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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

In a dark labyrinthine underground hideout, there is barely any movement. Even the air seems to hang still.

There is next to nothing visible either, until the camera zooms in on a tiny, infinitesimal particle of something.

We’re not alone in seeing it, either. A set of tweezers picks up the fragment, and places it inside a vial. And when the vial moves out of focus, it is Sigil’s mask we see.

“This could be a lead,” he ponders out loud. “But in order to know for sure I need to go back, run some tests.”

He seems very please with this outcome. It’s not a link to Corvus for certain, but he just might be on his trail, at last.

Sigil waves his hand and opens a portal, stepping through, and back into the Slaughterhouse.

The portal closes behind him.


A sickening right handle knocks Sigil off his feet. It’s Sir Gable, and he’s not alone. Vayikra now all stand in front of Sigil. He lifts his hand, and begins to summon his portal out of here, but before he can move it any further, Sir Renault stamps down on his wrist, leaving him unable to move it. Sir Bellator does the same to his other wrist.

“Not so fast, sinner,” says Renault. “None of your magical disappearing acts this week.”

The three zealots begin to crack their knuckles and stretch slightly.

“Believe us, Sigil,” says Bellator. “This might not feel so good for you, but we’re doing this for the whole of humanity.”

Bellator pulls his arm back, winding up for a punch.


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Before us is a sight equally if not more cartoony than last week. Chip Montana rummages through a large box, standing back up with a large gun in his hands! Thankfully, to the trained eye, we can see it’s a tranquillizer rifle. He examines the tool before loading a large dart into it. However, as he’s about to walk he stops, turning and speaking over his shoulder.

“Oi, be quiet. I’m huntin’ Ether.” His words are to seemingly no one, but we soon see the source of the ‘noises’ is none other than Dave the Rabbit. Chip grabs the bunny, putting him in his front pocket and shushing him with a finger to his lips. “This cunt is squirrelly, like a… squirrel. A real rascal of a rabbit.”

He pauses, rolling his eyes. “The fuck do you mean that’s racist?” Another pause before sighing, beginning to  tip toe around the alleyways of New York. “How the fuck is Bugs Bunny a stereotype?” Chip’s back and forth with Dave turns to grumbling as he moves from building to building, peering out from behind them as he stalks his prey. Eventually, however, he tip toes past an alleyway, walking right past Ether who’s chowing down on a sandwich!”

“”What’s up, Chip?” Ether asks, treating the whole situation with sheer nonchalance.

“Oh, you know, just huntin’ Ether. She’s real quick, though, gotta hit her when she least expects it.”

“Yeah?” asks Ether, finishing her sandwich in two oversized bites.

“Yeah. Now can ya fuck off? I need to concentrate.” Chip turns to keep walking, stopping in his tracks as he listens to Dave in his pocket. He pauses, turning towards Ether who simply waves at him with a smirk.


Chip whirls around and fires his tranquillizer rifle! The dart flies through Ether’s hair and bounces off of the brick wall behind her, careening off of a nearby dumpster and hitting Chip right in the  chest! He stumbles back, looking down at the dart before looking back to Ether. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out Dave and placing him down gently before collapsing face first onto the ground! Ether, meanwhile, skates off, leaving the duo in the alley.

“Okay, we’ll do your plan next week, Dave. Wake me up in an hour, I got a match I think.” Chip passes out from the dart, Dave hopping onto his back and curling up for a nap as the scene fades out.


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Three disciples of Yahweh take on the Disciples of Fate, who look to somehow work with an uncertain ally in Kaine Knightlord!

Sir Gable and The Impaler start things off with an exchange of holds, each showing their technical prowess until Gable cinches in a hammerlock on Legion…only for the big man to muscle out of it, before he drops Gable to the canvas with a massive right hand to the temple!

Legion looks to continue the attack, but Gable is able to roll out of the ring, making a tag to Bellator along the way! Leaping off the ropes, Bellator connects with a leg lariat that drops The Impaler down! Bellator follows up with an impression leg drop, and the cover!

ONE! TW–NO! Legion kicks out with authority before getting to his feet…as Chronoa directs him to tag in Knightlord! The Impaler obliges, and the HellBat comes running in with a flurry of offense on the Templar that culminates in a ripcord clothesline! BLOODY STREAM–BUT BELLATOR NARROWLY ESCAPES THE NORTHERN LARIAT!

Bellator manages to tag in Renault…but Knightlord tags in Chronoa as well! Chaos ensues, until Chronoa goes for a spinning heel kick! TWISTED–NO! Renault dodges, helping Gable lift her with a double crucifix followed by the diving foot stomp by Bellator! THE END TIMES, AND THE COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Vayikra manage to keep down the unholy alliance here tonight, defeating the Disciples of Fate and Kaine Knightlord in the process!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNERS: VAYIKRA  [/edgtf_highlight]

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The Impaler looks on to an unseen room in the Slaughterhouse. Chronoa joins him, who looks on in horror as Impaler turns to her with an annoyed look on his face.

“What have you gotten me into, Chronoa?” Impaler asks as he looks to his compatriot, who quickly snaps back to normal as she turns from the horror before her.

“I knew he had become a bigger monster, but I never understood just how big. How twisted he has become. But never the less, Impaler, you must overcome him. If you are to become my weapon, you must over come Kaine Knightlord to do so. That is the task before you, that is what the Fates have destined for you.”

The Impaler looks back into the room, his mind still working to grasp the image that is before him. As lights flicker around them, and Chronoa smirks and looks to her tablet.

“What happens if I overcome him?”

Impaler looks to the Harbinger for guidance.

“What happens when a raging fire over takes another raging fire?”

Impaler smiles at the idea that is presented, but there is still a wariness to him as he looks back to the room. He goes to speak but Chronoa cuts him off.

“There is no failure, Impaler.”

Impaler nods as the camera turns to see what sparked Legion’s question. A mass of bodies, blood drained from their corpses as we see a message scribed onto the wall.


Impaler looks to Chronoa one last time before departing.

“I’ve got just the gift for Kaine. You just better be prepared for what I have to do to bring him down.”

The Impaler marches off again, Chronoa grinning. A new reassurance as she sees the fates begin to align once again.

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Chip Montana is still woozy after his tranquillizer nap earlier tonight! Can he find it in himself to overcome death itself?

Deathnote rushes the still woozy Chip and lays into him with a combination of rights and lefts that take him off balance! The Author whips him to the ropes for a clothesline! BUT CHIP STUMBLES! HE ACCIDENTALLY PULLS THE ROPES DOWN AND DEATHNOTE TUMBLES OVER TO THE OUTSIDE!

Montana doesn’t even know where he is as Deathnote slides back into the ring and  hits a big boot to the back of Chip’s head! He grabs the show host’s legs and deadlifts him up! MASSIVE ALABAMA SLAM TO THE MAT! DEATHNOTE ROLLS THROUGH! A SECOND  SLAM AND CHIP IS COUNTING SHEEP!

The Shinigami has full control as he throws Chip into the turnbuckle and unloads with a flurry of lefts and rights! He hauls Chip onto the top rope! MASSIVE HEADBUTT BUSTS CHIP OPEN! Deathnote is going for a superplex! CHIP PUSHES HIM OFF! Deathnote lands on his feet AND CHIP FALLS INTO THE BULLDOG!

Montana wearily gets to his feet, turning to his corner where Dave seems to be giving him instructions! Chip turns around and grabs the rising Deathnote! Huge forearm to the jaw! Chip pulls Deathnote in! DOWN UNDER DRIVER! CHIP FALLS ASS FIRST WITH THAT SITOUT TOMBSTONE! HE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Against all odds, Chip Montana has defeated Deathnote here tonight!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: CHIP MONTANA  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Pyre is readying herself for the battle ahead, a moment where she has left Simon’s side to sort out her last touchups at a full length mirror in the locker room. She only catches a flashing image of movement in the mirror before her head is slammed into the glass.

Luke Storm had arrived, and he’s furious.
“I’ve had enough.” He spits at her, as if the words taste sour coming out of his mouth while she staggers away. “End it. Leave her alone, and end it.”

Pyre slumps back first into a wall for support, to avoid falling over from the assault, but cracks into a sadistic grin. She’s enjoying Luke’s turmoil.

“You lied, Luke. We had a deal. Leave Scarlett alone when I come for her and your secret might remain a secret. But… That little bitch…”

Luke launches forward, grabbing at Pyre’s throat as soon as he hears Pyre call her that word. He eyeballs her as he chokes her into silence.

“She only did what I taught her to do. She’s smart enough to not trust people who mean her harm. My daughter is not a pawn in your sick games.”

He tightens his grip, Pyre’s eyes begin to bulge.

“This shit stops, or I fucking end you.”

Luke finally lets go of Pyre, aiming a strike at her, but she ducks out of the way and Storm’s fist only finds plasterboard. Pyre backs away, rubbing at her throat, a grin still on her face as if she’s enjoying this entire game.

“Oh, Luke… You poor, stupid man. You know what I have on you, and you could have played this easy. Now, you and your daughter will both suffer… and it’s all your fault, daddy.”

She cackles as she exits, making her way towards the gorilla position to meet her husband.

Luke glares after her, before punching another hole in the wall out of frustration. Pyre has him backed into a corner, but the only way out Luke knows is to fight.


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Previously Recorded

Banzan enters the monastery as we saw a when Chronoa was here. He is greeting monks, helping others. Suddenly in the distance, a scream is heard from the other side of the compound. The Mountain, defying his own nickname, quickly reaches the source of the screams as he sees monks and nuns running away.

Banzan cautiously moves against the waves of terrorized guests as his aura begins to surge. He finally reaches the epicenter of the terror.


The Vampire Detective is growling and lunging at the monks who have chosen to stand their ground, few as they may be. The Beast seemingly in control as Banzan approaches, ready to take down his foe. Suddenly, Kaine’s posture shifts. He seems calmer, though the odd growl still makes his way out of him. Banzan goes even more on guard.

“What is your purpose here, Knightlord?”

Kaine straightens his coat and grins.

“Your help.”

Banzan looks confused, but doesn’t change his stance at all. For months Kaine tormented him, tricked him, played games with him. But he’s come asking for help.

“Something has happened, I’m not as in control of my urges as I once thought I was.”

Banzan looks surprised at this revelation.

“How can I trust you, Kaine? After everything you have done, why should I offer you a hand?”

Kaine nods, fully understanding where Banzan is coming from.

“Because I know you’ve had meetings with Chronoa. That she has asked about you before, searched for an understanding of what you are. Things I could easily reveal, because I know you all too well.”

Banzan glares at Kaine.

“That does not answer my question, Vampire. How can I trust you?”

“You can’t. But I’m sure you understand the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Banzan relaxes his stance some, reading the situation cautiously.

“I do. But I’ve come to an understanding with Chronoa.”

“Yet she still seeks your answers. Digging deeper into your story. She never stopped her search, and with her pet Impaler, she could unleash him against you to force you to answer her.”

Banzan raises an eyebrow, begging Kaine to go further.

“You can’t trust her. I’ve known creatures like her. She’ll sacrifice what she has to to understand someone like you. So, I’m asking for your help. Help me, and I help you in return by burying what I’ve learned about you. Letting your secrets die to long lost memories, allowing you to have the peace you so desire.”

Banzan nods and gestures for the other monks to stand down.

“I’m listening, Knightlord.”

They both walk deeper into the monastery in discussion.


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We have some good old tag team action here tonight as the commisioner and world champion take on the team Simon brought into OSW in JSR.

Simon and Tag start off as Simon offers a handshake for his old friend that Tag looks to take before trying to kick Simon right in the dick. The Taskmaster just avoids it, looking pissed as Tag flips him off before avoiding a charge from Simon that posts him into the corner. Simon staggers out right into a Five Star Facial, that hard pump kick looking to take a few teeth out before Simon’s dragged up to his feet and thrown into JSR’s corner.

Ether tags in as both give Simon a double knee to the gut before Tag leaps up, NO COMPLY right into FUCK YO FACE! POP AND SHOVED IT! That stuns the Taskmaster as Ether tries for a cover but Pyre’s allready in to break it up before a one count. The referee tries to push Pyre back into her corner as Tag and Ether beat down on Simon behind the referee’s back. Tag air tags himself back in before Ether climbs up to the top rope looking for the killing blow.

A hard knee to the jaw rocks Simon before Tag tries to lift him up into the McTwist as Ether dives off  but Simon reverses, sending Tag down right into Ether’s path as she RIDES THE WRONG SKY! Ether stumbles up right into Gambit as Simon leaps forward, tagging in Pyre like a house on fire. Ether staggers up, right into a Baptism By Fire as Tag gets one too before he’s lifted up high by Simon.

Pyre rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a firery clothesline, BLACKHEART ATTACK! That could be it as Simon rolls through for the cover, one…two…ETHER BREAKS IT UP! It all begins to break down, both teams wailing at eachother as Ether kicks Simon low but the Flash Inferno nearly sends her through the mat. Tag stumbles up right into another superkick as Pyre rushes to the ropes, Sexy Dynamite nearly getting his jaw broken by another Gambit as he stumbles right into THE BURNING GAMBIT! That has to be it as both Blackhearts cover Tag for the one…two…three!!!

The Blackhearts continue to dominate in wrestling competition here, putting down Simon’s allies in a scintillating tag team contest. 

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNERS: THE BLACKHARTS  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Following their tag team match, the Blackhearts walk through the curtain to the backstage area, Pyre and Simon exchanging glances. But before any words can be spoken, a hand reaches out of darkness to grab Simon.

And suddenly, the Taskmaster is alone inside of a pitch black room.

Well, not alone.

“It’s been a week, Simon.” Deathnote begins. “Time’s up.”

With a snort, Simon begins circling Deathnote.

“After what you did to me, I thought about our relationship. The hatred that exists between us. It brought me to a realization.”

The Author rolls his eyes.

“Out with it.” He says.

Simon smiles.

“If your father truly wanted to exact a punishment on me for the disappearance of Corvus, he would do it himself. But to send you as messenger? That says something else entirely. He surely knows about the enmity between us. I believe your mission is not about me or Corvus. It’s about you, and giving you something to bide your time.”

“Is that all you got?” Deathnote says, shaking his head. “You’re an insect under the boot of Death, and you believe he would treat with you face to face?”

The Taskmaster nods.

“I do.” He says with a smile. “So if Death wants to know how I intend to resolve the disappearance of his Black Hand, I will gladly provide that information to him. Face to face. Man to god.”

For a moment, there is silence. Then Deathnote laughs.

“You truly are the worst, Simon. Arrogant and foolish, a potent combination. Yet this is the answer I desired you to give. The torture was just for my own amusement. There are many things you can buy, Simon. Companionship. Material goods. Power. Even victory. But you can’t buy time. I will see you at Retroshock. There, I’ll give you the full bearing of my message.”

“Will it be as self-righteous as your usual drivel?” Simon counters.

“When I am done with you, I will leave the spark of life I gave you alive so that you can stand before my very displeased father.”

With a snap of Deathnote’s fingers, Simon appears back in the Slaughterhouse, looking at a very confused Pyre.


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Two would be world saviours go head to head tonight. Can the Prince of Party make his mark or will the Collector send him packing to the Abyss?

The bell sounds as Vigour rushes forward, trying for a dropkick that Sigil ducks underneath. The Prince of Party manages to grab the ropes on the other side, slingshotting off as he delivers a hard dropkick to the back of the Collector. Sigil goes flying forward, slamming head first into the turnbuckles. The Collector looks groggy as he turns around right into a running corner clothesline from Vigour before he’s grabbed by the head as Vigour leaps up the ropes, spinning around before planting Sigil into the mat with a Tornado DDT. 

Vigour drops down for the cover, trying to get an early victory. ONE…TWO…Sigil just gets the shoulder up. Vigour leaps to his feet, jumping high but the Quick Thrill hits only knees as Vigour stumbles up to his feet right into a brutal headbutt before he’s spun around and dumped on the back of his head with a beautiful German Suplex. Vigour slowly gets up to his feet right into a claw to the face but as much as he’s elbowed down, Vigour refuses to be shown the Long Road Ahead.

KNEE TO THE DICK! Vigour goes low, breaking the claw hold before a hard enziguri rocks the Collector. A German Suplex of his own nearly sends Sigil across the ring before Vigour climbs up to the top rope, sizing up his foe for a moment before diving off with the SPLASH OF CO….MAT! Vigour gets only canvas as Sigil rolls away, waiting for Vigour to get to his feet holding his gut before delivering a hard knee as he lifts him up, HALF LIFE! Brutal Cradle Piledriver nearly snaps Vigour’s neck as he drops down for the one…two..three!!

The Collector gets the duke, taking advantage of a single mistake from Vigour to end the Party prematurely here tonight

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: SIGIL  [/edgtf_highlight]

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Somewhere Else

We find Zero, crawling in the dirt. Scrambling with his one good arm. A trail of blood marking his way as he drags his lifeless legs behind him. Gunnar Kai and Rezin Deckard watch him from a distance, as Goro Nakamura stands over the battered Bad Mother Fucker.

“Your resolve is admirable, Xavier. Altogether futile, because the story ends the same way. But I commend you for not simply rolling over and accepting your fate.”

He stands on Zero’s remaining hand, and Zero growls in agony. He looks up at Nakamura with hatred in his eyes.

“Fuck you, asshole. Do your worst.”

Goro smiles, kneeling down with his knee into the small of Xavier’s back. The Dragon speaks almost in a whisper.

“Oh, you don’t want me to do that. You’ve lost everything now, I could just put you out of your misery.”

Zero frees his hand, lashing out and catching Goro right in the family jewels. Nakamura falls backwards, giving Zero the chance to stagger away. His legs, shaky but just managing to hold his weight. His resolve has not wavered.

“My heart is still beating. And while it beats, I’m not done. Do your worst asshole. You’ve taken everything you can, but you’ll never stop me.”

Zero kicks out, catching Goro in the chin from his kneeling position and knocking him to the dirt. At once, Kai and Deckard pounce, taking down Zero and proceeding to kick the living shit out of him. Eventually, with Zero bleeding, battered and within an inch of consciousness, Goro calls for the pair to stop.

“Xavier. I’ve been patient enough with you. At Retroshock, I will make you a true spectacle. The entire world will see what happens to those who cross me, to little pests who just won’t stay down.”

He clicks his fingers and his Collective allies pull Zero to his feet, holding him up so Goro can look him in his eyes.

“You’re going to wish you were dead. This time, I’ll take more than just your arm, I’m going to break your will to live.” A brutal slap across the face of Zero punctuates his sentiment. “Take him away.”

He waves his hand and his allies drag an unconscious Zero away.


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Backstage, we find Vigour heading down the hall, ready to take his leave from the Slaughterhouse…but not before he can attend to some business.

And, in a stroke of luck, he finds just the man he needs to speak with…to confront.



Vigour shouts, nearly getting in the face of Sexy Dynamite.

“What are you up to with Starboy!?”

Tag is taken aback by this, raising his hands as he tries to reassure the Prince of Party.

“Hey man, chill. I was just trying to reconnect with him, to check in on him and see how he’s doing. That’s what friends do, right?”

Vigour is not having any of this however, as he just scowls at the man standing before him.

“I’ve seen the company you keep, Tag…I’ve seen how you treat your friends. Whatever happened to–”

Tag realizes quickly where this is going, a snarl on his face as he points a finger at Vigour.

“Hey now, don’t bring him into this! If you have a problem with me hanging out with your boy, that’s an indictment on you.”

Vigour has just about heard enough, balling his fist in anger as he grits his teeth. Somehow, in all the tension building, Tag cannot help himself as he smirks at the sight of this.

“What, you wanna fight about it? I’ve got no problem with that, my guy.”

Tag starts to raise his own fists, squaring up for a fight…but Vigour eventually unclenches his fist, glaring at Mr. Money Shot in rage.

“You know what? No, I won’t do this…not now, anyway. I’m going to check on my friend Starboy. If you so much as think about harassing my friend again this will be your one week notice, before I have to step in and deal with you.”

With that, Vigour storms off in a huff as he takes his leave from the Slaughterhouse…leaving Tag to shake his head with yet another smirk.


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They say you can see the eye of the storm from the mountain top. But tonight, will Like Storm and the Mountain see eye to eye in the center of the ring?


Banzan inches closer to Storm, slowly cornering him and lunges… into the turnbuckle! Storm snuck out from underneath Banzan and attacks from behind—


Storm knocks Banzan into the turnbuckle but only served to anger the monk, who charges at Storm again who is scrambling on all fours towards the opposite turnbuckle—



Banzan’s knee bounces off the middle turnbuckle and he teeters on the brink of losing his balance when Storm leaps up into Banzan’s chest—



Storm quickly covers Banzan, pressing his shoulders down—




Storm immediately pounces back on Banzan as he rolls onto all fours, trapping Banzan in a front headlock submission. He wrenches it in with all his might, the strain apparent on his face, but it’s going to take more than that to ground Banzan. The Indestructible Mountain manages to feet, then with a swift, powerful jerking motion lifts Storm up and over and arches back—









The Icon can barely breathe, having the wind knocked out of him by that mass of a man, and it’s clear that it’s going to be an uphill battle for him against The Mountain as this match progresses.

Banzan assumes the tiger position as Storm gets to his feet, and greets him with a stiff palm to the chest—



Storm drops to a knee. He just won’t go down, but he’s clutching at his chest like he had a heart attack! Meanwhile, Banzan has transitioned into a snake stance—


Storm is doubled over on pain—


Storm catches himself before hitting the ground—


Banzan shakes his head and steps towards The Real Deal. He hooks his arm around Storm’s midsection and latches onto Storm’s waist strap—



Storm’s down, and in a bad way. He’s clutching at his neck—












Banzan rolls Storm over like a ragdoll and latches on a fierce shining triangle submission—



The Big F’n Deal sleepily throws his arms around. The man is nearly out cold. Banzan is like a boulder at the bottom of the sea stuck on top of him. Storm’s arms go limp.

The ref raises Storm’s arm up, and let’s it fall—






The ref raises Storm’s arm again, and drops it—









The ref raises his arm one last time, and drops it—

















The ref calls for the bell and separates Banzan off of Storm. Storm flops over as the ref rushes to him to check on him, signaling that we need a medic!

Banzan moves to a corner and sits down cross legged, seemingly praying for Storm as a doctor rushes to the ring to exam Storm.


The crowd applauds Luke as he comes to, attempting to fight off the doctor before the ref assures him the match is over.

The ref raises Banzan’s arm in victory as Storm pushes the doctor away from him.

The Mountain withstood the Storm on this night, proving himself Indestructible once more!

[edgtf_highlight background_color=”#f9c703″ color=”#000000″]  WINNER: BANZAN  [/edgtf_highlight]

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“R.W.E? What does that even mean?”

The voice of The Generation Kid narrates as we watch him entering small shop. It’s a busy New York City night, so no one notices, him slipping into a closed shop.

“I tried the library, but they told me to use a computer instead of the Dewey Decimal System.”

The Kid walks straight past the wares of the store, heading into a back office.

“But one of the greybeards there knew what I was talking about, and took me back to a dusty room full of file cabinets. He helped me find what was I looking for. It was a property record. From 1989.”

TGK begins moving furniture out of the way to expose a blank wall.

“R.W.E. stood for Right Whywee Engineering, which was no help at all until I compared the property record to a current map of NYC. Right and Whywee were both doctors of robotics. They were big names in their field until they just vanished from record. In 1989. And now, it’s as if the property they owned didn’t even exist. So here I am, trying to find a rabbit hole to who knows where.”

Frowning, TGK grabs an office chair and rams it into the wall, exposing a hidden passageway, littered with debris.

“This place hadn’t been touched in years. Someone went to a lot of trouble to hide it.”

Moving quickly through the the rubble, TGK descends underground into dimly lit hallway. Everything is white. So white.

Well, if not for the blood everywhere.

“Something very bad happened here. This place was obviously a lab, but what were Right and Whywee making?”

Several places on the walls look like they were struck with some kind of projectile.

“Did I do this?”

Finally, the Kid enters the room at the end of the hall. His eyes immediately see the large capsule in the center of it.

“This is the place from my memories.”

He turns in a circle, taking it all in, before his body suddenly stiffens. His eyes begin to glow.

“Oh shit.”

Falling to the ground, The Generation Kid tries to scream but no words come out. Until the glow in his eyes subsides into plain white light.

Images begin to swirl in his head, until they coalesce on one singular memory.

Finally, he will be able to see.

To be continued…