Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

There’s cheers from the gallery as we appear inside a courthouse.

Redmond Quinn stands in the dock, released today on bail as his family celebrate the good news. He steps down, embracing them as he walks towards the door.

But in his way? Nightstick.

“This is just the beginning, kid,” The Cop gruffly complaints. “The evidence is stacking up against you. We’ve found letters Creed wrote to a confidant expressing fear for his life. He knew someone was coming to kill him; he knew it.”

Quinn shakes his head. “Do you know why I was released on bail, Nightstick? It’s because the evidence is circumstantial. You told me last week that I’d never see you again, but here I am. Wolfgang told me I’d never be a free man, but here I am.”

He steps forward.

“Here… I…. am.”

The Cop clenches his fist, struggling not to lash out.

“I’ve tried everything to get Creed back,” he laments. “I asked Danvers to bring him back from the dead and I begged Rain to speak with him and find out who his murderer is.”

Nightstick shakes his head. “All a clever ploy to make yourself look innocent. I bet no-one was happier that neither could do their job.”

That angers The Teacher.

“You don’t have to believe me,” he bellows. “None of you do. I’ve been looking in the wrong places for the wrong answers. That stops today.”

He pushes past Nightstick and heads towards the door, stopping to turn to him for a moment.

“I’ll find out who killed my best friend, come hell or high water and believe me, if it turns out that it was you – I’ll see justice dealt.”

“Me?” Nightstick queries.

But Quinn doesn’t answer, he simply pushes open the doors and walks away.



It’s a battle of gamers here tonight. Game shows verses video games. Who will come out on top?

The two men go in quickly for a collar and elbow tie up. Monty Straight quickly slips behind Gameboy. Release German Suplex! No! Gameboy lands on his feet. LEVEL ONE! The Superkick lands flush on Straight! Player One leaps to the ropes, springboarding off for the moonsault! BUT MONTY GETS HIS KNEES UP! The Straight Shooter goes to work, flipping the stunned Game-O into a guillotine choke, wrapping his legs around and cinching it in. But Gameboy’s ring awareness was too high! He’s got the ropes! The two men reset up to a vertical base, realization hitting them that this is going to be a fast paced endeavor.

They rush towards one another, Gameboy looking for another lock up, but Straight has other ideas. Dropkick! Player One falls back to the ropes, trying to grab some momentum, but he runs straight into a back body drop! The Deal Maker rushes to capitalize, grabbing Gameboy’s legs for a Boston Crab. Before he can turn his opponent, Game-O shakes a leg free, kicking Straight to create separation. MAX POWAH!! Gameboy kips up into a flash kick, taking Straight down. He turns to the crowd to pump his fists, but Straight wasn’t done yet! The Straight Shooter grabs Gameboy for the German suplex once more, but Gameboy elbows out!

Monty Straight rushes back in with a head of steam, leaping at the turning Gameboy. DEAL BREAKER! NO! Gameboy has the ropes! Somehow Straight gets his hands and feet down to get back to a vertical base! LEVEL ONE SUPERKICK FROM GAMEBOY! It strikes flush, sending the Deal Maker to the mat. Wasting no time, Player One uses the ropes to build momentum, coming in hot at his opponent with the running shooting star press. But he doesn’t see Straight playing possum! THE RESET… STRAIGHT LEAPS UP AND CATCHES HIM MID FLIP! DEAL BREAKER OFF THE SHOOTING STAR! Straight hooks the far leg, going for the pinfall. ONE… TWO… THREE!!

Monty Straight has emerged victorious here tonight over a very game Gameboy! He took advantage of Gameboy’s flashy nature to grab the win tonight.


After the match’s conclusion, Monty Straight walks up the entrance ramp when Khalil Longfellow stumbles out.

Monty’s eye twinkles as he sees Longfellow stumbling and swaying. Not drunk, no.

Something worse than that.

Khalil grabs Straight by the collar of his jacket with both fists.

“What have you done to me!?!”

Monty laughs, “I take it you signed the contract?”

“Yes. I did,” Khalil states, wincing. “What of it?”

Monty makes sure. “You signed it with the golden pen?”

“I did,” Longfellow answers.

Is that a sadistic smile that spreads across Monty’s face?

Monty can’t hide it, whatever kind of smile it is. “Then what happened?”

“It burned up in my hand.”

Monty shoves Khalil to the ground. “It is funny, in a way, my friend. We often think of the soul as this immaterial thing that just exists in some abstract correlation with the body. Surely, a poet can conceive of a soul in many other forms with his creativity. I believe entire ballads could be written about the soul as an ordinary object, destroyed by the very man it belonged to.”

Khalil shakes his head in disbelief. No, denial. Pure denial. “Impossible!”

Monty beams with delight. “For me, pal? Nothing is impossible. See, that pen? That beautiful, golden pen? It held the very last piece of your soul.”

Monty’s eyes twinkle like a star. Distant, lightyears and lightyears away, giant orbs of burning fire.

“And you burned it away,” Monty concludes.

Khalil shakes as he stands to his feet. “You have made me a soulless man?”

“Not I,” Monty says. “You.”

“Perhaps then,” Khalil says through his trembling lips. “I am no man of knowledge after all. Because I thought a soulless life was apt for nothing, yet here I am, desire burning in my heart still. I must neither be a great poet, for this feels like no ballad at all, Straight. It feels much more like a haiku.”

“Oh?” Monty asks, eyebrows raised.

Khalil begins, taking off his jacket. “My soul means nothing.”

Khalil laughs, almost maniacally, sticking his hands in his pockets. “All that matters now? Is rage.”

Khalil smiles.

The man has snapped.

Truly snapped.

Khalil’s smile turns to a psychopathic, wide eyed frown. “I’m going to kill you.”

Khalil draws a letter opener from his pocket and stabs it into Monty Straight’s neck.

Blood squirts out. Monty’s shocked! He grasps at the letter opener and pulls it out of his neck.

Then, he disappears.

Khalil knows Monty won’t die that easy.

It doesn’t matter to him. In the scorched earth of Khalil’s soulless heart, a thousand fires burn.

And they always will burn.



Tomasso Vitale takes on Spero tonight in a battle between two men who have tasted loss.

The bell rings and Vitale charges towards Spero! Forearm across Spero’s jaw, and Spero crumples into his corner! Just like that, Vitale takes charge with a series of jabs and hooks! Left, right, left, right, left, right, left! Uppercut! RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Spero skids across the mat damn near into the opposite set of turnbuckles! Tomasso helps Spero to his feet, just to toss him outside of the ring! Tomasso turns his back to the ropes and gloats to the audience, feeling he has this one in the bag.

…but Spero held onto the ropes! He pulls himself back up and over the top rope back into the ring! Tomasso has no fucking idea. Tomasso turns around right into a FLURRY OF KICKS FROM SPERO!! Left kick to the shin, right to the midsection, left to the side, spinning right to Vitale’s jaw! That drops Tomasso! STANDING 450 SPLASH FROM SPERO!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Spero makes the cover!!! ONE! TWO! NOOOOO!!! Vitale kicks out just in time! Spero stands to his feet and leaps onto the nearby top turnbuckle! He turns around and positions himself!

But Tomasso has reached his feet! He leaps onto the middle turnbuckle and climbs to the top! He wraps Spero up!! TOP ROPE FUCKING EXPLODER SUPLEX!!! GOD DAMN! Vitale makes the cover!!! BUT SPERO REVERSES INTO A SMALL PACKAGE CRADLE!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! TH–NO!!! Tomasso kicks out! Spero reaches his feet! Vitale kips up! THE KICK UP!!! SUPERKICK!!! Spero hits the mat like a hopeless sack of taters!!! Vitale seizes the moment! SLEEP WITH FISHES!!! THE DRAGON SLEEPER!!! SPERO FIGHTS BUT HE HAS NO CHOICE!!! HE TAPS OUT!!!

Tomasso Vitale picks up a big time win over Spero, one of the pure good guys of OSW and a great competitor in his own right!


In the middle of the Shadowforce lair, Gameboy has every reason to feel safe. He sits a desk with his feet up, the VHS Championship draped over his shoulder.

It’s comfortable.

Only when that sound occurs, it rightfully sends a shiver down his spine.


He immediately jumps up, coming face to chest with The Scarecrow.

“I need from you something of great importance,” The Hayman says stoically. Gameboy tilts his head, trying to figure out what. “The VHS Championship.”

The Gamer grasps it tightly.

“You’ll have to fight me for it, Scarecrow,” he bravely refuses.

The Monster looks at him carefully.

“You don’t understand,” he explains. “Your Championship forms part of a key that Yahweh needs to ensure the safety of humanity once the completion of this war is over. Should his fight with Odin be unprotected, the casualties will be insurmountable.”

Gameboy gulps. “Yahweh sent you?”

The Scarecrow nods. Gameboy slowly takes the title from his shoulder and cautiously hands it over to The Hayman.

“I swore an allegiance to Yahweh that I don’t intend to betray,” he notes with a nod of the head.

The Monster nods back, slowly beginning to walk away.

Only Gameboy calls him back.

“If there’s anything Shadowforce can do to help, let me know. We have your back.”

The Scarecrow stops.

“Actually, there is one thing you could assist me with.”




In an undisclosed warehouse, the lights flicker ominously across boxes and boxes lined in storage. The halls are uninhabited for the most part. But a single, strong light takes view, from a flashlight on the floor, telling a disturbing tale.

A body, crumpled and leaned up against a nearby set of crates.

One crate pulled haphazardly off of the storage shelf and laid bare.

And a green glowing crowbar pulling open the lid, held by Intrepid. He spends little time cracking open the lid, showing the contents to himself and the world. A suit, filled with shattered glass, bones, and space dust.

A victim of the rampage of Jacen Novan.

The Lost Cosmonaut.

Intrepid however, barely notices the bones of a dead man inside. Reaching into a pocket, he pulls out a vial and scoops down into the dust surrounding the skeleton. Filling the vial whole, he stuffs it into a pocket. But it was too late, he noticed the sounds of an engine behind him.

Intrepid barely pulls up a green light shield as a forklift slams him into the row of crates, the metal prongs easily breaking through the shield. From the controls, a voice growls out from beneath a familiar blue mask.

“My ring Intrepid. Now!”

The green reporter struggles to free himself, arguing out to his betrayed ally.

“I can’t. It’s my world Spero. I can’t just leave it to die!”

“It’s too late,” he replies, malice and pity in his voice, “They can’t be beaten.”

“Maybe not with brute force. But I can’t not try. A clever mouse can always outwit a set of cats. Because sometimes the cat forgets that rock beats scissors.”

Spero cocks his head out of confusion, only to flinch as a gigantic green rock emerges out from Intrepid’s ring. He brings it down repeatedly, attempting to crush the forklift and sending Spero rolling out from it. The hero turns, only to see glass fall as Intrepid once again slips away into the night. Turning to the window, he speaks.

“You may think you have the advantage, but I’ll corner you so far. There’s only so many places a mouse can hide from a cat.”


It’s a big match here tonight between Redmond Quinn and Longfellow as we’re on the Road to Ring of Dreams!

The bell sounds as these two collide with fierce lefts and rights! Redmond rakes the eyes of Longfellow before spinning him around. He hits a snapmare into a chinlock. He wrenches on the hold before Longfellow manages to worm his hand between Quinn’s to get some leverage. He begins slowly powering up out of the hold as he makes his way to his feet. Quinn drives a knee into the back of Longfellow followed by a quick German suplex into a bridge! One…TWO…KICKOUT! Kahlil isn’t going down that easily! Quinn grabs Longfellow by the hair, but The Wandering Poet drives a knee into his midsection followed by a quick chokeslam!

Longfellow staggers back to his feet before climbing through the ropes. Quinn staggers to his feet as Longfellow launches himself through the top and second rope! DOT YOUR EYES! The lawn dart nails The Tutor as he’s slammed down into the mat. Longfellow hooks his legs! One…TWO…TH-NO! Quinn manages to get his foot on the bottom rope to prevent the loss. Kahlil grabs Quinn by his ear and lifts him up to his feet before sending him into the ropes. Quinn catches himself there as Longfellow charges after him. He’s lifted onto the apron!

Redmond Quinn staggers away from the ropes as Longfellow grabs the second rope and lunges himself through the ropes once again! DOT YOU- ROUNDHOUSE! The roundhouse from Quinn caught Longfellow right in midair as he slumps to the ground in a heap! The Tutor begins drilling boots into his opponent before quickly grabbing the arms of Longfellow and bending himself over into… THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT! The Cattle Mutilation is in full effect as Longfellow is crying out in pain. He begins inching towards the ropes, and he gets his foot on the bottom rope! The referee breaks up the hold, but Quinn is blindsided by a roll-up! ONE…TWO…THREE?!

Longfellow managed to steal one here tonight as he rolls out of the ring to avoid the altercation coming from an incensed Redmond Quinn!


Previously Recorded.

The Nightmare on the Hill looms in the distance as a throng of people approach it.

Gazing down into the River, Eli Forever stands flanked by Judah and Rose. Once a calm flowing body of water, it’s now littered with the refuse of David Manson’s Nightmare.


Mutilated bodies float down the River, their blood staining the clear water.

“He’s purged those still loyal to you, Brother.” Rose says, sadness in her tone.

Eli merely nods, looking up towards the place that was once his home. He walks through his congregation to take the lead. As they walk up the road towards the gate, Eli confers with Judah.

“Leave none alive. If they’ve killed ours, then it makes our job easier. We’ll finish this right now.”

As they reach the gate, he turns to everyone.

“Kill all you see. But David Manson is mine.”

Just as Judah reaches for the gate, it swings open. The Forever congregation squares up, but they are not greeted with war.

The bloody faced acolytes of David Manson stand assembled behind the gate, but they are not moving. Their eyes locked on Eli, they slowly part to form a path. One tries to open it’s mouth, but only blood spills out. Ahead of them, straight down the way, the door to Eli’s former pulpit is open.

David Manson is waiting.

Eli nods to his family, walking into the belly of the beast. He walks past shattered buildings, remnants of Spero’s assault, and steps over dead bodies, a reminder of Manson’s cruelty, before coming to the door.

As he steps into it, the door shuts behind him.

The congregation rushes the acolytes, war beginning to unfold.

But the battle inside is the most important.

To be continued…


The Bat God’s Prophet returns to VHS one last time at his masters behest but one man stands in his way. Will Barbatos be proud of his vessel or will the Heir Eternal plunge his hopes and dreams into the deep river below?

The bell sounds as Graves rushes forward, surprising Eli with a flurry of lefts and rights before a savage headbutt staggers Forever back. Graves delivers a stiff kick to the gut before double underhooking him and suplexing Eli clean across the ring. Forever slowly pulls himself up in the corner right as Graves rushes forward with a rib crushing spear that damn nearly cuts Eli in half. Eli drops down to the mat, as Graves backs up for a moment, CANNONBALL SPLASH! Graves came down with all his weight down on Eli’s face, that may well have knocked Forever out right there.

Graves pulls Eli out of the corner, nailing him in the jaw with a stiff knee before lifting him up onto his shoulders, DEVESTATOR…NO! Graves tried for the Shock Treatment but Eli manages to slip down his back, nailing Graves with a neckbreaker as he fell to the mat. Graves slowly rises up as Eli quickly rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with THE ATONEMENT! The massive knee crushes Graves jaw as Eli pulls him up to his feet, hoisting him up onto his shoulders as he tries to spin out but Graves lands on his feet.

RED DEATH! Graves drops Eli on the back of his head with that Snap Dragon but Eli isn’t down completely, dazed on his knees as Graves lifts him up before nearly breaking his frigging neck with a stiff Impaler DDT! Graves calls for the end as he patiently waits for Eli to slowly stumble to his feet…ELI WAS PLAYING POSSUM! Forever trips Graves up, quickly locking him into a Boston Crab before bending backwards and fully locking in CONFESSION AT THE ALTAR! Graves tries to fight out but the pain is too much as he’s forced to tap out!

The Heir Eternal does it, weathering the destructive force of Graves before using his veteran instincts to grab the victory from out of nowhere here tonight.


Stood in the middle of one of his newly owned buildings, Redmond Quinn is surrounded by men and women that once followed Luther Creed.

He proudly stands before them, requesting their help.

“Luther Creed fought the law,” Quinn states ominously. “And Luther Creed won.”

Quinn nods with pride.

“But I believe it cost him his life.”

Everyone seems surprised by that.

One man in particular pipes up. He’s older, mid-fifties, with dark grey hair to match his dark skin and complexion.

“What’re you trying to say, boy?”

Quinn walks over to the man, standing before him.

“The police are accusing me of the murder of Luther Creed,” he admits. “But this whole scenario fits just a little too nicely for Nightstick. With me out of the way, he retains his OSW World Championship.”

There’s murmurs.

“And there’s NO Ring of Dreams Main Event.”

That causes a little bit more of a stir.

“Now, Nightstick says that Creed was fearing for his life in secret before the end. I need to know why. I need to know who he was conversing with.”

After a pause, a hand is surprisingly raised.

It belongs to a young man, no more than fourteen. He seems somewhat sheepish as Quinn approaches, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You don’t have to be afraid,” Quinn assures him.

“I’m not,” the young man assures him. “I just don’t know who I can trust.”

Redmond takes off his classes. “You can trust me,” he promises.



Gameboy sits in his locker room.

His head is buried in his hands.

Perfectly still.

Is he… frozen?

Mysterion steps into the locker room.

Gameboy doesn’t move.

Yep. Frozen.

“Gameboy, these new powers of mine. I realized. I need to… Test them. Find out their limits, as it were. Or, more precisely, my limits.”

Mysterion winks, “Because… They are my powers, aren’t they?”

Gameboy sits frozen.

Mysterion extends his hand towards Player One.

Gameboy’s head rises up.

Mysterion raises his hand up towards the ceiling and back to the floor.

Gameboy nods his head as Mysterion does so.

“Tonight, I face Nightstick! A man who STOLE EVERYTHING from me by winning that fatal four way months ago.”

Gameboy is rendered incapable of pointing out the irony of Mysterion’s complaint.

“The man professes to be a cop, but he’s a cheater and a rapscallion! So tonight, I’m going to have you help me even the odds against him. You’re going to be my secret weapon, Gameboy.”

Mysterion looks at the frozen Gameboy with a lifted eyebrow.

“Do you mind? Helping me beat the World Champion, I mean.”

Mysterion’s hand goes up and down.

Gameboy nods along with it.

“Good,” the villain replies.

Mysterion claps and points to the ground.

Gameboy falls to his hands and knees on the floor.

Mysterion chuckles and hops on Gameboy’s back. “But first, you’ll be my little pony. Take me to the ring!”

Player One crawls out of the locker room with Mysterion sitting on his back.

When they finally leave gorilla position and step onto the entrance ramp, the chorus of boos couldn’t be louder.

But Mysterion soaks in it, fueled by hatred.

Gameboy, on the other hand, continues doing as Mysterion commands him to.


With Gameboy standing outside the ring like Mysterion’s own personal robot, the villain takes on the cop in a match where both men still have scores to settle.

The bell rings and Mysterion lounges in his corner. Nightstick cocks an eyebrow, then moves in on the cockier Mysterion, when Nightstick is NAILED FROM BEHIND WITH A LOWBLOW! GAMEBOY!!! Gameboy suddenly stands up and dropkick Nightstick in the back of the knee!!! Mysterion laughs, whipping out a joystick from behind his back. WHAT THE FUCK!?! Mysterion is using Gameboy like he’s a GOD DAMN ITALIAN PLUMBER!!! GAMEBOY WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF NIGHTSTICK’S HEAD!!!

Mysterion yawns and smiles as he forces Gameboy to lay the boots into Nightstick’s lower back. The cop’s spleen and kidneys taking an absolute beating at the end of Gameboy’s foot. Nightstick takes the stomps as he crawls painstakingly towards the ropes and pulls himself up. ANOTHER LOWBLOW– NO! A KNEE TO GAMEBOY’S FACE!!! “Sorry, kid!” The officer says. He tosses Gameboy like a rag doll out of the ring! He marches over to Mysterion and punches him in the jaw, ripping the joystick out of Mysterion’s hand and throwing it to the ground. Nightstick stomps it, breaking the joystick into pieces.

But suddenly, time stops…

…and then REVERSES. WE REWIND ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE MISSED LOWBLOW! Nightstick with a knee to Gameboy’s face! NO!! This time he dodges!!! Gameboy stands up! He sends a boot to Nightstick’s gut! FAMOUSER!!! Gameboy stands to his feet! STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!! Gameboy robotically reaches his feet, this time bringing Nightstick up to his own two feet alongside him! PUNCH OF DOOM!!! MYSTERION OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE PUNCH OF DOOM!!! MYSTERION MAKES THE COVER!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!!!

Mysterion, with sheer genius and villainry, topples the OSW Champion here tonight, his arm raised high in victory.



“God, what the fuck happened here?”

Beer bottles, pizza boxes, and various other party debris lay across the once-clean floor of the recording studio. Tomasso Vitale looks amongst the filth with his nose turned up. As two of his assistants look at room before giving a sigh.

“It’s always like that here. The guy never stops partying.”

“Well, whatever the case maybe, let’s make sure we hire a maid service to tend to this sty ASAP, understood?” One of the men nods before stepping out of the room. “And you, go find Zander.” The other man leaves on a mission.

Tomasso Vitale walks over to a table in the meeting room area before clearing a few bottles off the table. It’s then that Alred, Zander Zane’s accountant steps into the room with a folder underneath his arm. Vitale grins and welcomes him with a firm handshake.

“So glad you could join us, Alfred. I trust you looked over everything in the contract and it all checks out?”

Alfred sets the folder onto the table and begins spreading out the pages before marking certain areas.

“Yes, it all seems standard and acceptable. All we lack now is Zander’s signature, and we’ll be good to go.”

The door opens to this room once more as Zander Zane enters with one of Vitale’s associates. Zander approaches Vitale with his arms open.

“V-Town! What’s going on?! Why are you here so early?”

Tomasso looks at his watch showing 10:34 A.M. before just smiling and accepting the embrace as the smell quickly turns his nose upwards. Vitale coughs.

“Did… did you have fun last night, Zandy?”

“Of course, it was a hell of a time. You should have been here! We hired a group of contortionists to come put on a show, and let me tell you that they did not disappoint in the after show, if you know what I mean!”

“Wow, the life you lead astounds me, Zandy. Now, to more pressing matters…” Vitale walks over to the papers and picks a pen from out of his breast pocket of his suit.

“All we need to finalize your deal is your John Hancock.”

Zander Zane seems oddly hesitant as he walks over to Vitale, takes a seat, and takes the pen into his fingers. He twirls it around his hand for a moment before turning to Alfred.

“Alfie, you read through all of this? Everything seems okay? I get all of my necessary components for my normal contracts? Plus 70/30 on profits?”

Vitale clears his throat.

“I believe you mean 60/40, Zandy. I did save your life after all.”

Zander Zane looks at Vitale who gives him a smile.

“Right, but without me, you’re not getting a penny.”

The two share a look for a moment before Zander just smiles and swats Vitale on the ass.

“I’m kidding! 60/40 is fine as long as you pay for any party expenses that happen here at ZZ TV Studios.”

“Deal.” Vitale says without a delay.

Zander Zane reaches down and begins to sign the contracts. He winks at Alfred.

“I’m glad you’re here to make sure everything is okay, Alfie.”

A single bead of sweat falls down the face of Alfred as he quickly wipes it away.

Zane slams the pen down.

“Alright! It looks like it’s all signed! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m very curious to see what the capabilities of a contortionist are in the morning!”

He skips out of the room as Vitale gives Alfread a knowing glance before closing the contract shut within the folder.



It’s a tag team match with not-so-friendly tag team partners!

The bell sounds as it’s King Arthur starting off against Rain! They lock up in the center of the ring before Rain hits an armdrag. He hooks the arm of Arthur turning the hold into a crossface chickenwing! Rain is squeezing the life out of The Lich King, but Berengar is just watching with a little glee. King Arthur manages to keep rolling until he reaches the ropes. He grabs the bottom rope as Rain is forced to relinquish the hold. He rolls to his feet with a grin before he turns right towards Troy Solveig!

TAG! Troy Solveig enters the fray as he tags himself in. He rushes towards King Arthur and begins just drilling him with vicious rights and lefts! King Arthur is in a world of pain as Solveig is enjoying his onslaught. He grabs King Arthur up, but Arthur manages to squeeze out of his grasp and leap towards his tag team partner! TAG! Berengar is tagged in, but even he seemed caught off guard! Troy Solveig nails him with a leaping punch! VALKYRIE! Troy grabs him by his arm and yanks him over the top rope onto the mat! Berengar rolls to his feet only to get blasted by a big boot! The Trickster grabs him, but Berengar nails him with an uppercut!

Berengar grabs the head of Troy Solveig before spiking his head into the mat with a DDT! The Knight of the Void kicks Odin’s son in the face before lifting up the The Trickster God. He sends him into the ropes before catching his rebound with… THE VANQUISHER! The pop-up powerbomb connects! Berengar goes for the pin! ONE…TWO…BROKEN UP BY RAIN! Rain kicks him right in the back of the head. Berengar staggers to his feet before getting nailed by… BROTHER MINE! Berengar slams into the mat face-first as Rain pulls Solveig’s arm over. He rushes towards Arthur and blocks him as the referee slides into position. ONE…TWO…THREE!

Troy Solveig and Rain pick up a big victory as they celebrate, separately.



The thick hair of Berengar comes into picture first before he holds it out of his face as he stands at the top of a building looking down over a town. A normally bustling town has been reduced to debris, fire, and desolation.

The Knight of Void heard about the destruction and reported as soon as he could only to find he was too late to save them. As he surveys the town, he sees a familiar face looking amongst the wreckage. His eyes narrow as the Lich King continues surveying the carnage with glee.

Berengar steps down off the building before making his way towards the center with Vigilkeeper at the ready. He turns towards the center of town and bellows.

“King Arthur! Is this destruction at your hands? What is the meaning of this carnage?”

The King turns to Berengar before pulling a sword from his scabbard and drawing it high as his gnarly flesh transforms into a beautiful visage of a man, no longer undead.

“Allow me to answer thy questioneth with another. Doth thee knoweth the Arthurian Legend involving this weapon, Excalibur?”

Berengar approaches with Vigilkeeper at his side.

“Only the true king was able to pull it from the stone.”

“Yes, but that’s not where the story ends. This blade is madeth to slayeth demons and unholy creatures. Yet even that is not where the Legend ends.”

“Why? Why have you destroyed this city, your majesty?” Berengar nearly spits the last two words at King Arthur.

The currently-human King Arthur flashes a gorgeous smile.

“For it is timeth to feed, Ser Percival.”

With that, an enormous force SLAMS into Berengar sending him tumbling head over heels into the side of a building. He staggers to his feet as he calls Vigilkeeper to his hand. It’s then that his eyes grow wide.

Standing ten feet away from him is one of the largest creatures he’s ever encountered. Standing at nearly twelve feet tall, a grotesque figure looms as his muscles ripple and flex towards Berengar.

“Allow me to introduceth to thee, Ser Percival.”

King Arthur begins a low, guttural laugh as his creature rushes towards Berengar. The Knight of the Void whirls his blade into position to parry the strike, but the speed and strength of the creature is just too much to behold.

Berengar is snatched up into Ser Percival’s hands as his mitts wrap around the throat of Berengar! He begins to squeeze as if he’s taking the fight out of Berengar.

Yet Berengar isn’t going down without a fight!


Vigilkeeper pierces all the way through the creature!

Ser Percival releases Berengar as he steps backwards clutching at the huge blade within his chest.


The chest opens even wider as the black tendrils from within the body of Ser Percival begin latching onto the blade and pulling it into the body as it’s being absorbed.

“NO! Vigilkeeper!”

Berengar shouts out, but the blade is being slowly enclosed within the body of Ser Percival with only a squeak of a terrified voice comes from it.

“Prince Berengar?”

Only for the cavity of the chest to be closed, sealing away the blade.

The form of Ser Percival grows even larger as he lets out a huge bellowing yell.

Berengar tries to summon Vigilkeeper as his hand expands.

To no avail.

The Knight of the Void is paralyzed in confusion before a clobbering fist sends him careening through a building as the second floor collapses down on top of him.

“That’s enough, Ser Percival.” Says King Arthur with a grin before putting Excalibur away. “You’ve done well, and thee shouldst be satiated for now.”

King Arthur grins as he approaches his gargantuan demonic entity.

“The next parteth of mine own legend is soon to unfold.”



Redwing races through the streets of Miami. A voice echoes in his cowl, a phone line to the police.

“…reported her missing a week ago. He called us, told us where she was. He wants you.”

Darting in and out of pedestrian traffic, Redwing’s response is hurried.

“I’m on it, sir.”

He says nothing else, heading to a less congested part of the city. With a single fluid motion, he draws a grappling hook and heads to the top of a construction site, a large crane looming over it. As the Caped Crusader lands, he takes in the sight before him carefully.

“Help!!” A female voice cries.

The crane’s large arm extends out over the construction, and dangling from the very top of it is a woman. She looks haggard, as if she’s been held captive. Her makeup has run to the point that her face is barely recognizable. Redwing whirls around as a familiar voice calls out.

“Right on time.”


“Let her go.” Redwing says, a commanding tone taking him. “I would have come without this.”

Darkwish laughs. It’s a mad laugh, one brought on by sleepless nights and the breaking through of insanity.

“Would you?” Darkwish taunts. “Or would you have appeared from the shadows?”

The two seem at a stand off before Darkwish continues.

“No, I needed you to hurry here, to rush to save an innocent. We all know what happens then. You trust your instincts, your gut. All of your training leads you to those moments.”

Darkwish holds up a small device, and Redwing holds out his hand.

“Wait, don’t do it!”

A chuckle is his response.

“Too late.”

He pressed the button.


The girl is still suspended on the crane. But Redwing quickly holds his hand up to the exposed portion of his face.

A dart is sticking out of it.

The Red Knight goes down in a heap, while Darkwish walks up the arm of the crane to the girl, pulling her onto it.

“Go to your family.” Darkwish spits. “It’s not your time to die.”

He leaves her behind, carefully walking back down the arm before putting Redwing up on his shoulder.

What the hell is going to do with the Caped Crusader?

To be continued…


Two OSW originals go head to head here tonight. Will the Original Daredevil rise high or will he fall to the ultimate recipe from OSW’s very first world champion?

The bell sounds as Crash rushes forward, leaping up as he takes Master Chef by surprise with a headscissors takedown, sending the Chef flying across the ring. A running step up knee leaves the Chef out on his feet before he’s spun around and lifted up into the air for a German Suplex. MMC manages to land on his feet, nailing a turning Crash with a flying headscissors of his own before a bicycle kick nearly knocks out the Blockbuster. Master Chef quickly scrambles up to the top rope, delivering a one finger salute to the fallen Crash before diving off.

FLYING BANANAS FLAMBE RIGHT TO THE LITTLE CRASH’S! Crash holds his groin in pain as the Chef pulls him to his feet, hoisting him up before running forward and driving him into the canvas with SCRAMBLED EGGS! The Fishermans Buster hits flush as the Chef hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…CRASH KICKS OUT! The Daredevil slowly stands up in the corner as Master Chef rushes forward, TURNBUCKLE BACKFLIP! Crash flips over Master Chef’s head nailing him with a reverse ddt as he does. Master Chef crashes to the mat, Crash backing up as he screams out ‘CANNONBALL’ before running forward and crushing Master Chef’s sternum with the Cannonball!

Master Chef stumbles to his feet right into a kick to the gut, CRASH CRUSH COMBO! The Backbreaker/Cutter combination drives Master Chef into the mat as Crash rushes to the ropes, leaping onto the top rope before walking along the ropes to the next turnbuckle. He keeps going to the next and rounds the corner before leaping to a stop and making a massive leap of faith with the CRASH COURSE! The Round the World Moonsault hits flush as he hooks the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Original Daredevil does it here, pinning the first OSW World Champion as he shows the world exactly why he was the One Man One Take Highlight Reel of early OSW.


Somewhere Else

Troy Solveig stands, stoically, sea breeze at his face as he looks out over the vast expanse. He stands at the edge of a dock, calling out into the Northern winds.

“Well… How does one slay a demon?”

Before he can finish his thought or hear any semblance of an answer, his attention is caught by an all too familiar sound. The sound of hounds barking in the distance, snarling and coming closer. His eyes widen and his fingers tense around Vǫlsungr. As the barking comes closer, he turns to face the incoming foe. A pack of hounds, on leashes, led by a middle-aged woman who is having a hard time keeping up as her dogs pull her on their evening walk. Noticing the hammer, and the look in Solveig’s eyes, she gives them a wide berth. His muscles relax and he sighs, turning back to the winds once more.

“I am not afraid. I do not fear Nocturne, nor his pets.”

A voice on the wind answers him. Not the voice of Odin but the booming whisper of a demon itself.

“Well… You should.”

Silently as the night, Solveig is surrounded. Hell’s hounds leave him nowhere to run, nowhere to escape. Nocturne’s voice carries on the air as the hellhounds salivate at the chance of getting their teeth into the Trickster. They pause, awaiting instruction. Nocturne’s figure appears, approaching Solveig.

“All this time, you have been roaming free. You, who cast me to hell itself, murdered me without consequence. For every bit of hell you put me through, I will repay the favor. I promise to not make this quick. Yes, it will hurt as they tear the flesh right off your bones.”

A laugh hisses through the air as the wind falls eerily still. Nocturne grows, larger and larger until he towers over Solveig in his demonic power.

“You cannot hope to kill what is already dead.”

The pack of hounds all close in on Solveig at once. Ready for the onslaught, he slams Vǫlsungr into the ground, sending shockwaves that blows the pack off in all different directions. Taking the hammer in both hands, he swings and sends more hounds flying with each blow. Nocturne’s laugh fills the air, his towering figure now blocking the moon and turning the sky dark.

Solveig tosses his mighty hammer at the towering demon, but it seems to have no effect. It is at this point that the hounds overcome him, biting at him, ripping into his flesh. Nocturne calls the hounds off eventually, stepping forward as his form returns to regular size and shape. Solveig lies motionless, dead. Flesh torn to pieces from the hounds.

Nocturne turns him over and his booming laugh turns to a howl of frustration that fills the air. The body is not that of Troy Solveig. Once more, the Trickster is gone.




The door closing behind him, Eli Forever steps into the building he once preached his message from.

Benches line the room, all lit with candles, leading up to an ornate wooden seat at the head of the room.

David Manson is sat upon it.

“Took you long enough, bubba.” Manson taunts. “Or did you need Jack to pump you up.”

“You’re one to talk, Manson.” Eli says, walking down the aisle. “But this isn’t about Jack. He did what he wanted to do. Now it’s me and you. I’m going to finish this.”

Manson stands up, the steel of his knife flashing in his hand.

“God, your mama is a real cunt, you know that. I should have done her months ago. I could have been picking my teeth with her bones…”

The Heir Eternal cuts him off, slapping him in the face. Eli rushes in, grabbing for the knife in Manson’s hand, but the Nightmare headbutts him to create distance, swinging with the knife so close it cuts part of Eli’s beard.

Manson goes back in, but Eli throws something in his face!


A candle! Eli threw a candle at Manson!


The Nightmare screams, trying to put out the fire, but Eli throws him over a bench.


Manson’s beard is out now, and he rushes in with reckless abandon. Fire rages around them, spreading to the walls of the building itself, as this battle continues.

Using a charred piece of wood, Forever hits a home run on Manson’s head. The Heir Eternal mounts his nemesis, grabbing him around the neck and squeezing. Manson returns the favor with the last of his strength.

They’re locked in a battle of wills, but it only lasts a moment.



Manson and Forever disengage, diving for any cover they can find.


As it does so, we can see the fire has spread to the entirety of the Hill. Everything is burning as the remaining followers of each man halts their fight to run and rescue their leader.



Two former allies go to war here tonight as we find out the burning question in who the greatest gentleman of OSW history truly is

The bell sounds as Nevermore sticks out his hand, Mammon shaking it in a gesture of pure sportsmanship before he gets dragged in for a headlock. Nevermore cranks down on it for a moment before Mammon pushes off, sending Nevermore to the ropes before nailing him with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Nevermore stumbles up to his feet right into a stiff forearm that sends him staggering into the corner as Mammon greets him with CHA-CHING! The jumping corner clothesline hits flush as Nevermore looks dazed, Mammon lifting him up onto his shoulders as he backs up a few paces.

ROLL THE DICE, PAY THE…ANGLE SLAM! Nevermore just counters the Snake Eyes, dropping Mammon to the mat with force as he drills a rising Mammon with a forearm of his own before planting him to the mat with a Belly to Back Suplex. Nevermore doesn’t cover, instead slowly climbs up to the top rope, MOONSAULT…MISSES! Nevermore staggers up to his feet, holding his gut right into THE HARD SELL! The Slingblade drives Nevermore into the mat as Mammon calls for the end.

Nevermore slowly rises up to his feet as Mammon rushes forward, KNEE-DFUL….DRAGON SCREW! Nevermore catches Mammon mid-run, sending the right knee crashing hard to the mat. Nevermore locks the bad knee up, driving his whole body weight down on it over and over before trying to lock in the English Cloverleaf. Mammon manages to kick him off, nailing Nevermore with another forearm but he fails to execute a Vertical Suplex, his knee giving out on him halfway. Nevermore doesn’t hesitate, pulling Mammon up to his feet, elbow to the side of the head, POETRY IN MOTION! Mammon is out cold as Nevermore hooks the leg, ONE..TWO…THREE!!!

The Poet King wins here tonight, proving once and for all who the true Gentleman of OSW was after all.


The beating sun pounds down on the beautiful outdoors, where a man with a long grey beard tends his yard peacefully.

There’s a sound of young children playing happily in the background as the birds chirp and the day comes to a perfect end.

Cut to night and the crickets can’t silence the screams.

Because inside that once joyous house, a man and woman sit tied to two chairs, back to back, as Rain paces the ground uncomfortably in front of them.

“I spoke to your son,” Rain says with a knowing wink. “And he told me where you’d go if I needed to find you. I have to say, he didn’t respect you at all. I think he blames you for what happened and to be honest, who could fault him?”

The man’s head is lowered, and he refuses to look up.

“I have to admit, I didn’t expect this idyllic little life of yours to be so perfect, but I think you’ve always known there’s no escaping us,” The Ghostwalker reminds him.

“What do you want?” The bearded man questions.

Rain kneels, trying to see his eyes. “I want The Scarecrow. I want him to feel. I want him to see that I could do what he couldn’t.”

The man laughs. “You think so, do you kid?”

Suddenly, he lunges from his chair, wrapping his hands around Rain’s throat as he drives him backwards into a wall of framed pictures, sending them sprawling across the floor.

The Ghostwalker tries to palm his hands away but the man’s grip is tight.

“There’s a reason no-one has been able to kill me,” he growls. “It’s because my name is Brent Kersh!”

The Enforcer holds him there.

“And if it’s a fight you want son, it’s a fight you’ve got.”

To be continued.



It’s main event time as hell has literally risen with Lee Crowley battling it out against Lux Bellator!

It’s an inferno match between two men who are, quite literally, fairly accustomed to the flame. The bell sounds as they circle around the ring with a lot of history between the two during their years in Old School Wrestling.

Two men who came to Old School Wrestling during an invasion from Rage.

Two men who shared a side in the battle of Judgement Day for a spell.

Two men who have overcome otherworldly incarceration for this encounter!

They lock up in the center of the ring, but Lee tries to go for the eyes of Lux. The Light Warrior is too fast for that as he dodges the hand, striking with a palm strike to the chest in retaliation.

King Crowley staggers back with a grimace before it curls up into a grin. He rushes at Lux with a new speed before leaping up, snatching the neck of Lux back down to the mat with a running neckbreaker!


The flames outside of the ring grow higher as they slam into the mat. Lee Crowley licks his lips as he looks at the flames licking at the edge of the apron. The Mad King grabs Lux Bellator off the ground, but Lux quickly scoops his legs and runs right into the corner. European uppercut catches Crowley before Bellator hits a snapmare followed by a dropkick right into the back of Crowley’s neck. Lux takes a step back as he waits for Crowley to stand up.


The side sunset flip connects as Lux looks satisfied. He grabs Lee to drag him towards the ropes, but Lee stops him!


Lux withdraws his hand as he shakes the pain away. As he turns back to Lee Crowley, he’s in mid-charge.


The spear connects as Lux is decleated by the impact! Lee quickly scampers to the top rope before leaping off with his legs outstretched.


The leg drop connects as Lux is in a world of pain now! Lee Crowley begins to drag Lux Bellator to the flames on the outside of the ring, but Bellator quickly digs his heels into the mat. Crowley hits the ropes and bounces off with a huge spinning heel kick!


But Lux ducks out of the way! Crowley crashes to the mat as Lux hits the ropes with renewed speed. He catches Crowley as he stands up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors transformed into a DDT!


Lux Bellator spikes Lee’s head into the mat with that move as The Light Warrior looks out at the flames before slowly dragging Lee to the flames as they continue to grow with each impactful move on the mat.

As they get to the ropes, the people in attendance are on their feet with anticipation, but Lee quickly lifts up Lux and hits a belly-to-back body drop to bring them back to the center of the ring.

Both men are spent as they’re slowly trying to piece themselves back together. They both pull themselves up the ropes and they collide in the center of the ring!

Blow for blow!

Shot for shot!

Neither man allowing the other to get an edge in this classic bout!

Crowley manages to nail a stiff uppercut, but Bellator just responds with a twisting kick right to the midsection on The Mad King. He bends over as Lux pulls him into a powerbomb position before rushing towards the corner!


The running bucklebomb crashes Crowley right into the top turnbuckle before he staggers forward to the mat. Lux falls back onto his butt as he takes a moment to catch his breath.

Coming straight from the cage can’t be easy!

He finally manages to catch his breath fully as he grabs Lee by his arm and begins the long drag to the ropes. He manages to lift up Crowley, but the resourceful king nails him with a huge…


Lux begins to fall, but Lee Crowley grabs him by the back of his head and sends him…


Lee Crowley grins as this one is over!

The Mad King raises his hand in victory!

But he turns to see Lux Bellator standing on the outside of the ring, untouched by the flames!

He accidentally sent Lux right OVER the flames and onto the floor surrounding the ring. Lux looks up at him with an expression of confusion as he sees the flames rising to separate them. He only has one way of entrance as he eyes the steel steps and over the post. Lee sees this as well as he begins getting set to block.

Lux hesitantly climbs up the stairs, avoiding the flames, before climbing up the ringpost to the top rope. Lee leaps up to the top rope with a huge headbutt! Lux is knocked for a loop on the top rope! Lee is grinning from ear-to-ear!

The Mad King grabs Lux’s mouth and begins fishhooking his mouth before leaping off the top rope with The Light Warrior!


Lux’s head snaps back after making connection with the knees of Crowley. The Mad King kicks him over into the flames as they lick up the legs of Bellator as he’s set ABLAZE!

The Mad King has taken yet another victory from heroes of past as he rises to his feet with a vindictive smile.


Lux Bellator rolls away, putting himself out before coming to a kneel of sheer disappointment in the middle of the ring.

Crowley, as we’ve become accustomed to, stands with a smile, lording above him.

Only Lux is laughing too.

“What’s so funny?” Crowley growls. “You’re heading back to the cage with your so-called brother.”

The Light Warrior rises.

“You’re a foolish man, Crowley. Did you ever think it’d be that easy?” Bellator says, his head lowered rather sinisterly.


Chain Reaction.

The Chief’s eyes widen. “The key to Lucifer’s cage? H-how?”

The Cage.

Inside, there’s blood and viscera everywhere. Lux Bellator hangs on hooks, bleeding profusely from every orifice. His once white mask is stained a horrid red, his eyes rolled back into his head. He can’t die here, but he wishes he could.

Stood before him? Lucifer himself, in the form of Noah.

“Hey pops,” Lucifer says with a wry smile.

“Well, you were wrong, weren’t you?” Lucifer says with a big toothy grin. “The great big power in the sky was WRONG. What do you want? We both know this cage is locked tight. You’re not getting in and I’m not getting out.”

“That’s not true,” The Chief says to his surprise, turning his back to the cage. “Thanks to Solomon Rhodes, I have the key.”

That gets his attention.

“But if you want out and back to your Kingdom, I have terms.”



Suddenly, in a bright flash of light, Solomon Rhodes appears behind Lee Crowley.

He turns, grabbing him by the throat, only he’s powerless.

“Yahweh made a deal with Lucifer,” Rhodes says, smiling. “And the first piece of the puzzle was to summon you here.”

Lux Bellator closes in from behind. “In trading places, Solomon delivered the key to the cage.”

Crowley looks terrified as Rhodes continues.

“And we released Lucifer back into hell,” he growls. “You’ve lost your Kingdom, Crowley.”







Rhodes and Bellator get back to their feet respectively, meeting in the middle of the ring.

They embrace, sending the fans wild.

What an ending to this turbulent story. Satan has regained possession of hell, Lee Crowley is now but a man and Bellatorum have been reunited.

They hug in the middle of the ring as Lee Crowley lays unconscious, no longer The King of The Underworld.

That realm has been returned to Lucifer.