[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The Tap Room is hopping tonight. The drinks are flowing and the excitement is so thick you could cut it with a knife. These people are here to see a show that will knock their socks off.] [But first we go backstage.] [BZZT!] [Mother sits on the cold concrete floor, her legs cross in meditation as her children slowly dance around her. They are singing a song that seems to be gibberish, in a language that no living linguist could decipher. Before her on the group lays the Rewind Championship and her face seems truly at peace, or what passes for peace with the Mother of All. There is still an unrealized rage lurking behind the closed grey eyelids. This is not a creature to be crossed.] [Her eyes open swiftly and her nose curls in anger.]

“Children.” [She calls, breaking up the dance.] “Leave us.”

[Us?] [Almost as if on cue, Jack and Jake Jeckel run onto the scene, breaching the inner sanctum of Mother. They are both poised for a fight and Mother is ready to give it to them.] [Scratch to Jack’s face! His paint is ripped off by her cruel talons.] [She grabs Jake by the hair, pulling him in close.]

“Do you fear death?”

[Jake curls his lip, despite the danger.]

“I’ve died before. I always come back.”

[Mother throws him back against the nearest wall, and grabs Jack to send him to join his brother. The Jeckel’s stand to their feet opposite to Mother, who only smiles.] [Darkness.] [A fluttering of crows.] [Light returns to the sanctum of Mother, and the Jeckel’s are both shocked to see Mother down on the ground. They are even more shocked to see none other than the Scarecrow…] […dragging Mother by the hair!]

“I will be the one who takes care of Mother.” [Crow calls back to the Jeckel Brothers.] “For it takes a creature.”

[Crow continues his path to the arena proper, while Jack looks over at Jake.]

“I told you that shit wouldn’t work.” [Jack mocks.] “These fuckers don’t operate by our rules.”

[Jake only smiles, leaning down to pick up the Rewind Championship.]

“No, they don’t.”

[The gold reflects his painted face back at him.]

“I’m counting on it.”

[With Scarecrow dragging Mother out to the ring to begin their four way, the Jeckel Brothers take off to join them.] [This match is going to be an epic!]


[As The Scarecrow and Mother arrive on the stage, The Hayman is quickly attacked from behind by The Jeckel Brothers. They lay forearms into his back, forcing him to release his grip on Mother who remains on the floor. Jake and Jack take turns at beating him from pillar to post with right and lefts, until The Scarecrow falls to one knee. Before they can strike, Mother rips her claws down the back of Jake, forcing him to stumble forward in agony. He arches his back, turning around to a big kick to the mid-section and a DDT. These guys haven’t even made it to the ring yet!] [Jack grabs by the hair as she gets back to her feet and flips her over with a massive Snap Suplex on the wooden floor. She hits with a thud, rolling away in pain. The Scarecrow meanwhile has risen and as Jack turns around, gets grabbed by the neck. The Hayman throws him backwards towards the ring, sending him tumbling over. They’re by the ring apron now as The Scarecrow drives some knees into his face, drilling him with every shot. Jake Jeckel saunters in from behind, spinning him around and lifting him up. THE HATCHET! NO! THE SCARECROW DROPS DOWN BEHIND! HE SCOOPS HIM UP AND SNAKE EYES ON THE RING APRON!] [Mother meanwhile has gotten back to her feet and runs towards the ring just as Jack Jeckel Drop Toe Hold’s The Scarecrow into the apron, head first. He falls to the floor, giving The Juggalo a chance to regain his footing. He spins Mother full force, using her own momentum against her to roll her into the ring. He pulls himself up onto the apron and climbs the turnbuckle. Mother slowly gets back up, bending over slightly… JACK IN THE BOX FROM THE ROPE FUCKING ROPE! NOO!! MOTHER MOVED! SHE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! The Boogeyman plants the canvas with a hard boot that jars his right foot! With a hobble, he turns around and eats THE BLACK MIST!] [The Juggalo stumbles, fumbling with his eyes as The Rewind Champion gears up… she runs, leaps and HAPPILY EVER AFTER! NO! JAKE TRIPPED HIS BROTHER FROM OUTSIDE THE RING AND MOTHER MISSES! Jake quickly hops onto the apron as she walks over and hangs her up throat first on it! He enters the ring as she stumbles, scooping her up and THE HATCHET! THE HATCHET TO THE REWIND CHAMPION! JAKE JECKEL IS GOING TO WIN THE TITLE! HE COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! WE HAVE A-NO! NO! THE SCARECROW PULLS HIM OUT THE RING! CHOKESLAM! BYE BYE BIRDIE! CHOKESLAM ON THE FUCKING WOODEN FLOOR!] [The fans go ballistic as Jake crashes off the concrete floor. Before he can act though, Jack Jeckel comes running out of no-where, leaping up the ring steps and Shoulder Barging The Scarecrow to the floor. Jack rolls back into the ring and KINSASHA! HAPPILY EVER AFTER! HOLY FUCKING SHIT, WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM!? MOTHER COVERS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! IT’S OVER! MOTHER RETAINS HER REWIND CHAMPIONSHIP DESPITE THE UNTHINKABLE ODDS!] [The Scarecrow slides back into the ring but the lights go off. When they return, she’s gone.]


[The scene is similar to one seen before, the many test tubes, ingredients, books strewn about. However, the set up is much more jury-rigged, many of the tools seen last time no longer there or replaced with cheap looking versions of them. The camera slowly moves to show a mortar and pestle in a man’s hands. A very familiar tooth is dropped into it and quickly ground to a fine powder.]

“This replacement must work. It has to work. I’m so very close to the stone, I can feel it!”

[The camera pans out to reveal none other than Ethan Earhart, the Mad Scientist. He takes the powder and moves across the makeshift lab, stopping in front of a stone, one seemingly carved out of granite and engraved with runic symbols. He pours some of the powder into a crevice in the top of the stone. He waits a moment then finally grabs the final ingredient.] [The vial of blood.] [He takes it and slowly pours it into the crevice, the blood mixing with bone, slowly the runic engravings begin to light up. The light grows in intensity and then…] [Nothing.] [It fizzles out before his very eyes. And with that, Earhart’s face goes from concentration to one of pure, unbridled rage.]


“Because, mad man. You cannot replicate the will and soul of Sergei.”

[Earhart turns around to see that Sergei had long since entered the room, the Russian looking almost amused.]

“When did you? How did you-”

“How Sergei came here is not important. Sergei was going to smash you, but he sees that you are too pathetic to crush. You simply wish to capture my power, but you cannot.”

[Earhart narrows his eyes, grabbing the stone and SMASHING IT ON THE GROUND!]

“I know why it isn’t working. My calculations were perfect! But the problem lies with you. You’re not the perfect specimen, you’re simply a failure. I should never have used your DNA as the base!”

[Sergei shakes his head.]

“The only failure tonight is your attempt to recreate my strength, mad man. If you want to be strong you must earn it. Tonight Sergei will show you why you are the failure.”

[Earhart merely watches as Sergei excuses himself from the room, the Red Tsar’s words cutting deep as he leaves Ethan amongst his alchemy materials.]


[Static.] [In a darkened room, lit by a solemn candle, a young woman lies curled up on a hard mattress. She’s holding her mid-section, writing in agony as a circus freak looks on with concern. The fat lady walks over, sitting on the bed beside her. It creaks and bends with her arrival.]

“Are you okay, dear?” [She asks with a sincere concern.] [The woman turns to look at her, her eyes bloodshot red.] [It’s Stephanie Cussen.]

“I don’t feel very well.”

“Let me see here,” [The Fat lady says placing a hand to her forehead.] “Well, you have a temperature. You’re burning up. I suppose Alistair hanging you has taken its toll, hasn’t it?”

[Stephanie rolls back over, holding her gut, turning away from the woman.]

“That’s alright, my love. I know you’re not ready to talk about it. This will all be over soon. Tonight, The Circus will rid this world of your torrid Family once and for all.”

[Suddenly, Cussen bolts up right.] “My Family?” [she asks.] [The Fat Lady’s eyes begin to widen and she’s frozen to the spot in fear. Stephanie has changed. Her eyes are bleeding black, a thick gunk like substance leaking onto her cheeks.] [Before you know it, Stephanie vomits violently, spraying her with thick black goo as she reels backwards. It only takes seconds and she’s screaming in agony, holding her face as the Virus infiltrates her body and burns her skin.] [Cussen laughs sadistically.]

“Not my family.”

[With a sadistic, hysterical laugh, Stephanie Cussen gets up and walks towards the door. At her feet, The Fat Lady convulses, foaming at the mouth. Stephanie watches, tilts her head and waits for her to die.] [Static.]


[The Red Tsar faces off against the Mad Scientist in a match of giants. Can the Russian’s strength fall the Immortal?] [Earhart is still enraged from earlier tonight, The Immortal rushing towards The Russian Bear and unleashing a torrent of lefts and rights, forcing the big man backward before trying to whip him across the ring, Sergei pulling back and lifting Earhart into a massive powerslam! Earhart is dazed as Sergei lifts him back to his feet and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! The Sambo suplex practically folds Ethan in half! Sergei refuses to pin, instead forcing Ethan to his feet and hoisting him up into a Gorilla press! He drops him but Ethan lands on his feet! Sergei turns around to a gut kick AND THE BACK SURGERY!] [Both men came out the gate in a blaze but Earhart has the advantage now! He slowly gets to his feet, moving to his corner and waiting for Sergei to stand, leaping forward with a WICKED big boot to The Red Tsar! Sokolov is forced back to the mat as Ethan stalks around him, angrily landing stomp after stomp upon him. He reaches down and grabs Sergei in a choke hold, attempting to lift him up when SERGEI GRABS ETHAN WITH A CHOKE OF HIS OWN! The larger man forces Ethan away from him and lifts him up for a DEVASTATING choke bomb!] [Sokolov still has the upper hand and looks to push the advantage, lifting Earhart back to his feet and hitting a stiff headbutt! Ethan staggers but he ducks an elbow strike! Both men begin to trade blows, the monstrous Sergei going for an ax handle that Earhart barely avoids, taking advantage with an elbow to the ribs! Sergei is stunned and Ethan capitalizes with a massive knee lift! He hits a European uppercut on Sergei and forces him back! He looks to call for the end, pulling Sergei back- HAYMAKER! Sergei stuns Earhart! HE PULLS HIM INTO THE IRON CURTAIN! Sergei covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Sergei comes out on top in this battle of the giants, the referee raising his hand in victory before The Red Tsar marches out of the ring.]


[Buzz.] [Buzz.] [The sound of a phone set to vibrate bouncing on a wooden bedside table is only halted by a tired hand reaching over to grasp at it. It takes a few attempts, slipping away until he finally takes control of the device.] [That hand belongs to The Chief.]

“Hello?” [He groggily answers. His mouth is dry and he’s still half asleep.] “What the fuck you calling me at this time for?”

[Whatever is said, alerts him immediately. He instantly stands up, glancing at the alarm clock; it reads 03:27am. Looking back over his shoulder to the caramel skinned beauty spread nakedly upon his silk sheets, he grimaces.] [He snatches his red robe from over a nearby chair and puts it on to cover his modesty, heading out into the hall way. The lights are on in this mansion of his, and downstairs in a seat, surrounded by gangsters and criminal types, is none other than Errol Flint.] [As The Chief walks down his spiral staircase, he laughs gently.]

“I heard you were in my city, Flint. I thought to myself, it couldn’t be,” [He says as he gets closer, walking towards his plush leather couch and taking a seat in front of Flint. Errol looks to be in good condition, all things considered.] “But here you are.”

[Errol checks out his surroundings, careful to speak.]

“You knew I’d come for you.”

[The Chief bursts out laughing.] “Nigga, The Chief comes for you, you don’t come for me.”


[The Family and the Circus enter the ring, both factions embroiled in a blood feud, both leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.] [Jensen Cussen looks to start for his team, taunting out Huxley who is pulled back by Fluffy, the silent giant climbing over the ropes and sizing up Cussen, Jensen doesn’t back down, running full force towards Fluffy WHO HITS A HEADBUTT TO CUSSEN! Vengeance nails the ground and Fluffy yanks him back up, throwing him head first into his corner! He tags in Huxley, holding Jensen down as the Ringmaster rains down stomps onto him! Huxley forces Cussen out of the corner and tries for a suplex but Vengeance pushes him off and counters with a MASSIVE lariat to Huxley!] [Cussen waits for Huxley to stand up, nailing a quick knee to the gut before nailing an impressive tiger suplex! He drags Huxley to his corner, DTR coordinating the assault as he tells Phoenix to tag in, Jensen holding Huxley in a backbreaker rack as Jacob leaps with an elbow to Huxley! The devious duo rain down boots upon Alistair before DTR tags himself in and joins the action! The referee tries to break up the onslaught CLOTHESLINE TO THE REFEREE! The ref is down and with no official to keep order the circus invade the ring! Big boot to the chest of DTR by PK! Double clothesline from Fluffy!] [With the official down hell has broken loose! Phoenix is the first to his feet, Jacob pushing away Fluffy and hitting the ropes FOR THE PHOENIX FOREARM! The Spaniard is down and Phoenix changes his focus to PK, rushing at him and delivering a quick combo of punches before finishing with a leaping elbow! PK staggers but comes back full force with a headbutt! He pulls Phoenix into a suplex neckbreaker! Phoenix is grounded but PK is blindsided by DTR! The Virus is not happy, jabbing PainKiller in the eye and blinding him just long enough to pull him into a DDT!] [While DTR brawls with PK, Cussen and Huxley have begun trading blows, Cussen getting the upper hand and whipping Huxley into the ropes! HUXLEY CLINGS BETWEEN THEM! Cussen, caught off guard, tries to rush towards Huxley, flying forward with THE BLUNT FORCE– LOW BLOW! Huxley slipped from the ropes and punches Cussen right between the legs! Jensen falls to his knees, Huxley landing a DDT before rolling away. On the far side of the ring DTR whips PK into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a sleeper slam! Phoenix is up and joins by DTR’s side, Fluffy doing the same for Huxley. Both teams circle the ring, reuniting with their other teammates and pulling them to their feet, the Circus and the Family both standing now.] [Both teams stare each other down before colliding with each other in a blur of strikes! Huxley and PK focus on Phoenix, pushing him the ropes as DTR and Cussen take on Fluffy. The giant is overwhelmed by the duo, staggered by a knee strike AND HIT WITH THE REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR hold him in place on his shoulder FOR THE BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Fluffy drops hard and rolls to the outside. The Family turns to see Phoenix on the receiving end of THE LAST BREATH! Jacob is tossed to the outside! Jensen races across the ring! CACTUS CLOTHESLINE TO PK! BOTH MEN HIT THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Huxley turns to DTR, both men locking eyes as they realize they are the only men left standing in the ring.] [DTR ducks underneath a quick Clothesline attempt by Huxley.. REASONABLE DOUBT! NO! JAWBREAKER! Ali reverses! DTR bounces off the canvas in a heap. Huxley turns around, looking for the tag and THE FINAL BREATH! WHAT THE FUCK!? THE FINAL BREATH TO ALISTAIR HUXLEY BY PAINKILLER! HE JUST… DID HE JUST… OH MY GOD! DTR COVERS…. ONE…… TWO… PAINKILLER WATCHES… THREE! IT’S OVER! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?]


[The fans can’t believe it.] [DTR rolls away from Huxley and towards the ropes, grabbing the middle one to help himself back to his feet. Painkiller meanwhile reaches down, grabbing his former Ringmaster.] [The Final Breath!] [Holy shit, what a shot to the throat! Huxley hits the canvas in a heap, and here comes Fluffy, only he walks straight into Cussen and Phoenix who BACK BODY DROP him over the top rope to the wooden floor below!] [Painkiller grabs a microphone, kneeling down before his former friend and holding his head.]

“It’s been a matter of time,” [he barks.] “And I’ve been waiting for my moment to leave you in the dirt, Huxley. Did you really think I’d be under your spell forever?”

[He’s snarling, enraged.]

“It was me who hung The Hangman! It was ME all along, Huxley! How do you think I found the Family home, huh? They told me where it was,” [he says pointing back to DTR, who smiles sinisterly.] “They told me that Stephanie would be there. They offered me something you never could; a Family.”

[As he speaks, black gunk begins leaking from the corner of his right eye – an infection, a virus.]

“And all I had to do in return was help put down the man who took my freedom away from me. Tell me, Alistair, what do you have left now? Your Circus has been burned to the ground. Your greatest act has betrayed you and your world has come crashing down around you. You’re nothing! You’re dead.”

[Painkiller slams his head backwards off the canvas, rising to his feet with a smile. DTR walks over, putting his arm around him with Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen are handed the Tag Team Championships.]

“Welcome to the family, son.”

[All four men raise their arms together, hearing the boos hiss down upon them by the sold out crowd.]

[With his arms folded and one leg sat across the other, once again to hide his modesty, he smiles.] [The Chief checks his watch, noting the time. It’s 03:30am.]

“You duped me. You bought my company knowing that Jake Jeckel was still alive,” [Flint growls furiously at his dishonesty.] “And then you sold The School Yard, moved to Miami and took everything I built with you.”

[As business becomes the agenda, The Chief sits forward, uncrossing his legs. He leans in, his face stoic and serious.]

“You’re right, I did,” [The Chief admits, still leaning.] “And I checked the contracts with my attorneys. They’re iron clad, man. You have no business in Miami, so how about I do you a favour, huh? How about I put you on my private jet back to Las Vegas. You’ll enjoy the flight.”

[He stands up, waving Flint and his men away, only Errol objects.]

“I don’t think so,” [he bravely responds, stopping The Chief in his tracks.] “I know the contract is iron clad. I know there’s no way I’m getting my business back. You did what you had to do in business and I understand that. But business is what I’m here to discuss.”

[The Chief turns to face him, an eyebrow raised in his direction.]

“I know who you are. I know what you’re capable of and I know what Old School Wrestling is a front for.”

[That immediately pisses The Chief off. He leans in with a big slap, knocking Flint backwards into his chair. Errol quickly brings a hand to his lip, checking for a spattering of blood that exists there.]


[The lights around the Tap Room drop as the extended introduction to ‘Lost’ by Red begins to play. The previously unheard song plays out in darkness until an eruption of guitars is met with an eruption of blinding light around the arena.

Lux Bellator. Flanking him from behind, a group of four robed Torchbearers stand, torches burning proudly. Once inside the ring, the Light Warrior reaches for a microphone and the song fades out as he begins to talk.]

“Last week we saw the trial and conviction of a sinner who had squandered his second chance at a life lived in light. With the Lord Almighty residing judge, the evidence was presented and the jury found one Solomon Rhodes wanting.”

[As he speaks, a team of stagehands wheel out a large black hooded pit-like object and place it just next to the ring, right up against the apron along one side of the ring. Bellator waits until the men have finished manoeuvring the pit in place before continuing.]

“All that is left now is for the consequences of sin to be enforced.”

[He beckons for the hood to be taken off the large pit, revealing a giant brazier-like filled with coals.]

“The cost of sin is death, an eternity lived out in the place where the fires rage and there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Solomon Timothy Rhodes… Your eternity awaits.”

[With that, Bellator takes a torch of one of his robed followers and tilts it towards the coals. The fire pit instantly erupts into flames. Merely moments later, ‘Bliss’ by Eric Whitacre hits and Lazarus enters the fray. He makes his way quickly toward the ring, wearily passing the fire pit before stepping inside.]

“If this is the way you want it, Bellator, you have it. A pit of fire, symbolic of the fate that awaits one of us. Perhaps the flames may purify the truth so you may see the light once more… And feel it burn.”

[The two members of Bellatorum stand face to face, a natural stalemate reached between the pair. Lux uses the moment to cover one final point.]

“The match will continue as scheduled, except for the addition of the Fires of Judgement. One will not be victorious by merely tossing the other into the flames. Are you ready to meet your fate?”

[Lazarus doesn’t so much as even nod.]

“Bring it on. Ordo ab chao.”


[The battle between brothers has become a war of the ages as both seek to prove the other has fallen from the graces of God. Will the Phoenix prove he’s still among the light or will the Light Warrior banish his former brother to depths of Hell?] [The bell sounds as Lazarus rushes forward, Lux grabbing hold of the ropes as he starts to head out of the ring. The referee holds Lazarus back as Lux tries to sneak attack Laz, but he dodges a clothesline, destroying Lux with hard forearms in a furious anger. Lux gets whipped across the ring, rebounding as Lazarus leaps up, FRANKENSTEINER! Lux stumbles to his feet, falling outside the ring as he tries to get a breather between him and his furious former brother] [Lazarus follows, walking right into an elbow to the jaw before Lux quickly grabs him from behind, RELEASE GERMAN INTO THE BAR! Lux smiles as he pulls the hurting Lux up to his feet, throwing him back first into the ring apron before rolling him back into the ring. Lazarus slowly gets to his feet, right as Lux rushes forward, ARM OF GOD! Lux has the armbar locked in the middle of the ring, Lazarus may be forced to tap out right here] [Lazarus tries to pull himself towards the ropes but Lux has the armbar locked in tight, sitting back as far as he can as Lazarus looks to be close to tapping out. With a last surge of strength, Lazarus slowly gets to his feet, Lux holding onto his side as Lazarus drives him down to the mat with a modified Powerbomb. The damage has been done thou as Laz’s arm hangs limp by his side.] [Lazarus pulls Lux up to his feet as he tries to lift him up for Death but his arm gives out on him as Lux stuns him with a hard enziguri to the back of the head before spinning him down to the mat with a lightning fast DEUM LUCEM! Lux calls for the end, lifting up the seemingly done Lazarus as he sets him up for the Disciple Maker. Lazarus backdrops his way out of it however, backing up as Lux slowly gets to his feet, DARK…ROLLUP! Lux ducks the superkick, rolling Lazarus up as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…LUX HAS HIS HAND ON THE ROPES…THREE!!!] [Lux Bellator manages to steal a win from his former brother tonight but how this ended, the Phoenix should look to get his revenge in the near future]


[Officially, the match is over. But this does not stop the once tight-knit brethren of Bellatorum from continuing to tear each other limb from limb, a vicious brawl breaking out between Lux and Lazarus at the end of the match that cuts the celebrations short. In a fight that had become more personal than merely a match, the constant tolling of the bell is not enough of a message to separate the two men. The pair seem destined to lock horns for eternity until a single voice calls out above the chaos…]


[It is the voice of Lux Bellator. His voice acts as a command to his four robed Torchbearers, who had until now become all but forgotten. The four enter the ring, torches at the ready. At a flick of the wrist, Bellator commands his men to seize Lazarus and they soon bring him to his knees. Bellator, now feeling the power shift thanks to his numbers game brings himself nice and close as he addresses Lazarus.]

“I said once before, your judgement will result in you losing everything you hold dear. You thought I was merely referring to a temple? You thought that your palace of sin burning down would be the extent of God’s wrath? No… We are not finished. The light of judgement has revealed what you truly hold dear.”

[Lazarus struggles but is held firm in the clasp of Lux’s Torchbearers. Bellator smiles as he continues getting to his point.]

“There is one matter that still needs to be addressed. You see, to the world, you are still Lazarus – a symbol of everything that is good and righteous. You are a symbol of Bellatorum, the brotherhood.” [He grabs Lazarus by the mask and forces him to look him in the eyes.] “But I know the truth, for I see the light. You do not deserve to wear this symbol of righteousness. Each second it touches your skin tarnishes the mission of light. What you TRULY hold dear?”

[As an answer to his question, Lux begins to unfasten the mask, despite Lazarus’s protests which fall on deaf ears. He is still held in place when Lux slowly pulls the mask free from Lazarus’s face. With the mask free, Lux Bellator looks into the eyes of a man he once called brother… The face all too familiar to him.]

“You no longer hold the title of Lazarus, the born again, for your rebirth was nothing but a lie. From this moment, you will be Solomon Rhodes… Your true identity. And all the sin that the name brings along with it is on your shoulders.”

[With that, Lux Bellator takes the crimson mask and tosses it into the still burning coals of the ‘Fires of Judgement.’ He watches as the flames engulf the mask. Melting, burning, destroying. Before his eyes, Lazarus is no more.]


“The last nigga who knew my name took a dirt nap. How the fuck do you have the iron balls to step into my house and stand before me talkin’ ‘bout business?”

[Flint continues to check his lip.] “I’m not threatening you, kid. I’m making a deal. I had investigators check you out the minute Jake Jeckel was revealed to be alive. That snitch you had, you didn’t get to him quick enough. I’ve known who you are, Ghost, since Jake Jeckel reared his ugly head.”

[There’s a snarl coming from The Chief now, who takes a seat once more. This is getting extremely serious.]

“I haven’t said a word and the only reason I’m telling you now is so that you know I’m the real deal. You paid me millions of dollars for Old School Wrestling. You bought the contracts, the titles, the arena, you bought it all. Now I want to buy something from you. At Ring of Dreams, I want to purchase a match with Jake Jeckel.”

“You wanna do what?” [The Chief stammers, surprised.] “Are you fuckin’ crazy?”

[Flint shrugs.]

“He’s come to you, hasn’t he?” [Errol asks with a tilted head, knowing the answer.] “He’s told you this is ‘our’ problem, right? Well, you can kill two birds with one stone and make a million dollars in the process.”

“Let me get this right, nigga. You want a match one on one with Jake fuckin’ Jeckel at Ring of Dreams?”

[Errol shakes his head ‘no’.] “I’m not going to fight him. I’m not a fighter, kid. I never have been. But I have a fighter willing to kill Jake Jeckel for me. All I need you to do is let me buy that match. What’s the worst that can happen, huh? Either way, you lose a problem.”

[Suddenly, a shadowy figure appears behind the glass conservatory doors, looking in. The Chief nods towards his guards, who open it. The man walks in, pulling down his hood.] [It’s Ethan Bird.] [The Chief looks at him sideways, with a grin.]

“I’ll tell you what Flint. I’ll have that contract drawn up for Ring of Dreams, and you can have your match with Jake Jeckel. I don’t give a shit if it’s you versus him, or Ethan Bird. But the price is 1.5 million and Bird joins Monday Night Showcase.”

[Errol smiles, looking towards Ethan who nods..] “You have a deal. In the meantime, my fee buys me the right to disappear. I don’t want Jake Jeckel finding me between now and Ring of Dreams. You make people disappear, don’t you?”

[The Chief nods, his once angry expression all smiles.]

“Like a ghost.”



[We have an amazing title match here tonight as the Enforcer defends his VHS Championship against Neville Sheldon. Can the Enforcer continue his reign or will the Underdog live up to his reputation once more?] [The bell sounds as Brent and Neville shake hands, before backing off as the two competitors circle around, trying to find an opening. Brent signals for a test of strength that Neville agrees with, it’s equal at first but the Enforcer quickly overpowers Neville, driving a knee into his stomach before whipping him across the ring. Neville ducks under a clothesline attempt, bouncing off the other side before leaping up with a high Dropkick that sends Kersh staggering into the ropes. Another Dropkick sends Kersh flying over the ropes to the outside as Neville sizes him up] [The Enforcer slowly gets to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs as Neville dives through the ropes, SUPERMAN! It hits flush as the crowd begins to cheer, Neville pulling Brent up as he goes to throw him back into the ring. Kersh nails Neville with a hard elbow to the sternum before driving him back first into the apron. Kersh rolls him back inside, getting back in the ring himself right into a hard kick to the face. Neville pulls Kersh up to his feet before slamming him down to the mat with a lighting quick Snap Suplex] [Neville doesn’t cover, instead lifting Brent up to his feet again as the Enforcer blocks a kick to the gut, spinning Neville to the mat with a modified Dragon Screw. Brent keeps a hold of the left leg, driving down multiple knees to the back of the knee before dropping down and locking in a leglock. Sheldon squirms in pain, trying to get to the ropes as Brent leverages back, trying to damage the knee as much as he can. Neville manages to get a hold of the ropes but as he gets to his feet, visibly limping, the damage may have already been done] [Neville tries to take this into high gear, nailing Kersh with a series of quick forearms before rushing to the ropes. The bad knee takes it’s toll, slowing Neville down as he bounces off right into a massive Lariat that turns Neville almost inside out. Kersh covers, ONE…TWO…Neville gets the shoulder up. Kersh lifts Neville up to his feet, driving a series of knees into his midsection before slamming him down to the mat with a Belly to Back Suplex.] [Neville slowly stumbles to his feet as Kersh tries to finish him off, lifting him over his shoulder, SOUTHERN DIS…NO! Neville slips down Kersh’s back, BODYSLAM! Neville rushes to the ropes slowly before bouncing off, LEG DROP WRESTLEMANIA! Neville covers, ONE…TWO…Kersh gets the shoulder up! Neville pulls Kersh up who retaliates with an uppercut that staggers Neville before Kersh backs up, CHOP BLOCK TO THE BAD KNEE!! Neville goes down hard, holding his knee in pain] [Kersh stomps down on the knee, dropping a leg down onto it before locking in the Lone Star! Neville screams in pain, trying to will himself through it as Kersh pulls back with all his strength, trying to force Neville to tap out. Neville tries to pull himself to the ropes, slowly getting there as the crowd wills him forward. Neville just scrapes the ropes before Kersh pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Neville refuses to tap but he’s slowly fading away as his shoulders are on the mat, ONE…TWO…Neville sits up, refusing to lose this way.] [Neville slowly begins firing up, trying to turn Kersh over who’s blocking the attempt but Neville is determined as he slowly but surely reverses the hold. Kersh quickly breaks it but is it enough for Neville to come back? Neville gets to his feet, blocking a right hand by Kersh as he retaliates with one of his one, and another and a third as he backs Kersh to the ropes, throwing him across the ring before delivering a hard Back Body Drop.] [Neville calls for the end, running forward, NK…Kersh ducks under, spinning Neville around before slamming him down to the canvas with a massive Spinebuster. Kersh signals for the end, trying to lift Neville up but he pushes him away, dropping down to one knee as his bad one gives out. Kersh lifts Neville up again, NKO OUTTA NOWHERE! Neville collapses on Kersh as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [Neville Sheldon lives up to his Underdog name here tonight. winning the VHS Championship despite the odds in a great main event.]


[What an amazing Main Event.] [Neville Sheldon gets back to his feet, absolutely exhausted as he’s handed the VHS Championship. He can’t believe it; he’s done it. Brent Kersh slowly joins him there, a look of sadness on his face as he reaches down to grab his worthy opponents arm and begins to raise it.] [Click.] [Darkness suddenly engulfs the arena.] [The fans hiss and cheer, wondering just what the hell is going on.] [When the lights return, Mother is kneeling between them both in the middle of the ring. Startled, Sheldon drops the Championship.]

“I have been alive since the beginning of time itself.”

[Kersh and Sheldon carefully back away.]

“And for that time, people have known me by different names. But I am the Mother of all creatures that roam this Earth.”

[Her head suddenly snaps sideways, looking towards Brent Kersh.]

“Tonight, is the night when those creatures come together. Tonight, is Genesis.”

[Darkness.] [Flutter.] [When the lights come back on, stood behind Mother with his arms spread is none other than The Scarecrow. The Hayman himself, with his head lowered, has joined her in the middle of the ring.] [Suddenly, he lunges left, slapping his giant hand around the throat of Neville Sheldon. The fans can’t believe it, no-one can. Mother meanwhile has moved just as quickly, leaping through the air and HAPPILY EVER AFTER TO BRENT KERSH!] [CHOKESLAM! BYE BYE BIRDIE!!]

“Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!”

[Chants echo throughout the tap room as The Scarecrow and Mother dispatch of the VHS Champion and Brent Kersh.] [They return to the centre of the ring, Mother kneeling once more. The Scarecrow stands behind her, his arms perched.] [She laughs maniacally.] [Static.]

“Good little Crow.”

[Her voice whispers.] [Cut.]