Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Enigma Towers.

Sat in the main room of Enigma Towers is none other than Scarlett Storm. She’s playing with some dollies as Edward sits nearby, watching with a wry smile.

Whatever you might say about The Riddler, he clearly has an affection for his niece.

She stands up and walks over to him, clambering up onto his lap.

“Uncle Eddy, where’s my daddy?” She asks innocently.

Newton thinks for a moment – stumped. An unlikely and rarely seen position for him.

“He’s taken a vacation, honey.”

She didn’t quite believe him.

“I know that you and he haven’t been the best of friends, I’m not stupid,” she announces whilst stroking the hair of her barbie. “But you wouldn’t let any harm come to my daddy, would you?”

Edward doesn’t say anything for a moment. He just thinks.

“Uncle Eddy?”

“It’s complicated, Scar,” he finally replies. “I’m mad at your father. He left me behind. I feel like it’s time I returned the favour.”

She hops down off his lap and shakes her head.

“If my daddy is in trouble, I expect you to help him. You’re brothers. When you left my house the other week, he told me that he was sad to leave you behind but you just didn’t understand. Daddy said that he was sorry.”

Newton leans in.

“He’ll be fine,” he tries to say convincingly. “Your father is one tough cookie; all of us Newton’s are.”

“Do you promise? Pinkie promise?”

Young Scarlett offers a pinkie that Edward takes with his own.

“I promise.”




Legacy sit inside their own personal backstage quarters, each preparing for their upcoming four on four battle.

Tank Kersh, however, is sat looking off into the distance – completely zoned out.

“Tank?” A soft voice reaches into his haze, almost a whisper as he heard it. “TANK!”

He snaps out of it, realizing that Michaela is stood before him.

“What do you want us to do?” She asks.

Sanctus walks over, folding his arms.

“I can’t imagine the situation you find yourself in; if it were my father, I’d be unable to commission such acts of violence against him.”

Jay scoffs from behind them.

“I’d slap my old man,” he says with a chuckle. “The great Jake fuckin’ Jeckel, it’d be a God damn pleasure.”

“You’re a psycho,” Michaela chimes in. “You’d slap a baby.”

Jay belly laughs.

“And its mother.”

“Look,” Tank interrupts. “My father knew what he was getting himself into when he came back here. I remember this part of my childhood – months without him. It’s just…”

Lane sits next to him.

“You’ve realized you’re responsible?” She softly asks.

“Exactly,” he says with a nod. “I’ve held such resentment for him coming back here, time and time again. I just didn’t know until now that I’d be the reason why it happened.”

“It?” Sanctus asks inquisitively. Tank though, looks away – almost ashamed.



Three For All action here in the Slaughterhouse tonight!

Voynich arm-tosses Anon but Anon wisely reverses to an arm bar. SeeSaw joins the frey from the top rope! FLIGHT OF THE ORNITHOPTER! FULL BODY SPLASH ONTO BOTH VOYNICH & ANONYMOUS!

SeeSaw seems to be full on dopamine, he forces Voynich to his feet and in one fowl swoop tosses him outside the ring, his head – SMACK off the guard rail. SeeSaw has a friend in Anonymous and wants to play! Irish Whip! SeeSaw goes for the sidewalk slam! HEAD SCISSORS REVERSAL! ANON COVERS! ONE! TWO! NO!

Voynich stomps Anon in the head, lifting him back up to his feet, SUPLEX POSITION! BRAINBUSTER! MONOLITH! He notices SeeSaw hasn’t fully recovered, goes for the quick pin! ONE! TWO! NO! Anon kicks out! Voynich switches focus to SeeSaw whose charging in with a gore attempt! Voynich smoothly dodges! ISTHAR GATE! The running lariat! SeeSaw goes horizontal before crashing to the mat, rolls out of the ring to safety. Voynich turns!

Anon’s waiting! ENZIGURI! Voynich flies out of the ring crashing into SeeSaw! He’s going to the top rope! Oh my god!? SWANTON BOMBBBB! Voynich moves! It lands squarely onto SeeSaw! They are OUT! Voynich’s gets up first, SeeSaw charges up! Voynich has the stunner! He runs to and jumps off the guard rail! 180 TOWARDS THE RING! EIGHT WONDER! SLICED BREAD NO. 2! ONTO THE RING STEPS! Voynich rolls SeeSaw back into the ring and it’s ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Best Kept Secret makes a huge splash early tonight!


Last week.

Lucid Falls.

Walking through an S-Mart, Jessie Williams pushes an elderly woman in a wheelchair while Sandy Rogers pulls products off the shelves into his basket.

“I know you love those tinned prunes, Ms. Ducksworth!” He says with a smile.

“You’re such a good man, Mr. Rogers.” The woman answers. “Lucid Falls wouldn’t last long without you.”

Jessie rolls his eyes, but keeps pushing. His gaze circles the room, his unrevealed mission unfulfilled.

“Jessie.” Rogers says as they round a corner. “As you can see, this place is not what you expected.”

Williams has no answer.

“Contentment is the key, my boy. Once you learn to take life as it is, then those things that haunt us begin to fade away. Nightmares fade into a good night’s sleep. I’d never lead these people astray. Whatever you think I am, it’s not what these people perceive.”

All around them, people shop. But each one of them has the same blank stare that the adults did last week. Jessie looks around, shaking his head slightly.

“You still haven’t answered me, Sandy.” The Prince replies. “About my father.”

Rogers pushes Ms. Ducksworth up to the cashier, putting the items on the conveyor belt to be rung in.

“No, I haven’t.” He says as the cashier rings in the items. “One of the things I teach here, from childhood, is that part of contentment is learning to let go of things we have no control over. No one knows what happened to your father. I know that must hurt you deeply, but you do yourself a disservice to keep seeking something that you may never find. That’s why I asked for the book. It’s too much for you to concern yourself with.”

For a quick second, Jessie’s lip curls. But he holds the reaction back as he looks around the front end of the S-Mart while Rogers pays.

His eyes stop as his facade slips. He steps past the wheelchair and a confused Sandy to walk over to a collage of photos on the wall. Each one is of Sandy Rogers with a “visitor” to their town.

“Your picture will be up there soon.” Sandy says, walking over to join him. “We like to let our visitors know they’re always welcome.”

Jessie’s hand points up at a specific picture, this one of Sandy with a woman. She looks much as Jessie does, extremely cautious. Notably, one of her hands is missing.

“That’s Mia Allen.” Jessie coldly says, looking at Rogers angrily. “The last known person to use the book. My father was tracking her before he disappeared.”

Rogers’ smile slips for a moment as Jessie continues.

“I’m going home.” He says. “And next week, we’re stepping in the ring together. You’ve been after this book for a long time, and I don’t think the Sandman has the answers I’m after. I think they’re all here. In this fucked up place, and in your fucked up head.”

He storms out, leaving Rogers to push out Ms. Ducksworth on his own.



It’s time to finish this!

The towering Outlaw stalks Kane, who stays light on her feet. She ducks a series of strikes, only to get backed into a corner. Bishop lunges – but she darts through his legs! He punches the top turnbuckle, possibly breaking his hand! Candy leaps onto his back – PAYMENT DEFERRED!? The 295-pounder, however, sandbags the backstabber. He pulls her forwards onto his shoulder…

He’s going to deliver her LAST RITES! Kane, though, escapes the tombstone. Bishop puts up his dukes, falling back to his non-dominant hand. He misses with a jab, earning a swift knee to the ribs. He doubles over, as The Canary hits the ropes… THE BIG GAMBLE pays off! The knee trembler staggers Bishop—

PAYMENT DEFER—CROSSHAIRS! Bishop counters the backstabber with snake eyes and a big boot! Both competitors are down and out – but only their finishing moves can end this! They slowly rise. The Last Gunslinger shakes off the cobwebs… DEADEYE spear! Kane dives out of harm’s way—Bishop goes head-first into the turnbuckles!

He stumbles back into the BLIND ALLEY forward Russian legsweep! Kane knows her 6’10 opponent will require an extra step – so she heads to the top rope! A punchdrunk Bishop climbs to his feet, pawing the air… PAYMENT DEFERRED – Bishop catches her! LAST RITES! Bishop finally hits the tombstone piledriver on the detective!

Candy’s Bishop case goes cold!


Voynich slowly cracks the door open and slides into the pitch black locker room.

Quickly, he begins rummaging through the lockers, hoping to find the knife that caused those images to flood through his mind. He wasn’t sure how, but he had a feeling the knife could give him some clues on the whereabouts of his father.

Suddenly, he felt a slight pinch on his skin. He reaches up and grabs what looks to be a syringe protruding from his neck.

“What the fu….,” he shouts, slowly losing consciousness.


Voynich’s skull pounds the hard floor as Plague Rat emerges from the shadows, grinning.

30 minutes later…

Voynich slowly comes to, realizing his hands and feet are tied to the chair he now finds himself in. Plague Rat slithers in front of him flashing his sadistic grin.

“When your eyes locked onto my knife, I could tell it triggered something. But you should have never tried to steal from me,” Rat muses, twirling the knife in front of Voynich.

“Where is he,” Voynich yells. “You know something, you son of a bitch. That heirloom tells stories.”

Plague Rat grins and in a quick motion JAMS the knife into Voynich’s leg causing him to yell out!

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but I can see this knife means something to you. Here’s the deal, you beat me at Blood Stained Summer, it’s yours.”

Plague Rat pulls the knife from Voynich’s leg, causing blood to ooze down his leg.

“But you won’t have the opportunity, cause I’m going to hurt ya really bad,” TPR mutters, leaving the room.


4v4 action tonight – Legacy against two veterans who have teamed up with some newcomers of their own.

Redwing sends Sanctus for an Irish whip but he reverses – ROUND THE WORLD DDT! Sanctus jumps atop the top rope but Plague Rat wrenches on the near rope, Bellator is sacked by the turnbuckle and now Tank has tagged himself in. Redwing is waiting in the wings! RETURN TO ARKHAM! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT! ONE! TWO! NO!

Jeckel sneaks a tag and goes right for the low blow! THE J.U.G.G.A.L.O! with Redwing dazed Jeckel has a firemans carry! THE HATCHET! REDWING REVERSES WITH A DDT! Redwing tags Monty Straight, who looks for the german suplex on Jeckel, but Jay elbows him directly in the meat of the nose!

Plague Rat’s been itching to get in and does! OH NO! MONTY STRAIGHT HAS A FEVER! BRAINBUSTER SIT-DOWN! ONE! TWO! NO! Michaela Lane has broke up the party! She hits TPR with a flurry combo of punches, knees and kicks backing him right up into the corner where Tank and Sanctus proceed to kick him from the apron.

Lane irish whips him into the corner and hits a handspring elbow sending TPR reeling! Mefisto tags in! Lane throws a roundhouse kick but whiffs! Mefisto with the BIG BOOT! He sends Lane for a run, catching her in a Belly to Belly suplex but Lane foot stomps her way out! Buying enough space for….. THE LIGHTPIERCER SUPERKICK! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Legacy emerge victorious behind a lightning fast strike from The Light.


What a thrilling eight man contest!

As the competitors begin to filter out of the ringside area, Redwing is the last to leave. Returning to his heroic persona has given Bill Kirby a greater appreciation of the people who support him, so he’s made sure the Slaughterhouse faithful can get their Polaroids taken.

But behind the Red Knight, a form rises up to the apron, slinking out from under the ring.

The Blood Red Shark.

Some fans begin pointing behind Redwing, who uncharacteristically for a wrestler, actually turns around to see the charging Shark. He ducks the ruined surprise attack, and hits the ropes with force, coming off with a massive lariat…

…that Shark ducks.

“Axel.” Redwing calls. “I know you’re in there somewhere.”

“I knew you’d come back.” BRS chuckles. “All that talk about letting go, and yet here you are. Axel is dead, and I’m going to enjoy making sure you join him!”

“It doesn’t have to be that way.” Redwing retorts. “Right now, we can walk away together. I’ll get you help. Whatever D’Ville did to you doesn’t have to stand.”

The Shark shrugs his shoulders.

“Perhaps. You know the power of the red mist.” He steps towards Redwing. “All I see is red, Bill.”

Redwing shakes his head.

“It doesn’t have to be.”

He holds out his hand.

“Come with me.” He pleads. “I’ll find a way to make this right.”

For a moment, Shark regards the hand. Then he reaches out a takes it.

“Thank you, Redwing.” BRS says, pulling his friend in for an embrace. “You’ve given me what I needed.”


“Bill Kirby denied me a hunt!” Shark roars down at the fallen Redwing, who tries to roll to the outside of the ring. “But now I’ve got Redwing’s scent.”

Shark’s head darts towards the entrance tunnel where Mr. Sandman has emerged. Meanwhile, Redwing is trying to get up to escape.

“You get a head start, Redwing.” Shark calls out towards the rising Redwing. “Once I take care of Sandman, I’ll be coming for you.”

Shark turns his attention to the entering Sandman.

Their match is next!



In the home of Wynona, there’s a massive party.

Her friends are littered throughout the house, drinking wine and laughing as Malice and Wynona mingle amongst them.

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.

Major Thom and Bishop.

Malice gleefully welcomes them inside.

“I’m glad you boys could make it,” Malice says, immediately grabbing beers and handing them off.

“Are you sure this is wise?” Thom asks sternly.

Bishop rolls his eyes.

“Look, can we just leave it for one night?” Malice asks calmly. “We have an announcement to make and I wanted you boys here for it. You’re family.”

Bishop taps Thom on the arm and both of them follow Malice further into the room. Just as they do, Wynona taps on her glass with a fork.

“Now that the guests of honour have arrived, we’d like to take this time to make an announcement about our Engagement.”

Thom crosses his arms.

“We’ve finally set a date,” she says gleefully. Everyone applauds, except Major, of course. “But I’ve kept an important secret from you. Miles isn’t an importer exporter; he’s an underground fighter.”

That causes some murmurs.

“A wrestler, some might say,” she continues. “And he goes by the name of Malice.”

Bishop looks at Thom with a whisper.

“He fucking told her?” He questions.

Malice is the next to speak.

“In November, my employer will be holding an event called Heartbreaker. We’ve decided that we will get married in my second home; the ring.”

She grins.

“And you’re all invited!”




The Supernatural power meets the predatory aggression of the Blood Red Shark tonight. Only one can stand tall. One will qualify for InVasion tonight!

The match begins quickly with the Blood Red Shark charging Sandman, getting his teeth stuck in with a few strikes to test the waters. But Sandman grabs him with two hands around the neck, tossing BRS into the turnbuckle, hard. He bounces off and is picked up again by The Night Terror and TOSSED OUT OF THE RING!

Blood Red Shark lands head first outside the ring, but manages to stagger to his feet, just in time to duck under an incoming Big Boot from Sandman. He grabs hold of the passing leg and CHOMPS DOWN ON IT! A VICIOUS BITE TO SANDMAN!

Sandman only manages to break The Shark’s bite by pummelling down on the back of his head with Double Axe Handle Strikes. GORILLA PRESS DROP! BLOOD RED SHARK HITS THE CONCRETE HARD AGAIN! The Sandman rolls him into the ring and looks to finish him off!

The Sandman picks up a groggy Shark, setting him up for a DEEP SLEEP! BUT THE SHARK ROLLS THROUGH THE MOVE AND PLANTS HIM WITH A DDT! Sandman makes it back to his knees but The Blood Red Shark smells blood in the water. BLOODY FUCKING MARY! NO! SANDMAN PUSHES HIM AWAY! DEEP SLEEP AGAIN! HE HITS IT THIS TIME! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Mr Sandman proved too much for the Blood Red Shark. He is heading to InVasion!


Last week, we saw a man named Johnny step into the Candy Shop, unhinged and strapped with explosives. It seems like he and Candy Kane were friends, and knew each other well. So why, then, would he do that?

“Fate,” was his answer.

But what gave him this answer?


In a dark warehouse, tied to a single, wooden chair, sits Johnny.

Outside of the cloth that acts as a gag around his mouth and the zip ties that keep his body completely restrained to the chair, he’s completely unharmed.

“Do you have any idea why your face hasn’t been smashed to a bloody pulp?” A female voice asks.

Johnny sweats profusely. A look in his eyes could inform any drug counselor that he is in the dark throes of heroin withdrawal–and with that, comes dangerous hallucinations.

“Fate,” the voice answers. She steps into view.


“And while my name is Moirai? Well, fate is what I do. It was fate that brought you into Candy’s life, and it’s fate that you will be the one to bring her to her knees.”

Johnny, weakened by withdrawal, still fights desperately to free himself, though it’s clear his efforts are futile at best.

“Fuck you,” Johnny says.

“You wish,” Moirai replies.

“Why do you want to harm Candy? What dirt does she have on you?”

Moirai chuckles.

“There’s not enough dirt on the planet for me to be put in danger by her. The answer is far too simple for your deranged mind to comprehend. You see, this has nothing to do with me. This is fate, and I am but it’s harbinger and arbiter.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Johnny demands. “You think I’m fated to harm my friend? Say it ain’t so. Because there’s no fucking way I would do that.”

“I don’t think,” Moirai responds. “I know.”

Moirai grabs him by the cheeks and looks him in the eye.

“And I’m just here to make sure you see it through.”



The Observatory

“Why have you brought me here?”

The voice of Reaper greets us, frustrated and curious at the same time. Bright light fades as he and The Judge come into view, The Judge’s hand still upon his shoulder from when he transported them both to this place. The Judge speaks not, instead moving up to his throne and placing his axe upon it’s holder.

“Speak to me Judge…”

The Judge does speak, emotionless. Thoughtful, if anything.

“What we have learned so far is that your family died. We learned that somebody else should have died in their place, balance was restored. But the Observatory remains flawed. I still no not why I could not perceive your actions. You seek answers as to who walks this Earth in place of your family…”

Reaper cracks his knuckles, nodding his head as he does so.

“… As do I. I seek answers as well. In this place, where my issues arose, because of you… Perhaps your presence here may bring about some answers that I seek.”

Reaper approaches the Judge, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

“I need to know why my family died. Who is responsible. You’re the only thing out there at the moment that can bring me those answers. The rest… I don’t give two shakes of a rat’s ass about.”

The Judge reaches up a single hand to Reaper’s chest. His powers amplified in this place, Reaper is sent flying ten feet backwards, slamming into a wall of the Observatory. When he staggers to his knees, Judge is standing above him.

“I have rights to my answers as well. You humans are so selfish. Always obsessed with yourselves and assuming that you’re the epicentre of the universe. That what matters to you is most important. The issues with the Observatory that I experience could have monumental repercussions to the balance of the very fabric of this universe.” The Judge breathes deeply. “The answers you seek will indeed be answered in time, but only as it serves my mission. That is how it must be.”

The Reaper snarls.

“You will get me my answers. Even if I have to beat the words out of your mouth, I will get them. I need to know.”

The Judge bows, reaching out for The Reaper with the end of his axe.

“It seems you have outstayed your welcome here…”

With that, he touches The Reaper with the axe. In a flash of light, Reaper disappears, leaving The Judge to ponder his answers alone.



Two long standing OSW members fight one on one for a coveted chance at the greatest prize in wrestling today. Will Alton move onto Invasion to get a second chance at the world title or can Banzan claw his way back up to the main event where he began the Slaughterhouse era?

The bell sounds as Banzan rushes forward, taking Alton by surprise with a hard running Yakuza kick that damn near knocks Whitlock out immediately. Alton stumbles to his feet right into a flurry of blows before he’s thrown over Banzan’s head into the corner with a stiff Exploder Suplex. Alton pulls himself up by the ring ropes right as Banzan rushes forward, just avoiding the attempt at a huge Avalanche by the mountain.

Alton rolls under, rushing to the ropes as he bounces off with a huge Leaping Clothesline that simply staggers Banzan back a few steps as Anton tries for a second but gets caught in mid leap with the DUKKA! Banzan slams Whitlock to the mat as he hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…Alton just gets the shoulder up!

Banzan pulls Alton up, trying for a second Suplex but Whitlock slips out of the Mountain’s hold, sliding his leg around Banzan’s head in one slick movement, PARTY POLITICS! Alton hits that out of sheer desperation as he slides down for the cover. ONE…TW…BANZAN EASILY KICKS OUT!

A stiff knee to the jaw stuns the Mountain as he rises to his feet before a snap DDT spikes him into the mat. Alton looks for the end as he tries to lift Banzan up onto his back but he can’t quite power the Mountain up as Alton finds himself driven to the canvas from a hard clothesline to the back of the neck. Banzan backs up, looking for the punctuation mark as Alton slowly rises to his feet, MAGGA! The running knee hits flush as Banzan drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Mountain picks up a big victory here tonight, moving onto the Invasion match and a chance to scale the mountain once more


After that gruelling match, Banzan slowly gets back to his feet and makes his way to the outside. He’s heading to Invasion, but that doesn’t seem to have made him happy.

He looks dejected.

There’s something different about him. It’s as if the murder of Gabriel Drake is playing on his mind. It’s as if he doesn’t want to be here.

Slowly but surely he makes his way to the entrance ramp and up to the stage, without so much as paying attention to the fans booing in the background.

They’re furious and have every right to be.

He pauses there for a moment contemplating his silence. Everybody believes that he killed Gabriel Drake, and he’s yet to put that assumption to bed.

Suddenly, he’s attacked from behind with a clubbing Double Axe Handle.

He sent tumbling to the stage below and is quickly mounted by a figure we’ve not seen before.

This figure swings wildly at him, delivering right hand after right hand, busting him wide open right there on the stage.

The figure, covered in a black latex outfit, wearing a cat head with neon glowing ears proceeds back to his feet and looks down at Banzan.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he says his voice altered. “My name is Mr. House and I’d like to cordially invite you to my home; the Fun House.”

Suddenly, five people dressed just like him appear on the stage. They scoop Banzan up and begin dragging him backstage.

“Of course, your acceptance isn’t necessary.”



Malice meets Junkrat in a match that will determine another of the InVasion qualifiers. Will we see the unpredictable Junkrat advance, or the power game of Malice?

Malice readies himself for a fight, but Junkrat charges at him with reckless abandon. Left and right strikes are blocked and parried as the Anarchist swings wildly, only stopped when Malice doubles Junkrat over with a KNEE STRIKE TO THE GUTS! T-BONE SUPLEX DROPS JUNKRAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

Malice quickly pounces on his opponent, keeping the pressure up with an ANKLE LOCK! But Junkrat manages to kick himself free and slips to the outside. Malice follows him outside but walks straight into a NIPPLE GRIPPLE FROM JUNKRAT! HE TWISTS THOSE PUPPIES FOR ALL HE’S WORTH!

Junkrat Dropkicks Malice into the crowd barricade then lays into Malice with clubbing strikes! YAKUZA KICK TO THE SKULL floors Malice before Junky backs away, climbing up the trurnbuckle. Without so much as a secound thought, Junky leaps off the top rop to the outside! RIP-TIRE! NO! MALICE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND JUNKRAT HITS THE CONCRETE… HARD!

Both men are down! Malice struggles to his feet first and rolls Junkrat back into the ring. He follows and scoops Junkrat up into the rack! MALICIOUS INTE-NO! JUNKRAT SLIPS OUT THE BACK DOOR! Quick Roll-up pin from Junkrat! ONE! TWO! THREE! JUNKRAT HAS DONE IT!

Stealing victory out from under the nose of Malice, Junkrat comes out on top! He is going to INVASION!



A white mask against a black screen.


White text against a black screen.



Grainy surveillance camera footage. An upscale hotel in a metropolitan city.

It’s late at night. Pixelated snow falls softly.

Beneath the golden glow of the hotel’s awning, a homeless man is slowly nodding off to sleep.

A man in a black coat emerges from the hotel’s golden doors.

The video zooms in: the man’s face is made clear.



He looks drunk.

The camera zooms back out.

Alton Whitlock pauses for a moment. He wobbles briefly. He’s glaring at the homeless man.

The video zooms back into Whitlock’s face. There’s pure disgust in his eyes.

Suddenly, the politician screams in the night. His voice is hoarse.

“HEY!” he barks, nearly falling over. “HEY, WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”

The homeless man opens his eyes. He’s old. Frail. He looks at Whitlock, but is too startled to speak.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Whitlock asks, taking several quick steps toward the man. His words are slurred. “You’re worthless.”

“Please, sir,” the homeless man says as he starts to stand up. “I’ll leave. I didn’t mean to cause trouble by being here.”

For a moment, Whitlock smiles.





Whitlock pushes the homeless to the ground and looms over him with something like sadistic glee.

“Subhuman filth,” he mutters.

Then, Whitlock’s finely polished shoes start assailing into the old man’s stomach; his fine wool scarf flutters in the cold winter wind.

The man’s moans echo in the snowy night.

Whitlock is unrelenting.

He bellows out, “I WANT TO SEE YOU BLEED, BITCH!”

His foot comes down on the homeless man’s temple with a sickening sound.












How long had it been?

Hours, Days, Weeks?

Alice couldn’t be sure how long she had been falling, the ticking of the clock had long since faded away and was replaced only by the sounds of weeping from below her. She felt like it had been years that had passed, but without any way to surely know, she was helpless to the world around her.

As she plummeted downwards the sounds of crying got louder and the source was slowly revealed.

Faces formed in the walls of the rabbit hole, their expressions twisted into looks of pain and sorrow as they let loose numerous tears down the sides of the hole.


Alice’s endless fall came to an abrupt end as she landed head first into the water below the tears of the faces above washed her away down a canal, the rushing rapids pulling Alice beneath the surface every time she tried to free herself.


She felt as the salty water filled her lungs, keeping her head forced under and making fighting harder and harder until she felt the very last dregs of breath leave her body.


A gasp of breath escaped her as she opened her eyes, finding herself in the walls of the Slaughterhouse once again, her clothes are dry, her lungs filled only with air.

She looks around, eyes wide as her nightmare seems to have finally come to an end.

She takes a few deep breaths, her face pale as she begins to walk away, her fantasy world having been corrupted before her very eyes.

And as she leaves the scene, Mefisto watches from a distance.



Two incredible competitors face off tonight for the chance at the Invasion match. Will the conflicted Reaper gain a big victory to ease his woes or is fate truly not on his side tonight?

The bell sounds as the Reaper explodes from the bell, nearly decapitating Moirai with a massive clothesline before pulling her roughly to her feet, drilling Fate with a series of hard blows to the sternum before effortlessly lifting her up onto his shoulders, and driving her to the mat with JUSTICE SERVED! The punishing Samoan Drop hits flush as the Reaper hooks the leg for an early cover, ONE…TWO…Moirai gets her shoulder up

The Reaper goes to pull Moirai back up to her feet but the faster competitor manages to roll through his grasp, springboarding off the ropes with a hard dropkick that sends the Reaper tumbling to the mat. Fate doesn’t waste time, quickly rushing to the ropes as she leaps up high before diving off with THE TWIST OF FATE! The Moonsault hits flush as Moirai covers, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT!

Moirai rushes to the ropes once more as The Reaper gets to his feet, but this time he ducks under the attack before spinning around a dazed Moirai and spiking her into the mat with a lightning fast SWIFT VENGEANCE! Reaper barely lets her hit the mat before pulling her back up as he tries for another Samoan Drop but Moirai manages to swing her way out and plant Reaper with a LACHESIS BULLDOG!

The Reaper slowly rises to his feet as Moirai springs off the ropes once more, nearly breaking his jaw with a shattering roundhouse kick before looking for the end as she gets onto the apron. The Reaper groggily getting to his feet as she leaps up onto the top rope before diving forward, FATE SEALED! Moirai rolls through with the Dragonrana as the referee pins, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Moirai does it, continuing her impressive run so far as she books her ticket into Invasion where if the fates are kind, she may be one step closer to the world championship.


Gary, Indiana.

Uproarious applause from the sea of Junkrats that stand in attendance at the town square, where the Mayor of Gary himself stands at the podium.

He lets the applause (which is literally just hundreds of Junkrats pounding their puds) continue, before finally stepping up to a well-recognized microphone.

Monty Straight’s microphone.

“Alright, alright, put your willies away.”

An exhausted sigh from the audience as they all put their penises back in their pants.

“As you all know, we have once again embarrassed our nemesis, Monty Straight, live on national television. We have proven once again that not only is he the biggest asshole in game show history, but we can fuck the biggest asshole any time we want.”

“FUCK BIG ASSHOLES!” Clap, clap, clapclapclap.

“FUCK BIG ASSHOLES!” Clap, clap, clapclapclap.

The Mayor continues, “That’s right! And notw, we stand on the prickapus of another great victory against him. Not only are we bound for an immense and powerful, explosive victory, but we are on the verge of the greatest glory this town has–”

Quite suddenly, they all hear it.





“What the hell?”

One of the Junkrats point at the microphone.

“Hey, the microphone is blinking like one of our time bombs.”




“Huh,” The Mayor says. “That’s really weird. There’s no way that…”

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Suddenly, it’s as though every Junkrat could hear Monty Straight’s eye twinkle.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.


Junkrat hurls the microphone into the crowd.


A Junkrat catches it, tosses it to another Junkrat.


And then he tosses it to another.


And another.

And another.



Which of these two competitors will become an InVader!?

Family man Brent Kersh squares up to The Judge, jury, and executioner. The metallic colossus throws him into the corner and lays into him like a punch bag. He squashes the life out of him with a splash, then drives him down with a sidewalk slam! He drops a tree trunk-like leg across his windpipe. ONE… TWO—Kersh kicks out!

Order pulls Brent to his feet. The Texas native evades the VERDICT Sparta kick! He plows into the 380-pounder with a shoulder tackle – but he doesn’t budge! A second shoulder barge rocks him. Third time’s the charm!? Kersh ducks a clothesline… He cuts Judge down to size with a big-time spear!

The Enforcer spins a lasso with his finger to pop the crowd. He’s going for the LONE STAR figure four! Judge, however, kicks him into the turnbuckle. The iron giant scoops him onto his shoulders and ascends the ropes—PERFECT BALANCE! Top-rope electric-goddamn-chair drop! ONE… TWO… THR—Shoulder up!

Judge pantomimes swinging his axe through the air. He lifts Brent into the RESTORATION powerbomb – only for Kersh to drop down behind him! The old-school grappler tries to heave Judge up into the SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT – but he’s too damn heavy! He sweeps the legs instead—LONE STAR figure four! Judge scratches and claws his way to the ropes… But he blacks out!

Brent Kersh is headed for InVasion!


Brent Kersh has qualified for Invasion!

But instead of celebrating, he grabs a steel chair and microphone from ringside and re-enters the ring. He places the chair down in the middle of the ring and takes a seat on it.

He sighs, looking utterly exhausted.

“You know, I was happy being retired,” he admits. “I used to sit on that farm with Mike Lane every weekend and look out into the Cornfield, hoping to see a glimpse of The Scarecrow.”

He smiles.

“I was fulfilled.”

There’s a pause.

“But when I found out my son was coming back to the hell I’d escaped, I couldn’t just sit on my hands and let the chips fall where they may. I couldn’t just resign myself to the fact that Tank would suffer, just like I did.”

He grimaces.

“Because that’s what this place is; suffering.”

The crowd begin talking amongst themselves. There’s muttering and murmuring all around him.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys,” he says to a small cheer. “I do. I love the people that supported me through those tough times. I might not have been able to do it without you.”

Kersh shakes his head.

“But I can’t stand by and let my son go through that too. What kind of father would I be if I did?”

He looks directly at us now, close up.

“Son, I’ve come here to send you home.”

He stands up.

“And I’m not leaving, not retiring, not walking away from Old School Wrestling until you go back to your time and leave this one.”

His brow furrows.

“I’m not telling you something you don’t already know.”


Suddenly, from behind comes Sanctus Bellator with a steel chair!

He crashes it over the skull of Kersh, sending him to the canvas with a tumble. He bends down and picks up the microphone, lording over his carnage.

“Tank wanted me to tell you to go home, pop,” Sanctus says with a sneer. “But he knows you won’t. See, he knows how this story ends for you; he remembers it. Change the future whilst you still can. Retire.”

Bellator bends down.

“Or at Blood Stained Summer, I’ll make you.”



Another Invasion qualifier tonight between the Prince and the Dreamer! It’s Jessie Williams taking on the OSW Double Feature Champion, Sweet Alice!

The bell rings, and immediately Jessie charges towards Alice and hits her with a clothesline, sending her flipping through the air before she hits the canvas. Williams brings the Dreamer to her feet and whips her into the ropes. GROOVY ECLIPSE!!! NO!!! Sweet Alice twirls out of the way!

Then she drops Williams with a drop toe hold! She immediately moves up and mounts the Prince from behind! THE TEA PARTY!!! CAMEL CLUTCH!!! Jessie cries out in pain, reaching out for the ropes ahead of them right away! But Sweet Alice is well aware there’s too much fight in Williams.

She breaks the hold and STOMPS him in the back! Alice grabs Jessie up by his arm. She kicks him in the gut! DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE — NO!!!! BOOMSTICK!!! THE SURPRISE SUPERMAN PUNCH!!! Sweet Alice drops like a sack of tea cups, and Jessie quickly makes the cover! ONE!!! TWO!!! KICK OUT!!!

Jessie can smell the victory at this point. Tired, he climbs off of Alice and staggers towards the turnbuckles. He slowly ascends to the top turnbuckle. He waits for Alice to reach her feet! HE LEAPS!!! BOOYAH — NOOOO!!! WELCOME TO WONDERLAND!!! SHE HIT HIM WITH THE DAMN STORYBOOK!!! JESSIE STAGGERS BACKWARDS! SHE SWINGS AGAIN, BUT JESSIE PULLS HER INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE!!! SHE’S TRYING TO KICK OUT!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEE!!!!

The Prince picks up a big win over the Double Feature Champion, and it’s Jessie Williams moving on to Invasion!


Backstage, Sigil is dragging a barely conscious scientist down the halls of the Slaughterhouse! It is the big man from last week!

“Now, where is he, my little piggy? Show me where your boss is, or I’ll make you squeal even more.”

Sigil pulls a knife and presses it against the scientist’s neck!

“He’s in the locker room preparing for his match, Mr. Sigil!”

“Mr. Sigil?”

Sigil slaps him hard!

“You’re not on my payroll.”

Sigil chuckles and throws him in the locker room!

Mark Gouldern is startled!

“What’s the meaning of this? What are you doing here?

“Well you see Mark, you had me thinking about much I rely on my cosmic abilities then I realized how much of a fucking hypocrite you are. For every time I have used my abilities in a match, you have used your tech tenfold. That is why I have your lead scientist here. You see, you cannot get rid of my abilities, but I can disable all your tech. All it requires is this.”

Sigil pulls out a remote!

“After I punch in the code, one press of this button will render every device you possess to be completely useless.”

“You gave him the kill switch?!”

“You don’t know what he did to me, sir.”

“It better be a good explanation.”

“He used a blow torch on me, sir.”


“You heard him Gouldern, I used a blow torch on your little piggy here. First, he started sizzling like bacon then he started squealing like the pig he is.”

“Fine, it’s a good explanation but you know how to fix it if he does it right?”

“Yes si–”

Sigil slices the scientist’s neck from behind!

“You should have had that conversation later, Mark, if he knows how to fix this, I can’t let him live. Sorry.”

Sigil punches in the code and presses the button!

All of Gouldern’s tech including his battle suit is useless!

“What am I without my abilities? I don’t know but I do know you’re nothing without your tech.”

“Good luck on figuring out the riddle without being able to look up the answer Have fun.”

“To borrow a phrase, you’re going to need it against a real fighter.

Sigil walks away smirking. Gouldern takes off his and dials 911.

No Ring.

“Even my phone?!”

Sigil starts laughing as he realizes how much Gouldern is screwed. Gouldern drags the scientists’ body to his car and puts him in the backseat. He is rushing to a nearby hospital! He gets there but it is too late!

The scientist is dead in the backseat.



It’s the main event, and it’s a rematch from Pandemonium!

The bell sounds as Edward Newton and Mark Gouldern lock up in the center of the ring. Gouldern gets the upperhand for a moment, but he’s quickly turned around into a kick to the midsection from Newton! The Enigma grabs the head of Gouldern and quickly turns him around into a chickenwing crossface! Mark is reaching towards the ropes, but Newton quickly yanks him to the mat! Newton grabs Mark by the arm, but it’s just enough of a switch to pivot himself around! Mark nails a headbutt to Newton as they both stagger away clutching their heads.

Mark leaps up for a dropkick!


But Newton simply sidesteps it and pushes him away as Mark crashes to the mat. Gouldern rolls over onto his back and kicks Newton on the chin as he approaches!

Newton staggers backwards for a moment before rushing forward and nailing a baseball slide sending Gouldern below the bottom rope to the floor outside of the ring. Edward adjusts his spectacles before climbing out onto the apron. Mark staggers to his feet, but Edward leaps off and hooks his head!


Mark is seemingly out cold here as Newton tries to lift his dead weight to the ring apron. He rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover.




KICKOUT! Newton still has fight in him.

The Enigma quickly snatches Gouldern up to a standing position before clobbering him with a hellacious clothesline! Newton actually rolls through with the clothesline landing right on top of Gouldern and hooking his head and leg!



TH-NO! Mark kicks out at the very last second!

The Riddler quickly rolls to his feet and pulls Mark up with him by his ear. He whips The Herald of the Future into the ropes, but Mark stops himself there. Newton rushes towards him and goes for the ramming shoulder. Mark sidesteps him and kicks the second rope up into Newton’s throat! The Enigma staggers back clutching his throat before catching two boots dotting his chin!


The dropkick floors the former World Champion as Gouldern covers him!



THRE-NO! Newton kicks out.

Mark slowly rises up as he begins looking around the ring. He walks over to the corner and quickly begins dismantling the top turnbuckle pad. He grins at this before turning around to see Newton rushing him! He sidesteps Newton and hits a drop toe hold sending Newton face-first into the second turnbuckle. This one wasn’t exposed, but Newton hits it hard regardless.

Gouldern pulls him back to the center of the ring before hooking an arm and wrenching back for the armbar! Newton is quick to lock his hands together to prevent the full extend of the hold as Gouldern is yanking back on his arm fully! Newton manages to worm his way so that Gouldern’s shoulders are pressed down!



TH-NO! Gouldern releases the hold at the last second.

The Herald staggers to his feet before getting hooked around the waist and lifted up! German suplex sends the inventor tumbling head over heels as Newton rises to his feet with a grin. He moves towards the corner and notices the exposed turnbuckle. He smirks as he grabs Gouldern and whips him towards the turnbuckle. Gouldern realizes where he is as he grabs the ropes to stop himself.

But Newton follows him through with a leaping body splash as they crash into the corner!

Gouldern’s face smashes against the exposed steel as he staggers out. Newton quickly load him up onto his shoulders and grins as he gets ready for…


But Gouldern clubs him right on the mouth as blood shoots from the nose and mouth of Newton! He drops Gouldern who quickly gives him a hard low blow! Gouldern hits the ropes and comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown. He lifts up Newton, drapes his legs on the second rope, and nails the DDT!


Gouldern covers him!




Newton barely got a shoulder up there, but The Enigma is still in this one!

Gouldern rises to his feet and grabs the top rope. He readies his fist as he smirks. He rushes towards Newton as Newton gets up.



Newton manages to catch Mark with a jawbreaker and dodges the fist entirely! Gouldern staggers backwards as Newton looks at him with a devilish gleam in his eyes.

He rushes towards the ropes before nailing him with a running punch of his own before loading him up onto his shoulders…


The Death Valley Driver connects as Edward leaps into the cover!




Edward Newton rises to his feet with a grin as he’s managed to pick up a huge victory in this main event match. He wipes the blood away from his mouth as he celebrates.


Doctor D’Ville is enraged.

He’s pacing back and forth in his office as two orderlies bring Luke Storm through the front door to take a seat.

His eyes are blood shot and the light clearly affects him.

But that doesn’t bother the Doctor, who jumps angrily to the point.

“You’ve been a guest of mine for five weeks and your brother has refused to take even a phone call.”

Luke squints.

“He hasn’t once tried to save you, Mr. Storm. I’m beginning to think you might be right.”

“I told you that he only cares about himself.”

“And your daughter, it would appear,” D’Ville says sinisterly. “If we can’t get to him through you, we may have to resort to more desperate tactics. Do you understand what it is that I’m implying?”

Luke tries to jump from the chair but the orderlies either side of him pull him back into his seat.

“I’ve never had an affinity for girls, as you may have heard. I’m not sure that I have the nurturing nature to take care of one,” D’Ville muses. “And well, as for Andy, I suspect they’d have a ball before she became a toy in his collection.”

Once again Storm struggles, the anger on his face palpable.

D’Ville grins, taking a seat.

“Disgusting business, that would be.”

“If you touch a hair on her fucking head, it’ll be the last thing you and your idiot son ever do.”

The Doctor laughs audibly.

“How would you stop me?” He asks. “You’re a prisoner of The Emporium. No-one has come to rescue you. You can’t escape.”

Luke shakes his head.

“Me?” He sneers. “You think you want the attention of Edward Newton? You think you want his undivided attention? Do you remember the Old School Wrestling of old? Do you remember before the Gods died?”

D’Ville nods, remembering it well.

“If you have the undivided attention of that Edward Newton, you’re dead. Your son is dead. Your Emporium is dead. He’ll scorch your fucking world.”

Storm leans in ever so slightly.

“Go near my daughter and he’ll fucking kill you.”

The Doctor sits back in his chair and puts his arms behind his head.

“I knew you were playing games with me, Mr. Storm,” D’Ville says confidently. “All this ‘he only cares about himself’ bullshit to protect your daughter; it’s admirable if not foolish.”

With a nod from the Doctor, the orderlies pull Luke back to his feet and begin dragging him out of the room.

As Storm leaves, D’Ville picks up the phone.

“Son, he’s not coming,” he admits. “I know, I know; it’s very sad. We no longer need Mr. Storm – see to it that its quick.”