Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

It’s been three weeks.

Luke Storm has barely eaten and the only reminder of sunlight comes through a crack in the wall.

Last week he was taken by Doctor D’Ville’s orderlies and he’s been held captive ever since.

He’s sat in a dingy, damp and dark cell somewhere in the Emporium’s Asylum. His finger tips are bloodied from feeble attempts to scratch and claw at the lock on his cell door.

His face is dirty, his body hurting, but he still paces the room – chained by his ankle to the wall.

Suddenly, the sound of keys clinking can be heard. The door finally swings open and in walks Doctor D’Ville and SeeSaw.

Luke gets ready to fight, bringing his fists up to defend himself.

“Relax, Mr. Storm,” The Doc suggests with a sincere tone.

There’s no change in his stance.

“Very well. I’m sure you’re wondering why we have you here?” D’Ville says as he folds his arms. He looks at Luke intently, waiting for a reply that doesn’t come.

“Want me to hit him, daddy?” SeeSaw interrupts.

“No, there’s no need for violence. Luke Storm is our honoured guest.”

Luke grimaces, moving back towards the wall at the back of the room. He slides down it, sitting on the floor.

“It’s very simple, really; we need something,” D’Ville continues. “Something difficult to obtain. We’re hoping that having you as our captive will incentivise Edward Newton into retrieving it.”

Storm audibly laughs out loud, which surprises The Doctor.

“Oh, you don’t think he’ll come for you?” He asks as if he disagrees. “I saw the way he looked at you as we carted you away; that wasn’t the look of a man that doesn’t love his brother.”

“Edward loves Edward,” Storm finally says, breaking his silence.

“As I understand it, your daughter resides with him during your captivity; I would hope he loves something more than himself.”

“What do you want, D’Ville?” Luke growls.

“The pinnacle of Old School Wrestling, of course; the OSW Championship. I want your brother to use his connections with Sigil to obtain the title. Once he hands that over to us, we’ll let you go.”

Again, Luke Storm bursts out laughing. D’Ville looks at SeeSaw with a nod, instructing him without a word.

Mr. Make Believe walks over, kicking Luke square in the jaw.

Storm’s head drops, blood immediately pouring from his smiling mouth. His chuckle doesn’t subside, even if it does quieten.

“I’m glad you’re in good spirits,” D’Ville announces. “Because tonight, right here in the Parking Lot of The Emporium, you’re going to fight.”

The Storm King looks up, his eyebrow raised.

“After all, the very least I can do is show your brother the dire situation you find yourself in.”



Will the hacktivist expose the illusionist!?

Mefisto charges at Anonymous, who side-steps him. Anon swipes at him – only to go straight through him! Anon whips round to see the real Mefisto, who rings his bell with a big boot. He scoops him up and dumps him with a release German suplex. Mefisto into the ropes… he drops a leg across the throat of Anonymous! ONE… TW—Kickout!

The Illusionist grabs a goozle. He’s going for the BULLET CATCH chokeslam – but Anon pulls him into a crucifix pin outta nowhere! ONE… TWO… Kickout! The reversal-specialist almost had him there. Mefisto advances on him for real this time. Anon goes for a low kick, which Mefisto blocks – ENZUIGIRI!

A doubled-over Mefisto is seeing stars! Anon calls for the GUNPOWDER PLOT famouser – but Mefisto plants him with a belly-to-belly suplex instead! Anon writhes on the mat as Mefisto backs into the corner. He slaps his leg – uh-oh… Mefisto goes for the PUNT KICK—ANKLE LOCK BY ANONYMOUS!

What the—!? The ring rope bends inwards towards Mefisto! He grabs it, and the referee has no choice but to call a rope break! Unfazed, Anon lines up another famouser… GUNPOW—a throat thrust cuts him off! Mefisto spins him round… Sleeper hold! They begin levitating, but Anonymous elbows him in the gut! GUNPOWDER PLOT famouser from 10 feet in the air! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Anonymous sees through Mefisto’s smoke and mirrors!


Ring of Dreams

Bill Kirby, no longer wearing the cowl of the Red Death, is bound to a chair as the Blood Red Shark leaps out of the darkness to kick the chair over. Kirby’s head falls into the shallow water in the room, his muscles strained to keep above water.

“The Red Death is dead. ” Shark taunts. “You took that joy from me.”

Fear is evident in Kirby’s eyes as the Finned Revenger’s mask almost seems to smile.

“Don’t worry about drowning, Bill.” Shark taunts. “You’ll be dead long before then.”

Shark leaps into the air, his foot coming crashing down…


…into the water right next to Kirby’s head!

The Shark kneels down to grab at Kirby’s exhausted head, lifting it up by the hair.

“How dare you call me that.” Shark growls. “You, of all people…”

Kirby tries to shake out the cobwebs, sees his only chance at survival.

“The red mist.” He sputters. “It’s housed in that mask. All you can see is red. Can’t you see that it’s manipulating you the same way it manipulated me?”

For a moment, silence reigns.

Then the Blood Red Shark begins to laugh. A deep reverberating laugh full of sinister undertones.

“Is that all you got, Bill?” Shark says, standing to his feet. “You left me for dead. Hell, maybe I was dead. But the Doctor gave me new life and purpose.”

He kicks Kirby over onto his back before drawing a small blade out of his outfit.

“You disgust me.” Shark spits as he cuts Bill Kirby free. “You can’t do a damn thing without someone being in your ear can you? Your dead family, the Vindicators, Shadowforce. Even Newton. All you are is clay to be shaped by whomever has your ear.”

Shark watches silently as Kirby shakes his limbs to get feeling back. The former Red Death crawls for the exit, slowly getting to his feet.

“Go home, Bill.” Blood Red Shark commands. “You’re too pathetic to kill.”

Kirby starts to retort, but Shark continues.

“But if you come back, I’ll hunt you until I wear your skin as a sweater.”

Kirby wanders into the darkness, flailing wildly as Shark walks the other direction.


Candy Kane is here to solve a mystery, but a straight shooter like Monty Straight is one tough case to crack!

Candy starts off with a flurry of hard strikes on the Straight Shooter, who does his best to absorb the blows before countering with some nifty counters, taking the Canary down to the canvas with a key lock throw before cinching in the hold itself, putting Kane in major pain!

Candy struggles to get her arm out of the hold, squirming to create space between herself and her heavier opponent. She manages to do so, getting back to her feet before delivering a hard kick to the head of Straight, before she connects with a forward Russian legsweep! BLIND ALLEY!

Straight is down as Kane continues the attack, until Monty trips her to the canvas! He takes advantage of the situation, bringing her to her feet only to send her crashing with a Russian legsweep of his own! TERMS AND CONDITIONS! HE’S GOT THAT CROSSFACE LOCKED IN TIGHT ON KANE!

Kane is doing everything she can to get out of this one, finally rolling Straight onto his shoulders! ONE! TWO! Straight kicks out, breaking the hold. They’re both on their feet now…BIG GAMBLE! Monty is rocked by that knee trembler…PAYMENT DEFERRED! Backstabber, and the cover on Monty: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Candy Kane has proven she can handle the Straight Shooter, as she gets ready for her next case!


With the match over, Candy Kane slowly begins walking up the entrance ramp.

Monty Straight, however, stands in the center of the ring.

The lights dim, a silver mic manifests into existence before him.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is The Show That Never Ends, where–”

“No, no, no. Not this time you crooked dicked bastard!”

The fans roar, they can recognize that profanity from anywhere.

But it helps that he stands in the crowd.

Junkrat. In the crowd. Microphone in hand.

“Listen up hard-on. You spoke to me through my brain, you led me to rebuild you, you made me think on my feet.”

Monty sighs. Junkrat is absolutely insufferable.

“One part of my brain, the rational part, is all, ‘Monty gave you something to do. It was nice of him. Just leave him alone.’”

Monty nods, “It was nice of me. You should leave me alone.”

“But there’s another, even more rational part that’s like, ‘Blow up all his shit again because that would be funny.’”

“Junkrat,” Monty says, a sincere tone to his voice. “Do you even know what ‘rational’ means?”

“dO yOu EvEn KnOw wHaT RaTiOnAl MeAnS? Shut up! Because there’s even another part of my brain, that’s thrice as rational as the other two parts, telling me that all the pieces of that microphone were in my junkyard. That makes it mine. You stole it from me.”

Straight’s eyes narrow.

Junkrat grins, “And we’ve come to get it.”

Suddenly, a veritable assload of Junkrats storm out from under the ring and swarm inside! They start beating Monty Straight with fists and kicks, while one of the Junkrats grab the microphone.

“Kiss the mic, Monty. Kiss it’s big fat silver ass goodbye.”

The Junkrat rubs it on his crotch, and then sticks it against Straight’s lips, before they run off giggling like little kids.

But of all the expressions that would rest on Straight’s face, the one he wears is quite surprising.

That twinkle is in his eye.

And that smile is especially sinister.



A clash of titans awaits us as Bishop takes on The Judge!

The two hosses square off trading lefts and rights, with Judge notably getting the upper hand from the outset as he takes Bishop down with a hard clothesline. Judge doesn’t let up as he stomps away at the Outlaw, picking him up only to send him crashing into the corner!

The impact sends Bishop down to the canvas with a thud as Judge approaches…but Bishop is slowly getting to his feet, blocking a right hand by Judge before sending him into the corner! Balance is not on Bishop’s minds as he pummels the Judge with heavy punches to the midsection!

THE VERDICT! The offense did limited damage to the Judge, who had enough and drove Bishop away with that Sparta Kick! And yet, somehow, Bishop slowly rises to his feet as Judge charges at the Last Gunslinger…DEADEYE! BISHOP WITH THAT HUGE SPEAR TO THE JUDGE, DRIVING HIM TO THE CANVAS!

Judge’s armor did a lot of damage to Bishop, who rolls as he clutches his shoulder. Judge is back to his feet, ready to bring this fight to an end…LAST GASP! BISHOP WITH A KIMURA LOCK, BUT JUDGE AIN’T TAPPING! Bishop instead gets Judge onto his shoulders! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Bishop has managed to outwit The Judge tonight, scoring a big win in honor of his War Machine compatriots!


Last Week.

Bill Kirby’s entire body aches.

Between the war with Blood Red Shark and the war inside his head, he’s been through hell recently. He’s sat on an upturned crate in the dark cave he used to use as a command center. But instead of a suit of armor, he is wearing gym shorts and a stained white t-shirt.

This is all he has. This cave, and whatever computer equipment he salvaged from his previous wars. His purpose has left him. Instead of solving crimes, he’s been solving the riddle of how much Netflix a person can watch in a week.


The crate shatters, sending Kirby to the cold hard ground, scattering his depleted container of cheese puffs everywhere.

“Fuck!” He yelps, laying back on the rock in defeat. Bill closes his eyes, turning his head to the side. He had to let go of his rage, of his anger at the hand life dealt him. But what else did he have? The anger was all that had fueled him for years.

As he opens his eyes, Bill Kirby sees something he hasn’t seen in some time.

His reflection, jagged and broken in the remains of a mirror.

In a flurry of action, Kirby rolls to his knees, quickly piecing together all of the shards to form as much of a full mirror as he can. Filled with new energy, he goes to his computer console, turning off The Office and going to an old program.

“It still works.” He mutters. “Thanks Berengar.”

The shell that he once used to fight crime comes up, and Kirby pulls up a screen showing a 3D render of his body.

“Pull up all uniform schematics.” He commands it, watching as several uniforms scroll across the screen. “Execute the Darkwish protocol, as well.”

After a few minutes, Bill Kirby smiles at what’s come across the screen.

“Will it be ready for Octane?”

No answer from the computer, just a date pulling up on the screen.

It most certainly will be ready for Octane.

Kirby steps away from the screen, walking towards a side room in his cave. He flicks a switch as old lights power up to illuminate a small gym.

“Axel walked away from a peaceful life to try to rescue me from the Red Death. It cost him everything.”

He walks over to a small window frame.

“Now it’s my turn to rescue him.”

He touches the glass with a smile.

“I’m no longer shackled by rage, consumed by another identity.”

Inside the window, alien technology whirs around a mannequin. We can already see the frame of a familiar cowl.

“I am both Bill Kirby and someone else. Not because I have to be. But because I choose to be.”

The schematic pops up behind the machine, along with with a bold name.




In the secret underground bunker that War Machine guard, Major Thom is stood outside of a door way with a rifle. It looks like security has picked up since the last time we were here.

The room he’s guarding, though, holds a familiar prize.

The Butcher.

As we slip inside, we see him pacing back and forth. He’s awake, though bandaged, and appears to be in a much better condition than when we last saw him.

Suddenly, a monitor flickers and comes to life.

On it, a shaded figure with an altered voice.

“Colin, I’m glad to see you’re settling in to your accommodation.”

“Settling in?” The Butcher sneers. “You’ve kept me hostage here since I woke up. No one is talking to me. The Doctors don’t communicate, the orderlies drop food and run – you need to tell me what’s going on.”

There’s a slight pause.

“I’m afraid we’ve been keeping you here for your own good,” the shaded figure on the monitor says. “You may not understand it but please know that you’re safe within these walls and you may not be safe outside of them.”

The Butcher shakes his head, fed up, it would appear.

“You don’t understand it do you? This whole situation that you’ve caused by keeping me here. I know who Viridi is and I need to share that information.”

“Relax Colin, it’s all in hand,” the voice says confidently. “Sigil found his way to The Cryptkeeper and ended his life. That part of the story is over.”

That confuses him.

“What do you mean? How did he find him? Does Flavo know?”

“Unfortunately, Flavo was a casualty too. Look, this is going to be a lot for you to take in. You’re going to need to understand one or two things about what happened in your absence.”

There’s a look of utter bemusement on his face.

“And why you’re keeping me here?” He questions fiercely.

“Very true,” the voice concedes. “In the meantime Colin, rest assured that as I said before you’ll be safe here. We have The War Machine guarding you and if anyone were to make an attempt on your life, they would see it stopped.”

Colin’s head twitches, surprised by that.

“Why would anybody want to make an attempt on my life? I have no stake in this.”

“I fear I may have said too much. Please remain comfortable and I’ll be in touch.”

“You can’t keep me here forever!” The Butcher yells as the monitor goes off. “You’re gonna have to let me out sometime. I have a business to run!”



Some would call it inevitable, others would call it fate…but regardless, we’re calling this a fight as Mark Gouldern takes on Moirai!

Moirai takes the fight to Gouldern from the jump, unloading a flurry of offense on the Herald of the Future until a slip-up gives Gouldern the opening he needs to send Moirai to the corner! He doesn’t let up, hitting some hard rights on Moirai followed by a nasty neckbreaker!

Moirai hits the canvas hard as Gouldern picks her back up, using his TeleGauntlet to drive her headfirst into the canvas with a DDT! PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE! A cocky Gouldern covers Moirai with a smug look on his face: ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY MOIRAI! DESTINY IS ON HER SIDE HERE TONIGHT!

Gouldern is beside himself in anger as Moirai gets back to her feet, only for Gouldern to use his TeleBoots for a textbook dropkick that sends Moirai to the ropes! TEXTBOOK INSPIRATION! Gouldern’s not taking any more chances as he charges at Moirai…WHO CONNECTS WITH A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! CLOTHOOOOOO!

Gouldern is down, giving Moirai a chance to head to the ropes when she sees Gouldern slowly getting back to his feet already…FATE SEALED! THE SPRINGBOARD DRAGONRANA CONNECTS, AND THE HERALD OF THE FUTURE IS DOWN AND OUT! Moirai goes for the cover, hoping this is it: ONE! TWO! THREE!

The fates were aligned on this occasion, allowing Moirai to get a big win over Mark Gouldern!


Backstage, Sigil is getting ready for his championship match when a bunch of men in lab coats jump him!

The largest tackles him and pins him to the ground!

The rest start to kick and stomp on him!

Cosmic Leap!

Sigil teleports behind them and before they realize it, they are stomping and kicking the big man!

The big man is out cold and they are startled at what they’ve done!

Sigil charges at two of the others!


He knocks both of them out cold with a running double dropkick!

Two more are left!

They charge at him!

Another Cosmic Leap!

They run into each other hard!

They’re stunned and he levels one with a leaping roundhouse kick to the jaw!


He knocks out the other one with a chop to the neck!


All five men are out cold and Sigil stands in the middle of them.


Mark Gouldern is clapping.

“You used your cosmic abilities to beat up men of science. None of these men were made to fight. The biggest one here is not big from working out, it’s from eating out. How much do you rely on your gifts to get you through the normalcy of simple existence? I often wonder how many paradoxes you have created in the universe by using your abilities to do the simplest of tasks. I wonder would you even be alive if you couldn’t travel through space and time.”

“What are you getting at Mark?”

“Oh, nothing really, just waxing poetic about the consequences of time travel and why the most consistent breaker of the fabric of reality has gone unpunished.”

“Do you want to punish me, Mark? Go right ahead.”

“Not yet, collector, I want to see how you do against Jessie Williams first. Right now, I’m only on step one of the scientific method, making observations. I now need to work on a hypothesis. Good luck champ, after watching how much you rely on your powers, you’ll need it against a real fighter.”

Mark Gouldern walks away and Sigil is shaking his head at those words.

Sigil charges!


He chops the back of Gouldern’s neck and Mark goes down!

He’s out cold!

“I didn’t need my powers for that, did I?”

Sigil goes back to preparing for his match.



Alton Whitlock stands at a podium in the middle of the ring.

Around him, the crowd roars.

He surveys the scene, the people cheering his name.

Calmly, he motions for them to quiet down.

They follow suit quickly: the whole world is waiting to hear from him.

“My fellow Americans…” he begins, “a victory has been won against the corporations and wealthy plutocrats of the world.”

“Berkshire Ellison Green walks no more in these hallowed halls.”

The crowd explodes with cheers and applause.

“But our fight? This battle you and I and all of us are fighting to take our country back?”

“It’s only just begun.”

“It started at Ring of Dreams…”

He smiles.

“And ends when the American people vote me into office this November.”

The crowd erupts. The volume is overwhelming. Whitlock is practically screaming now.

“A new day dawns when I step foot in that Oval Office! AND THAT DAY WILL BE FOR ALL OF—”


The lights of The Slaughterhouse cut out. Every cellphone in the arena dies instantly. The PA system shuts down.

Absolute darkness. A hushed chatter fills the room.

Then the loudest noise you’ve ever heard assaults each occupant’s eardrums. Painful static. Some drop to their knees in pain. Then the noise just stops.

And a booming, impossibly deep voice fills the arena.

“Alton Whitlock.”

“You may be able to fool these people.”

“But you cannot fool us.”

“In the shadows, we have observed you.”

“Your quest for power.”

“Your deeds.”

“Your sins.”

“You think yourself so different from the plutocrats you claim to despise?”

“You’re scum. Just like the rest of them.”

In the ring, Whitlock screams defiantly against the overpowering voice: “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?”

“We want the world to see what you really are, Alton.”

“We want to watch you suffer.”

“In the end, the people will save themselves.”

“But you, Alton Whitlock? No one can save you.”

“We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.”

There’s a loud, shocking bang–something hits the ground.

Then the lights come back on. The crowd is stunned and silent.

Alton Whitlock’s eyes are open wide with shock.

In front of him, his podium is gone.

In its place has appeared a tall, imposing, dark object.

A guillotine.

The sinister device’s silver blade glimmers in the arena lights.

All Alton Whitlock can do is stare at it in disbelief.



Three men circle around the ring with the prize of victor hanging in the balance.

The bell sounds as Voynich and The Plague Rat both begin driving into each other with a furry of blows! The Pandemic gets the better of his foe when he connects with a stiff headbutt! Voynich takes a step back clutching at his nose before TPR rushes him with a running clothesline.

Voynich drops a shoulder and sends TPR out of the ring. He turns around to come toe-to-toe with Redwing who connects with a kick to the midsection followed by a hooking the arms and hitting a DDT! RETURN TO ARKHAM! Redwing rolls Voynich over onto his back and covers him. ONE…TWO…

Redwing is pulled out of the ring by TPR! He gets to his feet only to be popped up into a clothsline! DELIRIUM! TPR leaves him there and rolls into the ring where he’s hooked into a roll-up! ONE…TWO…TH-The Plague Rat kicks out! Both men get to their feet.

Voynich catches The Plague Rat with a stiff kick before hooking his head and running towards the ropes. THE EIGHTH WONDER! The Sliced Bread No. 2 connects as Voynich hooks a leg as Redwing comes to consciousness on the outside. ONE… Redwing slides into the ring… TWO… but his gear is caught on the ring apron! THREE!

Voynich rises to his feet clutching his nose with a grin. He nods to Redwing before rolling out of the ring.


A dark alley.

Brick and mortar buildings.

We follow someone’s steps as they step into the alleyway to a neon-red fluorescent sign over a red door in the side of the building.

The sign reads:

“The Candy Shop.”

They open the door and step inside.

“Could you knock?” A voice asks as they enter.

The world becomes black and white and full of grey inside there.

A messy desk, file cabinets, blinds in the window.

And a young P.I. named Candy Kane sitting at the desk, feet propped up on it.

“What’s wrong with you?”

It’s clear she is sizing the person up, and she doesn’t like the fit.

The stranger trembles. “The Fates,” they say. “The Fates have come and they are seeking you. Three sisters, one body. Three sisters, one body. Yes. Ma’am. Three sisters. One body.”

Candy Kane’s eyes widen. She sighs slowly reaches for a desk drawer. “So you’ve gone crazy again, huh?”

Kane slides the drawer open, grabs a pistol tight in her hand.

“You don’t want to do that Miss Kane. No. You don’t want to do that at all.”

“It’s for my protection,” Kane replies. “You’re acting like a raving lunatic again, Johnny.”

“I’m not a lunatic! I hate when you say that! I’m not crazy. What’s coming for you? That’s what’s crazy. Yes ma’am. Three sisters…”

Johnny opens his jacket.

He’s strapped with enough explosives to blow the entire brick and mortar office apart.

“One body.”

Kane jumps out of her seat, points the gun at Johnny.

“Jesus Johnny, what have you done?”

“It’s not me,” Johnny says. “It’s fate.”



Two OSW veterans go head to head tonight as the Enforcer returns to active competition but can he still compete at the highest level or will the Shark have his fill of Kersh blood?

The bell sounds as Shark rushes forward, taking Kersh by surprise with a running enziguri to the back of the head that drops him down to one knee before a massive knee to the jaw drops Kersh to the mat. Shark leaps up, trying for a stomp to the nose but Kersh manages to roll away, sweeping Blood Red Shark’s leg from under him before rolling through with with a Jacknife Pin.

ONE…TWO…Shark just kicked out! The Enforcer rolls to his feet, backing into the ropes for a lariat but BRS manages to duck under, grabbing Kersh from behind and dropping him to the mat with a hard Reverse DDT. The Shark rushes to the ropes as Kersh rises up to one knee, BLOODY MARY!

The Shining Wizard hits flush as The Shark rolls down for the cover, ONE…TWO…TH…KERSH JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Blood Red pulls Kersh up to his feet, delivering a stiff series of blows before a snap headbutt leaves Kersh out on his feet, Shark hammerlocking Kersh’s arm behind his back

BLOOD…SPINEBUSTER! Kersh reverses the DDT attempt at the last moment into that picture perfect Spinebuster as the Enforcer looks to finish this once and for all as he lifts Shark up high, SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! The Shark gets spiked into the mat as Kersh hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Enforcer does it here tonight, not losing a single step in his retirement as he makes his comeback match a memorable one indeed


Backstage, we find Sandy Rogers sat in a chair. He is presenting a puppet show for some children, who are eagerly listening to some morality lesson.

Wait, who the hell let kids backstage at the Slaughterhouse?

“That’ll be all for today, kids!” Sandy exclaims, a hint of sadness in his tone. “Remember to get a good night’s sleep, my friends, it’s the cure to all your ails. I hope you enjoyed this week’s lesson on the foolishness of resistance! I know your parents did.”

Speaking of the parents, they all stand at rapt attention to the side, hugging their kids as they disperse. But no one takes their eyes off of Sandy as he watches them happily.

“Thank you all for visiting from Lucid Falls.” He says, standing to his feet, and placing his puppet on the chair. “I hope to return with you. Ms. Ducksworth has been asking for me to tend her garden!”

The creepy parents nod happily along with Rogers words, before realizing that they’re not alone.

“You got room for an extra?”

The crowd parts to show Jessie Williams standing with a smirk. Rogers eyeballs him as if he were expecting the Prince to show up.

“Of course, my boy. I was wondering when you’d finally come visit.”

Williams looks over the parents and children, taking note of their eyes being locked on Sandy.

“When you look in their eyes,” Rogers says, recognizing Jessie’s confusion. “What do you see?”

“Nothing at all.” Is the quick answer.

“Contentment.” Rogers corrects. “They have all that they need. They see no reason to seek more than they should have. They’re willing to give their all to serve the greater good. Much as your eyes show a deepening hunger…”

“They’re my father’s eyes.” Jessie interjects. “You know my father?”

Rogers turns away to usher his people to the door.

“You’d better prepare for your match, Jessie.” Rogers says with a smile. “I hope to celebrate with you later. We’ll be waiting on you.”

They leave the room, Jessie watching them with a wary idea.

“I’ll bet you will.”

What is Jessie’s plan here? Going to Sandy Falls cannot be a good idea.



It’s a battle between a career politician and a former Marine but who will come up the victor and hold the VHS Championship at the end of the night?

The bell sounds as Alton Whitlock smiles at Malice before jumping up for a dropkick. Malice just swats his feet out of the air like a gnat before hooking his waist and deadlifting him up over his back with a release German Suplex sending Alton folding like an accordian.

Malice slowly rises to his feet before getting a handful of Whitlock’s hair and pulls him to his knees. Alton thrusts his head forward catching Malice right in the little Maulers as his eyes bulge! Alton quickly leaps up and gives a huge smile to the audience. He hits the ropes.

He comes back to Malice and nails him with a clothesline! But Malice doesn’t move. Alton rushes back to the ropes and does it again. Same result. Alton’s smile has faded as he rushes towards the ropes for a third! But Malice connects with his own! LARIAT FROM HELL! Alton is turned inside out and upside down!

Alton is down and out as Malice puts a boot across his chest. ONE…TWO…TH-KICKOUT! Malice quickly lifts him up, but Alton connects with a jawbreaker! Whitlock sees an opportunity as Malice clutches his jaw in pain. He hits the ropes and comes back f- GOREEEEEEEEEEE! Malice just thrust his shoulder THROUGH Alton as he collapses. Malice covers him properly this time. ONE…TWO…THREEE!

Malice rises up massaging his chin before kicking Alton out of the ring to celebrate properly with his newly won VHS Championship!


Voynich causally strolled around backstage, attempting to become familiar with his new surroundings. He was intrigued by the stories he’d heard of this place. From a professional standpoint, the tales were fascinating. OSW seemed to be the epicenter of some of the world’s most consequential events. However, his motives weren’t strictly professional.

His father…the man who had given him so much had gone missing and something told him OSW could be the place to shed some light on the mystery.

Deep in thought, Voynich rounded the tight corner, seemingly unaware of the Plague Rat in his path!


“Watch where you’re going, you fucking prick! You made me drop my heirloom. It’s gutted many a man and if you don’t get the fuck out of my way, it’ll add another!”

Attempting to hold his tongue, Voynich picked up the knife.

“My apologies…”

As he was about to hand the knife back to the Pandemic, a cascade of images flooded his mind.

He saw the grotesque stabbing of a man dressed in attire seemingly from the 1930’s.

The next images appeared to be from the 1980’s depicting a violent murder.

Suddenly, the image of his FATHER flashed through his mind! He appeared to be pleading for his life.

“Give it to me you son of a bitch,” Plague Rat yelled, grabbing the knife from OSW’s newest star.

As Plague Rat left, Voynich could only stare in his direction wondering what the connection was to his father.



Tonight we have a match for the Rewind Championship! Banzan is defending it against The Reaper! We saw rage carry Reaper to a win over The Judge! Will it carry him to a championship? We find out next!

DING! DING! Banzan and Reaper tie up! Reaper is angry shoving Banzan but he won’t budge! Banzan tosses Reaper into the corner! Knife-edge chop! Another one! Chop to the throat! Banzan backs up! He charges at Reaper! Corner big boot! No! Reaper rolls out of the way! Banzan’s foot is caught on the rope!

Reaper sprints! RUNNING PUNT KICK! It’s through the uprights! WHAT A LOW BLOW AND REAPER ROLLS HIM UP WITH A SMALL PACKAGE! One! Two! Thr…No! Banzan powers out of it! Reaper starts stomping on him! He makes another cover! One! Two! Kick out! Reaper looks desperate for the win here!

Reaper grabs Banzan by the beard and starts slapping him in the face! Slap! Slap! Sla-no! Banzan catches the wrist! He pulls Reaper into his grasp! DUKKHA! Saito suplex! He holds on and rolls back to his feet! A second Saito suplex! He holds on and rolls again! A third! No! Reaper stomps on the feet and hits a hard back elbow! Banzan lets go! Reaper rakes the eyes! He drops Banzan with a single-arm DDT! SWIFT REVENGE!

Reaper rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair! He slides back in and starts wailing on Banzan’s back! Banzan is getting bruised up but he’s getting back to his feet! The Reaper tosses the chair right at Banzan’s face! Banzan catches the chair! Reaper smirks and charges! Banzan tosses the chair and drops Reaper mid-sprint! Reaper is getting up to a knee! MAGGA! Banzan charges and hits the Kinshasa knee! He covers! One! Two! Three!

Banzan has done it! He beat a very game Reaper and is still your Rewind Champion!


After the match, backstage, we find Reaper – rather disheveled looking. Matted hair sits atop his head, of which bagged and bloodshot eyes stare out of. A crack of the knuckles as he balls his fist.

“I’ve come so close to answers…” He splashes water on his face. “… To be left with nothing now.”

He breathes deeply, exhaling with frustration before shouting into the vast air.

“I know you’re out there, motherfucker. I’m not invisible to you any more, am I?”

Silence. Deathly still silence.

“Show yourself, coward. You’ve got a hell-a-lotta explaining to do.”


The Reaper lashes out, punching a fisthole in the drywall.

Turning around in anger once more, a figure forms in the air before him. Before The Reaper can react, he is knocked to the ground by the blunt end of The Judge’s axe handle.

“I do not have to explain anything to you.”

The Reaper scrambles to his feet, fire in his eyes.

“Like fucking hell you don’t. Somebody lived so my family could die. I need a name because you’re not the only fucker around here that needs to restore balance.”

The Judge does not move, he does not flinch despite how close Reaper comes to him.

“I do not know the answer to which you seek. Our paths, it seems, have aligned.”

The Reaper runs his hands through his hair.

“How can you not know? Isn’t that your entire fucking reason for existing? Until I know who to target, in my eyes you’re guilty as damned well charged.”

The Judge holds up a hand in the air.

“I do not have the answers you seek, but I am innocent. I do not know who is the one who lived, or why they lived when they were supposed to die. This is like a jigsaw that you humans like so much… except we are only playing with half the pieces.”

The Reaper stops, taking a deep breath.

“Well…” He stops himself, narrowing his eyes to look directly into Judge’s mask. “Where the fuck do we go looking for the rest of them?”

The Judge nods, lifting his axe vertically.

“Like I said… Our paths, it seems, have momentarily aligned.”

With that, The Judge grabs a hold of Reaper’s shoulder. A light burns from the blade of the axe, consuming all around it. When it fades, both the Judge and the Reaper are gone.



Somebody call 9-1- oh, wait…

Orderlies surround both men as they square off. Junkrat spears Storm into the side of the ambulance! The Mayor of Gary pummels Luke’s ribcage, but Stormborn swings the driver-side door open and cracks him in the head! Junkrat shakes off the cobwebs and lunges forwards – into a drop toe-hold! He smashes face-first into the wing-mirror, snapping it clean off!

Junkrat slowly pulls himself up using a concrete pillar. Luke stomps the asphalt. It looks like a little LIGHTNING is forecast – but Junkrat ducks the superkick! Luke almost breaks his leg on the pillar. Junkrat retrieves the affixed fire extinguisher and domes Storm with it, then SPRAYS IT IN HIS FACE! Luke blindly stumbles into the orderlies, who shove him to the rear of the ambulance.

He swings at the air helplessly. Junkrat suddenly leaps onto him with a front facelock. He vaults off of the amulance into THE CONCUSSION MINE tilt-a-whirl DDT – but Storm instinctively throws him off! Junkrat lands on his feet. Luke wipes his eyes, to see a cackling Junkrat remove an explosive device from his vest. He lobs it at Luke – but Storm deflects it with the rear-door!

BANG! Junkrat is blinded by his own explosive… LIGHTNING STRIKE INTO THE BACK OF THE AMBULANCE! Luke collapses in exhaustion as the orderlies grow restless. Eventually, he goes to lock Junkrat in – but the ambulance is empty! Where did he go!? “Hey, dumbass – up here!” Junkrat salutes Storm and JUMPS OFF THE AMBULANCE ROOF – INTO THE DOWNPOUR codebreaker! Junkrat springs into the back and Storm slams the doors on him!

Unbridled chaos was still no match for the eye of the Storm!


As Luke Storm reels from that absolutely brutal match with Junkrat, his eyes dart around the Parking Lot looking for an escape.

He gets back to his feet and is immediately pounced upon by orderlies, who take him under control.

There’s a struggle, Luke tossing one aside.

Then another.

He’s making a break for it.

The Storm King runs towards the nearest fire exit, only he’s clobbered by a ginormous Big Boot before he really sets off.

It belongs to SeeSaw.

Mr. Make Believe pulls Luke back to his feet and tosses him into the back doors of the ambulance, bouncing him off like a yo-yo.

As the former World Champion scrambles across the floor, he’s followed in pursuit by a laughing maniacal SeeSaw.

“You just don’t understand, do you?” SeeSaw groans. “You’re my plaything now, Luke.”

Storm rolls over, kicking out into the mid-section of his captor, but it only pisses him off.

“I hope Edward doesn’t come for you. I hope he leaves you here to rot so I can add you to my collection of toys. Daddy thinks you’re the enemy I need to fulfil my destiny but I think you’re the friend I need for my collection.”

“Stop!” A voice suddenly shouts as SeeSaw reaches down to pull Luke back to his feet.

It’s D’Ville.

And Mr. Make Believe does as he’s told.

“Take him back to his cell, son,” Doc demands, pointing towards the door behind him. “And make sure he gets there in one piece, alright?”

SeeSaw waits a moment and petulantly pulls Storm back to his feet, placing him in a headlock and dragging him away.

Luke looks to the left, his vision groggy.

He see’s a figure dressed in black and purple, wearing a black hat.

“Eddie?” He questions.



The longest reigning champion of the Slaughterhouse era puts up his title against a rising star in her own right. Can Seesaw continue his run and momentum rising or will Sweet Alice show all of Wonderland a special Double Feature?

The bell sounds as Seesaw rushes forward for a clothesline that Alice sidesteps away from, delivering a stiff bell clap over the left ear that sends a ringing through Seesaw’s head before he tries for a wild right that’s ducked under. Alice retaliates with a series of lighting quick jabs to the nose that put stars in Seesaw’s eyes before a stiff rising elbow to the jaw leaves Seesaw open just enough for Alice to drill Seesaw into the mat with a lightning quick DDT

Seesaw staggers up to his feet only to be put back down by a sweep of the legs before Sweet Alice leaps up in a TERRIBLY LATE HOP! The Legdrop hits flush but Alice doesn’t pin, instead hopping up high once more but as she tries for a second legdrop, Seesaw catches the leg. Mr Make Believe gets to his feet, Alice trying to stand on one foot as he swings her around into a hard backbreaker before swinging her back around down into a ROCK A BYE slam!

Alice slowly staggers up to her feet right into an onrushing freightrain of a spear as she’s driven back down into the canvas with the SUPERFINE TURBINE but Seesaw isn’t done, quickly heading up to the top rope, flapping his wings high before diving off, FLIGHT OF THE…KNEES! Alice just avoids the splash but she’s still down and hurting from the spinebuster as it’s anyone’s game right now

Both competitors slowly pull themselves up by the ropes, grabbing something on the outside as they do, turning to face one another. Alice book in hand and Seesaw gripping Jack in both hands as Alice rushes forward, Seesaw backing up as he springs forward, taking Wonderland to the chest but powering forward with an almighty COLLISION COURSE! Alice stumbles back into the ropes, OFF WITH SEESAW’S HEAD! Alice rebounds with that huge Lariat, knocking Seesaw out cold as she collapses upon him for the pinfall, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!

Sweet Alice does it here tonight, knocking off a top competitor as she continues her impressive ways and becomes the new Double Feature Champion


Somewhere Else

In a secure, undisclosed location, we find Malice and Bishop standing at attention. In front of them, several clips play in sequence. The subjects?


A voice cracked through, the robotic voice of The General coming through them.

“With the unexpected curveball presented by Sigil, a new threat arises to our operations. These descendants of some of the greatest could prove catastrophic to our operations. Not including their theft of your tag titles.”

The screen cuts to the General briefly, the warped blank face speaking.

“Your orders are clear. Follow these two, track them, and take them out. If it gets those.”

Two images flash, of members of Legacy

Michela Lane

Tank Kersh

Bishop and Malice nod, both responding in the same voice.

“Yes sir.”

And with that, the screen cuts to black. With it, goes the ease in the room as well. Bishop seems to ignore the glare that comes from Malice as he picks up his gear. He puts on a pair of sunglasses, turning back to Malice for a brief second.”

“You alright?”

Malice smiles, a bit of a menace leaking through more than he means to as he replies.

“Nothing. Let’s go get them.”


The steel cage gleams with intent as its inhabitants look amongst the metal with the slightest hint of remorse.

The bell sounds as Edward Newton rushes at Sandy Rogers with a running clothesline. The shot catches Rogers off guard as he slowly rises back up. Newton quickly hooks him around the head and quickly lifts him for a snap suplex! Rogers rolls onto his belly and slowly stands back up.

Newton goes to punch him when he stops momentarily confused. Rogers has two sock puppets on his hands. Lee and Johnathan! Newton looks among them before Lee strikes out and catches him on the nose with a palm strike! HAPPY FACE! The other hand’s puppet Johnathan reaches out and grabs onto the bottom jaw!

FEELING BLUE! The submission hold is locked on as Edward Newton begins throwing punches wildly at Sandy trying to free his own mouth from the punishment! Finally a right catches Rogers right on the side of his head as he staggers backwards releasing the hold. Newton rushes towards Rogers and grabs him by the head.

He turns around before sending Sandy flying over the top rope and into the steel wall of the cage! Rogers slams against it before falling all the way to the apron with a thud. Edward Newton looks to the cell wall before shaking his head and grabbing Rogers. He lifts up Sandy and… THE ENIGMA THEOREM! Newton covers him. ONE…TWO…THREE!

The Riddler rises to his feet as he walks towards the cell door. He smirks holding his hands up high.


The Slaughterhouse halls are empty, seemingly devoid of any life. However, that is not what calls attention to our dear readers.


It is the fact that the once real walls and doors are now blurred together as though they were pictures in a children’s book. Brick and steel now resemble brush strokes on canvas, dragging us away from reality.

“Oh Alice…”

It is as though we are locked in a haze, the sound of a clock’s ticking being all that brings us out of it.


The shout causes the world to distort for a moment, and in that moment we see Sweet Alice stumbling through the halls. She looks at the walls in wonder, confused by the new state of the world when the owner of the voice, and the ticking clock, finally comes into scene.

“We have much to do and so little time to do it, Alice. We’ve been waiting for you! You’ll be late if you don’t start running now.”

A white rabbit hops from behind Alice, the girl’s delusions coming true as she reaches out for the rabbit, the long eared vermin hopping just out of reach and down the hall, moving quickly and with purpose.

“Wait! Come back!”

Alice makes chase and rounds the corner of the hall to see the rabbit standing in front of a hole in the ground. He taps his watch and leaps down the hole, Alice rushing after him and stopping at the edge. She looks down the hole, the likes of it seemingly going on forever. She looks committed to following him, but one can see slight hesitation at the depth before she leaps! Alice disappears from sight…

And a certain cloaked figure takes her place in center scene.

The walls return to normal and Alice is gone. All we see now is the cold, unreadable face of Mefisto as the scene closes out.



The OSW Championship is on the line as Sigil stands confidently holding the title.

The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring. Jessie Williams rushes towards the champion and goes for a quick kick which Sigil just dodges out of the way of. Jessie throws a punch and Sigil quickly counters as well. He retaliates with a quick jab that strikes right into the ribs of Jessie who falls to a knee.

Sigil hits the ropes and returns with a leaping knee strike that sends Jessie down to the mat. He quickly covers. ONE…TWO…TH-KICKOUT! Jessie managed to get a shoulder up at the last second. Sigil pull Williams up to his feet, but Jessie connects with an uppercut that brings Sigil to his knees.

Williams hits the ropes and comes back with a torpedo dropkick! GROOVY ECLIPSE! Jessie covers him! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Jessie staggers to his feet as he beckons for Sigil to join him. Sigil slowly rises up as Jessie rushes at him with his fist raised high! BOOMSTICK!

The hit Williams classic dots Sigil right on the head, but HE’S STILL STANDING! Jessie rushes towards the ropes and climbs to the top rope where he begins working on his mechanical attachment. Sigil slowly begins moving towards him before vanishing! He appears right behind Williams on the top rope and rakes his eyes before leaping off with him for a diving faceplant. Williams staggers to his feet before being BLASTED by a dropkick sending him careening into the turnbuckle. PLANESWALKER! Sigil covers. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Sigil rises to his feet as he’s awarded his championship which he slings across his shoulder.



The sound of a locker shutting accompanies a stern looking Tank Kersh. He seems pensive in thought, a moment of contemplation in what was supposed to be silence.

It is however, interrupted by a towel thrown at his head.

Yanking it away, he saw the culprit far too easily, cracking up a bit at what was probably a rather dumb face.

“The hell are ya doin here Mic? We’re ‘bout to get out there, you should be gettin ready.”

Michela Lane stopped laughing, a smile still on her face.

“Just checking in on my ol’ best friend. That’s not too much to ask now is it?”

Tank chuckle briefly, shakin his head. His face hardens for a second,

“I’m fine. It’s just weird y’know? With dad here. All the old stuff goin on. It’s just strange.”

“No kidding. But we’ll tough it through. We always do, don’t we?”

Tank nods, getting up from the bench.

“Family ‘til the end. Now, come on. We got a match to go fight in. Gotta go kick your ass and make ya look bad in front of the old man.”

“In your dreams!” Michela laughs, following him out of the locker room.

As they both exit, neither notice the blinking red light coming from a camera hidden in a locker…


Legacy go to war here tonight as all four members go head to head in an explosive Fatal Four Way. Can Brent Kersh keep them in check or will this loose alliance implode before it truly begins?

The bell sounds as all four rush at one another, Tank nearly decapitating Sanctus with a huge Lariat while Michaela drills Jay with a huge leaping knee to the jaw sending him staggering backwards into the corner. Sanctus staggers to his feet right into a huge uppercut before he’s Biel Tossed into the corner himself, Bellator barely able to pull himself up with the ropes before he’s squashed into the steel with a massive running Avalanche Splash. Both Tank and Michaela climb up to the second rope, turning to one another and nodding before beginning to rain down punches as the crowd chants along






Jay throws Michaela off him with a grunt as Sanctus manages to slip out from under Kersh. Jay ducks under another knee from Lane, drilling her with a stiff headbutt before he gets taken down to the mat with a springboard arm drag from Bellator. Jay stumbles to his feet, rushing forward at Bellator before Bellator ducks down


Sanctus turns around right into a hard roundhouse kick from Michaela who turns around to square up with Tank, who doesn’t look thrilled with the idea.

Lane urges him on as Tank just shakes his head, running forward with a clothesline that’s stopped by an enziguri shot to the back of the head before a tilt a whirl headscissors sends him stumbling into the ropes, right before a massive dropkick sends the Tank crashing down to the floor right on top of Jay. Michaela rushes forward as well, falling into the same trap as Sanctus pulls the ropes down, Michaela tumbling over the ropes right into the arms of a rising Tank.

The Olympian holds Michaela up in his arms as the Light is not amused, pounding at the brick house to let her go as Jay gets to his feet, nailing Tank from behind with a stiff forearm to the back of the head, forcing him to drop Michaela who lands on her feet just as Sanctus rushes forward in the ring


All three legacies get wiped out by the huge diving senton as Sanctus pulls Jay up to his feet, throwing him back into the ring and covering for the first fall of the contest.





Jay pulls himself up to his feet, delivering a sharp headbutt that catches Sanctus off guard but he catches the clothesline attempt, wrapping the arm and dropping Jay to the canvas with a quick armbreaker. Tank rolls into the ring, drilling a rising Sanctus with a hard uppercut to the ribs as he tries to lift him up high in the Gorilla Press but Sanctus manages to slip out, grabbing Tank by the head as he spins around and around


Lane rolls into the ring, immediately rushing forward with a running knee that Sanctus dodges, drilling Michaela with a hard roundhouse before lifting her up high into the air as he rushes forward,


Jay slowly gets to his feet, a smirk on his face as he watches the bodies fall, stalking Sanctus like a shark as he delivers a pair of stiff forearms to the back of the head before lifting him up onto his shoulders.


Sanctus gets the La Mistico locked in out of nowhere as Jay is trapped in the middle of the ring, the Juggalo refusing to lower himself to tap but the Templar may well be the master of the armbar as the pain in Jay’s arm is slowly getting worse and worse and he may well be forced to give in. His hand is raised shaking, will he do it? can he do it?


A hard stomp to the back of Sanctus’s head breaks the hold, Michaela delivering a hard roundhouse to the side of the head as Sanctus tries to rise before backing up, looking for that last final shot.

LIGHTPIE….SANCTUS CATCHES THE FOOT! He raises Michaela up high, looking for another High Cross as he rushes forward

TANKED! Sanctus gets cut right in half with a massive Gore from Tank Kersh as he saves Lane from another Powerbomb. Tank turns to pull her up to her feet but gets jumped from behind by Jay and a couple forearms to the back of the head but Tank ducks under a third before spinning Jeckel around

KERSH POWER! The Full Nelson Slam nearly drives Jay through the mat as he turns back to Michaela who just slaps his hand away and delivers a hard right hand to his jaw. He just turns his head back, seeing the deadly seriousness in her eyes and simply nods


Michaela stumbles to her feet right into a flurry of hard rights and lefts before he lifts her up high into the Gorilla Press Slam. Jay and Sanctus slowly get to their feet, Jay rushing the slower to rise Sanctus with a running kick to the ribs before powering him up and nearly snapping him in half with a huge backbreaker. Tank looks to finally drop Michaela down with the Tank Barrel but Lane slips out of his hold at the last second, grabbing him by the head as she slides down

LOCKING IN THE REGENERATION! Just as Jay turns Sanctus over and locks in the RIDDLE BOX

Kersh can barely breath as Sanctus screams in pain but neither man is willing to give in, Michaela sinks the choke in deeper as Jay pulls back with all his might, Tank delivering a mighty roar before he lifts Michaela up off her feet and drives her down to the mat with a hard Powerbomb, breaking the Triangle Choke just as Sanctus summons his strength and leaps forward, breaking the hold which Jay reluctantly does.

The Juggalo gets to his feet, the only one who does as he sees Michaela struggling to get to her feet, rushing forward as he leaps up


Jay drives Michaela down with the Curb Stomp as he hooks both legs for the cover







Jay is furious as he insists it was a three count, yelling at the bias of the thus far completely impartial Brent Kersh who simply tells Jay she kicked out. Venom flows through Jay as he looks to finish this off his way, reaching down into his boot and pulling out his shank, looking to finish this match the ultra violent way. He stalks forward right before the Enforcer spins him around warning him to drop the weapon, which Jay responds by spitting in Brent’s face and going to walk away but he’s spun around once more.


Brent knocks Jay loopy with that right, Jeckel dropping the shank as he walks right into

OLYMPIAN SPINEBUSTER! Tank nearly drives Jay through the mat with that homage to his old man as he rolls through for the cover







Sanctus comes out of nowhere with the Double Foot Stomp, breaking the cover before rolling over onto Tank for a cover of his own







It’s Michaela’s turn to break up the pinfall with a homage to her father as she drills Sanctus hard with the running knee, dropping down as she covers all three men for the victory








This has been a war so far as all four competitors rise to their feet, exploding into a furious brawl, furious fists going off left and right as Sanctus delivers a stiff roundhouse to Jay before Tank nearly knocks Jay out cold with a huge Lariat. Sanctus flings him to the mat with a spinning armdrag before he turns to Michaela


The Superkick hits flush as Sanctus crashes to the mat. Michaela rushes forward, trying to deliver one to Tank as well but he ducks under, rebounding off the ropes

TANKED! Michaela gets cut in half but Tank barely gets time to get to his feet before Jay drops to his knees behind him

J.U.G.G.A.L.O! The low blow takes all the fight out of Tank as he’s lifted up onto Jay’s shoulders

RAW DEAL! Tank is out as Jay goes to cover but he notices Sanctus get to his knees and thinks otherwise, rushing forward with a punctuation mark to end this contest

JAY…IMPERTIO! Sanctus hits the Standing Spanish Fly out of nowhere as he collapses onto Jay for the cover






Sanctus picks up the huge victory here, taking the match with a split second Impertio as he emerges as the greatest of the Legacies tonight


After that incredible four-way match, Brent Kersh’ eyes remain focused on just one man; his son, Tank.

Tank rolls to the outside, utterly exhausted, only to find himself immediately met by Brent.

They stand, looking each other in the eye.

“We need to talk,” The Enforcer pleads. “I just need five minutes of your time, son.”

Tank shakes his head vehemently.

“I remember this period of my life. I remember being sat at home wondering when you’d walk back through the door,” Tank angrily barks back at him. “All I needed was five minutes, dad.”

“You don’t understand it, do you?” Kersh asks, shaking his head. He steps forward, watching as his son steps back. “I’m here because you’re here.”

Suddenly, Sanctus Bellator attacks from behind with a Double Axe Handle across the back that sends Brent flying into his son.

Tank grabs him, taking a moment to look square into his eyes.

Then, abruptly, he turns him around and spins him straight into Bellator.



The fans roar with boo’s!

Sanctus pulls Kersh back to his feet and rolls him into the ring, where Michaela and Jay are stood, watching.

Michaela looks at Tank, shaking her head.

“I can’t do this,” she says, sliding to the outside. She walks straight over to him, grabbing him by the hand. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.”

She leads him away as quickly as she can, but by that time, Jay Jeckel is mauling Brent in the middle of the ring with right hands.

The Juggalo scoops him up.



Kersh stumbles backwards, bleeding from a gaping wound now on his forehead as he falls flat on his back.

Sanctus stands over him.

“I’m going to do what Tank can’t,” he growls. “I’m going to send you home to your family, old man.”

Brent Kersh – ever the Enforcer, lifts his bloodied head off the canvas with a sneer.

“Just try me,” he grumbles.


A massive boot to the face follows by Sanctus.