BACKSTAGE[Initializing.] [Loading Software.] [Audio operational.] [Visual operational.] [Checking system status.] [Running diagnostics.] [Vanguard active.]

“Is it ready?” [A male voice asks amongst the clicking of typing fingers.] “I need this software operational immediately.”

[Our darkness soon morphs into a room backstage, hidden somewhere in the depths of ‘The Tap Room’. It’s a technological paradise. Within it, there are numerous monitors, each with a visual on different areas of the arena. The main screen logs data, mining it from each location.] [We spin around, unable to see the man behind the keyboard; however, we rise slowly to see the person pulling his strings.] [A spectacled man stands, mid-fifties, wearing a sharp suit and tie. He’s clean shaven, his hair is slicked back and the gold Rolex on his wrist screams money. There’s an air of sophistication about him.]

“It’s ready,” [the technician responds.] “This software will run Old School Wrestling from right here.”

[The man checks his watch.] “Fantastic. My employer wishes to know everything. Every word spoken within these walls, every fight, every conversation, every movement. He wants complete deniability. This software has to be intelligent enough to run the day to day.”

[A voice suddenly booms above them.]

“Do not fret, I have access to all locations inside The Tap Room. I see all, I hear all.”

[The man smiles.]

“Good, Vanguard, that’s good. My employer bought Old School Wrestling at auction for a hefty price. He expects daily reports.”

“What is it you are looking for?” [Asks the mighty computer from above.] “Should I be given this knowledge, my search parameters can be better defined.”

[He scoffs in retort.] “Watch, listen, report. That’s your job, Vanguard. You’re in charge around here. You make the decisions, the matches and the rules, but you report to us.”



[The man looks at his watch for a second time before patting the technician on the shoulder.]

“Vanguard must be able to control everything,” [he says with a smile.] “Do you understand? Every lock, every door, every room. Nothing happens without his knowledge. I want him to be able to speak in all areas, act in all areas and control everything. No blind spots. No exceptions.”

[The technician nervously responds.] “Yes sir.”



[Two newcomers to OSW face one another from their respective corners. Alfie Button. Kane Doebern. The bell sounds.] [Kane charges at Button aiming for THE HANGMAN 7”S! A running lariat! Ducked! Button is already running, jumping onto the middle rope. Springboard! BAM! Springboard Flying Elbow! NO! Kane sidesteps. Button hits the mat hard. Kane doesn’t take a moment to hesitate, running into the ropes and hitting his downed opponent with a running knee dro–NO! Button rolls out of the way and to his feet. WEAKEST LINK! A quick DDT to Kane as he he kneeling. PIN! ONE! TW–KICKOUT! Button looks to make quick work of his opponent but to no avail.] [Kane is still down, Button whips his body through the ropes onto the apron. He yanks himself into the air, over the top rope, his legs sitting on the opposing rope, springboarding him into an Arabian Press! AL JAZEERAAA–OUCH! Kane rolls under the bottom rope, and Button hits the canvas face first! Button rolls to the middle of the ring, up to his knees as Kane returns to the ring. He grabs his opponent by the waist from behind and hoists him up. GERMAN SUPLEX! Button is down and out! ONE! TWO! THRE–NO! A kick out at the last moment!] [Kane can’t believe it! He looks frustrated. He drags Button to his feet by his long curly hair and is looking to finish it! He hoists Button up looking for THE DOEBERN DRIIII–NO! Button kicks his legs until he’s dropped back down. BACK BODY DROP! NO! Kane lands on his feet! He shoves Button hard in the back. Button charges against the ropes. Kane with a back body drop of his own TO THE OUTSI–NO! Unbelievable! Button lands on the apron! Kick to the head of Kane! He staggers backwards. Button springboards off the top rope, twisting, soaring, and hitting a 720 DDT! SEASON FINALE! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Alfie Button does it here tonight, picking up a hard fought win against Kane Doebern! He raises an exhausted arm in victory.]


[Previously Recorded.] [Ash.] [Dust.]

“And the Lord said he would build his Church upon a rock! I am that rock, and no man will burn down what God has built up!”

[A tent keeps the harshness of the sun away, but none can mistake the remains of the old white church building that once stood high.]

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!”

[The impassioned voice of D’Von Chambers echoes under the big top. He stands upon charred wood, each haughty step crumbling the remains of his church further. A meager congregation has come out to hear his message. His followers remain ignorant to what happened to both the church and to Chambers himself in recent months.]

“The enemy deceives! He sends men that wear the cloth of the Lord himself, but the Lord God has delivered D’Von Chambers from the fires of hell itself! Satan has no hold on me!”

[Chambers goes to continue, but a voice rises out of the congregation.]

“Then why did you bow to Lucifer himself?”

[Those assembled all turn to face the speaker. Clad in a green suit, Edward Newton stands, his eyes fixed upon Chambers.]

“Do you have something to say, brother Newton?”

[The World Champion’s lips purse in response.]

“These people may not know the truth, they may even believe your words. You may believe them yourself. But I don’t forget. You tried to take something very dear to me. My contribution seems to have not filled your coffers. Perhaps you need a little faith, Mr. Chambers. Faith, not works, is what the Bible says, does it not? Or did you skip that passage?”

[Edward Newton turns on his heel and walks away from the gathering. Whispering begins to accumulate among those assembled.]

“What is that guy talking about?”

“The Devil? Surely the Reverend would never…”

[Meanwhile, D’Von Chambers stands in his makeshift pulpit, his eyes burning hotter than the fire that destroyed his church.]


[Tonight, we have a match between a man is not from this world and the personification of the Earth herself. Will Berengar succeed in his next quest or will he be discarded like Gaia’s last victim? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Berengar rushes towards Gaia and starts throwing heavy hands! She gets backed into the corner! Berengar is proud of himself and spreads his arms wide in arrogance! Gaia grabs the arms with her legs and pulls him towards the ropes! Oh my god, what’s this? She has him tied up like an ant in a spider’s web! ARACHNID GRASP! What a beautiful submission as she is upside down holding arms with legs and legs with arms! The ref starts to count! One…Two…Three…Four…she lets go to make sure she isn’t disqualified! She laughs on the outside and slides back in the ring!] [Berengar starts stomping on her while he is clutching his arm! A hurt arm does not worry Berengar at all! He grabs the legs himself and locks in a Boston crab! He laughs heartily and says “Aye, doesn’t feel good, does it?” She squirms in agony but she reaches the ropes! He waits for her to get up! German suplex! No! She flips out of it and locks in the cobra clutch! He struggles at first but he throws her over his shoulder! No! front flips out of it this time! Berengar sees an opening! DESTINY’S MAW! He locks in the sleeper tight!] [Gaia is fighting trying to reach the ropes! It looks like she might fade though! She is walking diligently to the ropes! She falls between the middle and top rope taking Berengar with her! Both spill out to the floor! Both are struggling to get up! Berengar is up just before Gaia! He charges with a spear but she moves aside and he rushes into the barricade! She rolls into the ring and lets the ref count! One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…He gets back up and runs into the ring! She bounces off the ropes and runs at him herself! He seamlessly gets to his feet and hits the pop-up powerbomb! VANQUISHER! He got all of that and he covers! One…Two…Three!] [ Berengar certainly earned himself a tale to tell tonight! What a hard-fought win over Gaia!]


[The Rewind Title.] [The shiny belt sits cradled in Isaac Danvers’ arms, held close to his chest as he reaches down, actively polishing its surface, the belt practically glowing, a stark contrast to the grimy hallway Danvers stands in. The mad doctor holds it tightly, his eyes scanning the halls as he walks through the Tap Room.]

“It is okay my DEAR. Nothing can hurt you, I will see to that. So long as you are in my hands, you will be CHERISHED and looked after for ETERNITY.”

[He pulls the title up to his face, placing it against his skin and letting out a small sigh of relief at the feeling of the cold metal.]

“My sweet sweet dear, I LOVE you.”

[And as Danvers’ world seemed so… eerily happy, a single voice broke the silence around his embrace, shattering it. The doctor turned towards the voice, peering into the darkness of the hallway.]

“Love, Danvers? I’m not sure you know what that word means.”

[Slowly the owner of the voice revealed himself. Brent Kersh. The Enforcer looks almost older post-judgment day, worn and tired, he approaches Danvers, the doctor immediately recoils back with his title, staring a hole through Kersh.]

“Get BACK from him! You will know NOTHING of my love. Dear Cael Gable REFUSED my affections, but my dearest would NEVER turn his back on me. This title is MINE, Brent.”

[Kersh looked on with concern for a moment, thinking before backing away from the crazed doctor. He sighs, shaking his head.]

“You really do believe the obsession you have for people, for things, is love? You don’t know anything about what love is, and I know that as long as that thing is in your hands, people are gonna get hurt.”

[Danvers leaps at Kersh! The Enforcer ducks a wild elbow and turns to face Danvers only to see the doctor escaping down the hallway, title still in hand. Kersh looks on, shaking his head in disappointment at what he just witnessed.]


[In the backstage area, Kane Doebern cuts a sad and lonely figure. After a disappointing debut bow here tonight, he runs a hand through his hair, frustrated at what’s occurred.] [But a voice reaches out to him.]

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, young brother.”

[Redmond Quinn.] [The teacher enters the scene with a reassuring hand on his shoulder.]

“Every night between those ropes is another lesson to be learned and we’re all students of the game.”

[He sighs.] “I know, man. I’m just so frustrated that I couldn’t pick up the win. This was my first ever wrestling match and I had dreams of how it’d go; none of them ended up like that.”

“It happens to the best of us,” [Quinn assures him.] “Believe me. You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, come back next week and try again.”

[Doebern puts his hands on his hips and nods in agreement.]

“Yeah, you got it. I’ll be back. I’m Kane, by the way.”

[He offers a handshake.] [Quinn accepts with a pearly white smile.]

“Redmond Quinn.”

[The pair head off down the corridor, engaged in conversation.] [Meanwhile, in the pitchblack darkness behind them, a pair of piercing blue eyes stare out, attached to the barely visible grimace of a man we can’t quite make out.] [He steps backwards, fading away.] [Cut.]


[It’s the debut of a new member of the roster in Kasabian! Will Chip Montana be able to lasso in this huge catch or will the strength of The Slave be too much for him to handle?] [Chip Montana charges across the ring before the bell sounds with a syringe in hand! High elevation back drop! KISS THE MOON! Montana gets some serious air before crashing down to the mat! The syringe slips out of his hand and scatters to the floor outside of the ring. Montana rubs the back of his head as he gets to his feet. Kasabian looks at him with ire growing quickly. Lord Griffin Walters, Kasabian’s owner, points at the referee and tells him to ring the bell! The referee motions for the bell which sounds. Kasabian lets out a growl at the sound and leaps into action!] [STO takes Chip Montana off his feet as Kasabian leaps onto him and begins pounding into his face with vicious elbow strikes! Chip Montana covers himself long enough for Kasabian to get off of him. He grabs Montana by his foot and yanks him towards the corner. He rushes towards Montana who slides out of the ring at the last second before Kasabian slams into the corner with a big knee strike! Kasabian staggers backwards clutching at his knee as the eyes of Montana peer over the top of the ring apron. He slides into the ring and rushes with a chop block! It takes Kasabian down to a knee as he howls out in pain!] [Chip Montana gets to his feet as he looks down at Kasabian with a grin. He hits the ropes and rushes towards Kasabian with a big boot! It nails Kasabian on the chin, but the behemoth doesn’t fall! Montana even looks a little shocked before raking the eyes of Kasabian! Montana wraps his arms around the head of Kasabian in a tight embrace! However, the strength of Kasabian just cannot be denied! He lifts up before hitting a big body shot to knock him off! Montana clutches at his ribs before he looks up to see a big elbow strike! KAH HAHN! The bullhammer just flattens Montana as Lord Griffin Walters is beaming on the outside of the ring. Kasabian plants himself on top of Montana before wrenching back on his chin in a Camel Clutch! SLAVE COLLAR! Montana tries to escape, but he’s about to lose his neck! He taps out!] [Kasabian is the winner! Lord Griffin Walters steps into the ring as Kasabian falls to a kneeling position in front of him while Walters gloats as if he won the match himself!]


[Nate Washington sits behind his dark mahogany desk, his feet up on the table. Standing across from him is Luke Cole.]

“Listen, man. Notable by their absence right?” [Washington asks Cole, his hands stretched out, looking around for his missing henchmen.] “I need me a man who can do some work for me. You owe me money. So let’s call it a trade. You work for me, you work off your debt. Coo’?”

[Cole itches his chin, then nods.]

“Yeah mate, fine by me.”

[Washington sits up in his seat. He opens the desk drawer.]

“You look hungry man. You eatin’ alright?” [Washington asks,] “or you hungry?”

[Cole is hungry.]

“I’m hungry, man. Hungry.” [he nods.] [Washington reaches in his draw. He tosses a baggie of white powder onto the desktop.]

“Look, this is for you, and this…” [he pulls a shoebox from the drawer.] “is for you to get rid of.”

[Cole flicks the lid open. A box full of individual servings of cocaine. His blood runs cold. How much of this could he get through? Could some get lost in transit?]

“Pre-measured, pre-weighed. Y’feel me? I know how much to expect back, yo.”

“So I shift this gear, then we’re done, right?” [Cole asks, still gazing into the box.] [Washington glares at Cole.]

“Right?” [Cole asks again, slapping the cardboard lid shut.] [Cut.]


[The Invasion qualifiers continue as a destroyer meets a teacher. Will Darkstar destroy another opponent in his quest for domination or in his debut, will Quinn teach the conqueror a lesson he’ll never forget?] [The bell rings as Quinn rushes forward, peppering Darkstar with a series of kicks and uppercuts that seem to have no affect on the more powerful man. A big European Uppercut staggers Darkstar back a few inches as Quinn rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into a massive Pump Kick that nearly breaks the Tutor’s jaw. Quinn staggers back to his feet into a flurry of lefts and rights from the heavy hander before a massive Spinebuster nearly plants him through the mat] [Quinn slowly rises to his feet as a big headbutt leaves him out on his feet before Darkstar spins around, DISCUS…Quinn ducks under, SNAP GERMAN! Quinn takes advantage of that single mistake, dropping down as he tries to lock in the Final Assignment but Darkstar powers out, tossing Quinn away. Redmond rolls to his feet, drilling a rising Darkstar with a stiff kick to the jaw before spinning him around, TIGER SUPLEX! Darkstar lands on his feet as Quinn rushes forward, WORLD’S COLLIDE!] [Quinn could be out as Darkstar drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Quinn just gets the shoulder up! Darkstar pulls Quinn up to his feet, looking for the end as he pulls Quinn in between his legs, BLACK HOLE BOMB! Quinn looks done as Darkstar drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…DARKSTAR PULLS HIM UP! A sickening smile crosses the conqueror as he pulls Quinn in between his legs before lifting him up high upside down, DARK SIDE DRIVER! THE DSD! Quinn spikes into the mat as Darkstar finally covers him, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Conqueror picks up a huge victory over the debuting Redmond Quinn as he punches his ticket into Invasion, and the hopes of making a huge impact once more. Quinn gets back to his feet and is suddenly dragged out of the ring by two masked men. They throw a hood over his head and drag him away, kicking and screaming.]


[Recorded Previously.] [Las Vegas.] [The lights of the Vegas strip illuminate the inside of this magnificent building, bright neon colors raining down upon a glorious stage before an audience, a drumroll hyping them up when suddenly a pillar of blue flame BURST FORTH FROM THE GROUND! The pillar parted like curtains and stepping out from between them, Dante Xavier. The crowd clapped as the magician took a bow, Dante smirking to the crowd.]

“Welcome, welcome one and all! You lucky few have been granted the privilege of witnessing my final performance before I leave the Vegas Strip to dazzle the likes of the wrestling world! But fear not, I will be back. However, to make it up to you, my amazing fans, I will preform one of my most amazing tricks. But of course, I will need a volunteer from the audience!”

[The crowd claps and cheers, many of them raising their hands to be picked. Just as Dante points to a girl in the crowd, he hears a foot stomp the side of his stage, interrupting the performance. The magician turns coming face to face with a man now standing upon his stage, a cocky smirk on his face. Wild Karrde. The gambler looks Dante up and down before reaching into his pocket.]

“Now, I figured I’d stop by to see the show before you headed off to my domain, Xavier. And let me tell you, I’m not impressed with the pyrotechnics and lazy showmanship.”

[Dante looked offended, glaring at Karrde before producing the same blue flames in the palm of his hand.]

“You come to my show, and talk down to me and my audience? I’ll show you just why I am the world’s most powerful magician.”

[Karrde put a hand up, pausing Xavier as he finally fished the item out of his pocket. A coin. Karrde showed it to Dante, then to the crowd.]

“You misunderstand, I’m not here to fight, I’m just here to show this crowd that your magic doesn’t stand up to a little luck. So I offer a little challenge for your skills. A bet, even. I’m going to flip this coin, and with my luck, it’ll land on heads three times. If your magic is so powerful, then I’ll fail, and I’ll leave you alone. If I win, I get a prize of my choice.”

[Xavier eyes Karrde before chuckling.]

“Fine, I suppose I’ll have to crush your ego here and now, now won’t I?”

[Karrde steps back, the crowd hushed as he flips the coin in front of Dante.] [Heads.] [Dante watches it flip again, and with a wave of his hands, the coin vanishes in midair, appearing in his hands.] [Heads.] [Xavier looks down at the coin in surprise, looking up at Karrde who snatches it from Dante’s hands before flipping it one more time, catching it and placing it upside down on his wrist.] [Heads.] [The crowd is hushed, Xavier looking at Wild Karrde in shock before the Gambler smirks and walks off stage. Before he leaves the building, he turns to Xavier and flips the coin to him.]

“I told you, you’ve got nothing on the power of luck. I’ll be seeing you to pick up my prize, Dante.”

[The crowd remains quiet as Dante looks down at the coin, flipping it over in his hands. Revealing a heads on both sides.]


[The road to Invasion is one paved with gold and glory, a road The Bishop would love to find himself on but a single soul stands in his way. Can Chambers cast aside a former Major or will the Cosmonaut fly higher then he can reach?] [The bell sounds as Chambers rushes forward, taking the Cosmonaut by surprise with a wicked running right hook, staggering Major Tom before lifting him up high for a Suplex. The Cosmonaut manages to land on his feet, leaping up high as he drills Chambers with a dropkick to the back of the head before springboarding off the ropes, FLYING SPINNING HEEL KICK! Chambers gets drilled right in the jaw as he rolls out of the ring, trying to get a breather on the outside before turning back to ringside] [ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! A Massive Plancha wipes out the Bishop as he’s rolled back into the ring before the Cosmonaut drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…D’Von gets the shoulder up! A stiff kick to the jaw of the rising Chambers puts him down on the mat again as the Cosmonaut leaps up to the top rope, looking for the killing blow. SPACE ODD…CHAMBERS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Major Tom staggers up to his feet dazed as he’s lifted up onto Chamber’s shoulder….PSALM 32!] [The ring shakes with the force of that Powerslam as Chambers calls for the end, lifting The Cosmonaut up to his feet but gets a stiff enziguri to the side of the head. FLY ME TO…NO! Chambers elbows his way out before nearly decapitating The Cosmonaut with a massive lariat. Chambers peels the Major up off the mat, lifting him up high for the Pastor’s Plunge but gets distracted as Edward Newton begins walking down to the ring. Chambers drops the Cosmonaut, yelling at Newton before he’s spun around, FLY ME TO THE MOON! STANDING SPANISH FLY! And this could be it as the Cosmonaut covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Lost Cosmonaut picks up a massive victory in his debut as he moves into the Invasion match over the dangerous D’Von Chambers but not without a big time distraction from Edward Newton]

[The image suddenly gets a bit more grainy, eventually revealing the old-school television set it emanates from as Oscar Vogel watches with one of his puppets, curiously skeletal in appearance. Vogel turns his attention to the puppet, and his calm demeanor quickly turns into a frown.]

“What’s wrong, Skeletor? You look a little more blue than usual today. What has you down in the dumps? Have you been eating well?”

[We get a good look at Skeletor, practically seeing the reason for Oscar’s concern as we hear its raspy, gravelly voice.]

“I’m fine health wise, Oscar, I’m just…sad. I see this space man, and I can’t help but think…I could use a friend like that.”

[Vogel looks at his bony friend, perplexed at the response given to him.]

“You’ve got me, Skeletor. I’m your friend. I’ve always been your friend. My heart is true…I’m a pal and a confidant.”

“I know, but it’s just not the same…you’re not a skeleton, like he is. He understands the struggle of being different. He just…gets me.”

[Vogel does a double take at this and looks at the screen, focusing on The Lost Cosmonaut, and then back at Skeletor. His frown softens, eventually turning into a hesitant smile.]

“Well then, I suppose we can have a little chat with the space man, can’t we? I’ll bet he could use a new friend, too…we all could use a friend from time to time.”

“Yes, that would be lovely! We can count each other’s bones, discuss proper diet and exercise when one doesn’t worry about muscles, and so much more! Thank you so much, Oscar. You understand the importance of friendship, and for that I’m eternally grateful. Thank you for being a friend.”

[Oscar nods in appreciation, focusing his attention back to the screen with a look of worry on his face…as though he understands the task that lies ahead of him.] [Cut.]


[It’s a night of firsts, but we’re about to see the first match of Troy Solveig going one-on-one with Michael Graves!] [The bell sounds as these two powerhouses size each other up. Both of them look each other up and down before stepping into the center of the ring. Troy raises a hand up as if preparing for a test of strength. Michael Graves smirks before taking him on. These two beasts collide in the center of the ring with their chests as the test of strength is in play! Their hands are locked in a tight hold as they battle for supremacy! Graves begins to wane a bit as Troy smirks down at him. HEADBUTT! Graves just headbutted Troy, but Volsungr just stares down at him. His smirk vanished.] [Troy yanks Graves up onto his shoulder before rushing towards the corner with a huge ram! Graves spits out a bit upon contact before Troy takes a few steps back. Troy bellows out before charging towards The Bat’s Shadow! Graves lifts himself up and over as Troy hits the corner shoulder-first! Graves leaps over Troy before whipping himself around. Troy pulls himself free from the corner before turning right into a snap dragon suplex! RED DEATH! Michael Graves doesn’t go for a pin. Rather, he hooks his arm around the head and neck of Troy before wrenching back! MERCILESS! The dragon sleeper is locked in as the legs wrap around Troy!] [Graves is wrenching back on the hold as Troy’s face begins to turn a shade of red! The beefy arms of Troy wrap around the legs of Graves and pry him off! Troy manages to get to his knees! Troy just PEEEELS him off slowly! The Bat’s Shadow is whipped into the ropes! STO hits Graves! Troy quickly lifts up Graves and ties him to the tree of woe! ODIN’S WISDOM! Troy leaps into the air as Graves tries to pull himself up. VALKYRIE! The Superman punch releases Graves from the tree as he slumps down onto the mat. Troy lifts him up and hooks an arm. THE HAMMER OF THE GODS! The jackhammer connects! One…Two…THREE!] [Troy Solveig has done it! In his debut match, he manages to defeat Michael Graves! Troy flexes his muscles as he lifts his enormous war hammer into the air with victory!]


[Miami, Florida.] [Bill Kirby finds himself walking down the street with only a few days left until his big debut at Old School Wrestling. As he’s taking in the new town, his attention is drawn to a ringing noise from a block over. He finds the nearest alley and takes off down it. His natural instincts kicking in as he recognizes the familiar sound.] [A bank is being robbed.] [He makes it through the alleyway past a large white van parked there as he begins breathing heavily in search of the sound’s location. He turns and sees it.] [A huge hole in the side of Miami Financial is smoking as if something had detonated right beside it! His hero instincts kick in as he begins to run, but something feels off.] [People are scattering in every direction, yet no noise is coming from the bank nor are there any cars close enough to be a get away vehicle. What had once appeared like an explosion looked more like the walls were melting away at this point.] [Bill Kirby stops in his tracks as he surveys the scene. The only car close is… the van. It’s at this moment that he notices the small hospital that the van is parked by.] [And the lights are out in the hospital.] [The people screaming aren’t coming from the bank nearly as much as the hospital.] [Bill Kirby cuts through the crowds as he makes his way through the front door of the hospital. His eyes dart around the room as if trying to find out where to go next when he spots the woman behind the desk sweating profusely.]

“What is happening, miss?”

[Her bugged eyes move up to meet his before looking at her hand. It’s then that Kirby notices that her hand is holding down a button. She’s trembling.]

“If I move, he said this will kill me.”

“Who said?”

[She’s on the verge of tears. Kirby searches around the room of this waiting room before finding a metal tray.]

“Now, I’m going to slide this tray between you and this bomb, okay? But I’ll need to pull you out of the way just in case.”

[Tears are falling as she only nods. The Wannabe superhero circles around the counter and gets ready in true Indiana Jones fashion before sliding the tray in and pulling the woman back at the same moment.] [Nothing happens.] [The woman continues sobbing as Bill Kirby removes the tray. He lifts up the item which EXPLODES… in blue ink. It showers the face of Kirby as he’s stunned by it momentarily.] [The sound of screeching tires outside draws his attention as he rushes out the front door. He’s too late. The van is rolling down the road already. He squints his eyes to follow it before looking down at the not-so-deadly cannister in his hand. He flips it over to see a large “MF” logo with a few words written beneath.]

“Overestimation: Property of Dr. Mindfuck.”


[In a darkened room, Berengar stands with his mighty broadsword, looking into the scratched face of its shining front. His mouth contorts and his brow furrows.] [And then, the sword speaks.]

“I’m telling you Berengar, it’s him. This universe may have closely averted danger with the Apocalypse but he’s the harbinger of the end.”

[Berengar sighs.] “It cannot be Vigilkeeper. It simply cannot be. We barely escaped that world and I was certain nothing else could have either.”

[Vigilkeeper, the sword, scoffs at him.]

“I will never forget his face, okay? He chased us from that planet before he destroyed it. To this day I dream of how our quest was ended by his ginormous frame. I can see it in his eyes, Berengar; he wishes to destroy this world too.”

[The Great Knight puffs his chest out.]

“That will not happen again, dear friend,” [he says with sincerity.] “I was the cause of our loss in that last battle. I underestimated his strength and it cost us the planet. I remember running for our lives, I remember leaving those poor people behind.”

[His head lowers in shame.] [Vigilkeeper refuses to let him suffer.] “No, you shan’t be pitied. You’re the Knight of the Void, Berengar. You’ve saved many planets and I know this because I’ve been at your side during all of those battles.”

“Then what must I do?”

[The sword glows white in his hand.]

“Destroy the destroyer of worlds.”

[He pauses.]

“Destroy Darkstar.”


[Tonight, as OSW enters a new season and almost an entirely new landscape, two men are here to prove why they are still here after Judgment Day, to show what every new face must do to make it here as we have Jacen Novan VS El Trebol Jr. in a champion vs champion match tonight!] [DING! DING! The two men tie up! Jacen Novan has an easy power advantage and he shoves El Trebol Jr. hard into the corner! It was hard enough to launch Trebol back to Novan! DARKNESS WITHIN! Jacen throws that bull hammer elbow! NO! El Trebol Jr. ducks it! He runs towards the ropes! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! El Trebol Jr. hit all of that and he covers! One…Two… kick out by Novan! El Trebol goes to the top rope! He dives going for the senton! Jacen gets the knees up! Hard landing on the knees for Trebol! Trebol’s back is bowing in pain and Jacen runs towards the back and hits a stiff dropkick to the spine!] [Jacen locks in a rear chokehold and Trebol is screaming in agony! Trebol is trying to fight out of it! He’s doing it! He is getting to his feet and he is elbowing Jacen’s stomach to get out of it! Jacen releases the hold! El Trebol Jr. Irish whips him into the corner! He hits a shining wizard in the corner! Jacen slumps to a seated position! BOCA LLENA! Trebol hits the mouthful, that beautiful dropkick using the ropes for extra height! Jacen rolls out of the ring! SUICIDE DIVE! No! Jacen catches Trebol! SPINEBUSTER ON THE APRON! What a move as Trebol’s back has to be destroyed!] [Jacen throws him back in the ring and goes for the pin! One…Two…Thr… No! Shoulder up by the resilient luchador! Jacen gets on top of him and starts pummeling him with some punches! Trebol catches a punch! He turns it into CUELGA VID! Trebol locks in the triangle but Jacen lifts him up and BUCKLE BOMB! Jacen throws him hard into the corner! Jacen charges at Trebol! Trebol gets the feet up and hops up to the top rope! Jacen tries to knock him but hard superkick to keep Novan off of Trebol! Trebol jumps! AL VAL VERDE! He hits all of that diving reverse Frankensteiner! Trebol covers! One… Two…Three! He wins!] [What a move as Jacen is lucky to be seeing green let alone gold as that move should have knocked him out fully. What a win by El Trebol Jr.!]


[After that tremendous match, El Trébol gets back to his feet, being handed the Tag Team Championships and his Double Feature belt.] [He stumbles into the ropes, raising the belts to great applause when suddenly, he’s teleported away from the ring.] [His eyes dart back and forth in terror, unsure of what’s just happened; until he realizes exactly where he is. He recognises the familiar surroundings almost immediately.] [Needful Things.]

“My dearest Finn, it’s a pleasure to have you back in my wonderful store. I’ve missed you. How long has it been since you last crossed my threshold, dear boy?”

[Edgar Nevermore suddenly appears alongside Nicholas Mammon.]

“My gentleman friend and I have a proposition for you. Care to sit a while and parlee?”

[Chairs suddenly appear around them. El Trébol sits, almost in a trance. Mammon and Nevermore join him with smiles on their faces.]

“It would appear that you’re over encumbered with Championships,” [Nevermore reports with a grimace.] “We’d like to unburden you of such weight.”

[Mammon grins.] “Precisely. I’m certain that I could find a trade suitable for you, chap.”

[El Trébol appears undoubtedly mesmerized. He’s about to respond when there’s a very sudden flash across our screens. Papers are flung up into the air with velocity and when they return to the ground, El Trébol Junior is gone.] [We follow into the backstage corridor, where Spero now stands alongside a dumbfounded El Trébol Junior.]

“What happened?” [The Green Bean asks.] “I couldn’t stop myself. I was going to hand over the Tag Team Championships. I was going to-”

[Spero interrupts.] “His powers of persuasion are almost magical,” [the young hero announces.] “But I made it to you just in time. I’m afraid that those two ‘gentlemen’ are on a quest to relieve you of your Tag Team Championships. That isn’t a battle you can fight alone.”

[Trébol shakes his head.]

“Why do you want to help me?”

[Spero straightens his shoulders.]

“Because it’s the right thing to do. I saw what you and The Watchmen sacrificed to save this world and I can’t thank you enough for it. I could’ve perished too, couldn’t I? I’ve seen what happens to a planet when it’s destroyed from the inside, Finn. I’ve watched, like you, as my friends and family were torn apart. We could never be The Watchmen or The Guardians but we could be something else.”

[El Trébol leans in, intrigued.]

“We could be the Guardians of The Last Watch. We could come together to protect this world from evil, starting with The Gentlemen Duo.”

[The Tag Team Champion thinks about it for a moment before slowly handing over one of his Tag Team Championships.]

“This world needs heroes now, more than ever,” [Trébol admits.] “And I need a friend. We have to rebuild this temple, so that when the next battle for the world begins, it can defend the Earth and save it. Men died to ensure the safety the world and my friend walked away because of how much he lost to do it. I can’t walk away, Spero.”

“And you won’t have to.”

[Both men look at each other with a sincere nod, The Guardians of The Last Watch born here tonight.] [Cut.]


[It’s the debut of two new wrestlers to the VHS Roster as it’s Gameboy going up against Spero with a spot in the InVasion match on the line!] [The bell sounds as Gameboy moves towards the center of the ring and extends a hand across the ring to Spero. Spero looks at his hand before shaking it quickly. They circle around before Spero rushes forward to connect with a clothesline! Gameboy pops right back up only to catch a kick to the midsection followed by a quick suplex. The Blue Lantern rolls back to his feet before hooking the legs of Gameboy and beginning to tie him up. Only Gameboy worms his way out of that before kicking Spero right in the side of his masked face!] [Gameboy rolls to his feet before dotting Spero with three rapid fire punches! He stops for a moment before dotting him with three more! He pauses for a moment before trying for a third set to which Spero falls to the mat. BUTTON MASHER… Gameboy raises his hands a bit prematurely as Spero leaps up from behind and hooks his legs around the head of Gameboy from behind! The pop-up inverted Frankensteiner connects! ETERNAL SPRING! Spero leaps into the cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! Spero quickly turns Gameboy onto his stomach and wraps up his legs in a Texas Cloverleaf! GUARDIAN LOCK! Gameboy is crying out in pain as he reaches out desperately for the bottom rope!] [He begins the slow crawl, and he’s almost to the ropes! But Spero pulls him back to the center! Gameboy is fading. He falls flat onto the mat. The referee is about to slide in to check on him when… his head comes up! He digs his nails into the mat and pulls himself to the bottom rope where the referee forces a break! Spero backs away and leaps onto the second rope with a spring off! The roundhouse connects just as Gameboy springs to his feet. Gameboy is dazed as Spero leaps from the second rope again into the crucifix roll-up position! WILL’S LIGHT! Spero rolls him up as the referee slides into position! One…Two…THREE!] [A huge debut for the triumphant Spero! He rises to his feet before rising above the ring with his ring pointed upwards. He will be going to InVasion!]


[Backstage, the slave Kasabian is soaking in the strong words being lashed out at him by his master, Lord Griffin Walters. We eventually catch some of what Walters has to say, noticeably loud but not necessarily angry.]

“Now listen, my boy…I need you to understand your purpose here. I want everything this place has to offer, and you’re my meal ticket to that end. Do you understand?”

[Kasabian says nothing, instead responding merely with a nod that draws a smile to the face of Walters.]

“Excellent. I don’t just mean titles and accolades, mind you…though if you were to win those, that would certainly be a feather in my cap. No, I mean everything…including him.”

[Walters points behind his slave, who turns to see Troy Solveig walk by. Solveig pays no mind to their conversation as he continues on his way, still being watched by the slave and master as Kasabian turns his attention back to an almost mesmerized Walters.]

“Yes, my boy, that’s a warrior if I’ve ever seen one. I need a man like that, and that brings me back to you. Up till now you’ve been my strongest man out on the field, which is why I brought you here in the first place…so it’s your job to fetch me that warrior, my boy. It’s his destiny to be a part of my camp, and I believe it’s your destiny to be the one to bring him home. Do you understand?”

[Kasabian raises a hand to his chest with a bow.]


[Griffin’s smile turns into a devilish grin as he rests a hand on Kasabian’s shoulder.]

“Get to it then, my boy. Whatever you do, make sure he comes home where he belongs. Don’t let me down, now…you remember what happened to the last man that failed me. I’d hate to lose another good man to disobedience.”

[Kasabian nods in agreement once more before heading out, his master looking on with glee.] [Cut.]


[It’s The Salesman vs. The Kingpin to start things off as The Riddler and The Black Hole watch on from the sidelines!] [The bell rings and Mammon extends his hand with a flourish, looking to shake hands with Cole. Cole looks confused momentarily… and Mammon throws a forearm smash! Cole falls downward, and then The Salesman follows up with a quick knee to the side of Cole’s head. The Black Hole immediately dips around to the side, shaking off the brutal knee. He’s behind Mammon. He’s reaching out…. he’s wrapping him up… PUMP HANDLE FALL AWAY SLAM! Cole sends Mammon flying across the ring. They’re both down. Nicholas looks up and realizes where he is, then reaches out and makes the tag…] [Newton hits the ring with a fury! He brings down a heavy forearm to Cole’s upper body and Cole retaliates, throwing rapid punches, but Newton gets an angle and immediately hits a sharp snap suplex drop! Washington is clamoring for the tag. But Newton won’t relent. He pulls up Cole and sends him into the ropes. Newton grabs and hurls his opponent with a German Suplex, then immediately pulls him back up and again tosses The Black Hole into the ropes. As Cole returns, Newton stops abruptly and throws a single finger up in the air… it’s… THE QUESTION IS…] [Cole keeps coming, baffled, and Newton hits him with a rapid EYE RAKE, a quick SHIN KICK… Cole falls backward, away from Newton. He’s holding his face… but Cole makes the quick tag! The Kingpin leaps in with purpose! He nails Newton with a HARD headbutt, sending The Riddler soaring. Washington follows suit, chasing his prey… but Newton scrambles and makes the tag! In comes Mammon with fresh legs! He bounces off the ropes… Washington is reeling from his own headbutt… MAMMON SMASHES HIM WITH KNEED-FUL THINGS! Washington crumples on himself and Mammon goes for the pin! 1… 2… 3!] [Edward Newton and Nicholas Mammon prevail with the big win over Cole and Washington!]


[Previously Recorded.] [Dirt stains the brow of Dakota Faye as she stands in a pile of rubble and mess. The Tap Room has many undiscovered tunnels and crevices that most would never try to find. But not her, an intrepid explorer. The room she stands within seems to be a junkyard of sorts. Various familiar items stand out from the grungy surroundings. Somehow all of the strange items over the years have ended up in one place.] [She tosses a blank mask to the side.] [A white hood goes flying.] [Faye dusts off a pair of glasses. She holds them up to her face and recoils.]

“Somebody couldn’t see a damn thing.”

[They are laid over to the side as well. Dakota brushes some more dirt out of the way, shaking her head.]

“Come on ‘Kota, why did you have to come alone?”

[She chuckles as she reaches forward, but something seems to catch her eye. Faye’s head cocks to the side as she unearths a box of some kind. Several strange markings are carved into each face. She turns the cube around, but there is no hole. It is a complete object.]


[The cube begins to emanate a dim green glow. The touch of human skin seems to have activated it. Yet Faye only stares at it with confusion.]

“I need to get a better look at this. These markings match the ones I found in Belize.”

[Dakota hurries to her feet, and wades out of the mess. She leaves the room and heads for cleaner ground.] [But a man turns around the corner to observe her leaving.]

“She found it.”

[Jacen Novan.] [Cut.]


[It’s a triple threat match with a shot to enter the InVasion Match on the line! It’s Edgar Nevermore, Happy, and Dr. Mindfuck’s first VHS match!] [The bell sounds as these three circle around the ring. Happy walks to the center of the ring and extends two hands to shake with both Dr. Mindfuck and Edgar Nevermore. Edgar reaches out and shakes his with a small smile. Before whipping Happy right into Mindfuck! Mindfuck isn’t quite quick enough to get out of the way as they collide heads! Edgar Nevermore gives a grin before pulling Happy up to hit a quick Angle slam! Happy hits the mat and clutches at his back as Nevermore rolls into a cover. One…Two…BROKEN UP! Mindfuck brings a forearm across the back of Nevermore’s head before pulling him to his feet.] [Cutter! Down goes Nevermore as Dr. Mindfuck has a wicked grin upon his face. He waits on Nevermore to get back to his feet before hitting the rope and rushing towards him. A PATENTED MINDFUCK! The rolling elbow dots the chin of Nevermore as he’s blasted into the corner. Mindfuck gets another devious idea. He moves over to the corner and lifts up the legs of Nevermore in the corner. Dr. Mindfuck steps to the opposite corner and pulls down his goggles over his eyes. He grins as he charges across the ring. SHADOWKICK! SHADOWKICK OUT OF NOWHERE! Dr. Mindfuck is nailed as he staggers on his feet, turns around, and… FALLS FACE FIRST INTO NEVERMORE’S GROIN!] [Edgar Nevermore falls out of the corner clutching his genitals as Mindfuck is down! Happy gives a big smile before rushing over and lifting up Nevermore. ROLL-UP! Nevermore hits the small package on Happy! One…Two… NO! Happy kicks out! Both of them roll to their feet. Nevermore hits a big backdrop that sends Happy out of the ring after he charges at him. He whips around and begins twirling his moustache in preparation for his finish! Happy staggers to his feet. Nevermore is whipped around by Dr. Mindfuck! Nevermore kicks him in the mid-section! THE OXFORD COMMA! The hammerlock legsweep DDT connects as Nevermore hooks the legs! One…Two…THREE!] [Edgar Nevermore gives a big grin as he twirls his moustache. He leans back on the ropes as the referee raises his hand in victory as Happy looks on disgruntled from the outside of the ring.]


[A room that has some similarities in appearance to a church, yet remains unequivocally not. Chairs that are all sat facing the same direction, a pulpit standing on the floor. Each chair filled with a silent onlooker and standing at the pulpit, a figure who commands their attention with a charismatic smile. Eli Forever draws in a deep breath and exhales audibly.]

“Breathe it in. Can you smell it? Can you feel it?”

[Again, he breathes, lifting his arms up in front of his chest as he exhales.]

“You may open your eyes now. Breath the air, fresh and clean. For the judgement is over and the sun shines. The dawning of a new day, and your Heir Eternal has plans for all of you. Guide your light, your spirit to me and the path you must walk will become clear.”

[He stands over his book, open on the pulpit and draws his eyes upon the open page for a brief moment.]

“Too long have we sat oppressed and judged by an almighty being who we cannot see, nor touch. Too long have we been held in fear of what will become of us when our souls pass on. I bring you clarity. I bring you the future. So breathe… Smell it, taste it. Let Eli Forever take you there. Where you can see… Forever.”

[Eli looks out over the followers in attendance. Each sits in silent adoration of their leader.]

“All it will take is your acceptance.”

[He brings his hands together in front of his chest and bows as he ends. Applause scatters out from his followers as he leaves the pulpit. Each person in attendance seems eager to do their part to usher in Eli’s new world. Each except one. One figure stands in the back, shaking his head in silent rage.] [The figure steps forward, cloaked jacket flailing behind him. He corners Eli as the leader looks to take his leave, stopping him in his tracks. Eli Forever greets him as he would any of his followers who have questions, with a charismatic smile and powerful eyes.]

“I have not seen you around before. New followers are always welcome…”

[Shadow silences Eli with a hand.]

“Your words drip of lies, Eli Forever. The Lord takes umbrage to your filth and I stand before you to stop your spreading of lies before they begin. Look over your shoulder, Eli, you may find an angel staring back.”

[Shadow turns and swishes away even before Eli had found time to retort, his jacket flailing behind him. The warning message has been sent, but the look on Eli’s face and the smirk that forms on his mouth suggests that this is only getting started.] [Cut.]


[Two more debut here in OSW as the villanous Wild Karrde faces off against the heroic Bill Kirby in the quest for an Invasion spot. Will Kirby save the day or is Karrde too wily for the rookie hero?] [The bell starts as Karrde and Kirby rush forward, pounding down on eachother with lefts and rights, an exchange Karrde gets the better of with a wicked right hook as he tosses Kirby across the ring, trying for a clothline that Kirby ducks under. Kirby bounces off the ropes grabbing Karrde by the back of the head before bouncing him off the mat with a big bulldog. Karrde quickly stumbles up to his feet right into a huge clothesline that sends him over the top rope to the floor below!] [Karrde stumbles up to his feet on the outside as Kirby rolls out trying to get him back into the ring but runs right into a chop to the throat before he’s sent headfirst into the steel turnbuckle. Karrde rolls in as Kirby slowly follows, as a stiff knee to the gut doubles him over. Karrde backs up, DRAWING…Kirby just avoids the Axe kick grabbing Karrde by the back of the head before driving him over his knee with a modified backbreaker!] [Kirby pulls Karrde up to his feet but a sly poke to the eye blinds Kirby who walks right into a STRAIGHT SHOT! Karrde doesn’t cover, waiting for Kirby to get to his feet as he gives him a big kick to the gut, JACK…Kirby slips out, holding onto Karrde’s arm, GODWATCH! That massive Lariat spun Karrde around as Kirby sets up for the end, grabbing Karrde by the head as he runs forward, THE KILLING…SLY LOW BLOW! JACKPOT! That massive Stunner knocks Kirby out cold as Karrde quickly covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The wily Wild Karrde picks up the victory over the hero Kirby tonight, using his cheating ways to steal a victory and a spot in the Invasion match]


“G’day mates, I’m Chip Montana,” [Chip whispers, crouched behind a large, wet rock in a deep, dark cave.] “and this is Grabbing Nature… By The Balls!”

[Kevin leans over the rock, his camera zooming, slowly focusing.] [Michael Graves stands in front of a stone altar, his arms outstretched towards dozens of his Chiroptera. He appears to be preaching to them.]

“And so Barbatos proclaimed it to be so.” [he finishes.]

“All hail the Bat God!” [he yells]

“All hail Barbatos!” [his druids reply in kind.]

“Bloody ‘ell lads, what we’ve got ‘ere is a wild an’ untamed BatMan. As you can see lads, he’s clearly feral. Foamin’ at the mouth there. Spewin’ absolute rabbish. A sure sign that this BatMan needs to be put down.” [Montana narrates.] [Just then, flapping. Lots, and lots of flapping.] [BATS.]

“Bloody ‘ell they’re everywohere mate!” [Montana hisses in a hushed tone, slapping away at his head aimlessly.] “Come on Kev, we better get outta here!”

[The two start to run for the entrance of the cave, but Kevin slips! His camera flies through the air as he slides down a slick, slippery embankment. He reaches out for help but Montana is way too far ahead to even realise. Instead, he grabs a bat mid-air and the two make a satisfying SPLOSH as they hit a body of water. A moment later, the camera joins them and ZZZZZZAP!]

“Gahhhhhh!” [yelps Kevin.] [Chip stops his escape efforts and peers down the black gaping hole in the ground.]

“Can’t interfere with nature, Kev!” [He courageously yells after his friend.] [Graves and his druids have not allowed the noise to go unnoticed. The preaching has stopped and Graves is squinting, peering into the darkness.]


[Chip Montana runs away into the darkness.]


[Woman’s empowerment meets Aryan supremecy here in a dual debut for an Invasion spot here tonight. Will Wolfgang make an example of Faye or will Dakota prove the Aryan’s ways are wrong?] [The bell sounds as Faye rushes forward, peppering Wolfang with a series of kicks and strikes to the lower body, sticking and moving around her much larger opponent as she tries to cut him down to size. A massive running kick to the thigh drops Wolfgang to one knee as Faye rushes to the ropes, bouncing off for another strike but she runs into the right hand of the Superior who grips her around the throat, effortlessly tossing her across the ring. Faye rolls to her feet, getting up right into THE 1488! Faye goes flying into the turnbuckles as they shake from the force] [Wolfgang rushes forward with ridiculous speed, trapping Faye in a clutch as he drills her with unforgiving strikes, each one lifting her high up off the canvas before tossing her across with frightening ease. Faye slowly rises up to her feet as Wolfgang rushes forward, LUFTWAF…FAYE DUCKS UNDER, BACK SUPLEX! Wolfgang pops up to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before a big DDT sends him crashing to the mat] [Dakota drops down, trying to lock in the Excavation but Wolfgang easily powers out. Faye rolls to her feet into a huge uppercut, knocking her out on her feet as Wolfgang lifts her up high, trying for the Blitzkreig but Faye fights out, pounding down with lefts and rights, FACEBUSTER! Wolfgang is dazed and on the mat as Faye rushes to the top right, waiting for Wolfgang to slowly rise to his feet and as he does, she leaps off, BREAKING THE..LUFTWAFFE! Faye may well be knocked out cold from that massive punch but Wolfgang lifts her up just slightly, before leaping up and slamming down with BLOOD AND SOIL! Faye’s busted open as Wolfgang kicks her over, placing one foot on her chest for the pinfall. ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Superior Aryan picks up a huge victory in his debut, as he picks up the coveted Invasion placement looking every bit as dominant inside that ring as he does outside]


[We open in the backstage area of the Tap Room. We open…] [On “The Enforcer”. Brent Kersh. A look of distraught in his eyes as he glances down out a photo.] [And suddenly…] [A hand on his shoulder.] [Happy.] [The cold eyes of Kersh move to the smiling newcomer to Old School Wrestling.]

“I think you’re up next Mister Kersh” [Happy pops.] “But don’t fret about it. You just need to look on the bright side.”

[Brent gives an awkward glare in the direction of his newfound acquaintance before glancing back to the photo of which we now see is that of his deceased son, Trevor.]

“The bright side” [Kersh almost scoffs as he looks back to happy.] “Yea kid. Good advice. Thanks!”

[Brent swallows it, moving on from the over-enthusiastic Happy.] [But from the shadows.] [Gaia.] [Her hands find their way to Happy’s shoulders. At first he is startled by her touch, but by the time he glances behind him a smile covers his face.]

“Your joy is like a breath of fresh air, my son.” [Gaia says calmly.] “But it will not be accepted here. If you are to remain happy it will require nurturing. It will require protection. The kind you can only receive from a mother.”

[Happy begins to stutter. A hesitant shyness coming over him.]

“Y… Y… You want to help ME?”

[Gaia nods with a loving grin.]

“I can look after you. I can keep you content. Assured that Nature will reclaim what is hers.”

[A look of amazement covers the face of Happy as he slowly nods. Gaia wrapping her arm around his shoulder and leading him away.] [But on the other side of the corridor, another set of eyes looks on.] [It’s Gameboy.] [He glares at Gaia and Happy as they distance themselves from him. A concerned expression covering his face as he slowly shakes his head. He begins to mumble rather quickly.]

“First cut scene. Beautiful lady. Friendly side character. An incidental meeting in a neutral area. Too many factors are present. Too many clues. Level One just started and I already know who the first boss is.”

[Gameboy lets out a sigh before gathering himself.]




[The Rewind Championship is on the line here tonight as it’s Isaac Danvers defending against Brent Kersh and the debuting Shadow and Oscar Vogel.] [The bell sounds as the three of the four men turn and look at the other. Isaac Danvers is surrounded! The three collide on him in the center as he’s being pelted by blows from all sides! Kersh takes a step back as Shadow lifts him up. Super kick from The Enforcer! The Plague Doctor staggers back before tumbling through the ropes to the outside of the ring. It’s then that Kersh is blindsided by Shadow with a super kick of his own. ANGEL BEAT! Kersh falls hard as he’s caught off guard. Oscar Vogel charges Shadow seeing this with a clothesline! It floors Shadow!] [But only for a moment! He pops back up as Shadow turns right into a kick to the mid-section as Oscar Vogel hooks his leg for a cradle DDT! NAUGHTY CHAIR! Vogel rolls him over into a pin! One…Two…Vogel is pulled off! In fact, he’s pulled all the way out of the ring by Danvers! If The Plague Doctor wasn’t ominous before, he ups the ante by wrapping his gloved fingers around the throat of Vogel and begins to choke him out with a blatantly illegal choke! THE BLACK DEATH! Luckily for him, this is a no DQ match as the referee can do nothing more than just yell at him to stop.] [Finally, Danvers releases Vogel and slides back into the ring. It’s there that he’s met by Shadow. Shadow hits a big right hand to Danvers who retaliates with one in kind. They continue to trade blows before Danvers kicks Shadow in the mid-section and sends him into the ropes. Shadow catches himself before leaping from the second rope! THE CURE! The swinging elbow catches Shadow right on the temple as he slumps down to the mat. Vogel climbs up on the apron as Danvers charges to connect with a big boot to floor him. Danvers turns around and… ducks a clothesline from Brent Kersh! Big boot sends Kersh between the ropes and to the floor! He covers Shadow! One…Two…THREE!] [Isaac Danvers rises to his feet as the referee hands him the title. He looks at it before holding it close to himself. He stands tall with the belt close.]


[Edward Newton walks through the parking area of the Tap Room. His green car looms in the distance as the World Champion adjusts his tie while hurriedly exiting. The faint sound of a siren rings in the distance.] [THWACK!] [Newton goes down to his knees as a wooden plank crumbles over his suit. Above him, D’Von Chambers grins.]

“Did you think I’d let your tricks and riddles stand, Mr. Newton?”

[A knee to the head follows as Newton’s face goes into the concrete. The Champ lifts it as blood runs down his nose. The siren grows louder.]

“With men like you, I don’t need riddles. You served the creature you claim to be against, Chambers. He delivered you from the fires twice. Yet you still claim to serve God?”

[A grin forms on Chambers face as he stomps Edward’s face back into the pavement. This time, Newton doesn’t rise. D’Von begins to kick, punch, and do whatever he can to inflict damage on his nemesis. Finally, seeing that Newton isn’t moving, Chambers kneels over him, almost caressing the back of his head.]

“You don’t forget, you say. Well I didn’t forget how good it felt to hold that World Championship. You took my church, now you try to take my congregation. Now the wrath of the Lord will come crashing down upon you as I take the gold away from you. All riches belong to the Lord, after all.”

[Chambers smiles as the sirens finally materialize into an ambulance.] [D’Von planned this assault!] [EMTs rush over to Newton as Chambers intercepts them.]

“This poor man seems to have been attacked! I got here just in time to make sure he didn’t die. Lord bless you for arrives so quickly, good man.”

[As they load Newton up onto a gurney, one of the EMTs holds up the World Championship. He looks to Chambers.]

“This his?”

[Chambers grins.]

“Oh yes it is. Make sure you keep it, I know he’d hate to lose that. I’d hate for him to think I stole it from him.”

[The sirens begin to fade as the ambulance rides off into the night with our World Champion loaded into the back.]

“No, Mr. Newton, I want you to cherish that gold before I take it from you.”



[It’s the first main event on this new horizon as it’s The Magician, Dante Xavier, set to do battle with The Heir Eternal, Eli Forever!] [The bell sounds as these two men look each other up and down. The LAST spot in the InVasion match is on the line. The two step towards the center of the ring as Eli brings his hands together and closes his eyes. Dante, not allowing himself to be upstaged, takes a bow.] [POOF!] [He vanishes in a puff of smoke before reappearing atop the corner turnbuckle. He gives another bow. The crowd seems a bit thrown off by this entire exchange.] [Eli Forever rolls out of the ring and begins reciting a prayer over the nearby fans of the show. A few of them laugh and move away, but two stay and lower their heads with him.] [Dante Xavier’s face begins to flush as he sees this.] [MISSILE DROPKICK!] [Dante just flies through the air as Eli’s head turns at the last second!] [IT HITS… ONE OF THE FANS!] [One of the fans in prayer with Eli just pushed Eli out of the way to take the bullet for him! The man goes tumbling over himself as Dante’s face is frozen in shock. Eli Forever sees this, and his normally cool demeanor shifts in an instant.] [He rams him into the steel barricade surrounding the ring! Eli Forever kicks him four times in the mid-section before chopping him three times to the love of the fans. THE SEVEN SINS! Forever grabs him by his luscious locks and sends him flying over the barricade and into the fans! Security floods into this area to make sure they the fans stay back. Eli Forever grabs Dante and just headbutts him! He grabs Dante by the hair some more as he drags him further into the audience towards the back wall. Upon reaching there, Dante pumps the brakes!] [Pele kick! Eli staggers backwards as he clutches at his head. Dante Xavier spots a staircase going up and begins to climb. He turns and beckons for Eli Forever to follow him up.] [The two of them make their up a floor onto the big ledge that hangs over the ring! The crowd is on their feet as they know something big is coming! The two begin trading blows a story high. Forever gets the better of the exchange as he teases throwing Dante to the ground below with one big throw! However, he stops as he looks down over the fall. He brings Dante up onto his own shoulders and begins to turn around.] [Dante is trapped in a torture rack as Eli begins to twist…] [NO! Dante slips out and hits a big jumping DDT onto the overhang! Dante slides a few feet away from Eli and begins to move his hands a little.] [Eli Forever begins to rise straight from the floor! HE’S FLOATING!] [LEVITATION DEVESTATION!] [Eli Forever begins to move out over the overhang as Dante gives a big grin before taking a bow. AND SNAPPING!] [Eli Forever just falls straight down a story and collapses in the ring! Dante Xavier stands atop the ledge with a huge grin splattered across his face. He takes a step back before LEAPING FROM THE LEDGE!] [HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE!] [MISSES!] [Eli Forever managed to roll out of his way JUST in time. He slowly gets to his feet with his hands formed as steeples before himself. Dante gets up to his knees as Eli puts a hand across his face, chest, and right breast. Forever hits the ropes before springing off the second one into a backflip followed into a body splash! Dante Forever hits the mat with a thump as Eli lifts him up quickly pulls his head between his legs, folds over his arms, and leaps up into a sitout powerslam!] [THE ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE!] [Dante Xavier is out as Eli manages to pin him down.] [One…] [Two…] [THREE!] [Eli Forever has done it! He falls to his knees as he brings his hands together in reverence. He holds his head upwards with a grin as he’s earned his way into the last spot for The InVasion match!]


[Screams.] [Haunting, terrifying, unnerving screams echo throughout what sounds like an empty chamber. When we finally have a visual, there’s a single dull light swinging back and forth over a wooden chair beneath it.] [The chair is rickety and aged, damp and mouldy, and upon it sits a man with a bag over his head. There’s water trickling down him, poured over his head, bag and body, the splash marks still a remnant on the floor of when it was poured.] [Sparks begin to fly as a cattle prod thrusts into the scene, zapping the poor hostage.] [He’s gasping for air, screaming between stifled breaths.] [But the torture is unrelenting.] [Until finally, the bag is viciously whipped off his head, revealing none other than Redmond Quinn.] [The teacher has blood shot eyes, tears streaming down his face and singe marks on his clothing from electrical burns. He can barely breathe, his restraints tied so tight that moving is an impossibility.] [And his torturer?] [Wolfgang.] [Dressed in a large dark blue boiler suit with blood splattered over it, dried and aged, he wears a red armband with the familiar Nazi symbol.]


[He reaches forward and rips away the shirt of Redmond, revealing his bare chest. Wolfgang thrusts the cattle prod forward one more time, zapping his bare skin to a tremendous yell.]

“You people make me sick on a level you can’t even comprehend. You vile, disgusting, rancid creatures shouldn’t walk this Earth with the rest of us. You weaken the gene pool, mating and procreating like animals. Widerlich.”

[Wolfgang whacks the cattle prod across his face with such force that not only do his glasses shatter and fall off, but the chair breaks and he falls to his knees. Furious, he rips the chair from him as violently as he can, cutting into him with the shards of wood whilst tossing it aside, before standing over him.]

“We exist, pure and clean, with a drive to continue the goal of our once glorious leader; Adolf Hitler,” [Wolfgang says proudly as Quinn dribbles blood.] “And your inferior races that pollute our world will one day cease to be.”

[He smugly smirks, leaning back to wind up his boot.] [Blood and Soil.] [A violent, vile, vicious Curbstomp on the concrete floor.] [As Redmond’s head bounces off the concrete, Wolfgang pushes down on his head, mushing it into the floor with the sole of his boot.]

“Because we will zerstören your race, murder each and every single one of you across the globe and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. You will personally die beneath my boot, neger, just not today.”

[He turns to walk away, banging on a large metal door. When it opens, he passes the cattle prod to a subordinate and looks back at the carnage inside the room.]

“Release him!” [he sneers.] [The subordinate seems shocked.] “But General-”

[Wolfgang cuts him off.]

“It would be a great honor to kill him in this room, surrounded by my brothers,” [Wolfgang says placing a hand on his shoulder.] “But what kind of message would that send? Do we wish to zerstören them, or do we wish for kleine siege?”

[The subordinate nods.] “Heil the superior.”

[Wolfgang smiles, leaving the room.] [Cut.]