[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Whispers.]

“Get up.”

[Eyes open.] [Redmond Quinn – back in the basement of Wolfgang, led on the floor, sleeping in the darkness. He’s exhausted, tortured every few hours by blinding lights.] [And he’s certain the voice he hears is in his head.]

“Wake up.”

[His breathing is shallow but he’s awake.] [Whispers.]

“You can die on your feet or live on your knees,” [the whispers continue.] “It’s time to fight back, Redmond. It’s time to be the man he knew you could be.”

[Quinn chokes.] “Kane?”


[He weeps.]

“Kane is dead but you aren’t; not yet. You don’t have to be. Show me there’s some fight in you, Quinn. Show me that there’s more to you than I’ve seen and I’ll help you rise up. I’ll give you the tools you need to fight back but I can’t stick my neck out until you prove to me there’s some part of Redmond Quinn existing within that broken carcass.”

“I…” [He stammers in exhaustion.] “…Don’t know how…”


“Please, t-tell me how.”

[Silence.] [Finally, the whisper returns.]

“I can’t tell you how to be you, I can only tell you that if you rise, I will not let you fall, brother.”

[Silence.] [We close in on the bloodshot eyes of Redmond Quinn as the cell door opens and Wolfgang walks in.] [Cut.]


[A hero and a misfit come to blows as newcomer Rain tries to take on a seasoned veteran in Redwing!] [The bell rings and Rain is the first to show aggression as he attempts to throw a few wild punches that Redwing blocks! He counters with a harsh lifting knee to the gut before whipping him off of the ropes and catching him with a LEAPING DROPKICK TO THE JAW! Rain lands on his neck as the kick knocks him off of his feet! The Misfit is left reeling on his back as Redwing grips a leg and rolls through to a standing fireman carry! FLAPJACK TO RAIN! The newcomer bounces off of the mat from that impact!] [Redwing pushes his advantage as he pulls Rain up and throws him to the ropes ONLY TO GET CAUGHT BY A LEG LARIAT! Rain nearly takes Redwing’s head off as he lands on his feet, the hero rolling to his feet AND GETTING CAUGHT WITH A FOREWARD RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! Rain grips onto Redwing’s arm and pulls him into a crossface! The Hero is fighting in the center of the ring! He reaches for the ropes but can’t quite reach it! Redwing kicks his feet up under himself AND TWISTS! HE SLAMS RAIN BACK FIRST INTO THE MAT! Rain is forced to let go!] [Redwing and Rain both get to their feet at the same time but Rain leaps forward first with a leaping clothesline! REDWING DUCKS IT! He spins Rain around AND GETS BLACK MIST TO THE EYES! ACID RAIN! Redwing instinctively backpedals and Rain grabs! BROTHER MINE- REDWING PUSHES HIM OFF! Rain hits the ropes and comes back to a clubbing forearm to the side of the head that rocks him! Another! Another! Redwing pulls him in close and lifts him up high! NEW JUSTICE! BRAINBUSTER- RAIN LANDS ON HIS FEET! BROTHER MINE! HEADLOCK DRIVER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [The Impairer of Worlds has impaired The Caped Crusader and come out ahead here tonight!]


[Earlier tonight.] [Driving down the highway, Nightstick appears to be heading towards The Tap Room when his Bluetooth transmits a call through his radio. He answers, smiling.]

“What’s the matter, kid?” [He says smirking.] “You need a ride again?”

“D-Dad,” [a croaky voice responds.] “Help.”

[Panic mode.] [Nightstick immediately pulls over onto the hard shoulder.]

“What’s the matter David?” [He asks worriedly.] “Are you okay?”


“No, I’ve been attacked.”

[The former cop flips open his phone, tracking his son’s device.]

“I’ll be right there!”

[We flash forward to Nightstick pulling up at speed outside a convenience store in which his son David lays badly beaten on the concrete floor. He has many deep cuts on his face and his leg appears to be broken. He’s surrounded by patrons who keep him calm as his father approaches hurriedly.]

“Shit, what the fuck happened?”

[David looks up, blood trickling down his face.]

“Some black dude with blue hair came out of no-where with a baseball bat and just started wailing on me, dad. I didn’t even see him coming.”

[Just then, the devil appears.] [Accompanied by a camera man, recording for posterity, Luther Creed struts up smiling profusely. Nightstick immediately stands from his kneel, about to approach when his son tugs on his trouser leg, pulling him back. They share a look that both seem to understand.]

“Look at this,” [Creed says.] “A white kid and his white cop dad, laying in the middle of the street, beaten like a dog. How many times have we seen this in the hood?”

[He closes in, looking at Nightstick right between the eyes.]

“This world is a dangerous place, pig.”

[The Cop growls, but backs away.] [Creed laughs.]

“And it’s only getting worse by the day.”

[Despite his frustration, Nightstick goes back to his sons side, ignoring Creed as he walks away with his film crew, laughing all the while.] [Cut.]


[The Reel King has found his world turned upside down thanks to the Riddler but another formidable opponent stands in his way of revenge. Can Forever focus enough to put down Creed or will the Voice of the Voiceless capitalise on his distracted mind?] [The bell sounds as Eli rushes forward, surprising Creed with a furious onslaught of lefts and rights before a huge knee sends him stumbling into the ropes. Eli rushes to the other side, bouncing off with what looks like a Shoulder Tackle but wraps his arms around Creed’s neck before driving him down with the FROM EAST TO WEST! Creed stumbles to his feet right into a flurry of four kicks to the midsection followed by three chops to the chest in THE SEVEN SINS, dropping Creed to one knee as Eli leaps off the ropes with the ATONEMENT FLYING KNEE!!] [Forever doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope, determined to unleash all his rage upon Creed as he leaps off with the Twisting Moonsault that hits only mat! Creed moves out of the way at the last second as Forever stumbles up winded right into SILENCE EQUALS VIOLENCE! Creed begins firing back, drilling a standing Eli with a stiff kick to the side of the head before trying to pull him up into Civil Disobedience. Eli slips out, nailing Creed with a lifting Haymaker before spinning him around with THY LORD’S PRAYER!] [Eli drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Creed just gets the shoulder up! A low dropkick drops a rising Creed as Eli climbs up to the top rope once more, pressing his hands together in prayer before closing his eyes and diving off with THE SOUND OF MUSIC! The headbutt hits flush as Eli pulls Creed off the mat, thrusting him into his legs as he screams Amen before lifting him up and driving him into the mat with the ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! That’s it as Eli covers, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Heir Eternal picks up a big win here tonight, his rage over Newton nearly cost him the match however, the Reel King may slip further if he can’t get the Riddler out of his head]


[The sound of boots stepping heavily through the halls of The Taproom echo as the two pairs of feet come into picture.] [Hate.] [David Manson.] [The Awakening are moving quickly as scowls adorn their faces and a bag over the shoulder of Manson. They turn a corner and walk up to a door to which is recognized as the same door that they entered last week.] [The Gentlemen Club.] [They barge into the room as several guards rush towards them, but not quick enough. David Manson throws his bag into the face of the first before ramming the second one into the table and then throwing him aside. Another steps up only for Hate to grab him by the throat and slam him down across the table, sending broken pieces of wood.] [They stop as they see two construction workers tending to a huge throne at the other end of the room. The two, seemingly in unison, step up menacingly towards the throne. They push the workers aside before both lifting up one side of the throne and heaving it over on its side. The Awakening begin scouring the room, turning tables and chairs over before Manson flings a chair across the room.]

“Where are our fucking titles?!”

[Hate walks up to the throne, unzips his pants, and begins pissing all over the throne which bring Manson to stand beside him and join in the golden drizzle.]

“If they won’t give us the titles…” [Hate stops pissing and zips his pants back up.] “then it’s time we smoke them out.”

[Manson finishes as the turn around and reaches into his bag before pulling out a small gas can. He walks over to the throne and begins dumping the contents out over it before drenching the tables and chairs as well. Hate reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small matchbook. He strikes a match and holds it up to his face.]

“We’ll sort through the ashes and find our titles. But first… it must burn.”

[He throws the match as the flames spread throughout the room as The Awakening stand by the flames before the camera focuses in on a small camera in the corner of the room.] [The vantage point changes to show The Awakening through that camera’s vision before zooming out to show Edgar Nevermore standing alongside Happy and Nicolas Mammon watching this all unfold. Nevermore puts a hand on the shoulder of Happy.]

“You see, my prince? This is why the savages cannot be trusted to hold gold.”

[Happy nods with a bit of fright in his eyes. Nevermore clears his throat.]

“It’s time to initiate phase two.”


[We find Zander Zane, the egotistical ZZ Champion, set up in a lavish private bar area backstage. A VIP room, if you will. His entourage of gold-digging groupies surround him, feeding the Rock God grapes from a golden platter and stroking his ego with every giggle. With the part in full swing, Zander has a champagne glass in hand, the title belt strapped over his shoulder and a permanent smile on his face. He doesn’t seem fazed when his VIP party is unknowingly interrupted by an unsuspecting member of the public. The poor kid, a teenager, looks completely lost as he wanders into the room – eyes wide as saucers at the scantily clad women. He spies Zander and stammers a greeting that is barely comprehensible.]

“Er… Hi. I mean…”

[Zander smiles, shushing the kid with a hand in the air.]

“You’re a sneaky one, but who is Zander Zane to deny a fan? What are you after. An autograph? Selfie?”

[Zander snaps his fingers and a merchandising poster is handed to him from a large stack on the bar. He scrawls across it for a moment before barely looking up.]

“What’s your name kid?”

“Err… I’m really just looking for the toilet sir.”

[Zander pauses for a moment, before bursting into laughter.]

“Nonsense. I’ll just make it out to ‘my friend’. Here you go… Welcome to the Zander Zane Experience!”

“Errr, thanks?”

“You’re welcome. Now how about that selfie?”

[Zander approaches the kid and puts his arm around his shoulder. Another snap of the fingers finds a cellphone ready to take the photo of the unsuspecting kid. They pose, awkwardly, and the photo is taken. Moments later, another tray of drinks finds its way around the room and Zander snaps up a glass for each hand. He turns away from the teen, who slinks off in his journey to find the bathroom. Downing one of the glasses in a single gulp, Zander is about to start on the second one when he pauses.]

“What? Who ordered the lightweight hookers?”

[Around him, his entourage are dropping like flies. Collapsing. Comatose. Zander looks down at the pair of glasses in his hand, then back to his private bar. The bartender, Zander can not quite make out properly as the grogginess causes him to go dizzy. But what he can make out is that he wears a purple mask. Zander staggers, falling to one knee. A familiar voice speaks to him from the blurry darkness.]

“Just a little concoction I call ‘Ether of a Champion’. Your arrogance is out of control, Zander Zane. So much so that you don’t even look at the face that’s been serving you drinks all night. Have a good night, Chump… It’s time people found out exactly what kind of Champion you are. Washed out, just like your music career. You don’t deserve that belt like us real Champions.”

[Zander looks up, blinking as his world turns dark.]

“You dastardly bastard…”

[With that, the ZZ Champion collapses. Mysterion stands above him, chest puffed out in villanous bravado.]

“Nitey-nite, Zander Zane. You’ll wake up in time for your match. In what state, that is anybody’s guess.”

[Maniacal laugh as we cut.]


[Three Vindicators find themselves up against three gentlemen, one of whom is dead! As Spero, Solveig, and Gameboy take on Happy, Nevermore and King Arthur.] [The bell rings, and Arthur and Solveig kick things off by locking up in the center of the ring. King Arthur transitions Solveig into a side headlock, and Solveig backs up, bounces off the ropes, and shoves King Arthur away! Arthur bounces off the ropes, and returns with a huge clothesline! NO! Solveig ducks! He grabs hold of Arthur’s arm! Single Arm DDT! Solveig drags Arthur over to his corner, helps him reach his feet, and locks in an abdominal stretch!] [Gameboy slaps Solveig on the back, tagging himself in. Solveig keeps Arthur in the hold long enough for Gameboy to kick him in the exposed breadbasket! Solveig steps out, and Gameboy delivers an uppercut to Arthur, followed by a hurricanrana! NO!!! POWERBOMB REVERSAL FROM ARTHUR! Both men lay on the mat. Arthur slowly crawls to his corner and tags in Edgar Nevermore!] [Edgar Nevermore steps into the ring, adjusts his suit, and tags in Happy.] [Happy leaps into the ring and begins delivering a fast series of boots to Gameboy’s lower back. Happy lifts Gameboy up, Happy backs up, NKO!!! NO!!! GAMEBOY TURNS IT INTO A REVERSE IMPLANT DDT!!! Holy shit! Gameboy reaches his feet. Happy stumbles to his!! Jawbreaker by Gameboy!!! Happy springs into the air before he hits the mat, and Gameboy tags in Spero.] [Spero steps into the ring and begins immediately with a flurry of kicks to Happy, who had only just reached his knees. Spero grabs Happy and carries him to his feet! WILL’S LIGHT!!! HAPPY DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT!!! SHADOW KICK!!! HAPPY WITH A SHADOW KICK THAT PRACTICALLY TAKES SPERO’S HEAD OFF!!!] [HAPPY MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE… TWO… NO!!! Happy quickly reaches his feet. He whips Spero into the ropes!!! Edgar Nevermore hits Spero on the back of the head with a closed fist as he bounces off the ropes. Spero drops like a bag of bricks!! Nevermore sneakily removes a set of brass knuckles from his hand and places them in his suit jacket as Happy makes the cover!!! SPERO REVERSES IT WITH A SMALL PACKAGE PIN!!! One… Two… Three!!!] [Gameboy and Troy Solveig quickly join their partner in the ring before Nevermore or Arthur can step in. The three heroes celebrate a well fought victory.]


[Earlier, in the Templar headquarters}

“And you say that he was further gone that he had been before?”

[Father Dominic walks with Knightwatch in the Temple, a concerned look on his face. The knowledge brought to the Templars could prove more troublesome than he had expected. The Dark Knight continues recounting his tale]

“Yes Father. He held no hesitations in lashing out, and I saw into his eyes. There was something there. Something that wasn’t good. I do not even know if it was even human. Can we even stop him? “

[Dominic slows a bit, pondering the information given. He puts a hand on the shoulder of the Dark Knight, and answers as best as he can.

“Do not worry. I shall put my resources onto what I can for defeating the monster that Arthur has begun to be. Take rest for now. Battles ahead will call for you to be at your best, and soon we shall find what will put him to rest for good.”

[Taking heed of his closest ally’s words, Knightwatch retreats to other parts of the temple. Dominic stands in the hallway, lost in his thoughts about the monster that Arthur slowly has become. Losing track of his surroundings, he fails to see the danger that suddenly lunges from shadows. He gasps as a skeletal hand clutches his throat and raises him up.]

“So this is the lackey that Knightwatch hath been using. Barely a whelp worth my time”

[Arthur emerges fully from the shadows, looking more corpse like than before. Energy glows beneath his eyes, pinpricks in a torchlight chamber. Dominic squirms in his vice like grip, gasping out a retort.]

“Unhand me!”

[Arthur only gives a small chuckle, and tightens his grasp.]

“No. Your fate is within my hands now. And for you, I hath plans.”


[Eli Forever stalks down the back hallways of the Tap Room, practically barreling down a door as he enters a side-room.]

“Newton?” [Forever roars.]

“He’s not here.”

[Forever whips around to see his sister, Harper, closing the door. She sneers at her brother as they square up.]

“What do you want, Harper? You betrayed me, cut your ties with your Forever Family. After all I did for you, I can’t fathom what you’re thinking.”

“Did for me?” [Harper snorts.] “You took everything from me. For what? Your own safety. It’s always about Elijah, isn’t it?”

[Forever raises a hand to interrupt, but Harper pushes it away, jamming her finger in his face.]

“I don’t care that William Creed is dead. I don’t care that you killed him. I care that I didn’t get to. You tried to erase everything he did to me, but all you did was lock me in a rose-colored box. All so that you could be the big Heir Eternal, so that you could rule on that Hill. It’s always been about you.”

[She steps back with a grin.]

“But now it’s about me. Father. You. Everyone wants to control me. But now Edward has set me free. And I’m going to be everything that you couldn’t be. That’s why he’s given me the title shot. So that I can prove to all of your pathetic followers that you’re no better than the man you choked the life out of. A failure. Beautiful on the outside, but barren on the inside.”

[Eli takes a moment to nod, but suddenly explodes with rage, backing Harper up to the doorway.]

“Listen to me, little girl. You’re playing a dangerous game you don’t understand. Edward Newton will destroy you for his title. He’s manipulated you into this, and you think he’s done it for you. The only thing Newton cares about is that title. He knew I could take it from him, so he exploited the one weakness in the Forever Family.”

[Forever’s hand grazes Harper’s cheek.]

“Don’t make me go through you to get to him.”

[Clap.] [Clap.] [Eli whirls around, his face showing that he already knows what’s happening.] [Clap.] [Edward Newton stands, clapping from the shadows.] [To Be Continued.]


[Two teams that don’t exactly see eye-to-eye here tonight as it’s Karrde and Shadow squaring off against Brent Kersh and Jon Davenport!] [The bell sounds as Wild Karrde is starting it off for his team against Brent Kersh. They begin to circle around before Shadow tags himself in. Karrde looks perturbed for a moment before stepping out of the ring. Kersh folds his arms as he waits before Davenport slaps him on the shoulder. Kersh doesn’t budge as Davenport steps into the ring and moves towards the smaller, Shadow. DROPKICK! Davenport is blasted forward by Kersh’s kick right into Shadow who leaps into the air with a knee right to the chin of Davenport! The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog hits the mat as Shadow covers! ONE…TWO…] [KICKOUT! Davenport seemed to have been blindsided by his own partner there as Kersh looks on from the apron now. Davenport and Shadow make their way to their feet as Shadow rushes towards the ropes. Shadow goes for the super kick! ANGEL BEAT! But Davenport catches the foot! He whirls him around right into a bearhug! Davenport is squeezing the life out of him! Shadow is in some serious pain here before Davenport just SLAMS him down into the mat. The Ol’ Hunting Hound Dog climbs up onto the second rope and motions for the end! THE MUD FLOP!] [HE MISSES! Shadow rolls out of the way and TAGS IN KARRDE! The Magician steps into the ring. Enzuigiri staggers Davenport who stumbles towards the ropes. Karrde hits the ropes before charging him with a running single-leg dropkick that dots him on the chin, nearly knocking him over. Karrde sees Kersh and throws a dirty punch towards him. The punch hits him right on the chin as Kersh falls off the mat! Davenport rushes towards Karrde who dodges his clothesline before kicking him in the midsection and hitting a single arm DDT! STRAIGHT SHOT! He grabs the leg of Davenport and yanks them back as he drives a knee into his temple! DOUBLE DOWN! Davenport has nowhere to go! HE TAPS!] [Wild Karrde releases the hold as the referee raises his hand. Shadow enters the ring as the two look each other up and down before celebrating their victory.]


[The halls within the Tap Room are silent, but it doesn’t last long as we hear footsteps getting louder by the second. We soon reach a door, with a hand slamming against it…the door opens, revealing Jamal and an angry Nate Washington.]


[We see now the one Nate is incensed with, and it is Heath Solman…who doesn’t look too pleased, himself.]

“Nate, we need to talk.”

“You damn right we need to talk! You beat me up at Ring King, after I offered the world to you. I tried to team up with you last week, and that didn’t work out either! What the hell do you want from me, man?”

[Heath slams his fist on the table, shocking Nate for just a moment.]

“You said you had a cure for me. This is the last time I’ll ask you for it.”

[Jamal steps toward the Man That Hope Forgot, but Nate stops him, his look of surprise quickly turning into a smirk as he scoffs at the idea.]

“Forget it, man…not yet, at least. As far as I’m concerned, despite your little outbursts lately, you still have an obligation to fulfill, so do me a favor…go beat that punk-ass Zander Zane and prove to me you really want what I’ve got to give you. Then we’ll renegotiate our arrangement.”

[Heath thinks about this for just a moment, before lunging at Nate…only for Jamal to hold him back.]

“I think it’s best if you consider what the boss is saying before you try anything st—”

[Jamal can’t finish the sentence as Heath throws him against the wall, leaving a small dent behind before he glares at a now visibly shaken Nate.]

“You don’t want to play games with me, Nate…I’ve got nothing to lose.”

[Heath punches the wall for good measure, leaving a fist-sized hole before leaving in a huff. Nate takes a couple deep breathes, adjusting his tie as he calms himself down.] [Cut.]


[The Rock God places his title on the line tonight against The Eternal Witness! Can Solman take on THE Zander Zane?] [Solman stalks the ring as Zane stumbles around, visibly even more out of it than usual, and tries to throw a wild haymaker at Solman! The Eternal Witness is rocked and Zane throws out a very loopy thrust kick, knife-edge chop, AND A ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Zane spins fully with the kick and visibly stumbles around! Solman hits the ropes AND HITS A MASSIVE FRONT DROPKICK! SHOTGUN WEDDING! The pure force of the kick sends Zane flying across the ring and he rolls outside! Solman takes a moment to follow him, getting onto the apron AND ZANE YANKS HIM DOWN! HE LANDS CHIN FIRST ON THE APRON!] [The jolt momentarily stuns him as Zane stumbles to the side and grabs a martini from a waitress! Solman turns around TO THE HANGOVER SUNDAY! ZANE SPITS THE MARTINI IN HIS FACE! Heath looks more annoyed than anything as he tries to rub his eyes AND ZANE LEAPS WITH A DDT! He stands again, still holding onto Heath AND HITS ANOTHER! Solman is out on the floor and Zane crawls into the ring as the referee counts! One! Two! Three! Four! Five- Solman is up! He rolls into the ring, sighing heavily as the drugged up Zander tries to hit a dropkick!] [SOLMAN KNOCKS HIS FEET DOWN! Heath finally gets his hands on Zane and forces him up! POWERBOMB! ZANE GETS LAID OUT BY THE MASSIVE SLAM! Solman holds on and lifts him again! POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Zane bounces off and rolls across the mat as Solman slowly pursues him. He lifts him up by his hair and grabs hold of his side! GUTWRENCH- ZANE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Heath turns around and gets rocked by a headbutt that gives Zane enough time to leap for another DDT- SOLMAN HOLDS HIM UP! PERMANENT SOLUTION!- MIC DROP! ZANE REVERSES WITH A NECK BREAKER STUNNER! He covers! One! Two! Three!] [Drugged up or not, Zane has somehow found a way to walk away from this match with his title still in hand!]


[We open on Mr. Knot. From his rear we see His hands palm down on his desk as he leans forward in careful thought. As our view point adjusts upward over top of his suited shoulders; his office comes into view.] [And so does Redwing and Gameboy.] [They stand on the opposite side of the desk; the three of them glaring down at what appears to be a map of Miami, Florida. Bits and pieces of it circled and scribbled upon.]

“He’s leaving a path of devastation behind him.”

[Mr. Knot says a solemn tone as he shakes his head in distraught.]

“The bar massacre was only the beginning” [Gameboy adds.] “He’s hit several other places and he’s been seen in even more.”

“It’s a pattern!”

[Redwing announces garnering the stares of Gameboy and Mr. Knot.]


[Redwing points to the map and then points again. Over and over as he speaks.]

“He’s making his way to the Tap Room. And at the current pace he’ll be here… by Frostbite.”

[Redwing looks up from the map; his logic settling in the minds of Mr. Knot and Gameboy. Player One glances at Mr. Knot and in a near fearful voice…]

“Just as you predicted Mr. Knot. If only we could try to stop him before he got here. If only we knew…”

“We do!”

[Redwing counters Gameboy’s wishful thinking in confidence and when he does, Mr. Knots attention snaps to him.]

“Just follow the pattern Gameboy” [Redwing points back to the map.] “If I’m right, Vanguard is headed right to this shipping yard. We have to alert the others. Maybe they can cut him off.”

[Mr. Knot hesitates, seemingly uncertain how to respond. He forces agreement.]

“Yes! Good idea Redwing. Give them notice and maybe they can end this bloodshed before it truly begins.”

[Redwing nods with urgency at Mr. Knot before motioning to Gameboy.]

“Let’s go!”


[With that the two Vindicators exit the office in a hurry leaving Mr. Knot to ponder what has just happened.]


[Backstage.] [Shadow sits solemnly on a bench, holding his head in the palms of his hands. His headaches haven’t gone away; if anything, they’ve worsened. His eyes squint with discomfort as Wild Karrde enters before him, a wry smile on his face.]

“Have you reconsidered your position?” [Karrde asks, tilting his head.] “Because I want my case back, Shadow.”

[Shadow stands up.]

“You need to stop this,” [He demands.] “I don’t have your case and whatever you’re doing inside my head isn’t going to get you what I don’t have.”

[Karrde frowns.]

“What do you mean? I’m not doing anything inside your head.”

[The Fallen Angel almost growls with frustration, squinting in the process.]

“These terrible headaches; I know you’re responsible for them. Ever since Chambers died and you marked me as taking your case, I’ve been feeling this excruciating and crippling pain inside my head. Don’t tell me that isn’t you.”

[That actually perplexes Karrde who steps back.]

“Look, someone sabotaged my chances at Invading. Someone who had something to gain by doing it. At the time, that was you. I’m not inside your head. I’m not causing you any pain. I’ve taken your Championship and I’m not giving it back until you give me what rightfully belongs to me. Anything else is your problem. At Frostbite, either you give me back the case, or I’ll take your title permanently.”

[With that, he walks away, leaving Shadow stood there. If Wild Karrde isn’t responsible for these headaches, what’s wrong with The Fallen Angel?] [Cut.]


[Former allies collide here tonight as Mysterion faces off against Nate Washington. Can the Cloaked Conundrum retain his championship or will the Kingpin receive his greatest victory in OSW?] [The bell sounds as both men lock up in the middle of the ring, a test of strength that Washington easily gets the better of, tossing Mysterion back with ease before trying for a clothesline. Mysterion easily ducks, delivering a series of stiff kicks to the legs and shins, trying to cut Washington down to size. A basement dropkick puts Washington down to one knee as Mysterion leaps up, HURRICANR…WASHINGTON HOLDS ON! He gets up to his feet, slamming Mysterion down with an Alabama Slam, keeping hold as he swings the super villain around into the CRACK ATTACK! Mysterion screams in pain as Washington squeezes the life out of him before tossing him to the mat] [Nate pulls Mysterion up, delivering a decapitating clothesline but he doesn’t let go, pulling Mysterion up for a second, and then a third with VENDETTA that turns the champion inside out. Washington looks for the exclamation point as he pulls the groggy Mysterion up, hooking him up for THE TAKE…NO! Mysterion elbows his way out, sending Washington staggering back. The Kingpin rushes forward in a rage right into THE GLOBAL TAKEOVER! Nate is planted as Mysterion leaps up, STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS! The Champ stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…Washington gets the shoulder up!] [Washington tries to reach his feet but a running kick to the face puts him back down on the mat as Mysterion scrambles up to the top rope, sizing Washington up for a moment before diving off with the MASTER PLAN…THAT”S FOILED BY DOUBLE KNEES TO THE STOMACH! Mysterion staggers up, holding his gut right into THE TAKEOVER! Washington plants him into the mat as the Kingpin calls for the end, lifting him up for a Powerbomb but a thumb to the eye blinds him as Mysterion springboards off the ropes, PUNCH OF DOOM! Washington is down as Mysterion covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Cloaked Conundrum does it here tonight, squeeking out a victory by the skin of his teeth as he still remains the Double Feature Champion]


[Previously Recorded.] [Jack Brooks Regional Airport.] [Brent Kersh sits with his face in his hands, trying to relax. But relaxation is impossible with two crying children. Beside him, his wife Nicole and daughter Danielle sit trying to wrangle two small children that don’t want to be wrangled. One is Brent’s child, the other is the child of the deceased Mike Lane, and they don’t like the airport. Kersh glances at them with a wry grin.]

“I hear ya, kids. I don’t like this either.”

[The Enforcer gets up and walks over to a nearby window to look around the small airstrip in front of them. Nicole and Dani each pick up a kid, and join him.]

“We’re going to be safe, dad.” [Dani says.] “I know you hate sending us away, but Davenport can’t have eyes everywhere. You don’t even know where we’re going.”

[Brent nods, but is jerked around as Dani pulls him in close.]

“But I’ll be watching.” [Her tone turns serious.] “And I want you to make him wish he’d never been born. Kill that motherfucker. Give him what he deserves.”

[Nicole quickly butts in.]

“Danielle, stop that language with the children.” [She looks to her husband.] “Don’t stoop to his level, Brent. Stop him the right way. Make him pay for what he’s done, but don’t become a monster like him. Please.”

[A voice calls over the loudspeaker, and Dani walks off to the front desk, leaving Brent and Nicole together. Mother watches daughter until she’s out of earshot, then turns to Brent.]

“No mercy, Brent. Do you hear me? This isn’t some monster. This is a man, and men die. He’s spat on this entire family, and I know what you want to do to him.”

[Their eyes meet, years of love built up between them. He already knew, but she has to give her blessing.]

“So do it. Kill him. Don’t stop fighting until he’s dead, Brent.] [The Kersh’s share a kiss until one of the kids makes a noise. Nicole heads back over to their carry-ons.] [It’s time for them to go.] [And it’s time for Brent Kersh to go to work.] [Cut.]


[Two of the top stars in OSW come face to face here tonight. Can the Void Knight come out on top or will he find himself stranded in his own personal Horrorshow?] [The bell sounds as Berenger rushes forward, surprising Manson with a huge knee to the gut, doubling over the Nightmare before easily lifting him high up into the air and tossing him across the ring with a reverse scoop slam. Manson slowly rises to a knee right into a low boot to the face before he’s tossed into the air and nearly driven through the mat with a massive Spinebuster. Berenger rolls through for the cover, ONE…TWO…Manson just gets the shoulder up. Berenger tries to pull Manson to his feet, VICIOUS THUMB INTO THE RIGHT EYE] [Berenger staggers back, half blind as a thin trail of blood dripping down his face from the sharp, unkempt nails of Manson who rushes forward, CROSSBODY BLOCK! Manson just threw himself into Berenger, sending the Void Knight crashing into the turnbuckles, slumping down into the corner for a moment, CANNONBALL! The Nightmare puts his entire body weight down onto Berenger’s face nearly knocking him out cold but he’s lucid enough to slowly rise to his feet right into WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!] [Manson covers, ONE…TWO…Berenger just gets the shoulder up. The Nightmare signals for the end, drilling Berenger in the gut, THE HORROR…BERENGER BACKDROPS OUT! Manson gets to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before a huge headbutt leaves him out on his feet as the Void Knight backs into the ropes, bouncing off with a HANSEN LARIAT! Manson nearly got decapitated by that wild clothesline but Berenger barely lets him hit the mat before pulling him to his feet, as he tosses him high into the air, VANQUISHER! The Nightmare is slammed into the mat as Berenger rolls through, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!] [The Void Knight does it here tonight, overcoming a possible injury and left with his scars but he walks away awoken from a possible endless Nightmare a true victor once more]


[We fade in overhead of a dimly lit shipping yard, only moonlight illuminating the area as three figures are seen cautiously walking the grounds, patrolling them.]

“Where is he?”

[The voice of Berengar is heard, hushed as we zoom in slowly, the pale glint of the moon reflecting off of the drawn blade of VigilKeeper.]

“This place looks abandoned. Why would he have come here?”

[The next voice is Troy Solvieg. The Viking has his hammer, Lævateinn, clutched tightly.]

“Are we… too late?”

[Finally, we hear Spero, the hopeful hero taking the forefront, putting himself first in the line of danger as they come into a clearing, the three heroes surrounded by shipping containers. Spero looks around, Troy checking one of the containers before shrugging.]

“We were wrong, there are no bodies.”

“Not Yet.”

[A bright red light appears behind Troy, the Viking turning around AND GETTING A BIONIC HAND AROUND HIS THROAT! HE GETS THROWN INTO A SHIPPING CONTAINER! IT FALLS ONTO ITS FUCKING SIDE! The Vindicator is left laying in a dent!]


[Berengar leaps into action and swings Vigilkeeper at the rogue AI, the machine catching his arm, completely ready for this assault as he headbutts Berengar! He picks up by one hand and shakes him by his neck! Berengar lets go of his blade, the air forced out of his lungs as Vanguard CHOKESLAMS HIM INTO THE GROUND! Both Berengar and Troy are down from the surprise attack and Spero is the only man left standing!]

“Lifeforms still detected, termination is imminent.”

[The AI places a foot on Berengar’s head! He goes to stomp down when Spero calls out!]


[The emotion in his voice is palpable, Vanguard actually stopping, looking up to see a blue light encapsulating Spero, his Ring giving off visible energy, an aura of Hope surrounding him AS HE CONSTRUCTS MASSIVE GAUNTLETS ONTO HIS HANDS! Vanguard is unsure how to respond as Spero flies forwards with an unstoppable flurry of blows that forces the AI backward! He fruitlessly tries to block but Spero’s rage will not be contained!]

“You Hopeless traitor!”

[One can almost hear the sound of tears as one big punch sends Vanguard sprawling backward! Spero tries to advance again but Vanguard grips a nearby container and forces it in the way! Spero stops his pursuit, very quickly realizing that his fellow heroes need his help. He turns around, his aura gone as he rushes to check on Berengar, checking his vitals as Gameboy and Redwing finally arrive. The duo checks on Troy, the Volsungr worse for wear but still breathing.]

“What happened here!? Did he kill anyone?”

[Gameboy is breathless as he moves from Troy to Berengar, Spero silently looking at the surroundings, Berengar finally regaining consciousness.]

“He was ready for us. It was a trap.”

“How’d he know we were coming?”

“Maybe he planned it. Maybe he was watching us. But I only know one thing. There’s no hope left for him. We must put him down.”

[Spero helps Berengar to his feet as Gameboy and Redwing help up Troy, the five men solemnly making their exit, unsure of their next move.]


[It’s time for the main event with one man being forced to tap out or give up! Who will do that first? Wolfgang or Nighstick?] [The two men move towards the center of the ring where they are sizing each other up. Nightstick looks up at Wolfgang who is actually a bit taller. Wolfgang spits in the face of Nighstick! The Law steps back before he’s nailed in the chest by a kick sending him back into the ropes!] [1488!] [The Spartan Kick seems to have taken the wind out of Nightstick as he’s slow to respond. Nightstick swings for Wolfgang, but The Superior is able to dodge out of the way of that blow before driving a knee into the midsection of Nightstick. He wraps his arms around the midsection of Nightstick, but The Cop catches his leg and stops the German suplex.] [Elbow!] [The back elbow dots the forehead of Wolfgang as he staggers backwards clutching his forehead. Nightstick throws a big punch to the gut before nailing a big right bullhammer blow followed by a second from the left arm!] [SMITH AND WESSON!] [Wolfgang falls to the mat before Nightstick drives a leaping knee into the back of Wolfgang! He wraps his fingers around the chin of The Superior and begins pulling back!] [Wolfgang is in obvious pain as his eyes are closed as he reaches out for the ropes. Wolfgang manages to get a hand between the fingers on his chin and pulllsssss Nightstick’s hands apart! He rolls away and to his feet as Nightstick follows him with a big clothesline!] [BUT, Wolfgang ducks underneath and lifts Nightstick over the top rope as he falls all the way to the floor outside!] [Mein Furher falls to a knee for a moment while he catches his breath. He looks out and slides out of the ring just as Nightstick gets to his feet. He rushes towards The Five-O and hits a leaping knee strike that sends him right into the barricade. He grabs him, turns around, before sending him right back into the barricade face first! Nightstick falls to the floor before Wolfgang slowly lifts him up again.] [He rolls Nightstick back into the ring and slowly enters himself. He goes over to Nightstick and begins driving an elbow into the neck and shoulder region of The Law! Nightstick cries out in pain for a moment as Wolfgang is setting up his Gas Chamber submission. He drives another elbow into the shoulder before wrapping up the midsection of Nightstick!] [GAS CHA-NO! Nightstick covers his own head, not allowing the head to be pulled into a guillotine!] [Wolfgang begins throwing jabs and blows, but Nightstick is carefully protecting his own neck and head. Timing it just right, The Law dodges a punch and spits right into the face of Wolfgang! Using this opportunity, Nightstick throws a heavy uppercut that jacks the jaw of Wolfgang as he slumps back onto the mat. The Five-O staggers to his feet clutching his head and shoulder.] [Nightstick looks around the ring before spotting something in the corner. He reaches down and grabs his trusty police baton. He twirls it a bit in his hand before smirking down at Wolfgang. The referee steps up to tell him not to use it, but Nightstick raises it as a threat.] [There is no disqualification in this match as the only way to win is for someone to submit.] [Nightstick beckons for The Superior to get to his feet before rushing towards him with his baton raised! Only Wolfgang dodges the blow and hits the ropes! He rebounds and rushes towards The Law before hitting a leaping superman punch!] [LUFTWAFFE!] [Nightstick staggers in place for a second before falling to the mat. Wolfgang picks up the fallen nightstick and twirls it around in his fingers for a second before rushing towards The Law with it raised above his head!] [LOW BLOW!] [Wolfgang staggers backwards as the boot of Nightstick connects straight to the schwanz! He drops the weapon as he takes a few more steps.] [Nightstick rises to his feet with the weapon in hand with a grin.] [1488!] [The Spartan Kick hits the chest of Nightstick with heavy force as he’s blasted back into the ropes as he drops the weapon. He bounces off the ropes as Wolfgang leaps towards him, hooks the head of Nightstick in a guillotine before wrapping his legs around him!] [THE GAS CHAMBER!] [They fall to the mat as Wolfgang is yanking on the hold hard as Nightstick has no choice but to tap out!] [Wolfgang rises to his feet as The Superior’s gas seems to have put Nightstick to sleep here tonight!]


[Continued from earlier.] [Clap. Clap.] [Edward Newton stands before an enraged Eli Forever, who has just threatened the well-being of his own sister. Eli pushes Newton up against the other wall, rearing back to hit the suddenly cautious World Champion.]

“Eli. Stop.” [Newton forcefully says.] “Don’t make me regret what I’m about to do.”

[Confused, Forever backs up for a moment. Harper walks past her brother, wrapping the Riddler into an embrace, bringing a sly grin to the face of the Riddler.]

“Spit it out.” [Forever commands.] [Newton straightens his tie out, regaining the command of the situation.]

“Watching the two of you argue has filled my heart with joy. To see Harper finally stop being the victim and start taking control of her life has been breathtaking.” [The Riddler looks down at Harper.] “You’ve never been more beautiful, dear.”

[Harper smiles, as Newton snaps his attention back to Forever.]

“But the truth is that without struggle, one cannot grow. There must be pain, must be sacrifice. And this beautiful rose will never bloom until she has had to fight for what she desires.”

[Now both siblings look confused as Newton continues.]

“So, my dear, I’m afraid that I cannot make you the next challenger to my Championship.”

[Harper steps back, hurt in her eyes, while Eli grins. Newton notices, and points to the Heir Eternal.]

“Nor will you be the challenger, Mr. Forever.”

[Newton slowly closes his jacket, obscuring the shiny gold Championship.]

“I will not decide the next challenger. Instead, it will be decided by who has the stronger will, by who will do what must be done.”

[The Riddler grins at the two siblings.]

“At Frostbite, Eli Forever will meet Harper in the center of the ring. The winner will face me for this Championship at Red Snow. The biggest of stages, for the biggest of prizes.”

[The siblings square up, anger in their eyes. But Newton’s not done.]

“One more thing: I will be the referee.”

[Edward Newton has booked Eli Forever vs. Harper for #1 Contendership to the World.] [What the hell is he doing?] [Cut.]