Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Last Week.

Chain Reaction was over.

Gods were dead. Legends reappeared.

But Zander Fucking Zane was the last man standing.

And he’s spent all night telling everyone in earshot that very fact.

“Ladies,” he addresses his harem of overpriced escorts as he drinks from a bottle of champagne, arms draped around two of the ladies, one hand fondling one of their breasts, the other fondling the bottle. “It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you that I outlasted… Every… Single… Competitor in that ring, right?”

He laughs, and so do the women. “Be it in the Tap Room or the bedroom, I outlast them all.”

Mysterion squeezes in between Zander and his trove of concubines. “Need I remind you that we have a serious issue on our hands? One of our teammates is dead, at the hands of our other teammate who has betrayed us. BETRAYED!”

Zander lifts an eyebrow at Mysterion. The audacity to dare and squeeze himself between the Man Who Kept Rock and Roll Alive and the Women Who Kept His Penis Happy! It’s almost enough to slap the lights out of somebody, such audacity.

Instead, Zane shrugs his shoulders. “Fuck ’em.”

Mysterion’s eyes widen. He almost retorts when Nightstick approaches the duo and their ladies of the night.

“Speak of the devil!” Zane shouts.

Mysterion, less than amused, steps between Zander and Nightstick. A threatening finger pointed at the cop.

The villain slanders him. “Or should we say, Angel?”

Nightstick looks at his teammates, the whores, the booze in Zander’s hand, the empty bottles littering the backstage area, and shakes his head.

“Normally, I’d arrest you on twelve counts of soliciting a prostitute Zane. But, I figured that I owed you both an explanation for the sword in Solveig’s back instead.”

Zane rolls his eyes. Cops are all the same.

Mysterion nods. “Yes. You absolutely owe us an explanation, and we certainly owe you a beating! NO one betrays me!”

Nightstick shakes his head. “Listen, kid. Themis? She promised me I would be an agent of justice. She promised me that when she recruited me, and I believed her. I thought I would be working in the name of justice, carrying out what’s right. Carrying out the law.”

Zane quips, “Everything a pig could ever want.”

Nightstick lets the comment roll off of his shoulders. “But that’s not what I was doing. I was carrying out the desires of age old gods who cared not one bit for justice, not one bit for humanity. And say what you will about us pigs, Zane. But it is humanity we signed up to serve and protect. However, on this team? I was only serving and protecting Elysium Fields.”

Mysterion is furious. Zander is bored.

“The fact is,” Nightstick elaborates. “She weaponized me under the guise of justice. Themis betrayed me long before I switched sides. I had to join Yahweh. Understand? I had to join the fight for good. I had to join the fight for humanity.”

Mysterion steps to Nightstick. “Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t make you pay for betraying us right now.”

Nightstick chuckles. “Mysterion. We all know what’s ahead. At Over the Limit, the three of us will be in that ring, fighting for the right to challenge Newton for the OSW World Championship. There will be plenty of time between now and then to uh…”

Nightstick winks.

“Make me pay. But tonight? Tonight is a good night. Enjoy the after party, fellas.”

Nightstick walks away from the scene, while Zane and Mysterion are left somewhat mystified by his demeanor.

“Because after tonight,” Nightstick says under his breath. “Party’s over.”



Tonight, we have a submission match between the brawler in Tommaso Vitale and the highflyer in Spero! How will they try to make the other tap out? We find out next!

DING! DING! Spero charges at Vitale with a series of right hands! Vitale is backed into the corner! Spero keeps going with the punches! Vitale catches a punch and uses his free hand to drop Spero with a haymaker! Vitale locks in a sleeper hold! He’s going for the submission early! Spero is fighting his way back to his feet and starts elbowing his way out of it! He’s free and runs for the ropes! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT…NO! MID-AIR BIG BOOT BY VITALE! What timing and Vitale pounces on Spero and delivers massive fists to the back of Spero’s skull!

Vitale gets off him and starts untying a turnbuckle! Spero pops up! ETERNAL SPRING! Spero hits the pop-up inverted Frankensteiner! Vitale is spiked! Spero goes to the top rope! LAST BEACON! He hits the corkscrew shooting star press! Spero is grabbing Vitale’s legs and going for a Texas cloverleaf! Vitale grabs Spero by the back of the neck and pulls him down! Vitale is swinging punches from below! Spero is stunned and Vitale gets up! Hard lariat from Vitale! Spero is turned inside out! Vitale sees blood in the water! He locks in a dragon sleeper! SLEEP WITH FISH! Spero is trapped in that hold

Spero looks like he might pass out! He tries to crawl to the ropes! Vitale clamps on tighter but Spero gets to the ropes! ROPE BREAK! Vitale is pissed and he starts stomping away on Spero! Vitale pulls out some brass knuckles and he is calling for Spero to get up! Spero uses the corner of the ring to pull himself up! Vitale winds back! WEAPON OF BRASS DESTRUCTION…No! Spero ducks it! Vitale’s fist hits the exposed turnbuckle! Vitale’s finger’s might be broken! Spero sees an opening! Jumping arm breaker! Spero locks in an armbar and pries apart Vitale’s fingers! He is screaming in agony as they are trapped in the brass knuckles! He has no choice! VITALE TAPS OUT!

What a win for Spero as he uses his speed to get Vitale to damage himself. Ingenious move get Spero the win against a very game Tommaso Vitale!


Twenty coffins sit in a room, arranged for easier viewing. All are closed, a photo atop of each to show who is where. Nearly all are draped with the flag of the Revolution the red, black, and green shining for those that lost their lives, covered with flowers and memorabilia. All except a single one.

And in front of it, stands the man who killed him. Redmond Quinn.

His stands bowed, praying silently at the undraped coffin for a minute. The silence of the room is broken by

“You alright Quinn?”

It takes the teacher a minute to reply, not looking up from the unmarked coffin. When he speaks, his voice is scratchy as if strained. His reply is brief, but with the weight on his mind absolutely audible.

“No. I’m here again. Just like with Kane. Another life, needlessly wasted.”

Luther reaches out, putting a hand, grasping his friend’s shoulder gently. He tries to pull him in closer, attempting to comfort his shaken friend.

“This ain’t like Kane. You did what had to be done Redmond. He was deranged, warped by those bastards. Taking him down was the merciful thing to do.”

Creed is suddenly shoved away, with Quinn turning on him. We can see the bags beneath the eyes of the teacher. The dim lighting had hidden how it had affected his friend.

“Merciful doesn’t mean right Luther! I stopped him from killing again, but at what cost? What was the cost Luther?”

Redmond storms out from the room of caskets, leaving the leader of the Revolution alone, surrounded by the fallen members of his cause. Luther pauses, looking after his friend and sighing.


“Stop looking at me like that…”

Rain’s voice carries through the air, though nobody stands with him. Seemingly alone, yet by now we know better. His attention soon turns to two very real and in the flesh beings that make their presence known. The Hounds. Danvers and King Arthur. The trio meet, uneasy and untrusting glances shared between the quarrelsome sides of their Chain Reaction team. Clearly, the tension still exists between Rain and the Hounds. But it is Arthur who breaks the uneasy silence.

“Who does thou speaketh to?”

Rain glances beside him instinctively, but he already knows the answer that forms on his lips.

“Victims. They have come to me and they seek answers. Victims of the Scarecrow.”

A glance shared between the Good Doctor and the Lich King. Danvers nods.

“A common goal that unites us. How to slay what cannot be slain. How to kill the Crow?”

As the words sink into the air, the tension between the trio begins to subside in their body language. Rain is first to utter his advice.

“That is exactly my point. That’s what I’ve been telling them. Clearly, extraordinary measures will be required to bring the Scarecrow down. But what?”

Arthur steps forward in all his kingly splendour, mimicking a slicing motion across his neck.

“A sharp blade to cleft him clean in twain, lest his head parteth ways with his body!”

The outburst sends the trio into somewhat of an argument, each shouting ideas and rebuttal over the others without much care of what the other is saying. Before long, the trio’s exuberance fizzles out and they are left standing in silence once more. Staring at each other, dumbfounded. Isaac Danvers shares the thought to break the silence.

“Mayhaps, we each think on this conundrum? Rome was not built in a day, nor will the Scarecrow be killed in a singular day either. This is a goal that must unite us, under one banner. For if we falter and quarrel, we shall surely fail our quest.”

Rain steps forward once more, towards the Hounds. He nods in approval.

“Scarecrow must meet his end. By our hands. The only question that remains… How?”



It’s a Hardcore battle between Vengeance and Mysterion here tonight!

The bell sounds as Vengeance just hits the mat and rolls out of the ring. He keeps his eyes focused on Mysterion who looks curiously at Vengeance. Vengeance takes a knee and begins searching underneath the ring. Mysterion, seeing his attention divided, leaps to the top rope and seems to be waiting. Vengeance pulls his head out from underneath as Mysterion leaps! CRACK! Vengeance is quick to respond with a stiff Kendo stick shot to the ribs of Mysterion who crumples to the floor outside of the ring. Vengeance cracks him three more times over the back as Mysterion arches up in absolute pain!

Vengeance wraps the kendo stick around the corner post as is rips in half. He grabs both halves of the Kendo stick and throws them into the ring. Vengeance looks underneath the ring and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a small translucent box. A box that contains a knife within it. Vengeance sets these things on the apron before grabbing Mysterion. Jawbreaker! Vengeance staggers backwards clutching at his jaw before Mysterion leaps up onto the apron and leaping off. Hurricanrana! Vengeance is sent straight into the ring post as his nose is split open from the impact.

Mysterion quickly grabs Vengeance and rolls him into the ring. The Cloaked Conundrum climbs to the top rope and leaps off for his patented… THE PUNCH OF NO! Vengeance drives a boot right into the chin of Mysterion who slumps to the mat. Vengeance grabs the handcuffs and grabs the hand of Mysterion. He wraps it around his back before reaching for the other one. He connects it as Mysterion begins freaking out. Mysterion looks at the small box with the knife before grabbing the kendo stick halves instead. Mysterion gets to his feet, freaking out at the cuffs before Vengeance charges at him! But Mysterion slipped the cuffs and dodges underneath! He springs off the second rope for… THE PUNCH OF DOOM! Vengeance slumps to the ground as Mysterion rolls him up! One…Two…THREEE!

The Cloaked Conundrum gets to his feet, but he doesn’t hang around. He rolls out of the ring as Vengeance looks up with a sneer on his face.


Previously Recorded.


The cloud fills the damp room taking form in any corner that it can occupy.

The source is revealed to be a large cigar hangs in the lip of the man we’ve come to know as The Boss. Sitting across from him is Tomasso Vitale as well as three men standing around the room. One of them can now be identified as the balding, rotund figure of Lorenzo.

Vitale has a picture in his hand as his grip is shaking slightly from the grip.

“So, as you can see, this is what your friend Vengeance left for us at the location that he fed to you.”

Tomasso grimaces before sliding the picture that is eerily similar in appearance to the others that The Boss had showed him three weeks ago.

“V told me that he didn’t kill, but… it looks like he left Franky just like the others.”

A bead of sweat trickles down the forehead of Zo as his eyes narrow in on Vitale from behind. Tommy straightens himself up.

“So what’s the next step, Boss?”

The Boss smirks. As much as he’s trying to hide his enjoyment at seeing subservience, The Boss can’t help himself. His cigar moves to his mouth in an attempt to mask it.

“We need to find out what he knows, and why he’s got it in for our family. Do that, and I’ll let slide that you let Franky run right into his arms.”

Tomasso twitches at that last comment as The Boss stares deeply into his eyes, daring him to say something out of line. Vitale swallows and nods.

“Understood, Boss.”

Tomasso Vitale rises from his seat and moves towards the door. Zo cuts him off.

“I gotta get to the funeral, Zo.”

“Oh I know, I know…”

Zo adjust the tie on Tomasso before straightening his jacket which was slightly off-center. He dusts the shoulder off in an almost fatherly manner.

“Do you ever change jackets?”

“C’mon ‘Zo. You know these are my lucky stripes.”

“Perhaps you should find some other source of luck, Tommy. Because our luck as of late has been anything but good.”

The tone is almost threatening to which Tomasso just laughs off as he steps aside.

“I appreciate the words of wisdom, capo. But I’ve really got to go!”

Vitale brushes past Lorenzo whose eyes stay focused on the back of his head as his eyes narrow.

Tommy walks out of the bar, and quickly pulls out a pack of smokes. He pulls out one with his lips and begins lighting it up. He takes a long drag before walking down the street.

The camera pans out as a tall, hooded man watches him with a phone in hand. The figure waits for a few moments before following at a steady pace.



Redwing. Luther Creed. Two vigilantes, two seperate causes. Who will be the first to bleed?

The bell rings and Luther charges across the ring with a big boot, dropping Redwing right where he stands. Luther immediately delivers stomp after stomp after stomp to Redwing’s face! His strategy is clear enough, Creed drops to a knee and delivers a series of big time right hands to Redwing’s mouth! Redwing is being absolutely pummeled here! Damn near out of desperation, he darts up and HEADBUTTS Luther Creed! Creed staggers back, giving Redwing time to reach his feet. Creed does not relent! He charges forward!

BACK BODY DROP TO THE OUTSIDE! Redwing sends Creed hurdling over the ropes, his body impacting hard with the surface! Redwing climbs to the top rope! He almost never goes there! The caped crusader waits for Creed to reach his feet. He leaps…TORNADO DDT! Redwing is pulling out all the stops for this one. The real life superhero reaches his feet quite quickly, riding a wave of momentum. He walks over and rips the steel stairs out of their position, lifting them up over his head. HE DROPS THE STEEL STEPS ON LUTHER– NO! Creed rolls out of the way, and drops Redwing with a legsweep that causes his chin to hit the very steel steps he meant to weaponize!

Luther stands up. He wastes no time at all as he once again starts delivering big right hand after big right hand to Redwing’s mouth! By god he might BASH REDWING’S TEETH IN! Luther grabs Redwing by his head and begins slamming his face into those steel steps. Redwing desperately sends an elbow back into Luther’s jaw! Luther staggers. Redwing charges! BIG TIME UPPERCUT STRAIGHT TO REDWING’S JAW!!! NO!!! Redwing dodges. He kicks Creed in the gut!! THE KILLING JOKE ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!! He rolls Creed over, and Creed spits out a big wad of saliva mixed with blood.

The bell rings and this one is over! Redwing has made Luther Creed bleed first, and the victory belongs to him.


Some time ago…

The moon hangs high in the sky, illuminating a river. On it’s edge, two young men stand dressed in all black.

Mourning clothes.

“What are we going to do, Elijah?” One of the boys asks.

Judah Creed.

“We’re going to keep going.” Comes the answer.

Elijah Creed.

“Our whole world just got turned upside down,” Elijah continues. “But our father’s death is not the end of this family. Right now, all we can do is pray for the strength to move on.”

“Pray?” A voice calls from behind them.

The brothers turn around, Elijah’s fists balled in anger, to find a strange man standing behind them.

Shrouded in shadow, all we can see is a hat covering matted blonde hair.

“What the fuck are you going to pray to?” The man asks.

Elijah gets between his brother and the man, defiance in his voice.

“God.” He states. “For I can do all things through Christ who…”

“You’d be better of praying to the stars, man.” The man cuts in. “They’ll always be there, but you never know quite what ole God is up to, do you?”

The Creed’s are confused as the man points up.

“See that one right there,” He says, pointing to a specific constellation. “That’s Orion. A legendary hunter. You can always find him up there by looking for his belt. He left everybody a way to find him when they needed guidance.”

The shadowy figure reaches down to his own belt, but as Elijah steps forward, it’s not his belt that he removes.

It’s a piece of paper.

The piece of paper.

“You been through some shit, kid.” He says. “They may not know it, but I know it. I know what happened in that river.”

Elijah’s fists ball up, while Judah looks confused.

“When you’re ready to stop bowing down to a god that doesn’t give a shit about you, then you come find me. The truth’s out there, but everybody’d rather sleep through it.”

Elijah looks down at the scrap of paper, finding scribbled directions.

But when he looks up the man is gone.



The Rock God had a thrilling performance at Chain Reaction, outlasting everyone to stand tall but can his encore be just as impactful against one of the few he didn’t defeat in Redmond Quinn?

The bell sounds as Quinn rushes forward, surprising Zander a stiff kick to the ribs before a quick snap suplex slams him down to the mat. Zane tries to get to his feet but a stiff kick to the face rocks him before Quinn drops down, locking in a headlock at first which he uses to ground Zane down into the mat. Zane begins to power out of the headlock as Quinn quickly lets go, leaping up before driving a knee into the back of Zane before rolling back down and locking in a bodyscissors.

Zander cries out in pain as Quinn squeezes all the air out of his lungs, the referee asking Zane if he wants to quit but Zane refuses, throwing back a lightning fast elbow that stuns Quinn enough to allow Zane to slip out of the hold and get to his feet. Quinn stumbles up as Zane dodges a european uppercut before drilling Quinn in the jaw with a stiff roundhouse that sends him staggering back into the corner. Zane rushes forward, leaping up high, RIDE THE LIGHTNING! He manages to hit that to a standing Quinn as Redmond staggers back right into Zane’s clutches before being driven into the mat with a sickening DDT!

Quinn is down but not out as he refuses to quit. Zane sizes Quinn up, looking for the killer blow, springboarding off the ropes, SMOKE ON THE…KNEES! Quinn just gets his knees up as Zander lands hard back first. He staggers up in pain as Quinn spins him around, GERMAN…ZANE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Quinn turns around, MIC DROP! The Neckbreaker Stunner hits hard as he drags Quinn to the ropes before wrapping them around his throat in a modified crossface! Quinn tries to fight but he’s quickly losing breath as he chokes out, I Quit!

Zane picks up another victory here tonight, showing his vicious side as he chokes Redmond Quinn the hell out.


We find D’Von Chambers set for action, preparing for his upcoming bout in Gorilla position. After everything that has transpired, it is difficult to read his expression to tell how he is faring. He seems quiet, focused, though this is soon broken as Gameboy joins him.

“D’Von… We have been through war together. Bonded. This battle we fight is bigger than either of us.”

Chambers nods, smiling at Gameboy. He knows there is a question on the Gamer’s lips that he stumbles over. Gameboy looks around, drawing himself closer and speaking in hushed tones.

“Yet we find ourselves following the likes of the Scarecrow. You, I trust. Him…”

Chambers pats Gameboy on the shoulder.

“I don’t trust him either. But, you said it, this is bigger than us. For whatever reason, Yahweh chose him, created the likes of Him for this. I don’t like it any more than you do. Now, we’re expected to follow Scarecrow faithfully as we followed Yahweh?”

“I don’t get it…” Gameboy ponders, unsure and somewhat desperate. “Why Sacrecrow? Why was HE created for this? Is he not every bit as bad as anything else we form ourselves against?”

Chambers turns away, walking toward the entrance curtain as the stagehand begins to call him through for his match. Though he glances back at his partner once again.

“We need to search for the answers Gameboy. Be it a crisis of faith, or a crisis of trust. We need answers. And we will find them.”

He disappears around the corner, leaving Gameboy alone. No sooner had he gone, the lights cut out…


When the lights return we find… Nothing. Nothing has changed at all. Gameboy still stands exactly as he did. Only, now, we know they were not alone.



A warrior of God and a lost soul, both men had mixed nights at Chain Reaction but now they fight for gold rather then glory. Can the Bishop hold onto his VHS title or will the Lich King take what is his?

The bell sounds as both men rush forward, drilling one another with heavy lefts and rights, D’Von getting the better of Arthur with a stiff headbutt before rushing forward with a Lariat. Arthur ducks under, grabbing the arm before dropping down and attempting an arm break. Chambers stops Arthur dropping down with pure power, tossing him into the corner like a shot before rushing forward as Arthur is stunned and crushing him with a massive avalanche. Arthur staggers out, completely dazed right into Chamber’s embrace who powers him up over his shoulder before rushing forward.

PSALM 32! The running powerslam shakes the ring as D’Von hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…Arthur gets the shoulder up! D-Von pulls Arthur to his feet but Arthur drops down, grabbing D’Von’s arm as he does, completing the arm break this time. D’Von screams out in pain as Arthur trips D’Von onto the mat, locking him into a Fujiwara Armbar! Arthur pulls back with all his might but D’Von refuses to tap, forcing himself to his feet with Arthur pulling back, clinging on tight, Chambers roaring out into the air before driving Arthur down to the canvas with a modified powerbomb!

D’Von shakes his arm out, trying to will feeling into it after Arthur made it numb before slowly climbing up to the top rope, trying to finish this one off in style. Chambers sizes up Arthur for a moment, CHICAGO CRUX….HITS CANVAS! The top rope legdrop misses as Chambers rises, holding his back in pain, Arthur rushing forward. KING’S CROSSING! Arthur hits the running knee out of nowhere as Chambers collapses to the mat, Arthur dropping down for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION

The Lich King does it here tonight, defeating D’Von Chambers as he picks up his first championship gold here in OSW with the VHS title.


Previously Recorded.

Thunder rumbles in the distance as black umbrellas prevent the holders from getting any wetter than necessary.

A priest stands near a grave where a body is being lowered into the ground.

Several figures stand around the grave including one woman who is trying her best to keep herself contained to not much effect. Standing beside her are two boys who are also trying their best to be strong.

In the background, Tomasso Vitale is standing with an umbrella with a young girl on his hip. Her big, blue eyes scan the scene in confusion before she grips Vitale tight.

“Hey Christina, sweetheart, I’ve got you. You can loosen your hold there.”

Christina frowns, but she releases her hold on his jacket. Tommy sighs as he looks upon Franky’s widow stepping away from the hole in the ground. Tommaso turns to the larger man standing on his left.

“Hey Tony, can you hold Christina for a moment? I need to speak to her.”

“Really, Tommy? You sure now is the best time…”

“It can’t wait. Just hold her for a moment.”

Reluctantly and with much reassurance, Christina moves over to Tony. Vitale takes another sigh before moving over to the widow.

“Hey… Emma I just wanted to say-“


Emma Gotti, the widow of Frank, just open-handed slapped Tomasso who doesn’t retaliate as he just stays for a moment looking at the ground.

“Don’t you dare speak to me! I don’t want to speak to you, Tony, or any of your family. Franky wanted out of it. We had a plan to run away to the west coast. We were going to live our life without having to look over our backs all the time.”

Tommy stands tall and meets her eyes which are welling with tears.

“Go… just go.”

“But I-“


With that, Tommy turns around and moves towards Tony, taking his daughter as they begin to leave the cemetery.

As they traverse out, their appearance zooms out as a pair of binoculars are shown staring from the inside of a large, black van. The binoculars lower as the same hooded man is shown sitting inside of the vehicle with a phone in his hand. A red light is shown on the phone’s face that is slowly moving in correspondence with Vitale’s.

The face of Vengeance comes into view as he strokes his chin.




The steel cage stands surrounding The Rewind Champion, Eli Forever, and the challenger, Gameboy. Both men know what is at stake here. The OSW Rewind Championship.

The bell sounds and Eli Forever sends a knee straight into Gameboy’s gut. Eli runs and bounces off the ropes, creating an astounding amount of momentum for a RUNNING HAYMAKER! Gameboy drops like a sack of Nintendos, and Eli starts delivering the boots! But Player One refuses to back down, fighting through those stomps and back to his feet! A BIG BOOT FROM THE HEIR ETERNAL– NO! Gameboy dives beneath Forever’s extended leg! Schoolboy pin attempt! One… Two… Forever kicks out, standing to his feet quickly. Enraged.

But Eli is met with a perfectly executed hurricanrana from Gameboy! Eli pounds the mat, frustrated. He reaches his feet, Gameboy shucks and jives from a few punches before Eli’s boot finds Player One’s midsection! He scoops Gameboy up and onto his shoulders!! HALLELUJAHBOMB! DAAAAMN!! Eli makes the cover! One… Two… KICKOUT! Player One manages to escape from the jaws of defeat like only he can, and scoots himself right outside the ring. Eli Forever has a wild look in his eye! He charges towards the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE!!!

…AND GAMEBOY DODGES! Forever’s cranium collides with the steel cage! Forever drops to the ground in a heap! Gameboy quickly follows up with a BUTTON MASHER! THREE RIGHT HANDS!!! Gameboy lifts Forever up and rolls him back into the ring. Gameboy starts to follow. But stops. He looks at the steel cage… And PLAYER ONE STARTS CLIMBING!! Gameboy climbs to the very top of the cage. Eli Forever lays motionless in the ring! Gameboy stands ON TOP of the steel cage! Game-O points to Yahweh, crosses his heart and LEAPS… AND FALLS RIGHT INTO A SECOND HALLELUJAHBOMB!!! GOOD FUCKING GOD! ELI MAKES THE COVER!! ONE… TWO…THR–

Time just… Stops.

GAMEBOY ENTERED A CHEATCODE! The sound of a tape being REWOUND as the actions that just took place move backwards in time! Once again Eli lays on the mat, and Gameboy points to Yahweh and crosses his heart! HE LEAPS… ELI STANDS UP AND IS MET WITH A HUGE MISSILE DROPKICK FROM PLAYER ONE! Forever SOARS across the ring! Gameboy runs! THE RESET!! HE MAKES THE COVER!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

aaaaaand NEW!!! Gameboy picks up one of the biggest victories in his young career as the OSW Rewind Championship is draped over his shoulder! What a victory!


The cage begins to raise up over these two able competitors as the faithful OSW staff run in to begin replacing the ropes with Barbed Wire. Gameboy heads back up the aisle, but turns quickly at a sound.



The Nightmare kicks Gameboy for good measure as Eli Forever enters the scene. The Heir Eternal is handed the steel chair as Manson kicks Gameboy again, making him spin around.



The gamer tries to protect himself as Manson continues to roar his bloodlust into Eli’s ears.

“Finish that piece of shit!” Manson yells. “Never let ’em walk away!”

Forever sneers at Manson, but it’s not like this is an order he would refuse to follow.



The chair was BLOCKED?

Blue energy surrounds the chair as the Nightmare Family turns around.



The former partners of Manson and Forever rush onto the scene, knocking both men back towards the ring. Berengar brandishes Vigilkeeper at the other two.

“We have unfinished business, Manson.”

Spero picks up the groggy Gameboy, as Berengar turns to their former Vindicator ally.

“Fortunately for you, we have other business to attend to first.” He looks back at Manson. “But we will come for you, and end your Nightmare.”

Spero and Berengar walk Gameboy up the aisle, while Forever and Manson seem to be ready to continue the fight.


Forever goes flying, having been hit in the back of the head by Nightstick!?

Nightstick kicks Forever out of the way, and sets his sights on David Manson, who has ducked into the ring, now surrounded by Barbed Wire ropes.

This match begins NOW!


Both men are in the ring with the newly replaced barbed wire ropes as Nightstick and David Manson look at each other disdain before the bell sounds.

As it sounds, Nightstick and David Manson meet in the center of the ring with a tie up met with heavy right hands from both men. Nightstick kicks Manson in the midsection before sending him towards the ropes. Manson pumps the brakes to stop himself there, but he turns around with a grin on his face. HARD JUS-NO! Nightstick almost nailed Manson with his finishing move, but Manson was able to duck. Manson quickly shoulders Nightstick right into the barbed wire! Manson staggers back with a bloodthirsty expression on his face. Nightstick stops and slowly turns around as the barbs remove themselves from his police uniform, seemingly haven’t reached his skin at all.

Nightstick smirks back at Manson. The two meet back in the center of the ring before Manson rakes the eyes of Nightstick! Manson takes a step backward before nailing a big codebreaker that sends Nightstick back towards the edge of the ring! Nightstick reaches out and grabs onto the barbed ropes before realizing where he is. He finally clears his eyes and turns back towards Manson who is running right towards him! MANSON CLOTHESLINE THROUGH THE BARBS! Manson uses Nightstick as a barrier basically as he goes over the top rope! However, Nightstick was not so lucky.

Nightstick’s arms are SHREDDED by the barbs as blood begins flowing from his arms freely as they scraped as he went over the top rope with Manson. Blood is beginning to pool underneath Nightstick as Manson grabs some of that blood and smears it across his face. His eyes grow wide as he lifts up Nightstick and rolls him back into the ring underneath the ropes. Manson climbs into the ring as slaps his cheeks as blood splashes off of his. Nightstick staggers to his feet as his arms are dripping. WELCOME TO THE MANSON STREET! The running neckbreaker connects as Manson falls into a cover. One…TWO…THREE!

David Manson picks up a huge win tonight after a traitorous Chain Reaction. He rises to his feet with a grin as blood drips down his bearded chin.



We’re greeted with the sight of a monitor creaking to life. On that monitor, we see the image of Jigsaw. He’s been bandaged up, and now can be seen pacing in a jail cell. He looks far less intimidating in prison fatigues and with no mask on his face. Nevertheless, the anger in his stance is palpable.

As is the anger on the face of the man watching him.


The newly christened partner of Redwing sits in the Caped Crusader’s lair, his eyes glued to the monitor. He clicks on the keyboard, changing the camera view. It’s still on Jigsaw, just a different angle.

“I told you to stop that.”

Darkwish turns around to see Redwing standing behind him looking concerned.

“He’s where he needs to be, where he deserves.” Redwing begins. “If you dwell on him, it’ll only distract you from the next mission. And we never know when the call to action will come.”

As if on cue, a very classic ringing sound begins echoing through the small lair. Redwing’s head snaps to the right as he steps towards the origin of the sound.

A red phone.

Darkwish stands up to look down at it, reaching to pick it up.

But Redwing grabs his wrist.

“This is impossible.” The Red Knight mutters. “I never expected to ever hear that phone call out to me again.”

Darkwish raises an eyebrow to look at Redwing.

“So who is on the other end?”

A grin forms on Redwing’s face.




The Scarecrow made a shock return at Chain Reaction, coming within inches of winning the whole thing but his “team-mate” on that night has to be furious at his betrayal. The Perch hasn’t been seen in over a year but as soon as he came back, will it be the Hayman’s death bed?

The bell sounds as Danvers rushes forward, furious at his elimination from Chain Reaction as he takes it all out on Scarecrow, drilling the monster with heavy lefts and rights, headbutts and knees. Unleashing everything at the Scarecrow who takes it all, barely flinching as Danvers slowly begins to tire out. A massive clothesline staggers Crow back a few feet but that took everything out of Danvers, who’s breathing heavily. In frustration, Danvers reaches out, trying to grab Scarecrow by the throat with the BLACK DEATH! Crow just shakes his head, easily removing the hand.

BEFORE UNLEASHING A MASSIVE HAYMAKER! Danvers gets knocked head over toe from the sheer power of that single punch as he stands, gobsmacked at Scarecrow’s power who rushes forward, nearly taking Danvers head off with a massive Big Boot. Danvers stumbles up to his feet as Crow tries to lift him up high for a Chokeslam but a thick thumb to the eye stops Crow, Danvers nearly gouging out the Hayman’s eye as it slows Crow enough for Danvers to drill him with a stiff DDT into the mat.

Crow quickly stands up to his feet as he rushes Danvers, but Danvers ducks under, drilling Crow with hooks of surprising speed to the kidneys before a massive leaping knee to the jaw rocks Crow. Danvers rolls back before rushing forward, THE CURE! Crow doesn’t go down but stumbles into the Perch in the corner. Crow is dazed but not out, not until Danvers leaps off the ropes, THE CU…BYE BYE BIRDIE! Scarecrow drills Danvers damn near through the mat in mid-air but he’s not done as he pulls Danvers up once more, FULL FORCE BYE BYE BIRDIE! The canvas nearly imploded from the force as Scarecrow pulls the limp Danvers up, strapping his arms to the Perch before lifting him high into the air for the victory!

The Scarecrow truly returns here tonight with a huge victory in his match against Isaac Danvers. The Plague Doctor put up a good fight but The Hayman was in his home tonight.


Zander Zane.



Who knows what plans these gentlemen had for the evening? Who knows where they were going when they suddenly blacked out?

All any of them know is that they were somewhere backstage. Locked in a green room. Laying on the floor.

All alone.


And none of them can move.

“Fuck me!” Zane says. “Why the hell can’t I move a muscle?”

Mysterion, rash as ever, screams. “Curse the fool who thinks it wise to play these games with me!”

Nightstick, remaining calm, would shake his head… If only he could. “Only one man in OSW would even think to do something like this.”

Suddenly, the door to the room swings open.

“Astute observation, Officer.”

Edward Newton.

He steps into the room, closing the door behind him.

“You bastard!” Mysterion screams. “What have you done?”

Edward Newton adjusts his glasses. He paces slowly around the room, in between them, around them. They cannot move.

Newton, once again, is in complete control.

“An equally astute question, Master Mysterion. I heard you refer to this event as a game shortly before I stepped into the room. Though you are a young man, I would never present you with merely a game.”

Newton stops his pace as he stands over Zane, looking down at him, a studious expression on his face. “Mr. Zane here knows all too well that I am uninterested in childish play.”

Zane’s eyes express a darkness and anger that they rarely have ever expressed.

Newton is unbothered.

“I,” The Champ continues. “Along with many others watched your… Victory, if you can call it that at Chain Reaction. As well as the murder at the hands of an Officer, his subsequent betrayal, and an after party that lacked both elegance and subtlety. It is quite obvious to me that as of now…”

Edward meanders around, letting the moment breathe.

“What the three of you truly need? Is a team building exercise.”

Nightstick groans. “We aren’t a team anymore, Newton. We’re competitors!”

“What have you done to our bodies?” Mysterion interjects.

Newton replies, “I have injected all of you with a special cocktail. Succinylcholine to block transmission from your nerves to your muscle, with a dash of antianxiety medicines and cholinesterase inhibitors for effective short term memory loss.”

Nightstick shouts furiously. “You… Paralyzed us?!”

Newton nods. “Temporarily. You’ll regain bodily function within the hour. It is the memory loss that, if I were you, would concern me a great deal.”

Zander Zane quips, “Nothing more than any other night that I got black out drunk.”

“True and false, Mr. Zane.” Edward clears his throat. “At that after party you threw yourself last week, you drank so many bottles of alcohol that you likely don’t remember which one you were holding when you were approached by Master Nightstick. But either he, or Master Mysterion, might have.”

“So you messed with our memories as well,” Nightstick replies.

Newton nods and continues, “In the bottom of the bottle, which I have not moved or hidden since you last dropped it Mr. Zane, I placed a key.”

“A key?” Mysterion asks. “To what?”

“Let us just say, Master Mysterion, that once you find it, you will know what to do with it.”

Edward Newton walks toward the door and opens it. “I would suggest that the three of you work together to remember what bottle Mr. Zane was holding, and where he may have left it. After all, what ia truly at stake remains to be seen.”

Nightstick asks, “Why are you doing all this? To me? You and I are on the same team.”

Newton scratches his chin. His trademark pose.

“We both fight in the name of Yahweh, Officer. But we are not on the same team. At Over the Limit, the three of you will battle to determine who will have the opportunity to challenge me for my title. Thus, I have decided that for that match, I will be the special guest referee.”

A collective groan from all three Chain Reaction winners.

“If,” Newton clarifies. “All three of you make it there.”

Newton steps out of the room. Before he closes the door, he has the final word.

“As a fine officer of the law once muttered…”

Edward finally cracks a small grin.

“Party’s over.”

Edward Newton slams the door closed.



It’s main event time as it’s a battle between two men that stray very far from the beaten path.

The bell sounds as The Void Knight, Berengar, circles around the ring from the Voice of the Dead, Rain.

The two move towards the center of the ring before Berengar extends his hand in a fist before Rain tilts his head at the hand before pounding his. Berengar instantly goes for a lock-up to which Rain just ducks and sidesteps behind Berengar. He smirks before turning right into a kick to the midsection from The Harbinger of Death!

Rain leaps for a clothesline that knocks Berengar for a loop as he backsteps towards the ropes. Rain rushes him once more, but the size and speed of Berengar overcomes him with a clothesline of his own! The Harbinger is flattened by the size of the arm crashing across his chest, but Berengar doesn’t allow him any reprieve as Rain’s yanked back to his feet before nailed with a short-arm spinebuster!

Rain reaches out for the ropes, the apron, anything for a break, but Berengar quickly grabs the leg of Rain before spinning him onto his belly!

Boston Crab!

Rain reaches out for the ropes, but The Knight of the Void is applying as much pressure as possible. Rain reaches out before his eyes seem to dilate. He is staring off into nothingness as his body falls limp. Berengar feels the difference before telling the referee to check on him.

The referee lifts up his hand which slams down against the mat.

He lifts it up a second time and the same result occurs.

He lifts it up a third time, but Rain’s hand begins coming to life! Rain begins moving with unnatural speed as he quickly makes his way to the ropes and wraps his forearm around the bottom rope.

The Knight of the Void releases the hold before beckoning for Rain to return to his feet. Rain takes his time, catching a breath in the ropes. He finally releases his hold on the ropes just as Berengar charges with his shoulder lowered!


The Harbinger of Death foresaw the attack and sidestepped him before catching his head with a kneelift! Berengar’s hands cling to his nose before Rain leaps up and kicks him in the back of the head with an enzuigiri! Berengar staggers towards the corner from the impact of the kick. Rain leaps back to his feet before springing off the bottom rope for a clothesline in the corner! Rain backs out and nails a second one! Rain for the trifecta!

But Berengar raises his knees which catch Rain right on the chin. He’s blasted back from the knee strike where he’s off-balance! Berengar rushes towards him and wraps his arms around the head!


The headlock is tightly locked in as Berengar is wrenching the hold on. Rain begins to fade as he reaches out limply. The referee goes to grab his hand, but Rain grabs his instead!


The black mist just sprays right into the eyes of the referee who staggers backwards clutching at his eyes as he’s been blinded! Rain grabs the hand of Berengar into his mouth and begins biting as his black-coated teeth are shown nearly piercing the skin!

Berengar releases his signature move before just PUNCHING the back of Rain’s head to force him to roll away. The Knight of the Void’s eyes are filled with rage as he quickly gets a handful of Rain’s hair before just DRILLING him with a big right hand. He drills him with a second big right hand followed by a third!

Berengar lifts up Rain before whipping him into the corner. He charges towards him, but Rain spits right into his face!


It’s raining all night in this match as Berengar clutches at his eyes in pain. Rain kicks him right in the midsection before wrapping his head and driving it into the mat!


Rain leaps into a cover!






Rain looks around before noticing that the referee is still pulling the ink rom his eyes. Rain reaches into his pocket and pulls out a handkerchief and begins wiping the eyes of the referee. Rain turns back around to see Berengar standing and demanding Rain bring it! Rain obliges, but Berengar just pops him up as Rain turns in mid-air! He falls down, wraps up the head of Berengar, and drives his face right into the mat!


Rain rolls him over as the referee slides into position.




Rain raises to his feet as it took two Brother Mines to put Berengar away for good, but the Harbinger of Death’s hand is raised by the referee in victory.



In a dirty dingy basement, hidden somewhere beneath a home in the middle of Miami, the corpse of Troy Solveig lays peacefully strewn across a bench, his arms folded onto his chest.

His eyes are closed, his armour removed and his wound visible. The Sword of Justice was driven straight through his heart. He died instantly.

Suddenly, a beam of beautiful white light flashes before our eyes.

And when it fades, stood before us are Odin and his savior, The Chief.

Odin is about to speak when his eyes dart towards Solveig. His jaw drops and his heart races as he walks over to him, putting a hand on his chest.

“How?” He solemnly asks, still processing the sight before his single eye.

“In battle,” The Chief responds, approaching cautiously. “One of my warriors, manipulated by a God, struck him down.”

Odin looks at him, almost shaking with rage. “He shouldn’t be here,” he exclaims. “Dying in battle is the highest honour. A Valkyrie should’ve taken him to Valhalla.”

The Chief sighs. “I beat them to it.”

That doesn’t sit well with the Norse God, who grabs The Chief by the throat and attempts to slam him against the wall – only his power isn’t strong enough and neither of them budge an inch.

“Why must you meddle in affairs that aren’t yours!?” Odin barks, screaming at him. “Haven’t you learned anything?”

“I’m sorry,” The Chief admits, shaking his head. “But I needed you to see that we’re fighting each other when we should be fighting it. If it wasn’t for me, it would’ve destroyed you too.”

Odin scoffs. “If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this predicament.”

There’s an eerie silence.

“The only way we get back to our paradises is if we restore balance within the universe,” The Norse God continues. He walks away from The Chief as he explains. “A balance that you upset. This war is far from over, Yahweh.”

The Chief, disgruntled and frustrated, walks over to Troy Solveig and places a hand on his chest.

Troy suddenly, abruptly and breathlessly wakes up, his eyes wide.

Odin turns on a swivel, shocked.

“I understand why we must fight,” The Chief says with disappointment. “And I understand why The Tap Room must host the battle. But tonight, we put an end to the bloodshed. No-one else dies, Odin – not for our war. No-one. His life is my tribute to you, in sealing our agreement.”

The Norse God approaches Troy, looking at him with love in his eyes. He grabs him by the head and pulls it close to his shoulder, embracing him. He couldn’t revive him, he didn’t have the power.

But Yahweh did.

“No more bloodshed,” Odin agrees.

There’s a slight gust of wind and The Chief is gone.

Odin looks up at Troy Solveig, who doesn’t quite know what’s happened.

“Father,” he says with a dry and hoarse voice. “We mustn’t trust him.”

They stare at each other for a moment before Odin nods, releasing him from their embrace and walking away.

With his back turned and his hands-on hips, he takes a breath.

“I don’t,” he admits. “Because tonight I saw it hunting us down, killing our fellow Gods and massacring Elysium Fields; and what I saw, was not what we’re afraid of, but a fraud.”

Troy turns himself off the table, standing. “A fraud?”

“Yes, a fraud. I’m afraid that Yahweh is attempting to manipulate us, my son. I believe he sent something after us, to compel us to agree to his terms. He cannot be trusted.”

“We must find the survivors,” Troy responds, grabbing his body armour and beginning to put it back on it. “Bad news travels fast and they’ll be in hiding. We have to regroup.”

Odin nods.