[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Eternity NIGHTMARE on the Hill.] [Back with David Manson inside Eli Forever’s base, the Nightmare now stands before a very difficult picture than last time. Instead of Forever and his family, he stands before Berengar and Spero.] [Eli then enters the room, standing guard at the door.]

“I have to admit, I didn’t expect for a second that little Eli here would be able to gather you two and bring you to me. I’m impressed.”

“Enough with the nonsense,” [Berengar says valiantly.] “We’ve come to discuss terms.”

[Manson seems taken back by that.] “Terms?” [He questions.] “The terms are simple. You fight with me, for me, at Chain Reaction and I don’t kill you where you stand.”

[Berengar reaches for his sword, but Spero stops him.]

“You have the situation misconstrued, Manson,” [he interrupts.] “We aren’t your captives, your prisoners or your slaves.”

[David looks out the window of his compound, turning his backs on them.]

“That’s where you’re mistaken,” [he says with a chuckle.] “You’re outnumbered here. You may be the best warriors in the world; the greatest heroes to face adversity, even, but the odds are not in your favour.”

“They never are,” [Berengar returns fire.] “And if you want us to join your squad and become your links at Chain Reaction, we need to see that Magdalene Forever lives.”

[The Nightmare peers towards Forever out of the corner of his eye, unamused.]

“Now I see,” [he says, turning to face them again.] “You’ve bartered with Eli?”

[Spero shakes his head.]

“We’ll agree to join your team if Magdalene is released safety into his possession. That will be the arrangement we make with you. Now, either you want us to fight for you, or you want her to be your captive. That’s your decision.”

[Berengar continues.] “But without proof of life, you’ll not receive our help.”

[David laughs, taking a seat behind his desk.]

“You want to see the bitch? You can see the bitch. Next week, one week before Chain Reaction, I’ll bring every piece of her to you. But before that, if you really want to show me how important you are, you’ll face Eli Forever in a match tonight and prove your worth.”

[Gulp.] [Cut.]


[It’s a debut here tonight with Tommaso Vitale stepping into the ring against The Narcissist, Valentine!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up in the center of the ring. Valentine begins to wrench the arm of Tommaso, but Vitale simply throws two quick jabs right into the ribs of The Narcissist! Valentine releases the hold on Tommaso’s arm just to feel his ribs. Vitale quickly rams Valentine back into the corner and begins throwing in punches into the midsection in speed-bag fashion! The referee has to get in between them to which Tommaso puts up his hands and retreats allowing Valentine the chance to recuperate. Valentine clutches at his abdominals in pain before stepping out.] [Vitale charges him with a big clothesline, but Valentine sweeps his legs out from underneath him! Vitale hits the mat hard as Valentine rushes to the corner and begins patting his knee. He’s setting up for his finisher already! Tommaso pulls himself to his knees as Valentine charges at him with his knee primed for kill! THE KICK UP! Right before Valentine got to him, Tommaso leapt up to his feet and drove his boot into the chin of Valentine with a superkick! The impact of the move sends Valentine through the ropes and to the floor! Vitale rolls outside and lifts up Valentine.] [But Valentine rams Vitale into the ring apron, back-first! Vitale curses out in pain before Valentine grabs him and sends him careening into the barricade! The sound of his flesh colliding with the metal is unnerving. Valentine rolls into the ring and instructs the referee to count. The referee begins his count, but Vitale doesn’t move until eight! NINE! Vitale is close to the ring apron, but he hasn’t quite got in yet! TE-NO! Tommaso Vitale manages to squirm his way into the ring before the count was up. Valentine grabs Tommaso up, but Vitale headbutts him! Vitale leaps onto him and wraps him up in a dragon sleeper! SLEEP WITH FISH! Valentine tries to fight it… but eventually has to tap out to the pain!] [Tommaso Vitale is breathing hard, but he’s secured his first win here in OSW as he’s defeated The Narcissist!]


[Gallows Lynch’s shadow stretches down the concrete hallway as he confidently strides into an open space in the back of the Tap Room. There are two shadows waiting for him.] [King Arthur.] [Isaac Danvers.]

“Why hast thou called upon us?” [King Arthur begins.] “Dost thou wish to lead us into glorious battle?”

[The Hangman grins, considering the two before him.]

“My liege, I merely thought that men of death such as ourselves should stick together. The Misfit has rejected my plea for alliance, I trust that wise and learned men such as yourselves will not do the same.”

[The hulking Danvers almost seems to sniff Lynch, his shadow wrapping around the smaller one of Lynch.]

“Anubis said you would seek us out.” [Danvers sharply turns to gaze into Lynch’s eyes.] “Said that your words would seem like the gentle caress of a lover, but that they would sow discord where there is none.”

[Even if his expression remains neutral, the vibe of Gallows Lynch indicates that he feels nothing more than disgust for the Plague Doctor.]

“Elysium Fields has chosen us to win Chain Reaction.” [Lynch states after a moment.] ” We shall not do that if we do not unite.”

[Arthur approaches finally.]

“Nay.” [Arthur quietly replies.] “Death hast haunted the halls of mine fathers for eternity. Even as thou gaze upon mine own escape from it, thou also realizes mine own power.”

[Danvers nods in agreement.]

“After all, Mister Lynch, death can only halt love, and that is what I longingly seek in my every step.”

[The duo stand opposite the Hangman.]

“Be gone with thee!” [Arthur commands.] “All shall assemble, but none shall forge bonds of alliance.”

[Lynch slowly backs away, shaking his head at their rejection.] [Will Gallows Lynch be able to unite his team going into Chain Reaction?] [Cut.]


[A classic hero takes on a classic anti-hero tonight as Spero goes one on one against the debuting Vengeance.] [Spero charges straight at Vengeance and eats a big boot! Spero hits the mat and bounces up, another big boot from Vengeance! Vengeance lifts Spero to his feet! Elbow smash from Vengeance, followed by an OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Spero slides across the ring after colliding into the mat beneath him! Vengeance isn’t wasting time! He moves in on SPERO! DODGE CITY STRANGLE! NO! Spero rolls out of it just before its locked in! Spero leaps and delivers a leg drop to Vengeance!] [Vengeance reaches his feet just moments after Spero, but that’s all it takes as he is nailed by a flurry of kicks from Spero! Left, right, roundhouse, PELE KICK! VENGEANCE TOPPLES OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DROPS OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Spero moves to the opposite side of the ring, trying to time it just right as Vengeance slowly climbs to his feet. Spero sprints, leaps, his feet bounce off the top rope! TORNADO DDT WITH HIGH VELOCITY!! GOOD GOD! Both men lay flat on the ground catching their breath for a moment. It’s Spero who stirs and reaches his feet first. He lifts Vengeance to his feet! DOWN AND OUT FROM VENGEANCE OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Vengeance quickly lifts Spero to his feet and rolls him in the ring, following just behind him! He lifts Spero to his feet! SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE! THE SMALL PACKAGE POWERBOMB! Vengeance quickly moves to his corner of the ring and lines Spero up just right! Spero slowly reaches his feet! OUT OF SERVICE! HE NAILS IT! VENGEANCE MAKES THE COVER! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Vengeance picks up a big time victory tonight debuting against a very tall order in Spero!]


[Previously Recorded.] [With the moon hanging in the air, the silhouette of Redwing stains the roof of the Kirby household. He has prepared for every eventuality. When Jigsaw plays a game, people die.] [But not tonight.] [BEEP. BEEP. BEEP.] [A high pitched alarm begins to sound around the Kirby home as Redwing springs into action. The Caped Crusader uses a zip line to swing into the Kirby backyard where a dark clad man has just jumped the fence into the yard, making the alarm sound once again.] [SLAM!] [Redwing leaps into action, knocking the intruder to the ground. A vicious elbow rocks the man, followed by another and another.]

“IS THIS YOUR GAME!?” [Redwing roars.] [The intruder doesn’t even protect himself as a light suddenly shines on his face. It’s not Jigsaw.] [It’s Heath Solman.]

“Well, well, well…” [A voice taunts from behind.] [Jigsaw.] [Redwing stands, but pauses when he sees a device in Jigsaw’s hand.] [The last one killed 9 people.]

“Killing is so easy, isn’t it? You would have killed anyone who threatened this random house, wouldn’t you?” [Another taunt.] “But this game isn’t about life and death. It’s about humanity. Your humanity, to be precise. Tell me, Redwing, are you willing to give up your humanity to catch a man like me?”

[Redwing clenches his fists, but doesn’t respond.]

“Don’t you want to play? We had so much fun the last time.” [Jigsaw taunts.] [Still no response.]

“Have it your way.” [Jigsaw gestures to Solman.] “I’ll be in touch with the terms of the game, Redwing. Stay close.”

[The Caped Crusader looks down at Solman, but SOLMAN THROWS DUST INTO HIS EYES! Redwing falls to the ground, and by the time he is able to get back up, Jigsaw and Solman are gone.]

“Damnit!” [Redwing curses.] [The Red Knight leans up against the fence, and pulls out a small device. It opens up his computer system.]

“Why did that first alarm go off?” [He gasps, still out of breath.] “Solman wasn’t here yet.”

[The computer changes from a typical GUI interface to show a camera shot.] [His base.] [The prototype suit is missing.]

“Jigsaw.” [Redwing growls.] [Cut.]


[An immortal king against a superhero up next here in the Tap Room.] [With The bell rung, The Immortal King wastes no time in putting his height AND weight advantage to good use The Justice Crusader. Using a leg sweep to bring him to the floor, he then hits a large knee drop to the mid section of Redwing. Following it with a pinfall attempt. Redwing powers out at one, a hero will never go down without a fight. King Arthur continues to lay a beat down on Redwing however, pulling him up to his feet before crashing him back down with a large DDT. Again he makes the cover however this time Redwing gets his foot on the ropes instantly.] [King Arthur grows slightly frustrated, turning his back on Redwing for a split second. Redwing uses this to his advantage and rolls Arthur up for a schoolboy roll up. One…Two… KICKOUT! This doesn’t help Arthur’s mood, almost having victory stole from him at the very first opportunity that presented itself to Redwing. The Red Knight clearly built up from what just happened wraps his arms around King Arthur and delivers a huge package side slam. With the wind beneath his wings our hero is gaining the momentum now.] [NEW JUSTICE… A BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE KNEE!! Redwing backs off while King Arthur rolls around in agony. Arthur reaches around looking for anything to help him to his feet. Eventually he finds a turnbuckle, and slowly, rung by rung begins to drag himself up to a standing position. With Arthur back standing, Redwing wastes no time and charges looking for the killing… BUT KING ARTHUR MOVES OUT THE WAY LAST MINUTE!! HE CARRIES ON THROUGH BOUNCING OFF A ROPE AND RETURNS.. KINGS CROSSING! A FLYING KNEE! Arthur pins… One… Two… THREE!] [King Arthur mere seconds away from defeat, managed to turn it around on a penny and picks up the victory.]


[Previously recorded.] [Smoke fills the air as Tommaso Vitale takes another long drag on his cigarette before flicking it away into the busy street of New York City as he pulls his pea coat closer to himself.] [He steps inside of a nearby bar where a large gentleman approaches him.]

“Boss wants to see you, Tommy.”

[Vitale seemed to have seen this coming as he brushes his hair out of his face and nods.]

“Thanks, Tony.”

[Tommaso passes by Tony and makes his way to the back of the diner before stepping into the kitchen or stockroom. It’s there that four gentlemen are sitting around a table with cards in their hands. Thick smoke fills this room as well as the smell of alcohol. As he enters the room, one looks up at him before resuming his hand.]

“Have a seat, Tommy.”

[The balding gentleman at the table’s voice carries the necessary gravitas to tell Tommy the severity of the situation. He hesitates for a moment before pulling out the only empty chair and taking a seat. The four men put down their cards as three of them stand up. The balding gentleman sniffs before looking up at Tommaso.]

“So what’s the business with Franky?”

“Look boss-”

“Ah-eh-eh. Did I or did I not tell you to handle that situation? Didn’t I tell you to make sure that he was dealt with?”

“You did, boss.”

“Then why am I hearing from Tony that you just let him go?”

[Tommaso scoffs. Of course Tony told him. He straightens his tie and sits up in his seat.]

“Boss, Franky has a family. I told him to leave town with them and never come back. I couldn’t just do that to his family. It ain’t right.”

[With that a huge hand smashes down on the table as chips, cards, and drinks spill out onto the floor. The Boss looks up at Tommaso with his yellow teeth showing through his sneer.]

“You let me decide what’s right, alright? You ain’t the boss. You ain’t even a captain, kid. Keep pulling off stuff like this, and we’re going to have a problem. You don’t want that now, do ya?”

[Tommaso quickly shakes his head.]

“Smart boy. He’s been missing since last week when you last saw him, and my sources say that his family is still in the city. Now…” [The Boss reaches within his jacket and pulls out an envelope. He slides it across the table to Tommaso who picks it up. Tommaso opens the packet and reveals a few pictures of people. Each of the people in the pictures are dead with a bullet in their heads.] [And a V slashed across their chest.] [Worst of all… Tommaso recognizes them all.] [They’re all former members of La Cosa Nostra that have gone missing over the last year. The Boss clears his throat.]

“Now, kid… what do you know about Vengeance?”



[Player One might have joined the side of Yahweh but he’ll need all the divine help he can get against the Nightmarish #1 contender himself in David Manson] [The bell sounds as Manson rushes forward, taking Gameboy by surprise with a massive haymaker. Gameboy barely staggers back before brutalised by a stiff series of lefts and rights, culminating in a giant boot to the chest that sends him flying into the corner. Manson rushes forward, trying for a clothesline but he hits only steel as Player One just manages to slip away. Manson staggers out of the corner right into LEVEL ONE! Manson crashes to the mat as Gameboy scrambles on top for the cover] [ONE…TW..Manson gets the shoulder up! The Nightmare stumbles to his feet right into a right hand, a second, BUTTON MASHER! Gameboy keeps peppering off jab after jab, infuriating Manson who rushes forward with a Lariat. Gameboy ducks under, drilling Manson with a jawbreaker before springboarding off the ropes. CROSSBOD…YAKUZA KICK! Manson kicks Gameboy out of the damn air with that massive kick. Player One crumples to the mat as Manson hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Gameboy just gets the shoulder up!] [Manson pulls Gameboy to his feet, drilling him with a sadistic elbow to the side of the head before double underhooking him and landing knee after knee after knee. A final knee nearly knocks Gameboy out cold as Manson leaves him staggering before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off, WELCOME TO…GAMEBOY DROPS TO HIS KNEES! Manson turns around right into a healthy dosage of MAX POWAH! Manson crashes to the mat as Gameboy quickly rushes forward, leaping up into the air and coming crashing down with THE RESET! Gameboy stays down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Player One picks up a huge victory tonight, doing what no man could do last week and defeat the Nightmare]


[Eyes flicker open as a figure, shrouded by darkness begins looking around his or her surroundings.] [Yet everywhere they look is nothing but darkness.]

“Hello…? Is anyone there?”

[The sounds of chains are heard as the figure seems to be bound by chains.]

“Hello?! Someone… anyone… help me!”

[As he says that, the sound of a metal door opens. A bead of light enters the room momentarily before disappearing as the door closes. A large red light shines on as the form is finally shown in full.] [Franky or Frank Gotti.] [But he’s held in air as his arms are shackled together above himself. His shirt is removed as he’s sweating profusely. Another figure stands underneath the red light as he looks at Franky.]

“Hello? Are you… are you here to help me?”

“I can help you, Franky, but first you need to help yourself.”

[Franky seems confused as his savior isn’t leaping into action. The man steps towards Franky and reaches up to grab his shackles. Instead of releasing him, he only turns Franky to face the back wall. Franky’s eyes grow wide. Upon the wall is a litany of different devices for torture.] [Hammers, scapels, a branding iron, a battery, a pair of pliers, just to name a few. But the eyes of Franky find themselves focusing upon a large knife that is the centerpiece and in a glass case.]

“Darkness… it’s a lonely place, Franky. What if there was no light?”

[Suddenly and without warning, the red light shuts off.]

“Do you feel safe now, Franky?”

[Franky begins hyperventilating.]

“Who… who are you?”

[A moment passes before the snap of a case being opened is heard.]

“I am Vengeance… I’ve come for YOU!”

[Franky screams as nothing is seen. Yet after a moment, the red light turns back on as Franky can now see a mirror with his reflection staring back at him.] [A huge red V across his chest and a man in black smirking as he slaps him on the back.]

“Now tell me everything you know about La Cosa Nostra… the Boss…”

[Vengeance reaches up and grabs his hair.]

“And Tommaso Vitale.”



[It’s a representative in both corners as it’s Anubis’ Isaac Danvers squaring off with Yahweh’s D’Von Chambers!] [The bell sounds as these two lock up in the center of the ring. D’Von nails a headbutt that rocks Danvers back a few steps. Chambers rushes towards him and pushes him towards the corner. Danvers quickly rakes the eyes of Chambers before pushing him away. Chambers turns around only to catch a big boot dotting him right on the chin! Chambers hits the mat as Danvers covers him! One… T-NO! Chambers is long from done, but Danvers pulls him back up before nailing him with a short-arm clothesline. He pulls him up to his feet again for a second.] [But Chambers catches him off guard as he smashes him into the mat with a huge spinebuster! Danvers clutches at his back, but Chambers flips him over onto his stomach. Chambers rises to his feet and drops an elbow pinpointing the lower back of Danvers. Chambers puts a knee into the lower back of Danvers before reaching up and yanking back on the beak of the mask as well as the chin of Danvers! Danvers struggles with the hold for a moment before finally getting enough strength to roll himself over with Chambers as he gets into the ropes.] [D’Von Chambers rises to his feet and takes a step back as the referee admonishes him. Danvers is slow to rise, but he eventually does with his hollow eyes aimed right at Chambers. Danvers rushes towards Chambers and nails another big boot that rocks Chambers. The Plague Doctor grabs Chambers by the throat and begins just strangling him! The referee begins making a count to which Danvers releases on four. Danvers hits the ropes and comes back with a running elbow strike. THE CURE! The blast knocks Chambers crumbling to the floor as Danvers falls into a cover! One…TWO…THREE!] [Anubis must be proud as Isaac Danvers stands tall over D’Von Chambers here tonight with his hands raised in victory.]


[As the match concludes, two figures appear. They approach D’Von Chambers. One reaches out and touches his face, while the other covers him. As they do, light engulfs them. When it fades, Chambers is gone.] [Abruptly, Chambers finds himself in a dark and unfamiliar location. Worried, he looks around for some sense of familiarity. Three figures stand ahead, looking equally as perplexed. Bruce Van Chan, Gameboy and Luther Creed. Chambers calls out to his teammates, but no voice comes out. His lips are locked, he cannot speak. Instead, it is Creed that greets him, shouting at the top of his voice despite only being ten feet away.]


[The shouting startles Gameboy, who almost leaps out of his skin.]

“Luther? Is that you? Where are you?”

[Despite Creed standing right next to him, Gameboy cannot see him. It is Van Chan who brings a voice of reason to the confusion.]

“Gentlemen. Here’s what I can tell…

Gameboy has been blinded. I guess they said video games would ruin your eyes.

Luther has had his hearing taken. Not even to hear the cries of his cause.

Chambers, well… He seems to have his voice taken. A preacher who cannot preach.”

[It is Gameboy who retorts, speaking to Van Chan, but in no particular direction.]

“That’s all well and good. But you seem fine. What’s wrong with you?”

[Van Chan’s voice cracks, the stress now showing for the first time.]

“I cannot move a muscle from the neck down.”

[All three men feel the sense of movement around them. Something is closing in. Unable to see anything, Gameboy begins to freak out.]

“We need to get out of here! I’ve got audio but no video. How am I expected to master the boss level with no HUD?”

[Creed, watching the body language in his teammate change but unable to hear what he is saying. He silences him with a hand.]

“Stop. Yahweh said we would be tested. He said we needed to band together. This is a trial. Whatever is coming for us, it cannot hurt us… Can it?”

[The figures emerge from the darkness. Demons. Hordes of them. Gnashing their teeth and slashing their claws. One seems larger than the rest and slithers up to the foursome. They look upon it with fear and trepidation. It merely cackles and hisses.]

“Four more ripe souls. A test you must pass. Fail and you shall suffer a fate worse than death.”

[It clicks its claws and three roses appear before them. On first glance they appear identical.]

“Choose the right rose. Two choices lead to death, only one to life.”

[Chambers looks to take charge, but cannot give orders. Creed steps forward instead and inspects the roses.]

“One of these roses is blackened. I can see the flower wilting slightly. But the other two, I cannot tell them apart.”

[Chambers still cannot speak, but directs Gameboy toward the roses. Gameboy sniffs them, stopping at the last rose.]

“They each smell the same. But if I listen closely, this one appears to hum ever so slightly. A low, demonic humming. I don’t like it. Not this one.”

[Chambers steps forward toward the one remaining rose. The large Demon leaps in front of him, hissing and cackling.]

“Touch it and you will die. You must tell me your choice!”

[Neither Gameboy nor Creed is able to determine which rose is the correct one. But Van Chan is able to relay the choice.]

“We choose the left rose. The one that remains.”

[The Demon cackles once more.]

“Claim your rose then. Only he who spoke may touch it.”

[Van Chan is not in a position to claim anything. But Chambers directs Creed and they drag him towards the rose. They extend his arm, his fingers and help him to touch the rose. As soon as his fingers graze it, the scene turns light.

All four men find themselves back in the Tap Room. Luther Creed is in the ring, unable to hear the fans cheering and looking confused. The other three are at ringside. Slowly, Chambers and Gameboy drag Van Chan toward the entranceway, BVC directing Gameboy the best he can, as Redmond Quinn’s music begins to play.]


[A special match tonight as one of the greater tag teams in OSW lore, The Revolution, square off one on one as Redmond Quinn takes on the currently deaf Luther Creed.] [The bell rings, and the duo shake hands before locking up in the center of the squared circle! Redmond transitions Creed into a side headlock, before Creed backs up and bounces off the ropes, using the momentum to shove Quinn away! Quinn runs and bounces off the ropes, returning with a clothesline, stunning Creed as he drops to the mat! Quinn lifts Creed to his feet. NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! The Voice of the Voiceless hits the mat hard! Quinn goes for the quick cover! One… Two… KICKOUT by Creed!] [Quinn stands to his feet and lifts Creed to his, but Creed quickly jabs Quinn across the jaw! A kick to the gut! DDT FROM CREED! Quinn is out! Creed lifts Quinn up and locks in a sleeper! SILENCE IS VIOLENCE FROM CREED! IRONIC given his current deaf status! He makes the cover! ONE… TWO… TH–KICKOUT BY QUINN! Creed is going to need more than that to keep his tag team partner down for the three count! He stands up and delivers a couple of boots to Quinn’s exposed midsection!] [Creed scoops Quinn up and drops him a scoop slam! He lifts Quinn to his feet and whips him into the ropes! LOU THESZ PRESS– NO! Quinn dives out of the way. Creed hits the mat on all fours! PUNT KICK FROM THE PROFESSOR! Quinn rushes over to Creed! FINAL ASSIGNMENT! FINAL ASSIGNMENT! THE CATTLE MUTILATION COBRA CLUTCH IS LOCKED IN!!! Creed screams and fights desperately to reach the ropes! He claws, he scrapes, fingernails digging into the mat! He can ALMOST reach the ropes! The hand is nearly there! Creed grabs the ropes, and Quinn breaks the hold! Quinn reaches down to lift Creed up, but CREED WRAPS HIM UP WITH A SURPRISE SMALL PACKAGE PIN! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Creed picks up the win over his tag team partner, and has his hand lifted in victory. He extends a hand to Quinn, who despite his disappointment, takes Creed’s hand and shakes it anyway. The duo displaying unity beyond wins and losses here tonight.]


[The boiler room is dank with the stench of anticipation as Rain sits alone. His back against the wall, his eyes betray his calm demeanor as false as he stares at the being that has now joined him.] [Shiva.] [Protector of those on the fringes of society. The god of Rain and his Outcasts.]

“Why have you summoned me, my child?” [Shiva queries, her eyes on the nervous Rain.] “What has troubled you?”

[The Misfit frowns.]

“You have bid me to align with Lynch, Arthur, and Danvers. Men of death. Cruel. Malicious. Tell me, Shiva, how are those men to become aligned with our goals. They exploit the very people you seek to protect.”

[Shiva nods, her eyes meeting Rain’s.]

“I give you two answers.” [She begins.] “The first is that the goals of Elysium Fields far surpass my own. We must win Chain Reaction. To that end, we have aligned those with common ground to forge alliances.”

[Rain opens his mouth, but she raises her hand.]

“Do not listen to the Hangman. You are part of this group, not because of your relationship with death, but because of the second reason.”

[She pauses.]

“All four of you are outcasts.”

[The Misfit sits up at that.]

“Be it from time, from love, or from anything else, the four of you have been rejected by society for the roles you play within it. Find your common ground, Rain. Where there is discord, you must find strength.”

[Rain stands to his feet.]

“We have no common ground.”

[Shiva looks at him, a smile forming on her face.] [Cut.]


[It’s a battle for leadership here tonight as it’s Nightstick squaring up with Mysterion!] [The bell sounds as these two look each other up and down. Nightstick steps forward and looks down at Mysterion with a sneer. Mysterion just meets his gaze with a look of disdain before kicking Nightstick in the gut. But Stick catches the kick and whips him around. Mysterion turns around to catch a huge haymaker from Nightstick. Mysterion staggers backwards from the strength of it before Nightstick begins clobbering him with vicious forearms as Mysterion is knocked back by each strike into the ropes! Mysterion grabs the ropes as the referee slides in between them to give Mysterion a break.] [Nightstick takes a step back as Mysterion shakes his head to shake the cobwebs out. In a flash, Mysterion rushes towards Nightstick and wraps around his head before driving him into the mat with a DDT! Mysterion wraps up the arms of Nightstick as he pulls him into a roll-up! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Nightstick had his weight used against him, but he manages to kick out at the last second. Mysterion quickly springs off the second rope before hooking the head of Nightsick with a spike hurricanrana! Nightstick crumples to the mat as Mysterion hooks another cover! One…TWO…KICKOUT!] [Mysterion picks up Nightstick, but the larger Lawman lifts him up and rams him into the corner turnbuckle. Nightstick grabs Mysterion by his arm and whips him across the ring before following right behind him to collide in the corner with a huge clothesline! Mysterion slumps to the bottom corner before Nightstick nails some kicks into his face. Mysterion looks out of it as Nightstick yanks him to his feet, but Mysterion falls back down nailing a jawbreaker in the process! Stick staggers back as Mysterion leaps from the second rope and nails… THE PUNCH OF DOOM! Nightstick staggers before falling into a slump as Mysterion covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [Mysterion manages to pick up the victory here as he’ll move onto the next week! Nightstick will not be getting his match with Troy.]


[After last week’s vicious attack, Luther Creed and Redmond Quinn feel they have business with Isaac Danvers and King Arthur.] [Thus, delving deep into the dark reaches of the Taproom’s massive underbelly, striding further and further into the dark unknown, is The Revolution.] [A scattering noise can be heard and Quinn stops dead in his tracks. Creed, currently deaf, continues walking.]

“Wait Creed!” [Quinn calls out, then he reaches out and grabs his partner by thr shoulder. Creed swivels around. Quinn reiterates.] “Wait.”

“You know I can’t hear!” [Creed yells. Quinn buries his face in his hands, frustrated.]

“That. Was so. Loud.” [Quinn sighs.] [Is that the sound of wolves panting?] [Quinn uses two fingers to gesture to his eyes, and then points around the area with the same set of fingers. Creed catches the signal and goes on high alert himself.] [BAM! KING’S CROSSING FROM KING ARTHUR TO THE BACK OF CREED’S HEAD! CREED HITS THE GROUND IN A HEAP!] [King Arthur turns and smiles at Redmond Quinn. Quinn doesn’t back down.]

“Art thou ready?”

[Quinn chuckles.] “There is nothing you can do to me that I haven’t already endured.”

“That’s not exactly true.” [Isaac Danvers states.] [Before Quinn can turn around to face The Plague Doctor, he’s already stabbed a needle directly into Quinn’s neck. Quinn groggily falls to the ground.] [Danvers scoops Quinn’s legs off the ground and begins dragging Quinn away.]

“Where shalt we take him?” [King Arthur inquires.] [Danvers grunts as he drags Quinn away.] “To my table, my liege.”

[Arthur nods, stomping Creed a couple of times before lifting Quinn by the arms.]

“We will see now what truly lies beneath the flesh of our subject.”



[It’s another match in the Leadership Playoff between Troy Solveig and Zander Zane!] [The bell sounds as Troy just watches the galivanting Zander Zane strutting his way around the ring. Finally, Zander turns back to look at Troy before stopping his antics a bit to focus up. They meet in the center of the ring with a tie-up, but Troy easily overpowers Zane into a side headlock which is quickly transitioned into a side headlock takedown! Troy punches the head of Zane hard before releasing the hold. Zane begins rubbing his head as Troy rushes towards him with a huge shoulderblock that sends Zane to the mat. Quickly, Troy leaps into the air with a huge dropping punch right onto the head of Zane!] [Zane is still rubbing his head as Troy lifts him up from the mat. Zane drives two quick jabs into the midsection of Troy. Solveig tries to stop him with a knee strike, but Zane dodges the blow. Troy turns and gets a kick to the midsection before Zane leaps from the bottom rope with a spike DDT! Zane pulls himself out onto the apron. Troy pulls himself to his feet before turning right into a slingshot lariat that takes both men down again. Zane rolls to his feet with a grin upon his face.] [Zander Zane does a little hip gyration before whipping Troy Solveig into the corner. He charges him there with a huge dropkick, but Troy dodges the blow. Zander Zane crashes to the mat, but Troy quickly grabs him by his hair and ties him to the Tree of Woe! ODIN’S WISDOM! Troy Solveig begins kicking the snot out of Zane there, but the referee pulls him away. The referee tries to pull Zane from the tree, but Troy Solveig just leaps over the referee before dropping a Superman punch! But Zander manages to pull himself up out of the way! Troy gets up, only on the ring apron is NIGHTSTICK! The Cop smiles at him, confusing the Viking. He turns around and THE MIC DROP! Zane covers! One…TWO…THREE!] [The Rock God manages to score a big victory here as he transitions into the next round of the Leadership Playoff.]


[As Troy Solveig gets back to his feet, he can’t believe what’s just happened.] [Nightstick slides into the ring, hands on hips, looking somewhat proud of himself as the Viking Warrior gets back to his feet.] [Zander Zane rightfully slides to the outside, his date with Mysterion booked next week on VHS! One of those two men will claim the Leadership role of this team come Chain Reaction.] [If there’s a team left to lead.] [Grabbing Vǫlsungr, he approaches The Cop, who likewise snaps out his baton.] [Troy swings.] [Nightstick ducks.] [BATON TO THE SKULL!] [IMPLOSION!] [Solveig stumbles backwards, tossing his hammer towards the legs of Nightstick, sweeping them out from underneath him. Both men pop back to their feet, meeting in the middle of the ring with right and left hands. These two powerful beasts pummel each other, slamming fists into each other with a furious rage.] [Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes the middle of the ring.] [Both men fall backwards, landing on their asses, looking towards the now scorched canvas in shock. They exchange a look, knowing that their God’s have rightfully put a stop to this war before it begun.] [As they get back to their feet, they meet once more, glaring at each other.] [This isn’t over.] [Cut.]


[Two unlikely allies come head to head tonight in a quest for gold. Will their uneasy alliance be able to survive their battle or will Eli’s quest to save his mother die out before it truly began?] [The bell starts as both men stare one another down. Neither man moves for a moment before Eli walks forward, his hand outstretched as Berengar looks at it with apprehension. Eli reaches out, almost pleadingly before Berengar nods his head, shaking Eli’s hand before the pair step back, circling the ring around one another. Eli moves in for a lockup that Berengar easily gets the advantage of, powering Forever back into the ropes before throwing him across the ring. Berengar tries for a Lariat but Eli leaps up, wrapping his arms around Berengar’s neck] [FROM EAST TO WEST!] [Berengar stumbles up to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights before he’s taken to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker. Berengar stumbles to his feet once more just as Eli bounces off the ropes with a massive haymaker that drops Berengar to one knee as Eli sizes him up for a moment before rushing to the ropes once more] [THE FINAL…BERENGAR CATCHES THE KNEE! The Void Knight slowly rises to his feet, Eli on one leg as Berengar powers him high up into the air before nearly driving him through the canvas with a modified Spinebuster. Eli staggers to his feet, holding his back in pain as he stumbles right into a series of hard lefts and rights retribution from Berengar, a giant knee to the gut doubling Eli over but Eli manages to slip out of a DDT attempt, drilling Berengar with a wicked elbow to the jaw before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off] [INTO A MASSIVE LARIAT! Eli gets turned inside out by the force of that move as Berengar drops down for the first cover of the contest] [ONE…] [TWO…] [ELI JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Berengar tries to pull Eli up to his feet but a hand from the outside grips his. The Void Knight turns to see a Nightmare family member on the outside, as Berengar’s attention turns away from Eli just for a moment] [ALLOWING FOREVER TO DAMN NEAR KNOCK HIM OUT COLD WITH AN ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!] [Eli admonishes the family member who just motions him to finish Berengar off. Eli shakes his head before pulling the limp Berengar up to his feet, spinning him around in the air] [BEFORE DRIVING HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH THY LORD’S PRAYER! Eli drops to his knees, hooking the leg for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THRE…BERENGAR JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP!] [Eli drills a slowly rising Berengar with a vicious kick to the jaw before slowly climbing up to the top rope. Forever clasps his hands together in prayer before closing his eyes as the ring begins to fill with THE SOUND OF MUSIC! The headbutt hits as Eli tries for the cover once more] [ONE…] [TWO….] [THR…BERENGAR KICKS OUT AGAIN!] [Eli looks visibly frustrated as he rolls to the outside, grabbing the Book of Eli before rolling back into the ring. He sizes up the rising Berengar for a moment, rushing forward but he stops in mid-run. He looks down at the book, then at Berengar before shaking his head and handing the book to the referee. Eli turns around] [RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE SPEAR!] [The Void Knight nearly cuts Eli in half with the sheer power as he begins to power himself up, lifting Eli to his feet before drilling him into the mat with another ring shaking Spinebuster. Berengar calls for the end, lifting Eli up to his feet before throwing him to the ropes, Berenger lifts him up high on rebound] [VANQUI…DDT! Eli managed to reverse the Powerbomb at the last moment, spiking The Void Knight into the mat as the Heir Eternal quickly pulls Berengar to his feet, hoisting him up onto his shoulder] [BEFORE DRIVING HIM INTO THE MAT WITH THE ETERNAL RIVER PLUNGE! Eli hooks both legs for the cover] [ONE…] [TWO…] [THREE!!!] [The Heir Eternal manages to retain his Rewind title here tonight, his attempt to turn a new leaf nearly costing him but his in ring abilities just saving his championship reign]


[Eli Forever barely has time to celebrate his victory before David Manson meets him in the middle of the ring.] [The Nightmare steps through the ropes, sarcastically clapping.] [He set this match in motion and he has his winner.] [Just then, a loud cough interrupts their staring contest.]

“I hate to interrupt this masterful puppet show,” [says Edward Newton, who appears on the ramp with a microphone. He smiles, continuing.] “But Mr. Manson, you’re walking a dangerous road.”

[David tilts his head.]

“A road that I have travelled. You see, the man standing next to you may appear weak and malleable, but I’ve experienced the encore of this little show and believe me when I tell you, when he cuts your strings, you’ll realize that you were dangling by a set of your own all along.”

[Manson turns to Forever, who shakes his head, protesting.]

“Eli Forever is no victim.”

[Newton turns to walk away, shaking his head. His final words come with his back turned to them both.]

“And the nightmare, well Mr. Manson, you’ve yet to truly experience that.”

[Inside the ring, Manson suddenly snaps, grabbing Forever and kicking him hard in the mid-section. He immediately pulls him in close.] [DOUBLE UNDERHOOK RUNNING PILEDRIVER!] [THE HORRORSHOW!] [Forever thuds off the canvas as Edward Newton exits the stage, leaving the Nightmare to swivel back to his feet, just in time to see Berengar drive a boot into his face, slamming him to the canvas.] [The Knight of the Void stands tall, looking down at them both, shaking his head.] [Though, it would appear, Edward Newton was the puppet master on this night.] [The show comes to a close, David Manson and Eli Forever unconscious on the canvas, Berengar standing over them with his hands on his hips.] [Cut.]