[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Redmond Quinn exits Miami Dade Police Station, looking like hell itself. He walks down the steps and stops at the bottom, a large black van arriving to meet him. The door on the side slides open and there, sat with a grin, is none other than Wolfgang.]

“Get in!” [He demands.] [Quinn reluctantly hops in side as one of Wolfgang’s cronies slams the door shut behind him. The van immediately pulls away, as both men sit opposite each other inside.]

“You look as if you wish to kill me,” [Wolfgang remarks.] “But I’d think twice about that, if I were you. One misstep and that evidence will be delivered to the police and you’ll kiss your life goodbye. You’re going to help me do a number of things, Redmond.”

[The Teacher looks as if his soul has been destroyed.]

“Zuerst, you’re going to take the beating you deserve at Crash and Burn. My brothers have expected your blood on our soil for the longest time and you will help me deliver it.”

[He puts up two fingers.]

“Zweite, you’re going to put gold around my waist at any cost.”

[And finally, a third finger.]

“And dritte, you’ll be at my beck and call, night and day, and you will do any task that I request of you. You will speak only when given permission to speak. You will not teach. You will not earn. You belong to me.”

[Redmond doesn’t say a word, he simply nods.]

“Good,” [Wolfgang says with a large smile.] “Now, let’s get you an attire more befitting of your position, shall we? This suit simply will not do.”

[Quinn lowers his head, ashamed.] [Cut.]


[It’s love versus justice in this battle as Valentine takes on Redwing!] [The bell sounds as Redwing and Valentine lock-up in the center of the ring. Valentine manages to squirm out of the way before running two fingers down across his abdomen to feel the six-pack. The Hero looks confused by this before lunging forward. Valentine manages to dodge out of the way before continuing running his own hands across himself in a show of affection towards himself. The ire of Redwing seems to be growing as the hero just watches in disgust. Finally, Valentine turns back towards Redwing who catches him with a punch right to the midsection before hitting a kneelift!] [Valentine clutches at his nose in pain before Redwing whips Valentine into the corner before following it up with a running corner kick to the face! Valentine falls to the mat clutching at his nose in pain before rolling out of the ring. Redwing watches as Valentine makes his way around the ring before finding a mirror at ringside. He hands it to a member of the audience who gleefully holds it so Valentine can look at it. Redwing raises his hands in annoyance before rolling out of the ring right behind him. Redwing hits a dropkick sending Valentine right into the mirror and the fan!] [Valentine turns around and he’s irate! He rams Redwing into the apron as Redwing gasps in pain. Valentine grabs him by his masked head and sends him into the barricade which clangs against him! Valentine’s shoulders are rising in agony before he grabs Redwing and rolls him into the ring. Valentine climbs into the ring and leaps into the second rope before springing off with a kick to the face! Redwing is knocked back into the corner before Valentine charges at him. Redwing pulls his legs up onto the second rope before springing off with a big roundhouse! Valentine is stunned by the kick before Redwing hooks the head of Valentine and runs into the corner! THE KILLING JOKE! Redwing pins down Valentine! One…Two…THREE!] [Redwing has secured victory here tonight over the Narcissist!]


[The match is over, but Redwing stands in the ring as he is readying to leave.] [Then the cheers for Redwing turn to cries of terror. Redwing’s attention snaps to where the fear is originating in the audience as three men enter wearing ski masks with guns aimed at the ring. Security comes up to intervene, but they’re simply knocked to the ground by the butts of the guns. The three men climb over the barricade before one takes off a bag and slides it into the ring.] [Gameboy and Spero slide into the ring at this point with their fists raised, ready to help out their Vindicated brother.] [The masked men step back into the crowd and leave without saying a word or firing a single bullet. The Vindicators watch them escape before dealing with the matter at hand.] [Redwing slowly analyzes the bag listening for any sort of sound before looking into the bag to find a single black VHS tape with tape on it. Words are written across the tape as the three heroes analyze it.]

“Watch me, Vindicators.” [The tape reads.] [Redwing looks at the tape before handing it between the three men who each give a shrug in confusion. The three heroes look back to where the ski-masked men left before rolling out of the ring with the bag in hand.] [Gameboy looks nervous as he looks at the VHS tape.]

“This can’t be good…”



[Mindfuck is ready in the ring as Knightwatch gets to his corner. As the bell rings, a drone flies up behind Knightwatch!] [Mindfuck laughs maniacally as he pulls a controller from his pocket! The drone fires off multiple metal BBs that pelt Knightwatch! His mask protects him from the brunt but as he turns to deal with it MINDFUCK FLIES FORWARD WITH A MASSIVE DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE! Knightwatch tries to rise up but Mindfuck follows up with a switchblade kick to the head that keeps him down! Mindfuck flaunts to the crowd as he kicks Knightwatch onto his back and places a foot onto his chest! One- KNIGHTWATCH ROLLS INTO A KNEEBAR! MINDFUCK IS TRAPPED!] [The mad scientist is unable to fight back as Knightwatch delivers a series of elbows to his trapped knee! The lanky scientist grabs the ropes! Knightwatch is forced to let go of the hold but he stays on the attack as he allows Mindfuck up and leans into him with a furious combination of punches punctuated WITH A SOLE KICK TO THE KNEE! Mindfuck limps backward, falling on his ass as he tries to scoot away from the advancing Knight. The Protector looms over Mindfuck and goes for a finishing knee to the face WHEN MINDFUCK TOSSES A METAL BALL TO HIM!] [Knightwatch catches the ball, caught off guard when the ball heats up AND SEARS HIS HAND! Smoke comes off of the skin as The Protector is forced to drop it! Mindfuck takes his opportunity and rolls back, hobbling onto both feet, his bum knee keeping him from doing more than rushing forward with a slingblade that drops the Dark Knight! Mindfuck is forced to use the ropes to get to his feet AND NARROWLY DODGES A CHARING KNIGHTWATCH! Mindfuck grabs Knightwatch and hits the corner! THE SCIENTIFIC- HIS KNEE GIVES OUT! KNIGHT’S END! REVERSE STO! Knightwatch slams Mindfuck face first into the turnbuckle! He pins! One! Two! Three!] [The Knightwatch has put an end to Mindfuck’s villainy for now, having overcome his dastardly inventions!]


[SPLASH!] [Water flies into view as we see an intense Edward Newton standing over a seated and restrained woman. She has just been blasted in the face with water, causing her to rush to catch her breath in the face of an angry Riddler.]

“Now tell me, Rose, when did Elijah Creed die?”

[Rose, the sister of Eli Forever, spits at his feet.]

“We don’t speak of that boy. He’s gone.”

[A nod from Newton, as he steps back and adjusts his tie.]

“Yes, I am aware. All records of he, and his family, seem to just trail away. While I know that the Forever Family seems to have taken their place, one could question whether the lot of you are truly the real article.”

[Rose sneers at Newton, her resolve strong.]

“Join him, then. He’ll unlock your mind beyond anything you could ever imagine.”

[A snort from Newton.]

“I can imagine quite a bit. I’ve seen things you and your brigand of river folk could never imagine. I’ve walked into the gates of death, faced off with evil incarnate, and have rubbed shoulders with God himself. Do you think taking a dip in the river would give me greater power than that?”

[Silence from a glowering Rose.]

“I thought not. Nevertheless, I grow tired of our repartee.”

[Newton reaches into his jacket pocket, drawing out a knife. Rose gasps, and seems to show some real fear. Newton steps forward, getting behind Rose, and letting the flat of the blade run across her bare neck.]

“Paige Van Chan once showed the same fire as you.”

[Newton pulls fiercely with the knife…] […cutting the ropes holding Rose hostage.]

“Perhaps you both will keep that in mind.”

[Rose falls down to the ground on her knees. S-he crawls towards a door, coming to her feet. Newton’s voice calls her off.]

“And please, Rose, let your brother know that you remained true to him. Tell him that his creed remains within your mind.”

[Before she leaves, Rose turns to face Newton, hatred in her eyes.]

“My brother is what he says he is. You’ll never understand him as long as you reject him. I’d never give you what you wanted.”

[Newton watches Rose stagger to the door.]

“My dear, you’ve given me everything I need.”

[She leaves the room, muttering to herself, as Newton’s lips purse into something of a grin.] [What kind of game is Newton playing here.]


[It’s a battle between a gangster and the law here tonight, and it’s going to get ugly!] [The bell sounds as Nightstick walks up spinning his nightstick as Nate Washington isn’t quite sure how to react. The referee steps into the way and demands he drop the weapon which Nightstick just throws aside. The referee grumbles as he picks it up, but Nightstick just decks Nate with a huge punch as the referee is distracted. He grabs Washington and just rams him into the corner. The much larger Nightstick begins just busting up the ribs of Nate with heavy rights and lefts before letting out a large yell. Nate staggers towards him and throws a right hand, but Nightstick just parries it before hitting two bulldozing bullhammer blows! SMITH AND WESSON!] [Nate hits the mat like a sack of potatoes as Nightstick pins him with just one boot across his chest. One…Two…TH-NO! Washington kicks out. Nightstick grabs him by the neck and pulls him up only for Washington to nail him with an uppercut! Washington rakes the eyes of Nightstick before hitting a jawbreaker as Nightstick backs into the corner. Washington hits the other corner and flips off Nightstick before rushing him with a big boot to him! A REAL ONE! Washington falls on top of the larger Nightstick. One…Two…POWER OUT!] [Washington is lifted about a foot in the air before landing beside Nightstick. Washington’s eyes are huge. He begins just stomping away on Nightstick trying to keep the big man from getting to his feet. Washington hits the ropes and waits for Nightstick to get to his knees before rushing at him with a lowered knee. WATCH YA MOUTH! BUT NIGHTSTICK CATCHES HIM! Nightstick lifts him up for the side slam! ODE TO BOSSMAN! Nightstick isn’t finished as he takes a few steps back and yells “You have the right to remain silent!” Washington gets to his feet. HARD JUSTICE clothesline! Washington is turned inside out as Nightstick pins him down. One…Two…THREE!] [The Law came up the victor here tonight as Nightstick continues on a warpath.]


[Earlier tonight.] [The sound of giggling echos through the hallway, followed by a man’s laughter as Zander Zane and his ladies make their way down the hall with smiles from ear to ear.]

“What a thrill, right? Imagine standing up on that stage, hearing the crowd chant your name and demanding an encore. It’s like a drug, and you don’t ever wanna stop the addiction.”

“But at what cost?”

[The question comes at Zane from behind, a cold chill sending a shiver down his spine. He turns to face a scornful Shadow, who glares at the Rock God.]

“Look man, I can do whatever I want. If I wanna have a good time, I’ll party as hard as I can and never look back.”

[The cocky tone of Zane is in direct contrast with the almost somber tone in the voice of the Avenging Angel.]

“You still don’t get it, do you Zander? Your actions have consequences, and those consequences affect others…if only Samantha were here to agree.”

[Zander just scoffs at this, but the ladies begin to look concerned about the message Shadow is conveying.]

“Oh, please. You keep spouting off about some woman I’ve never heard of, like I’m supposed to be scared straight.”

[Shadow cannot help but chuckle at this.]

“I’m really not surprised you’d say that. A guy like you has been with so many women, the memory of your first true love was bound to slip through the cracks.”

[The ladies start to back away from Zane, who shows little sign of concern at what Shadow is saying. Zane turns back to his ladies, a look of reassurance on his face with a smirk thrown in for good measure.]

“Now now, ladies, he said a guy like me. He obviously doesn’t mean…”

[The ladies have heard enough, making a quick getaway down the hall. A now infuriated Zane turns back to his tormentor, a look of rage in his eyes.]

“You son of a bitch, I’ll—“

[He finds that Shadow has disappeared yet again, the flicker of the lights above only remotely giving a hint of his departure.] [Cut.]


[Previously Recorded] [The soft steady bleeping of a hospital room, the heart monitor tracking our patient in question – the poor OSW Staffmember brutally attacked last week. As motionless as he lays, his chest slowly rising and falling with each breath the only sign of life aside from the steady bleeping of the life support machines. At his bedside, a figure sits. One who had become quite the talk at the nurses station, for it is not everyday that one visits a patient in hospital with a full broadsword at his hilt.] [Berengar. Sits vigil beside the bed, watching over the victim of his foe. His silent eyes burn with the desire to seek vengeance for the evil act. He had Manson within Vigilkeeper’s grasp but had to let him escape. Almost as if reading his mind, Vigilkeeper pipes up.]

“You did the right thing. This kid would be dead without you.”

“I know that… I just cannot stand and watch as innocent blood is shed.”

[Suddenly, the lights flicker and all of the screens in the room turn off. The room is plunged into darkness, if only for a few moments. When the lights return, David Manson himself is standing on the opposite side of the bed, knife in hand, looking down on the victim and Berengar who still sits in stunned silence. By now the heart monitor is silent, the screen still dark and lifeless. Manson grins, bearing his teeth through his beard.]

“How utterly predictable. The hero always comes and sits at the bedside of the fallen. But his blood has been spilled, as has yours. The Red River calls out for more, bubba. It has had but enough drops to quench its thirst only a moment. Let’s finish what we started.”

[Manson turns the knife and thrusts it forward in seeking of the flesh of the young stagehand, but it is Vigilkeeper that intercepts the blade with a strike of his own, cutting along Manson’s arm and spilling the blood of Manson all over the hospital bed, and the victim still in it. Manson watches as his blood hits the bedsheets, not the floor. No spillage, no formation of the red river. His eyes narrow in a glare at Berengar.]

“What a waste… You will pay for that, bubba. Mark my words, your blood will sate the desire of the Red River, if I have to purge every last drop myself.”

[With that, Manson reaches his paw up and sucks the blood that still seeps from Vigilkeeper’s long cut into his mouth. Blood spills onto his beard, stains his teeth as he grins a manic grin. Berengar steps forward, leaning over the bedside.]

“Mark my words when I tell you that your terror stops here. There will be bloodshed, yes. but whose is yet to be determined. We will meet face to face, and when we do… It will be for First Blood. Whosoever spills the blood of the other onto that mat will claim victory. One way or another, your Red River is being filled. Just not here, and not with my blood.”

[Manson smiles a blood-soaked grin. In reply, he simply strikes out with his knife, jamming it into the wall as he turns to leave. The knife wobbles back and forth as it juts out of the wall. Berengar pulls it free and turns it over in his hands. First Blood… Who will bleed; whose blade will taste blood?]


[Tonight, we have Eli Forever facing Zander Zane! These are two men who need the adoration from the crowd and will do anything to get it! Who will make sure they get the applause at the end of the match? We find out next!] [Before the bell can ring, both men roll to the outside! They need to know people want them to win! Eli goes to his martyrs and bows to them! They clap and bow back to him! On the other side of the ring, it’s a party as Zander is crowd surfing his way to the bar! Eli is enraged at how much love Zander is getting and marches his way there! Zander sits down and is drinking his favorite whiskey! He wants that liquid courage! Eli gets to him and clubs him in the back of head! Bad idea! Zander spits the whiskey into Eli’s face! HANGOVER SUNDAY!] [Eli is pissed and he low blows Zander! He says “Won’t be sex in leather pants now!” He starts wailing on Zander with The Book of Eli! BY THE BOOK! Book shot after book shot to the back of the head! He pulls Zander up and GORILLA PRESS SLAM ONTO THE BAR COUNTER! Eli laughs and makes his way to the ring! He thinks this will end without the match even starting! One of Zander’s fans at the bar throws vodka in his face to wake him up! He’s stirring and that fan drags him to the crowd! They surf him back to ringside! He stumbles and rolls into the ring! The ref asks “Can you still go?” Zander goes, “Ring the damn bell!”] [DING! DING! The match has officially started and Eli starts stomping on Zander! He drags him into the middle of the ring! He tries to lock in a dragon sleeper but Zander snap mares Eli before he can lock it in! Zander holds onto Eli and lays in some desperate hammer fists! Zander drags Eli into the corner! RIDE THE LIGHTNING! Bronco buster by Zander! He’s feeling it now! He runs across the ring to another corner! WORLD TOUR! Coast-to Coast…No! Eli cuts it off with a mid-air spear! He screams “It’s over!” and he hoists up Zander, screams “AMEN!” and slams him down with the ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! He covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!”] [What a win for Eli Forever as he shows who the crowd should worship!]


[The Gentlemen Club.] [Happy finds himself sat on the leather couch, a large black notebook in hand. He’s scribbling notes down as quickly as he possibly can as Edgar Nevermore stands, enjoying the sound of his own voice. Finally, they come to a stopping point and Edgar proudly stands before him.]

“You see, young chap, there’s a dignity in defeat that you must understand. A Gentlemen knows, even when times are rough that he is still a cut above the rest.”

[Happy nods.] “And you’re going to teach me that?”

[Edgar smiles.]

“Absolutely. I’m going to teach you how survive defeat with your dignity intact. At Crash and Burn, we will deliver an honourable and respectable battle. I implore you to display your abilities in full, but when the time is right, know when to concede.”

[He stands up, offering a firm handshake that Nevermore gladly accepts.]

“I can’t wait for the lesson, Mr. Nevermore. How will it feel?” [He asks honestly.] “Will I feel different after losing to you?”

“Dear boy, you’ll feel exhilarated. A wave of understanding will crash down upon you with such emphasis that you’ll leave the ring with new found knowledge. This is only lesson one of many, my apprentice. There’s so much left to teach you.”

[They both smile and nod at each other.]

“Now, let’s discuss the how you should concede. I have some suggestions I might offer and I’d like to hear your opinions on which you believe suit best.”

[His eyes light up.] “Oh wow, really?”

“Of course.”



[The Voice of the Voiceless is set to do business here tonight against a creature of mythic proportions in King Arthur!] [The bell sounds as Luther Creed steps across the ring to the archaic ruler. He puts a finger into the chest of Arthur as he begins berating him. Arthur looks down at the finger before nailing a side headlock takedown on Creed! Arthur begins laying punches into the trapped head of Creed before he can worm his way out of the hold. Arthur gives him a grin as they come to a stalemate. Creed rushes at Arthur with a big boot, but the Lich King just dodges around it and hits a leg sweep to floor him. The Lich King looks down at him.] [Creed rolls to his feet before running and nailing an STO taking The Lich King to the floor! The Voice of the Voiceless leaps to his feet before leaping up to hit a falling elbow drop onto Arthur. Creed hooks the arm of Arthur and lifts him up before wrapping him up into a sleeper hold before slamming him down to the mat! SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! Arthur is laid out as Creed leaps into the pin! One…Two…NO! Arthur gets a shoulder up and raises all the way to his feet! Creed’s eyes are bugging out of his head as if he’s seen a ghost!] [The Lich King kicks Creed in the midsection before sending him into the ropes. Creed hits the ropes, but he catches himself there. Arthur lumbers towards him before Creed catches him with a big kick! He springs off the second rope before hooking the head of Arthur and snapping him down with a tornado DDT! Creed kips up to his feet with a grin before he turns to be face-to-face with King Arthur! Creed catches him with a big dropkick before lifting up King Arthur! Death Valley Driver! CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! Creed covers him with both shoulders pinned down! One…Two…THREE!] [Luther Creed gets to his feet with a shit-eating grin on his face as he looks down at the king that he has slain.]


[Knightwatch crouches over the sarcophagus that once held the Lich King, a torch in hand as he eyes its contents. All that remains from his emergence is cobwebs and a fine green dust. He reaches towards it, pinching some between between his fingers. He speaks with a voice that seems to echo itself.]

“What strange manner of dust is this?

“Tis be the dust of sleep. Mixed with air, it can keep even the dead asleep.”

[Knightwatch whips around, looking up. Arthur stands above at the entrance of the tomb, looking down upon him.]

“I thought I would find thee here. I knew that someone had stalked through the shadows in the Tap Room watching my actions. What purpose do you seek?”

[He gets nothing, only the mask of the Templar staring back at him. He sighs, a dry rattling noise, before speaking again.]

“The few that hath come before could not find a way to end my existence, Templar. You will find nothing here but the failures of those that hath come fore ye.”

[Arthur is met with the inky silence that permeates the chamber. The two stare each other, living eyes sheathed in darkness meeting the slight glow of undead eyes. With no answer, Arthur continues.]

“I have an offer for thee Templar. At Crash and Burn, I wish to test your strength. Let me see if you can truly put me back into a coffin once more.”

“That is, if thee lives.”

[Arthur reaches over, and triggers a trap that had been set ages before hand. He turns around as the ceiling above the tomb begins to crumble and crash down on top of Knightwatch!]


[We open on Troy Solveig.] [And he doesn’t look his best. Tired eyes and pale skin indicate that Volsungr, who is stretched out on a couch somewhere in the backstage area of the Tap Room, is feeling under the weather, but there is no rest for the weary as a knock comes on the door.] [Solveig glances towards the entrance and in submission lets out a groaning response.]

“You may enter…”

[His voice trailing off as the door swings open.] [Nicholas Mammon.]

“Good evening to you Mr. Solveig” [Mammon says with a grin as he moves into the locker room.] “Why, you do not look well my friend.”

[Volsungr does not spring to. He appears more agitated than defensive.]

“I told you not to cross my path again Salesman.”

“I’ve come to complete our transaction Mr. Solveig”

[Mammon seems confident. Too confident as he moves into the room, thrusting a heavy briefcase onto a nearby table.]

“Transaction?” [Volsungr looks up from the couch.] “I did not go into business with you.”

[Mammon frowns.]

“What about your new war hammer Mr. Solveig?”

“You said it was a gift!”

[The Salesman grins.]

“Everything, Mr. Solveig, has a price. I do believe I made that abundantly clear.”

“You will receive no compensation from me!”

“I am not asking for monetary reciprocation Mr. Solveig” [Mammon raises a hand.] “Just that a man of your stature would do the honorable thing and oblige… or of course you could give the hammer back!”

[The mention of forfeiting his newfound hammer causes Solveig to pause as he glares at Mammon.]

“What do you seek Salesman?”

“Just your signature my friend” [Mammon removes a piece of paper from the briefcase bringing it with pen to Solveig.] “On a contract for Crash and Burn.”

“You wish to meet me on the battle field in exchange for the hammer? I would meet you for nothing, though I fear this illness may compromise my availability.”

“Come now Mr. Solveig” [Mammon gives a face of sympathetic disgust.] “Surely a superior being such as yourself would not allow a small flu like cold to keep you from… your destiny.”

[Aggravation. Irritation. Both shines in the eyes of Solveig as he stews over his visitor. Without hesitation, Volsungr reaches out for the contract; signing it and returning it to the hands of Mammon.]

“At Crash and Burn, we shall go to war!”

“Very well” [Mammon chuckles as he returns to his briefcase, replacing the document.] “I suppose in that case, you can have this back…”

[Mammon struggles before pulling a war hammer out of the briefcase.] [Solveig is confused. He glances from the hammer in Mammon’s hands to the one laying near him on the floor.]

“What is that?”

“It is your hammer Mr. Solveig!”

[There is a pause. Confusion.]

“Ah yes, you must be confused” [Mammon says as he drops the hammer.] “You see, the gift I gave you wasn’t your war hammer modified, it a was a modified war hammer. Modified with a the ability of injecting small doses of a nasty little toxin into the skin of the person that might grab it. That feeling of euphoria you felt. The feeling of power each time you held it… that was just the poison filtering through your veins. It has what made you sick Mr. Solveig and it’s only going to get worse over the course of this next week… as we draw closer to Crash and Burn.”

[Mammon gives off a devilish grin.]

“The war hammer wasn’t the gift at all Volsungr. The gift was leading you to the destiny you’ve been looking for. A destiny that will see you fall to my feet. G’day to you Sir.”

[Mammon grabs the briefcase, exiting the room while Solveig looks on; his health fading.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Tonight, the tag team championships are on the line! The Vindicators get their shot after becoming number one contenders last week! Will their team be vindicated with gold or will they be awakened to why The Awakening are champs? We find out next!] [DING! DING! Gameboy and Manson start the match! LEVEL ONE! Instant superkick by Gameboy! He runs towards HAtE! Another LEVEL ONE! No! HAtE catches the leg! He’s holding onto Gameboy in a modified ankle lock! The ref starts to count since it’s being held over the ropes! One…Two…Manson gets up and punt kicks a prone Gameboy! Manson laughs and goes “Did you really think that was going to work, bubba?” He mounts Gameboy and wails into him with hard rights! He pulls Gameboy up by the throat and tosses him towards HAtE! Hard uppercut by HAtE! ASSISTED HATRED REALIZED! Mans on tags in HAtE!] [HAtE covers! ONE…TWO…Gameboy gets the shoulder up! HAtE pulls Gameboy up with ease and tosses him with a fallaway slam! HAtE follows with a big body splash! He stays on for the cover! ONE…TWO…Gameboy kicks out! HAtE pulls Gameboy up violently! NIHILISM! He traps Gameboy in a standing cross face chicken wing! He’s jerking Gameboy all over but Gameboy is not giving up! Manson gets in the ring and starts delivering hard gut punches to Gameboy while he’s still trapped! Gameboy lifts his legs up and shoves off Manson with his feet! That push causes HAtE to back into Gameboy’s corner! He’s still holding on but Spero tags himself in!] [Spero in like a ball of fire! Running forearm to HAtE! Running dropkick to Manson! Spero Irish whips Manson into HAtE! Manson falls hard after hitting that brick wall of a man! Spero leapfrogs off Manson’s stomach and hits a hurricanra- No! HAtE catches Spero and powerbombs him onto Manson’s knees! Manson laughs as he rolls out of the ring but HAtE is not finished! He hoists Spero onto his shoulders! F-5! No! Spero reverses it into a DDT! HAtE is out of it and Spero climbs to the top rope! Manson shoves him off the rope hard! Hard landing for Spero! HAtE pulls him up for the F-5 and waves Manson into the ring! NOTHING AWAKENS! F-5 by HAtE as Manson hits the falling Spero with a codebreaker! HAtE covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!]

{What a win by the Awakening to hold onto their titles! Brutal finish to end the matcg against a very game team in the Vindicators!]


[Driving down the highway, Luther Creed looks almost oblivious to the darkness that surrounds him. It’s the middle of the night and he’s on his way home from a hard day at work.] [Sirens.] [Suddenly, sirens blare loudly from behind, the blue hue of flashing lights in his rear-view.] [Carefully, he pulls over, winding down his window and placing his hands upon the steering wheel, where the officer can see them.] [Slow crunching footsteps thud towards him menacingly, a bright light beaming in through the open window, blinding him.]

“Do you know why I’ve pulled you over, son?”

[Luther puts his hand up, shielding his eyes.]

“I’m young, black and driving a nice car, Officer; the question is, why did it take you this long?”

“You’ve got an attitude problem, don’t you? Keep your hands on the wheel, alright? If I see them move, we’re going to have an issue. Do you have a weapon on you?”

[Creed, still blinded, puts his hands on the wheel firmly, allowing the light to shine directly into his eyes.]

“I pulled you over because you have a busted tail light and you were speeding.”

[Luther scoffs.] “No, I don’t and no, I wasn’t.”

“I’m going to issue you a ticket for both of those, do you understand?”

[He nods as the Officer writes out his ticket.]

“Good. Oh and Mr. Creed,” [he says, knowing his name.] “You had ought to know that wherever you go, whatever you do, the law is always watching; especially for uppity little pieces of shit like you. Have a good evening, won’t you? Nightstick sends his regards.”

[The Officer chucks the ticket in his vehicle, walks behind it and uses his nightstick to smash the tail lights. Creed grimaces, looking at the ticket.]

“See you at Crash and Burn, kid.”


[The Poet looks the Void Knight up and down before their match, scoffing at his attire before going to his corner.] [As the match starts the powerhouse that is Berengar forces Nevermore into a lockup! The technician in Edgar slips behind Berengar but the Void Knight grips his arm and judo throws Edgar right down into the center of the ring! Nevermore tries to get to his feet but is met with A BIG BOOT FROM BERENGAR! THE POET IS SENT SPRAWLING! Nevermore might not know what year it is after that hit! He stumbles to his feet AND GETS PULLED INTO A SPINEBUSTER- NO! DDT BY EDGAR NEVERMORE! HE SPIKES BERENGAR INTO THE MAT! The Poet shakes the cobwebs with that attack!] [Berengar won’t stay down easy, powering to his feet and charging Nevermore! But the gentleman is ready this time as he slips behind Berengar and hits a Dragon Suplex! Berengar rolls through only to get pulled into a Fisherman Suplex! He tries to rise once more AND GETS PULLED RIGHT INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Nevermore hits a trifecta as he outmaneuvers his much stronger opponent! The dazed Void Knight staggers to his feet, only to be met with the offer of a handshake by Nevermore! Berengar takes it! AND PULLS NEVERMORE INTO A CLOTHESLINE THAT TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT!] [Nevermore gets implanted neck first into the mat by that massive blow and Berengar follows up by grabbing his head, lifting him up and slamming him back into the mat! Berengar is savage in his attacks, not wanting to give Nevermore an inch in this match! He lifts Nevermore off of the ground and whips him into the ropes for a big boot- NEVERMORE DUCKS IT! He turns around and nails an ax handle to the back of Berengar’s head! Berengar turns around AND NEVERMORE SHAKES HIS- NO! BERENGAR POPS HIM UP! POWERBOMB! THE VANQUISHER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Berengar has knocked Edgar Nevermore down a peg as he rises in victory over the Gentleman!]


[Backstage.] [The trio of Spero, Gameboy, and Redwing have set up a television as they slide in the tape given to them earlier by the ski-masked men with weapons.] [Nothing but static for a moment before a masked man is shown on the screen. Mysterion looks into the camera with a grin.]

“Hello, heroes.”

[Spero’s fists ball up.]

“It’s so nice of you to come together in once place for this viewing. We knew that this would be something you’d all want to see. We’ve come to issue you an Ultimatum. Situated behind me are three people.”

[The camera pans to show three people with bags over their heads, a gag in their mouth presumably, and their arms are tied behind them in their chairs.]

“Each one of these men or women are someone that you are familiar with.”

[Mysterion walks away from the camera as he drags a gloved finger along their arms as they cry out in muffled agony.]

“These are family members…”

[Redwing’s eyes light up.]

“…some are friends…”

[Gameboy begins to bite his lip.]

“…some are even role models.”

[Spero begins to breathe heavily.]

“But one thing is for certain, you have a choice come Crash and Burn. You can lay down and give up your heroic deeds for a night or…”

[Nate Washington steps into picture before cocking his pistol and aiming it at the head of one of them. Dr. Mindfuck steps out and aims a weird ray gun at the head of a person. Mysterion grabs one and pulls his curved blade to their throat.]

“…Or we get impatient.”

[Mysterion grins wickedly.]

“The choice is yours, heroes.”

[Mindfuck begins to laugh.]

“Don’t MESS IT UP!”

[The picture turns back to static as the three heroes are frozen. They have no choice! They have to let evil win at Crash and Burn?!] [Cut.]


[An entourage of reformed gamblers stand behind D’Von Chambers, the preacher walking into Karrde’s Casino, a smirk on his face. There are no sounds of gamblers rolling dice, the slot machines are silent. Chambers looks almost uncomfortable, his eyes scanning the room to rest solely on the owner and operator, Mr. Karrde standing in the center of his gambling floor, the piercing sneer from the previous weeks still on his face.]

“First, ya stole summa my favorite regulars.”

[Karrde walks forwards, taking but a single step.]

“Then, my precious case goes missin’.”

[The remains of Chamber’s smirk slowly slips off of his face as he backs into his crowd of followers, Karrde’s charming demeanor all but gone.]

“An’ now? With that lil attack on me last week, ya robbed me of my title. You’re one cocky little spitfuck to walk into my house.”

[Karrde’s anger is calm, calculated as he walks forwards, Chambers standing his ground in front of his followers.]

“I told you, it was the lord who had you and your possessions separated. I am but a conduit through which he works!]

“Horseshit. You an’ I? We got a little score to settle. Crash an’ Burn is comin’. When it does, we’re gonna meet in that ring and I’m gonna get some answers outta you.”

“I have already told you all I know, Karrde. The case is not in my possession, I have only the word of the lord brotha! And the lord says you must learn humility in his eyes.”

[Karrde shakes his head, not throwing a punch, knowing full well he’s outnumbered.]

“You dug into my profits, Chambers. You went puttin’ your nose places it don’t belong. We’re meetin’ in the ring, and when I win, you’re not only gonna tell my men to gamble, you’re also go tell me where my case is.”

[Chambers shakes his head, almost taking pity on Karrde.]

“You just don’t wanna listen to the lord, do you brotha? If you win, I’ll give my followers the choice to spin roulette with the devil. And if I win? Well, I’ll take a few your lost profits as a donation to the church.”

[Chambers chuckles, Karrde merely turning to walk away.]

“Whatever you say, Chambers. Now get the hell outta my casino. It’s time to open, I have a quota to fill.”


[The Rewind Championship is on the line as two men are trapped within the steel confines of the steel cage!] [The bell sounds as The Enforcer circles around the studious Happy. Brent Kersh leans in for a double-leg takedown, but Happy is able to push his hands out of the way! Kersh looks curious at Happy whose smile has faded as he bites his bottom lip in determination. Brent Kersh goes for a kick, but Happy catches the kick, circles around, and sweeps the other leg out from underneath him! Kersh slams to the mat as he shows surprise at Happy who has watched Kersh for years! Brent Kersh gets back to his feet, but Happy catches him with a superkick before he can get all the way up! SHADOW KICK!] [Happy leaps into a cover! One…Two…KICKOUT! The Enforcer isn’t going down to the Shadow Kick this time! Brent Kersh gets some distance between them as he puts up his hands as if to beckon Happy to bring it. Happy rushes towards Kersh who hits a quick drop toe hold followed up by hitting the ropes and dropping a running elbow! The Enforcer is changing up his offense here as he yanks Happy up to his feet and sends him flying into the steel wall! Happy falls down onto the apron as Kersh pulls him back into the ring and covers him. One…Two…KICKOUT! The Enforcer nods at Happy before wrapping up the legs of Happy for his signature…] [BUT HAPPY ROLLS HIM UP! One…Two…Th-NO! Brent Kersh manages to kick out at the last second. Happy rolls up to his feet and rushes at Kersh before hooking his head for a neckbreaker! THE NKO! Happy looks down at Kersh and looks at the cage as the crowd is on fire! Happy begins to climb with a huge smile upon his face. He gets nearly to the top before Kersh gets to his feet in the ring! He climbs up beside Happy and batters him over the back with a clobbering blow. Brent Kersh hooks the waist of Happy and pulls back! GERMAN SUPLEX ONTO THE MAT FROM THE CAGE WALL! Kersh leaps into the cover! One…Two…THREE!] [Brent Kersh was successful here tonight, but he had to change it up! Happy seemed to know his gameplan early on.]


[The steel cage still encompassing the ring, Brent Kersh has taken up residence inside it, Happy having taken his leave from the ringside area. The Enforcer is weary from the match, but he’s got something to say.]

“Okay Davenport, you said you were coming to finish this.”

[Kersh gestures at the ring he’s standing in.]

“So let’s finish it right now!”

[Silence rules the Tap Room for a moment as Kersh paces, before the lights cut out and the video screen picks up. The voice of Jon Davenport echoes over the speakers.]

“Brent Kersh walked into OSW on it’s very first show and said he was here to be the man.”

[The screen shows an image of a clean shaven Brent Kersh, his old red, white, and blue trunks showing this to be a look into the past.]

“I watched him fight off the Scarecrow. He stood firm as a good example to the world of what it means to be an American. But then his little girl got herself a girlfriend.”

[A chisel flies into view, chipping away part of the trunks to show black underneath.]

“The Scarecrow made him run away, and his son got himself killed trying to be what his daddy couldn’t.”

[Another chunk of the trunks chips away.]

“That very same daughter betrayed her people.”

[Another chunk gone.]

“Brent Kersh has rubbed shoulders with the Almighty Himself, and he still ain’t got it.”

[The last chunk falls off, and we’re left with the man we see in the ring.]

“Kersh used to be a real man’s man, a hero for Americans to cheer for. But he turned his back on us, he’s just another snowflake that can’t even take care of his family. While the real Americans out there turn their flag upside down in distress cause they ain’t got nobody to root for.”

[The lights come back up.]

“Until now.”

[Jon Davenport is inside the ring!] [DUST TO THE FACE OF BRENT KERSH!]

“Sorry boy, but your luck just ran out. America is here to take back what belongs to the people.”

[Kersh is struggling to see, but Davenport lays in with boots. He leaves one on Kersh’s back as he looks out to the crowd.]

“America fights back today, real Americans are taking back their country. Raise old glory up, fly the stars and stripes! God Bless America and God Bless real Americans!”

[Davenport kicks the struggling Kersh away before taking his leave, the speakers now playing God Bless America.] [Cut.]


[The Avenging Angel grabbed his greatest win last week becoming the new Double Feature Champion but that run may end as soon as it began if a certain Villain has anything to say about it. Can Shadow rise above once more or Mysterion send him to his doom?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, Mysterion getting the early advantage with a low kick before a stiff knee to the temple dazes the champion before leaping up and taking Shadow over with a quick Hurricanrana. Mysterion backs up, trying to finish this one early but Shadow manages to duck under the Superman Punch, gripping Mysterion from behind before leaping up into the air] [DIVINE PUN…MYSTERION GRABS THE ROPES!] [Shadow crashes to the canvas as Mysterion just avoided a sure loss in the first two minutes of the contest. He rushes towards the rising Shadow landing a snap Bulldog, almost DDT like in execution before peeling the Angel off the mat and tossing him through the middle ropes to the floor below. Shadow slowly rises up as Mysterion sprints across the ring] [TORNILLO! Mysterion crashes down upon Shadow as the crowd pop for that high flying move. Mysterion quickly rolls Shadow back into the ring before covering] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Shadow gets the shoulder up. Mysterion backs up, waiting for the Angel to begin rising to his feet before bouncing off the ropes, HANDSPRING…] [ANGEL BEAT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [Shadow quickly drops down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THR…Mysterion just gets the shoulder up!] [Both men get to their feet, Shadow firing up as he unleashes an onslaught of heavy kicks and knees to the dazed villain before a leaping enziguri to the back of the head leaves Mysterion out on his feet. Shadow rushes to the ropes, springboarding off, OVER YOUR…NO! Mysterion catches him on his shoulder, before dropping down with a modified gutbuster! Mysterion lifts Shadow up to his feet, leaping up as he tries for a DDT but Shadow tosses him off. Mysterion rolls to his feet, rushing forward at Shadow who leaps up high] [HITTING THE AVENGED OUT OF NOWHERE! Mysterion stumbles to his feet, holding his chest in pain as he turns around] [INTO A SECOND ANGEL BEAT! Mysterion looks out but Shadow doesn’t cover, signalling for the end as he outstretches his arms, waiting for Mysterion to get to his feet. The Cloaked Conundrum does…but quickly rolls out of the ring away from Shadow! Shadow follows, chasing Mysterion around the ring, Mysterion rolling back in with Shadow in hot pursuit as the Angel rolls back in right into an elbow to the back of the head. Mysterion quickly pulls Shadow up to his feet] [TILT-A-WHIRL DDT! Shadow gets spiked into the mat as Mysterion quickly scrambles up to the top rope, trying for the Master Plan but Shadow leaps onto the ropes, crotching Mysterion up top. Shadow gets onto the apron, climbing up behind Mysterion as he looks to be going for an Ultra Divine Punishment but Mysterion scouts it once more with a stiff elbow to the jaw. Shadow is dazed as Mysterion climbs up, grabbing him by the neck] [BEFORE SPINNING AROUND AND PLANTING HIM INTO THE MAT WITH THE GLOBAL TAKEOVER! Mysterion quickly hooks both legs for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…SHADOW KICKS OUT!] [Mysterion is incensed that Shadow kicked out as he rolls to the outside, grabbing the Double Feature title before rolling back into the ring as he looks to bash Shadow’s face in with the gold. The referee gets in Mysterion’s face, refusing to let him use the belt as Mysterion relents, handing the gold over to the ref who turns his back to hand it back to the time keeper. Mysterion secretly pulls a pair of brass knuckles from his tights, pulling them onto his fist and as Shadow slowly rises, springboards off the ropes] [THE PUNCH OF DOOM! A Brass knuckles infused punch hits extra hard as Mysterion quickly tucks the knuckles back into his tights before covering] [ONE…] [TWO…] [NOT THIS WAY…THREE!!!] [We have a new champion as Mysterion looks ecstatic, holding up his illfully gained gold as he parades his victory over a hero here tonight]


[In the office of Mr. Knot, high above the ring, the Chairman sits behind his desk with a piping hot cup of coffee, reading a newspaper. Suddenly, the door knocks and in walks an elderly gentleman, brandishing a cane. With his long white beard and white hair, he looks extremely decrepit. He carefully takes a seat opposite Knot, who had immediately stood up upon entry.]

“I’m surprised to see you soon,” [Knot says with a gulp.] “I suspected I wouldn’t see you until the next phase was complete.”

[The Chairman takes a seat.] [The voice that speaks is familiar; he’s the old man from the limousine at Double Tap.]

“I wanted to check in on your progress. We don’t have a long timetable and things within our business are ever changing. By Christmas Eve, if we haven’t made our move, I may not survive the takeover.”

“I won’t let that happen,” [Knot says defiantly.] “It’s a slow process but I can assure you success. By the time Christmas Eve comes, Old School Wrestling will be prepared for what comes next.”

[The old man nods.]

“Good, because I’ve been in prolonged discussions with other members of the board and few may be receptive to our plans. They, like me, are getting weaker with the direction our business is taking. If the takeover happens at Red Snow, it won’t just be me who falls, it’ll be many great leaders.”

[He stands up, weakly, grasping at his cane to ensure his standing. Mr. Knot rushes around the desk, holding him up.]

“Don’t fail me, son,” [he whispers.] “Our livelihood depends on it. We all bought this hallowed ground. We all paid a price to receive it. He can’t have it; it isn’t his and his alone. This hostile takeover must end in blood.”

[Knot nods.] “I won’t let you down. First, Vanguard, then the Vindicators – and finally, the rest. You have my word it will be done.”

[He walks the old man to the door, where his bodyguards take over, helping to escort him away. The Chairman watches them leave, a twinkle of determination in his eyes.] [Cut.]