[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Static.] [Flashforward.] [Panic. Pure and utter panic. Edward Newton drives hurriedly down a dark country lane, swerving around corners at high speeds. Sweat drips from his moist brow and his face is contorted into a nightmarish expression. His eyes aren’t on the road, they’re in his rear-view.] [He takes a corner too fast, the breaks locking as he tries to slow down – but that just makes matters worse. The vehicle veers and spins out before flipping over and rolling sideways down the road.] [Bits of debris fly in each direction, crashing against the road with every thud of the vehicle. Finally, it comes to a stop in the middle of the darkness.] [The sound of metal creaking and churning can be heard echoing throughout the night as the car door is pushed open from the inside. The twisted metal barely pops away, slowly creaking to a halt. There’s enough room for Edward to crawl out, his face covered in cuts and scratches, his hands bloodied from crawling through the broken glass.] [He finally exits out onto the road, crawling along his belly until he suddenly stops dead.] [Boots.] [Newton looks up, his glasses cracked and shattered; his vision doubled.] [The Scarecrow.]

“What happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object?”

[He bends down, looking at Newton who can barely see straight.]

“Isn’t that what you asked me, Riddler?”

[Edward tries to speak, but nothing comes out; just blood. There’s internal injuries here and the Riddler is in trouble.] [The Scarecrow stands, grinning.] [Then his boot comes down.] [Crunch.] [Click.]


[Tonight, Death Row and Adam Eve battle it out. One former convict formerly trapped in the system vs the new man formerly trapped in their own body. Who will get to rejoice victory long with freedom tonight?] [DING! DING! Adam Eve charges fast at Death Row delivering devastating rights! Death Row shoves him off but Adam comes right back at him! Death Row counters with a massive BACKDROP! Adam’s back is bowing in pain! Death Row is right after him delivering a painful KNEE DROP! Death Row keeps his knee on Adam’s face grinding it against his forehead! Adam grabs the knee! He rolls into a SINGLE LEG BOSTON CRAB! Death Row is struggling but he’s been through worse, he crawls and gets to the ropes! Adam has to break it up!] [Adam lets go and is calling for Death Row to get up! Death Row is getting up and Adam charges with a spear attempt! Death Row catches him and GUTWRENCH SUPLEX! He holds onto it, rolls with it and goes for another one! Adam blocks it and charges Death Row into the corner! Death Row bounces off, Adam captures him and OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Both men are down! The ref starts counting! One! Two!Three! Four! Adam gets up first! He is dragging Death Row up and he puts him on his shoulders! He is going for the Michinoku Driver but Death Row slides out and CHOP BLOCK!] [Adam falls to a knee! Death Row sees his opportunity and DEAD MAN WALKING! Brutal curb stomp by Row! He goes for the cover! One! Two! Kick out! Adam gets the shoulder up! Death Row grabs Adam by the throat and lifts him up! He’s choking him out, HANGMAN’S NOOSE?!?! That move must be illegal but Adam gets out of it with a strong KNEE STRIKE to the face! Death Row is rocked and Adam is going for a swinging neckbreaker but Death Row shoves out halfway through the swing! Death Row grabs him by the throat again! Adam grabs the arm and lifts Death Row straight on his shoulders! He locks in the GENDER BENDER! That awful torture rack forces Row to tap out quickly!] [What a win for Adam, took Death Row from one trap to another with that awesome submission move!]


[Cael Gable.] [The crowd cheers from inside the Tap Room as the Gold Medalist walks backstage. He fell just short of capturing the Double Feature Championship last week at Invasion. But he does not look angry. No, he looks driven.] [He turns a corner and runs smack dab into The Sharkman. The champion receives his own reception from the fans. In the brief moment when the two men come together, there doesn’t appear to be any animosity. A voice comes from behind Sharkman’s mask.]

“I was wrong about you, Mr. Gable.”

[Gable raises an eyebrow in curiosity.]

“Oh? How so?”

[The Sharkman leans in.]

“I said you were a coward. That you didn’t have what it took to be a hero. Well… I was wrong. After what you did at Invasion, I have no doubt that you’re willing to do what it takes. To step up and do the right thing.”

[Gable nods firmly.]

“Thanks, Sharkman. I can see that you aren’t just a fancy costume either. You’re a man that stands behind his words, and that tells me all I need to know.”

[Sharkman nods this time.]

“I didn’t just come here to say you’ve earned my respect.” [says the Sharkman.] “I wanted to offer you another shot at Into The Badlands at the title. What do you say?”

[Gable cracks a big smile and puts out his hand for a shake.]

“I say I’ll see you in three weeks!”

[They shake and Gable makes his exit. Sharkman stands there for a moment longer. He looks down at his hand.]

“I hope he washed this time.”

[And the Sharkman makes his exit. But the scene doesn’t cut. After a short moment, a man steps from a cracked door. It is the leader of Law’s goons. He pulls his phone out and makes a call…]

“Let him know that they are both here.”

[The voice on the other end talks.]

“Yeah, Law wants us to go in a different direction with them…”

“Whatever it takes.”


[It’s The Olympian going at it with The President of the United States as a battle of National Pride is on the line!] [The bell sounds as Jackson Grant Fitzgerald walks towards the center of the ring and extends his hand. Gable, feeling that fuzzy patriotic feeling in his gut, shakes his hand passionately. They separate with a sign of respect before tying up! The President tries to throw a right hand, but Gable falls to a knee to duck it before hooking his waist. German suplex as Cael Gable quickly rolls around and locks onto the head. Gator roll! Cael Gable releases him and rolls to his feet in his wrestling stance as Jackson Grant Fitzgerald uses the ropes to pull himself back up holding his neck.] [Gable quickly closes the distance between them, but Jackson strikes out with a discus elbow strike that catches Gable. He pushes Gable back a foot before lighting up his chest and face with a barrage of blows to which pushes Gable back into the corner. Cael Gable begins to fight back with a right hand, but JGF lifts up Gable and drives him into the mat with a spinebuster! Grant pins Gable to the mat with his legs before POUNDING on the face of Gable! Gable can’t react and is simply trying to power out of it while weaving right and left.] [Gable worms his shoulder up and pushes forward knocking Fitzgerald onto his ass. Gable rolls to his feet as his nose is now bloodied from the assault. JGF gets up only for Gable to charge him, and… GOLD RUSH! JGF is sent for a ride as he is speared forcefully! Gable begins slapping his head as if to signal the end before moving the straps down. Gable moves over to the president and lifts him up. ROLL-UP! ONE…TWO…NO! Gable manages to get his shoulder up! They both roll to their feet, European uppercut! Gable wraps the arm of The President and lifts him up… and holds… and holds… down into a cutter! PUGHPLEX! Gable rolls into the pin. One…Two…THREE!] [A win over The President is something Gable can tell his kids one day!]


[Click.] [Static.] [Inside a darkened room, we can barely see anything at all.] [Bruce Van Chan sits in front of a single candle, his knees to his chest. He’s not himself, not yet. As savage thoughts run through his mind, he tries to contain his rage and frustration. Paige and the kids are gone, at least for now and he can’t stand himself.] [Instead, he places his hand over the flame of the candle, leaving it there until he can’t stand the pain any longer.]

“That won’t help,” [says a voice that startles Bruce. He quickly stands up, only he comes face to face with Mike Lane – The Shadow.] “But I know what will.”

“You did this to me,” [Bruce interrupts angrily.] “You put Sleep inside my head and now I can’t rest. He’s banging against the walls inside my brain, refusing to die.”

[Lane folds his arms.] “There’s always been a darkness in you, Bruce. That’s why you touched the rune. This isn’t my fault and this isn’t your fault. It’s destiny and you need to learn to control it.”

[The Shadow rolls up his sleeves to reveal black veins stretching the length of his arm.] [They disappear.]

“You see?” [He asks.] “It’s just like that. Sleep will be a valuable ally in the war to come. Injustice are coming and when they do, you must be able to tap into Dr. Sleep and use him for the greater good.”

[Just then, the sound of a window smashing can be heard clearly – accompanied by a thud. Before you know it, the entire room is ablaze! The Molotov Cocktail immediately lights everything up, and Bruce barely manages to escape towards Mike Lane before being set on fire.] [They rush outside the house, watching as a black van screams away in the distance – the same van Hysteria drove”

“It was them,” [Bruce says breathlessly.] “Hysteria, No Face and Newton. I’d recognize that van anywhere.”

[Bruce turns around to see his home ablaze.]

“Endure it, Bruce. Endure.”



It’s Killer vs. Champion today as the two former teammates square off. Will the Sharkman Special conqueror Smiley or will the Shark get caught in a Glasgow Smile?] [Here we go! Smiley and Shark lock up, but Smiley hits a knee to the gut followed by a HEADBUTT that sends Sharkman against the ropes. Smiley grabs hold of him and sends him off with an Irish whip, Shark comes running back and flies with a RUNNING DROPKICK drop-kick, but Smiley DODGES and Shark crashes into the mat. Smiley grabs hold of the Shark’s mask and SLAMS his face into the turnbuckle. He lodges his foot in the Hero’s throat and waits for the ref to count him out before dragging Sharkman out of the corner to TRIANGLE CHOKE] [The ref raises Shark’s hand…1…His arm shoots up! Smiley redoubles the choke as Sharkman strains for the ropes. The crowd is cheering for Shark as the Ref raises his arm…1…NO – SHARK POWERS OUT AND REVERSES INTO A POWERBOMB. Smiley is stunned, Sharkman whips himself into the ropes – SUSHI KICK! Now he’s setting Smiley up for the SHARKMAN SPECIAL…NO – SMILEY REVERSES INTO A SHARPSHOOTER. He’s locking him in his deadly submission hold! Sharkman can’t fight it – NO! Shark lands a boot right in Smiley’s face. Smiley released the hold as blood gushes from his nose.] [The Shark rips Smiley’s off the mat and drops him back down with a HAMMERLOCK DDT. The Hero gets to his feet and locks Smiley in a Dragon Sleeper hold. Smiley tries to struggle out but begins to go out. Shark tightens the choke, but Smiley counters into a neckbreaker – and reaches for for the GLASGOW SMILE—NO! STANDING HURRICANERANA to Smiley. Sharkman locks in the SHARKMAN SPECIAL!! There’s nowhere for Smiley to go! HE HAS TO TAP!!!] [The Double Feature Champion continues his streak with this incredible performance.]


“Why must you hate poor Stephanie so, Jensen?”

[The camera follows the sound of the voice, revealing the decrepit, grime-covered walls of one of the many Tap Room locker rooms. Standing in the middle of it, hands on his hips is DTR himself.] [And across from him on his knees? Jensen Cussen.]

“I did my best, David-”

“You did nothing, Jensen. I told you to prove you loved her and prove your worth to the family and this is how you show it?”

[DTR gestures behind himself, revealing a jar filled with pure red liquid. The blood of Jacob Phoenix.]

“Stephanie will never be able to nourish the child off of this! You dare look me in the eye after bringing this back and claim you did your best? You only showed that you want your daughter to die!”

[Jensen tensed up at the words, his head bowed in anguish as DTR paces back and forth, hands behind his back, a grimace on his face.]

“Do you want to truly help your dear daughter and grandchild, Jensen? DO YOU!?”

[Jensen nods his head, not making direct eye contact with the enraged DTR, not even speaking a word, Vengence being uncharacteristically silent as DTR berates him.]

“Is that so? Then stand up. Look me in the eye and tell me you want to help Stephanie. Do it!”

[Jensen slowly rises to his feet, looking DTR in the eye, his expression one of determination as he speaks.]

“I want to help Stephanie survive, David.”


[DTR JABS A NEEDLE INTO CUSSEN’S NECK! Jensen recoils in pain, DTR pulling back on the plunger, Cussen’s tar-black blood filling the syringe.]

“Then you will help to feed her. Your blood will be diluted by Phoenix’s and you will be used to ensure her survival. Is that understood?”

[Jensen nods his head, once again not speaking. One hand clutches his neck as DTR looks at the blood in the needle.]

“Good. Now get out of my sight.”

[Jensen does as told, leaving DTR behind, the Virus leaving the locker room with both the jar and syringe in hand.]


[Edward Newton despite all odds survived Doctor Sleep still undefeated as that feather still is sought by all. Doubt before couldn’t do it but could he just have needed a little more human influence inside of him to do the impossible?] [The bell sounds as Doubt rushes forward, surprising Newton with a huge discus elbow to the jaw staggering him before a Snap Suplex sends him crashing to the mat. Newton stumbles to his feet, ducking under a high dropkick but wiffs a Lariat as Doubt grabs him from behind before snapping him to the mat with a Reverse DDT. Doubt barely lets Newton hit the mat before leaping up, CAUSE OF DOUBT! The Emotion wraps him up in a pinfall, ONE…TWO…NEWTON KICKS OUT!] [Doubt pulls Newton up to his feet but gets shoved into the referee. The Emotion staggers away, LOW BLOW! Newton drills Doubt hard but unlike everyone else, it doesn’t affect Doubt who simply turns, shaking its head as Newton ducks under the black mist, tripping Doubt up as it slingshots throat first onto the top rope. Doubt staggers back RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Doubt hits the mat as Newton runs to the rope, dropping a hard legdrop before hooking both legs for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Doubt kicks out. Newton pulls it up to it’s feet, trying for a single-arm DDT but Doubt slips out, THE SECOND GUESS! Doubt can’t get the hold completely locked on as Newton flips it down, hooking down it’s shoulders to the mat, ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Both men get to their feet, kick to the gut, NEVERMIND! Doubt gets spiked into the mat as Newton rolls the Emotion up for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Edward Newton continues the streak to 21 as he defeats the Emotion here tonight. Doubt tried it’s best but it wasn’t good enough to beat possibly the best wrestler in the world today]


[Cutting to the backstage area where we quickly catch a glimpse of Adam Eve as he makes his way down an isolated corridor towards us.

[Suddenly, from around the corner steps Death Row. A methodical, almost sadistic mannerism about his movement.]

“YOU!” [Death Row shouts.] “I need a word!”

[Eve pauses, his face revealing the familiarity with Death Rows voice and his body language indicating slight annoyance as he turns to face his previous opponent.]

“What do you want Death Row” [Eve questions.] “Aren’t we finished?”

“Nothing is finished” [Death Row snarls.] “What happened out there earlier tonight was unjust. And I WANT justice! A man like me should never lose to… you!”

[Adam’s eyes light up with rage.] [AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHG!] [Eve doesn’t think. Only reacts. Letting out a roar while sprinting down the corridor with his hands together. Preparing to deliver a double axe handle to the blind side of Death Row.] [AND HE STOPS!] [Eve’s feet fumbling over each other as he tries to maintain his balance while controlling his momentum. All the while, Death Row has spun around to face us placing a makeshift knife at the chin of his adversary.] [A SHANK!]


[The soft yet scratchy voice of Death Row echoes through the hall, prompting Eve to let out a gulp.]

“Your guilt glows within the illumination of your pride” [Death Rows eyes squint.] “It will be the downfall of the innocent… and that of your own!”

“Do you want to prove yourself a man Adam” [Death Row inquires.] “I’ll show you what it’s like to be a man where I come from!! NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES!!!”

[There is hesitation. A hint of helplessness in the eyes of Eve as if he ponders the order only to flush the thought away with a look of rage and then…] [BAM!] [Surprise and panic covers the face of Eve as Death Row is taken out by a trash barrel. His body falls unconscious to the concrete floor, covered by the barrel and a pile of trash that once filled it. Adam Eve looks up from his fallen foe to see a familiar face to us all.] [Bobby Neptune.] [Neptune nods as if to say “you’re welcome” to Eve before he turns to walk away. A blank expression covers Adam’s face before it shifts back to frustration.]

“I didn’t need your help!”

[Adam’s aggravation sounds through his voice, prompting Neptune to pause and glance back over his shoulder at Eve before letting off a sigh and moving on.] [We’re left with the unconscious Death Row and a frustrated Adam Eve before fading to black.]


[Lyra lost a huge battle at Invasion, severing her communication with her fleet as Scarecrow retained his world title against two world class opponents. Will failing her army fuel Lyra or will she fall to the Hayman like all the others?] [The bell sounds as Lyra rushes forward, peppering Crow with a series of swift and hard kicks trying to take Crow off his vertical base. A hard spinning heel kick staggers Crow as Lyra leaps up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, but she can’t flip around as Crow holds her in mid-air, gripping her behind him before slamming back down to the mat! Lyra stumbles to her feet, holding her back in pain as she walks right into the waiting arms of Crow, who tosses her almost effortlessly across the ring with a massive Fallaway Slam!] [Lyra pulls herself up with the ropes as Scarecrow rushes forward but she just manages to duck under a hard clothesline, leaping up at a dazed Crow before delivering a lightning fast hurricanrana. Crow rolls to his feet as Lyra scrambles up to the top rope, MOONSAULT! Crow catches her, trying for a Powerslam but Lyra wiggles out, CORKSCREW DDT! Crow gets planted to the row mat as Lyra drops down for the cover, ONE….TWO…CROW POWERS OUT!] [Both competitors get to their feet as Lyra ducks under a Big Boot, running to the corner as she leaps up to the top rope, springboarding off, FALLING STAR! A massive dropkick takes Crow off his feet as Lyra quickly scrambles up to the top rope once more, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! A huge Frog Splash hits flush as Lyra hooks both legs for the cover, ONE…TWO….THREE!!!] [Starchild picks up a huge victory over the OSW World Champion. She might have lost the battle at Invasion against the Zetas but with victories like this, she may well win the war just yet]


[Earlier tonight.] [General Dzagoev sits inside a dimly lit office, surrounded by his soldiers as he looks over a file. Suddenly, the door flings open…revealing Sergei Sokolov. Dzagoev rises from his seat, but before he can say a word Sergei lunges at him, grabbing the General by the throat as he slams him against the wall.]

“You killed her! You are murderer and traitor!”

[Sergei’s eyes squint as he squeezes the throat tighter, choking the life out of the General before his soldiers try to pull the Red Tsar back. Sergei finally lets up just enough for Dzagoev to speak, coughing as the air rushes back into his lungs.]

“It’s…not what you think, Sergei. I would never hurt her…or you.”

[Catching his breath once more, the General composes himself before motioning for Sergei to take a seat at the table. Hesitant and with a glare at the man revealed to be his father, Sergei sits as Dzagoev opens the file in front of him.]

“Russia felt I was getting too close to you, Sergei. I tried to protect you, but I had to work in shadows. They forced me to fake my death and convinced me that you would thrive in my absence. You can hold your grudge against me if you choose, Sergei…but I have new mission, one that could provide favour with Russia and restore you to former glory.”

[Dzagoev pushes the file over to Sergei, allowing him to look it over.]

“You have chance to redeem yourself in the eyes of Mother Russia, Sergei. There are enemies that need to be taken out… starting with the man that set you up as traitor. He hired Petrov and turned him against Russia. He told him to manipulate your faith in Russia. It was all him, my boy.”

[Sergei goes over the file, looking at a series of photos including one that catches his eye: Jackson Grant Fitzgerald. He glares at the picture in anger, realizing that he was not betrayed by his country… but by a politician.] [Cut.]


[WEE-OOOWWW-WEEEE-OWWWW! The Ambulance has made its way into the arena and the match is now underway between the returning Mike Lane and No Face!] [The bell sounds as No Face charges across the ring with a leaping clothesline that knocks both men off their feet. Perhaps a bit of ring rust on display as Mike Lane was unable to dodge out of the way in time! Both men roll to their feet as No Face is quicker once again as he scratches down the face of Mike Lane! Lane recoils momentarily before No Face kicks him fiercely in the abdomen and snaps off a crude DDT. No Face’s head tilts to the side before crawling on top of Mike Lane and begins clawing at his eyes and mouth!] [Mike manages to get a finger in his mouth and clamps down! No Face doesn’t even seem perturbed by this as he just begins punching Mike with the other hand. Mike releases his hand and manages to pull his legs up to wrap around the arm of No Face! He pulls No Face down into an armbar and begins wrenching back on it for dear life! No Face is just swinging wildly with his free arm before rolling Mike Lane up onto his shoulders and dropping him furiously twice to break the hold! Lane rolls out of the ring and onto his feet. NO FACE OVER THE TOP AND ONTO LANE!] [Both men are down as they slam down into the concrete! They slowly make their way to their feet, but it’s actually Mike Lane who gets up quicker! ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen that, and it floors No Face. Lane quickly grabs him by the arm and begins dragging him up the ramp. He gets to where the Ambulance is and quickly scoops up No Face, but No Face slips out and drives an elbow into the back of Mike’s head! He opens the doors and puts Mike’s face in the doorway! WHIFF! Lane is able to roll out of the way just in time. No Face’s head whips towards him, but… SHADOWKICK! The kick lifts up No Face before he slams into the ambulance door! Lane grabs him and puts HIS head between the door and frame. SLAMSLAMSLAMSLAM! Blood is gushing from the head as Mike Lane grabs him and throws him into the ambulance!] [The match is over as Mike Lane looks perplexed. A new foe who is already trying desperately to escape the confines of the ambulance!]


[Beep.] [Beep.] [The steady rhythmic bleeping that accompanies a medical facility. White, crisp walls. White bedsheets. Everything sterile looking, to the point that you can almost smell it. It is here that we find Captain Zappa, lying in what appears to be a hospital bed. Fully restrained. The Chosen One has broken out in a cold sweat and is shaking. A white beam of light seems to erupt from the ceiling, sending a lens flare over the shot. When it fades, Lyra Starchild has materialised, beaming in freshly after her match. She stands watches over him.]

“I brought you here for one reason only. To sever the connection.”

[Captain Zappa opens his eyes and looks at Starchild. Bloodshot eyes of a man who has not slept in days. He struggles to focus on her, struggles to utter the few words that he manages.]

“How… How did I get here.”

“I beamed you here. I couldn’t take any chances with those Zetas guarding your every move. They will never find you here.”

[She holds a device against his head, almost threateningly.]

“I will beam you out of here in time for your match, but one way or another, this connection of yours will be severed. I have the answer, as did Calypso. Those drugs that coarse through your system, heightening the connection between you and the Zetas. Well, this is my only way of ‘cleansing’ you of them. I cleanse your system of all traces of the drugs, and I cleanse the connection from you.”

[Captain Zappa doesn’t reply, only grimaces as another wave of pains surge over him. He shakes, screaming. Lyra doesn’t so much as bat an eyelid, maintaining her composure throughout. Her weapon remains trained on Zappa.]

“Of course, if that fails to work. I will have to end you. I cannot take any chances. The Zeta will not invade Earth.”

[Having heard the screaming, a nurse soon comes charging into the room. A syringe in her hands. She ignores Lyra and paces over to Zappa, looking to administer the drug but Lyra stands in her way.]

“What is that?”

“It is protocol. We administer a small, controlled amount of the substance to addiction patients to ease the withdrawals. It helps the pain.”

“No drugs.”

“It is protocol.”

[The nurse looks to push past Lyra and administer the drug anyway. Lyra calmly shifts the weapon from Zappa’s temple and places it at the side of the nurse’s neck. A light bursts out the end of the weapon and the nurse crumples to the ground. Lyra shakes her head, stepping over the nurse.]

“I said no drugs.”

[A shout from outside the room suggests that the security guards have caught wind of the nurse’s demise. Lyra grunts in frustration before turning a different device upon Zappa.]

“Back to the Tap Room with you then. You have a match ahead.”

[A bright light once more envelops both Zappa and Starchild. In an instant, the pair have disappeared. When the security team enters the room, all they find is a crumpled heap of a nurse and a full syringe. Captain Zappa and Lyra have gone.]


[The Tag Team Championships are on the line here as Brent Kersh is getting his rematch with a new partner in Lux Bellator, the new InVasion briefcase holder!] [The bell sounds as both teams meet in the center of the ring with a flurry of blows! Kersh and Cussen are continuing their feud from the month before as they drill into each other. Lux and DTR are exchanging blows for a second, but only until DTR is flattened by a lightning-fast roundhouse! Cussen begins getting the better of Kersh only to be wrapped around the arms in a crucifix by Lux who SLAMS him to the mat! Normally that would be a pinning opportunity, but Lux looks up and to Kersh with a crooked grin. Both of these men were in the InVasion Ladder match only a week ago!] [Both men leave the ring as they both grab some steel and fling it into the ring. They both roll back in and face off as there seems to still be some tension from the last match. DROPKICK FROM THE TOP! Lux is slammed into Kersh as both men are sprawled out. DTR rolls to his feet just as Jensen is getting back to his. They smile at one another and begin setting up the ladders, side-by-side. DTR begins to climb as he barks orders at Jensen. Lux and Kersh stagger to their feet with both men seeing The Virus ascend. They look at each other before looking at Cussen. They rush forward… DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Cussen staggers backwards into the ladders as they begin to tip!] [Cussen catches himself and rectifies the ladder, but Brent Kersh is already scaling the ladder! Lux whips Cussen into the corner and charges with a huge YAKUZA KICK! Only Cussen drops allowing Lux to get his leg caught on the top rope in the corner! Kersh throws a big right hand which busts open the lip of DTR who is trying to keep himself atop the ladder. Cussen leaps up the ladder with Kersh next to DTR’s. He climbs to the top and begins throwing wild right hands at The Veteran. Kersh is being double-teamed on top of the ladder! LUX BELLATOR! DEUM LUCEM TAKES OUT CUSSEN! But he hooks the ladder on the way down! The ladder begins to tilt with Kersh still on it! CRASH!!! Kersh manages to hop ladders onto the same one with DTR. A stiff right hand. He reaches below and pulls DTR’s legs through the ladder… LONE STAR SUBMISSION ON THE LADDER! DTR is crying out in pain as Kersh is wrenching the hold on! LUX BELLATOR SCALES THE LADDER! He’s standing around the two men as he reaches up and… NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!] [Brent Kersh releases the hold as DTR falls to the mat in a heap. Lux Bellator clutches the title to his chest as he just drops the other for Kersh before leaving the ring.]


[Static.] [Flashforward.] [Before.] [It’s the middle of the night and all seems quiet, except for a shuffling sound in the distance. As we edge closer, a thin figure stands wielding some kind of tool. The more we approach, the clearer our image becomes.] [Edward Newton stands, unharmed in the middle of a cornfield, wielding a saw against the Perch of the Scarecrow.] [With every thrust, another bead of sweat drips down his face until finally, he breaks through, snapping it from the base. The Riddler bends down gleefully to pick it up.] [Flutter.]

“Do you need a hand with that, little birdie?”

[Edwards’s eyes widen as they rise to meet the intimidating figure of The Scarecrow.]

“Let me guess, you think this holds the key to defeating me?” [He muses, placing his boot down upon the perch, stopping Newton from lifting it off the ground.] “But you’re wrong.”

“It worked for Brent Kersh,” [Newton responds.] “And if it didn’t work, you wouldn’t be trying to stop me.”

[Unbelievably, The Scarecrow removes his foot.]

“By all means, take it. It won’t halt me, Edward; it won’t bring me to my knees. That magic was used up when Brent Kersh drove it through my being.”

[Newton picks it up.] “You could avoid all this, Scarecrow. All you have to do is accept my offer.”

[The Scarecrow closes in on The Riddler, tilting his head.]

“Humanity always wishes to control that of which it does not understand. You have no bargaining chip for me, peasant. If you come for what I have, I will destroy you.”

[Suddenly, Newton runs at The Scarecrow with the sharp end of the perch, stabbing it through his chest and toppling him to the ground. It pins him there for a moment as The Riddler rolls away, looking pleased with himself.]

“Do you know what happens when the immovable object meets the unstoppable force, Scarecrow?”

[He straightens out his suit.]

“Because I do.”

[Just then, The Scarecrow reaches out with both hands, grabbing The Perch by the wooden base and pulling. Newton, realizing it hasn’t worked, quickly runs away.] [Looking over his shoulder, he can see The Scarecrow rising in the distance. He hops into his car, puts it in drive and speeds away, leaving The Hayman to recover behind him.] [The Monster stands, perch in hand.]

“Oh I see you want to play, little birdie,” [he says with a hearty laugh.] “Then play we shall.”

[We take one last look at Newton speeding off down the country lanes, leaving The Scarecrow to start running through the corn in pursuit.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, it is a match for the rewind championship! Now that Sergei is done with Piotor, can his eyes be focused on gold or will Hysteria prove why he is champ? We find out now!] [DING! DING! Sergei marches towards Hysteria with devastating intentions in his eyes! Hysteria backs up and ties himself in the ropes! The ref gets in the way! Hysteria uses the ref as a shield and EYE POKE to Sergei! Sergei is blinded and SCHOOLBOY ROLL UP! One! Easy kick out by Sergei! Before Sergei can get up, YAKUZA KICK! Hysteria is not letting up with the advantage! He lays in on Sergei with some clubbing fists! Sergei is fully down and Hysteria climbs to the top rope! Sergei is getting up! DIVING CLOTHESLINE! No! Sergei catches Hysteria by the throat! SOVIET STRIKE! Chokeslam into a backbreaker! Momentum has completely shifted!] [Sergei covers! One…Two…Thr…No!? Sergei pulls up Hysteria’s head! He’s not done! Massive hammer fists by the Russian! He lifts Hysteria with ease and puts him on his shoulders! Is he going for the iron curtain this early? No, Hysteria slides out and turns it into a BACKSLIDE PIN! One! Two! Sergei gets out of the pin but Hysteria holds on to the head and delivers some nasty KNEE STRIKES! He holds on the front headlock! It looks like Sergei’s energy might be draining but he is powering out of it and pops up Hysteria in the air, catches him and Powerbomb! Perfect counter with the NUCLEAR FALLOUT!] [Sergei covers! One…Two…Thr… No! Kick out by Hysteria! Sergei picks Hysteria up but LOW KICK by Hysteria drops Sergei down to a knee! SNAP DDT! Sergei falls flat and Hysteria goes for the cover! One…Two…Thr..Woah! Sergei tosses Hysteria off of him! Hysteria does not stop though and charges at Sergei to be met with a LARIAT! It almost takes his head off as it turns him inside out! Hysteria looks dead and Sergei tries to pick him up! Cradle attempt but Sergei has none of it and delivers vicious punches to make hysteria let go! Hysteria is rocked and Sergei is not playing around anymore! He lifts Hysteria up and IRON CURTAIN! Sergei covers! One…Two…Three!] [We have a new champion tonight folks as Sergei proves why he is a force to be reckoned with!]


[Boots stepping down a hall are heard echoing as a cape slowly drapes the back of the ankles. The owner seems to be in a rush as VHS Championship gleams in the reflections of the lights.] [Solomon Rhodes.] [He rubs his hand which is taped from the lightning strike at InVasion for a moment as he makes his way towards the ring for his match.] [A vortex opens right in front of him, halting his progress, as a man exits glowing gold until the doorway closes behind him.] [Tommy Hawk.]

“We need to talk, Rhodes.”

[Solomon puts his hands on his waist as he looks him up and down with a curious look in his eyes. These two men were involved in one of the most vicious bouts of Ring of Dreams just a few months earlier.]

“Speak then. What does a Savage need with The Dragon?”

“I need your fire.”

[This catches Solomon Rhodes off guard as he slowly reaches down and puts a hand upon his VHS Championship slowly. Tommy Hawk simply shakes his head.]

“No, Rhodes. I have had a vision, and I need your help.”

[Solomon Rhodes’s arms fold across his chest as he listens.]

“I have seen the future of this world, and I have SEEN what Lux Bellator plans to do. Something horrible is coming, and I need your fire to help me cleanse this evil.”

“What did you see?”

[A moment of pause as Tommy Hawk doesn’t budge. Finally he clears his throat.]

“It’s not a matter of what I’ve seen, but what I’ve learned, Thunderbird. This evil is coming, and I need your help to purge it before it grows too powerful for this world.”

[Solomon doesn’t respond immediately but just stares him down as if searching for an answer hidden in his expression. After a moment of seemingly finding nothing, Solomon looks down at his bandaged hand for a moment before answering.]

“So what do you need my fire for?”

“We need to take out this threat before it has a chance to fester. We need to cut down this tree at the roots. We need to eliminate them.”

[Tommy Hawk’s head lowers as his voice lowers even further.]

“We need to destroy Knock Knock.”


[Ten Months Ago.] [In a Ship far, far away.] [A well-dressed man sits across a table from Bobby Neptune, looking gaunt and sleep deprived, his wrists clamped to the chair. The man makes a circular motion on his wrist and presses down.] [A recording of Bobby from not too long ago starts:]

“They really drill it into your head, the Asylum. Fingernail by fingernail scratch, shock by shock. The taste of teeth ripping into a neck. The crunch of all that breaking. And suddenly the boy who cried space is a monste-”

“Stop.” [Bobby interrupts]

“You’re supposed to listen to the entire message. It’s part of your therapy.” [The man says.]

“I’ve heard that voice enough. I’m past that. Besides, your recorder is shit for a Xi89 bot. All the other ones had much better sound quality. How are they doing by the way?”

“Being scrapped for parts we speak. We do not waste parts. It’s why we haven’t killed you yet.”

“Is today the day you tell me who “we” is? You’ve kept me chained up in this ship for months. Who? Why? What kind of parts are you trying to scrap me for?”

[Neptune takes a moment to consider.]

“I’ll continue. But first, you gotta take these dumb restraints off. I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m the Starboy again! And besides these really aren’t gonna hold me.”

[Suddenly, Neptune’s restraints click open. He leaps across the table before anyone can respond. The next we see, Neptune holds well-dressed man’s head in hand, wires spilling from his neck.] [He looks into a nearby security camera as alarms go off.]

“Next time, show your face.”

[He tosses aside the robot’s head and slumps back down into a chair as guards rush into the room and surround him.]


[Both competitors had a great Invasion, Rhodes getting a God off his back and Zappa saving the Zetas as they go head to head tonight for the VHS Championship here tonight] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard lefts and rights before a stiff uppercut stuns Rhodes. Zappa lifts Rhodes up off his feet, trying for an early MOAB but Zappa drops to his knees, crying out in pain. Rhodes takes advantage, drilling Zappa with a hard running dropkick to the face. Rhodes quickly leaps up to the top rope, DIVING MOONSAULT…HITS KNEES! Rhodes staggers up to his feet, as Zappa flips him onto his back, INTERGALACTIC INERTIA!] [Rhodes crashes hard into the mat, pulling himself up, BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS! That huge splash squashes Rhodes against the steel as Zappa pulls him out of the corner, placing him between his legs as he tries for the Hyperdrive but Zappa drops Rhodes, his eyes glazing over as Rhodes kicks Zappa in the back of the legs, DARKWISH! Zappa nearly gets his head kicked off as Rhodes rolls down, hooking the leg. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!] [Zappa gets pulled up to his feet as Rhodes tries for Fire but Zappa slips out, MOAB! A massive Backdrop slams Rhodes to the mat, Zappa backing up as Rhodes gets to his knees, DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING! A huge spinning elbow to the dome seemingly knocks Rhodes out as Zappa heads to the top rope, sizing Rhodes up, shaking for a moment on the top as his eyes glaze over for a second before leaping off, ZETAVARIUM…MISSES! Zappa gets to his feet, holding his gut, CHAOS THEORY! Zappa gets planted as Rhodes rolls him up for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Dragon picks up another huge victory as he puts down the Chosen One. Zappa tried his best but Rhodes was just too good tonight]


[After a riveting Ladder match for the Tag Team Championship earlier in the night, one can forgive Brent Kersh for hitting the showers as soon as the bell rang. The mist is still rising off the concrete ground of his locker room as the Enforcer steps out in a towel. He shakes out some of the tension in his muscles, before walking over to the bench bearing his bag…]


[…and watches as his world comes undone.]

“No.” [Kersh whispers, practically falling to his knees as he turns around from the bench.] [A golden glow over his translucent body, the son of Brent Kersh floats before him.]

“Trevor?” [Brent asks, trying to get a grip on what he’s seeing.] [The apparition merely nods. It’s a spitting image of Trevor Kersh as he was when he died at the hands of the Scarecrow many months ago.]

“You’re not real.” [Brent says after a moment, rubbing his eyes to regain some clarity.] “This is some trick of the being exposed to the Virus earlier. Maybe one of those Asylum guys poisoned the water.”

[Before the golden ghost can speak again, an angry Kersh steps forward with a finger out.]

“I watched you die. I held your body in my hands as you took your last breath.”

[Kersh throws the phone he had grabbed before turning against the wall, shattering it.]

“How dare you?” [He accuses, walking towards the apparition.] “How dare you do this to me?”

[The ghostly form does not look angry at the accusation, he only looks sad. A single tear runs down the face of Trevor Kersh as Brent gets right to him. The golden fades away, wisps floating through the air as Brent is now left alone.] [Or is he?]


[Sometime during what transpired, the door had opened, and Lux Bellator had entered the room. The bringer of light stares menacingly at the wide eyed and scared Kersh. The Enforcer grabs his bag, slipping on a pair of jeans under his towel quickly. Lux walks over to him and seems to study the man who was his partner earlier.]

“I needed to…”

[Before Lux can say anything, Kersh just pushes him out of the way and storms out of the room. Bellator watches the door close with a grin as his eyes seemingly pulsate with a golden glow.] [Inside of Lux’s pupil, a golden ring about it, the face of Trevor Kersh screams wordlessly.]


[It’s main event time as a SHOCK is here! BOBBY FUCKIN’ NEPTUNE IS BACK! He stands across the ring from the man who has been having problems with a certain alternate personality of his.] [The bell sounds as these two men stand in the ring. This is no normal match as it is a STREET FIGHT! They move to the center of the ring and Bruce’s eyes look a little fearsome remembering some feral beast that tried to attack him. Neptune looks him up and down before a little smile forms at the corner of his mouth. Kick to the midsection of Bruce! Side headlock takedown as Neptune is wrenching the hold on. Bruce quickly rolls them back to their feet before backing Neptune into the rope and careening him off of him. Neptune turns around into a dropkick!] [The Starboy manages to get back to his feet only to find Bruce Van Chan already standing. GOODNI- NO! Neptune pushes him off. Bruce Van Chan rolls to his feet, holding his back as Neptune charges with a clothesline that sends him over the rope and to the hard floor. Bobby Neptune runs the ropes before springboarding off the top rope into a 480 onto Bruce! Both men crash to the floor as the crowd is on their feet! “Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!” Bobby Neptune manages to get up first and slowly scrapes the remnants of Bruce from the cement before sending him shoulderfirst into the steel stairs at ringside!] [Bobby Neptune grabs him and sends him over the barricade and into the crowd! Beer is flying everywhere as Neptune climbs onto the barricade very gingerly and looks down. Bruce slowly gets to his feet as Neptune leaps! RED GIANT! The leaping knee just drills Bruce who is blasted backwards! The crowd is on their feet in celebration as Bobby Neptune quickly rushes over and lifts him up. Only his eyes are different. IT’S DR. SLEEP! Dr. Sleep wraps his hands around the neck of Bobby Neptune and lifts him high into the air with a gruesome look on his face. DOUBLE-HAND CHOKESLAM ON THE CONCRETE!] [Bobby Neptune is laid out and Dr. Sleep quickly lifts him up as if he weighs nothing before charging towards the barricade and SLAMMING HIM INTO THEM! A huge running powerslam as Neptune is in a world of pain. Sleep quickly grabs him up and sends him flying over the barricade onto the hard floor below. He climbs over and begins making his way over to Neptune before stomping on his foot, halting his progression. A grin spreads along his mouth as he stomps on the other one as well, seemingly pinning Neptune down.]

“I’m sorry!” [Neptune’s hands are up in pleading.] “I’m sorry Bruce!”

[Just like that, the eyes of Dr. Sleep change back to their regular form as Bruce Van Chan seems to have regained control. He extends a hand and lifts up Bobby Neptune to which the two nod at one another. SUPERKICK! Bobby Neptune never failed to see a moment as he grabs Bruce and rolls him back into the ring before looking underneath the ring and pulling out a steel chair and flings it into the ring. He grabs a table and slides it into the ring as well. Bruce Van Chan is groggily getting his way back to his feet as Neptune slides in. He grabs the steel chair and… MISS! Van Chan ducked underneath. Springboard dropkick sends Neptune sliding across the ring!] [Bruce Van Chan sees the table and quickly sets up the legs in the center of the ring. He goes over to Neptune, but Neptune rolls him up! One…Two…KICKOUT! Bruce Van Chan rolls to his feet and kicks Neptune right in the ribs. He lifts up Starboy and moves towards the table set up in the center of the ring. Neptune slips out of his grasp and… SUPERKICK! Bruce is knocked backwards and falls onto the table! Neptune grins as he slowly makes his way towards the corner. He leaps to the top rope and begins to motion for a huge move.] [But Bruce rolls out of the way! Neptune aborts as he climbs onto the apron before springing onto the top rope and… SPRINGBOARD SHINING WIZARD! Bruce is nailed right in the head as he falls to the mat. Neptune is slow to his feet though. This high-octane offense seems to be taking a toll on the former All-Star Champion. Bruce manages to get to his feet first as a result of this and goes for… GOODNIGHT! BUT NO! Neptune will not go into this goodnight as he shoves Bruce and he CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE! Bruce Van Chan is in immense pain right now, but Neptune is climbing the top rope once again. This could make or break this match if he misses this! ANDROMEDA’S CRASH! SHOOTING STAR DDT and Bruce Van Chan isn’t moving. An arm falls across the chest of Bruce as the referee counts. One…Two…THREE!] [Bobby Neptune wins his debut and gets a measure of peace of mind with his old foe, Bruce Van Chan.]


[A dark alley.] [One fading street light flickers on and off, mostly off. Otherwise, the moon is the only light we see. Then, a door opens on the side of a building, and a silhouette steps into the door frame. Once again, we spy Cael Gable. He’s dressed in his street clothes, on his way home as the show has just about ended for the night.] [Suddenly, there is a revving of an engine. A street bike comes flying around the corner and down the alley. It comes to a screeching halt, and a passenger jumps off the back; the driver keeps the motorcycle running. He is clothed in leathers and a helmet, his identity hidden. But we know who he is. Gable braces himself for yet another fight.]

“Come on! You think just one of you can take me out?! You haven’t been paying attention!!”

[But that’s when the biker pulls a pistol! He points it directly at Cael’s face and…]

“Law sends his regards!”

[Cut to black.] […….]


[BANG!!] [Cut.]