[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Pitch Black.] [The sound of dripping water rhythmically hitting the ground, drop after drop, echoes back towards us. There’s no visual, just darkness. This pit of Abaddon has long been lost to the darkness it now calls home. But within that darkness, something dwells. Something terrible. Something horrifying.]

“Do you remember me, my friends?”

[This one solitary voice bounces around an empty darkened room. We can’t make it out. It’s soft, rumbling, and weakened.]

“I’ve been lost to the world for far too long, trapped inside this place with no escape.”

[He sighs.]

“But alas, freedom is at the tips of my fingers. All I have to do is reach out and touch it.”

[A dirty hand reaches out of the darkness towards us.]

“And I can feel it, friends. I can feel it coursing throughout my veins. I can smell it, I can taste it, even.”

[He laughs.]

“It’s delicious.”

[There’s a sound. It’s a horrible creaking like noise, as if a metal cage has been unlocked and swung open. We can’t see anything.]

“I can’t pretend I don’t miss you all, that I don’t reminisce of the good times we’ve had.”

[There’s a brief pause.]

“Thank you for my freedom. I never thought I’d see your face again.”


“What you’ve asked of me will be done.”

[He laughs softly.]

“I’m going home.”



[Four very unique individuals are all poised to square off in the center of the Tap Room tonight. Who will emerge victorious?] [The bell sounds just in time for AJ Dollar$ to jump across the ring and knock Officer Davis over the top rope and to the floor, where he settles in. Tonatiuh and Dollar$ both rush at Captain Zappa, Zappa sending Tonatiuh bounding backwards with a right hand. He blocks a shot by Dollar$, going low with a knee to the mid-section and then runs him head first into the top turnbuckle. His surprising and quick offense has the other two men reeling, that is until Tonatiuh drops him with a Shoulder Block to the back of the knees! Tonatiuh hops into position, preparing to lock in one of his famed submission holds.] [AJ Dollar$ on the other hand storms across the ring, KICKING TONATIUH IN THE HEAD! He grabs him up and takes him back to the ropes, sending him across the ring and SPEAR! AJ wisely covers… ONE… TWO…Kick Out! The Money Man gets back up and looks at the referee, grabbing Tonatiuh by the head, receiving a shot to the gut for his trouble. The Master of the Thirteen is fighting back, twisting the arm of Dollar$ in an uncomfortable fashion as he gets back to his feet. Meanwhile, Officer Davis has gotten to his feet on the outside, and is picking his spot.] [Tonatiuh turns around and… Kick to the gut.. DDT! CAPTAIN ZAPPA NAILS HIM. The Unorthodox Identity covers… ONE… TWO… Kick Out! Zappa gets back up and helps Tonatiuh back to his, hitting him with a right forearm, another… SNAP SUPLEX! Zappa is on fire right now, turns around and SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM AJ DOLLAR$! Dollar$ stands tall amongst the others in the ring. Just as Officer Davis slides in, ducking straight under a Clothesline by AJ Dollar$ and nailing him with one of his own. He demands that AJ get back up, kicking him low and DRILLING HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER! Davis covers. ONE… TWO… TONATIUH BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL!!] [The Fifth goes for a submission, but Officer Davis swings with a wild right hand, followed by another and another. He storms the ropes, but Tonatiuh runs too, and rolls through into a HEEL HOOK! HE’S GOT IT ON TIGHT! Davis can’t get to the ropes! CAPTAIN ZAPPA WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD! The Unorthodox Identity grabs Tonatiuh who desperately hits him in the gut, breaking his grip. Dollar$ is also back to his feet, RUNNING BIG BOOT! But Tonatiuh rolled up Zappa! ONE… TWO… DOLLAR$ STOMPS OUT THE COUNT! All three men spring away, licking their wounds.] [AJ gets back up with all the momentum on his side, but there’s Officer Davis with a quick rake to the eyes. RUNNING BIG BOOT! He leaps into the cover. ONE…. TWO…. CAPTAIN ZAPPA BREAKS UP THE FALL! Officer Davis is back to his feet as The Unorthodox Identity storms him, sending him straight over the top and to the outside. Security turns around and there’s Tonatiuh! OLLIN TONA! The Fifth doesn’t get a chance to do anything, as Dollar$ has him grabbed from behind before he can hit the outside. He locks on the Million Dollar Dream!] [Here comes Zappa! Roll up on both men! ONE… TWO… THEY BOTH KICK OUT! Zappa has a moment to choose his target, and goes after Tonatiuh! Before he can lock anything in… KISS MY BOOT FROM AJ DOLLAR$! Zappa hits the mat to keep from falling just as Davis gets back in and grabs Tonatiuh. RIOT CONTROL! Wait! AJ isn’t done! KISS MY BOOT TO DAVIS AS HE PUTS TONATIUH DOWN! Dollar$ sees his opportunity and goes to pick up Tonatiuh to get the win, but with his last breath, TALON’S CLAW!! ALL FOUR MEN ARE DOWN IN A CIRCLE! THEY ALL REACH OUT A HAND TO COVER THE PERSON NEXT TO THEM! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! ALL KICKED OUT BUT ONE!!! CAPTAIN ZAPPA WINS!] [The haze lifts off the arena as the music of Captain Zappa begins to play. He’s emerged victorious in this very impressive match, but it could have went to any of these four men!]


[The sound of rushing water permeates our ears as we find the Sharkman kneeling above a body of water. This is the same body of water that flows freely beneath the Tap Room, and the same place the Shark had called home before regaining his humanity. His blue suit gleams with slick wetness as he runs his gloved hand through the water.]

“Have you come to bow?”

[The voice of Lux Bellator rings throughout the cavern as the Sharkman stands to his feet. He takes a defensive posture as it appears that Lux Bellator is standing in front of Sharkman. Well, not standing.] [More like floating.]

“This water represents you, my sword.” [The apparition begins.] “It continues flowing, forever rushing forward despite not knowing where it goes. All it knows is its mission. As my sword, the Shark rushes forward to overtake those who I choose to wield it against. God has granted his warrior water and the creatures living within it to bring forth his wrath.”

[Sharkman shakes his head, a rather simple move, but a defiant one nonetheless.]

“You’re wrong.”

[Sharkman’s voice is low, but full of strength.]

“The Shark exists no longer. The only thing your sword has done is slain that beast. I will not bow to you and serve you, Lux Bellator. Your own father has rebelled against you.”

[Those words incite great anger in the light warrior.]

“How dare you?” [He demands.] “A demon comes to stand in my way, and you find a way to align with it? He may have freed you from my sanctum, but he did not free you from my control.”

[Sharkman shakes his head again.]

“The Shark is dead. And now I’m coming for you, Bellator. El Salvador or not, it was only a matter of time before I conquered your hold on me.”

[The floating Lux Bellator only smiles.]

“We will see.”

[As the apparition fades into the water, Sharkman stands tall.] [He conquered the inner beast within.] [But will he conquer Lux Bellator?]


[Ring of Dreams is upon us, and Black Magic face off against SHOOT for a chance at the number one contendership for the Tag Team Championships! Makena Jakande and Sheriff Law start us off. The bell rings!] [Law and Jakande circle one another, finally Makena flies forward and locks up with a surprised Sheriff. She is much smaller, but very forceful and pushes Law back, forcing him into the ropes. She shoves him into the ropes and whips him into the far ropes. As he returns she leaps with a THESZ PRESS!! She hammers him down with Mounted Punches! She gets to ten and the ref pulls her off of Law, and she pushes the ref away, who then gets in her way to scold her! This gives Law a chance to recover and as Makena approaches, Law nails her with a cheap shot to the gut! She doubles over and the Sheriff makes a diving tag!] [Cael Gable enters the rings on fire, and CHOP BLOCKS Jakande in the back of the leg! She goes down hard to her back and falls, purposely, driving an elbow drop into her collarbone… another… another! He gets back to his feet and grabs her leg, rolling her over into a SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB!! She screams out in pain, and looks like she is about to tap… But then pushes up with he arms, spins her body out of the hold and drives a hard kick into Cael’s midsection, breaking the hold! Gable goes flying and it’s Makena’s turn to make a diving tag!] [Voodoo comes in like a man on a mission, and chops a charging Gable to the ground! Sheriff Law barges into the the ring and receives a chop of his own! He drops and rolls to the outside! Gable is back up and tries to swing on Voodoo, who ducks under and grabs Cael from behind… FULL NELSON BULLDOG!! Voodoo stands up, admiring his work. He turns Gable over with a foot, and then climbs to the top rope… He leaps off and VOODOO DROP! He nails the Frog Splash and hooks a leg… One… Two… THRE…. Sheriff Law breaks the pin by kicking Voodoo in the head! But Sheriff turns, looking smug but catches a FLYING CROSSBODY FROM MAKENA!!] [Makena and Law roll to the outside and start trading punches, while back in the ring Gable has gained his feet and looks to a still stunned Voodoo. He heads over and pulls Voodoo up by the head and GERMAN SUPLEX!! Another! Another! Another! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! EIGHT!! NINE!! TEN!! THE TEN KARAT!!!! There is no way that Voodoo could stand that, but Gable isn’t done! He goes to the top! THE GOLD STANDARD! He nails the Shooting Star Press and covers! One… Two… THREE!!] [NO!! Somehow Voodoo found it in him to get his foot on the rope! Gable pulls Voodoo’s nearly lifeless body to the center of the ring and covers again… One… Two… THRE… KICKOUT! Meanwhile, outside, Sheriff Law has gotten the upperhand. He has Makena Jakande locked in the TESTIMONY!! She is in real trouble here and seems to be fading! SHOOT is in total control both inside and out, but then Jakande reaches up and grabs Law’s head and drops to her butt, driving Law into a JAWBREAKER!! Both are down and taking a moment to recover! Back inside, Gable is still in control and has pulled Voodoo to his feet and pulls him up for the PUGHPLE… Voodoo slips out and lands behind Gable! SOUL STEALER!! But he can’t make the cover! Both men are down as Jakande and Sheriff Law make their way to their corners!] [Voodoo gets to his feet first and makes the diving tag to Jakande! She runs in and tries to stop Gable from making the tag to Law, but it’s too late. Law climbs in, but Makena is on him quickly! Heavy punches driving him back into the ropes. She whips him across, and as he returns… SPEAR!! He goes down, and she stands and screams a lion’s roar! She goes to grab Law, but he kicks her in the head! She stumbles back, stunned! He stands up and points to her head with a finger and then nails her with a heavy punch! STAND OFF! She bounces off the ropes and goes down in a heap! He covers! One… Two… THRE… Voodoo breaks the pin!! Gable pulls Voodoo off and they tumble to the outside! Sheriff Law still has the upper hand and pulls Jakande to her feet… JUSTICE!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [SHOOT WINS! They are the new Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Championships! Gable makes his way back into the ring and raise their hands high!]


[The Tag Team Championship Number One Contender match has ended with Black Magic and SHOOT finding themselves on opposite sides of the ring trying to recuperate from a hard fought contest.] [Suddenly…] [“The Grudge” by Tool plays out throughout the Tap Room and the crowd comes to their in nervous anticipation.] [HOLY SHIT! IT’S KNOCK KNOCK!! IT’S DOUBT AND SMILEY!] [Smiley descends the steps towards the ring while Doubt does the same on the other side. Steel chairs and microphones in hand.]

“Knock Knock” [Smiley whispers with the points of his Glasgow smile curling to a grin.]

“Who’s there?” [Doubt responds.] [Cael Gable and Makena Jakande hurry their recuperation process, bringing themselves to a defensive position while Sheriff Law and Voodoo appear ready but more surprised by the sudden appearance of Knock Knock.] [Doubt and Smile stand on each side of the ring with Black Magic and SHOOT looking back and forth at both of them. The team of Knock Knock hold up the steel chairs as if pondering their use before they both slowly pull the microphones to their lips and speak in unison.]

“Your worst nightmare.”

[Without hesitation, Doubt and Smile drop the chairs and slide into the ring AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!] [It’s an all out brawl with Black Magic double teaming Doubt and SHOOT trying to corner Smiley.] [SHOOT gets the early upper hand but a rake to the eyes of Gable from Smiley stuns him long enough for Smiley to land a kick to the gut of Law.] [On the other side, Doubt ducks a clothesline from Jakande and another from Voodoo who ends up driving the clotheslines into his own partner. Shocked, Voodoo turns to catch a knee to the midsection.] [Double irish whip from Knock Knock AND IT’S A COLLISION BETWEEN LAW AND VOODOO!] [NOW THEY’RE TRADING PUNCHES!!!] [Smiley and Doubt do not hesitate and at full sprints both land flying splashes into the corners on Gable and Jakande respectively before they slide to the outside.] [THEY’RE GOING FOR THE CHAIRS!!!!] [Sheriff Law and Voodoo continue to trade punches and Knock Knock re-enters the ring, weapons in hand.] [SMACK!! CRUNCH!!] [Law and Voodoo slump to the canvas as Jakande recovers to a charge.] [BOOM!] [Smiley takes her out with a swing of the chair.] [THUD!] [And Doubt nails a charging but defenseless Cael Gable.] [MY GAWD!!! KNOCK KNOCK HAS DECIMATED THE COMPETITION! THEY STAND TALL IN THE CENTER OF THE RING!!! WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN FOR OUR NUMBER ONE CONTENDER SPOT??!?]


[Hayden Hardcore and Alistair Huxley settle things once and for all tonight at Ring of Dreams. Mr. Freakshow and the Maori Warrior prepare to lock horns as the bell rings.] [Hayden Hardcore sprints across the ring and jumps with a LEAPING DROPKICK! Huxley is driven through the ropes and falls to ground below! He holds his back in pain, and Hayden jumps to the top turnbuckle… He waits for Huxley to get to his feet and then flies off with a CROSSBODY BLOCK!! Huxley is levelled and Hayden makes his way back to his feet. He pumps his fists in excitement and rips Huxley up by the hair. He rolls Alistair back in and pops up onto the apron. He flies over with a HILO… but Huxley gets his knees up! Hayden Hardcore crashes back-first across the knees!] [Huxley grabs the ropes and pulls himself up, as Hayden grabs the small of his back, writhing in pain. Huxley smiles and walks towards Hardcore and begins stomping the Kiwi into the mat. The worm has turned as Huxley is now in total control. He pulls Hayden up by the hair and and whips him into the far ropes. When he returns, Huxley leaps into the air and levels Hayden with a FLYING DROPKICK!! Hardcore is down and Huxley takes a bow, then jumps into the air, crashing back down with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP to Hayden Hardcore’s chest! The wind is driven from his lung and Huxley loves it. He pulls Hayden to his feet and locks in a SLEEPER HOLD! Hayden struggles against the hold, but starts to fade…. Then a Sleeper Suplex! BIG TOP DROP! One… Two… Thre… Kickout!] [Mr. Freakshow doesn’t like that and shows three fingers to the ref, who holds up two in response. Huxley tries to argue further, but is rolled up from behind with a SCHOOL BOY!! One… Two… Th… Kickout! Alistair is furious as he pops up to sitting position, but Hardcore is to his feet faster, and nails Huxley with a FRONT DROPKICK TO THE CHEST!] [Huxley is flattened and Hayden sees the opportunity to make a big strike and pulls Huxley to his feet. He drags him to the corner and sets him on the turnbuckle. Hayden climbs to the second rope himself… Fireman’s Carry… MAORI DROP!! Hayden hooks a leg…. One… Two… THRE…. NO! The Ringmaster barely kicks out! Hardcore doesn’t waste time and sprints to the top. FLYING KIWI!!! But nobody’s home! Huxley rolled out of the way at the last second! Hardcore slams hard to the canvas! Huxley pulls himself up by the ropes and then rips Hayden up by the hair. He locks in a hammerlock and then turns into a LEFREAK! One… Two… Three….. NOOO! Hayden Hardcore barely grabbed the ropes in time!!] [Huxley is angry again, but doesn’t waste time arguing. Instead he quickly drops repeated knees to Hayden’s head and shoulders. The ref stops him after ten, and then Huxley follows it up by ten stomps to Hayden’s chest! The ref stops that and the Alistair mounts Hayden and delivers a series of grounded punches to the head! The ref stops that after ten! He shoves Huxley backwards, who slips around the ref and runs right back to his opponent. He reaches down, but Hayden pulls him down with a SMALL PACKAGE!! One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Huxley kicked out just milliseconds before the refs hand hit for 3! Hayden has gotten a second wind and kips up at the same time that Huxley spins to his feet. Huxley breathes fire! DRAGON’S BREATH! Buy Hayden saw it coming and ducked under! He spins Alistair around and levels him with a quick strike MAUI’S HOOK!! Huxley is down, and Hayden heads to the top… FLYING KIWI!! He covers… One… Two… THREE!!!] [Hayden Hardcore gets the big victory here tonight at Ring of Dreams! He heads to the turnbuckle to celebrate with the crowd as Fluffy tends to Alistair Huxley in the ring!]


[The crowd is silent as Doubt makes its way to the ring, the seemingly demonic being calm as ever as he enters the ring. It turns to face the entrance, the tension palpable as no music plays, a single battle cry shattering the silence. The entrance door is kicked open, almost flying off of its hinges!] [Standing in the doorway is The Skull Splitter, Viktor North.] [And Gungir is held high.] [North storms the ring! Doubt doesn’t even flinch as Viktor slides in. Instead, the Emotion simply holds its arms out wide.] [North doesn’t give any time to think as he lunges towards Doubt. GUNGIR PIERCES DOUBT’S MASK! THE EMOTION HITS THE GROUND IN A HEAP!] [The crowd is too shocked to do anything as North twists the spear! The Viking pulls Gungir from Doubt’s body, the metallic mask of the Emotion coming off with it, hitting the ground with a thunk. North leans over the supposed corpse, his face contorting to an expression of pure horror once again…] [As the body lets out an echoey, whispy sigh.] [North backs away from Doubt, the Emotion getting to its feet, the camera panning to show what was under the mask.] [A black void, nothingness. Two red eyes slowly open, piercing through the darkness. The crowd gasps as it begins to speak.]

“Viktor…Hel does not await me, for I am nothing more than a mere shadow. A shadow that plagues the minds of several people daily. A shadow that people must face at least once in their life. A shadow that can consume your very soul if it so chooses. I gave you a chance to flee, to give you an opportunity to join Valhalla. And yet… you stay. Now, I shall prove to you that no weapon can save you from your own emotions!”

[With little warning, pitch black, shadowy tendrils burst from Doubt’s hood, the appendages wrapping around North’s limbs and pulling him closer! Viktor fights with all of his might, pulling and yanking at the tendrils. HE RIPS ONE OFF! The shadowy mass dissipates into thin air, a new one materializing in its place. North grits his teeth as he holds up his fists.] [He’s certain of what he must do.]

“Only fools hope to live forever! Prepare to taste defeat by my hand!”


[Doubt yanks North closer into his embrace, the Viking trying his best to free the hand with Gungir in it to no avail! Doubt wraps a tendril around the spear! HE YANKS GUNGIR FROM NORTH’S HAND! The spear lands outside of the ring and Viktor looks helpless as the Emotion closes in! North is inches from Doubt’s face, his face growing pale with every second- HIGH KNEE BY VIKTOR! DOUBT IS KNOCKED BACKWARDS! North physically pulls free from the tendrils and goes on the offensive! North lands blow after blow onto Doubt’s body, the Emotion forced back into a corner by the assault!] [North keeps Doubt stunned with a boot to the chest followed up BY A MASSIVE LARIAT! Viktor pulls away, looking to hit another big move WHEN DOUBT LASHES OUT WITH A DROPKICK! North is rocked but still standing! Doubt yanks him close AND HITS A NECKBREAKER! With Viktor down it moves to the apron, coming back with a springboard elbow drop to the neck of Viktor! North is in pain as Doubt mounts him, the tendrils slithering out of its hood and wrapping around North’s head! The Skull Splitter uses all of his strength to keep The Emotion at bay!] [North strikes at Doubt’s hood, his blows barely staggering the being as It pulls him closer! MONKEYFLIP BY NORTH! Viktor tosses Doubt off of himself and rolls to his feet as it rises. THE FALL OF UTGARD! Doubt lands headfirst onto the mat and North covers! One!- NOT EVEN A ONE COUNT! The Emotion shows just how monstrous it can be as North watches in shock! North unleashes a big boot- DOUBT CATCHES IT! THE SECOND GUESS! Doubt traps North in the center of the ring! The Viking is writing in agony, but he refuses to give in! Doubt wrenches with all of its strength!] [North claws at the mat, begging to get closer to the ropes! He’s desperate! He elbows Doubt in the lower back! Again and again to the Emotion! Doubt leans back, trying to get North to tap! NORTH WRAPS AN ARM AROUND DOUBT’S NECK! He wrenches down, getting it to let go! He moves to his feet AND HITS A HANGMAN’S NECKBREAKER! He doesn’t let go! He stands again and forced Doubt around. HE LIFTS THE EMOTION INTO A BRAINBUSTER! Doubt smacks the ground and Viktor drapes an arm over him! One! Two!- KICK OUT! KICK THE FUCK OUT BY DOUBT!] [Doubt is in dire straights as the Emotion refuses to stay down! Doubt gets to its feet and ducks a lariat by North! Viktor turns around TO THE END OF WISDOM! North smacks the ground and Doubt still isn’t done! CAUSE OF DOUBT! North gasps in pain as Doubt stands! It moves to the nearest turnbuckle! It’s looking to end it! It ascends to the second turnbuckle- NORTH IS UP! VIKTOR NORTH FORCED HIMSELF UP! He traps Doubt’s head from behind! VALFATHER’S SACRIFICE! The kick connects! North’s foot is stuck! DOUBT CAUGHT IT WITH ITS TENDRILS! North tries to pull away but Doubt yanks him off of his feet!] [North is trapped in Doubt’s grasp and the emotion uses its tendrils to pull North closer, The Skull Splitter getting to a foot! Doubt grabs North’s head, pulling him in and letting go of his foot! North’s face grows pale as the tendril’s wrap around it! North looks to be fading! Doubt can’t do this! NORTH TEARS THE TENDRILS FROM DOUBT’S FACE! HE THROWS DOUBT ACROSS THE RING! It hits down and North scales to the top rope! Doubt rises in time to see North atop the turnbuckle! Viktor lets out a massive war cry! GUNGIR FROM THE TOP ROPE! THE MODIFIED SPEAR BREAKS DOUBT IN HALF! North pins! One! Two! Three!] [North rolls away to the outside, he has put down the creature! He grabs Gungir but as he turns back to the ring Doubt has already disappeared with his mask in hand!]


[Bright colours.] [We’re looking through the eyes of a trip unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Bright colours swirl as we walk through an alleyway, our thoughts drowsy and peaceful.] [Click.] [Click.] [He shakes his head and comes to his senses; it’s Captain Zappa, and he’s wandered into the world of vagrants, lepers and the meek.]

“Friends, take me to your leader!”

[Silence.] [Everyone ignores him, refusing eye contact. Although stood before him, a woman stands. We know her as Calypso.]

“There’s no leader amongst us. What do you want, stranger?”

[Zappa smiles.] “I am the chosen and I’m looking for those who wish to peel away the layer of this dimension and broaden their horizons to a world beyond – where the meek will thrive.”

[Calypso puts her hands on her hips.]

“Come with me, and I will take you to the Outer Limits. I’ve heard that you worship no God, and I can prove he came to be a lie. The Zetas have shown me the way. They saw me differently and I have proved my commitment to them. Follow me and I can show it to you too.”

[Everyone now turns their attention to Zappa, who stands before them a crazed looking hippy. Calypso smiles.]

“You wish for me to join you, but first you need to prove your commitment to us. We believe the meek shall inherit the earth and you prophesize our inherency of another world?”

[He looks up at the sky.] “No, the Zetas do; under my leadership.”

“Very well. At Double Tap, our stars will align and I will call you Captain. But if we fail to win and you fail to prove your commitment to us, I will destroy all you hold dear, alien.”

[Zeta nods enthusiastically before trundling away, continuing his trip. The cameras close in on the face of Calypso, who looks somewhat perturbed.] [Could he really bring about their domination of this or a better world?]


[Tonight, it is Sergei Sokolov against Mr. X. X has been playing all the mind games against Sergei until this point. Sergei will finally get his hands on X tonight. Will he get the answers he seeks or will he question himself even more?] [DING DING! Sergei wastes no time in going after Mr. X! He charges at him but Mr.X ducks in between the ropes for the ref to stop Sergei! Mr. X attacks with an elbow strike on the distraction but no reaction from Sergei! X goes for another elbow strike…Sergei catches the wrist and starts to crush it in his hand! X is screaming in pain! Sergei is annoyed with the screaming and reels X into a massive CLOTHESLINE! He still has a hold of the wrist, he lifts X and hits another massive CLOTHESLINE! He does it again and again!] [Sergei is completely destroying Mr. X with clothesline after clothesline! Ten clotheslines in total! He picks up X again, lets go of the wrist this time to hit a SPINNING CLOTHESLINE! Mr. X has to be done but Sergei is not close to over with him! He picks X up in the air with a Gorilla Press and launches X over the ropes into the barricade! Sergei walks out of the ring, grabs X by the throat and CHOKESLAM on the barricade! He keeps his hand clutched and CHOKESLAM on the apron! He still keeps it clutched, this time SOVIET STRIKE!] [Another devastating Chokeslam from Sergei onto his knee! Mr.X is getting thrown around like a rag doll! Sergei rolls in and out of the ring to restart the count! He grabs the back of X’s head and starts bashing it on the apron and grinds X’s head on it while walking towards the ring post! More bashes to the head this time against the ring post! He leans X against the ring post and BIG BOOT to the skull! He hits another one and another one! Sergei has no care in the world about X, he grabs him by his shirt collar and tosses him into the barricade again!] [Sergei is waiting for X to get up… SPEAR through the barricade! Sergei slides in and out of the ring! The ringside destruction continues! Sergei picks X up in a gorilla press and tosses him back first into the ring post! He picks up X and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE into the ring post! A devastating Sambo suplex and he does it again! X will never be the same after tonight! Sergei tosses X into the ring! The action has now come to the ring! Sergei lifts X up and does a STALLING SUPLEX! He has him in the air for over a minute until he just chuckles and lets go of Mr.X!] [Mr. X falls directly on his head! He is completely out of it! Sergei slides out of the ring and rips off the mat on the outside exposing the concrete floor underneath! What does he have planned? Sergei slides back in the ring and just walks on X! He stands on X, jumps off him and flattens him with a SENTON! Athletic move from the big man! Sergei pops back up, picks X up and tosses him shoulder first into the ring post! He waits for X to stumble backwards, picks him in an electric chair and drops him with a GERMAN SUPLEX!] [X flops over, he doesn’t seem to be moving at all but that isn’t going to stop Sergei who starts to stomp on the back of X’s head. He picks X up, Irish whips him but X falls before he even reaches the ropes! Sergei shrugs and just tosses him in the air for a POP-UP POWERBOMB! He climbs on top of X and just drops some massive HAMMER FISTS on top of his head! He picks X up again, puts him between his legs, salutes, and puts X on his shoulders. He walks over by the ropes and IRON CURTAIN onto the concrete floor! The ref calls it as X is completely knocked out!] [Sergei with one of the most dominant wins in the history of OSW. Mr. X is crumpled up in a heap as Sergei stands over him proud of his work.]


[Holy shit, Sergei Sokolov has destroyed Mr. X.] [The Russian Bear roars viciously in the middle of the ring, screaming at the top of his lungs as EMT’s rush to ringside. They need to get him out of there before Sergei ends his life.] [Just then, someone attacks the Russian Bear from behind with a thunderous forearm to the back of the head!] [And Sergei falls, immediately.] [Like a sack of shit, he hits the canvas with a giant thud, unconscious and unresponsive. He’s out, from nothing more than a forearm to the back of the head.] [Wearing a hooded jacket, the person unzips it and carefully takes it off, revealing arms of steel. Literally.] [Piotor Svetolav.] [What the fuck? The Russian stands over his fallen comrade, his eyes focused on the stirring Sokolov. His arms are made of stone cold steel and he just used one to devastate the devastating Tsar.] [What’s the meaning of this?]

“You want to know truth, Sergei?” [Piotor asks, tilting his head.] “Truth is that Mr. X told you no lies. General Petrov is traitor, working for American government. He has you work for them too.”

[Sokolov turns over, clutching at the bleeding wound on the back of his forehead. His once blonde hair turned crimson by it.]

“Mother Russia sent me to dispatch of traitor. Piotor start with Petrov and finish with Sergei.”

[Svetolav runs, diving at Sokolov with a vicious basement clothesline, driving his steel arms into the throat of the Russian Bear.] [As Sergei chokes, scrambling away clutching his throat, Piotor gets back to his feet, smiling.]


[Tonight, it is war vs peace, Abraxas vs Epitaph. Which philosophy will win, which man will win here at Ring of Dreams?] [DING DING! Epitaph is leaning in the corner and Abraxas wastes no time with a RUNNING FOREARM! Epitaph slumps against the ropes and Abraxas is throwing nonstop rights! The referee pulls Abraxas off Epitaph but Abraxas runs right back at him. This time, Epitaph catches him and EXPLODER SUPLEX into the corner! Epitaph is waiting for Abraxas to get up…CLOTHESLINE in the corner! Abraxas is dazed as he smashed in the corner! He’s falling forward but Epitaph catches him to send him across the ring with a BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Epitaph is climbing up the top rope!] [Epitaph leaps off the rope going for an elbow drop but Abraxas rolls out of the way! Epitaph is clutching onto that elbow! Hard kick straight to the elbow by Abraxas and another one! ARM DRAG by Abraxas! It is obvious what limb Abraxas is focusing on tonight! Epitaph gets up and another arm drag by Abraxas! He keeps a hold of the arm this time with a tight arm lock! Epitaph is fighting out of it, he is getting to his feet, and Abraxas still has the hold locked in… Epitaph stands up and does a hard FOREARM SHOT with the free arm!] [Epitaph is clutching his arm while waiting for Abraxas to get back up… Abraxas gets back up and a series of forearms with the good arm from Epitaph! Epitaph is going for a running clothesline but Abraxas dropkicks the bad arm! Epitaph feels the pain throughout his arm! JUMPING ARMBREAKER from Abraxas! Abraxas is stomping on the arm rapidly digging his foot in with the last stomp! Abraxas goes to the top rope and waits for Epitaph to get up. Epitaph stands up, Abraxas leaps off the rope, and Epitaph counters it with VIOLENT RESISTANCE! A massive spear midair to Abraxas!] [Epitaph goes for the cover! 1…2…No! Kickout by Abraxas! Epitaph picks Abraxas up and is trying to lock in the cross face chicken wing…but Abraxas counters it into a chicken wing of his own! He locks it in and drags Epitaph to the mat! He still has it locked in and Abraxas with knees to the arm! Epitaph might tap out any second, his arm has to be done but he uses his legs to crawl and drapes his leg over the ropes! Rope break! Abraxas has to break the hold but he gets a few kicks on the hurt arm for good measure!] [Abraxas shoves Epitaph out of the ring with his boot! Hard thud on the floor! Epitaph directly falls on his arm! Abraxas goes to the top rope, he goes for the moonsault but Epitaph rolls out of the way! Abraxas crashes and burns! Epitaph is still struggling with his arms but he manages to get Abraxas up for THE INSCRIPTION! Violent piledriver right on the floor! He tosses Abraxas into the ring! He slides in and goes for the cover! 1…2…Abraxas gets the shoulder up! Epitaph gets some stomps in! Even with the mask on, you can tell he’s seething!] [Epitaph is trying to pick up Abraxas but Abraxas grabs the hurt arm and slams it into the mat then locks in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Epitaph looks like he’s about to tap but reverses it into a roll up! 1…2…Abraxas kicks out and releases the hold! Both men get to their feet, Abraxas faster than Epitaph and he goes for a hurricanrana but Epitaph reverses it into a BUCKLE BOMB! Took all of Epitaph’s strength to pull that off! He is calling for the Euthanasia; he gets the double underhook locked but Abraxas runs him into the other corner! Small package out of nowhere from Abraxas! 1…2…3!] [Abraxas pulls out the win showing that violence destroy peace and can destroy arms as well]


[Their conflict resolved in the middle of the ring, William Abraxas and Epitaph both retreat to their respective corners to take stock of the situation. Tension hangs thick in the air until Epitaph speaks.]

“Did that truly see a victor emerge, William?”

[The White Horse rises from his corner holding the red candle of war, neverending in its burning.]

“Is anything truly over? Peace did not emerge from this battle, yet our war hangs at a standstill.”

[The Red Horse stands in his corner with his hands cradling the white candle of peace, wax spread all over the place from the burning down of its candle.]

“War never ends, Epitaph.” [Abraxas begins.] “Yet I see now that you recognize this. Your war is just for peace. And as sickening as that concept is to me, I respect the fact that you wage the war you do.”

[The two men meet in the center of the ring.]

“Then perhaps we are more alike than we realized.” [Epitaph asks.] “The White Horse and the Red Horse are, in fact, both horses after all. Our goals may not be the same, but our path may be more similar than any could have guessed.”

[The two men hold out their respective candles, the flames intertwining between them and signalling what appears to be a partnership.]

“War.” [Abraxas says.]

“Peace.” [Epitaph responds.] [The two men stand in the middle of the ring as their partnership solidifies itself.] [GUNGNIR TO EPITAPH!] [TALON’S CLAW TO ABRAXAS!] [Both War and Peace are dropped to the mat as two men stand above them.] [Tonatiuh.] [Viktor North.] [The two men nod to one another, solidifying their own partnership, as they look down and snort at War and Peace.] [This isn’t over.]


[A battle of hatred and bloodshed, a tale of revenge with a devious mind pulling the strings behind the scene. Can the self proclaimed God survived or will Errol Flint and the Jeckels have their revenge? Eroll stands at ringside, watching the action.] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, nailing eac hother with hard rights and lefts, neither man getting the advantage before Jack swings with a wild elbow, clipping Bird in the side of the temple dazing him. Jack tosses him across the ring, grabbing Bird on the rebound before tossing him across the ring with a hard Fallaway Slam! Bird slowly gets to his feet as Jack rushes forward, clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor below.] [Jack rolls outside as Bird gets to his feet but Bird surprises Jack with a knee to the gut as he throws him backfirst into the apron. Bird pulls Jack up, grabbing him by the back of the head as they head towards the bar. Jack tries to fight back but Bird stops him with a hard knee to the gut before Snap Suplexing him on the hard concrete. Jack yells out in pain as Bird lifts him to his feet, slamming him head first into the bar] [Bird grabs a beer from behind the bar, taking a swig before spitting it in Jack’s face as he slams the bottle down on Jeckel’s head. Jack staggers back, slightly bleeding as Bird rushes forward, trying for a Big Boot that Jack just ducks under. Jack spins Bird around, lifting him up high as he tries for a Powerbomb. Bird slips out, grabbing Jack from behind as he nails him with a Dragon Suplex!] [Bird pulls Jack up to his feet, grabbing him by the back of the head again as they head back to the ring, Bird trying to roll Jack back in but Jack fights back, nailing Bird with a hard elbow to the side of the temple before lifting him up, POWERBOMB ON THE OUTSIDE! Bird is laid out cold as Jack rolls back into the ring, climbing up to the top rope as he sizes Bird up, SUPER SPLASH! The Boogeyman lifts a limp Bird up to his feet, tossing him into the ring before quickly covering] [ONE…TWO…Bird kicks out! Jack flips him over quickly, pulling his arms up as he locks in the Echo Side! Bird screams out in pain but refuses to tap out as Jack pulls back with all his strength. Bird still holds on as Jack lets go for a moment as he leaps up, JACK IN THE…BIRD JUST SLIPS OUT, rolling Jack up out of nowhere! ONE..TWO..Jack gets the shoulder up! Bird tries to stand up but Jack rolls to his feet, drilling Bird with a hard kick to the face before powering him up, BOOGEYMAN BOMB!] [Jack doesn’t cover, instead lifting Bird up once more, THE HATCHET 2.0! This should be it as Jack drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR.BIRD KICKS OUT! Jack can’t believe it, furious as he rolls out of the ring, pulling a steel chair from underneath as he slides back in, begging Bird to get up to his feet. Ethan does slowly as Jack swings hard, Bird ducking under as Jack hits the ropes, the chair bouncing back into his face. Jack drops the chair as Bird lifts him up onto his shoulders, running forward before planting Jack with a massive Running Powerslam! Bird calls for the end, lifting Jack up again, WORLD’S END! This has to be it as Bird covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Ethan Bird picks up the huge victory tonight, surviving Errol Flint’s challenge as he may be finally being able to put the Jeckel Brothers behind after tonight]


[Brent Kersh makes his way slowly to the ring. There’s no music, no lights, no fanfare. He’s in his street clothes instead of his wrestling gear. Could this be it for the Enforcer? Is he taking Edward Newton’s deal?] [He makes his way into the ring, slowly, somberly, and calls for a microphone.]

“For far too long now, Old School Wrestling has been my home away from home. From Las Vegas to Miami, I have given this company everything that I have… even my son….”

[He lowers his head.]

“WE… LOVE… KERSH!!! WE… LOVE… KERSH!” [The crowd chants.] [He raises his head up and tears are in his eyes. He holds a hand out to silence the crowd. They quiet, and he continues.]

“For far too long now, this place hasn’t been safe for those with families. Bruce Van Chan lost his unborn child, Mike Lane lost Destiny, and the list goes on and on. This place is full of psychopaths, monsters, and murderers. It just isn’t safe here. I’ve already lost one of my children to OSW, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose another.”

[He puts his hands on his hips and looks to the sky. He’s holding back tears, and the crowd starts again.]


[He gives them a moment to quiet, and when they do, he moves on.]

“Every member of my family has been targeted by the monsters that haunt these halls. From my father to my pregnant wife and the baby that grows inside her. So, it’s with a heavy heart that I make this decision… Newton! Get out here!”

[The lights go low and the music starts. Edward Newton steps out through the doors and his smile stretches from ear to ear. He rubs his hands together as he heads toward the ring. He grabs a microphone on his way up the stairs and steps through the ropes and stands across from Kersh. He chuckles and lifts the mic.]

“Enough with the small talk, Kersh. I’ve heard enough. LAY DOWN!”

[Kersh looks down for a moment, trying to keep his composure. He looks back at Newton with fire in his eyes.]


[Newton smiles, but is that a hint of intimidation in those eyes?]

“You’ve done enough talking from behind a camera lens; now it’s my turn! I’ve told you once, and I’ll tell you again. You do not frighten me. I’ve been through hell and back since I came here, and you are nothing compared to that. If it wasn’t for your cowardice, your inability to fight fair, I would have already crushed you. But instead you took my daughter like a thief in the night. You’ve manipulated her and me at every turn, and since you have no concern for anyone other than yourself, here I am, about to give you what you want…”

[Newton’s smile somehow widens. He lifts his mic… but Brent silences him before he begins.]


[The crowd explodes!]

“My family means more to me than anything, Newton. Anything! So before I lay down here and let you pin me, ending my career, there’s one more thing I need you to hear, and one thing I want to show you: You see, you took my daughter and hid her away. You took her somewhere that you believed I would never find her. You took her to a place that I would never dream of looking. You took her to a place… that I’ve been before! You see, it didn’t take much to put the pieces together. I’ve seen the markings on those concrete walls before. I knew where your match was going to be that night, and I knew you couldn’t be far from there. So after I headed to the Asylum…”

[Newton’s eyes bulge and his smile is wiped from his face]

“…it wasn’t hard to find her.”

[He points over Newton’s shoulder, who turns and looks as Dani Kersh makes her way from the back. She waves at him. He slowly turns back to Kersh, raising his hands and begging off.]

“I’m not going anywhere, Newton.” [The crowd explodes again.] “I outsmarted you, and now I’m going to out wrestle you.”

[He throws the microphone and the bell rings.]


Brent Kersh takes full advantage of Edward Newton’s surprise and nails him with a heavy right hand! Newton is rocked back on his heels and Kersh hits him again and again, knocking him back against the ropes. Newton tries to slide out, but grabs him by the back of the head, and wrenches him backwards, tangled in the ropes. Newton’s back is turned to Kersh, who pulls him back to deliver heavy clubbing forearms across Edward’s chest! Newton is in trouble, as Kersh turns around and drops delivering a REVERSE STUNNER THAT DRIVE’S NEWTON’S NECK ACROSS THE TOP ROPE! Newton is nearly decapitated as he collapses on the apron! Kersh steps through the rope onto the apron himself. He positions Newton’s limp body with his foot to where the Riddler’s head and neck stick out of the ring. Kersh steps back and leaps into the air with a JUMPING LEG DROP! Kersh falls to the ground with driving force as Newton is left flailing in the ring, hold his throat!] [Kersh grabs his tailbone, but is quick to recover from his deliberate fall. He slides back into the the ring and drops a few knees to the back of Newton’s head for good measure. The Enforcer is in total control! He stands and considers what to do next and decides to pull Newton up by the hair, but catches an EYE POKE for his troubles! Newton tries to catch his breath, and Kersh stumbles back towards him. The Riddler pops forward with a THROAT THRUST! Kersh drops to a knee, gasping for air. Newton finally gains his feet, just to grab Kersh’s head and drop him with a SINGLE ARM DDT!! He rolls Kersh over and pins… One… Two… THRE…] [KICKOUT! Kersh kicks out with force and Newton is sent away, just to jump back on top and deliver a series of punches and elbows to Kersh’s head and neck area! Kersh tries to cover up, so Newton jumps high in the air and drives his knee straight down on Kersh’s chest! Kersh is once again without his wind, and Newton tries to capitalize! He grabs Brent’s legs and turns him over for a BOSTON CRAB!! Kersh struggle to catch his breath and not tap out at the same time, he reaches out for the ropes, but the Riddler sees it and walks towards the middle of the ring!! Kersh is in trouble here with no way to break the hold, but he is able to push up, turn his body and fling Newton across the ring!!] [Kersh drags himself over to the ropes and begins to pull himself up, but Newton sprints across the ring and levels Kersh with a HELLUVA KICK to the side of his head! Kersh’s lights go out, and he crumples to the canvas. Newton smiles and thinks for a moment about what to do next. He looks to the corner and mounts the second turnbuckle. He motions for Brent to get up as the crowd boos aggressively. Finally, Kersh stumbles to his feet. Edward leaps from the ropes with an AXEHANDLE, but Kersh sees it and jumps into the air connecting with a DROPKICK! Newton’s own force doubled the impact and he drops like a sack of potatoes!] [Kersh gets to his feet after that desperation kick, and saunters over to Newton. He grabs his leg and locks in the LONESTAR!! Newton is flailing in pain! He grasps for the ropes, but they are out of reach! He is in real trouble here! We could see a new Showcase Champion! Newton lifts his arm to tap… but instead he fights his way over, reversing the figure four!! Kersh immediately breaks the hold, and the two lay prone for a moment, relieving the pain.] [Finally Kersh gets to his feet first and heads towards Newton, who pops up and kicks out at Kersh. Brent catches his foot, but the shoe slides of and Newton drops after the distraction and nails Kersh with a LOW BLOW! MIND OVER MATTER!! Kersh stumbles and Newton pops up… NEVERMIND!!! Kersh’s head is buried in the canvas! Newton covers… One… Newton puts his feet on the middle rope for leverage… Two… Kersh struggles and the ref doesn’t see Newton’s feet… THREE!!] [Edward Newton retains and keeps his unbeaten streak alive! He’s a dirty cheater, but he got the job done, scowling at Dani Kersh as he runs away before and infuriated Kersh can get ahold of him!]


[Backstage.] [Jack Jeckel sits, dejected, his head in his hands. He fought so hard tonight for his family, for his brother, for the deal that Errol Flint offered him. As he sits in a sombre and inconsolable mood, Errol struts on up.]

“How did it feel?” [he asks, sizing up the younger Jeckel.] “How did it feel to know that you just cost your brother his life.”

[Jack looks up, his eyes wide.] “You can’t do this, Flint.”

“We had a deal, didn’t we? If you won, I would let your brother rot in jail alive. But if Bird won, I would end you both.”

[Flint pulls his jacket to one side, revealing a small calibre pistol.]

“You need to come with me, son.”

[As Errol reaches down to place his hand upon the weapon, Jack slowly rises to his feet. He puts his hands up, signalling that he has no fight left in him.] [They walk to the exit and leave the arena, heading into the alleyway behind it. Flint intends to end Jack’s life, just like the deal they made suggests. Ethan Bird has long washed his hands of the Jeckel’s and now Errol Flint intends to do the same.] [Jack drops to his knees in the rain, looking up at the sky.] [Flint pulls his weapon.]

“Any last words?”

[Jeckel shakes his head.] [The camera faces Errol Flint.] [Then the sky.] [BANG!] [The camera lowers towards the gory scene below. As it slowly descends from the nights sky, the sight below is a shocking and gory one.] [Jack Jeckel remains on his knees, untouched and unharmed.] [But Errol Flint – he isn’t so lucky.] [The former OSW Chairman lays on the ground clutching his chest, as blood slowly trickles out onto the pavement. He coughs, spluttering blood up onto his chin. Jack stands up and turns around, checking himself to see if he’s whole.]

“What the fuck?”

[He looks down at Flint, who’s gasping for air.] [There’s no-one around. There’s no-one even in the vicinity. Jack doesn’t touch Flint’s gun, he simply steps backwards.]

“Help…. me,” [Errol begs, reaching out an harm.] “Please!”

[The Juggalo looks him up and down, shakes his head and walks away.] [The last shot we see is of Jack Jeckel walking away into the distance, Errol Flint left bleeding to dead in the alleyway behind him.] [Cut.]


[Lux Bellator has saw fit to make Sharkman into his sword. With the aid of Lux’s father Pedro El Salvador, Sharkman escaped those bonds. He’s been able to break free of his past, and now it’s time for his vengeance for what Lux did to him.] [The bell sounds as Sharkman rushes forward, Lux grabbing hold of the ropes as he starts to head out of the ring. The official holds Sharkman back as Lux tries to sneak attack Shark, but he dodges a clothesline, destroying Lux with hard forearms in a furious anger. The Double Feature Champ falls to his knees before his sword, but the sword only has one thing on his mind. Lux gets whipped across the ring, rebounding as Sharkman leaps up, HURRICANRANA! Lux stumbles to his feet, falling outside the ring as he tries to get a breather from the Vigilante’s growing momentum.] [Sharkman follows, walking right into an elbow to the jaw before Lux quickly grabs him from behind, RELEASE GERMAN INTO THE POST! Lux smiles as he pulls the hurting Vigilante up to his feet, throwing him back first into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. Bellator takes a moment to offer a word in Latin to the man upstairs before refocusing on his task. Sharkman slowly gets to his feet, right as Lux rushes forward, ARM OF GOD! Lux has the arm bar locked in the middle of the ring, Sharkman may be forced to tap out right here] [Sharkman tries to pull himself towards the ropes but Lux has the arm bar locked in tight, sitting back as far as he can as Sharkman looks to be close to tapping out. With a last surge of strength, Sharkman slowly gets to his feet, Lux holding onto his side as Sharkman drives him down to the mat with a modified Powerbomb. The damage has been done thou as Shark’s arm hangs limp by his side. The Vigilante goes down to a knee as he tries to get some feeling into that arm. This war is about more than just a regular match or championship.] [Sharkman pulls Lux up to his feet as he tries to lift him up for the Reckoning but his arm gives out on him as Lux stuns him with a hard enziguri to the back of the head before spinning him down to the mat with a lightning fast DEUM LUCEM! Lux calls for the end, lifting up the seemingly done Sharkman as he sets him up for the Disciple Maker. Sharkman backdrops his way out of it however, backing up as Lux slowly gets to his feet, ROLL UP! ONE… TWO… LUX KICKS OUT! This one was almost over!] [The match having been reset, the two men come at one another and lock up. Sharkman shoots a couple of knees into Lux’s midsection, and then hits a quick SNAP SUPLEX! He jumps on top of Lux, and screams out to him that he will not break. But Lux grabs Sharkman’s wrist and quickly locks in PURITY! The triangle choke has Sharkman drowning as he tries to breath! He has no way out, but he isn’t going to be giving up on this day. Instead, Sharkman rotates his body to get his feet on the ropes! The official breaks the hold.] [Lux Bellator smells blood in the water and comes at Sharkman with a renewed vigor, stomping down on the rising Vigilante. Yet through sheer grit and determination, Sharkman continues to fight to his feet. Both men plant their feet, and start rocking each other with rights and lefts. SHOT FROM LUX! SHOT FROM SHARKMAN! Neither one wants to give ground, but something has to give. What gives is Lux Bellator reaching INTO THE MOUTH OF SHARKMAN AND PULLING ONE OF THE TEETH OFF HIS MASK! Sharkman is staggered by this for some reason, allowing Lux to grab him. DISCIPLE… NO! SHARKMAN ROLLS HIM UP! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!] [Sharkman has emerged victorious as the NEW Double Feature Champion, but Lux is not done yet. The masked warrior grabs Sharkman by the mask with a grin before looking up to the heavens.] [CRACK!] [Lightning strikes the ring!] [And both Lux and Sharkman are gone.]


[Previously Recorded] [Calypso’s followers. A group of the meek, standing together somewhat nervously, waiting, standing in a nondescript location. They are soon greeted, not by their leader, but by the maniacal laughter of one man who slinks slowly out of the shadows.] [Desmond Cross.]

“Ye who doubt…” [He steps in front of the huddled group with arms outstretched as if offering a hug.] “… It’s only natural to doubt.”

[A flurry of laughter escapes his lips as he stops himself to listen to the voices in his head.]

“That is why you are here, isn’t it? Your curiosity getting the better of you. That voice in your head that says ‘what if’?” [He breaks off into a burst of uncontrolled laughter once more but almost instantly refocuses himself in the conversation as if nothing had happened.] “I understand. Part of you is not sure. You put your faith in Calypso, but do you trust that she truly has your backs?”

[The followers of Calypso do not respond, their silence seeming to almost answer Cross’s question in his mind.]

“You doubt her because she could not save Courtney. Her abandonment of the girl placed that seed in your minds… that perhaps you are dispensable. Calypso cannot save you, she cannot offer you the Earth. You’re following the wrong Savior.”

[Decmond Cross is blindsided, taken off his feet and driven into the nondescript concrete wall without so much as a warning. His attacker holds him by the throat and pushes his head against the wall.]

“How… fucking… dare… you…”

[The words are spoken slowly, directly into the face of Cross. Calypso drives her head into his, the heatbutt opening a gash above Cross’s eye that only serves to put a smile on his face as he feels the blood slowly trickling down.]

“I know what you are doing and it’s not going to work. You think you can get to me by getting into the minds of those that follow me?” [She turns to the nervous looking group of her followers.] “Can’t you see he offers you nothing but empty words and lies?”

[The short break in her attention on Cross allows him to push her away. He steps forward, rubbing his tender throat.]

“Are they lies?” [He laughs again, all the more chilling from the blood that now trickles into his mouth as he does so.] “I speak the truth. How about we let them decide who their Savior will be?”

[Calypso turns once more, slamming Cross against the wall again.]

“When I’m through, everyone will see that you’re full of it. The only place anybody will follow you is straight to the hospital.”

[She storms off. Her followers hesitate for a moment, looking back at Cross as if deciding. Then, they too follow Calypso… leaving Desmond abandoned and alone, yet again. Naught but the voices in his head for company.]


[A battle of prophets is about to begin. Calypso and Cross finally meet in the ring. Who will walk out with the belt around their waist?] [Caylpso wastes no time in leaping towards Cross! With weeks of pent up rage behind her, she unloads him a series of devastating strikes to the chest and stomach that stagger him back! EYE RAKE BY CALYPSO! Cross holds his face and The Messiah leaps up with A LEAPING DDT! Cross crashes face first into the mat and Calypso still refuses to back off, unloading with a series of boots to the back of Desmond’s skull! She reaches down to peel Cross from the map, looking for another DDT- BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX BY CROSS! The Fallen slams Calypso back first into the mat!] [The Fallen shakes the cobwebs as he grabs Calypso by her neck and lifts her overhead, slamming her down WITH A CHOKE BOMB! The Messiah bounces off of the mat as Cross uses his size advantage over her, lifting her up once more and whipping her to the turnbuckle! Cross rushes forward, STINGER SPLASH– CALYPSO MOVES! Cross meets the turnbuckle chest first and The Messiah capitalizes WITH A BACKSTABBER! Calypso moves to the top rope, the Prophet seeing in hatred as she leaps with a diving headbutt- BOOT TO THE SKULL! CROSS CATCHES HER WITH A KICK ON THE WAY DOWN!] [Desmond watches as Calypso’s head bounces off of his boot, the smaller wrestler hitting the mat with a thud. Cross smirks and pulls her to her feet, hitting her with a stiff headbutt before pulling her in! HE HAS HER UP IN A POWERBOMB! HE GOES TO THE ROPES! HURRICANRANA! CALYPSO REVERSE AND SENDS CROSS OUTSIDE! The Fallen hits the concrete floor outside the ring and The Messiah gets to her feet, hitting the ropes and COMING BACK WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! SHE COLLIDES WITH CROSS OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Both wrestlers are down outside of the ring!] [The referee begins to count as Calypso rises to her feet, the hardcore Messiah slowly moving to the ring, the dive having taken as much out of her as it had of Cross! Just as she gets to the apron- Boot by Cross! Desmond fought to his feet and now he has control! He grabs Calypso AND THROWS HER HEADFIRST INTO THE STAIRS! Cross grabs her by her hair and lifts her onto the stairs! THE AWAKENING! NECKBREAKER ONTO THE STEEL STAIRS! Cross might’ve just broken her in half! The Fallen lifts Calypso off fo the ground, rolling her into the ring before the referee can count them out!] [Cross looks to have momentum on his side as he methodically walks around Calypso. Just as he looks to end it- HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE AT RINGSIDE! The referee is distracted as he yells to the masses, Cross tries to get the referee’s attention- TESTICULAR CLAW! Calypso catches Cross by surprise and squeezes with both hands! Cross drops to his knees in pain and Calypso moves to the ropes! HER FOLLOWERS HAND HER A CHAIR! SKULLFUCKED TO CROSS! The Fallen drops to the mat and Calypso throws the chair to the outside before covering! One! Two! Three!] [KICKOUT! CROSS GETS HIS SHOULDER UP! Calypso can’t believe her eyes as he throws her off of himself! She looks to her followers to see that they have left ringside, it’s all on her to finish this! She turns back to Cross who is slowly moving to his feet, barely able to stand after the chair shot! She hits the ropes, coming back with a crossbody! CROSS CATCHES HER! The Fallen fights to his feet! He knees Calypso in the side before throwing her onto his shoulders! FALL FROM GRACE BY CROSS! Calypso connects with the mat headfirst and Cross covers! One! Two! Three!] [Desmond Cross has done it! He stands tall following the match, Calypso all by unconscious as the referee hands Cross the belt!]


[Darkness. It is all around us, with no end in sight. Soon, a light fades into view… a small light, emanating from a candle, and barely illuminating the whereabouts of the OSW World Champion, Tommy Hawk, who has a reflective look on his face as he looks around him.]

“The fire spirit was but a single candle before he became the sun.”

[He continues walking down, the eery silence of his surroundings nearly deafening.]

“I am a single candle, and tonight, we burn as one.”

[He stops for a moment, sensing something nearby. Suddenly, fire rages around the champion. Within the fire is a figure hard to make out at first, but as the light glows we begin to make out who it is…the Dragon himself, Solomon Rhodes. The challenger to the title gives a stern look to Tommy, with a tone in his voice to match.]

“Fire is purity, and I have not lost that candle burning inside of me. I do not wish to end the world, but to illuminate it. You should want that too, Chief.”

[The fire glows brighter, as though trying to overtake the soft glow of the candlelight. Tommy takes a look at the candle, a glimmer of the Wolf inside him, and then back at Rhodes, whose eyes shine red as he glares at the champ.]

“Tonight, this ends.”

[With that, a gust of wind sweeps through…extinguishing both the fire and the candlelight in the blink of an eye. Both men disappear back into the darkness, but Solomon’s final words are whispered as if with a hush.]

“And the landscape will be changed forever.”



[Static.] [Double metal doors.]

“Blackwater Asylum.”

[Emblazoned on the wall next to the doors, a rusty dilapidated sign hangs by a single link chain. The camera shoot inside the building, snapping through different corridors and rooms.] [The Scarecrow.] [Mother.] [Bruce Van Chan.] [King Royal.] [Lux Bellator.] [Smiley.] [We see a shot of each of them as the camera finally stops on Smiley, monitoring his progress. There’s only one way to win this match, ladies and gentlemen; escape The Asylum alive.] [The Maniac turns the corner, his eyes darting from room to room.]

“Come out come out wherever you are,” [He menacingly mocks.] “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you,” [Smiley pauses.] “Much.”

[He skulks around the next corner and walks straight into The Scarecrow. The Hayman grabs him by the throat, tossing him into the nearest wall. He quickly rushes, punching with left and right hands that Smiley manages to side step, watching as the final blow drives straight through the rotting dry wall. The Maniac leaps onto his back, strangling him, clawing at his leather face with his sharpened nails, trying to make an impact.] [The Scarecrow shakes him off and turns around, driving into his skull with a vicious Headbutt. This stumbles Smiley, and he walks backwards into the nearest set of doors – arriving in the kitchen. He reaches out for the nearest thing he can grab, grabbing a dusty old pan and swinging wildly. The Scarecrow dodges each shot, scooping up a nearby skillet and levelling Smiley as he returns for another shot.] [The clang echoes throughout the kitchen and is quickly followed by The Hayman, grabbing The Maniac and running him head first into a nearby decrepit fridge.] [Flutter.] [Smiley hits it, then the floor in quick succession. He turns around in a haze, but The Scarecrow is gone.] [Elsewhere inside the Asylum, Bruce Van Chan peers around a corner, looking carefully for an exit. He walks towards a bathroom and finds himself clobbered across the back of the head by King Royal. The King runs him straight into the room, head first into the nearest sink he can find. Bruce barely knows what’s hit him, getting back to his feet and stumbling into a vicious right hand. The King grabs him again, looking to toss him into the urinal, but Van Chan manages to reverse, whipping him instead.] [He crunches off the porcelain with a thud and returns to the fight. They trade right hands, The King gaining an advantage and punching his nemesis backwards into a wall, turning him around and SLAMMING HIM STRAIGHT FUCKING THROUGH IT! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! BRUCE VAN CHAN JUST FLEW THROUGH THE BATHROOM WALL AND BACK INTO THE HALLWAY! HOLY SHIT!] [The King steps through the sizable wreckage with a smile on his face, looking down at Van Chan who’s barely moving.] [Elsewhere, Lux Bellator enters an old patient room, searching for the exit. He steps inside and looks around, turning himself to leave when the door suddenly slams shut.] [CLICK.] [The sound of a bolt locking sends panic down his spine. He rushes over and grabs at the handle, yanking and pulling, but it won’t unlock. Bellator peers through a small window in the door, but no-one appears to be outside.] [He turns around.] [And there she is.] [Mother.] [The Light Warrior is startled at first but quickly realizes that she’s trapped him inside this room with her. The only way out is to fight. He runs at her, but she ducks a Clothesline, sending him bouncing off the wall with a thud. Mother turns him, kicking him as hard as she can in the shins, tights and knees, eventually taking him down to floor, kneeling.] [She swings with a big kick but Bellator ducks, scooping her up and POWERBOMB ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR! FUCKING POWERBOMB! THAT WRECKS HER! HOLY SHIT! Mother’s head bounces off the floor and Lux stumbles away, trying to regain his composure.] [The door unlocks, whatever power she held over it having vanished. He pulls it open and exits.] [BUT THEN COMES FLYING BACK INTO THE ROOM! WHAT THE FUCK?!] [IT’S THE SCARECROW! OH NO!] [With a giant Big Boot, The Scarecrow has thrusted Bellator straight back into the room. The Light Warrior runs at him again, only this time The Hayman grabs him by the throat and tosses him straight over the mouldy patient bed, sending it and him tumbling away!] [This match is terrifying!] [We’ve seen everyone try to escape. Everyone is looking for an exit, but only one man knows the way out.] [Smiley.] [We re-join Smiley as he nears the exit of the Asylum. He walks towards the door, pulls on the handle and is about to leave, when something disturbs him.]

“Hello, my friend.”

[Could it be?] [No way.] [Smiley’s eyes widen. He turns around and is grabbed by the throat.] [Cut.] [Back with Bruce Van Chan and he’s stumbling down the corridors, bouncing off the walls, holding his chest. He’s feeling it. He’s really feeling it. The King is in slow pursuit, mocking him as he follows.]

“So this is it for you, old chum?” [The King says with a chuckle.] “The end is nigh, is it? One can’t say that he’s disappointed. This has been a long time coming.”

[Bruce turns, swinging wildly, but falls to his knees.] [He clutches at his chest.] [And reaches out for Royal.] [But The King slaps his arm away with disgust.]


[Bruce collapses to the ground, his eyes glazed over.]

“Die.” [Royal whispers one last time.] [This disgusting ‘King’ steps over the body of his once friend, and continues his search for the exit. We zoom in on Bruce, who looks gaunt, his breathing coming to a damn near stop.] [Cut.] [SHATTER!] [Out of absolutely no-where, the sound of shattering glass pierces our ears. That’s because Lux Bellator has sent MOTHER THROUGH A GLASS WINDOW! We arrive just to see her landing in the hallway, having exited an office with great force. Bellator and The Scarecrow are soon behind, brawling amongst themselves. King Royal walks around the corner and all four fights into the lobby! They’re right near the exit!] [Mother has been scooped up off the ground by The King and he’s strangling her with an old telephone cord. The Scarecrow and Lux Bellator trade right and left hands, brutalizing each other.] [Cut.]

“Why aren’t you smiling, my friend?”

[A voice echoes throughout a room, somewhere deep inside The Asylum. The camera flicks on from darkness to see Smiley chained to a metal framed bed. He’s lying there, his arms and legs wrapped in heavy duty chains as someone looms out of frame. There’s a gag covering his mouth so that he cannot speak.]

“Aren’t you pleased to see me?”

[Smiley says something, but its muffled.]

“I suppose you never thought you’d see me again. But I’m back now and I’ve come to reclaim what I’ve lost.”

[A dark figure steps into frame.]

“But first, let’s talk about what you lost.”

[He sits in a chair beside the bed, his face becoming clearer.] [Hysteria.] [Holy fuck. It’s him…. It’s fucking Hysteria!]

“What’s the matter?” [He barks.] “Are you scared?”

[Cut.] [Suddenly, the shot jolts back to the lobby where four of our six competitors are fighting. Smiley and Bruce Van Chan are out of this one and whoever escapes this terrible place will earn a shot at the World Championship!] [Suddenly, two hands reach for the handle at the same time.] [Mother and Scarecrow.] [Genesis.] [No-one wondered what would happen if it came to this? No-one even thought about it. They’ve been on the same page for such a long time that this was completely ignored.] [They turn to face each other.] [Their empty eyes locked.] [Mother leaps at The Scarecrow, ripping at his leather face with her claws. He stumbles backwards, but eventually tosses her aside, straight into a nearby wall. She hits the deck hard and slowly gets back to her feet. Mother yells a guttural scream, running at The Hayman one more time, only he levels her with a giant Big Boot. He turns to walk for the door, grabs the handle and is about to turn it when suddenly, MOTHER LEAPS ON HIS BACK!] [He stumbles backwards again, reaching around and above himself, trying to pull off from him but she’s strangling him with everything she has.] [Suddenly, the door handle turns and both of their eyes switch to it, revealing King Royal stood there, trying to make a crafty exit.] [He smiles nervously.] [Before he can hightail it, Mother has tackled him to the ground. She grabs one leg and with the door swung open, The Scarecrow grabs the other, dragging him back inside!] [The door slams shut behind them, leaving us out here in the cold, waiting for a winner.] [A few moments pass.] [Then the door opens.] [And The Scarecrow steps through!] [The Hayman has done it! He’s survived Sweet Dreams and won an opportunity at the OSW World Championship! Holy crap!] [He smiles, grabs the chain and puts it back through the handles, locking it from the outside.] [Flutter.] [And then he’s gone.] [What happened in there?]

[Sweet Dreams is over!] [The Blackwater Asylum has not finished seeing action though.] [Despite everything he’s been through, Lux Bellator staggers around, his eyes to the sky. The worn out warrior of light stumbles and falls to his knees with his hands raised out to the stars. Somehow, Lux has found an eye to the sky and a patch of clear ground.] [The perfect location.]

“You won’t get away with this, Lux.”

[That voice belongs to Sharkman. We quickly see that the finned avenger has been bound once more. The sword of Lux Bellator was left in this place after the warrior teleported here after the Double Feature match earlier. He has fought against the chains binding him, enough to tear at his uniform. Judging by the dampness of that fabric, Sharkman has also been inside of the small stream running by this patch of open ground.]

“I’m going to stop you.” [Shark challenges.] [Lux only smiles.] [CRACK!] [Lightning falls from the sky in a rush of power, illuminating the body of Lux Bellator. He seems to find strength in the electricity coursing through his body. That strength brings him to his feet, and the lightning begins to lessen in intensity, but as it does so it manifests itself into an object held high above the masked warrior’s hands.] [A bowl.] [We all remember what the first bowl did to Neville Sheldon just a month ago.] [As does Sharkman.]

“Do with me what you will.” [Sharkman says, facing the horrible fate that awaits him.] “Others will rise.”

[Bellator turns his head, looking curiously at Sharkman.]

“Fool.” [Bellator says.] “You chose the wrath, you will not endure it.”

[Sharkman is lost for words as Bellator steps past his bound form…] […to the small stream?]

“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost,” [Bellator shouts to the heavens.] “I hereby unleash the second bowl of God’s Wrath onto the wretched and broken world!”

[Lux carefully pours the unknown liquid from the bowl into the crevice of this small stream. As it merges with the water running, it begins to congeal and darken to a thick and mucus-like crimson.] [Blood.] [As the blood begins to overtake the water in this stream, the bonds holding Sharkman fade out, and the masked man rushes over to see what is happening to the place he used to live. He watches as the life that lives within these waters begins to slowly float up to break the surface.] [Dead.] [As Sharkman mourns what is happening before him, the sound of Lux Bellator’s laugh begins to grow from nothingness to a full blown cackle.] [The second bowl of God’s Wrath has been poured. Water has been turned to blood, and the life therein has been killed. The Red Horse rode out and used its sword to achieve its end.] [Bellator continues to laugh in celebration as the camera pulls out from the scene to display a nearby high ledge.] [Where a hooded man watches with great interest.] [Cut.]


[A bloody and destructive battle awaits us as the three founding members of the Family go at it for championship gold and for the life of Stephanie Cussen. Will the Phoenix save her, will the Virus completely corrupt her or will her father step up and do the right thing?] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix circles the ring, DTR and Jensen staring him down before Jacob rushes forward, peppering DTR with a series of lefts and rights. Jensen grabs Jacob by the back of the head, tossing him across the ring as the Phoenix rolls to his feet, the two staring each other down before the Virus runs forward, nearly taking Jacob’s head off with a massive Lariat! DTR lifts Jacob up, nailing him with a hard knee to the chest as he yells for Jensen to lift him up. Jensen hoists Jacob up over his head as DTR drops down to one knee before Jensen drops him down into a massive gutbuster] [DTR drops down, shoving Jacob to the mat as he covers. ONE…TWO…The Phoenix kicks out. The Virus lifts the Phoenix up, tossing him into the ropes as the Family try for a double clothesline. Jacob ducks under, bouncing off the ropes as he drills both the Family with clotheslines of his own. Jensen rolls out of the ring as DTR staggers to the ropes, Jacob rushing forward as he lands a hard spinning heel kick, sending him stumbling to the floor below. Jacob backs off, as the Family get to their feet, RUNNING PLANCHA! Jacob gets to his feet as the crowd cheer but he doesn’t see Stephanie behind him, low blow!] [The Phoenix collapses as Stephanie delivers some heavy kicks before rousing DTR and Jensen. Jensen rolls in as DTR tosses Jacob back in the ring as Jensen lifts him up, drilling him with a pair of savage forearms before spinning him around and planting him with a hard snap German. Jensen doesn’t cover, dropping down as he locks in the Desperate Justice! The Phoenix screams in pain as he tries to crawl to the ropes but Jensen pushes him away, almost trying to rip apart the jaw of the Phoenix as he pulls back with all his might. Jacob looks to be about to tap out when Jensen suddenly lets go of the hold as the Virus rolls back into the ring] [Jensen powers Jacob up to his feet, surprising him with the Hair Trigger as the Phoenix staggers away right into a lighting fast Reasonable Doubt! This should be it as DTR covers, ONE…TWO…THRE…JACOB KICKS OUT! DTR can’t believe it as in a fury, he kicks the Phoenix out of the ring, motioning for Jensen to lay down. Venegance hesitates for a moment, before laying down. The Virus smiles wide before dropping down, ONE…TWO…TH…JENSEN KICKS OUT! DTR can’t believe it, fury in his eyes as Jensen gets to his feet, screaming at his brother, Jensen just glaring at the Virus who nails Jensen with a hard slap to the face] [Stephanie yells from ringside trying to get them to focus as they look ready to throw hands when Jacob gets up on the apron, the Family turning around into a DOUBLE PHOENIX FOREARM! The Phoenix is fired up as he signals for the end, stalking DTR as the Virus slowly gets up but gets spun around, HAIR TRIGGER! Jacob sinks down to one knee as Jensen springboards off the top rope, INFINITE CHAOS! This should be it as DTR rushes forward, grabbing Jensen and tossing him to the outside before covering, ONE…TWO…The Phoenix kicks out as he locks in an armbar out of nowhere! DTR tries to fight out before the Phoenix switches over into a Crossface, locking it in tight in the middle of the ring! The Virus tries to fight as the Phoenix pulls back as far as he can, forcing DTR to tap out!] [The Phoenix finally becomes the hero tonight as he not only becomes the new VHS Champion, but he saves the girl he loves from the clutches of the Virus. A true victory if we’ve ever seen one]


[Jensen Cussen stirs on the canvas, his world spinning after that phenomenal match. The Virus has long risen in the corner, his eyes focused on Jensen.] [He invites Stephanie into the ring, holding open the middle rope for her.] [Meanwhile, Jacob has rolled to the outside, watching from the aisle.]

“This world must come to an end!” [The Virus bellows.] [There’s a venom in his words.]

“Don’t you see, Jacob? Jensen? Don’t you see!?” [He questions with a raised eyebrow.] “This whole saga has been about the end of the world as we know it. My Virus is rotten, vile and putrid, but in comparison to hers? It is nothing.”

[Jacob doesn’t understand.]

“She is the one. She is the carrier of death.”

[DTR walks over to Stephanie and places his hand on her stomach. She smiles, her rotten teeth covered in black.]

“And she bears my child.”

[Jensen’s eyes widen.] [Jacob falls to his knees in shock.]

“She carries my seed, son. She carries the end of the world in her belly. You see, that child is the beginning of the end of this earth. It will carry a stronger more volatile strain of the virus than any of us.”

[He and Stephanie embrace.]

“And it will destroy mankind.”

[DTR laughs maniacally, looking at a stunned Jensen Cussen with eyes of joy. He reaches a hand down, offering to help him to his feet; Jensen reluctantly and cautiously accepts.]

“Our family is growing, son.”

[The camera swivels to Phoenix, who kneels on the outside with his head lowered. The woman he loves has been forever tainted by this maniac and virus. Everything he’s ever done has been for her, and now she’s lost.] [And The Phoenix is broken.]


[Flames lick up at the top rope as Tommy Hawk and Solomon Rhodes stand opposite each other in the middle of the ring. There’s an air of tension about them as they pace back and forth.] [The bell sounds and they lock up, twisting from side to side, looking for an inch of freedom to manouver. Solomon snaps Tommy into a Side Headlock and wrenches down on his head. He controls him until Hawk backs him up into the ropes and uses a bounce to push his challenger across the ring. The fire rises as Rhodes hits the spring loaded ropes and storms back at Hawk with a thunderous clothesline that takes down the Champion. He rolls back to his feet and is quickly felled by another, then another and on the final return, he’s Overhead Dropped straight on the back of his neck.] [The World Champion crumples under the impact. Rhodes though quickly assists him back to his feet, sending him across the ring once more and looking for another Drop – only Hawk counters, rolling expertly over his back and dropping down the other side. He spins Solomon fast, scooping him up and RED ARROW! FALCONS ARROW! He nailed him! Hawk manoeuvres away, clutching the back of his neck. He gets back up, dragging Rhodes with him. He tries to run him through the middle rope and into the flames but The Dragon pulls back on the reigns, blocking it with a foot. He elbows out, shot after shot weakening the frame of Tommy Hawk.] [He spins around, whipping his cape against the face of The Champion. That stumbles him. Rhodes runs, SPEARING HIM TO THE GROUND with ferocity. He starts swinging, nailing him with left and rights until Hawk kicks him off. They both spin back to their feet, Rhodes whipping his cape again, only this time Hawk catches it, grabbing it with all his might. He tries to pull him forward, but there’s something special about this scaled piece of apparel. The Dragon snatches it back with such power that Tommy is dragged into a massive headbutt. Another, another, and a big Snap Suplex to finish the move.] [Rhodes gets him back to his feet and backs him into the ropes, sending him across the ring and ducking a Clothesline attempt. When Hawk returns, he scoops him up and FLAPJACK ACROSS THE TOP ROPE! BOOM! Tommy bounces back holding his throat, only Rhodes isn’t done, grabbing him by the hair and TOSSING HIM STRAIGHT OVER THE TOP, THROUGH THE FIRE AND THE FLAMES. The World Champion hits the floor with a loud bang and immediately checks himself for fire damage.] [There is none. Rhodes now stands inside the ring, looking down at Hawk who slowly gets back to his feet. Tommy smirks, but Solomon grabs his cape, whipping it at the fire. Like something out of a movie, the fire SUDDENLY BLOWS OUT. That wipes the smile off of Tommy’s face as Solomon steps out onto the apron and leaps with a CROSSBODY! NO! HAWK CATCHES HIM! The World Champion runs him back first into the ring post, refusing to drop him on impact. With the challenger still in his arms, he drops him chest first across the barricade, watching as he bounces off and hits the floor.] [The agony across his face is excruciating. Tommy pulls him to his feet and runs him so hard into the steel ring steps that he and they fly across the concrete floor, bouncing multiple times. Hawk walks over and pulls him to his feet, connecting with a forearm that stumbles him backwards. Rhodes barely knows where he is. The Champion scoops him back up, looking to drop him chest first on the flames, only Solomon struggles out, breaking free and dropping down off the shoulder and behind. He pushes him forward, but Hawk somehow manages to stop himself, only inches from the flames.] [He spins around to face Rhodes who drops him bang there on the floor with a DDT. This match is quickly becoming violent. With the World Championship on the line there is just too much at play. He drags him from the floor and forcibly tries to burn his face on the fire, but Hawk somehow elbows out and blocks, dropping into a Drop Toe Hold that sends Rhodes face first into the barrier. He collapses against it, absolutely exhausted. The World Champion quickly looks under the ring, pulling out a table. What the hell does he have planned now?] [Hawk sets the table up outside the ring, right next to the roaring fire. He grabs Rhodes and drags him back around the ring towards the open side, throwing him back inside. Without hesitation, he follows, clearly something on his mind here. As Solomon slowly gets back to his feet, Hawk backs away, imploring him to stand and when he does… RUNNING SPEAR STRAIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE, STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FLAMES, AND STRAIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! HOLY SHIT! BOTH OF THESE MEN MUST BE BROKEN IN HALF!] [The referee rushes to check on them, but both men have suffered minor burns, and due to that, a winner cannot be decided. He calls for the bell.] [What the hell?] [The bell sounds and the referee waves this match away. We don’t have a winner here. We don’t have a Champion.] [Ring of Dreams has been an amazing show, but I can’t believe it’s going to end like this.] [Who’s the Champion?]


[What the hell are we going to do now?] [Hawk and Rhodes lay suffering in the wreckage of this brutal match.]

“Niggas fighting over rings, niggas wanna be the King, but Long Live the Chief!”

[The crowd go absolutely mental as The Chief steps out into the arena with a big toothy smile on his face. With a microphone in hand, he waits for his music to come to a stop.]

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” [he says with a hand raised.] “This isn’t how Ring of Dreams is supposed to end. Ya’ll came here to see a winner, right?”

[The fans roar.]

“And that’s what we’re gonna see. If you guys can’t settle this match in a ring of fuckin’ fire, let’s settle it the old-fashioned way.”

[Hawk and Rhodes begin to stir, listening in.]

“One… Two… Three.”


“Restart the fuckin’ match, nigga.”


[The referee tells both men they need to get back into the ring. Groggy, exhausted and hurting, both of them roll in and get back to their feet. The bell sounds and unbelievably, this Main Event must continue!]

They both circle each other as the bell rung, their short time out about to end as soon as one strikes the other. They crash into each other in the middle of the ring, each having lunged with their arms out and into a collar an elbow tie up. Twisting, turning, squeezing and putting pressure on each other they took turns at moving around the ring up and down, barely a weight difference between them. Tommy Hawk eventually runs him backwards into the ropes and holds him leaning across the top, applying pressure until the referee forces him to break the hold. This is a cagey re-start by both these competitors.] [Tommy does as the referee asks and backs away, Solomon this time striking with a foot to the mid-section as he came back for more. He follows that up, right handing him so hard that The Dragon drops to one knee with the force, quickly standing back up to hit him again, then again and back him into the ropes, holding pressure across his chest until the referee forces him to break the hold. The fans are rocking the sold-out Tap Room by this point. They want to speed the action back up and Hawk obliges, running from the ropes at Rhodes who ducks his Clothesline attempt. The Champion bounced back off the ropes and came again, Rhodes this time hitting the canvas prone and Hawk jumping him, only to turn around and have him pop up with a Jawbreaker.] [Rhodes waits as Hawk rolls back to his feet and runs quickly at him, Solomon sidestepping just in time, only The Champion is ready. Tommy spins ferociously and THE SCALP! HOLY FUCK, THE SCALP! HE GOT IT! Hawk drops into the cover…. One….. Two…… Three!] [NO! KICK OUT ON THREE!] [The World Champion can’t believe that he kicked out. He gets back to his feet and goes to the corner, pulling an imaginary bow from his back and preparing another attempt. Rhodes gets up groggily, barely able to stand and turns around to a SECOND SCALP! NO!! RHODES DUCKS!! CODEBREAKER! CHAOS THEORY! CHAOS THEORY TO THE WORLD CHAMPION! Solomon hit that out of desperation! He covers… ONE….. TWO….. THREE!!] [NO!! NOOOOOO! HAWK KICKS OUT!] [The fans go absolutely ballistic as the Champion somehow kicks out. Both men are fucked. They’ve worked so hard in this match that they can barely stand. Together they get back to their feet, slugging it out. Right and left hands are exchanged violently between them, each getting weaker with every punch thrown and received. Solomon manages to somehow push Hawk away, leaping forward with a SUPERKICK THAT NEARLY TAKES HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! DARKWISH! He drops down to cover but Tommy somehow rolls to the outside!] [Gaining some composure and a rest, Tommy lands on the outside and stands, holding his face. What he doesn’t realize is SOLOMON RHODES COMES DIVING THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!! TOPE SUICIDA! NOOOO! THE FUCKING SCALP! TOMMY CAUGHT HIM WITH THE FUCKING SCALP! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? THAT’S SHADES OF HIS MATCH WITH MIKE LANE! Rhodes hits the floor with a thud and he’s out, but Tommy drops to his knees, unable to capitalize on it! The World Champion finally has enough energy to roll The Dragon into the ring but by then it’s too late. He covers… One…. Two…. Three… Kick Out! Kick out!] [The World Champion has to try something else. He has to. Both get back to their feet and Tommy scoops him up, slamming him down on his back. He rolls him over and positions himself at his feet. What’s he going to do? Suddenly and without warning, he stands on the backs of Rhodes’ knees, then his hamstrings, then his lower back and then he WALKS OVER THE DRAGON! HE WALKS STRAIGHT OVER HIM! HOLY FUCK! HE CALLS THAT THE TRAIL OF TEARS! HE JUST WALKED OVER SOLOMON RHODES LIKE HE WAS FUCKING CARPET! Solomon yells in agony and rolls away, getting back to his feet in masses amounts of pain. Tommy scoops his legs out from underneath him and flips over… ONE…. TWO….. THREE!!] [NO! ANOTHER KICK OUT BY THE CHALLENGER! This match is coming to its end, you can feel it. Both of them get back to their feet, but it’s Rhodes who desperately locks in the TONGAN DEATH GRIP! HOLY FUCK! THIS MOVE HAS PUT MANY A VICTIMS AWAY! HE SQUEEZES, AND TOMMY TRIES TO FIGHT IT OFF! HE CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN… THE REFEREE ASKS… “Do you quit, Tommy?” HE SAYS…. BUT NO! HAWK REFUSES! HE REFUSES! HE FINALLY BREAKS THE HOLD… CHAOS THEORY! CHAOS THEORY! SURELY THAT HAS TO BE ALL! SURELY WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION…. HE COVERS…. ONE……. TWO……… THREEE!!] [KICK OUT! KICK OUT! TOMMY HAWK KICKED THE FUCK OUT! The fans can’t believe it! The world can’t believe it! They both get to their feet, slow and sluggish, feeling the effects of this match. Rhodes swings at Hawk, but the Champion ducks and swings back…. THE SCALP! NO!! CHAOS THEORY! CHAOS THEORY! NO! HAWK HOLDS HIM IN MID-AIR! HE FUCKING HOLDS HIM! WITH AN ALMIGHTY AMOUNT OF STRENGTH, HE GRABS HIM BY THE HEAD AND… PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! PACKAGE FUCKING PILEDRIVER!! PIN….. ONE….. TWO….. THREE!] [NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!] [WHAT?] [HELL NO!] [The World Champion once again has a look of shock across his face. With Rhodes on his back, Hawk walks over…. BOW AND ARROW! HE LOCKS IN THE BOW AND ARROW RHODES WRIGGLES AND WRITHES IN AGONY! SURELY HE HAS TO TAP! HE HAS TO… HE CAN’T ESCAPE THIS! THE REFEREE ASKS… HE ASKS…. WILL HE TAP?] [WILL HE TAP?] [HE TAPS! SOLOMON RHODES TAPS OUT! HE TAPS OUT!] [HOLY FUCKING SHIT! TOMMY HAWK RETAINS HIS OSW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! What a fucking match!] [The bell sounds and the referee hands him the OSW World Championship, of which he quickly hugs close into his chest. Both of these warriors went through hell tonight, but only one could walk away with the grand prize.] [That man, tonight, was Tommy Hawk.]


[Click.] [The sounds of squeaking wheels can be heard echoing through the corridor as two paramedics wheel poor Bruce Van Chan out on a gurney. He looks as white as a ghost after collapsing earlier tonight – a shock, given that he’d been feeling much better as of late.] [They burst through the Asylum’s double doors and rush him towards the ambulance. We watch as they load him inside. The first EMT quickly grabs a syringe, injecting him with some much-desired medicine.] [The camera changes angles, switching to the perspective of poor Bruce Van Chan. He’s looking up, his eyes fluttering as he tries to digest what’s going on. Then a voice rattles around the vehicle, so succinct and menacing.]

“Don’t try to move, Mr. Van Chan,” [the voice suggests.] “I’m afraid that you’ll do yourself some serious harm if you do.”

[Bruce’s eyes flick back and forth, looking for the source.]

“You’ve been on a very long road, haven’t you? A road of torment and anguish. I’m sure that it’s been very tough on you. At least, I hoped it has.”

[Panic.] [Pure panic.]

“As you may have guessed, there’s nothing wrong with you – minus a tiny paralytic so that we could have this conversation. I know, I know, it’s a relief, isn’t it?” [The voice muses.] “And to think of all the effort I went to, to make you appreciate life and go away. You should have retired, Bruce. You should have taken your lovely family and gotten as far away as possible.”

[He can’t speak. He can’t move.]

“But alas, you didn’t. You see, I spiked your water for your original symptoms. That pain in your chest – that was all of my doing. The Doctor you’ve been meeting with – an employee of mine. He’s been carefully supplying you with the drugs to continue your symptoms. Truthfully, it all been so much fun.”

[Still looking from Bruce’s perspective, we blink, realizing that we’d never seen the EMT’s faces.] [Until now.] [The bespectacled face of Edward Newton leans over into sight.]

“But every good thing must come to an end and I’m afraid, Mr. Van Chan, that our games have only just begun. I know you’re going to ask yourself why. I know that you’re going to want answers and believe me, I have them. But for now, I’m going to leave you with that riddle, and perhaps the biggest riddle of all; why?”

[He reaches out of screen for a moment and then returns with another needle.] [Edward injects Bruce once more.]

“Goodnight, Mr. Van Chan.”

[He giggles.]