[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Needful Things.] [The bright light of a torch invades the pitch-black darkness of Needful Things. The store has long been closed for the day and in the dead of night, someone looks to infiltrate the belongings of Nicholas Mammon.] [We follow the torch as it browses around the main room, moving past shelf after shelf of interesting options before halting at a door. We see the shadow of a figure kneel before the door, placing the torch in his mouth to pick the lock.] [Edward Newton.] [The Riddler successfully opens the door and steps inside, closing the door behind him and turning on the light.] [What surrounds him makes his eyes widen with surprise. There’s hundreds of classically designed wooden boxes, each with a golden name plate attached. Some have names inscribed on them and some are vacant.] [Edward reaches forward to one box in particular and pulls it down. He places it on the side and uses his lockpick on the key hole, only for some reason, he cannot break inside.] [It doesn’t matter how he twists or turns the pick, nothing happens.] [Frustrated, he tosses the box on the floor with all his might, only before it hits the deck and smashes, it vanishes into thin air.] [Perplexed, he looks up, seeing that the box has returned to the shelf.] [His brow furrows.] [He doesn’t understand.] [The World Champion reaches for the box once more, pulling it off the shelf with a grimace. He surveys it, giving the camera a clear glimpse at the name.] [Edward Newton.] [Cut.]


[The Bunker.] [The sounds of murmuring voices can be heard from a large room in the middle of The Underground Bunker. Inside, Aryan many stand great in number, looking forward towards a small podium.] [Wolfgang then appears, grimacing.]

“I’ve heard what you’ve all been saying behind my back,” [He says with a sour expression.] “The questions being asked of my leadership; the questions being asked of my decisions.”

[He stops for a moment.]

“Why didn’t I finish the neger when I had the chance? Why did I allow him to run a mockery over me at Invasion? Not only were I beaten but I was embarrassed.”

[His face contorts.]

“And you’re right.”

[Everyone looks at each other in surprise.]

“I toyed with him to further our agenda. I wanted to make a statement using his putrid blood as the paint upon a canvas of our design. I made a mistake. I underestimated this cockroach; this ungeziefer.”

[Elsewhere, we cut in to see Redmond Quinn sat recovering with Kane Doebern.]

“It’s over, kid,” [Redmond assures him.] “We’ve chased the big bad wolf away. There’s no need for extraordinary measures. When you left my hospital room and went to purchase that weapon, you made a vital mistake. You can’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. We must be better than they are.”

[Back inside the room with Wolfgang and the Fourth Reich.]

“That’s a mistake I will not make again. When the time is right, I will strike at his unrein heart and destroy him.”

[Back to Quinn.]

“We can start fresh now.”


“I will not fail you again.”


“It’s time to move on.”


“I will exterminate them.”

[Cheers.] [Redmond pats Kane on the shoulder.] [Cut.]


[Two incredibly powerful competitors were called to meet in the ring tonight. Troy Solveig aims to continue this dominant ways to advance his destiny. Barbatos’s Prophet, however, is looking to rebuild his image after his last match against Chip Montana. Which man will come out on top?] [Solveig charges across the ring, but gets arm dragged for his troubles. Bouncing straight back up, he charges again… meeting the same fate. Graves hasn’t come to play about, his intention evident from the off. Solveig slams the mat with his hands and unleashes a mighty battle cry, charging at the Vessel one last time. Graves attempts a third arm drag, but Troy falls to his knees before he can be flipped. Capitalizing on this halted momentum, the Viking hoists Michael up to his feet and locks him in a full nelson! HEL’S EMBRACE IS LOCKED IN AND TIGHT!] [The Prophet squirms for a little while as he tries to break the hold through raw strength. Troy keeps the hold on for as long as he can-The Viking lets go of the hold! He transitions it into a Russian Legsweep! Graves clutches his neck as Solveig wastes no time trying to take the advantage. Vǫlsungr grabs the Vessel by his hair and lifts him to his feet-NO WAIT, MICHAEL THREW THE ARMS AWAY! He grabs the Viking in a headlock AND STARTS DRILLING KNEES INTO HIS SKULL! BLOOD’S POURING OUT OF TROY’S NOSE!] [With a smirk, Graves sets the Viking up for a brainbuster. The Prophet hoists Troy into the air, but a knee to the crown sets him back on his feet. Solveig continues his onslaught with a few clubbing blows to Michael’s back before delivering THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Vǫlsungr roars and demands that Graves stand up. Slowly, the Vessel manages to get to his feet as Troy dashes for VALKYR–MICHAEL CAUGHT THE FIST! A knee to the gut hunches Solveig over as Graves sets up a double underhook. DAWNBRE–NO, TROY SLIPPED OUT! VALKYRIE! Superman punch from Hel rocked the Vessel as Troy sets up for and lifts Michael with a vertical suplex BEFORE DROPPING WITH A POWERSLAM! HAMMER OF THE GODS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [With his fifth consecutive victory, Troy stands upright and gets his hand raised after a hard fought match. Vǫlsungr stamps his foot on the fallen Graves and roars in triumph. Just who can take out this determined warrior?]


[Previously Recorded.] [The jungles of South America are enduring a torrential downpour as we find Jacen Novan forcing his way through the dense trees hanging down around him. He has a pack slung under his arm, carefully cradled against the elements. He finally emerges into a clearing, and his lips are pursed as the rain beats down upon his hood. Before him, a pyramid juts out of the ground. Is this the one that led Dakota Faye to OSW?]

“Corran, what brought you all the way here?”

[Corran?] [The question hanging in the air, Novan cuts through the large rain drops to a bashed out doorway. Whomever entered this pyramid last did so by force. Jacen takes a deep breath and enters the pyramid, darkness quickly enveloping him.]

“Novan finally stopped for a second. He referenced the name Corran. Reminder to search all known databases for that name in connection to known variables. It looks as though Novan is carrying the Historium in that satchel.”

[Hidden behind an overturned tree, The Informer is knelt trying to find a dry spot. He has a small tape recorder up to his mask, presumably realizing the futility of trying to write anything down in these elements.]

“This hunt could be dangerous. I will have to abandon the cover of the elements to tail Novan here. If you find this recording, and I am not with it. Then take the information therein and go to the Tap Room. Vanguard will know what to do.”

[The Informer stands up, and swings himself over the fallen tree. He walks towards the very same opening Novan entered moments ago.] [The hunt is on.]


[Miami, Florida.] [Sirens.] [A sound reminiscent of only a few weeks ago. Another bank, with another hospital close by. The same M.O. as last time. Only this time, it’s the dead of night in the middle of a thunderstorm.] [The side of a building is shown in Miami as thunder streaks across the sky illuminating the familiar profile of an eared cowl before the figure dives down off of the building.] [Inside of the hospital, a group of robots with guns in their hands are shown ushering a group of people into a hospital room. They are following in a panic before Dr. Mindfuck is shown with a grin on his face as he shuts and locks them in.]

“Greetings, just hang tight here. If you do try to escape, my associates will be sure to collect your corpses for EXPERIMENTATION!”

[They instinctively back up in the room as Mindfuck nods. He turns and whistles as he walks down the hall towards where the different medical supplies are kept.] [Lights shut out!] [Dr. Mindfuck pauses. He begins to back into a wall looking around before a whirring sound is heard.] [THWUMP!] [A wing-shaped shuriken pins his arm to the wall! His eyes follow its path to a masked figure standing in an open doorway to a hospital room across from him. Lightning streaks across the sky as his figure lights in a very familiar fashion.]

‘’Dr. M. Your theft and manipulation are through, criminal!”

“That sounds familiar…”

[Dr. Mindfuck whistles. The robots abandon their position and come charging towards Mindfuck for assistance. Bullets begin to fire towards this dark figure who steps back into his room. His hands move to his belt and pull out a device with an electrical whirring.] [FLASH!] [A beam of light illuminates the room as the television set in the room comes to life. A pixelated beam comes from the television set before it begins to formulate into a person who leaps in front of this dark figure.] [A friendly, beaming Gameboy stands there with his hands on his hips.]

“Heya buddy!”

[It’s at this moment that the robots turn the corner and begin to fire into the room. Another pixilation cloud before a shield appear in Gameboy’s hands. He begins blocking the bullets with the shield. They begin to reload as a red turtle shell appears in Gameboy’s hands as he gives a wink. He throws it as it bashes all four robots who fall to the floor.] [The dark figure looks down at the robots before looking past them to see only the white piece of fabric from Mindfuck’s sleeve. He darts out into the hallway, and looks both ways down the hall before hearing screeching tires outside.] [He whips around to see Gameboy kicking at the downed robots. He grabs Gameboy and slams him into the wall with the wing-shaped shuriken placed against his throat.]

“Who are you?” [he whispers in a rough-tone.]

“I’m Gameboy! And I’m here to help!”

[Gameboy looks at the white fabric pinned to the wall and gulps.]


“Thanks for the help, but I work alone.”

[The red-and-black caped crusader drops Gameboy as he opens the window and steps out onto the ledge.]

“Who are you? Batman?” [Gameboy asks.] [The figure stops for a moment before turns with lightning crackling behind him in true, dramatic fashion.]

“I’m Redwing.”

[He shoots a grappling hook into the night and flies out of vision leaving Gameboy standing with an awestruck expression.]


[The Bishop and The Cosmonaut go head to head here tonight in what should be an impressive match!] [The bell rings and the match is on! Chambers gets the early advantage on TLC, the larger man hitting a combination of punches that forces Major Tom into the ropes! He nails a vicious headbutt before whipping the astronaut across the ring for a big boot- THE LOST COSMONAUGHT LEAPS INTO THE AIR! CLOTHESLINE TO CHAMBERS! TLC rolls easily to his feet before hitting the ropes, coming back with a senton- ONTO THE KNEES OF CHAMBERS! The cosmonaut gets thrown for a loop and rolls away in pain as Chambers rises up, hitting a massive big boot to the kneeling TLC!] [Chambers pushes his advantage, hitting a knee drop to the stomach of TLC before lifting him off of the ground and going for a suplex- THE COSMONAUT REVERSES IT! NECKBREAKER TO CHAMBERS! Both men hit the ground and TLC is quick to his feet, hitting the ropes and coming back with a massive springboard moonsault that keeps D’von floored! TLC easily flips to his feet and hits the ropes for another springboard moonsault- AXE HANDLE TO THE BACK OF MAJOR TOM! The astronaut is smashed into the ropes by the power of Chamber’s blow, the Bishop dropping him with a clubbing forearm!] [D’von leans down to pick up TLC when the cosmonaut lands a massive kick to the head of Chambers that staggers the preacher! TLC rolls to his feet and lands a leaping savate kick that forces Chambers back to a turnbuckle! FLYING KNEE TO THE FACE OF CHAMBERS! D’von seems out of it as TLC forces him to the top rope! The Cosmonaut leaps to the top rope alongside Chambers! FLY ME TO THE MOON BY THE LOST COSMONAUT!- NO! CHAMBERS SHOVES TLC TO THE GROUND BELOW! HE LEAPS! CHICAGO CRUX! DIVING LEG DROP! HE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [D’von Chambers rolls off of TLC, looking dominant tonight in his victory!]


[Previously Recorded.] [Cha-Ching!] [The constant pulse of artificial lighting covers a wide expanse of ground. The building that once belonged to Dante Xavier has now become exactly what the magician had feared. Roulette Wheels. Poker Tables. Blackjack Dealers. Old men with too much money to blow now sit where wide-eyed tourists used to sit. Today’s hoodie wearing poker phenoms post up at tables to take their money. And at the center of it all, high above the action, there is now a large green glowing sign, showing whose House this is.] [Karrde.] [Above the maelstrom, behind a one-way black window, stands Wild Karrde himself, taking a drag off a cigarette while grinning at the size of his bank account. Both the briefcase of money he won from Xavier and the Invasion briefcase sit on the table behind him.]

“Goddamned beautiful, ain’t it?”

[Karrde seems to be speaking to someone just off screen, who does not respond.]

“I been thinking about your little deal. Good help sure is hard to find, and the good ones always want too much money. So I’ll tell you what, send some of your crew to old Karrde. As long as they keep the money flowing and the big spenders happy, they can do all the preachin’ they want.”

[He looks over at his guest.] [Eli Forever.]

“You’re too generous, Karrde. This relationship will be mutually beneficial for both of us without a doubt.”

[Despite the deal, neither man seems to regard the other highly as they slowly shake hands, neither even removing their sunglasses.]

“Pleasure doing business with you, Eli.”

[A nod from Forever.]

“It’s all mine.”

[Eli turns to leave the room, rubbing his hand across his pant leg as if he wants to rub off the filth of Wild Karrde. Karrde just grins as he eyeballs his Invasion briefcase.] [There’s no way these two don’t try to double-cross the other.] [But who will pull the trigger first?]


[Earlier tonight.] [Hidden away somewhere within the Tap Room, Oscar Vogel is making some minor fixes to his friend Skeletor with a disappointed look on his face.]

“I’m so sorry, my friend. I don’t know why Major Tom is trying to tear us apart, but I promise I won’t let that happen. If he can’t understand the importance of friendship, I’ll make him understand.”

[He applies a few more stitches when we hear the voice of Skeletor himself, sounding more depressed than usual.]

“But, but…why did you use me against him, Oscar?”

[Oscar’s face changes from disappointment to shock in an instant.]

“Whatever could you mean, Skeletor? He was trying to hurt you! If anything, I was trying to…”


[Oscar’s attention is pulled away from his work on Skeletor to stare into the eyes of The Lost Cosmonaut, an angry tone in his voice.]

“Don’t you try to pin this on me, Oscar. After what you pulled at Invasion, you should be ashamed of yourself. You say you’re trying to help your friend, and yet you’d pull a stunt like that? Pardon my French, but you’re an asshole.”

[Oscar gasps as he holds his hands over the assumed ears of Skeletor.]

“How dare you! You accuse me of mistreating my friend…and with such language. If you think I’m going to sit by and let you drag my name through the mud like that, you’re in for a rude awakening.”

[The Cosmonaut simply scoffs at this, walking away as Oscar turns his attention back to Skeletor.]

“It’s clear to me that Major Tom doesn’t really want to be your friend, Skeletor…but I won’t take no for an answer, and neither should you. Now, let’s get you patched up…we have so much work to do.”

[Oscar resumes the stitching of his friend, who weakly nods his head in agreement.] [Cut.]


[Lord Walter Griffin already yells his orders to Kasabian from outside the ring as the slave takes on the Tutor, Redmond Quinn and the most popular magician in Vegas, Dante Xavier.] [DING! DING! DING!] [The three competitors circle each other for a bit, until Xavier gestures at Quinn and then at Kasabian. The two men stare at the slave, and charge him at once! Kasabian takes them both down with a double clothesline! Kasabian immediately lifts Quinn to his feet and barrages him with headbutt after headbutt! Quinn’s forehead is literally breaking open while Kasabian works him into the ropes, amd the athletic big man takes Mr. Quinn over the top rope with an impressive spinning heel kick!] [Kasabian turns around and right into a big time pele kick from Xavier! Kasabian stumbles back into the ropes, and returns with another huge clothesline!! NO!! Disappearing Act!! Xavier dissipated into thin air and crushed Kasabian with a huge SUPERKICK from behind!! Dante doesn’t see Quinn standing on the ring apron! He turns and Quinn launches himself!! DETENTION!! SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! But before Quinn can go for the pin, Kasabian kicks him in the back and quickly locks in the SLAVE COLLAR!!!] [QUINN IS FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE!! He refuses to tap even while the referee continually asks him to. Suddenly, Xavier shoves a deck of cards down Kasabian’s throat!! Kasabian releases the hold!! He falls down to the ground struggling to breathe! BACKSPLASH!! Kasabian spits all the cards out but one, which Dante ticks from the slave’s teeth and reveals, bowing to the crowd!! Dante makes the cover!!! KASABIAN REVERSES WITH A SMALL PACKAGE PIN!!! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!!] [Lord Griffin slides in the ring, celebrating his victory as though he won it, while Kasabian kneels by his master.]


“I’m Redwing.”

[The playback of the video from the hospital’s security feed plays over the computer. The clip is rewound and played again.]

“I’m Redwing.”

[It backs up further as the light appears before turning into Gameboy. It shows him bashing the robots before fast-forwarding a little more.]

“I’m Gameboy!”

[The figure watching leans back in his chair before drumming his fingers across the keyboard. Dr. Mindfuck’s face comes into picture as he looks irritated. He quickly taps along the ivories of the keys before a new video takes its place. The title reads… “The Death of Avalanche.”] [The video plays showing a hero covered in ice. He’s freaking out as he shoots beams of ice from his fingertips before the room turns red. The ice on his body begins melting before he falls to the ground seemingly sizzling from the heat in the room. The video ends with a purple M flashing across the screen.]

“They’re all fools.”

[Dr. Mindfuck’s chair turns around as he comes face-to-face with the owner of the voice…] [Mysterion.]

“Avalanche had a god complex. It took a true villain to show him that even gods have a boiling point.”

[Dr. Mindfuck looks at him curiously.]

“You snuck past my defenses so quietly. I must say that I’m impressed.”

[Mysterion steps up to the screen and reopens the first video before looking at the two figures in the hospital.]

“No one keeps me from where I want to be. Although, I do have the question of… why am I here?”

[Mysterion turns his head to meet the eyes of Mindfuck who grins. The doctor looks at the screen before pressing play.]

“I’m Redwing.”

[Dr. Mindfuck presses pause.]

“Two new heroes have surfaced, and frankly… I need help. I know you normally work alone, but every great invention has some assembly required.”

[Mysterion looks Dr. Mindfuck up and down for a moment before walking away.]

“The end is nigh for these heroes, and you have yourself an ally…”

[Mysterion continues walking forward as Dr. Mindfuck grins before turning back to his computer. Mysterion, underneath his breath, continues.]

“…until you live long enough to become the hero.”


[Earlier tonight.] [A light emanates from a dark hallway inside the Tap Room, drawing our attention to its source: a cell phone in the hand of Nate Washington, staring at the screen in amazement alongside one of his associates.]

“Beautiful, ain’t she?”

[A smile grows from ear to ear on his face as we see what’s made the Kingpin so excited: footage of Gaia from their recent tag team match.]

“And it’s not just the physical beauty, man…it’s what she’s capable of. Times are gettin’ harder around here, the supply is runnin’ low…but what if we can get past that? She’s got the power of nature on her side, I’ve seen it firsthand…and I can use that to score some lucrative deals. We’ll never worry about supply goin’ out, and it won’t cost us a dime.”

[Nate’s associate nods in agreement with this, though a look of confusion appears on his face in the process.]

“So whatchu gon’ do, boss?”

“I don’t wanna get on Mother Nature’s bad side, man…so I’m gonna cut a deal with her. She’s got something I want, and I’m willin’ to bet I’ve got something she needs.”

“How so?”

[Nate’s eyes widen in surprise, as that last question did not come from his associate. He looks up from his phone and sees the object of his desire standing right in front of him as Gaia gives him a cold stare. He puts the phone away, that smile still on his face.]

“I’m glad you asked, miss. I’ve seen the way you can control nature, and I believe there is a great use for this power…one we can both profit from.”

[Gaia just scoffs at this, much to Nate’s surprise.]

“Silly boy, my power is not something you can take lightly…nor is it something I wish to share. I’m on a mission, one that doesn’t have you in the picture.”

“You wanna take back what’s yours, right? I can help you with that.”

[This grabs the attention of Gaia, who chuckles with a wicked smile.]

“Go on, then.”



[The Gentleman Club shocked the world at Invasion as Nigel Royal made his return but a hero stands in his way. Can the former King show his dominance or will the Great Hope show him the error of his ways?] [The bell sounds as Royal rushes forward, trying for a takedown but Spero greets him with a stiff kick to the jaw before leaping up and spiking him on the back of his head with a Snap-Rana. Nigel staggers up to his feet right into a flurry of kicks but as Spero leaps off the ropes, Royal grabs him in mid-air before throwing him into the corner with a massive German Suplex!] [Spero staggers up to his feet right into a stiff elbow to the jaw before a Snap Suplex sends him crashing to the canvas as Royal drops down, trying to lock in an STF! Spero quickly scrambles for the ropes, but Royal doesn’t break the hold, pulling back with all his might as the referee begins to count. ONE..TWO..THREE..FOUR..Royal just breaks the hold in time but the damage has been done. Royal peeling the hurt Spero off the mat, BELLY TO BACK! Royal holds on, delivering a second…and a third] [Royal pulls Spero up, trying for a fourth but Spero slips out, landing behind Royal, ETERNAL SPRING! Royal lands on the back of his head from the Inverted Frankensteiner as Spero slowly climbs up to the top rope, sizing Royal up for a moment, before slamming down upon Nigel with the LAST BEACON! Spero hits it flush before spinning Royal around on the mat and locking in the Guardian Lock! Royal cries out in pain but the Shooting Star did too much damage as he’s forced to tap out!] [Spero does it, weathering the technical storm from Royal before using his superior agility and speed to deliver a focused attack that forces the Gentleman to tap out in his return match]


[A backstage corridor of The Tap Room. And beneath the dim lighting…] [Troy Solveig.] [The Chosen One’s heavy feet stomp across the tiled floor as he methodically marches along. Marching, until his pathway is obstructed by the smallest of objects.] [The Holy Bible.] [Solveig scoffs, looking down at the book of copied manuscripts in pity before kneeling to lift the object from the ground. And that’s when he notices…] [A bookmark.] [Volsungr opens the pages of the book to where it is marked only to find a single passage has been circled in red.]

“So Jesus said to him, “Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.”

[But below that, there is something else. Something foreign to the scriptures. Something man made.]

“Behind you!”

[Solveig turns to see D’Von Chambers, steel chair in hand, only split seconds before he brings the steel down across the skull of Troy with a sickening smack.] [Darkness.] [Blurry light.] [A first person perspective of a groggy Solveig brings us to in a darkened room. Yet in the shadows we notice him. The Bishop stands idle; his arms crossed over his chest.]

“Where am I preacher?!”

[Solveig attempts to move only to quickly discover he has been restrained to his chair. His arms and legs restricted with thick strands of leather ties.]

“You scoff at my faith!”

[D’Von’s voice rings out through the darkness only to be returned by a dazed yet confident Solveig.]

“If you have been where I’ve been… you would scoff too!”

“I…” [The Bishop hesitates.] “Need your help!”

[Another scoff.]

“I am not here to validate your existence… I am here to fulfill my destiny!”

“Listen to you…“ [Chambers scolds in disgust.] “The world laughs at you and your Norse beliefs just as they now laugh at me. My congregation scattered. My faith distorted. I’m defeated. But I can still make my stand. And so can you Troy Solveig!”

“I do not owe the world vindication” [The Chosen One says as he peers through the darkness.] “I am above them. I am above you!”

“But unless they see signs and wonders they will not believe…”

[Solveig’s eyes grow narrow as Chambers steps into the light.]

“So join me. Join me and our unholy alliance will give them their signs and wonders. We’ll teach them to believe and together both our destinies will be fulfilled.”

[Rage fills the eyes of the Bishop as he looks at Solveig who has gone silent in thought.] [Static.]


[In The Future.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [A dark cavern is shown as water droplets fall from the ceiling to hit the ground. The sound echoes throughout the cavern as the only source of light are two torches lit beside a long altar. A body is shown laying across the altar with a black cloak laying over it. Standing over the body is Michael Graves whose pale skin looks particularly menacing with the torches’ light flickering off the sides of his face.]

“My Chiroptera. Today, we are in celebration. Today, we welcome another sacrifice to the Bat God. The shroud of Barbatos shall soon come across our doorstep.”

[Michael Graves steps out in front of the altar and raises his hands in the air.]


[The chiroptera joins him.]


[Michael Graves moves back to behind the body. He drags a finger along the top as cryptically as possible before smiling wickedly out at his Chiroptera.]

“Today, the Bat God will feast through us as we taste the blood of our greatest foe.”

[The cloak is removed as the face of Chip Montana is shown. He’s dressed in complete black similar to Michael Graves. Graves licks his lips as he pulls Chip Montana up to a seated position. Chip Montana isn’t responding.]

“Tonight, at Ring of Dreams… WE FEAST!”

[With that, the piercing white fangs of Michael Graves are shown before they plunge into the flesh of Chip’s neck with a splattering of blood spraying all over the neck and face of Michael Graves!]


[The Salesman made a huge impact at Invasion, setting his sights properly on the world champion but an Angel stands in his way of dominance. Will Mammon continue his great run or will Shadow stop him in his tracks?] [The bell sounds as Shadow rushes forward, taking Mammon by surprise with a leaping knee to the jaw before springboarding off the ropes and sending the Salesman flying across the ring with a spinning headscissors. Mammon slowly rises to his feet as Shadow spins around him but Mammon catches him in mid-air, sending him crashing over his knee with a hard backbreaker. Shadow staggers up to his feet, holding his back in pain right into a hard high Dropkick to the jaw before he’s lifted up into the air. ] [ROLL THE DICE, PAY THE PRICE! The Snake Eyes hits flush as Shadow staggers away right into THE HARD SELL! The Slingblade drives Shadow to the mat as Mammon drops down for the cover.ONE…TWO…Shadow just gets the shoulder up! Mammon backs up as Shadow slowly rises…KNEE-DFUL..ANGEL BEAT!] [Shadow hits that Superkick out of nowhere as he rushes to the ropes, springboarding off as he grabs Mammon from behind, OVER YOUR SHOULDER! Mammon gets planted by the Reverse DDT as the Avenging Angel calls for the end, Springboarding up to the top rope before a dive FROM THE HEAVENS HITS KNEES! Shadow staggers up, holding his gut as he walks right into KNEE-DFUL…SHADOW DUCKS, ROLLING MAMMON UP! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Avenging Angel does it, using his superior speed as he picks up the first pinfall victory over the Salesmen since Mammon’s return to OSW]


[Previously Recorded.] [The sound of wind whipping through the air breaks the silence, the scene slowly revealing itself to be quite dreary… a graveyard. Slowly panning, we come upon a lone figure in the midst of it. Standing over a dug up grave is The Enforcer. Brent Kersh.]

“I’m sorry, Trevor. I’m so sorry you had to be seen like this.”

[The Enforcer, no, the father, kneels down, looking into the desecrated grave, staring upon the face of his son. With tears streaming down his face, he goes to close the coffin, looking to put this all behind him.]

“W-why didn’t you save me?”

[The voice, though croaky, unmistakably came from the coffin. Kersh rears back in surprise, watching as, from the grave, Trevor’s corpse rises.]


[Without warning, the seemingly reanimated corpse LUNGES AT KERSH! It grips onto his shoulders, The Enforcer frozen in terror as he stares his undead son in the eyes.]


[The corpses voice is shrill and piercing, Kersh visibly recoiling in pain as it pelts his eardrums.]

“I TRIED! I’m sorry Trevor! I’m so fucking sorry!”

“Sorry doesn’t bring us back!”

[More voices fill the air, hands and torsos shooting from the ground behind Kersh, the familiar bodies of Cael Gable, Lux Bellator, and many more who perished at Judgement Day latch onto Kersh, all shouting and pulling The Enforcer, threatening to tear him apart!]

“Please! Stop this! STOP!”

[In a moment of pure adrenaline, pure terror, Kersh unleashes a blow to Trevor! The corpse drops back into the grave, disappearing into a wispy mist as it hits the coffin. As it does, the corpses around Kersh vanish. Brent looks into the coffin, the body of Trevor appearing to have never moved at all. Shaken, The Enforcer closes the lid of the coffin, hastily grabbing the shovel nearby and tossing dirt onto the capsule below, tears and confusion on his face all the while.] [As the scene zooms out on the graveyard, another figure is seen. Standing in the distance, head cocked to the side, Fear. The newcomer is there but for a moment, mist soon rolling in, the figure disappearing into it without a trace.]


[Previously.] [The breathless sounds of someone running as fast as they can is how we open the shot, watching as Berengar runs through a forest. He doesn’t spare a thought behind him as he moves, instead dodging debris and falling trees.] [He finally leaps into Sleipnir.]

“Ignition sequence, immediately.] [Sleipnir starts, quickly gaining height before propelling into the sky and zapping away almost as fast.] [Tree’s continue to fall until the screen goes black.] [Then Berengar wakes up.] [He’s sweating, panting and extremely uncomfortable.]

“You saw it again, didn’t you?” [The Vigilkeeper says, apparently free of Darkstar’s spell.] “The world he destroyed, you saw it?”

[Berengar nods.]

“There was nothing we could do; he was too powerful to be beaten.”

[The Knight stands up, grabbing a towel and wiping his forehead.]

“We have to go back,” [he says, surprising the sword.] “I need to see what remains, if anything at all.”

“Kaiso was destroyed, was it not?”

[Berengar shrugs.]

“It doesn’t matter. I have to go and see the damage for myself. I need to know if there’s a way to stop him.”

[The Broadsword scoffs.]

“You defeated him once, you stopped him from gaining control of me and you survived the encounter; take the win, Berengar. If you go after him again, there’s no telling whether or not you’ll survive it.”

[That doesn’t matter to him.]

“I’m going back!” [He sternly says.] “And I need you to come with me.”

“Very well.”

[The camera pans backwards, into the shadows, showing the pale blue face of Darkstar as he watches with a toothy smile.]

“I’ll see you on Kaiso.”



[Eleven men, one title. Tonight only one can stand tall, and these competitors will do anything for a taste of gold.] [The bell rings and from the start, we have a brawl on all sides! Gameboy and Redwing instantly team up, both men closing in on the villainous Dr. Minfuck! A boot from Gameboy and a chop from Redwing corners him and both men try to work him over the ropes! A TASTE OF GENIUS! MINDFUCK THROWS A COIL FROM HIS POCKET! The strange coil wraps around Redwing and chokes him out! Gameboy goes to help pull it off- But Nate Washington is taking advantage! THE TAKEOVER! BOOKEND TO BOTH MEN! The Kingpin turns around and nails a vicious headbutt to an advancing Mysterion!] [Washington peels up Gameboy and throws him towards the ropes! Gameboy is holding on by one hand! Washington goes to finish the job- DARKNESS WITHIN! BULL HAMMER BY NOVAN ROCKS HIM! The mobster stumbles back towards the ropes, unable to react! SHADOW KICK BY HAPPY! THE SUPERKICK SENDS WASHINGTON OVER!] [Nate Washington has been eliminated!] [Happy takes a moment to jump in joy at his elimination before HITS ANOTHER DARKNESS WITHIN! The Champion isn’t keen on losing his title as he picks up Happy and whips him into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a vicious clothesline! The two men continue to brawl as on the other side of the ring Chip Montana and Oscar Vogel battle near the ropes! Vogel slams Montana into the turnbuckle! He grabs his head and slams it right into the hard surface! He goes for another BUT BERENGAR GRABS VOGEL FROM BEHIND WITH A VICIOUS HEADLOCK! DESTINY’S MAW!] [Montana rolls away from the turnbuckle and looks through the crowd of bodies, he smiles as he finds his mark. He pulls a blowgun from his pocket and shoots a tranquilizer dart RIGHT INTO THE NECK OF JACEN NOVAN! The champ lets go of Happy and stumbles around woozily BEFORE MONTANA HITS A CLOTHESLINE AND SENDS NOVAN CRASHING TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Jacen Novan has been eliminated!] [Chip is grinning as he turns to the rest of the competition. LEVEL ONE! SUPERKICK BY GAMEBOY! Montana stumbles right into Redwing! RETURN TO ARKHAM! UNDERHOOK DDT! Montana is floored and the two men turn their attention across the ring to Mysterion and Dr. Mindfuck! The four men collide with each other, a barrage of strikes connecting from both sides! Just as it seems the heroes are on the advantage Gaia comes out of nowhere AND LEAPS ONTO GAMEBOY’S BACK IN A SLEEPER HOLD! The Titan holds on tight as Gameboy tries to shake her off to no avail!] [Mindfuck and Mysterion capitalize on the advantage and lay into Redwing with a plethora of lefts and rights from each of them! Mysterion drops Redwing with a leaping knee strike! They look to lay into the downed hero- DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE BY BERENGAR! The Knight of the Void comes from out of nowhere and lands a vicious blow on the villainous duo! Berengar picks up Mysterion and hits a massive suplex on the villain! Mindfuck crawls away as the knight keeps the younger opponent grounded.] [Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Gameboy has freed himself from Gaia’s clutches! BUTTON MASHER! The gamer hits three swift punches that daze Gaia! She tumbles over the ropes and onto the apron! GAMEBOY REARS BACK! LEVEL ONE!- NO! GAIA GRABS HIS LEG! SHE DROPS AND SENDS GAMEBOY TO THE OUTSIDE! The Titan slides in beneath the bottom rope unscathed!] [Gameboy has been eliminated!] [Gaia makes her way back to the action and clothesline Berengar! The Titan stands tall for a moment before Vogel grabs her from behind! Scoop slam to Gaia! It’s absolute mayhem in the center of the ring as all remaining combatants battle it out. Redwing grabs Mysterion and tries to throw him over!] [BOOM!] [SMOKE FILLS THE RING! A SMOKE BOMB HAS JUST WENT OFF IN THE CENTER OF THE RING! The competitors all get to the edges to clear the smoke from their faces. Except one. PHOTON DESTABILIZER TO REDWING! Mindfuck dropped the smoke bomb and his goggles let him see through the smoke! Redwing holds his family jewels in pain AND MYSTERION HITS THE PUNCH OF DOOM! THE SUPERMAN PUNCH SENDS REDWING OVER! The two villains try to celebrate their victory but are stopped short! SHADOW KICK BY HAPPY! PUPPET TO HEAD FROM OSCAR! Mindfuck is sent careening over followed swiftly by Mysterion!] [Redwing has been eliminated!] [Dr. Mindfuck has been eliminated!] [Mysterion has been eliminated!] [Only five remain and the cloud of smoke is clearing up! Vogel swings his puppet again and nails Happy across the jaw with the toy! The Puppet Man isn’t done yet! He grabs Happy by the throat and gets ready for the Cavity Inspection! HAPPY REVERSES! KNEE TO THE GUT! Vogel is forced to let go as Happy nails him with a combination of blows! He rears back INTO A BACKSTABBER FROM MONTANA! SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR! The happiest man on earth hits the ground and Chip pops up! HE CLOTHESLINES VOGEL OVER THE ROPES!] [Oscar Vogel has been eliminated!] [Vogel is gone and only four remain! Montana tries to slip back into the sidelines but Berengar goes after him full force! He grabs Montana and whips him into the ropes before dropping him with a big boot! As this goes on Gaia is on the prowl for Happy! The poor boy is still out of it as he rises to his feet and Gaia leaps for him! BACK ELBOW BY HAPPY! Happy is still in this as he grabs Gaia and goes to dump her over- NO! GAIA CLAMPS ONTO HAPPY! THE ARACHNID’S GRASP! Happy holds on for dear life as Gaia chokes the life from him!] [Chip Montana grabs onto Berengar on the other end of the ring and RAKES HIS EYES! He goes to whip Berengar BUT BERENGAR THROWS CHIP INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Montana is dazed and Berengar flies across the ring WITH A BIG BOOT TO HAPPY! GAIA AND HAPPY BOTH BOWL OVER THE ROPES AND COLLAPSE TO THE OUTSIDE!] [Happy has been eliminated!] [Gaia has been eliminated!] [Only two remain and Berengar is looking unstoppable! He rests for but a moment AND MONTANA LOW BLOWS BERENGAR! HE HAS HIM BY THE BALLS! Berengar cries out in pain as Montana refuses to let go! He tries to push Berengar over the ropes! BUT THE KNIGHT REFUSES TO GO OVER! ELBOW TO THE BRIDGE OF MONTANA’S NOSE! Montana stumbles back in pain and Berengar whips him to the ropes! VANQUISHER! POP-UP POWERBOMB! HE THROWS CHIP TO THE OUTSIDE! Montana lands in a heap! It’s over!] [Chip Montana has been eliminated! Berengar stands tall here tonight as the referee hands him the VHS title!]


[Somewhere within the walls of the Tap Room] [We find Shadow striding confidently through the otherwise deserted halls of the Tap Room. He walks with purpose, until he comes to a set of double doors. The doors are rather ornate, heavy set – out of place in its surroundings. He has seen them before. Pushing the doors open, he finds the scene within the room almost exactly as he would expect. Much like Eli’s own oratory, the room is set with a podium and chairs. A huddle of Eli Forever’s followers standing in a circle who do not notice his presence. The Heir Eternal is nowhere to be seen, but it is not him that Shadow has come for. He announces his presence standing from the doorway, without yet setting foot into the room.]

“The blind will be vanquished along with the demon that blinded them…”

[In a flash, Shadow had entered into the room, the Angel swooping in on the group and lining up a killing blow on his first target. His fist travels straight through empty robes, hitting nothing but air. Throwing himself off balance, Shadow stumbles forward and the circle of followers seems to disappear, robes falling to the ground leaving only one robed figure standing. Stepping out of the robed disguise, Dante Xavier steps toward Shadow.]

“Your haste for action makes you an easy target, Shadow. Look around you… What do you see.”

[Shadow answers without so much as a glance.]

“I’m here for Eli Forever and his congregation. You have no business meddling. What have you done with them?”

[Xavier smiles, offering no answers. He shakes his head.]

“Look closer, Shadow. What do you see now?”

[With a click of Dante’s fingers, lights illuminate the room… the stage. Without beknowing to us, or to Shadow, we had been transported to a completely different scene. Set up to look like the room of Eli’s congregation, Xavier’s stage is set into an empty auditorium all of its own. Shadow looks around, dumbfounded, looking for the door that he had come through only there is nothing behind him but stage.]

“What? How?”

[Xavier smiles again, this time with a twinkle in his eyes.]

“Do you believe in magic, Shadow?”

[Shadow shakes off the confusion, focusing his attention back on Xavier. Where Xavier’s voice comes with a smile, Shadow’s comes with a threatening tone.]

“Do you believe in angels, Dante?”

[Xavier chuckles to himself in reply but Shadow cuts off his reply before it can begin.]

“Do you really think that I am going to fall for your tricks? Look over your shoulder, Magic Man…”

[Dante Xavier does exactly that, reaching behind his shoulder and magically retrieving a large coin.]

“Thanks, who knew that was hiding there?”

[He tosses the coin into the air, letting it land on his hand. He glances at the coin before balling his fist around it.]

“Well, that’s a shame.”

[Dante Xavier tosses the coin at his new foe. Shadow catches it, turning it over in his hand. On one side of the coin is the image of an angel, its wings spread wide and proud. On the other, the angel’s wings are broken. Shadow’s face turns into somewhat of a puzzle.]

“What does this mean?”

[But Dante Xavier is gone, leaving Shadow standing alone on the stage. Only the voice of the Magician remains, hanging in the air like a whisper.]

“The closer you look… The less you will see.”



[We open in the backstage area of the Tap Room where we catch up to none other than Happy.] [He nearly dances down the dim hallway as he whistles a tune.] [His momentum; however, is soon abruptly halted by the sudden appearance of Kasabian who just turned the corner.] [The Slave stands firm, reaching out as if to draw warning to someone behind him, as the Happiest Man on Earth clumsily avoids a collision. Still yet, a smile covers his face.]

“Hey Kasabian” [Happy questions with a friendly point of the finger] “I saw your triple threat DEATH match earlier and I was very impressed. I’ve been thinking… how would you like to be friends?”

[Happy slaps the monster of the man on the shoulder and keeps his hand there in a friendly gesture. Kasabian; in the meantime, merely slowly glances down at the hand; showing no emotion.] [A long silence transpires as Happy gives Kasabian an odd look over.]

“It’s not a big deal buddy” [Happy gives a toothy smile.] “Being friends is a good thing… you just need to look on the bright side.”

[Slowly, The Slave’s eyes rise up from Happy’s hand, following his arm up to his eyes. Still, no emotion; just a cold, near lifeless stare.] [But still… there is silence. Until…]

“There won’t be any of that you imbecile.”

[It’s Lord Griffin Walters.] [He steps out from behind the corner, just to the rear of Kasabian; keeping his separation from Happy.]

“He’s not here in Old School Wrestling to make friends. He’s here to serve me. To serve me by annihilating little squirts like you. So it is in your best interest to stay away or next time these pleasantries will be a bit more unpleasant for you.”

[Happy gazes into the hateful eyes of Walters in wonder.]

“Let’s go my boy!”

[With that, Lord Griffin Walters nudges Kasabian forward and The Slave immediately responds, keeping himself between his Lord and Happy as they cross paths in the hall.] [Happy turns as they walk by, watching them disappear down and once they do.]

“Oh alright then” [Happy says with a wave.] “I’ll talk to you later, I guess!”

[And with a smile Happy goes on his way.] [Cut.]


[The Enforcer finally put away a demon of his past but finds another monster in his path. Can Kersh retain his title or will the Conqueror make his reign a short one?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling one another with lefts and rights in a power battle that Darkstar gets the better of, nailing Kersh with a stiff uppercut before tossing him across the ring with a Belly to Belly Starplex. Kersh staggers up, just dodging a Lariat attempt before grabbing Darkstar by the back of the head and swinging him down to the canvas with a Russian Legsweep] [Kersh pulls Darkstar up to his feet, drilling him with a trio of forearms to the face before lifting him up high for a Suplex. The Conqueror lands on his feet but gets rocked by a surprise European Uppercut as Kersh leaps over him. SUNSET…DARKSTAR CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR! Darkstar lifts Kersh up high before nearly sending him through the ring with a massive BLACK HOLE BOMB! Kersh could be done as Darkstar drops down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…The Enforcer just gets the shoulder up! Darkstar pulls Kersh up to his feet, nailing him with a stiff headbutt before lifting him up high onto his shoulders, running forward SUPER…Kersh slips down, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! Kersh rolls back, rushing forward as Darkstar slowly rises to his feet right into WORLD’S COLLIDE! That massive headbutt could be all it wrote for the Enforcer as he’s pulled up but the Dying Star is reversed as Kersh lifts Darkstar up onto his shoulders, SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Kersh drives Darkstar into the mat as he flips him over for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Enforcer does it, using his experience and mastery in the ring to win this hard hitting contest and retain his Rewind Championship]


[As we enter the scene lights shine from crystal chandeliers, their twinkling beams illuminating a gorgeous lounge. The camera pans around, finally coming upon a single plague displayed proudly outside the door of this extravagant piece of the Tap Room.] [The Gentleman’s Club.] [We find ourselves back inside, and sitting upon these fancy chairs and luxurious couches are none other than two of the ever so refined owners of this grand establishment. Nigel Royal and Edgar Nevermore. Royal chuckles, a glass of champagne in his hand.]

“You’d be surprised what you can get by management these days with a bit of cash and some sweet talking. Do you love it, Nevermore? It’s been quite some time since I’ve had my own little wing.”

[Nevermore nods, swirling his glass ever so slightly.]

“I will say, it’s quite nice to be able to avoid the common man for a while and enjoy ourselves. And I do believe those titles make the perfect centerpiece.”

[The duo look at the two titles, both displayed above the fireplace, seemingly having been shined since the duo won them last week. They both toast to the room before going to take a sip from their glasses, and as they do before they even reach their lips, a loud slam is heard that ruins the atmosphere, the door of the room FLUNG OPEN! They drop their glasses, the expensive cups smashing upon the ground as both men attempt to leap to their feet!] [CHAIR SHOT TO ROYAL! CHAIR SHOT TO NEVERMORE! BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE FLOOR!] [The camera pans up to reveal the assailant. El Trebol Jr. to the right of him stands his partner, Spero, the blue hero looking uncomfortable with the assault.]

‘We could have just challenged them, you know.”

“We could have, but sometimes, to be a hero, you have to show you’re willing to do anything for the betterment of your fellow man. And these titles, which were once the keys to the Tap Room’s walls, should stay out of the hands of evil such as these men.”

[Spero nods, helping Trebol grab the belts from the wall, slinging them over their shoulders before going to exit the room, Royal and Nevermore still not stirring from the cheap shot. Trebol takes a look around.]

“For a Gentlemen’s Club, I was expecting something a bit more… extraordinary than fancy lights and polished titles.”

[Though the duo take their leave, and as they do, Nevermore rises to his feet, the poet eyeing the missing titles with disdain as the scene comes to a close.]


[Previously Recorded.] [The Informer silently crawls along a dark wall. He is tailing Jacen Novan through a pyramid in the middle of a jungle. Someone has walked along the path he follows recently. Wet boot-prints guide the way, along with newly lit torches along the wall. Informer suddenly stops, pulling out his tape recorder. He remembers to keep his voice at a whisper.]

“I’m possibly walking into a trap. This is a one way road, and I hope it’s not a one-way trip. The air is less thin the deeper I go. This place is going to open up, I bet.”

[He places the recorder back into his coat pocket, and turns a corner. As he does so, his prediction comes true.] [The path has opened into a cavern. Ancient symbols line the walls, seeming to tell some kind of story. All of them seem to point to the center of the room, where a raised platform has a solid stone carving jutting out of it.] [Before that platform is laid the pack that Jacen Novan was carrying. But Novan is nowhere to be found.] [THWACK!] [The Informer is nailed by a swift kick from Jacen Novan! The robed man throws the stunned Informer into the center of the room.]

“You know, you could have just said you needed some alone time, Novan.”

[Jacen glares at the rising reporter.]

“Is that not what one expects when on an expedition to a hidden temple? Tell me why you have followed me.”

[Ignoring the question, the Informer looks over at the pack. His head cocks sideways as if he is allured by its presence.]

“The Historium in there?”

[Novan rushes forward, pushing Informer up against the center carving, his forearm into Informer’s neck.]

“Of course. You seek to possess it. Do you know what it is?”

[Informer nods his head, Novan’s arm cutting off his wind supply preventing him from speaking. Novan drops him.]

“Okay, I don’t know much, but I have a pretty good idea what one of the markings on it means. The E.F., it…”

[BANG!] [An explosion echoes through the cavern, the walls beginning to collapse around them. Novan dives to protect the Historium, while the Informer dives under an overhang. Rubble crashes down around him as the entire pyramid collapses into nothing but debris. After a minute of making sure he’s still alive, the Informer clears away debris, his life saved by the structural integrity of that overhang remaining in tact.]


[There is a large circle in the center of the rubble that is untouched. It was the area that the Historium had lain in. Neither it or Novan are anywhere to be found. Informer pulls out his tape recorder as the rain seems to be letting up.]

“Vanguard was right, this artifact does have great power. Intoxicating power. Novan won’t hide for very long.”

[The Informer begins the long trek back to civilization, his hunt ending in disaster. But for a man of his trade, he has gathered more of his most valuable resource.] [Information.]


[Tonight, we have a match for the double feature championship! El Trebol has held a tight grip on the gold since winning it but will he lose his second piece of gold in as many weeks! We find out next as Eli Forever tries to pry it from his hands!] [DING! DING! The two men tie up! Eli gets the upper hand and starts pushing El Trebol towards the corner! El Trebol slips and goes behind Eli grabbing his torso! El Trebol leaps! He is going for a poisonrana! No! Eli caught him! ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! El Trebol is writhing in pain! Eli is going to the top rope! THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Flying headbutt! No! Trebol gets out of the way! The little green bean got lucky as Eli is stunned! El Trebol runs towards the ropes! Shining wizard! Trebol hit all of that! Eli Forever rolls out of the ring and waves Trebol off!] [Trebol is not letting him out of it! He jumps over the ropes! Somersault plancha! No! Eli sidesteps it! Trebol hits the floor in a hard landing! Eli locks in a dragon sleeper! SLEEP TO DREAM! Trebol looks like he is fading! The ref is starting to count the ring out! One…Two…Three…Four…Five…Six…Seven…Eli lets go and runs in the ring! He knows he can’t win the title on a count out, so he climbs the top rope! Diving Elbow drop! No! Trebol rolls out of the way! The elbow hits the outside hard! Eli is clutching his arm! Trebol sees a chance! CUELGA VID! Hanging triangle choke to a prone Eli!] [Eli looks like he might fade out to this choke! The ref starts the count again! One…Two…Three…Four… Five…Six…Trebol lets go and slides in the ring! He breathes because he can keep his title this way. Seven…Eight…Nine… Eli rolls in last second! Trebol hops up to the top rope! He waits for Eli to pulls himself up! Eli is getting up and he jumps at the ropes! Trebol loses his balance and gets crotched on the ropes! Eli Forever marches and climbs to the top rope with Trebol! He hoists Trebol up on his shoulders and jumps! ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! Sit-down powerbomb off the top rope! He covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Eli Forever has done it! He is your new double feature champion! What a win over a very game El Trebol Jr.!


[Back in the home of Redwing, our hero sits in his basement, looking down at a photograph of his wife and child. He’s about to remove his mask when the sound of someone clearing their throat startles him.]

“Don’t be alarmed,” [a voice with an accent says.] “I haven’t come to hurt you.”

[Redwing pounces, running him backwards into a nearby wall, shaking photographs from it. The man quickly spins, flipping him over his shoulder.]

“You need further training should your mission to avenge your wife and daughter be fruitful,” [he states matter of factly.] “And I can help you with that now that you’ve finally decided to become.”

[Redwing’s eyes narrow.]

“What do you want? Who are you?”

[The man steps out of the shadows, revealing himself.]

“My name is Lincoln Hex.”

[He folds his arms.]

“And you’ve answered a calling. That has put you on our radar.”

[Redwing looks confused.]

“What do you know about my family?”

“I know that they were murdered. I know the culprit was never found and I know that you allowed the heroes in these comic books to satisfy your need for justice. You gave yourself over to them, didn’t you, Bill? You lived vicariously through them but now, now you’ve become.”

[Redwing takes off his mask and puts it back inside the glass collectible pod.]

“I couldn’t let these criminals, these villains, these animals go unanswered. I needed to be the one to stop them.”

[Lincoln nods.] “And you will.”

[He walks over to the glass cabinet, joining Bill there.]

“I can make sure that you do.”

[They look at each other.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, we have two men who had amazing nights at Invasion. First off, your new invasion winner, Wild Kaarde versus one half of the new tag team champions, Edgar Nevermore. Who will come out on top? We find out next in a steel cage match!] [DING! DING! Kaarde comes out of the corner on fire! Hard right hands back Nevermore into the corner! Kaarde keeps pummeling him and Nevermore slumps into the corner! He is seated prone for a big shot! Kaarde backs into the opposite corner measuring his shot! Nevermore looks out of it but his hands are doing something… Kaarde charges in with a hard knee…No! Nevermore gets out of the way and Kaarde hits an exposed turnbuckle! Nevermore was untying it that whole time! Kaarde is clutching his knee and Nevermore locks in a heel hook! He is making sure Kaarde can’t climb out!] [Kaarde’s hands are free though and he is pulling something out of his pocket! IT’S A KNIFE! He stabs it into the arm that’s clutching him! That blade is stuck in the arm of Nevermore! He screams and quickly lets go writhing in pain! Kaarde laughs and sees his chance! He jumps on the hilt of the knife and it goes deeper into the arm of Nevermore! Nevermore is in agony! Kaarde does it again! It goes all the way through the arm into the mat! Nevermore is stuck and Kaarde begins climbing up the cage! It’s a slow climb but he’s sure he has it!] [Nevermore is screaming trying to figure out what to do! Kaarde is at the top! Nevermore knows what he has to do! He yanks the knife out of his arm and throws it at Kaarde! It hits the already hurt knee and Kaarde falls off the top back onto the mat! Both men are hurt and crawl towards each other! They start swinging fists at each other! Kaarde is getting the better of the exchange! He winds back for one big haymaker! Nevermore catches the arm and turns it into an armbar! Wild Kaarde is in pain and he looks like he might tap out!] [Kaarde uses his free hand and throwing some wild punches at the injured arm of Nevermore! It works as blood is gushing out of that arm! Nevermore is clutching his arm! He isn’t focused on Kaarde who drills him with an axe kick! DRAWING DEAD! Kaarde covers! One…Two…Thr..No! Kickout by Nevermore! Kaarde pulls him up by the head! He is going for the single arm DDT! No! Nevermore kicks the knee out and hits a hammerlock legsweep DDT! OXFORD COMMA! Completely necessary this time as Nevermore covers! One…Two… Thr…shoulder up by Kaarde! These men are spent but Nevermore crawls towards the cage door!] [He’s close…The ref has it open for him! He’s gotten through the door…if he can just fall out! No! Kaarde grabs the door and pulls it back in! Nevermore’s torso is smashed in the door! He screams in agony as Kaarde pulls on the door smiling a shit-eating smirk the whole time! Kaarde lets go of the door and pulls Nevermore back in the ring! He yells at the ref, “Close that fucking door!” He pulls brass knuckles out and starts pummeling Nevermore’s face in! He says, “won’t be able to say that poetic shit now, will you?” That pisses Nevermore off! He grabs the knuckled hand and slams into the mat!] [That can break hands and Kaarde is holding his! Nevermore grabs the hand and wedges it into the cage! He shoves on it telling Kaarde to submit! Kaarde tells him no! Nevermore kicks the arm! Kaarde’s hand is free but he’s the one clutching his arm now! Nevermore hits him hard with an elbow! He hits another one! A third one! THREE STANZAS! After that last one, he shakes Kaarde’s hand! He tries to let go but Kaarde holds on! LOW BLOW THEN A STUNNER! KAARDE HIT ALL OF THAT JACKPOT! He covers! One…Two…Three!] [What a win for Kaarde! Another big win for our invasion winner! He is still the big bully at the table!]


[Lights on.] [The lights to Needful Things suddenly flicker on as Nicholas Mammon arrives to open his store for business. He walks inside and almost immediately realizes that something isn’t quite right.] [He walks to the back room, opens the ajar door and steps inside to fight Edward Newton sat on a wooden chair, one leg crossed over the other and his box placed directly on his lap.]

“Mr. Newton, I wasn’t expecting you.”

[Edward grimaces.]

“It would appear you’ve rifled through my things; I must admit, I expected more of you.”

“You have high expectations, Mr. Mammon. Believe me, I won’t exceed them.”

[They both smile at each other.] [Nicholas enters the room properly and looks around, checking his boxes by eye. He’s looking for anything out of place whilst trying to remain coy, acting as if he isn’t doing so by shuffling some ruffled papers.]

“What’s in the box?”

[There’s no hesitation about the asking of that question.] [Mammon on the other hand, lowers his head slightly.]

“What do you mean? What box concerns you, Mr. Newton?”

[Edward stands up and tosses his box down on the table, flattening the papers. Mammon looks at it, pretending to be somewhat perplexed.]

“You know very well what box,” [he scoffs.] “It has my name on it but we’ve never conducted business.”

[Nicholas turns to him.]

“Some things are better left unsaid, wouldn’t you say?” [He remarks.] “I recommend you not investigate; it’s for your own benefit.”

[That doesn’t impress The Riddler.] [Edward folds his arms.]

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

[Mammon heads to the door and holds it open.]

“I believe I may have already said too much. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Newton, I’ve business to conduct and you weren’t previously invited.”

[The World Champion looks less than pleased but obliges, walking towards the door.]

“I will find out what’s in that box, Mr. Mammon; I will find out what you’re hiding from me.”

[Nicholas smiles.]

“Good day, Mr. Newton. Good day.”

[The Riddler leaves, looking none too pleased as he does. Mammon walks to an old telephone, one of those that you spin the dial on and makes a call.]

“Gather the club at once, we’ve a lot to discuss.”