Click.Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Bill Kirby sits in front of a roaring fire in his newly owned home – formerly Enigma Towers but now known as Kirby Manor. He has a glass of whisky in hand when approached by Arnold, his Butler.

“Sir, I have the dossier that you requested,” he says whilst placing it carefully into the hands of his boss. “I’ve prepared it for your imminent perusal.”

Kirby puts the whisky down and smiles.

“Thank you, Arnold.”

As the Butler nods and walks away, Bill puts the Dossier on the table and open its up, flicking through the documents.

There’s plenty within.

There’s photographs of SeeSaw and Mister Andy – drawing on comparisons between their appearances.

There’s the will of Doctor D’Ville, which names Andy as his beneficiary in death.

Finally, there’s the building Andy now owns. It was once the property of D’Ville’s holding corporation.

“I knew it,” Kirby says with a grimace. “SeeSaw is Mister Andy. They’re one in the same. This whole toymaker thing is an act. I must be cautious.”

Arnold slowly walks back in frame.

“Mr. Kirby sir, your suit is ready for your match tonight,” he says, directing the way to down the hall. “How do you intend to handle this situation?”

Bill stands up, taking a deep breath. He walks over to Arnold and together they walk towards the suit room.

“I’ll leave it for tonight and observe him, Arnold. I need to see further how he behaves. His mannerisms could tell us a story. I’m going to be cautious and investigate before acting. Once I’m convinced that I have the answers, I’ll take action accordingly.”

Arnold nods.





Will the Paladin roll a crit against the dragon of this dungeon!?Jessie offers his steel fist to Sherman, who eagerly bumps it. They tie up, and Williams strong-arms Dewey into the corner. He sandwiches him with a splash, then makes him eat mat with a bulldog! The tabletop enthusiast gets to his feet groggily. An uppercut knocks him back down to his knees, followed by a dropkick – GROOVY ECLIPSE!

The Prince isn’t finished, though. He plucks Sherman off the canvas, then stuffs his head between his thighs and scoops him up… SPINNING GOTCH PILEDRIVER – HAIL TO THE KING! Dewey hasn’t gotten in a lick of offence yet. Williams has mercy and covers him. ONE… TWO… THREE!

The Elk Grove resident rises to celebrate. The referee, however, taps his shoulder, and points down at Sherman; his foot is under the ropes! Jessie groans and drags him away, only for Dewey to start crawling away. Williams yells at him to “stay down!”, but the Paladin wants to go out on his shield. Jessie grudgingly climbs up top… SWANTON BOMB – CALL OF THE CHOSEN!

Jessie polishes the knuckles of his Boomstick. He’s ready to end this! Wait… He changes his mind. Holstering his gauntlet, he picks Sherman up and backs him into the corner. The son of Ash climbs through the ropes and scales the turnbuckle behind him. Grabbing his arms, he nestles his knee into the back of his head – no way… THRILLRIIIIIDE! ODE TO JIMMY SARTYR! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Jessie Williams defeats a Forever Friend, with a tribute to his own friend!





Recorded Earlier
The middle of the night in a city that never sleeps. A car screeches to a halt in an all but deserted street somewhere in the industrial district. Two figures climb out, searching around about them with increasing confusion.As they search, the streetlight catches them long enough for us to see – Darby Sorrow and Voynich. Sorrow soon stops searching, grabbing Voynich by the shoulder.“Another dead end. Nothing.”

He pulls his phone out, tapping at the screen to dial. Before long, he presses the phone to his ear and speaks.

“No. Nothing. Nobody knows anything boss. Or more likely, they’re not talking. We’ve been chasing out tails and drawing nothing but blanks.”

He listens as the voice on the other end of the line speaks. We zoom out, seeing the entire scene played out on a computer screen. In amongst a wall of screens. Two figures sit at the desk, looking at the screens.

Zero-1-0 looks off to a screen displaying a wall of code. CDXY looks intently at the main screen, listening in to the conversation playing out in front of him.

Zero’s fingers fly across his keyboard.

“You have the feed from the traffic camera and…” Tap, tappidy, tap. “In a moment, you should have…”

A second voice echoes about the room. An all too familiar voice. The Butcher’s voice.
Zero smiles as Cody pats him on the back.

“The audio from the phone.”

The Butcher relays the other side of the conversation as CDXY and Zero watch on.

“Patience, lads… Patience. It is as expected. This was never really about finding who is responsible. It was about looking for them.”

Sorrow chimes in.

“I’m not sure I follow exactly.”

“If you’re looking for whoever has me down this fucking hole, then they know you are. The ball is now in their court, I’m sure they’ll make their play before long.”

The Butcher hangs up the call before more can be said. Cody looks over at his partner.

“Did you get it?”

Zero looks back with a mildly frustrated look on his face.

“Only partially. Our friend Colin hung up before we could really triangulate things too far.”

CXDY slams his fist into the table, just as the third member of Blood Money Inc. enters the fray.

“Don’t worry.” BEG pats CDXY on the shoulder. “The time for blood and vengeance will soon be upon us. We have to play this the right way.”

He looks over at Zero, expecting some kind of solution. He says nothing more, but his look says it all. Zero’s reply comes with a confident smirk.

“It will take time, but I can work with this.”





2021 sees new wrestlers enter the Slaughterhouse as others reinvent themselves. Can Corvus and Death Note prevail in their tag team debut or will the broken Alton Whitlock share his veteran instinct with Simon on roads to a victory?The bell sounds as Simon and Corvus begin, Simon locks up with Corvus, trying to flip him down to the mat but the Crow slips out, stunning the Taskmaster with a stiff elbow to the back of the head before driving him into the canvas with a quick bulldog. Simon staggers up into a hard uppercut to the throat, followed by a palm strike and ending with a jumping elbow. MURDER OF BLOWS.

Simon crashes to the mat as Corvus rushes to the corner, trying to climb up top but he’s stopped by a blind tag from Deathnote. The Crow reluctantly gets out of the ring as Simon tries to stand up but he’s dropped by a huge boot to the jaw that damn near cracks it. Deathnote quickly pulls him up to his feet, possibly looking for Gather Thy Soul but Simon manages to slip out, SIMONPLEX!

Simon drops Deathnote to the mat as he crawls away, looking to tag out to Two-Face who simply stares at Simon for a moment before flipping a coin. He covers it with his hand for a moment, looking down at the tails before shaking his head and dropping off the apron. Simon looks in shock as he turns around, CORVUS KICK! The flash kick nearly takes Simon’s head off as he stumbles into Deathnotes waiting arms, TURN THE PAGE! Simon gets spiked into the mat as Deathnote quickly covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Deathnote and Corvus have done it, decimating Simon here but as Two-Face looks on sneering, one has to wonder what would’ve happened if that coin had come up heads.





With the match over, everyone exits the ring.

Everyone that is, except for Simon and Death Note.

They stare each other down, as though their entire lives were leading to this moment. As though they’ve known each other the entire time.

“You know what happens now,” Death Note states.

Simon chuckles, “You are utterly predictable. You think I didn’t know this day would come? I know you always do things by the book.”

Death Note nods, produces a black notebook. “And you know what is to come.”

“I do,” Simon says. “Do you? Tell me, is my name still within the books pages?”

“Of course,” Death Note replies. “It was always meant to end this way.”

Simon folds his arms. “Then show me.”

Death Note flips through the pages of the notebook. With ease, he lands on the page that Simon’s name is on.


Death Note raises his eyebrows.

It isn’t there.

Shocked, Death Note’s head snaps up towards Simon.

“That’s the problem with your little books,” Simon says. “You do what the book says, and only what the book says. Well, Simon says that he found something that not even you knew existed. An eraser.”

You can hear the ego dripping from the marrow of every word Simon speaks.

Death Note shakes his head. He laughs slowly, as though Simon has made a grave and costly mistake. “There are no erasers,” Death Note says. “Only tricks. You dare to undermine the sanctity of my work? You’re supposed to be the brightest man in the room, Simon. But now you’ve exposed yourself for a true fool.”

Simon’s eyes widen, but only just.

The lights go out in the Slaughterhouse.





Can true friends pull off a hat-trick, or will an angry mob conspire against them!?Magical Miles gulps as Rune burns a hole through him. He offers an olive branch, which Rune accepts… SHORT-ARM CLOTHESLINE by The Painted Man! Chunky Moses boos the underhandedness from the apron, as Rune tags in Victor Carfano. The mobster buries his Italian-leather loafers into Miles’ ribs! Moses yells “GWAB HIS FOOT!” and other strategies to his friend.

The Louisiana Throttler ragdolls the magician with a chokehold in the corner. ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR – he breaks before being DQ’d… DUCK UNDER TO LIFT! The freestyle takedown floors Miles. ONE… TWO… KICK OUT! M&M has heart! Victor tags in Rune, as Chunky slaps the top turnbuckle. The Glitch stalks Miles… ZIG-ZAG – TEAR THE VEIL!

MILES GRABS THE ROPES, AVOIDING IMPACT! Rune hits the mat. He quickly recovers and advances—SHOWSTOMPER! Miles stamps on Rune’s foot! HOT TAG TO MOSES! “CHUUUUNK!” THE 330-POUNDER RUNS THROUGH RUNE! The Eminent Arcadian FLIPS THE SCORE with a German suplex! ONE… TWO… CARFANO BREAKS IT UP!

The Bayou Roman trash-talks Miles while the referee tries to restore order. The magician points behind Victor, who turns around… “CHUUUUUUUUUUNK!” HAHAHADOKEN – CHUNKY SPEARS CARFANO THROUGH THE ROPES! Moses breezes past Miles, and the official counts it as a tag! Rune motions for him to escape the Onism… Miles walks right into the VEILBREAKER headlock driver! ONE… TWO… THREE!

Forever Friends sleep with the fishes!





As Victor Carfano and Rune stand in the ring victorious and ready to leave, Chunk, Magical Miles, Ultimo America and Sherman Dewey are quickly into the ring to meet them.

Ultimo has a microphone.

“Wait, please, give us a chance to apologize,” he pleads, putting his hands up to stop both men from leaving the ring.

They both turn to see Chunk, backing them away. Victor turns to face America, Sherman and Miles.

That gives Chunk a chance to rummage in his pocket for a piece of comfort-pie.

“Last week at Wrestle Heroes, it was one big misunderstanding,” Ultimo continues. “We thought you were attacking our friend but that wasn’t the case. You have to believe us, Mr. Carfano – we’re not your enemies.”

Victor grimaces.

Chunk meanwhile drops a portion of his pie and drops to all fours to eat the crumbs off the canvas.

“What makes you think that I give a shit about you fuckheads?” He growls angrily, poking Ultimo hard in the chest. “Get the hell out of here before I make you; you don’t belong in Old School Wrestling.”

All three of them talk amongst themselves as Carfano steps backwards.




Carfano angrily gets back to his feet, chasing the Forever Friends away. They can’t believe they’ve screwed up again.

As they escape to the entrance ramp and look back at a furious Carfano, it’s Magical Miles who realizes that Rune now stands at the entrance ramp with something in his hand.

It’s Dave.





Tonight, in singles action for the first time in OSW, it’s Viper Roberts versus Ultimo America!The bell sounds and immediately the brave Ultimo America charges across the ring, and he’s met with a vicious lariat from the Viper! Ultimo is turned inside out! Viper Roberts sticks his fingers in Ultimo’s nostrils and drags him to his feet! KICK TO THE GUT! DDT!!!

That was the Ode to the Snake, and Roberts has swiftly and efficiently taken control of this match! He lays a few boots and stomps into the fallen America, before dropping a leg over the back of the poor man’s neck! NO!!! Ultimo rolls out of the way! He’s up to his feet! So is Viper Roberts!!!

He wraps his hand around Roberts’ throat!!! THE HAND OF LADY LIBERTY!!! CHOKESLAM!!! Only… Ultimo can’t lift the Viper off his feet!!! Roberts spits!!! SNAKE OIL!!! Ultimo staggers back, the cloudy substance blinding him!!! BIG CROSS BODY FROM VIPER ROBERTS!!! TEXTBOOK!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEE — NO!!! The resilient Ultimo kicks out.

Viper sits up from the pin, chuckles, and sends a few stiff punches to Ultimo’s forehead for his troubles! He once again sticks his fingers in America’s nose and drags him up to his feet. He whips Ultimo into the ropes! Viper bounces off the other side! He meets Ultimo in the middle! SNAKE BITE!!! THE WRAPAROUND NECKBREAKER!!! ROBERTS PINS!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREEEEEEE!!!

The Viper once again maintains his impressive reputation with a win in his first singles bout!





Pyre is leaning against the wall when Bishop walks up to her.

“What do you want monster slayer? We both know us working together was a means to an end and what do we have to show for it?”

“You’re right, nothing… at the moment. However, we both have two enemies we need to take care of and they’ve worked together in the past. Seeing us make an alliance might have raised a red flag and made them team up once again. We worked decent together and that was without a plan. If we develop a strategy, we can take down at least one of them.”

“I’m listening but I assume you want to take down your enemy first.”

“Yeah of course but you need him gone too. Alice is losing her mind, we both know that. Without a way to mend it, she might destroy herself without you lifting a finger. However, if one can control their mind and possibly teach others to, it’s Banzan.”

“Well, generally I’m the one who likes to make them lose their head but seeing someone do it to themselves could be fun, count me in but tell me what happens when you’re done with him.”

“I move on to the next monster.”

Bishop stares a hole through Pyre.

“Understood, but if you come at the queen, you best not miss.”

“Believe me, I won’t. Are you ready to hear a plan?”

“Go ahead, let me hear it.”

“Not here, I’ll tell you in this location.”

He pulls out a piece of paper with some coordinates and hands it to her.

“At 1700 on the 22nd, meet me at the locale.”

She simply nods and they go off in separate directions.





The Bishop D’Von Chambers takes on the self-proclaimed ‘God’s Gift to Professional Wrestling’ tonight. How will Chambers fare against one who so freely takes the Lord’s name in vain?

Bishop Chambers finishes his pre-match prayer just as the bell sounds. He looks up with indignancy, pointing and yelling “BLASPHEMER!” at CXDY before charging across the ring at him, aiming a CLOTHESLINE. CXDY ducks and SENDS D’VON INTO THE ROPES WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!

Chambers bounces off the ropes and turns around just in time to be grabbed by the wrist. SHORT ARMED CLOTHESLINE AND CHAMBERS IS DOWN! He climbs the turnbuckle and wastes no time getting to business. CARPE OMNIA! NO! CHAMBERS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! CODY LANDS ON BOTH FEET!

Before ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ can mount another offense, Chambers sweeps the legs and takes him down. Then, clawing to his own feet, he grabs CXDY by the scruff of the neck and simply HURLS HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! CXDY lands back first, but is soon PUMMELLED AS CHAMBERS COMES HURTLING AFTER!

HOLY SHIT! More than 300 pounds of manmeat just squashed ‘God’s Gift to Wrestling’ into the corner. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM CHAMBERS… BUT CXDY HOOKS HIS LEG AND ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE! He backs slightly away from Chambers, creating a little breathing room. PERFECT RUSH! FIGHT POWER WITH SPEED! CHAMBERS CANNOT KEEP UP WITH THE STRIKES AND WEARS EVERY BLOW! CXDY climbs the top rope once more. CARPE OMNIA! THIS TIME IT HITS AND CXDY HOLDS ON FOR THE PIN… ONE! TWO! THREE!

Chambers took the fight to CXDY, but in the end it was perfectly executed strikes that made the difference. CXDY proves to Chambers that he is… Second to None.





Miami, Florida

Recorded Earlier.

Sigil is stood on a busy downtown Miami street, his hood tightly across his face as to not raise suspicions. With a deep sigh, he shakes his head at what’s in front of him.

A construction zone.

Sauntering past yellow caution tape, Sigil weaves between several large metal columns to kneel in the dirt at the center of the lot.

“I will find no crystal here.”

His fists clench and his anger rises.

“Damn Voynich! He was my only lead.”

He kneels down, and lets the dirt and dust flow through his fingers.

“Gods reduced to dust.” He mutters. “A temple desecrated and destroyed.”

He looks around.

“Now the Tap Room’s just a memory, a story to be told by those who were there.”

Standing to his feet, Sigil looks lost for a moment. Then, it seems as if a lightbulb has went off. A portal opens before him, and he steps through…

…to find himself in a darkened room. Charred wood lines the walls and and dirt seeps up through the floor. But Sigil only cares about one thing.

The book laid before him.

Not just any book.

A Crypt.

Sigil steps forward to take the book in his hands, slowly leafing through the deceased Cryptkeeper’s ancient tome. The Keeper once held a crystal, perhaps there will be a clue here.

Sigil stops as he sees a page has been torn out of the book.

“Looking for this, my brother.” A voice calls.

D’Von Chambers steps down the rickety stairs to Cryptkeeper’s old lair. Sigil tilts his head in confusion as he holds up the ripped out page.

“Our destination is the same.” Chambers says with a smile. “Why not walk together?”

Sigil picks up the Crypt and a portal opens behind him.

“Some things should remain dead and buried. Whomever has set you on this path is leading you to back to the grave you never should have left.” Sigil says as he steps back into the portal and vanishes.





Wrestle Heroes produced two new champions in Redwing and Mister Andy…which does not sit well with Bishop and Sweet Alice, two former titleholders feeling the effects of the historic event and looking for revenge!We start things off with Bishop and Redwing, who trade blows from the opening bell until Bishop gains the upper hand with some stiff punches before sending Redwing into the corner with a hard Irish whip! Bishop charges toward the Red Knight, who dodges the Outlaw at the last second!

Bishop slams against the turnbuckle with a thud, giving Redwing a much-needed opening as he turns things around with a running bulldog into the turnbuckle! KILLING JOKE! Bishop is down as Redwing goes for a cover…but Bishop manages to kick out at one! Bishop back to his feet, attacking Redwing…

…who makes the tag to Andy, and chaos ensues as the Toy Maker makes a beeline for Bishop, who in turn gets a tag to Sweet Alice! JACK ATTACK ON ALICE! Andy lets the fists fly after taking the Dreamer down, but Alice is eventually able to get back up.

Bishop has seen enough as he rushes into the ring, going after Andy with the help of Alice as Redwing comes in to even the odds…BUT BISHOP CATCHES HIM WITH THE DEADEYE! Andy looking for the Big Wheel–BUT GETS SENT DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, AND ALICE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Sweet Alice manages to get a measure of revenge tonight, picking up a win for herself and Bishop in the process!





Sat in a leather recliner, we find Two-Face deep in thought as he rolls his coin between his fingers.

“Now where did you come from, my friend.” He says to the coin. “It’s a puzzle, isn’t it? Those last few moments before it all went dark.”

Flipping the scene, sat in a sliced and diced leather recliner, we find the scarred Two-Face angrily staring at the coin.

“When we were born.” He growls. “He threw us the coin, the man in black.”

A look of understanding flashes in the eyes of the former politician, his unblemished face allowing a smirk.

“The same man in black that killed Brooks.” He says. “But he tried to save us, to warn us away from the limo.”

His face unable to smirk due to the scarring, Two-Face’s eyes burn with rage.

“He knew. He knew what fate had in store for us. And all he did was give us this coin.”

Two-Face nods, slowly blinking with understanding in his clear eyes.

“We find him. Question him.”

Two-Face nods, his face immobile from the scarring.

“We find him. Kill him.”

Standing to his feet, Two-Face appears in his full glory now. Two halves to the same whole.

“We’ll decide once we find him.”

As Two-Face walks out the door of his lair, we can see that the recliner is sat right on a line down the center of the room.

On one side, we can see the remnants of the equipment used by the doctor who fixed Two-Face, bloodied and stained with gore. On the other is a pristine office, much like the one Alton Whitlock used to operate out of.

And split between them, a window with blinds going down one half. In the other, we see a flash of black.

Corvus was here.





The Sandman did the impossible by remaining World Champion throughout the gauntlet that is Wrestle Heroes but he can’t rest tonight as he faces off against another rush of opponents. Can The Dream Demon remain supreme or will his frenemy opponents get the better of him?The bell sounds as the Sandman begins with the Judge who rushes forward, rocking the world champion with a hard knee to the jaw before a steel mask enforced headbutt rattles the bigger man. The Sandman swings with a right that The Judge ducks under, gripping him around the throat as he tries for a chokeslam. The Sandman powers out with a right hand that sends The Judge flying back a few feet

THE VERDICT! The Judge nearly takes the dream demon’s head off with that move as the Sandman crashes to the canvas. The Judge goes to pick up the Sandman near the ropes but his ankle gets snagged by the Reaper. The Judge’s attention turns to the Reaper, who simply smiles smugly before The Judge is whipped around into THE DEEP SLEEP! The Judge is out as The Sandman hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Judge has been eliminated

The Reaper rushes into the ring, bum rushing a rising Sandman with a flurry of lefts and rights before a leaping clothesline hits him hard in the chest. The Sandman staggers back a few steps, trying for one of his own that The Reaper ducks under, leaping up before delivering SWIFT REVENGE! The DDT spikes the Sandman into the mat as the Reaper backs up, looking for the killer blow but Monty Straight jumps onto the apron with a steel chair in hand.

Reaper sees Monty and goes to rush at him but Straight throws the chair at Reaper who catches it with both hands before the Straight Shooter motions for him to turn around, BIG BOOT INTO THE STEEL CHAIR! The Sandman drives the steel into Reaper’s face who drops the chair, stumbling around into an iron grip around his throat, CHOKESLAM ONTO THE CHAIR! Reaper is done as the Sandman covers with one hand on Reaper’s chest, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

Reaper has been eliminated

Monty Straight rushes into the ring, delivering a hard dropkick to the face of the Sandman that damn near bounces off. The Sandman just looks up, a hard stare piercing through Monty who just rushes to the ropes, springboarding off with a flipping neck snap that takes The Sandman by surprise. The Dream Demon staggers up into a flowing Snap Suplex, Monty rolling through as he tries for a Russian Legsweep but Sandman powers out, causing Monty to crash back first onto the canvas.

The Sandman pulls Monty up, going for that End of Days once more but Straight rolls through, tripping Sandman up, CONDITIONS! The Crossface is locked on but Monty can’t get it fully cinched in before The Sandman tosses Straight off. It slows The Sandman down though, allowing Straight to clock him with an enziguri to the back of the head before somehow lifting the 300 pounder up, THE COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Straight can’t follow up though, he’s spun around and dropped throat first on the top rope by the Judge, stumbling around as he turns around, SHOTGUN BLAST! The Reaper nearly takes Monty’s head off as he peels him off the canvas, tossing him to the wolves and the clutches of the Sandman who grips Straight around the head, before driving both thumbs into his eyes with 40 WINKS! Monty screams in pain, quickly tapping out as fast as he can

The Sandman emerges victorious here tonight, destroying three great competitors but this war between the three men may have cost themselves the chance at beating the world champion.





The match has ended, and when the dust settles we find Monty Straight trying to escape from ringside! However, as quickly as he starts to slip away he finds himself face to face with The Judge, his axe in hand.

“Where do you think you’re going, Monty?”

The show host walks backwards, visibly searching for the words to respond when he bumps directly into Reaper! Mr. Straight finds himself between a rock and a hard place as Judge closes in!

“Well then! It seems I’m the one with two choices to make today. Should I turn and face Reaper, or should I walk right into Judge. It’s not often I get to be a contestant, you know.”

He gives a smile to the crowd as he turns around, Reaper reaching out for Monty but Straight steps back, holding up a finger.

“Wait wait wait, you shouldn’t go about attacking me yet, you know. After all, if you struck me now I wouldn’t be able to tell you what you wanted to hear about your wife’s time on the show, now would I?”

This causes Reaper to stop in his tracks, the Harvester snarling as he leans towards Monty, shoving him back into Judge who shoves Monty straight back towards Reaper.

“Watch what you’re doing.” Judge says, obviously unhappy with Monty being shoved into him.

“Shut it.” Reaper is quick to silence Judge, turning his attention back to Monty. “Speak.”

And, with that showman’s smile, Monty straightens out his suit and looks between Judge and Reaper.

“Well, I suppose you should know. But your wife was the perfect contestant. I found her bawling her eyes out about you. I guess she just didn’t think you could do it. Maybe you were too weak? I really should have asked her.”

He chuckles.

“But then again, if you were able to do everything she needed of you she’d never have been on my show. I suppose really, you were the one at fault for me finding her, weren’t you?”

This strikes a cord and Reaper lashes out! SHOTGUN BLAST! SUPERMAN PUNCH!



Reaper turns around but Monty has already made his escape as he runs through the crowd! Leaving behind Reaper… and as Judge rises, a very pissed off man of order.





Voynich may have ended Season 3 with an eye-catching performance over his former friend, Sigil the cosmic realmwalker, but he begins Season 4 face to face with quite possibly OSW most daunting looking debutante – Darklord, the God King from Planet Carthus.The Best Kept Secret is used to exploring some of the world’s greatest wonders but even the former Tag Team Champion is left in disbelief at the sheer size of this extraterrestrial juggernaut. Voynich throws a punch but Darklord catches it like it was from a baby and crushes the DOA member’s fist with his own. Voynich yells in pain and drops to one knee, Darklord grabs him by the throat but Voynich counters with two middle kicks but they just bounce off The Carthian. Darklord lifts Voynich up by the throat and launches him like a rag doll into a corner.

Darklord charges at The Best Kept Secret but Voynich leaps out of the corner…ISHTAR GATE!!! HE TOOK DOWN CARTHIC INCARNUM!!! Cover from Voynich...ONE…NO!! Darklord lifts Voynich vertically and tosses him across the ring. Both men on their feet…KNEEL!!! DARKLORD ALMOST TAKES VOYNICH’S HEAD CLEAN OFF WITH THE SPARTAN KICK!!! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! The Best Kept Secret stays in the match.

Darklord lifts Voynich…NO!!! COUNTER INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!!! ONE…TWO…THREE-NO!!! DARKLORD KICKS OUT! The DOA man almost stole it from under the nose of The Carthian. Darklord is furious and slams a massive fist around Voynich’s throat….WARLORD’S HAND!!! HE ALMOST BROKE THE RING WITH THAT CHOKESLAM!!! ONE…TWO…THREE-NO!!! Somehow Voynich gets a shoulder up!

Darklord gives the referee a death stare as he lifts Voynich to his feet. The God King lifts The Best Kept Secret into a torture rack position….PSYCHO DRIVER COMING UP….NO!!! COUNTER! Voynich slides off, grabs Darklord and runs to the corner….EIGHT WONDER!!!! Darklord thought rolls to the outside! He’s dazed, but grabs a steel chair. Wait a minute. He slides back into the ring and CHAIRSHOT TO VOYNICH AS HE GETS BACK UP! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! The referee rings for the bell! Darklord has been disqualified!

An out of this world performance from The Best Kept Secret which resulted in a DQ victory, but it was OSW’s fearsome new monster who left a lasting impression by the final bell.





In the parking lot right outside of The Slaughterhouse, Banzan is waiting for Sweet Alice. He wants to talk before she leaves the area.

Sweet Alice opens the doors looking lost but her eyes open wide when see sees the mountain.

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you, the fractures are getting worse, I’m starting to not be able to tell which world is which.”

Banzan simply nods.

“I was afraid of that, the only element that can destroy fire is water and your mind has transformed into it to take on the queen of your world.”

Sweet Alice looks almost more confused than before.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean our minds acclimate to what we need in the present, your mind sees all of its problems as fire so it has taken on all the traits of water. There’s some great things about this element. Water is powerful, it nourishes all of us and can destroy all of us as well. However, water is lazy and moves to the path of least resistance. It has seen the fractures and the largest of these fractures is the path your mind takes. The fractures are getting wider as the water erodes away the parts of your mind that know the difference.”

Sweet Alice starts to understand and gets sad the more Banzan explains.

“So what do you recommend? What are your techniques?”

“Water isn’t the only thing strong against fire, Alice. Your mind can take on a different element.”

“What element do you recommend?”

“The one I am most familiar with, earth. Stone is remarkably resilient against fire, it will not burn or melt in her presence. However, to transform the flowing nature of water into the rigid one of stone will take practice.”

“I will do whatever it takes.”

“Maintain that energy, Alice. You will need it for what I’m going to teach you these next few weeks.”

Banzan pats her on the back and makes his way inside for his match.

Alice is alone with her thoughts again but this time she looks hopeful.





Never before has a four-way bout been more “fatal” as four former champions of OSW are brought together in what should prove an almighty and relentless battle. What an opportunity for all three and could the winner emerge as a spiritual contender for The Sandman’s strap?


Here we go. The four competitors stare each other down in the ring but quickly a tacit agreement is formed and the trio of BEG, Sigil and Pyre begin to form a semi circle around Banzan, closing in on the Indestructible Mountain. Like a pack of dogs they begin their assault. Pyre runs in with a kick to the legs, BEG applies a hammerlock and begins to strike at the man mountain. The Realmwalker winds up for a stiff punch to the head…MISSED!!!

Banzan dodges and Sigil plants his fist between BEG’s eyes. The Mountain is free, he drops The Collector with a clothesline and counters Pyre’s charge by throwing her over the rope to the outside. Sigil is on his feet…ONE….TWO….THREE….FOUR….FIVE POINT PALM STRIKE!!! TIGER CLAW has The Realmwalker reeling. DUKKHA!!! Banzan drills Sigil with the Saito Suplex.





The Mountain drops to his knees, he’s fading fast, Berkshire tightens his grip…OOOH!!! OUT OF NOWHERE!!! FINITE ROUNDHOUSE KICK FROM SIGIL CLOCKS BEG!!! The Collector drops down over Green, hooks the legs…ONE….TWO…NO!!! PINFALL BROKEN!!! PYRE WITH A SENTON SPLASH FROM THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

Sigil is on his feet, Pyre with a kick, The Collector catches her leg…ENZIGURI!!! NO!!! COSMIC LEAP!!! SIGIL TELEPORTS BEHIND PYRE!!! She telegraphed it though and counters with a SAVATE KICK that floors The Realmwalker. But here’s BEG…PYRAMID SCHEME!!! LOCKED IN ON PYRE!!! SHE’S GONNA HAVE TO TAP!!!



Sigil is back into the fray, waistlock on Banzan. Back elbow from The Mountain…COSMIC FUCKING LEAP!!! Sigil teleports in front of Banzan. HEADBUTT…WITH THE HELMUT!!!! BANZAN IS DAZED!!! Sigil off the ropes….PLANESWALKER!!! NO!!! BANZAN CATCHES SIGIL…SITOUT POWERBOMB!!! ONE…TWO…SHINING WIZARD!!! FROM PYRE!!! BANZAN IS DROPPED!!!

Sigil rolls out of the ring away from harm. Berkshire is getting to his feet, Pyre is on the top rope…DANCING FLAMES!!! NO WAY!!! BEG COUNTERS WITH A DOUBLE KNEE FACEBREAKER!!! Green with a cover…ONE…TWO…THREE-NO! Sigil is in to break the count.

BEG and Sigil on their feet, this isn’t Berkshire’s game, toe to toe, and Sigil knows it…FLURRY OF BLOWS!!! FOR THE COLLECTION!!! Followed by a HUGE roundhouse kick…FINITE!!! BEG DUCKS!!! Blow to deaden the leg and BEG hits the bulldog on Sigil…CHIP OFF THE ‘OL BLOCK!!! Is The Realmwalker about to suffer a FINANCIAL CRISIS?

The Collector is okay, he’s scrambled and got a hold of the bottom rope. HERE COMES BANZAN!!! MAGGA!!! HE TAKES OUT BEG AS HE’S GETTING TO HIS FEET!!! DUKKHA!!! SIGIL IS THROWN……STRAIGHT INTO PYRE AND THEY TUMBLE TO THE OUTSIDE. Banzan covers Berkshire…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The Indestructible Mountain proves he is a truly immovable object. Is this the start of his journey back to the summit of OSW?




One of OSW’s newest combatants, Darklord, paces down the hallway, mentally preparing his mind for his upcoming match later tonight. Since his arrival, he’s felt the combat on this planet was weak, almost unworthy of his time. However, being stranded would allow him the opportunity of studying the ways of these so called “humans.” As he rounded the corner, an OSW staff member barely avoids the massive Carthian, causing Darklord to stop in his path.

“Careful, human, watch where you walk or the next time you’ll get the blunt end of my hammer.”

The staff member looks up, frightened, at the towering presence and scurries away without saying a word. From a few feet away, an odd looking man strolls up to the warlord. He smiles wide and places his hand upon Darklord’s shoulder. The Carthian looks down at the man’s hand, curious how any man would dare touch him.

“Relax, big fella, the name’s Viper Roberts and those poor lumps that work here mean you no harm. They’re not worthy of being smashed to bits by the likes of you. Sometimes the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. They just lack direction.”

“The leaders of men are pathetic, human,” Darklord states, slowly beginning to laugh. Roberts notices the mocking manner and angrily stares up at the massive “man.”

“Is something funny big guy,” Roberts questions, somewhat perturbed from the apparent slight.

“Yes, I’m amazed that the people on this planet would follow the weakness. Look at you for example, you’re weak and pathetic, unworthy to be followed. Its inevitable , I’m going to dominate this feeble planet.”

Darklord continues on his way, but Roberts’ cold, dark eyes remain fixed in his direction.

“Interesting,” Roberts mumbles to himself, quickly shooting a text off on his phone to an unknown recipient.



The cell descends around them, locking both of these men inside! Can Sorrow withstand the Storm, or will Storm be able to put the Immortal down?The bell rings and Darby is the first to move! Completely reckless as he rushes across the ring, he slams Storm into his turnbuckle and unloads with a barrage of forearms to the face! Luke is left reeling as he stumbles out of the turnbuckle and into a hip toss by Sorrow!

However Storm isn’t down for long and he gets up just as Sorrow flies forwards with a clothesline THAT GETS COUNTERED BY A DROP TOE HOLD BY STORM! Sorrow smacks the ground and Luke mounts, raining down a hail of rights and lefts that Sorrow can’t defend from!

A final strike to the jaw knocks the taste out of Darby’s mouth and Luke peels him off of the ground! He whips Sorrow over the ropes and the Immortal lands on the apron! Luke goes for a spear through the ropes!


Darby side stepped and Storm found himself on the receiving end of Sorrow’s boot! Just as Luke stumbles to his feet Darby grabs him and gets onto the second rope! Luke’s fighting with all he can but Darby is determined! He leaps backwards with Storm in tow!


Both competitors lay in a heap at ringside, neither stirring for a few moments before Storm begins to crawl away! However, Sorrow sits up! He looks over to see where they landed and sees that the door to the cell has been damaged by the suplex!

He grabs Storm’s foot, yanking him back but Storm flips onto his back and kicks Sorrow in the jaw!



Three- No!

Sorrow’s busted open but the Immortal refuses to let go! He catches the foot and slingshots Luke Storm right into the door of the cell! The Tempest weakly holds on as Sorrow grabs him again! He slams Luke’s head into the wall! Storm is in dire straights and Darby isn’t looking to let up! He goes for another slam-No!

Storm catches Darby with an elbow and slams him back first into the door!


Sorrow slams into the door but Storm doesn’t let out! He lays into Darby with a flurry of strikes all over his body, each one slamming his body into the door!

Luke Storm is fucking PISSED!

Sorrow can’t defend from the flurry of strikes AND GETS CAUGHT WITH ANOTHER SUPER KICK! LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE!

The force of the kick sends Sorrow into the door one last time and the metal gives way! He rolls backwards out of the cell and Storm walks forwards, wiping the blood from his face. He peels Sorrow off of the ground and goes for the Irish whip! But Sorrow follows through and sends Storm into the cell!

Luke slams into the metal and stumbles! He turns around to face Sorrow but the Grave Digger is nowhere to be seen! He looks left and right then left again AND DUCKS A BLOW FROM A SHOVEL! DARBY HAS HIS SHOVEL AND HE’S SWINGING WILDLY!

Storm ducks and weaves the shots like his life depends on it! He shoves Darby back with a foot and, with nowhere else go, begins to climb the cell! But Darby is quick behind him with the shovel still in hand! Storm is the first on top and he tries to make distance but Sorrow is hot on his trail!


Blood arcs outwards from Storm’s mouth as he falls prone! But Darby is far from done as he heaves Luke up AND INTO HIS ARMS! TOMBSTONE! TOMBSTONE PILE DRIVER RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GOD DAMN CELL!

The top of the cell shakes and the metal both men are standing on begins to give way! But Sorrow isn’t scared of the fall! He stomps Storm! Over and over again he stomps a mudhole in the former world champ! The metal gives more and more!


Sorrow lands back first on the grating and shakes it more! Luke rolls to safety but Suicidal Darby Sorrow sits up right on top of the great! He rushes towards Storm, the cell giving way just as he gets to safety!

A gaping hole has ripped open on top of the cell! Nothing stops these men from plummeting to the ring below!

Sorrow is on loose footing and Storm rushes him!



Storm lands limply atop of Sorrow! The referee begins the count!




Storm has done it! These two beat the hell out of each other, but Storm refused to quit and walked away with the win!




Sometime later.

Jessie Williams, carry a sizable rutsack, trapes through the woods in the direction of Sandman’s dungeon. Behind him and looking relatively fragile is none other than Luke Storm – he’s still beat up after that amazing Side Slam through the Cell on Fury.

They make it to a clearing.

Jessie steps out first, followed shortly by Luke.


The butt of a Shotgun rams into the face of The Tempest, sending him sprawling back into the brush.

“Dad, what the hell!?” Jessie shouts angrily, revealing Ash Williams to be stood there with the Shotgun in his hand. He points it down at Storm, growling.

Luke holds his now bloodied nose.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing bringing my kid back here? You’re lucky I didn’t shoot first, think never.

Storm almost ignores the gun, getting back to his feet.

“He came to me,” Luke says through blood dripping down his face. “I didn’t bring him anywhere.”

Ash turns to Jessie with a shake of his head.

“I told you to leave well enough alone, didn’t I?” He scolds. “Everybody dies here. I died here, son. I lost my soul inside that fucking dungeon.”

“And I lost my friend,” Jessie angrily yells back. “Jimmy’s body is in there because we came to rescue you. I need to get him back. I have to give him a better send off, dad. We have to bury our dead, or we’re no less the monster.”

Luke Storm suddenly rushes forward and disarms Ash, kicking the Shotgun away with one blast of his right boot.

Ash immediately charges at him and the two connect violently, slamming into each other.

They bounce off and get back to their respect feet, Ash grinning.

Come get some!” He says with a smirk.

Oh I will,” Luke retorts with a sneer.

Jessie couldn’t be more annoyed.

I refuse to watch this!” He says, storming off into the brush and leaving the pair to it.

As both men look set to fight, we pan backwards to see none other than The Sandman watching ominously from a distance.

To be continued.