[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Gasp.] [Zander Zane awakens abruptly in a field of beautiful flowers in bloom, his eyes staring at the most intoxicating of sunsets. In confusion, he pats down his jacket, finding a flask inside the pocket. After a swig of whiskey, he pulls himself to his feet, perplexed by his surroundings.]

“Beautiful, is it not?”

[Zane scoffs, swigging another mouthful.]

“Does that answer your question?”

[Just then, walking through the flowers towards him is a small man, no more than four feet tall. His face is rounded, his ears large and his skin a tanned colour.] [When he finally reaches Zane, he barely has to stoop down to caress a flower.]

“These things hold an opulence of beauty. They’re spiritual. They cause the flower of the body to bloom; a flower than is none other than your soul, Zander.”

[He looks up, wincing.]

“Perhaps the tonic in that flask does a similar feat.”

[Zander thinks about it, shrugging with a nod.] “Are you gonna tell me where I am or what? I must’ve gotten black out drunk last night because I’ve never been here before.”

“My name is Xochipilli and this is my garden. I summoned you here because there is a war about to take place inside The Tap Room and I need a soldier to fight in honour of my name. You have many legions of followers, many ‘fans’ as you would put it. With you representing me, we could win this war.”

[The Rockstar doesn’t look too amused.]

“And why the fuck would I do that?”

[Xochipilli smiles.] “I’m the God of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers and song. I can make you relive your glory days, Zander. I can give you back what you’ve lost to time.”

[That piques his interest.]

“All you have to do is represent me.”

[He leans in.]

“And your first battle is but a monumental one, if you decide to stand with me.”

[Zander folds his arms.] “What do you need me to do?”

“I need you to defeat the undefeated. I need you to break the unbreakable.”

[Zane’s eyes widen.]


[The God nods.] “Precisely. I need you to show him that his God has forsaken him. I need you to beat him, break his streak and take his Championship. I need you to show Edward Newton that his Christianity is a flaw to his intelligence, not a strength.”

[The Rockstar thinks about it for a moment. He looks down at the flowers, plucking one from the ground and bringing it to his nose.] [He inhales.] [Then drops slowly to a knee.]

“You have my worship, my lord.”



“Get down!” [Screams a raucous voice.] “Everyone get the fuck down!”

[Loud banging, crashing and screaming is how we open, watching as the doors of The Underground Bunker are blown from their hinges. Men and women in riot gear storm inside, accosting the first person they see and beating them to the ground with batons and riot shields.] [As the Aryan Brotherhood become quickly subdued, in walks Nightstick with a sinister smile on his face, wearing an open-faced riot mask and carrying his own shield.] [He searches the room, looking at the faces of those held down on the ground, until he finds the one he was looking for.] [Wolfgang.] [He walks over, looming above him.]

“How does it feel?” [Nightstick says, grinning.] “We burst into your home, attacked your people and made you feel insecure. Isn’t that right?”

[Wolfgang laughs.] “Once a race traitor, always a race traitor. You haven’t succeeded in anything, pig.”

“Oh but I have,” [Stick interrupts.] “Because I’m willing to bet that most of your men here have jackets with live warrants in them. I’m just looking at some of these beautiful faces and I can already see that at least half of your men are going to jail, if not all of them.”

[He bends down slightly.]

“And that means that poor ol’ Wolfgang is going to be left on his own.”

[There’s a small struggle behind him as the cop’s haul Wolfgang’s men to their feet and begin dragging them out of the bunker.]

“Do you think that’ll stop me, Nightstick? There’s no stopping me. You can’t. I’ll kill you, your wife, your kids, your everything.”

[Nightstick angrily slams his shield down on the arm of Wolfgang. There’s a terrible crunch, clearly breaking his arm. The Superior howls in agony.] [Holding the shield there, leaving his enemy breathless, Nightstick grimaces.]

“First, I’m going to take away your army. Second, I’m going to take away your fight and Third, I’m going to end your miserable crusade. You don’t scare me, Wolfgang. Welcome to the end, because unlike Quinn, I’m not that much of a good man.”



[All four competitors stand in their respective corners, deciding on first moves when the bell rings.] [Immediately Wolfgang charges Nate Washington and crushes him with a big boot! Washington falls into his corner, where boot after boot slams into his midsection as he crumples to the mat. Suddenly, Wolfgang is spun around by Arthur, who sends the German halfway across the ring with a hip toss! Arthur pursues Wolfgang, but he finds a ROPE AROUND HIS NECK! Gallows Lynch sinches the rope right and yanks the Fallen King to the mat with it. Properly strangling him, Lynch mounts Arthur and begins punching him hard with his free hand!] [WATCH YO MOUTH! Nate comes flying across the ring and nails Lynch in the jaw with a knee. Wolfgang stands to his feet and begins delivering boots to King Arthur, who remains grounded.] [Nate and Wolfgang lock eyes. Wolfgang looks down and frees Arthur from Lynch’s rope. He smiles wickedly as he takes the rope and moves toward Nate. Gallows launches up and drives his shoulder into the back of Wolfgang’s knee, immediately taking his noose back from the German. Arthur reaches his feet. He grabs Nate by the throat! CHOKESLAM!] [Gallows lifts Wolfgang up over his shoulders! He carries him to the ropes!! THE TRAP DOOR! Wolfgang hits the mat, clutching his throat. Arthur turns and he and Gallows begin trading punches! Right! Left! Right! Left! Uppercut from Gallows! Another! Another! He lassoes the King and Irish whips him! He YANKS the rope and Arthur hits the ground! Gallows goes for the pin! ONE… TWO… NO!!! RESPECT TAKEN!!! GALLOWS CHIN SMASHES AGAINST THE MAT VIA THE CURBSTOMP BY WASHINGTON!! Nate rolls him over and makes the cover!! ONE! TWO! NO!! DAMNIT!! Wolfgang wraps up Washington around the waist and lifts him into the air! BRIDGED GERMAN SUPLEX!!! ONE! TWO! NO! Arthur breaks it up with an axe handle smash!] [Wolfgang stands to his feet and is nailed with the KING’S CROSSING! Arthur is SUDDENLY ROLLED UP!!! GALLOWS WITH THE QUICK PIN ATTEMPT!! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Gallows Lynch picks up a big time victory in his debut match. His hand raised, Lynch quickly exits the ring and heads to the back.]


[A dark night.] [Smoke rises from cold roofs as a shadow stretches across the Miami skyline. The voice of Redwing speaks over this scene.]

“Solveig’s betrayal. Gameboy’s death. The whole situation stunk from the beginning, but it ended much worse than I anticipated it would. I won’t make the same mistake again. I can’t.”

[Redwing kneels on the edge of a rooftop, staring across a chasm at an adjacent office building.]

“The only person I can count on is myself. So when I got a tip about the brutal kidnapping of innocent citizens, I knew I couldn’t allow death to stain this city yet again.”

[The Detective draws out what looks like a gun, but instead of a bullet it fires a rope across the space between buildings. Redwing fastens his end to a wall, and zip lines across, his cape billowing in the wind.]

“Ten people, six men and four women. The suspect grabbed them off the street. Reports are inconclusive, but he likely had help of some kind. The tip said they were brought here.”

[Using a glass cutter, the Caped Crusader gains entry to this office building. Inside the shadows, the building seems to have been abandoned for some time. Redwing looks around, taking note of every mote of dust.]

“A dead end.”

[Out of the darkness, light suddenly blares. A screen has been crudely fastened to the wall, and with a wall of static it opens up to show black and white footage of ten people, bound and gagged. Redwing takes in the scene, grabbing the screen for evidence. Using a small flashlight attached to his arm gauntlet, Redwing illuminates the area. Crudely written on the wall is a single phrase as Redwing’s lip curls with disgust.]

“I want to play a game.”



[It’s a big trios match here as the remnants of The Vindicators must square off against two relative newcomers and former adversary of theirs in Mysterion!] [The bell sounds as Mysterion and Redwing are going to start this thing off. They lock up in the center of the ring before Redwing turns the arm of Mysterion around into a wristlock. Mysterion backs into the ropes for the break before turning around and decking Berengar! The Void Knight is fired up as he tries to enter the ring, but he’s being held back by the referee. Mysterion dropkicks Redwing into his corner where Bandito and Pryce begin just pummeling on Redwing! Pryce tags in and begins kicking Redwing in the gut before pulling him back into a European uppercut. Pryce tags out.] [The Great Bandito enters the ring and hits the ropes before rolling once and leaping up for a senton on the second roll! ROLL OF THE DICE! The Great Bandito goes for the cover! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Redwing barely kicked out at the last moment. He’s lifted up by Bandito, but he’s kicked in the face as soon as he touches him. Redwing rolls to his feet and leaps towards his corner! TAG! Spero leaps into the fray just as Bandito is blind tagged out! In comes Mysterion! Spero rushes at his old adversary before leaping up for a lightning quick hurricanrana! Mysterion staggers to his feet before catching a big roundhouse followed by a flurry of kicks to his sides!] [Spero finishes that flurry with a big dropkick that sends Mysterion through the ropes. Charlie Pryce rushes into the ring as the new legal man. He whips Spero around only to catch a Pele kick to the face! ETERNAL SPRING! The inverted Frankensteiner spikes the head of Pryce as Spero staggers back to his feet. He begins to climb the turnbuckle when he’s tapped on the shoulder! Berengar is entering the match now as Spero stares at him curiously. Berengar grabs Pryce, sends him into the ropes, and catches his rebound with a pop-up powerbomb! THE VANQUISHER! He goes for the cover as The Great Bandito rushes into to stop him! WILL’S LIGHT! The springboard roundhouse catches Bandito to stop him! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [They have managed to do it here tonight! What’s left of The Vindicators have succeeded in defeating their villainous opposition.]


[Elysium Fields.] [In a singular room, an elderly man with a beard sits on a beautiful bed spread, looking at the luxuries of the room that surround him. He isn’t accustomed to being here on Earth, despite his presence in recent months.] [It’s Odin.] [Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.]

“Enter,” [Odin gruffly responds, standing up to greet the knocker as they push the door open.] [Troy Solveig is that man.]

“You summoned me, father?”

[Odin nods, walking over to greet his son with a handshake.]

“Indeed. I’m afraid I have some bad news,” [he admits, walking Troy into the room and offering him a seat. They both sit at a hand-crafted wooden table, next to each other.] “The Chief has gifted resurrection to Shadow and D’von Chambers.”

[Troy looks stunned.] “What?”

“He’s breaking creeds in perpetuity, son. As God’s, we adhere to strict policies and procedures put in place by the council here at Elysium Fields to ensure the sanctity of Earth. To save it and defeat his son, he revealed himself to the world and now he’s offering resurrection to his fallen warriors.”

“He must be stopped,” [Solveig angrily responds, standing. Odin offers him a hand of calm, but Troy is furious.] “You know what must happen, father.”

[Odin shakes his head.]

“We cannot. Such an act would require great power, great sacrifice and would upset the balance of this planet. It remains an option, but only as a last resort. You must understand our mission here, Troy. We’re fighting for belief. The power of the God’s in our consortium will grow with every believer, every prayer, every soul that answers to us.”

“I’ll give them something to believe in, father. I’ll destroy Shadow and D’von Chambers once more and then they’ll know which God they should worship. At Exodus, The Chief’s men will crumble.”

[Odin stands to meet his son, placing his hands upon his shoulders.]

“Show no mercy,” [Odin commands.] “And show no fear. Valhalla awaits you, my child.”



[Recored Previously.] [Empty.] [This is the only word one could use to describe the desolate feeling of this abandoned bar room, the first location of Vanguard’s rampage, now the last location as the final two Vindicators sit at a broken table. Berengar. Spero. Both men sit silently as they look around the room.] [Redwing is gone.] [Gameboy is dead.] [And Troy Solveig has betrayed them.] [As Berengar looks on at the room, an expression of guilt awash on his face, it is Spero who breaks the silence.]

“We are truly all that remains, aren’t we?”

[Berengar nods, still not responding.]

“The more I think about what happened, the more I think about how we could have prevented all of this from happening. He was right under our nose, Berengar. He turned on us and shattered our bonds in one stroke. And we let him get away with it. If we had only known… if I had just not been so frozen with fear.”

[Berengar slams his fist onto the table, forcing Spero to quite rambling as he stands up, looking down at the Hopeful Hero with a vacant scowl.]

“We could have prevented this, yes. But we didn’t, and now the Vindicators… we must come to terms that we are mere fragments of what we once were, and without the others who made our ranks, what are we?”

[Berengar turns to leave, but Spero grabs for his arm, the Void Knight looking back at Spero for a moment, his former teammate looking back at him.]

“We can’t just give up on justice, Berengar. There must be something we can do… maybe we could rebuild?”

[Berengar merely shakes his head.]

“To rebuild we would need pieces, we would need others willing to join our ranks. But you must realize, we failed. I will stand by your side where I can, but as far as I can see. The Vindicators are no more.”

[Berengar pulls away, leaving Spero alone in the bar, the blue hero motionless, absorbing all of the information before collapsing into his chair, sitting in silence as we fade out.]


[It’s a battle between God’s Chosen and The Outcasts as it’s the freshly reborn Shadow and D’Von Chambers stepping up against Jigsaw and Heath Solman!] [The bell sounds as it’s Jigsaw stepping into the ring to square off against D’Von Chambers. They tie it up in the center of the ring. Jigsaw goes low and nails a chop block to the side of Chambers’ knee. Chambers gasps out before just pushing Jigsaw away. He steps towards Jigsaw, but his knee seems to give a little. It’s enough to take Chambers’ attention away from Jigsaw who begins drilling into him with a barrage of knee strikes. Chambers tries to cover, but Jigsaw is relentless here. The masked man hits the ropes, but Chambers manages to get a big boot up to stop him in his tracks. Chambers grabs Jigsaw and whips him into his own corner. Chambers hits a running splash before tagging out to Shadow.] [Shadow leaps into the ring and begins just drilling body shots into Jigsaw. The Avenging Angel grabs Jigsaw before whipping him into the ropes. Jigsaw hits the ropes and bounces back before seeing a Superkick whiz right by his head! Jigsaw managed to barely dodge the Angel Beat superkick. Jigsaw headbutts Shadow to knock him for a loop before hitting a vicious hip toss! Shadow slams off of the mat before Jigsaw drives a brutal knee strike right into his ribs! Jigsaw drags Shadow by his hair to his corner and tags out. In comes Heath Solman!] [Heath Solman begins drilling kicks into Shadow as if stomping a mudhole in him! Solman grabs Shadow up and lifts him up over his head in a gorilla press position! He drops him and catches him on the fall right into a spinebuster! Shadow’s back arches in pain as he makes contact with the ring itself. Solman looks to make a tag, but Jigsaw just shakes his head. Solman turns around to get rolled up by Shadow! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Solman grabs Shadow before taking a dropkick sending him back into Jigsaw who is blasted from the apron into the guard rail! Shadow whips Solman into his corner and tags! Solman is pulled out of the corner as both Shadow and Chambers climb to the top! AVENGED! CHICAGO CRUX! Moonstomp onto the chest of Solman followed by a hellacious leg drop! Chambers covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Shadow and D’Von Chambers celebrate their victory! God’s Chosen have done a great job here tonight as a unit!]


[We find Nate Washington, flaked by his cronies, strutting down a hallway. He moves, as a man of his standing does, with purpose. However, his path is soon obstructed by a trio of nondescript OSW technicians heading the other way. Nate doesn’t slow down, causing the technicians to dodge out of his and his crew’s way to avoid them. He doesn’t so much as even look back as he pushes open a door and steps into an office space.]

“Gentlemen. This is our year. Everything that we desire is there for the taking. Fortune favours the brave, and nobody’s got bigger balls than the Kingpin. Watch them all step up to get put down!”

[He raises his hand, lifting a glass off his office desk. His cronies follow suit. The trio clink glasses together to welcome in the new year, but that is where Nate falls silent.]

“The fuck?!”

[He frantically looks around. The table. The ground. Nothing. He shoots looks at each of his men, but they simply look blankly back at him.]

“Where the fuck?!”

[He tosses his tumbler to the wall and it shatters into a million pieces. He holds out his hand, where a signet ring, a symbol of his status and power is usually worn with pride. There is a band on his skin where the ring usually is, but no ring.]

“Find the damned thing!”

[With a flick of his hand, he grants the order. Instinctively, both men begin by patting their own suit jackets. And surely, Nate watches as a shocked and puzzled look falls over both of their faces. Almost simultaneously, they both retrieve a piece of cloth from within their jacket and hold it up for Nate to see.]

‘Much obliged.
The Guild.’

[Nate grabs one of the pieces of cloth, reads it again himself and scrunches it up into a ball.]

“Bring me Bandito. Find the fucker and break his fucking knees. Then drag him to me.”

[Both of his men nod and head out into the hallway. All they find when they get outside is a trio of discarded black ‘OSW STAFF’ shirts.] [No sign of the Guild or Bandito.] [No sign of the Kingpin’s ring.]


[Edgar Nevermore.] [Here we find The Poet sitting backstage with a pencil in hand and a notebook in the other. His fingers quickly scribble across the page as his eyes seem focused on his writing. The dark and damp backstage area of The Taproom seems almost forgotten to him as he’s furious at work in his writings.] [As he continues to write, the lighting increases as the background becomes distorted. It begins to brighten from the dark walls to what is just greenery. Edgar Nevermore continually writes away in his journal before he exhales. It’s at this moment that he freezes. He looks away from his journal as his eyes widen and his mustache almost twitches.] [The Poet is no longer sitting in The Taproom. He has somehow been transported to a hillside overlooking water, and in the distance is a white building.] [The Akropolis.] [Despite his utter confusion, Edgar Nevermore cannot help but enjoy the warmth and comfort provided by this reprieve. He smiles as he twirls his moustache.]

“Fear no more.”

[The words seem to come from everywhere at once. Edgar’s eyes dart around the hillside which seem barren besides him and the vegetation.]

“Fear no more the heat o’ the sun.”

[Edgar Nevermore’s eyes slowly rise to look at the sun which doesn’t seem to harm his eyes in any way. He looks and admires this ball of gas for a moment before he hears a strum to his right.] [His eyes turn to see an incredibly well-tanned man laying in the grass next to him with a lyre in his hand wearing only the smallest amount of clothing to hide his form. The man strums his lyre as he looks up at Edgar.]

“Do you fear the heat o’ the sun?”

[Edgar looks at the man before him and smiles although looking incredulously back at The Akropolis in full form as if just recently created…]

“Nor the furious winter’s rages” [says Edgar continuing the next line of the poem.]

“You’re Apollo, I presume?”

[The lips of the man curl up at each end in a gorgeous smile.]

“Mmmm, how perceptive of you, my young squire.”

[Apollo strums his lyre before meeting the eyes of Edgar.]

“Mmmm, I am Apollo, the provider of music, the sun, the light, truth and prophecy, and poetry. With the gates of Olympus opened wide for us to roam, I have chosen you to be my squire.”

[Edgar Nevermore twirls his moustache as he looks him over.]

“What would that entail?”

“Mmmm, a great war is on the horizon, my squire. All I ask is that you continue to write your poetry and celebrate me as your deity of choice.”

[Apollo smiles at this.]

“And if I were to say no?”

“Mmmm, that war will not be stopped by your denial. However, you WILL choose a side in the end. I have foreseen this. It’s up to you to decide which of the two roads to take.”

[With that, Apollo strums his lyre once more and the sun turns to black as the walls once again resume their place as Edgar Nevermore is right back in The Taproom with a notepad in hand and a pencil.] [He tries to write something down, but he stops. He closes the notepad and puts away the pencil as he seemingly has lost his train of thought.]


[It’s a Lumberjack match here tonight as the Followers of Eli Forever surround the ring for his match against Zander Zane.] [The bell sounds as these two individuals circle the ring. Forever stops and asks for a microphone. He grabs the microphone and points at Zander Zane. “Do you all realize who this man is?” The crowd chants in unison, “ZANDER FUCKING ZANE!” Zane grins from ear to ear as he gives a bow. Forever smirks and nails a haymaker that sends Zane reeling into the ropes. “He’s nobody,” says Forever before throwing the microphone away. Eli Forever charges at Zane who lowers a shoulder and lifts him right over the top rope into the crowd of Forever followers! Only Forever is caught in mid-air and is being crowd surfed in a cross-like motion.] [Zander looks at that with a grin before hitting the ropes and springing over with his own STAGE DIVE! The entire crowd of Forever followers falls at the impact of Zander Zane crashing down on them! He rolls to his feet and begins shaking his pelvis in a very suggestive manner before rolling Forever back into the ring. Zane goes to climb up to the top of the ringpost, but one of the followers grabs his foot! Zane struggles for a moment before kicking them away. He turns around to see Forever leaping to the top with him! Belly-to-belly superplex! Both men slam down with a thud.] [Forever staggers to his feet first before grabbing Zane’s legs and turning him into a modified Boston crab. CONFESSION AT THE ALTER! Zane is trying to crawl towards the ropes, but the added pressure of Forever is making it hard. Zane manages to squirm enough to grab the ropes! The referee pulls Forever off of him, but a book slams against the face of Zane from the outside! He recoils clutching at his face as he rolls into the corner. Forever grabs him and lifts him up onto his shoulders before torturing him for a moment and turning it into a diamond cutter! HALLELUJAHBOMB! Forever pins him down with both of his hands folded over his chest. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Eli Forever simply resumes a meditative, praying stance on his knees before finally rising to raise his hands over the followers at ringside.]


[The bell still echoes in the air as we find Eli Forever with a microphone.]

“MANSON!” [He roars.] [The Heir Eternal paces back and forth for a moment before realizing Manson isn’t just going to come out.]

“You wanted to make an impact, I get it. Perhaps I might even levy forgiveness to you for that transgression.”

[Hatred burns in the eyes of Eli Forever.]

“But you took my mother.” [Forever begins.] “So this isn’t going to be about matching wits and outsmarting one another. You’ve made this personal, and I will stalk you to the ends of the Earth. But first, I give you the opportunity to hand her back over. I’ll go back after Newton. You can do whatever it is that you do. Perhaps we can even make an alliance one day. But only if you acquiesce to my request.”

[A pregnant pause fills the air as Forever waits.] [Still no Manson.] [Darkness.] [The lights have dropped. Eli drops his microphone with a thud.] [But when the lights come back, Manson is not there.] [But two of his followers are.] [THWACK!] [MANSON FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Eli rolls out to the floor, while Manson rushes the ropes with his followers behind him.]

“Don’t run, Eli.” [Manson taunts.] “This Nightmare is just beginning. You’ve awoken a sleeping giant that will never go back to sleep.”

[Eli heads back for the ring, but discretion wins out over valor. His eyes taking in Manson and his followers, Forever instead backs away.] [There will be another time.] [But he only has one mother.] [Cut.]


[The Rewind Championship is on the line as it’s David Manson defending it against Luther Creed in a Tables Match!] [The bell sounds as The Nightmare grins at Luther Creed. Seeing what damage he’s dealt out with a table at Red Snow, it isn’t hard to understand his confidence. Despite that, Creed steps up to him and pushes him back a step. Manson just recoils with a hellacious clothesline! Creed ducks the quick strike before turning to hit a dropkick to the knees of Manson! Manson flips forward from the impact as Creed quickly hits the ropes and rebounds with a leaping knee drop right to the center of the chest of Manson! Creed grabs the hair of Manson who BITES him!] [Creed punches him away before nursing his hand for a moment. He turns back around to Manson. Codebreaker! Manson slides out of the ring and grabs the first piece of wood. He slides it into the ring. Manson begins setting up the table with it on its side, but he’s taken out at the knee by a chop block! Creed hits a Russian leg sweep to move him away from the table. Creed grabs the table and leans it up in the corner. The Voice of the Voiceless leans David Manson against the table. Manson comes to life! He attacks Creed ruthlessly with a barrage of blows! Creed backs up to the ropes where Manson charges him. MANSON CLOTHESLINE!] [Both men are sent over the rope to the floor. Manson is having trouble getting up as he’s banging on his knee. He grabs another table and sets it up outside. Creed chop blocks him again and rolls him into the ring. Manson gets to his feet using the ropes right in front of the table! Creed charges! SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE! But Manson moved! Creed slams through the table, but it was of his own will so the match is not over! Manson picks through the wreckage before lifting up Creed over his head in a gorilla press and walks over to the ropes… AND DROPS HIM OUTSIDE THROUGH THE TABLE!] [Creed lay in a heap on the outside of the ring as The Nightmare stands tall with a devilish grin with his retained title on his shoulder as the victor.]


[Standing upright and firm in a dark corner of the Tap Room is King Arthur.] [In his hand, a heart-shaped letter.] [He calls into the darkness.]

“Reveal thyself trickster. I find little amusement in the frollicking of a warped mind.”

[From the darkness, a familiar voice.]

“But my liege, I dare not. For your immortal beauty blinds me as though it were the light of God, and I were but a heathen.”

[King Arthur insists.] “Step forward and reveal thyself.”

[Isaac Danvers emerges from the darkness. With a smile, he regards the Lich King. Arthur does not smile back.] [Danvers looks at Arthur’s hand.] “I see you’ve received my vow.”

[Arthur looks at the heart-shaped letter once more.] “What is the meaning of it?”

[Danvers kneels before Arthur.] “The meaning is precisely this, my liege: I offer you my fealty.”

[King Arthur looks Danvers over. Suspicious.] “Whence comes the knife in my back that is sure to follow such a sudden and unprovoked offer?”

[Danvers gasps.]

“Never, my liege.”

[King Arthur laughs.]

“Thou doth lack the quality of a knight, and you slither in the dark as though ye art a snake.”

“Yet,” [intersects Danvers.] “I loyally stand at your side, like a dog.”

[Arthur thinks for a moment, staring the unwavering Danvers in the eye.] [Suddenly, Arthur crumples the note and drops it to the floor.] [Danvers clutches his heart.]

“I refuse your offer, Danvers, and I speaketh but once my demand: Be gone from me.”

[Danvers stands to his feet.]

“But my liege, I’ve told you. I’m a dog. Your dog. And good dogs are so incredibly loyal that you practically have to kill them to be rid of them. If you simply run them off, they just come back a few days later.”

[King Arthur is ever vigilant.]

“Should thou return, thou willst only receive the same answer.”

“Well I will hope not.” [Danvers sighs.] [He walks away from Arthur, who keeps a keen eye on Danvers as he fades into the dark.] [Danvers mutters.] “For my sake, and yours.”


[The Tutor finally got the Wolfgang monkey off his back with a decisive victory at Red Snow, now tonight he has the biggest match of his young career. Can Quinn do the impossible or will he be just another victim of the Riddler?] [The bell sounds as both men circle around the ring, each looking for an advantage, Newton going low for a takedown that Quinn counters with a knee to the forehead, the Riddler staggering back as Quinn takes advantage with a flurry of kicks before leaping up with a Roundhouse that Newton just ducks under. A hard uppercut rocks Quinn as Newton tries to lift him up into a Suplex but Quinn manages to land on his feet. Newton turns around, both men sizing eachother up once more before they nod and rush forward] [Both men exchange furious lefts and rights as a big spin kick to the gut staggers Newton before the Roundhouse Kick hits flush the second time, sending Newton stumbling into the ropes as he rebounds off, RIDDLE ME NOT! A huge Bullhammer elbow to the jaw rocks Quinn as Newton trips him up, trying to lock in the Riddle Box! Quinn fights out, rocking Newton with a stiff kick to the jaw before bounding to his feet and slamming Newton to the mat with a Belly to Back Suplex!] [Quinn drops down, trying to lock in the Final Assignment but Newton manages to slip out of his submission attempt, flipping around as he boots Quinn right in the bollocks! Quinn doubles over as Newton scrambles to his feet, gripping Redmond by the head, NEVER…GERMAN SUPLEX! Quinn manages to counter the Nevermind as he pulls Newton to his feet, looking for the end. CLASS…GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Newton locked in that choke out of nowhere as Quinn begins to fade, refusing to tap as he pulls both himself and Newton up before Powerbombing the Riddler into the mat! Newton doesn’t let go as the Powerbomb sinks the choke in tighter, Quinn finally forced to tap out!] [Newton does it again, weathering the storm of punishment from the Tutor before doing what he does best and securing the victory here tonight]


[Earlier Tonight.] [Somewhere far from the Tap Room, we find ourselves beholding the splendor of Mysterion’s lair: the buzzing of machinery and gadgets left behind by a particular mad scientist, and screens all over the walls keeping track of everything happening in different parts of the globe. Suddenly, a door bursts open as the Cloaked Conundrum enters, still looking upset and annoyed over his recent encounter with Rain. Mysterion makes his way to one of the screens, finally giving himself a moment to relax.]

“With that fool silenced, I can finally focus on what’s important. I can focus on my plans to…”

[He stops mid-sentence upon glancing at a figure on one of the screens, set just outside his lair. A scowl appears on his face as he zooms the camera in on the figure, discovering none other than Charlie Pryce climbing out of a window!]

“Who does this imbecile think he is, and how did he find my lair!?”

[Mysterion rushes toward the door, reaching for a ray gun on the way…but to his surprise, the blaster is nowhere to be found! Sitting on a counter is a small card that Mysterion grabs, reading the writing on it.]

“Guns are dangerous, especially the kind you play around with all the time. Cheer up love, I’m dropping this off somewhere safe. CP”

[Mysterion crumples the card, tossing it away at the realization that Pryce was not trying to enter his humble abode…he was escaping. Snarling, the Cloaked Conundrum leaves to chase down the man that’s stolen one of his weapons. All the while, lurking in the shadows of the lair is an unrecognizable figure, seeming to nod in approval at the scene unfolding before it, a strange chuckle coming from it as it disappears out of sight.] [Cut.]


[Failure can enrage the greatest of men and two competitors tonight seek to unleash their rage over Red Snow on their unsuspecting foe. Will the Poet King return to form or will a Plague filled cure be his final curtain call?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, Nevermore ducking under a right before sending Danvers staggering with a vicious european uppercut. Nevermore rushes forward, shouldering Danvers into the ropes as he peppers him with jabs and hooks before leaping up with a huge knee, rocking the Good Doctor before lifting him up into the air and spiking him down into the mat with a Fisherman’s Driver! Danvers gets spiked into the mat as Nevermore rolls down, hooking in a rear choke.] [The referee bends down, microphone in his hands but Danvers refuses to quit, grabbing Nevermore by the back of the head and tossing him away. Nevermore rolls to his feet right into a stiff headbutt to the chest before he’s grabbed by the throat and launched into the turnbuckles. Nevermore is barely able to register hitting the steel before he’s nearly decapitated by a massive Lariat, stumbling out into the outstretched hand of the Doctor who lifts him up high, trying to inflict the Black Death!] [Nevermore squirms under Danver’s raw power, trying to escape from the choke but his punches seem to barely affect the monster. Nevermore kicks back, managing to push off the ropes before delivering a modified dropkick to the sternum that staggers Danver’s enough for Nevermore to slip out, before spiking the Doct0r’s head into the mat with a DDT! Danvers is stunned as through heavy breaths, Nevermore quickly pulls him to his feet, but an elbow attempt is ducked under, THE CU…Nevermore hooks underneath Danvers arm, dropping down with a sickening crack! Nevermore quickly pounces, locking in a sadistic Fujiwara armbar, pulling back on the injured arm with both arms as Danver’s is forced to give up!] [The Poet King emerges victorious here, regaining his gentlemen pride with a huge victory over Isaac Danvers tonight]


[Previously Recorded.] [Drip.] [Drip.] [The face of David Manson greets us, as he stares down at something.]

“Mother Magdalene, how wonderful for us to finally meet.”

[Beside Manson stands one of his bleeding followers. The crimson mask obscures his features, but the dripping is this man’s blood.]

“I know this must be a nightmare for you, but soon you will learn that the true Nightmare is the voice you are listening to. I moved mountains to bring you here.”


“But you must be wondering why.”

[Drip.] [Cough.]

“Your son was so fixated upon the Riddler that he didn’t heed the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was amiss. But those feelings soon turn into Nightmares, and he’s a very haunted man now.”


“In his plot, he never noticed several new followers infiltrating. Just as I did with the Awakening, I carefully maneuvered every piece into place. Even now, he doesn’t see them. Nor will he.”


“But I don’t want to infiltrate, my dear. No, I want those that bow to him to bow to me. To follow me is to devote yourself utterly to the Nightmare. Your son has such devotion from his followers. But you will tell me how best to turn them to my cause. I’ve planted seeds, and you will fertilize them.”

[Manson grins as we zoom out.] [Drip.] [Blood drips down upon the covered face of Mother Magdalene, from the face of Manson’s follower. Her body is bound and restrained.]

“You will tell me what I wish to know, woman.” [Manson commands.] [She does not speak, but only struggles to breath. The Nightmare lets a small grin out, patting Magdalene on the arm, somehow comfortingly menacing.]

“Your son’s followers will be mine.”

[He nods to his follower as he takes his leave.]

“One way or another.”



[We find the Revolution backstage, talking strategy and how each of their matches went over the night before. As their talking, Creed suddenly shushes his partner, glancing around.

“Hold on. We’re not alone.”

“You never are Luther. You’ve got your best friend watching your back don’t you? At least, as well as one can when they’re dead.”

[The voice emerges from the shadows as Rain. Smiling, with hands open, he greets them. Luther and Redmond however, simply stare down the intruding wrestler. Luther locks eyes, focusing on the Misfit]

“What do you want man? We’re sort of in the middle of things.”

“Just a minute of your time, if it’s not too much to ask.”

[From around the corner comes Heath Solman, looking sheepishly as he does. With sudden appearances of the two, both guards of Creed and Quinn go up. Rain continues on, trying his best to defuse tensions.]

“Change is coming to the Tap Room. The dead are stirring up as if leaves in a storm. In the case of trouble, we want to make sure that we outsiders have each other backs.’

[The Revolution blinks, not quite sure that they heard what correctly. Creed speaks up first.]

“You want what?”

“What Rain’s trying to say is that we want to make an alliance. Given that things are gonna be changing, we figured that a teamup would be-“


[Surprsing both the Outcasts and Luther, it is Redmond who speaks up, anger furling in his brow. He marches up to Rain, who looks surprised as the teacher gets confrontational.]

“You want to try and buddy buddy up, after creeping out of the dark at us? Whatever games you’re playing, we don’t want them. You’re gonna have to earn our respect before we even think about teaming up with you. Now get lost, or else.”

[Taking the hint, Rain and Solman back off, retreating deeper into the Tap Room. Luther tries to talk to Redmond, only to get brushed off.]


his tracks by a massive freight rain in Nightstick?] [The bell rings as Rain rushes forward, taking Nightstick by surprise with a flurry of lefts and rights, the blows staggering the Law back into the ropes as Rain tries to throw Nightstick across the ring but gets reversed. Rain bounces off the other side, ducking a clothesline attempt as he lands a hard leg lariat to the chest. Nightstick stumbles back before exploding with a mammoth Big Boot that turns the Misfit inside out. Rain slowly stumbles to his feet right into Nightstick’s clutches who lifts him, spinning him around, before planting him nearly through the mat with the ODE TO BOSSMAN!] [The side slam drives all the wind out of Rain as Nightstick hooks a leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Rain just gets the shoulder up! Nightstick pulls Rain up to his feet, rocking him with a fierce uppercut before lifting him up high, 91…BULLDOG! Rain manages to slip out, planting Nightstick with a one handed bulldog out of nowhere. Nightstick staggers up to his feet right into a stiff enziguri to the back of the head before he’s grabbed and slammed into the mat with a Forward Russian Legsweep!] [Rain rolls Nightstick over, hooking him into a cradle for the victory. ONE…TWO…Nightstick just gets the shoulder up! Rain waits for Nightstick to get to his feet before drilling him with a stiff shot to the gut, BROTHER…Nightstick slips out, BULLHAMMER ELBOW! A second Bullhammer, SMITH AND WESSON! Nightstick backs up as Rain slowly rises to his feet before rushing forward and nearly taking his damn head off with a thunderous HARD JUSTICE! Nightstick covers the unconscious Rain, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Nightstick retains his title here tonight, the Misfit put up a great fight but in the end, he couldn’t outrun Justice.]


[Black Screen.] [You Died.] [Press A to use a 1UP or B to return the Main Menu.] [A.] [Just then, as if out of no-where, we appear backstage in The Tap Room.] [An 8bit digital form suddenly appears before us, materializing block by block in a light blue haze of squares. When it completes, the blocks transform into Gameboy, who now stands before us in his thumbs up pose.] [There’s a ping.] [That’s his 1UP gone from the Hud.] [Gameboy looks at the camera, his face contorted into that of rage and frustration; a look we’ve never seen on him before. He then starts walking with a focused pace, heading towards the ring.] [Oh boy, Troy Solveig is in for it now.] [Gameboy is back.] [His 1UP gone.] [And he’s Troy’s mystery opponent! That match, Between Hel or Valhalla, is up next!]


[It’s the main event and it’s Hel or Valhalla! The arena is set-up with a small cell surrounding a wooden floor with no ropes! The only way to win is knock your opponent unconscious!] [And it’s Troy Solveig.] [And the man he killed at Red Snow: Gameboy.] [The archaic bell sounds as these two just stare at each other with nothing but disdain in their eyes.] [Troy Solveig steps towards Gameboy and extends a hand as a twisted smile curls the edges of his lips. Gameboy takes the hand before dotting his chin with three identical jabs! Followed by three more… and three more!] [BUTTON MASHER!] [Troy is growing tiresome of the jabs as he just shoves him away. Gameboy rolls through with the shove to come back to his feet with rage growing in his eyes. His betrayer is standing before him as Gameboy nails him with a flurry of blows to the legs before grabbing his arm and trying for an armdrag! Troy locks himself and doesn’t allow for that to happen. He hoists up Gameboy and locks in a full nelson!] [HEL’S EMBRACE!] [Accurately named move for this structure, as Gameboy is struggling to get out of the predicament. Troy begins really adding pressure to the hold as Gameboy manages to slip down a little. Troy reapplies the hold only Gameboy evades his grasp! Gameboy runs away thinking to hit the ropes before realizing there aren’t any. He turns back around as Troy just NAILS him with a huge hammer shot to the chest! The impact of the blow sends Gameboy careening back into the steel structure! He begins to fall, but then he floats?!] [Gameboy’s eyes are now glowing red as he screams in fury!] [CHEAT CODES ACTIVATED!] [Gameboy has turned on zero gravity as Troy begins to float as well! Gameboy pulls back against the side of the structure before kicking off for a huge spear right into Troy into the other side of the structure! Troy pushes him off before swinging with his hammer that Gameboy spins himself to dodge! The gravity seems to resume, but not before Gameboy wraps his legs around the head of Troy for a huge hurricanrana!] [Gameboy rolls to his feet and glares at Troy. The Vindicators’ Destroyer rises to his feet yet again as Gameboy screams once more, activating a different code!] [BLLPT!] [Gameboy begins moving at an alarming rate! He nails Troy with lightning fast jabs as he’s running by him! Two quick shots nail him as Troy swings with his hammer to miss! Two more jabs as he’s running by to which Troy’s ire begins to rise.] [CRACK!] [This time, Troy catches Gameboy with his hammer to stop the onslaught and knock Gameboy back to regular speed! Troy grabs Gameboy and just RAMS him into the cage! TWO…THREE… FOUR… FIVE TIME! Gameboy’s body has begun to grow limp in his hands after sustaining such powerful blows. Troy lifts him up before driving him into the wooden floor with a…] [NORTHERN LIGHTS!] [Troy stands over him and begins him to stand up. Gameboy slowly begins to stir as Troy just DROPS the hammer on him!] [Luckily Gameboy is able to roll out of the way before it strikes true!] [Gameboy rolls to his feet as blood is beginning to flow from his forehead and into his eyes. He takes a moment to wipe away the blood underneath his mask before motioning for Troy to bring it. Troy smirks seeing the blood has begun to flow.] [Troy throws aside his hammer and puts up his hands. Troy rushes at him before leaping into the air with a huge punch!] [VALKY-LEVEL ONE!] [The superkick catches him in mid-air as he’s dropped to the floor. Gameboy sees his opportunity here as he begins to climb up the walls of the cage! The rusted metal cannot be comfortable for his fingers, but Gameboy leaps off of it with a huge leg drop! Gameboy rolls to his feet and is breathing heavily. Troy begins to stir as Gameboy rushes him and leaps for a running shooting star press!] [THE RESET!] [Gameboy gets to his feet as he’s watching. Will Troy Solveig, the Vindicators’ Demise, be able to stand?] [A moment passes.] [Troy Solveig begins to get up!] [ANOTHER RESET!] [Gameboy is clutching his ribs now as he rises, slower. He’s watching in anticipation.] [Yet Troy rises again!] [Gameboy begins pulling at his mask in frustration! He dares Troy to come at him, but The Betrayer is beginning to show wear from this war! Troy rushes at Gameboy with another leaping punch! Only he gets caught with a flash kick as Gameboy lands on his feet!] [MAX POWAH!] [Gameboy is breathing hard as he’s barely able to stand with his body have sustained so much strain from both Troy and himself.] [But Troy gets up once more!] [Gameboy begins screaming once more as his voice seems to be becoming more distorted as he strains.]


[The entire building and room begins to shake as the eyes of Gameboy once more flash red as his entire body begins to shake.]


[DING!] [The hammer of Troy is thrown right into the side of Gameboy’s head as he’s knocked out of his Kill It With Fire move! Gameboy is disoriented as he’s standing there. The room has ceased shaking from the blow. Troy grins as he’s barely able to stand himself as he approaches Gameboy and grabs the side of his head.]

“Just remember… you did this to yourself.”

[HAMMER OF THE GODS!] [The jackhammer splatters Gameboy across the wooden boards as Troy rises to his feet.] [Gameboy isn’t moving.] [Troy smirks down at him as he holds his hammer over his head, once again ready to end it all… again.]


[Troy Solveig stands over the unconscious Gameboy, Vǫlsungr in hand.] [C’mon, it’s over.] [He raises the Hammer up high into the air and above his head, ready to splatter poor Gameboy’s brains all over this wooden floor for a second time.] [Only he can’t bring Vǫlsungr down.] [His face turns red in protest. He starts to shake, only the hammer won’t fall.] [Exhausted, he turns aggressively around to see Shadow stood behind him, a hand gently placed upon the weapon.] [Troy’s eyes widen.] [His heart pounds.]

“You?” [He growls.] “You should be dead!”

[Suddenly, D’von Chambers tackles him from the side, Spearing him to the ground with a ginormous thud. Shadow takes his hand away from Vǫlsungr, the hammer hitting heavily on the mat as he does.]

“You have your God and we have ours,” [Shadow retorts, bending down to pick up The Hammer. Troy looks amazed, watching in horror as he somehow wields this weapon.] “And ours gifts us with power, just like Odin has you.”

[Shadow lifts the weapon above his head.]

“Now, let’s see if your God will resurrect you.”

[He’s about to slam the hammer down on Troy as Chambers holds him, until a massive shockwave ripples through the air, sending Shadow and Chambers flying across the cage into the metal.] [It’s Odin!] [With his long grey hair, eye patch and beard, Odin’s staff has connected with the ground with such power that everyone inside the cage except him as flown across it. He reaches down, grabbing Troy by the arm, pulling him into a void of darkness and to safety.] [Vanished.] [Shadow gets back to his feet, helping Chambers up too. They both walk over to the hammer, looking at it with wry smiles.] [Then Shadow grasps it by the handle, lifting it off the ground and placing it over his shoulder.] [Cut.]


[The weather outside is surprisingly dreary, with rain on the horizon as indicated by the dark clouds in the sky above. Edward Newton is walking through a cemetery, his World Championship draped over his shoulder and a bunch of flowers in his right hand as he does. His slow but methodical walk ends at the sight of a particular grave.] [He kneels down, placing the flowers against the headstone.]

“They’re in a better place,” [a voice startles him.] “I’ve seen it.”

[Newton stands up angrily, turning to see the face of a man that terrifies him. He stumbles backwards, careful to side step the grave.]

“Don’t be afraid, I haven’t come to harm you,” [the voice continues.] “I’ve come to reason with you.”

“How can this be?” [Newton argues, taking off his glasses. He wipes the insides with a cloth ripped from his top pocket and puts them back on.] “You’re dead. I watched you ascend to heaven.”

“And by the glory of God, I have returned.”

[Edward doesn’t know what to say; his face is a picture of shock and horror.]

“I have a mission and I need your help to complete it, Edward. The God’s of old are coming to Old School Wrestling; they’ve infiltrated this roster and they’ve begun selecting their warriors. One of these warriors is Zander Zane.”

[Newton frowns.] “But I killed your entire family,” [he says solemnly.] “The Book of the Damned made me do terrible, unforgivable things. Things even God wouldn’t forgive.”

[Finally, the face of the speaker is revealed.] [Bruce Van Chan.]

“God has sent me here to offer you atonement. My family are safe in paradise and despite their time on Earth ending far too soon, it was you that brought them there. I harbor only forgiveness for you, Edward Newton. Our Lord wishes you to battle for him in the upcoming war. Despite your sins, he’ll offer you eternity in the afterlife for your fealty.”

[The World Champion considers it.] “And what of Zander Zane?”

“He amongst others are being courted by other God’s. I need you to take care of the threat that is Zander Zane and I will take care of a threat of my own. Together, we may stop these men from making the wrong decisions.”

[Bruce offers him a handshake.]

“But only together can we truly succeed.”

[Edward takes the handshake, accepting the offer.]

“You don’t have to come here asking for forgiveness any longer. I forgive you for what you did to my family, Edward. I forgive you. But now it’s time for you to harness your intelligence, your rage and your power into something positive.”

[Newton nods.]

“For God and for all mankind.”