[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [Screams. Terrifying, abrasive, vile, visceral screams. They echo throughout empty rooms, lost in the space they invade. It’s the middle of the night, but that doesn’t matter. Led in the middle of a dirty mattress, covered by rotting sheets is none other than Stephanie Cussen.] [She’s spewing black gunge as she cries for help. Jensen sits by her side, holding her hand, a look of terror on his face.] [Her belly is risen, plump, her child within, and soon to be free. She’s in undeniable agony as the virus wreaks havoc on her system. She doesn’t look like she’ll survive birth – she doesn’t look like she’ll survive another minute.]

“David,” [she begs and pleads.] “David!?”

[The Virus steps into scene, his arms folded.]

“This is going to kill me,” [She spews. Black vomit trickles down her chin onto her stained nightdress.] “I won’t make it!”

“You will,” [DTR says, placing his hand upon her head.] “You will. My seed is the end of all things. You have an important role to play my dear. You are to give birth to the end of days and it can only be you. We’re so close.”

[She cries out.] “I can’t do this,” [she squirms, squeezing Jensen’s hand.] “I can’t do it. I need him. I NEED HIM!”

[DTR and Jensen share a look.]

“Why him?” [Cussen asks.]

“I-I,” [Stephanie stammers.] “I don’t know. This child is talking to me, David; he’s in my head. He’s telling me that we need him or else this won’t work.”

[The Virus grins sadistically.]

“That’s good. That’s a good sign,” [David boasts.] “Our boy is getting stronger and the purified blood must have worked. If we need him, we’ll get him, won’t we Jensen?”

[Cussen stands up, his eyebrows furrowed in disagreement. Carefully, he nods.]

“By Genesis, The Family will be one stronger. I promise you darling, we’ll find him.”



[In our next match up, two very jolly gentlemen face off, as Santa Claus faces our new OSW All Star Champion, Captain Zappa.] [The bell sounds and our two rotund competitors meet in the centre of the ring. Santa blocks a huge right hand from Zappa. Claus wraps his arms right around the smaller Zappa and sends him flying across the ring with a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX. Santa springs back to his feet rather spritely for an ancient man. A RUNNING SENTON BOMB from Santa to the gut of Zappa. Captain rolls around the ring, clutching at his stomach. Santa keeps the pace up, whipping Zappa into the ropes and catches him with a KNEE to the midsection. SNAP DDT from Santa. Claus hooks the leg…1…NO! Strong kick out from Zappa.] [A poised Santa lifts Zappa back to his feet and locks him up for a vertical suplex. But no! Zappa blocks Santa’s elevation with his leg. Captain wings a punch into Santa’s side. Claus winces. Zappa follows with a SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE that takes Santa clean off his feet. Zappa picks a dazed Santa to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner, no! Zappa doesn’t release Santa’s arm! Instead, Zappa pulls Santa back towards him an executes THE HICCUP IN THE MATRIX! Zappa’s trademark DDT that uses his opponent’s momentum against them! Santa isn’t moving… Zappa climbs to the middle turnbuckle… BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS! Zappa’s belly flop from the middle turnbuckle!] [Both competitors are down. They landed gut to gut on that move. Zappa slowly drags himself over to Santa and makes the cover…1…2…NO! Santa gets the shoulder up! Zappa shakes his head, he can’t believe it. Zappa hoists Santa to his feet and elevates him into the sky with the PUMP HANDLE SLAM! I can’t believe Zappa somehow lifted Santa’s huge torso into the air like that and crashed it back down into the mat! Zappa at it again, this time lifting Santa onto his back and slamming him into the turnbuckles with the INTERGALACTIC INERTIA! Santa is out. Zappa climbs to the top rope. ZETAVARIUM! Zappa’s twisting moonsualt from the top rope! Zappa confidently hooks Santa’s leg…1…2…3! Zappa wins!] [Captain Zappa, our All Star Chanpion picks up the victory over Santa Claus. Think we know the OSW that won’t be receiving any presents from Santa this Christmas.]


[Darkness.] [Static.] [The wind howls through the dark night, picking up leaves and litter as it travels. In the shadows, a figure stands, the burning ember of his cigar illuminating the pitch black. A voice abruptly disturbs him.]

“You’re not where you’re supposed to be,” [The voice says menacingly. The smoking man turns to the light, revealing Sheriff Law.] “Are you, Sheriff?”

[Emerging from the darkness, The Sharkman appears.]

“And I believe I have something you want.”

[Law takes the cigar from his mouth and smiles. His toothy grin is as sadistic as it is disturbing.]

“That’s the thing with thinkin’ you have all the answers, ain’t it?” [He mocks.] “That elevated sense of self belief. The hero in you thinks you’re special. This ain’t about you, Sharkboy.”

[The Sharkman steps forward.] “You’re the reason Cael acted the way he did, aren’t you?”

[Law just grins.]

“You need to come with me,” [Shark announces.] “It’s time you were put back where you belong.”

[As The Sharkman approaches, a surprising figure appears; Cael Gable.] [He steps between them both, pressing one hand against the chest of Sharkman and pushing him backwards.]

“I can’t let you do that,” [he says begrudgingly.] “I’m sorry, but he’s not going back.”

[The Double Feature Champion tilts his head in confusion.] “Whatever he has on you, whatever he’s offering you, I can stop it. You need to trust me, Cael.”

“He’s already in too deep,” [Law protests.] “And only getting deeper.”

[A loud groan suddenly interrupts, coming from just behind Law. The Sharkman barges past Gable to find Adam Eve, bloodied, bruised and near unconscious on the floor. He looks up at Cael and Law, disgusted.]

“What the hell did you do?” [He yells.] “What the hell did you do!?”

[Gable steps closer.]

“What I was told.”

[He suddenly swings, nailing The Sharkman in the head with what appears to be a Crowbar that he was hiding behind his back. The Champion falls, joining Eve on the floor.]

“At Genesis, you’re gonna beat these two and deliver me the Double Feature Championship, kid,” [Law reminds him, as he looks down, disappointed with himself.] “Because if you don’t, mommy and step daddy are gonna get a visit from the Law. You just remember who holds your leash, boy.”

[Law grabs his cigar and kneels down, stubbing it out on the back of Adam Eve before chuckling to himself. He casually walks off into the darkness, leaving Gable to stand, infuriated, upset and a shadow of his former self.]


[Captain Zappa is leaving the Tap Room. He’s got a freshly rolled and lit joint hanging out of his mouth and a shiny gold belt hanging over his shoulder. Jolly ole Saint Nick had given it his best, but there’s a reason Zappa is the Chosen One.] [But at this very moment, he finds himself a Chosen One whose path is blocked by a tall ring of fire that has suddenly exploded around him. Zappa inhales for a moment, enjoying the fine piece in his mouth, before speaking out.]

“You ever just say ‘hello?’”

[As expected, Solomon Rhodes steps into view before the Unorthodox Identity. The VHS Championship gleams on his waist as Zappa eyeballs it with want. The Dragon calls back his attention with a stern tone.]

“You won’t run from me this time. Not until you hear what I have had to say.”

[Zappa shrugs, and seems to be waiting.]

“I’ve been so consumed with other matters that my eyes have not truly focused upon you and your Zetas. You have called me out because you desire that which I have. Yet as I look around me, I see old powers awakening. Those who are neither bring doom upon us all. Armies from above. Armies from below. Armies from within. The dead rise and great powers lurk outside the dark side of the moon. There is a war coming. There are those who are good. Those who are evil. In refusing to sever your own connection to these powers, you are becoming corrupted by them, turned into something more than human. You have been chosen, but perhaps they did not choose wisely.”

[Zappa snorts before doing something entirely unexpected.] [He lets his joint fall out of his mouth to the ring of fire around him. It is quickly consumed by that fire.]

“You may not have had your eyes on me, Rhodes, but I’ve had mine on you. You want to destroy evil? I can point you in evil’s direction if you wish. But all you’ll find here is me. A Champion. And in a week’s time, I’ll just be the one Champion between us. I won’t sever my connection to the Zetas, but I’m going to sever your connection to that Championship around your waist. I’m going to clip the wings of the Dragon so that the invasion will be that much easier.”

[Rhodes does not seem amused by the smoke that has grown up around Zappa, perhaps unnaturally so. Instead, he looks with a steely gaze upon his new foe.]

“We will see, Zappa. Remember that there will always be someone to stand against an invasion of evil. Someone will rise.”

[Solomon turns to walk away, but Zappa has one further question.]

“They say you can turn into an actual Dragon, man. That true, or is just like everything else with you, a bunch of legends and fables?”

[The Dragon doesn’t even turn around as he walks into the distance.]

“Pray you don’t have to find out.”

[Rhodes leaves the All-Star Champion to himself as Zappa reaches into his shirt pocket and produces an already rolled joint to guide him on his own travels.]


[A visibly frustrated and impatient Jackson Grant Fitzgerald paces the ring, waiting for his opponent The Emotion, Doubt to finish his meticulous walk down to the squared circle.] [Jackson doesn’t wait for the bell to ring. As Doubt steps through the ropes, Fitzgerald swarms with axe handle blows to Doubt’s shoulders and lower back. Doubt falls to the mat inside the ring. Jackson keeps up the attack with stomps to the back of Doubt’s head. The ref tries in vain to drag Mr. President away from his opponent. Jackson pulls Doubt to his feet and whips him into the corner, his back crashing heavily into the top turnbuckle. With Doubt slumped in the corner, Fitzgerald orders the ref to sound the match bell. Reluctantly, the ref complies.] [With the match officially underway, Fitzgerald heaves Doubt to his feet and executes a SNAP SUPLEX. Fitzgerald rolls over into a cover…1…KICK OUT! There’s a lot of life still left in The Emotion. Fitzgerald hoists a wobbly Doubt back to his feet. A series of stiff right hands from the President. Jackson again whips Doubt into ropes – a running lariat from Fitzgerald, ducked by Doubt. The Emotion bounces off the corresponding ropes and leaps into the air, taking the President down with a head scissors takedown. Fitzgerald pops back to his feet and walks into a back breaker from Doubt. Doubt sprints into the ropes and springs backwards off the middle rope. LIONSAULT! Doubt with the pin….1….2…KICK OUT!] [Doubt has ceased control. The Emotion allows Fitzgerald to use the ropes to get back to his feet. Leg kicks from Doubt. A spinning back kick to the mid section from The Emotion. Fitzgerald is hunched over. Doubt executes a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP on Mr. President. Doubt ascends to the top turnbuckle, standing with his back to his downed opponent. MISERY RAIN! Doubt from the top rope with the skytwister press. Doubt hooks the leg…1…2…NO! Fitzgerald kicked out. Doubt can’t believe it. Doubt slams frustrated right hands into the side of Mr. President’s temple. Doubt helps a dazed Fitzgerald to his feet – JUMPING NECK BREAKER from Doubt. But The Emotion doesn’t make the cover, standing over Fitzgerald. Just as Doubt leans down, JGF rolls Doubt into a small package…1…Doubt kicks out and leaps to his feet. Only to receive a kick to the gut from Fitzgerald. OATH OF OFFICE! Seemingly out of nowhere! Why did Doubt fail to make the earlier cover? Fitzgerald hook’s Doubt’s leg.…1…2…3! Mr. President adds another OSW victory to his controversial election victory!] [An Emotional decision has seen Doubt lose a hard fought contest to Jackson Grant Fitzgerald tonight.]


“…and now she’s being treated by a doctor that I know after I found a knife protruding from her abdomen.”

[The voice of Doubt carries as if like a whisper through the room in which he and Smiley are currently inhabiting. Smiley has his favorite crow bar in his tight grasp as it appears he’s biting his cheek.]

“I don’t know why you felt the need to LIE to your own brother about finding your sister, Syndi, but-“

“You know why I had to do it, brother.”

[A moment of pause as Smiley lets it continue its throught.]

“The way you treated Stephanie… I couldn’t allow for you to do that to my sister. She’s been through enough already.”

[Another pause as Smiley’s knuckles grow white as he grasps his crowbar tight.]

“I might have gone overboard, but this is why we are to TRUST one another. Trust me to not do anything to break our bond.”

[Smiley extends a hand and grasps Doubt’s forearm with a smirk.]


[His voice trails off as a small-person wearing an elf suit walks into the room carrying a box nearly the size of him. He sets it down and begins to read the card.]

“Ahem. Despite your actions of hostility towards the big man, they have granted you with a gift. In this box-“

[CRACK!] [The metal crowbar smacks across the little-man’s face as he’s then kicked squarely in the ribs twice by Smiley.]

“Well, Merry Christmas Doubt.”

[Smiley hoists up his crowbar and begins smashing the box to smithereens! As he hits it the third time, a horrible smell fills the room forcing Smiley to gag as his eyes begin to water. Doubt doesn’t seem to be affected by it too terribly, but it grabs Smiley and exits the room as the focus zooms in on the gift. Egg shells fall out of the holes created by Smiley as it zooms in on the nametag.]

“Happy Easter, The Easter Bunny!”


[Recorded Earlier.] [In the distance, we can hear the sound of a hammer on a nail, driving something into a wooden wall. Yet before us stands none other than Edward Newton. Never one to do the labor himself, Newton seems to be enjoying the sounds around him. The golden World Championship title belt is carefully placed over his shoulder as he stands in front of a decrepit old house. Behind his spectacles, his eyes have a certain gleam in them that betrays his joy.]

“You’re sure that Scarecrow will know where to go?”

[Newton barely moves as Hysteria is revealed to be standing beside him. No Face looms on the other side of Newton as stand outside this house.]

“I’m certain of it. For all of his faults, one cannot say that the Scarecrow doesn’t have an exhaustive memory.” [Newton comments haphazardly.] “But when he arrives here, it will not look as he imagined it. I’ve hired the best laborers money could buy to turn this broken down remnant of the past into a true House of Horrors.”

[Hysteria nods in response, but Edward isn’t done.]

“Inside, the Scarecrow will find that the past rises up to meet him. Even as he goes to battle with the Dragon over the Perch, the rest of his foul history will come to meet him when he steps foot in here afterwards. Even those that do not live can enjoy teachable moments. They can find themselves realizing that those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it. I am not Brent Kersh nor any other foe the Scarecrow has ever encountered. The chill that runs down my spine when he appears will be the same that he will feel when I destroy that which he clings to.”

[Hysteria almost responds, but Newton notices the tick before he can.]

“What he clings to is that his power will be enough. The Scarecrow clings to the notion that those that fear him will be unable to stop him from achieving his goals.”

[The Riddler smiles up at the House of Horrors.]

“He will soon come to learn that his foolish ideas are not fit for this world.”

[He pats the gold on his shoulder.]

“Nor for this championship.”

[With a grin, Newton turns to the two behind him.]

“We must get to the Tap Room for this evenings festivities.”

[A thin grin appears on his lips.]

“We’ll be back later, as the Scarecrow comes to learn the terms of his defeat.”

[The trio head towards a vehicle off screen, brakes screeching as the car pulls out, but the camera lingers on the House of Horrors.] [CRASH!] [One of the laborers is thrown through a glass window, his body bent unnaturally as it lands in the bushes outside.] [Static takes the screen as the signal drops.]


[Both competitors tonight have felt different then those around them, alien if you will as Adam Eve fights Lyra Starchild. Will the transgender star prove his worth against one of the top stars today or is the Starchild just out of his reach?] [The bell starts as Lyra rushes forward, peppering Adam with a series of blows that barely affect the larger men before he tosses her away with one hand. Lyra rolls to her feet, leaping up with a stiff dropkick that hits Adam on the chin, staggering him as Lyra bounces off the ropes with a huge Spinning Heel Kick taking Eve off his feet. Adam staggers up as Lyra leaps to the top rope, MOONSAULT…ADAM CATCHES HER! Adam holds her against his chest for a moment before powering her up, SAMOAN DROP!] [Lyra hits the canvas hard as Adam covers, ONE…TWO…Lyra gets the shoulder up! Adam pulls her to her feet, drilling Lyra with a series of stiff knees to the gut before tossing her up to the ropes, and nearly decapitating her with a massive clothesline as she bounces back off. Adam lifts her back up, trying for a Belly to Belly Suplex but Lyra rakes his eyes, dropping the hold as Lyra tries for a Suplex of her own. Adam blocks it, trying for the Oestrogen Blocker but Lyra slips out, flipping over Adam with a headscissors takedown!] [Adam gets to his feet into a hard flurry of lefts and right kicks, a stiff one dropping him to one knee before Lyra leaps up, drilling him to the mat with a Corkscrew DDT! Adam slowly gets to his feet as Lyra rushes to the turnbuckles, leaping off, FALLING STAR! Adam Eve is prone in the middle of the ring as the Starchild leaps up, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW! Lyra hooks both legs as the referee covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Starchild wins another victory here tonight, taking the brunt of Adam Eve’s power but proving her speed is good enough to put any man or woman down for the count]


[No Face walks the corridors alone. Unafraid. He rounds the nearest corner and comes face to face with Mike Lane. The Shadow looks at the Rewind Championship around his waist and tilts his head.]

“You don’t talk, do you?” [He asks, only receiving silence.] “Good, because I want you to listen.”

[No Face stands, unmoved.]

“At Genesis, there’s no Injustice, there’s just you, Hysteria, me and Bruce Van Chan. I know what you and Hysteria did, playing us against one another. It was smart. But next week, you’ll have to decide whether your alliance with Hysteria is worth your title because The Chief has made our match a Fatal Fourway for the Rewind Championship.”

[Lane closes in, hearing No Face breathe heavier through his nostrils.]

“What’s the matter?” [Lane uses Hysteria’s catchphrase with a smile.] “Cat got your tongue?”

[No Face suddenly strikes, catching Lane off guard. He rocks him backwards with a series of right hands, dropping his title in the process. Lane hits the wall, touching his face to feel a busted lip. No Face swings backwards, but the punch never comes.] [Because Dr. Sleep stands, his arm locked between No Face and Mike Lane.] [He pulls him backwards, sending him reeling off to the floor with a roll. Hysteria quickly arrives, pulling him backwards before he walks into a fight he cannot win. As Injustice back away, Lane wipes the blood from his lip and looks towards Dr. Sleep.]

“I’m glad to see you’re back.”

[Sleep nods.] “He may not like you, but I have a fondness for what you’ve done, Shadow.”

[They both shake hands.]

“In this heart of darkness, he cannot escape me. For as long as I gain control, we are united.”

[Mike and Sleep nod in agreement, before walking away together.]


[Next up, it’s a match between the man with No Face, and the man with a mighty chip on his shoulder, Cael Gabe.] [The bell rings and Cael comes out slugging hard. Gable and No Face duke it out in the middle of the ring. Each competitor eating big shot after big shot to the tips of their cranium. No Face is the first to wobble. Gable capitalises, pushing No Face with a series of EUROPEAN UPPERCUTS into the corner of the ring. With No Face’s back pressed to the turnbuckles, Cael squashes him with a DROP KICK TO THE HEAD! But No Face doesn’t drop! Instead, No Face takes Gable off his feet with a LARIAT as he’s standing back up. No Face grabs Gable by the very scruff of his hair and throws him over the ring ropes, down to the outside.] [No Face follows Gable to the outside. But Gable latches onto No Face’s arm and Irish Whips him into the STEEL RING STEPS on the outside. Gable is like a man possessed. Marching over to the downed No Face, Cael begins ramming No Face’s faceless head down into the top of the RING STEPS. No Face’s head is cut open. Gable picks up No Face’s body and slams it into the EXPOSED RING POST! But Gable holds onto Face’s body and executes a PILEDIVER onto the top of THE STEEL STEPS! Gable rolls No Face into the ring. But as Gable follows through the ring ropes, No Face pounces up and hits Gable with an INVERTED DDT! No Face hooks the leg…1…2…NO! Gable kicks out!] [No Face whips Gable into the ropes – but Gable ducks an attempted lariat! Gable springs off the opposing ropes and executes a HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN on the faceless one! However, No Face is first back to his feet and hits the slow to capitalise Gable with a POWERSLAM! No Face quickly scampers into the corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. No Faces sizes up Gable and DROPS THE KNEE ACROSS GABLE’S TEMPLE. No Face with the pin…1…2…KICK OUT! Gable barely got the shoulder up! No Face hoists Gable back to his feet. No Face with a kick to the gut and a SWINGING NECK BREAKER! Just as the methodical No Face descents for the pin, Gable smartly pulls him into a SMALL PACKAGE…1…KICK OUT BY NO FACE! But Gable is first to his feet… SUPER KICK BY GABLE! No Face is staggered, but refuses to go down. Gable secures the PUGHPLEX! His stalling suplex into a lightening fast CUTTER! Gable makes the pin…1…2…3! Gable wins!] [Cael Gable picks up an impressive victory over the new OSW Rewind Champion, No Face.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [The hustle and bustle of downtown Miami is a welcome change of pace from the mayhem we’ve grown accustomed to, but the sight of Sergei Solokov clues us in that not all is bright and sunny on this afternoon. He surveys the scene around him when he notices one of JGF’s Secret Security agents standing across the street, talking into an earpiece. Sergei can’t make out what the agent is saying, but he can tell something is wrong as he steps out to cross the street when he hears a voice from the distance.]

“All hail the Red Tsar!”

[A car speeds out in front of Sergei, and the man driving aims a gun at the agent on the other side! Before he can do anything, Sergei watches as the driver pulls the trigger, gunning down the agent before he drives off. The gunshot riles up the crowd into a frenzy, as everyone rushes to see what happened. One of the passersby tends to the fallen agent as FBI and local authorities arrive at the scene. Sergei slowly backs away, trying to flee when he hears another voice from across the street.]

“Wait, isn’t that the Red Tsar? What’s he doing here!?”

[Sergei takes off running, chased down by authorities as paramedics arrive to tend to the agent. Moments later, a limo arrives and out steps Jackson Grant Fitzgerald himself, surrounded by his security detail and looking terrified at the fate of one of his employees. The crowd is directed away from the scene, amongst which we focus on a camcorder and the obscured face behind it…and a patch of a gas mask on the shoulder of his denim jacket before he turns and walks away.] [Cut.]


[Space Place Planetarium, Florida.] [The stars. An unobstructed view, free from the smog of the city, free from clouds in the atmosphere. The multitude of stars that make up galaxies upon galaxies. Unexplored, unknown. The mystery that is the vastness of space. Here, looking up at the stars projected on the large circular ceiling of the planetarium, we find Bobby Neptune. The planetarium itself is closed and he is all alone with his thoughts.] [Or so he thinks.]

“Don’t make any sudden movements, or this will be quicker than expected.”

[The voice causes Bobby to turn his head abruptly, craning his neck and squinting his eyes to see in the darkness to the source of the voice. Lyra Starchild, somehow appearing before him in the darkness of the closed planetarium. In the next moment, she beams behind him, a weapon trained to the back of his head.]

“I cannot allow the Zetas the satisfaction of their connection growing stronger in alliance with you. Each strand of the connection must be severed, and it begins with you.”

[No more words. Lyra’s weapon emits a bright blue beam, the ray firing directly into the back of Neptune’s head. It passes right through him without leaving a mark, the beam hitting a globe statue across the other side of the planetarium and causing it to explode into a million pieces. Lyra’s face twists into a look of confusion, that only grows as the figure of Bobby Neptune flickers like poor reception on an old television set. Then, the projection of ‘Bobby Neptune’ disappears entirely. Only his voice remains.]

“It is true then, you have set your sights on someone other than Captain Zappa in your quest to defeat the Zeta. I’m flattered that that someone is me. But I know nothing of this connection you speak of.”

[Neptune reappears, this time a projection of his face upon the domed ceiling of the planetarium itself. He reaches out to the constellations, galaxies and stars that dot the ceiling like the night sky, seeming to toy with them and inspect them in his fingertips.]

“Space is an infinite and uncountable vastness. Countless galaxies, countless stars, countless planets. Yet you have fixated on this very planet to enforce your will. You claim to be protecting Earth from intruders, but on your terms. You are the planetary judge… But you do not see how corrupt a judge you are.”

[Lyra turns her face, and weapon toward the sky.]

“You are a tainted being. Tainted by the alien beings that abducted you. It is unclear exactly what side of this war you are on, Bobby Neptune. All that is clear is that it is too dangerous to let you live.

Next week will be the Genesis of a new chapter in this war. Either the Zeta forces will become stronger as you ally with them, or they will be weakened in your defeat…”

[The face of Neptune laughs at the proposal.]

“Or another possibility that you cannot possibly conceive. That you are in the wrong, and I am nobody’s asset. I fight for Earth against the likes of you.”

[The face fades from the ceiling and the lights return to the room, all directed towards the entranceway to the planetarium where a figure stands tall. Bobby Neptune in the flesh. Lyra is too far away from him to aim her weapon confidently. Neptune gives a smile and a mock salute.]

“Time will reveal all falseties. Till next week, when we meet to settle this score. We will see who is in the right.”

[With that, Bobby Neptune slinks back out the entranceway and into the shadows, leaving Lyra to curse his holographic decoys and deception.]

“I will get to you, Bobby Neptune. Mark my words.”


[Edward Newton stands against two men this time compared to the twenty three he fought solo. Can he overcome the odds and keep his undefeated streak in tact? Or will the numbers prove too much, showing that Family really can overcome all?] [The bell rings and THE FAMILY DOG PILE NEWTON! Jensen and Dave pound on the Riddler with hard left and right hands. Newton, overwhelmed, can’t find an opening between them to gain the advantage. A hard knee strike by Jensen stuns the outmatched genius. The Virus backs up and motions for Vengeance to toss him his way. Cussen obliges and launches Eddy over to the Rattlesnake with a biel. Not hesitating, Dave picks Newton right back up and lifts for a suplex, bounces Newton off the ropes, AND DUMPS HIM ON HIS HEAD SLINGSHOT BRAINBUSTER!] [Dave tries to go for the pin, but Jensen pushes him out of the way! The Virus watches as his partner hooks Newton’s legs together for a Texas Cloverleaf. Before he can lock it in, The Rattlesnake breaks the submission! Looks like the Family’s at each other’s throats again! Newton gets up and notices the argument going on between them, this is his chance! HE GRABS THEIR HAIR! HE MAKES THEM HEADBUTT EACH OTHER! He’s not done though, as he proceeds to rake DTR’s eyes and kicks him in the shin! THE QUESTION IS! Jensen charges at Edward for a spear, but the Riddler jumps! He spears his partner instead!] [Eddy gets right back up and hits a massive German suplex on the confused Vengeance! He bridges it! ONE! TWO! DTR WITH THE SAVE! With some stomps to weaken him, The Virus picks the Riddler up from behind and has him in a Reverse DDT stance. He spins, BUT NEWTON KEEPS HIS FOOTING! HE LIFTS THE VIRUS! NEVERMIND! He gets right back up-BLUNT FORCE-NEWTON CAUGHT THE FOOT! LOW BLOW! Jensen bends over as Newton sets him up for his finish! NEVERMIND! HE HITS HIS FINISH ON BOTH MEN! COVER ON JENSEN! ONE! TWO THREE! IT’S ALL OVER!] [Edward has just proven that no matter how many men are sent his way, he can still outsmart them all! His streak rises to a whopping twenty four to zero! Can anyone defeat this man?]


[Lux Bellator kneels in prayer before his altar. On that altar is laid the Ancient Book, still sealed from being opened. Below it sits the fifth Bowl of God’s wrath, still being filled. Bellator slowly opens his eyes, his mouth tightening into a flat expression.]

“Brent.” [He speaks out into the darkness.] [Behind him, Brent Kersh steps into frame. The Enforcer doesn’t look happy in the slightest, but he seems taken aback by the small cavern that Lux Bellator has called home. From the river of blood flowing beneath it to the stone-frozen Desmond Cross in the corner, Kersh seems to be slowly realizing that the rabbit hole runs deeper than just his son.]

“What the hell is going on?” [Kersh mutters.]

“How did you find this place?” [Bellator responds, coldly ignoring the question asked by his partner.] [Kersh walks past Cross with a look of disgust in his eyes before standing directly behind Bellator.]

“Your father showed me how to get here.”

[Lux stands to his feet from the kneeling stance in one fluid motion. He does not turn to face Brent, only moving to allow his partner to stand beside him.]

“I do not wish to speak of him.” [Bellator runs his fingers over the book as Brent steps up to look at it.] “You have come to speak about your son.”

[The mention of Trevor, his son, brings Brent out of this sense of horrific wonder he had taken since stepping foot inside. Now, the fire in his voice has returned.]

“Damn right, I have.”

[The Enforcer has so much he wants to say, it seems to be at a bottleneck. After what feels like an eternity, he finally finds the words he was looking for.]

“Let my son go. Let my father go. Let them all go.” [With each sentence, the resolve in Brent’s voice seems to grow.] “I’m going to stop you. I’m going to end this.”

[A small chuckle comes from within the throat of Lux Bellator.]

“End it?” [He turns to face his partner with a hard expression on his face.] “You don’t understand. Things have been set into motion that cannot be undone. We have embarked upon an endless march to the doom of this broken world. Those of your bloodline who now serve in my army have bound themselves to my will, the will of God, and no matter what their reasons, that cannot be changed. They will be the ones who serve as my army rises to fight those who would deny the end.”

[That revelation seems to rock Brent for a moment, but the Enforcer never gives up.]

“They won’t do it. They won’t destroy innocent people.”

[Lux raises an eyebrow.]

“Innocent?” [He snorts.] “Even you cannot tell me that this world is innocent. That they have not brought their doom upon themselves. Even one such as myself, fully committed to God, does not deserve the grace that is shown me.”

[Brent begins to retort, but Lux raises a hand.]

“Yet there is one that is innocent yet. There is one made pure by the touch of God himself in the face of pure evil.”

[Kersh grabs Bellator, driving him up against the rock walls.]

“If you lay a finger on my baby, I will kill you.” [Kersh says between gritted teeth, his hand wrapped around Lux’s throat.] “My child will not be used as a pawn in your game.”

[Lux tries to speak but cannot. His face begins to change color as Brent continues.]

“Tonight, we’ll fight as partners. I need you for that, so I’m going to let you go in a second. But next week, I don’t care if we’re still Champions. I’m going to walk out to the ring and do what I do best. That’s send people like you back where they came from. And if you think, for a split second, about going after my wife or my baby, then you’ll be going to meet the God that you serve a lot sooner than you intended. I will never stop fighting for my family, and I’ll be damned if I let you just march over me like you have everyone else.”

[With a harsh shove, Brent throws Lux to the ground. The light warrior reaches down to try to catch his breath as Kersh angrily exits the room. Their match is next, so he’s got to head out for that. Somehow these two men have to coexist as partners even though they will meet as opponents in just a week’s time.]


[Lux Bellator has sat up and regained his composure. Kersh is long gone, but as Bellator stands up, he seems to have a smile on his face. His eyes begin to glow with familiar golden swirls of light.]

“May God have mercy on your soul.”



[The Unholy Alliance since winning the tag titles have had a tenuous relationship to say the least but in that ring, they’re two of the best…which they have to be the stand a chance against two unstoppable forces in The Shadow and Doctor Sleep] [The bell sounds as two old rivals in Mike Lane and Brent Kersh start it off, Brent trying for a lockup as he just ducks under a wild kick to the head from the Shadow. Kersh stares down Lane for a second, cracking his neck before rushing in with a brawling flurry. The Shadow manages to duck and dodge his punches but a feint right followed by a stiff European Uppercut staggers Lane before he’s lifted to his feet and slammed to the canvas with a Scoop Slam. Kersh backs up, trying for a Lariat as the Shadow staggers to his feet but Lane rolls away, tagging in Doctor Sleep] [Kersh goes for the Lariat anyway, a stiff one that knocks Doctor Sleep down but he’s up in an instant. Kersh lays into him with hard lefts and rights but Doctor Sleep barely flinches before snapping off with a massive headbutt that staggers the Enforcer, Sleep leaping up, SPRINGBOARD SAVATE KICK! Kersh nearly gets knocked out cold by that huge kick as Sleep covers. ONE…TWO…THE ENFORCER JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [The Shadow rolls into the ring as Heart of Darkness set Kersh up, SANDWICH SHADOW…KERSH DUCKS, DOUBLE LARIAT! Kersh takes out both men as he leaps forward, tagging in Lux Bellator who comes in like a house on fire. Lane rushes forward to intercept him, SPINBUSTER! Kersh drills Lane into the mat before kicking him out of the ring as Lux rushes forward, ARM OF…GO TO SLEEP! Doctor Sleep doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope but Lux leaps to his feet, the power of the seals flowing through him as he stuns Sleep with a leaping knee to the jaw, SUPER DISCIPLE MAKER! Doctor Sleep looks done as Lux crosses his arms, bowing in prayer. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Unholy Alliance retain their tag titles in a hard fought match, as much as Lux and Brent despise one another, together they may well be unbeatable]


[The Family.] [Strife seems to have stricken their family as of late as tensions have grown between the two members as they stand in a room off the beaten path backstage. The Virus looks at Jensen up and down with a disapproving glance.]

“So, tell me, have you decided to give yourself back to her? She THIRSTS for more, and you’re going to give it to her.”

[DTR pulls out a syringe and begins to move towards Jensen who quickly gets into a preemptive stance.]

“Dave, I will. I promise to give her as much I can, but now is not the right time. Let’s wait until we’re back at-“

[With this DTR moves towards him with lightning quick speed and nearly presses the needle to his skin, but Jensen grabs his wrist. The Virus’ eyes grow wide as Jensen realizes what he’s done and quickly throws his arm away. The syringe leaves his fingertips and shatters on the ground.] [The Virus turns to see this and turns back with a face contorted with rage, but before he can say anything, Jensen quickly puts up his hands in defense.]

“I-I promise I will later!”

[Just then DTR looks as if he’s about to strike down his partner, but he stops as his eyes glance past Jensen.] [A gift is laid out with a sign on it pointing downwards towards it. It reads, “For the Not-So-Nice Family.”] [The Virus pushes past Jensen and walks over to the box and gives it a kick.] [Nothing happens.] [He looks at Jensen who slowly approaches.]

“Open that.”

[Obediently, Jensen undoes the bow, rips the paper away, and opens the gift. He looks down with a sneer before pulling out a small baby-sized onesie. Written on the front of it is ‘Santa’s Little Helper.’ DTR’s eyes flash to rage once again.]

“Destroy that. Destroy it now!”

[Jensen quickly rips it in half before throwing the pieces away. The Virus looks at Jensen and nods.]

“Find that bastard! FIND HIM NOW!”

[Jensen quickly scurries off as DTR watches, angrily.]


[Downtown, a herd of non-conformist individualists—all wearing the exact same clothing and hairstyles—occupy an all-glass big-name tech store, salivating at the latest gadgets and queuing to stroke the shaft of capitalism. On the shop floor, a geeky man in a plain blue t-shirt and white lanyard dispenses rapid-fire advice to a circle of prospective customers. As they disperse, the associate frowns: standing out from the crowd—and with his back to him—is a man wearing a trenchcoat and hat. The ends of a handlebar moustache protrude from his head…] [The associate speaks.]

“Ecksss-cuse me, may I be of assistance?”

[The stranger wheels round with a flap of his coat. The store lights flicker and storm clouds gather in the rapidly darkening sky beyond the glass walls. The associate steps back fearfully, and the store’s remaining patrons cower behind display counters, as unimaginable power courses through the stranger’s veins. He croaks in a gravelly voice.]


[He coughs into his hand, clearing his throat, and repeats himself in an all-too-familiar baritone…]


[Lifting his head, he reveals a zebra tiger-striped mask – IT’S MARVOLO! Daylight immediately returns as the ominous clouds outside dissipate, and the store lights come back on. The store’s clientele go right back to browsing.]

“Yes, Marvolo is in the market for a new personal assistant. He seems to have uh, misplaced his existing assistant, you see.”

[The unnerved associate nods.]

“I-I uh, I see. Well, all of our devices offer a smart assistant which really gets to know you on a personal level.”

“Ah yes, Marvolo has heard of these so-called smart assistants. Lead the way, shop-keep!”

[The associate walks Marvolo over to a counter displaying several smartphones in different colours and sizes. Marvolo picks one up.]

“Our assistant can answer questions, book appointments, recommend restaurants – anything you can possibly think of.”

[Marvolo looks at the security tether in confusion.]

“Marvolo’s old assistant did not require charging.”

“R-really? Well, you can still expect to get a full day of use from this device, and with fast-charging you can top it up in no time.”

[Marvolo looks from the associate to the device uncertainly. He turns it over in his hands.]

“Cold metal and glass… Marvolo’s old assistant had a pleasant warmth to her.”

“Mmm, well, everything that we make uses the highest-quality materials on the market.”

[Marvolo holds the device up and looks from it, to the associate—who nods eagerly—then back again.]

“That’s it, sir – anything you need to know!”

[The associate leans in with a smile, begging to meet his sales quota. Marvolo clears his throat…]

“Who is number one?”

[The device replies.]

“… I’m sorry, can you be more specific?”

[The synthetic words cut Marvolo deeply. He closes his eyes and hands the device back to the associate, crestfallen.]

“This… is not the assistant Marvolo needs.”

[Perplexed, the associate puts the phone back.]

“I’m sorry, sir. I guess it’s like clothing: not everything will fit off the rack well.”

[He goes to leave but Marvolo blocks him. The associate looks at Marvolo. The whites of his eyes are visible.]

“What did you say?”

“Uh, it doesn’t fit off the rack… well?”

[Marvolo wets his lips and mouths silently, as though he’s forgotten how to talk.]

“Rack… well. Rack-well…”

[The associate tries to limbo under Marvolo’s arm but he lowers it.]

“Tell Marvolo, shop-keep – do you have any more assistants to show him!?”

[The associate ponders.]

“Well… we do have some discontinued models in the back. Hold on a second…”

[Marvolo allows him to leave. He wrings his hands as he talks to himself…]

“Rackwell… Rackwell… Rackwell…”

“Sir? I have an open-box model from last year right here.”

[Marvolo spins round with another flurry of his coat, nearly losing his balance. His jaw hits the ground.] [It’s her.] [Marvolo stammers weakly.]

“Rack-well… Rackwell… Raquel!?”

[Raquel stands before Marvolo with her fluttering eyelashes, ruby pouting lips and auburn hair.] [The associate breaks the ensuing silence.]

“I know, right? She’s outdated, she’s slow, she’s ugl—”


[Marvolo goes to hold his finger to the associate’s lips but, his sight not leaving Raquel, pokes him in the eye by mistake.] [Marvolo leans in to Raquel closely. He asks the one question burning deep inside his heart.]

“Who is number one?”


“Marvolo es numbehr wahn.”

[Tears well in Marvolo’s eyes as he takes Raquels hand into his and kisses the length of her arm.]

“Cara mia…”

[#1 reaches into his coat pocket and throws a fistful of money into the barely-recovered associate’s other eye before whisking Raquel to the exit. She opens the door for him – just like old times.] [Before departing, however, he turns back to face the store.]

“Welcome back to SHOWCASE… IS… MARVOLO!”

[The temporarily-blinded associate corrects him.]

“Actually, it’s just VHS now.”

“… Oh. Welcome to VHS… IS… MARVOLO!”

[Marvolo exits the store with his index fingers held high and Raquel in his wake.] [#1 has returned to Old School Wrestling… again!]


[This war is layered with blood and hatred as the Sharkman faces off against the villainous Hysteria, his former leader and the man responsible for his horrific nightmare as the Shark. Can the Vigilante get justice or will the Mastermind prove who his true mastermind is?] [The bell sounds as the Sharkman leaps into action, pounding Hysteria with a furious onslaught of lefts and rights, drilling him with a head snapping uppercut before leaping up and slamming Hysteria to the mat with a bulldog. The Mastermind staggers up into a huge leaping Dropkick that sends Hysteria stumbling over the ropes. He climbs up onto the apron, SLINGSHOT TORNADO DDT TO THE OUTSIDE!] [The crowd goes wild as Hysteria looks out cold on the floor, The Sharkman’s fury brings him back to his feet as he powers Hysteria up to his feet, dragging him back into the ring not noticing the Mastermind grabbing a beer from a fan. As The Sharkman turns him around, he gets it tossed into his face, blinding him for a moment as Hysteria drills him with a hard Low Blow. The Sharkman goes down, holding onto the apron for support before Hysteria lifts him up, tossing him back inside the ring] [Hysteria pulls the Shark up to his feet before slipping around and grabbing Sharky from behind, DRAGON SUPLEX! The Sharkman lands on the back of his head as a sickening smile grows over the Mastermind. He goes to pull The Shark up to his feet but Sharky’s still fighting as he drills Hysteria with a stiff headbutt, before trying to hammerlock him for the Reckoning. Hysteria slips out, landing a stiff elbow before slipping a chain out of his tights and drilling him with a massive right hand. The Sharkman goes down out cold as Hysteria wraps the chain around his throat, locking in a modified Crossface as the referee seeing the Sharkman in no way able to tap, quickly calls for the bell] [The Mastermind uses every trick in the book to get the victory here tonight, but he couldn’t force the Sharkman to tap out. Hysteria may have won the battle but the next time these fight, it’ll be an even bigger war]


[Tossing and turning.] [The Spirit Walker lays atop a small bunk, his eyes tightly closed. He’s tossing and turning, his head shaking as he does. His dreams are tormenting him and we know exactly what he’s dreaming of.] [His death.] [He suddenly and abruptly wakes up, choking on his own saliva. Sweat is dripping from his brow, and his eyes widen in terror, only he’s not alone.]

“Having trouble sleeping, spirit walker?” [A voice mockingly says from behind the camera. It hisses cruely.] “I understand, I do. The confirmation of ones demise is a tough spill to swallow.”

“I’m not ready,” [he admits.] “I have such unfinished business.”

[A horrible cackle echoes throughout the room.]

“No-one is ever ready.”

[He lowers his head, understanding.]

“I’ve spent my life protecting other people. I’ve spent every day in service of my community and heritage,” [He says stoically through cackled laughter.] “I have lived like a man and if it is so, I will die like one.”

[The voice behind the camera suddenly stops chuckling.]

“You won’t die like a man, Tommy. You’ll die on your knees, choking on your own blood. You’ll die screaming for mercy, and begging for forgiveness. You’ll die bloody.”

[He smiles.]

“Then in death, I will die as I have lived.”



[It’s main event time as it’s The Scarecrow squaring off with Solomon Rhodes in a Scarecrow-special… THE PERCH MATCH!] [The bell sounds as both of these supernatural beings just stare off at one another. Solomon takes a few steps towards the center of the ring and Scarecrow does the same. The two stand-off in the center before Crow throws the first punch which rattles Rhodoes for a moment. Crow quickly grabs him and body slams him down to the mat. The former World Champion quickly mounts Rhodes and begins driving vicious rights and lefts down upon his face. After a few seconds of doing that, The Hayman steps off of Rhodes, whips him into the ropes, and lowers his head for a back body drop.] [Rhodes manages to catch himself at the ropes and rushes forward. Crow comes up just in time to receive a leaping enzuigiri which floors him! Rhodes now has a moment to breathe, but only a moment as Crow begins getting back to his feet. Rhodes sees this and quickly hooks his arms and legs for a Russian leg sweep! Rhodes quickly looks at the ominous Perch standing right in the center of the ring. He quickly moves to the top turnbuckle and waits for Scarecrow to get back to his feet. As he does, diving cross body! ONLY THE SCARECROW CATCHES HIM!] [Massive strength shown by The Hayman as he holds Solomon in his arms. Fallaway slam by The Scarecrow! Rhodes is deposited roughly onto the mat as he takes a roll afterwards. The Hayman grabs Rhodes by his throat and lifts him up into the air. BYE BY-Too early! Solomon Rhodes slips out and rushes towards the ropes. Flying single leg dropkick sends The Scarecrow back into the ropes. He hooks his hand there to hold himself in place as Solomon Rhodes charges after him. Crow lowers his shoulder and raises Solomon Rhodes over his back onto the apron. Scarecrow turns around is blasted by a leaping knee strike!] [Scarecrow staggers back to the center of the ring as Solomon leaps to the top rope. DIVING MOONSAULT! Both men go down, but Rhodes uses his momentum to roll back to his feet. The Hayman is STILL getting up though! Solomon Rhodes sees this and gives him a DARK WISH just as he gets to his knees! Crow falls back, finally taking a few moments to recuperate. Solomon Rhodes drags the large monster towards The Perch and slumps him up against it. He reaches out one hand to try and strap it onto the perch, but… HAYMAKER! With the free hand, Scarecrow catches him with a vicious haymaker!] [Solomon Rhodes staggers backwards for a moment before Scarecrow begins delivering one after another after another! HAYMAKERS GALORE! Rhodes falls to the mat in a heap after about six shots. The Monster stalks his prey by grabbing Rhodes by the beard and slowly pulling him to a standing position in front of him. Forearm to the face! Rhodes is on jelly-legs right now, but Scarecrow is holding him up by his arm. He whips him right into the Perch as he slams down onto the mat as a result. Scarecrow is just toying with him as he slowly hoists him up and begins to strap in his arms.] [He grabs one arm and begins wrapping the ropes around it and tying it up. He goes for the other, but Rhodes kicks Scarecrow right in the abdomen! This seemed to catch him off guard a moment as Rhodes uses the time to quickly untie his hand! Scarecrow just rams him into the perch as the wood just has no give to poor Rhodes’ back! The Dragon howls out in pain as Scarecrow turns him around and begins DRIVING HIS HEAD INTO THE WOOD! Blood begins to pool from the mouth of Solomon Rhodes as his face is just rampaged by the wooden perch!] [The Scarecrow rams him back into the perch! He grabs the arm of Solomon and moves it towards the ropes on the side, but Solomon is fighting back! The crowd is going nuts! The Scarecrow seems a little impressed. He turns to look at the face of Rhodes and BLOOD TO THE EYES! Rhodes just spat right in the eyes of The Hayman! Two kicks to the midsection followed by a straight punch to the face! Solomon Rhodes pulls The Scarecrow down between his legs and up onto his back… before sending him straight into the Perch with a crucifix powerbomb! Crow slumps to the mat. Solomon Rhodes looks up at the Perch with a grin. He slowly climbs on top and looks down. The crowd is hyped now! Diving moon stomp misses! His knees buckle underneath him as The Scarecrow is back up. BYE BYE BIRDIE! Rhodes slams down to the mat before The Scarecrow pulls him to his feet, fastens his arms, elevates The Perch with Solomon Rhodes attached, and that ends the match!] [The Scarecrow has successfully won another match in his specialty here tonight. Solomon Rhodes, meanwhile, is being slowly elevated while still attached to The Perch!]



“Retreating to the shadows, he’s soon forgotten.”

[The dark swallows up every inch of the tap room.]

“Claw marks from the fingernails of unworthy men, show a path many are not fit to walk. All want the top, but nobody sits there.”

[The clink of chain-mail begins to fill the darkness.]

“Those claw marks have smoothed the surface, made it almost unclimbable. No traction, no grip…. For you were not meant to scale what sits before you. Only……”

[The lights flicker, just slightly.]


[A spotlight lights up the middle of the ring, not quite long enough to work out who.]

“… Was born for the role, to lead, to save, to conquer for greatness. Only ONE was born with the bloodline. Imitators try to step up, yet their prints just slide down the groove the last man’s nails left. Whilst attempting to claw your way up, you end up lower than when you first started.”

[Silence lingers, the tap room still plunged in darkness.]

“Gluttony and Greed make the average man selfish. Responsibility drives the normal to make rash decisions. Power? Well power can send a man insane.”

“How can a man who has all be greedy or Gluttonous? With great power comes responsibility and with responsibility comes great power. Whilst all chase the keys to the kingdom, only one can unlock the door. With battle on the horizon, of the scale never seen before. Ask yourself this?

“Is this what you want? Can it be handled?”

[Some lights click on, revealing the outskirts of the ring and the walkway to it. Armed guards as far as you can see.]

“The mountain was tough, but it was climbed. All others who followed slid down in the hollow grooves their claws smoothed.”

[Another row of lights click on, more armed guards.]

“Only one can sit atop the throne.”

[Another click, another row. All that’s left is a dark circle in the middle of the ring. Armed guards flank every position imaginable.]

“Who will win not just the battle, but also the war? Who will wear his crown? Who will stand tall at Ring King?”

[The last light clicks on. King Royal sits in the middle of the ring.]


[“HAIL TO THE KING” blares out over the speakers.] [Proudly on his throne, wearing his soon to be contested throne, Royal looks like he has no cares in the world. The most armed guards we’ve seen in King Royal’s history take up every imaginable space in the tap room, he thinks he’s untouchable….. At Ring King 31 competitors may show he’s not.]


[A dirt road.] [An SUV slowly comes into frame, turning through a tight corner, and drives directly past us. Mud and clay are scattered in all directions, splattering upon all that journey near it, as the vehicle slowly applies its brakes. As it comes to a stop, there seems to be a sense of agitation in the air as Edward Newton quickly gets out of the SUV. He rounds it to stand, only his eyes betraying the sliver of interest in his eyes. Hysteria and No Face quickly exit and flank him.] [The House of Horrors has changed.] [No longer does it look like the ruined remains of a different time, with termite-infested wood boards surrounding it. No longer do rusted nails stick up as blades of grass along the front porch. Instead, the house looks as if it came from a magazine. It is pristine. White painted walls cover the outside, the wood looks as if it’s been freshly sawed and painted from the lumber yard.] [The World Champion lowers his eyes for a moment from the house, looking up again to see if it changed. It did not. The air around him seems to change its tone, and in response the Riddler lets a small gulp float down his throat.]

“What can be broken without being held?”

[The harsh voice of the Scarecrow causes Newton to turn, a deep breath washing away any annoyance he may have felt a moment earlier.] [Hysteria and No Face are gone.]

“My colleagues are back at the Tap Room?” [Newton asks, although he knows the answer.] [The Hayman doesn’t even address the question, instead pointing towards the House ahead.]

“A promise.” [Crow comments as Newton turns his head, keeping both his foe and the house in his view.] “A promise is the answer to your riddle.”

[The Scarecrow begins to walk towards the House entrance, Newton following close behind, as Crow continues.]

“You were going to bring me here to discuss my rematch.” [Scarecrow says, climbing the steps.] “Instead you have turned a grave into a battlefield. I should have expected nothing less from you, Riddler.”

[Newton seems to very gingerly go up the stairs, straightening his suit as he does so.]

“Thank you for that, Scarecrow.” [He answers.] “I do have a reputation to uphold.”

[The Hayman stands at the red door to this house, looking back with a grin on his face.]

“Haven’t you recognized it yet, Edward?”

[Without answering, Newton steps past Scarecrow to open the door. He steps inside the House with his foe in close pursuit.]

“It’s exactly as I remember it.” [Newton says, letting out a deep breath.] [The house now matches the outside. Instead of rotted couches and crumbling fireplaces, we can see everything looking like a picture of suburbia. Untouched by rot, this house now looks as if its the set for a week night sitcom instead of a House of Horror.]

“Good.” [Scarecrow responds.] “I told you what would happen if you betrayed me, Edward. This house was the site of one of my greatest victories. The Kersh that lived here had eluded me for so long that when I found him, his blood curdling screams may even still live in the walls. Yet you took this grave and turned it into your House of Horrors.”

[Edward carefully steps through to sit down on the one couch in the center of the small home. He straightens his suit, and crosses his legs with a casual expression on his face. The Scarecrow continues speaking with a smile on his face.]

“Don’t look so shocked. You know that I am beyond your human mind. I have remade it into a House of your Horrors. For only you know what happened in these halls, right Edward? No one else except for me, I suppose.”

[Newton looks around at his surroundings before turning to Scarecrow with a grim expression.]

“You have the pictures on the mantle in the wrong order.” [He says, motioning over at said mantle. He looks in a different direction.] “Honestly, I feel as though this is a poor recreation. I am also not certain what you hope to accomplish here.”

[Scarecrow nods in acceptance of the flippant attitude being displayed.]

“Betrayal, Edward. I told you that you knew the consequences for betrayal. And you may have thought it a generic boast, but I truly do know you. I know where you have been. I know who you are inside. I know what it is that you fear.”

[Edward Newton stops looking around, and for a moment his tone slips from casual to something harder.]

“If you do know these things, then you would have properly prepared this place.” [His mask reappears on his face with a tight grin.] “Nevertheless, I will grant you the rematch that you desire. Whether your House of Horrors or what you perceive mine to be, we will do battle here.”

[Scarecrow grins before Newton continues.]

“I hold a great deal of respect for you, Scarecrow. But you can rest assured of one fact. If you do not emerge from this House of Horrors as the World Champion, then you will not touch the Championship for as long as I hold it. I have done my research on you and your nature, and now you have done the same on me and mine.”

[He pats the World Championship.]

“In one week, you will meet me here. Two will enter. One will exit as the World Champion. Those are my terms, Hayman. I will face what you have prepared for me. And you will face what I prepared for you. Our first battle was merely a skirmish. The true war ends inside the House of Horrors.”

[The Scarecrow nods in acceptance.]

“Very well, Riddler. You may hide from others. You may hide from yourself. But where your eyes do not go, you will fear the Scarecrow. The next time I hold you in my clutches, I will not allow you to walk away.”

[Out of a window, a murder of crows flutter in, whisking the Scarecrow away. Edward Newton is left all alone. He sits quietly for a moment, before casually reaching over to brush something off of his shoulder.] [A cockroach.] [As the roach tumbles to the ground, the entire House of Horrors changes once again. The pristine house that was presented by the Scarecrow has vanished. In its place is the one that Edward Newton himself designed.] [Saw blades hanging from the ceiling.] [Death at every corner.] [And Edward Newton sat in the center of it all.] [Waiting.] [Smiling.] [Cut.]