The Thirsty Crow

In Promo by Deathnote

“Some of you may be familiar with the story of the thirsty crow.”

“it is said that on one hot summer day, a crow flew through the skies looking for hydration. The sun had beamed down fiercely for the entirety of the day.. causing the crow to feel dehydrated.”

“But after searching high and low, the crow never found a source of water. Instead, he found a bit of water that was being contained by a small glass jar.”

“The crow swooped down to the jar, but try as they might.. the crow couldn’t fit it’s beak inside the glass jar.”

“The crow spent the rest of their day trying to push the glass jar over, but it wouldn’t budge. The crow did not have the strength to topple the jar.”

“The crow perched on the top of the jar again, trying to put his beak down into the bottles neck, but still.. it was unable to quench his thirst. Still.. he could not reach the water at the bottom of the jar.”

“Which brings me to you, Corvus.”

“You are that crow, thirsty for the water that is success.”

“Since you’ve arrived here in Old School Wrestling, you’ve been a crow soaring through the skies with your eyes locked in hunt for the nearest water hole, but no matter how far you have searched, the wells have run dry.”

“A few weeks ago, you were able to stumble upon a small puddle. A leftover rain that had yet to dry up.”

“You swooped down, you wet your beak. You tasted the glorious flavor of the successes that water could bring. But there wasn’t enough. There was never enough.”

“That taste of OSW gold had left you with a thirst even heavier than the one you had. And so, when that puddle dried up, you took to the skies again.”

“But it’s a draught in OSW. All the rivers and lakes have dried. All the pools and fountains have grown over with mold. There’s no where left to turn to quench your thirst..”

“Except for this glass jar of water that I hold between the palms of each hand.”

“And I see you eyeing me from afar. I see you licking your jagged beak at the thought of tasting that success once more. I see you sizing me up from miles away, and I await you swooping in.”

“Try as you might, you’ll never topple over this jug.”

“I am the object that contains the sweet nectar that you seek to quench your thirst.”

“And I’m hoarding it all for myself. This week at Fuck The World, you enter that ring as a former World Champion of this industry. ”

“You stand across from me as a luminary to those who have yet to achieve such a feat. You stand before me, a stepping stone towards MY destiny.”

“Much like this glass jar, I will leave you shattered and broken. This week, I take a sip from that forbidden water that is known as success.”

“Because there’s only enough water to quench MY thirst.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or die a thirsty crow.”