[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The sounds of men talking away around large metal tables, clanging cups and banging trays can be heard as we open in the cafeteria of Miami State Penitentiary. Sat alone at the far end of one of these tables, is Tommy Hawk.] [He finishes his meal, about to stand, when a large balding inmate appears behind him. With a Nazi symbol proudly emblazoned on his neck, it’s clear what kind of present danger he’s in.]

“Mr. Harrison asked me to send his regards.”

[Before Tommy could respond, the large man had grabbed him from his seat, tossing him backwards over another metal table, into numerous inmates who quickly flee. Hawk rolls off, landing on the floor hard with a thud.]

“Come on ‘injun, I was told you were a fighter,” [The inmate proudly boasts, walking around the table to see Tommy snatch a tray and catch him upside the head. Reeling, he laughs.] “That’s more like it, fish.”

[Hawk throws the tray down and runs at him, looking for The Scalp – only he ducks out of the way and pushes him into the wall. Coming in from behind, the inmate nails him with some big forearms to the kidneys, driving the wind from his belly.] [With painful gasps, he’s turned around and right handed to the floor, busting him open. Tommy rolls away, getting back to his feet just in time to duck another right hand. He acts as fast as he can, grabbing the man into a Side Headlock and bouncing him off the nearest surface.] [Just then, guards storm into the cafeteria, screaming and yelling. Faced with batons and shields, both men stop what they’re doing and join everyone else in kneeling.] [But the damage has been done.] [Blood drips from Tommy Hawk’s head, as his violent attacker sits opposite, grinning an almost toothless grin.]


[The Shark faces a newcomer here tonight! Can Wynter freeze over the Shark, or will the predator overcome the elements?] [The Shark stalks Wynter, the walking back and forth, eyeing Shark who merely crawls to follow her. Winter flies forward, looking for a shining wizard but Shark is ready! He hooks her leg and flips her over him onto the ground! She rolls to her feet only to be met with a stiff uppercut from a rising Shark! She stumbles backward into the ropes and into a NASTY dropkick! She bounces once more and falls into a power slam by Shark! He refuses to go for a pin, instead opting to push her away and allow her to get to her feet.] [Wynter gets up, disoriented but ready to go. She backs up and waits for Shark to advance, catching a leaping takedown and getting behind him! She tries to lock in a modified sleeper hold but Shark fights to his feet, shaking the Ice Queen off of himself as best he can! Her hold is cinched in tight, but the Predator refuses to go down! HE RUNS INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Shark flings himself back first towards the turnbuckle, forcing Wynter off of him! He delivers a stiff kick that drops her onto the second turnbuckle before spring backward and flying forward with A SUSHI KICK!] [Wynter’s head snaps back into the turnbuckle! She’s dazed and Shark doesn’t seem finished yet! He pulls her away from the turnbuckle and forces her to her feet, whipping her into the ropes and catching her on the return with a massive leaping neck breaker! Wynter doesn’t know where she is right now and Shark is taking advantage! He leaps on top of Wynter and HE LOCKS IN THE ASYLUM SPECIAL! Wynter fights against the hold as much as she can but Shark viciously wrenches back, secluding her in the middle of the ring! She has nowhere to go! SHE TAPS! SHE TAPS!] [Shark lets go of the hold and rises to his feet, getting his hand raised in a decisive victory here tonight! He exits the ring quickly as personnel check on Wynter.]


[We catch up with “Hollywood” Mike Royce in the back halls of the Tap Room. His match against Doubt is next and Royce is on his way to the arena when suddenly…] [Blood.] [At first its only a few drops lining the concrete floor and several feet away it becomes a dribble before Royce turns the corner and the presence of blood becomes a full fledged path leading further up the corridor.] [Royce looks on in disgust; his interest piqued as he cautiously steps forward following the trail which appears to end with a blood covered jar.] [FLICKER! BBZZTT!] [The fluorescent lighting vibrates prompting Mike to glance around him. It’s almost as if he already knows he is being watched. And finally…] [Royce leans down, his disgust transforming to horror.]

“What the f…”

[“Hollywood” mutters out loud as he kneels to hoist the jar up in front of his face.] [Teeth!] [A mouthful to be exact. Bloodied as if they have only recently been pried from the mouth of an unwilling victim.]

“He didn’t need them!”

[A deep voice echoes out from down the hall. Royce hops to his feet, ready; spinning to come face to face with none other than Muerte.]

“Not where he was going!”

[Muerte speaks again in his sinister tone. Neither man budging from their positions.]

“Your time is almost up Royce and when the Great Reaper takes you to hell the Best Looking Man Alive will learn that even his soul looks ugly when it screams!!”

[Royce’s eyes light up in both fear and rage, but then…] [FLICKER!! BBZZZTT!] [The lights malfunction again and in one split second the menacing figure of Muerte is there while in the next only his evil laughter remains.] [Recognizing his lonesomeness, Royce glances around in frustration unsure of what to do before thrusting the jar into the wall bursting it into pieces of glass and teeth that fly everywhere.] [We fade to black wondering if what Royce just experienced has put too much Doubt in his mind before tonights contest.]


[One week after his massive Showcase title win, the Emotion seems to be on a high but it could all come crashing down at the hands of impressive rookie Mike Royce. Can the Emotion continue to soar high or will the glitz and glam of Hollywood be too much for him?] [The bell sounds as Royce rushes forward, trying for a clothesline that Doubt ducks under, grabbing Royce from behind as he snaps him down into a backbreaker. Royce gets to his feet holding his back in pain as he walks into a flurry of forearms from Doubt before the Emotion springboards off the ropes with a big spinning heel kick. Hollywood is pulled to his feet, a big knee to the gut doubling him over before Doubt leaps up, Hurricanran….STUN GUN! Doubt gets dropped throat first onto the top rope as he staggers forward right into a huge Belly to Back Suplex] [Doubt slowly gets to his feet, walking right into an inverted atomic drop, stunning the Emotion just enough for Royce to nail him with a flying forearm. Royce doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope, FLYING ELBOW MISSES! Royce slowly gets up. holding his elbow END OF WISDOM! Doubt hit the axe kick out of nowhere as he hooks the near leg, ONE…TWO…Royce gets the shoulder up!] [Doubt sizes the slowly standing Royce, springboarding off the ropes but Royce dodges the Springboard Moonsault. Doubt gets up, holding his gut in pain, HIGHLIGHT REEL! Doubt gets drilled by that massive Superkick as Royce covers, ONE…TWO…THRE….Doubt gets the shoulder up! Royce is incensed, lifting Doubt up but he gets a knee to the gut as the Emotion double underhooks him, EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Royce plants into the mat as Doubt covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Emotion picks up a big victory here tonight, weathering the storm of Hollywood’s assault but in one week when he faces off against Hyde, can the Emotion continue to flourish?]


[Backstage, Stephanie Rose walks down a hallway, bright and chipper as always. Tonight, she goes one on one with someone who has become a friend and ally in OSW for her in former OSW Champion Mike Lane. Yet that match is in the future. Her present is quickly swallowed up by the figure waiting at the end of a hallway for her.] [Viktor North.] [Stephanie cracks her neck as she looks out at the Skull Splitter.]

“You just can’t get enough, can you?”

[North snorts at that comment, and walks towards Stephanie with his hands held out in a gesture of peace.]

“Last week, you showed me that you were a true warrior.” [North begins, stepping up to Steph’s side.] “I can’t hold you at fault for choosing to fight. It’s why this score between us must be settled.”

[Rose seems confused by his comments, but North continues on.]

“But I happened to overhear a little conversation last week where you were trying to volunteer to go to the Asylum to rescue the little Lane girl?”

[The question hangs in the air, but Steph wastes no time in answering.]

“It would have been the right thing to do.”

[North laughs.]

“So instead of letting the vaunted Shadow King fight his own battle, instead you’d rush off into certain doom and find yourself joining Hannibal Corvin in Hel? Do you not value your career?”

[Stephanie gets flustered, but North cuts her off before she can answer him.]

“Make no mistake, little Rose. I won’t let you rob me of this glory that awaits me in just seven days. This war has been a long time in coming, and I will not see you throw it away on a fool’s errand. Let the Shadow fight his own war. Don’t forget what’s right in front of you.”

[Rose seems rather angry at this comment, stepping up to get in North’s face.]

“Oh I know what is right in front of me.” [She says with a snort of her own.] “And I’m going to show you who the better person is.”

[North is nonplussed.]

“I don’t care who the better person is. I care who the better warrior is, and I will not be beaten by a foolish girl that does not understand war. Nor will I allow your slight to go unpunished.”

[The Skull Splitter sneers at Rose, the guile dripping from his voice.]

“If I cannot defeat a distracted foe, then I am not worthy of the endowments and mission given to me by the gods.” [North begins.] “Should you rise up in victory, I will resign myself to labor in my small village for the rest of my days, shame and cowardice being branded on my soul. Should I rise up in victory, you will be banished from the battlegrounds, forced to watch from the sidelines as the rest of the weak and infirm.”

[Rose seems bothered by that declaration.]

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Viktor.”

[North shakes his head.]

“You insult me, Rose. How dare you not stand upon the warrior’s way and accept my terms.”

[Backed into a corner, Steph takes a moment to think before finally nodding.]

“Fine.” [She says as she pushes past North.] “But don’t even think about complaining when you come up empty in our match.”

[Viktor watches Steph as she leaves, the adrenaline flowing through him as war looms on the horizon.] [These two will settle their score at RetroACTIVE.] [But only one of them will still have their career.]


[The halls of the Tap Room seem different, almost colder than usual. Suddenly a shape moves into the frame. It’s Thunk. He eyes the walls, weary of every turn. The camera slowly pans to the side to reveal a good reason for Thunk’s paranoia. Cody Greer. The camera snaps back to Thunk as he quickly turns to face where Geer is hiding.]

“Thunk smell you. Thunk not fooled again.”

[The sound of a can of beer opening is heard as Greer walks out from behind the wall, chugging his drink before tossing the can behind his shoulder, reaching down to grab another from the six pack in his other hand.]

“I’m not tryna fool ya, man. I just had to make sure you were in my kinda environment without your ‘family’ nearby to stop a civil conversation.”

[Thunk quickly pounces towards Greer, trying to grab the redneck who holds his hands up, attempting to calm the irritated Thunk. The brute stops mere inches from Greer, a sneer on his face as he leans towards Cody.]

“You hunt where Thunk hunt. You treat Thunk like animal. Thunk no animal.”

“I was just showin’ ya I could hunt better than you thought. Now back up, you almost made me spill my beer.”

[Thunk backs up ever so slightly, not amused by Greer’s concern over his drink.]

“Last week I had somethin’ to offer ya. At first, I just wanted to challenge you to a hunt. But now, now I gotta prize I think you’re gonna like.”

[Greer places down his beer, moving around the corner and coming back with something else.] [The Double Feature Championship.]

“I hunted and I beat some dangerous prey for this. And if you think you’re such a good hunter, then I’m willing to put that to the test. At RetroActive, we’re gonna hang this above the ring, and we’re gonna battle it out til the best hunter climbs up and takes this shiny lil’ trophy here as their own. That is if you think you can battle it out with me and win.”

[Greer smirks at Thunk, the brute looking at the title then back to Cody.]

“Thunk accept challenge. Thunk smash puny hunter and claim shiny trophy for True King of Jungle. Then hunter no longer come near Thunk prey.”

“It’s a deal then. May the best hunter win.”

[Thunk backs away from Greer, turning away and leaving him behind in the hallway. Greer drinks what remains of his beer and tosses it behind his shoulder.]

“Looks like the hunt is on then.”

[He shoulders his title and walks away, needing to get ready for his match later in the night.]


[The Deranged One looks to take on The Number One here tonight! Marvolo looks cocky as ever despite his vicious opponent!] [Marvolo struts to the middle of the ring and offers a test of strength with Smiley, the Deranged One accepting ONLY TO PULL MARVOLO INTO A SAMOAN DROP! Number one was rocked by the surprise offensive and rolls to his feet only to get dropped with a leaping DDT! Marvolo’s face meets the ground and Smiley smirks as he looms over him. He reaches down to continue his assault- LEG SWEEP! Marvolo is quick to his feet, coming back with a handspring back elbow! Smiley gets dropped hard and Marvolo hits the ropes again, dropping with a face bump headbutt!] [Marv holds his head in pain after headbutting Smiley. He spits a few curses at him before hitting the ropes, coming back to a big boot from the now standing Smiley! Marvolo rolls backward and to his feet, ducking under a clothesline and catching Smiley with a flurry of chops! He staggers the deranged one and whips him across the ring and catching him with a Savate on the return! Smiley is dazed and Marvolo tries to capitalize with a brainbuster! Smiley knees Marvolo in the head and drops down, dropping The Number One with a DEADLY Butterfly DDT!] [Smiley tries to push his offense but Marvolo rolls up into the MYSTERY BOX! Smiley walks around him cautiously before trying to stomp out Marvolo! Number catches a leg and pulls Smiley into an STF! Smiley struggles against the hold, forcing Marvolo’s hands off of his head and rolling out of the hold! Both men struggle, throwing elbows and forearms as they rise to their feet. Marvolo shoves back Smiley! HE GOES FOR THE TOUCH OF DEATH! Smiley fights against the hold as best he can, Marvolo refusing to let go! Smiley drops to his knees and slumps over! THE REFEREE CALLS FOR THE BELL!] [Marvolo flaunts to the crowd in victory, hitting a face bump to show off before quickly evacuating the ring as Smiley comes to.]


[Hyde is stalking through the halls of the Tap Room. His massive frame nearly fills the pathway from side to side. He is searching.]

“Where are you Doubt? You’re it! You haven’t found me yet; I’m growing tired of waiting!” [His gruff voice fills the void.] “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

[He rounds a corner, but nothing is there. Somehow he has entered an area where everything seems… darker…]

“Are you frightened?” [He smiles, showing his jagged, yellowed teeth.] “Remember, you can run but you can’t hide!”

[Then the emotion’s voice comes from the shadows.]

“I seem to be hiding just fine, thank you.”

[Hyde roars and smashes a stack of crates on one wall. Doubt is not there. His voice calls out from an entirely different direction, this time seemingly in an adjoining room.]

“What’s the matter? Can’t you find me?”

[Hyde turns and kicks in the door. He rips the room apart, but Doubt isn’t there. Back out in the hallway, the Emotion’s voice rings out.]

“Is everything okay, Hyde? You seem… uncertain…”

[Hyde rushes back to the hall with a roar. His fury is growing, but he seems slightly confused. He looks from side to side, milky eyes nearly glowing. And from somewhere unknown, the voice.]

“You won’t find until I let you. Next week at RetroACTIVE, I’ll be ready for you… Until then, goodbye!”

[Hyde roars again, and his body seems to twitch uncontrollably. Filled with rage, The Horror begins destroying anything he can get his hands on. He shrieks in anger… and maybe fear?… as the scene fades.]


[It’s a big tag team match with two opposing forces getting ready to go head-to-head! Will Thunk and Greer be able to coexist? Will Bruce Van Chan and King Royal be able to? We shall find out!] [The bell rings and it seems like Thunk and Bruce Van Chan are going to start this thing off right. These two go to tie up, but Bruce Van Chan drops a knee and slides around the outside of Thunk. He wraps his arms around his waist, but Thunk just squeezes his fingers and opens his grip with ease! Thunk twists his wrist around before hitting a throat thrust with his other hand. Bruce’s hands fly to his neck, but Thunk nails him with a headbutt! Bruce Van Chan seems to be a little caught off guard by the giant, but Thunk lifts him up for a suplex before… TAG!] [In comes Cody Greer as Thunk slams Bruce down to the mat. He looks at Cody with stern look before exiting the ring at the referee’s very avid suggestion. Cody Greer quickly picks up Bruce Van Chan and nails him with a right hand. He scoops Bruce Van Chan up and sends him flying over his shoulder for a fallaway slam. Cody Greer slowly gets to his feet before walking over to Bruce Van Chan who… ROLLS HIM UP! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Greer looks a little surprised before Bruce Van Chan rushes across the ring and tags in King Royal. Royal gets into the ring, but he doesn’t seem to thrilled to have been blindly tagged in.] [King Royal charges across the ring and begins stomping on Cody Greer before he can make it back to his feet. Royal lifts up Greer, hooks his leg and nails a fisherman suplex! He bridges it into a pinning predicament. One… Two… TH-NO! Thunk breaks it up as Bruce Van Chan climbs the turnbuckle. MISSILE DROPKICK! Thunk is propelled out of the ring by the move! King Royal begins berating Bruce Van Chan who ignores him and sends himself flying over the top rope with a plancha to take out Thunk! Nigel Royal shakes his head before turning to see Cody Greer on his feet. THE ROYAL FLUSH! King Royal isn’t finished as he ascends the top rope… SPITFIRE! The frog splash connects as Royal hooks his legs. One…Two…THREE!] [King Royal smirks as he gets to his feet. Bruce Van Chan climbs back into the ring and gives Royal a nod who simply just ignores him. Cody Greer is clutching his ribs as Thunk is slowly getting to his feet on the outside.]


[Their match may have ended but tempers are still flaring as King Royal demands a microphone from one of his guards. He stares down Van Chan, a look of disdain on his face.]

“Bruce. You’re quite the troublemaker, aren’t you? First, you spit in my face by not accepting my kindness, then you injure multiple guards and defy word that is law in MY kingdom. I was even being kind to a former friend by allowing you to only be sent to the dungeon. But now? Now I only wish to see you publically punished for your crimes against me and my people!”

[Bruce sneers at Royal and walks forward, snatching the microphone from Royal! The King tries to snatch it back but BRUCE NAILS ROYAL WITH THE MIC! Nigel smacks the ground hard and Bruce looms over him, nothing but anger in his expression.]

“You will NEVER hold power over me. I refuse to allow anyone to have power over my life except for myself. I defied RAGE, I defied Jake Jeckel, and I will defy YOU!”


“And for the record, we were NEVER friends. I always knew you were a rat I couldn’t trust. To me, you are no king, you’re just-”

[TAZER FROM BEHIND! MARVOLO IS ON THE SCENE! Bruce convulses with the shock and drops the mic, falling to his knees as Marvolo refuses to let go of the trigger. Royal rises to his feet, practically foaming at the mouth as he looks down at the helpless Bruce. BOOT TO THE FACE! Marvolo lets go of the tazer and picks up the mic.]

“Oh good, you learned to aim for the face-”

[Royal angrily rips the mic from Marvolo’s hands. He grips Bruce by his hair and hoists him up, getting inches from his face.]

“I’m tired of you, Van Chan. I am tired of giving you chances.”


“I am done being benevolent with you. So come RetroActive, you will face judgment by the king himself. Me and my knight will deliver your punishment ourselves!”


“I will tear you apart, and I will make you bow!”

[Royal wails on Bruce, Marvolo having to actively restrain the rampant king. Number One pulls Royal to the outside, stopping his brutality from going on any further.] [The scene comes to an eerie close as Bruce fights to stand up, his face bloodied by the assault. He refuses the help of ringside staff, pushing his way to the backstage by himself.]


[Tonight the Skull Splitter goes toe to toe with the horrific Hyde! Can he overcome the beast or will he become yet another victim to the Horror?] [The bell rings and Hyde explodes out of the corner onto Viktor, swinging wildly on him and forcing him backward into the ropes! North tries to block against the onslaught of swings but is overpowered and flipped onto the apron! North holds onto the ropes and watches as Hyde hits the far side of the ring, coming back for a massive shoulder block- VIKTOR DODGES! Stiff kick to the jaw of Hyde! The Horror is stunned and North capitalizes with a WICKED knee lift. Viktor finishes his combo with a leaping elbow to the back of the head! Hyde rolls off the ropes as North climbs back into the ring!] [Viktor thinks he’s got the upper hand but Hyde was playing possum! He arm drags North as soon as he reaches for him and NAILS HIM WITH A LARIAT! North looks like he just got turned inside out from that! The Skull Splitter is forcibly dragged to his feet, Hyde lifting him overhead and tossing him into the turnbuckle! The beast rushes forward and hits a forearm to North’s back as he’s draped over the top turnbuckle! Hyde gets onto the second turnbuckle and lifts North into a Gorilla press- NORTH SLIDES OUT! He lands on the turnbuckle behind Hyde AND FALLS BACK WITH A MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX!] [Both men are absolutely laid out following the exchange, neither man being able to get to their feet. The inhuman Hyde is able to will himself up, anger in his eyes as he grabs at North, peeling him off of the mat to his feet. He nails North with a headbutt before tossing him across the ring! North smacks the ground, slowly wobbling to his feet as Hyde stares him down. The Horror rushes towards North- GUNGIR! GUNGIR BY NORTH! The modified spear hits center mass and topples the behemoth! North slowly crawls towards Hyde and covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Against all odds North stands victorious, both he and the monstrous Hyde being worse for wear after this contest!]


[A candlelit room.] [Standing within the room is none other than The Deranged One with his pacing motions. He seems captured in his thoughts as he does so.]

“So The Sharkman can’t stand the blood that once made him so strong. Interesting.”

[A gust of wind billows into the room with a chilling touch that even draws goosebumps to skin of Smiley who shivers. A smile spreads upon his face as he seems to know the source.]

“Come out, come out Sharkie. No need to hide outside my door.”

[Smiley quickly rushes to the door and opens it to find nothing. No one is there, but a letter is attached to the door itself. He pulls the letter down and begins to read.]

“Oh Sharkie, you shouldn’t have.”

[Very quickly, Smiley exits the room and begins following signs until he finally finds where he was looking for: the Boiler Room. He opens the door and begins looking through the various pillars of steam and darkness.]


[The voice is dark and ominous as Smiley’s head whips around to see the source of it. Standing atop of a large, metallic water heater is The Sharkman. Most of his body is shrouded by the darkness around him, but a single beam of light shines upon his face as his eerie toothy grin gives a horrid image.] [Smiley walks over to stand just under him.]

“What is it, ‘Sharkman’?” [says Smiley with mockery in his tone.]

“I’ve called you here to put you upon trial for your actions. My vengeance will not be denied by mere blood.”

[Smiley laughs as he holds up his scarred hand. He goes to reach for his knife yet looks a little puzzled.]

“Looking for this?” [The Sharkman holds up the same knife that Smiley had utilized last week.]

“Give that back!”

“In just a moment.”

[The Sharkman punctures the water heater as water shoots out of the hole and strikes Smiley flush upon the chest! He cries out in pain just as The Sharkman tackles him to the ground with the blade upon his throat.]

“MONTHS you took from my life by feeding the vile blood of innocents. You thought I would just let this slide? You thought I’d never realize the horrors that you were forcing me to commit?”

[Even through the pain, a small spattering of laughter comes from Smiley’s mouth.]

“Forced? Ha he he he… you enjoyed it. You enjoy the blood!”

[Smiley forces his own throat up to the knife as it slices him slightly. Blood trickles down as The Sharkman seems paralyzed for a moment.]

“See? You want it, Sharkie. No need to deny yourself. Feed!”

[Despite the mask covering the face, you can practically hear the saliva forming within the mouth of The Sharkman. He quickly gets off and disappears into the darkness once more. Smiley staggers to his feet with his chest already bubbling up at the source of the burn.]

“You can’t keep running, Sharkman! I will find you and when I do… you’re going to feed once more!”

[Another horrendous laughter as the picture slowly fades to black.]


[We have a huge contest here tonight as a first ballet hall of famer takes on what could be the future of OSW. Will Rose continue to bloom or will the Shadows wilt them away?] [The bell sounds as Rose rushes forward with a leaping forearm that stuns Lane as she tosses him across the ring, grabbing him as he rebounds and sending him to the canvas with a deep armdrag. Lane quickly gets to his feet, dodging a high dropkick as he grabs Rose from behind, tossing her with a Release German Suplex. Stephanie manages to land on her feet, rushing to the top rope as Lane turns around, DIVING CROSSBODY!] [Rose stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Lane kicks out. Rose begins to pick him up but gets stopped by a hard elbow the gut as a knee to the jaw rocks Stephanie before a Single Arm DDT drills her into the canvas. Lane pulls her up to her feet, hooking her up, DEGENERA….NO! Rose fights out of it, a hard elbow to the jaw forces Lane to let go as Rose hooks him up in a schoolgirl rollup] [ONE…TWO…TH…Lane just gets the shoulder up. Another elbow stuns Lane as Stephanie spins him around with an Arm Drag before hooking back, THORN TO BE WI…LANE ROLLS THROUGH ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The Shadow calls for the end but Stephanie ducks the Shadow Kick, drilling Lane into the mat with a hard bulldog. She climbs up to the top rope sizing up Lane, DIVING FOOT…KIPUP SHADOW KICK! Lane just kicked Rose out of mid-air as she looks to be out cold. The Shadow covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Mike Lane gets a huge victory here over Stephanie Rose and one week before his title match against Hysteria, all the momentum looks to be in the corner of the Shadow]


[Sitting in solitary confinement, Tommy Hawk is there for his own protection.] [He sits on the floor, holding his head in his hands, thinking about what led him to this very point in his life. He has nothing; no tribe, no family, no land. The white man had taken everything from him and left him to rot inside these four walls.] [Just then, the door opens and in walks a guard.]

“Up!” [he yells abruptly, dragging Hawk to his feet.] [He barely has time to speak.]

“Where are we going?”

[With his question ignored, he’s dragged out into the prison yard. Inmates surround him in a circle as he’s forcibly pushed through to the centre. Whilst there, Frank Harrison appears with the warden, smiling.]

“How do you like your new arena?” [Harrison says arrogantly. He stops short of Hawk, smiling.] “It isn’t exactly Old School Wrestling but it’ll have to do. You see, I’ve agreed a deal here with the warden and we’re going to stage a fight, right here tonight, for all you wonderful people.”

[The inmates cheer.]

“You should have listened, Hawk. You should have done what you were told. Since you decided that you should be allowed your own opinions, things have changed, haven’t they?”

[He shakes his head, watching as Hawk looks on with a raised eyebrow.]

“But tonight, you will learn your lesson, won’t you? Remember gentlemen, when you find your freedom, don’t forget to vote Harrison.”

[Frank steps backwards, and the sea of inmate’s part to reveal Charles and Benson, wearing orange prison scrubs like Tommy Hawk.] [The fight is on.]


[The two hulking frames of Charles and Benson surround Tommy Hawk as he readies himself to fight. This won’t be a traditional match, it’ll be a brawl.] [It’s Survival.] [They both storm at him from opposite sides, meeting right where his face is with right hands. The cheering crowd love the action as Hawk immediately folds up and hits the deck. Benson attempts a stomp, but Tommy rolls away, sweeping his standing leg out from underneath him. Charles meanwhile reaches down, pulling him back to his feet forcibly. The Chief though punches him hard in the face, once, twice, three times before he hits the floor.] [Standing tall, Benson is up, grabbing Tommy by the hair and dragging him towards the free-weight area. He tosses him into the rack, sending heavy barbells tumbling to the floor. Hawk though grabs the nearest 20kg bell, swinging it at Benson’s head. It cracks upside it, sending him to the floor immediately. He’s not moving. Tommy drops the weight, mounting him. With vicious right hands, he lands punch after punch, quickly, violently, ferociously, until Benson is nothing more than a puddle of brain matter, blood and bone beneath his fists.] [No-one can quite believe their eyes. Charles meanwhile stands, in shock and disbelief, his long-time friend and once ‘partner’ lays dead beneath the hulking frame of Tommy Hawk. Hawk stands, his hands dripping with blood. He turns to Charles who begs off, pleading for his life. Hawk though isn’t interested. He pulls him over, slamming him face first off the weight bench. With Charles on the ground, The Chief grabs the nearest weight bar, with at least 80lbs on it and pulls it above the head of his mortal enemy.] [Looking back at Harrison, Tommy drops it, full power, straight onto the head and face of his final secret service agent, smashing his face in.]


[With blood dripping from his hands and a look of absolute horror on the face of Frank Harrison, the entire watching audience has fell into a deep disturbed silence. Even the most hardened of criminals can’t believe what they’ve just witnessed.] [The warden, absolutely terrified, points to the bodies of Benson and Charles, telling his guards to get rid of them. He turns to Harrison, looking stunned.]

“You said we’ve be able to claim prison violence took his life,” [the Warden claims.] “But now what? Your men shouldn’t have even been here!”

[Hawk slowly walks over to Frank, guards quickly getting in his path as he does.]

“Do you want to take my life?” [Hawk asks.] “Because I thought you were a business man, Frank Harrison. I have something to offer you – a trade, if you will. At Retroactive, if you face me in a match for my freedom, I will place the Invasion Briefcase on the line. The loser will be banished from Old School Wrestling.”

[Frank thinks about it for a moment, his horror turning to a satisfied smile.]

“I can see my business mind has rubbed off on you, ‘injun,” [He says with a chuckle.] “But you know what? I love it. What better way to end this saga of us than to take your trophy and leave you with exactly what you deserve; nothing.”

[Tommy smiles, a sadistic grin appearing across his face.]

“Then we have a deal.”

[He reaches out, offering a handshake that Harrison accepts.] [Whack.] [A nightstick suddenly clobbers Hawk across the back of the head, knocking him out cold. Frank turns to the warden and nods.]

“Release him.”


[The large dirt mound looms ominously beside the entrance ramp, just near inches from the bar. In the center of the mound appears to be a recctangular hole, just big enough for a person to fall into. The sight of this has the crowd uneasy, yet excited. They know that it’s time for the main event.] [Hysteria slowly pushes his way out of the curtain, analyzing and walking around the hole that encompasses the mound. He laughs to himself as he makes his way to the ring, clearly having a plan.] [Muerte follows suit not long after, only he’s wielding the shovel needed to win the match. Death incarnate walks around the grave site as well, only stopping a few feet away from the ring to point the shovel at the dirt, attempting to intimidate his opponent before the match starts. He slides into the ring and Hysteria begins stomping away on him! This match starts now!] [The stomps appear to be doing nothing to stagger the Grim Reaper, as he’s on his feet in no time! Hyssy’s stomps quickly turn to slaps, hitting him at almost every body part! THE SLAPS ARE JUST MAKING HIM MAD! Hyssy bounces off the ropes for a shoulder block, but he eats a HUGE boot from Muerte! The Reaper wastes no time and forces Hysteria back to his feet. He draws his arm back and gives the Mad Mastermind a knife edge chop! The crowd goes “WOO!”]







[Three big chops send Hysteria into the corner! Muerte whips Hysteria-No! Hysteria reverses the whip on Muerte! Muerte hits his back on the corner as the man of Little Hope charges in with a Yakuza kick in the corner! That had to shake some teeth! Hyssy throws Muerte aside as he climbs the top rope! Muerte turns around, THE FALL OF MA-MUERTE CAUGHT HIM! MUERTE CAUGHT HIM MID MOVE!] [The Mastermind claws the Reaper’s eyes though, forcing the big man to drop him to the mat. Hysteria takes this opportunity to sweep him off his feet, in an attempt to lock in a Boston Crab. Muerte kicks his legs back, though, flipping Hysteria onto his back. The Mad Mastermind rolls out of the ring as Muerte stands up, hot on his trail. Death climbs over the top rope and hops off-HYSTERIA RUNS OVER WITH A CHAIRSHOT TO THE FUCKING HEAD! MUERTE DROPS TO ONE KNEE! Hysteria throws the chair down and grabs Muerte by the head-DDT TO THE CHAIR!] [Boos rain onto Hysteria, who completely ignores them in favor of dragging Muerte back to his feet. He takes Death by the head, forcing him along to follow his footsteps. Hysteria stops by the staircase and violently slams Muerte’s face against the steel. Feeling cocky, Hysteria does it a second time. And a thir-NO, MUERTE STOPPED IT! The Reaper grabs the Mastermind by the hair and SLAMS HIS FUCKING HEAD INTO THE POST!] [Muerte grabs the shovel as Hysteria backs up to the entrance ramp. He seems intent to try and decapitate the Mastermind with it as he makes his way back up to the entrance ramp. Muerte readies it BUT HYSTERIA KICKS LOW! Death grabs his crotch in pain as Hys has him set up for The Mockery. He lifts!…He lifts again!…Hysteria just can’t get him up! Muerte has gone dead weight on him! He lands a few forearms on Death’s back before going for a third try!] [He lifts and actually gets him off the ground! Muerte slips out though! APPLE-DODGED! THE LOST HOPE! Muerte clutches his back as Hysteria is slow to get up, landing badly on the ramp! He drags Death up to his feet and leads him to the hole in the Earth pile. The Mastermind has the shovel now, but he’s struggling to get the three hundred monster up the incline. Eventually, he gets him up.] [Hysteria gets ready to push him in, but he seemingly freezes in place. He looks up at the shovel head in a trance. It’s almost like it’s talking to him or something…] [Muerte is up to his feet, just in time to catch a shovel to the fac-HE DUCKS IT! Hysteria ends up throwing the shovel backwards out of surprise! As he turns around to get it-SCYTHE! A RUNNING SCYTHE! HYSTERIA FALLS INTO THE HOLE, DAZED AND CONFUSED! He hits the ground with a loud thud as Muerte calmly scoops some of the soil onto Hysteria, clearly in no rush.] [The bell is rung as construction workers and medics rush into the scene. Muerte, satisfied, walks away nonchalantly. He might have taken down the World Champion, but to him, he was just another name in the long list of souls to reap.]


[Click.] [The sound of static fills the air on a dreary day, switching shortly to the sound of almost quiet. The camera begins raised at the sky, lowering carefully to show a field of gravestones. Sat beside one, with a handful of flowers, is none other than Mike Lane.]

“I’m sorry that I’ve had to do this,” [he remarks with a depth of sadness.] “But I didn’t know where else to turn.”

[The camera comes to rest behind him, revealing that the graves belong to Hysteria’s wife and children. There’s no bodies inside, just a reminder of ash and dust.]

“Your father, your husband, he’s let you down. He’s become something uncontrollable and disrespects your memory with every life he takes in your name,” [Mike sincerely seems upset, running his hand through his hair.] “He has my daughter, and my ex-fiancé. He wants to replace you with them and fill that void with lies.”

[The Shadow changes from sitting, to kneeling.]

“But I know where the bodies are buried. I know why the lies are told. I won’t disrespect you like he has. I won’t sit here like he would, and damage your memory.”

[Mike places the flowers on their grave, carefully.]

“And I won’t go looking for my family. I won’t play his games and I know that I won’t find them. But I promise you, all of you, that when I’m finished, Hysteria will finally meet justice. Your memories will be restored and then, and only then, can I hope that he finds peace.”

[Our focus then shifts from the grave site in our footage to the grave site at ringside.] [A gloved hand suddenly bursts through the dirt, closing a fist in the air.] [It’s Hysteria.] [And he heard everything.] [Cut.]