[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [Recorded Earlier.] [In the pitch black, we open to the sound of keys rattling from the other side of a large wooden door. When it finally opens, in walks Neville Sheldon looking extremely tired. As he closes the door behind him, he suddenly shivers – a large figure looming over him in the darkness.]

“H-Hello?” [he enquires, somewhat afraid.] [Bravely, the VHS Champion slowly turns around, only the figure is gone.] [Confident that he must be seeing things, Sheldon removes his glasses and rubs his eyes, walking into the kitchen. He pulls the large fridge door open, bending over to grab a carton of milk. Standing back up to close the door, stood beside him, looming once more in the shadows is the brim of a familiar hat.] [Sheldon’s eyes widen as his heart races. He turns slowly to his left, only the figure is once again gone.] [It’s been one of those nights.] [Taking a sip of milk and putting the empty carton on the side, his body aches for sleep. He heads upstairs towards the bedroom, yet with every creak of every step, he can’t help but look behind him. As he does, we switch views, realizing that the figure now looms atop the very staircase Sheldon ascends.] [Yet when he turns around to resume his ascent, the figure is no longer there.] [Reaching the bedroom, he flicks on the light, opening a dresser drawer to retrieve some pyjama’s. Oblivious, safe and able to see in the light, he turns to the wall above his bed. What’s there startles him. ] [In blood, painted, is a very clear message.]

“Where your eyes don’t go, fear The Scarecrow.”

[The bedroom door suddenly slams, as heinous laughter fills the air.] [Static.]


[The Light Warrior against the Messiah – it’s a match-made in heaven. One is a devout follower of Christ, while the other denounces Christianity and wishes to bring about a world where the meek shall inherit the earth. Can Lux Bellator defeat the Prophet, or will it Calypso who triumphs?] [The match begins with Lux Bellator looking for a grapple. Calypso is reluctant, mindful of his advantage in strength. She is trapped in a corner -nowhere to go for her- but she weasels out, landing a kick to Bellator’s gut, followed by an eye rake. This woman is not here to play around! Bellator is blinded. Calypso walks back and runs towards the Light Warrior – a running knee lift, followed by a swift DDT. He is not terribly fazed by the impact – TESTICULAR CLAW! Calypso rains down blows with her right hand, firmly grabbing hold of his testicles.] [Bellator falls to one corner when she lets go, holding his face. There is no rest for him, however; Calypso runs towards him in a swanton bomb. He scrambles to avoid her, gaining a few moments’ of pause as she collides with the turnbuckles, falling to the mat. She recovers a second later than him, and pays dearly. ARM OF GOD! Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors into a single arm DDT, transitioned into a Fujiwara member. The move is executed to perfection. Calypso has to tap. The ropes are close, but she is held in place by her stronger opponent – wait, what?] [HOMELESS INTERFERENCE! An old lady, with dark, matted hair, wearing ragged clothes runs into the ring with speed belying her age. She breaks the submission attempt apart before the referee can stop her, stomping on Bellator. Calypso breaks free, but she is leveled by an Yakuza Kick from the Light Warrior. A Northern Lights Suplex greets her as soon as she gets to her feet. Bellator looks to end this, picking her up and hitting a gut kick. She doubles over.. will it be a Disciple Maker? Calypso struggles, but Bellator doesn’t let go… DISCIPLE MAKER! He covers a limp Calypso. One… two… three!] [The Light Warrior defeats the newcomer, Calypso, using the Disciple Maker to devastating effect to win this match.]


[The Tap Room is plunged into a near blackout after the match finishes, with the only source of light coming from a spotlight shone upon the centre of the ring. Within the spotlight, Lux Bellator stands, a microphone in his hands. Judging from the look on his face, he message will not be of love, acceptance and forgiveness – the crowd receive him with a chorus of boos that let him know exactly what they think of the ‘new Lux Bellator’.]

“At VHS:Tapeover, you were all witness to the first case in the court of the Great Judge. And as it is with all sin, the punishment was death… Death of one Lazarus, exposure of his true revealed self.”

[Bellator paces toward the ropes, the spotlight following him.]

“But what you witnessed was merely the beginning. Things around these walls need to change. My mission has become clear – I bear the one true light, the light of God Almighty. My mission is as it always has been, to drag people, kicking and screaming into the light that purifies them.”

[That sentiment goes over with the fans to another chorus of boos in return.]

“I have offered people the opportunity to repent and be forgiven… Now, judgement comes. To those who do not walk in the light in the eyes of the Great Almighty Judge, I… the Jury of Light, will see that they are judged accordingly. As it was with Solomon Rhodes, so it will be with everybody.”

[Bellator climbs the turnbuckle, offering his final decree.]

“Solomon Rhodes is merely the beginning. God’s judgement falls on all.”

[His microphone dropping makes the sound of the judge’s gavel. As the lights around the arena return, one particular face is seen standing on the balcony, having watched Lux’s entire spiel with eager ears. The face that once bore a mask like his own… The face of Solomon Rhodes.

Locking eyes with Bellator, the pair exchange glares before Solomon turns and exits. The war is not over yet.]


[Jensen Cussen and Alistair Huxley stands across from one another. This is the first time that the Ringmaster has stepped into the ring since his Painkiller was taken away and Cussen will feed his hunger for revenge nicely… or will he?] [Huxley is furious and sprints at Cussen who is caught off guard. Mr. Freakshow leaps into the air and nails Cussen with a running spear! Cussen is plowed into the corner, and Huxley wastes no time, driving shoulder after shoulder into Jensen’s midsection. Cussen stumbles out of the corner and Alistair runs behind and levels Cussen with a BULLDOG! Cussen is down and Huxley DOUBLE FOOT STOMPS the downed Vengeance! Huxley goes to the top and waits for Cussen to get to his feet and as he does… HUXLEY JUMPS ON HIS BACK AND LOCKS IN A SLEEPER….. SLEEPER SUPLEX! BIG TOP DROP!! One… Two… THRE…NO!

[Cussen kicks out and Huxley is quick to strike again… HAIR TRIGGER!! Desperation Jawbreaker! Both men are down! Cussen is the first to get to his feet and stomps over to Huxley. He chokes the Ringmaster with his boot as he pulls on the ropes for leverage. The ref counts to 4.5 before Jensen lets go, just to yank Huxley up by the hair and toss him into the ropes. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!!! Huxley is crumpled as Cussen falls into a pin… One… Two… Thr…Kickout! Cussen is angry and rips Alistair up again and DRAGON SUPLEX, ROLLED INTO A TIGER, ROLLED INTO A STRAIGHT JACKET! TRIFECTA!!! One… Two… THRE… NO!!! He barely kicks out!] [Cussen can’t believe it and gets back to his feet again. He pulls Huxley up once more… Fluffy is on the apron! The ref is trying to get him down… DRAGON’S BREATH!! Cussen’s face is engulfed in a fireball and Huxley takes advantage… LEFREAK!!! One… Two… Thre… Kickout! Huxley goes to the top and waits… Cussen gets slowly to his feet… CIRQUE DU TO…. POWERBOMB! Cussen counters! Cussen takes a moment to catch his breath, then… INFINITE CHAOS!! One… Two… THREE!!!] [Jensen Cussen pulls off a hard fought victory over Alistair Huxley, but it surely won’t be the last we hear from Mr. Freakshow. Vengeance leaves the ring, allowing Fluffy to awaken Alistair.]


[Backstage, a rather disturbed looking Brent Kersh enters the arena. He’s uncomfortable. By his side, a few months along and showing, is his pregnant wife Nicole.]

“This isn’t a good idea, Nicole. We’re asking for a trouble.”

[She stares at him with eyes like daggers.] “You said that Mother attacked you last week. Well, if anyone can get through to this woman and tell her that our family has been through enough, it’s a mother.”

“She’s no woman, she’s a monster.” [Kersh replies.] [They enter the locker room area, only suddenly the lights flicker, shattering above their head. Before you know it, we’re plunged into absolute darkness.] [When a singular light returns, swinging above Nicole’s head, Brent Kersh appears laid out at her feet and stood behind her in the darkness, Mother lurks.]

“I understand you wanted to speak with me?” [Mother hisses from the shadows, yet to reveal herself.] “Then speak.”

[Nicole, fearless, accepts her request.]

“Over the past year, we’ve uncovered a truth unlike any other. My husband realized that half of his bloodline was murdered by The Scarecrow. We lost our son, our daughter was seriously hurt and we had to leave our home.”

[She grimaces, upset.]

“And?” [Mother replies.]

“And you resurrected the very thing that tried to kill my husband. You brought back the very thing that murdered our son.”

“Thing?” [Mother says with disgust.] “Every monster that walks the face of this Earth is a child of mine. They’re all my babies. How dare you call my precious Scarecrow a thing.”

[She steps out of the shadows, now standing opposite Nicole.]

“I can show you.”

[Mother reaches out, placing her hand on the belly of Nicole, who tries to back away but finds herself forced into a corner. Through her white top, we can see black veins radiating out across her stomach. Her face contorts in pain, whilst Mother laughs, finally letting go.]

“There, I’m sure you’ll both live Happily Ever After.”

[And with that, the light once again goes off.]


[The Immortal and The Enforcer go head to head here tonight! Can Brent Kersh persevere, or will he fall victim to The Cost of Immortality?] [The bell rings and Earhart waits near his corner, forcing Kersh to initiate. The Enforcer tries to start a test of strength but Earhart trips him up and spins him into the turnbuckle! He hits a hard combination of headbutts and forearm shots before hip tossing him across the ring! Kersh is quick to his feet, ducking under a clothesline attempt and catching Earhart on the rebound with a shoulder block! He doesn’t allow Ethan to his feet, locking in a front headlock before gator rolling him with a harsh neckbreaker! He tries for a quick pin but Earhart kicks out at one!] [Brent tries to keep up his offensive but Ethan shoves him off, leaping forward with a lariat! Kersh gets back to his feet only to get hit with another lariat! Looking to keep him grounded Earhart forces Kersh off of the ground AND HITS A POWERBOMB! Kersh looks like the air has been pushed out of his lungs! Earhart drags Kersh to the turnbuckle and places him on the top rope! He gets in place and looks to hit the FLIGHT BACK TO- NO! Kersh kicks Earhart off the turnbuckle to his feet and LEAPS WITH A MISSLE DROPKICK! EARHART FLIES BACKWARDS!] [The Immortal holds his chest in agony from that massive dropkick! He fights to his feet, trying his best to stay up when Kersh rushes with a series of punches that force Earhart to the ropes! Kersh lunges with a clothesline BUT EARHART DUCKS IT! The Enforcer lands on the apron and Ethan capitalizes, grabbing Kersh’s head and running him headfirst into a turnbuckle! Brent is Dazed and Earhart suplexes him into the ring! Both men slowly work to their feet, but Kersh is faster on the draw! He nails Ethan with a rising knee! He staggers forward INTO THE SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Kersh holds his head as he rolls off of Earhart, The Enforcer having been pushed here tonight!]


[Backstage we find Calypso sitting alone, silently meditating. She seems at peace with herself, drawing a chuckle from the distance.]

“Глупая женщина.”

[This snaps Calypso out of her meditation, looking up angrily at Sergei Sokolov standing over her, a smirk on his face as he repeats himself in English this time.]

“Silly woman, sitting there for some form of guidance from the sky. What makes you think you can take your place amongst these warriors, amongst men like the Red Tsar?”

[This infuriates The Prophet, who jumps to her feet. The height disadvantage is of no concern to Calypso, who stares angrily at Sokolov.]

“You wouldn’t be talking so much shit if your jaw came unhinged, would you…comrade? Don’t think for a second that I’m intimidated by you. Men like you are a dime a dozen, so eager to prey upon the weak. That’s where I come in, Ivan Drago…I’m not afraid to beat you to a red bloody pulp and show you why the meek shall inherit the earth.”

[This merely draws another chuckle from Sergei.]

“You look like a child, you act like a child, and a child has no place in the presence of Sergei Sokolov. Now if you’ll kindly get out of the wa—“

[Calypso doesn’t give Sergei a chance to finish that thought, unleashing a flurry of right hands on the Red Tsar! He’s down to one knee as The Messiah unloads like a wildfire, but Sergei soon gets the better of the exchange throwing Calypso up against the wall. He has her by the throat as he stares her down.]

“The Red Tsar has no time for your foolishness, child. The opportunity of a lifetime is up for grabs at Pandemonium, and Sergei Sokolov will be taking it by force. You would be wise to stay out of my way, or else feel the wrath of Mother Russia.”

[Sergei drops Calypso down before walking off, leaving her fuming as the Red Tsar heads off to face Mother up next!]


[Sergei Sokolov stands in the ring as Mother makes her way towards him. She climbs through the ropes and the size difference is immense. Sergei has over a foot in height and over 250 pounds on her. She does not look frightened.] [As the bell rings, Mother sprints towards her opponent and leaps, connecting with a stiff elbow to the side of his head. He shakes his head, and then stares at Mother as though nothing had happened. He grabs Mother by the head and lifts her nearly eight feet in the air! He slams her to the mat, and stands on her chest. One… Two… Kickout! Sergei bends down and rips Mother up by the hair and throws her into the ropes. As she returns, Sergei levels her with a huge BIG BOOT! One… Two… Thr… Kickout! He pulls her up again and locks her into the RUSSIAN BEAR HUG!!! She struggles and the Red Tsar only clamps down harder until…. HEADBUTT! ANOTHER! AND ANOTHER!! The third blasts Sokolov in the nose and blood splatters everywhere! He drops Mother to the mat.] [Gore covers Mother’s face, and she seems to like it. Sergei drops to one knee and Mother takes advantage with a number or hard kicks to the side of his head! He drops to the mat, and she stomps on the back of head, driving his bloodied nose into the canvas. She jumps onto his back and tries to lock in the MOTHER’S EMBRACE!! But Sergei is just too tall to lock it in well. She let’s go but refuses to let him gain his feet. More swift kicks to the head! She backs away and climbs to the middle turnbuckle. As he begins to rise… LEAPING KNEE STRIKE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! One… Two… Three!] [No! Sergei kicks out hard, launching Mother across the ring. She rushes to her feet, but Sergei has a second wind! He’s covered in blood, but it doesn’t slow him as he stalks Mother who leaps from the second rope again… Sokolov catches her by the throat! SOVIET STRIKE!!! One… Two… Thre… She barely kicks out! Sergei signals for the end… He lifts her… IRON CURT… BLACK MIST! She slips away… Sergei goes to one knee… HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! ONE… TWO…. THREE!!!] [Mother continues her winning ways and takes down the Red Tsar! She slips out of the ring and celebrates with her children, while Sokolov is left to sift through the mist and the blood.]


[In the boiler room, a black mould like substance covers the walls, oozing onto the floor. From top to bottom, stretching far and wide, this gunge hangs like strings and stretches across the vast hall way. That can mean only one thing; The Virus.] [Yet we don’t follow him; we follow Ethan Earhart. The Immortal slowly walks through this vile hallway, entering the boiler room without any fear. As he reaches the epicentre, there he is, DTR, sat alone in the middle.] [DTR looks up, the surprise evidently etched upon his face.]

“You’re not infected?” [The Virus muses.] “How can that be?”

[Ethan looks around him, reaching out to touch some of the gunge.]

“I’ve long been immune to the viruses of humanity. I’m immortal, so my body counteracts the toxin.”

[DTR stands, approaching.] “Well, aren’t you special.”

“Not as special as you, it would seem. You’re an interesting subject, David. The way you spread this virus, infecting men and women by touch. It oozes from you, doesn’t it? Could you imagine what we could do if we harnessed the power of it?”

“Do you wish to join the family?”

[Ethan smiles, suddenly stabbing DTR in the neck with a needle – only it breaks against his skin, snapping in two. Earhart looks shocked, stepping backwards.]

“I guess not then, son.”

[DTR grabs him, tossing him across the room and into the nearest wall, where he lands with a thud. Ethan scramble to his feet, running for the nearest gap in the gunge to escape.]

“You can’t run from me, Ethan.”



[The Family had an great Tapeover, gaining a follower in the Dead and winning the Tag Team titles but they face stiff competition here tonight in the Jeckel Brothers. Will Jack and Jake take out their frustrations on the Family or is the revamped Family too powerful?] [The bell sounds as the Jeckel Brothers rush out from the bell, taking The Dead and DTR down with dual lariats. Jack lifts up the Dead as he tosses him to the outside, before he and Jake take over on DTR. Jake lifts the Virus up, Full Nelsoning him from behind as Jack drills him with a hard series of knees to the gut before Jake swings back with a Dragon Suplex, dropping DTR on the back of his neck. The Virus staggers up as Jack spins, CHUCK THE CLOTHESLINE!] [Jack tries to cover but The Dead is back in, breaking up the fall immediately as he dodges a right hand by Jake, hip tossing him into the corner before rushing forward, stunning him with a running knee to the jaw. The Dead begins his combination, European Uppercut, Chop, Uppercut, Chop before backing up and bouncing off the ropes, DE LA MUERTE! The Dead doesn’t get to cover as he’s spun around by Jack, HATCHET 2.0! Jack covers] [ONE…TWO…LIGHTS OUT! DTR breaks it up with the flying Legdrop as he places the Dead over Jack. ONE…TWO…Jake breaks the pinfall up. DTR tries to clothesline Jake but Jake ducks under it, swinging the Virus around, PONY DOWN! Jake lifts DTR up into a Firemans Carry as Jack climbs up to the top rope. CURB STOMP, HATCHET…HATCHET 3.0! Jake covers the Virus as Jack tosses the Dead to the floor below. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Jeckel Brothers get a big win after a disappointing Tapeover over the new tag team champions, a win that surely should set them up for a title match in the near future]


[The match over, Jack and Jake hit the floor to head to the backstage area. Before they are even close to the entrance area, they both turn around the sound of DTR laughing. The Virus and Painkiller both seem very amused at the brothers, and Jack turns to run back in at the slight, but Jake holds out his arm with a grin on his face.]

“Laugh all you want, but you’re going to be crying when we take those fucking Tag straps from you assholes.” [Jake yells back up to them before making the universal gesture with his arms at his waist to indicate they are coming for the belts.] [Don’t Trust Reason only nods slowly, never removing his eyes from the Amazing Jeckel Brothers.] [Jake is quickly distracted by a hand jutting out to him from the crowd. He’s handed a can of Faygo, much to his delight. Jack is handed a can himself from a different fan, and both Juggalos turn to flip off The Family before taking a long drink of the cans…] […until the brothers both start spitting out their drink with fervor. They fall to their knees and drop the cans as we see a black liquid running out of it.] [The Virus?] [DTR begins laughing again as Jake is up to his feet, and he and his brother aren’t going to be held back this time as they head for the ring.] [BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO JAKE JECKEL!] [PHOENIX FOREARM TO JACK JECKEL!] [The brothers are down for the count as Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen stand above them. DTR and Painkiller slowly leave the ring to stand beside them, the Family assembled above the downed brothers. DTR looks at Cussen and Phoenix with approval.]

“They’re all yours.”

[Cussen and Phoenix pick up the downed bodies of their enemies and begin to haul them back up the aisle to the entrance ramp.] [What are they going to do to the Jeckels?] [And did they get infected?]


[Having had his very identity incinerated by the same fires that birthed him, a smouldering Solomon Rhodes—formerly Lazarus—must now battle the man who claimed the highest title on the same night that he lost his own: Neville Sheldon!] [Both men throw themselves into a lockup; Neville looking to prove why he’s the VHS Champion, Solomon hungry for redemption! The Geek slaps a headlock on him, but Rhodes sends him into the ropes. Solomon hits the deck but Neville doesn’t leapfrog him, instead going for an early Wrestlemania leg drop – but Solomon trips him with a leg sweep! One… kickout! Solomon displays his cat-like reflexes against the Champion, who nods at him and pushes his glasses up. They lock horns again and jockey for position, ending up in the corner. The referee calls for a break, which they oblige – dual dropkick! Both men shake their heads in disbelief as their mirror manoeuvres cancel each other out.] [Solomon darts behind Neville and whips out another leg sweep, but Neville hops up to avoid it – catching a jumping enzuigiri on landing! Neville slumps into the ropes and bounces back right into a bridging northern lights suplex! One… Two—shoulder up! The Underdog is as resilient as ever, even in this non-title bout. Solomon pulls him up and throws him into the ropes. Neville dodges a single-leg dropkick and spikes him with a DDT! One… Two—kickout! Rhodes still has some fire in him. Neville cups his hand to his ear for a big pop. He scoops Solomon up for a body slam, then hits the ropes and drops the leg – WRESTLEMANIA! One… Two… Thr—no! Rhodes kicks out of one of Neville’s signature moves!] [Neville keeps cool and stalks Solomon. No sooner is he on his knees than Neville grabs him for the BOOK SMART – PELÉ KICK! Sheldon goes down! One… Two… Three! Solomon pins the VHS Champion – but the referee says Neville’s foot was on the ropes! Solomon runs his hands over his head – what does he have to do!? He pulls Neville up and scoops him onto his shoulders – DEATH! The crowd recoil as the crucifix powerbomb bounces Neville off the turnbuckles. Solomon goes up top to complete the combo… REBIRTH – CAUGHT BY THE NKO, HOLY SHIT! One… Two… Three! Neville wins with an incredible move!] [Solomon slowly comes to and shakes his head. Neville is handed his Championship and celebrates a successful outing, but were Mother and Scarecrow watching?]


[The match between Solomon Rhodes and Neville Sheldon is freshly over and the night looks set to continue when a voice cuts through the air.]

“Cut the music!”

[Solomon Rhodes. Microphone in hand, standing leaning against the turnbuckle, breathing heavily from the effects of the match. The music silences.]

“Thankyou…” [He pushes himself off the turnbuckle.] “There is a matter that must urgently be addressed. The matter of one Lux Bellator.”

[Rhodes waits for the murmuring and response to die down before continuing.]

“At Tapeover, what was Lazarus burned down along with the temple. And out of the fires I rose once more… But Lux would have you believe that is where the story ends.” [He pauses, with a slight hind of a smile.] “No, no. We have only just begun. Clearly, Bellator is a man that must be stopped… and clearly, that task falls upon me.”

[He shakes his head, still tormented and torn inside.]

“As much as it pains me, I cannot stand by and watch what he has become… He has turned his back on the very message that he brought to OSW, a message now descended into chaos.”

[The hint of a smile has now long since gone, leaving only sadness and anger in his eyes.]

“Your hypocrisy has opened my eyes Lux. Opened my eyes to the fact that order is not the truest form of purity… only in chaos can that be found. So, not out of chaos do we find order, but out of order we must bring chaos.”

[Rhodes draws his eyes up to the balcony, to the very point where he stood earlier, looking down on the ring at Lux. in his spot, the purple mask of Bellator himself is seen, staring down at him now. He addresses the Light Warrior directly.]

“The corruption of flesh has become evident in your actions, your hypocrisy and your lies. You burned everything I hold dear, so I am left with but the flames. But it is out of those flames that I move forward, committing my life to the burning down of the falsehoods of man.”

[He points his finger upwards to the balcony, right at the face of the man he once called brother.]

“You started this fire, Lux Bellator. Now watch as the fire you started burns you back…”

[His hands clasp together and the entire balcony that Lux stands on erupts into flames. The Light Warrior has barely enough time to leap to the entranceway before becoming fried. A clear warning signal fired by Solomon Rhodes. The man to stand before Lux Bellator and his mission of judgement against Old School Wrestling.]


[Static.] [The Dead casually enters his locker room backstage, closing the door behind him and flicking on the light. He turns around, hearing a noise that startles him.] [Click.] [Sat opposite on a wooden chair, is none other than Alistair Huxley with a Revolver pointed at his head.]

“Did you think you could take everything from me and I wouldn’t take anything from you, my dearest Painkiller?”

[The Dead raises his hands.] “That’s not my name.”

“You were supposed to be the star of my show; the main attraction! Why did you do it? Why did you betray me?”

“Why?” [The Dead asks angrily.] “You brainwashed me. You manipulated me. You turned me into your slave. You made me a performing monkey in your circus, Huxley!”

“And The Family is any different?”

[He scoffs.]

“The Family doesn’t use me. They didn’t infect me by force. Don’t you get it? They offered me a chance to join their family; to become one of them and I took it.”

[Huxley shakes the gun forward in his direction.]

“You have no idea the pain that you’ve caused me, do you?” [Ali screams.] “You have no idea! You may have joined the family, and you may not be able to feel any pain but you can die,” [he spews viciously.] And I will kill you!”

[Ali suddenly pulls the trigger, firing the gun with a loud explosion that takes him backwards with force. The bullet zips past The Dead, catching him in the head. He falls to his knees in shock, places his hand to the wound.] [It grazed him. Alistair Huxley missed.] [Looking at the blood in his hands, he stands up infuriated, rushing towards Huxley who grabs the chair and slams it across his skull with everything he has. The gun falls to the floor, The Dead scrambling for it on the ground whilst Ali makes his escape.] [He turns over, weapon in hand, but the Ringmaster is gone.]


[The arena lights darken somewhat as The Perch sits in the middle of the ring. The Scarecrow stands opposite it, with his eyes focused only on his home. Phoenix meanwhile crouches in the corner, awaiting the bell.] [The bell sounds and Phoenix runs fearlessly towards The Scarecrow, getting Clotheslined to the canvas immediately. He pops back up, walking into a large Scoop Slam. Phoenix arches his back in agony, being helped back up and into the corner. The Scarecrow delivers devastating body shot after body shot, but The Vigilante retaliates with a big headbutt. He hits another, then another, fighting his way out of the corner and running towards him. The Crow swings with a Clothesline but Phoenix ducks, leaping onto the middle rope and springboard off.. PHOENIX FOREARM! That just about stumbles The Hayman though, so The Nightwatch quickly heads towards the ropes again… BUT THE SCARECROW CATCHES HIM!] [He quickly flips him over into a huge POWERSLAM! The Monster stands up, grabbing Phoenix by the hair and dragging him towards the perch. He tries to slam him off it, but Jacob kicks out, blocking him. He hits a few backwards elbows, sending Scarecrow away. He turns him around, kicks him low and nails him with a spirited DDT. The fans are on their feet now as Phoenix gets back up and helps The Scarecrow back up too. He spins him around and places him on the perch, only Crow slaps his hand around his throat and steps him backwards out.] [With his hand around his throat, he lifts him up into the air for the BYE BYE BIRDIE! NO! PHOENIX CHOPS HIS WAY OUT! He grabs The Scarecrow… FOR HER! NO! The Scarecrow this time spins away and slams him straight into the perch. Phoenix tries to escape but he can’t, The Hayman quickly strapping him up and walking away. Slowly but surely, Jacob is lifted up into the rafters, declaring The Monster the winner.] [The arena watches in shock as Phoenix is lifted into the sky, taken away from The Scarecrow who watches with a wry smile.]


[Click.] [There’s a panic backstage as Nicole Kersh is rushed through the corridor on a stretcher, writing in agony. Her t-shirt has been ripped open to reveal her baby bump, and it’s covered in black veins. She’s screaming, clawing at her husband who rushes with them by her side.] [They load her into an ambulance, ready to rush this poor woman to hospital. Kersh enters, taking a seat by her side with her hand clasped tightly in his. The ambulance doors close and it quickly sets off, only the lights inside flicker and switch off.] [The engine stops.] [And they’re suddenly not moving at all.] [The camera focuses, zooming in to see two shadowy figures inside. The ambulance rocks back and forth, a struggling clearly taking place. Just then, running past the camera is Neville Sheldon. The VHS Champion whips the doors open to see The Scarecrow and Mother attacking Brent Kersh in front of his poor wife.] [He reaches in, grabbing Kersh by the ankles and pulling him with all his might. It takes a moment, but Kersh is dragged from the ambulance to the concrete floor with a thud. The Scarecrow and Mother, with smiles on their evil faces, reach out and grab the ambulance doors, slamming them shut.] [The lights come back on.] [And whilst Brent Kersh scrambles to his feet with the help of Neville Sheldon, it drives away.]

“NICOLE!” [Kersh yells, helplessly.] [But they’re long gone.] [The camera closes in on the terrified face of Brent Kersh, who with his hands on his head, looks into the distance in absolute horror.] [Genesis have his wife and child.] [Static.]