[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Last Week.] [A barren field greets us under a wide moon. The once blazing inferno that Tommy Hawk had sat under last week is now nothing but charred brush and glowing cinder rocks. The fire is extinguished, but where are Tommy Hawk and the Scarecrow?] [The cinder rock suddenly begins to glow so orange that it dominates the screen.] [And Tommy Hawk and Scarecrow appear before us once more.] [The pair stand in the middle of a large rock. Tommy Hawk looks around him in awe as yellow swirls seem to be manifesting themselves all around. The red void that surrounds them seem to swallow these swirls, spitting them back out in other locations. The rock itself almost seems to be flying with no real trajectory through this red void.] [Scarecrow, for his part, only glares at Hawk. The OSW Champion slowly completes a circle before turning to face his challenger.]

“What is this place? Why have you brought me here?”

[The Hayman seems amused by the confusion of Hawk’s face.]

“You wished to walk with the dead and commune with them, did you not?” [Crow taunts.] “They surround you now, but you will find their voices are not what you expect.”

[His eyes narrowing with distrust, Tommy Hawk steps away from the placid Scarecrow to walk around the edges of the rock. The yellow swirls all seem to move quicker as he steps closer, their forms slowly seeming to make sense to Hawk.] [Spirits.] [Before Hawk’s eyes, several forms all seem to coalesce into something recognizable. From a bearded man in a trucker hat to a blonde lady with a look of fear on her face. They all seem to be wordlessly speaking to Hawk.] [Tommy turns to look back at Scarecrow.]

“You mock me, Hayman.” [He spits.] “I do not draw from your apparitions. Whatever this desolate place is, it is not what I see in the fires. This is some sort of trick.”

“Is it?” [Crow responds.] [Hawk snorts and turns back to the whirls, watching as they slowly form more people. One very persistent whirl seems to be fighting to the surface of the red void around him. It continuously seems to be teleported to and fro by the void, as if the red doesn’t want it to speak to Hawk. Yet the red persists. And as it slowly begins to take form, Tommy slowly seems to come to understanding.]

“Perhaps you intended to cloud my vision, but instead you have broken the clouds like a full risen moon.”

[Scarecrow cocks his head and chuckles to himself.]

“What makes you say that, Spirit Walker?”

[Hawk turns back to the forming whirl as a person seems to form out of it. Its mouth is open as if screaming, but its form is unmistakable for many. The star of Texas on his arm, a young man seems to fight against the very red void he has been trapped within. His eyes are that of youth; youth washed away by the might of the Scarecrow.] [Yet he now speaks to Tommy Hawk.] [Trevor Kersh.]

“I will show you another.”

[The sky turns red as the pounding some of blood is heard pulsating through our ears. Suddenly, he appears, grin spreads across his face. He opens his cloak as there stands… Wes Warhammer? No one has seen or heard from this vampire since the first Red Snow. He died there, but now he exists here, in the void?]

“You cannot kill the undead, and that sucks for you, Scarecrow.” [The fanged mouth of Wes Warhammer contorts into a smirk. The Scarecrow doesn’t seem to find it as funny.] “Because I’ve been fighting in your void, day after day, year after year.”

[The Scarecrow doesn’t move anything but his mouth and hand as he speaks.]

“Where your eyes don’t go…”

[YELLOW FLASH!] [Wes Warhammer rushes across the rocky gravel with a huge big boot! THE WARHAMMER! Only The Scarecrow saw it coming a mile away. He dodges around to the side and connects with a huge lariat that floors the Vampire. The Hayman waits for him to get to his feet before throwing hay into the eyes of Warhammer! Wes is desperately trying to remove the hay from his eyes, but The Scarecrow kicks him in the gut… YELLOW FLASH THAT BLINDS US! THE PERCH! Wes Warhammer is laid out as the lights return. His gloved hand wraps around the throat of Wes Warhammer as he lifts him up straight from the floor. BYE…BYE…BIRDIEEEEEEE! Wes Warhammer is thrown forcefully into the GROUND as The Scarecrow stands with a boot placed upon his chest. One…Two…THREE!] [The Scarecrow defeats Wes Warhammer inside the void!]

“…Fear The Scarecrow.”

[At Bad Moon Rising, it’ll be The Scarecrow versus Tommy Hawk in Scarecrow’s 100th match at Old School Wrestling!] [That’s if Tommy can escape the void.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is a battle between the women of OSW. In one corner stands Makena, the earthly warrior representing Black Magic and her opponent, Lyra Starchild from out of this world. Will Lyra continue her impressive ways or will Makena put a block in this Alien invasion?] [DING! DING! Makena charges at Lyra at the sound of the bell and THESZ PRESS! Makena gets on top of Lyra and starts raining down hard rights and lefts! Lyra shoves her off and both are back on their feet! Makena charges again but JUMPING KNEE! Lyra stops Makena in her tracks after that massive knee! Makena is stunned and HURRICANRANA! Makena rolls out to the floor! Lyra doesn’t stop and SUICIDE DIVE! It drives Makena into the barricade! Lyra goes back into the ring, goes for a springboard crossbody but Makena with a SPEAR! Midair into the apron!] [Devastating spear makes Lyra crumple into a heap! Makena with some hard stomps on Lyra! Makena throws her back into the ring! Makena goes for a cover, 1…2… No! Lyra gets the shoulder up! Makena grabs Lyra’s head for a front headlock but Lyra squirms out of it to avoid the Lion’s Jaw! Lyra gets back to her feet and hits a DROPKICK! One more for good measure and another one! 3 dropkicks and Makena is down, SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Lyra goes for the cover! 1…2… No! Makena is a fighter and kicks out! Lyra waits for Makena to get up!] [Makena gets up and both run at each other! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Both are down after that collision! The ref counts, 1…2…3…4, Lyra gets up first tries to pull up Makena but ENZUIGIRI from Makena to stun Lyra but Lyra right back with a PELE KICK! Makena is rocked and Lyra runs towards the corner, FALLING STAR! Big dropkick from the top rope! Lyra goes for the cover, 1…2…No, Makena kicks out! KNEE DROP from Lyra to make sure Makena stays down! Lyra goes to the top rope, jumps and hits AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! Massive frog splash and she covers! 1…2…3!] [Lyra continues her winning ways in an impressive performance against a resilient competitor in Makena. What’s next for the Starchild?]


[With a scowl on his face, Desmond Cross rounds a corner backstage. He is running his hands over the walls, seemingly looking for something.]

“It must’a been around here somewhere.”

[Finally, he seems to give up, turning and leaning against the opposite wall. He runs his hand through his hair, sighing as he does so.]

“I like doing the huntin’ but this guy’s a ghost.”

[As he lays his head back to try to find a moment of solace, he suddenly falls through the wall!] [And onto the top of a skyscraper.] [Cross rises to his feet, trying to adjust his eyes to the bright moonlight bearing down on him. Before him, the city of Miami sprawls out. Cross seems slightly perturbed by being up so high, but he could also be in shock from ending up here.]

“This is the land that was promised.”

[Cross turns with his hands in fists as Lux Bellator stands on the roof with him. The masked man ignores the threat from Cross and walks over to stand beside him.]

“It was promised in an oath long ago to men who came before. If men like us walked with the Lord and kept our covenant with him, then we would receive entry to the Promised Land.”

[Bellator takes a moment to gauge the reaction of Cross, who snorts.]

“You still believe that, man?” [Cross asks.] “Cause I sure don’t. Wait til you start losin’ to men you condemned.”

[Bellator laughs.]

“Your focus is too narrow, Desmond. God’s people have suffered since Creation. The men of this world have persecuted them to the ends of the planet we stand on. Men like you and Pedro El Salvador crack under that persecution and break the covenant you formed with God.”

[Desmond snorts.]

“Somethin’ broke, alright.”

[Bellator ignores the comment and continues.]

“God has commanded that you not be allowed to cross over into his Promised Land, just as Moses, yet he and his brother were both allowed to continue to lead the Children to that Land. I asked you, one week ago, if you would return to the side of God and stand by my side as I bring about his wrath.”

[Cross snorts again, but Bellator cuts him off.]

“I am not a fool, Desmond. I know that you do not wish to join me. Yet I must do as I was instructed. You are to be given three opportunities to answer me. The first of these was one week ago. The second of which is tonight, and the final opportunity will be next week.”

[Cross finally interjects.]

“You can offer all you want, man, but there ain’t no way in hell I join you.”

[Bellator lowers his head, sadly.]

“That is the second denial, my friend. But even with that denial, I still must show you what I have prepared for you.”

[The warrior of light points out into the horizon, and Cross’s eyes follow. We keep our focus on Cross as his eyes slowly seem to hone in on what Lux wants him to see. Shock and awe cover his face as Lux speaks.]

“This is what awaits the broken rock we stand upon, Desmond. This is what you began in breaking us of our bondage. You were the vessel that awoke the old powers, and I am the instrument of the world’s destruction. The seals are breaking. The bowls of wrath are being unleashed.”

[Desmond Cross seems to be overtaken with emotion as he sees utter destruction before his eyes. We may not be able to see it, but Lux is showing him the future. The future if Lux Bellator is successful in unleashing the wrath.]

“Think upon this, Cross. For next week, either justice will be served upon you for breaking with the Lord or you will be forgiven to stand by my side for what is to come. We will enter combat, but the real war looms in the distance.”

[His iris returning to normal, Desmond Cross looks over at Lux Bellator with what could be a tear in his eye.]

“You’re the crazy one, man.” [He looks back out to the empty horizon.] “What the hell was that?”

[Lux steps back from the seemingly angry Cross.]

“The future.”

[Cross reacts angrily, rushing forward to get Lux…] [SMACK!] [Desmond has run into a brick wall backstage at the Tap Room. He sits on the floor regaining his bearings as he looks around. The voice of Lux Bellator echoes through the hallway.]

“Ponder what you have seen, Desmond Cross. The choice is yours.”

[Cross has no idea what to make of what has happened.] [What did he see?]


[Black Magic have been slowly planning the destruction of two warriors but now Voodoo finds himself face to face with the blood brother of the Emotion, Smiley. Will the Deranged One gain some matter of revenge for Doubt or will the Soul Reaper make him an example for the future?] [The bell sounds as Smiley rushes him, pounding him down with heavy lefts and rights before a hard knee to the jaw rocks Voodoo as he’s lifted off his feet and planted to the mat with a giant Falcon Arrow! Smiley pulls Voodoo up to his feet, drilling him with a hard knee to the gut this time before lifting him up into a Suplex, ANTI…Voodoo slips down Smiley’s back, lifting him up and planting him with a Back Suplex] [Smiley slowly gets up to his feet as Voodoo locks in the Iron Claw. Smiley struggles under the hold before quickly jabbing the throat of Voodoo to break the hold, as the Soul Reaper staggers back, SHOCK THERAPY! The massive spear nearly cuts Voodoo in half as Smiley backs up, running forward as Voodoo gets to his feet, CHELSEA GRIN! Voodoo doesn’t go down, stumbling into the ropes as he bounces off, 6TH SENSE! The huge clothesline destroys Smiley as both men collapse to the canvas] [Both men slowly get to their feet as they begin to exchange lefts and rights. A sharp headbutt stuns Smiley as Voodoo backs up before nearly taking his head off with a massive Discus Clothesline. Smiley is lifted up to his feet, gripped by the throat, SOUL STEALER! Voodoo doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope, VOODOO DROP…MISSES! Voodoo slowly gets to his feet, holding his gut, as he’s lifted up, ANTIDIPRESSANT! Smiley drops down, covering Voodoo. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Smiley picks up a huge victory here tonight, using a mistake from Voodoo to put him down for the three count as he gains a little revenge for Doubt and shows Hysteria what lies ahead for him]


[As Smiley reels after that extremely impressive victory, the house lights suddenly start to dazzle.] [Click.] [The smell of gasoline wafts eerily throughout a darkened hallway, the sound of something rattling and shaking, echoing in the distance. Before long, Hysteria arrives in front of camera, a red gasoline can in his hands.]

“For a long time, this was our home.”

[Hysteria shares, splashing gasoline against the wall.]

“You invited us in and it became our temple. The screams of our victims still echo within the walls of my mind. It’s almost poetic.”

[He stops.]

“But Blackwater has always had a special meaning to you, Lee. Hasn’t it? As the years have drifted by, this place has been like a life raft to you. I’m just not sure what you’d do without it.”

[The Mad Mastermind drops the gasoline can and heads towards the door. With a heavy push, he opens it, stepping outside. On the ground below his feet, gasoline puddles into the building.]

“However, I think it’s time we found out.”

[He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a lighter, flicking it open and tossing it down onto the gas. It immediately sets ablaze, making a whoosh sound as the trail lights up, travelling down the halls.] [Smoke begins to bellow, and Hysteria backs away.]

“At Bad Moon Rising, everything you are goes up in smoke. You wanted to end me last week, and you should have. Your failure is the reason why I’ve returned, Smiley. I’ve burned down your home; I’ve taken your sanctuary and next week, I will take your life.”

[He laughs hysterically.] [Cut.]


[Two different lores, but two men that fight intently for their beliefs collide here tonight as it’s Lux Bellator going one-on-one with Viktor North!] [The bell sounds as the two men tie it up in the center of the ring. Lux tries to twist the wrist of North, but it’s Viktor North who counteracts that with a stiff right jab to the ribs. Lux relinquishes the hold as North connects with a lunging knee strike that staggers The Light Warrior. He bounces off the ropes and gets a little momentum before trying for another knee strike! But Lux is able to move out of the way of this one before lunging off the second rope. SPRINGBOARD FOREARM STRIKE! North is taken off his feet as Lux quickly beckons him on.] [North gets to his knees before Lux yanks him up before hitting him with a cradle DDT! Lux hooks a leg. One…Two…NO! North powers out. Both men get to their feet, but North charges Lux into the corner! Seemingly knocking the breath out of Lux, North raises his fists up and begins driving elbows into the ribs of The Light Warrrior! Viktor grabs him by the mask after three shots and yanks him out of the corner into a lifting BRAINBUSTER! Lux’s head slams into the mat harshly as his whole body slinks up and then back down. North quickly hooks his legs. One…Two…KICKOUT!] [Both men get back to their feet, but North charges him first with another knee strike that catches Lux right in the abdomen. Bellator is bent over as North quickly wraps up his arms and neck into a cobra clutch sl-NO! Reversal by Bellator with a roll through. North charges back towards him, but it’s Lux who leaps into the air and hooks his head with a hurricanrana! He hooks the legs. One…Two… NORTH grabs the ropes! Lux relinquishes the hold as North staggers to his feet, holding his neck. Discus forearm from Lux into the abdomen before pulling him close… CATHOLIC CROSS! North slams into the mat clutching his neck as Lux hooks his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [The Light Warrior is successful here tonight as he’s triumphed over the Norse Warrior, Viktor North.]


[In the middle of an open field, Lyra Starchild stands looking up at the beaming sun. It’s hot, and she can barely keep herself focused on such a bright star in the sky. Looking away, she adjusts her eyes.]

“A Sun God controls such a powerful force, looming over Earth. Without it, life would cease to exist on this planet. Within its grasp, it controls everything.”

[She smiles.]

“But not me.”

[Starchild looks up at the sky.]

“Because I live beyond this world, beyond those clouds in the sky. I bow to no God, and I seek only the chosen. Tonatiuh, you send your rays down to Earth and people bask in your glow, but not I. That agitates you, doesn’t it? For someone to stand before you with no gift, no love and no desire to see you burn.”

[Suddenly, a large flash happens across the sky – almost like a flare. Lyra shields her face, turns around and there before her stands Tonatiuh.]

“You still refuse to bend a knee before your God?”

[She stands, stoic in her stubbornness.]

“You have seen my power before you, looming in the sky above. You can feel the heat burning your sour flesh as it pounds down upon you. Yet you still refuse to bow before a God?”

[He folds his arms, clearly unimpressed.]

“You derive your power from the very thing these people worship. At night, when the sun has sunken into the abyss and darkness reigns, you are weakened. At Bad Moon Rising, there will be no such power for you.”

[They come together, staring at each other with intensity. She whispers to him.]

“And on all the stars, all the moons and all the suns, I promise you will fall.”



[We have a big Rewind Championship match here tonight as Desmond Cross defends the title against the psychopathic Hysteria. Will the Fallen retain his title or will the Mad Mastermind gain yet another championship reign?] [The bell sounds as Cross rushes forward, nearly taking Hysteria’s head off with a Big Boot. Hysteria stumbles to his feet into a flurry of lefts and right before a stiff uppercut stuns Hysteria, as he’s thrown across the ring with a hard Belly to Belly Suplex. Hysteria slowly gets to his feet as he’s met with a hard forearm to the kidneys that drops him to his knees. Cross tries to lift him up to his feet but gets gripped by the pants and tossed throat first onto the nearby ropes] [Cross gets up, holding his throat in pain as he stands up to a big knee to the throat before lifting him up, OSAKA STREET CUTTER! Cross goes down holding his jaw as Hysteria quickly covers, ONE..TWO.Cross gets the shoulder up. Hysteria lifts him up to his feet, a Snap DDT planting Cross into the mat before heading up to the top rope as he waits for Cross to slowly get to his feet, FALL OF MAN! Hysteria quickly covers again, ONE…TWO…TH…Cross gets the shoulder up!] [Hysteria is furious as he delivers a massive slap to a rising Cross. Hysteria delivers another one but Cross dodges a third before nearly taking Hysteria’s head off with a massive clothesline. Hysteria is pulled to his feet, AWAKENING! Cross doesn’t cover, lifting Hysteria up to his feet again, FALL FROM…Hysteria slips down his back, APATHY! Hysteria doesn’t cover either, lifting Cross up for the Mockery but Cross quickly powers Hysteria up onto his shoulders, FALL FROM…LOST HOPE! Hysteria hits it out of nowhere as he covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!] [We have a new Rewind Champion as Hysteria picks up another championship reign, picking off Desmond Cross with a finish out of nowhere as he gains more power leading up to his war against Smiley]


[We open in the backstage area where we find Voodoo and Makena Jakande standing back to back.] [Oddly, both are wearing nothing but red. Shirt. Pants. A big scarf that wraps about their upper body and their heads are lowered in a bow.]

“Tell me more” [Makena speaks to her side.] “I wish to know about this malevolent spirit named Ogun!”

[Voodoo shakes his head and as we pan out we see that the room is candlelit by a circle of flames. Beyond the flames, massive iron shields of medieval times along with swords and chains surround Black Magic.]

“Not a malevolent spirit my friend” [Voodoo looks up as if to give respect to the subject.] “A Loa. A warrior! An intermediary between Bondye and humanity that left us with a single promise!”

[Jakenda’s interest is peaked at the utterance of the word.]

“The promise to aid any” [Voodoo pauses, but only slightly.] “Who might call upon his name!”

“And this is how we make the call?” [Makena questions.]

“This is only the beginning” [Voodoo declares.] “For soon, the sacrifice will be prepared. The sacrifice of the blood of willing warriors!”

[Voodoo lowers himself to the floor, retrieving a goblet and taking a long drink of the unknown substance within.]

“Take this! Drink it!” [Voodoo demands.] “It will prepare you for the return of Ogun for the challenge to Viktor North and Doubt is nigh!”

[And suddenly…]

“Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o… Fè Ogou Fè, Ogou Fèray o…” [Both Makena and Voodoo begin to chant almost as if in a trance while Makena pauses to drink from the goblet.] “I am an iron… I am covered with iron.”

[Voodoo and Makena begin to move about the circle now in odd movements. A form of dance as they continue their chant. Distancing themselves from this reality.]

“Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé kouto… Fèrè Fèray tout ko Fèray sé manchèt.”

[BAM!] [Without warning Jakande is laid out by a chair shot to the back of the head. Voodoo comes out of his near trance just in time to be too late.] [SLAM!] [Another sickening blow smashes into the forehead of Voodoo and he goes crashing to the floor. Panning out…] [It’s Doubt!] [And Viktor North!]

“Malevolent spirit?” [Doubt mocks Black Magic.] “You’re looking at a man who wants nothing more than to dine with the gods and I? I’m far more spirit than I am man anymore!!!”

“You need us to accept your challenge?” [North snarls with a scoff.] “Consider it done! At Bad Moon Rising, you’ve got your willing warriors!”

“You bring your spirits!” [Doubt says as he points a damning finger at the fallen.]

“And we’ll bring our blood!” [North growls as Black Magic just now begins to stir at his feet and that of his partner.]


[It’s The Vigilante standing up against the evil presented before him in the form of The Masked Emotion!] [The bell sounds as these two entities circle around. They meet in the center of the ring, but it’s Doubt who charges first with a running STO! The move floors Jacob Phoenix, but only momentarily as he bounces back up. Doubt seemed to anticipate this as it’s just finishing a discus lariat as he pops back up. Floored again, but Phoenix continues to rise against the opposition. Once again, Doubt saw this coming as it hooks the head of Phoenix and sends him careening forward, head-first, into the corner turnbuckle with a hurricanrana! He collides, but the momentum floors him finally. The Masked Emotion slowly approaches as it trying to anticipate any step he might make.] [It grabs Phoenix and twists him backwards with his arm pinned beneath Doubt’s body weight. THE SECOND GUESS is locked in and now Phoenix is being stretched out. He reaches out for the ropes, but his fingertips are just too far away! Phoenix is able to get just a little bit of breathing room and GRABS THE ROPE! Doubt is refusing the let the move go knowing what is on the line here! The referee gets to a three count and Doubt relinquishes the hold as the pain is set in. Doubt goes to lift up Phoenix, but he turns it into a Stunner! Doubt is slung back towards the center of the ring as Jacob Phoenix gets to his feet. There’s still some fight left in this champion!] [Doubt gets back up, but it’s instantly blasted by a running clothesline. The Emotion now gets back to its feet, but The Nightwatch is refusing to let this go on. He wraps the head of Doubt, swings around, and nails it with a neckbreaker! Doubt is now the one on the defense. Phoenix grabs it by the mask and slowly lifts it to its feet. EYE RAKE! One last ditch attempt to sway the momentum as Doubt runs his gloved fingers along his eyes. Doubt hits the rope as Phoenix is bent over. THE END OF – DODGE! Phoenix moves out of the way before leaping up behind him… ZIG ZAG! Phoenix hooks both legs of Doubt! One…Two…THREE!] [No new champion here, but The Masked Emotion gave its best go. The Nightwatch just proved to be too powerful.]

[This week.] [Tommy Hawk still stands within the red void he has been imprisoned in by The Scarecrow. The Hayman stands as still as a statue in the center of the floating rock. His amusement seems to have gone away, replaced by fury.] [Fury raised by the form of the fallen Trevor Kersh, now a yellow whirling spirit that floats in front of Hawk in communion with him.]

“The spawn of the Enforcer rises again?” [Crow asks.] “Even in death, they continue to persist.”

[He takes a step forward in his fury, but the spirit flies through the World Champion to stand between them.]

“Yet still just as foolish.” [Scarecrow mocks.] [With a brush of his hand, the Hayman sends the spirit of the Lone Star back into the red void.]

“Your power is weakening, Scarecrow.” [Hawk proclaims as he turns to face his foe.] [The Spirit Walker speaks true, it seems. Seeing the act of rebellion from Trevor has spurred on more of the yellow broken spirits that populate this void. With silent agony, they whirl onto the rock itself, forming human-like forms to stand between Scarecrow and Hawk.]

“This is not possible.” [Scarecrow says, refuting the words of Hawk.] [Their strength growing, even more of the yellow whirls come rushing out of the void to this time surround Tommy Hawk. They seem to merge within him, walking in stride with him as Tommy breaks through the ranks of the barrier between he and Scarecrow.]

“You may be correct,” [Hawk begins, his body empowered by the yellow whirls.] “I do not know what you are. But I do not come to understand you, Scarecrow.”

[Fighting his way out of the void, the luminescent spirit of Trevor Kersh flies down to join with Tommy Hawk. Scarecrow seems taken aback by the open rebellion in his void.]

“I come to defeat you. The spirits of those you have slain now walk with me.”

[He stops right in front of Scarecrow, whose anger looks unparalleled. Hawk’s eyes burn with yellow fire as the red void seems to cease containing any traces of yellow. Tommy speaks clearly and with the voices of many.]

“You have failed.”

[Triumphantly, Tommy Hawk stands before Scarecrow, having liberated the spirits trapped in his domain.] [Yet the Scarecrow only laughs.]

“You are like none other that I have faced, Spirit Walker. Yet your heroics are ill advised.”

[Scarecrow holds his arms out in his perch pose and laughs a hearty laugh as the void and rock around them disappear.] [Black.] [Darkness.] [All Hawk can hear are the fluttering of crows.] [Then light.] [Hawk falls to a knee, suddenly with more weight than he is accustomed to on his person. He is no longer in the red void. He is inside the Tap Room. He is back on VHS. And instead of just the Scarecrow, he now faces both of Genesis.]

“A week has passed, Spirit Walker. Your body has not slept. It has not eaten.”

[Hawk looks down at his hands, seemingly realizing the truth of it.]

“You may have taken those spirits, but soon your own will join them as your body fails you. Tonight, you face Mother, and if you survive this encounter, I will finish you off in a week’s time. And take the gold that is rightfully mine.”

[Hawk stands up to his feet, ready for battle. He looks directly at Scarecrow as his eyes still burn with the yellow whirls of the rescued spirits.]

“Those spirits will soon find themselves back where they belong, Spirit Walker. Perhaps you will enjoy walking with them as a spirit yourself.”

[Crows fluttering fill the ears of all in attendance, and Tommy Hawk is left standing across the ring from Mother.] [It’s time for our main event. But will Tommy Hawk survive it?]


[The Crows flutter from the ring, a malnourished Tommy Hawk forced to lean on the ropes as Mother eyes him from across the ring. Can he survive this match?] [Mother gives Hawk no time to get ready, rushing him in the corner and laying into him with a painful flurry of kicks to the midsection! Tommy slumps into the turnbuckle, obviously in no condition to be competing in this match! She yanks Hawk from the corner and catches him with a vicious elbow to the back of the skull! He drops to his knees, Mother taking her time as she walks around, turning around and HITTING HIM WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE FACE! Hawk seems to black out for a moment as Mother lifts him by his hair.] [She looks to ringside and Irish Whips- HAWK SHOVES MOTHER OVER THE ROPES! He’s missing hairs but he’s still standing! He hits the far ropes BEFORE GOING NATIVE! MASSIVE SUICIDE DIVE TO MOTHER! The fist strike hits her in both eyes and sends her down! Hawk, however, is worse for wear, having landed on his side in a heap. He grabs the apron, using it to lift himself up. Just as he’s back on both feet MOTHER CATCHES HIM FROM BEHIND! SHE THROWS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Hawk’s head rests on the metal, Mother visibly furious as she advances on him!] [She grabs the back of his head and slams him head first into the steps! She’s relentless but Hawk miraculously doesn’t bleed! Mother goes for a final slam but Hawk stops her! ELBOW TO THE NOSE OF MOTHER! Mother staggers back in shock before leaping at Hawk- THE RED ARROW ONTO THE STEPS! HAWK JUST BROKE HER IN HALF! Mother bounces off of the metal and hits the floor, Tommy himself barely able to stand, having used all of his energy for the reversal! He slowly hoists himself up, rolling into the ring and getting back to his feet!] [Hawk tries to catch his breath, turning around in time to see Mother stirring on the outside! She slowly gets to her feet, reaching under the ring as Hawk backs away. Mother comes from under the ring WITH A BARBED WIRE BAT! She rushes the ring and Hawk recedes into a corner! MOTHER SWINGS ON HAWK– HE DUCKS IT! The barbs get caught on the turnbuckle pad! INVERTED DDT! Hawk lays Mother out and reaches for the bat himself! He frees it from the pad and turns around, SWINGING DOWN ONTO MOTHER’S HEAD– LOW BLOW! Mother kicks Hawk below the belt!] [Mother barely avoids a loss as she rolls to her feet. Drop kick to Tommy Hawk! The blow sends the world champ tumbling across the ring! He barely has the chance to stand before Mother grabs his leg, pulling him back! Mother is unhinged as she lays into Tommy with vicious stomps to his neck and skull! Hawk is unable to defend himself as Mother forces him to his feet and throws him into the corner. She turns to grab the bat, intent on ending Hawk right here! She turns back INTO A GUT KICK FROM HAWK! PILE DRIVER! PILE DRIVER TO MOTHER!] [Hawk drops Mother head first onto the mat! He fights to his feet with all of his strength! He grabs for the bat BUT MOTHER GRABS HIS LEG! She refuses to give him an inch and pulls back, stopping him in his tracks! He kicks back at her, HITTING HER IN THE TEMPLE! Mother is forced to let go and Hawk grabs the bat! He goes for the swing- BLACK MIST! HAPPILY EVER– HAWK DUCKS IT! Mother turns towards Hawk- THE SCALP! THE SCALP WITH THE BARBED WIRE BAT! Black blood spurts from her shredded forehead and splatters across the mat! HAWK HAS WON THIS! HE’S SOMEHOW RETAINED HIS TITLE!] [Hawk drops the weapon to the ground and rolls from the ring, ringside personnel rushing to help him as he moves backstage.]


[The match is over, and Mother eyes the crowd wearily, still bleeding following the match. She exits ringside, greeted by her children. She snarls as he yanks one girl by the arm, pulling her closer. The poor girl trembles as the lights go out, the cameras cutting backstage, candles slowly lighting up a back room, Mother standing amongst her children, hand still wrapped around the poor child’s arm.]

“Why do you hate your mother?”

[The girl covers her mouth, terrified as Mother turns to her, looming over, the shadows of the candle flames flickering across her face.]

“Tell me. Why do you hate your mother?”

[The girl tries to pull away, but Mother’s grip refuses to break as she tightens around her arm.]

“I’ll ask one more time. Why do you-”

“Let her go.”

[Mother is cut off, turning towards the darkness, Jacob Phoenix himself walking out. Mother glares at him, Phoenix refusing to back down.]

“Take your hand off her, Mother. Or I’ll pry it from her myself.”

[She grits her teeth, a wind seeming to come through the room. Jacob watches as the candles flicker and HE LUNGES TOWARDS MOTHER!] [Darkness.] [Cameras cut to Phoenix as he careens into Mother, the two having appeared elsewhere backstage, Mother slamming into a wall as Phoenix backs away, looking for the children. Mother claws for Jacob, the hero blocking her attacks, fighting back with blows of his own.]

“Where are they!?”

“Where their mother wants them to be!”

[BLACK MIST! HAPPILY EVER– HE DUCKS IT! FOR HER! Mother’s head slams into the ground, Jacob Phoenix wiping the mist from his eyes as he stands over her.]

“They’re not safe with you. They’re children that you abuse and torment, making them listen to your every word and never questioning you. It may be too late to persuade most of them, but I’m going to find them. I’m going to do it for them. For her.”

[Mother looks up at Phoenix, barely getting to a knee as she looks into his eyes.]

“They’ll never want to leave their family, Jacob. Just like Stephanie, you’ll never be able to save her.”

[Darkness.] [When the lights come back, Phoenix is still, a look of shock in his eyes as he silently stares at where Mother once was. The scene slowly fading to black, focused on his expression.]