[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Split screen.] [On the left side, Solomon Rhodes.] [And on the right, Tommy Hawk.] [The sound of slow beating drums accompanies the split screen, thumping away rhythmically in the background. There’s smoke with Tommy Hawk, and what sounds like the humming of men. To the left, Solomon Rhodes’ face becomes illuminated by a red glow.]

“In the hearts of every man, a fire rages from the inside out. And inside The Dragon, the fire beckons to be released. Only one of these scorches the earth and it is not man.”

[Says Solomon Rhodes.]

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

[Says Tommy Hawk.]

“I want your fire, Tommy. I wish to take from man what they’ve never truly mastered.”

“I will not let the fire spirit consume me.”

[The glow of red becomes greater on the screen of Solomon Rhodes. He steps backwards, watching as fire begins to engulf the screen.] [Tommy’s eyes have closed and his head lowered, only to open with a deep red within them. When his face rises, it is covered in white war paint.]

“I am the Dragon.”

“I am the Wolf, the Savage.”

[Both men’s eyes look towards the camera with a fierce stare.]

“At Ring of Dreams, I’m going to set fire to everything you love.”

“At Ring of Dreams, day and night cannot dwell together. Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance. I am your resistance, fire spirit.”



[We have a big debut tonight as Vinnie Di Santi enters the Tap Room, but he faces one of the greats in the Patriarch of the Family, DTR. Can Di Santi pull off a massive upset or will the Virus consume him completely?] [The bell sounds as Vinnie rushes out, peppering DTR with a series of lefts and rights before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off into a massive elbow to the jaw before he’s planted into the mat with a huge DDT! DTR pulls Vinnie up, destroying him with a huge knee to the gut before lifting him up and snapping him over his body with a Double Underhook Backbreaker] [Vinnie cries out in pain as the Virus lifts him up again, slipping behind Vinnie as he holds him from behind, FILL IN THE BLANK! Vinnie is done on the mat as the Virus drops down, hooking the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…DTR lifts the shoulder up! The Virus drills him with a hard kick, knocking him to the mat again before climbing up top, LIGHTS OUT…MISSES!] [DTR gets to his feet as Vinnie flips him to the mat with a surprise rollup out of nowhere. ONE..TWO…THR…DTR just kicks out! DTR blocks a punch from Vinnie, delivering a sickening headbutt before a snap DDT drives Vinnie into the mat, seemingly knocking him out cold. The Virus, clearly pissed off, lifts the limp Vinnie to his feet, REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR covers, a sickening smile growing on his face, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Virus sends a big message with the mauling of Vinnie Di Santi tonight as he looks forward to the Triple Threat at Ring of Dreams. Is the Virus ready this time or will the Phoenix defeat the Family once again?]


“Fuck that!”

[The voice of Jack Jeckel echoes in the small corner of the Tap Room he has ventured into. The painted man is leaning on a concrete wall with a cell phone to his ear.]

“Yeah, I know that the judge denied bail. That’s why I’m calling you.” [Jack pleads to the other side of this conversation.] “Some nasty shit is going down, and I need someone to take care of this business for me.”

[A voice squawks through the small speaker, although we can understand none of its words.]

“Don’t fuck around with me. We both know why I don’t ask him. If you’re too afraid to cross him, then you’re no good to me either.”

[The voice replies, sounding angrier, but Jack quickly removes the phone from his ear and ends the call.]

“Mr. Flint.”

[Jack extends his hand to the approaching Errol Flint, who doesn’t bother shaking it in return. His security team loom behind him.]

“Listen up, Jeckel.” [Flint begins, all business.] “I hate to repeat myself, but I know you’re not the most stable individual. Under no circumstance are you to have any interaction with Ethan Bird until Ring of Dreams. Got it?”

[With pursed lips, Jack nods.]

“And don’t be getting any delusions of grandeur here. Your brother screwed me over, big time, so you’re lucky I don’t send you to hell with him. What we have right now is a simple business deal. I brought you on to finish off Ethan Bird for me. You do that, then the the transaction is complete, and our relationship is terminated.”

[Errol points finger at Jack, who seems annoyed at taking this.]

“And don’t forget what your payment is for this. You fail me, and I’m going to have two Juggalo gifts for the reaper.”

[Without a further word, Flint turns and walks back down the hallway. Jack seems seething with rage as he watches his business partner walk away.] [What is Jack getting for this?] [And what if he fails?]


[Mr. X stands stoically in the corner across from the ever animated Alistair Huxley. Could the Ringmaster possibly be interested in a masked attraction? The bell rings and this match is underway!] [Huxley and X circle around one another. Alistair puts his hands up for a test of strength, and Mr. X does the same. They come together, but before they can lock fingers, Huxley delivers a swift kick into Mr. X’s midsection. He grabs the hunched over X and drives his head into the canvas with a SNAP DDT! He covers.. One… Two… Th… Kickout! Huxley quickly kips up and jumps off the ropes with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! X flails and Huxley, ever the showman, takes a bow! Alistair grabs X’s head and starts to pull him up, but… SMALL PACKAGE! One… Two… THR… Kickout!!] [Huxley pops up, surprised, but X is up just as fast and knife edge strikes Ali across the chest! Another! Another!! X drives Huxley down to one knee, then he steps back… SHINING WIZARD! One… Two… Th… Kickout! X wastes no time getting to his feet and delivers a punt to Huxley’s head, stunning the Ringmaster! Mr. X heads to the top… X MARKS THE SPOT!! One… Two… Thre… !! NO! Huxley barely kicks out! X is frustrated and yanks Huxley up. He throws him into the ropes and when Ali returns, X pops him up, but Huxley counters with CIRQUE DU TORMENT!! The choke is locked in…] [But X reverses with a SIT OUT POWER BOMB!! Both men are down and struggling! Finally X begins to climb to his feet and heads towards Huxley. Huxley was feigning and blows fire into X’s face! DRAGON’S BREATH!! X drops holding his mask! Hopefully it shielded some of the flames…. Suddenly the Russian National Anthem hits the P.A.! Sergei Sokolov marches to the ring!] [Sokolov slides under and immediately looks at the downed Mr. X. He heads towards him… and then turns and grabs Huxley! IRON CURTAIN!! Huxley is destroyed and rolls out of the ring! The ref calls for the bell, declaring Huxley the winner by disqualification! He wins but took some major punishment for his troubles!]


[Sergei Sokolov continues to crank down the Torture Rack on Mr. X. X writhes in pain, seemingly on the verge of unconsciousness. But Sokolov wants him to feel everything that is happening to him. He drops X nearly seven feet to the canvas! Mr. X lands with a sickening thud. The Bear roars and pulls X back to his feet. He is looking to end Mr. X with an Iron Curtain, but suddenly the screen snaps to life. Sokolov stops the assault to watch as X slumps to his knees.] [A grainy CCTV feed comes awake. On it is an empty office showing a desk and a leather chair behind it. Two slightly less comfortable chairs stand in front. Suddenly, from off camera, a voice speaks. It is thick with a heavy Russian accent.]

“No, no, sir. Everything is going perfectly to plan. He is doing exactly as we wanted. It’s like taking candy from baby.”

[General Petrov enters the room. He is talking on a cell phone, and he sits down behind the desk. He continues talking with the person on the other end of the line, someone to whom Petrov answers.]

“Well, at first the hacker made him question our intentions, but I persuaded him to see things our way. I don’t think we will have to worry about him not doing as we please anymore.”

[The voice, unintelligible on the other end of the call takes his turn.]

“Of course, sir. As soon as the great fool has exhausted his usefulness, he will be disposed of. We will not waste resources.”

[A quick burst of words on the phone.]

“Yes, sir. I will keep you updated. Goodbye.”

[The scene cuts and Sokolov is left dumbfounded in the ring. He stares at the screen even though it has gone blank. Finally he turns to Mr. X, who is still recovering on the mat.]

“I told you.”

[BZZT!] [The lights go out for less than a second, and when they return, Mr. X has vanished leaving a very confused Russian Bear in the center of the squared circle.]


[These two warriors battle it out again as both men look to gain momentum heading into Ring of Dreams. Can Maui show what awaits Huxley or will Royal increase his odds in the Sweet Dreams match?] [The bell rings as Hayden rushes forward, drilling Royal with hard lefts and rights before tossing Royal into the ropes. Royal bounces off, ducking a lariat before grabbing Hayden from behind, tossing him to the mat with a Reverse German! Hayden rolls through, rushing forward as the King gets to his feet, drilling him with a hard kick to the face before leaping up, planting Royal into the mat with a Tornado DDT!] [Royal slowly gets to his feet, walking into an Elbow Rush before Hayden lifts him over his shoulders, trying for a Powerslam but Royal slips down, grabbing Hayden from behind and landing a lighting fast Regal Plex! Hayden is dazed as he tries to get to his feet, Royal flips him to the mat, trying to lock in the Dungeons of London! Hayden scrambles to the ropes, getting a hold of them before Royal can get it locked in properly] [Royal kicks Hayden in the face, pulling him up for a Suplex but Hayden pushes Royal away, leaping up with a hard enziguri that stuns the King before leaping up with a Hurricanrana. Royal staggers to his feet, walking right into a kick to the gut, URUPA! Hardkore doesn’t cover, heading up to the top rope as he sizes Royal up for a moment, FLYING KIWI…MISSES! Hayden rolls through as Royal takes him down into the Dungeon of London! Hardkore tries to fight out but Royal has it locked in tight as he’s forced to tap out!] [King Royal picks up a big victory here tonight, beating Hayden Hardkore again as he gets a huge boost of momentum heading into Sweet Dreams as the King’s conquest of OSW could be finally within his grasp]


[King Royal gets back to his feet, leaning on the top rope for support.] [Static.]

“King Royal sat on a wall, King Royal had a great fall. All of his horses and all of his men, couldn’t put their King back together again.”

[Laughter.] [The lights come back on with everyone eagerly anticipating the horrors of Genesis.] [Only stood before him, crowbar in hand, is none other than Smiley.] [He swings violently at The King, who blocks with his gauntlets and parries him away. Smiley quickly rushes him, storming him into the corner with as much force as he can muster. He drops the crowbar and starts delivering body shots, driving home as much force as possible into the King’s abdomen.]


[The fans go absolutely ballistic as Bruce Van Chan’s music hits and an unlikely ally makes his way to the ring. He slides straight under the bottom rope and ducks a swinging Clothesline by Smiley, delivering a Back Drop that plants him on the back of his head.] [Royal stumbles from the corner to meet his former friend and more frequent foe in the middle of the ring. They stand there for a moment, eyes locked and then it happens.] [Flutter.] [The lights return and stood in the middle of the ring, on either side of these former friends is Genesis.] [They slowly turn around to meet them, Bruce facing Mother as The King squares off against The Scarecrow.] [Then it erupts.] [An explosive brawl erupts between all four of them, rocking the ring as the battle explodes before our very eyes. The Scarecrow tosses King Royal to the outside as Mother dropkicks Bruce Van Chan through the middle rope.] [They both turn around to see Smiley; all three staring at each other and backing away, as Sweet Dreams hots up on the Road to Ring of Dreams.]


[William Abraxas & Epitaph taking on the infamous team of Mother & The Scarecrow here as the bell rings and the action begins.] [Abraxas and Epitaph begin to argue about who will step in the ring first. However on the opposite side, Genesis have come to the agreement of Mother starting off first. Mother charges at both men with a thunderous knee strike connecting first with the Philosopher’s skull and then the White Horses’ as Abraxas rolls out of the ring and Mother just pounces on top of Epitaph with a flurry of punches. Epitaph manages to chuck her off as he comes back onto his feet. He grabs her arm! He swings her into a devastating SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! You can’t keep Mother down however as she rises to her feet as though the strike was nothing!] [Epitaph sees this and decides to run at her with a lariat as he rebounds off of the ropes! NO! She ducks and as Epitaph stops his attack and turns he is met with a massive spinning heel kick to the head. Abraxas is now back up on his side of the corner. Scarecrow still on the other. The Mother Of All lifts the White Horse to his feet as she whips him straight into Scarecrow’s corner! TAG! Scarecrow climbs in and hails a thunderstorm of kicks to the chest of Epitaph as he struggles! HE CATCHES THE LEG! The White Horse shoves Scarecrow off and dives at him with a forearm strike as it connects and Scarecrow stumbles, still on his feet. TAG! Epitaph’s just tagged in The Philosopher! Abraxas he looks at the White Horse angrily, wanting nothing to do with The Scarecrow now stood before him!] [UPPERCUT! Scarecrow hits a hard uppercut to the face of Abraxas as he stumbles back into his corner. He tries to tag in Epitaph but the White Horse jumps off of the apron! Seemingly ditching his partner! TURN AROUND ABRAXAS! THE HAYMAKER!! Abraxas flops to the floor as Scarecrow hits his signature move! He’s not done however! He wraps his hand around the head of The Philosopher and rises him to his feet before hitting THE HAYMAKER AGAIN!!!! HE’S STILL NOT DONE! Genesis trying to make a statement tonight ahead of Ring of Dreams! He walks over to Mother and tags her in as she waits for Abraxas, who’s on his knees, to turn around! BLACK MIST! She’s just sprayed black mist straight into the opponent’s face! This means one thing… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!! It connects as she goes for the cover… ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Genesis have done it, they walk into RoD with all the momentum in the world!]


[William Abraxas is a man who often strikes from the shadows. Yet there are no shadows in the middle of the ring, where both Abraxas and his foil Epitaph stand. Yet William only sneers towards his masked nemesis, the adrenaline from the just completed match only winding down.]

“How can a man of peace such as yourself, still enter the ring and fight?” [Abraxas begins.] “Your candle only burns brighter in combat, yet you cannot see this.”

[Epitaph seems to be over dealing with Abraxas and his taunts.]

“In your lust for war, Abraxas,” [Epitaph retorts.] “You have looked past the necessity of violence for even those who would fight for peace.”

[Abraxas laughs, but Epitaph continues.]

“Look around you. You and your Red Horse have brought about a war that you do not know the consequences of. You have attacked innocent people all in your effort to push me into this war of yours. You say that War never ends, but I am here today to tell you that it does.”

[Williams seems amused as he steps forward, but almost trips up on something on the ground before him.] [A candle.] [This one is made of red wax, and despite the burning fire atop it, no wax melts down its sides.]

“You showed me a white candle that burned and melted over time.” [Epitaph continues.] “That candle was to represent the peace in my heart wearing away under your repeated attacks to all that I hold dear.”

[The two men meet eyes for perhaps the first time, truly looking into one another’s heart.]

“This candle represents violence. Because that, my friend, is what truly never ends.”

[That admission gets a smirk from Abraxas.]

“You love violence and bring it for its own sake, to satiate the neverending War in your own mind. I only resort to violence to bring peace where there is none. I bring violence to end the war.”

[Epitaph looks deep into Abraxas’s eyes, and the other man meets the gaze.]

“So it’s time for the White Horse to ride out to a rare battle. The Red Horse has challenged the peace that he so desperately clings to. It’s time to bring peace back to the world. It’s time to end this war, once and for all.”

[With the red candle of war between them, William Abraxas and Epitaph are poised to find out which man is right.] [If either man truly is.]


[The bell rings and the match starts with a flurry as Desmond Cross wastes no time attacking his opponent. He immediately connects with a clothesline that sends Phoenix crashing to the canvas. Again, wasting no time, Cross stays on the attack with a series of stops to the ribs of Phoenix. The big man uses his strength to pull Jacob Phoenix to his feet. He crashes his large knee into the gut of Phoenix for good measure before he sends him to the mat again with THE AWAKENING! He goes for the cover. One…Two…NO! Phoenix gets his shoulder up at the last possible second. Not letting this phase him, Cross jumps on top of Phoenix and begins to land huge right hands to the man’s head much to the pleasure of the crowd.] [Cross stops with the punches before the ref counts to ten. Cross gets to his feet and reaches down to grab Phoenix by his black hair, but the veteran lurches up and rams his shoulder into the midsection of Desmond Cross causing the big man to stumble backwards. Phoenix uses the sliver of opportunity to get to his feet and knocks the big man down with the PHOENIX FOREARM! With Cross down, Phoenix returns the punishment and jumps on his opponent and begins to land his own set of punches. After five, Phoenix jumps to his feet and begins working on the big man’s knee with a series of stomps to the left one.] [Sensing he could be in big trouble, Cross uses all of his strength to whip his opposite leg across and kick Phoenix in the shin. This provides just enough cushion to allow the big man to get to his feet as Phoenix is grabbing at his now ailing leg. Despite being on his feet Cross, the damage has been done as he is having to limp around the ring. Sensing an area of opportunity Phoenix moves towards Cross and looks to knock the man out with a SUPERKICK! NO!! CROSS DUCKS! HE POSITIONS HIS SHOULDER UNDERNEATH THE LEG OF PHOENIX AND LIFTS THE MAN UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS…FALL FROM GRACE!! He makes the cover… One! Two! Three!] [Desmond Cross has hand lifted in victory as he limps his way out of the ring.]


[A buzz comes over the Tap Room as the match draws its conclusion. Something is stirring, but for a moment it is unclear what exactly.] [Dozens of figures appear out of the crowd, out of the shadows, out of the dark forgotten corners of the world. Followers of Calypso… They surround the ring, surrounding Desmond Cross as he stands inside unsure of what to make of things. The ring is surrounded by a sea of followers, but they do not advance. They wait.] [From within the wave of her following, Calypso appears. She enters the ring alone.]

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…” [Calypso says with a smirk.] “You and that voice in your head speak of wanting to ‘stop me’. You and what army?”

[Calypso waits, confident in her surroundings, knowing that each of the followers outside the ring would die to protect her if required. Desmond says nothing, he doesn’t so much as move. He simple stares at her.]

“You speak a tough game, Cross… Hell, I’d almost believe you if you weren’t a complete psycho. Truth is, you have nothing to offer anybody. Does a prophet not need a following to prophesy to? Where is your following?”

[Cross continues to stare for a pregnant pause, then cracks into a wide grin. Laughter escapes his lips, building slowly until his body heaves with waves of it.]

“I’m shaking in my boots. I really had chills running down my spine that time. Is that how you get ’em, with strong words and a steely glare? See, I’m not that easy to convince. Once upon a time, I was. Once upon a time, I followed a God that I thought was the answer to everything. Look where that got me? Left high and dry…” [He stops talking only to let another wave of maniacal laughter escape his lips.] “Like your followers, I would do everything my God asked of me. And like him, you would abandon your followers in their time of need.”

[Calypso closes in on Cross, anger in her eyes.]

“I would never abandon them. You know nothing…”

“Oh, but you have. Don’t you remember her… Cortney.” [The name strikes a chord with Calypso, stopping her dead.] “Where were you when she needed you?”

[Uncharacteristically, Calypso backs away momentarily. This only serves to heighten Cross’s message. He speaks to the hordes of followers around the outside of the ring.]

“I can see the truth. I listen to a power higher than you can imagine. A power that would never abandon you. Can you truly trust the same about her.”

[Cross motions an accusing finger toward Calypso. Calypso returns the finger with a glare.]

“Enough.” [She calls, cutting the tense air like a knife.] “We’ll see who my faithful followers believe after we settle this face to face. Once I’m finished with you, there will be no more of your lies and deception. Hell there will be nothing left of you at all.”

[Cross breaks out into maniacal laughter once more at this. He looks over her Following, then back to her.]

“We will see… I’m looking forward to it.”

[It is Calypso who leaves, turning with her followers and disappearing back into the shadows as quickly as they had come.]


[Tonight, it is the world champion, Tommy Hawk vs Jack Jeckel. These two competitors are going to put on a spectacle tonight.] [DING! DING! Jack Jeckel out of the gates fast with a FRONT DROPKICK! Tommy is forced to sit in the corner! Jack running at him with the knee! Tommy kicks the knee out! Tommy catches the head and DDT into the middle turnbuckle! Jack is stunned and is using the ropes to climb up. Tommy lifts him up and sits him on the top turnbuckle! Tommy climbs up going for a Superplex, it is too early for that and Jack tosses Tommy from the top rope onto the apron! Tommy’s back is bowing in pain! CAR CRASH from Jeckel crushing Tommy between him and the apron!] [Both men are out of the ring now! Jack is raining down rights on Tommy! He lets the champ get up, he charges in for a spear but Tommy gets out of the way and tosses him head first into the apron! RELEASE SUPLEX by Tommy onto the apron! Hard elbows onto the prone Jeckel. Tommy shoves him back in the ring! Tommy waits for Jeckel to get up and RED ARROW! Tommy goes for the pin! One…two…thr, No! Jack kicks out! Tommy is pulling out his Tomahawk, calling for the Scalp! He goes for it, Jack ducks, goes behind and hits the JUGGALOCO!] [Jack is waiting in the corner, Tommy is getting up. Jack goes for the curb stomp! Tommy dodges it and hits a stiff CLOTHESLINE! He gets on top of Jeckel and is raining down some blows! One punch after the other! Jack catches the arm and clubs away at it to get Tommy off him! Jack locks in the headlock, he’s going for a bulldog but Tommy reverses it into a GERMAN SUPLEX! He’s calling for the Scalp again! He charges at Jeckel, stops mid-run and hits Jack hard with a HAYMAKER! That tricked Jackel as he doesn’t see the real charge and SCALP! Tommy covers for the pin, one…two…three!] [Tommy Hawk showing he has tricks up his sleeve! He is ready and game for Ring of Dreams!]


[Jensen Cussen waits in the ring for his VHS Championship opportunity, but just outside the entrance way, Ethan Bird approaches. The VHS Champion looks bare without his title belt around his waist, but regardless of the physical whereabouts of the belt, he is still the Champ. A belt that suddenly appears before him, almost manifesting itself out of the darkness and shadow in the corner.] [Of course, the belt isn’t alone. Errol Flint has it over his shoulder.]

“Neat trick.” [Ethan Bird comments towards the sudden appearance of Flint.] “Wonder where you learned that one.”

[Flint only snorts at that, perhaps appreciating the joke.]

“You here to give Ethan Bird his belt back?”

[Obviously Bird knows the answer to that, so Errol doesn’t even respond.]

“I’m here to make sure I hammer this home. I already paid Jack a visit and he knows the score.” [Errol says, referencing his visit to Jeckel earlier.] “And now I’m here to make sure you know what is going to go down at Ring of Dreams.”

“So that’s a no?” [Bird dryly replies.] [Errol ignores him once again.]

“I just want you to know that you’re nothing more than an example to be set for others.” [Errol begins.] “People seem to think they can just try to cut deals behind my back or undercut me. It’s time for them to see what Errol Flint can really do. You can call me the real Shadow around here, since I’m always behind your ass. You lost your gold to me, and now I’m ready to take your life. That will show all of these small-timers what happens if you fuck with Errol Flint’s business.”

[Bird rolls his eyes.]

“Haven’t you told Ethan Bird all this before?”

[Errol smiles.]

“You never know who is listening, Ethan.”

[Errol steps aside to look out into the Tap Room arena and the ring.]

“Go fight Vengeance, kid.” [He begins.] “But remember that the real vengeance is going to be mine when I let the Boogieman off the leash at Ring of Dreams. Jack Jeckel wants what I can give him so badly that I only hope your dental records can be identified when the match is over.”

[Bird follows his gaze to the ring before commenting.]

“Whether it’s Jack or Jake, Ethan Bird came back to do one thing, and that’s end a Jeckel.”

[He turns back to Errol, but the former owner of OSW is gone.] [How is Ethan Bird going to get out of this one?]


[A self-proclaimed God faces one on one with ‘Vengeance’ Jensen Cussen. Which man will walk out of this match with the VHS title?] [The bell rings and Jensen Cussen wastes no time in rushing Bird! Ethan holds his hands up to block a few jabs but an uppercut stumbles him and allows Cussen to hit a leaping DDT! Vengeance is holding nothing back with his eyes on the VHS title! He lifts Bird up by his beard and looks for a gut wrench- BIRD STOPS HIM! SPINEBUSTER! Bird spins out and plants Cussen into the mat! Vengeance is caught off guard and tries to pull himself to his feet but Bird stops with a big boot to the temple! Jensen is out of it!] [Bird laughs at Jensen, yanking him to his feet by his hair and calling for an early end- BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Bird lands headfirst and Jensen runs to the turnbuckle, kicking off the second rope as Bird rises FOR A DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Bird is knocked back to the mat and Cussen pins! One! T- KICKOUT! Bird refuses to stay down as he shoves Cussen away from himself! Jensen and Bird lock up, neither gaining an inch! HEADBUTT BY CUSSEN! Bird stumbles back and Jensen goes for a big boot- BIRD CATCHES IT! POWERBOMB BY BIRD! Ethan has the upper hand!] [The champ is looking powerful as he lays a boot into the chest of Cussen to keep him down before heading to the top rope! DIVING ELBOW DROP– CUSSEN GETS HIS KNEES UP! Bird collides with Cussen and bounces off of his knees while holding his arm in agony! Jensen rolls to his feet and NAILS BIRD WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Bird hits the ropes in shock, barely standing as Jensen goes for the finish. He hits the ropes, coming back TO A KNEE BY BIRD! Jensen stumbles back- BUT DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE BY BIRD! SPRINGBOARD BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! Cussen pins! One! Two! Three!] [Cussen has done it! He is the new VHS champion! However, there is no belt for him to hold high, the new champ leaving the ring in anger following the match.]


[Jensen Cussen has done it. He’s become the VHS Champion!] [He gets back to his feet, being handed the title belt. With a look of disbelief in his eyes, he snatches it from the referee, demanding that someone hand him his one half of the Tag Team Championships as well.] [Cussen is a Double Champion!] [Suddenly, the voice of Jacob Phoenix interrupts his celebration.]

“When was the last time you felt this proud?” [The voice asks.] “Was it the day your daughter was born?”

[Static.] [Jensen looks towards the belts, his expression changing.]

“You know that you’ll let them down, just like you did her. How could you stand aside and let him take her as his bride? Him of all people, Jensen. The very man who has spent the best part of the last ten years making your life miserable, is going to take your daughter away from you.”

[Vengeance drops the belts, then to his knees, these words clearly having an effect on him.] [Before another word can be spoken, Stephanie Cussen steps out into the arena. She carefully walks to the ring and slides in, consoling her father who’s on his knees. He looks up at her with eyes full of sadness.]

“I’m sorry Stephanie,” [he weeps.] “I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you.”

[She leans in, kissing him on the cheek. His face suddenly stretches with anguish, black veins running across it as he moans in agony.]

“Don’t worry daddy,” [Stephanie hisses.] “Everything is all better now.”

[Jensen falls to the canvas for a moment, taking his time to recover before standing up, looking almost as good as new.] [They exit the ring together, meeting DTR at the door way, who greets them with a big smile.] [Cut.]


[Backstage, Hayden HardKore walks down the hall, mere club in hand as he passes a television. The club suddenly glows, catching the attention of the Maori Warrior just seconds before the screen flickers on…revealing the wicked grin of Alistair Huxley, standing alongside his Circus.]

“Oh Maui, you’ve done it now. You’d had my curiosity before, but after last week you now have my full attention. I’ve been keeping a close eye on you, my little Warrior…and now, I’m ready to welcome you into my Circus. Come, let me show you the opening act.”

[The screen changes to a carousel spinning round and round, drawing HardKore in as images of various freaks flash back and forth. After a while, Huxley appears once again.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages…witness the wonder of The Greatest Show Unearthed!”

[More images of Huxley’s freaks appear, drawing the Maori Warrior in some more…when suddenly, a pair of hands appear on the screen.]

“Come, Maui, come join us…join the Circus, and feel right at home!”

[The hands come closer to the screen, almost as if they’re about to pop right out…this snaps HardKore out of his trance, as he raises his mere club, taking a wild swing at the TV! The screen goes out with a crackle and a pop, much to the alarm of a stagehand passing by. HardKore stares at the television, his club, and then at the stagehand.]

“Sorry, mate. Got a little carried away…I’ll foot the bill.”

[He walks off, leaving behind a confused stagehand…and a grinning Huxley, who walks away with a nod, satisfied with the demonstration he’s been given the past couple weeks! He meets up with Fluffy, whispering something in his ear as they leave.] [Cut.]


[Tonight it is a championship match between the rewind champion, Calypso and her challenger, Sergei Sokolov. Who will be the champion going into Ring of Dreams?] [DING! DING! The match starts and Calypso charges at Sergei with a flurry of punches. After a few of these, he shoves her down hard! She gets right back up and going for the punches again, he shoves her right back down! She kips up, running at him again and runs right into a BIG BOOT! He’s going for a deadlift German suplex but she elbows out of it! SUPER KICK by Calypso! The big man doesn’t go down, it only rocks him! ENZUIGIRI from Calypso! Sergei drops to his knee! She charges with the running knee but is caught by the throat! SOVIET STRIKE!] [Calypso falls hard on the Russian’s knee! Sergei goes for the cover, one…two…thr, No! Calypso gets the shoulder up! He lifts her up like it’s nothing, deadlifting her into a Gorilla Press! She rakes the eyes to get out of it! DDT by Calypso out of nowhere! She goes for the cover, one… he bench presses her off of him! She lands on her feet though and punts him hard in the head! She locks in the DRAGON SLEEPER! He is trying to fight out of it, he gets to his feet! He walks over by the ropes, throws her off his shoulder over the ropes and onto the floor!] [Hard landing by Calypso! Sergei slides out of the ring and starts clubbing her face in on the floor! He sets up Calypso on the ring post. He charges towards her, DROP TOE HOLD into the post by Calypso! She’s bashing his head into the post! TESTICULAR CLAW and rapid right fists into Sokolov! He is down! Calypso rolls into the ring and tells the ref to count! One…two…three…four…five…six…seven… Sergei is up and rolls into the ring! Calypso covers, one…two…thre…foot on the ropes! Calypso is livid and starts stomping on the leg! She ties his leg up in the ropes!] [Stomps to the face and stomach by Calypso! She goes to the top rope and dives doing a swanton bomb aiming for the prone leg! No! Sergei moves his leg last second! Calypso crashes on the mat! Both are down! One…two…three….four…Sergei is up first! The big man is angry, picks up Calypso quick and hits FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! He covers! One…two…kick out by Calypso! Sleeper hold locked in! Sergei is desperate for the win! Calypso could fade any second… HEEL KICK to the groin from Calypso! Sergei balls up in pain! Cover by Calypso! One…Two…thr, No! Sergei rolls the shoulder up!] [Calypso is desperately trying to drag Sergei to the ropes for Ultra Violence; He grabs her wrist and drags her down hard to the mat! Calypso’s shoulder lands hard! He holds on the wrist to lift her up…PUMPHANDLE SLAM! He picks her up and throws her against the ropes… He pops her up, NUCLEAR…No, she reverses it into a DROPKICK! Sergei is stumbling…NECKBREAKER by Calypso! She rolls out of the ring, looks under the apron and grabs a chair! She tosses it in the ring at Sergei! It lands with a thud! Sergei is rocked in the middle of the ring!] [Calypso slides in the ring. She goes to grab the chair…Sergei stomps on it and shakes his head no. Calypso rolls her eyes, JUMPING KNEE LIFT by Calypso! Sergei Staggers into a corner… Calypso runs to the opposite corner, kicks off the middle turnbuckle, goes for the Swanton cannonball into the corner… Sergei moves out of the way! Hard crash into the turnbuckle! He waits for her to get up! She kicks him in the balls! She grabs the chair and hits SKULL FUCKED! He falls onto the middle rope! This is her chance and she hits ULTRA VIOLENCE! She slides in for the cover! One…two…three!] [Calypso is celebrating in the ring! She retains the rewind championship from a game challenger! She’ll do anything to keep this title!]


[Tommy Hawk walks through the alleyway behind the tap room, his VHS Championship draped over his shoulder. He’s about to leave when suddenly, a wall of fire erupts from no-where, trapping him inside. Tommy turns around to exit, but bumps straight into Solomon Rhodes.] [They come nose to nose.]

“In the flames, we can both see the purity.”

[Solomon doesn’t know what to say to that as Hawk looks over his shoulder at the licking inferno behind him.]

“And in the flames, we can both see the end,” [Rhodes interrupts.] “So what do you say, Tommy?”

[The Champion smiles.]

“Inferno?” [He asks.] [Rhodes nods.]

“One way or another at Ring of Dreams, one of us will see the end of this fight in the flames of war.”

[Hawk this time nods.] “So be it.”

[The fire suddenly extinguishes in a whoosh, forcing Hawk to turn around immediately and check on what’s happened. When the Champion turns back to face Solomon, he’s gone.] [At Ring of Dreams, this war becomes real in the brutality of an Inferno Match. Who’ll walk out with the World Championship?] [Who’ll survive?] [Cut.]