[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [The Kersh Family Home.] [Sat rather uncomfortably in the dining room of Brent Kersh’ home, Edward Newton sits across a large oak table from Nicole. She’s not injured or restrained and looks extremely perplexed as The Riddler watches carefully, his eyes focused on the front door.] [Then it swings open violently.] [Brent Kersh storms in, stopping at an abrupt halt when he sees his wife unharmed.]

“I know what you expected, Mr. Kersh,” [Edward says, standing up.] “I can only imagine the thoughts running through your mind. You thought you’d barge in here, find blood up the walls and pieces of your wife dotted around your lovely home.”

[The Enforcer puts his hands on his hips.]

“I don’t need to harm your wife to get inside your head.”

[The Riddler grins.]

“But I bet you knew from the minute she went missing that it was all your fault, didn’t you? Blood Drive, The Darkness, the death of Mike Lane – it doesn’t fall on my shoulders, Mr. Kersh; it falls on yours. Your beautiful wife could’ve been added to that list.”

[Newton picks up his Championship from the table and walks past Kersh, stopping at his ear.]

“Think yourself lucky,” [The World Champion remarks.] “Because if there’s a next time, you won’t be.”

[He walks out of the room, leaving Brent Kersh to rush to his wife and embrace her heartily. He looks back towards the door, a look of realisation on his face. Brent Kersh does have some culpability in this. He does have some guilt.] [And he knows it.]


[Gideon Hughes is sure to close the door behind him as he leaves a room down the Tap Room corridors. As he turns he sees Nate Washington, flanked by his two trusty heavies.]

“Yo, you still need that li’l help?” [Nate asks, his hands doing a lot of talking along with his mouth.]

“No.” [Hughes replies, looking back at the door over his shoulder.] “N-no, I’m good. Thanks.”

[Nate looks over Gideon’s shoulder.]

“You good?” [He says, smiling. He slaps Big Bruce’s arm playfully.] “He good Brucie. He good.”

[Nate laughs. A full second later Big Bruce and TJ Laws laugh, too.] [As the three cease their laughter Nate juts out his chin, aiming it towards the door.]

“‘C’hu got back there, man?” [he asks.]

“Nothing.” [Gideon answers flatly, folding his arms.]

“Tell you what man, you know where we are when you need us, right?”

“Right.” [Gideon replies, nodding firmly.]

“And you know where I’ll be later tonight bro.” [Nate says, stepping into the face of Gideon Hughes,] “See you in the ring.”

[Nate and his henchmen walk away. Gideon’s eyes follow them before he too leaves.] [A few moments later and Nate returns, this time alone. He opens the door.] [And he regrets it.] [Cut.]


[They’ve only been here for a second but one man’s pleasure is another’s nightmare as Chip Montana looks to make Beast Bronson his personal pig slave] [The bell sounds as Bronson rushes Chip, pounding the smaller man down with a massive right hand before tossing him with ease into the corner. Montana slowly pulls himself up right as he’s nearly squashed with a massive Avalanche by Bronson as Chip staggers out of the corner right into Beast’s clutches who tosses him across the ring with a rough Belly to Belly, Chip nearly landing on his head from the impact. Chip staggers up to his feet as Bronson rushes forward, but Chip ducks low under a clothesline, drop-toe holding Bronson throat first onto the bottom rope] [Bronson stumbles up, holding his throat as Chip grabs him from behind, SEE YA LATER, ALLIGATOR! A massive backstabber drills Bronson as Chip drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Bronson gets the shoulder up! Chip tries to pull Bronson up to his feet but gets a stiff headbutt before Beast lifts Chip up high, possibly for a Powerbomb…EYE POKE! Bronson stumbles into the corner as Chip rushes forward, trying for a Monkey Flip but Bronson tosses Chip off. Montana lands on his feet, LARIAT!] [Chip flips in mid-air from the impact as Bronson backs up, trying for the big splash to finish Montana off. He rushes to the ropes, bouncing off but stumbles right before he hits Chip as something hits his thigh before Chip sticks something in Bronson’s neck, TRANQUILISER DART! Bronson collapses to the canvas as Montana pulls him up, locking in the IGUANA SLEEPER! Bronson is clearly out cold as the referee quickly calls for the bell] [Chip Montana gets his second victory in a row, in fairly convincing fashion this time as he proves his intellectual worth over the Beast and now he has every intention of making this pig his own]


[After that amazing match, Chip Montana gets back to his feet, his arms raised in wild celebration. He motions to his own camera man, pulling him close.]

“Get in close here lad, you’re gonna wanna see this.”

[He grins toothily.]

“I’ve done what all those fuckin’ nancy boy zoologists said I couldn’t and tamed the mighty Beast. Look at ‘im Kevin, you arsehole, he’s glorious! Hand me that bag over there, would ya?”

[Kevin turns the camera to see a bag in the corner. He walks over, picks it up and tosses it back to his boss.] [Chip reaches inside, grabbing a large leather collar and lead.]

“Now I’ve beaten him black and blue, he’s ready to be domesticated, Kevin. Stand back, this might get a little hairy! This blighter is a feisty bugger.”

[Montana leaps on the back of Bronson again, trying to wrap the collar over his neck. The Beast whips back and forth but finds himself struggling against the superior hunter. Finally, the collar slips over his head and Chip falls off his back, stumbling towards the ropes.] [Bronson, absolutely furious, storms across the ring but is suddenly stopped in his tracks by an electric shock.] [Chip Montana grins.] [Holding the lead in his hand, attached to a button, Chip now controls the wild Pig.]

“Listen mate, I don’t wanna hurt ya,” [Chip pleads.] “But if you don’t obey your new master, you’re gonna get the shock of your life!”

“Snort snort, grunt, grunt grunt.”

“Atta boy!” [Chip says with another smile.] “Atta boy Porkskin, atta boy!”

[Chip head towards the ropes, pulling on the lead as the newly anointed ‘Porkskin’ follows reluctantly behind.] [Cut.]


[The death obsessed Gideon Hughes faces off against Nate Washington, the men standing toe-to-toe. At ringside, Big Bruce and TJ Laws watch their bosses back. Nate turns and gives them a quick wink as the bell sounds.] [Hughes hits an Axe-handle smash to the back of Nate’s head, sending him collapsing to the mat. Hughes is quick to hop onto the back of Nate and lock in a rear naked choke! Hughes rolls onto his side, dragging Nate with him. Nate reaches out for the ropes, his face darkening as his body is deprived of oxygen. He looks to be about to tap… NO! He reaches out for the rope which miraculously seems closer than it used to be! Big Bruce saunters away from the ropes as the hold is broken.] [Hughes is in debate with the referee about the rope break. Suddenly he’s in a full nelson! Full Nelson Slam! Cover! ONE! TW–KICKOUT! Nate is back to his feet first, bouncing from the ropes. Knee drop to the face of Hughes! Cover again! ONE! TWO T–KICKOUT! Nate looks frustrated. He looks outside the ring at his entourage but the distraction allows Gideon Hughes time to recover! Belly to back suplex! Nate is down and Hughes takes the upper hand. He bounces from the ropes, elbow dr–NO! Nate rolls out of the way and to his feet. Hughes is back to his feet — BOOT! Double Underhook slam! Nate covers! ONE! TWO TH–NO!] [Hughes kicks out again, showing great resilience! Nate looks out of ideas. He walks around the ring, frustrated. He reaches into his tights and pulls out a hand covered by a knuckle duster! The referee interveniens removing the weapon from his hand. An argument ensues – the referee has lost control of this ma–THE LAST BREATH! Dragon Sleeper DDT! NO! Nate turns, pushes Hughes against the ropes and scoops him up. A REAL BACK-BREAKER! Nate raises Hughes into the air, driving him down from above shoulder height down into a Back Breaker! ONE! TWO! THHHHHREE!] [Nate rolls from the ring as Hughes lies on the mat. His entourage celebrate with him, raising his arms in victory.]


[Fire.] [Captain Zappa stands in this fiery home as the flames surround him on all sides. A crack is heard from above as the boards seem to give in!] [The roof is coming down!]


[Captain Zappa sits straight up in bed wearing a sweat-soaked wife beater as he begins to breath heavily. A bead of sweat falls from his forehead as he wipes his brow.]

“It wasn’t real, man, it wasn’t real.”

[He begins rubbing his arms as his eyes widen in the dimly lit hotel room.]

“Ugh, this… pain…”

“Have sweet dreams, my son?”

[CLINK.] [A lamp’s chain is pulled as light shows DTR sitting in an armchair across the room from Captain Zappa. Zappa’s eyes look confused and alert as he begins to swing his legs out of the bed. As he does so, his body freezes in pain as he falls backwards onto the bed. His eyes flash a black color as he is nearly convulsing on the bed.] [DTR grins.]

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wouldn’t do that if I were you, my son.”

[Zappa stops as he begins breathing heavily before sitting up on the bed. His eyes dart to DTR, but his body doesn’t move a step closer.”

“What do you want, man? Why can’t you just fuck off? Whatever it is you’re offerin’, I don’t want any of it.”

[DTR’s smile fades as Zappa’s body begins wracking in pain again as his teeth grit in pain.]

“What you fail to see, my son, is that you NEED me. Without me… you’re just going to be in pain. And a lot of it.”

[Zappa stops as he sits up again, sweat is profusely flowing from his forehead.]

“I didn’t ask to be part of your agenda, man-“

“Yet you’re part of it, nevertheless.”

[DTR says this matter-of-factly before clearing his throat.]

“You were Chosen to be in My Family, and I don’t allow ANYONE to skip out on this family. I allowed you to make decisions on your own as long as that Lonely Highway lead back to the arms of your family. You’ve had your fun, my son. It’s time for you to resume your place at my side. As OUR Chosen One.”

[Captain Zappa looks at him as sweat drips off his head.]

“So I join you, and this searing pain subsides?”

[DTR’s smile resumes.]

“Join me, and you’ll never feel pain again.”

[Zappa looks at him, contemplating his decision carefully. A wry smile forms at the corners of his damp mouth.]

“Going to have to pass.”

[DTR’s smile fades as his teeth are bared in an irate form before Zappa’s whole body begins wracking itself in convulsions as the black veins seem to bulging out of his body. DTR stands to his feet as he now stands over Zappa.]

“I am The Collector, boy. And I’ll be damned if I allow you to make my collection incomplete.”


[Static.] [The lights are extinguished and the Tap Room is brought to a state of utter darkness.] [Screeching.] [The big screen comes to light with the fluttering visual of hundreds if not thousands of bats and then…] [Silence.] [Suddenly, the lights return and we’re met with a horrific sight.] [Michael Graves stands in the center of the ring; his druids on each side and behind them… the five members of D’Von Chamber’s congregation we saw abducted last week at the hands of the Chiroptera.] [They are not standing, they are hanging. Upside down from the rafters; several feet off the ground. Their hands bound behind their backs. Their mouths gagged.] [We have seen this before.]

“Chiroptera” [Graves shouts; his voice booming through the Tap Room.] “Prepare for the sacrifice!”

[The members of the congregation squirm against their restraints and scream into their gags as the druids surround each of them. One steadying their body and the other placing a dagger at their throats.]

“Hail the Dark Bat God. He protected my life and now the deed must be repaid… with fresh blood!”

[The Bat God’s Vessel lifts his hands to the air.]

“It appears your hope is gone. For your Bishop has abandoned you!”

[Graves turns to look back with a grin at the horrified congregation members.] [And then…] [“You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo blares through the loudspeakers, bringing the Tap Room crowd to a bustle as D’Von Chambers steps out from the entrance.]

“There is always hope Michael!”

[D’Von quips prompting a snarl from Graves.]

“And so you have come to be the sacrifice in their place D’Von?”

“I’ve come to give you the opportunity to try Graves!”

[Chambers begins a march to the ring as the Chiroptera look to Graves for guidance. His response is to thrust his hand in the direction of Chambers.]

“STOP! Or I’ll fill this arena with their blood!”

[D’Von does as commanded, but with a twinkle in his eye.]

“It’s not them you want Michael! It’s me. This is your chance to make the sacrifice you failed to make. The chance to redeem yourself. So if you’ve got the guts, let’s settle this one time for all times… release my church brethren and pass that offering plate one more ‘gain, youngin!”

[Graves is enraged at Chambers’ taunting, because he knows he’s right and in that realization he begins to smile.]

“Chiroptera, release them and Chambers, come forward. You gave them their hope, now give me yours!!”

[The druids work to remove the congregation from their hold and unbind their hands as gags as D’Von confidently climbs into the ring. Graves and D’Von staring holes through each other as their faithful are come together in exiting; leaving the two leaders to their battle.]


[Michael Graves and D’von Chambers stand face to face, each looking as focused as the other. The bell sounds.] [The two men immediately begin to exchange blows, each pummelling away at the other with hard rights and lefts. Chambers gauges the eye of Graves, sending him staggering back a few steps. Just enough for Chambers to boot him in the gut! Gutwrench, Chambers lifts Graves looking to hit a dominator! NO! Graves slips over Chambers back. Graves applies a waist lock. Release German Suplex! Chambers is down. Graves gets to his feet and eyes a recovering Chambers up. He takes a few steps back into the corner and as Chambers gets to all fours he charges. Punt Kiiii–NO! Chambers sees it coming and rolls out of the ring!] [Chambers looks up at Graves, holding the back of his head. Graves steps back, he gestures to Chambers to get back into the ring. Soon Chambers hops up onto the apron and slowly steps through the ro–BAM! Clubbing blow to the back of his head! Graves pulls the stunned Chambers into the ring. He hooks D’von’s arms, looking to hit his Double Underhook Tombstone, DAWNBEAKER but NO! Chambers slips his grip! He takes both legs and drives forward, taking Graves to the ground! Chambers sits up and begins to hammer Graves with hard shots until he seems to go limp! Graves is out cold! Chambers stands and celebrates!] [LOW BLOW! Michael Graves was playing dead all along! He low blows Chambers! Graves quickly turns Chambers around and hoists him onto his shoulders before dropping to a seated position – DEVASTATOR! Graves hits the Shock Treatm–NO! Chambers slips from the shoulders of Graves and drops to his knees. LOW BLOW! Chambers returns the favour with a low blow of his own! As Graves crouches over Chambers turns him around and steps over his head. He swings Graves up into the air and over his shoulder setting him up for THE PASTORAL PLUNGE! A Razor’s Edge to Michael Graves! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The bell sounds and Chambers celebrates his victory by climbing the turnbuckle and raising both arms into the air.]


[Pitch Black.] [Sat shivering in the middle of darkness, The Chief looks worse for wear. After weeks of rebounding and finding strength, he’s suddenly hit by his body’s unwillingness to survive. It’s shutting down and as a result, he’s fading away.] [His blood shot eyes are only embellished by the lack of colour in his surprisingly pale face. He’s barely able to get his words out.]


[Nothing happens.]

“Please?” [he begs.] “Noah? What’s happening?”

[A voice suddenly booms.]

“Your body is failing. This safe haven is slowly beginning to crumble. I told you that you needed to say yes, didn’t I?”

“Y-You did this to me?”

“Never,” [the voice responds.] “I wouldn’t harm you. You’ve been in here for such a long time that your body is unable to cope. I knew this was happening and I’ve been offering you an opportunity to save yourself from death; I’ve been offering you an opportunity to leave this place.”

[The Chief grimaces from the pain.] “Kid, I just can’t,” [he says in agony.] “I can’t say yes. I don’t want to die, you have to believe me. I want to live. I want to be free.”


“Then say yes.”

[The Chief lowers his head.] [Cut.]


[Then.] [The chains have disappeared, but the darkness in the hall grows around Gaia as the laughter gets even louder. Gaia turns away, only to be confronted by The Boogeyman.]

“You tried to enslave me…you tried to contain fear itself, and look what it brought you. You’ve been very naughty…and it’s time to be punished.”

[Gaia just scoffs at this, staring her rival down.]

“You seem to be misguided if you think I’m afraid of you. Mother Nature is not afraid of some fairytale. Since you won’t join me in destroying this world, I’ll have to destroy you first.”

[The Boogeyman disappears, laughing all the more as images appear in the darkness surrounding Gaia: memories of her imprisonment in Tartarus, the abuse she suffered at the hands of her own children. They play on loop along the walls as The Boogeyman returns with a grin on his face.]

“Wouldn’t it be a shame if I were to, say, send you back to the children that locked you up beneath the Underworld? Or perhaps a more alarming fate is in store. Either way, I promise to see your suffering through to its completion. I won’t stop until I’ve had my fill of your fear.”

[The memories keep showing along the walls, as though haunting Gaia…but she shows no sign of fear, no sign of weakness. Instead, she stands her ground, firmly rooted against Boogeyman’s mind games. This draws a snarl from the Terror of the Night.]

“Fine, then. If I can’t scare you with this, I’ll just have to beat the fear out of you!”

[Boogeyman lunges at Gaia, who unleashes a vine at him. The vine misses, but cuts through the darkness in the hall…unleashing a pinhole of light that begins to rush in. Boogeyman screams as the light touches him, choosing instead to disappear once more…the darkness following suit, leaving Gaia alone for the moment. The Great War is over, but a new battle begins…now.] [Cut.]


[It’s two powerful forces meeting in the center of the ring with a history move intertwined than a bramble of vines with NO RULES!] [The bell sounds as The Boogeyman and Gaia stand across the ring from one another. Gaia steps forward before trying for a big heel kick that The Boogeyman side-steps. He’s as elusive as ever as he slinks out of the ring to climb underneath the ring. Gaia slides out of the ring in pursuit before getting swept off her feet and under the ring! UNDER THE BED! She scampers out of there with severe gashes on her legs and arms! Her eyes are constantly searching for him as The Boogeyman slides into the ring from another side. Its eyes are focused on Gaia without leaving her.] [Gaia reaches underneath the ring, keeping her eyes focused on The Boogeyman as much as possible before pulling out… A WHIP! She cracks the whip towards the ring as if to catch The Boogeyman off-guard, but the ominous creature doesn’t even flinch at the sound. She rolls into the ring and cracks it towards him! He extends a hand as the rope wraps itself around his hand! Back hand strike! The Boogeyman is rattled for a moment before Gaia uses the ropes to tie around the wrist and rope of Boogeyman! He’s frozen in spot for a moment before a big side kick catches him!] [The Boogeyman tries to free his hand only for Gaia to send him over the top rope with his arm still tied up as he dangles! ARACHNID GRASP! The Boogeyman is all tied up with Gaia yanking at him from every direction as he’s trying to squirm away! Submissions don’t normally do that much damage to The Boogeyman to which he uses to his advantage to slip out of the hold and underneath the ring. Gaia has seen this trick before as she just rolls into the ring. The Boogeyman slinks his way out behind her. She whirls around. CRACK! The whip cracks forcefully, but it misses as The Boogeyman leaps forward with a huge punch! His fist is wearing a glove with GLASS glued to it! She cries out in pain as she falls to her knees before Gaia is lifted up in a Gorey Special transitioned into a deadly piledriver! YOUR SOUL TO TAKE! The Boogeyman falls on top of her! One…Two…THREE!] [The Boogeyman gets to his feet as its soulless eyes just stare down at his prey. His arms sway menacingly as he isn’t leaving just yet.]

[The Templars gather around what appears to be a war room table. Godfrey and Solomon Rhodes appear to be deep in discussion as the rest of the Templar Knights watch on, stoic and still. Solomon speaks, his eyes almost pleading with Godfrey.]

“Everything I have tried has been met with defiance. How can one save a soul that does not desire saving? Lux Bellator believe himself to be executing the will of God and will not stray from that will.”

[Godfrey’s voice comes calm and collected, but with a stern edge to it.]

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

[Rhodes looks a little puzzled at the reply, but Godfrey continues.]

“He is the horse that is being led to water. Each week, you have offered him a drink but he has not taken it. Lux Bellator needs to be convinced to open his heart once more to the possibility that the God he serves has a message different to the one he preaches. He will not open that door, for he does not hear the true voice of God. Show him that voice in a way he will understand.”

[Rhodes smiles, dropping his fists to the table before him.]

“Every step of the way, he has had the upper hand. In each battle we have fought, he has always progressed his plan. It was him that brought about the end, who gave Noah enough strength to be born. Lux always used to preach of the notion of ‘dragging souls kicking and screaming into the light’. Perhaps it is he that needs to be dragged to the light.] [Godfrey replies, shaking his head, his voice still calm.]

“Do you know what the original purpose of the Knights Templar was? To protect pilgrims in the holy land from danger. Defenders. We fought valiantly during the Crusades to protect the faith. Lux Bellator is a man of faith, albeit twisted and warped by the darkness he has dedicated his life to ridding. We do not fight to destroy men of faith, but to uphold the faith. He needs not be broken or destroyed…”

[Godfrey places a small object on the table before Solomon. A seed.]

“All he needs is to doubt himself. Solomon, you need to convince Lux that his path is no longer light. When the dust settles on this war, Lux Bellator needs to see things in a new light. This is a crusade for salvation, a soul’s salvation that is of upmost importance. For when Lux Bellator doubts his path, he will seek the Lord on his own accord. He will open the door of his heart.”

[Godfrey produces another object and places it on the table before Rhodes. A scroll of parchment, rolled up and sealed with a wax seal. The irony is not lost on Solomon, who eyes the scroll with suspicion. Godfrey assures him.]

“Give him the scroll. Plant the seed and watch it grow.”

[Solomon nods, picking up the scroll and exiting the room, a trio of Templar Knights leaving with him. Through twists and turns of the Tap Room’s underbelly they turn, walking with purpose until they come to an isolated area. An area that very few have ever stood. It is here that they find the man they seek, Lux Bellator, kneeling in prayer in his Sanctuary. He does not lift his head as Solomon approaches, does not open his eyes. He does not need to.]

“Frater.” [Bellator addresses Solomon without movement.] “Have you come to repent? There is still time to save yourself by turning from these Templar wolves in sheeps clothing. The end is nigh and the sands of time are running.”

[Solomon does not say a word. He merely approaches the meditating Light Warrior, kneels and places the scroll before Bellator. Then, without a word, he stands and backs away. The scroll has been delivered.] [Cut.]


[Everything is spinning.] [The world seems out of control; almost out balance. Mother stumbles around the near darkness, banging into items as she scrapes along the walls, trying to find her way to sanctuary. Her eyes appear glazed, despite their colour.]

“Stop talking to me,” [she says desperately.] “You’re not here.”

[We see from her perspective.] [The Scarecrow.]

“But you hear me nonetheless, don’t you Mother? I must feel and appear as real to you as the visions and mysteries you create. You left me inside that warded chamber, buried beneath concrete and fire, a tomb for my eternity.”

[She tries to ignore him, continuing forward.]

“And you’re certain I cannot escape. You’re certain that I will never see the light of day again, aren’t you? Yet, you escaped your tomb, did you not?”

[Suddenly, Mother falls down, grasping at her head.]

“How can you be sure I’m trapped?”

“Stop it!” [She yells.] “Stop it, my child!”

[The Scarecrow laughs.]

“Where your eyes don’t go, until you know, you’ll always fear The Scarecrow!”

[Flash.] [Flutter.] [Mother’s eyes.] [She bows her head, looking at the floor in dismay. What’s happening to her? Why does she feel this way?] [Cut.]


[Jensen Cussen stands in the ring awaiting his opponents. Jake Jeckel and Jacob Phoenix currently have Creeping Death captive. But the lights drop and come back with only Jeckel and Phoenix in the ring. Jensen is going to be going this alone.] [The bell sounds as the Phoenix rushes forward, taking Jensen by surprise with a huge flurry of lefts and rights before a huge leaping knee stuns the bigger man. The Nightwatch springboards off the ropes at Cussen. PHOENIXRANA! Jensen doesn’t stay down, using the ropes to pull himself up to a vertical base. Jacob comes in hot, and Jensen redirects him right into the steel post. Phoenix staggers backward, walking right into a furious onslaught of strikes, a savage hook nearly taking his head off. GUILT TRIP! SPRINGBOARD TWISTING BRAINBUSTER! ONE… TWO… PHOENIX IS UP! Cussen pulls the Phoenix off the mat, crossing his arms across his throat, STRAIGHT JA… JACOB FLIPS BACK. Jeckel has tagged in!] [Jeckel rushes in with reckless abandon, driving Cussen to the mat with relentless punches. He mounts him and rains down heavy rights and lefts. Vengeance grabs the ropes, and once both men are up to their feet, Jake hammers Cussen with an elbow to the throat. The Juggalo slams Cussen’s head into the turnbuckle twice before letting Vengeance stagger backwards. Jake raises a middle finger, but it was all the time Cussen needed. HAIR TRIGGER! Cussen leaps on top for a cover. ONE… JECKEL IS UP WITH FIRE! Jensen pulls him up by the hair. He whips Jeckel into the ropes and sends him overhead with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! RIGHT INTO THE CORNER! PHOENIX TAGS IN!] [Both men run forward. DOUBLE KNEE! Phoenix begins to fire up, drilling Jensen with rights and lefts before a stiff DDT plants him into the canvas. Jacob rushes to the apron, pounding his fists against the ropes as he wills Vengeance to his feet. PHOENIX FOR… BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE AND PHOENIX IS DOWN! Phoenix is right in his corner so he leaps for Jeckel. TAG! JECKEL IS IN! Jensen didn’t see the tag and gets taken by surprise. THE HATCHET! INTO THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Jensen Cussen fought like hell against two men, but in the end the numbers game won out. The only question remaining pertains to the whereabouts of Creeping Death.]


[Beaten and battered, Jensen Cussen still has life in him as he rolls to the outside of the ring away from the adrenaline filled Jeckel and Phoenix.]

“Where is Creeping Death?” [Vengeance calls out.] [Jeckel grins as Phoenix slides out of the opposite side of the ring. The Nightwatch pulls up the apron curtain, pulling out a decimated Creeping Death. Dried blood colors his clothing, the blood of Phoenix, as he gets rolled into the ring. Jeckel makes a motion to Jensen outside the ring.]

“Come and get his ass, old man!”

[Vengeance hops up on the apron, but before he can do anything, Jeckel rushes him and throws him back into the ring. The Juggalo drops a knee to Cussen’s back, holding him in place while making eye contact with Phoenix.]

“This is it. Let’s fucking end this. Don’t pussy out on me.”

[Phoenix and Jeckel quickly swap places, Jeckel cupping Creeping Death by the chin as he lifts him up to make eye contact. Phoenix does the same over Cussen, looking down at him with hatred.]

“You killed my brother, you son of a bitch. You fuckers took everything from me. Now all I got left is your open throat. I’m gonna wash my hands in your blood, Corey. Because you killed my brother. This is for him.”

[With a roar, Jake snaps Creeping Death’s neck!] [Except no.] [BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA FROM JENSEN CUSSEN!] [Jeckel is on the mat. Cussen grabs Creeping Death and they bolt out of the ring into the crowd. Jacob Phoenix kneels beside Jeckel, looking distraught.]

“I’m sorry, Jake. I can’t kill Jensen Cussen. I want to. Maybe I even need to. But I can’t do it. You are willing to kill to avenge your brother. But killing Vengeance won’t avenge Stephanie. I’m going to save her father. I’m going to make things right.”

[He stands up and walks away as Jake Jeckel begins to stir.]

“For her.”

[Creeping Death and Jensen Cussen still walk free. Jeckel and Phoenix’s partnership was a failure.] [None of these issues have been resolved.]


[As a very pissed off Jake Jeckel leaves the ringside area, the Sharkman finds his way to the ring. The Finned Avenger walks with purpose, seemingly blind to all else but the center of the ring he quickly occupies. He has a small parcel in his hands, held with reverence at his waist.] [WHOOSH!] [A wave of heat cascades through the Tap Room crowd, getting a lot of reaction from the people. This wave comes together in tendril of fire. It weaves around Sharkman before engulfing the parcel and manifesting itself across the ring.] [Helios.]

“Still the same trick, Axel?” [Helios taunts.] [The fire demon unwraps the parcel, showing the completed mask of Hysteria. The one that Helios would not destroy last week.]

“You are just like the rest. You cling to hope, judging others yet you remain unwilling to face judgement yourself.”

[The mask begins to glow a bright red as it slowly evaporates into smoke. Sharkman remains unmoved by this. Helios continues to taunt him.]

“You said you wanted to save LH Harrison. But instead, you taunted him with the very thing that caused him so much trauma in life. Surely you and your merry band of masked buffoons have realized the truth by now. As long as there are only three of you, you will save no one. This has been a pointless diversion that may cost you this war you seem so eager to fight. Only when three become four will you possibly be able to achieve anything of significance. Instead, you flounder about. Who are you really trying to save, Axel the Shark?”

[Sharkman looks at the plume of smoke silently.]

“How long were you haunted by the ghosts of your family? Isn’t that enough to draw back LH Harrison? Isn’t that enough to make you save yourself?”

[Helios considers it for a moment.]

“No.” [He finally says.] “It’s too late for LH Harrison. There is no saving him. But if you desire it, I will bring you the redemption you crave, predator? Once you have been risen to power by King Crowley, you will understand the truth.”

[Sharkman shakes his head.]

“I will never succumb to you, Helios. I wish it didn’t have to be this way.”

[Helios laughs as an official enters the ring.] [It’s time to settle the physical issue in the ring.] [But what hope is there to redeem the Revenants without the fourth Watchman?]


[Old wounds run deep as a Watchmen faces off against the Revenant that darkened his soul, but he will have to put aside his anger for the greater good. Will Helios find his reckoning or will his flames consume one of the last hopes humanity has of survival?] [The bell sounds as The Sharkman rushes forward, surprising Helios with a flurry of lefts and rights before a big knee to the jaw rocks the Revenant. The Shark leaps off the ropes, spinning around Helios before planting him into the mat with a massive Tornado DDT as the Avenger drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Helios just gets the shoulder up! The Shark rolls to his feet, running forward with a SUSHI KICK but Helios manages to just duck under and as The Sharkman turns around, FIERY RIGHT HAND!] [The Shark stumbles away, the flames scorching his mask before a big European Uppercut sends Sharkie staggering into the corner, YAKUZA KICK! The Sharkman gets his bell rung, flopping to the mat as Helios scrambles up to the top rope, sizing up the Watchman for a moment, BRIMSTONE! A flame boosted Moonstomp, the midsection of the Sharkman quickly turns black as he screams in pain before the Flame drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…The Sharkman just gets the shoulder up! Helios pulls the Sharkman up to his feet, stunning him with a massive uppercut before lifting him up onto his shoulders, INFER…BULLDOG! The Sharkman just slipped out as the Avenger rolls to his feet, Helios stumbling up, SUSHI KICK! That hits flush this time but The Sharkman doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope, diving off right into NO HOPE! The Sharkman nearly gets cut in half but Helios doesn’t cover, sizing the Avenger up in the corner as he sets himself ablaze. The Sharkman slowly gets up, his body still smoking as Helios rushes forward, NO HOPE…HITS THE CORNER…RECKONING! The Sharkman hits that out of nowhere as he collapses on Helios, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Avenger does it here tonight, surviving through the flames and enduring Helios as he regains one of the world saving keys for the Watchmen]


[Isaac Danvers leads his patient, Cael Gable, through the dark corridors of the tap room. Gable shuffles slowly, his feet dragging on the floor, his arms still restricted by the straight jacket.]

“Ah, Mister Gable, how far we have come you and I…” [Danvers reflects as the pair reach the top of a flight of stairs.] [Cael looks up at his doctor with hit pitch black eyes and smiles gently. Danvers ignores his patient and instead looks down the stairs.] [BLINK.] [The blackness has GONE from the eyes of Cael Gable! KICK! He boots Danvers in the back, sending him tumbling down the stairs to the floor below!] [Gable sprints down the stairs and jumps over Danvers, looking to esca–NO! Danvers catches the ankle of Gable who falls face first into the hard floor, unable to use his hands for protection. Danvers is slow to his feet, but Gable is slower – struggling to get back to a vertical base without the use of his arms.] [Danvers pulls Gable to his feet and lifts him high into the air, dumping him against the wall where the back of the straight jacket snags against a protruding screw. There Gable hangs, helpless. Hissing with anger.]

“You seem somewhat PERTURBED, Mister Gable.” [Isaac says, tilting his head.] “You seem OUT OF CONTROL once more. And yet how FAR I thought we had come…”

[Gable’s legs kick out towards Danvers. He looks tired, but angry, frothing at the mouth.]

“You don’t own me, you don’t own ANYBODY!” [Gable snaps.]

“Oh but Mister Gable, that’s where you are wrong. I DO own you, and I own your MIND! Finally someone who knows what to do with it owns that fragile organ of yours.” [Danvers says, pointing at the head of Gable.]

“No more! I want it BACK!” [screams Gable.]

“Ah. Well then perhaps you may WIN IT back,” [Danvers suggests,] “next week.”



[Partially eaten by decay, a large wolf’s head looms high over a darkened room.] [At the bottom of a set of stairs, Jonathan Heartsford stands looking up at the throne that once belonged to King Royal.]

“And people call me crazy.”

[Heartsford doesn’t even look back as Lee Crowley saunters out of the shadows to look up at the throne.]

“Are you so lost that you seek out any old throne to bow before? Nigel Royal was taken care of by my Revanents. There is nothing here but dust.”

[The Mad King slowly climbs the stairs as Heartsford looks on, showing no emotion. Crowley turns to sit down on the throne, wiping dust off the arm rest.]

“You say you’re going to save me? But all you do is seek out others to do your dirty work. You really thought that those Templar Knights would have any information on how to save me? As if I can be saved? You’re no better than those Watchmen, Jon. Just another fool that believes he can do the impossible. But the truth is that I have already won. My throne conquered the chair I sit upon. I will not be supplanted. Nor saved. Nor defeated. Hope is fading, partner. I had hoped you would see that, and pledge yourself to my service. Like a good Knight. But instead you sit there as you always do. Uncertain.”

[No change in expression from Heartsford, but his eyes seem to show more life.]

“No, Lee, you’ll find that if there is anything that I am today, it is certain. You may be a King, but I am a Knight. I hold the key to ending your reign and saving you from what will befall those you associate with. Because you were once a light when I was in a dark place. Because I owe you. Because you were my brother, even if you only knew the emotion. That is why I have come here now. Because it’s at the foot of a foreign throne that the Knight will slay the King.”

[Crowley’s laugh echoes through the chamber.]

“Slay the King? Oh, Jonathan, I could call an army to slaughter you where you stand. I coul…”

“I’m sorry. You’re wrong about that.”

[Crowley leans forward as Jonathan continues.]

“King Royal may have been defeated, but when this war started, he formed ties with the Templar. He formed ties with your time lord and his god. This place was abandoned but not lost. Do you know why that is? It’s because it has been warded. Ancient spells have made this single chamber a place where your power can only enter. It cannot leave.”

[He gestures to a large wooden door.]

“That is the only way in or out of this place now. You cannot call your Revenants or your dead. You cannot summon the Underworld. Nor can you teleport there. Because I am certain, Lee Crowley, that this has gone on long enough. There is no doubt in me. Only resolve. A Knight stands before you, King Crowley. Will you yield?”

[Crowley’s smile has faded to pure rage. The Mad King picks himself up from the throne, looking down with a twisted malice in his eyes.]

“You’re going to regret this, Heartsford.”

[The Knight and the King slowly walk towards one another as this epic clash begins.] [Will Heartsford succeed in his goal?]


[Gold to some, the holders of life itself to others as a valiant hero seeks to regain what was lost. Can the smallest man with the biggest heart take another key under his protection or will the Master of Time itself stop him in his tracks?] [The bell sounds as Trebol rushes forward, taking Aion by surprise with a spinning arm-drag, before rebounding off the opposite ropes and planting Aion into the mat with a big one handed bulldog. Aion slowly gets up to his feet holding the ropes right into a flurry of kicks from Trebol before a springboard roundhouse sends Aion crashing down into the corner. Trebol sizes Aion up for a moment, springboarding off the ropes…] [BOCA…AION’S NOT THERE! Trebol slides groin first into the bottom rope…DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Aion nearly caves Trebol’s chest in with that as he muscles down for a cover, ONE…TWO…Trebol just gets the shoulder up! Aion pulls the luchadore up to his feet, ENZIGURI! An almost desperation move stuns Aion as Trebol leaps up to the top rope before diving off with a slow Moonsault that Aion easily steps away from. Trebol crashes to the mat hard, stumbling up holding his gut, 88mph! Trebol gets spiked into the mat as Aion covers for a second pinfall] [ONE…TWO…THR…Trebol just rolls the shoulder up! Aion allows Trebol to slowly get up to his feet before peppering him with lightning fast, almost impossibly so rights and lefts before backing up and nearly decapitating Trebol with a massive Lariat. Trebol spins in mid-air as Aion grabs him and plants him damn near through the mat with a modifed Spinebuster! Trebol looks done as Aion signals for the end, pulling Trebol up to his feet. DESPERATION MIS JOYAS! Aion is doubled over as Trebol trips him up, rolling him into a Small Package as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [El Trebol does it! The Master of Time seemed to have things wrapped up but underestimate the largest heart in OSW for a second and you’ll regret it as Trebol now protects two of the most valuable possessions this world has ever known]


[The match has ended, and though both men are at wit’s end, Trebol still stands tall. As Aion rolls out of the ring, the Watchman slides out to the side and RUNS FOR THE BOOK! Aion leaps after him, grabbing at the heel of the luchador and yanking him backward, Trebol landing face first as Aion leaps atop of him. He forces Trebol to his back and places a hand across his face!]

“I told you, Trebol. If you tried to obtain the book, I would destroy you. And now, your time has come.”

[Aion tightens his grip upon Trebol, fingers arching over the Watchman’s mask, Trebol’s eyes going wide!] [Nothing happens.] [Aion looks on in surprise, hand nearly crushing Trebol’s face as he tries to forcibly age the mask upon his face! TREBOL THROWS A RIGHT HOOK TO AION! THE REVENANT IS ROCKED! Aion lets go of Trebol, the Watchman kicking him into the ring apron before he rolls to his feet, leaning on a stand where the book lies. Aion looks on in confusion.]

“How? You were in my grasp! You should have aged to nothingness. Your mask should be dust!”

[Trebol looks at Aion, using a hand to feel his mask, seeing no signs of aging before tightening his hand into a fist.]

“I know why. It didn’t work because, in a sea of darkness, my brethren and I are the light that shines through. Your powers will not work on me so long as I still have the will to fight.”

[Aion watches as Trebol turns to the book, taking it in his hands. And as soon as he holds it up…] [It turns to dust.] [Trebol looks on in shock, the book he fought so hard for falling to pieces in his hands. As he turns to face Aion, furry in his eyes, the Revenant has left, making way to the entrance. As he does, his voice echoes through the Tap Room.]

“Then I must simply erradicate the hope that leads you to fight the inevitable.”


[Previously Recorded]

“Scanning for hostiles… Reveal yourself and state your intentions.”

[The voice of the Automaton is heard before it is seen, bursting through an open doorway. A whirring sound is heard as it scans its surroundings, obviously searching for signs of life.]

“I have followed you to this location. I know you possess the chip. Resistance is futile. Reveal yourself before force is required.”

[The Automaton steps forward but stops abruptly, freezing to the spot and twitching slightly. From the shadows across the room, Jacen Novan appears, stepping forward holding some electronic device in his hands. His thumb is pressed firmly on a large button on the top of the device.]

“TAM, TAM, TAM… You follow your protocols and programming to the letter. Black and white, it makes you far too predictable. Easy to lead on a false trail. Easy to manipulate.”

[He lets go of the button on his device and the Automaton soon kicks back into life once more. Instinctively, it steps forward and lashes out at its attacker, only to have Novan press the button once more, sending it back to a twitching, lifeless shell. Novan smiles, chuckling.]

“Electro Magnetic Pulse… The power to disable all electrical hardware within a general vicinity. Like I said, predictable.”

[With his other hand, Novan fishes inside his robes, producing the memory chip that TAM has spent the past month hunting for. Now it is right in front of the Automaton, but it is powerless to claim it. He lets go of the button and the Automaton’s figure straightens up, life returning to its faceplate. It once more moves to attack, but Novan holds his thumb above the button warningly and the Automaton stops itself. Jacen shows it the chip.]

“I have led you here not to disable you but to return what is yours. Your memory chip. By Ashla, I have managed to cleanse the virus from its circuitry and retrieve all the memories it contains.”

[Novan tosses the chip over to the Automaton, who catches it with automatic reflexes. Turning the chip over in its hands, it re-installs the memory chip back in its rightful place.]


[The Automaton falls lifeless once more. Jacen is left standing before a lifeless frame.]

“Moment of truth, time to see if the memories have an effect.”

[Life returns to the Automaton and once more, it stands back up straight. It looks to Novan, puzzled.]

“What have you done? You have corrupted my memories.”

“TAM, can’t you see? I have saved them. It is the virus inside you that corrupted them. Your directive is corrupt because you have no memory of your true path.”

[The Automaton backs away from Novan.]

“No, you attempt to manipulate me. That is the most logical conclusion. As such, the time has come for you to be terminated. I have the chip, you are surplus to requirements. When we meet inside the steel cage, I will ensure that you do not leave.”

[The Automaton turns and walks away before Novan can respond. A lot is left unanswered. Will unlocking the memories have any effect on TAM? What will happen to Novan now that he has given back his only bargaining chip? And most importantly of all… What will happen when Novan is locked inside that cage with a relentless Automaton?]


[Novan’s quest to rid TAM of the virus that has corrupted him leads him to this moment. The cage door slams shut and is locked from the outside, leaving him locked inside the cage with a foe that cannot relent… For it is not in the programming of TAM to yield an inch. Only one man will escape.] [The bell sounds and The Automaton wastes no time stalking his opponent. Driven by its directive to destroy, TAM advances across the screen to where Novan waits for it. TAM lines Novan up with a Lariat but the Chosen One ducks the strike and takes the Automaton down with a Hip Throw! Novan is quick to follow up by dropping an Elbow on TAM’s chest but the Automaton catches his elbow mid-flight and twists it awkwardly behind Novan’s back. HAMMER LOCK FROM TAM! It walks Novan over to the cage wall and grabs him with its free hand, TOSSING JACEN HEAD FIRST INTO THE CAGE WALL!] [Jacen Novan crashes head first into the cage and winds up tangled in the ring ropes below!] [The Automaton closes in, freeing Novan from the ropes and hoisting him up above its head in a Gorilla Press. With superhuman power, it TOSSES NOVAN RIGHT BACK INTO THE CAGE WALL! Instinctively, Novan scrambles on his back away from the rampaging Automaton, backing himself into the corner. He struggles to pull himself to his feet just as TAM closes in… AUTOMATED JOINT TEST! Novan has nowhere to go. The Automaton lands blow after blow in rapid succession. Novan looks worse for wear!] [This is definitely not the spot that Jacen Novan wanted to be in. The Automaton seems unstoppable and he finds himself in very dire circumstances. The Automaton powers up for the killing blow, winding its arm up and lining up Jacen Novan’s skull.] [CRASH!] [Jacen Novan ducks the powerful fist of The Automaton and falls to the ground!] [TAM’s fist hits the cage with such force that its fist goes straight through the steel. TAM punched a hole in the steel cage!] [With The Automaton’s fist now stuck in the hole it had created, Novan is offered the small window he needs to find his footing. No sooner had TAM freed its fist, Novan hits it from behind with a Dropkick! The Automaton’s head hits the cage wall and it spins around to locate the assailant. Novan follows up with a BULLHAMMER before TAM can react, DARKNESS WITHIN! The Automaton staggers backwards and falls against the door of the cage. Novan charges at it… RUNNING DARKNESS WITHIN! A SECOND BULLHAMMER!] [Jacen Novan backs up across the ring once more as TAM pulls itself free of the ring ropes and cage door once more. Novan charges again…] [AGAIN, DARKNESS WITH… NO!] [TAM EXPLODES INTO THE CHARGING NOVAN WITH A SPEAR!] [ALL THE MOMENTUM IS TAKEN FROM NOVAN’S SAILS… THAT IMPACT, LIKE A TEN TON TRUCK!] [The Automaton picks Novan up into a BEAR HUG AND CHARGES AT THE DOOR!] [CRASH!] [THE IMPACT OF TAM SLAMMING NOVAN BACK FIRST INTO THE DOOR KNOCKS THE CAGE DOOR OPEN!] [WHAT POWER! HOW DO YOU STOP TAM?!] [The Automaton picks up Novan with both hands around his throat, a Two Handed Choke Lift that hoists Novan into the air. Struggling for air, Novan lashes out, kicking TAM in the chest with both feet and pushing himself free. Jacen falls to the ground and TAM stumbles backwards into the ring rope momentarily. Spying the open cage door, Novan scrambles for the opening.] [Novan reaches the ropes near the open door and commando crawls underneath.] [He’s escaping the ring. Novan is pulling this one out right underneath TAM.] […] [One hand outside the door, then a head. Novan has half of his body outside…] […] [He’s just about free…] [NOVAN CAN TASTE VICTORY!] [WITHOUT WARNING, NOVAN DISAPPEARS… DRAGGED BACK INSIDE BY THE AUTOMATON!] [TAM holds Novan upside down by the feet. Swinging him like a baseball bat, TAM DRIVES NOVAN BACK FIRST INTO THE CAGE WALL! THAT COULD HAVE BROKEN HIS BACK! The Automaton shows no emotion, no remorse as it drops Novan back to the canvas near the centre of the ring. The Automaton mounts Novan, unloading left and right fists, elbow strikes and forearms to the head of its target. One after the other after the other, pulverising Novan to a pulp.] [Jacen Novan is left bloodied, battered and broken. Then the unthinkable.] [The Automaton looks down upon the bloodied face of Jacen Novan…] [THE AUTOMATON HESITATES. IT FREEZES… FOR JUST A MOMENT, IT PAUSES AND DOESN’T FINISH HIM OFF.] [TAM stands, leaving Novan behind. It turns away and begins to climb. Slowly but surely, The Automaton scales its way up the cage wall. Its trail of destruction behind it, Novan still lies lifeless in the centre of the ring. Not being used to the motions required in climbing a cage wall, it takes The Automaton a long time to reach the top, but eventually it does. Its directive is clear, escape the ring. It does not so much as look back as it straddles the top of the cage wall.] [TAM IS MOMENTS AWAY FROM VICTORY, ALL IT NEEDS TO DO IS JUMP DOWN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAGE!] [SURELY, THE AUTOMATON HAS IT… AFTER EVERYTHING NOVAN HAS BEEN THROUGH!] [Without looking back, TAM attempts to swing its second leg over to escape the ring, but it cannot. Its leg is being held firmly, caught perhaps in the cage wall…] [NO, SOMEHOW JACEN NOVAN IS STANDING, HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE TO THE AUTOMATON’S FOOT!] [Jacen Novan pulls at the leg of TAM with enough force to put the Automaton off balance. To stop itself from toppling back into the ring, it takes its eyes off Novan for just a moment to steady itself. Long enough though for Novan to climb up the wall next to the Automaton. The pair exchange blows, but it is TAM that gets the better of the exchange.] [This time there is no hesitation in The Automaton. It has returned to its directive, to destroy Jacen Novan. Grabbing Novan by the sruff of the neck, he hoists him up ominously above his head…] [MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER FROM ATOP THE CAGE! BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE GROUND!] [HOLY CRAP! THE AUTOMATON DESTROYED JACEN NOVAN!] [It pulls itself to a vertical base and turns to scale the cage wall once more. This time, it does not climb. The Automaton leaps from the bottom, three quarters of the way up the cage in a single bound!] [THE AUTOMATON SWINGS BOTH LEGS OVER THE TOP OF THE CAGE!] [THAT’S IT… THE AUTOMATON ESCAPES! TAM HAS WON!] [A dominant victory by the Automaton. Jacen Novan fought valiantly, but could not overcome the sheer unstoppable force of TAM. Aside from victory, there is but one question that seems unanswered… Why did TAM hesitate?]


[The Sharkman.] [Marvolo.] [El Tréblol Junior.] [The Watchmen sift through the wreckage of their library, searching for remnants of answers they might have left behind in the ash and cinder. They’ve been unable to save The Revenants and now, they’ve lost their only link.]

“This is futile,” [Trébol says, kicking the ashes away.] “There’s nothing here but dust. Last week he came to our aide. He knows we need him, so why doesn’t he reveal himself?”

[The Sharkman sighs.] “I don’t know.”

“Is he afraid? Is that it? The entire world is on the line and he could help us save it. Why won’t he step forward?”

[Finally, The Vigilante snaps, slamming his hands down.]

“I don’t have all the answers!” [He yells.] “I don’t who he is or why he won’t reveal himself, okay? Our fathers, our lineage, it has all linked together through generations. He won’t just sit back and let us fail. I know it. You should know it to, Finn. Deep down in your soul, you must.”

[Before his partner can respond, the room is filled with ice.] [Only to be melted by the fire of Helios.] [Stood before them once again, much like when this started are Aion, Helios and now Proteus.]

“Gentlemen,” [Helios says with a growl.] “I’m afraid that it’s time you came with us.”

[The Watchmen stand in defiance.] [Aion continues.]

“This desire to close the gates of the Underworld and save us must stop. We don’t wish to be saved. You’re going to keep coming until the end of time, or the end of your lives.”

[Click.] [Suddenly, all of them are transported to the Underworld. Hell reigns fire behind them, scaring them beyond belief. They look at each other, then at The Revenants who stand before them.]

“Welcome home.”



[A basement.] [In the depths of a dark basement, water drips down the walls, leaking from above. There’s splashes accompanied by creaks as footsteps walk down rickety wooden steps into the central hub of the room.]

“You’ve never been here, have you David?”

[Jonah. Jensen Cussen’s abusive father shares a sinister smile as DTR looks around the room, trying to understand his surroundings.] [Across from them, chains litter the floor. Weapons of abuse adorn the walls, rusted away by the water.]

“This is where I kept my son. This is where Jensen became the monster he is today. Within these walls, I brutalized him, I strengthened him. I showed him how to abandon pain and embrace violence.”

[DTR looks disgusted.] “This is why he became the man he is?”

“He fought back. He saved his family, but I had long changed the man he would become. You see David, he, like you has a destiny.”

[Jonah chuckles.]

“He always has.”

[David turns to look at him with confusion.]

“I don’t understand?”

“Everything I did to my son was for a greater purpose. Your connection with him is undeniable. You were always meant to come together as a Family. I want to facilitate that. I can give you my son.”

[DTR frowns but you can tell that he’s intrigued.]

“Tell me more about our purpose.”

[Jonah puts an arm around him, pulling him close.]

“It truly begins here, David. This is the day the world went away. They just don’t know it yet.”