[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Gasp.] [Wild Karrde wakes up in the front seat of his vehicle, dried blood flaking on the back of his scalp. His grazing arm wound has been taped up and despite a pounding headache, he doesn’t appear too worse for wear. He attempts to move forward, only to find his neck has been taped to the headrest.]

“What the fuck?”

[Smoke suddenly filters in, blurring our image. It’s coming from behind him.]

“I hear you’re looking for me, man” [the voice says confidentially, if not somewhat unfamiliar.] “Well, it appears that I’ve found you instead.”

[Karrde struggles against his restraints but can’t move.]

“Don’t struggle or you’ll hurt yourself! The Awakening told you they don’t have your case, didn’t they?” [He says as another puff of smoke blows into frame.] “Do you believe that, man?”

“What does it matter? Whether you have it or they have it, someone is going to get their fuckin’ ass kicked, man. I’m done playin’ games, son. You have somethin’ that belongs to me and I want it back.”

[A gloved hand suddenly reaches around, clasping his windpipe.]

“You shouldn’t threaten me,” [he collectedly responds.] “Not given your predicament. The Awakening have your case and if you don’t get it back, Manson will invade at Ring King and steal your prize. I know it to be true and deep down within your soul, so do you, man.”

[He releases his grip, allowing Karrde to breathe.]

“Why’re you telling me this? You took it.”

[The man laughs.]

“I didn’t take it. They wanted you to think I took it but it was them. If you want it back, you’re going to have to fight for it. I won’t reach out again.”

[The door suddenly clicks and then opens.] [Cut.]


[It’s a big trios match here tonight as it’s Kersh leading his team against the team lead by Chambers!] [Brent Kersh steps into the ring and starts this one off as David Manson slowly slinks into the ring to start this one for his team. Brent Kersh tries for a lock-up, but Manson doesn’t seem interested as he tries for a test of strength. Kersh interlocks his fingers on one hand before Manson headbutts him! Kersh staggers back before being yanked back towards Manson by his hand right into a big clothesline! Manson grabs the beard of Kersh and pulls him back up to his feet. Manson rakes the eyes of Kersh quickly before hitting a quick double underhook DDT! He rolls over on top of him! ONE…TWO….TH-KICKOUT!] [Brent Kersh pushes Manson away and leaps towards his corner, but Manson stops him. He drags Kersh to his corner and tags in D’Von Chambers who climbs in and drills a boot into the chest of Kersh. Chambers pulls Kersh between his legs before motioning for the ending! He lifts up Kersh for the Razor’s Edge before Kersh slips out of his reach and lunges once more for his tag team partners! Unfortunately, Chambers batches his leg and stops him again. He begins dragging Kersh back to his corner before Kersh rolling onto his back and kicking Chambers back into his own corner! Kersh leaps for the tag!] [TAG! In comes King Arthur! And in comes Happy! Arthur quickly kicks Happy in the midsection before hitting a quick leg sweep that floors Happy. Chambers rushes towards Arthur who nails him with his knee! KINGS’ CROSSING! Chambers is knocked prone! Manson is about to get into the ring before he’s yanked outside by Quinn! The Teacher nails a roundhouse kick that knocks Manson back onto his butt. Inside of the ring, King Arthur rushes towards Happy before hitting his finishing move! THE KINGS’ CROSSING! EXCEPT, Happy moves out of the way! AND HE ROLLS UP ARTHUR! ONE…..TWO…..THREE!] [Happy wins with the help of his teammates David Manson and D’Von Chambers who are looking disheveled on the outside of the ring.]


[We head to the depths of The Tap Room where we find Nightstick making his entrance for tonight’s action.] [We, along with the former police officer, immediately recognise that he’s not alone.] [Luther Creed.] [The Voice of the Voiceless is seen leaning up against a nearby wall. A look of content on his face. Nightstick doesn’t seem as pleased as he lets out a sigh; making his way passed Creed.]


[Luther greets The Cop in an almost taunting fashion.]

“Watch your step Creed” [Nightstick warns.] “Don’t think just because I let you go once that I won’t bust your ass in the name of justice!”

[Creed fires off the wall; rage in his movements.]

“See cop!” [Luther scolds.] “That’s exactly what I’m talkin’ about. I’m just sittin’ here waitin’ for the next opportunity to pass by and you want to play a hard ass!”

[Nightstick stands his ground, looking into the eyes of Creed as he smirks.]

“Yea you’re always waiting for an opportunity aren’t you son?”

[The Voice of the Voiceless’ eyes open wide with excitement.]

“Oh yea officer, I’m always watchin!”

[There is a pause as Nightstick considers those words and then, he goes on his way down the hall.]

“Just stay out of trouble Creed!”

[Creed watches as Nightstick disappears around a corner and when he does, The Voice of the Voiceless backs his way to the exit; opening the door.] [Suddenly, Creed’s accomplice appears. The young black man we saw last week.]

“What do ya have for me Trey?”

[The young man shakes his head in disappointment.]

“Not a whole lot Luther. I’m just checking in. This guy is a flake outside these walls.”

[Creed appears to draw angry.]

“Nothin? You tellin’ me you followed that scum for a week and you’ve got nothin’ to show for it? What about his house?”

[Trey shakes his head.]

“I followed him there, but I didn’t go inside.”

[Creed again grabs the shirt of his acquaintance; holding him tight.]

“Trey man… I told you to follow him. I told you to record his every step! I need to know what the inside of his house looks like. I need you to get me that footage.”

[Trey balks.]

“Shit Luth… you’re gonna get a nigga shot man.”

[A look of seriousness overcomes Creed as he glares into Trey’s eyes.]

“This isn’t about you or me, Trey, it’s about the Revolution and BOTH of us have a duty to make sure that the Revolution WILL be televised!”

[There is a moment of awkward silence as Trey takes in Creeds words. He struggles with their meaning before visibly coming to terms with it, nodding his head.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Hero vs Hero, High Flier vs High Flier. Tonight Spero and Gameboy collide!] [In a rare show of sportsmanship both men shake hands as the bell rings before quickly backing off! They eye each other before both men go for springboard clotheslines! THEY COLLIDE MIDAIR AND BOTH MEN CRASH DOWN INTO THE CANVAS! The heroes take a moment to stir but Spero is just a bit quicker as he leaps with a double-handed bulldog to the rising Gameboy! The Gamer’s head bounces off of the canvas and Spero hits the ropes for a springboard moonsault- GAMEBOY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Spero grabs his chest in pain and Gameboy legdrops the back of his head!] [Gameboy forces Spero up and hits an arm drag that immediately grounds Jordan! The Great Hope is still shaking the cobwebs as Gameboy hits another arm drag! He’s looking worse for wear as Gameboy waits for him to get up before hitting the ropes FOR A HURRICANRANA- POWERBOMB! SPERO POWERBOMBS GAMEBOY RIGHT INTO THE MAT! Player One has the wind knocked out of him and Spero capitalizes! Springboard double knee drop to the chest of Gameboy! Spero might have knocked the wind out of him permanently as he goes for a quick cover! One! Two! Three- KICKOUT BY GAMEBOY!] [Spero can’t quite believe it as Gameboy kicks out of the near fall with but seconds to spare! He rolls to his feet and waits for Gameboy to get up before rushing forward with a leaping knee that rocks him! The Gamer hits the ropes but ducks a clothesline attempt from Spero! The Great Hope hits the ropes and comes back INTO THE LEVEL ONE!- NO! HE DUCKS IT! Gameboy turns around INTO A SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Game-O is stunned and Spero hits the other ropes COMING BACK WITH A SPRINGBOARD ROLL UP! WILL’S LIGHT! One! Two! Three!] [Spero has defeated his fellow vindicator! He helps Gameboy to his feet following the match, both men leaving the ring together.]


[The strumming of a guitar is heard reverberating off the Tap Room walls, its tune sounding half-hearted and dull, not even plugged into an amp. The sound attracts a few stagehands, but most importantly, it attracts Berengar. The Void Knight walks down the hall with purpose, finally entering into a room littered with bottles, trash, and what looks to be a bed. His eyes widen a bit as he spots Zander Zane sitting on said bed, absentmindedly strumming between mumbling to himself.]


“Whosat? Isit the maid?”

[Berengar doesn’t even look insulted as the obviously drunken and unwell Zander keeps strumming, not even bothering to look up.]

“Bout time. This bedsa little nasty.”

“Zane, look at me.”

“Fuckin’ helpsalways wantin’ a picture, huh?”

[The aging Rock God finally looks up, realizing who it is before standing, a cocky smile haphazardly sprawled across his lips.]

“Oh, it’s you. Lookin’ fer that lil piece a’ gold I took offa ya?”

[Berengar shakes his head.]

“No, I’m here because you aren’t well, Zander. I may be a warrior, but as of now, I am a Vindicator first and foremost. And right now, you are in need of help.”

[Zane raises an eyebrow.]

“Don’ talktome like I need yer help! I’m THE Zander Fuckin’ Zane! I’m the top a’ tha world. If you wan’ that lil prize a’ yours back, yer gonna haveta beat me for it. Far as I’m concerned, it’s my belt.”

[Brengar merely shakes his head again, not even giving Zander a second glance as he turns away.]

“So be it. If this is what it takes to knock sense into you, then consider the challenge accepted.”

[As Berengar takes his leave, Zander falls back onto his bed, the rocker shaking his nearby beer cans, finally taking a sip out of one that sounds like it has a bit of beer still inside.]


[The Reel King tournament is ongoing as it’s The Knightwatch stepping across the ring from Nate Washington!] [The bell sounds as Knightwatch doesn’t budge. Washington takes a few steps towards Knightwatch with his head tilting from side to side as it to size him up. Nate throws a punch to which Knightwatch just dodges out of the way of. Nate, looking a little puzzled, throws another to which Knightwatch also dodges to the side of. Nate goes for another punch, but he kicks him instead. Knightwatch is caught by this as he bends over. Washington hits a big uppercut that sends Knightwatch back into the corner where Nate begins popping his knuckles before following Knightwatch into the corner.] [Nate begins treating Knightwatch as if he’s a speed bag and begins dumping rights and lefts into the midsection of Knightwatch. The Dark Knight manages to catch one and hit a massive headbutt as Nate staggers back from the impact. Knightwatch steps out of the corner with his hands raises before he begins throwing blows at the midsection of Nate who is trying to cover up. Knightwatch hits a European uppercut before wrapping him up for a belly-to-belly suplex! The Protector rushes towards the ropes right as Nate gets to his feet before charging towards him. THE KNIGHTS’ END!] [BUT NATE COUNTERS! Nate hooks the top rope as Knightwatch slams back into the mat by himself with a thud. Knightwatch moves onto his arms and begins to stand up, but a welcoming foot on the back of his head sends his face crashing back into the mat! RESPECT TAKEN! The Curb Stomp hits with full force as Knightwatch is laid out. Nate covers! One…Two…FOOT ON THE ROPE! Knightwatch narrowly avoids a loss there by ring awareness. Nate lifts up Knightwatch, but Knightwatch rolls up Nate as soon as he’s lifted up! Knightwatch hooks the leg of Nate! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Knightwatch is moving on! It wasn’t the cleanest of victories, but, nevertheless, The Knightwatch is moving into the next round!]


[Backstage] [We find Shadow mulling, contemplative and alone with his thoughts. There is something about his interaction with Chambers last week that he cannot shake. As his thoughts turn to out loud musing, he reveals somewhat of the internal monologue track that plays through his mind.]

“The Lord works in mysterious ways, does he? Intentionally or not, what if everything I do ends up being for the glory of a Lord that I chose not to serve. Maybe that two-bit pastor was right, maybe I am destined to be part of his plan if I like it or not.”

[As if on cue, one member of D’Von Chambers’s congregation enters sheepishly, presenting Shadow with a book. More specifically, a bible, one of the Gideons bibles that one would see inside the local cheap motel room.]

“The Bishop asked for you to be given this. He said that the answers you seek will always be found within.”

[Shadow reluctantly takes the bible and opens his mouth to protest but his visitor had already left the way he had come. Instead, Shadow does the only thing left to do in his shadows, he opens the bible. Inside, he finds a scrawled message from Chambers himself. Shadow reads the message aloud.]

“Every angel needs the manufacturer’s handbook. I wanted to make sure you had one. For with the Lord, you are stronger than against him.”

[Shadow shuts the book, almost in disgust. He tosses it away, listening as it hits the concrete floor and skids off into a dimly lit corner of the storage room he has hid away in.]

“I’m not going to be your puppet…”

“It’s not up to yo’, brotha‘.”

[The familiar voice startles Shadow awake. Chambers enters, holding the very bible that the Angel had tossed away. He holds it out for Shadow once again, but does not give it to him straight away. Shadow does not sop much as budge a muscle to take the book.]

“What do you want Chambers? Can’t you just leave me be and find another to do your bidding? I’m not that kinda angel.”

[Chambers smiles.]

“Yo’ are any kinda angel the Lord intends yo’ be, son. He is the one with the master plan, though you mayhaps think yo’ hold the cards. In truth, all good works are his. Every soul you save, angel, be a soul for the Lord. You cannot outrun his light when he choose to shine it on yo’, my brotha.”

[Shadow rises, coming to meet Chambers face to face now.]

“What have I got to do to prove to you that we are reading from different song sheets, Bishop? If I were an angel of the Lord, would it not be two-faced Christians such as yourself that I would come after first?”

[Chambers continues to smile, unrattled by the defensiveness of Shadow.]

“The Lord, he works in mysterious ways, let it be said. But I come not to fight, nay, to offer you a partnership. Together, under the banner of the Good Lord… You’ll find much power for your soul-saving mission if you stop resisting. The good Gospel according to John reveals us… In him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

[Shadow simply looks at Chambers, unable to see the point the Bishop makes. Chambers laughs at the perplexed look on Shadow’s face.]

“So yo’ curious, I see. Curious enough to listen. The Lord has chosen you, Angel. There is no shadow he can’t light up, no wall he won’t kick down to get to you.”

[He places the book into Shadow’s palm, open to the book of John where the scripture is. Shadow finds himself glancing down at the book as Chambers backs away.]

“Think on it, pray on it. The Lord needs him an angel.”

[Shadow finds himself reading the book, more out of curiosity than anything. A change in his body language is clear; is he considering Chamber’s proposal?!]


[The Reel King tournament is starting tonight with a battle between The Gambler and his depressed foe!] [The bell sounds as these two lock-up in the center of the ring. Wild Karrde tries to twist the wrist of Heath Solman, but Solman blocks the attempt before hitting a side headlock takedown. Solman releases the hold before driving a knee into the ribs of Karrde! The Invasion winner sputters out in pain at the sudden strike before throwing a right hand right to the temple. Solman staggers backwards as Karrde rolls to his feet albeit slowly. Karrde clutches at his ribs before rushing towards Solman. Solman moves in and lifts up Karrde upon approach before slamming him into the mat with a thunderous spinebuster!] [Heath gets to his feet and beckons for Wild Karrde to do the same. Karrde gets up before falling back to a knee. Solman rushes towards him, but Karrde dodges out of the way before hitting a drop toe hold! The full weight of Solman slams down into the mat as Karrde gets to his feet, seemingly fine as he does a few jumping jacks to show it. That was a hell of a bluff! Solman is seething on the ground as he rolls back to his feet. However, Karrde catches him with a kick to the midsection followed by an axe kick! DRAWING DEAD!] [The Gambler covers him! One…Two…Th-NO! Solman manages to get a shoulder up. Karrde lifts him up by his head before Solman throws a big punch right to the midsection of Karrde forcing him to bend over. Solman slinks behind him before putting his own head between Karrde’s legs and lifting him up in an electric chair position. 9:8! Solman covers him! One…Two…KICKOUT! Solman looks a little surprised by this before lifting up The Gambler and hooking his head for his finish! But Karrde rakes his eyes! Solman staggers back blindly before his head is yanked into a stunner! THE JACKPOT! Karrde covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [It’s a big win here tonight for Wild Karrde as he drew the best hand.]


[Eli Forever walks through the Tap Room with a confident swagger. He’ll be competing in the Reel King tournament tonight. He has a shot at Edward Newton’s World Championship in one week at Ring King. The Heir Eternal is on top of the world. Yet his expression is still troubled as he rounds a corner.] [Now his expression is one of anger.] [For Edward Newton stands at the other end of the hallway, standing with a look of concern.]

“Mr. Forever, I have been looking all over the place for you.” [Newton opens, walking toward the angry Forever, who clenches his fists in response.]

“Edward Newton. I’m afraid I’m not hard to find.” [Forever squeezes out.] “But you knew that already, didn’t you?”

[Newton lets a small smirk cross his face.]

“If you’re looking for a fight,” [Eli begins.] “You’re in the wrong place. I’ve watched you play games with many men, Riddler. But I’m not just a man. I won’t be manipulated by your tricks. The only fight you’re going to get is at Ring King when I take that World Championship off your waist.”

[The Riddler nods in response.]

“Perhaps you will. You always seem to get what you want, after all. I didn’t come here for a fight, if you must know. Nor am I here to play any games with you. From the moment I sought you out, I told you that I sought information on your person. You seem to be above mere trifling games.”

[Forever raises an eyebrow at that proclamation.]

“So why are you here?”

[Edward goes back to his concerned face.]

“I wanted to ask you how Harper was doing? She seemed rather riddled with doubt the last time we spoke.”

[Like a slap to the face, Forever’s face goes red with rage. He grabs Newton by the collar and pushes him up against the wall.]

“Leave Rose alone, Newton. I won’t tell you again.”

[Even with Eli’s forearm against his throat, Newton manages a grin.]

“Who’s the one looking for a fight now?”

[Releasing the Riddler, Eli Forever charges off down the hall, realizing he has played right into Newton’s hands.] [Meanwhile, Edward Newton adjusts his tie and allows a smile to cross his face.] [Cut.]


[The Reel King tournament is tonight with Redwing stepping into the ring against Eli Forever!] [The bell sounds as Eli Forever puts up a hand as if to ask for a moment before opening his book and reciting a quick prayer from it. He puts the book away as Redwing just looks impatient. They tie-up in the center of the ring before Redwing rolls back to send Eli flipping back onto his back with a sort of armdrag. Redwing quickly throws a few punches to Forever to stop him before kipping up to his feet. Redwing leaps to the top rope and does the super hero pose as the crowd shows their appreciation. Forever gets to a knee with his eyes narrowed.] [Redwing steps down from the top rope as Forever rises to his feet. They tease locking up again, but Forever reaches out and yanks Redwing’s mask down a bit. Redwing throws a few blind punches before Forever kicks Redwing in the gut and sends him into the ropes. Forever hits the opposite ropes before meeting the center with a leaping neckbreaker! FROM EAST TO WEST! Forever goes for the pin. One…Two…TH-KICKOUT! Redwing powers out at the last second. Eli Forever lifts him to his feet with his hand over his mask as he’s whispering a few words underneath his breath.] [STOMP! Redwing stomps on the toe of Forever before wrapping his head and nailing a spike DDT! Forever hits the mat hard! He slumps over as Redwing gets to his feet and finally rearranges his mask perfectly back on. He lifts up Forever before whipping him inside out and nailing a clothesline! GODWATCH! Redwing doesn’t go for the cover here as Forever is beginning to stir. He wraps his arm around the head of Forever and does the super hero pose once more. Forever yanks his cape as Redwing staggers. Forever lifts him up onto his shoulders for a torture rack before twisting into a cutter! HALLELUJAHBOMB! Forever covers him! One…Two…THREE!] [Eli Forever used his opponent’s attire against him as he proves why he’s a challenger for the World Championship as he moves on in the tournament!]


[In the middle of a secluded locker room backstage, Happy sits fiddling with his boots. He’s almost in a world of his own, oblivious to what’s going on around him until he finally looks up, realizing that to his surprise, he isn’t alone.] [Stood before him is a bald man, his face scrunched up and contorted into an enraged expression.]

“Jacob?” [Happy asks, knowing the man.] “What the heck are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be out of jail! Do you know how much trouble you could get in if they found out you escaped? This is bad, this is so so bad.”

“I had to escape, kiddo,” [Jacob says, folding his arms.] “I’ve heard about what’s happening to you out here and someone has to open your eyes.”

[Happy looks confused.] “But my eyes are open.”

“No, they aren’t; not in the way I’m talking about. Look, you’re being used by that Nevermore psychopath. He isn’t trying to help you, kid, he’s using you to climb the ladder. Don’t you see it?”

[He frowns.]

“Don’t talk about my friend that way!” [Happy responds, somewhat upset.] “You need to go back to jail. Y-You shouldn’t even be out here. Do you know what mom would say if she could see you bothering me like this?”

[Jacob scoffs.] “Fine, I’ll go back but you need to listen to me kid, before it’s too late. If he keeps pushing you, you won’t like what happens. I’m warning you, it’ll come.”

“Just leave me alone, okay!?”

[Happy stands up rather upset, storming out of the locker room. As he enters the hall, he bumps into Edgar Nevermore who quickly realizes that he’s not happy.]

“What’s the matter, Mr. Happy?”

[He looks back at the locker room and then at his friend.] “N-Nothing, Mr. Nevermore. Just a mean mean man who said some nasty things, is all.”

“Do you want me to go and have a quiet word with him?”

[Happy jumps in the way.] “No, no way. It’s fine. I don’t want to be any trouble. Let’s just go, shall we?”

“Of course, old chap. Of course.”



[Two villains meet up in the first round of the Reel King tournament as it’s Wolfgang going up against Mysterion!] [The bell sounds as these two men meet in the center of the ring and begin trading words back and forth. Mysterion calls Wolfgang a hero to which Wolfgang looks at him a bit puzzled before Mysterion clobbers him with a huge right hand before sweeping his legs out from underneath him. Wolfgang tries to get back to his feet, but Mysterion hooks his head as he does to leap for a running bulldog! The speed of Mysterion is making him a tough target. The Cloaked Conundrum hits the ropes and bounces back to leap up and begin spinning around Wolfgang!] [However, Wolfgang catches him and drops him into a backbreaker as Mysterion’s eyes light up in pain from the impact. Wolfgang grabs Mysterion’s fingers and begins prying them apart as Mysterion reaches out to try and stop him. The Superior doesn’t let him stop him before he sets the hand on the ground and stomps on the edge of Mysterion’s fingers! Mysterion’s face contorts in pain as Wolfgang just stands over him with a grunt before locking on guillotine choke with his legs wrapped around the small waist of Mysterion! GAS CHAMBER! Mysterion is being choked out here by Mein Fuhrer!] [Luckily for Mysterion, he fell right beside the ropes! He reaches out and grabs the ropes as Wolfgang releases the hold at a count of four with a grin. He grabs Mysterion up and sends him into the ropes. Mysterion catches himself there before Wolfgang rushes towards him. 1488! The massive Spartan Kick misses! Mysterion managed to dodge the high-impact kick! Mysterion rushes towards the ropes and springs off the second one before leaping off with a hurricanrana! 1488! Wolfgang caught him in mid-air with the Spartan Kick! Mysterion falls to the mat in a heap before Wolfgang covers him. One…Two…THREE!] [Wolfgang is The Superior One here tonight as he manages to overcome Mysterion here and move onto the next round of The Reel King.]


[Backstage, we find Nate Washington in a makeshift office preparing for his match later when there is a knock at the door, opening to reveal Jamal.]

“He’s here, boss.”

[Nate nods with a smirk as Jamal allows Heath Solman to step through. Solman is also prepared for his match…perhaps more physically than mentally, noted by the look of concern on his face.]

“You wanted to see me?”

[Nate just chuckles, slapping Heath’s back with a full-on smile.]

“Yeah, man. I’m excited for my new business associate to show the world what our little merger is capable of.”

[Heath is unfazed by this, looking at Nate with an eyebrow raised in confusion.]

“I see, and what do you want from me?”

“Funny you should ask, Heath. You ever hear the story of Hercules and the twelve labors?”

[Heath shakes his head, which just makes Nate laugh some more.]

“Fair enough, man. I won’t bore you with the details, I’ll give ya the short version: Hercules had to perform twelve labors to pay a debt…and those labors made him a hero to all who would hear the story. The way I see it, you want out of this immortality gig and I’ve got what you need…but you’re gonna need to do a few labors for me. That all starts tonight, when I put away Knightwatch and you make Wild Karrde fold. After that, who knows what will happen? Maybe we’ll end up facing each other in the Reel King finals. Maybe we’ll team up and win the Tag Titles down the road. Either way, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Ya dig?”

[Heath thinks about this for a moment, before he reluctantly nods in agreement. Nate just slaps him on the back again, another smile on his face.]

“Great, let’s get to it then. Best of luck to ya, man.”

[Heath just nods once more before Jamal shows him out. Nate goes back to warming up, a big grin on his face.] [Cut.]


[THE Zander Zane takes on The Avenging Angel to determine who moves on to the semi-finals!] [Zander Zane and Shadow lock up in the middle of the ring, scuffling for position, and Zander Zane takes the upperhand and Irish whips Shadow into the ropes! Shadow jumps onto the middle rope and MOONSAULTS BACK into Zander, who runs underneath it himself, avoiding it. Shadow lands on his feet as Zander bounces off the rope! Dropkick from the King of Rock and Roll! Shadows falls back into the ropes, rebounds off of them, and darts towards Zane! A Crucifix Pin!! An early pinfall attempt!] [1… 2… Kick out by Zane! Both men reach their feet, drop toe hold by Zane! Zane drops an elbow, Shadow rolls out of the way and reaches his feet. Zane and Shadow reach their feet at the same time! Zane charges! Shadow back body drops Zane OVER the top rope!! Shadow sizes up Zander, waiting for the exact moment to strike. Just as Zane reaches his feet, Shadow leaps! SPRINGBOARD SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!!! BOTH MEN SPILL TO THE GROUND!! Shadow slowly climbs to his feet, and then drags Zander to his– who NAILS Shadow across the chest with a vicious knife edged chop! Another! Another! Zane throws Shadow in the ring and gives chase.] [Shadow finds himself being stomped in the back over and over again by Zane, who is delivering a relentless onslaught of boots to Shadow’s spine! Shadow cannot find his feet, those stomps ending every chance he gets. Shadow crawls into the turnbuckles, and Zander begins stomping a veritable mudhole into Shadow right there! Shadow is slumped! Zane runs into the opposite corner. He runs!! RIDE THE LIGHTNING–NO!! HOLY SHIT, SHADOW FOUND HIS FEET WITH AMAZING AGILITY AND NAILS ZANE WITH THE ANGEL BEAT!!! ZANE STAGGERS BACKWARDS!!! Shadow moves in behind him, swooping around, DIVINE PUNISHMENT!!! HE MAKES THE COVER!!! 1… 2… 3!!!] [Shadow has his hand raised, an impressive victory as he moves onto the semifinals of the most prestigious tournament in all of wrestling!]


[Deep in the Templar’s base of operations, Father Dominic consults with Knightwatch, walking among ancient stone hallways. Dominic seems concerned for the Savior from the Shadows.]

“Are you sure that you wish to take these trials Dark Knight? They may be simple distractions from some larger ploy at hand.”

[Knightwatch shakes his head, staring forward with a determined stride in his step.]

“I am sure Father. While I know not of these ploys that Arthur poses, it may be my only way to get close enough to put him to rest.”

[The two turn the corner, and came upon a strange sight. Upon a single marble pillar sits a letter, holding the seal of Arthur and Knightwatch scrawled upon it. He picks it up, looking over the letter briefly before breaking the seal.]


Herein contains the challenge of the mind. It was one that I hath asked many a Knight before. We shall see if you shall. A man had to take a wolf, a goat and a bunch of cabbages across a river. The only boat he could find could only take two of them at a time. But he had been ordered to transfer all of these to the other side in good condition. How could this be done.


[He eyes the contents briefly, before putting it away. Father Dominic looks over concerned.]

‘Do you think you can handle it?”

[Knightwatch pauses, and replies]

“It should be a simple puzzle. Tough for medieval times this task was. But all it is now is a classic puzzle.”


[The Semi-Finals of Reel King are here! Can Karrde’s luck allow him to best the Knightwatch?] [Knightwatch takes the initiative and challenges Karrde to a contest of blows! The Gambler is outmatched by Knightwatch’s MMA style and gets pummeled with a stiff combination of blows! Knightwatch goes to finish with a short arm lariat- KARRDE DUCKS THE BLOW! HE HITS THE ROPES AND COMES BACK WITH A DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF THE KNEE! Knightwatch is left in shock from the cheap move and as he drops to a knee WILD KARRDE LANDS AN AXE KICK TO THE BACK OF KNIGHTWATCH’S HEAD! The Dark Knight lands face first into the ground from that massive blow!] [Karrde is looking to keep the pressure on as he goes for the injured knee of Knightwatch and prepares for the Double Down! NO! KNIGHTWATCH KICKS OUT KARRDE’S LEG AND ROLLS AWAY! The Gambler gets to his feet JUST IN TIME TO RECEIVE A DDT BY KNIGHTWATCH! The Protector goes to peel up Karrde once more! KNIGHT’S END! REVERSE STO SLAMS KARRDE FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT! Could Karrde’s luck have run out! Knightwatch goes to pin Karrde- BUT THE GAMBLER HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW! THE REFEREE COULDN’T SEE IT! Knightwatch gets rolled up! One! Two! Three!] [NO! KICKOUT! KICK THE FUCK OUT! Knightwatch isn’t staying down with Reel King on the line! Karrde pounds the ground in frustration before hitting the ropes for a big boot to the kneeling Knightwatch- KNIGHTWATCH KNOCKS THE BOOT TO THE SIDE! HE RISES WITH A LEAPING LARIAT THAT CLOCKS KARRDE ACROSS THE JAW! The Protector forces Wild Karrde to his feet and headbutts him before whipping him to the ropes AND HITTING THE KNIGHTFALL- NO! KARRDE DUCKS IT! The Gambler slips behind Knightwatch and as he turns HE CATCHES HIM WITH A KICK TO THE GUT! STUNNER! JACKPOT! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Karrde made his own luck here tonight and rises above his competition to go to the finals!!]


[Happy stands in the middle of the Gentlemen Club, flicking through news channels, searching for information on his ‘friend’ Jacob. Channel after channel, news story after story, yet nothing seems to appear. He sits down in a slump, his newly pressed suit somewhat wrinkled by his seated position.] [Then someone clears their throat and he sits bolt upright.]

“That’s better.”

[Edgar Nevermore.]

“What appears to be the issue, Mr. Happy? You’ve been stood in front of that television all evening, watching the news. I’m beginning to become concerned.”

[Happy frowns.] “I’m looking for my friend Jacob,” [he admits.] “Well, actually, he’s my brother.”

[That news perturbs Nevermore.]

“He visited me last week and I promised, I never asked him to, not once.”

[Edgar approaches, taking a seat on the wooden table opposite him.]

“I don’t understand. Why is your brother visiting such a problem? Surely that’s a welcome meeting, is it not?”

[Happy shakes his head ‘no’.]

“You don’t understand, Mr. Nevermore,” [he complains.] “My brother Jacob is a bad bad man. He hurts people. Momma said they locked him up to keep him away from me but somehow he escaped and came to visit. He accused you of some horrible things.”

[Edgar raises an eyebrow.] “I see, and did you believe him?”

[Happy shakes his head vehemently.]

“Absolutely not, I swear. I don’t hold him to hand himself in and he said he would, only I can’t seem to find a news report about his capture.”

[Nevermore grabs the remote and turns off the television, standing up.]

“Fear not, Mr. Happy, for I will look into this turn of events on your behalf. Rest assured, Jacob will not bother you again now that you are under my protection.”

[Happy smiles as Edgar walks confidently towards the door, stepping outside. Once there, he pulls a cell phone from his pocket and angrily dials an associate.]

“We may have a problem, Mammon. Happy has a brother who could ruin everything. I need you to take a leave of absence and investigate this.”



[The Semi-Finals of Reel King are underway! In a rematch from last week, Eli Forever takes on Wolfgang!] [Forever tries to keep some distance to start but Wolfgang bares down on him with a well-trained right that knocks Forever to a knee! The Forever Father doesn’t get a chance to stand as he catches a knee to the temple that puts him down! Wolfgang plants a boot to the gut to turn him on his back before going for an elbow- KICK TO THE TEETH BY ELI! Wolfgang holds his mouth in pain as Forever rolls to his feet and drops Wolfgang to his knees with a kick to the gut! THE ATONEMENT! FLYING KNEE TO WOLFGANG!] [Forever hits the ropes once more and lands a terrifying painful senton bomb to the grounded Wolfgang! He grabs Wolfgang by the head AND PULLS HIM UP INTO A DRAGON SLEEPER! SLEEP TO DREAM! Eli wrenches on the hold, flinging Wolfgang every which way to try and make him tap! Will he! NO! WOLFGANG JABS A THUMB TO ELI’S EYE AND SHOVES HIM OFF! 1488! SPARTAN KICK TO THE CHEST! Forever lands flush in the corner and Wolfgang hits a face wash on him for good measure! The Superior hefts Eli up and pulls him to the middle of the ring!] [Wolfgang lifts Eli overhead! BLITZKRIEG! THUNDER FIRE BOMB- ELI SLIPS BEHIND HIM! Forever hits the ropes and comes back with a vicious haymaker that drops The Fuhrer! Blood drips from Wolfgang’s busted lip as Eli lands a harsh clubbing forearm to the kneeling Nazi! These men will not let up as they fight to go to the finals! Forever forces Wolfgang up! SEVEN DEADLY SINS! A COMBINATION OF KICKS AND CHOPS SEND WOLFGANG RIGHT INTO THE ROPES! Wolfgang stumbles out AND LEAPS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!- NO! FOREVER CATCHES IT! HE PULLS WOLFGANG IN FOR THE ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! MODIFIED TIGER BOMB! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Forever Father has bested Wolfgang! He’s going onto the finals!]


[Mysterion.] [The Cloaked Conundrum stands in the backstage area with a bit of gold glistening around his waist. He looks around behind and beside himself before pulling out a telephone. He quickly dials in a number before pulling the receiver to his ear.]

“Hello. Is it secure?… Good. Now don’t you let it out of your sight, Mindfuck. Do you understand me? My match is over, and I’ll be right there as soon as I can.”

[A rustle of clothing is heard. Mysterion stops dead in his tracks. His eyes fleet to the location of the sound before he speaks again.]

“I have to go.”

[CLICK.] [Mysterion puts the phone away and puffs out his chest.]

“Come out, you. Whatever business you have, you can tell it to my face.”

[A familiar blue figure steps out of the shadows.]



[The Blue Lantern rubs his ring almost as a warning as he approaches slowly, cautiously.]

“What, may I ask, are you keeping secure? And why are you so afraid that I might hear?”

[Mysterion scoffs.]

“It’s none of your business, hero, now move along.”

[Mysterion turns when he sees someone else standing behind him. Spero sighs.]

“I hoped you might be more forthcoming, but I suppose there are alternative ways to getting information from the corrupt.”

[As he says that Gameboy materializes literally a few feet beside him as the figure that halted Mysterion’s progress steps out of the shadows.] [Redwing stands tall as only a shimmer of light shows him in the shadows of the hallway.]

“Mysterion, the time for justice is now. Now tell us where the weapons are. There are lives at stake, and I won’t allow for anymore blood to be shed.”

[Redwing’s hand inches towards his utility belt. Mysterion looks at the odds and raises his hands.]

“You want to know where they are? Fine, but I refuse to be ganged up on. At Ring King, I will be defending this title against one of you. You three decide amongst yourself as to who will challenge me.”

[The three heroes look amongst themselves before nodding at Gameboy.]

“That’s not going to happen, buddy. At Ring King, you’re going to fight me, Spero, and Redwing in a Four-Player-Brawl. The winner will hold that title of yours.”

[Gameboy points down at the gold around his waist.]

“Now, why would I agree to that?”

“Because we hold all the cards, villain.”

[Redwing steps forward holding a VHS tape in his hand.]

“On this tape is video proof that you were connected to that attack and kidnapping of that poor citizen. If you don’t agree to our terms, then I will have no problem knocking your ass out and dragging your limp body to the authorities with this taped to your chest.”

[Mysterion grits his teeth. Spero steps up.]

“So here’s the deal. You will fight us in a fatal-4-way match with your title on the line. Should you win, we’ll hand over that tape to you. If we win, you tell the victor where those weapons are.”

[Mysterion stands there irritated for a moment before lowering his hands.]

“Deal, but only if you move out of my way and not lay a single finger on me until that bell rings for that match.”

[The three heroes look at each other and nod.]

“Deal.” [They all say in unison.] [Mysterion shoulders past Redwing and continues his walk with his head held high as the three heroes look amongst themselves.]

“Good luck, buddies. The fate of that poor player is in our hands.”


[We have a huge Quarter Finals Ring King matchup as the Voice of the Voiceless goes one on one with the Poet here tonight] [The bell sounds as Creed rushes forward, peppering the surprised Nevermore with a series of hard lefts and rights trying to overwhelm the bigger man. a big knee to the jaw stuns Nevermore before he’s taken down to the mat with a quick spinning neckbreaker. Nevermore staggers to his feet right into a hard dropkick before Creed rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into a stiff elbow to the jaw, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Creed gets sent across the ring with a huge thunk as Nevermore tries to shake the cobwebs out] [Creed slowly rises to his feet right into a huge European Uppercut from Nevermore before he’s snapped down to the canvas with a Suplex. Nevemore pulls Creed up instantly, snapping off a crisp Belly to Back Suplex before again pulling Creed up, spinning him around and dropping him down on the back of his neck with a Dragon Suplex! Nevermore bridges back for the cover, ONE…TWO…Creed just gets the shoulder up! Nevermore pulls Creed up to his feet, looking possibly for the end but Creed ducks under the attempted elbow, SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE!] [The sleeper slam drills Nevermore into the mat but Creed is still woozy from the multiple suplexes. He slowly pulls Nevermore up to his feet, dodging another elbow before drilling him into the mat with a stiff DDT. Creed quickly scrambles up to the top rope, sizing up the rising Nevermore, but Nevermore dodges the Dropkick as Creed slams into the mat. Nevermore quickly pulls Creed up, drilling him with a savage Tiger Bomb before flipping him over and effortlessly transitioning into the English Cloverleaf! Creed tries to fight out but he’s trapped in the middle of the ring as he’s forced to tap out!] [The Poet does it here tonight, silencing the voices once more as he moves onto Ring King where the Semi-Finals await him]


[Troy Solveig casts a mighty shadow as he walks down the hallway leading to the ringside area. Beside him strides Brent Kersh, speaking casually.]

“I’m sorry to get you involved in this one, kid. But I sure appreciated you showing up.”

[The pair reach the curtain leading into the area. Solveig sets down his hammer on a bench before turning to face the Enforcer.]

“Think nothing of it. I’ll not stand by and watch evil spread throughout this Temple.”

[Kersh grins before turning his head to the side, as if hearing something. Troy raises an eyebrow, but Brent clears his throat and turns back.]

“Get on out there, Troy. Keep fighting.”

[The strains of his theme music hitting the speakers, Solveig goes through the curtain. The Enforcer turns around to watch with no surprise as Redmond Quinn peeks out of a door. The Tutor beckons, and Kersh goes into the room. The older man turns the light switch immediately, checking every corner of the bare room for trouble.]

“This another trap, kid?” [Kersh asks.] [Quinn bristles under the question.]

“Not for you.” [He finally answers.] [Kersh doesn’t even answer, he turns around heads for the door.] [Locked.]

“You know, I have no choice, right?” [Quinn asks into the angry silence.] [The Enforcer shakes his head.]

“There’s always a choice. And the time is coming where you’re going to have to choose freedom or chains. Guys like me aren’t going to cut you a free pass just because Wolfgang’s holding one over on you. I’ll fight tooth and nail to save you, Redmond, but you have to want to be saved. Troy and I? He’s on board with beating the snot out of your master and Jon Davenport. But once it’s all said and done, are you going to come with us?”

[Brent holds out his hand for a handshake, but Quinn only seems more troubled. The Tutor walks to the opposite side of the room, and sits down in the corner. Conflicted eyes rise up to meet Brent Kersh.]

“One of Wolfgang’s men will be by soon to let us out. Davenport requested that you be left alone. He has some sort of plan for you. But Troy may not even make it to Ring King for the fight.”

[The Enforcer looks with disgusted sadness at Redmond Quinn, before walking over to the door to await his release.] [What do Wolfgang and Davenport have planned for Troy Solveig?]


[Round Two of Ring King has come and two massive powerhouses come to blows!] [Nightstick and Solveig lock up as soon as the bell rings! Troy has the power advantage as he pulls Nightstick into a vicious knee to the gut! He follows up with an elbow to the back of the skull that rocks him before pulling him in for a suplex- UPPERCUT BY NIGHTSTICK! The brawler’s massive blow sends Troy staggering to the ropes and he follows up with a combination of elbows, headbutts, and haymakers that drops the Viking to a knee! Nightstick hits the far ropes and flies forward with a big boot- NO! FLAPJACK ONTO THE ROPES FROM SOLVEIG!] [Nightstick is left choking after that and Troy capitalizes, hitting the far ropes and coming back WITH A SPEAR TO NIGHTSTICK! OFFICER DOWN! The Law isn’t looking good as Troy gets to his feet, spitting blood from his earlier beating onto the mat before laying into Nightstick with a leaping elbow drop! Troy pulls him to his feet and calls for the end- NIGHTSTICK RUNS AND DRIVES HIM BACK FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! He doesn’t let go as he hefts up Solveig AND TOSSES HIM WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM! The Five-O is quick to his feet and hits the ropes!] [NIGHTSTICK FLIES FORWARD! HARD JUSTICE- BIG BOOT! BIG BOOT BY SOLVEIG! Blood flies from the mouth of Nightstick as he connects with the boot and hits the ground hard! Troy collapses towards the ropes, using them to keep himself up as he shakes the cobwebs! He drops a knee to the back of Nightstick’s head before pulling him up- AND CATCHING AN UPPERCUT FOR HIS TROUBLES! Nightstick pushes Troy back AND HITS A BULLHAMMER! SMITH! THEN ANOTHER!- NO! TROY CATCHES IT AND PULLS NIGHTSTICK INTO A FULL NELSON! HEL’S EMBRACE! Nightstick has nowhere to go as he tries to fight out! Can he do it! NO! HE TAPS! HE TAPS!] [Troy goes onto the Semi-Finals! Against all odds, he has beaten The Law!]


[The crowd is still hype after that great match between Nightstick and Troy Solveig, but they don’t get to come down at all before they realize the ringside area is being overrun by a pair of men looking for a fight.] [Jon Davenport.] [Wolfgang.] [Nightstick makes his way up the aisle as Troy Solveig prepares to fight in the center of the ring. Davenport gets up on the apron, and Troy rushes in.] [CHAIRSHOT FROM THE SIDE! WOLFGANG TOOK TROY’S HEAD OFF!] [The Hammer of the Gods is laid out on the mat as Davenport takes a running go and kicks him in the ribs, practically lifting his body off the ground. Wolfgang slides the chair under Troy’s head, and waits until the viking gets up to his knees.] [CURB STOMP!] [Davenport goes to kick Troy again, but Wolfgang stops him, asking him to pick Troy up. Davenport grabs a fistful of hair and lifts Troy’s barely conscious eyes up to meet Wolfgang, who is knelt in front of him.]

“Pathetic! All the tools to be superior, but you choose to throw your lot in with negers and race traitors.”


“You’re weak. You could have stood by my side as a pair of Aryan idols. But instead, you’ll find the scuff of my boot as I bury you. You’re worse than them, you know. Your fate will be worse than theirs too. My sklave is better than you, Solveig.”

[Troy has been busted open, the blood pouring down his face and blond hair as Wolfgang SPITS IN HIS FACE!] [Davenport throws Troy’s head back down into the steel chair, and the loose alliance of Davenport and Wolfgang appears to be growing even stronger. Yet as they begin to walk off, we can hear the remnants of an exchange between the pair.]

“You got my boat ready, kid?” [Davenport asks.]

“One boat and several of my finest men.” [Wolfgang responds.] “Care to tell me what for?”

[Davenport chuckles.]

“I’m bringing some insurance for Ring King.”

[The pair walk away, leaving Troy Solveig bleeding and unconscious on the mat.] [What is Davenport planning?]


[After a wild night, Eli Forever walks into his private chambers within the Tap Room. It’s not the Eternity on the Hill, but it’s a slice of home in a rotten place. Forever walks towards his arm chair, practically falling into it. Just as he takes a deep breath to center himself, a voice speaks out into the room.]

“You never answered me, Eli.”

[Forever stands to his feet as Edward Newton walks out of a corner. The Riddler holds his hand out to the chair.]

“Please, Mr. Forever, have a seat. No need to disturb your rest on my account.”

[Eli stands for a moment, debating the decision, before he has a seat.]

“You asked me about someone who has been dead for some time, Riddler.”

[Edward gives a face of mock confusion, a playfully sarcastic tone to his voice as he responds.]

“Dead? But she and I had such a lovely time on our retreat.”

[The Heir Eternal’s fingers dig into the arms of his chair.]

“The River ended the journey of Harper Creed. She was dead inside, her core full of rot.”

[Newton stops in his tracks, a glint forming in his eyes.]

“How does one die inside, Eli?”

[Eli leans forward, the zeal in his voice exposing his fervor.]

“William Creed was a foul man. What he did to my brother and I, to my mother, they all pale in comparison to the taint he placed upon that girl you spoke of. An innocent little girl made to be a woman in the eyes of her own father. So many nights, I lay in bed, Edward, and I listened to her cries of pain. Her pleas for help haunted the dreams of Elijah Creed, make no mistake. The rest of us, we could all hold onto that spark of life inside us, that reminder that we were not defined by the filthy gaze and grubby fingers of one man. But not her. She was tainted through and through. No part of her had not fallen under the shadow of William Creed.”

[A smile appears on Eli’s face.]

“Until the River. It saved us. In it’s comforting embrace, Elijah Creed sacrificed his life to take that of his own father. The Endless Spring purified my family, Edward Newton. That much should be clear. You bear witness to it even now as you lay eyes upon me. Harper died in that River. Rose came forth from it. Never again shall her life know the hurt that she once did. Thanks to my help, she doesn’t even remember that any of it happened. I will never let her know, Newton, and you will go to your grave before you come near her again. Her life is a delicate thing, and I will protect her from you.”

[Newton’s eyes cast downward as the story concludes. He allows a frown before he speaks, a little louder than before.]

“I’m sorry that happened to you, my dear.”

[Eli’s eyes go wide as he stands to his feet.] [In the shadows behind him stands Rose/Harper. Her eyes are filled with tears, the rest streaming down her face. Eli runs to her, trying to comfort her, but she pushes him away. The Heir Eternal spins around to face Newton with rage in his eyes.] [But the Riddler is gone.] [His goal has been accomplished here tonight.]


[The Ring King Quarter Finals finish off here with a huge match as the Void Knight faces off against the Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog] [The bell sounds as Berenger and Davenport circle the ring, both men looking for an advantage. Davenport puts his hands up looking for a lockup which the Void Knight complies, moving forward just as Davenport drops his hands, looking for an early sneak attack. Berenger is quick to notice however, dodging the knee before blasting Davenport with a massive right hand that staggers him back. The Void Knight hoists Davenport up high, slamming him down with a stiff scoop slam and as the Hound Dog staggers up to his feet] [SENDS HIM FLYING OVER THE ROPES, CRASHING TO THE FLOOR BELOW WITH A MASSIVE LARIAT!] [Davenport crashes hard on the floor, slowly pulling himself up as he stands up right into Berenger, who slid out of the ring, meeting Davenport with a massive right hand before tossing him into the steel steps with a thud. Berenger backs up, looking for something big as Davenport slowly pulls himself up. Berenger rushes forward] [DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE STEPS!] [Berenger lands face first on the unforgiving steel as Davenport slams him down a few times before rolling him back into the ring and trying for an early cover.] [ONE…] [TWO…] [BERENGER JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Davenport gets up to his feet, drilling a rising Berenger with a stiff boot to the ribs before stomping down on Berenger’s throat, choking him out with his boot as the referee admonishes Davenport. Beginning counting as Davenport quickly pulls the boot off Berenger’s throat] [BEFORE STOMPING DOWN WITH FULL FORCE!] [Berenger rolls away, barely able to breath as Davenport muscles him down, going for another cover] [ONE…] [TWO..] [THR…Berenger just gets the shoulder up!] [Davenport looks annoyed as he pulls Berenger up to his feet, drilling him with a stiff series of lefts and rights before tossing him into the corner. Berenger hits with a loud thud as Davenport rushes forward, looking for a splash but Berenger just moves out of the way as Davenport collides hard with the turnbuckle. Staggering out] [RIGHT INTO A DDT! But Berenger’s still trying to get his breath as he can’t quite capitalise on the move. He finally goes to pull Davenport up to his feet but gets a thumb to the eye before he’s driven down to the mat with a DDT himself as Davenport climbs up to the bottom rope] [MUD SPLASH! That hits flush as Davenport stays down for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [Berenger just gets the shoulder up!] [Davenport pulls Berenger up to his feet, hoisting him up into the air as he looks for his Brainbuster but as he pulls Berenger up, the Void Knight lands a desperation knee to the forehead, forcing the Hound Dog to drop him as Berenger gets a quick hold of him before planting him into the mat with a stiff spinebuster. Berenger begins firing up, pulling Davenport up to his feet, nailing him with lefts and rights before a massive uppercut stuns the Hound Dog as Berenger spins him around] [LOCKING IN THE DESTINY’S MAW!] [Berenger can’t quite get the headlock fully on as Davenport begins fighting out, struggling for the ropes but he’s stuck in the middle of the ring. Davenport’s right arm collapses, sneaking behind Berenger out of the referee’s sight] [SNEAKY LOW BLOW!] [Berenger collapses to the mat as Davenport now holds his throat, gasping for air as he calls for the end, pulling Berenger up to his feet, trying for a Piledriver but Berenger backdrops his way out. Davenport staggers up to his feet] [SPEAR! A massive spear sends Davenport crashing back into the turnbuckles! The Hound Dog staggers out of the corner right into the Void Knight who tosses him high into the air] [VANQUISHER! Berenger nearly drives Davenport through the mat as he rolls through for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Void Knight does it, celebrating his hard fought victory over Davenport as he moves onto Ring King and the Semi Finals]


[In the dead of night, all appears quiet around the cabin in Florida. We join Wild Karrde outside as he carefully makes his way up the porch and enters through the front door. As the floor boards gently creek beneath his feet, he slowly makes his way into the room, his eyes darting left and right in search of his case.] [But there’s nothing.] [He slowly edges towards one of the bedrooms, quietly turning the handle.] [As the door whines open quietly, David Manson can be seen sleeping on his cot, dead to the world.] [Karrde then strikes, pulling a large knife from his pocket and thrusting it to the neck of Manson, whose eyes dart open in surprise.]

“Wake up,” [The Gambler says with a smirk.] “We’ve gotta go.”

[Cut.] [Moments later our footage resumes with Wild Karrde driving away from the cabin with David Manson tied to the seat next to him, his neck tied to the headrest in a similar fashion to his own last week. His hands are bound, his feet are tied and there’s no escape.]

“I’m not playin’ games any longer Manson, where the hell is it?”

[David shakes his head.] “We don’t fucking have it, bub. How many times do we have to tell you that?”

[Karrde slams on the breaks, choking the life out of The Bowman.]

“And how many times do I have to ask you before you realize I don’t believe it. I met with Red River Jack and he told me everything; he told me that you have the case and that you’re plotting to use it at Ring King to steal MY Championship.”

[Manson looks genuinely perplexed.]

“No, you didn’t,” [he responds.] “You didn’t meet with Jack.”

[Karrde shakes his head.]

“Games, games and more fuckin’ games. Do you know the kind of mother fucker I am? I live to win, son. Ol’ Karrde doesn’t back down from a challenge. If you don’t wanna tell me, I’m gonna beat it out of you.”

[The Bowman grimaces.] “Where are you taking me?”

“The Tap Room.”



[In the middle of no-where, a limousine is pulled up not far from an overpass.] [The door swings open and out steps Mr. Knot, being immediately greeted by the elderly gentlemen who visited him just a few weeks ago.] [Knot straightens out his suit and approaches, only as he does, he walks into an extremely and rather shockingly fierce backhand that knocks him to his knees. The frail man, despite his age, towers over him with seething rage.]

“What do you think you’re doing?” [The man screams.] “You’ve risked everything.”

[The Chairman coughs, looking up at his attacker.]

“You told me that The Informer would remember nothing but he learned everything. Members of our board were located and questions were asked. Do you know what that could do? Do you understand the implications of such information?”

[Knot nods.] “I’m sorry, I don’t know how he figured it out.”

“I do,” [he growls.] “Your powers come with consequence. When you take someone else’s form, you leave a piece of yourself behind. That piece could’ve proved costly to our stopping this hostile takeover. Now, tell me, what have you done about it?”

[The Chairman doesn’t dare get back to his feet. He kneels there for a moment, his head bowed.]

“I tasked Vanguard to murder him,” [Knot admits somewhat shamefully.] “But please understand, this sacrifice was designed with great purpose. At Ring King, the next phase of our plan will begin.”

[The elderly man helps Mr. Knot up, straightening him out.]

“Good,” [he says with a grin.] “I’m glad to see you’re thinking ahead. It’ll be valuable to know their strength ahead of Red Snow.”

[Knot nods.]

“It’s in motion.”

[The man smiles.] [Cut.]