In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Zealotry is a horrid thing in any community. Whether it’s the origins of the name, the Jewish Zealots who opposed the Romans and wished to create a world Jewish theocracy, or the Crusaders who battled in the Holy Land to claim it in the name of their God. The world of darkness is no different, and is no safe haven.

We’ve got our own die hard pains in the ass, the Sabbat. Who believe themselves the weapon of Caine. These kindred rodents care not for the traditions we use to keep ourselves safe from the prying eyes of the humanity who rejects us. They butcher, slaughter, and drain in the open, making sure as many people witness their vampirism as possible. They put their hatred for humanity on display for all to see, and take great pride in their violence.

In the zealotry of these Sabbat, they achieve nothing. We fight them to prevent their deeds from ruining the rest of us. To prevent the collapse of our society.

You’d know all about zealotry. You’re the Sabbat variant for kine.

You relish in the violence you bring to our shores, to our world. You’ll butcher anyone, take any life, in the pursuit to purify your world so your little god can return.

Humanity has been on a downward spiral, as I’ve heard, for a while. The gods tried to right it, and killed themselves for it.

So, now you wish to undo that damage. You wish to be the sword of your god, to reject the true ways of the world, and create a utopia of your own making.

And I thought the Sabbat were insane. But you and your ilk are worse. God abandoned the world, and now here you are like a child throwing a tantrum. You’re trying to force your theocracy down upon the rest of us, and will kill anyone who denies you this right you believe you have.

I’ve dealt with many Sabbat, and other zealots, in my unlife. You’ll be no different, Cael. Another in a long line of mindless drones carrying on the desire of megalomaniacs who are preying on your weakness. Preying on your desire to belong.

The Sabbat are frightened children, waving their swords in the air because of the world that has rejected them.

You’ve experienced this rejection yourself, now. Ever since you won that gold medal, you’ve never achieved anything of the sort.

So now you use a hollow religion, and an empty God throne, to justify your heinous actions. To prey upon innocence, to cause fear and mayhem. To be a weapon to someone to justify your existence.

Your God warned you what would happen when you pick up your sword, didn’t he?

I’ve read your holy book, too. I know what lies in it’s pages, and it is this:

“Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Matthew 26:52

Looks like it’s your turn to die.