[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Stood in the shadows of the backstage area, a figure looms, looking into a mirror. He hates what stares back at him; it’s the reflection of a man that was responsible for more evil than he ever was good. It’s The Sharkman.] [But behind him, suddenly, as if out of no-where, appears Mike Lane.]

“It doesn’t take standing in the shadows to see your darkest secret, Axel.”

[The Sharkman just stares into the mirror.]

“What I became, and the things I did, they can never be forgiven. He makes me want to feed, Mike. He makes me want to become that thing again. I just want to atone for the things he made me do.”

“You can,” [Lane suggests.] “And I need your help.”

[The Sharkman turns to face Lane, who appears closer now that he’s stepped further out of the shadows. The two stand close, eye to eye almost.]

“Hysteria has my daughter. He wants my life for hers, but I know it won’t be enough. I know that if I handed myself over, he’d kill them in front of me. I know it and you know it.”

[Axel nods.]

“So I need you to find them, Sharkman. I need you to use the knowledge you’ve acquired of Hysteria and rescue my baby daughter and her mother.”

“How?” [He asks.] “How can I save them? I don’t know where they are. I wouldn’t have the first-,” [he abruptly pauses.] “Actually, maybe I do know.”

[Mike’s eyes widen in surprise.]

“Will you do it? Will you risk your life to save theirs – to save mine?” [Lane pleads.] [There’s no hesitation. There’s no second guessing or time to think. The Sharkman nods.]

“I will,” [He agrees.] “I have to. Sayeth The Sharkman.”

[Mike lane offers him a handshake and he accepts, nodding stoically back at him.]


[Jakande makes her debut tonight against Oliver Angst, can The African Assault come out on top?] [Jakande explodes out of the corner as soon as the bell rings! She pounces onto Angst and drives him backward with a flurry of rights and lefts that send him into the corner! She leaps up onto the second turnbuckle and delivers another barrage, driving fists into the skull of Oliver before ending it with a MASSIVE MONKEY FLIP! Angst lands onto his back and Jakande stalks the ring, the African Assault officially in control of the match. Angst wearily gets to his feet, turning around AND BARELY DUCKING A CLOTHESLINE BY JAKANDE! He turns around and tries to go on the offensive!] [Angst blindsides Makena with a hard hitting dropkick that sends her backward! He throws a few strong chops but Jakande catches one! She spins him around and leaps forward with a massive bulldog! Oliver’s head bounces off of the mat and he’s obviously dazed as Jakande forces him to his feet. She hits a stiff headbutt and throws him headfirst into the nearest turnbuckle! Makena is showing pure savagery as she capitalizes with a massive LEAPING DDT! Angst is firmly planted and Jakande goes for the pin! One! Two! FOOT ON THE ROPES! She pounds the ground in frustration before rolling away.] [Oliver Angst fights to his feet, barely able to stand following the beating Makena has delivered. He narrowly avoids a leaping knee strike from Jakande and rolls forwards in an attempt to create distance! Jakande isn’t having it as she waits for him to stand up, rushing forward AND HITTING THE LOU THEZ PRESS! She rains down blow after blow on the face of Angst until the Angel of Death all but unconscious! She isn’t finished as she forces him up AND PULLS HIM INTO THE LION’S JAW! Angst tries to fight the hold but he’s powerless to stop it! HE TAPS!] [The African Assault drops Angst to the ground and gets her hand raised by the referee! She showed pure domination in her debut here tonight!]


[We open on a broken Mike Royce. He kneels in the middle of one of the back hallways of the Tap Room. His head buried into his thigh and covered by the presence of his hand which grips the back side of his skull.] [BZZZT! FLICKER!] [It’s the lights. A familiar occurrence at this stage in the game. We all know what it means but Mike Royce does not budge even when…]


[The decrepit tone of an unknown voice cries out towards the OSW Superstar, but he does not respond only to begin to seemingly sob. His upper body heaving in gasps of breaths. The man is a literal mental mess.]

“Do not fear Royce” [A recognizable voice calls from the darkness.] “It will all be over soon!”

[It’s Muerte and he suddenly emerges from the shadows; approaching Royce in a devilish manner. The Great Reaper is proud of his work and he knows he has Mike right where he wants. Muerte takes a step; separating himself from his prey by only a few feet now and…]

“You’re absolutely right!”

[With no tremble in his voice Mike Royce speaks out and follows up his statement of confidence by standing to his feet; glaring at Muerta with an intense expression.] [It was a trick?] [Muerte appears surprised even from behind his mask. His eyes widen in both shock and frustration at the show of disrespect he has been given, but it is not over.] [Royce thrusts his hand away from his body, sending something smacking into the chest of Muerte and falling to the concrete floor.] [A necklace? NO! It’s the teeth!!! The teeth Muerte taunted Royce with days ago now lay on the floor at the monster’s feet; cleaned and strung together by string.]

“He didn’t need ‘em, Muerte” [Royce proclaims as he points a steady finger in the direction of his foe.] “But you may after I knock all yours out inside that ring!”

[Muerte is fuming as he slowly looks up from the ground; his fist balling up.]

“I’m going to prove that The Best Looking Man Alive isn’t scared of anybody… regardless of how ugly they are!”

[Royce turns his back in defiance, making his way down the hall and towards the arena entrance while Muerte stands in still rage.] [Their match is next!]


[Tonight, ‘Hollywood’ Mike Royce meets the Great Reaper in the ring for the second time in his career, intent on making it pay. The Reaper has other ideas. Will Royce thwart his tormentor, or will Death claim his soul?] [The match starts off with an angry Mike Royce flying to Muerte’s side, exploding into action with a flurry of backhand chops. Death is forced to shield against the onslaught of strikes, chiming in with jabs when the opportunity arises, but Royce breaks up its defense with a well-placed dropkick followed by a belly to back suplex to the otherworldly being. Muerte is quick to recover, however, powering out of an armtrap crossface it was almost put in. It moves away from its opponent, wary and seeking rest. What a start by the Frat Star lead!] [The pause in battle is broken by Royce, who has grown impatient with Muerte’s stalling tactics. He goes for a Highlight Reel, which is ducked under. He runs right into an APPLE! Muerte covers. One, two… kick out by Royce, who shakily gets up to his feet. The price for his defiance is a huge Nelson Slam that puts him flat on his back. The Reaper waits for Mike Royce to stand up, gearing up for a Death’s Dance. ‘Hollywood’ takes his time, before rushing towards Muerte in a surprising burst of speed. HIGHLIGHT REEL! He catches the Reaper in the jaw!] [Cover by Royce. One.. two.. th- no, kick out! Muerte kicks out! Royce attempts an arm trap crossface – this time, he’s successful. Death slowly but surely crawls to the ropes, grabbing hold. The submission hold is broken up. Royce wastes no time, climbing the turnbuckles. He spends a moment lapping up the cheers from the crowd, a beaming smile on his face, before jumping off for a Moonsault… which misses! Muerte has moved out of the way. Royce rolls around the ring in obvious pain. He gets up and SCYTHE! Royce falls to the ground, unconscious. Cover. One.. two… three!] [After the match, Muerte stands tall over the prone form of his newest victim. Royce is out cold.] [He reaches down, grabbing him by the head.]

“Death shall set you free.”

[The lights go off and there’s a blood curdling scream. When they return, Muerte and Mike Royce have vanished, the latter unlikely to ever be seen again.]


[Silence.] [The camera pans out of the darkness and into the light to reveal a hallway filled to the brim with foliage lining the walls and leaves scattered heavily on the ground. The entirety of the hall has been changed from it’s normal look to that of the wilderness. The silence is almost deafening as the hallway is shown, the camera finally resting on the Double Feature Championship, the belt hanging from a rope in the middle of the hall.] [Rustling.] [Thunk has arrived into the hall, the King of the Jungle ironically looking confused at the scene around him. He paces the length of the corridor, sniffing the air, moving his head and eyes from side to side in an attempt to see the catch to this obvious trap. He moves slowly towards the title, crouching low and ready to pounce at any time.]

“Thunk no fool. Thunk know puny Hunter is nearby.”

[His eyes dart to a pile of leaves, kicking it up to reveal nothing under it. He does this to a few more piles before finally moving to the title. He slowly reaches up to it.]

“Thunk take trophy then.”


‘Thunk knew you were there. Thunk no prey.”

“Then ya woulda struck first like the predator would.”

[Thunk shoves Greer back! THUNK SMA- GREER DUCKS IT! Cody grabs the titles as he rushes down the hall, turning around at the end and staring down the enraged Thunk.]

“You wanna get your hands on this, then you gotta be the predator. I ain’t losin’ ta no prey. So when we enter that ring, you better bring it. The best hunter is the one walkin’ out with this trophy.”

[Thunk merely watches as Greer backs away with his title, slipping out of the hallway and leaving Thunk to stew in anger.]


[Up next, can The Boogeyman find a solution to The Riddler, or will Edward Newton change the questions when Jack Jeckel thinks he has the answers? Let’s find out!] [Jack cracks his neck and leers at his opponent. The debuting Newton smiles back, reclining in his corner on the top rope as though lying in bed. Jeckel takes exception to the newcomer’s blasé attitude and rushes him, only for Newton to drop onto the apron. The intellectual evades a brutish clothesline and slingshots himself over Jacks’ back! The evil twin doles out an elbow but Newton ducks it and applies a waistlock. Jack swings with a backhand but Edward weaves around him, keeping the waistlock clamped. Jake screams and swats at the ropes, Newton’s cat-and-mouse games clearly getting under his skin!] [Edward pops up behind Jack, but the veteran throws himself forwards, sending the emerald-suited puzzler into the ropes – BIG BOOT! Jack taunts him, “Riddle me that, motherfucker!”. One… T—Kickout! Jack peels his bookish opponent off the mat and clobbers him with an uppercut, then throws him out like yesterday’s garbage with a FALLAWAY SLAM! One… Two… No! Jack pulls Edward up again—SMALL PACKAGE! One… Two… Thr—Shoulder up! Edward damn near pulled a fast one there! Incensed, Jack races to his feet and advances on Newton – but Edward pulls the rope down and Jack crashes to the floor! Newton applauds himself for his brains-over-brawn playbook.] [Just as Newton recovers from his breather, however, Jack pulls him outside and cracks his skull off the STEEL POST! Having killed a few of Newton’s braincells, Jack rolls him back into the ring. One… Two… ThreNO! Jack curses in frustration but soon finds himself eyeing up Edward’s melon like a dog looking at its dinner. He backs up and stomps the mat, looking to splatter Newton’s grey matter. He leaps into the air – NEVERMIND! Newton catches him with the Implant DDT! One… Two… Three!] [The debuting Newton celebrates his first win somewhat absent-mindedly, clutching his head and reciting a string of riddles to himself following the blow to the post.]


[A confident Viktor North strides down the last hallway before the entrance way into the Tap Room. He seems to have an air of glory about him. This moment, entering the battlefield knowing that everything you have ever known or been is on the line, is what the Skull Splitter lives for. His whole life has led to this moment, and as he turns the final corner, he is not surprised to see Stephanie Rose waiting for him. She has a microphone in her hand.]

“You held up your end, Rose.” [North greets her.] “You did not betray our agreement and go on your fool’s errand.”

[Steph looks back at him with no fear in her eyes.]

“I don’t go back on agreements.”

[North chuckles and nods to the ring.]

“Then I bid you not to leave anything out there.” [He gets in her face, his adrenaline pumping.] “Go into war with all that you are and ever will be!”

[Rose sneers back at him.]

“You’re going to get everything I have, Viktor.” [She stops for a moment to look down at the microphone in her hand.] “But I know to plan for all possibilities.”

[North steps back and raises an eyebrow. Rose continues.]

“If I beat you tonight, you return to your village in shame and defeat to be a common man.” [She pauses to brush her hair back.] “But if you beat me, then I’ve decided I can’t just leave OSW. I love it too much. My heart and soul are here, and I’ve already gotten approval to serve as an interviewer.”

[North chuckles at her proclamation.]

“Very well, little Rose.”

[He steps up to her, looking her right in the eyes.]

“As we settle this tonight, our blood will be shed in that ring. Our souls will be laid bare to all who understand the language of combat. We will be closer than lovers and nothing will come between us until the dust has settled. Valhalla awaits me, and I will not spare you no quarter.”

[Rose seems to take this as a solemn moment.]

“Nor I you, Viktor.”

[North nods in approval before walking out into the Tap Room.] [Rose only looks down at the microphone before starting to get her own head in the game.] [Someone’s career will end.] [But whose?]

[They have had two amazing matches in the past, but now Stephanie and Viktor face off one final time, the loser of this ultimate contest loses their career. Will the Rose Garden finally wither or will North get a one way ticket to Valhalla?] [The bell sounds as North rushes forward, laying into Rose with heavy forearms as he’s unleashing all his rage on the young woman. Rose is whipped across the ring but she ducks under a clothesline, bouncing off the ropes with a deep armdrag. She delivers a second to North before leaping up with a headscissors as she flings North over the top rope to the floor below. Viktor slowly gets to his feet as Rose gets on the apron, rushing forward, LARIAT! Rose gets almost decapitated, plummeting to the wooden floor below. North powers her up to her feet, tossing her inside the ring as he rolls in after her, covering her limp body] [ONE…TWO…Rose gets the shoulder up. North stomps down on her prone body, lifting her up before hooking her around the arms and delivering a series of knees that lift Rose up off the canvas with each one. North tosses Rose across the ring with a Belly to Belly into the corner but Rose manages to catch herself on the ropes, springboarding off with a Crossbody. North gets to his feet right into a Dropkick that sends him into the corner as Rose rushes forward, delivering a hard knee to the jaw, leaping up, FULL BLOOM! She hasn’t used that in months but this could well save her career as Rose covers, ONE..TWO…North gets the shoulder up!] [Rose can’t believe it as anger gets the better of her, kicking North hard in the face as he tries to stand. Blood sprays from a possible broken nose as Rose tries to pull North up but is tossed away almost effortlessly as the Skull Splitter lets out an almighty roar, rushing forward with a massive Lariat sending Rose flipping in mid-air. North lifts Rose up by her hair, tossing her into the corner as he delivers a massive right hook before setting her up in the turnbuckles. North backs up, VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE!] [North doesn’t cover, backing up as he urges Rose to her feet as she slowly stands up, GUNGNIR! The spear hits low, flipping Rose to the mat but North isn’t done, lifting Rose up from behind and up into the air before flipping her down FALL OF UTGARD! North lifts her limp body up again, a second FALL OF UTGARD! North tries to lift her up a third time but the referee has seen enough, stopping North as he quickly calls for the bell] [The Skull Splitter retires Stephanie Rose in the most definitive way possible, a brutal stoppage as North’s berserker rage got the better of him. After tonight, VHS better watch out for a warrior like Viktor North]


[We fade in on a candlelit dining hall, a long mahogany table seating but two people. King Royal and his knight, Marvolo. There are few guards, two posted at each end of the hall comprising the entirety of the security. Royal sighs as he looks down towards The Number One, Marvolo enjoying a heavy feast.]

“You do understand that we don’t require a table this long for a meeting between us two.” [Royal all but yells across the table.]

“Nonsense! We have prestige, Nigel! It is a common known fact that the longer the table the more important the person.” [Marvolo yells back between bites of food.]

“Well we must-”


[Royal sighs, Marvolo being so enthralled in his eating that he’s barely paying attention.]

“I said we must-”

“Speak up from over there!”

[Royal stands up and marches to Marvolo, shaking his head in annoyance.]

“We must speak about Bruce. He’s been a thorn in our sides for far too long and he must be removed. How do you propose we do that?”

[Marvolo chuckles.] “Simple! We must simply lock him up. You have a dungeon in here somewhere, yes?”

“We tried that, but he fought against us. We must become ruthless if we are to finish him off. This is a serious matter and you must pay full attention and stop stuffing your mouth.”

[Marvolo finishes a bite of the food and shrugs.]

“Why not ask one of the guards? They’re paid to help with things like this.”

[Royal rolls his eyes and looks to a guard in the far corner from him.] “Fine, you, why not give us an idea? Do it or you’re fired.”

[The guard nods and walks forward, as he gets to the far end of the table, he speaks up.] “I say he revolts.”

[Before Royal can question the guard, the guard has leaped onto the table and began to run towards Ocean’s One! FRONT DROPKICK! MARVOLO BARELY AVOIDS HIM AS HE CRASHES THROUGH THE CHAIR! The guard is quick to his feet, tossing his helmet to the floor. IT’S BRUCE VAN CHAN! Royal grabs Marvolo and retreats, demanding his guards attack Bruce who takes them out with ease.]

“You can run now, Nigel. But when we meet in the ring there are no guards to hide behind. Neither you nor Marvolo has any tricks you can use to put me down. It’s you and me, and I refuse to back down.”

[Royal glares a hole through Bruce, Marvolo hurriedly pulling him the rest of the way out of the room as Bruce stands tall among the battered guards.]


[Hyde stands in the ring across from the Showcase Champion, Doubt. The Emotion stands stoic, awaiting the bell, as the Horror is barely holding himself back. The bell rings and Hyde rushes across the ring.] [The Horror grabs for Doubt, but the masked emotion slips through the ropes and to the apron. Hyde lunges into the corner; Doubt leaps up and nails Hyde with an enziguri! The Horror stumbles from the corner, and Doubt leaps over the ropes with a Springboard Dropkick! Hyde is rocked and down to a knee, but still doesn’t fall! Doubt rushes to the ropes again and springboards again for a hurricanra….. Hyde catches him! He transitions and… THE LAST FRIGHT! That power bomb nearly put Doubt through the canvas! Hyde covers… One… Two… Thre….NO! Doubt somehow kicked out! Hyde is furious and rips Doubt up by his hood and throws Hyde to the ropes and when the Emotion returns… POP UP POWERBOMB!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Doubt’s foot is on the bottom rope! Hyde pulls it off and covers again! One… Two… Thr… Kickout! Hyde gets to his feet and stomps on Doubt into the mat. He is furious and is taking it out on the Showcase Champion. He yanks Doubt to his feet again and… INTO THE UNKNOWN!! Somehow Doubt suplexed the Horror on pure adrenaline and desperation! Hyde is down for the first time and Doubt gets to his feet. He is dazed but steps to the apron… and over… Slingshot Elbow Drop! Hyde drives his shoulder into the solar plexus of Hyde and then runs straight to the top rope… MISERY RAIN!! One… Two… Thre… KICKOUT!] [Hyde kicks out with force throwing Doubt off of him and halfway across the ring. He climbs to his feet and stalks the Emotion. His bare feet kick Doubt directly in the mask! It makes a sickening sound as Doubt is knocked silly and at least a few of Hyde’s toes break on the steel. Hyde is nearly unfazed though, and he lifts Doubt into his shoulders…. TERROR TRAP! Doubt’s body is wrenched into crazy shapes, but he refuses to tap! Hyde sees that Doubt won’t quit and with a quick flick he transitions into the FEAR MACHI…. Hyde starts convulsing! He is losing control of his body and Doubt slided from his shoulders. Doubt is in pain, but watches Hyde intently as the Horror flails in the ring. Doubt sees this as an opening and heads to the top… THE PESSIMIST’S END!! Hyde’s head is driven into the mat as Doubt covers… One… Two… THREE!] [Doubt has defeated The Horror, and Hyde has stopped convulsing. Doubt gets a microphone and walks towards his downed opponent. He begins to speak…….]


“What’s wrong with you, Hyde? You don’t seem yourself?”

[Hyde is on his hands and knees. He grunts something unintelligible…]

“What’s that? You seem… uncertain about what you are trying to say. Speak up!”

[Hyde looks up, but something seems different. He grunts something again.]


“What? I can’t understand you. You’re going to have to speak up if….”

[Suddenly Hyde lunges forward and grabs Doubt by the cloak. Then we see it. Hyde’s milky eyes have cleared up and are a clear brown.]


[Doubt turns to flee, but Hyde spins him around and kicks the emotion in the gut. He hoists the Showcase Champion onto his shoulders… FEAR MACHINE!! Doubt is leveled and rolls out of the ring! A roar, ear-shatteringly loud and begins convulsing again! He flails on the carpet and the lights begin to flash. He screams in the ring, and the voice changes intermittently. The lights continue to fail and Hyde jumps over the top rope and leaps over the barricade into the crowd. He tosses fans out of his way with little effort and runs through an emergency exit door.] [The camera follows into an alleyway outside the Tap Room where Hyde slams into a stack of empty kegs. He knocks the stack like bowling pins, grabbing one and tossing into a brick wall, which breaks the masonry. He roars again and punches a massive fist into a steel dumpster, denting the metal. He roars again and begins to convulse fully, falling onto the pavement… a nearby light glows especially bright and then pops with sparks flying. We are plunged into darkness and we hear a guttural howl that slowly transitions into the screams of a weak man. The cameraman fumbles and finally gets a light turned on and there were see it. In the trash and rubble of the alley. Dr. Panax, bleeding from his broken hand, toes in all angles, and looking very malnourished lies in Hyde’s rags. The scene fades as the sound of an ambulance siren fills the night.]


[After a week of humiliation and punishment from Ocean’s One, Bruce Van Chan finally gets his hands on both of them in this handicap match. Will he be the second man to put the King in his place or will royalty somehow prevail over spirit?] [The bell is rung as BVC and Marvolo start off the match. Marvolo tries to start things off with a Koppu Kick, but Bruce sees it coming and dodges it. With a smile, Bruce locks in a half crab. Marvolo, however, uses his bulky frame to kick him off easily. Bruce gets to his feet, but Marv knocks him down with an arm drag. Bruce gets up, and another arm drag. He gets up again, Marvolo goes for a third arm drag, but Bruce lands on his feet. BIG Dropkick to the mask of Marvolo!] [Marv backs into his corner as Royal tags himself in. The King darts towards Bruce, but he’s taken down with a drop toe hold. Royal clutches his face as Bruce tries to lock in the Van Chaninator, but a few elbows to the face of Dr. Sleep puts a stop to that. Bruce clutches his jaw as Royal grabs him and drops him for a snap suplex. The king isn’t done with his knight, opting to drag him back to his feet and set up for a suplex onto the ropes. He lifts. but Bruce crosses his leg with the King’s, preventing him from being picked up.] [BVC pushes away from the King and nails him with a HARD enzuigiri! Royal’s dazed as Bruce hits the ropes. He goes for a rana-ROYAL STAYS ON HIS FEET! HE GRABBED BOTH OF BRUCE’S LEGS! Royal sits on the small of Bruce’s back, forcing him in a Boston crab. The Real Deal screams as he scrambles for the ropes, but Nigel tags in Marvolo, which results in the hold being cinched in tighter.] [Marvolo walks over to Bruce and STOMPS ON HIS CROTCH! SO MUCH FOR ANOTHER BRUCE JR.! Royal releases the hold as Marvolo picks him up. #1 goes for a brainbuster, but Bruce flips out from behind! NAP TIME FOR MARVOLO! Nigel rushes for a clothesline, but BVC ducks. Dr Sleep jumps up and grabs both of Nigel’s arms, snapping him down for a Crucifix driver! ONE! TWO! MARV BREAKS IT UP!] [#1 forces Bruce to his feet and hits him with a STIFF CHOP! Bruce clutches his chest before returning another chop! Marv chops! BVC chops! Chop chop chop chop! Their chests are incredibly red! Bruce stops the chop off with a knee to the stomach. Bruce runs off the ropes and goes for a cross body, BUT MARV MOVES AWAY! BVC hits the ground as Marv handsprings off the ropes and hits a BIG splash! Marvolo helps Royal to his feet as they both climb to the top rope.] [They look at each other and nod, leaping off for DUAL SPITFIRES! PIN! ONE! TWO! THREE! IT’S ALL FUCKING OVER!] [Ocean’s One have somehow done it, they took out the disobedient knight and put him back in his place. Royal and Marvolo smile and plant their feet on BVC’s stomach, establishing dominance over Bruce in a hard fought match.]


[The match is over and Ocean’s One stands tall.] [As Marvolo enthusiastically flaunts to the crowd he takes a moment to turn to Nigel, smiling his politician smile as always.]

“We showed him why not to mess with our Kingdom! So, about the feast that he so rudely interrupted, should we go back to eat now or should we take a moment to let the crowd bask in the glory of Number One?”

[Marvolo flexes in front of Nigel, giving a gun show as the King merely chuckles under his breath. Marvolo’s face instantly turns to a quizzical expression as he leans in.]

“So just celebrate more or?”


“You poor fool. You still think this was something we did? You’re mistaken, the victory over Bruce was all my work, you simply rode my coattails along the way.”

[Marvolo wearily works to his feet, using the ropes for leverage. His smile is gone.] [The only expression on his face is that of a man with a broken heart.]

“Now that I’ve used you and got what I wanted, I no longer require your service. You are the weakest link, fool. You’re but a jester and this King no longer finds you humerous.”

[Marvolo turns to his former friend. He tries to plead, but Royal doesn’t listen. BIG BOOT FROM ROYAL! Marvolo hits the ground, Number One too shocked to fight back! Every attempt to stand is met with a boot. Eventually, he stays down.] [Ocean’s One no longer stands tall.] [All must bow to the King.]


[Two men looking for the thrill of the hunt find their prize waiting hanging several feet above them! Will the King of the Jungle climb the ladder of success and claim the Double Feature Championship, or will the Guy With The Beer prove why he’s the Man You Ought Fear?] [The bell rings, and both men go at it exchanging lefts and rights, until Thunk goes for a clothesline. Greer ducks it and hits a neckbreaker that brings the King of the Jungle down hard! Greer slides out of the ring for a ladder at ringside as Thunk gets back to his feet. Greer slides the ladder into the ring, but gets caught with a forearm to the back as he comes back into the ring!] [Thunk picks Greer up, nailing him with a hard headbutt that brings the champ right back down to the mat. Thunk looks at the ladder, and at the Double Feature Championship hanging high above the ring. The glimpse of gold allows Greer a chance to get away, climbing the ladder to the amusement of Thunk who PULLS GREER OFF THE LADDER, RIGHT INTO THE ROPES! Greer is dazed, which gives Thunk to let the world know what’s coming next—DEAD PREY! Thunk sends Greer down hard onto the mat, allowing Thunk an opportunity to go after the title!] [Thunk scales the ladder as Greer comes to, immediately climbing the other side. They meet at the top, snarling at each other as they exchange blows in a precarious position—DITCH DIGGER OFF THE LADDER! Greer plants Thunk into the mat! Greer gets to his feet, but so does Thunk—WHO BITES THE FOREHEAD OF GREER! Greer draws first blood as Thunk headbutts him! Greer swings wildly with a right hand, but Thunk dodges it lifting the champ up—ANOTHER DEAD PREY, THIS TIME RIGHT INTO THE LADDER! Both men are down and in a bad way!] [Both men are struggling to get up, but it’s Greer who finally manages to get to his feet first. He looks up to the title, pointing to it with a smile on his face as he sets the ladder back up. He climbs, inching toward the prize as Thunk makes it to his feet, lumbering toward Greer on the ladder—PARALYZER OFF THE LADDER! Down goes Thunk! Sensing the opportunity at hand, Greer gets back up the ladder. He makes it to the top, struggling with the belt a little as Thunk tries to climb after him but it’s too late! Greer pulls the title off, falling to the mat gripping the belt tightly against him!] [Greer retains the Double Feature Championship in a thrilling battle, proving he’s the better hunter on this night. He poses with the title as Thunk stares him down, and Greer extends a hand in a show of sportsmanship. Thunk is reluctant at first, looking perhaps confused at the gesture as Greer explains it to him. After a moment, they shake hands to the delight of the crowd!]


[The sound of footsteps echo throughout the halls of the Tap Room as Bruce Van Chan makes his way towards the exit.] [But suddenly, he stops.] [His face contorts, uncomfortably. He moves his back, arching slightly, shaking out his arm. The pain radiates across his chest, causing him to tense and drop his bag. Bruce groans in pain, but he’s breathless and unable to move.] [Then he falls, hitting the deck hard. Staff immediately rush across the hall to check on him. There’s an immediate panic, everyone fearful of what might be happening. EMT’s appear quickly, having seen what’s occurred.] [They check on him.]

“We need to get him to the hospital,” [says the first paramedic.] “He’s having a heart attack.”

[Before we know what’s happening, they’ve gotten him on a stretcher and begin rushing him towards the exit. The doors fly open, and their ambulance is waiting. They load him in just as he passes out, slamming the doors behind them.] [The camera turns around, showing Bruce’s bag on the floor, right where his body dropped. Attached to the zip is a photograph; it’s him, his wife Paige and their son Bruce Junior.] [We close in on the photograph of his smiling family.] [His fate unclear.] [The future uncertain.] [What the hell just happened to Bruce Van Chan?]

[The fallout of the destruction of the Asylum is felt here tonight as The Shark seeks vengeance against one of the men who made him a monster, Smiley. Can the Shark get his retribution or will Smiley unleash his bloodlust once more?] [The bell rings as The Shark rushes forward nailing Smiley with a hard knee to the jaw before slamming him to the mat, mounting the Deranged One and driving down furious lefts and rights. Smiley manages to slip his way out, dodging a wild right as he rolls to the outside, trying to give himself some breathing room. The Shark climbs up to the top rope, sizing up Smiley, CROSSBODY BLOCK! The Shark slams down on Smiley, smacking him with a few hard lefts and rights before uttering a wild roar, the crowd cheering his actions as he pulls Smiley up by his hair, tossing him back into the ring] [The Shark sizes Smiley up, waiting for him to get to his feet before rushing forward, leaping over him as he tries to Sunset-Bomb to the mat but Smiley catches him in mid-air, STEPFORD SMILE! Smiley gets to his feet, chuckling maniacally as he lifts The Shark up, driving a few hard knees to his midsection before spinning him around and snapping him to the mat with a hard neckbreaker. Smiley doesn’t cover, instead going up to the top rope as he sizes Sharky up for a moment, TRAUMA…MISSES! Smiley staggers to his feet, holding his ass in pain as he walks right into a running headbutt!] [The Shark lifts Smiley up to his feet, delivering a hard kick to the gut before a DDT drills him into the mat. It’s the Shark’s time to head up to the top rope as he leaps off FIN-ISH HIM! The Headbutt lands flush as The Shark covers, ONE…TWO…Smiley gets the shoulder up. Shark tries to pull him up to his feet but gets his eyes raked as Smiley tries to fish-hook his mouth. The Shark bites down out of instinct, Smiley pulling his fingers out as soon as he could, but The Shark still draws blood.] [Smiley staggers back as The Shark seems transfixed by the blood on the canvas. He shakes his head, trying not to give into his bloodlust but as he turns around, CHELSEA GRIN! That momentary breather gave Smiley the chance he needed to come back as he lifts The Shark up, grabbing him by the throat, drilling him with a hard knee to the jaw before fish-hooking him once again, leaping up HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! Smiley drills The Shark as The Sharkman looks unconcious on the mat. A sickening smile comes over Smiley as he covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Sharkman tried his best to get his revenge tonight but traces of what the Asylum did to him cost him tonight as his former bloodlust gave the Deranged One just enough to put him down.]

[We’re just moments away from the biggest showdown in Tommy Hawk’s career. He stands inside the ring, his hands clasped and waiting for Frank Harrison.] [As the fans cheer and beckon his opponent, the despicable politician walks out onto the stage with a microphone.]

“Tommy, Tommy, Tommy,” [he snarls, shaking his head.] “I can’t believe you showed up. I thought you’d take this opportunity to run as far away as you could from me.”

[Hawk shakes his head, receiving a microphone.] “I do not run, Frank Harrison.”

“I can see that. After everything I’ve put you through since August of last year, here you stand. I created the Wendigo that haunted you day and night. The very same Wendigo that brought you conflict with Austin Fernando – the very same one that turned out to be Jon Davenport in disguise. I armed that racist bigot with a militia of mercenaries and turned that rabid dog loose on you and your people. I set your houses ablaze, I forced you to commit crimes that saw you arrested and then I enslaved you.”

[The severity of what Harrison did sends the audience into a rapture of boos. For seven months, this man has tormented Tommy Hawk.]

“For seven months, I’ve had my wicked way with you, Tommy. I sent you to prison, I gave you your freedom and now I’m going to take your briefcase. This is the end of the line.”

[Tommy disagrees.] “No, you will not take any longer. You have taken mercilessly. You have ripped my people from their land and turned me into a savage. You took my freedom, you took my world and turned it upside down but you could not take my spirit. Where is Jon Davenport?” [He asks with a shrug.] “Where is your Wendigo? Where are your mercenaries, Frank Harrison? Tonight, this is the end of the line. Tonight, I will make you feel the pain and suffering of my people, or I will die trying.”

[Harrison shakes his head.]

“I’ll give you one last chance to walk away, Tommy. One last chance.”

[Hawk stands defiantly.]


[Frank Harrison climbs into the ring, unbuttoning his shirt with a grin as this match gets ready to explode here tonight.]


[Tommy Hawk waits in the corner. There is no doubt that Frank Harrison’s words struck home. Still, the Chief is under control, knowing that should he lose, his OSW career is over. He maintains composure… until the bell rings…] [Hawk sprints across the ring, hair flying behind him like his ancestors chasing down bison on horseback. His prey is much smaller, and Tommy leaves his feet, driving the entire weight of his body with a diving splash that smashes Harrison into the corner. Frank stumbles from the corner and Hawk runs up and delivers a RUNNING BULLDOG! Harrison’s face bounces off the canvas, and almost before Hawk lands on his knees, he’s back to his feet! He sprints to the top rope… and RED ARROW!!! Harrison in not moving! But Hawk doesn’t cover! He isn’t here to wrestle! He’s here to end Frank Harrison!] [Tommy gets to his feet quickly and pulls Harrison to his feet. He hammers The Politician with a flurry of fists to the midsection, followed by a huge uppercut that forces Harrison to collapse against the turnbuckle! Hawk lifts Harrison and makes him sit on the top rope. He steps on the bottom ropes, leaps up, grabs Frank’s head, falling back into the ring and burying Harrison with a DDT from the top! Harrison isn’t moving, but Hawk isn’t concerned with that, ripping Frank to his feet and whipping him to the ropes. As Harrison returns, the Spirit Walker pulls his tomahawk and… THE SCALP!! He almost took Frank’s head off! Tommy kneels catching his breath as he is still not interested in covering. After a few seconds, Tommy stands to stalk Harrison again, but Frank grabs the bottom rope. The ref pushes Hawk back, allowing Harrison to slide, dazed and wobbly, to the outside. He’s trying to get out of here!] [But Tommy is having none of it! Hawk flies through the ropes! GOING NATIVE!! He absolutely levels Harrison on the outside, who was just trying to escape. That must have hurt Tommy as well, but he doesn’t show it as he rips Harrison up, just to toss him neck first into the barrier with a release German Suplex! Harrison is not moving, but Hawk doesn’t care. He rips him to his feet again and flings Frank head and upper back first into the steel ring steps! Hawk proceeds to bury Harrison’s head into the steel over and over and over again! Finally, Hawk lifts the upper half of the ring steps up, and drops them. He then lays Frank on the lower half, his nearly unconscious body draped on the steel. His head lays on the flat part and Hawk lifts the upper half above his head! Oh my god he’s going to crush his skull like he did Benson and Charles!!! God no! Hawk holds it high in the air… Harrison holds one hand weakly in the air… and Tommy considers it. Hawk then drops the steps safely to the ground. He speaks.]

“I will not grant you the mercy of ending your pathetic life.”

[And with that Frank Harrison passes out from his wounds. The referee tentatively reaches out and raises Tommy Hawk’s hand in victory. Tommy walks to the back as paramedics rush to Harrison’s aid, who barely escaped with his life, and his OSW career has come to an end. After all these month of torment, Tommy Hawk has finally prevailed.]


“Michael Lane.”

[A voice emanates from the centre of the ring, inside a crowded tap room. It’s Hysteria, and he’s stood alone, ready for Mike to hand himself over.]

“It is time.”

[Without any music or spotlights, Mike steps out into the bar, his hands on his hips. He carefully walks towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Whilst Hysteria tilts his head, chuckling faintly, The Shadow produces a microphone.]

“Hand yourself over to me, Michael. Place your life in my hands and I will-“

[Lane cuts him off.] “You’ll what?” [he asks with a grimace.] “You’ll release my family? I think we both know that irrespective of what happens here tonight, you’ll never release my baby girl.”

[Hysteria laughs.]

“What’s the matter, don’t you trust me?”

“This started because I wanted justice. You’ve hurt so many people, Hysteria. You’ve killed, maimed and ripped violently through families like they’ve never mattered,” [Lane admits with a bowed head, slowly lifting it to meet the evil eyes of his nemesis.] “And if to receive that justice, I have to sacrifice, then sacrifice I will.”

[Knowing that The Sharkman hunts for his baby girl, The Shadow pretends.]

“Then why don’t you just die?” [Hysteria mocks.] “Hand yourself over to me, just like we agreed and I will spare them. The only sacrifice you’ll make is your own life.”

[Mike Lane shakes his head, ‘no’. He’s putting his faith in The Sharkman.] [Hysteria shrugs.]

“So be it.”


[It’s main event time and it’s Mike Lane vs. The World Champion, Hysteria. Since Lane refused to back down and hand himself over, he knows that tonight, his entire future is on the line.] [The bell rings as these two heated rivals lock up in the centre of the ring. The Man of Laughter squaring off with The Man of Justice! As they lock up, it’s instantly Lane with the size and strength advantage. He manages to squeeze Hysteria into a side headlock before DRIVING him into the mat with a DDT! Lane rises back to his feet while dragging The Mad Mastermind up with him by the ear. He whips Hysteria into the ropes before lifting him up on the rebound for SPINEBUS- NO! Hysteria manages to slide over his shoulder and down his back! Chop block to the back of the leg!] [Lane falls to a knee as Hysteria is back up quickly. Hysteria seems to be plotting his next course of action as he takes a step back before nailing Lane in the back of his head with a stiff kick! The Shadow hits the mat as Hysteria rolls him over and applies a headlock of his own. He squeezes on the hold as Lane slowly gets to his feet. He drives an elbow into the back of Hysteria before turning him around into a belly-to-belly. HE RELEASES! Huge belly-to-belly that sends The World Champion flying over his shoulder and to the mat!] [Hysteria slowly gets to his feet after that hellacious blow only Lane catches him with a big boot! Hysteria is propelled over the top rope and to the floor! Lane seems to relish in this minor victory before sliding to the outside. The fans are rabid at the barrier, but all of them seem to stop when Lane gives them a glance. He reaches down and grabs Hysteria, but The Mad Mastermind grabs his trunks and yanks him face first into the barrier! The crowd pops once again before a smattering of beer is poured across the back of Lane with the impact! Hysteria staggers to his feet with a very audible laughter.] [Hysteria walks over to Lane and yanks him to his feet, but loses his grasp due to the excess of alcohol poured on his back. Instead he kicks him in the gut before rolling him into the ring. Hysteria slides into the ring and instantly climbs the turnbuckle. THE FALL OF MAN! The Blockbuster is hit with perfection as Hysteria quickly hooks both legs. One…Two…NO! Lane kicks out at the last moment! Hysteria looks a little surprised, but doesn’t stop his attack. He quickly begins stomping on the head and neck region. He pulls Lane up to his feet, but Lane nails him with a jab to the throat!] [Hysteria is staggered with his hands across his throat. THE SHADOWKICK! The superkick nails him right in the throat as it’s Hysteria who if floored this time. One…Two… THREE! NO! Maybe the superkick didn’t hit correctly with the hands in the way, but Hysteria is still in this one! Lane is pissed as he yanks Hysteria to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Hysteria catches himself on the ropes as Lane charges forward with a big boot! It connects again, but Lane catches Hysteria before he can go over the top rope. He flings Hysteria into the ropes for… ANOTHER SHADOW KICK! ANOTHER SHADOW KICK!! The leaping SUPER KICK from HELL itself demolishes the World Champion as he slumps to the mat. The Shadow dives into the cover… ONE….TWO….THREE!] [The fans go absolutely ballistic as Mike Lane finally overcomes Hysteria to capture his fourth Old School Wrestling World Championship!]


[With the match over, Mike Lane reaches down into his knee pad and pulls out a set of handcuffs. He walks over to Hysteria and forcibly turns him over, grabbing his wrists and slapping them on.]

“Hysteria, you’re under arrest for murder,” [he yells at him.] “Kidnapping and assault. I told you that I’d bring you to justice, you son of a bitch!”

[As Mike Lane rolls him out of the ring and follows, they step onto the wooden floor of the tap room with a thud. Onto the stage steps Agent Dufrene, the man who once plotted with Hysteria and lost his family to the Mad Mastermind.]

“You’ll never get her back, Lane!” [Hysteria giggles.] “Never!”

[He hands him over to Dufrene, who gladly frogmarches him through the doors towards the backstage area. With the fans cheering, Mike steps backwards, walking towards the ring to grab his World Championship when the tron flickers.] [Static.] [In a dark, dingy, disgusting room, the sound of a baby crying echoes throughout, sending shivers down your spine. With Hysteria captured, Mike looks towards the screen with a desperate eye, hoping that The Sharkman made it in time.]

“Rock a cry baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall. And down will come cradle, baby and all!”

[The voice isn’t that of The Sharkman. No, it’s twisted, sadistic and terrifying.]

“I’ve never been one to babysit. There must be something about my smiling face that terrifies poor children. Or maybe it was the torture, I’m not quite sure.”

[The camera pans around to reveal Smiley, standing over the cradle. There’s blood splattered up his chest and face, turning his once yellow face paint a horrifying shade of red. He reaches down to pick up the baby, cradling her in his bloody hands.]

“Hysteria asked me not to harm the baby, which I thought was far too kind of him. He said ‘if anything happens to me, use her’ and whilst I much prefer the idea of torture, perhaps he has a point. Then, he always did have a soft spot for children.”

[We look towards the ground, noticing The Sharkman unconscious at his feet.]

“Alas, the same couldn’t be said about your former beau.”

[Carefully, the camera turns to the right, where blood soaks a mattress. It looks doused in it.]

“And I simply couldn’t help myself.”

[Below, on the cold concrete floor next to the bed, the body of Destiny lays, blood all around her. We can’t see her face, nor can we see if she’s breathing.]

“Turn that frown upside down, Mike. You made the wrong decision once, but everyone gets a second chance; even you.”

[He laughs, rocking the baby back and forth.]

“So smile, will ya?”

[Static.] [Cut.]