Oxygen Dick

In Promo by Zero

“She thought she could handle it all. That’s what she said.”

“I used to fuck around and find out with this bitch who took cock like a fuckin’ pro. I’m talkin’ about a chick who could swallow ten inches of your dick like it was oxygen.”

“She thought she was the shit, so she joined the porn business.”

“Now, in porn, these bitches suck dick like professionals. It’s what gets ‘em paid. They know how to handle the weapon in your pants, or else they wouldn’t be on the big screen.”

“This chick; let’s call her Ellen – she jumps right into the thick of the action with the big boys. She’s a beautiful black bitch, so she’s down to take on anyone. It starts with one big black cock.”

“No problem.”

“Then it’s two big black cocks.”

“She does it.”

“Then before you know it, she’s in the middle of the biggest gang bang of her God damn life. There’s five niggas with ten inches a piece tryin’ to shove their cocks down her throat.”

“Before she can even gag, she’s got two in her mouth, two in her ass and one stretchin’ her pussy like a plastic bag.”

“They turned her the fuck out and left that bitch a cum-filled mess.”

“That was the last time she did porn.”

“Ether, baby, welcome to your first ever porn shoot.”

“You came to Old School Wrestlin’ thinkin’ you could take this dick. I’m sure you’ve taken plenty, bitch – but nothin’ quite like this. You’ve probably sucked your way through high school and had a little ride on your white boy Tag’s tiny pecker, so surely you’re ready for the big time.”

“His three inches ain’t gonna cut it though, not in the porn business, baby.”

“This isn’t a fuckin’ comedy.”

“This is hardcore.”

“Now you step into the ring with Bad Mother Fuckers and you’re ready for your close up, only unbeknownst to you, that shit turns into a God damn gangbang real fast and before you know it, you’re being ploughed by three cunts with giant dicks, shovin’ them every which way they fit and making sure they fit, even if they don’t.”

“At Rust Out, I’m gonna fuck you, hoe.”

“Pyre, she’s got a strap on with your fuckin’ name on it and she’s gonna fuck you too.”

“And if our Hollywood Prince has to get involved, you can be damn sure there’s a solid eight inches of pain for your fuckin’ asshole.”

“This isn’t a joke, bitch.”

“This isn’t some side-ho slammin’ down a dick on the weekend and thinkin’ she a fuckin’ pro. This isn’t a good time gobble.”

“This is the real fuckin’ deal.”

“This is Old School mother fuckin’ Wrestling and we’re the Bad Mother Fuckers who run shit.”

“Fuck around and find out.”

“And if you do, you’ll get fucked every which way but loose and the next time you let that white boy tag your pussy, it’ll be like throwin’ a sausage up a bowling alley.”