Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Last Week.

Zander Zane, Mysterion, and Nightstick had regained bodily function.

Their memories, while hazy, had started to return.

And now? They find themselves in the last place Mysterion can remember Zane being.

A dressing room.

Shag carpet on the floor. Blacklights, posters, empty bags of powdery substances and empty bottles strewn about the room, and a king size bed giving the room an atmosphere that is altogether very rock and roll.

“Ah,” Zane smiles. “Yes. Of course. My Bang Room.”

Mysterion shakes his head. “Only you would find it prudent to create a room here, of all places, for you to make coitus with loose women.”

“What else would I make with loose women?” Zander asks, earnestly.

Nightstick looks around, kicking bottles away at his feet. “You’re absolutely filthy Zane.”

Zane smiles and winks. “I know.”

The trio begin tearing the room apart. Mysterion throws the blanket and sheets off of the bed, and then starts looking underneath it. Zander starts opening drawers in the nightstands by the bed. Nightstick searches the floor.

“Found it!” Mysterion shouts, as he reaches a hand underneath the bed. He withdraws the bottle of champagne Zane was enjoying during the after party.

“How do we know it’s that one?” Zane asks.

“The label has been replaced,” Mysterion replies.

Nightstick takes the bottle from Zane. The label reads: Riddler’s Choice.

Nightstick grins. “Let’s see what this key is.”

Mysterion and Zane stand by Nightstick as he turns the bottle upside down.

No key.

Just drops of champagne.

The three men stare with bitter disappointment at their finding.

Awkward silence as the last drops hit the carpet.

“Well what the fuck?” Zane asks. “What is he trying to say?”

Mysterion grimaces. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Nightstick turns to Mysterion. Mysterion takes the bottle from his hand and throws it against the wall. It shatters to pieces and falls to the floor.

“There was never a key at all,” Mysterion continues.

“He sent us on a wild goose chase,” Nightstick adds.

Zane’s eyes narrow. “He was fucking with us.”

The trio look at each other, the silence filling the room no longer awkward.

This silence has a taste of desire to it.

A desire for revenge.



A gangster and a serial killer meet in the center of the ring. Can Vitale overcome the Butcher, or will the Butcher slice his way through the competition?

Tomasso kicks things off with a series of right jabs to the jaw of the butcher, one after the other, again and again, until the Butcher grabs his hand and yanks him towards him, dropping Vitale with a big clothesline! GUILLOTINE LEG DROP from the Butcher! The Butcher lifts Tomasso up by his neck, high into the air. BIG TIME CHOKE SLAM from the debuting talent to Vitale, who hits the mat hard!

It’s been all Butcher as he scoops Tomasso up and drops him with a slam! The Butcher goes for another GUILLOTINE LEG DR–NO! Vitale rolls out of the way just in time! Tomasso is on his feet quickly, and he nails the sitting Butcher in the side of the head with a drop kick! Vitale quickly moves behind the Butcher! SLEEP WITH FISH!! THE DRAGON SLEEPER!! The Butcher strains in Vitale’s hold, extending each of his limbs, fighting, clawing to find the ropes! He inches across the mat, and finally, the Butcher is able to grab the bottom rope! The ref tells Vitale he has to break the hold, and after the count of four, he finally does.

Vitale reaches his feet, the Butcher lumbering to his. Tomasso runs!! FLYING CLOTHESLINE!! The Butcher catches him!! RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Vitale skids across the ring. The Butcher lines him up as Tomasso slowly staggers to his feet. The Butcher charges! BIG BOOT! TOMASSO DUCKS IT! HE LEAPS ONTO THE BUTCHER’S BACK! SLEEP WITH FISH!!! Once again Tomasso locks the hold into the much larger opponent, and this time the Butcher has absolutely nowhere to go! He reaches, he claws, but he has no choice! The Butcher taps!!

Tomasso Vitale notches another victory in his belt tonight over the debuting Butcher! His arm is raised and he celebrates with a classic Italian sneer on his face.


Atop the Tap Room, we find Redwing and Darkwish standing, overlooking the city.

Redwing turns from his partner to call into shadow.

“Out of the night that covers me,” He calls. “Black as the pit from pole to pole.”

Silence reigns for a moment before a voice calls out of that shadow.

“I thank whatever gods may be…”

Berengar starts, his hand on the hilt of his weapon.

“…For my unconquerable soul.”

Spero finishes, a green glow reflected in his helmet.

But they’re not alone, as behind them walks Gameboy, who they saved from Manson and Forever just one week ago.

“Thank you.” Redwing says to Gameboy, referring to their mission from Yahweh.

Berengar regards his former Vindicator allies with a raised eyebrow.

“We refused to bow to Yahweh, or to any god for that matter.” He exchanges a glance with Spero. “But in doing so, we forgot who…”

Spero cuts in.

“He’s trying to say that we’re sorry for forsaking our bonds.” He looks to Gameboy. “All of them, in life and in death.”

Berengar picks back up.

“Yahweh has his flaws, but he’s the only god we see who has the right of it.”

He draws Vigilkeeper.

“So I lay my sword at his feet, to serve him in this conflict.”

Spero holds out his ring, a blue glow emanating.

“And my Ring.”

Redwing allows a grim grin and a nod to Gameboy, their mission having been fulfilled.

“It’s time we used our continue.” Gameboy adds. “The Vindicators reunited!”


Berengar has his head low.

“That name represents failure. Death. We will not bear our cross before all this time. We are a force rising to shine light where there is none.”

The four of them stand for a moment in silent contemplation.

“Shadow Force.”

They all turn to face Darkwish, who shrugs at his own suggestion. Berengar nods with an understanding grin.

“Fitting.” Redwing says, seemingly agreeing.

The others nod before Spero cuts in.

“Well then, Shadow Force, we’ve got business to attend to tonight.”



Tonight, two representatives of Yahweh’s Army will do battle as it’s Luther Creed doing battle with D’Von Chambers!

The bell sounds as these two men move to the center of the ring. Chambers extends a meaty hand to which Creed quickly slaps as a sign of respect before circling around the ring. The two meet in the center of the ring with a lock-up. Chambers gets the better with a strength advantage, but Creed slides out of his grasp around his back. He tries to lift up Chambers for a German suplex, but D’Von’s weight is just too much! Chambers rears back before nailing Creed with an elbow! He staggers backwards clutching his face as Chambers whips him into the ropes.

Luther Creed rebounds off before getting caught by a huge spear from Chambers! The Bishop grabs the hand of Creed before twisting it around his back in a wristlock. Creed reaches out for the ropes and begins dragging himself towards it. However, the weight of Chambers sitting on his back is too much as he can’t quite get there! Creed manages to push off the mat and roll Chambers over. Creed scurries to his feet as Chambers rises to his. The Voice of the Voiceless rushes forward before nailing a running knee strike! He slips around and hooks the waist…

BY ANY MEANS… but he still can’t lift up D’Von! Luther Creed kicks D’Von in the midsection before hitting the ropes. He rebounds and leaps! But Chambers catches him with a Black Hole Slam! Creed’s body doubles over as he slams down into the mat. Chambers covers! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Creed gets a shoulder up. Chambers grabs Creed up to his feet and pulls him between his legs. He lifts him up over his shoulders in a crucifix position before twisting and slamming Creed down into the mat! THE PASTOR’S PLUNGE! Chambers covers him and hooks the legs! One…TWO…THREEE!

D’Von Chambers manages to get a win over the leader of the revolution here tonight as he rises to his feet with a grin.


The Bunker of the Revolution, Earlier

Luther Creed walks the halls, having spent a late night solidifying defenses and creating more thorough screening practices for new inductees. He says little, yawning as he goes to turn in for the night. As he passes through, a flickering light catches his eye.

The room of origin? Quinn’s Office.

He quietly sneaks towards the door, using a caution he isn’t quite sure why he’s using, he pushes open the slightly ajar door.

And he steps from sanity to madness.

The once nice, pristine office is coated wall to floor with papers. Documents ranging from stuff about undead rasing to the kid’s obituary stuck around. There’s a few monitors around the desk, showing sights of people past. Danvers entrance to OSW, Cael’s escape from the mad doctor’s grasp, and the grainy security footage of the night sit paused.

Quinn sits at the desk, notes scattered around his slumped form. Creed almost charges forward, thinking something happened to his friend. But as he does, he’s interrupted by a loud, ugly snore. He pauses, nearly laughing aloud at his rushed actions to his friend.

He clicks off the monitors, shuting off the buzzing hum for him to rest. Before he turns to leave, he writes down a note, before turning and letting Quinn get his rest. As he shuts the door, we’re left to wonder though.

What did he write down?


Two vigilantes go head to head tonight but can the Red Knight prove his methods are superior or will Vengeance put him down and out?

The bell sounds as Vengeance rushes forward, drilling an unsuspecting Redwing with a big elbow to the jaw, stunning the hero before a massive headbutt sends him staggering into the corner. Redwing is dazed in the corner as another elbow, this time of the running variety drives him back into the steel before Vengeance begins unleashing the stiff SHOTGUN BLAST chops. The Red Knight’s armor does protect from the worst but they still sting as Vengeance grabs him around the waist before delivering a massive Belly to Belly Suplex.

Redwing slowly rises to his feet as Vengeance rushes forward, the Big Boot just missing as Redwing grabs Vengeance from behind, INVERTED BACKBREAKER! Vengeance stumbles to his feet right into an elbow to the jaw before Redwing grabs him by the arm, spinning him around into GODWATCH! The Ripcord Knee hits flush, Vengeance is out on his feet as Redwing double underhooks him before driving him down into the canvas with RETURN TO ARKHAM! A great combination move by Redwing who quickly covers for the first fall of the contest.

ONE….TWO….Vengeance just kicks out but he’s not allowed to recover as the Red Knight pulls him to his feet, lifting him up high, possibly looking for the Red Justice Brainbuster but Vengeance gets a desperation knee to the temple, forcing Redwing to drop him as Vengeance delivers a stiff knee to the gut, SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE! The Package Powerbomb hits as Vengeance stays down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Redwing just gets the shoulder up! Vengeance backs up as Redwing slowly stumbles to his feet, Vengeance rushing forward, 10-7…Misses as Redwing quickly grabs Vengeance by the head, using his momentum to deliver the bulldog into the nearby turnbuckles. THE KILLING JOKE! Redwing collapses upon Vengeance, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Redwing picks up another hard fought victory here tonight, continuing his new found sense of strength and purpose over the last few weeks


We find D’Von Chambers seated alone. His head bowed and eyes closed. In his hands he holds a bible, open as part of his nightly routine. Even as he sits in silence, he can feel the presence shifting. Then, his ears hear the telltale sound.


Presence comes to fruition. The Scarecrow stands before him. D’Von opens his eyes, not looking in the least bit surprised.

“Most people use the door, brother.”

The final word drips with thinly veiled sarcasm that hangs in the air for a moment before Scarecrow breaks the tense silence.

“Where does your allegiance lie, Chambers?”

D’Von stands at the question, facing Scarecrow face to face.

“Why does that concern you now? Are you laying claim to my loyalty? You feel like coming in and ordering me around? My allegiance lies in the same place as yours. But why should I trust you?”

Silence for a moment. Scarecrow doesn’t bite at the bait. Instead, he turns Chambers own words towards his true point for meeting him.

“Why should you trust anybody? How well do you trust Gameboy? Surely you know that by now he has turned his allegiances to old allies. How do you feel about sharing your alliance with him to another group? What’s to stop him turning on us in favour of them. Tread weary, for you cannot walk this alone.”

Chambers is silent, mulling over the words of the Crow. He runs a hand through his hair.

“Gameboy is loyal. I trust him… Of course I do.”

“Yet you don’t sound convinced. If your loyalty is truly in Yahweh then you will heed his words when he says that I was created for this purpose. We are in this walk together. As for Gameboy…”

Chambers turns away from the Scarecrow, away from the words in his ear. But it does not stop the Scarecrow from uttering the end of the sentence.

“…His loyalty remains to be seen.”


The words hang in the air as the lights cut. When they return, Scarecrow is gone.



Tonight it’s true evil combating heroism with Isaac Danvers stepping into the ring with Spero!

The bell sounds as Danvers lunges forward with his arms trying to grab the helmeted head of The Blue Lantern! Spero, using his quickness, ducks his arms and springs from the second rope with a springboard armdrag! Danvers hits the mat before rolling back to his feet. Spero hits the ropes again and leaps for a hurricanrana, but Danvers manages to catch him there! He rushes towards the corner and releases him into a falling release bucklebomb as Spero slams into the corner! Spero slams down to the mat as Isaac Danvers slowly rises to his feet with his soulless eyes focused on The Lantern!

Isaac Danvers steps towards Spero and grabs his helmet. Danvers lifts him up and slams him back into the corner. He reaches towards the ribs of Spero and digs his fingers in! Spero begins flailing with rights and lefts trying to loosen Danvers’ grip. He doesn’t release it for a few moments before raking his fingers along the ribs in fierce manner! Spero flinches harshly as his hands clutch at his ribs! Danvers staggers backwards shaking away the shots he allowed to happen. Spero moves out of the corner, but his speed is greatly reduced as his hand is clutching his midsection.

Spero throws a high kick that catches Danvers on the side of his head as he falls into the ropes where his arms are held. Spero begins driving vicious rights and lefts before the referee pulls him away. The referee frees Danvers. Spero moves back towards him, but Danvers cracks him with a big boot to the chest! Spero clutches at his ribs in pain as Danvers rights himself. Danvers grabs the throat of Spero, but Spero nails a jawbreaker to stop that! Spero dips behind him and leaps into the air for an inverted frankensteiner! ETERNAL SPRING! Spero covers him! ONE…TWO…THREE!

The Blue Lantern rises to his feet with his blue lantern light rising above him as he punches the air in celebration.


Some time ago…

Elijah Creed, still a young man, tosses and turns in his bed. Nightmares plague his mind.


Male and female, mightier than any he had ever witnessed, rush towards one another as if a painting from antiquity brought to life. This clash of the titans rages on, the world around them beginning to burn as small figures scurry away in fear.

But standing to the side of this war is the same man from last week, still shrouded in shadow. He shakes his head, and turns towards us.

Towards Elijah Creed.

“This is what they crave, man.”

As the war rages on, the city in which they fight seems to suddenly start moving. Slowly, it drops towards the horizon, the gods and their war sinking into the rising tide.

“But their war gets swallowed up by the river. It all does. Everything else dies. But the river, man…”

The gods have sunk completely now, all that is left is the man and those small figures behind him. The whole scene rotates until we’re now behind those people. Regular people, living regular lives, trying to survive while the gods fight. But now they have a leader before them.

“…the river flows forever.”

The man raises his hand to quiet the people, but his words to them are meant for us.

For Elijah Creed.

“Those gods are gone! You are the heir to all they left behind. Take your family, and raise them to eternity.”

The man’s eyes meet ours, meet Elijah’s.

“Wake up.”



It’s leaders among men as it’s Eli Forever squaring off with the man from centuries prior in King Arthur!

The bell sounds as these two men of stature step towards the center of the ring. Arthur looks Forever up and down before sneering at him. Forever just shrugs and decks him! Arthur hits the mat with a thud before Forever leaps onto him and just begins driving right hands into his temple. Arthur manages to get his hands up and yank the hair of Forever long enough to gouge a finger into his eye! Forever rolls away clutching his eye as Arthur steps up to his feet with a grimace. The referee pulls Arthur away as Forever clutches his face.

Forever finally begins blinking his eye as Arthur charges him, trying to take advantage! KING’S CROSSING! But Forever seemed to have been playing a little possum too as he dodges out of the way of the shot but catches the neck of Arthur with a running neckbreaker. Forever quickly climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and begins doing a little prayer. He leaps off for a diving headbutt! THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Eli Forever quickly covers him! One…TWO…THREE-NO! Arthur barely got his foot on the bottom rope! Forever grabs Arthur up to his feet by his arm before lifting him up onto his shoulders.

HALLELU-NO! Arthur slips out of the hold before nailing a hip throw as Forever charges him! Arthur leaps onto Forever, wrapping around his head like a vice with a guillotine choke! MORDRED’S DEMISE! Forever reaches towards the ropes, but he’s a few feet away. He begins trying to rise to his feet, but Arthur cinches in the hold even tighter! Forever winces in pain before managing to get his hands between Arthur’s to separate his hands. He pulls out his hands before headbutting him! Forever headbutts him again before locking in the dragon sleeper! SLEEP TO DREAM! Arthur tries to reach the bottom rope, but he has no choice but to TAP OUT!

Eli Forever staggers to his feet clutching his neck. The referee lifts up the hand of Eli Forever who slowly lowers his hands into a praying stance.


The creak of a door welcomes us to a new scene as Vengeance steps out onto the parking lot. With his match concluded, his night was now over. However, after taking about twenty steps into the lot, Vengeance stops. He sighs as he crosses his arms.

“You can come out now.”

The voice of Vengeance is direct and not fearful. His eyes are closed as he just waits for someone or something.

A few footsteps are heard as four men step out from the shadows and approach him. Among them, Tomasso Vitale steps out with a baseball bat across the bridge of his back.

“You know why we’re here, don’tcha?”

Vengeance doesn’t respond, but he does open his eyes to look in the direction of Vitale.

“Why’d you do it? What’d Franky do to you?”

“It was a business transaction. I gave him something and he gave me something.”

V smirks as Tomasso is growing more agitated by the moment.

“You think this is a joke?! You keep killing my family, and you think I’m just going to let you get away AGAIN?!”

“Like I told you before-“

Tomasso lunges forward with a baseball bat, but Vengeance catches the bat and sideswipes him away. The other three men leap into action. One swings, but Vengeance backs up to dodge the blow before nailing a right palm strike to the nose as a crunch is heard. Another swings! But Vengeance traps the bat and yanks it from his grasp. The third steps up and catches a baseball bat right to the jaw as he falls!


Vitale strikes true with a baseball bat to the side of his head as Vengeance’s legs become jello. The other three men dogpile onto him before hooking his arms and holding him down. Vitale reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small syringe. He pops the top off before jabbing the needle into the neck of Vengeance.

Vitale leans down and spits into the face of Vengeance.

“Now, I just injected you with something veryyyy expensive. Something called Sodium Pentothal. Maybe you’ve heard of it.”

Vengeance groans.

“Truth Serum.”

“Right, now I’ve got one question that has just been burning a whole in my mind. You told me that you didn’t kill these people, yet they keep on popping up dead. So, tell me, why are you killing La Cosa Nostra?”

“I’m NOT.”

Vengeance struggles for a moment as Vitale kicks him in the side of his face before lighting a cigarette. He crouches down before breathing some smoke into his scarred face.

“Then why are they winding up DEAD, you piece of shit!”

“I only mark them. I don’t kill them. They give me information. I give them a warning mark. A warning for anyone who should meet them. They should know that these men can’t be trusted.”

Vengeance leans up to look at Vitale.

“But I don’t kill.”

Tomasso Vitale looks conflicted before looking at the three men struggling to keep him down.

“Does this shit really work? Did I just pay a fortune for table salt? I tell you what, if this works then I’ll know he’s telling the truth.”

Vitale leans down.

“Who are you?”


“No, what is your birth name?”

There’s a hesitation as the face of Vengeance begins turning red. He’s trying to fight it. He’s struggling.

“Jake Jones.”

With those words begins spoken, Vengeance fights up out of the holding and cracks all three men to the ground with the baseball bat before pointing at Tomasso Vitale who reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a pistol and aims it at Vengeance.

“If you know what’s best for you, Vitale, you’ll forget you ever heard that name. Or else…”

Vengeance begins stepping back as Vitale’s hand is shakily holding his weapon.

“…or else your daughter might be getting a visit from Uncle V.”

Vengeance disappears behind a car as Vitale drops the gun. He falls to his knees as his fingers are trembling.



The last few weeks haven’t been kind to the Void Knight but can he turn his fortunes around against his former one time ally or will he find just another Nightmare?

The bell sounds as Berenger rushes forward, taking Manson by surprise with a massive Spear, sending the Nightmare flying into the corner. Manson barely pulls himself up before the Void Knight is on him, pounding him down to the canvas with massive lefts and rights before backing up, and drilling him with a huge face wash nearly breaking Manson’s jaw with the force. Manson is dazed as Berenger pulls him to his feet, throwing him across the ring before grabbing him on the rebound and nearly driving him through the canvas with a massive Spinebuster.

The Void Knight calls for the end as he pulls Manson up to his feet once more, lifting him up high, VANQUISH…DDT! Manson just saved himself, countering the Powerbomb in mid-air with a spike DDT as he licks his lip, slightly busted open by the boot to the face before a massive smile crawls onto his face. Manson pounces on the rising Berenger, mauling at him with strikes like an animal before pulling him up to his feet, bouncing off the ropes, and WELCOMING HIM TO MANSON STREET! That massive neckbreaker drills Berenger into the canvas but Manson isn’t done.

The Nightmare pulls Berenger to his feet, drilling him with a massive headbutt before trying to hook his arms. The Void Knight slips out but an eye rake slows him down enough for Manson to rush to the ropes, bouncing off with a huge Crossbody that the Void Knight catches! Berenger throws Manson damn near out of the ring with a huge Fallaway Slam before calling for the end. Berenger pulls Manson up to his feet, tossing him across the ring before grabbing him on the rebound, VANQUISHER! The massive Powerbomb nearly drives Manson through the canvas as Berenger rolls through for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Void Knight picks up the victory here tonight, getting some measure of revenge against the Nightmare for the last few weeks and for what happened at Chain Reaction

The beginning of the end.


A cornfield. Stretching out as far as the eye can see. Deep in the maze of maise, movement can be seen. Pushing into a small clearning deep in the field, three figures appear. Isaac Danvers, King Arthur and Rain.

“Doeseth thou believe this plan will work? Nay… I am not convinced.”

The trio stop, with Rain busying himself by fussing about around the edges of the clearing. It is Danvers that speaks to his doubting partner.

“Surely. Mortal plans to slay the immortal. This, it’s biblical. It purifies, it cauterises… When one cuts off a branch, where does one put it?”

“One puteth thy branch into the fire.”

Rain comes to the side of the Hounds, a lighter in his hand and a gleam in his eye.


In the distance, the trio hear a rustling sound. Coming closer.

“He’s taken the bait.”


Rain drops the lighter to the ground, near the edges of the clearing where he had been working earlier. A large plume of fire erupts, gasoline burning quickly and alighting the entire cornfield ablaze. The trio hightail it in the opposite direction before they are caught in the fire. Once clear to safety, they only then look back to the carnage they had caused. The entire cornfield an inferno. Flames that leap higher than buildings and smoke that billows high into the air. Rain peers into the blaze even more intently than the other two.

“Did it work? Did fire kill the Crow?”

Nobody speaks, they simply watch. Sensing nothing, eventually their spirits begin to lift. Danvers claps the pair on the shoulder each.

“It think it worked…”

Then. Movement. A figure slowly and methodically pushes its way out of the inferno. Through the smoke they can see him walking. The flames that engulf him don’t seem to even bother him. He walks into the clearing and stares straight at the trio. Then, he points at them.


Rain’s voice meets no ears to hear it. Because Danvers and King Arthur have already made the executive decision to do just that. Scarecrow looks on, his hay smouldering as the trio hightail it away and back to the safety of the Tap Room.



It’s tag team action here tonight as the four members of Elysium Fields’ team are set to do battle!

Nightstick is going to start this one off, but Troy Solveig taps him on the shoulder forcefully to tag himself in. These two men come face-to-face with words being exchanged before Zander Zane flattens both of them with a huge double clothesline! Troy falls into the bottom corner turnbuckle as Zane quickly notices and leaps! RIDE THE LIGHTNING… LITERALLY! Zane pulls Troy out to the center of the ring before hooking both legs. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Troy isn’t quite put away yet! Zander quickly drags Troy towards his corner before extending a hand.

TAG! In comes Mysterion as Zander lifts up Troy with a forward suplex right onto the knee of Mysterion! The Cloaked Conundrum quickly hits the ropes as Troy staggers up to catch a running bulldog. Mysterion climbs to the top rope and leaps down as Troy rises up once more. HURRIC-NO! Troy catches him in mid-air before nailing a standing powerbomb! Troy and Mysterion are both down for a few seconds. Both men begin to crawl towards their corner, but Troy stops, glaring at Nightstick, before turning back towards Mysterion. Mysterion leaps out, but Troy hooks his leg to prevent the tag. Troy yanks him up before hooking him for… NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Troy has him pinned! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Mysterion begins crawling for his partner once more as Troy grabs his leg. Leg whip catches Troy right in the side of his head! Mysterion leaps forward and tags out! TAG! Zander Zane comes in like a firecracker as he nails a running clothesline followed by a back thrust kick, knife-edged chop, and a roundhouse kick! Troy falls to the mat as Zander Zane rushes towards Nightstick and cracks him with a dropkick! He rushes back to Troy before kicking him in the midsection and nailing a… MIC CHECK! The stunner connects as Zander covers! ONE…TWO…THREEE!

Mysterion rushes into the ring with Zander Zane as the two villains look at one another before celebrating their victory together.


David Manson walks down a hallway, flanked by two of the Nightmare Family. He’s in mid-conversation with one of them.

“Don’t kill the bitch.” He orders. “I will personally gut any man who lays a fucking finger on her.”

His flunky turns to take a different path, but stops quickly.

His feet are frozen to the ground, bathed in blue light.


“The fuck?” Manson asks, being quickly cut off.

A sword is held to his throat.


Out of nowhere, several more of the Family rush in to save Manson, but the Shadows were full with their Force as Redwing, Darkwish, and Gameboy appear from nowhere to keep the thugs at bay.

Shadow Force is here, and they mean business.

“We told you, Manson. “Berengar begins. “Forever’s mother remains unharmed. Whatever your dark desires, they will not include innocents.”

Manson spits on Vigilkeeper.

“Fuck you. Nobody’s innocent.”

“Where is Eli Forever?” Spero asks, a new line of questioning. “For a man you hold hostage, you allow him much freedom.”

“There is a sinister scent in the air, Manson.” Berengar’s blade barely notching into Manson’s beard and neck. “Your betrayal will not go unpunished. By us, or by him.”

Manson laughs, raising his head as if daring Berengar to let his stroke fly.

“I knew Forever was my bitch, but I didn’t realize you two wanted to suck my dick too.” He spits again. “If I can’t be the Champ, then you fuckers sure as hell ain’t. You think you want this Nightmare? I’ll fuck your world up worse than I did Eli.”

Spero laughs.

“Got what we need?” He asks.

Manson’s eyes widen as he realizes his flunky has had the crap beaten out him by Darkwish. The rookie nods to Spero, wiping blood from his cheek. Berengar nods to Manson, backing up with a tight grin on his face.

“You talk too much, Manson.”

Shadow Force gathers together as Spero points at the Nightmare.

“Watch your back, Manson.”

The lights go out in that moment, and when they come back on all we’re left with is a brief green glow illuminating Manson and his Family. He looks down at the injured flunky, kicking him in the gut and grabbing him by the hair.

“Find that son of a bitch, Eli.”



In the ring stands the entity who resides where your eyes don’t go, and the man whose eyes go where no one else’s can! It’s The Scarecrow and Rain, preparing for battle!

The bell rings, and the two competitors circle each other. Neither wanting to give an inch, the two eventually lock up! The Scarecrow wins that lock up and shoves Rain to the mat on his back! Rain lifts an eyebrow, reaching his feet, and the two lock up again. Rain transitions and sends his fist into Scarecrow’s gut! INVERTED RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP– NO! SCARECROW GRABS RAIN BY THE THROAT! BYE BYE BIRDIE!!!

NO!! A thumb to the eye of the Hayman causes the Scarecrow to release Rain, who springboards off of the middle rope and drops the Scarecrow with a clothesline! Scarecrow immediately raises up from the mat as Rain reaches his feet! LEG LARIAT!! Scarecrow drops and yet again raises up from the mat. Good lord, look at the power! Rain bounces off the ropes as Scarecrow reaches his feet! Leaping clothesline!! THE HAYMAKER!! A REVERSAL FROM THE SCARECROW!! Rain hits the mat! Scarecrow makes the cover!! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT BY RAIN! It will take more than that to keep OSW’s clairvoyant ghostwalker down for three counts!

Scarecrow grabs Rain by the hair and lifts him to his feet! He tosses Rain like a rag doll into the turnbuckles. ANOTHER HAYMAKER FROM SCARECROW– NO! Rain ducks underneath and escapes out of the corner. ACID RAIN!! THE BLACK MIST COVERS SCARECROW’S EYES!! Scarecrow staggers backwards, and Rain seizes the opportunity. He sends a boot into Scarecrow’s gut! BROTHER MINE! BUT NO!! Scarecrow shoves Rain away!! Rain moves forward, and SCARECROW GRABS HIM BY THE NECK! BYE BYE BIRDIE!! THE TRADEMARK CHOKESLAM!! The Scarecrow makes the cover on the fallen Rain! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

The Scarecrow has his arm raised in victory, showing everyone that he is indeed still the monster he once was with a win over the always dangerous Rain!


The local jail.

Chaos has broken out. We hear a walkie-talkie crackle on a correctional officer’s waist as he runs down a dark hallway. Several other armed officers flank him.

“Captain, Prisoner 1138 is loose!”

“No shit.” Is the response.

The Captain shakes his head, taking in the situation.

“Lethal force is authorized. I repeat…”

Static blares out at him, followed by the sound of a scream.

In the distance, one of his officers fires off a long burst.


Eerie silence.

This was not good.

Whirling on a dime, one of his flanking officers screams, emptying his clip down the hall the Captain had just entered from. The Captain staggers back, deafened by the sound of the weapon’s discharge.

He recovers just in time to see a small grenade no bigger than a baby’s fist roll by his feet, thick, coarse, sour smoke filling the room in just a few heartbeats.

A smoke grenade? Where the fuck did he get that?

The whole team was sucking it in, coughing it out, gagging on it.

The next few seconds were like a hallucination.

The Captain charged out of the cloying black mist down the hallways. He met a demon halfway, a looming blur of prison orange and black shadow. They fought briefly until he found his forehead slammed through the wall. Covered in his own blood, the Captain struggled to crawl, coughing and snarling. Around him he heard fighting. Gunshots. Once, he heard what might have been bones shattering.

Blindly reaching, he grabs his walkie-talkie, opening to anyone who can hear him.

“Jigsaw’s free!” He cries into the phone. “Get Redwing!”

A boot comes down to shatter the walkie-talkie into pieces, a hand reaching down to grab the Captain by the neck. A blank mask greets the terrified Captain.


“No games this time.”

The last sound the Captain would hear would be the gargling of his own blood as Jigsaw made good on his words.



Two men in the ring, both with a belt around their waist! Who’s going to walk out victorious in this clash of champions?

The bell rings and both men circle the ring looking for an opening! Gameboy thinks he sees one and rushes forward with a leaping dropkick that Newton narrowly avoids! Gameboy is quick to his feet but a boot to the gut bends him over and a snap suplex to plant him into the mat! Newton peels Gameboy up and goes for a Russian leg- elbow from Gameboy!

Newton stumbles back and Gameboy turns around! BUTTON MASHER! Three identical punches land and dazes Newton JUST LONG ENOUGH FOR THE LEVEL ONE! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK FROM GAMEBOY! Newton hits the mat and rolls outside!
Player One is ready as he goes after Newton, getting onto the apron and looking for Newton… who seems to have disappeared! Gameboy gets on the ground and looks around for the World Champion WHEN NEWTON TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A MASSIVE DROPKICK FROM BEHIND! THE RIDDLER HID UNDER THE GODDAMN RING!

Gameboy tries to get up by Newton kicks him hard in the ribs to send him sprawling across the ground! Gameboy fights to stand as Newton rolls back into the ring and retreats to the corner! Gameboy gets to his feet and rolls into the ring as Newton rushes him!

FRONT DROPKICK- NO! Gameboy leaps forward with a hell of a forearm that flattens Newton in the center of the ring! He hits the ropes! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO THE RIDDLER! Newton clutches his chest in pain as Gameboy covers him quickly!



THREE- KICKOUT! Newton forces a shoulder up much to Gameboy’s dismay! The Gamer rolls back, letting Newton begin to stand before hitting the ropes AND COMING BACK WITH A SPRINGBOARD SHOULDER BLOCK! Newton is reeling on the mat! Gameboy runs to the ropes again for another springboard as Newton reaches into his jacket!

In one swift motion as he follows through with the punch he forces his hand back into his jacket and hides the knuckles away! Newton drops down to cover the seemingly unconscious Player One!



The referee stopped counting! Newton looks up in confusion just to see Gameboy’s foot on the ropes! He’s still in this! Newton grabs the foot and tries to pull it back for another pen attempt but Gameboy grabs the ropes and pulls himself out and onto the apron! Newton rises up AND GAMEBOY DROPS DOWN WITH A HOTSHOT! NEWTON’S LEFT GASPING FOR AIR!
Gameboy rushes to the turnbuckle and climbs up from the apron! He waits for Newton to try and get to his feet before RUNNING ACROSS THE ROPES AND LEAPING WITH A FLYING KNEE TO NEWTON! Newton is taken off his feet like he’d been hit by a shotgun blast! His back slams into the nearest turnbuckle and he falls to his ass!

Gameboy runs forward with a massive boot- NEWTON ROLLS AWAY! Gameboy hits the turnbuckle and stumbles back! EYE POKE BY NEWTON! He rolls Gameboy up and grabs the tights!




Gameboy kicks out and holds on by the skin of his teeth! Newton is seething, surprised that Gameboy was able to kick out! The Rewind champ grabs the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet as Newton gets ready to capitalize! He grabs Gameboy from behind! RKO! RIDDLE KNOCKOUT! STUNNER- GAMEBOY LANDS ON HIS FEET!

Gameboy rolls up Newton but the Riddler rolls through to his feet!





Newton has come out victorious once again! The Riddler remains undefeated!


Gameboy rolls out of the ring and heads up the entrance ramp.

But Edward Newton steps directly into the center of the ring. He looks towards the entrance ramp, fully anticipating the arrival of…

Zander Zane, Mysterion, and Nightstick.

They step onto the entrance ramp, fulfilling the Champ’s expectations.

Zander Zane and Mysterion stand armed with steel chairs. Nightstick wields the very weapon he was named for.

They march towards the ring.

“Gentlemen,” Newton says. “I’ve been expecting you.”

The three men slide into the ring, surrounding him on three out of four sides.

Newton is unphased.

“No more riddles,” Zane says. “Just the three of us, introducing you to someone you should’ve met a long time ago. A bitch named Payback.”

“Mr. Zane,” exclaims Newton. “Before you introduce me to the female dog, perhaps there is time for just one more riddle. A riddle the three of you failed to solve in your little service room.”

Mysterion and Zane lift the steel chairs over their heads. Nightstick pats his billy club into his palm.

Newton clears his throat. “I’m more powerful than the gods, and I’m more evil than Noah. I hurt worse than any pain, and cause more tears than the death of a loved one. Who am I?”

“Nothing!” Mysterion screams. “The answer is nothing!”

Edward shakes his head. “No, Master Mysterion. The answer…”

Newton points to the top of the entrance ramp. The video screen queues up.

“Is betrayal.”

On The Screen at the top of the ramp:

A police dashboard cam.

A voice from the passenger’s seat says, “…but Nightstick. Why not just arrest Newton for what he did? He literally assaulted a police officer.”

“You aren’t thinking big picture rookie,” says a voice we all recognize as the police cruiser turns down an alley.

Nightstick’s voice.

“What his little scavenger hunt did for me was this: I have evidence of Zander Zane abusing illegal narcotics from that stupid little bang room of his. It has brought Mysterion closer to trusting me, and soon I will have evidence of his own crimes as well. At Over The Limit…”

A brief pause.

“We arrest them both. And then a fatal four way quickly becomes one on one.”

“Ha!” The rookie says. “Genius.”

The video stops.

Zane and Mysterion turn towards Nightstick.

Before Nightstick can defend himself,


Zander Zane and Mysterion beat the living hell out of him with their steel chairs!

As they destroy the officer in the middle of the ring, Newton has already exited it. The Riddler watches with a grin on his face as he backs up the entrance ramp.

Newton smiles, turns around to leave…

…and bumps right into Troy Solveig.

Troy tilts his head.

Newton backs away.

Solveig grabs the Champion by the throat!

Newton squirms as Solveig lifts him into the air!

But suddenly, Newton pulls his hand from his jacket pocket and drives a needle into Solveig’s neck!

Troy drops the champion and falls to the ground, clutching his chest.

Newton regains his composure, adjusts his jacket, and heads to the back.

Zander Zane and Mysterion are so busy beating Nightstick to death in the center of the ring, they don’t even notice that Newton is no longer around.

Nor do they notice Troy Solveig at the top of the entrance ramp, passed out and laying across the surface of it, convulsing.

An ugly sight for everyone in attendance.

Everyone, that is, but the OSW World Champion, who has left the scene unscathed.