms! Thunk gets pushed into a corner and Oliver ends it with a leaping knee to the chest! With the momentum on his side Oliver grabs the ropes and fires off a flurry of stiff kicks! He runs to the opposite corner and comes flying back with a corner clothesline! Oliver lets Thunk stumble out before getting to the second rope and jumping for the bulldog! THUNK CATCHES HIM! Atomic Drop! He hits the ropes and comes back with a big boot! ANGST GETS LAID OUT!] [The Jungle King nurses his jaw before dropping down on Oliver and attempting to lock in a grounded full nelson! Oliver is unable to power out as Thunk slowly moves to his feet, lifting Angst with him. He violently throws Oliver around before going for a slam- ANGST SLIDES OUT! Oliver grabs Thunk and GERMAN SUPLEXES THE BEHEMOTH! Oliver gets to his feet and waits for Thunk to rise, readying to attack. He rushes forward with a dropkick that knocks Thunk backwards! He hits another than another, letting Thunk bounce off of the ropes before going for the ANARCHY- TOOTH OF TIGER! THUNK CATCHES ANGST WITH THE STO! He pins! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Thunk celebrates his victory with a war cry in the ring, standing over his downed opponent.]


[The wind is blowing as the camera pans across a dirty underpass in the city. A small trash fire provides light in only a small area. A figure slowly emerges into the light of the flame, David Manson. He grits his teeth as he looks across the metal trash can, obviously waiting for someone.]

“No use hiding, HAtE. I know you’re there, show yourself!”

[HAtE emerges from the darkness into the light and shakes his head at Manson. The flame flickers, reflecting off of HAtE’s rotted teeth as he speaks.]

“I’m not hiding, David. I’m merely showing you what I know you see. Darkness with a fire lit only where the man wants you to see. You may be a lot like Jack, but at the same time you’re nothing like him, David. You should have listened to him more, you should have learned from him while you had the chance. But I suppose your own ego made you go deaf.”

[Manson sneers, closing in ever so slightly on HAtE.]

“You’re so ignorant, HAtE. Just because Jack was our leader does not mean I should only listen to him. What it means is I was aware that even a man we let lead should not dictate my every action. I’m more than a lapdog, I’m my own person. The only one of us who lost their way is you, HAtE. Jack’s words are your gospel, and in that you’ve become no better than the sheep you see me as.”

[HAtE grits his teeth, eyeing Manson before slowly backing into the shadows.]

“You should learn to hold your tongue, Manson. Come Face/Off I’m going to force your eyes wide open and watch as you see the world for what it really is.”

[Manson stares into the darkness, shaking his head as he turns back into the shadows, the scene slowly fading out on the flickering fire.]


[The monster and the deranged one are squaring off next!] [The Tap Room is on their feet as these two twisted individuals are about to do battle! They lock up but the sheer size of The Horror gives him the advantage. He wraps the head of Smiley and just SLINGS him across the ring! Smiley bounces back up quickly and smiles at the mild surprise. Smiley quickly gets to his feet, but the giant strikes him with a running lariat that flattens him! He grabs Smiley by the jaw and hoists him to his feet. Smiley rakes his eyes before bouncing off the ropes and wrapping his head for a neckbreaker!] [Smiley quickly gets back to his feet before bouncing off the ropes and lifts for a dropping knee right to the chin of Horror! The Deranged One pulls him to his feet but The Horror lifts him up and rams him into the corner! He begins DRIVING punches into the ribs of Smiley who seems caught off guard by this onslaught. The Horror stands up and drives an elbow into the chin of Smiley as he pivots from the impact. Horror hooks him around the waist and… RELEASE GERMAN! The Horror lifts him up quickly and locks in a reverse sleeper hold as Smiley is held above the ground in a huge clutch!] [Smiley begins to squirm. He manages to get his head free and… BITES THE NOSE OF THE HORROR! But The Horror is just ignoring it! The beast seems to have no care that he’s being bitten! Smiley begins swinging with his legs and… hits home! Unfortunately, the monster releases his hold enough for Smiley to slip out. The Deranged One hits two shots to the gut before dropping a drop kick to his knee. The Horror falls to one knee as Smiley hits the ropes for… CHELSEA GRIN! The spinning heel hook flattens The Horror to the ground as Smiley quickly hooks both of his beefy legs! One…Two…THREE!] [The Deranged One successfully wins this one as he stands tall with a gleaming grin upon his face.]


[With everything going on with Monday Night Showcase, one man who still has cause to have pep in his step is Cody Greer. The Dude with the Spear has a smile on his face to accompany the Tall Boy beer in his hand. He takes a swig as he rounds a corner.] [THWACK!] [Greer is knocked onto his back by a huge shot from Maaz Azim Salah. Greer starts to get back up, but Salah leaps over his prone body to place his knees down over his hands. With his huge hands, Maaz places a rough rag over the face of Greer, holding him in place.]

“Let me give you a taste of the medicine your people have inflicted upon mine.”

[The slick voice of The Elder rings out as he rounds the corner. He bends over to pick up the beer, barely wanting to defile himself with its putrid mixture. Yet he does, slowly bending over near the still shocked Greer.]

“Bleeding hearts decry it, but your country deemed it necessary.”

[Under the practically gleeful gaze of Maaz Azim Salah, the Elder begins to pour the beer over the covered face of Greer. Beneath the rag, incomprehensible sounds come from him. This is an assault that cannot be defended against. The helpless Greer is forced to endure this waterboarding by his nemesis.]

“The feeling of the air would be a blessed relief against what comes to you now. You have drowned yourself in American ideals, and now you will truly drown under them.”

[The can slowly runs out of liquid as the Elder grins. He nods to Salah, and the duo stand up to leave.]

“If you come to Face Off, then worse than this awaits you. Maaz Azim Salah will not show you the same mercy that I did.”

[The pair walk off down the same hallway, while Cody Greer hacks and coughs on the ground. He has just been tortured, and he is struggling to regain any sense of composure. But in his eyes, we can see just one thing.] [Hatred.] [You bet your ass he’ll be at Face Off.]


[The Cannibal and The Horror team up to tackle The Savage and…… a local political official? Will the towering terrors topple this makeshift unit? Or will Tommy Hawk and Frank Harrison unite to overcome this colossal connection?] [The bell rings and Harrison orders Tommy to start the match. Hawk doesn’t argue, only glaring at his partner…. Manson opens with an Arm Wrench, and a couple Short-Arm Shoulder Blocks. Tommy then slings out of a Suplex, ducking a Clothesline. Hawk gets a few Arm Drags and a Dropkick, but The Cannibal clubs him out of a Backdrop! Manson Biels The Spirit Walker into the corner, making the tag! The Horror now blatantly CHOKES Hawk in the corner. He gets a few hard body shots, before planting him with a Gorilla Press!] [Tommy’s hurting, getting muscled into the ropes where The Horror rips at his nose! The Beast then grabs a Waist Lock…… GERMAN SUPLEX! He covers! One… Two… NO! Tommy kicks out and Manson tags himself in. He puts the boots to Tommy, yanking him up by the hair– Reign of Terror? NO! The Spirit Walker counters into a Butterfly Suplex! PILEDRIVER! He spikes Manson, falling back as Harrison demands the tag! Hawk, visibly frustrated, concedes to the tag….. Frank quickly covers! One… Two… NO! Manson kicks out; Harrison assaults him with rights. The Horror tags himself in, looking to tear off Harrison’s head!] [NO! Frank quickly tags out! Hawk enters, getting met with a Big Boot and a sudden LAST FRIGHT! The Horror hooks the leg! One… Two…. NO! Tommy gets the shoulder up! Manson once again tags himself in, drawing his partner’s ire. The two monsters look for a Double Suplex and– NO! Hawk counters with a Double DDT! He Dropkicks The Horror through the ropes, dodging Manson– FALLING NECKBREAKER! But Hawk floats through, rolling himself and The Street Rat back up…….. RED ARROW! He got it– but Frank tags himself back in! Harrison covers Manson! One… Two…. THREE! Oh, come on! HE JUST STOLE IT!] [The bell rings, and Frank immediately bails from the ring! The Horror just CLOBBERED Hawk with a Lariat! The Beast stands tall, surveying the damage with a unsatisfied sneer….]


[The scene opens in a dark room. Henri De Gaucourt, concealed by shadows. Omega Nakazo‘s smirk on full-display. They sit opposite each other, separated by a small table and ceiling lamp. Henri scoffs.]

“Merde. Did you bathe in Sake before meeting us?”

[The Whyte Tyger chuckles.]

“Naw Pepé, that’s just the smell of success. You’re not used to it. But let me make something real clear. Unlike you, I’m no joke. So take whatever foppish retort you have stuffed away in those oversized-pajamas, and save them for the next skunk you’re trying to woo….. They don’t impress me.”

“Why you walking Hanoi hangover! How dare you? To insult me, after stumbling out of whatever back alley dive you–”

“You know, brevity is the soul of wit.”

[Suddenly Oliver Angst emerges. Only his crimson outline visible, he paces between his opponents.]

“So much talk, yet no action.”

[He leans into the light.]

“De Gaucourt. Your trite insults say nothing, yet your attack of this man with his back turned, speaks volumes. [He turns to Omega] Nakazo. You defeat a man who answers to a higher deity, yet you’re thwarted when faced with someone as lowly as this……. What do you have to say now?”

[Henri and Nakazo share a disgruntled look.]

“Ahhh, that’s it. [He continues to pace] Omega and Henri. Yin and Yang. Light and Dark. You two have proven through actions to be one and the same, divided only by motivation. De Gaucourt. The dark, lurking in the shadows despite his resplendent appearance. [He motions to both] Omega. The light, fighting in full view yet dwelling in dank underground debauchery. Don’t you see? Together…… you’re whole.”

[He pulls away from the light.]

“You share this contradiction, yet I embody it.”

[The Aristocrate sighs apathetically; Omega stands, trying to face Angst eye-to-eye.]

“So what? You brought us here just to wax poetic?”

“I led you to darkness so your eyes could adjust.”

[Henri’s ears perk up; the lamp curtly dies………] [WAIT! Suddenly the room is awash with blinding light, startling all three men! Raucous chatter spills in, as a well-dressed man struggles to break away from the throng of adoring fans. It’s Mike Royce!]

“Woah! Sorry fellas, I thought this was a Green Room.” [He smirks] “You guys just do what you do. Groupies, right?”

[The other three eye Royce.]

“Ooooh! By the way, if any of you guys see my opponents later, just give ’em one of these.” [He hands out autographed Headshots] “Thanks, babes. Love your makeup by the way. Anyway, gotta jet!”

[With that, Mike struts through a different door, quickly leaving the scene. Omega and Henri don’t say another word, but Angst isn’t pleased.]

“I seems we’ll have to postpone this, gentleman. Suddenly, something’s unbalanced.”


[It’s a battle between The Asylum inside of The Asylum! Who will win this one between (former?) brothers?!] [Doubt stares at The Shark as the bloodthirsty beast is gnashing his teeth at The Masked Emotion. The two rush at one another begin throwing strikes, but The Shark’s seem to ring more true as Doubt is staggered. The Shark rushes it and spears him into the hard, cement wall. Doubt reaches out for anything that might help and finds a syringe that appears to have been out of use for a while. STICKS IT RIGHT INTO THE NECK OF SHARK! The Shark staggers backwards clutching his neck as Doubt hits a running STO that flattens him to the ground.] [The Masked Emotion quickly grabs up Shark and throws him onto a nearby gurney. The Emotion begins to strap him in but The Shark comes to life! He grabs Doubt’s head and smashes it against the wall. Using his strength, he SNAPS the buckle off the strap! He roars before hitting a running knee strike that flattens The Emotion. The Shark is practically frothing at the mouth before yanking it back to its feet and hitting a snap suplex onto the gurney itself! The Shark grabs the end of the gurney and LIFTS it over as Doubt falls to the ground.] [The Shark walks over to Doubt, but Doubt sprays some sort of liquid into the eyes of him! A closer look reveals it’s mace! The Shark’s eyes begin to water as they’re blood-red! He roars and comes charging towards Doubt, but The Masked Emotion dodges his spear as The Shark RAMS HEADFIRST INTO THE WALL! He is groggy, and he’s out of it but Doubt rushes him for… THE END OF WISNO! The Shark manages to dodge out of the way of the kick. He is angry and he is hitting a dropkick before grabbing Doubt and THROWING IT HEADFIRST INTO THE WALL! Doubt slumps to the ground as it’s not responding. The match is over as Doubt is unreceptive!] [The Shark grins, although it seems almost hesitantly before exiting this cell within The Asylum. As he does, Smiley sneaks right past and stands inside of The Asylum looking down at Doubt.]


[The match may well be over, but it’s Smiley who is standing over Doubt.] [Smiley’s grin spreads wide upon his face as he leans down just a few inches from its mask.]

“Brother. You seem to find yourself in a precarious position.”

[He steps away as he exits the room momentarily.] [He returns with steel in his hand as Smiley Jr. seems to gleam ominously at The Masked Emotion.]

“To think that this all could have been avoided. If only you had trusted your brother. Instead… you seemed… uncertain of my loyalty. This could have all been prevented, but there’s no going back now, Jonathan.”

[Smiley grabs the masked face of Doubt and pushes The Emotion against the wall. He places a boot on his chest as he reaches down with his crowbar and sets it beside the mask itself.]

“I’ve seen it all, brother. Now, I shall show you the price of betrayal!”

[His crowbar wraps around the edge of the mask, but Doubt’s hand flies to the crowbar to begin a tug of war. Doubt’s mask turns upwards to stare into the eyes of Smiley.]

“You’ve seen what lies beneath, yet you wish to unleash the secrets within? Do you think I wear this mask simply for style?”

[Doubt clutches to the crowbar as it pulls itself back to its feet. Smiley seems stuck, transfixed.]

“Or do you think it’s there to prevent a much worse fate?”

[Doubt removes the crowbar from his hand and throws it across the room.]

“Showing the world my true face will not give you the revenge you seek.”

[The Masked Emotion grabs Smiley’s head softly before running his face into the wall behind him. An audible groan as Smiley slumps to the ground.]

“It’ll only bring you more pain, Lee.”

[With these parting words, Doubt slowly makes its way to the door and slams it shut. Smiley’s face looks at the door as if remembering the face beneath that mask. His face seems contorted, but different than usual…] [Contorted by fear.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Click.] [The sound of someone unlocking a door can be heard faintly in the distance, followed by the wheeling of something squeaky across the floor.] [We’re inside a warehouse, watching as a cleaner walks his mop and bucket across the floor, eventually coming into frame where he stops, absolutely startled.] [That’s because hanging from the rafters, dangling in front of him, is Doctor Spencer Panax. The Doctor looks almost dead, his face red and bloated from hanging there for what could be hours. He isn’t moving.] [The cleaner rushes in a panic to pull out his cell phone, dialling 911.]

“Hello? I need an ambulance. There’s a man here… he might be dead,” [he panics.] “But he’s hanging upside down and I don’t know if,” [he listens.] “No, I don’t think he’s breathing.] [The sound of grumbling can be heard from the distance.] [And a guttural roar to follow.]

“What the fuck?” [the cleaner cries out.] “Send the cops too. I don’t think I’m alone.”

[Suddenly, Panax’ eyes burst open.]

“He’s alive! He’s alive!”

[The Doctor gasps for air, barely able to speak. The cleaner walks over, still on the phone, checking to make sure that he’s okay. The Doctor mumbles, stuttering and stammering.]


[The cleaner turns around and walks towards the door quickly, not looking back. Just then, there’s another guttural scream – a roar unlike any other.] [Then the sound of something storming at him.] [The Horror.] [The screams of the cleaner echo throughout the halls as he’s dragged down to the floor. Blood splatters up against the door, that being the last thing we see as this poor innocent civilian is destroyed by the evil that lurks within The Horror.]

“Hello? Sir? Hello?” [Echoes a voice from a dropped cell phone.] [The giant paw like hand of The Horror reaches down and picks it up. We can’t see anything, just the blood.]

“Don’t worry, I’ll let the good Doctor down. As for this poor soul, you can blame Doctor Spencer Panax for that.”



[Stephanie Rose stands in the ring. She looks composed and ready for a fight. Hysteria’s theme hits and the Mad Mastermind makes his way cautiously from backstage. He has both title belts over his shoulders, but he pays special attention to the Showcase Belt. He climbs into the match and very reluctantly turns over the title belts to the referee. As soon as he hands them to the time keeper, the referee lights the apron on fire. A whooshing sound fills the bar, and then the bell.] [Hysteria immediately sprints at Rose, screaming in fury for her trying to take his girl, she rolls under a big boot and pops up behind the World Champion and hits him with an ATOMIC DROP! Hysteria stumbles away and Rose follows… RUNNING BULLDOG! Steph is off to a hot start! Hysteria face down on the mat, and Rose takes a moment to decide what to do next… She sprints to the ropes and flirts with the fire.. SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT! Hysteria is in trouble here! But pins won’t do it! Stephanie tries to drag Hysteria’s limp body to the flames, but she can’t manage his dead weight. She looks frustrated and decides just to punish him some more. She goes to the corner and climbs to the top, squatting and waiting.] [Hysteria finally starts to climb to his feet and Rose stands ready to leap, when a the flames lick up high. They nearly catch Rose on fire! She loses her balance and falls face first off the turnbuckles and right into the LOST HOPE!! She’s out! But Hysteria is still stunned and can’t capitalize! After a few seconds both start to get to their feet, Hysteria a step ahead. He gets to his feet first and jabs Rose in the eyes with his thumbs! She stumbles away holding her eyes and Hysteria follows and GERMAN SUPLEX LAUNCHES ROSE ACROSS THE RING AND INTO THE FLAMES!] [But she rolls out and hasn’t caught on fire! Hysteria is furious and stomps his way to her and yanks her up by the hair and forces her into the corner. FURIOUS KNIFE EDGE CHOPS BLISTER HER CHEST! She stumbles from the corner and Hysteria grabs her again. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! But Steph lands on her feet! Hysteria spins around and ROSE GARDEN!! Hysteria is planted! He’s near the apron! Rose grabs his leg! She yanks him with everything she has and she falls through the ropes and to the outside but not before Hysteria’s leg goes into the fire! His boot bursts into flames!! Rose wins!] [Rose celebrates on the outside as Hysteria quickly comes to and beats on his leg, putting out the flames! Rose is awarded the Showcase Title Belt and storms towards the exit, making a b-line to escape this maniac whilst she can.]


[We find our way into the backstage area where The Shark maneuvers down a corridor in a mischievous manner.] [The Shark’s face is cloaked in an unsuspecting expression, but in an instant that expression changes along with the pace of his walk.] [The predator stops dead in his tracks and his chin lifts into the air, a look of intrigue coming over him.] [With a single sniff, The Shark turns his attention to a nearby door which appears to be only slightly opened. When he pushes the door further we are confronted with a near grisly sight.] [It’s an empty table sitting in the center of the room. Though empty isn’t quite the proper description for the table is completely covered in blood. A shattered vial lays on the ground only a few feet away; a trail of blood drops leading back to the table.] [At our horror, The Shark gives off an enthusiastic grin as he steps forward in obvious pursuit of the spilled blood. But when he does…] [The Shark suddenly disappears behind the massive girth of the man known as Thunk who appears from behind the opened door; wrapping his arms around The Shark from behind and squeezing him tight into a bear hug. The Shark provides minimal struggle as he gasps against the hold.]

“Thunk no seal, little shark” [The mammoth glances down over the shoulder of his captive.] “More like, King of Jungle!”

[Suddenly, Thunk thrusts The Shark through the air and out of sight resulting in a crashing thud, prompting us to tag alongside the monster of a man.] [When we do we notice a massive hole in the drywall of the room and laying upside down half in and half out of the wall is none other than an unconscious Shark.]

“And you never turn your back on lion” [Thunk says before pointing a confident finger.] “Thunk see you at Face/Off!”

[With that Thunk turns to exit the room and we close on a fading close up of the fallen predator.]


[Back outside, tensions are reaching a boiling point.] [Viktor North, Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon have to decide; do they go for it, or retreat. There was never any other decision to be made.] [All three stomp back over to security, quickly being surrounded as the force of five on three allows them to be. The head guard, he once more tries to reason with them.]

“Just go home, gentlemen,” [he suggests calmly.] “You’re out numbered. This doesn’t have to get violent.”

“They were outnumbered,” [suddenly interrupts a familiar voice.] “But they aren’t now.”

[Entering the melee, Lazarus and Lux Bellator arrive, barging past security to join their team mates in the middle of the blockade.] [Lazarus looks at North.] [North looks at Lazarus.] [And The Viking raises his arm.] “CHARGE!”

[All five men storm into another man, combat ready and full of fight. The brawl begins, right and left hands being traded by the VHS team and the guys supposed to be securing Monday Night Showcase from the threat of their arrival.] [Security hold their own at first, but it’s not long before the VHS warriors begin turning the tide. The scene slowly fades to black, leaving ten men fighting outside the arena as fans, passers-by and patrons watch on in horror.] [Will VHS get inside?] [Will they invade Showcase?]


[It’s main event time as Nigel Royal steps into The Iron Cage with Mike Lane. Standing outside of the cage are Stephanie Rose and Tommy Hawk as they watch on.] [The bell sounds as these two tie it up. Mike Lane, with a little size advantage manages to get a side headlock on. He tightens the hold before Nigel Royal begins drilling blows into the midsection. King Royal leans Lane into the ropes before sending him across the ring. Lane hits the opposite ropes as Royal charges him. He catches Lane with a spinning scoop slam before King Royal hits the ropes for a leg drop. Royal grabs the mane of Lane and drags him to his feet before hooking his arm around his head and lifts him up for a suplex.] [However, Mike Lane uses his size to reverse the suplex as he lifts Royal into the air for a snap suplex! Mike Lane quickly scales the corner turnbuckle, slaps an elbow, and leaps off for a diving elbow drop! To which Nigel Royal manages to roll out of the way of! Lane’s elbow slams down into the mat roughly as a pained expression covers his face. Nigel Royal gets to his feet and kicks him right into face which flattens Lane. He leaps on him and begins administering a Boston crab as he rears back on the move. Lane instantly begins crawling, but Nigel rears back forcefully on it.] [Rough Justice is beginning to show the first portion of his moniker as the pain is shown on his face. He reaches out, but he soon realizes that the ropes will offer no reprieve. He begins grabbing the boot of Royal and begins to roll. Royal is rolled over, but, with King Royal being such an adept technician, locks the leg of Lane into an legbar. Lane is crying out in pain, but he manages to grab the corner turnbuckle and begins to pull himself up. It’s enough to break the tension on the hold as Nigel is forced to relinquish it.] [Royal rolls away and gets to his feet only for… SHADOWKICK to rock him! The boot that he’s felt so many times before slams him down to the mat as Mike Lane also slumps to the mat. The Shadow Kick didn’t seem to have its normal impact as Mike Lane’s legs seem to be somewhat injured from the technical onslaught. Nigel Royal also rolls to his side and begins to pull his composure together as Mike Lane also finds his footing. King Royal throws the first punch to which Mike Lane returns the favor. A second from both men. A third from Royal that picks up the pace. A third from Lane with matching pacing. Soon the two men are throwing punches at rapid pace!] [The two former Ring Kings are trading blows in the center of this main event in this Iron Cage, but it seems King Royal gets the better of the exchange when he changes from fists to a kick to the knee of Lane. He cries out in pain, but Nigel grabs him by his hair and FLINGS him into the iron cage surrounding the ring. Lane bounces off the iron and slumps to the apron. Nigel begins drilling his boot into the back of Lane’s face as it pushes up against the hard, iron cage. He takes a step away and looks at the top of the cage as the crowd begins to boo him. He walks across the ring and slowly begins his climb to the top of the cage!] [Mike Lane rolls to the center of the ring and slowly gets to his knees. King Royal is now at the top of the cage looking down at him with a smirk before Mike Lane gives him the two finger salute. “Peasant!” yells Mike Lane with a smirk to which seems to draw the ire of King Royal. He quickly swings his leg back over and drops down to the top rope before springing off for a diving elbow drop that nails Mike Lane! Nigel lunges on top of him and begins raining down blows! King Royal gets back to his feet and is daring Mike Lane to get up.] [“Get up, you filthy PEASANT!” says King Royal as he throws the word back at Mike Lane. Lane gets to his feet as King Royal hooks his arms around him. HEADBUTT! Lane counters the belly-to-belly suplex combination with a solid headbutt which stagger Royal. Mike Lane hobbles back for a second before rushing forward and connecting with RUNNING IN THE FAST LANE! The knee SLAMS into the face of Nigel Royal as both men are down. Lane clutches at his knee in pain before looking up at the cage before him. He utilizes the ropes and pulls himself up to a standing position.] [He climbs up the turnbuckle and begins climbing up the iron cage. Each pull is agonizingly slow as the crowd is murmuring their desperate support of Rough Justice. He manages to get to the top, almost not using his injured knee at all. Lane swings his leg over the top, but King Royal has now managed to get to his feet. He quickly scampers up the ropes and grabs onto the leg of Mike Lane. He begins driving blows into the injured knee still on the inside of the cage. He climbs up to the top of the cage, and grabs the face of Lane. He tries to slam it into the cage, but Lane nails ANOTHER HEADBUTT! Nigel is rocked again!] [Nigel is groggy, but Mike Lane grabs his leg. He holds it tight to his own body and pushes both men back towards the ring with… DEGENERATION FROM THE TOP OF THE IRON CAGE! Both men are down yet it’s Mike Lane who manages to get up first. He cries out to the audience before climbing up the rope with blinding speed! King Royal tries to get up, but the pain seems to be too much as he slumps back to the mat. Mike Lane climbs over the top and falls to the mat outside of the ring to win the Iron Cage match!] [Mike Lane wins this match in grand fashion!]


[After that tremendous match, Mike Lane is joined by Stephanie Rose and Tommy Hawk on the outside. He nods towards the ring, entering to join Royal there.] [The King gets back to his feet, surrounded by his team mates. Everything could come undone here. It could explode in this one single moment.] [But suddenly, the crowd’s reaction changes. They’ve gone from eerie silence to abrupt cheers, because running through them at all different angles is Viktor North, Lazarus, Lux Bellator, Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan!] [North heads for the iron door, but it’s padlocked shut. VHS surround them, realizing that they have to climb and they do. All five of them make their ascent up the structure as Showcase watches on, coming together to form a line, ready for war.] [VHS enter the Iron Cage, forming a line opposite. Oh man, this is about to break down.] [It’s five on four.] [And they’re locked inside an Iron Cage!] [Darkness.] [As the war is about to commence, darkness befalls the arena.] [The lights return.] [Hysteria!] [The OSW World Champion stands with a Sledgehammer in his hands, alongside team Monday Night Showcase. He’s joined them! Suddenly he swings it at Sheldon, who storms in underneath and tackles him to the ground. The fight is on! Royal goes toe to toe with Bruce Van Chan, trading right and left hands as North spars with Mike Lane!] [Lazarus and Lux Bellator are left struggling with Hawk and Rose, the entire ring now shaking from the violence within it.] [Monday Night Showcase goes off the air, neither team with the upperhand, all ten of them fighting in the middle of the ring.] [Face/Off is going to be intense. Which brand will win the war?]