[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Flutter.] [The arrival of The Scarecrow is enough to send shivers down any man’s spine; but not Brent Kersh. The Enforcer stands defiantly, a picture of his family held tightly in his hand, turning to see The Hayman behind him with his head lowered and the brim of his hat on display.]

“I just want you to know that I’m going to find Mother,” [he says with a growl.] “And I’m going to stop her, Brent. When I do, your family will finally be safe, once and for all. From me, from her, from us.”

[Kersh folds his arms.] “You have to know of the cost, Scarecrow. We’re so close now and we’ve already lost Mike Lane. We can’t afford to lose you in a mission that might not provide fruitful. With the end of the world at stake, I fear my family won’t be safe irrespective of her demise.”

[The Scarecrow looks up slowly.]

“Through the course of history, across hundreds of years, I have killed members of the Kersh family, trying to stop your bloodline. We’ve been tied together for a long time, you and I. I killed your father, I killed your grandfather and I killed your son, but I haven’t been able to kill you.”

[The Enforcer immediately tenses up at the mention of his family. His brow furrows, but he continues to listen for the greater good.]

“Do you know why, Brent? [He asks, not expecting an answer.] “It’s because no monster can kill you. It’s because you are the hero of this story; of this war. Everything has fallen into place for me. I understand now. I’ve been programmed to destroy your family since the moment I was created and it has all led to this.”

[Brent’s mouth widens in shock.] “What do you mean?”

“Mother knew. She knew that you’d be the man to stand in the way of the end of the world. She knew that you needed to be destroyed. She has known of her mission since her time began. She sent me after your family, man after man, trying to stop your birth. Don’t you see, little birdie? I was designed to kill you. I was designed to stop Brent Kersh from making it here.”

[He pauses.]

“And I failed. My failure proves that the world stands a chance. You, Brent Kersh, are that chance. Fight alongside your brothers and win; you can do it, that’s why I was sent to stop you. Instead, I’ll stop her.”

[Flutter.] [Brent Kersh can’t believe it. He stands there in shock, his eyes wide, his mouth open. Brent Kersh now understands why.] [Cut.]


[Static.] [The bowels of the Tap Room.] [Shadows drape the environment in mass. Darkness controls the stage. But through it, a silhouette stands alone.] [Chip Montana.] [He’s relaxed. Nonchalant in his mannerisms, standing with his arms crossed as Kevin’s camera comes into focus.]

“Hi! I’m Chip Montana” [The Prairie Dog Whisperer boasts and definitely not in a whisper.] “And I’m grabbing nature by the balls!”

“The last time you saw us, my mate Kevin and I were ambushed by one of the most ferocious, lethal, and exceptional creatures we’ve ever seen. But mates, today we’ve come back to the jungle in search of our lost trophy and this time… I ain’t leavin’ without a fight!”

[From the darkness, a noise. And instantly…] [BRIGHT lights. Spot lights. Powering up immediately with a sound of buzzing electricity.]

“And there he is now mates!”

[Chip confidently taunts the being that now stands opposite him down a long corridor.] [Darkstar.] [Darkstar; however, is not alone in the hall. He is surrounded by by “Bamboo Whips”. Wooden poles armed with sharpened spikes of the same material line the walls. Booby traps, waiting to be set off by a trip wire and Darkstar is right in the middle of them. Only, there is no trip wire.] [With a smile, Montana unfolds his arms and reveals a hand held device.]

“It’s a detonator mate” [Chip chuckles.] “You walked right into my trap.”

“And you…” [Darkstar grunts as he holds up a device of his own.] “Into mine!”

[Chip’s smile quickly turns to a panic as he looks to the left and then to the right before finally glancing above where he sees a ceiling covered with glowing green spikes. The sharpened points are composed of a sort of metal never seen by human eyes.]

“Go ahead Chip! Hit the button” [Darkstar taunts.] “But run fast because as soon as I release mine you and your pet guppy might survive longer than I do!”

“What’s with the game mate?” [Montana questions, hesitant.] “Why now? Why here?”

“I wanted to negotiate” [Darkstar says through squinted eyes.] “There is an alternative.”

“Oh yea?” [Chip says with a scoff.] “Well let’s hear it!”

“Judgement Day!”

[The words almost echo through the hall, bringing Montana speechless but only for a moment.]

“You sought me out mate” [The Prairie Dog Whisperer states.] “This whole time, but…. Why me?”

“Because you prey on the vulnerable. Because you hunt the weak. Because you feed off the starving. You, Chip Montana, are a conqueror and as my duty as Kathar’I Chieftain it is my duty… to conquer you!”

“Ay mate! You can try!” [Chip concedes.] “But it don’t matter what jungle you’re from lad, you can’t stop me from grabbin’ nature by the balls. And at Judgement Day… I shall!”

[Chip takes one step back prompting Darkstar to spring ready, but after a moment of pause both men realize the score and begin to retreat from their positions. Slowly but surely removing themselves from the dangers of their traps and ultimately disappearing from the hall.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[In what may be the final world title match in VHS history, two of the greatest in OSW face off one last time. Will the Riddler continue his unprecedented and legendary reign or will the man he took that title from take it to where his eyes don’t go?] [The bell sounds as Newton rushes forward right into the massive right hand of Scarecrow, who contorts it’s grip around the champions neck, lifting him up high in what could be the shortest title match in OSW history. BYE BYE….LOW BLOW! A desperate move by the champion that drops the grip around his throat but barely fazes the Hayman. Crow slowly walks forward, Newton drilling him with a series of lefts and rights that seem to bounce off the monster as he grabs Newton around the throat once more, the Riddler struggling before leaping over the top rope as he grabs the Hayman, dropping him throat first onto the top rope] [Crow staggers away, as Newton slingshots into the ring with a massive bulldog, dropping Scarecrow to the mat as the Riddler covers, ONE…Scarecrow easily powers out, tossing Newton across the ring. Newton rolls to his feet, rushing forward right into a massive Haymaker that seems to knock the champion out on his feet before he’s lifted up high in a crucifix position by the Scarecrow as the lights go out. THE PERCH!] [The lights go on but Crow is out on the mat, Newton hooking the leg for the pinfall as the referee counts confused. ONE…TWO…Scarecrow just gets the shoulder up! The Riddler pulls Crow up to his feet, brass knuckles clearly on both hands as he begins to pummel the Hayman with enhanced lefts and rights before winding up for a massive Haymaker that Crow catches in mid-air! Crow crushes the hand in his grasp, causing the Riddler to cry out in pain before he grabs him by the throat, BYE BYE BIRDIE! Newton nearly gets driven through the mat as Scarecrow covers…] [ONE…TWO…THRE….NO! Newton kicks out just in the nick of time. Crow pulls Newton up to his feet who tries to fight back with a flurry of lefts and rights before heading to the ropes, ducking under a Big Boot, before spinning Crow around, NEVERMIND! Newton doesn’t let Crow stay down for long, lifting him up again, A SECOND NEVERMIND! That could be it but The Riddler isn’t done, slowly heading up to the top rope as he waits for the Hayman to slowly get to his feet, SUPER NEVERMIND! A leaping spiked Impaler DDT and this should be it. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Newton had to pull out every trick in his book but his legendary champion run continues here tonight as the Riddler reigns true even through where his eyes cannot follow]


[In the backstage area, Jonathan Heartsford sits alone contemplating his thoughts. He was offered a chance at ‘salvation’ by a man he once considered his brother. Just as he’s about to stand, in walks Brent Kersh.] [The Enforcer walks over and takes a seat next to him.]

“I know what you’re going to say,” [Heartsford says first.] “But Lee Crowley is my family, whether I like it or not.”

[Kersh nods.] “I know all about family, kid. Everything I do, I do it for my family. I can see it in your eyes that you want to save Lee from himself. That’s what family is for. Sometimes, we have to step in and step up to do what’s right for their own good.”

[Heartsford doesn’t look sure.]

“You can save Lee, you just need to keep at it. At Judgement Day, we can stand on the same side of the ring and do it together. I promise you, Jonathan, we can save him.”

[The Enforcer stands up, taps him on the shoulder and leaves the room. Jonathan sits for a moment when another voice interrupts his silence.]

“Are you going to trust him?”

[The Virus.] [DTR.]

“Brent Kersh hasn’t been able to protect his own family, let alone save them. Tell that to Trevor. But when you look at my family, Jonathan, you can see how much they’ve thrived. Do you really need to save Lee? Or do you need to save yourself?”

[He smiles.]

“Because if there’s one thing I know; Lee Crowley is the most powerful man in the Underworld. He doesn’t need saving.”

[The Virus flashes him a wink.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle between relative newcomers here as it’s Berengar vs. Chip Montana!] [The bell sounds as these two circle around the ring looking for any openings they may see. Berengar makes the first move as he moves towards the legs of Montana! Montana gets low and locks on a guillotine submission. He wrenches on the hold hard as Berengar is in obvious pain here. Montana is trying to figure out a way to turn it into his finish. He tries to turn Berengar around to no avail. Berengar instead sends a swift punch right to the midsection followed by wrapping up the head of Montana and drilling him into the mat with a swift DDT! Rather than go for the pin, Berengar has other plans.] [DESTINY’S MAW! The headlock is applied as the large arms of Berengar wrap themselves around the head of Montana as they squeeze with ferocious power. Montana tries to hold on, but Berengar falls downwards, slowly dragging Montana to the floor with him. Both of them are on the floor as the headlock is cinched in. The crowd begins getting into it as they begin clapping in unison, building support for Chip Montana! He utilizes their response to build up to his knees before delivering some stiff elbows to the midsection. He rears back for a big one and… Berengar just falls backwards with the hold still in place forcing Montana to the ground with him!] [Montana reaches up and sticks a finger into the eye of Berengar who cries out in pain! The referee reaches in there to remove the finger as Berengar DOES NOT RELEASE! The Headlock is still in play as poor Montana is getting desperate in the hold. He reaches up to grab the referee who simply pulls his hand away! Montana begins biting on the hand of Berengar who just HEADBUTTS HIM! Montana’s head lulls for a moment before he reaches into his tights to pull out a tranquilizer! The referee quickly confiscates it. As the referee turns around, Chip pulls out another and STICKS IT INTO BERENGAR! He releases the hold as the effects start to take place! Montana quickly leaps into action as he hooks in a backstabber! SEE YA LATER, ALIGATOR! Montana falls on top of him. One…Two…THREE!] [Chip Montana may have barely escaped being knocked unconscious here tonight as he holds his neck in pain in victory.]


[Luke Cole opens the baggie handed to him last week. The last few pieces of the living plant squirm away from his dry cracked fingers as he pinches them between his fingers and thumb. He grinds them into some tobacco on the table in front of him and the plant squeals in pain as it is crushed to death. He quickly rolls the blunt together and lights it. He takes a long drag and feels the smoke flow down his throat and into his lungs. He holds it for a moment and the veins in his neck grow black. As he exhales the thick grey smoke his veins return to normal.] [Click.] [The door behind Cole opens and shuts. Cole turns in his seat, blunt hanging between his fingers. He feels relaxed now. Confident.]

“Alright, Nate?”

[Nate Washington stands alone. A gun pointing at the face of Cole.]

“What’s with the gun?” [Cole asks, nodding his head towards the Colt.] [Nate sucks his gums.]

“Y’ain’t paid me yet man. Where’s my money?”

[Cole stands.]

“You know…”

[He steps forward, making sure that the gun presses against his forehead. He takes another long, deep drag. His eyes almost roll into the back of his head and his veins again roll to black. He blows the smoke towards Nate. The smoke makes its own way up Nate’s nostrils, forcing its way in but without much resistance from the man himself.]

“Your mates must have forgotten t’load yer gun, mate.”


[Darkness greets us, no end in sight until we notice a flicker of light. We get a little closer and discover a smattering of embers as a voice begins to speak.]

“All around the world, I am the epitome of fear. Whether it’s Belgium, Latin America, or England, my legend is one that is revered by those afraid to step out of line. Children everywhere are afraid to go outside at night, out of fear that I might feast. They dread what happens when they refuse to eat their food, or talk back to their parents, for they know that I’ll be right there waiting.”

[The embers glow brighter, turning into flames that reveal a wicked smile upon the face of The Boogeyman.]

“This is the power I hold, to feed upon humanity’s worst fears…but why stop there? All living creatures have something to fear, even Nature herself. Your fear of failure is exactly what will cause your demise, Gaia…and it makes me squeal with delight, for it is only a matter of time before I feast again.”

[The smile on his face grows into a grin as the flames spread around him, finally revealing his location: the mini-forest Gaia made for herself within the Tap Room.]

“As the fear spreads like wildfire, burning away everything you hold dear, you can’t help but ask yourself what can be done to stop it…and unfortunately for you, my dear, nothing can stop fear itself from taking what belongs to him. No power you hold can prepare you for what’s to come, and soon you will be another victim of The Boogeyman’s craving for suffering. We all fall down, sweet Gaia, but you will fall down the hardest when I’m through.”

[The fire reaches a doorway, covering it with the flames to reveal Gaia, terrified at what has happened to her work…but suddenly, like a bad dream, she wakes up. She’s still quite shook from what she’s seen as she looks down the hall…her fear replaced with anger, even loathing, as she prepares for what could be the last phase of her Great War.] [Cut.]


[It’s The Automaton going up against the newcomer of Luke Cole!] [The bell sounds as these two lock it up in the center of the ring. The Automaton seems to be the stronger of the two, operating not quite on the human spectrum of strength. He dominates Luke Cole for a second before whipping him into the ropes with great strength. Cole catches himself there! TAM rushes towards him, but Cole just lowers a shoulder to raise him over onto the apron. Cole turns around and quickly nails a back elbow that floors TAM! He slams down onto the apron before rolling off onto the hard floor outside. Cole climbs out onto the apron.] [Diving leg drop from the apron! The Automaton slams down into ground as Luke Cole is slow to rise to his feet outside. Cole lifts up TAM before rolling him into the ring. Cole slides into the ring and tries to pin TAM. One…Two…KICKOUT! Luke Cole lifts up Tam before lifting TAM up onto his shoulders. He begins getting ready for his burning hammer maneuver! However, TAM slides out of his grasp before pushing Cole into the ropes. Luke Cole rebounds only to receive a large Superman punch knocking him for a loop! TAM lifts up Cole onto his shoulders before turning around and… THE UFO!] [The spinning drop connects as TAM leaps onto him for the pin. One…Two…NO! TAM quickly leaps up to his feet, pulling Luke Cole with him. Cole kicks TAM in the midsection before connecting with a swinging suplex. TAM slams into the mat as Luke Cole rolls back up to his feet. Luke Cole grabs the hands of TAM and turns into a… RUDE AWAKENING! TAM is slammed down into the mat as Cole leaps into a cover! One…Two…POWER OUT! The Automaton gets to his feet with a powerful stance before darting with unnatural speed towards Cole, lifting him up, and… MECHANICAL MAN STOPPER! The gorilla press into a spinebuster connects as TAM covers him. One…Two…THREE!] [The Automaton gets to his feet looking down at Luke Cole before celebrating his victory.]


[Continued.] [Fire.] [The church of D’von Chambers is a raging inferno thanks to Edward Newton, who watches on from outside with a sinister smile upon his face. He did this and there’s not a lick of remorse about him.] [Only when the wooden church door falls from its hinges and hits the ground, Newton didn’t expect what happened next.] [Because D’von Chambers stepped out.] [His clothes had been burned away by the fire. His eyes were bloodshot red and his body was on display as if it were the day he was born.] [And he smiles as Edward Newton looks on, horrified.]

“Did you think I’d burn, brother Newton?” [He says, walking down the steps, bare ass naked.] “Did you think the holy fire would consume me? I’m no sinner, my man. I’m no sinner at all.”

[He approaches Newton, standing as close to him as he can.]

“My sins were long absolved by the Lord and now I do his work, bringing men like you to justice. It will take God’s will to kill me, Edward. You are not God, even if you believe you are, you’re not. I walk a different path, a path of true righteousness. The Good Lord won’t let me burn, Edward. He’ll never forsake me.”

[Chambers laughs aloud, walking away and into the nearby field. Newton doesn’t know where he’s going and can only stand, shocked.] [This battle at Judgement Day won’t end lightly.] [It’ll be a war.]


[It’s a singles match here tonight as it’s Johnathan Heartsford stepping into the ring with Nate Washington!] [The bell sounds as Nate rushes towards Heartsford with a clothesline! Heartsford ducks underneath, but that seems to be what Nate was expecting. Washington turns quickly before getting low to raise up Johnathan Heartsford for The Bookend! THE TAKEOVER! Heartsford slams down into the mat with such force before Washington rolls into a cover. One…Two…TH-NO! Heartsford kicks out! Washington raises him to his feet, but Heartsford rolls him up! One…TWO-KICKOUT! Washington gets a kick out, but Heartsford leaps to his feet to hit a hurricanrana sending Washington underneath the ropes as he slides outside. Heartsford kips to his feet.] [The Aerial Knight looks down at Nate who is just getting to his feet. He rushes towards the opposite ropes to gain momentum before rushing towards Nate and leaping over the top rope! Plancha over the top rope lands on top of Nate Washington! Both of them hit the ground hard as they are slow to rise. However, Heartsford gets up first before rolling Washington into the ring. He climbs up onto the apron before waiting for Washington to get to his feet. The Aerial Knight springs off the top rope! WATCH YA MOUTH! The leaping knee catches Heartsford right on the chin as he slams down into the mat. Washington flops atop of him!] [ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Heartsford at the last second! Both men are drained now as Washington rushes towards the ropes as Heartsford gets to his knees. RESPECT TAKEN! NO! The curb stomp misses as Heartsford rolls out of the way. Heartsford hits a running dropkick to both knees as Washington flips over as his momentum is redirected! Heartsford gets to his feet on wobbly legs as Washington pulls himself up to rush towards Heartsford! HEART TO HEART! The Spanish Fly hits as Washington is turned inside out! Heartsford climbs up and leaps! MY RETRIBUTION! The shooting star double knee drop connects! One…Two…THREE!] [The Aerial Knight gets to his feet as he is victorious! The referee raises his hands in victory as he celebrates!]


[Smoke slowly heads skyward as we arrive in the middle of a campsite. This is an old school reservation where the likes of Tommy Hawk once resided.] [The Watchmen appear, stood alongside an elderly gentleman with long silver hair.]

“Silver Wolf, thanks for meeting with us,” [El Trébol says politely.] “We need access to Tommy Hawk’s bunk.”

[Silver Wolf says nothing, pointing to a small unit. The Watchmen quickly head over and inside, searching his belongings. Their desperation is ripe and clear. Whatever they need inside this room is going to take them one step closer to saving The Revenants.] [Suddenly, a green axe flies past the head of The Sharkman, slamming into a wall.] [As screams loudly infiltrate the room, Betamax, El Trébol and Marvolo step outside, leaving The Sharkman to continue his search. What they find terrifies them. Bodies litter the floor, strewn across the reservation. Some are frozen, some have been cut in half, some are on fire and some have been turned to dust.]

“You’ve murdered these innocent people!” [Marvolo yells.] [Proteus quickly tackles him, slamming his head into the floor.] [Betamax is soon ran into the wooden shack by Helios, who pounds on him with fists of fire and fury.] [And El Trébol Junior is being violently strangled by Aion, who squeezes his throat for all its worth.]


[Hawk yells, storming into his cabin. Before he can reach the final step, The Sharkman dives out with a spear, sending them both flying back into the ground. He gets up, snatching the glowing Green Axe from the hand of the Spirit Walker.]


[The Sharkman throws the axe towards Aion, who releases Trébol to dodge it. The smaller Watchmen dives with a Dropkick to the head of Proteus, knocking him away from Marvolo. Betamax quickly spins Helios around, escaping enough to lunge at his friends. Their masks touch and they vanish, leaving The Revenants behind.] [Back in the discarded backstage area of the Tap Room, they appear.]

“Did you get it, lad?” [Betamax asks, growling in pain.] “Did you find the Totem?”

[The Sharkman holds his midsection, a wound there from the axe as he speared Tommy Hawk. He falls to one knee, holding his gut in agony, but nods.]

“Then there’s just one that remains; Ordell Terminus.”

[Marvolo gulps.] “T-That means…”

[Trébol steps in.]

“We’re going back to The Underworld.”



[It’s a big battle here today as it’s Cael Gable going up against the newcomer of Darkstar in a battle for supremacy!] [The bell sounds as these two collide in the center of the ring with a big tie-up. Darkstar seems to get the better of the exchange with a big right hand that clocks Gable. The Gold Medalist staggers backwards before Darkstar rushes towards him with a big boot that flattens Gable! Darkstar seems to be looming over Gable for a moment before yanking him to his feet. Jawbreaker from Gable as he takes a moment to regain his own composure. He rushes towards the ropes and gets a lowered stance on his return. THE GOLD RUSH! He hits the spear with the lifting of Darkstar’s legs to send him right on over.] [Cael Gable leaps into the pin. One…Two…Foot on the rope by Darkstar. Gable yanks his foot away from the rope and just STOMPS on the back of his knee! Darkstar clutches at his knee in pain for a few moments as the referee steps in between them. Finally the referee moves as Gable just slides into actions pounding away and stomping away at the left leg of Darkstar trying to further the damage put onto that leg. Gable grabs that leg of Darkstar and begins applying a single-leg Boston crab! Darkstar grits his teeth before slowly inching towards the ropes. He grabs onto them as the referee pulls Gable back.] [The tenacity of Gable is on display as soon as the referee releases him. He charges towards Darkstar and begins to grab the leg. Darkstar seems wise to this as he just CLOCKS Gable with a lunging headbutt that floors Gable! WORLDS COLLIDE! Gable is knocked prone onto the mat as Darkstar seems woozy himself on his feet. He motions for Gable to get to his feet before getting ready for something. Gable staggers to his feet as he turns right into a stiff kick to the mid-section. THE DSD! The Dying Star Driver connects as the sitout tombstone piledriver hits hard! He covers. One….Two….THREE!] [Darkstar rises to his feet with a grin on his face as he’s added a win to his record here tonight. He raises his fist in dominance as his grin widens.]


[Jerusalem.] [Back in the beautiful Garden of Gethsemane. Lux Bellator slowly walks the long pathways, looking into the beauty before him. His eyes are lit up with it and his senses rumble at the smells of mother nature.]

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” [A voice interrupts.] “I knew this is where I’d find you.”

[Solomon Rhodes.]

“How can you look across this beautiful landscape and think of the death and destruction of billions? Everything here will be washed away the apocalypse. That cannot seem right to you, Lux? I know that deep down within your soul, you’re questioning this mission. That isn’t your undoing, that’s your salvation, old friend.”

[Bellator turns to look at him. There’s something he wants to say but he doesn’t. Mother suddenly appears, growling at Rhodes.]

“Stop it,” [she barks.] “Stop this manipulation at once. Lux Bellator’s mission is a holy one that not even the mighty Solomon Rhodes can interfere with. He won’t betray his Lord, Templar.”

[As quickly as she finishes speaking, she violently attacks Solomon. Her claws scratch across his face and down his cheeks, leaving blood to drip from the open wounds. She pounces on top of him, strangling him as powerfully as she can.]

“You can’t kill me,”[Rhodes says beneath difficult breathing.] “Because I didn’t come alone.”

[Flutter.] [The Scarecrow suddenly appears, running at Mother. He leaps into her, the pair of them vanishing into nothingness. Rhodes rolls over, holding his throat.] [He looks at Bellator with a grimace.]

“There’s still time to reconsider, Lux. There’s still time to save the world. Tonight, you can change everything. Tonight, you can be absolved of your sins.”

[Lux looks at him and again, says nothing. There’s doubt within him. He turns away and walks in the opposite direction, leaving Rhodes to gather himself.] [Cut.]


[It’s The Bishop standing across the ring from the man who just simply cannot die, Jacob Phoenix!] [The bell sounds as these two men lock it up in the center of the ring. Chambers, being the much more powerful of the two, simply pushes Phoenix back as he rolls to his knees. Chambers comes charging towards him in this moment and catches him with a stiff right hand that floors Jacob Phoenix. The Bishop pulls Phoenix to his feet before lifting him up onto his shoulders, spinning around for a few times, before lunging backwards to drive all of his weight onto the midsection of Jacob Phoenix with the Samoan Drop! Chambers slowly gets to his feet, taking all of the time in the world.] [Jacob Phoenix gets up to his feet slowly as Chambers rushes forward with a clothesline! Phoenix ducks the blow before wrapping up the arms of Chambers to bring him down into a crucifix roll-up! One…Two…NO! Chambers manages to squirm out of the hold at the very last second. Chambers gets to his feet and blasts Phoenix with a running big boot! Phoenix dodges that blow as well before rolling up Chambers once again! The evasion game is in full effect by the much-quicker Jacob Phoenix. One…Two…NO! Chambers once again manages to avoid the pinfall. The Bishop gets up and slams two clubbing blows into the shoulders of Jacob Phoenix before whipping him into the rope.] [Jacob Phoenix rushes towards him to hit a running spear that floors D’Von Chambers! Chambers rolls back to his feet, but Phoenix is already picking up more speed! SPEAR! The second one nails Chambers as he falls back to the mat only for a few seconds before rolling back up to his feet. Phoenix continues bouncing off the ropes as he’s building more and more momentum! SPEARRRRR! The third spear just knocks Chambers hard into the mat as Jacob Pheonix leaps up to the top rope. THE PHOENI-NO! Chambers just blasts him with a big right hand. He lifts him up onto his shoulders for THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! The spinning Razor’s Edge connects as Chambers covers! One…Two…THREE!] [D’Von Chambers has done it once again tonight as he’s captured another victory! He celebrates with an immovable smile upon his face.]


[Somewhere Else.] [Dampened sheets tangling legs. A cool breeze through an opened window. Curtains floating in the breeze. A cold sweat running through hair. A toss. A turn.] [It is all a dream.] [Cael Gable sits at the family dinner table. The centerpiece is an artfully leaned sheriff’s hat, propped up by a heavy looking silver pistol. Sitting in the brim of the hat a sheriff’s badge, weathered and worn, dulled from time.] [Sitting across the table, Cael Gable’s parents. Their skin rotten and grey, melting from their bones. dark, thick blood smeared across their cheeks, dripping from their fingertips. On each of their left cheeks a letter C is branded, faded, the cracking skin melting from their bones.] [His mother picks up sone food from her plate. A severed hand. It too rotten, it too grey. She uses both hands to bring it to her mouth and sinks her brown teeth into the squelching rotten flesh. Stagnant blood drips slowly from the hand landing on her plate.] [Next to her, his father greedily sucks the last of the meat from a shin bone, his lips slurping at the last of the meat. He makes eye contact with his son.]

“I love you.” [through a mouthful of flesh.] [A jump. A cold lungful of air. Pulling back the sheets, a cold breeze against wet skin.] [Cael Gable sits alone in the darkness, panting. In the chair across the room a shape.] [ISAAC DANVERS.] [He steps forward into the dim moonlight.]

“It is our DESTINY, Mister Gable. We must fight, and we must die. Or we may LIVE, but you must LOVE ME BACK.”

“Your Judgement Day looms, my love. And on that day our differences must be put aside so that we can FINALLY become one.”


[Ashla Temple] [We find Jacen Novan, kneeling in meditation within his place of power. Within the walls of the temple, where the Ashla is strongest, Novan finds peace. A place where he can find balance. But through his meditation, an apparition appears before him. A ghost-like figure, unrecognisable to all except Novan. We have not seen the figure before, yet Novan speaks as though he knows intimately who stands before him. He greets the figure with a bow of the head and waits for the ghostly being to speak.]

“I am assuming you have felt it?”

[Novan looks up, nodding.]

“A disturbance in the balance. How could I not have?”

[The figure shows little emotion.]

“Balance must be restored, Jacen. If not, we risk losing control of the Ashla. Such a force without balance, it is disturbing to think what could come of it.”

[Novan nods once more.]

“I am aware. I am doing whatever I can.”

[The figure shakes its head. It speaks, still showing little emotion but an edge to the voice clearly masks some deeper emotion behind its words.]

“Look within you, you know what must be done. You know where the disturbance is coming from. There is only one answer Jacen.”

[Jacen’s balance disappears. He speaks with clear emotion, standing up to the figure before him.]

“I can save TAM. I can. The Ashla has the power. Within the darkness there is light. I can appeal to that light to restore balance.”

[His words hang in the air, falling on ears that will not listen.]

“No, TAM must be destroyed. It is the only way. Can you not see that you are being deceived, manipulated? You feel guilt and this blinds you to the truth. You must put aside your guilty conscience and see what must be done.”

“Guilty conscience?”

[The words are still wrought with emotion from Novan, yet the voice he speaks to still offers little in return.]

“TAM’s infection was not your fault Jacen. You must see that. You must stop fighting to restore what cannot be restored. We cannot restore balance when fighting out of emotion and guilt. Still yourself, find your balance. You will see the path you must tread.”

[Jacen shakes his head.]

“I won’t, I can’t… I can save TAM. I must save it.”

“Listen to yourself, the desperation in your voice. Do you really think that I wish to see TAM destroyed?”

[The sentiment causes Novan to fall silent. He eventually shakes his head. The voice continues to speak over a silenced Novan.]

“Of course I don’t. But things must be done to restore balance. Without it all is lost. Look at your arm, Jacen.”

[Jacen rolls up the sleeve of his robe. Spindly little tell-tale siderwebs of black have begun to creep back over his forearm once more. Novan looks upon the arm with stunned horror as the voice continues.]

“Without balance, the infection will come back. Without balance, TAM will deceive you into revealing secrets that will lead to our downfall. We must have balance. There is but one way that will happen.”

[Jacen rolls down the sleeve of his robes once more. He takes a deep breath and nods at the figure before him.]

“TAM must be destroyed? Surely there can be another way. The Ashla must be strong enough to find another way.”

[The voice returns stoically, without budging on its views.]

“TAM must be destroyed.”


[DTR looks set to start this tag match against Helios with Proteus and Jensen Cussen standing at their respective corners.] [The bell sounds and the two lock arms, pushing away at one another. Helios pushes his hip in. Arm drag takedown. DTR is straight back to his feet and rushes at Helios who jumps forwards, dropkicking DTR’s knee. DTR rolls to the ground grabbing at his knee cap. Quick cover ONE T–KICKOUT! Both men are back to their feet now. DTR charges, ramming his knee into the gut of Helios. Helios arches over in pain. BrainBUSTTTTAAAHHHHH! DTR hit’s a massive Brainbuster and covers. ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! DTR gets straight back to his feet, dragging Helios with him. He grabs him around the waist. German sup–NO! Helios rolls over DTR’s shoulder, backflipping, and landing on his feet. BACKSTABBER! Helios hits a backstabber. Both men are down now.] [Each man crawl towards their partners. TAG! TAG! Proteus and Cussen rush the ring. Proteus swings a wild clothesline but it’s ducked. As he turns Cussen boots him in the gut. SNAP DDT! Proteus rolls under the bottom rope, lying on the ring apron. Cussen is quick to his feet and bounces from the ropes, charging at Proteus. Baseball slide! Booting Proteus from the apron to the ground outside. Cussen slides out of the ring after him. LOST HOPE! Out of nowhere Helios pops up from the ground outside the ring and hits his Codebreaker finisher!] [Carnage outside the ring as DTR charges around the ring to his partners aid. Boot to a recovering Helios. REASONABLE DOUBT! A kneeling stunner to Helios, who flies through the air and rolls over flat onto his face. DTR is the only man left standing! He rolls his partner into the ring and turns to grab Proteus. He drags him to his fee–BLIZZARD! An RKO to DTR! Proteus rolls under the bottom rope and goads Jensen Cussen to get to his feet. BLIZZARD! A second RKO, this time to Jensen Cussen! Proteus dives on his opponent, hooking the leg! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Proteus and Helios pick up the victory here tonight in a hard-fought battle. The two raise their arms in victory.]


[Click.] [The veins in Nate’s temple flicker black for a moment from the blowback. He’s distracted. He looks at his gun for what feels like only a second, but when he comes to the room seems darker now, and Cole is gone. So has his gun. In Cole’s place stands Michael Graves, surrounded by his Chiroptera.] [Nate is lost for words as he looks around, reminding himself of his surroundings.]

“There is a darkness inside us all, Nate. But only some of us can truly embrace it. I see in you a great darkness as yet unharnessed. But together we may bring forth your darkness just in time for your Judgement Day and together we can rule this world.”

[Michael steps to the side of Nate, slinging his arm across Nate’s shoulders.] [Nate shrugs him off, looking around at the druids.]

“–thefuck off’a me man. Thehell’s wrong witchu?”

“I might ask you the same question.”

[Two of the druids step forward from behind Nate and cease him by the arms. He struggles but they are strong.]

“Given that your friends already embraced their darkness, what is wrong with you, Nate? Why won’t you join us?”

[The druids remove their hoods. TJ Laws. Big Bruce.] [Nate’s eyes widen as he looks at his two henchmen, paler, and with darker, emptier eyes.]

“What did you do?” [Nate spits.]

“I did nothing,” [Graves replies calmly, holding his hands together at the tip of his nose before pointing at the henchmen,] “they did it all by themselves.”

[Nate swings a leg backwards. LOW BLOW! Bruce bends over grasping at his crotch. Nate quickly shoves TJ Law into the few remaining Chiroptera and rushes towards the door.]

“You will join us.” [Graves tells him calmly.] “whether you like it… or not.”

[Nate turns again to face Graves. He looks down at TJ Laws who is lying on the ground looking back at him with an empty gaze.]

“Over my dead body.”

[Nate slams the door behind him.]

“So be it…”

[It’s The Watchmen in action here tonight against an unusual assortment of Lee Crowley, Gaia, Michael Graves, and Isaac Danvers!] [The bell sounds as The Watchmen nominate The Sharkman to start things off for them as the other team seems unsure. They finally bicker it down to Gaia starting things off as the two circle around the ring. Gaia rushes towards Sharkman who ducks underneath her arms to wrap up her waist to hit a big German suplex! She slams down into the mat as The Sharkman rushes towards the rope just as she comes back to her knees. THE SUSHI KICK! The running shining wizard connects as The Sharkman reaches out to tag in Marvolo! The real Number One steps into the ring before being swept to the mat by Gaia with a leg sweep!] [TAG! She lunged towards her corner and in comes Lee Crowley. The Ring King rushes towards Marvolo and begins drilling his fingers and teeth into the mask of Marvolo trying to rip it apart! The Watchmen leap into the ring, not wanting this to happen as the referee gets in between to intervene! Isaac Danvers leaps into the ring to deliver a big boot to the face of Marvolo. The two drag him towards their corner as the referee is distracted by The Watchmen. Danvers climbs outside as the referee turns back around to see him tag in.] [Isaac Danvers lifts up Marvolo and just rams him into the turnbuckle forcefully! Marvolo is breathing heavily as Danvers begins brutalizing him with some stiff body blows. He reaches up and tags in Michael Graves who hits a running shouldercharge into the corner. Graves gets back up in the center of the ring with a bit of a grin. He rushes for another, but Marvolo manages to escape over him! The real number one lunges and… TAG! In comes El Trebol Jr! Graves sees this and rushes towards him with Danvers tagging himself in on his shoulder. Trebol hits a big hurricanrana that sends Graves right into his own corner and colliding with Danvers! The other Watchmen storm the outside of the ring and pull off Lee and Gaia! AL VER VERDE! The top rope moonsault connects to Danvers as he’s flipped over and lands right on his head! Trebol leaps into the cover! One…Two…THREE!] [El Trebol Jr. has done it for his team! The Watchmen flood the ring as they celebrate their victory here tonight!]


[The Underworld.] [Lee Crowley and Errol Flint walk through dimly lit caverns beneath the Underworld, searching their way through the wreckage of humanity that litters every inch of every floor and wall.] [They finally approach a large door with a demonic symbol engraved upon it. Crowley looks perturbed.]

“This is it,” [Crowley says, his hand glowing whilst touching the door.] “I can feel the power of the cage within. I can’t believe I haven’t felt this before.”

[Flint grins.] “I can’t believe we found it, sire. I knew it was here somewhere. Shall we enter and see what lingers beyond the door?”

[Lee snaps his head to face him.]

“We?” [He barks aggressively.] “There’s no we, Errol Flint. You have served your master and his purpose well. For that, I shall see you compensated. Before I enter this Chamber, I need something first.”

“The blood of a holy man,” [Flint responds.] [The King turns

away with a grimace.]

“Precisely. I can’t go in there empty handed. I daren’t. Whatever lies behind these walls and within that cage has a power I can harness to feed billions of souls into the Underworld. At Judgement Day, I will take the blood of a holy man directly to it and unleash the end upon the world.”

[He smiles sadistically.]

“What about me, sire?”

[Lee places an arm around him.]

“I always pay my debts,” [Crowley nods.] “Don’t you worry about that. Every master needs a pet.”

[He clicks his fingers, turning Flint into a ravaging red eyed black furred hound. The dog immediately sits, looking up at his master.]

“Good boy.”



[Since his rebirth, the master of time has seemed unstoppable but one last hero stands in his way. Will the ways of Ashla be enough to purge the darkness or will he simply be out of time?] [The bell sounds as Novan surprises Aion with a flurry of lefts and rights before leaping high with a Dropkick to the chin that sends Aion staggering into the corner. The Revenant shakes out the cobwebs, rushing forward, LAR…HIP TOSS! Novan flips Aion to the mat before dropping down and trying to lock in an armbar! Aion quickly slips out, scrambling to his feet as this match has been all Novan so far] [Aion circles around Novan who’s calmly observing the champion before a lighting fast kick surprises Novan. A big jab stuns Jacen before he’s lifted up off his feet, SNAP…DDT! Jacen counters it out of nowhere into the DDT as he begins to head up to the top rope but he barely gets to the second before he’s lifted up off his feet, MIDDLE ROPE GERMAN SUPLEX! Aion spikes Novan on his head with that Suplex, the Time Master looking one hundred percent as he sizes up the rising Novan before nearly taking his head off with a Shining Wizard!] [Aion pulls Jacen up to his feet, possibly trying to boost this match up to 88mph but Jacen slips out, driving Aion to the mat with a thunderous spinebuster! Novan drops down, beginning to lock in the Anaconda Vice but Aion slips out instantly, leaping up and driving both knees into the back of Novans head! Aion pulls the groggy Novan up to his feet, 88MPH! Novan looks done but Aion isn’t as he slowly heads up to the top rope, sizing the downed Novan for the finishing blow, FROZEN IN…DARKNESS! Novan counters out of nowhere with that massive elbow as he crashes down upon the unconcious Aion, the referee counting. ONE…TWO…THREE!! NEW CHAMPION!] [The Chosen One does it, somehow withstanding the powers of time itself to darken the lights of Aion and regain not only the VHS title but one of the keys for the side of good here tonight on VHS]


[Darkness.] [The Chief walks through the halls of the Family home, observing the gunk filled corners of every hallway. He’s searching for something; for someone. When he finally approaches the room he requires, we recall it immediately.] [This is where Noah was born.] [And on the black stained mattress, that’s where he sits.]

“Did you come to tell me that you love me?” [Noah asks with a smile.] “Is that why you’re here, Chief?”

[The Chief steps into the room and sits beside him.]

“I came to ask you one last time to yield. I came to ask you to stop this unholy mission and in return, I will grant you your escape.”

[Noah chuckles.] “What makes you think you have the power to grant me anything? You may have escaped your captivity, but you won’t escape the end. No-one will.”

[They stare at each other. The Chief puts a hand on his shoulder.]

“If we have to fight, I won’t have mercy on you. I won’t let you destroy humanity or this world. God is a forgiving soul, Noah. He will forgive you if you stop this terror before it’s too late. I believe this. I know you know it, too.”

[Again, Noah laughs.]

“Not my God. My God sent me on a quest to destroy the world; his greatest creation. When I’m finished, I will take to the paradise and it will belong to me..”

[He stands up, walking away.]

“And then those that remain will look to me as God. You should be careful of your threats, Chief. I could severe your head from your body and end this right now, but I won’t. The Judgement Day for all is coming and when it does, you will wish you said no.”

[The Chief stands too.] “So be it.”



[Jensen Cussen walks backstage. Last week, he seemed to have broken Jacob Phoenix. Yet the conflict within Cussen still exists.]

“He’s all that remains, I can’t kill him.”

[The mutterings of a mad man, perhaps? Yet this mad man answers himself, with a much stronger tone.]

“And kill him, we will. Then maybe you’ll finally become what father thought we would be.”

[Out of his left eye, a small tear seems to form, but it fades instantly as Vengeance takes hold.] [Because in the shadows before Cussen stands a dark form. All that can be seen is the white phoenix upon his chest. Cussen grins and charges in.] [WHOOSH! The form turns to smoke!] [Jensen looks down in shock to find the black vest and mask of Jacob Phoenix laying alone on the ground. He picks up the mask with a confused expression on his face.] [THWACK!] [Cussen goes down in agony as a steel pipe may have cracked ribs. He clears the hair out of his face, looking up at his attacker.] [Jacob P…] [No.]

“I knew there was good in you, Jensen. Vengeance hasn’t taken over fully.”

[The maskless man pushes Jensen up against the wall, using the pipe to cut off his windpipe.]

“You were right about Jacob Phoenix. He’s dead. But I killed him. Not you. I let go of my hate. Of my anger for what happened to me. Jackson Miller was dead for too long.”

[He pushes in on Cussen’s throat.]

“But now I’m back, Jensen.”

[The invigorated Jackson Miller lets Vengeance down to the ground. The older man stares up, the roles reversed from last week.]

“And if I can come back, then so can you, Jensen. Vengeance can die in the flames. At Judgement Day, the man who should have been your son fights Jonah’s twisted creation for your life. Because it’s time for you to choose Jensen. Will you go quietly into the night, or will you help me stop this?”

[Cussen tries to respond, leaping with anger at Miller.] [THWACK! MILLER LEVELS JENSEN. VENGEANCE IS OUT!] [Miller drops his pipe with a frown.]

“See you in a week, Jensen. That may be all we have left.”

[Jackson Miller walks away, peace and purpose filling his steps.]


[We’ve seen some amazing main events in VHS history but this could well be the biggest as we get a preview of the final battle for humanity. The Enforcer and the Grand Master join forces against the Light Warrior for one last battle before the war but will it be good or evil that prevails here tonight?] [The bell sounds as Bellator leaps off the ropes, wrapping his legs around Rhodes for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors before spinning out into a DDT on the Enforcer. Both Kersh and Rhodes stagger up into a huge flurry from the Light Warrior but the Enforcer ducks a right, before delivering one of his own that stuns Bellator before a massive Enziguri sends Lux into the ropes. Bellator tries to get his bearings but turns right into a massive Lariat that turns him inside out and sends him flying over the ropes to the floor below. The Enforcer goes to follow but Rhodes stops him, sizing up Bellator as Lux begins to rise on the outside. “You can do this, you can be absolved!” he screams before rushing forward…SUICIDE DIVE…] [MISSES! RHODES GOES HEADFIRST INTO THE BARRICADE! A huge smile crosses Lux’s face as Rhodes slowly rises, looking completely out of it, Lux spinning him around before grabbing him by the waist. GERMAN SUPLEX OVER THE BARRICADE RIGHT ON THE CONCRETE! Rhodes has been taken out of this contest, limp amongst the fans he may well be knocked out cold, but Bellator can’t celebrate as he turns right into a massive right hand from Kersh, The Enforcer pounds on Bellator with a fury, gripping him by the back of the mask as he tries to throw him into the posts but Lux reverses, sending Kersh headfirst into the steel!] [Lux picks up the groggy Kersh, rolling him back into the ring before dropping down for the cover. ONE…TW…Brent gets the shoulder up! Lux pulls Kersh up to his feet, the Enforcer trying to fight him away with heavy lefts and rights but a huge European Uppercut takes the fight out of him. Lux rocks Brent with a trio of stiff knees to the jaw before leaping up with another headscissors, spinning around before drilling Kersh into the mat with a modified DDT! Lux doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope as The Enforcer slowly rises to his feet, MISSILE DROPKICK! Right to the chin as Lux slips down for the cover] [ONE…TWO..TH…Kersh just gets the shoulder up! Kersh slowly rises up right into a massive roundhouse that nearly takes his head off before he’s lifted off his feet, CRADLE DDT! The Enforcer bounces off the mat from impact as Bellator muscles him down for another cover, ONE…TWO…THR…KERSH KICKS OUT AGAIN! Visible frustration is building in Bellator’s face as he pulls a dead-weight Kersh to his feet before gripping him around the waist, RELEASE GER…KERSH LANDS ON HIS FEET! Lux turns around, LARIAT! Lux turns inside out from that huge clothesline, quickly scrambling to his feet into a massive flurry of lefts and rights from the Enforcer before he’s tossed to the ropes, and spun around on the rebound into a thunderous ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Kersh drops down for his first cover of the contest] [ONE…TWO…Lux gets the shoulder up! The Enforcer pulls Lux up to his feet, PURITY! Lux was playing possum as he locks in the Hanging Triangle Choke out of nowhere! Kersh may be in trouble as he tries to lift Lux up but Bellator is pulling down with all his might, forcing Kersh down to one knee. The Enforcer is turning red as Bellator is trying to choke him out but the Enforcer rises to his feet in a surge of strength, POWERBOMB! It hits hard but Purity just gets locked in tighter as Bellator refuses to let go, The Enforcer sinking down to the mat as his oxygen is slowly fading. The referee grabs Kersh’s arm, lifting it up ONCE….he lifts it up a second time TWICE….He lifts it up a third time, THRIC….BLOOD!] [Rhodes breaks it up out of nowhere with that huge Double Stomp to Bellator as all three competitors are out on the mat. Bellator slowly rises as does Rhodes, the two eternal rivals locking eye to eye. “Why won’t you let me help you? You have to turn back now before it’s too late!” Rhodes screams before rushing forward as they begin teeing off on one another. Lux gets the advantage with a massive uppercut before trying to lift Rhodes into the Crucifix Powerbomb position. Rhodes slips out, leaping up CHAOS…NO! Lux slips out, nailing Rhodes in the side of the head with a stiff roundhouse kick before lifting him up high. Running forward right at the rising Brent Kersh, CATHOLIC CROSS RIGHT INTO BRENT KERSH! Rhodes squashes The Enforcer into the corner as Solomon staggers out, DEUM LUCEM! Bellator has Rhodes down for the pin. ONE…TWO..THR…KERSH JUST BREAKS IT UP!] [Bellator gets to his feet right into a massive headbutt from Kersh, as he staggers away right into a leaping enziguri from Rhodes before he’s lifted up high, DAWN! Bellator is planted into the mat but Rhodes isn’t done as he and Kersh back away, waiting for Bellator to get to his feet, DOUBLE DARKWISH! Kersh slips down for the cover as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THRE…BELLATOR GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!] [Rhodes signals for Kersh to lift Bellator up to hold him as Rhodes backs away as far as he can. Running forward, DARKWISH…HITS KERSH! Rhodes looks shocked as Bellator grips him by the back of the head, tossing him over the top to the floor below as he begins to stalk the groggy Enforcer. He drills him with another Roundhouse kick before placing him between his legs, DISCIPLE…KERSH CATCHES HIM IN MID-FLIP! SHOULDER BREAKER INTO THE SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh collapses onto Bellator, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The heroes do it here tonight, Bellator putting up an amazing fight but the sheer tenacity of the Enforcer proving too much for him but is this a taste of what’s to come or one last gasp of the losing battle for the future of humanity?] [Lux Bellator rolls to the ropes, using them to pull himself back to his feet.]


[After that gruelling Main Event, Solomon Rhodes tackles Lux Bellator and mounts him immediately.] [He slowly starts pounding on him.]

“This doesn’t have to be you.”

[Another shot.]

“This doesn’t have to be the end, Bellator.”

[Another shot.]

“Repent,” [Solomon exclaims.] “See the Light.”

[Darkness.] [Suddenly, the lights come back on and they are no longer alone.] [Lee Crowley.] [D’von Chambers.] [DTR.] [His allies.] [Chambers runs with a knee, catching Solomon upside the head. That sends him tumbling to the mat. Kersh tries to defend his team mate but is immediately ran back into the corner by Crowley and DTR.] [They’re out numbered four to two.] [Edward Newton suddenly appears on the entrance ramp with a steel chair.] [He takes a breath and makes a b-line for the ring! He slides in, crashing the steel over the back of DTR, giving Brent Kersh a chance to escape.] [The Enforcer plants a headbutt on Crowley that sends him reeling, looking towards Newton with a stoic nod for the save.] [Only Chambers attacks The Riddler from behind, running him shoulder first into the ring post.] [The Virus is back to his feet, shaking off that steel chair shot and strangling Brent Kersh. Chambers mounts Newton and Bellator is recovering whilst Rhodes gets back to his feet.] [Will he repent?] [Crowley suddenly grabs Rhodes, turning him around and nailing him with a right hand.] [This is a four on three assault.] [HEARTSFORD.] [Jonathan Heartsford runs down the ramp, sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. He pops back up, looking at Crowley who grins.] [The King grabs Rhodes, whipping him towards his former friend who grabs him.] [Spins him.] [RELEASES HIM.] [Crowley can’t believe it! Heartsford spins away and CLOTHESLINE TO LEE CROWLEY! THE FANS GO ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC!] [Heartsford picks up the steel chair as Lee gets back to his feet and NAILS HIM ACROSS THE SKULL WITH IT!] [WHOOOOOAAA, HEARTSFORD WITH A CHAAAIIRRR!] [CHAIR SHOT TO DTR.] [CHAIR SHOT TO D’VON CHAMBERS.] [Lux Bellator drops to his knees and rolls to the outside, quickly escaping as the rest of his team follow.] [Solomon Rhodes, Edward Newton and Brent Kersh get back to their feet, joining Jonathan Heartsford in the middle of the ring.] [It’s good versus evil.] [It’s the end of the world.] [Judgement Day is coming.] [Cut.]