[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [As the static clears, we’re looking at a black screen. But not completely black. Stars and the moon give off their faint glow as we look at the night sky. We hear footsteps, and the camera pans down. Walking across the parking lot, we spy Tommy Hawk. He carries his bag in one hand, and looks extremely determined. As he nears us, we hear a strange sound for an inner city: the howl of a wolf.] [Tommy stops in his tracks. Another howl rips its way through the night. Another. Another. Tommy spins around trying to find the source, but each howl seems to be coming from a different direction. Then we see them in the darkness. A dozen Native Americans in full war paint step from the shadows and into the light cast by a single street light. The surround their chief.] [Hawk braces himself. He will not go down without a fight. That is when we hear slow clapping. Once again, from the shadows steps Ethan Bird into the light.]

“Hello, Chief; do you like Ethan Bird’s wolves?” [He says with a smirk. Tommy doesn’t say a word, but focuses solely on Bird.] “Have you reconsidered the offer?”

[Hawk has had enough and walks chest to chest with Bird.]

“I am through with your games, Bird. Your cowardice is unbecoming of a so-called god. A god would never need an army to take out one man. So what are you? A coward or a god?”

[The Natives begin to move in, but Bird raises a hand. They stop. He sneers at Hawk before spitting a retort.]

“How dare you question the Shepherd of Destruction? Ethan Bird needs no-one to fight his games. That was just for fun. For his amusement. In the match tonight, Ethan Bird will not need any help; he will destroy you!”

[And with that, Bird snaps his fingers and the wolves disappear into the night. Bird stands there a moment longer, staring at Hawk.]

“See you in the ring, Chief.”

[And Bird is gone into the shadows, leaving Tommy Hawk all alone.]

“And I, you, Shepherd.”


[One week before he defends his title against the Skull Splitter, the Emotion finds himself face to face with the Jungle King. Can Doubt gain momentum heading into Pandemonium or will he be stopped cold with a massive Thunk?] [The bell sounds as Thunk rushes forward, yelling out ‘FROG FACE’ with a howl but Doubt manages to slip out of the bulldog attempt, grabbing Thunk from behind before snapping him down to the mat with a lightning fast neckbreaker. Thunk stumbles to his feet into a hard leaping knee to the side of the temple that stuns Thunk before Doubt springboards off the ropes, PESSIMIST’S EN…Thunk holds Doubt on his shoulders ‘DEAD PREY!’ before driving him down to the canvas] [Doubt gets lifted up to his feet as Thunk tries to cave his chest in with a few hard forearm shots. Doubt tries to fight back but his right hands seem to do little damage as Thunk bats his hand away before gripping him in the Iron Claw! Doubt struggles under the hold as Thunk yells out ‘TOOTH OF TIGER!’. He tries to slam Doubt into the mat but Doubt slips out of the hold, sweeping Thunk to the mat as he locks in the SECOND GUESS!] [Doubt pulls back as much as he can, trying to force Thunk to tap out but the Jungle King refuses, powering himself up to his feet with Doubt clinging onto his back before rushing forward and driving Doubt into the mat with a massive Powerslam! Thunk lets out a guttural roar before slowly stalking the rising Doubt, ‘THUNK SMASH’. Thunk runs towards Doubt but the Emotion just manages to duck under the forearm before kicking the turning Thunk in the gut, LIGHTNING FAST EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Doubt quickly covers Thunk, lifting up his tree trunk size leg as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Emotion picks up a big victory tonight, taking all the momentum into Pandemonium but can he put down North in a week’s time?]


[We cut backstage to where Bruce Van Chan sits looking rather nervously atop a doctor’s examination bed, a bottle of heart pills in his hand. The doctor enters, a stereotypical looking doctor, complete with full face mask and scrubs.]

“Thank you for waiting Mr. Van Chan, I was… indisposed momentarily. You’re here for a quick check up to see how the old ticker is coping with the stress of competing?”

[Bruce nods.]

“I feel fine, I’ve never felt better. My heart is just fine…”

[The doctor interrupts, almost rudely cutting BVC off.]

“Yet you were competing against doctors orders?” [Van Chan opens his mouth to retaliate but the doctor cuts him off again, already knowing what he would say.] “Naughty naughty…”

[The doctor lowers the back of the bed and beckons for Van Chan to lie down.]

“Let’s take a look at this ticker of yours and see if you did any real damage last week. We wouldn’t want you dropping dead out there would we?”

[Van Chan looks suspicious but lies down regardless. The doctor grabs him by the wrist and feels for a pulse, pushing his stethoscope to his chest.]

“You know, I think you will be fine Brucey…” [The doctor lets go of his wrist and turns about, rummaging about in his bag.] “… All you have to do is, just… SMILE.”

[The doctor turns around, pulling his face mask down. A sick smile on his yellow painted face… Smiley. Holding a scalpel. Bruce tries to escape only he finds his arms strapped down to the bed.]

“You and your heart, Brucey…” [Smiley lowers the scalpel toward Bruce’s chest, threatening to cut into his flesh.] “Was it your heart for your family that made you interrupt my little moment last week? I was seconds away from claiming that title and you ruined it for me. You need this heart problem of yours fixed, and I know just the way to ensure that you and your heart will not be ruining any more of my chances.”

[Smiley lets the scalpel touch the flesh of Bruce Van Chan. He draws blood as he cuts gently into the chest – toying with the defenseless BVC. He raises the scalpel and looks to dig back in for a deeper and more serious incision when… SHADOWKICK! OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Where the hell did Mike Lane come from?!] [Lane unstraps Bruce and helps him to his feet, only to push him up against a wall with a threatening glare of his own.]

“You may have cost me the chance to get my daughter back. I will fight till the ends of the Earth for her… Nothing will stand in my way, not even you. Pray that you haven’t screwed my chances of seeing her again, or I will personally finish the job that Smiley started here.”

[He lets Bruce go, who slumps to the ground as Lane walks away.]

“She is all that matters.”

[How will these three possibly coexist together?]


[Armageddon faces The Skull Splitter. Can North overcome Ragnarok?] [The match is off and both men explode out of their corners! The faster North is able to connect with a massive lariat that staggers his much larger opponent. He then unloads with a barrage of fists, forearms, and elbows! Armageddon is pushed back and North runs to the opposite turnbuckle before coming back INTO A POP-UP! NORTH LANDS CHEST FIRST ON THE TURNBUCKLE! Hell’s Angel grabs North’s head and slams him head first into the turnbuckle with terrifying brutality! He looks to finish the onslaught with a German suplex but North holds onto the ropes! He kicks back and forces Armageddon to stumble!] [North refuses to take the beating lying down and turns around to deliver a nasty leaping knee strike! The Skull Splitter isn’t done as he begins hammering away with a vicious combination of kicks before lifting the big man up AND FALLING BACK WITH A BRAINBUSTER! The big man crashes to the mat and shakes the ring! North refuses to pin, getting on top of Armageddon and getting in a few stiff punches before Hell’s Angel blocks one! He grabs North by the hair and headbutts him! He forces Viktor off and rises to his feet, seemingly unfazed by the beating.] [Armageddon catches the downed North with a punt to the ribs that sends him sprawling! He closes in and deadlifts him before hitting an impressive Fallaway Slam! North fights to get his feet, rolling and barely avoiding a running knee before getting to his feet and leaping forward with a Thez press- ARMAGEDDON STAYS STANDING! North rains down fists on the monster who hits one hard punch to the kidney before throwing North off of him and into a turnbuckle! North tries to come back with a kick BUT ARMAGEDDON CATCHES IT! THE END IS NIGH! He pins him! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Armageddon proves his monstrous power here tonight by overcoming the Skull Splitter!]


[Brass Knuckles.] [The metal glints under the lights of the locker room, the camera slowly zooming out to reveal them to be on the hand of the one and only Riddler. He holds the weapon behind his back as he walks throughout the room, a look of near paranoia on his face. He takes a breath once he scans the entire room.]

“She’s learning. However, she lets her emotions get the best of her. With the state her mind is in, I already know her next action.”

[He chuckles, turning to reveal a razor thin trip wire behind him. A smile crosses his face as he leans down and runs his finger across it.]

“She’ll see me, rush towards me with a fire in her eyes, then trip towards me. Afterward, I can capitalize with my knuckles. Such a simple solution to an even simpler creature. It’s almost sad how little thought I need to outdo her.”

[He straightens his back and backsteps a few feet, his eyes trained on the doorway into the room. His focus is soon broken, the sound of rustling making him turn around TO SEE MAKENA LEAPING OUT OF ONE OF THE LOCKERS! The African Assault hits a thez press on Newton, forcing The Riddle to trip over his own wire! He tries to swing with his brass knuckles but Jakande blocks it before unloading with a right hand of her own!]

“I am no simple creature! I learn, I adapt, I overcome!”

[Her fists are flying and Newton is unable to fight out.] [Or so it seemed.] [GREEN MIST INTO THE EYES OF MAKENA! RIGHT HOOK WITH THE KNUCKLES! Newton scrambles away while Makena tries to wipe the mist from her eyes.]

“Even when you think you’ve won, there is always another way. You must always have a contingency plan or you are doomed to fail!”

[Newton rushes out of the room, his face already bruising from the hail of fists from Makena.] [Meanwhile, the African Assault stands up, a sneer on her face.]

“I do have a contingency. In the ring, you cannot escape me, and you cannot run. You will be hunted like the low life you are!”

[The camera fades out for the next match as Makena tries to clean the rest of the mist from her eyes.]


[This match is set to be one hell of a battle. As Bruce Van Chan, Mike Lane and Smiley struggle to stand on the same apron as one another, The Sharkman and Cody Greer stand missing a partner; Death has not arrived.] [Cody Greer starts this one off with Mike Lane. The two Champions circle each other, Lane taking Greer into a Side Headlock. He pushes Mike off into the ropes, ducking a Clothesline on the return. The World Champion spins, walking into a quick Scoop Slam. Mike Lane rolls back to his feet and is pushed back into the ropes, sent across again – only Mike this time leaps with a Double Axe Handle, taking down The Hunter. He quickly tags in Bruce, who enters the ring with aplomb. One Clothesline to Greer, then another, and a third… NO! Overhead Drop by The Double Feature Champion.] [That buys him a little time, so he grabs Bruce and punches him in the jaw, whipping him into his team’s corner. Whilst there, Greer tags in The Sharkman. The Shark quickly goes to work with Shoulder Barges, dragging Van Chan out and to the canvas with a Hip Toss. The Superhero pulls Bruce back to his feet, only The Real Deal breaks free, pulling The Shark close and into a huge Snap Suplex. Bruce quickly hops back up, pointing at himself before hitting the ropes and leaping into the air with a Big Splash! NO! He gets nothing! Bouncing chest first off the canvas, Van Chan reels backwards, feeling that one. With his hand on his chest and a shortness of breath, The Sharkman is back up, nailing him with a Hurricanranna whilst he’s on his knees!] [The Sharkman drags Bruce over and covers… One… Two… Kick Out! He gets him back to his feet and sets him into the ropes, only Bruce ducks the Clothesline attempt and leaps over to his corner, looking for a tag to Smiley who drops off the ring apron. Lane looks at him, absolutely enraged, only Smiley wipes his legs out from underneath him! OH MY! The World Champion slams BACK first into the ring apron, rolling off onto the concrete floor. Bruce looks down at them in shock, getting back to his feet without realizing that The Sharkman has made the tag to Cody Greer. He turns around… SPEEEEAAAARRRRRR!!!! THE FUCKING PARALYSER! WAIT, THE LIGHTS GO OFF! THE LIGHTS GO OFF! When they return, Bruce Van Chan is down and Muerte stands behind Cody Greer. He turns around… SCYTHE! SCYTHE TO CODY GREER! DEATH STALKS GREER ONCE MORE! Muerte drags Bruce over onto Greer… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! With Smiley backing up the aisle, with a grin on his face having not lifted a finger, his team has somehow won this match!]


[The trio of Lane, Smiley, and BVC go their separate ways as they exit the arena, leaving Greer and Sharkman in the ring with Muerte.] [Both “hunters” try to quickly rehabilitate their bodies and minds following the contest as they glare at Muerte who finds himself in a somewhat unsuspecting predicament. Muerte turns to leave the ring and is stopped by the presence of Thunk who is making his way down the ramp with an enraged expression upon his face.] [Muerte merely smiles and slowly moves to the corner as Greer, The Sharkman, and Thunk all but surround him.]

“We’ve got you Reaper!” [The Sharkman declares with a pointed finger.]

“There’s no where for Death to hide!” [Cody hisses as he lowers himself into a ready position.]

“THUNK SMASH!!!” [The behemoth of a man roars.] [But Muerte is not phased as he releases a hearty chuckle.]

“You fools. Have we not yet determined who the real hunter is?”

[BZZT! BZZT!] [The lights in the arena begin to flicker and Thunk, Greer, and The Sharkman take a step back in preparation for the worst.]

“The fear of the hunt has not yet set in, but it will and when it does it will be greater than any fear you’ve ever known!”

[Muerte proclaims becoming less amused and more menacing by the second.] [Muerte points a steady finger in the direction of The Sharkman who immediately covers his head with his hands and lets out an agonizing yell!]

“Greater than the fear of the taste of blood from days gone by!”

[Muerte shifts his finger to Thunk who lets out a courageous roar before his face is distorted in anguish; his eyes squinted in pain as he stumbles backwards away from the supernatural entity.]

“Greater than the fear of a fire ravaged Everglades!”

[And now Muerte moves on to Greer who maintains his composure yet slowly drops to his hands and knees in mental and physical distress.]

“Greater than the fear of failure buried under the pastures of a cattle ranch!”

[With the three surrounding Muerte all but incapacitated he moves closer to them in confidence.]

“And you will embrace the fear of the hunt, Til’ death… do you part!!!”

[Muerte yells his final statement as his lifts his arms into the air seemingly casting the arena into darkness. For several second there is a bustling confusion among the crowd before the lights return and Muerte has disappeared. We cut away with the almost stunned faces of Thunk, Greer, and The Sharkman all looking at each other.]


[Pure Intelligence goes head to head with savagery tonight as the Riddler finally goes one on one against Makena Jakande. Will Newton prove his superiority or will his arrogance be his ultimate downfall?] [The bell sounds as Makena rushes forward, trying to jump Newton as he grabs hold of the ropes, half out of the ring as the referee holds Makena back. She turns for a moment, as Newton slips back into the ring, rushing forward as Makena dodges a charge, Newton hitting the turnbuckles chest first as he staggers out into a huge spear as Makena drops down, mounting Newton as she drives down punch after punch to his unprotected face. Newton manages to slip out as he staggers to his feet, Makena rushing forward before Lariating Newton over the ropes to the floor below] [Makena rolls out to the floor as Newton gets to his feet but walks into a hard kick to the gut before Newton rushes forward, driving Makena back first into the ring apron before rolling her into the ring. Newton climbs up onto the apron as he stands on the middle rope, diving off right into a right hand to the gut from Makena who snaps him into the mat with a hard DDT. She doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope herself, waiting for Newton to get to his feet, TOP ROPE CROSSBODY! Newton rolls through as he covers] [ONE…TWO…Makena gets the shoulder up. Newton is up to his feet first as he loads up a hard kick to the chest but Makena manages to catch it as Newton hops on one foot. Makena drives several forearms into Newton’s face before snapping him over in a modified facebuster. Makena goes to lift Newton up to his feet but gets grabbed and tossed throat first onto the middle rope. Jakande gets up, holding her throat in pain, NEVERMIND! Newton plants her into the mat as he hooks both legs, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [He had to work for it but The Riddler got one over Makena by being just one step ahead of her tonight proving intelligence is key to victory but will that be true at Pandemonium in one week?]


[Yelling is heard from the backstage, a camera snaking through the hallways to reveal the source.] [A very irate Viktor North.] [He’s throwing tables and equipment to the side as he rushes through the backstage.]

“Where is that weakling hiding?! That coward can’t hide behind his tricks forever, I will tear that mask from his face and-”

“Now now, Viktor. If you want to meet face to face, all you had to do was ask.”

[North stops in his tracks, a look of pure rage on his face.]

“Follow this hall to the end. You’ll find me.”

[North is fuming, but he follows the instructions and bursts through the door at the end of the hall.] [And he finds Doubt. The Emotion standing in all of its glory behind a wall of plexiglass. North charges into it only to bounce off, The Skull Splitter foaming at the mouth as he stares at Doubt.]

“Get out from behind there! You’re a coward, you’d never survive in the heat of battle!”

[Doubt sighs.]

“I don’t need to. But what you need to realize is this isn’t about myself or your defilement of Syndi’s career. It’s about your inability to see past your bloodlust. You’re in denial about who you truly are as a person and are trying to hide it behind a torrent of anger and bloodshed.”

[Viktor’s pounding on the glass interrupts Doubt, the Emotion shaking his head.]

“If I give you the fight you so want, you’ll only regress to the ball of hatred standing before me. I have been informed that at Pandemonium, you and I will be locked in a cage. But despite all this, I will never give you the war you want.”

[North begins punching the plastic, bruising his hand horribly BEFORE SHATTERING A HOLE IN THE GLASS! North grabs hold of Doubt’s coat and slams him into the glass, the Emotion forcing North’s hand off of him before disappearing down the hallway.] [North keeps attacking the glass, making the hole larger ever so slowly.]

“You can run, boy! But you cannot escape me in the cage. I will break you!”


[Tommy Hawk waits in the ring for his opponent. Then the Sound of the Streets hits and Ethan Bird makes his way out into the Tap Room. Flanking him are the same twelve Native Americans in war paint. He makes his way to the ring with them in tow. He enters the ring, and the surround it. The bell sounds.] [Hawk wastes no time, rushing across the ring and hammers Bird to the chest with series of knife-edge chops! Bird is pushed to the corner and Hawk is unrelenting. He mounts the second turnbuckle and nails Bird with heavy fists until the ref stops him at ten. He stumbles from the corner, and Tommy delivers a RUNNING BULLDOG! He gets back to his feet and waits for Bird to get to his. He grabs him and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! He runs to the top rope and THE RED ARROW!! He covers… One… Two… THRE….NO! Bird kicks out!] [Hawk pulls Bird up by the hair and whips him to the ropes! Bird ducks under a clothesline and bounces off the far ropes and a RUNNING BIG BOOT LEVELS HAWK! Bird yanks Hawk to his feet and ATOMIC DROP! Tommy stumbles into the ropes and turns around into a kick to the gut! Bird grabs him… POWERBOMB! Bird covers… One… Two… Thr…kickout! Bird looks at the ref with burning eyes and climbs to his feet stomping on Hawk until the ref stops him. He pushes the ref back and stomps Hawk some more, until he is threatened to be disqualified. He screams at the ref and then turns pulling Hawk up once more. He grabs the Spirit Walker and runs with him for a POWERSL…. But Hawk slips out! STEP UP ENZIGURI!! Both men are down!] [Hawk climbs to his feet first and makes his way to Bird who is pulling himself up by the ropes. Hawk grabs Bird and VERTICAL SUPLEX! One… Two.. Th… Kickout! Hawk quickly pulls Bird to his feet, but Ethan strikes back with an EYE GOUGE! Hawk stumbles and then and stiff kick to the gut! Bird grabs him by the head and… WORLD’S EN… NO! Tommy slips out… Bird turns straight into THE SCALP!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Tommy Hawk pulls off the victory over Ethan Bird, but it looks like the action is far from over…. ]


[As soon as the match ends, the Natives climb quickly to the apron; three on each side. Ethan Bird and Tommy Hawk slowly climb to their feet, still feeling the effects of the battle. Bird, seeing the wolves surrounding the ring, smiles as they step through the ropes. He calls for a microphone.]

“Did you think you would get off the hook so easily, Tommy? No, no, no! Ethan Bird does not let those who question his status as a god live to make the same mistake! Now!”

[The Natives do not move a muscle. Bird looks at them incredulously.]

“Do it now!”

[Nothing. Bird is furious. He grabs the man closest to him and shakes him.]

“Now, dog! Do as your master says!”

[The men turn from Hawk and instead close in on Bird. Tommy rips the mic from Ethan’s hand.]

“What is the matter, Shepherd? Your wolves are not following orders? Well, allow me to shed a little light on the situation. When I heard the howls in the parking lot, I knew what they meant. But you? You had no idea! You see, Ethan, those howls were not meant to frighten me, but to signal me. In my tribe, the howl of a wolf represents loyalty to the tribe… to the pack… Blood is thicker than water, Bird, and money can’t buy family. Thank you for the million you paid these men though, it will go a long way for my tribe. It looks like I got them out of their plight after all. ”

[Hawk smiles, and Bird scowls. He opens his mouth to retort, but before he can….]


[And the painted warriors pile on Bird, pounding him into the canvas. Tommy slips out of the ring. He walks backwards, watching the violence in the ring. He smiles once more before we cut to a commercial.]


“All Hail King Royal!”

[The voice of the herald rings out among the Tap Room as several Knights walk through the entrance tunnel. They flank their Captain, who is leading a very distraught Raquel. Ever since the revelation last week of her being royalty herself, she has been well taken care of, but make no mistake, the King’s Knights were not great hosts before that moment. Behind the Captain comes the King himself. He has a giant scowl on his face as he takes in the people filling the Tap Room. Mere peasants to one such as King Royal. Yet he must parade his court before them.] [Inside the ring, the Knights form a protective circle around Raquel. She won’t be going anywhere on their watch. The King waits for a nod from his Captain before looking around to speak to those assembled.]

“Whilst one considers you pond scum, you people here assembled are privy to one of the greatest moments of your pathetic little lives. For your King has arrived, and tonight we will stand as a congregation to witness the public execution of a man who believes himself to be Number One. Yet your King has decided to swing his soul into eternity.”

[Raquel tries to leap forward at that, but is held back. This gets the attention of the King, who grins at her.]

“And you will also be privy to the official betrothal of your King to the beautiful Princess standing before you.”

[Ignoring the jeers and taunts from the crowd, Royal continues.]

“And one can assure you that everything possible will be done to ensure the proceedings are cheerful and the execution a success. There will be no dungeon for Marvolo. Only the sharp sting of watching a Monarch whisk away with the jewel that lay under his nose all this time.”

[The crowd pops at that, drawing a raised eye brow from the King, but the answer soon becomes evident. MARVOLO HAS SNUCK IN BEHIND THE KNIGHTS!]

“Get that fool out of the King’s ring!” [Royal yells.] [ONE KNIGHT DOWN! Marvolo ducks a shot from another. SECOND KNIGHT DOWN! Number One is a house a fire as he works to free his friend and ally Raquel. Yet the Captain is no fool. He drags Raquel under the bottom rope and holds her outside. Seeing the force in which he has her held, Marvolo stops attacking the Knights.]

“I never knew you to be reasonable, Marvolo.” [Royal confidently says as he waves his Knights out of the ring.]

“Let’s settle this like gentlemen shall we?” [Royal says to Marvolo.] “I’ve got a wedding to plan.”

[Marvolo throws a glance to a worried Raquel before grinning back at Royal.] [The time for talk is over. Let’s decide the fate of the Princess.]


[After last week’s shocking revelation about Raquel, this match is for her freedom. And it doesn’t look good for Number One, as the distraught Raquel at ringside has to be a distraction.] [With a charming smile on his face, the King steps up to his foe and offers an exchange of wrestling holds. Marvolo, much to the surprise of Royal, agrees. The two men lock up and jockey for position, but Royal quickly grabs the advantage with a side headlock. He works it for a moment, but Marvolo quickly reverses out into a hammerlock. Royal manages to reverse that hold, and the two men seem to be even in their technique, neither able to keep the advantage. Like Popeye’s spinach, a scream from Raquel seems to power up Marvolo, who quickly drops Royal to the mat.] [Feeding off the power of the crowd and the happy Raquel, Marvolo grabs Royal up off the mat with force, but ROYAL GRABS A SMALL PACKAGE. ONE… TWO… MARVOLO KICKS OUT! The masked man shakes his head and wags a finger at Royal, who grins widely. The reason for the grin becomes apparent as the Captain of the Guard climbs up on the apron to yell at Number One, who turns and nails the Captain right in his ugly mug. However, as he turns around the King knocks him to the apron and joins him. DDT ONTO THE APRON! THE KING LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE FLOOR!] [Much to her disgust, Raquel has her hand grabbed by King Royal as he bows and plants his ravishing lips upon her knuckles. She pulls away quickly, just as ROYAL IS GRABBED BY THE HEAD AND LOCKED INTO THE TOUCH OF DEATH! Marvolo cranks it in as Royal flails, flinging spittle everywhere. His Knights quickly advance, and Marvolo ducks away, leaving them to check on their King. But Marvolo planned it! He jumps up on the apron and takes off running. CROSS BODY INTO THE KNIGHTS! They scatter across the ground while a hyped Marvolo throws Royal back into the ring.] [A house of fire, Marvolo brings all of his anger into focus with a series of pointed machine gun chops to the chest of Royal. After a moment, Marv stops and just punches Royal in his face. Royal falls to the mat in the middle of the ring, and begins to center himself for the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. Just as Royal gets to his feet, Marvolo is distracted by Raquel’s hands gripping the bottom rope. He rushes over and kicks away the Knights holding her back allowing her to get on the apron. She yells and points behind him as Royal approaches.] [Royal pulls Marvolo away and begins yelling at his Knights to get her away from the battlefield. Marv comes back with a vicious shot to the back of Royal’s head. With the Knights still down, Number One grabs Royal and holds him up for Raquel to get her own shot in. She grins at the mustachioed warrior before taking aim, but ROYAL DUCKS! SHE SLAPS MARVOLO INSTEAD! The imprint of her hand is laid upon his mask as Marvolo staggers backwards. The King leaps up and grabs a crucifix pinning predicament, grinning at Raquel as he does so. ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Raquel’s entire body seems to shudder as she watches a victorious King rise. She caused this.]


[The wind comes out of the Tap Room explode as King Royal sits up with a grin on his face. Raquel seems beside herself with emotion as she sees the Knights coming for her.]

“Marvolo es Number Wahn.” [She yells to the heavens as she runs away from the Knights and slides into the ring.] [The crowd goes crazy as she embraces a risen Marvolo, who seems prepared to fight his foes off. Yet an angry King Royal has a microphone in his hand to address the pair in the ring.]

“How pathetic.” [The King begins.] “She lied to you about who she was for how long? And you still protect her?”

[Marvolo has had enough of this from his former partner, choosing to angrily answer.]

“Marvolo protects his friends.” [He looks at Raquel.] “Raquel has been here since the beginning. She has proven her loyalty. Unlike some people that used to be with Number One.”

[Royal only smiles at that.]

“Loyalty?” [His smile turns to scorn.] “She leeched off of you for how long? She took advantage of your ego only showing you one thing. Yourself.”

[His Knights begin to disperse around the ring as Royal himself draws the attention of Number One.]

“One gives her a Kingdom. Power beyond price. Her heart’s desire. And the King himself for that matter.” [He spits down at the ground.] “And she still chooses you? A common vagabond, so cursed with ego that he cannot see what truly is going on?”

[With those words, Marvolo turns to find that the Knights have entered the ring. Marvolo shields Raquel and tries to fight them off, but they quickly swarm him. Raquel steps to the side to try to run away, but who else is there but her King.]

“My dear, one would not like to see you hurt.” [Royal says as he grabs Raquel forcefully.] “After all, there is a dress waiting on you already. It’s time for the Princess to become a Queen.”

[As Royal drags Raquel up the aisle kicking and screaming, Marvolo is held down by the Knights in the middle of the ring. Despite everything he did, Marvolo will still be forced to watch as Princess Raquel becomes Queen to his worst enemy King Royal.] [Even worse, Raquel is the one who hit Marvolo to cause the loss.] [Will Marvolo be able to save her from her fate?] [Or will she become the unwilling Queen to King Royal?]