[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Gasp.] [The Chief abruptly sits up from his coma, lunging forward out of his bed, sending his bed sheets flying. He looks to his left, realizing that Godfrey remains by his side, and swings himself out of bed. The minute his feet touch the floor, Godfrey pounces, stopping him in his tracks.]

“What the?” [He remarks in shock.] “Stop! You’re not ready for that yet.”

[He does as he’s told, resting on the bed.]

“How are you awake?” [Godfrey questions intensely.] “The Doctors said you weren’t responsive. They were certain they were going to lose you.”

[The Chief doesn’t answer.]

“It doesn’t matter, Chief. All that matters is that you’re awake, finally. It has been too long, old friend. I’ve missed you.”

[The Chairman looks at him, his brow furrowed. He slowly stands up, getting to both feet with a surprising amount of ease.]

“Godfrey,” [he says, walking towards the door.] “Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here. But I’m afraid I have to go, I have important work to do.”

[Without changing, without getting dressed, The Chief abruptly leaves the room. Godfrey looks confused, his eyes spanning the corridor as The Chief exits the hospital, leaving him behind.] [A Doctor suddenly enters, just as confused as Godfrey. He looks at the bed, then at him, and tries to understand what’s happening.]

“He woke up,” [Godfrey says almost in disbelief.] “And then he left.”



[The Underworld.] [Lee Crowley sits on a throne made of viscera and bone, looking out into the abyss of the Underworld. A wry smile creeps across his face as he searches the depths of his very own hell with aplomb.] [Suddenly, a husk of a servant rushes to his side.]

“Sir, I have some interesting news,” [The husk says with a monotone voice.] “May I approach?”

[Crowley waves him over.]

“I’ve been doing an inventory of the Underworld in anticipation of more souls arriving at Judgement Day. I’ve found something you might find interesting, sire.”

[He hands over the book. Lee looks at it, flicking through a couple of pages with interest.]

“How have I not been informed of this?” [He asks, looking over the book with a squint.] “Are you sure it exists.”

[The husk nods.] “Yes sir, I’m certain. There’s a cell of sorts in the deepest, darkest, most terrifying part of the Underworld. Something is contained inside. Something so powerful that if you were to unleash it, you’d certainly succeed in your mission to end the world.”

“How powerful?” [Crowley demands to know.]

“If I may speak freely, sire?” [The husk asks, receiving a nod.] “More powerful than you. More powerful than anything I’ve ever seen.”

[That upsets The King. Crowley reaches out, grabbing him violently by the throat. The husk chokes before turning to dust before his master. Lee throws the book down and contemplates his next move.] [Cut.]


[The Black Hole made a huge impact in his debut at Pandemonium but tonight he faces off against a man who’s spot he may well have taken inside that squared circle. Will the Kingpin assert his dominance or will Cole deliver him acceptance?] [The bell sounds as Washington rushes forward, surprising Cole with a big knee to the gut, doubling Cole over before he’s biel tossed into the corner. Cole gets up to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before a big uppercut glazes his eyes over as Washington backs up a few paces. A REAL ONE! A massive boot to the chin smacks Cole’s head into the turnbuckle before he’s tossed to the canvas as Nate drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Cole gets the shoulder up! Washington annoyed pulls Cole up to his feet but gets a stiff headbutt for his troubles before Cole grabs him by the head and swings him down to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Cole lifts Nate up to his feet, trying for a Suplex but Nate lands on his feet behind Cole driving a pair of elbows to the small of the back before a stiff knee drops Cole down to his. Washington backs up, trying for a spear to the back but Cole just rolls out of the way and as Nate turns around, RED MIST! A massive knee to the face drops Nate like a shot as Cole covers] [ONE…TWO…Nate just gets the shoulder up! Cole lifts Nate up off his feet and onto his shoulders, possibly trying for Wasteland but Washington slips down his back, nailing Cole with another stiff knee to the small of the back before lifting him up and planting him with a stiff spinning backbreaker! Nate doesn’t cover, backing up as Cole slowly gets to his feet holding his back, WATCH YA MOUTH…BUT COLE NO-SELLS IT! Cole smiles wide, looking to the heavens for ACCEPTANCE before rushing forward and nearly breaking Washington’s jaw with a second RED MIST! Cole doesn’t let Washington hit the floor, lifting him up high before sending him crashing to the canvas with the ROAD TO RECOVERY! Cole quickly covers, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Black Hole picks up a massive victory here in his first OSW singles match, proving that his placement in Pandemonium wasn’t a fluke and that he may well a huge fixture in the future…if OSW has one]


[Previously Recorded.] [Jake Jeckel.] [Jacob Phoenix.] [Formerly working together against The Family, their partnership dissolved when Phoenix refused to kill Cussen. Now Jake has finally cornered Phoenix in the Tap Room.]


[The Juggalo cuts him off.]

“Fuck you. There’s two reason your ass isn’t in pieces right now. First, because you ran away like a coward instead of facing me like a man.”

[The anger seems to fade from his voice.]

“The second is that killing you would be colossally stupid. Fuck me, right? This fucking war means more to me than doing what I do. And your pussy ass happens to be real important to that war.”

[Phoenix nods slowly.]

“So why are you here?”

[Jeckel snorts.]

“Look at us. We’ve been at this shit for a long time, and it’s never been more fucked up. We’re knee deep in blood, and it’s only getting deeper. The end is coming. A lot of tent pole motherfuckers of this place are out there fighting to stop the apocalypse. But for guys like you and me, this shit is personal. They killed my brother. They killed your girl. They even fucking killed you. But here we are. I’m about to go out here and hunt down Creeping Death like the wounded animal he is. Because that’s how I handle my shit.”

[Jake steps out to point his finger in Phoenix’s chest. Directly at the Phoenix symbol.]

“You want to save Jensen Cussen? Go for it. But don’t save him for her. She was shit to you, man. You gave all you had for her and she didn’t give a shit. She’s dead now, too. Jensen was a good man once. You used to be too. You’ve spent four months trying to save that old fuck, and nothing has worked. Your need for vengeance is gonna cost us this whole war.”

[Jake heads for the exit while Phoenix seems shaken by the Juggalo’s words. Jeckel isn’t done though.]

“There’s too much riding on this shit for me to let you pussy out again. This is the end game. Judgement Day. The end of the fucking world. Maybe you need to look in the fucking mirror and realize that Jacob Phoenix can’t get the job done. Stephanie’s dead, but you don’t have to be.”

[The Juggalo slams the door behind him, while Phoenix looks on. Jacob slumps down on a stool, Jake’s words echoing through his head. Jeckel is going to hunt Creeping Death.] [But what is Phoenix going to do?]


[It’s a battle of wills here between Johnathan Heartsford and Chip Montana!] [The bell sounds as Heartsford eyes Montana carefully. They move towards the center of the ring where Heartsford strikes out with a lightning quick dropkick! Montana is blasted backwards as Heartsford rolls to his feet. The Aerial Knight rushes towards Chip Montana before leaping into the air to hook the head of Montana! However, Montana just clutches the top rope as Heartsford slams down into the mat. Montana reaches down into the tights before pulling out a pair of brass knuckles! The referee quickly steps into place and takes the knuckles from his hands! As he turns to deposit them outside, Montana kicks Heartsford right in the uprights!] [The Aerial Knight falls to his knees as Montana knocks him down on his face to lock in a Camel Clutch! He begins wrenching back on the chin of The Aerial Knight as the referee comes back around. Knight’s face is contorted in pain as Montana is applying the hold. Knight begins dragging himself towards the ropes only Montana drops a knee into the back of Knight to keep him in place. The referee raises his hand and drops it! He raises Knight’s hand again as it falls. He raises it a third time…. And KNIGHT IS FIRING UP! He begins crawling towards the ropes! Montana raises up to drop another knee. Only Heartsford flips himself over and hooks the head for a hurricanrana!] [The Aerial Knight kips up to his feet as Montana slowly gets to his. Chip Montana rushes towards Heartsford for a clothesline, but Knight is too quick as he ducks it and springs off the second rope. He comes down for a big moonsault into a DDT! A NEW PERSPECTIVE! He covers him! One…Two…KICKOUT! He pulls Montana up, but Chip rushes forward slamming him into the corner! He pulls Heartsford out of the corner and whips him around quickly! SEE YA LATER, ALIGATOR! The backstabber connects as Heartsford’s back arches in pain. Only Chip isn’t finished. He quickly wraps the head of Heartsford before yanking him back into a submission! IGUANA SLEEPER! The knees are pressed into the back of Heartsford as he has no choice but to tap!] [Chip Montana rises to his feet as he surveys Heartsford on the ground clutching at his neck.]


[A single, continuous drip echoes down the corridors of the Tap Room. Standing alone in the darkness of a small room is Cael Gable. Alone, for a moment at least.] [Static.] [Darkness.] [Light.] [ISAAC DANVERS.] [Gable grits his teeth. He notices that between Isaac’s feet is a large jar containing the head of Never Dead Dan. Pickled.]

“What is it this time, Danvers?” [he hisses through his gritted teeth.] [Danvers head tilts to one side. He raises a hand, touching the cheek of Gable gently, giving his skin a light stroke with his thumb.] [Gable smacks the hand away and steps forward so that the two are almost nose to nose.]

“My love…” [Danvers almost breathes the words rather than speaks them.] “I bring you a message of HOPE, and of LOVE.”

[Danvers extends an arm, his palm raised at Gable. Gable flies backwards, sticking to the wall. Helpless. He struggles but it is futile. Danvers steps towards his former pet.]

“Mister Gable, DARK DAYS lie ahead of us, and your Judgement Day looms ever closer. You will be joining us one way or another. Me. My People. YOUR PARENTS. Why must you fight the inevitable?”

“We can be together FOREVER, my love.”

“LEAVE MY PARENTS OUT OF THIS!” [Gable screams, launching himself free of the mysterious grip of Isaac Danvers, tackling him to the ground!] [Gable punches Danvers, but suddenly he is missing. His fist drives into the concrete floor. The pain causes him to flip over and sit himself down on the floor. Looming above him: DANVERS.]

“Very well, Mister Gable,” [Isaac says,] “Then we shall do this the HARD WAY.”



[Somewhere in the bowels of the Tap Room, DTR sits alongside Lux Bellator and D’von Chambers. They’re waxing lyrical about the current situation of the world.] [DTR smiles.]

“I can feel his hand on my shoulder,” [he says proudly.] “I can feel him guiding me to the end of the world. There’s no feeling like it; it’s europhoria.”

[D’von nods in agreement.] “Our mighty Lord has offered us salvation, brother David. He has bestowed upon us the ark that sails to paradise. Can you even imagine the paradise that awaits us? All glory be to God.”

[They turn their attention to Lux, who looks at the floor.]

“Brother Bellator,” [Chambers says.] “You’ve been quiet. Don’t you feel his hand guiding you?”

[Lux doesn’t say anything, so DTR pipes up.]

“It was in part due to the sacrifice of Lux Bellator that our mission could even flourish as it has. He strengthened Stephanie so that Noah could be born unto the world; its destroyer, its savior. Lux, God has asked one more task of you, has he not? Judgement.”

[The Light Warrior finally lifts his head.] “I’ll join you in your final battle, David, D’von, but I warn you now that God is my only master. I only serve the Lord.”

[DTR and Chambers smile wildly, almost in celebration. D’von can’t help but throw his arms around Bellator and laugh.]

“And serve him we will, my brother!”



[The veteran Revenant has his work cut out for him in this match against two much larger and more powerful newcomers. Can Proteus freeze their momentum before it even starts? Can Darkstar continue his monstrous path of destruction he created in Pandemonium? Or will the void knight be one step closer to claiming his destiny?] [The bell rings out as Darkstar immediately charges at Proteus with a huge pump kick! Berengar doesn’t want to miss out on the action and rushes towards the Eluviuman with a clothesline! Axal goes down, but Proteus is back up and rushes the void knight with a dropkick to the face! The warrior is backed into the turnbuckles as the Revenant runs forward with a stinger splash! The momentum of the avalanche bounces him into the arms of a standing Darkstar! RELEASE GERMAN STARPLEX! The hardened pit fighter stands upright and throws his arms outward with a confident smile on his face, resulting in a mixture of cheers and boos.] [Darkstar turns around to focus on Berengar WHO SPEARS HIM TO THE MAT! The void knight doesn’t let up, continuing his assault with a Boston crab. It’s cinched in the middle of the ring and Axal can’t move anywhere! Proteus is back to his feet, however, and rushes over to the space warrior with a ran-NO, BERENGAR HOLDS ON! He hoists the revenant onto his shoulders before tossing him back down for a fireman’s carry slam! Proteus is down for but a moment as Berengar lifts him to his feet. He smiles to the crowd before locking in DESTINY’S MAW! THAT IS ONE TIGHT HEADLOCK!] [Darkstar’s up to his feet, however, and takes advantage of the distracted void knight by clubbing him from behind! Berengar releases the hold and turns to face the Eluvium gladiator, charging at him for another spear- WORLDS COLLIDE! The headbutt rocked the bigger man as he stumbles towards the ropes. Proteus charges after Axal but gets hoisted on his shoulders this time! SUPERNOVA! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! The revenant looks out as Darkstar lifts Berengar up AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE DYING STAR PILEDRIVER! He crosses the void knight’s arms and presses one forearm across his chest. ONE! TWO! THREE!!!] [The Kathar’i Chieftain decimates two more people during his rise in OSW! He smiles as he pushes off the void knight and stands upright. Darkstar nonchalantly exits the ring and makes his way to the back. Before the cameras fade, we catch him wiping his dry forehead and showing his palm to the crowd.]


[In the depths of the Templar’s lair, Solomon Rhodes stands before many men; some former allies, some former enemies, but all men that he needs to battle evil.] [Brent Kersh, Edward Newton and Jonathan Heartsford.]

“I gathered you here today for a purpose that cannot be denied. At Judgement Day, we know that DTR is assembling an army to destroy Old School Wrestling. They’re knocking at the door of our apocalypse and if someone answers, the world ends.”

[They look at each other.]

“A great battle between good and evil lies ahead and I’m asking you to take up arms, stand beside me and fight it. Only we can stop it. However, we must come together to do so.”

[Rhodes eyes wander to Brent and Edward, who stand looking at each other momentarily. Brent takes a deep breath and thrusts his hand froward.]

“We left it on the mat,” [Kersh says.] “But the world is more important than our shared disdain for one another. If we don’t come together, there won’t be anything left.”

[Edward thinks about it, taking his hand and shaking it.]

“Then we must come together. I’ve tried to save the world alone and all I did was help thrust it into further chaos,” [Newton admits.] “And now’s the time to pay the pied piper. Consider me in, gentlemen.”

[Rhodes smiles in agreement. He turns his attention to Heartsford, who’s about to speak.] [Static.] [Suddenly and completely out of nowhere, Lee Crowley appears!] [The King of The Underworld smirks, tapping Jonathan Heartsford on the shoulder and disappearing with him. Rhodes, Kersh and Newton search the room with their eyes, realizing that he’s gone.] [Cut.]


[It’s tag team action here as Betamax is stepping into the ring with Brent Kersh against two members of the The Family!] [The bell sounds as it’s DTR and Brent Kersh starting this one off. They lock up in the center of the ring before Brent Kersh grabs the arm of DTR to hit a quick armdrag! DTR rolls back to his feet before charging in! Kersh throws a right hand, but DTR ducks underneath to hit a quick German suplex! Kersh is folded over on top of himself as Kersh rolls back to his feet, clutching his neck. DTR kicks him in the mid-section before wrapping the arms of Kersh up. The Enforcer manages to squirm from the grasp and connect with a quick uppercut into DTR’s midsection! Kersh whips DTR into his corner.] [TAG! In comes Betamax for a big pop from the crowd who is very familiar with him! Betamax connects with a quick elbow strike to the face staggering DTR before springing off the second rope for another elbow smash! DTR is buffeted backwards into his own corner where DTR turns and tags out to Jensen Cussen! Cussen leaps into the ring to charge Betamax! A leaping knee strike catches Betamax on the chin as Jensen Cussen springs off the second rope. CURTAIN’S CLOSED! The jawbreaker connects as Betamax is clutching his jaw in pain. Jensen Cussen kicks Betamax in the gut before lifting him up for a slingshot suplex turned into…NO!] [Betamax reverses the suplex by turning himself into a neckbreaker in mid-air! Both men are down! Jensen is back to his feet first and grabs Betamax who rolls him up! One…Two…KICKOUT! Both men get to their feet as Betamax whips Jensen into his own corner! Betamax charges in with a running knee strike while tagging out at the same time. Betamax charges across the ring and sends himself over the top rope, colliding with DTR to take both of them to the floor! Jensen Cussen throws a desperation right hand only for Kersh to dodge it. Scoop slam! Jensen is rocked as he comes back to his feet. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! The shoulderbreaker into a piledriver spikes him into the mat as Kersh covers! One…Two…THREE!] [A big win for the good guys here tonight as Betamax rolls into the ring to celebrate with Brent Kersh. They raise their fists in the air as DTR stews on the outside.]


[We cut to the backstage area of the Tap Room where we find Darkstar walking the halls in a menacing fashion.] [His threatening stature moves smoothly, confidently in step. He hunts, but he does not trap for his satisfaction in superiority rivals his desire for life; or rather, the taking of which.] [Suddenly.] [Badeep! Badeep! Badeep!] [A muffled beeping sound halts the Kathar’I Chieftain and he slowly removes an electro-mechanical device from his garb.] [Our camera angle peers into his eyes as he glances upon the device; his head moving ever so slightly to the left as if he recognizes the presence of another.] [A calm, comforted demeanor comes over him.] [After enduring a long pause, Darkstar quickly re-places the devices and continues his walk down the hall and around the corner.] [The screen flickers.] [Static.] [It’s Chip Montana.] [He stands quiet; his eyes wide open in awe as he peaks around a corner, surrounded by shadows.]

“C’mere mate” [Montana whispers as he nods his head around the corner.] “Ya’ve gotta see this one!”

[“Kevin” repositions himself from beyond the shadows, moving just beyond the opposite shoulder of Chip bringing Darkstar into view as he walks down the hall away from them.]

“Careful you arse!” [Montana snaps at his personal camera subtly.] “We don’t wanna spook him.”

“Look at him won’t ya? He’s magnificent. A true trophy for the mantle. Like nothing you’d ever find In The Bush. At least not the ones we come from aye mate?”

[As Montana marvels at the Kathar’I Chieftain, Darkstar comes to a halt and Chip hushes his cameraman.]

“Easy mate!”

[With that we watch as Darkstar removes the device and maintains a certain amount of stillness. The scene playing out before us like déjà vu. Eventually, the Chieftain moves on.]

“What’s that?” [Montana glances back at the camera.] “Naw mate, not today! I’m just scouting. Next week we’ll go live… with the hunt!”

[Static.] [Cut.]


[For the first time since he broke the first seal, Lux Bellator seems…uncertain. Facing off against a machine fueled by the Virus, can Lux find the faith to continue or will TAM continue to turn his joy noxious?] [The bell sounds as Lux rushes forward, peppering TAM with a series of stiff elbows to the jaw before trying to lift him up high for a Suplex. TAM slips out, landing on his feet before nearly decapitating Lux with a massive Lariat as Bellator turns around. TAM barely lets Lux hit the ground before pulling him up by the throat, lifting him up high in the air with a double handed Choke, trying to squeeze the life out of Bellator] [Lux struggles under the power of TAM, an errant kick to the chin stunning TAM for a moment, loosening his grip enough for Lux to slip out and drive TAM to the mat with a modified DDT! TAM slowly gets to his feet groggily as Lux leaps off the ropes, sending TAM flying across the ring with a crucifix headscissors. TAM gets to his feet as Lux rushes forward right into a leaping knee to the jaw. A second knee, followed by elbow after knee after elbow before a final spinning elbow to the jaw finishes the AJT and TAM lifts Lux up into the air, trying for a Powerbomb] [GUTWRENCH…HURRICANRANA! Lux rolls through into a pinfall position. ONE…TWO…TAM gets the shoulder up! Lux quickly gets to his feet, springboarding off the ropes…V TRIGGER! Lux leaped right into that knee but TAM doesn’t let him fall to the mat, quickly lifting him up high in the Gorilla Press Position. MECHANICAL MAN…DISCIPLE MAKER! Lux slipped out, hitting the Flip Piledriver out of nowhere as he collapses onto TAM. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Lux picks up the victory here tonight, using his speed and veteran wiles to get past his deadly foe here tonight]


[Earlier tonight.] [Inside a seemingly empty hallway is something far more sinister, as a constantly-shifting form is seen lurking. The form turns a corner, revealing itself to be The Boogeyman as he watches Gaia from a safe distance. His voice is nearly a whispers as he begins to speak, his eyes focused on his prey.]

“I’ve seen you get weaker with every passing moment. When you lost your power over me, I knew my chance to feast had come. I tasted the delights of your fear, and I have come for the main course.”

[He inches closer to Gaia, his voice getting louder with every movement toward his target.]

“There is nothing you can do to stop the Terror of the Night. Not even the allies you surround yourself with can save you from what I have in mind…for they do not fully comprehend what I am capable of. The only thing to fear is fear itself, and it stands before you with jaws wide open, ready to—”


[Suddenly, vines spring out from the walls to ensnare Boogeyman. Gaia turns around, glaring at her supposed predator with a snarl on her face.]

“I trapped you in my power once, I could do it again in an instant if I wanted to. I have a bigger purpose in the scheme of things, now. When the world faces its Judgement Day, I will get what is rightfully mine…and you will get what you have coming to you.”

[Boogeyman ponders this for just a moment…but soon chuckles, which grows into a hearty laugh.]

“I saw the look in your eyes when I took you down a couple notches, Gaia. I know what you fear most…and it is failure. You’re afraid you will fail at this, just like you failed to stop your children from locking you up…just like you failed to stop The Watchmen…just like you failed to stop me.”

[With that, The Boogeyman vanishes. The vines retreat into the walls as Boogeyman’s laughter rings throughout the hall.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have two monsters fighting for supremacy! Who will come out victorious? The one lurking under your bed or the one who tucks you in at night? We find out next as Mother takes on the Boogeyman!] [DING! DING! Mother and Boogeyman go right after each other! They are delivering right after right! Mother is not moving an inch but Boogeyman is twisting with every shot! He is contorted in a way that is nowhere near natural! He looks like a wrung washcloth but he immediately spins out of it delivering a wicked spinning back fist! What a strike as Mother is down! Boogeyman is pulling Mother up the hair! JUMPING KNEE STRIKE! What a way to get out of that grip by Mother! She’s hacking up and is about to spit the black mist onto Boogeyman!] [PITCH DARKNESS] [The lights have gone out in the tap room! Nothing can be seen at all! The familiar call of a crow is the only thing anyone can hear. The lights are back on! One black feather falls the middle of the ring and Mother’s eyes grow wide with fear! She sees him! Scarecrow is perched on the barricade! He slowly rises to his feet!] [Mother knows she is not safe! The darkness only made Boogeyman stronger and she is stuck between a crow and a hard place! She runs out of the ring opposite of crow! The referee starts counting her out! ONE… TWO…. THREE… FOUR! It’s elementary at this point as she hides between her children in the crowd and gets out of there as soon as possible! EIGHT…NINE…TEN! IT’S OVER! COUNT OUT VICTORY FOR THE BOOGEYMAN!] [Boogeyman wins but give the assist to Scarecrow! Mother lets the predator she is less afraid of have his win!]


[A secluded location. We find Jacen Novan, as we have in the past, meditating as the power of the Ashla surrounds him. The sleeves of his robes are rolled up, exposing both his clean and infected flesh.]

“Ashla, guide me. Protect me. Cleanse my blood. Through darkness, there is light.”

[Yet, this day he is watched by the presence of another who waits silently in the shadows. The Automaton, intently watches over its long time foe, its mission now reinvigorated by the words of Noah. Though the Automaton does not understand the forces at play with Jacen Novan, it watches as if to study, attempting to learn from afar.]

“Ashla, protect my blood. Cleanse me and restore balance within.”

[As Novan speaks, light seems to radiate from his infected arm. The spider-web of virus that still plagues this are of his body slightly fades until his flesh becomes visibly clear before our eyes. The Automaton cannot quite see what is happening, only the light that radiates from Novan’s being. Silently, it slinks forward a single step behind Novan. Not enough to be heard or seen, yet Novan feels its presence.]

“I know why you’re here TAM. Do not think you can hide from me.”

[The Automaton seems surprised that Novan had noticed him in the midst of his meditation and healing, yet not taken aback. The mechanical voice that sounds is emotionless.]

“Impressive trick. Though my directive is classified and you could not possibly know the details of it.”

[Novan turns, facing TAM. As he does so, he breaks the meditation and the web of virus slowly begins to reform on his forearm.]

“I did not say I knew your mission, I said I knew why you were here. It’s simple. Curiosity.”

[The Automaton remains silent, processing Novan’s words. Processing its next step. Novan continues.]

“Though you may have bested me when we met last, I saw as clear as everybody else. You hesitated. You doubted. Perhaps those memories I retrieved for you have cast a new light on your directive?”

[The Automaton steps back, creating space between the pair.]

“My directive is classified and you will not no the details of it. Though, the power that you wield is… intriguing.”

[The Automaton motions towards Novan’s arm, which still glows slightly from the Ashla coursing through it. Novan smiles at the notion.]

“That was once your directive TAM, to learn from me. It seems we have come full circle. But you will never know the power of Ashla while this virus corrupts you. I can save you, only then can you harness what I know.”

[He steps towards TAM, not in aggression but as an act of peace and alliance.]

“If you would let me…”

[The Automaton freezes. In that moment, a series of complicated decisions and information flash through its hardware. In order to complete its mission for Noah and repay it, it would have to ally with Novan. But in order to truly ally with Novan, it would have to be party to the cleansing that the Ashla can offer. Only once choice remains for the Automaton, who merely nods slightly in approval of Novan’s request.]

“Very well, TAM. We have much to catch up on if you are to be cleansed. I can restore everything to the last back-up prior to you becoming infected.”

[As Novan turns to walk away, TAM’s intentions become clearer. Its eyes flash from a calm blue to a more sinister red. It waits until Novan is out of earshot.]

“Very well, Novan. Show me your power. Reveal your secrets. Then, you will be surplus to requirements.”


[Two members of team evil take on The Sharkman and Gable tonight, as Danvers and Helios look for retribution for title match losses in recent weeks.] [Helios and Gable start out in the ring and straight away the Olympian goes for the dropkick. Helios steps out of the way, and as Gable gets back to his feet he begins to pound him with heavy punches. Gable uses his ring awareness to escape the Revenant’s reach, sliding out of the ring. Helios eagerly follows him out but Gable hits him with a running elbow to the leg as Helios stands on the apron, taking him off his feet. Gable rolls Helios into the ring and tags in The Sharkman. Sharkman heads up to the top rope immediately, and as Helios gets back to his feet he hits a DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!] [Helios falls back into his corner allowing Danvers to tag himself in. Danvers hits a big boot on the Finned Avenger, turning him inside out. Danvers picks him up, Sharkman tries for a SUSHI KICK FROM NOWHERE! But the shining wizard misses! Danvers slams him down with a double handed chokeslam spinebuster. Without wasting a moment Danvers walks Sharkman over to Gable, and tags Gable in, throwing Sharkman over the top rope. Gable steps through the ropes and faces the plague doctor.] [The two take a second to stare each other down, before Gable tries for a clothesline, but Danvers ducks. Gable explodes off the ropes with a crossbody, following it up with a swift DDT as Danvers attempts to stand. It’s a tag! Helios is back in the ring, and he slaps Gable, stopping him in his tracks. Helios kicks Gable in the gut and hits the UNDER FIRE! The package piledriver! He pins. ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!] [Gable is back to his feet, but Helios hits him with a spear! NO HOPE! Another pin. ONE. TWO..THREE!] [Team Evil take the win tonight with a solid victory as Judgement Day looms.]


[After interfering in Mother’s match, The Scarecrow has taken his search to the backstage area. He drags his claws down the walls of a darkened corridor, whistling menacingly. Abruptly, he stops, snapping his head to search the shadows.]

“Where are you, Mother?” [He hisses.] “Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

[He laughs.]

“You can’t hide from me forever, dearest creator,” [The Scarecrow says with a sinister tone.] “Sooner rather than later, you will have to meet me face to face. You will have to kill what you created, before what you created stops you.”


“I know you’re watching me, I can feel your eyes burning through me. You were fortunate last week at Pandemonium, weren’t you? I know how scared you were. I know how fearful you have become. I cannot kill you, Mother. I cannot destroy you. I can only stop you.”

[He pauses.]

“And until you face me once again, until that day, where your eyes don’t go, you will fear The Scarecrow.”

[The Scarecrow laughs sadistically, continuing his search down the halls for Mother. In the meantime, our cameras find her lurking in the shadows, watching intently. Is she afraid? She could be. What can The Scarecrow do to her? Whatever it is, she wants no part of it.] [Cut.]


[The Riddler prepares himself for a battle against an old foe in Jacob Phoenix. Can Edward Newton gain a yet another victory, or will Phoenix pull off the upset with a win!?] [Newton looks at the masked Phoenix with a cocky grin. He marches forward and lock horns with Jacob. Edward gets the upper hand and folds Phoenix backwards until his shoulders touch the mat… One! The ref makes a quick count, but Jacob kips up breaking the hold and spinning Newton at the same time. He kicks Newton to the gut, and readies him for a powerbomb, but Newton counters with with a BACK BODY DROP! Phoenix goes down hard and grabs the small of his back. Newton wastes no time and stalks the downed Vigilante. He grabs Jacob’s legs and locks him in a FIGURE FOUR!! Phoenix is in real trouble! He seems about to tap, but manages to roll to his stomach, relieving the pressure from his legs and putting it back on Newton.] [Newton screams and reaches for the ropes. He barely grabs them, and the ref breaks the hold! Jacob gets to his feet and rushes to keep his advantage. He yanks Edward to his feet, but quickly catches a quick punch to the gut… another… another! Newton has separation. He nails Phoenix on the chest with a KNIFE EDGE CHOP!! ANOTHER!! ANOTHER!! He kicks Phoenix in the gut, and FISHERMAN SUPLEX!!! He bridges… One… Two… Thre… NO! Jacob kicks out!] [The Riddler is unhappy about the count, but doesn’t fall into foolishness. He jumps just to drop down again with a FIST DROP! He backs off and waits for Phoenix to rise. Jacob gets to a knee… NEVERMIND! A HUGE NEVERMIND DDT! Newton levels Phoenix! He doesn’t waste even a moment and covers… One… Two… THREE!!!] [Edward Newton has done it! He has won yet another match in OSW!]


[Jensen Cussen.] [The aged warrior stalks through the flickering halls of the Tap Room. The black stickiness of the Virus covers the walls, empowering his Vengeance. Before him is his quarry.] [Jacob Phoenix.] [The Nightwatch locks eyes with his nemesis, his fists clenching in response.]

“For her.”

[The two men charge at one another, grabbing and clawing at one another. Phoenix swings with a huge strike, that busts Jensen’s head open. Black oozes out of the gash, a smile on Jensen’s face. Phoenix tries again, but Cussen grabs his arm, his veins turning black as he channels the power of the Virus flowing through it.] [SNAP!] [Phoenix’s arm hangs limp as Cussen stares through a black veil of rage. Vengeance knees him in the stomach, causing Jacob to double over. Cussen grabs Phoenix by the neck, hoisting him up in the air before him. The younger man tries to whisper through the clamp around his windpipe. But Jensen can hear him.]

“Like father, like…”

[Jensen releases the now limp body of Phoenix. But something is happening to Cussen.]

“Not him, too. I’m not like Jonah.”

[Out of the gash on his head, the black ooze flows freely, puddling beside Jensen. The ooze flows up to form the form of a man. The form of Jensen Cussen himself. Vengeance personified.]

“It’s in our blood, Jensen.” [Vengeance taunts.] “You’ve given everything for us. Give in, and we will build a new family once Noah is done. This is no time to rebel.”

[The flesh and blood Jensen seems shaken and weak. He looks down at Phoenix.]

“This isn’t real. He’d never directly attack me. Maybe you don’t know this man as well as I do.”

[Vengeance chuckles.]

“Fool. The truth is within you.”

[Around them, the scene begins to shift. The Virus is no longer covering the walls of the Tap Room, it has been beaten back by hope. Jacob Phoenix fades into nothingness, an illusion. The gash even vanishes on Cussen’s head. All that we see now is Jensen Cussen standing in a hallway, his eyes black with Vengeance.]

“We are one. We are Vengeance.”

[As Cussen walks around a corner, we see a pair of masked eyes watching from the shadows.]


[The Watchmen may have found their fourth but their heart faces off against a grave challenge here tonight in defending one of his two keys. Will the seemingly immortal Graves dispatch of the masked marvel or can El Trebol prove why he should never be the underdog?] [The bell sounds as Graves rushes forward with a Lariat that Trebol ducks under before delivering a stiff kick to the knee of Graves. Trebol ducks under a right, delivers another low kick. Ducks under a left, delivers a third kick. Graves frustrated delivers a lightning fast jab that Trebol still easily ducks before smashing Graves knee with a massive roundhouse that sends the bigger man down to the mat. Graves slowly gets up to one knee as Trebol springs of the ropes, drilling him with a huge Shining Wizard that nearly knocks Graves out cold before Trebol drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Graves just gets the shoulder up! Trebol waits for Graves to stir to his feet before springboarding off the ropes, HURRICANR…GRAVES CATCHES HIM, repoistioning Trebol up onto his shoulders DEVESTATOR! Graves nearly breaks Trebol in half over his shoulders as he drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…NO! Nearly a new champion there as Trebol is pulled up to his feet before being locked into the Dragon Sleeper! Not Merciless thou as Graves can’t lock in the body scissors, Trebol fighting out with stiff kicks to the jaw that loosen Graves hold just enough to allow Trebol to slip out, leaping over Graves and dropping him to the mat with a Reverse DDT!] [Graves gets to his feet, rushing forward with a Lariat that Trebol ducks before bouncing off the ropes, ;MIS JOYAS! That running headbutt stops Graves cold as he stumbles forward, Trebol leaping up to the top rope as he dives off with the Moonsault, landing on Graves shoulders, AL VER VERDE! Trebol rolls through with the Poison-Rana as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [El Trebol retains his title with a great victory here tonight. Graves tried his best but Trebol may well be the fastest wrestler alive today and speed will always beat power on the best of days]


[Previously Recorded.] [Jake Jeckel is armed with a hatchet as he walks down the long path to the Family home. He’s wasted no time in tracking down his nemesis Creeping Death after the events of VHS 142. Dried black ooze stains the sharp edge of his weapon, from God knows what. The Juggalo is so consumed with his mission that he does not see where his stepping.] [WHOOSH!] [Jeckel is grabbed around the foot by a rope. He is left dangling upside down. The hunter has been caught in a trap!]

“Ever predictable, Jake.”

[Creeping Death appears to stand before him, though just out of his reach.]

“You tried to do it the kid’s way. Now you’re coming in your way. You should have killed me when you held me hostage. Instead, you pissed me off.”

[Death looks down at the dropped hatchet of Jeckel, snorting. He draws one of his own out, looking freshly sharpened, yet not made out of metal.]

“It’s fucking poetic, Jake. Me and you. Noah laid it all out. I’m supposed to either infect you or end you.”

[Jake spits at his old friend.]

“Fuck you.”

[Death brushes the saliva off his chest.]

“It’s funny, you know? You never were the sentimental type. But here you are, doing it all for that piss-ant brother of yours.”

[The infected one runs the hatchet across the dangling leg of Jeckel before kicking him away.]

“You didn’t even bury his ass. Too much work? Or was it too hard for poor little Jake. You never get your way, do you?”

[Death kneels down to hold the hatchet in front of Jeckel.]

“But I went back and got what I could of old Jack. There were enough pieces to make this little hatchet.”

[Jake roars in anger as Creeping Death stands to his feet.]

“Like I told you at the Long Night. Your Judgement Day isn’t here yet. But it’s coming. And you’ll have to decide whether you want to do the Jake Jeckel thing and save your own ass by taking the Virus or whether you’ll join your brother in hell.”

[A vicious boot knocks out Jake. Death reaches up and uses the hatchet made from Jack Jeckel’s bones to cut down Jake. He looks down at his fallen enemy and shakes his head before walking back towards the Family Home.] [Jake Jeckel’s mission of vengeance has brought him this far, but how will he react to the words of Creeping Death?]


[The VHS Championship is on the line here tonight as Jake Jeckel defends against Gaia, Jacen Novan, and Aion!] [The bell sounds as they circle around the ring, looking for an opening. The Juggalo rushes towards the right side and collides with Gaia! Novan turns towards Aion who has already charged towards him! Jeckel is pounding on Gaia in the corner as she falls to the bottom of it. Novan is nailed by a running uppercut! Aion grabs Novan and whips him towards the corner where Jake dodges out of the way! Novan collides into Gaia! Jake Jeckel turns and rushes towards Aion who throws a punch! Jeckel ducks underneath before hitting a German suplex! He rolls through to hit a second and third!] [CLOWN POSSE-PLEX! The Juggalo rolls to his feet before mouthing off at Aion. He reaches down to pick him up as Novan whirls him around. Chest-thrust! Jeckel recoils in surprise before Novan reaches back. THE DARKNESS WITHIN! The bullhammer catches him right on the chin as he slams to the mat! Jacen covers him! One…Two…BROKEN UP! Gaia breaks up the pinning attempt with an axe kick! She wraps up the legs of Novan before rolling him over into a Texas Cloverleaf! THE GREEN EXPANSION! Novan’s pain is shown through his face as Gaia is wrenching it back trying to get the victory quickly!] [PUNCHPUNCHPUNCH! Three rapid fire punches catch Gaia right on the chin as she relinquishes her hold on Novan! Aion kicks her in the midsection as he pulls her close. Jeckel gets to his feet with a nod. They hook an arm and…. SUPLEX OVER THE TOP ROPE! She slams down onto the concrete! The two look at each other before they turn around to see Novan rushing them! THE DARKNESS WITHIN! The bullhammer nails Jake Jeckel as he trips out of the ring! Aion blasts Novan on the side of his head. THE FINAL CONCLUSION! The powerbomb is bent backwards into a bridging suplex! One…Two…THREE!] [Aion gets to his feet as the referee raises his hand before giving him his title. Aion holds up the title high as he’s the new VHS Champion! He has a key!]


[Bound by electrical tape. Filthy with grime, muddied by his own blood. In an empty room layered with plastic sheets from floor to ceiling Gideon Hughes kneels, sweating, hissing deep breaths through his nose. His mouth taped shut, his wrists taped behind his back, his ankles taped together.] [Standing behind him, agitated, uncomfortable, wide-eyed, is Luke Cole.] [In front of him, flanked by his two henchmen, Nate Washington.] [Nate Washington and a 625 45 Colt pistol.] [Suddenly the back of Gideon’s head makes a lasting impression up the front of Cole’s shirt as it explodes into fleshy shrapnel, splattering up the cheek of the shaking addict.] [The limp, half-decapitated corpse of Gideon Hughes collapses to the floor in a heap.]

“Yo,” [Washington starts, staring at the bloodied man standing before him as though nothing has happened,] ”Y’wanted something from me man?”

“What you got in?” [Cole asks, his hand reaching out gently, his eyes fixated on the glistening of the gun.] [Nate gestures to Big Bruce with a jutt of his head towards Cole and Bruce pulls a small plastic baggie with a black plant inside, seemingly moving of its own accord. He slips it into Cole’s hand who in turn tucks it into his jeans pocket.]

“Cheers man.” [Cole says with a sniff, scratching his tricep. Eyes darting from henchman, to Washington, to henchman.] [Cole turns to leave but suddenly a darkness floods the room. The sheeting around them flaps and rustles. Then. Light.] [Michael Graves stands in the open doorway.] [And surrounding the room, hanging from every beam, pipe, and foothold they can find, BATS.]

“I have seen your actions gentlemen. Your murderous, villainous, debauchery.”

[Nate aims his gun at Graves, who waves his hand dismissively.]

“Relax. I have come to let you all know that you are more than welcome to join us. To be on the right side of Barbatos when his dominion soon rules this Earth.”

“–The fuck’chu talkin’ about man?” [Nate spits, the gun turning on its side.] [Graves looks offended.]

“If you won’t come in peace, I shall take you in deafening screams.” [Graves promises.] [Suddenly, the flapping of hundreds of bat wings, all descending upon Graves. Then, as if in a puff of smoke, he is gone, with one echoing exclamation hanging in the air.]

“All hail the Dark Bat God! All hail Barbatos!”



[Two of the strongest Biblical connections are going at it tonight as it’s The Bishop D’Von Chambers squaring off with The Grandmaster himself, Solomon Rhodes!] [The bell sounds as these two men circle around the ring. They lock up in the center of the ring before Chambers wrenches the arm of Rhodes. He handstands through before coming to his feet to hit an armdrag. Chambers hits the ground hard before slowly rolling up to his feet. Rhodes rushes up and tries to sweep his legs, but his legs are too powerful! He just lowers his base and smashes Rhodes in the midsection with a huge blow. He whips Rhodes into the ropes before catching his rebound with a big scoop slam! Chambers pins him down! One…Two…NO!] [Rhodes gets a shoulder up. Chambers yanks Rhodes to his feet before whipping him into the ropes who springs off the second rope for a crossbody! Chambers slams down to the mat in a heap before Rhodes rolls off to his feet. The Grandmaster surveys the scene before climbing up to the top rope. He leaps off… BLOOD! The diving moon stomp slams down onto the chest of Chambers as Rhodes leaps into the cover. One…Two…TH-NO! Chambers powers out at the very last second. Solomon Rhodes gets to his feet and beckons Chambers to get to his feet as well. Chambers slowly gets up in a groggy state.] [Rhodes rushes forward and leaps up to try to drive his knees into his face! CHAOS TH-NO! Chambers catches him there and transitions him onto his shoulder before running forward! PSALM 32! Rhodes is slammed down into the mat with ferociousness! D’Von Chambers rolls onto him for the pinfall! One…Two…NO! Rhodes gets a shoulder up as Chambers begins wondering what he needs to do to finish him off. He gets to his feet and raises his arms out wide to set-up for his big finishing move. Rhodes staggers to his feet as he’s lifted up… Rhodes slips out! CHAOS THEORY! Chambers falls to the mat hard as Rhodes covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Solomon Rhodes came out the victor here tonight as the referee raises his hand in victory before he falls down in prayer.]


[The Watchmen.] [Finally a complete unit, The Sharkman, Marvolo, El Trébol Junior and Betamax stand outside a burnt shell of a property. This was once a home ravaged by unforgiving fire but has long since been abandoned.]

“Do you think this’ll work?” [El Trébol asks Betamax, looking less than certain.] “I’m not sure there’s anything salvageable in there?”

[Betamax nods.]

“If we want to save The Revenants, it’s our only option lads,” [Betamax says with a shrug of the shoulders.] “It says it right here in my dad’s journal. Our fathers once fought similar odds and won.”

[The Sharkman shakes his head.] “So, we have to go in there and retrieve what exactly?”

“Call it a totem,” [Betamax says with a shrug.] “A piece of history that links to Harrison. The only way to save him is to know him; to understand him.”

[The Watchmen step inside the burnt wreckage of Helios’ abandoned home; the same home that his poor family perished in. They begin sifting through the rubble, looking for something, anything, that can link to the man that was.] [Suddenly, El Trébol finds something.] “Wait a minute, “ [he says.] “I have it. Holy crap, I have it.”

[The Watchmen gather round to look and that’s when the wind suddenly changes, becoming colder. That cold breeze is quickly warmed through, and The Watchmen look up to see Helios, Proteus, Aion and Tommy Hawk stood before them.]

“Put that back,” [Helios growls.] “That doesn’t belong to you.”

[The Sharkman steps forward.] [Marvolo steps forward.] [Betamax steps forward.] [They all stand in front of El Trébol Junior.]

“You can’t have it.”

[The Revenants suddenly strike. Hawk throws his green axe at The Watchmen, all three moving out of the way just in time; only for the axe to slice through the outer arm of Trébol. He reels back in agony, but his brothers are quick to pounce.] [Helios attempts to raise fire from the ground but Betamax stops him with a fierce right hand, stumbling him backwards over a burnt out couch.] [Aion tackles Marvolo, swinging at him with right hands until The Sharkman physically drags him off.] [All four Watchmen quickly come together, their heads touching.] [Flash.] [And they’re gone.]


[The Scarecrow came within inches of stopping his creator at Pandemonium before Revenant help thwarted him as tonight an old rivalry reignites. Can Scarecrow get closer to his end goal or will the original Revenant Tommy Hawk stop him in his tracks?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, a collision of power and muscle as both tee off on the other with savage lefts and rights. A huge uppercut from Scarecrow barely fazing the Revenant before he drills the Hayman with a stiff leaping knee that only sends Crow a few steps backwards. Scarecrow cricks it’s neck as both competitors circle around, both with a look of fury in their eyes as they look for an opening. Crow rushes forward, trying for a Lariat but Hawk ducks under, grabbing Scarecrow from behind] [AND SNAPPING HIM TO THE MAT WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!] [Scarecrow gets up groggy right into a flurry of lefts and rights from a merciless Hawk who knocks Crow for a loop with a massive headbutt before in a great show of strength, lifts Scarecrow clean of his feet before tossing him across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex. Scarecrow slowly gets up to his feet as Tommy draws out an imaginary Tomahawk from his back before rushing forward] [THE SCALP! HAWK MAY HAVE THIS WON EARLY as he drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [CROW EASILY KICKS OUT! Hawk has to do more then that to put down someone like Scarecrow. Hawk tries to pull Crow to his feet but he’s caught around the throat and tossed him into the corner with frightening power. Crow rushes forward but Hawk catches him] [BACKDROPPING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR BELOW!] [Crow slowly gets up to his feet as Hawk pulls himself out of the corner, sizing up the rising Scarecrow for a moment] [BEFORE DIVING THROUGH THE ROPES GOING…HAYMAKER! HAWK DIVES RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE RIGHT HAND!] [Hawk looks out on his feet before a massive headbutt sends a trickle of black blood to run down the face of the revenant as Crow picks him up onto his chest before running forward and driving Hawk backfirst into the turnbuckle post, nearly denting the steel with the force of impact! Hawk cries out in pain as Crow slams him into the post a second time before tossing him back into the ring] [Crow rolls inside, lifting Hawk up off the mat into the air before driving him back down with a ring-shaking Powerslam as Crow stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [HAWK JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Crow lifts Hawk up off the mat, lifting him up into the air again for another Powerslam but Hawk slips out, drilling Crow in the face with a stiff elbow to the jaw… RED ARROW! Hawk hits the Red Arrow as he hooks the leg for the cover] [ONE…] [TW…CROW GETS THE SHOULDER UP! STILL WAY TOO EARLY! Hawk pulls Crow up to his feet, trying for a second Red Arrow but Crow slips out, nearly knocking Hawk out cold with a massive right hand before lifting him up high as the lights go out!] [The lights go back on as Hawk is down on the mat from the Perch, seemingly unconcious as Crow drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [TH…HAWK GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Crow looks to finish the Revenant off as he peels Hawk off the mat, gripping him by the throat as he lifts him up high, BYE BYE…HAWK SLIPS OUT…THE SCALP! Hawk gets that out of nowhere as he drops down on Scarecrow] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR…SCARECROW KICKS OUT!] [Hawk rolls back to his feet, pulling out the tomahawk from his back once more as he rushes towards the rising Scarecrow, A THIRD SCALP! HAWK GETS ALL OF IT THIS TIME AS HE DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…NO! SCARECROW JUST KICKS OUT! HOW THE HELL DID HE KICK OUT!] [Hawk looks beside himself, shocked that he can’t put Scarecrow away but he shakes it off, pulling out the tomahawk a third time as he waits for Crow to get to his feet before charging right into THE LAST STRAW! That handful of straw blinds Tommy, stunning him for a moment as Scarecrow grabs him by the throat before nearly planting him through the mat with the BYE BYE BIRDIE! Scarecrow quickly covers] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…HAWK JUST KICKS OUT! THE REVENANT REFUSES TO LOSE!] [Scarecrow doesn’t let up, pulling Hawk to his feet before a massive Haymaker dazes the Revenant as Crow drags him into the corner, possibly trying for a Bye Bye Birdie from the top rope! Crow climbs up to the top rope, dragging Tommy with him as he grips him around the throat but Tommy fights out. Drilling Crow with right after right before a savage headbutt drops the hold on his throat as Tommy grips Crow around the head] [NAILING A SUPERPLEX BUT CROW HOLDS ON, ROLLING TO HIS FEET… RED ARROW! HE DID THE DEAL! Hawk stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…SCARECROW KICKS OUT AGAIN! THE HAYMAN REFUSES TO DIE HERE TONIGHT!] [Hawk lifts Crow up to his feet but is met by a hand on his throat, BYE BYE…Hawk slips out, RED…Crow lands on his feet, BYE BYE…THE SCALP! Hawk doesn’t hit all of that but he hits enough to leave Scarecrow out on his feet as Tommy Hawk closes his eyes, summoning all his energy as this time as he pulls the tomahawk out, a green spectral one emerges from the ether, as green flames engulf Hawk’s hand, the Savage Revenant rushing forward] [THE SCAL….CROW DODGES, GRIPPING HAWK AROUND THE THROAT WITH BOTH HANDS] [FULL STRENGTH BYE BYE BIRDIE!] [Crow nearly drives Hawk through the ring before collapsing upon the revenant] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [Scarecrow picks up a massive victory here tonight, both men left it all in that ring but a full strength Bye Bye Birdie is too much for any man or Revenant to come back from]


[In the middle of the woods, a single fire illuminates the surrounding area. The Chief stands beside it for a moment, before grabbing a large wooden stick and drawing what appears to be a symbol in the mud. With every powerful stroke, he marks the ground.] [He steps backwards, closing his eyes. He says something almost inaudible, something special and unique, something we can’t understand or even hear properly.] [There’s a flash.] [And then before him, stood on the symbol, is Noah.] [He doesn’t seem surprised to be here.]

“I wondered how long it would be until you found me,” [Noah says, looking down at the ground.] “And a trap has been set, I see.”

[The Chief uses his stick, drawing it through the trap to break it. Noah can now walk freely.]

“I haven’t come to trap you, Noah.”

[The young man smiles.] “But you came, “[he says, exiting the symbol.] “Didn’t you? I didn’t think you’d ever say ‘yes’, Chief.”

[They stand almost face to face, looking into each others eyes.]

“But somehow, I knew you’d come. I knew you’d end up before me with a decision to make. I’ve seen this story play out across galaxies, universes and worlds aplenty. You always break free. You always stand before me now and make your offer. You betrayed me when you said yes, Chief. You should have said no. I wanted you to say no. I can’t forgive that.”

“I didn’t want it to come to this,” [The Chief says solemnly.] “But you know what it is we must do now. At Judgement Day, we must fight.”

[Noah nods in agreement.]

“And fight we shall. It’ll be the most powerful thing the world has ever seen but in the end, those walls will come tumbling down. The Tap Room will fall and the world will end.”

[The Chief shakes his head, takes a deep breath and looks at Noah.]

“I love you, Noah.”

[Flash.] [Noah’s gone.] [Cut.]