In Promo by Starboy

Ever been to a casino and just observed the people around you?

Millions of people flock to casinos in Las Vegas, New Jersey, and even in overseas destinations like Monaco and the Bahamas.

STARBOY was once flown out to Macau, China by a very wealthy and prominent business man to be his eye candy and fuck toy.

And we found ourselves at The Venetian Macao.

While Mr. “X” as he preferred to be called was throwing thousands of dollars on the roulette table like there was no tomorrow, STARBOY took in the people and the surroundings.

One thing that stood out was how people would sit at the slot machine for hours.

Feeding it dollar after dollar, voucher after voucher.

Without taking a break, hoping for that one pull of the lever that would make all of their hopes and dreams come true.

But instead they just sat there and watched their earnings, their family’s food on the table, their life savings go down the drain.

But that’s not what caught STARBOY’s attention.

It was the moment they would leave the machine, someone who had been watching them with an eagle eye swooped in.

And in less time and less money then the person before them, they would hit the jackpot.

Lurkers they’re called.

They scout out their prey, or in this case an elderly lady spending hours and their hard earned money on the machine.

And as soon as they decide to give up, they go for the kill and win the jackpot.

Basically they grabbed them by the balls.

Luckily for lil ol’ me, Mr. “X” didn’t lurk and do that.

He sure did like to have his balls stepped on though…

Chip, you know a thing or two about lurking don’t you?

You’re the resident lurker here in Old School Wrestling.

You like to hide in the shadows of the Slaughterhouse, preying, lurking…

Waiting for just the right moment.

And when the time is right, the opportunity arises, you swoop right in and snatch your jackpot.

Or in your case, you like to grab nature by the balls.

But honey, you don’t have to lurk around to get a little action from ol’ STARBOY.

He’s the jackpot you’ve been waiting to hit, the winners purse you’ve had your eye on, and he’ll let you grab his lever and yank it all night long.

So why don’t you quit tip toeing around, and just steal this jackpot from down under.

Come grab STARBOY by the balls.

He’s more than glad to let you swipe your rewards card in his slot, grab him by the handle, and take him for a few spins.

But just like all slot machines, not all are created equal and STARBOYs about to take you for all you’ve got.

He’ll fuck you over so hard, you won’t know whether to urinate, defecate, or ejaculate.

So come on big boy…

Come see what STARBOY’s got down under and grab me by the balls.

Before STARBOY comes a hunting for your chocolate starfish.

STARBOY’s coming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!