[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Chief.] [Our fearless leader kneels in the middle of darkness, his eyes searching the eternal pitch black for answers.]

“Wake up, c’mon man, wake up!”

[He closes his eyes, trying to find a way to make it back inside his body.] [But nothing happens.]

“Why don’t you want to be here with me, Chief?” [A soft voice says, coming from Noah, who’s suddenly appeared from no-where.] “Don’t you like me?”

[The Chief’s eyes open, and he gulps.]

“It’s not that,” [he says convincingly.] “It’s just, I want to get back to The Tap Room. I have so much to do and such little time to do it in.”

[Noah giggles.] “Don’t you want to be saved?”

[The Chief snarls slightly.]

“I want us all to be saved, kid.”

[He gets off his knees and walks over to Noah, stopping before him. He crouches slightly, looking at the boy.]

“You’ve been brought into the world by evil forces, used for evil means. But you can change your destiny. You don’t have to be what they want you to be. One day soon, you’ll realize this. One day soon, you’ll see the world for what it is and the strings above your head for what they are. When that day happens,” [The Chief says, putting a hand on his shoulder.] “Seek me out.”

[Noah steps backwards in disappointment. His face scrunches, and suddenly, The Chief begins to choke. He grabs at his throat, coughing up blood as the young boy watches.] [Back in the real world, the Chief is culvulsing. His body shakes and flops around the bed, as Doctors and Nurses rush to his aid, trying to help him.] [Cut.]


[Black.] [Everywhere. As if one had taken a wild hose and sprayed it, the black ooze of the Virus has coated the walls of the Family Home. Inside of it, DTR sits in a disgusting and vile chair, who knows what upon it other than the Virus that has so infected the Tap Room. Sounds echo through the walls of the Home. His allies are elsewhere. His son sits in his own room, perhaps still toying with the Chief’s mind.] [But DTR has other business on his mind. For stood before him is none other than Lux Bellator.]

“In the midst of the death of the world, Noah’s Ark remains a beautiful haven for those who believe. The child is all that I prayed for. He is the Lord’s foretold apocalypse. And I will stand behind the boy, as he is the one I foresaw. The one I must protect, lead and guide.”

[The bearded man snorts.]

“This ain’t no game of faith, light warrior. Look around you. You can see it. Touch it. Feel it. The Virus pulsates through the Tap Room. We’re so close to breaking through that barrier. And then it’s all over. Noah will do what he has come to do. With or without your so-called guidance. Boy has a daddy, he doesn’t need a preacher.”

[Bellator’s nose curls for a moment. Despite their alliance, these two men have little common ground. They flat don’t like one another. And it curls even more as DTR continues.]

“And you turned around last week and lost a key. And you lost it to those bastards that call themselves Founding Fathers. They don’t remember that DTR was here then too.”

[Before the angry DTR can continue, Lux cuts in. The Invasion briefcase glimmers in his hands.]

“I have this.”

[DTR nods, calming slightly.]

“We need to see what Crowley accomplishes with ole Eddie first.”

[Lux lets a smile form on his lips.]

“Of course.”

[The insincerity rings out in the room, but before DTR can retort someone runs into the room.] [A little girl.] [One of Mother’s children.]

“Is Noah home?” [She asks, the filth on her making Lux step back.]

“Kid, you might want to stay away from Noah. He doesn’t like to play.”

[The sad girl looks back at the doorway as a shadow enters it.]


[Mother is here.]

“All of my children love to play.”

[This time DTR rises. He and Bellator seem to find themselves opposing her together.]

“His play is just different than others. The Chief is his plaything now, perhaps it will be someone else someday. Children play in different ways. Some like to hunt. Some like to go on epic quests. Some like to court lovers. Others like to build things. Play is infectious, I’d say. Now as for you two, let’s discuss how we’re going to snuff out these so-called Founding Fathers.”

[Bellator snorts.]

“I will never serve you, Mother. There is no place for you in my God’s kingdom.”

[DTR looks at Lux and shrugs.]

“And let’s face it, lady, I ain’t the serving type either. I call the shots around here.”

[Mother grins, her black-stained teeth shining in the dim light.]

“Just as you did last week when I saved you from those same Founding Fathers. Fathers? More like wayward children, play fighting with shadows.”

[She raises a decrepit finger in the air.]

“Those keys must be stripped from them. Your precious Virus will never leave the Tap Room until they are taken. Kersh. Lane. Scarecrow. They must fall.”

[DTR and Lux Bellator look at one another for a moment. Their own differences aside, they know that Mother has a point. They nod and look to Mother in agreement.]

“Let’s do it.”

[Mother smiles, but it quickly fades. She looks up, brushing her hair aside. She hears something.] [A fluttering of crows. The Scarecrow has been here. Listening.]

“My child.”



[Two newcomers on the rise are looking to prove who the better man is when Tommy Wright and Jacen Novan face off. Tommy bounces with excited energy as Jacen calmly makes his way to the ring.] [Tommy Wright grins as he locks hands with Jacen in a test of strength. The Guv drives every muscle in his body towards Novan’s fingers, forcing The Chosen One down to a knee. Tommy talks trash right in Jacen’s face as he maintains his grasp. The Chosen One takes a deep breath and squeezes as hard as he can, Tommy’s eyes go wide as Jacen locks down tighter and tighter onto his hands! Novan is back to his feet! Jacen breaks his grasp and hip throws Tommy Wright to the ground! Jacen looks for an anaconda vice but Tommy squirms away!] [The Guv gets to his feet and dodges a strike from Jacen. Tommy nails The Chosen One with a forearm smash to the face! Tommy uncorks another forearm smash to Novan’s face! Tommy hits the ropes, bounces back and drills Jacen with a running forearm smash – NO! DARKNESS WITHIN! Jacen Novan counters with a bullhammer strike! Tommy Wright is knocked head over heels! The Chosen One rolls Tommy over and hooks the leg! ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! The Guv pops his shoulder up! Jacen locks onto Tommy and drives his knees into Tommy’s skull!] [The thud of Novan’s knees slamming into Tommy’s skull fills the Tap Room! Tommy tries to cover up by Novan is relentless! Tommy fights his way back up to his feet but Jacen grabs Tommy into a muay thai clinch and whips Tommy head first into another flurry of knees! Novan suddenly snaps Tommy up and plants him with a spinebuster and transitions into an anaconda vice! THE PATH TO BALANCE! Jacen squeezes down firmly and Tommy begins to fade fast! Tommy Wright isn’t moving! Tommy Wright is out! He can’t answer the official’s call! The ref has no choice but to call it! DING! DING!] [The sound of the bell signals the victory for Jacen Novan as he relinquishes his hold of the unconscious Tommy Wright. The Guv may have lost but he showed big heart by not tapping out.]


[Static.] [Edward Newton kneels in the middle of an abandoned house, painting a circle and symbols on creaky wooden floorboards. He’s so engrossed in what he’s doing that he’s not paying attention to his surroundings. So when he feels the cold embrace of steel touching the back of his neck, it startles him.]

“What reason do you give that I not sever your pitiful head from where it rests?”

[A voice asks, demanding answers. Newton doesn’t say anything at first, he contemplates his reply before speaking.]

“If you were the kind of man to seek violence before conversation, I would already be dead. You don’t have to threaten me. What do you want?”

[The sword gets pushed deeper into his neck, piercing it ever so slightly.] [Edward winces, grunting.]

“I want you to understand the importance of what you hold in your possession,” [The voice angrily states.] “And the dire situation humanity finds itself in. We are aware of your plans. You cannot give up your Championship to Lee Crowley. You mustn’t. ”

[Newton grimaces.] “The world is coming to an end. Don’t be so naive. This trinket means nothing in comparison to my life.”

“I could end your life right now,” [the voice interrupts.] “I could take your title, end your existence, and ensure the survival of humanity. If your hubris is the only thing stopping me, then I have nothing to lose.”

[The sword swings upwards, just as Newton yells out.] [Cut.]


[The underbelly of the Tap Room looks even more infected and broken than last week, and it is here that we find Marvolo, scurrying about the blackened walls with purpose. He follows a dark mysterious figure as it disappears around a bend, but by the time Number One reaches the corner it had disappeared. All that remains is a charred looking wooden door, closed to face him. He stops, reaching for the handle and pauses momentarily before opening the door.] [The door opens with a quiet creak and Mavolo steps a foot inside an empty room. Empty except for one figure, who turns to face him as he enters. Sharkman.]

“You’ve been a hard man to track down.”

[Marvolo states with a hint of playfulness in his voice that almost succeeds in masking his nerves. Sharkman simply stares at him, his own expression hidden behind his mask.]

“With everything going on around us, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Solitude. One can be hard to find around here when one doesn’t want to be found by the wrong people.”

[Marvolo approaches, respectfully.]

“Marvolo is not the enemy. Marvolo needs your help.”

[Sharkman looks at Marvolo for a long time, not giving Number One any indication of his reaction, until he cracks into a short chuckle of laughter.]

“You need my help? And what exactly does the great Marvolo need my help for?”

“To become a true hero. To become the man that Marvolo must become.”

[Sharkman rises, taking a visual position of power in their interaction.]

“How do I know you are being true? You are one whose reputation precedes you, one who stretches the truth for his own gain. In these dark times, why should I trust you?”

[Marvolo closes the gap between him and Sharkman, till they are face to face. Close enough for Sharkman to look into his eyes.]

“Marvolo will prove himself to you. Just name what must be done for your trust to be gained.”

[Sharkman pats Marvolo on the shoulder.]

“I can see in your eyes that you mean what you say. I will give you a chance to prove that you are really ready for all that comes with being a hero. Follow me… We have work to do.”

[Sharkman walks past Marvolo, towards the open door. He does not tell Marvolo where they are going, but Marvolo follows nevertheless.]


[There is a storm coming as Tornado takes on the Bloodline to Greatness himself, King Royal in this one on one match up.] [Royal starts proceedings heading in for a quick collar and elbow tie up, Tornado obliges but is quickly pulled into a Side Headlock. This doesn’t last long however, as Tornado slips out and doubles back. The two are now circling one another, sizing each other up. Tornado hits the ropes, hoping to build up speed for a… Running Headscissors to Royal! He crashes to the mat with a thud. The former Rewind Champion stumbles back to a vertical base but quickly regains his focus. Before Tornado can capitalize though he is caught by a Right Hook to the Jaw. Simple yet effective].

[Tornado falls to one knee and is dropped with a quick DDT courtesy of The King. He’s not done yet though as he rolls through onto his back, locking in a vicious choke hold. Tornado can’t breathe, his eyes bulging out of his damn head. Tornado gathering his strength, pushes up with his feet putting the shoulders of Royal on the mat. 1…2… Royal breaks the hold. Tornado rolls to the apron spluttering and choking trying to get some air. King Royal looks furious and stalks towards the wounded Tornado. Leg trip. Royal lands neck first on the middle rope. He’s dazed.] [The crowd wills the Living Maelstrom back to his feet and he hits the ropes again going for a huge guillotine leg drop. Royal recoils back in pain, writhing about on the mat. In the centre of the ring. Tornado sees his opportunity and climbs through the ropes, to the apron. Royal to gets to his knees. Tornado leaps off the ropes through the air for The Hailstorm… But Royal sees it a mile away. He pulls Tornado to the ground, mid-flight, locking in the Dungeons of London as he lands. Middle of the ring. Nowhere to go. Tornado has no choice but to tap.] [He might not be the champ but he’s still the master of submissions King Royal comes away with the tidy victory]


[Within the walls of the Tap Room, the Virus pulsates along black veins…even dripping in some places. Studying the walls closely is Kashim, a stern look on his face as he eyes the patterns of the veins.]

“God entrusted the Garden of Eden to his greatest creation…and mankind ruined it. The sin of Adam was a stain on a perfect canvas, an infection that the world has suffered ever since.”

[Standing behind the fallen angel is El Trébol Jr., who looks at the diseased wall in disbelief. Kashim turns his attention to the luchador with a scowl.]

“Do you understand? Do you see this for what it is, or do you still choose to deny the truth?”

[Trébol shakes his head in defiance.]

“I know what I see, Kashim…and I see that something’s not right around here. There’s something different, something wicked in this place.”

[Suddenly, Trébol and Kashim are greeted by the booming footsteps of Imhotep, who glares at the wall with a snarl on his face.]

“I’ve seen this magic before. Dark arts, meant to scare the weak-minded…does it scare you, little green man?”

[He chuckles before lifting his staff. in a flash of light, the staff turns into a snake…which lunges with its fangs out at Trébol! The luchador dodges the snake’s attack, stomping it on the head. Another flash of light reveals the staff of Imhotep as it snaps, much to the anger of the Pharaoh. Imhotep picks up his broken staff with a glare at the fallen angel before storming off, leaving Kashim to turn his attention back to Trébol.]

“I hope you will see what is happening here as more than just signs and wonders. Your kind brought this disease upon the world, and I will cure it. I will bring this world out of the decay, and mold it in my image.”

[Kashim walks off, leaving Trébol to study the infection as it continues dripping from the wall.] [Cut.]


[Bulbs flash brightly as there’s one face that is being snapped over and over as he grins and points in frustration and anger: Ethan Rose.] [The Phoenix may have rose to the occasion last week against Edward Newton, but Ethan’s progress at one point was derailed by the referee who removed the weapon from his hands despite it being a no DQ match.]

“Mr. Rose, Mr. Rose, Ethan, The Phoenix, Mr. Rose!”

[A sea of questioning voices with microphones pushed in front of them as they desperately are hoping for an answer as to his next step.]

“Yes, you lady with the huge… smile.”

[A rather well-blessed woman clears her throat.]

“So what do you plan to do next about this referee who is allegedly costing you matches?”

“Allegedly?! Did you watch Red Snow? Did you happen to see VHS episode 131? That referee was there for both of them and you saw how he fast counted my shoulders to the mat and how he ripped that shoe from my hand. A detached shoe that was introduced by Edward Newton! My next step is to ask for this referee’s removal from OSW indefinitely.”

[The sound of writing takes the next few moments as they take down the information. It’s then that Tommy Wright comes into picture right beside Ethan Rose with a metal cannister in his hand.]

“So let me get this right, you walked through fire and all you’ve been talking about is your little streak being put to rest? Oi, reporters, why aren’t you asking the real questions? Like why this man was able to stroll through fire without injury?”

[The crowd of reporters begins going nuts with questions about the subject as Ethan Rose just grits his teeth.]

“It’s because…. Because… I guess it’s because I was chosen by God to rise through the flames like a Phoenix and be reborn once again!”

[Tommy Wright raises his thermos, seemingly to toast his rebirth.]

“That’s an amazing story, perhaps we could retest the theory.”

[With that, he thrusts the liquid from the cannister forward as the smell of gasoline permeates the area! The crowd of reporters begin to back out in a hurry. Rose staggers backwards as the gasoline just barely misses him. He looks around incredulously before pointing a finger at Wright.]

“You’re fucking deranged man!”

[Rose utters these words as he turns around to leave towards his match. Wright looks down at the cannister in his hand and gives it chunk down the hall.]

“And I’m going to get to the bottom of this, one way or another.”


[Ordell Terminus sets to prove a point to a certain king as he stands against a rather stern looking Ethan Rose. Will the Gatekeeper prove his worth for an army? Or will the Phoenix pull an upset and prove that not all referees can be bribed?] [The bell sounds and Terminus rushes right into Rose with a European uppercut! Ethan gets sent back into the turnbuckles after that, but fails to catch a break as Ordell throws a fast combination of kicks and punches. Rose manages to defend himself, but Ordell knocks him on his ass with an enzugiri! The Gatekeeper quickly lifts him up to his feet and sets up for a snap suplex, BUT ROSE REVERSES WITH ONE OF HIS OWN!. Both men get up quickly, but Ethan floors Ordell with a HARD knife edge chop on his chest.] [Rose smirks for the first time in this match and throws his arms up to the crowd, who boo him with all their might. While he shows off, Ordell pushes off the corner and hits a surprise German INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! The Phoenix cradles his neck as Terminus picks him up and gets him in a headlock, INCEP-Rose pushes him off! The Gatekeeper goes for a neckbreaker instead-INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! TERMINUS CLUTCHES HIS BALLS IN PAIN! Ethan attempts to capitalize with his finish, but Terminus pushes out! Rose tries to get him back-SUPERKICK! Ethan looks out on his feet as he slowly falls to the mat with a thud.] [Ordell roars to the crowd before spinning his fingers in a circle. After doing so, he climbs the turnbuckles and sets his sights onto the downed Rose. Terminus stands on the top, roars one more time and leaps for the FLUX GA–ETHAN MOVED! The Gatekeeper hits his back hard and the Phoenix kicks him in the face for his efforts! Rose picks his opponent up and signals for the DDT, but Terminus is the one who pushes away this time! Rose rushes back with a rana attempt BUT TERMINUS HOLDS ON! He lifts the Phoenix onto his shoulders and hooks his neck! FINAL CONCLUSION! IT’S BRIDGED! ONE!TWO!THREE!] [Terminus lets go of the fallen firebird and gets to his feet. He raises his arms in the air and seems to bask in the glory of another fallen foe. When Rose gets up, he definitely won’t appreciate how the referee made the count so fast.]


[When we had last seen Sharkman and Marvolo, Sharkman was leading Marvolo to an unknown destination. Marvolo and his true heart were about to be put to the test, under the scrutiny of his new mentor. Now, we find the pair hiding in a secluded corner of the Tap Room temple. Sharkman draws Marvolo’s attention to his line of sight, where he has a vantage point over a communal area. There are two figures huddled around a circular table that Sharkman is trying to listen in on… The Automaton and Jacen Novan.] [Novan has a collection of figurines on the table in front of him and TAM and is proceeding to outlay a story to his partner as a teachable moment. In this secluded location, their conversation can be overheard by the two heroes hiding in the shadows.]

“So… What is your take on the scenario?”

[TAM indicates towards one of the figurines in front of him.]

“This is simple. The woman is clearly a thief. She must be punished according to the penal code of the local legislation, depending on the perceived severity of her crime.”

[Novan lets out a long sigh, shaking his head slowly.]

“You see only the facts, not what lies between. The mitigating circumstances. The areas of grey that live between your world of black and white. She stole only what had been obtained through greed and corruption, giving what she had stolen to people who needed it most. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, a noble thief.”

[TAM does not respond immediately, clearly attempting to process the information Novan had given him.] [While the pair continue to discuss the scenario of the noble thief, Sharkman turns to Marvolo. He speaks in a hushed, whispered tone as to not let his presence be heard.]

“Jacen Novan possesses a power that is unique. But now that he has taken TAM under his wing, his power becomes dangerous. What he is teaching, the influence he has over the Automaton… His could be a dark power with dark intentions. To prove yourself, Marvolo, we together must confront him and stand firm against any threat of evil. Is your heart willing?”

[Marvolo nods, speaking a little louder than a whisper.]

“Marvolo is willing.”

[The sound of his voice catches the attention of both TAM and Novan, who squint into the shadows. Novan stands and speaks towards the source of the sound.]

“Hello? Who is there?”

[He moves towards the shadows to inspect the sound. But nobody is there. Sharkman and Marvolo have gone.]


[D’Von Chambers and Captain Zappa circle one another in the ring. The Bishop’s mammoth size dwarfs the stout Zappa. The bell rings and the two clash into one another!] [The brawling style of Zappa catches Chambers off guard! Chambers is rocked back on his heels as the Captain delivers swift punch after swift punch. The Bishop is pushed all the way back to the ropes and Zappa shows no signs of allowing the big man to get his bearings. He kicks D’Von in the knees over and over again, dropping the behemoth to a knee. Zappa backs up and runs at Chambers, who was feigning! As Zappa leaps, Chambers stands and uses the momentum to deliver a modified BIBLE THUMPING!! Zappa is nearly driven through the canvas! D’Von puts a massive paw on Zappa’s chest! One… Two… Th… Kickout!!] [D’Von smiles and pulls Zappa to his feet. He throws the Chosen One into the ropes and drops him again with a RUNNING BIG BOOT!!! He kneels and covers… One… Two… Three!! No! Zappa’s foot is on the bottom rope! The Bishop is unhappy and pulls his foot off, covering again… One… Two… Thre… Kickout!! Chambers gets to his feet and rips Zappa up by his long hair and whips him to the ropes again… but this time Zappa flings himself through the air with a CORKSCREW FOREARM! D’Von is rocked, but Zappa stays on him. Heavy rights drive Chambers back. Zappa runs at the ropes and chop blocks D’Von! He drops to a knee! Zappa springs off the ropes… DELILAH SAYS GOOD MORNING!! Zappa covers… One… Two… THREE!!] [NO! 2.99 as Chambers manages to just get a shoulder up! Zappa quickly gets to his feet and jumps to the turnbuckle… BLACK CLOUDS AND TINFOIL LININGS!! He hooks the leg… One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Zappa sits up, frustrated. He stands and grabs D’Von by the hair, pulling him up… Right hand to Zappa’s midsection!! Another! ANOTHER! Chambers gains separation and whips Zappa into the ropes… kick to the gut… Chambers lifts… THE PASTOR’S PLU… Zeta Slips out!! He spins Chambers! HICCUP IN THE MATRIX!! Zappa rushes to the top… ZETAVARIUM!! One… Two… THREE!!] [Captain Zappa pulls off a hard fought victory over a very game D’Von Chambers here tonight. The Chosen one stands tall, and the Bishop is laid low… for now.]


[Clang!] [The loud perilous screaming of Edward Newton is abruptly interrupted by the clang of metal crashing down upon the wooden floor. He looks up, revealing his attacker; none other than Solomon Rhodes.]

“Don’t you understand the intricacies of the situation we find ourselves in?” [Rhodes asks, a gleam from his blade blinding Newton.] “That Championship is not a trinket, but a key.”

[Newton adjusts his glasses.]

“A key to what?”

“A key to the temple. If Crowley gets his hands on the OSW Championship, they take a step towards dooming the world.”

[Edward stands up, dusting himself off as he turns to face Rhodes.]

“Every Championship is a key to the structural integrity of our temple; the tap room. With every key they hold in their possession, the walls become weaker until they cannot stand. Everything is connected, Edward. If the Founding Fathers fall, if the keys are retrieved and the infection continues, the entire world will be doomed to the havoc and chaos of the apocalypse.”

[The Riddler grimaces.] “That’s not my problem,” [he barks.] “You people and your war,” [he remarks angrily.] “You’re ruining everything I’ve worked to achieve. All of my success is being driven away by your righteous battle that’ll certainly end with our world a destitute and desolate place.”

[Rhodes steps forward.]

“Our war?” [He questions.] “This is not just our war, Newton. You won’t survive it, no-one will. That makes it your war too.”

[The camera zooms in on Edwards disgruntled face.] [Cut.]


[In the land of monsters, the Mother of all is Queen as every man who dares incur her wrath has fallen at her feet but TAM is no man. Can Mother continue her terrifying path of destruction or will the Automaton be the savior OSW has been searching for?] [The bell sounds as Mother rushes forward, drilling TAM with a series of savage strikes, a stiff leaping knee to the jaw stuns the android enough for Mother to spin him around and spike him on the back of his head with a lightning fast German Suplex! TAM slowly rises to his feet, HAPPILY EVER…TAM just ducks under the huge kick to the face, leaping up with a V-Trigger as Mother turns her around, before spiking Mother on her head with the Dragon Rush!] [Mother barely hits the mat before TAM lifts her up again, hoisting her up onto his shoulders, THE UFO! TAM spins her through the air but she manages to land on her feet, ROARING ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! TAM stumbles down onto one knee, shaking off the cobwebs noticing Mother as she’s rushing towards him, CRAB KICK! It doesn’t hit flush but clips TAM as he spins around, nailing Mother with a huge Lariat as both competitors collapse on the canvas] [Mother and TAM slowly get to their feet, throwing strike after strike before TAM snaps off a headbutt, delivering the rapid series of elbows and knees, AUTOMATED JOINT…MOTHER CATCHES THE LAST KNEE! She spins him around, locking in a chokehold as SHE TWISTS HIS HEAD 180 DEGREES! TAM staggers back a few feet, twisting his head straight right as Mother spits out the caustic black mist! We can hear the metal dissolving on TAM’s face as Mother sizes him up- HAPPILY EVER AFTER! TAM crashes to the mat as Mother hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Mother of All stands victorious once more, her children gathering around her as TAM slowly stirs on the mat, ringside EMTS stopping the mist from eating away at more of his steel]


[The infectious black ooze continues to arc its way around the walls and ceilings of The Taproom. This does not go unnoticed by The Masked Emotion who stands facing the sludge.]

“For something so unobserved, you’d almost assume that it was connected and reporting information to The Virus himself.” [Doubt ponders to itself.]

“You can just feel the evil oozing out of it, can’t you?”

[Cael Gable steps out of a doorway and up to The Masked Emotion who doesn’t seem to even move at his reveal.]

“I was speaking of you, Cael.”

[The Olympian snickers at this and glares at Doubt.]

“I’m not sure what your issue is with me, Doubt, but it needs to stop. I’m not the enemy here. Whoever or whatever is creating this black gunk is. Now, will you help me get to the bottom of it?”

[Doubt turns to face him and moves as close as possible to his face.]

“I don’t trust you. After what you did to Sheriff Law, there can be no doubt about your allegiance in this war.”

[Cael Gable pinches his nose in irritation.]

“It was my family! This just feels no different than last week. I know you would do the exact same thing if Syndi was involved. I ju-“

[He’s cut off as a gloved hand turns and latches onto his throat in an impressively firm grip. Doubt yanks him close to its face.]

“You need to stop mentioning her name.”

[In anger, Cael just blasts Doubt’s arm off of him and rushes forward with a charge! He pins Doubt against the wall and begins throwing punches to the midsection when they both pause.] [They’re standing right in the sludge!] [Cael Gable hops away with only a little of the gunk sloshing up onto his ankle. Doubt is not so lucky as the sludge wraps itself around the upper body of Doubt! It begins struggling against the pull of the black bile before finally breaking free of its grasp. However as Doubt begins to look around, it notices one thing in particular.] [Cael Gable is nowhere to be found.]


[A dark cave.] [More like a cavern.] [The combined forces of Betamax and King Royal mill around, trying to stay fit. Somehow, they have carved out a small hiding place in the areas under the Tap Room.] [A fortress may be better to describe it. It has been fortified to withstand any attacks, and Royal’s men valiantly try to scrape back the infection seeping through the walls. But they cannot do it quick enough. Even they cannot stop the Virus.]

“You spoke true, cousin.” [King Royal says, standing on an outcropping with Betamax by his side.] “There was nothing the King’s forces could do to stop this infection. You advised one to pull his forces from the Tap Room and regroup. Now your highness waits out the storm. His forces will not be decimated by the war around it. Let Templars and Founding Fathers fight it. One is no fool.”

[Betamax only nods.]

“You speak wisely, my King. Let the others fight the war. The good men of King Royal will mop up the scraps. And seize the kingdom that should have been yours all along. Our fathers would be proud.”

[They stand for a moment, overseeing some construction of barracks and armaments. Royal finally turns to face his cousin, a look of questioning on his face.]

“What of this Underworld? Won’t it being controlled by Crowley tip the scales?”

[Betamax takes a moment before answering.]

“Don’t listen to what that Terminus fellow had to say. He wishes to use your forces, these men below us, to take power of his own. We have to stand resolute. It will not be easy, but our mission commands it of us. The Templars have turned their focus on that dead place. Ordell Terminus is just angry that Crowley usurped the power he wished to take when he killed the previous Lord of that domain.”

[Before Royal can answer, he and Betamax are joined by some of his Knights. They throw a man down before the King.]

“Your Highness,” [a Knight calls.] “We found this man on our borders. He is injured and requests aid.”

[Royal lets a grin creep over his features as the man before is easily seen as Ordell Terminus himself. A bleeding gash extends down his forearm.]

“Only a fool would injure themselves to gain an audience with the King.” [Royal snorts.] “And one has already told you that the King’s forces will no…”

[Terminus cuts him off.]

“Please. You have to hear me this time.”

[Betamax looks to Royal questioningly, but the King only nods to Terminus.]

“I saw it when they drug me in here. The infection is here. You think that it’s not all connected? You think that the Underworld won’t rise up and destroy everyone? It was never meant to be used as an army. Think about our bodies, King Royal. When we get infected, the leukocytes go rushing to fight the infection. They don’t go and hide to wait it out. The body dies if they do that. You must help me.”

[Royal seems to take this in before noticing Betamax staring at him.]

“Take him away. Throw him back where you found him. The King does not take suggestions from commoners.”

[The Knights grab Terminus but Ordell is not done.]

“I am not a commoner. I am the Hero of Janus. I killed the previous King of the Underworld. You have no idea what power I can call upon.”

[To the surprise of the Knights, Terminus shrugs off their hold, and walks back the way he came without a care in the world.]


[King Royal watches Ordell Terminus walk away with a different gleam in his eyes. Betamax seems disturbed by the whole thing.]

“Send for the King’s Librarian, cousin. One would like to know about this Janus.”



[Strange doesn’t begin to describe this tag team match. Tonight it’s The Revenants teaming up for the first time against the masked heroes of The Sharkman and Marvolo!] [The bell sounds as OSW’s #1 steps into the ring first as does Bruce Van Chan. These two move towards the center of the ring with a lot of history between them. Marvolo gives him a grin and Chan gives him a quick chop! Marvolo takes a step back only for his chest to be chopped again! And again! He’s backed #1 into the corner and The Real Freakin’ Revenant nails an uppercut before taking a few steps back. Stinger splash in the corner! Marvolo falls in the corner as Bruce springs off the bottom rope, while holding onto the top before falling back into a dropkick into his chest!] [Marvolo begins crawling towards his corner, but Bruce Van Chan just grabs his legs. Marvolo pulls himself into a headstand! He hooks the legs around the head of Van Chan before hitting the headscissors! Marvolo gets the distance he needs and leaps for the TAG! In comes The Sharkman! He rushes towards Bruce Van Chan who is now on his knees. SUSHI KICK! The shining wizard floors him! He rolls to his feet and rushes towards LH Harrison on the apron who is blasted by a spear between the ropes to floor him! The Sharkman leaps into a pin! One…Two…TH-KICKOUT!] [It seems the moment to deal with Harrison may have cost him. He pulls Bruce Van Chan up to his feet, but Van Chan nails a jawbreaker to get some separation! THE FALL OF MAN! The leaping blockbuster was timed perfect by Harrison as he snaps the neck of The Sharkman back! Marvolo rushes into the rings and all order has been thrown out the window! He rushes towards Harrison and just rolls into a koppu kick, but Harrison dodges out of the way. He gets back to his feet as Bruce leaps up for… GOODNIGHT! Marvolo is nailed by the RKO. The Sharkman is still out as both men climb to the top. SHOT THROUGH THE CATACLYSM! A diving moonstomp from LH Harrison is followed directly by a 450 splash from Bruce Van Chan! Bruce covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [The Revenants win a big match here tonight as their first as a team! The two men with less-than-fabulous skin conditions stand stoically in celebration of their victory.]


[Darkness.] [Click.] [Light.] [Brent Kersh stands next to a light switch, looking at his new ally. Mike Lane is sat on a stool, his hair pulled back and a hoodie over his muscled frame.]

“Last week we got attacked in darkness. Now you’re just sitting in it? These belts we have aren’t just hood ornaments, they’re keys, and we need to keep them and ourselves safe. You’re wide open for an attack.”

[The Shadow stands up, a small smirk twisting his features.]

“Sit in the dark awhile, Brent. Your eyes get used to it. I’m just being prepared.”

[Kersh shakes his head again, anger taking his words.]

“I can appreciate being prepared, but you see this?”

[Kersh walks over to the wall, pointing at the decay spreading throughout it. The infection.]

“This needs to stay here. On this side of the Tap Room. We need to stick together, you and I. God knows where Scarecrow is right now. And it doesn’t even matter, I don’t trust him one bit. I can’t trust him, not after all we’ve been through. But the three of us are the foundation of this whole thing. Zappa came to us at Red Snow when he needed guidance.”

[Lane scoffs at that notion. He and the former Hysteria have history. To say the least.]

“My point is that the Founding Fathers isn’t just a fancy name. You. Me. And even the damned Scarecrow. We’re the cornerstones of this place, and if we don’t defend it, who will? We’re holding up this giant rock right now, and the second we falter it will fall and shatter. And when it does, this whole world is toast.”

[Mike puts a hand on Kersh’s shoulder, looking into his eyes.]

“So put your money where your mouth is, Brent. Scarecrow didn’t send you to save me because he was being charitable. I’m here for a reason, and there’s no one who knows more about what’s going on that we can actually talk to than Scarecrow. I’m sure you know how to ring him up. Get him here, let’s get on the same page, and then let’s go bust some skulls.”

[A sigh escapes the lips of Brent Kersh.]

“You’ve got a lot to learn about the Crow. You don’t call him. He just shows up when you don’t want to see him.”

[To illustrate, Kersh nods behind Lane. The Shadow turns, and the Scarecrow is standing right there.]

“I see I haven’t missed anything.” [The Hayman begins.] “The Shadow endures and the Enforcer preaches. Just as I expected.”

[The two humans look at one another before the Crow continues.]

“While you two have been arguing, I’ve been testing limits. I’ve been finding out exactly what to make of this alliance between our enemies. And where their own eyes will not go, I know more than they ever will.”

[Kersh checks the clock on the wall. His match is next. A grin forms on Crow’s face.]

“Go. All will be revealed in time.”

[Brent turns to walk away, but is stopped as the fluttering of crows fills the air. The Enforcer turns around with dread, but is quickly taken away to the ring by the power of the Scarecrow.] [Left alone, the Shadow is now at the attention of the Crow.]

“You walk in darkness. But will you face it when all hope has been lost? When the only one holding the rock is you? If you want to bust some skulls, as you say, then you must listen to me and what I have to say. For you have no idea what darkness awaits you.”



[The War for OSW and indeed the world itself rages on tonight as the Enforcer takes on the Mad King. Can one of the Three Pillers stop a huge threat or will he be dragged down into the underworld itself?] [The bell sounds as both men come flying out of their corners, laying into one another with savage lefts and rights, an exchange the heavier brawler Kersh quickly gets the better of as he ties Crowley up in a wrist-clutch, trying for a Suplex. Lee lands on his feet, drilling a turning Kersh with a leaping knee before lifting the stunned Enforcer up high into the air, ANTIDEPRESSANT! The huge Shouten nearly drives Kersh through the mat but Lee doesn’t cover, instead dropping down as he tries to lock in the fish-hooks] [Kersh powers Lee away, stunning him with a stiff headbutt as he gets to his feet, before hoisting him up into the air with an almost gravity defying Backdrop Driver! Kersh covers, ONE…TWO…Lee just gets the shoulder up! Kersh pulls Crowley to his feet, delivering a stiff series of hard forearms but Crowley manages to duck under a lariat, bouncing off the ropes, CHELSEA GRIN! Kersh doesn’t go down, lifting Lee up before snapping him to the mat with a thunderous Spinebuster before collapsing himself] [Both men slowly get to their feet, Kersh erupting with a giant lariat that turns Lee inside out as the crow cheers, getting behind the Enforcer as he lifts Lee up to his feet, calling for the end but Crowley slips out of the Shoulder Breaker attempt, rolling back, CHELSEA GRIN! Kersh drops to the mat as Lee locks in a Rear Naked Choke, fish-hooking the mouth as he pulls the Enforcer back into the Glasgow Smile! Kersh doesn’t tap but Crowley slowly chokes him out as the Enforcer slips into unconciousness, the referee quickly calling for the bell] [The King of the Underworld does it, taking apart the Enforcer as he sends yet another soul to the Underworld and his control]


[We open on Tornado as he makes his way into his Miami, Florida rental.] [It’s dark. Quiet. And instantly, he realizes something is awry.] [But it’s too late.] [CRASH!] [A shadowy silhouette approaches from behind and nails Tornado with a large blunt object.] [Again. Again. And Again.] [The shape standing over the fallen like a hunter to its prey. Grabbing him; hoisting him into the position and then we know.] [THE PASTORAL PLUNGE!] [It’s D’Von Chambers and he drives Tornado through the reinforced glass of the double window at the forefront of his living quarters. Tornado flies into the dampness of the front lawn. Motionless.] [And we wait there patiently as Chambers makes his way to the outside.]

“Come on boy!” [Chambers taunts his foe as he approaches, driving a boot into his rib cage.] “Show me what’s inside!”

[D’Von delivers another crushing kick to the ribs of Tornado, producing a grunting groan from the victim who is conscious, but only barely.]

“Stop holding out on me Tornado!” [D’Von brings a double axe handle down across the back of the neck as he drops to his knees.] “I want to see it again!”

[Chambers raises his arms, his hands clasped together in preparation of another double axe handle when he hears it.] [Thunder.] [The preacher glances upward at the sky, a small grin covering his lips.]

“But I will kindle a fire in the wall of Rabbah and it shall devour the places thereof.”

[D’Von’s grin turning to a toothy smile as the wind high above him begins to howl.]

“With shouting in the day of battle, with a tempest in the day of the whirlwind.”

[KABOOM!] [With a roaring thunder clap, lightning illuminates the sky and suddenly it begins to rain. To pour. As Chambers looks down at the stirring Tornado with a satisfied glare.]

“It’s you…”

[D’Von lets off a chuckle as he pulls himself to his feet. His clothing already soaked as is that of Tornado. Laughing, Chambers scurries away into the darkness leaving his victim to his recovery as we fade to black.]


[This ring can hardly contain the amount of starpower. The Amazing Jeckel brothers team with Cael Gable and Mike Lane to confront Lux Bellator, the Family and the Masked Emotion. Jensen Cussen and Jack Jeckel; and the bell rings!] [Jack stalks towards Cussen, who smirks, lunging forward. The two lock in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. Jack drops to a knee as Cussen gets a bit of an advantage, but Jack pushes back and shoots a knee into Jensen’s midsection. He drives up and flips back, taking Cussen over with a modified SNAP SUPLEX! Jack quickly tags in his brother. Jake storms the ring and begins stomping on Cussen’s head and neck as Vengeance tries to gain his feet. Jake is having none of it as he knocks Cussen out with a PUNT TO HEAD! He quickly locks in the RIDDLE BOX! The pain awakens Cussen from his daze! He screams and is about to tap, but Max Million breaks the hold with a kick to Jake’s temple! The ref pushes Max back. Cussen and Jake are both struggling to their corners.] [Jensen dives and makes the tag to Million! Jake makes it back to Jack! Jack and Max storm the ring and rush one another with a flurry of traded punches! Million begins to get the upper hand and pushes Jack back towards the ropes. He drives Jeckel into a neutral corner and whips him across the the other, but Million follows closely behind and nails Jack with a DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE!! Million quickly lifts jack to the top and slides underneath He lifts him for a VIRAL INFECTION, but slightly loses his balance and stumble towards the corner! Gable makes a blind tag to Jack’s back!] [Cael enters the ring! He spears MILLION WITH THE GOLD RUSH!! Jack is flat out leveled from the combined momentum of the spear and muscle buster! Million is planted as well! Gable grabs his lower back from the strain of lifting both men, But makes it to his feet. He grabs Million, but catches a thumb to the eye! Million stumbles to the corner and tags Cussen back in! Cussen springboards over… CURTAINS CLOSED!! Gable is leveled by the jawbreaker! Cussen wastes no time and tags in Doubt. The Emotion climbs to the top and flies off!! MISERY RAI…. KNEES! Gable got his knees up!! Doubt is down grabbing its midsection, the wind driven from its lungs. Both wrestlers are down… 1… 2… 3… 4… Gable grabs the bottom rope…. 5… 6… Doubt does the same… 7… 8…. Gable reaches his feet… 9… So does Doubt!!!] [Gable rushes forward with a double leg takedown! Doubt goes down, but immediately starts hammering Gable in the back of the head and shoulders! Gable breaks free and both wrestlers get quickly to their feet. The Emotion lunges at Gable with a hard elbow to the temple! Gable is stumbled, and Doubt grabs his head and drops him with a quick DDT! Doubt slides to the apron and leaps over with a SLINGSHOT LEGDROP! It doesn’t cover but pulls Gable to his feet, and whips him Doubt’s own corner. Doubt makes a quick tag to Lux Bellator! Bellator steps through and the two take turns with MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Million and Cussen hold Gable’s arms! Chop after chop reigns down!] [Mike Lane enters the ring and clotheslines Doubt over the ropes and out! The Jeckels drop down and run around the outside! Jack grabs Jensen and Jake grabs Million. They pull both men off the aprons and the rights are flying!! Gable collapses, and the ref pushes Lane back to his corner. Doubt is down on the outside, as Bellator pulls Cael to his feet. He immediately leaps up with a HURRICANRANA driving Gable into the mat. He looks at Mike Lane menacingly as he peels Gable up once again. Bellator slides behind Gable and RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!! But Gable flips completely and grabs Bellator from behind!! DESPERATION PUGHPLEX!!!] [The Jeckels and the Family are going at it outside! Jack and Jensen are throwing huge haymakers until Jack begins getting the upper hand. He throws Cussen into the barrier. Cussen collapses. At the same time Million is taking it to Jake Jeckel! Heavy punches slow Jake until Million kicks him to the midsection. Jake doubles over and… DOUBLE DOSE! DDT TO THE CONCRETE! Jake is out! But Jack sees it! He spins Million around and gives him his own kick to the gut! He lifts and… BOOGEYMAN BOMB!! Jack stands up and there’s Doubt!! MODIFIED PESSIMIST’S END FROM THE APRON!! Both Jeckels are down!] [Gable makes the diving tag to Mike Lane who enters and stalks Bellator… Back on the outside Both Jeckels and Million are out cold, and Doubt and Cussen look to inflict more punishment on the brothers… BUT CAEL GABLE FLIES OVER THE ROPES WITH A SPRINGBOARD GOLD STANDARD! He lands on Cussen and Doubt, and they all go down in a heap! Only Bellator and Lane are left in the ring, both legal.] [Lane pulls Bellator up by the mask. He throws Lux into the far ropes and the drops the returning Lux with a DROP TOE HOLD! Bellator’s face pounds the canvas and Lane quickly locks in a STF!!! Bellator is in trouble! He is about to tap… But grabs the ropes! The ref breaks the hold! Lane is angry and pulls Bellator up again, but catches a thrust to the throat! Bellator stands over the injured Lane and kicks him on the face! He pulls Lane in tight… DISCIPLE MAK…. LANE SOMEHOW SLIPS OUT!!! SHADOW KICK! SHADOW KICK! He falls into a cover! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!] [Mike Lane pulls off the victory for his team! Ringside is filled with carnage, but the victory is secured!]


[Static.] [Green.] [The camera slowly edges backwards to reveal the mask of El Trébol Junior. He’s sitting backstage, looking at his Championship in awe and amazement. He runs his hand across the top, a smile forming through the contours of his mask.]

“Treasure it,” [A voice interrupts.] “Because you have no idea how vital it is.”

[El Trébol looks up.]

“You have been chosen, El Trébol. You have been chosen as a guardian of that key. You must give your life to protect it. You must retain it at all costs.”

[He tilts his head.] “But why? Who are you?”

[Godfrey steps out of the shadows, his Templar uniform on clear display.]

“My name is Godfrey and that Championship is a key to this Temple. As the infection sets in upon the walls, they begin to decay.”

[El Trébol turns to see the black veins infecting the concrete. He gulps.]

“And as they crumble from within, possession of those Championships are keys to the walls falling down around us. Should someone of evil mind, body or soul take possession of your title, they will break some of the strongest bonds keeping this temple together. If the walls fall, the world will follow.”

[The Green Clover stands up, almost as if to attention.]

“You have my word,” [he responds eagerly.] “I’ll protect the Double Feature Championship from evil. I’ll do what it takes to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

[Godfrey steps forward.] “Even if that means death?”

[El Trébol looks at him, his eyes wide, and his mouth agape. He doesn’t know how to respond. The Templar places a hand on his shoulder and nods.]

“Son, some things in this world are bigger than we are. We have to sacrifice, in battle, to save what’s important. I know you fear for your life, but should you need to provide it, it will not be in vein.”

[Godfrey pats his shoulder and slowly walks away, leaving The Green Clover to look at his belt, then at the walls, knowing that he may have gotten himself into a situation that he neither counted for, not truly wanted.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have a match not only between two champions but two men undefeated in the realm of OSW. It is the world champion Edward Newton versus the double feature champion El Trebol Jr.! Who will taste the bitterness of defeat for the very first time? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Both men are pacing around waiting for the right opportunity to strike! Trebol attacks with a kick to the back of Newton’s leg! Newton feels that hard kick! Trebol with another one! He goes for a third but Newton jumps and hits a CURB STOMP TO THE EXTENDED LEG! All of Newton’s weight smashes on Trebol’s knee! Trebol falls to the floor and cries out in pain! Edward Newton repeatedly stomps on the damaged knee and exclaims “Another teachable moment!” Newton locks in a single-leg Boston crab! He is focused on that leg! Trebol looks like he might tap but he crawls to the rope!] [Newton lets go and lets Trebol pull himself back up! Trebol is standing but CHOP BLOCK by Newton! More damage to that knee! Newton drags Trebol to the middle of the ring and goes for the single leg crab again! Trebol uses his free leg to kick Newton’s shin out from under him! Both men are down! Trebol crawls over and starts laying into Newton with some HAMMER FISTS! Trebol slowly gets up! CANNONBALL SENTON! Trebol gets right back up and follows it with a STANDING MOONSAULT! Trebol takes his time but goes to the top rope!] [He jumps! He’s going for the mushroom stomp! Newton gets out of the way! He was playing possum the whole time! Trebol’s knee buckles! Newton goes for a running big boot! Trebol catches the foot! Newton’s boot slips off! The referee grabs it and throws it out of the ring! MIND OVER MATTER! Low blow by Newton and he follows it with a Schoolboy roll-up! One…Two…No! Trebol reverses it into CUELGO VID! That hanging vine triangle choke might make Newton tap! Newton grabs the ropes! Trebol lets go and charges at him with the running headbutt! MIS JOYAS! NO! NEWTON SIDESTEPS AND COUNTERS WITH THE NEVERMIND! TREBOL RAN RIGHT INTO THAT DDT! NEWTON COVERS! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Trebol put up a valiant effort but at the end, the little green bean got planted and Newton keeps his streak! He proves why he holds the highest belt in OSW!]


[Silence.] [An eerie sound for the Tap Room, the infection covered temple devoid of the howls of the damned that haunt its halls. The sound of footsteps break the silence, the scene panning to reveal Jensen Cussen and Max Million, both family members treading the hall, looking around them to see blood coating every surface, another massacre in their wake.]

“Poor Jakey seems to have lost it, hasn’t he, Jensen?”

“I wonder how long till he ends up throwing himself into a horde of those throwaways we infected.”

[The two share a slight chuckle as they walk, their attention soon drawn to the ground by the sound of sloshing, a pool of black blood at their feet.]

“Looks like he already did. Care to find his corpse?”

“I wouldn’t mind placing his head on a stake.”

[Click.] [The two men look up at the sound, taken by surprise AS BARBED WIRE RISES OUT OF THE BLOOD AND SHREDS INTO THEIR SKIN! Cussen and Million find themselves wrapped in the rusted spikes, a barb barely missing a vein in Jensen’s neck, the two men unable to move from the trap. They struggle to rear their heads as the sound of sloshing approaches them from both ends of the hall, accompanied by the sound of a blade scraping the wall.]

“When I’m done with you, your heads ain’t gonna be recognizable enough for stakes.”

[Jake Jeckel. He stays out of their sight, standing behind them as Jack approaches from the front, his own hatchet in hand. Jake doesn’t chuckle as he leans in, his voice deathly serious.]

“Do you want to beg for death, if you do, I might give you the mercy you didn’t show Calypso.”

[Jack chimes in, looking towards Jake.]

“We need to ask about a cure, Jake. For Calypso’s follower-”

“What the FUCK did I say about speakin’ for her, Jackie? Don’t you fucking dare try and voice reason to me. These fuckers took all reasoning away from me.”

[Jack sighs, watching as Jake brings a hatchet up, looking to cleave into Max Million. BARBED WIRE TO THE FACE! Million yanks the barbs from his skin and rakes them across Jake’s forehead! Jack swings down on Cussen but Vengeance jabs him in the eye! The Family members yank the rusted barbs from their bodies before taking off down the hallway, retreating from the armed Juggalos. As Jack nurses his eye, he looks towards Jake, trying to apologize.] [But Jake isn’t having it.] [SUCKER PUNCH! Jake drops his brother with a right hand! Jack lands in the blood on the ground, looking up at Jake who is all but frothing at the mouth.]

“We had them! My fuckin’ blade was to their throat and you wanted to just fuckin’ piss me off. We ain’t heroes, Jackie. And if you can’t learn that, then you ain’t worth keepin’ around.”

[Jake doesn’t even look at Jack as he turns to leave, his brother rising to his feet before pulling Jake back INTO CHUCK THE CHAINSAW! Jake gets grounded and Jack looms over him.]

“We ain’t heroes. But we also ain’t villains, and if you can’t see that, then I’ll have to beat some sense into you.”

[Jack leaves Jake in a heap, the two brothers at odds as the scene closes out.]


[The Father of the anti-christ itself against the chosen warrior of the Knights Templar. This could be a war of huge proportions that will shape how the true war will go but will it be the Grand Master or the Virus who emerges with their hand raised?] [The bell sounds as Rhodes rushes forward, peppering DTR with lefts and rights before leaping off the ropes with an flying enziguri which DTR manages to duck under, spinning Rhodes around as he rolls to his feet…] [REASONABLE DOUBT] [The Virus just planted Rhodes with that, as with a sadistic smile on his face, he rolls Rhodes over, hooking the leg for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!! DTR gets the first fall and in record time too!]


[The Virus pulls Rhodes up to his feet, trying for a second but Rhodes manages to drop down, rolling DTR up in an O’Connor Roll] [ONE…] [TWO…] [The Virus just kicks out at the last second, delivering a sadistic kick to Rhodes temple as he rises to his feet , underhooking Rhodes as he begins delivering stiff knees to the templar, driving them over and over in an almost savage manner. The Virus lifts Rhodes up to his feet, a huge haymaker nearly knocking Solomon out cold before he’s spun around and German Suplexed into the corner! Rhodes slowly pulls himself up as he’s cut in half with a huge spear before the Virus lifts him up to the top rope, climbing up himself as he tries to finish Rhodes off once and for all] [BRAINBUST….NO! Rhodes begins to fight back, delivering heavy lefts and rights before a massive headbutt sends the Virus crashing to the mat. Rhodes catches his breath for a moment, sizing DTR up before diving off, BLOO….] [The Top Rope Stomp misses as Rhodes rolls to his feet, LARIAT! Rhodes nearly gets decapitated by that vicious clothesline as The Virus lifts him up high in the Crucifix Position, spinning him around, BNBE! Rhodes crashes to the mat as the Virus hooks the leg once more,] [ONE…] [TWO…] [RHODES JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! DTR looks furious as he lifts Rhodes up off his feet, looking for another Reasonable Doubt but Rhodes slips out, delivering a stiff roundhouse kick to the side of the head stunning the Virus] [BEFORE LOCKING IN THE RECEPTION!] [The Virus is trapped in the middle of the ring, writhing in pain from the Death Grip as he’s forced to tap out]



[Rhodes doesn’t let go of the hold, the Virus slowly standing up as Rhodes tries to force another tap out but the break is forced with a stiff low blow, REASONABLE DOUBT! Rhodes looks out cold as the Virus drops down for another pinfall] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…RHODES GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The Virus is furious for a moment before a sadistic smile crosses his face, as he pulls a thick steel chain from his pants. Wrapping it around his fist, he rains down heavy rights to the face of Rhodes, busting the Grand Master open before wrapping the chain around the skull of Rhodes. The Virus quickly climbs up to the top rope, sizing Rhodes up for a moment] [LIGHTS OUT! A huge Top Rope Legdrop right onto the chain wrapped skull of Rhodes, The Virus quickly hooking both legs for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!]



[Rhodes looks about done as he slowly gets to his feet, tossing out weak jabs that DTR easily bats away, almost playing with the Grand Master at this point as he delivers a series of snap jabs, taunting Rhodes before winding up a big right hand. Rhodes ducks under, and as DTR turns around…] [RED CROSS! RHODES DELIVERS THE RED CROSS AS HE COLLAPSES UPON THE VIRUS FOR THE COVER] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!! IT”S ALL TIED UP!]



[Both men slowly get to their feet as Rhodes blocks a DTR right hand, firing up as he pounds down on the Virus with furious lefts and rights, a stiff enziguri nearly knocking the Virus out cold before Rhodes rushes to the ropes, leaping off with a Springboard Crossbody! DTR stumbles to his feet into a low sweep as Rhodes rolls back…] [DARK WISH! DTR doesn’t go down but he’s out on his feet as Rhodes bounces off the ropes, DARK WISH TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Rhodes pushes the out of it Virus to the mat, quickly covering him as we’re at ten seconds remaining] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!! RHODES gets the three count just as the timer hits zero]


[The Commander prevails over the Virus here tonight, the patriarch of the Family tried his best but good triumphed over evil in this amazing contest]


[As Solomon Rhodes rolls away, counting his blessings that he overcame the evil before him tonight, his victory is cut short by a devastating laughter. He turns to face DTR, who sits up, his eyes wide and his belly rolling.] [Static.] [Screams echo throughout the bowels of the Temple as blood splashes across our screen. A Templar stumbles before us, holding his bloodied mid-section, only to fall to his knees as his intestines fall abruptly to the floor – disembowelled before our very eyes.] [LH Harrison appears behind him, grabbing him by the neck and with his sharp dagger like claws, slicing across his throat. The cutting of the corroded artery spews blood like a water fountain as the templar falls to the floor.] [The camera reluctantly pans out, looking at bodies upon bodies of men, their white robes stained with the crimson tide of their own demise.] [Amongst them, Captain Zappa.] [Bruce Van Chan and LH Harrison walk over, pulling him from the wreckage of human flesh, to reveal him unconscious but unharmed. They slam him against a wall, Harrison ripping the blood-stained plaid from his torso, revealing his chest.]

“Your fight against us is futile,” [Van Chan growls, his voice raspier and deeper than ever before.] “For we do not wish to be saved.”

[His wooden voice intended.] [Harrison slashes across Zappa’s mid-section, cutting him deep enough to wake him and make him howl.]

“You don’t understand, do you?” [Harrison continues.] “We’ve given our souls, voluntarily, to the King of the Underworld and his cause; to The Family, to Lux Bellator, to the end of this miserable world we toiled in so fruitlessly.”

[Suddenly, Zappa fights back, headbutting LH Harrison as he finishes speaking. He grabs Van Chan and slams him head first into the wall, stumbling away as blood drips from the gash on his belly.] [Van Chan bounces back, smiling.]

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

[We don’t get to see what happens next.] [Only the look on Solomon Rhodes face, as he stares into the maniacal abyss that is DTR.] [Cut.]